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Found 25 results

  1. 【♢――】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including a wonderful BRAND! The scent of jungle berries wafts from vividly colored inks... but for some reason the printing looks rushed, formatting slightly off. 【♢――】 Vol. Dub (III) Azh’Kint”Azhty’Gahk (CXIII) (113) of the Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ FOREWORD Many of you wonderful readers have been wondering why this wasn't released yet, or will have questions about the lack of some usual topics we include. Simply put, Kor'garr is still recovering from severe injusries at the vicious maw and toxins of an exotic broodmother lurker of some horrific origin. More details will be released soon, so We here at the Kaktuz Weekli apologize for the substandard issue. On the other hand, this is getting written anyways because something is better than nothing... And also due to many here giving Kor'garr some very much needed advice the Kaktuz Weekli is looking for writers, reporters and other employees to help make the article part of this organization less of a one orc show. Amendments to this issue may come in the future, maybe not. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As all across Almaris might know, the undead scourge once known as Cloudbreaker has been defeated by a grand coalition of forces from across Almaris! Irrespective of origins, brave warriors, magic users, medics, and ballista crews worked together to defend the city of Balian from a long siege as a group of expert adventurers fought to destroy the accursed vessel animating the dead dragon… And all forces were successful. While lives were lost in the glorious battle against the Buurz, the sacrifices of the honorable souls are not in vain. A special edition of the Kaktuz Weekli will be released in the near future containing greater details, a recounting of the many events that occurred, and interviews with multiple sources that took part in the battle. If you have reached out about interviews, do not worry, Kor'garr will meet with lat soon. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ THE RISE OF A NEW IRON HORDE! In an unprecedented reveal, a Kukaal (Clan Leader) of Clan Akaal has announced a challenge for the position of Rex against the currently reigning Rex Willy of San’Velku. A public missive posted upon the walls of San’Velku, explains Ar-Borok Akaal’s motivation to shift Krugmar towards a more aggressive stance “against the deceiver, against her necromancers, mystiks, vampyrs and other darkspawns'' as the lands of Almaris prepare for War once more. This is after various claims of Rex Willy, despite being a good diplomat, remaining inactive concerning other hostile nations and the progress of the Iron Horde in general. Meanwhile Ar-Borok is an individual notorious for controversy, including an incident creating tensions between Krugmar and Aaun during the Siege of Shattered Skies. Kaktuz Weekli staff, present in person when the challenge was stated, quote from Ar-Borok “As the Wagh on darkness goes on, it is time for us to return to an age of war. Willy is not a warrior, he is a diplomat, a [Redacted] good one. I had talks with the Wargoths of Clan Ugluk and of Clan Lur, with the Dominus and Rex. Here and now, I claim the title of Rex of the Iron Horde.” We all eagerly awaited Rex Willy’s response and it turns out the former Rex does approve of the mantle passing down. Unfortunately an official Honor Klomp, a practice not seen in generations, will not be assembled for the Spirits to show their favor upon either potential leader… but other leadership announcements have created much change in the Iron Horde. Droku of Clan Lur has taken the title of Huntsgoth to announce a Hundred Year Votar, Kybal of the Akaals is stepping up as leader of their clan, and Skullcrusher of Clan Raguk will now command the Iron Horde’s military as Targoth of the Krug-Hai. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Foreign Affairs: WARNING! A TRAITOR AT LARGE! Despite our recent victory against the Buurz, Kor’garr believes this information is quite important. Recently the leadership of the Iron Horde and spiritual nations at large have released announcements declaring the one formerly known as Kul’Raguk to be a Whitewash and affiliated with the Darkspawn! Specifically, This horrid traitor has aligned itself with beings of necromantic and demonic natures, dishonored the spirits, interrupted the sacred process of a venture into the Spiritual Realms, and openly become a worshiper of cursed Ibless. In turn, Clan Raguk has stripped the Whitewash of all titles and affiliations. In effect, this means Kul “The Red Worm” should be apprehended or killed on sight by the armed forces of any spiritualist or Darkspawn opposing nation. The traitor is a crimson red skinned being around six feet tall, commonly wearing robes and a mask to disguise the lack of proper orcish tusks. Caution is recommended as there have been sightings of Kul using dark magics of unknown nature to evade capture. In addition, an Azh’Kint (100) Minas bounty has been placed upon the head of this horrid criminal, to be presented to the gates of Krugmar either dead or alive. Please contact the Kaktuz Weekly or San’Velku personnel immediately upon capture or murder of this blight upon our lands, so the reward may be handed out accordingly. Individuals to be sought out include the Motsham Al-Uk Yar of the Grand Moot, Ker Shaman Jusiam Guzmia of Nor’asath, Kaktuz Weekli owner Kor’garr the Clanless, Challenging Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal, or Dominus Madoc’Lur of the Iron Horde. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ “More will be added in later issues! Again, Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Issues will (now) always be released during the later half of the Grand Harvest. Also please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Writer, Zkriptgoth. Skumu - Artist, Formatter [OOC - Pings and References] References
  2. 【♢――♦】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including a brand new BRAND! 【♢――♦】 Vol. Dub (II) Azh’Kint”Azhty’Azh (CXI) (111) of the Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ It is time for all to sharpen their blades, don their armor, and prepare for a grand assault against our Great Enemy! Recently the Rex Willi of San’Velku, in keeping with the honour and courage of Krug-kind, has declared that the Iron Horde shall stand alongside our allies in Balian to defeat a new threat. In his own words, “The urukim of the Iron Horde declare their full support, militarily and logistically, to the people of Balian in the wake of threats of destruction from the undead dragon known as Cloudbreaker” This support will encompass everything from soldiers, weapons, and magic, to more nub-klomping aid such as protection and vital needs for the civilians forced away from their homes after the undead filth’s brutal attack upon their capital. The Kaktuz Weekli staff are filled with pride and inspiration upon seeing the people of Krugmar set aside the vile curse of Bloodlust in order to work together with our fellow descendants in Honorable combat against our true foes; the darkness that threatens all life upon Almaris. In the meantime, the shara Rex known as His Royal Majesty Alexander the Azht (I) of Balian has announced a grand summit for all the nations of Almaris to attend, so that more of Descendant kind can work together in defeating this monstrosity! In the Human Kings missive he explains “It is with these desires that we establish ‘The Atrus Covenant’, to mark both the occasion of this summit and to cement our united goal in staving off the onslaught of the undead Cloudbreaker and its minions.” Which is a lot of zhara blah for “Lets get ready to Klomp a Nubded Dragon.” PREPARE FOR THE WAGH, EVERYONE! Such an event will happen on the Azhty’H’gakhth (XVIII) day of the next Daumanlob (Snow’s Maiden) at their Palati Monterosa (Kor’garr assumes that’s their bub’hozhest and most fancy castle). ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ After an understandable pause in frustrations due to the general good cheer during the Krugsmas celebrations across Almaris, it is regrettable to see a return to the usual hostilities between the proud Iron Ugz and our aggressive neighbors to the South. The children of Krug have by no means forgotten the past offenses against them, including various heretical insults, slander, false claims against our Rex, and recently the senseless slaughter of a brother who was blessed by the spirits himself to be gifted animalistic features in honor of the Brazen Bull, all of which no apologies have been issued for. Because of this, Rex Willy of San’Velku has released an announcement declaring the Banishment and exile of all those who follow the banner of Celia’nor from lands of the Horde, in order to, in his own words, “Protect all citizens of the Iron Horde from the destructive tendencies and dark magicks the people of Celia’nor wield and use at their disposal with little to no regard for the rest of the realm.” The Kaktuz Weekli wonders how the void-aligned and darkspawn colluding nation will respond, if they decide to at all. The obstinance of the ‘elven’ nation concerning political matters is quite well known at this point… ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Whispers have been spreading around the spiritual circles, mentions of celebration and trials… The Kaktuz Weekli refers, of course, to the upcoming Vau’Loz! The Vau’Loz is a grand ceremony spanning the lengths of multiple Cactus Weeks, where believers in the spirits from all nations and origins gather to compete in trials, give offerings, and prove their belief and strength in the eyes of the Spirits! This event has not occurred in many, many ages, yet the creation of the Grand Moot has finally brought back the connections required to make such a wonderful display of honor, strength, and worship take place. After some discussion with the event organizers, Kor’garr is delighted to announce the Moot is seeking event hosts, organizers, announcers, and laborers of all kinds to help prepare the events and contests. Such work shall be done in Krugmar, Nor’asath, and even other locations, consisting of both building event sites and representing the Moot during said events. Please reach out to Kor’garr or the esteemed Zhomo Qudlia Jusmia for more information, either in person or with a bird… Agh yub, Kor’garr will provide payment. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Many wish to warm up by a roaring flame during the winter chill, or recover from the heat of too much mead with a taste of winter. In that case, look no further than the wonderfully soothing Orcish beverage known as an Ungri Cocolog. Originally made my the brilliant goblin Nin’sqeek’Ungri for her ravenous Olog brethren to recuperate after one too many holiday feasts (hence the name) this splendidly sweet treat is made with decadent amounts of rich pale milk combined with decadent dark chocolate for all to enjoy. This festive bittersweetness is then balanced by the generous dollops of honey and her special ingredient of infused oracle wood extract, creating a soothing calm that can settle even the most voracious olog’s hanger tantrums. What’s best is this special beverage can be served either chilled (making a rich layer of cream float atop the heavier liquid) or heated (making for a smoother drink that will alleviate any post blizzard sniffles)! Kor’garr personally enjoys his cocolog piping hot with some of those wonderful marshmallow cubes the musin introduced me to, as they slowly melt into the beverage over time for more sugary goodness. Nevertheless, these drinks come in staggeringly large bottles and should be consumed quickly after opening, lest the rich milk spoil in warmer weather. P.S. Kor’garr has experienced first hand the folly of serving this to Musin. It is milk based, and they cannot handle dairy to save their stomachs… Please don’t, for everyone’s sake, let them drink it without ample warning. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This is a wonderful time for any worshiper of the spirits! Recently our renowned Motsham (head shaman) Al-Uk'Yar has announced the beginning of a grand union between spiritual states and nations across all of Almaris! This coalition begins with the formation of deeper ties between the shamanistic circles of Krugmar and the Ashen State of Nor'Asath, and with the spirits blessings will grow to include the Halfling peoples in our near future. In the meantime, concerns have been raised over the origins of the mojo known only to the writer as “Blood Alchemy” within the Iron Horde. Practitioners claim there is no relation to Dark sources of any kind since it follows the methods of alchemy and the strength of Krug-kind’s ancestral vitality, while spiritual traditionalists under the leadership of our new Motsham call the newly popularized art a disgrace to proper shamanism and worship of the spirits. Only time will tell how this brewing conflict continues to unfold within the Horde. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This issue’s Uruk of the Week is our new rising star, brother Bumba’Akaal! I was very excited to interview my fellow orc at the Betharuz Tavern and hear all about his recent achievements; This wonderful brother has some hefty aspirations and the strength to peep them through to victory! Note that the following are written in approximations of verbal blah to better capture the character of both interview participants. ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor'garr: …Zoh diz iz dah tik tu kall latzelv vanzi nayms agh tytulz. [A short chuff of mirth before the interview continues.] Zo, Whoo iz Bumba'Akaal? Dr Bumba'Akaal: Mi ahm Bumba'Akaal, Kukaal ov clan Akaal, Medicgoth ov da Iron'Uzg, Haruspex agh Witch Doctor, Shaman ov Grizh agh Healing. Kor’garr: Yub, veri hozh! Dat'zag lot uv tytulz, agh nub-urukz moight noht uhndurztand awl uv dehm. Kayr tu ixplayn abowtz lat being dah Medicgovv nowz? Dr Bumba'Akaal: Ah yub. Mi have years agh yearz ov experience sakrificing people agh thingz, zo mi haz learned ah deep grukkage on da body agh wub it takes to heal it. Zo mi will uze my haruzpexy agh zhomizm fer such. Kor’garr: Yub, agh 'ow wihl daht grukkage ov zakrivyze 'elp lat en dah duteez ov Medicgovv? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Well… Der ahm alot ov wayz it will do zuch… mi planz on expanding da medikal zervicez ov da goi. Mi wantz to create ah group ov medical profezzionalz dat haz ah high succezz rate in saving bruddahz like… fifty percent, yub. Agh den mi wantz to make uz well known zo all da Uzg can gruk da powur uv urukim medicinez! Kor’garr: Dat iz'ag veri ambizhuz goal, Doktor Bumba! Wihl deez medikul zervicez bi moztly vor emurgenzi, ohr alzo teyk kayr uv moar muhndayn helth izzuez en dah goi? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Mi zervicez will be open to all peepul, yub… it ahm important fer all people, evun nub-uruks, to have accezz to affordable medicine. While mi practicez ahm extremely, extremely, bub'painful, dey ahm efficient agh will lead to helping bruddahz agh people, yub. Kor’garr: Wehl, wi moight wunt tu yuze zum blizzvoyl vor dah nub-urukz… Meybi'ag travel ohr tryp tu zhow lat'z zkyllz en medizine moight bi hozh vor latz buzinezz tu zpred. Dr Bumba’Akaal: Yub, mi planz on traveling around agh offering mi zkillz to people, but dat ahm ah few yearz down da road…. Firzt mi needz to turn the medical offices into ah known resource, yub. Kor’garr: Dat iz'ag hozh ideyuh, yub. Agh how much wihl lat bi yuzing zhomoizm en dah clinic'z regyulur akzhunz? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Mi will uze zhomoizm a lot, ezpecially on more extreme zituationz like lozing limbz agh zkak… But mi grukz medical haruzpexy ahm ah more holliztic experience, yub. Kor’garr: Kor'garr wihl peep vorwurd tu dah moar widezpred yuze uv Haruzpexy dehn. …Wehl, daht zhuld bi awl Kor'garr needz, unlezz lat gotz eny lazt rimarkz vor dah reedurz? Dr Bumba’Akaal: Mi latz remarkz iz dat mi wizhez to uze mi incredible expertize in medicine to zhow da Uzg da greatnezz ov urukim agh zhow dat der ahm honor in every tik ov profession! ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As everyone can see, our new Medicgoth is an exemplary model that Honor is not only to be found on the battlefield or through taking lives, but also by saving them and allowing our fellows to fight another day. Surely more like him will be needed in the coming times, and the Kaktuz Weekli is delighted to find out how his career in medicine develops! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Recently Skumu has acquired a buub, it was a Krugzmaz gift from Kor'Garr. Skumu is very very thankful, so adding onto Kaktuz weekli is a segment where Skumu shall draw a buub for you all and give you a fact about them! This issue is about how much smarter buubz are than howlers! Buubz are so much smarter they remember where grub is and will never forget! They love grub just like so many Bruddas! Also they can play games! They are the fifth ( H’ ) Most intelligent animal in the world! Skumu loves Buubz so much! Here is Skumu's Buub! His name is Kor'Garr Jr! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ “More will be added in later issues! Again, Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Issues will (now) always be released during the later half of the Grand Harvest. Also please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations.” ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Writer, Zkriptgoth. Skumu - Artist, Formatter [OOC - Pings and References]
  3. Issue One 11th of the Wzuvar & Byvca Volume One The Kvaz Khronicle “Karosgrad after a snow storm” depicted by Branimar Kvazyev Stories of the day: -Grand Prince of Kusoraev Married! -Saving our Soldiers! Ruthern wins big in Duma! -Election results covered here! Page 1 Grand Prince of Kusoraev Celebrates Lavish Wedding Day As the day of the Grand Prince of Kusoraev's much-anticipated wedding arrived, excitement built throughout the kingdom. The royal palace was abuzz with activity as preparations for the big day were underway. We spoke with one of the palace servants, who wished to remain anonymous, about the preparations they had been witness to. "It was a flurry of activity," the servant told us. "The palace was cleaned from top to bottom. The kitchen had been working around the clock to prepare the feast, and the staff had been rehearsing their roles for the day. It was going to be a truly magnificent event." The Grand Prince and his bride-to-be had not been seen much in public recently, as they had been busy with final preparations for the wedding. However, the servant shared that the couple seemed very happy and excited for their big day. The wedding was a lavish affair, with guests from all over the kingdom and beyond in attendance. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Basilica, and was followed by grand celebrations. We will continue to bring updates on the Grand Prince's newlywed life as time goes on, especially as he begins his tours of his vassals. For now, the kingdom celebrates this joyous occasion. Poem of events by Kasimir Kvazyev: In days of old, when knights were bold And lords and ladies fair A prince did seek a noble bride To join him in his royal lair With sword in hand, he rode the land In search of true love's kiss And when at last he found his match His heart did swell with bliss For she was fair, with golden hair And eyes that sparkled bright Her gentle touch and loving heart Brought joy to his lonely nights Together they did pledge their troth In a ceremony grand And as they knelt before the altar Their love was declared and fanned So let us raise a glass and toast To this royal couple true May their marriage last a lifetime And their love forever renew. Page 2 Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's Act to Support Injured Soldiers Passes with Widespread Support Editor's note: We understand this coverage comes from a previous duma session, but we believe the content held within the bill and its passage is of monumental importance to cover. In a recent development in the Duma, Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's proposed act to provide financial compensation to members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Knights of the Kingdom who have suffered injuries while in the line of duty has passed with widespread support. The Medical Compensation Advisory Act of 453 ES proposes that those who have undergone amputations be eligible for compensation to help them acquire prosthetic replacements for their lost limbs or digits. The act has been met with widespread support from both military personnel and civilians alike. Many have praised Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern for her dedication to supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect the kingdom. The proposal has also been hailed as a crucial step in recognizing the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers and ensuring that they receive the care and support they need. The successful passage of this act is a testament to the nobility's commitment to supporting our military and ensuring that they have the resources they need to continue serving the kingdom with distinction. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and all those who supported this crucial legislation. Page 3 Kvazyev feeds the poor! As he strolled through the streets of the small village in which he lived, a poor young boy held tightly in his hand a piece of bread, which had been given to him by his mother for his midday meal. Despite his meager circumstances, the boy was content, for he knew that he was loved. Upon coming across a group of children engaged in playful merriment, the boy felt a pang of envy, but he quickly pushed it aside, choosing instead to join in their games. When the other children saw the bread in the boy's hand, they begged him to share it with them. After a moment's hesitation, the boy broke off a piece of the bread and offered it to the group, feeling a sense of joy at the thought of having brought a smile to their faces. The Kvazyev family, known for their generosity and kindness, has once again demonstrated their commitment to helping those in need by providing nourishing bread to impoverished children in their community. Page 4 Your ad could be here! Bird Kasimir Kvazyev to purchase a cheap space! Election Coverage! As the kingdom prepares for the upcoming XLIII Session of the Royal Duma, many are looking to the three elected officials who will be filling the seats. Royal Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and Grand Maer Roui de Melphestaus have been praised by anonymous sources for their competency and plans for the upcoming Session. "Adelajda vas Ruthern has always been a strong voice in the Duma," said one source. "Her dedication to the kingdom and her willingness to listen to the concerns of the people make her an excellent choice for the upcoming Session, especially with her Medical act." Another source praised Roui de Melphestaus, saying, "His experience and level-headedness will be crucial in guiding the Duma through these trying times. I have no doubt that he will be an asset to the kingdom." Not all elected officials have received such praise, however. Royal Alderman Atilan Bishop has been criticized by anonymous sources for being a poor choice for the Duma. "His track record in the Duma has been lackluster, at best," said one source. "He lacks the vision and leadership skills that are necessary for the role. I fear that he will only hinder the progress of the Duma in the upcoming Session." Another source echoed these sentiments, saying, "Bishop's selection for the Duma is a disappointment. I have no confidence in his abilities to serve the kingdom effectively in this position." The kingdom awaits the start of the XLIII Session with anticipation, eager to see how these elected officials will shape the future of the Duma and the kingdom as a whole. Page 5 Neigh, Horses aren’t Controversial! The Kvaz received the following letter to the editor. We find it necessary to rebuke it! As a resident of the Kingdom of Haense, I have long been a proud supporter of our noble traditions and way of life. However, there is one small aspect of our kingdom that I feel could be improved upon: the use of horses for official transportation. For centuries, it has been customary for horses to be used for the transportation of royalty and other high-ranking officials. This practice is steeped in tradition and is seen by many as a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication. However, I believe that it is time for us to move beyond this outdated mode of transportation and embrace a more modern approach. First and foremost, the use of horses is impractical and inefficient. Horses are expensive to maintain and can be unpredictable, making them unreliable for official transportation. Furthermore, the use of horses can create a sense of exclusivity and elitism that is at odds with our kingdom's values. At official functions, only a select few are able to enjoy the luxury of being transported by horse, while the majority must make do with other, less effective methods. ** As the premier newspaper of the Kingdom of Haense, it is our duty to provide balanced and accurate reporting on the events and issues that affect our beloved kingdom. In light of the recent editorial calling for the abandonment of horses for official transportation, we feel it is necessary to provide a counterargument that highlights the many virtues of this time-honored tradition. First and foremost, it must be noted that the use of horses is not merely a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication, but a crucial aspect of our cultural heritage. For centuries, our ancestors have relied on horses for transportation, and the skill and artistry involved in the breeding of horses is a testament to their ingenuity and bravery. To abandon this tradition would be to erase a significant part of our history and identity. In addition, the use of horses is not impractical or inefficient, as the previous editorial suggests. On the contrary, horses are strong, reliable animals that can be trained to meet the specific needs of official transportation. In addition, the slow and stately pace of horses is perfectly suited to the dignified nature of official events, and allows those who are being transported the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of our kingdom in a leisurely and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, the use of horses does not create a sense of exclusivity or elitism, as the previous editorial claims. On the contrary, the sight of a beautiful and well-maintained horse is a source of pride and inspiration for our people. It reminds us of the greatness and splendor of our kingdom, and inspires us to strive for excellence in all that we do. In conclusion, we believe that the use of horses for official transportation is a vital and cherished part of our kingdom's traditions. We are grateful to have a wise and visionary king who recognizes the importance of this tradition and is committed to preserving it for future generations. Page 6 The Kvazyev Company The Kvazyev Company is a trading company specializing in weaponry, banking, trading, and meals for the hungry. Seek out Branimar (Doggedwasupxxx) or Kasimir Kvazyev (Lickspittle) for a job. (Dogged#8148, Lickspittle#5373) Want an advertisement in this newspaper? Want to submit a letter to the editor? Want to give us a story? Is there something that must be said? Bird Kasimir Kvazyev! (Lickspittle#5373)
  4. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 4 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- The De Pelear Twins Quinceanera! The royal twins turned fifteen, having their Quinceanera and quite the chaotic time! Having just departed the Crown Prince of Haense, Georg Sigismund wedding and banquet, they made their way back to Hyspia, opening first with a bull fight, four contenders stepped forth, seemingly quite happy to get trampled even with the knowledge of another getting paralyzed due to these same actions! To everyones surprise and somes disappointment, the duos won against their challenge after having been tossed a few times against the wall, having grasped the Bulls horns and got it down for the count after the Hyspian house guard led the Bull in amidst bucking and wild snorts. Those left for the palace soon afterwards, coming to a viewing party of exotic animals. The Peacock, an Alligator, Bokolo and other exotic animals alike all made an appearance upon the palace roofs, amazing and delighting those alike! Quite notably, the Alligator was kept in a separate area with its own handler nearby to keep the party-goers safe. A pinata was brought out following the viewing party and for a time, this writer thought it must have been indestructible! One by one, those tried their hand at hitting and bursting it open, some collapsing to the ground, others being knocked back and some plain failing. Some even took multiple turns, the party soon raging at a seemingly simple floral pinata before finally after many, many tries, did it come open! Following the pinata challenge, which really shouldn’t have been a challenge in the first place, it was announced a bean can be found within one of the goodie bags passed out! An Olog stepped forth, having won the bean and the honor of being a ‘Royal for the Day’ the next Saints day, before a competition was offered and had. Many people battled the Olog, taking turns as they’d gone to the arena for a chance at winning the bean from them, only to all be beaten miserably in a match of fists. How miserable! --- To end the night off, those retired back to the palace once more where catering done by the La Terra Fresca tavern within Hyspia had been delivered, with two large cakes set neatly upon the table, towering high above the party-goers alongside food and drink matching the exotic theme. It wasn’t until the end, a special surprise unveiled, that the true drama of the night happened. The Princess Sofia's very own pet Peacock had been killed and roasted, over a misunderstood catering order! How cruel and to some, positively delicious! Courtships Abound! In previous Heralds, both the Santos and Lovatos have been recorded respectively and it has come to this writer's attention that Nora Lovato, the heiress to the Lovato household and Santiago Santos have come to the agreement of courtship! How exciting as love must be in the air! Will their courtship prevail and lead to marriage? Following this, is the announcement of the upcoming wedding of Felix Weiss and Maria Antonella within the Church of Venerated Francisco, joining the duo together in matrimony! Will Maria come to take on the role of mother to her soon-to-be Husbands previous children? A Song to Woo the Princess! Shortly following the de Pelear twins Quinceanera, one Calderon Santos had been said to have approached Princess Sofia and break out into a song he’d written just for her, asking her to be his date to his own upcoming Quinceanera! A delightful scene, the boy knowing how to get straight to the girls heart with charming smiles and compliments! For those wondering as to the Princess' answer, it was a yes, the girl seen on his arm later in the year at the Quinceanera in question! The Santos Twins Quinceanera! The second Quinceanera within a week, they had a tough party to follow and they certainly did well! With a theme of Fire and Water, the duo had crimson and azure colored streamers strewn about and made a grand entrance, one with his date, Princess Sofia and the other quite notably, with her own date missing. Where might he be? It soon opened with a game of Pin the tail on the bull, where many failed miserably in their venture and some even left in a huff, unable to handle the heat! Following this, it was rumored Nora Lovato had asked the Princess Sofia to speak in private after having seen her and Calderon Santos together and shortly after the conversation, for Nora to leave the palace in a huff. Following this, an eating competition is had of disgusting proportions! Curdled goats milk, prune pies and baby mice drowned in wine over a bed of rice, too many stayed out and too many vomited, unable to keep in the game one bit. With the game over, the Viceroy soon appeared, taking in the scene with clear disapproval. His disapproval only grew, when his daughter and Calderon Santos danced together soon afterward in the ball portion of the evening, where notably, Callistas Santos date finally arrived. Calderon Santos is called before the Viceroy, peering down at the boy that was soon kneeling before him. Threats, presumably were made though this writer wasn’t close enough to hear the juicy details. Hear this, readers, the Viceroy does not appreciate his daughter being asked on a date without his permission! Perhaps chasing death, the night soon ended with two last events, the previously kneeling boy now standing upon the stage and singing yet another song for the Princess. One must certainly question where he finds the time between courting death and attempting to court the Princess both! Some pinata whacking and sparring followed, allowing an end to the otherwise busy night. A Wards Interview: Lady Amity Ionna Morovar! A depiction of Lady Amity Ionna Morovar. What with the recent return of the Lady Amity, an interview has been conducted with Hyspias all-time favorite and only ward: Lady Amity Ionna Morovar! In the effort of keeping this writer's identity hidden, the interview has been done entirely via letter. “What is your name?” ‘Amity Ionna Morovar.’ “How did you come to be a Ward to the Vicereine?” ‘My best friends are Crown Prince Francisco and Princess Sofia, so naturally I warded under their Mamej.’ “What would you say is the most important thing you’ve learned from her?” ‘How to take on the responsibilities and pressure you get as you grow older into adulthood.’ “What would you say your greatest accomplishment during your time as a Ward is?” ‘Hosting all of the successful events thus far.’ “Do you have any future goals?” ‘To be someone that others can look up to. I want to set a good example and be someone that others look to for guidance and safety’ “Anything else you’d like to tell us?” ‘I wouldn’t gotten this far without Sofia and Fran, they mean the world to me.’ And there you have it, resident Ward of Ciudad de Plata, Lady Amity Ionna Morovar! Upcoming events! A camping trip hosted by the Santos at the recently fixed lake! Navidad ornament making in the Hyspian square! Felix Weiss and Maria Antonella's wedding! Cooking class in the square! Tavern night! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  5. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 3 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- The First Hyspian Court! The First Hyspian court took place after Ciudad de Plata was constructed, where a few interesting things took place! The Santos family, mentioned in the previous edition of the Hyspian Herald stood before the Viceroy and declared their loyalty, and in turn Cesar I had offered one of their members of their choosing to Squire beneath him. How exciting! Following this, the Wick children or now teenagers approached the dais and they too swore their loyalty and in turn asked to be provided a more fitting last name, now deemed the de Rosas! Wyn de la Plata, one of the guards within the house guard had been promoted as well for his continued and storied work! Survival of the Inferi Siege! The siege of the Inferi on the Haense capital of Karosgrad is something highly covered and known, not needing to be elaborated on too much for the readers. Nonetheless, it’s been said that the Hyspians showed fully armored and kept guard of the East gate during the fight and proved strong much as many others did during the ongoing siege! This writer is proud of their work that day and applauds them on their efforts. A New Family? The Lovatos house sigil is depicted here. After the arrival of the Santos, a new family seems to be making their rise, though certainly not as quick as the first! The Lovato household appeared from the sunset, making their way through the city and getting settled in a home near instantly. They are too often found in the clinic tending to injuries, Inigo Lovato here making a few of the girls about swoon with his gentlemanly attitude and friendly demeanor. Will they soon give the Santos a run for their mina? A Dama de Honor Leaves! Once Dama de Honor to Princess Sofia de Pelear, one Wilhelmina de Rosa has packed her bags and left Hyspia behind. Rumors speculate it having to do with the Princess twin, Prince Alejandro, though that can neither be confirmed or denied as of this moment. With the departure of the Dama de Honor, will the Princess set out new trials for those willing or chase after a girl intent on staying away? Amity Ionna is back! The Lady Amity had been in her mourning blacks for some time now after the loss of yet another family member, though now they have been put away in favor of velvety blues and purples. She’s right back at it, planning and hosting events as ward under Vicereine Laurelie I. Quite notably, though, shortly after her Quinceanera took place, a series of gifts began arriving for the girl. A new necklace here. A delicious treat there. Whoever could be wooing the young Lady? A Guards Interview: Wyn de la Plata! A depiction of Wyn de la Plata and the Princess Sofia de Pelear. What with the recent conflicts and promotion alike, an interview has been conducted with Hyspias all-time favorite guard: Wyn de la Plata! In the effort of keeping this writer's identity hidden, the interview has been done entirely via letter. “What is your name?” ‘Wyn de la Plata.’ “How did you come to be a guard for the Viceroyal family?” ‘I was talked into joining by the Princess when we were kids.’ “What is your go-to weapon?” ‘Mainly between dual shortswords or my fists, but I can pick up just about anything that’s needed.’ “What would you say your greatest accomplishment during the Inferi siege was?” ‘My greatest accomplishment while it may not seem much to some people is escorting the wounded to safety and help so that they may breathe and fight another another day.’ “Anything else you’d like to tell us?” ‘No.’ And there you have it, resident guard of Ciudad de Plata, Wyn de la Plata! Upcoming events! Princess Sofia and Prince Alejandro Quincenera is coming up, celebrating their fifteenth birthday! The day before, each will separately host events to prepare them and for a day of fun! An invite to a dinner party with Musins is had, allowing those to go for a night of fine dining! A high-stakes game within the Ciudad de Plata palace! A poetry night within the tavern hosted by the Santos! A feast within the palace to celebrate the survival of the Inferi siege! The Viceroyals vow renewal! The Quinceanera of the Santos twins! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  6. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 2 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- A Camping Trip! Previously covered in another missive, The Children of Hyspia and their Camping Shenanigans, this writer thought they might give a bit more on the drama that unfolded! The children of CIudad de Plata gathered at the gates of the city, sleeping bags and belongings in hand as they chattered excitedly and soon enough, they made way for the campsite! It opened with varying events already touched on, only for the first drama worthy moment to happen! Marshmallow after marshmallow fell into the flames as one such Senor Reetus struggled in his attempt to make smores! By the help of Senor Gaius and Princess Sofia, he was able to enjoy his sweet treat! More interesting, naturally, was the game of Sardines they all played towards the end. The children gathered up by the sapphire mines nearby the campsite and after the rules of the game were explained, they began. One child hid, the rest looking for him and as they found him, they’d join that same hiding spot, packing in tight. Grumbling, annoyance and fights broke out in such close quarters! The second round led to a lengthy session as two of the children couldn’t seem to find the rest packed tight like sardines, so much so, a sign was put just out of their hiding spot! Eventually, the group gave up and went back above, calling for the duo to join them. To finish off the night, a set of scary stories were told, with too many questions for anyone's liking. The scariest thing there had to be the threats given if Senor Adam didn’t finish his story! The Santos Family! The Santos family are a recent but rising addition to Hyspia! Having recently come from another place unknown, their family is arriving in droves and making waves. What with one sibling attempting to fight for the affection of one Prince Alejandro! They aren’t the only Santos making themselves known, either. Senor Mateo had decided running with the bulls would be a great idea, though covered later in the Herald! Will the Santos family continue to rise or will their moment of stardom wane? Amity Ionnas Quince! The blonde lady of Morovar had her Quince just last night, her sister-in-law opening with a speech and the girl herself opting for a grand entrance, where she was then crowned with an heirloom tiara! Varying music played, dances were had, most notably her with the Crown Prince Francisco and a special treat by Morovars Kebabs and its proprietor and her brother, Senor Arjen Morovar came off the grill! Kebabs! Kebabs, followed by varying Hyspian dishes and a multi-layered vibrantly pink cake having to be delivered by not two, nor three but four people to the table where the guests waited. A wish was made and gifts given to the girl, ranging from badly written poetry to gifts of the magical variety. Certainly not an end to the night, the adults were thanked for attending the party and the younger generation made way for the converted tower, where varying blankets and pillows sprawled about for a sleepover! Running with the Bulls! While this happened during Senorita Amity Ionnas Quince sleepover, it deserved a section in its own right. The group having decided they wanted a new game after Crown Prince Francisco took victory in a pillowfight that left many a kid rubbing a bruised arm, one such Senor Adam suggested he run with the bulls and Senor Mateo agreed to join him! The resident bull caretaker, Prince Alejandro released Jose the prized bull into the arena and the struggle began! The two boys ran about the arena, at times avoiding the bulls horns and others trying to grab on in an attempt to get on its back. Jose bucked and huffed, and to the crowd's surprise, the two boys seemed to be doing just fine! They got upon the bulls back, holding on for dear life and just as we’d thought they’d win the night, Senor Mateo went flying straight into the nearby wall! Prince Alejandro came down and in one fell swoop, flipped the Bull on its side with natural agility and it stayed down. A medic was called soon after, for any worried readers! The Infatuation of the Royal Family! The Infatuation of the Royal Family has come to whole new levels for each member of the de Pelear generation, save for the youngest. A series of gifts began arriving for Princess Sofia, namely flowers before letters soon began to follow. The house guard naturally investigating it, the culprit seems to be passing them on by! If that were not enough, as poems begin being delivered via a dropoff point, it was found out she had not one but two stalkers. If only that’d be the only de Pelear child affected! The twin to Princess Sofia and seemingly of infatuation, is Prince Alejandro. With the arrival of the Santos, comes the constant catfight of one Dama de Honor and one such member of the family, both crushing on the boy-prince! Dances are interrupted and accusations thrown about! And the icing on the cake, or the tip of the iceberg, the Crown Prince finds himself receiving barrels of soup from a secret admirer. A strange gift but a gift nonetheless! Alligator on the attack: Hand lost! Recent news of an Alligator prowling the waters of Ciudad de Plata has circled the city, bringing with it news. One of the Santos, a Senorita Callista Santos, had fallen into the waters or was rumored pushed, losing a hand in her frenzied escape as the Alligator snapped it away. What will be done of this fiendish creature? Upcoming events! The first court of Viceroy Cesar I will take place shortly after this missive, covering what has been happening in the city and allowing for the petitions of his people! A bonfire feast will take place later this week, the lake and gardens mentioned in the last Herald having been healed and celebration to be had! A game of secret Krugsmas is to take place, those signing up assigned someone they are to secretly get a gift for! Sign-ups end at the very beginning of the Saints month of Krugsmas! The decorating and lighting of the Krugsmas tree soon to be in the Ciudad de Plata square is to take place! Keep a lookout for coming events within Hyspia! --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on notice boards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  7. The Hyspian Herald! Vol. 1 A newsletter for kids, written by kids! --- Death to something beautiful! The children of Ciudad de Plata had gathered at the urging of one such Senor Ali’ikoa, as he had something great to show them! As they gathered before the nearby pond and garden, they could only watch as the boy waded into the waters and loosed a potion. Death sprouted up as fish turned belly up, plants and trees died, withering and wilting and the group found themselves horrified. The once beautiful gardens had turned into something unsightly! The group ran, making plans as to how to fix their beloved garden! A Series of Quinces! Upon the announcement of the Crown Prince, Francisco de Pelear of Hyspias Quinceanero, a series of Quinces seemed to sprout up! Taking place first was the Quinceanera of one such Senorita Wilhelmina Rosa Wick, Dama de Honor to the Princess Sofia. The palace was decorated with crimson streaming banners and the Quince planned with utmost urgency, it happened within the night, where a speech and dancing was held before an interruption! The same person who’d destroyed their beloved garden interrupted Wilhelminas quince, leaving trouble brewing and a distraught girl as her moment was ruined. The following Saint's day, the Crown Prince's Quinceanero was a success! Beginning with a duel and ending in a ball, one might even say he’s caught the eye of a few ladies, all vying for a dance with him. With three more Quinces on the horizon, what just may happen next? Is Ciudad de Plata Earthquake Proof? Last Saints day, an earthquake shook Ciudad de Plata and shook the group as a whole! Ushered into the newly bought home of Wyn, a Squire beneath the Viceroy, the group waited with bated breath as the windows rattled and objects clattered to the floor. Frantic knocking was heard, and one such Senorita Amity rushed inside, having been asleep in the recently converted tower of the palace before the sound of crackling thunder followed by an earthquake woke her! Panicked discussions happened after, while earthquakes weren’t common, was Ciudad de Plata earthquake proof? Drama in Ciudad de Plata! Shortly after the earthquake, Senor Adam had challenged the Squire Wyn to a duel! The Squire Wyn won by a landslide, absolutely crushing the hopeful boy even as he’d kept egging him on. The Creation of Hoospia! After the children of Hyspia had heard of Hoonse, a child kingdom, with permission of their parents, Hoospia was created! Roles were dished out, the Prince Alejandro de Pelear being named King of Hoospia and Senorita Amity Morovar, ward to Vicereine Laurelie I being named Queen of Hoospia, only for her rule to be challenged by Senorita Wilhelmina Wick, Dama de Honor to the Princess Sofia! It was to be put to a vote! After a few Saints days of egging each other on, and fighting for the position, miraculously Dama de Honor Senorita Wilhelmina Wick withdrew from the race and henceforth was named Grand Lady of Hoospia by the now Queen, Amity Morovar! Upcoming events! In the coming week, we have the book drive, happening this very day in the grand opening of the Little Hyspia Library! Bring a book, enjoy some drinks and take in the new sight. Following this, the next Saints week will see Senorita Amity Morovars Quinceanera, alongside the Santos twins. --- [!] The Hyspian Herald would be anonymous for the most part, though posted on noticeboards within Ciudad de Plata and within Karosgrad itself!
  8. The Daily LUBBA Love is in the air. . . The Daily Lubba is proud to announce a new addition to the Lurin event calendar. . . The Search for The Lubba’s Love! . . . A search for the true love of this season’s Lubba, the Silver Lubba himself; Mika Anarion! There will be games, festivals, galas, competitions, and more throughout the search, so whether you are watching or taking part it is sure to be the spectacle of a lifetime. Those interested in partaking in the search as a potential love, please send us a reply via bird, or pin a note beneath the news board. To apply, you must be at least 70 years old, biologically female, and elven in order to fit our Lubba’s preferred qualities in a partner. Though all are invited to attend and partake, the committee of this event would like to extend an invitation to the following; Renae Athri'onn, Lhoris Izalith, Penelope ‘Penny’ Clover, and Dame Viktoriya. A bit about the man. . . Mika Anarion enjoys hunting down spooks, fighting in most conflicts, and teaching. A caring individual, Mika’s first priority is always Lurin and his family, doing whatever he can for them. To quote the man himself, “quality time is everything.” This segment was brought to you by Scrisa Anarion. The Law keepers of Lurin With Lurin growing rapidly, numerous threats have made their way behind the city walls - cruel individuals that torture and slaughter common folk, thieves that wish to strip everyone of their belongings, practitioners of twisted arts, and the vile offsprings of the dark. It becomes clearer by the day the importance of our city’s military. Maintaining peace is just one of the many duties our guards take on, for they must train not only the body but the mind, too. A sharp mind is required to deal with criminals, even more so when dealing with darkspawn. And yet, this is only a taste of what the Centurions do. They work tirelessly to keep our people safe, putting their own lives at risk for the greater good. The state recognizes the importance of our guard, and so no matter the rank, they are rewarded for their service. The most common being payment in mina, handed out mali-weekly. All an aspiring Centurion must do is seek out an Officer or captain. Upon proving themselves true to the cause, they shall receive their uniform. Then, the training towards greatness begins. The Silver Ladybug The academy, the guards, the workforce - these are just some of the divisions within Lurin, each of them having something in common. People. No matter the area of expertise, no mortal is able to work relentlessly. Labor in any form- whether of the mind, or muscle - will lead to exhaustion. And thus, a comfortable place to assist with such is formed. A tavern, a known source of activity and comfort. Ours stands just near the gates, stocked with drinks and food for all! Of course, a tavern isn’t just a place to gorge on food, it’s also a place for fun. The livid events hosted there must tug the weary folk out from their misery, and our tavern is sure to do just that. Some of such events include fun games, friendly competitions, nights of free drinks, storytelling, and more! But alas, woe has befallen our tavern, The Silver Ladybug, for the previous owner has retired from leadership. Due to such, many new tavern keepers have been hired. Furthermore, the mantle of tavern owner is open for a promising individual to take up! If you are interested in working in or leading The Silver Ladybug, reach out to Scribe! (or Mika) We hope to see you there! Are you gay? Take this quiz to find out! Scrisa here again. A concerning amount of people, of which I will not call out names, have been questioning their sexuality in my presence, a few even going as far and asking me ‘how to gay.’ In light of such incidents, I, a lesbian, have put together a small questionare to solve the age-long question that is, Am I gay? Enjoy. (don’t take this seriously, it's mostly jokes) Are you gay? I’m not gay! I’m straight! I’m 100% straight! Absolutely, this is just for fun. Probably not. That’s why I’m taking this quiz. Opinion on math. My brain rejects it. I’m too gay for it. It's alright I guess. Depends honestly. How often do you say the word ‘slay’? I strictly avoid using that word. Literally all the time. Slay. I usually don’t, unless as a joke. I must add this to my vocabulary. Pick a color. Lilac. Is yes an answer? Blue Hmm. . . green? How fast is your usual walking speed? Very fast Depends if I’ve had my coffee Medium Pretty fast. My friends lag behind me Opinion on cowboy hats and boots. Love them, 100%. Stylish as hell . . . Ew Eh. A little tacky Not my thing. If you answered mostly 1, how’s that internalized homophobia going? If you answered mostly 2, you’re very gay but you already knew that. If you answered mostly 3, you’re most likely straight, or aromantic/asexual. If you answered mostly 4, you’re most likely on the spectrum. Welcome to the cult that is being gay. If you answered a mix of all, then you’re probably bisexual. Don’t be a dumbass and get mad over a stupid quiz in a newspaper. If this makes you angry, you probably answered all 1s. This is just for fun, don’t be dramatic. Don’t rain on our gay parade. This segment was brought to you by Scrisa Anarion. A VILLAIN VANQUISHED. . . Or just misunderstood? Recent events have brought to light the dark secrets behind a certain Csayhn’s false visage. A dark magic user, a villain. . . and beloved partner of Alucard Anarion, the adopted son of Mika Anarion himself? We at the Croaking decided to dive deeper into this story. An anonymous informant tells a story that isn’t so black and white after all. According to our crow, Csayhn fell victim to suicide as a result of mass persecution upon the accusation of being a dark mage. Despite having submitted to multiple darkspawn tests, Rina D’Avre and Mika Anarion, alongside the atronachs of Lurin, hunted the man down until he was driven to suicide. But where did these accusations come from anyway? After all, every rumor stems from some semblance of truth. The crow tells us that Csayhn had in fact been victim to a darkspawn attack, which fueled the accusations and false- hoods laid upon the poor man. And still the plot thickens, as others tell a very different tale. One individual testifies witnessing Rina D’Avre’s neck be near slit open by Csayhn, and another bears witness to the dark arts performed by the man. Though the many accounts come together for a very confusing timeline, the croaking offers condolences to all affected by the man’s death. Whether he was a good man, a bad one, or somewhere in between- Crows will mourn for their friends. Let us know your thoughts on the matter! Anything else we should know? Is there anything you believe should be covered in the next release? Whether it be a confession, piece of gossip, or upcoming event, just let us know and we’ll consider putting it in the next release. Until next time,
  9. Welcome to Chrothic News. The premier news network in all of LOTC forums history. We plan on covering topics ranging from the hottest new social trends, to the most deadly tragedies in lotc, to rampant crime on lotc, and much, much more. Stay around, and you'll be treated to the intensely researched and fact checked news of Chrothic News Network. (Serious posts will be marked by a red text above it) Orenian Clowns Kidnap Local Cat? Read on to find out the truth! This post has been approved by Chrothic News Networking
  10. The Northwind Post Year 36 of the Second Age --------------------------------------- The Pact of Ash and Scorpions A peace treaty was issued on the 2nd of the Amber Cold, 25 S.A. This treaty was between Norland and Krugmar, to not only be at peace, but to aid in wartime, allow free trade, and to respect borders. This treaty will allow those of Norland and Krugmar to have a better relationship, and better two nations in Almaris. The Pact of Ash and Stone A peace treaty and non-aggression pact was issued this past year, between Urguan and Norland. This agreement states that the Kingdoms should both avoid conflict, as well as enter into free trade. As long as laws are followed by citizens of both nations, there will be no tax or harassment, and the Kingdoms avoid conflict both with each other, but also with anyone who may put them at odds, the pact will be beneficial to both Kingdoms. Tournament in Elysium A tournament was held in Elysium, in the White Bear Tavern. Many showed up to fight for the Ruby Estrella championship belt. The Ruby Estrella is a star of which only comes every 100 years, a red star, that which many say, champions are born under its shine. Marshall in Norland Many are confused at recent events, not only with where the Rangers and Northguard are left, but with a lack of leadership in a Marshall. We can only hope, we will find one soon, to better all of Norland. Ferrymen Battle Raid threats have been consistent, but the Rangers and Northguard have got it covered. This past year, during the First Seed, as well as earlier in the year, there were threats of raids in Elysium. Those in the Northguard and Rangers, went to the gates, making sure women and children were safe, to take care of the Ferrymen. The Ferrymen retreated, after arguments at the tavern in Elysium. Skannari A battle was fought between the Skannari and Norland, leaving Norland victorious. However long the battle dragged on, there is sure to be another fight from the Skannari, as they do not easily accept defeat. In other news The First Agnethe Chess Tournament is being held by Daihbidh Sutharlainn, the chairman of Sutherland Corporation, which has branches around Almaris including Elysium and Varhelm. The match has many great players, but only one can be the winner. Contact Sutharlainn if you are interested in watching the matches. Varhelm still has plenty of houses available! If you are interested, talk to a Steward today! The Northguard is still recruiting. Talk to a Northguard today to join! If you have anything to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
  11. On the Oyashimans You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with this next story, we shall begin that of the Oyashimans but more specifically Tsune Hirano. Minister of Education, Diplomat and High Steward, Tsune Hirano Lady Tsune Hirano was a woman of refined tastes before that of her passing. She prided herself on her way of dress and speak and kept closely to that of her culture and beginnings. An older woman, she was a rolemodel to many and had a way about her to set both examples and trends. Having originally come to Yong Ping when it was but a settlement, after its initial founding, she found a job in the Ministry of Interior as a Steward and soon worked her way steadily up to that of a High Steward with her sale rate. Shortly afterwards, when she received news her son Saburo Ishikawa would be coming to live with under an established branch of the Ishikawa family, she began her work of establishing Tsutenkaku as a personal estate. She'd been married to Yikuwashi Ishikawa and done much to bring both credit and honor to the name. Even after she came to move into the personal estate, she continued her work within the Jade State. Having undergone the state exams, she'd come to work as a diplomat, one who made contact with Krugmar and kept relations more then amiable. In her later years, plans began that of a Ministry of Education, the woman undergoing speaking with various people to set up an educational system for the youth of Yong Ping and Tsutenkaku both. Many a thing has been said about this woman, even that of darker tidings and she'd prove them wrong time and time again. Well-respected, with a name earned through her hard work, she is certainly one that someone should study the history of and learn through her actions how to better themselves. Stay tuned for our next gossip column! Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining
  12. The Patriarchs Illuminated You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with this next story, we shall begin with the male leadership of our notable families of Yong Ping. Grand Chancellor, former Duhu and Tianrui Patriarch, Tianrui Ren Ren is a long-lived man, one that can be seen as a bit goofy but alas a force to be reckoned with. Happily married and with many a children, he led the Yong Ping Army to many a victory during his tenure as Duhu and has hosted many an event and served various tea within the family-owned Teahouse. Wearing auspicious colors and keeping a carefully cared for goatee, he is a lover of animals and giver of mooncakes alike. Well-respected within the Jade State and otherwise, he has many connections he can call on at a moments notice. Rumored to recently having learned the magical craft of Chi as a Sun Monk, he is a formidable and valuable ally to have at ones side. Alongside this, he is quite hospitable, putting up friends within rooms and feeding a good portion of the citizenry. Loyal, honorable and hospitable, he's quite the catch. Though, still one already caught. Minister of Justice and Chen Patriarch, Chen Wenping Wenping, our illustrious Minister of Justice, with a keen eye and a sharp tongue. Having singlehandedly worked and created the Jade States laws, he's been serving since the start. The Patriarch of the Chen family, he has many a responsibility on his shoulders, though he carries them with a proud tilt of his head. Having secured future heirs, through a rumored contract marriage meant to take place soon, the woman he marries is certainly a lucky one. Having hosted trials in the court of law, he has a no-nonsense attitude and yet is said to be a hopeless romantic with past courtships. An interesting and eclectic sort, each conversation leaves one wanting for more, as he's sure to leave you with a new understanding to things and life. Ladies, now might be your chance to ****** him up before the wedding. Stay tuned for ''Oyashiman Families" in our next gossip column! Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining
  13. The Matriarchs Illuminated You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with this next story, we shall begin with the female leadership of our notable families of Yong Ping. Zhu and Matriarch Lady Li Xiuying As is often told in the illustrious Zhus tales, she not only founded Yong Ping but Tai Ping and the previous tower before that. Having brought her brother over from yet another brutal takeover by the Lis in Ai-zho, they made themselves a home, primarily making connections and making ends meet via Llama trade from city to city. Wares carried upon their back, they'd have made many a connection and talked to many a people and those talks eventually led to what allowed them a home within first Talons Grotto and as the world sailed to a new land, to Talons Port. The district they founded flourished, those flocking over from Ai-zho and visitors coming alike, until the once small and homely district became lively and bustling with life. As the homes filled, to the point of overcapacity, they'd concoct a plan, with the use of their connections made and make a settlement by the name of Yong Ping, becoming so popular, it became that of a nation: The Jade State of Yong Ping. Honored as the Zhu and Matriarch of both Yong Ping and the Li household, Li Xiuying has many feats beneath her belt. Quite the notable doctor and with a way of words, she is not one someone would mess with lightly, her discipline rod clutched close in hand. Unmarried, though certainly looking for no man or woman. Matriarch Lady Watanabe Setsuna A woman of high caliber, Lady Watanabe Setsuna runs her family with an iron fist and to survive its trials and within its depths, they'd need a spine of steel to forge on through the minefield. Having long been part of Tai Ping and Yong Ping alike, the woman is a well-known tattoo artist, inn runner and hostess of the Yong Ping fight arena. Said to have been worshipping something of the dragon sorts and having been a Geisha prior, she is an interesting and eclectic character. Swift with a katana and neat with her words of training to Maikos, Geishas in training, Setsuna represents a female superpower in Yong Ping and a rolemodel for many alike. Unmarried, it is possible to find yourself connected to this woman of mystery if one were to find themself within her acquaintance and without a blade to their neck. Secrets abound with this one, though someone brave or perhaps stupid, might find themselves as a confidant of the illusive woman. Minister of Interior and Revenue and leading Lady of the arts Chen Yunya Yunya, a beauty in her own right and one of the most sought after Bachelorettes within the Jade State of Yong Ping. As sweet as she looks, she is part of the prosperous Chen family, insanely rich and with the movements of a practiced dancer. Boasting skills in traditional dance, the zither and a side hobby of fan and parasol creation, she'd be an auspicious match if it weren't so hard to get past those always seemingly waiting for their next meeting with her with bated breath. Not only beautiful, her work as the Minister of Interior and Revenue has gotten Yong Ping to what it is at this very day, having been there from the beginning. Rumored to be a hopeless romantic, perhaps a would-be entrepreneur or romancer might find their chance at this most eligible bachelorette. Stay tuned for 'The Patriarchs Illuminated' in our next gossip column! Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining.
  14. You do not know me and you won't. You will know my words, my stories of the depths of the Jade State of Yong Ping and of the many lives found within. And with any story, we shall begin at the top. The notable families of Yong Ping. How notable might they be? And just who are they? The four founding families of Yong Ping, each notable in their own right and having come into such esteemed status via varying ways. The Lis The Tianruis The Watanabes and The Chens The Lis, known within Ai-zho and Yong Ping alike as the ruling family and yet different in many ways. The Lis are known for their brutal takeover, their family long ago having taken over the varying states and instating their Empire. Though, quite interesting, the Lis found within Yong Ping differ from this greatly. Having rebeled against the rest of their family in Ai-zho, they came to Arcas and soon to Almaris, where they began what would have come to be known as Tai Ping. A relatively small district within Talons Port, they'd boast a teahouse, a few homes and a lovely park and temple above. Their scavenger hunt something often raved about and keeping those there for hours on end. As the attraction of the small district grew ever-popular, it'd seem they'd need to upgrade from a district to a settlement. As the settlement came underway, the people of Tai Ping looked to them ever more, close through their troubles and despite what their family had done back in Ai-zho itself, giving them what is known as the reputation of a notable and high-up family. Difficult to marry into, if one wished to do so and difficult to ally with. The Tianruis, a long-standing and long-living family. One might consider it valuable to marry into them if given the chance and with just how big they are, there is many a chance. Soldiers and farmers both, they've steadily worked their way up the totem pole so to speak. A powerful military family and in complete control of the food served within the borders, they are a force to be reckoned with. Not one, but two Tianruis have been a Duhu within the Yong Ping Army. Duhu meaning The General in common for those who might not know. Long being around, even in previous lands, they've long been a military force, many cousins and siblings alike filling the Yong Ping Armies ranks. Loyal and honorable, they'd be a valuable ally whichever way one might look. With the chaos of the Tai Ping massacre, it has been said by many a person, that it was the Tianrui teahouse they turned to, trusting Tianrui Ren even before the Army was in existence to protect those and protect them he did. Highly celebrated and honored, he is a man of high caliber and supremely loyal to his wife, oh how it makes a lady swoon. A mix of both Li-Ren, Oyashiman and something not quite named, they are an eclectic family, one to certainly keep an eye on. The Watanabes, cousins of the Tianruis, through a cousin of a cousin having married each other long back, they have made their own name even with the hefty one to find themselves compared to. A majority Oyashiman, some Li-ren will be found in there and they are what would be considered the opposite side of the coin of the Tianruis. With their lengthy trials to get introduced into the family and their rites as to their childhood, they are a proud family with many a tradition. Vibrant, intricately detailed tattoos often cover most of their skin, and with a bit of a brash tone, they are a family that most would look to for protection in the unconventional way. Running the Inn, they keep visitors to the Jade State on their best behavior and on the side, host that of the betting ring during fight nights and that of Geisha dances for the would-be masses. Entirely Matriarchal, it leads to an interesting dynamic, where beauty meets with deadly. Offering protection and a way to prove themselves, they've made quite the name and will continue to do for many years. Last and certainly not least, we have the Chen family. Insanely rich and known for their beauty and support of the arts, they're a family nigh impossible to take your eyes off of. Having come from Ai-zho and to Tai Ping, they fast made their name known through a series of performances and plays that put their name on the map. Or perhaps it was that of the many a beauty people pined over? Even so, as time went on and Yong Ping was founded, they'd soon prove themselves not only artfully but intellectually as their work allowed for the quick and concise creation of laws and funds for the Jade State. Their work with the arts continued heartily, dances of flame meeting with plays, events hosted and each one becoming flashier then the next. Each with a deep pocket and fingers in many a basket, they have many connections and many a people vying for an alliance, hence the hefty waitlist on those hoping for wardship with the prosperous family. Rumored to be one of the harder ones to marry into, the Patriarch himself is said to have contracted with someone for such a marriage, making one think that perhaps a secret or two is hidden. Signed, Lady Xianhua, speaker of truth, gossip and the entertaining.
  15. The Orenian Times Bastion raided by MoJ officials? On the Deep Cold of 1820, three high ranking officers of the MoJ are accused of leading an attack on the bastion. Only a single life was lost in the raid. Orenian Time reporters were on scene for the incident and managed to gather statements from local citizens and leaders. General William Darkwood refused to comment about the embarrassment and lack of coordination of Orenian Forces. Noble Citizen who refused to be named stated, “I want to see the MoJ brought to justice and put on trial for their crimes. The Emperor better stand up for his troops and hang the MoJ responsible.” This noble citizen can be pictured below by Orenian Times Artists: Two ISA soldiers were also interviewed by the Orenian Times and chose to remain anonymous. When asked about the attacks each soldier shared concerns, “We understand the MoJ’s importance in the city, but using mob justice to take action, that’s not Oren.” The second soldier later stated, “We are citizens too, and deserve fair trial. If the MoJ can come to the Bastion without warrants and drag us off to a dark cell until they decide to hang us, why become a soldier.” Food Prices Rising in Providence? Food prices in Providence reach an all time high during the war. Many stores are being bought out as soon as they are stocked an many civilians can not find any food for themselves. Those who live in the poorer districts of Providence have to self ration to a single loaf of bread and a pot of soup each week while the nobles stuff themselves full. The Orenian Times has reached out to the Emperor and Royal House for comment on possible food rationing to help stop the lower class from starving to death but has received no word back. Will the Emperor introduce new farm legislature? Will the Empire increase farm land? Find out in our exclusive with John the VIII coming next week. Artists Depiction of Nobles feasting. BREAKING NEWS: Orenian Empire Wins Again? Heinrik the Second has pulled Haense out of the Iron Accords and has allied with the Holy Orenian Empire! Insiders in the ISA have stated that this treaty increases Oren’s chances of winning the war by 75%. In the underground world of war bets, Oren is predicted to win the war with 3:1 odds. Yet with John VIII’s royal envoys having found success in the lands of Haense, but at what cost. Orenian Times reporters have seen wagons of gear and weapons being flooded into Hanseti lands. It is predicted that over twenty thousand minas of supplies and soldiers will be shipped to Hanseti borders in preparation for Orcish Invasion. These supplies are being pulled away from ISA stockpiles and leaving Providence at risk. Send a letter to your Local Mayor informing him to bring our troops home.
  16. A literal 'news cycle' rolls up to your doorstep. there seems to be a crinkled piece of paper glued to the wheel.
  17. After years of peace.. a piece of muddy wrinkled up paper falls out of your door when you open it this morning. Dear god buck news is back..
  18. The Fahkr Incident For the past decade the Deòrhyrst clan, Clan Wright, has maintained an uneasy trust with the Fahkr Tribe. With trade being the main benefit Beorhtric made sure to keep up his end of a bargain bringing constant goods to trade with the tribe even despite their failures to uphold their end. On one of his many diligent runs to assess inventory he was met by a member of the Hamad. A vile inner faction of the Fahkr. Barely anything more than savage animals with next to no sense of honor or righteousness. Conversation quickly spiraled into petty insults by the Hamad, and even challenging the faith of a devout man. Blades clashed at such an insult, and to the dismay of Clan Wright ended in Beorhtric being beaten in a duel at the hands of cruel trickery. Now he licks his wounds whilst meditating the meaning of the blunder. No matter the conclusion an already existing rift grows between the entire Fahkr Tribe and any faithful Deòrhyrst. This may be a catalyst for growing rivalries. (OOC: Thanks to chrisoulis777 for the good rp.)
  19. Buck hastily throws today's buck news to everyone in crumpled balls.
  20. A piece of paper between two pieces of bread are found on your counter. A note next to it says "BUCK NOOS SANWICH! DIJEST THE NOLEDJE!". You decide not to eat it. Probably a good idea.
  21. A buck news has.. appeared.
  22. Newsfrogs hop around haense, a buck news taped to each one. You reach down and unfold the dirty paper.
  23. You wake up with something in your mouth. You open it, and pull out a crinkled up piece of paper that tastes like dirt and grubs. You wonder who it could possibly be from. And what ever the hell this is
  24. It appears someone has eaten all of the medicine out of your house. Lucky(?) for you, it has been replaced with a brand new issue of buck news.
  25. Just when you thought you were safe.. a brand new buck news is taped to your face when you wake up this morning. That way you can walk and read! How convenient. And another one nailed to your door with 13 nails.
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