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Found 17 results

  1. Welcome to Chrothic News. The premier news network in all of LOTC forums history. We plan on covering topics ranging from the hottest new social trends, to the most deadly tragedies in lotc, to rampant crime on lotc, and much, much more. Stay around, and you'll be treated to the intensely researched and fact checked news of Chrothic News Network. (Serious posts will be marked by a red text above it) Orenian Clowns Kidnap Local Cat? Read on to find out the truth! This post has been approved by Chrothic News Networking
  2. The Northwind Post Year 36 of the Second Age --------------------------------------- The Pact of Ash and Scorpions A peace treaty was issued on the 2nd of the Amber Cold, 25 S.A. This treaty was between Norland and Krugmar, to not only be at peace, but to aid in wartime, allow free trade, and to respect borders. This treaty will allow those of Norland and Krugmar to have a better relationship, and better two nations in Almaris. The Pact of Ash and Stone A peace treaty and non-aggression pact was issued this past year, between Urguan and Norland. This agreement states that the Kingdoms should both avoid conflict, as well as enter into free trade. As long as laws are followed by citizens of both nations, there will be no tax or harassment, and the Kingdoms avoid conflict both with each other, but also with anyone who may put them at odds, the pact will be beneficial to both Kingdoms. Tournament in Elysium A tournament was held in Elysium, in the White Bear Tavern. Many showed up to fight for the Ruby Estrella championship belt. The Ruby Estrella is a star of which only comes every 100 years, a red star, that which many say, champions are born under its shine. Marshall in Norland Many are confused at recent events, not only with where the Rangers and Northguard are left, but with a lack of leadership in a Marshall. We can only hope, we will find one soon, to better all of Norland. Ferrymen Battle Raid threats have been consistent, but the Rangers and Northguard have got it covered. This past year, during the First Seed, as well as earlier in the year, there were threats of raids in Elysium. Those in the Northguard and Rangers, went to the gates, making sure women and children were safe, to take care of the Ferrymen. The Ferrymen retreated, after arguments at the tavern in Elysium. Skannari A battle was fought between the Skannari and Norland, leaving Norland victorious. However long the battle dragged on, there is sure to be another fight from the Skannari, as they do not easily accept defeat. In other news The First Agnethe Chess Tournament is being held by Daihbidh Sutharlainn, the chairman of Sutherland Corporation, which has branches around Almaris including Elysium and Varhelm. The match has many great players, but only one can be the winner. Contact Sutharlainn if you are interested in watching the matches. Varhelm still has plenty of houses available! If you are interested, talk to a Steward today! The Northguard is still recruiting. Talk to a Northguard today to join! If you have anything to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
  3. On the Oyashimans You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with this next story, we shall begin that of the Oyashimans but more specifically Tsune Hirano. Minister of Education, Diplomat and High Steward, Tsune Hirano Lady Tsune Hirano was a woman of refined tastes before that of her passing. She prided herself on her way of dress and speak and kept closely to that of her culture and beginnings. An older woman, she was a rolemodel to many and had a way about her to set both examples and trends. Having originally come to Yong Ping when it was but a settlement, after its initial founding, she found a job in the Ministry of Interior as a Steward and soon worked her way steadily up to that of a High Steward with her sale rate. Shortly afterwards, when she received news her son Saburo Ishikawa would be coming to live with under an established branch of the Ishikawa family, she began her work of establishing Tsutenkaku as a personal estate. She'd been married to Yikuwashi Ishikawa and done much to bring both credit and honor to the name. Even after she came to move into the personal estate, she continued her work within the Jade State. Having undergone the state exams, she'd come to work as a diplomat, one who made contact with Krugmar and kept relations more then amiable. In her later years, plans began that of a Ministry of Education, the woman undergoing speaking with various people to set up an educational system for the youth of Yong Ping and Tsutenkaku both. Many a thing has been said about this woman, even that of darker tidings and she'd prove them wrong time and time again. Well-respected, with a name earned through her hard work, she is certainly one that someone should study the history of and learn through her actions how to better themselves. Stay tuned for our next gossip column! Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining
  4. The Patriarchs Illuminated You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with this next story, we shall begin with the male leadership of our notable families of Yong Ping. Grand Chancellor, former Duhu and Tianrui Patriarch, Tianrui Ren Ren is a long-lived man, one that can be seen as a bit goofy but alas a force to be reckoned with. Happily married and with many a children, he led the Yong Ping Army to many a victory during his tenure as Duhu and has hosted many an event and served various tea within the family-owned Teahouse. Wearing auspicious colors and keeping a carefully cared for goatee, he is a lover of animals and giver of mooncakes alike. Well-respected within the Jade State and otherwise, he has many connections he can call on at a moments notice. Rumored to recently having learned the magical craft of Chi as a Sun Monk, he is a formidable and valuable ally to have at ones side. Alongside this, he is quite hospitable, putting up friends within rooms and feeding a good portion of the citizenry. Loyal, honorable and hospitable, he's quite the catch. Though, still one already caught. Minister of Justice and Chen Patriarch, Chen Wenping Wenping, our illustrious Minister of Justice, with a keen eye and a sharp tongue. Having singlehandedly worked and created the Jade States laws, he's been serving since the start. The Patriarch of the Chen family, he has many a responsibility on his shoulders, though he carries them with a proud tilt of his head. Having secured future heirs, through a rumored contract marriage meant to take place soon, the woman he marries is certainly a lucky one. Having hosted trials in the court of law, he has a no-nonsense attitude and yet is said to be a hopeless romantic with past courtships. An interesting and eclectic sort, each conversation leaves one wanting for more, as he's sure to leave you with a new understanding to things and life. Ladies, now might be your chance to ****** him up before the wedding. Stay tuned for ''Oyashiman Families" in our next gossip column! Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining
  5. The Matriarchs Illuminated You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with this next story, we shall begin with the female leadership of our notable families of Yong Ping. Zhu and Matriarch Lady Li Xiuying As is often told in the illustrious Zhus tales, she not only founded Yong Ping but Tai Ping and the previous tower before that. Having brought her brother over from yet another brutal takeover by the Lis in Ai-zho, they made themselves a home, primarily making connections and making ends meet via Llama trade from city to city. Wares carried upon their back, they'd have made many a connection and talked to many a people and those talks eventually led to what allowed them a home within first Talons Grotto and as the world sailed to a new land, to Talons Port. The district they founded flourished, those flocking over from Ai-zho and visitors coming alike, until the once small and homely district became lively and bustling with life. As the homes filled, to the point of overcapacity, they'd concoct a plan, with the use of their connections made and make a settlement by the name of Yong Ping, becoming so popular, it became that of a nation: The Jade State of Yong Ping. Honored as the Zhu and Matriarch of both Yong Ping and the Li household, Li Xiuying has many feats beneath her belt. Quite the notable doctor and with a way of words, she is not one someone would mess with lightly, her discipline rod clutched close in hand. Unmarried, though certainly looking for no man or woman. Matriarch Lady Watanabe Setsuna A woman of high caliber, Lady Watanabe Setsuna runs her family with an iron fist and to survive its trials and within its depths, they'd need a spine of steel to forge on through the minefield. Having long been part of Tai Ping and Yong Ping alike, the woman is a well-known tattoo artist, inn runner and hostess of the Yong Ping fight arena. Said to have been worshipping something of the dragon sorts and having been a Geisha prior, she is an interesting and eclectic character. Swift with a katana and neat with her words of training to Maikos, Geishas in training, Setsuna represents a female superpower in Yong Ping and a rolemodel for many alike. Unmarried, it is possible to find yourself connected to this woman of mystery if one were to find themself within her acquaintance and without a blade to their neck. Secrets abound with this one, though someone brave or perhaps stupid, might find themselves as a confidant of the illusive woman. Minister of Interior and Revenue and leading Lady of the arts Chen Yunya Yunya, a beauty in her own right and one of the most sought after Bachelorettes within the Jade State of Yong Ping. As sweet as she looks, she is part of the prosperous Chen family, insanely rich and with the movements of a practiced dancer. Boasting skills in traditional dance, the zither and a side hobby of fan and parasol creation, she'd be an auspicious match if it weren't so hard to get past those always seemingly waiting for their next meeting with her with bated breath. Not only beautiful, her work as the Minister of Interior and Revenue has gotten Yong Ping to what it is at this very day, having been there from the beginning. Rumored to be a hopeless romantic, perhaps a would-be entrepreneur or romancer might find their chance at this most eligible bachelorette. Stay tuned for 'The Patriarchs Illuminated' in our next gossip column! Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining.
  6. You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with any story, we shall begin at the top. The notable families of Yong Ping. How notable might they be? And just who are they? The four founding families of Yong Ping, each notable in their own right and having come into such esteemed status via varying ways. The Lis The Tianruis The Watanabes and The Chens The Lis, known within Ai-zho and Yong Ping alike as the ruling family and yet different in many ways. The Lis are known for their brutal takeover, their family long ago having taken over the varying states and instating their Empire. Though, quite interesting, the Lis found within Yong Ping differ from this greatly. Having rebeled against the rest of their family in Ai-zho, they came to Arcas and soon to Almaris, where they began what would have come to be known as Tai Ping. A relatively small district within Talons Port, they'd boast a teahouse, a few homes and a lovely park and temple above. Their scavenger hunt something often raved about and keeping those there for hours on end. As the attraction of the small district grew ever-popular, it'd seem they'd need to upgrade from a district to a settlement. As the settlement came underway, the people of Tai Ping looked to them ever more, close through their troubles and despite what their family had done back in Ai-zho itself, giving them what is known as the reputation of a notable and high-up family. Difficult to marry into, if one wished to do so and difficult to ally with. The Tianruis, a long-standing and long-living family. One might consider it valuable to marry into them if given the chance and with just how big they are, there is many a chance. Soldiers and farmers both, they've steadily worked their way up the totem pole so to speak. A powerful military family and in complete control of the food served within the borders, they are a force to be reckoned with. Not one, but two Tianruis have been a Duhu within the Yong Ping Army. Duhu meaning The General in common for those who might not know. Long being around, even in previous lands, they've long been a military force, many cousins and siblings alike filling the Yong Ping Armies ranks. Loyal and honorable, they'd be a valuable ally whichever way one might look. With the chaos of the Tai Ping massacre, it has been said by many a person, that it was the Tianrui teahouse they turned to, trusting Tianrui Ren even before the Army was in existence to protect those and protect them he did. Highly celebrated and honored, he is a man of high caliber and supremely loyal to his wife, oh how it makes a lady swoon. A mix of both Li-Ren, Oyashiman and something not quite named, they are an eclectic family, one to certainly keep an eye on. The Watanabes, cousins of the Tianruis, through a cousin of a cousin having married each other long back, they have made their own name even with the hefty one to find themselves compared to. A majority Oyashiman, some Li-ren will be found in there and they are what would be considered the opposite side of the coin of the Tianruis. With their lengthy trials to get introduced into the family and their rites as to their childhood, they are a proud family with many a tradition. Vibrant, intricately detailed tattoos often cover most of their skin, and with a bit of a brash tone, they are a family that most would look to for protection in the unconventional way. Running the Inn, they keep visitors to the Jade State on their best behavior and on the side, host that of the betting ring during fight nights and that of Geisha dances for the would-be masses. Entirely Matriarchal, it leads to an interesting dynamic, where beauty meets with deadly. Offering protection and a way to prove themselves, they've made quite the name and will continue to do for many years. Last and certainly not least, we have the Chen family. Insanely rich and known for their beauty and support of the arts, they're a family nigh impossible to take your eyes off of. Having come from Ai-zho and to Tai Ping, they fast made their name known through a series of performances and plays that put their name on the map. Or perhaps it was that of the many a beauty people pined over? Even so, as time went on and Yong Ping was founded, they'd soon prove themselves not only artfully but intellectually as their work allowed for the quick and concise creation of laws and funds for the Jade State. Their work with the arts continued heartily, dances of flame meeting with plays, events hosted and each one becoming flashier then the next. Each with a deep pocket and fingers in many a basket, they have many connections and many a people vying for an alliance, hence the hefty waitlist on those hoping for wardship with the prosperous family. Rumored to be one of the harder ones to marry into, the Patriarch himself is said to have contracted with someone for such a marriage, making one think that perhaps a secret or two is hidden. Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining.
  7. The Orenian Times Bastion raided by MoJ officials? On the Deep Cold of 1820, three high ranking officers of the MoJ are accused of leading an attack on the bastion. Only a single life was lost in the raid. Orenian Time reporters were on scene for the incident and managed to gather statements from local citizens and leaders. General William Darkwood refused to comment about the embarrassment and lack of coordination of Orenian Forces. Noble Citizen who refused to be named stated, “I want to see the MoJ brought to justice and put on trial for their crimes. The Emperor better stand up for his troops and hang the MoJ responsible.” This noble citizen can be pictured below by Orenian Times Artists: Two ISA soldiers were also interviewed by the Orenian Times and chose to remain anonymous. When asked about the attacks each soldier shared concerns, “We understand the MoJ’s importance in the city, but using mob justice to take action, that’s not Oren.” The second soldier later stated, “We are citizens too, and deserve fair trial. If the MoJ can come to the Bastion without warrants and drag us off to a dark cell until they decide to hang us, why become a soldier.” Food Prices Rising in Providence? Food prices in Providence reach an all time high during the war. Many stores are being bought out as soon as they are stocked an many civilians can not find any food for themselves. Those who live in the poorer districts of Providence have to self ration to a single loaf of bread and a pot of soup each week while the nobles stuff themselves full. The Orenian Times has reached out to the Emperor and Royal House for comment on possible food rationing to help stop the lower class from starving to death but has received no word back. Will the Emperor introduce new farm legislature? Will the Empire increase farm land? Find out in our exclusive with John the VIII coming next week. Artists Depiction of Nobles feasting. BREAKING NEWS: Orenian Empire Wins Again? Heinrik the Second has pulled Haense out of the Iron Accords and has allied with the Holy Orenian Empire! Insiders in the ISA have stated that this treaty increases Oren’s chances of winning the war by 75%. In the underground world of war bets, Oren is predicted to win the war with 3:1 odds. Yet with John VIII’s royal envoys having found success in the lands of Haense, but at what cost. Orenian Times reporters have seen wagons of gear and weapons being flooded into Hanseti lands. It is predicted that over twenty thousand minas of supplies and soldiers will be shipped to Hanseti borders in preparation for Orcish Invasion. These supplies are being pulled away from ISA stockpiles and leaving Providence at risk. Send a letter to your Local Mayor informing him to bring our troops home.
  8. A literal 'news cycle' rolls up to your doorstep. there seems to be a crinkled piece of paper glued to the wheel.
  9. After years of peace.. a piece of muddy wrinkled up paper falls out of your door when you open it this morning. Dear god buck news is back..
  10. The Fahkr Incident For the past decade the Deòrhyrst clan, Clan Wright, has maintained an uneasy trust with the Fahkr Tribe. With trade being the main benefit Beorhtric made sure to keep up his end of a bargain bringing constant goods to trade with the tribe even despite their failures to uphold their end. On one of his many diligent runs to assess inventory he was met by a member of the Hamad. A vile inner faction of the Fahkr. Barely anything more than savage animals with next to no sense of honor or righteousness. Conversation quickly spiraled into petty insults by the Hamad, and even challenging the faith of a devout man. Blades clashed at such an insult, and to the dismay of Clan Wright ended in Beorhtric being beaten in a duel at the hands of cruel trickery. Now he licks his wounds whilst meditating the meaning of the blunder. No matter the conclusion an already existing rift grows between the entire Fahkr Tribe and any faithful Deòrhyrst. This may be a catalyst for growing rivalries. (OOC: Thanks to chrisoulis777 for the good rp.)
  11. Buck hastily throws today's buck news to everyone in crumpled balls.
  12. A piece of paper between two pieces of bread are found on your counter. A note next to it says "BUCK NOOS SANWICH! DIJEST THE NOLEDJE!". You decide not to eat it. Probably a good idea.
  13. A buck news has.. appeared.
  14. Newsfrogs hop around haense, a buck news taped to each one. You reach down and unfold the dirty paper.
  15. You wake up with something in your mouth. You open it, and pull out a crinkled up piece of paper that tastes like dirt and grubs. You wonder who it could possibly be from. And what ever the hell this is
  16. It appears someone has eaten all of the medicine out of your house. Lucky(?) for you, it has been replaced with a brand new issue of buck news.
  17. Just when you thought you were safe.. a brand new buck news is taped to your face when you wake up this morning. That way you can walk and read! How convenient. And another one nailed to your door with 13 nails.
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