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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings Lord of the Craftians, No 'Ug bruddah', friends of Malin or memes here. For I adress thee as a community of fellow rp nerds. Following few posts and a growing concern of my side I bring forth a question that is of great importance to this community in past, present and future. For its answer determines its effectivity and enjoyability. "How much effort is put, in the advertisement of the Lord of the Craft server. What do we do, what can we do and what should we do in order to expand our playerbase?" To elaborate as to why I am asking this question As of late we all see fewer and fewer new folks join. Those I do see make applications of sometimes phenomenal quality, however a simple command ingame shows they never stayed for long. How I view it, and you may correct me if I am terribly wrong: the LotC playerbase consists of about 200 to 300 'active' players. By 'active' I imply those that log on at least once every two or three days. Now, I know for a fact people will whine and refer back to the grand scandal of the 'duckening' where an inept / badly chosen youtuber was poorly guided onto the server followed by a mass of 12 year olds that never actually joined. Some will say 'more is not better' and I agree. But neither is LotC dying. I want to see more fresh meat. More new players that don't have full understanding of everything that our lore encompasses. More players that fulfill the basic roles in nations. More players that are guided by those with experience and yes... this will come paired with more edge. But what's the problem with that? We need more numbers active, for it pains me to see such a wonderful community suffer. Seeing 40 people online when I wake up, and only 90 when I go to bed. We need more fresh meat. How can we accomplish? so... we are facing an obstacle here. We need to find lucrative ways to advertise lord of the craft as a server. Systems in place to help guide new players to learn the concept of minecraft roleplay, our lore (basics) and how to get started. We need fresh Ideas... we need people to come together and discuss and think of this. We need PR, Marketing. So, Lord of the Craftians: I ask thee. What should we as a community do to grow? EDIT: The following is proposed: - An Lord of the Craft Reddit (With active oversight and active posts) - Youtube promotion, contests that will rewards good youtube content made. (Community spotlights, interviews, weekly updates (BGBuster has been idle, and we seek a replacement for the LotC Vlog!!!, cinematics or guides!!!) Here is what I have made for LotC so far:
  2. Let me start by noting that I know nothing of the inner workings of the Media Team, nor their processes, nor their current projects. However, from what has been produced thus far, I will base some assumptions. I can truthfully and enthusiastically say that I am impressed by, and appreciate, the work of the Media Team thus far, and am sure that most, if not all, of you, can say the same. However, the strength of the MT in their ability to cater to you is a double-sided blade. For, in their detailed explorations of aspects of our world/s and their histories, those who have not experienced such are excluded, by no conscious choice of either party. Who am I, who have only experienced Human and High Elven RP, to know anything about the Reign of King Thorin Grandaxe, or King Wulfgar? These videos are indeed fun, but niche. They are indeed valuable, but only in terms of nostalgia. If I am unlikely to fully appreciate something like this with my understanding of LotC, how much less likely is a new or considering player to appreciate it? Now, my proposed 'redirection' of Media Team efforts: Imagine a LotC documentary series with the primary aim of aiding the initial character application process, and the secondary aim of entertaining and engaging with an already-familiar audience. Each installment would explore a specific race/sub-race/culture; imagine Sir David Attenborough exploring every little facet of Mali'aheral, Raevir, Halfling, or Orcish culture. This series would lead to struggling playerbases receiving widespread, detailed, audiovisual exposure. It will result in new players being more confident and likely to join races otherwise deemed 'difficult' or niche. In exploring a culture, such features as architecture, language/accent, customs, food, hierarchy, etc., would, of course, be touched upon. As well as this, a subtle exploration of each individual 'play-style' would result in players either choosing a race more suited to them, or approaching a certain race with a 'more correct' mindset. If such a video had been made about the Mali'aheral, I likely wouldn't have embarked upon the nightmare of trying to RP a liberalist High Elf, and then wondered why he didn't fit in. I foresee one main, simplistic approach to this, as well as another, perhaps deeper, but also comedic option. Now that I think about it, both could be done separately, but I'll outline them both here. 1. THE ATTENBOROUGH APPROACH: Relatively simplistic in its execution; wide, sweeping shots accompanied by narration would provide an appropriately general overview of a certain group. Cinematic in style, the camera could fly through streets, observe (voice-acted!) conversations, etc. However, this would be done as an outsider; as an old British man looking down into a foreign ecosystem. This is not to say that it wouldn't be detailed, but I'm simply acknowledging its style. It's in this format that history could be explored with visual accompaniment, as in the Minute or Less series. REQUIRES: - Narrator - Cameraman - Actors; Voice Actors - Sound Editing; Editing 2. THE THEROUX METHOD: This could be pursued following the completion of the former. I would say that this, in comparison, would require a personal approach. I feel it would succeed as the pet project of a few MT members - in the same fashion of Zilldude's LotC with Me. This method would consist of a host venturing into a foreign community. He would spend a set amount of time with them, in the same way that Louis Theroux (BBC) spends time with members of a strange American sub-culture (some reeeaaally crazy ones; check him out). I would love to see what kind of personality the team responsible could come up with. Anyway, he might stay with a High Elven family, a Dwarven clan, be guided by a Kha or Lieutenant of some military order, etc. It would, of course, be scripted, but with the need to maintain a feeling of spontaneity in mind. REQUIRES: - Main Actors; Main Voice-Actors - Clever Cameraman, that can give the feel of a film crew. - Actors; Voice-Actors - Sound Editing; Editing I find that both approaches wouldn't be much more demanding than any other project, but, of course, any project is only achievable to the extent of its team's dedication. In both of these, I see both an opportunity for players to acquaint themselves with previously unfamiliar groups, but also, an opportunity for the players that wish to be involved in the production process to express themselves and have a great deal of fun. It would be a great piece of character expression for any who would be interacted with - it's a chance for your character to be voice-acted and immortalised on the big-screen. If executed well, this project could significantly benefit a prospective player's arrival to Lord of the Craft. It would require effort and communication, but effectively produce an audiovisual representation of what should be on the LotC Wiki. It's a fantastic and creative way for the MT to interact with the community in a visible way. I've just had the thought now that the ET could get in on the action and, if any members were willing, to contribute to the effort by way of acting, etc. As always, any feedback is appreciated; I'm sure that it can either strengthen the idea, or lead to constructive discussion. Even as I conclude, I'm sure that there's a great deal more to be said about this. Let me know if I've been unclear in any way, and I'll address that.