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  1. Buck

    BUK NOOS..?

    You have found a 'buck noos' left at your doorstep. The drawings are so vivid.. you can almost see it as buck pictured it in his mind... most interesting. (Click link for buck news!)
  2. Vaskan Chronicles VOL.,ii...NO.II ORIGINAL ORIGINAL PRICE: 0.00 MINA Growth Since the last Vaskan Chronicles, there have been enormous changes within the community. To start, Jan Arpad and Cressida Marie are now the Duke and Duchess of the Duchy of Stran. This newspaper company will continue to use the name Vaskan to remain humble to the roots of our dear home. All of these paintings show numerous moments within the community. From a simple tavern night to waiting to become a Duchy at court… Shall the citizens within our great Duchy remain united and prosper continuously. As seen within these paintings, our community thrives upon the work of each singular member. None greater than the next. The trio within the fourth painting show their unity as they fought against Scary Bear! Shall those pesky bears stay away! Any animal for that matter needs to stay away as issues with mountain lions have been quite troublesome too! The citizens of this Duchy proudly attend events as a whole. While we enjoy our fun and adventures with one another, it is important to the community to show our loyalty to our dear Kingdom of Aaun. The second and last painting represent members of the community sitting at court and the other at a Mass. Shall GOD bless us all. Written by Myrilla Petrov “Slava GODANISTAN i Rodine” Glory unto GOD and to the Motherland Vaskan Chronicles Volume II Animal Issue? Massive Hunts Each Year The citizens of the Duchy have been so brave as they have faced tigers, lions, and bears! Oh my! Names have been given to a few of them such as Scary Bear, Rock Bear, Tunnel Bear, Terrific Tiger, Malicious Lion, and more. Pelts of the bears can be found around the town. A few of the most notable citizens and allies who protected this fine town are Ser Viktor Ratispora, the Petrov family, the Ivanovich family, Sir Heinrich von Alstreim, Giraudus, Rassvet Senko, Anya Volkov, and Trowlen Denwel. Their contributions to the safety of the city have been on point! If anyone is interested in joining in, specifically protecting and fighting for the Duchy of Stran, contact Arpad Ivanovich! He is the Ataman of the Host which means he controls The Host of St. Arpad of the fine Duchy of Stran. Though, of course, anyone is allowed to join in on these hunts without being a part of the guard force! Vaskan Chronicles Vaskan Chronicles Volume II Spotlight on a Vaskan Daughter of the current Ataman of the Duma, Urzula Petrov has been instituted as the new Ataman of the People. The Ataman of the People is in charge of keeping the town alive and bubbly with newcomers, current citizens, and drawing in other citizens of Aaun. Miss Urzula can be found either around the city, by mail, or in the Petrov manor near the town. She currently owns the main tavern of the city and is building a fight pit underneath to bring more activities for all citizens to enjoy! Please contact Urzula Petrov if you need help around the city or if you would like to work in the tavern! Vaskan Chronicles Volume II Canonist Faith What are Holy Scrolls? The Holy Scrolls are a set of four scrolls containing the Word of God as delivered to His prophets over the course of history. The first scroll, the Scroll of Virtue, was delivered to Exalted Horen at the beginning of the ages and defines the universal laws of morality. The second scroll, the Scroll of Spirit, was delivered to Exalted Owyn during a time of sinful heathenry and defines the nature of God. The third scroll, the Scroll of Gospel, was delivered to Exalted Godfrey during his uniting of the human race and recounts the history of the faith. The final scroll, the Scroll of Auspice, was delivered to Exalted Siegmund after he divided Church and State, and prophesies the coming of the last days. Recipe of the Week: Zefir is a soft confectionery made by whipping fruit and berry puree with sugar and egg whites with subsequent addition of a gelling agent like pectin, carrageenan, agar, or gelatine. RECIPE: The baker will need to begin prep work to begin. Ensure to wash the mixer bowl with white vinegar and soap to make sure that it is not greasy; if the bowl is greasy, the egg whites will form stiff peaks and will cause them to go flat. Cover a large work space with a cloth and prepare a large, 18-inch bag for frosting. Once preparation is finished, combine a ¼ cup of water with a gelatin powder. Stir and heat it up until the gelatin dissolves completely and then set it aside. It should take around 1 ½ minutes. Afterwards, place the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Leave them in a mixer bowl. Next, prepare the gelatin base! Heat the mixture on low heat on a stove top, stirring constantly, until the water thickens into a jelly texture. Set a timer for two minutes as soon as the mixture turns into an applesauce consistency. Continue to stir constantly and after two minutes, add a half cup of sugar during such. Stir until the sugar is absorbed, then add more sugar. Keep stirring! Once the mixture begins to boil, cook it for another two minutes then remove it from the heat. While it is aside, mix and fluff the egg whites. Pour the hot sugar syrup into the egg whites and mix! Whip it for a minute until the egg whites have combined and add lemon juice and more gelatin. Whisk for eight to ten more minutes and then the marshmallow will need to be super stiff, glossy, and cooled! Begin to form small meringues next! Zefir is usually shaped like a shell, but the baker can form circles or towers. All need to be 1 ½ to two inches in diameter from each other on the pan. Let the marshmallow stand for around thirty minutes. After the timer, place the confectioners’ sugar and cornstarch into a fine strainer or flour sifter and dust the top of the Zefir generously. Then let it sit for another thirty minutes. Use a flat spatula to carefully lift the Zefir from the wrap. Pair two pieces together to form the traditional Zefir shape. Place all of them on one layer and cover loosely with a thin sheet. Let it set overnight. It will last for three to four days at room temperature. Other occupations: Host of St. Arpad Medical Guide Trading Company Workers Bartenders Assistants for any of the Rada Vaskova Council Members Teachers Courtly Duties Newspaper Writers
  3. 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Bundles of newspapers would be spread throughout Almaris for all to see. While written cleanly and vividly upon dense sheets of high quality parchment, the pages of blocky script would also be covered in scribbled cute doodles! Including the wonderful BRAND! The floral berry smell of jungle inks wafts pleasantly from each heavy page. This must be... 【♢ -♢- ♢】 Vol. Futh (IV) Azh’Kint’Azhty’Futh (CXIV) (114), Second Age ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As promised, Kor’garr needs to explain what happened to delay last year's paper. Simply put, a select few from the Iron Horde, including Kor’garr and the Rex, were invited to investigate and help reclaim the ruins of Khron’Hundmar at the behest of Qudlia Jusmia. After much travel, over 30 brave adventurers were assembled at the entrance to the cavern, a mighty cacophony of Stouts in plate, elven archers, a few… voidal mages. And even a mighty animated golem of stone and rune crafting. After some exchanges of various supplies and meals to fend off the cold (Kor’garr handed out an Orcish Delight to the Dwed known as Dor’Nal Hammerfist, who greatly enjoyed scarfing down the delicious treat in several massive bites), as well as various prayers to the honored Spirits and the Brath’Mordakin, we made our descent. Immediately, dark tidings were known amongst the warband. Massive spiders and tangled webs had taken residence within the top floor! Kor’garr’s position in the front line alongside the Golem allowed for others to deliver fatal blows to the Olog sized monstrosities of Kinul, and no major injuries were taken. The Rex and Golem notably struck clear killing blows upon these arachnids. After some debates about the nature and origins of such beings, the relationship between the Orcish and Dwarven pantheons, and a small history lesson about Orgon (may it never return to the Ugz), the rest of the halls were cleared until at the bottom depths of the mines a previously undiscovered cave in halted progress. Kor’garr must admit, seeing the coordination of the Ztowtz in their hasty excavation of the path forward was a beautiful experience. Damona and Rylanor Goldhand, Norli Starbreaker, Durin Hammerforge and Klouf Grimgold are all experts in mining and shifting the earth, especially in time with their ancestral songs. Unfortunately what awaited beneath was not so lighthearted in the slightest… A cavern horridly deep below the surface, infested with nightmarish amalgamations of insect and pulsing flesh. Giant fire beetles that could launch themselves, hydra like worms that spat corrosive acid, and Kor’garr personally contested against a pallid lurker of four meters in length. Blades clashed, magic was cast, and injuries of all sorts were taken as the party of Gahk’ty (Thirty) fought to survive against these terrifying monstrosities… And then the rumbling. A massive trench of darkness, chitinous legs, and swarming insects parted ways to reveal a beast of Buurz and Grizh the size of a building… A corrupted lurker broodmother, each leg the size of an Olog and easily a good Futh’ty meters in length, covered in swollen veins and dripping in potent toxic ooze, crushed several dwarves against the crumbling cavern walls with its mere presence. Kor’garr attempted to climb the creature to no avail, merely being drenched in the corrosive numbing slime until hearing a horrid crack echo through the cavern. The party was calling for retreat, the entire cave system threatening collapse… and a Zharan tonne of armored firebeetle had juzt crushed the Rex, crumpling his armor and ribcage into a mangled mess. Kor’garr’s entire body went numb as he, along with Qudlia with her blessings from Akezo being shouted at full volume, spent precious minutes carrying the shattered form of flesh and enchanted armor up through the trembling underground Goi. A dwarf, anchored against the titanic beast with a misthrown tanglefoot potion, screamed in despair and resolve as he was left behind… Time became a blur for me from that point on. All I know, aside from the feeling of melting in Kor’garr’s own weighted and spirit blessed full plate, trapped in an inescapable prison of agonizing slime, is that through some miracle of the Spirits this mere Clanless orc somehow made it to the surface with the Rex in tow and alive before falling to a paralyzed heap underneath gloomy clouds and pouring rain. The goi of Khron’Hundmar was devoured. Not by the worm, but some new swarm of horrific insects. Only after heavy healing from the blessed Jusiam Quzmia did Kor’garr even lay eyes upon the collapsed mountain of rubble, or have the strength to write once more. The Kaktuz Weekli is dismayed to announce this new threat to all the beings of Almaris. Doom approaches, and it is not from the Necromancers or a dragon corpse. It rises from beneath. After writing this Article it is revealed the Dwarf attached to that Broodmother somehow survived, and is now some sort of prophet. Truly, the one known as DURIN AKRAKTHREIN HAMMERFORGE has been blessed with the boon of Ghorza’s luck. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ As some of you readers have seen, there was recently a massive incident between our new Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal and the Motsham Al-Uk’Yar of the Grand Moot, where he and several others made a public statement accusing our leader of… well, a lot. These various accusations were then followed by a lengthy list of demands including his resignation from the Rexdom, a subsequent trial, and even the threat of a Civil Wagh were said demands not accepted. In their words, “Should the Bûrz Rex fail to descend within the next cactus day a combined force of the Bronzen Band lead by the Honorable Pamphilios, The Ashen State of Nor’Asath lead by its Primarch, Netseth Loa’Chil, As well as a combined warband of the faithful uruks, elf spawn and other Bûrz hunting Orders or Entities shall cascade upon the Rex Palace and purge the Bûrz away.” This public missive, signed by multiple spiritual authorities including but not limited to Murdoc’Lak the Aengulslayer, Netseth Loa’chil the Primarch of Nor’Asath, and Pamphilos of Sulianopoli, created bub’hozh amounts of civil unrest within San’Velku… For nub’Uruks that means many angry shouts, a few fistfights, and even some weapons being drawn out of scabbards. Thankfully, Kor’garr was present when Rex Ar’Borok announced an emergency gathering in the Hall of Rexes for this conflict to be resolved honorably before any Uruk blood was spilled by the blade of fellow kin. The air within San’Velku’s keep was horridly tense, irritable Ologs and hot headed Raguks clamoring to make themselves heard over the riotous clamor. Kretz’Ox and Qudlia Jusmia stepped forth to state at least some of the accusations were outdated, considering their recent trip alongside the Rex to the Lesser Immortal Spirit of Orcish purity Dûthsharkû, and only then did the main opposition towards the Rex arrive, the Motsham himself, in heavy robes and bearing a gnarled staff. Both the Armored Akaal and the Robed Yar hurled insults and frustration at each other, both insulted by the lack of honesty and clarity in the other’s actions… Azh by Azh each point within the original missive was addressed. A wave of vampirism within San’Velku in years past, the nature of how the Rex views the spirits, a lengthy discussion about the Brazen Bull and his status as Buurz or not… At one point, the young cub known as Kuvirr proposed the excellent idea of The Motsham and Aengulslayer acting as advisors to the rex in a more official capacity, an option immediately accepted with great enthusiasm by those within the Hall. With tensions settling and promises of greater clarity exchanged, Rex and Motsham approached each other with daggers in hand and grins upon their weathered faces. The Rex: “Grîzh hûl grîzh hôn. Urûkim grîzh. Hôn izû Kinul, Scorthuz, Leyd ûgh Freygoth. Hôn izûbu grîzh ah-âsh, KRUG” And the Motsham’s response: “Beahr latz palm Borok ob deeh Akaal, Zo wi kan bi bruddahz.” Blood was drawn and palms pressed against each other by a display of ultimate trust not seen in generations. With the chanting of Uld Blah and the mingling of ancestral blood, the two Uruk leaders were bound to each other in an ancient ritual of brotherhood, to show their reforged honesty and unity! A massive chant echoed throughout the air above San’Velku: “Azh'Grish, Azh'Horde, Azh'Voyce!” The topic of Agis Penweather and his conflict with the Rex was also mentioned, leading to the, somehow mutual, breaking of the Albai’s arm and his consequent loss of consciousness in the middle of the Hall. After a lengthy celebration from the resolved conflict, a joint missive was published by both the Grand Moot and the Iron Horde in order to settle any ongoing sentiment of frustration or perceived slights. The statements include a mutual recognition of authority between the Rex and Motsham in their duties and authority concerning both the Iron Horde and Grand Moot, a dismissal of the previous accusations from both parties, a formal agreement to cure the now verified ‘buurz’ being known as The Brazen Bull, and of course an official announcement of the newly made blood bond between Ar-Borok’Akaal and Al-Uk Yar. With this possible schism resolved through Truth and Honorable conduct, a bright future is shown for the Iron Horde! P.S. Kor’garr must note that while Krug-kind does struggle with the curse of Bloodlust, our own governmental conflict was handled with far greater efficiency than the events concerning a certain Zhara kingdom to the East. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This whole article started with a single legal document read by Kor’garr, a summons of one Jovennar Bishop of Haense, to the court over allegations of some botched trial. Suddenly I was reading through demands from children to kings, allegations of adultery between two male Zharas (which Kor’garr still doesn’t peep the issue about the choice of partner there?), and an absolute riot of a court transcript. Simply put? The legal court of Haense is a mess, and that’s from us here at Krugmar. We don’t even have written laws at the moment. In a message to the king, three young kubs are demanding reparations for being unable to sit in as the audience of an ongoing trial. This is already concerning, as hiding the judgement of the Truth behind closed doors allows for lies and dishonor of the most heinous kind. Worse yet is the preferential treatment given to certain children due to their family line, a strange human practice that is quite useless. Cubs are cubs, they should be taught and protected equally instead of being bullied by armed adults. Moving on, the summons over the case of Alejandro Sands was due to a severe… mess. This Jovennar Bishop was being summoned to “explain himself”, which we all gruk in human terms means to stand there while someone with a crown yells at you over what you zkah’d up on. Again, the happenings of a strangely private court hearing were questioned, and the mention of spectators not being protected by guards and robbed in front of the courthouse are hilariously laughable. Was no one carrying a proper stabba’ to defend themselves? On that note, why were these bandits in the middle of the Hanseti capital not executed? While Kor’garr does not wish to re-write the entire transcript, it is available from the Haense government archives and I highly recommend giving it a glance-over. There are misused legal terms, a defenestrated Olog, an apparent riot, children throwing fish, and more. An excellent comedy script if I have ever peeped one. Despite the humorous tone, this is sadly no laughing matter, for shortly after was the honorable soul Audo Weiss, a veteran who helped defend all of Almaris against the undead Cloudbreaker, summoned to the court for "assult", again in a case taken by this Jovenarr. Over self defense against a stranger to the nation. Again, Kor’garr is baffled by the sheer lack of common sense in the Haense courts… Thankfully, Kor’garr has some ‘hozh news. After being summoned by both the Knightly Council of Haenseti-Ruska and the crown, the former Jovenaar Bishop has been stripped of his job, office, fancy knight titles, and political or legal authority in one fell swoop. In quite the appropriate move, the official notice from the knighthood stated Bishop’s breaking of their code of chivalry, which I imagine to be much like the Kodes of Krug except not quite as high in standard compared to the Descendant race literally blessed with being Honorable. Similarly the Crown made a good decision for twice (once being their support in the Siege of Shattered Skies), explaining that.. “With the distrust of the citizens of Hanseti-Ruska towards the nominated Jovenaar, he could no longer continue rightfully in his role as an appointed Jovenaar of the nation.” Let’s all hope the Truth is brought to light more quickly in the future, nub? In the meantime maybe Kor’garr should write up a formal record of laws in the Iron Horde… ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Ah, Yub, the Uncooked Orcish Delight. While a delicacy amongst the children of Krug, it can be seen as savage, barbaric, or heinous to those without more open minded sensibilities concerning appetite. Simply put, the Orcish Delight is a traditional meal or snack of a whole, freshly slaughtered, raw poultry. Of course this seems disgusting by itself to any foreign readers, so rest assured that this wonderful treat is actually the pinnacle of fine dining despite any crude appearance. First, the chicken is slaughtered and the raw poultry plucked and blessed in the name of Glutroz, the spirit of gluttony and greed, for his appetite is what leads to the eventual mouthwatering savory tang. Afterwards, the infusion must be prepared, for that is what makes this dish truly special. Fresh blood from an Albai soldier, a captured elf that has waged against the Iron Horde, is taken in ritual sacrifice to the Major spirit Gazigazh, also known as the Blood Mother. The vital crimson brine is collected into a large cast ferrum cauldron, into which crushed desert berries, thinly sliced and harshly spicy peppers, and some powders such as cinnamon and peppercorn are all mixed. The bundles of avian meat, still uncooked, are submerged completely into this metallic culinary jus for an entire Kaktuz day as shamans then perform multiple rituals in honor of the ancestral spirits of Grubgoths who have created this amazing delicacy in the past until finally seeking the blessing of the ancestral Grubgoth Wud, to properly anoint the now thoroughly crimson meat. Immediately after removal these rare treats are wrapped up within wax paper and stored in frigid areas to prevent spoiling, if not consumed immediately after the taxing rituals. In terms of taste, the Orcish Delight has an avian meat base that is almost overpowered with the delicious coppery tang of Albai blood. Notes of sweetness from the ripe desert berries balance perfectly with the searing heat from those split open seeds within the harsh peppers, and an undertone of bitterness from the peppercorn lays beneath the umami of uncooked flesh. Once you bite in, the crimson stain from infused jus is visible throughout the entirety of the uncooked bird! No matter your origin, Kor’garr highly recommends trying an Uncooked Orcish delight at least once! The comforting pungent aroma reminds you of the battlefields, sating your bloodlust and inspiring you to do your best for an upcoming Wagh. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ This segment, new with this week's release, will show off famous and important locations in the Krugmarian capital of San'Velku! First will be the pride and joy of our blacksmiths, the Spirit Forge! Called 'Aanghum Znarim-ob' in the shamanic language of Uld Blah, this mystical smithery gives off a feeling of awe and majesty to any proper metalworker. This wonderful artifact was made by a Moot of shamans… Blessed by both the Immortal Greater Spirit of… Gentharuz, and the most famous orc blacksmith in recorded history, Azog himself! A boon to any metalworker, the forge allows for metal to flow and shift with ease, convincing even the most stubborn metals to be cast into molds without issue or weakening of the final product! Of course, the wondrous nature of this sacred forge truly shines when an experienced shaman and blacksmith work together as azh vessel for the spirit's influence on this Ugz; such collaboration allows for the creation of blessed weapons enchanted by the Greater Spirits through proper ritual during the forging process. The war-fog of Enrohk, shades of Kor, gleaming silver brilliance of Kezt, all can be imbued within these sacred works of faith and metallurgy. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ A good while ago, an announcement from the Grand Moot was released on how the lesser vampire Sarah Artenin was on trial as a Buurz creature. Kor’garr was there to record the events first hand, and can provide a full transcript if readers wish, but for brevity we shall display the following quote from Motsham Al-Uk Yar: “Sentenced by the One Voice, Motsham Al-Uk’Yar, And cured by Techgoth Kretz’Ox’s alchemical mastery the former Lesser Vampyr Sarah Artenin has been cured of the wretched disease known as vampirism. Additionally Sarah has been found to be tied to the wretched void, This too a disease outlawed in the territories of the Grand Moot.. The Motsham has sentenced Sarah to find the cure and take upon residence within the Spiritual stronghold of Nor’Asath where the local Pôrobmog Qudlia Jusmia along with aid of Scortuzian, Agis Penweather, are tasked with the cleansing of the sentenced soul.” This extremely merciful decision was due to Sarah’s earnestness in seeking out an end to the taint in her soul and willingness to provide the names of other suspected blood-tainted darkspawn to the Grand Moot. Afterwards, Sarah Artenin was escorted to the Krugmar clinic of Dr. Bumba Akaal. Bound down tightly upon an operation table with heavy ropes and chains of aurum, the woman prepared for Kretz’Ox, master alchemist and leader of clan Ox, to assemble the cure using potent reagents and a sample of pure human blood. After some bloodletting to weaken her, Sarah was fed the cure… The results were harsh yet hopeful. Howls of rage similar to the bloodlust of Krug-kind, thrashing and straining against sizzling chains, demands for something, anything, anyone to drink from… Praises of Scorthuz, spirit of purity, were given by the Shaman. “Scorthû'z afâr! Krank ob Kaal!” As a note, during the curing of a vampire it is imperative they are tightly restrained and kept away from any source of flesh blood. Them drinking the Grizh whether directly or from a glass will cause the cure to fail. Extended fangs fell away, blood red eyes dimming as the lesser, now former, vampire lost her energy, falling to near unconsciousness… Afterwards, Sarah Artenin and her spouse were provided housing and medical aid within the Ker Goi of Nor’Asath, yet despite orders from the Grand Moot turned out to quickly flee in departure to Lurin. In response, a missive of foolishness and warning was given out by the Silver Lubba in response to the Iron Horde’s merciful curing of one of their citizens! While they claim “the holding of our citizens against their will is a vile act”, Kor’garr does note that the tension was settled personally by the Motsham and Silver Lubba. Eventually, Sarah Artenin and her spouse were willing to meet in a neutral location for an exclusive interview with the Kaktuz Weekli! The full transcript is recorded as follows (Spoken Blah is written in Common): ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Sarah Artenin: “Alright-tighty, I am ready for an interview.” Kor’garr: “How did you meet each other, brief accomplishments, stuff like that?” Sarah Artenin: “Me and Faeryel met some time ago, actually. I'm currently seventy-six, if it matters. It was in a tavern, and, Faeryel correct me if I'm wrong, overhearing some conversations I wedged myself into the topic at hand. If I recall it was magical in nature. I taught her magic, aaand, well, stuff happened, and we drifted apart. The story resumes some thirty-one years ago, where we then hit it back off with each other, and entered our relationship.” Faeryel: “And I don't know whatever other details you need. I told Sarah my vast and very interesting life story, and she agreed to teach me. This was in the Llyrian city-state, on Arcas, some… hundred and seventy years ago. Hundred and ninety-one, Wow, almost two hundred.” Kor’garr: “Is that not very very old for one cursed with the mortality of Horen’s blood?” Sarah Artenin: “I should mention I have often travelled to the far-reaching corners of the world, away from civilization, where times seem to shift and act differently. Hence why my age does not match this time frame.” Kor’garr: “So, after all that time and voidal connection. You seemed calm and at peace with life. How did Vampirism get mixed into it?” Sarah Artenin: “As I explained at my trial, I was turned to vampirism by forceful means. The way one is turned is by the consumption of tainted blood, and, if you are unfortunate enough, the curse will spread. There was a time where I was very eager to get it removed, however, due to the social stigmas at the time, and the cases I observed of 'cures' often meaning 'burned alive', I decided instead to just hide away. I figured society would eventually progress to a point where curing was normalized, instead of murder, at which point I'd then search it out again. Thankfully, in my time as a blood-sucking parasite, I had one consistent support in my life. Faeryel. It was thanks to her efforts that I was able to avoid attacking the innocent, and we managed to keep my condition out of the eyes of others.” Kor’garr: “Yes, the blind hate against victims of the Dark can work against the goals for a more pure World… And such choices didn’t impact your relationship?” Sarah Artenin: “I think it'd be best if Faeryel answered this one, if she'd like, as she was definitely bearing the burden and strain.” Faeryel: “For me, it was a bit of a… mixed bag. I'm an elf. Sarah's a human. The obvious problem in our relationship hung heavy over my head. I didn't want her to die. I still don't. I think it's monstrously unfair that we should have less time to spend together, just because of the differences in our heritage. It was a curse, yes, and it harmed her in… subtle ways. But I gladly gave up my blood for more time with her. It was more than fair.” Kor’garr: “And yet, it hurt you. It hurt Sarah. It was a danger to everyone that was unaware of the truth, unable to help or protect themselves if everything went wrong. No?” Faeryel: “Well, it both introduced some new fears and assuaged some old ones. I no longer had to worry about my wife dying of old age. I now had to worry about her being hunted down. I would say the fear of persecution greatly outweighed the hurt of extracting a pint of blood every year.” Kor’garr: “So worse than the disease, is the lack of support for the afflicted? And how did you not get it as well?” Faeryel: “I didn't get it because I'm not in the habit of drinking my wife's blood.” Sarah Artenin: “Mhm. And I was not in the habit of trying to feed it to her. It spreads through drinking undiluted cursed blood.” Kor’garr: “So you say, after over twenty years, you did not get sick even when Sarah fed on you. Which means that those afflicted don’t need to worry about accidentally spreading it.” Faeryel: “Indeed, you can only become a vampire from drinking a vampire's blood, so if you're extending someone's life by donating your own blood, you have nothing to fear.” Kor’garr: “Then let’s talk about the curing process.” Sarah Artenin: “Mm! The trial and the cure. What did you want to ask about?” Kor’garr: “I never heard how you were brought to Krugmar, Sarah. Did you seek the cure yourself?” Sarah Artenin: “Uh… Mm, no. That day in particular… I actually came to Krugmar to talk a little about the spirits, to try and learn a little more. I was… Rather unfortunately stricken with ill fortunes, that day, as I found myself surrounded at the aviary, and more-or-less forced into a salt test. I carried no weapons, nor ill will, and as I saw the salt coating the dagger, well, I didn't want to experience the searing pain that comes with the salt test. So, I simply admitted that I would fail the salt test specifically, and asked if I could leave Krugmar, never return, and that could be the end of it. After all, by this point me and Faeryel had established a routine, and I was causing no harm to any others… Alas, 'twas not to be. They subjected me to the salt test anyway, despite my admittance of guilt, and summarily grabbed me, threatened to break my bones if I resisted, and dragged me to trial. Then begins the trial part, which, well, I'm sure you're aware of that part. I think you were there? It's all a bit of a blur, in truth. My nerves got to me, and I emptied my stomach on the floor twice. Couldn't stop shaking. Very terrifying experience.” Kor’garr: “Well, it is good that you told the truth before being stabbed, though I do wonder how you were chosen to test. Orcs are rough when confronted with unexpected surprises. But that is no excuse. How are you doing living in Nor’Asath?” Sarah Artenin: “Mm, I wonder too. One of lifes mysteries. I was unarmed, that day, and not wearing armour. I thought wearing a smile and a peaceful enough look'd dissuade folk. It usually did. Uuuh.” Faeryel: “It remains a mystery how they deduced that Sarah's be a good person to corner and test.” Sarah Artenin: “Regarding the movement situation. Mm. Well, in truth, the Motsham's words were a little… Abducty. I was more than willing to learn about the spirits before-hand, hence why I travelled to Krugmar in the first place. I wanted to go to my home. In Lurin, the place I've lived for many, many years. I was told that I lived in Nor'asath now, and that it wasn't really my decision to make… In their insistence in attempting to brainwash me, it actually has driven a fearful wedge between me, and my enjoyment regarding learning of the spirits. So, admittedly, I am sad to say I am currently residing in Lurin, a little bruised and scarred from the situation… My education on the spirits comes, now, from a few friends of mine from Nor'Asath that I'm in contact with, and some of the Haelun'orian shamans.” Kor’garr: “I will say at least in part that was intended to keep you both safe from crusading Canonists or other unspiritual types. I offer to educate you as well.” Sarah Artenin: “… It set my desire to learn to a pitiful amount. I really wanted to learn, I really, really did. But… The Krugmar-Nor'Asath experience really ruined that for me.” Kor’garr: “I am sad to hear that… And your voidal connection? Has it ever complicated the condition or curing?” Sarah Artenin: “Uhm, well, my voidal connection is a little unique, you see. It's distanced from me, in fact, which results in the poisoning I experience being heavily restricted. My magics are hindered, and most masteries I had are rendered null and void, as I can no longer cast the big spells. My strength and stamina are functionally identical to what I could've achieved pre-poisoning. In fact, I'm pretty shredded, actually. I even roam in half-plate, most of the time.” - “But to answer the question as to whether or not… I've considered completely disconnecting myself from the void? Well…. Once, maybe twice. It pops into my head as a passing thought, but it's been such an integral part of my life for so long that… It'll take a lot of time for me to do it, if I decide to at all, you know? It's a major, life-changing decision. Not something that can be so readily forced on an unwilling soul. To let that go, you need to be certain, I feel.” Kor’garr: “Now that you are not Vampire-kin, will the connection shorten your lifespan?” Faeryel: “No, garden-variety voidal practice has no effect on your lifespan.” Sarah Artenin: “Mhm.” Kor’garr: “Alright. And what of the future?” Sarah Artenin: “The future… Well… To me, our future is us. I think that no matter what comes next, whether it be my disconnect from the void, or, some other path… I'm sure that I'll make it through okay, so long as I have Faeryel.” Faeryel: “. . .My thoughts exactly.” Kor’garr: “So, what would you recommend to those in the same struggle as yourself, Sarah? Seeking a cure, but fearing for their life from zealots?” Sarah Artenin: “… I… Would advise them to confide in close friends, and their support circle, who can try to reach out to people that can cure the individual, without necessarily endangering themselves to the zealous who believe redemption is impossible. Trust in your friends, and your family… And try to get help early. I found that the longer I was afflicted, the less I wanted to turn back, personally.” Kor’garr: “Despite the actions against you, have you heard of the stout who got cured from their void affliction, willingly?” Sarah Artenin: “Mm, I've read that missive. I was mentioned by name in it. I'm happy that the dwarf was able to find their peace in parting with the void, and wish them all the best on their new journey through life. Hopefully, it's a happier one than the one they lived.” Kor’garr: “Given the Moot can in fact peaceably cure those willing, would you recommend that those afflicted with Vampirism reach out to the Horde of their own volition?” Sarah Artenin: “You know, actually.” - “I was surprised by the efficiency, and care, that the Orcs took in curing me. It was a much gentler affair than I was expecting. The curing process, whilst painful, was better than I expected. The aftermath wasn't, but, yes, I'd personally recommend reaching out to Krugmar, provided they're treated as fairly as I was through the process.” [We all thanked Skumu here for their wonderful artwork of the interview.] Kor’garr: “Thank you Sarah. Any last words?” Sarah Artenin: “Hmm… Thank you for reporting honestly on the matter, and interviewing me for my opinions and words. It's been a… Good experience, and helps put to ease some fears I had. I'm looking forward to reading the next issue. Um. Um. Oh, and I love my wife Faeryel, she's the best ever wife, and you should put that in the newspaper. That I love her so much, I would give my heart and soul for her happiness.” Faeryel: “. . .It was a harrowing experience. I'd rather not go through something like that again, but my worst fears of Sarah being discovered weren't realized, and our relationship's gotten stronger because of it.” ✦✧――――――――――――――――――✧✦ If lat or someone lat knows wishes to be cured from the vampiric plague, please encourage them to reach out, either to the Kaktuz Weekli, the Iron Horde, or the Grand Moot, for treatment. We will offer all willing a new life without fear of being a Darkspawn, the ability to take up housing, and education on the Spirits. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Welcome to Skumu's second ( Dub ) Buub segment! Skumu has been working really hard to think of hozh facts for you all! What Skumu has learned is that Buubz dream just like lat agh mi! Buubz dream of many things Skumu can barely imagine! But while watching all the buubz Skumu has learned that not only do they dream and kick their little legs, buubz also sleep nose to nose with their bruddas and friends! Isn't that so cute? Skumu wishes she was a buub so she could sleep nose against Skumus' favorite people. Like Kor'Garr! Skumu would sleep nose to nose with Kor'Garr if Kor'garr was a buub. Oh! And Borok! And Lakeidas'Raguk, Oh and SkullCrusha'Raguk! Skumu would sleep nosey nose with them too! Skumu has many friends! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’Garr and Skumu are proud to say thank you to the Rex of Krugmar! So RULG Borok! Latz support is meaningful and this paper wouldn’t be around if we didn’t have such a hozh Rex!! ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Here is where Kor’garr or other members of the Kaktuz Weekli will respond to messages submitted by our readers! Feel free to Blah with Kor’garr or send a bird to San’Velku’s aviary with your questions or stories, and we will put them into the Paper! “Dear Kor’garr, I am a reader of your Newspaper, the Kaktuz Weekli. It is nice to see someone who observes and writes the events of the world for others to see and learn from. I am from Haense, and was wondering on your opinion of the recent happenings within our legal system?” -Unsigned Reader Luckily for you, the Kaktuz Weekli has already made this article just above! Glad to sate your curiosity. “What motivated you to begin a paper explaining the events of the World? It must be difficult - what prompted you and Skumu to take on such a task?” -Celian Bough When Kor’garr returned from the wild wastes of the southernmost sands, he had been given a task from the spirit Kor himself, to properly record the honorable lives and histories of those entering the Ancestral Realm, my fellow members of Krug-kind. This led me to discover a fierce devotion to spreading the Truth, not just of Orc Kulture but events concerning Almaris at large! It is a calling I follow most fervently, to properly honor the spirits Immortal and Ancestral, as well as my still living kin. Skumu just likes to help Kor’Garr! Nub thing else! “Should the Krug-Hai have more officer positions?” - Kuvirr Kor’garr is not the Targoth, but officer positions sound like a good idea as the army expands. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Next Week: An Archive of the War in Petra! Uruk of the Week makes a Return! More will be added in later issues! Again, Rulg to the Writer’s Guild of Almaris for their support in this publication. Also please note we are still hiring members for a variety of occupations. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ Kor’garr - Zkriptgoth, Owner. Skumu - Head Artist, Formatter -- [OOC - Pings and References]
  4. [!] You find a halfling newspaper in your aviary mailbox! T'a Hay Herald: Volume 11 ~Even Taylor reads it!~ Contents: ~Nob Trial!~ ~Flowers On Fire!~ ~Farming As Usual~ ~Frogs Are Back!~ ~Nob Trial!~ Recently, a big ol' trial of the Sheriff, Nob Leekshrew, occurred within Bywater! Although he was acquitted on the charges of Time-Crimes, he was ordered to change his stew recipe in accordance with proper Health & Safety, and the stew itself t'was jailed for contempt of court when it failed to answer the prosecution's and defense team's questions (What is it hiding???). ~Flowers On Fire!~ ~The flowers BURN!~ During the Talent Show ran by Doder, some gigantic flowers appeared from the rose patch & rose realm behind the bar! Sadly, the oversized roses were destroyed before we could talk to them, look at them more, or see if they really were a threat at all! Perhaps the Flower Spirits are angry at us now.... ~Farming As Usual~ ~The plough stuck on a gully in the field ((pretend there is a plough in the middle there))~ As the next planting season approaches, I organized a small team o' workers to plough up the ol' wheat field and prepare it for future planting. It went all fine and dandy (minus when the plough got stuck in the fields o' course), and thus we are fully prepared for planting when the First Seed comes up next Pumpkin Day! ~Frogs Are Back!~ ~The Frog Spirit which blessed Breasal also blesses the frogs themselves!~ The frogs of Frogtopia, official vassal of the weefolk, have returned to Bywater. Breasal, official Froggekemp, undeniably blessed by the Frog Spirit, was the proud ol' halfling who brought them back! Good job, Breasal! This has been the eleventh edition of the Hay Herald. Mimosa Applefoot, Mayor of Bywater, signing off! ~Mimosa Applefoot.
  5. Issue One 11th of the Wzuvar & Byvca Volume One The Kvaz Khronicle “Karosgrad after a snow storm” depicted by Branimar Kvazyev Stories of the day: -Grand Prince of Kusoraev Married! -Saving our Soldiers! Ruthern wins big in Duma! -Election results covered here! Page 1 Grand Prince of Kusoraev Celebrates Lavish Wedding Day As the day of the Grand Prince of Kusoraev's much-anticipated wedding arrived, excitement built throughout the kingdom. The royal palace was abuzz with activity as preparations for the big day were underway. We spoke with one of the palace servants, who wished to remain anonymous, about the preparations they had been witness to. "It was a flurry of activity," the servant told us. "The palace was cleaned from top to bottom. The kitchen had been working around the clock to prepare the feast, and the staff had been rehearsing their roles for the day. It was going to be a truly magnificent event." The Grand Prince and his bride-to-be had not been seen much in public recently, as they had been busy with final preparations for the wedding. However, the servant shared that the couple seemed very happy and excited for their big day. The wedding was a lavish affair, with guests from all over the kingdom and beyond in attendance. The ceremony took place in the beautiful Basilica, and was followed by grand celebrations. We will continue to bring updates on the Grand Prince's newlywed life as time goes on, especially as he begins his tours of his vassals. For now, the kingdom celebrates this joyous occasion. Poem of events by Kasimir Kvazyev: In days of old, when knights were bold And lords and ladies fair A prince did seek a noble bride To join him in his royal lair With sword in hand, he rode the land In search of true love's kiss And when at last he found his match His heart did swell with bliss For she was fair, with golden hair And eyes that sparkled bright Her gentle touch and loving heart Brought joy to his lonely nights Together they did pledge their troth In a ceremony grand And as they knelt before the altar Their love was declared and fanned So let us raise a glass and toast To this royal couple true May their marriage last a lifetime And their love forever renew. Page 2 Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's Act to Support Injured Soldiers Passes with Widespread Support Editor's note: We understand this coverage comes from a previous duma session, but we believe the content held within the bill and its passage is of monumental importance to cover. In a recent development in the Duma, Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern's proposed act to provide financial compensation to members of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Knights of the Kingdom who have suffered injuries while in the line of duty has passed with widespread support. The Medical Compensation Advisory Act of 453 ES proposes that those who have undergone amputations be eligible for compensation to help them acquire prosthetic replacements for their lost limbs or digits. The act has been met with widespread support from both military personnel and civilians alike. Many have praised Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern for her dedication to supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect the kingdom. The proposal has also been hailed as a crucial step in recognizing the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers and ensuring that they receive the care and support they need. The successful passage of this act is a testament to the nobility's commitment to supporting our military and ensuring that they have the resources they need to continue serving the kingdom with distinction. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Lady Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and all those who supported this crucial legislation. Page 3 Kvazyev feeds the poor! As he strolled through the streets of the small village in which he lived, a poor young boy held tightly in his hand a piece of bread, which had been given to him by his mother for his midday meal. Despite his meager circumstances, the boy was content, for he knew that he was loved. Upon coming across a group of children engaged in playful merriment, the boy felt a pang of envy, but he quickly pushed it aside, choosing instead to join in their games. When the other children saw the bread in the boy's hand, they begged him to share it with them. After a moment's hesitation, the boy broke off a piece of the bread and offered it to the group, feeling a sense of joy at the thought of having brought a smile to their faces. The Kvazyev family, known for their generosity and kindness, has once again demonstrated their commitment to helping those in need by providing nourishing bread to impoverished children in their community. Page 4 Your ad could be here! Bird Kasimir Kvazyev to purchase a cheap space! Election Coverage! As the kingdom prepares for the upcoming XLIII Session of the Royal Duma, many are looking to the three elected officials who will be filling the seats. Royal Alderwoman Adelajda vas Ruthern and Grand Maer Roui de Melphestaus have been praised by anonymous sources for their competency and plans for the upcoming Session. "Adelajda vas Ruthern has always been a strong voice in the Duma," said one source. "Her dedication to the kingdom and her willingness to listen to the concerns of the people make her an excellent choice for the upcoming Session, especially with her Medical act." Another source praised Roui de Melphestaus, saying, "His experience and level-headedness will be crucial in guiding the Duma through these trying times. I have no doubt that he will be an asset to the kingdom." Not all elected officials have received such praise, however. Royal Alderman Atilan Bishop has been criticized by anonymous sources for being a poor choice for the Duma. "His track record in the Duma has been lackluster, at best," said one source. "He lacks the vision and leadership skills that are necessary for the role. I fear that he will only hinder the progress of the Duma in the upcoming Session." Another source echoed these sentiments, saying, "Bishop's selection for the Duma is a disappointment. I have no confidence in his abilities to serve the kingdom effectively in this position." The kingdom awaits the start of the XLIII Session with anticipation, eager to see how these elected officials will shape the future of the Duma and the kingdom as a whole. Page 5 Neigh, Horses aren’t Controversial! The Kvaz received the following letter to the editor. We find it necessary to rebuke it! As a resident of the Kingdom of Haense, I have long been a proud supporter of our noble traditions and way of life. However, there is one small aspect of our kingdom that I feel could be improved upon: the use of horses for official transportation. For centuries, it has been customary for horses to be used for the transportation of royalty and other high-ranking officials. This practice is steeped in tradition and is seen by many as a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication. However, I believe that it is time for us to move beyond this outdated mode of transportation and embrace a more modern approach. First and foremost, the use of horses is impractical and inefficient. Horses are expensive to maintain and can be unpredictable, making them unreliable for official transportation. Furthermore, the use of horses can create a sense of exclusivity and elitism that is at odds with our kingdom's values. At official functions, only a select few are able to enjoy the luxury of being transported by horse, while the majority must make do with other, less effective methods. ** As the premier newspaper of the Kingdom of Haense, it is our duty to provide balanced and accurate reporting on the events and issues that affect our beloved kingdom. In light of the recent editorial calling for the abandonment of horses for official transportation, we feel it is necessary to provide a counterargument that highlights the many virtues of this time-honored tradition. First and foremost, it must be noted that the use of horses is not merely a symbol of our kingdom's wealth and sophistication, but a crucial aspect of our cultural heritage. For centuries, our ancestors have relied on horses for transportation, and the skill and artistry involved in the breeding of horses is a testament to their ingenuity and bravery. To abandon this tradition would be to erase a significant part of our history and identity. In addition, the use of horses is not impractical or inefficient, as the previous editorial suggests. On the contrary, horses are strong, reliable animals that can be trained to meet the specific needs of official transportation. In addition, the slow and stately pace of horses is perfectly suited to the dignified nature of official events, and allows those who are being transported the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of our kingdom in a leisurely and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, the use of horses does not create a sense of exclusivity or elitism, as the previous editorial claims. On the contrary, the sight of a beautiful and well-maintained horse is a source of pride and inspiration for our people. It reminds us of the greatness and splendor of our kingdom, and inspires us to strive for excellence in all that we do. In conclusion, we believe that the use of horses for official transportation is a vital and cherished part of our kingdom's traditions. We are grateful to have a wise and visionary king who recognizes the importance of this tradition and is committed to preserving it for future generations. Page 6 The Kvazyev Company The Kvazyev Company is a trading company specializing in weaponry, banking, trading, and meals for the hungry. Seek out Branimar (Doggedwasupxxx) or Kasimir Kvazyev (Lickspittle) for a job. (Dogged#8148, Lickspittle#5373) Want an advertisement in this newspaper? Want to submit a letter to the editor? Want to give us a story? Is there something that must be said? Bird Kasimir Kvazyev! (Lickspittle#5373)
  6. [!] Another one of these halfling tabloid 'newspapers' finds its way into your aviary mailbox once again. You really ought to send a formal complaint. T'a Hay Herald: Volume 10 ~Who even reads these?~ Contents: ~GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!~ ~The Tippens Tavern Opens!~ ~Is that beans & toast I smell?~ ~GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE~ ~The state of the big-folk economy~ The entire biggun economy has COMPLETELY COLLAPSED! The auctioneering guild & associated gnomish and elven merchants have all gone bankrupt, leaving behind thousands of unemployed mine & factory workers who can no longer use their services to sell goods. Homelessness and poverty have skyrocketed worldwide, and many are at risk of famine in arid regions. Thankfully, the shire is completely unaffected thanks to the ingenious economic system of "Bernardist Thought" that originated way back in Dunshire, where all halflings contribute what they can and take what they need from the collective. This has kept things running more or less smoothly in Hayhollow, apart from temporary shortages in rare earth metals such as gold and magic-stone. It will be some time until supply lines are able to recover. While new trade routes for gold and magic-stone are expected to open up with the Dwarves in coming years, our shire is left on its own economically more than ever as even barter is hard to operate when so many potential trade partners languish in poverty. ~The Tippens Root Tavern Opens!~ ~The well stocked shelves of the Hayhollow tavern~ In better news, the Tippens Root Tavern has opened, offering FREE DRINKS on annual Drinking Nights to all of its customers. On normal business days, of course, travelers must barter for their drinks. This tavern will dramatically grow the Hayhollow economy and offer employment for many! I for one am very excited to see this tavern grow with us in these coming years. ~Is that beans & toast I smell?~ ~The Gnomish Oven 2000 roars away!~ In a unique display of our ancient halfling culture, a Bake-off was recently held here in Hayhollow-Bywater, with several halflings and big-folks alike in attendance! All contestants' meals were submitted to none other than the Thain King Cyris himself! As the greatest halfling family to have ever existed, of course, the winners of both categories (sweet and savory) were both Applefoots: me and my daughter Rosebud! This has been the tenth edition of the Hay Herald! Mimosa Applefoot, signing off!
  7. [!] Your aviary is stuffed with another one of these darned newspapers... The Hay Herald: Volume 9 ~Even the Gnomes read it!~ Contents: ~The rise of Hayhollow!~ ~Spooks DESTROYED by KNOX HIMSELF??!?~ ~Shamanic School Opening Soon!~ ~Interview with a Gnome~ ~The Hayhollow Market!~ ~The Rise of Hayhollow!~ Of course, all ye readers are already well aware of this (and if you aren't, do hurry over here before all the burrow spots are taken), but we have successfully obtained independence & prosperity in a new village now named Hayhollow, nestled between the mountains and streams of northern Almaris. Do note that the location of this village is SUPER SECRET. The following is for weefolk eyes ONLY! Now that weefolks ONLY have read the above, I am content that all weefolks far and wide will be able to move into Hayhollow soon enough! ~Spooks DESTROYED by KNOX HIMSELF???!?~ ~The poor ol' lad only wanted to harm innocent children, but alas, Knox banished him from this realm.~ Sadly, some far from good folks have learned about Hayhollow besides just good ol' halflings and gnomes. One such fellow was a skeletal beast of wretched gait and speech. His bones made for grand fertilizer when KNOX came down to smite him for his crimes against the weefolks and their friends! I've made one of my burrow's support beams out of a tree grown from the fertilizer, true story! Sometimes the wooden beam cackles madly in the night, but t'is nothing that can't be silenced with a quick whack of a broom. ~Shamanic School Opening Soon!~ ~'cross the bridge and under the hills to Barbog's school we go!~ I for one am very excited for the new School of Shamanism, Alchemism, Housemagery, and other such things that the village goblin and honorary halfling Barbog will open soon! I've already submitted my application and all ye readers ought to do the same 'lest ye wish to miss out on powerful magics and TRUE worship of the creator Billy Bob and his many Harvest Spirits (Knox included o' course)! ~Interview with a Gnome~ M: So, what's your name, li'l one? Xob: Xob Wobson! That's me name! M: What's the big plans you gnomes have here in Hayhollow? Xob: Big plans! Big plans! Well I am personally working toward pushing the levels of gnomish inventions ter create wonders of whimsical innovation for all weefolks! M: Like the wood-machine I made a while back, but more of them, and biggger? Xob: Similar, but more on the line of ore-grinders, grain mills, and creations that help defend us from those beings of the dark M: I see. Anything else you have planned? Do all gnomes already live here or are you still bringing folks in? Xob: The gnomish people have been scattered for many ages; gathering the splintered fragments of the hidden city folk will take a while, but it's worth it! So aye, we are still looking for another gnomes to come dwell with us. ~End of interview~ ((message Norgeth#6211 or TakeMeT0TheFae#3833 if you wish to make a gnomish character and live in the land of the gnomes!)) ~The Hayhollow Market!~ Although minas usage is forbidden for halflings, the monk-peoples have strange demands of coinage for certain abilities of theirs, and, being an all-weefolk state, Hayhollow has many gnomes living in it who nay have the same cultural taboos as halflings do. As such me and Cyris have opened up a marketplace for the big folks and wee folks to exchange goods and currency of all sorts! May this lead us to a new future where halflings goods are found all over Almaris, nay just in halfling pantries, and not at all due to bigguns stealing them, but due to trade and commerce connecting our shire with the big-folk world. This has been the ninth edition of the Hay Herald. Mimosa Applefoot, greatest mayor of all shires, signing out! ~Mimosa Applefoot, one of the better Applefoots.
  8. The Daily LUBBA Love is in the air. . . The Daily Lubba is proud to announce a new addition to the Lurin event calendar. . . The Search for The Lubba’s Love! . . . A search for the true love of this season’s Lubba, the Silver Lubba himself; Mika Anarion! There will be games, festivals, galas, competitions, and more throughout the search, so whether you are watching or taking part it is sure to be the spectacle of a lifetime. Those interested in partaking in the search as a potential love, please send us a reply via bird, or pin a note beneath the news board. To apply, you must be at least 70 years old, biologically female, and elven in order to fit our Lubba’s preferred qualities in a partner. Though all are invited to attend and partake, the committee of this event would like to extend an invitation to the following; Renae Athri'onn, Lhoris Izalith, Penelope ‘Penny’ Clover, and Dame Viktoriya. A bit about the man. . . Mika Anarion enjoys hunting down spooks, fighting in most conflicts, and teaching. A caring individual, Mika’s first priority is always Lurin and his family, doing whatever he can for them. To quote the man himself, “quality time is everything.” This segment was brought to you by Scrisa Anarion. The Law keepers of Lurin With Lurin growing rapidly, numerous threats have made their way behind the city walls - cruel individuals that torture and slaughter common folk, thieves that wish to strip everyone of their belongings, practitioners of twisted arts, and the vile offsprings of the dark. It becomes clearer by the day the importance of our city’s military. Maintaining peace is just one of the many duties our guards take on, for they must train not only the body but the mind, too. A sharp mind is required to deal with criminals, even more so when dealing with darkspawn. And yet, this is only a taste of what the Centurions do. They work tirelessly to keep our people safe, putting their own lives at risk for the greater good. The state recognizes the importance of our guard, and so no matter the rank, they are rewarded for their service. The most common being payment in mina, handed out mali-weekly. All an aspiring Centurion must do is seek out an Officer or captain. Upon proving themselves true to the cause, they shall receive their uniform. Then, the training towards greatness begins. The Silver Ladybug The academy, the guards, the workforce - these are just some of the divisions within Lurin, each of them having something in common. People. No matter the area of expertise, no mortal is able to work relentlessly. Labor in any form- whether of the mind, or muscle - will lead to exhaustion. And thus, a comfortable place to assist with such is formed. A tavern, a known source of activity and comfort. Ours stands just near the gates, stocked with drinks and food for all! Of course, a tavern isn’t just a place to gorge on food, it’s also a place for fun. The livid events hosted there must tug the weary folk out from their misery, and our tavern is sure to do just that. Some of such events include fun games, friendly competitions, nights of free drinks, storytelling, and more! But alas, woe has befallen our tavern, The Silver Ladybug, for the previous owner has retired from leadership. Due to such, many new tavern keepers have been hired. Furthermore, the mantle of tavern owner is open for a promising individual to take up! If you are interested in working in or leading The Silver Ladybug, reach out to Scribe! (or Mika) We hope to see you there! Are you gay? Take this quiz to find out! Scrisa here again. A concerning amount of people, of which I will not call out names, have been questioning their sexuality in my presence, a few even going as far and asking me ‘how to gay.’ In light of such incidents, I, a lesbian, have put together a small questionare to solve the age-long question that is, Am I gay? Enjoy. (don’t take this seriously, it's mostly jokes) Are you gay? I’m not gay! I’m straight! I’m 100% straight! Absolutely, this is just for fun. Probably not. That’s why I’m taking this quiz. Opinion on math. My brain rejects it. I’m too gay for it. It's alright I guess. Depends honestly. How often do you say the word ‘slay’? I strictly avoid using that word. Literally all the time. Slay. I usually don’t, unless as a joke. I must add this to my vocabulary. Pick a color. Lilac. Is yes an answer? Blue Hmm. . . green? How fast is your usual walking speed? Very fast Depends if I’ve had my coffee Medium Pretty fast. My friends lag behind me Opinion on cowboy hats and boots. Love them, 100%. Stylish as hell . . . Ew Eh. A little tacky Not my thing. If you answered mostly 1, how’s that internalized homophobia going? If you answered mostly 2, you’re very gay but you already knew that. If you answered mostly 3, you’re most likely straight, or aromantic/asexual. If you answered mostly 4, you’re most likely on the spectrum. Welcome to the cult that is being gay. If you answered a mix of all, then you’re probably bisexual. Don’t be a dumbass and get mad over a stupid quiz in a newspaper. If this makes you angry, you probably answered all 1s. This is just for fun, don’t be dramatic. Don’t rain on our gay parade. This segment was brought to you by Scrisa Anarion. A VILLAIN VANQUISHED. . . Or just misunderstood? Recent events have brought to light the dark secrets behind a certain Csayhn’s false visage. A dark magic user, a villain. . . and beloved partner of Alucard Anarion, the adopted son of Mika Anarion himself? We at the Croaking decided to dive deeper into this story. An anonymous informant tells a story that isn’t so black and white after all. According to our crow, Csayhn fell victim to suicide as a result of mass persecution upon the accusation of being a dark mage. Despite having submitted to multiple darkspawn tests, Rina D’Avre and Mika Anarion, alongside the atronachs of Lurin, hunted the man down until he was driven to suicide. But where did these accusations come from anyway? After all, every rumor stems from some semblance of truth. The crow tells us that Csayhn had in fact been victim to a darkspawn attack, which fueled the accusations and false- hoods laid upon the poor man. And still the plot thickens, as others tell a very different tale. One individual testifies witnessing Rina D’Avre’s neck be near slit open by Csayhn, and another bears witness to the dark arts performed by the man. Though the many accounts come together for a very confusing timeline, the croaking offers condolences to all affected by the man’s death. Whether he was a good man, a bad one, or somewhere in between- Crows will mourn for their friends. Let us know your thoughts on the matter! Anything else we should know? Is there anything you believe should be covered in the next release? Whether it be a confession, piece of gossip, or upcoming event, just let us know and we’ll consider putting it in the next release. Until next time,
  9. [!] You find a newspaper in your aviary mailbox... The Hay Herald: Volume 8 ~Not your grandma's paper!~ Contents: ~Unity Under the Shire!~ ~Event Success!~ ~Adventures, Nasty Things!~ ~The CRIMES of the GNOMES?~ ~Unity Under the Shire!~ Let us remember how important UNITY is to us and our people! Monofarthingism, the idea of all halflings livin' together in one village, dates back almost as far as the records go. Yet in modern times, far too many halflings live off on their own, in their own private burrows or (Knox forgive 'em) in hovels and homes within biggun cities! It is our duty to Knox and ourselves to UNITE ALL HALFLINGS INTO T'A SHIRE! Knox wills it, and it shall one day be done! I dream o' a future where ALL HALFLINGS live in the shire, even the shoe-wearing ones, so that all will learn of the proper halfling ways & culture and be free from big-folk oppression! We are to be free, prosperous, and proper! One shire under Knox, and one shire for all halflings! ~Event Success!~ ~Gilbert being punished for his tomfoolery!~ Several events have taken place in Honeyhill recently, ranging from underground spleefin' nights to aboveground pumpkin carvings and more! ~Carving Pumpkins~ ~The tavern fills with life~ ~Adventures, Nasty Things!~ 'n less grand news, both Breasal and Gilbert be off on 'adventures' of sorts, away from the village! Not just late for supper, these two will be late for breakfast, second breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, AND evening snacks! Remember that no good proper halfling goes on too many adventures! Always be home 'n time for supper if you can! Travel food never tastes as good as home-cooked meals after all! ~The CRIMES of the GNOMES?~ Recently, many burrows have been burglarized by burglars with small hand prints. Many halflings have blamed the gnomes for these foul thefts, saying that only a gnome would have the knowledge and proximity to do all these acts! Are the gnomes truly responsible for these crimes? You readers may vote on the matter by sending the following prompt back to me (just write 'Return to Sender' on the letter, birds usually figure it out). ARE THE GNOMES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BREAK-INS AND THEFTS?? YES[ ] No[ ] ~Official poll by the Hay Herald newspaper This has been the latest issue of the Hay Herald. Mimosa Applefoot, signing out! -Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling & Mayor of Honeyhill.
  10. [!] You find an unwanted newspaper in your aviary The Hay Herald: Volume 7 ~Even the gnomes read it!~ Contents: ~New Government!~ ~Gnomes in Honeyhill?~ ~Trade with the Dwarves~ ~Watermelon Joe Captured!~ ~Economic News: Taxes & Tariffs~ ~New Government!~ After a period of brief turmoil, Lily Peregrin has given up the Thaindom to a newly elected government of Me, Hob, and King Cyris. O' course, this be old news by now, but t'is still worth printing in the papers! Here be an interview o' me provided by Bennet Hassenfort! [!] Another paper is attached to the Newspaper! It goes on for quite a few pages... ~Gnomes in Honeyhill?~ ~The realm of the gnomes~ Again with the old news, there's now a sizeable community of GNOMES living in Honeyhill under their Gnome-Queen, Tulip! Although these gnomes have so far proven to be less than useful (laziness runs 'n some bloodlines 't seems), we're still keeping them around on the hopes that they'll provide some useful labor for the village as a whole one day! ~Trade with Dwarves~ ~Halfling traders gearing up for journey~ King Cyris (now Thain King Cyris) has done a wonderful job with diplomacy as of late. One such event blossoming from that is trade with the dwarves o' the far north (Or Norf Dwed, as I call 'em). The Norf Dwed were horribly OUTNUMBERED by us weefolk traders and hardly had much to provide for us, yet we still gave them good deals on our wares out of generosity. ~Halfling traders as far as the eye can see, but alas, the dwarves are much more reclusive~ ~Watermelon Joe Captured~ Watermelon Joe, rumored to be a distant relative of the Otterbowl family, has been CAPTURED and sentenced to endless eternities in the dungeons for his crimes against halflings, frogs, and rats alike! Our village's adventurers have finally brought the man behind all of the spider and rat attacks to JUSTICE! This is a glorious victory for all of gnome and halfling kind! ~Taxes & Tariffs~ In economic news, tariffs remain strong at 110% fees for minas usin' biggun businessfolks. The new taxation policy, known as Burrow Obligations, will take effect by the end of the Autumn, hopefully collecting lots of new goodies to dole out to burrows by the end of it! Pumpkins remain strong while bread cools its growth slightly, only increasing in barter value from five pumpkins per dozen to six. Iron values have crashed significantly ever since trade with the norf dwarves opened up, much to the delight of the fledgling halfling blacksmithing industry, long hampered by iron shortages. It seems that the economic future may be in shovels as much as in pumpkins or wheat. A shovel can make more value while a pumpkin can only be used once (or twice), of course! Buy shovels now! Hold forever until it's value reaches ONE THOUSAND PUMPKINS and we'll all be RICH I say! Warning: this is not sound financial advice ~Mimosa Applefoot (& Bennet Hassenfort), Mayor of Honeyhill (& random unpaid intern).
  11. [!] You find a newspaper in your aviary. Darned newspapers again. They always come when you least expect it, and the birds that carry them are never trained well enough for the task! The Hay Herald: Volume 6 ~The REAL news, straight from the source!~ Contents: ~Big drama! Village moot called!~ ~Dolly Peregrin is now Elder!~ ~Unspeakable Horrors~ ~New Honeyhill Bank!~ ~Bread is BACK!~ ~Big drama! Village moot called!~ ~The encounter on the Hay Pile~ After I deposed the old Thain, Lily Peregrin, lots of drama has come to Honeyhill. Thankfully, this all is getting cleared up as I write this. The Goodbarrels will intervene to stop a civil war and save properness for all halflings, which I greatly appreciate. May Honeyhill be free once again, as King Cyris and many others so desire! My own son, Hal Applefoot, is still heckled by Lily's henchmen & Sheriff appointee, yet fear not, fellow halflings, for our village shall weather the storm and come out stronger than ever! The times be a'changing, and our village may bloom over with a thousand flowers once again! The moot shall be on the Sun's Smile of this year, 690 Shire Reckoning! Be there or be a rotten pumpkin! ((3 pm est, Sunday the 25th of September, 2022)) ~Dolly Peregrin is now Elder!~ ~Dolly Peregrin hard at work making her own burrow, quite the accomplishment at her age!~ She asked to be Elder, and seeing as she has all the good-natured joy and youthful wisdom one can have, I hereby appoint Dolly Peregrin as a new Elder of Honeyhill! May she serve the position well and bring us into a new age of prosperity along with the others! ~Unspeakable Horrors~ It seems as though the Peregrin potty-training abilities have fallen to the wayside over the years, for the 'Thain', Lily Peregrin, has done some..... unmentionable things within Breasal's tavern room. Thankfully, it has all been cleaned up, although Lily herself had nothing to do with the cleanup! I shall be building new bathroom facilities across the burrow to address this problem such that it never, EVER, EVER comes up again. ~The tavern goers are stuck with the cleanup of Lily's little accident~ If you are reading this, Breasal, you might want to replace a few of the boards in your room, just to be sure. You can never be too careful with these things. In brighter news, a new halfling has arrived at Honeyhill! He's a lovely little child, so do remember to pop on into his new tavern room and read him some bedtime stories whenever you are available! ~New Honeyhill Bank!~ ~T'is merely a look-alike running the bank. I am not a banker! I promise!~ Honeyhill now has banking services for any bigguns who wish to pop through! This has been generously provided by the Thain of the Haense bigguns himself, KARL III. They are a very cool biggun-Thain, perhaps one of the best (although their little soldier-bigguns have a few issues at times)! While minas use is improper for halflings, this new bank should help us use the coinage as paperweights at the very least. Enough of the coins could even be smelted down into metals for jewelry, who knows! ~Bread is BACK!~ ~A lady in the markets of Karosgrad ponders halfling bread~ Make no doubts about it, Bread is back! Having made an astonishing recovery after the Great Wheat Crash, bread is back in demand and back in style! The days of eating soggy potatoes are OVER! Now the masses will have nothing else but nice, warm, soft bread, fresh from the ovens and plopped right into their mouths! It's a good time to be a wheat farmer! Now is absolutely a good time to pick up some undervalued bread-related assets for speculative barter purposes! While nothing like the bread-bonanza that caused the Great Wheat Crash, there's some good pumpkin-value to be made here! Drop what you are doing and go get that bread! The Hay Herald is not responsible for any financial losses as a result of following the financial advice contained within it. Always barter responsibly. This has been the sixth edition of the Hay herald! I hope you readers found it entertaining and informative! ~Mimosa Applefoot, the REAL Thain of Honeyhill
  12. [!] A newspaper is stuffed into your aviary mailbox. How did this get here? T'a Hay Herald: Volume 5 ~Bringing you quality news since the dawn of the world!~ CONTENTS: ~Offerings to Lord Knox STOLEN!~ ~New patch of crops!~ ~Bigguns act stupid again!~ ~Town meeting soon!~ ~Melons to the MOON!~ ~Offerings to Lord Knox STOLEN!~ An absolute tragedy to all of halfling kind struck but a few Pumpkin Days ago! Our generously provided offerings to our one true lord and savior, Lord Knox himself, lord of pumpkins and the harvest, were STOLEN right under our noses! Thankfully a group of weefolk adventurers (including two contenders for Sheriff, Breasal & Cyris, as well as the friendly village goblin) were able to return the offerings to their rightful place! Knox bless these heroes! ~New patch of crops!~ ~Biggun pictured for scale~ Much o' our village still be empty and in sore need of touching up! Thus, I've put in a little garden allotment here for anyone to take if they so choose. Any crop that grows well in the shade ought to thrive here! ~Bigguns act stupid again!~ T'a big folks be preparing for warfare yet again! For what reasons, I dunnae truly know, but I'm sure it's as dumb as they always are. Far too often have us halflings been complicit in these HORRIBLE wars, even sending some slingers to help biggun armies in battle! To this, I say NAY MORE! Nay longer shall we participate in such terrible activities, even if passively and nay encouraged by the Sheriff o' Thain. I sure ain't lifting a finger in any wars that be brewing up! If there's anything for us to be ashamed of, its how we've let this ARUGULEAN CORRUPTION enter our society several times already! Enough is enough. There is nay war in Honeyhill and never will be. ~Town meeting soon~ Since the last proposed meeting o' Honeyhill villagers nay amounted to anything, I propose another one next Pumpkin Day, right as the sun be high in the sky! Hopefully the Sheriff candidates can get some words in then! ((6 PM EST, tomorrow on 9/15/2022)) ~Melons to the MOON!~ The exchange value o' melons just keeps rising and rising and rising! With limited domestic supply (and great demand after the recent Melon-Eating Contest fad hit new highs), traders are going wild bartering for all the melons and melon slices they can! It will be a while until farmers put new melon crops into the ground this spring, so until then make sure to trade in your pumpkins for melons to get in on the frenzy! Melons can only go up! (Do keep a few Pumpkins for Knoxist-worship related reasons of course) This has been Mimosa Applefoot wif t'a Hay Herald, signing off! ~Mimosa Applefoot, with the Hay Herald (duh)
  13. YEAR SA 93/ 1893 ISSUE I Homemade Chocolate Cookies Baking cookies is a classic staple in all of baking. Almost everyone knows what they are but not how to make them which is a shame. In this article I will show you how to make a batch of cookies easily. Step 1: gather the following ingredients, 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1 small spoon of salt, 12 1/2 large spoons worth of butter, 2/3 cups of sugar, 2 large eggs, 1 small spoon of vanilla, and a bag of whatever you want in the cookies I suggest walnuts or chocolate chips. Step 2: setting up. Have your furnace preheated for about 8 minutes plus the time it takes you to whip up the dough for the cookies. Step 3: the dough. Whisk your butter and flour in a large bowl, next add your sugar and eggs then whisk it with good effort for about 4 minutes. Then add your vanilla and whatever else you want to add but in this case, we will say chocolate chips. Step 4: baking. Now you have your dough, take a handful of them and play them on a baking track in a circular shape with half an inch of space between each cookie. Place your cookie filled tray in the furnace on the bottom row and leave it for about 12 to 15 minutes. Halfway through, shift it to the top row and it will become golden (the longer you leave them the crunchier the cookies). Finally take them out and let them cool. Penned by Local baker Flour A Query for the people… Who has better cookies… The Mysterious cookie lady.. We apologize for the hastily painted picture. Sadly, we could not get a painting of the woman as she moved so quickly… versus Local Velika baker and musin Flour Mystical magical La devin Libellule has graced us with her horoscopes for the year. Though we do not know of these strange names she clearly states that it will follow up with other zodiacs of Alamaris. Canard Corbeau Crow drake:Sun's Smile::Air sign : Monday Your week will be filled with new and old lovers returning. Deep emotional bonds will be met and formed, and people from your past will start to show face. Be wise enough, for your solid emotional pull might push you one step too far. oiseau de feu glaciaire Glacial Phoenix:The Amber Cold: Water sign: Tuesday Your week will be Filled with wonderment and a new corridor. The beginning of faith's calling isn’t an easy place to reach for, but it will get you in touch with the knowledge of life itself and the essence of connections we make through the pure acts of aptitude. A shared mission will be in place for your wings to uphold a new alliance. Cristal fauve Wyrssa:The Deep Cold:Earth sign:Wednesday This week the wrongdoings have come to pass, and finally, those who have wronged the crystal will crack. Remember to draw your sword from inner strength and courage, for you will need it in the battle ahead. Take responsibility for your actions and face your wrongdoings, or you may be on the other side of your own blade. Vulpecula Fox: Northern constellation:Snow's MaidenThunder sign:Thursday This week everything will feel warm and sunny. Your business will flourish under your guidance, as well as appear as an inspiration to others. Keep up the outstanding work, and take on the last bits of freedom. baleine céleste Sky whale:Malin's Welcome: Air sign Friday This week Romance is on the horizon, but a past lover is there waiting to intercept your passion. Betrayal of the worst kind, a dark influence swirls in the clouds. There is no room for lethal poisons of the mind, and all you need now is some trust that your heart has the best possible plan for you and that the feeling of home will away be there. Home is where your heart is; maybe it’s best to migrate back. Aello Harpy:The First Seed:Fire sign :Saturday Aellos, the harpies, what decisions have you made that brought you so far from your nest? You are being governed by fear, scared of the outcomes before you. True bravery comes from following all those fragile choices that others disapprove of, and one needs to learn this, or you might hit the wall of dismay. récolte d'autruche Bokolo: The Grand Harvest:Earth sign:Sunday The great bird for how you have run so far from yourself. Maybe you have grayed out instead of your true colors. Your mind and heart are at war, tricking one to believe the others and pulling you further apart. Stop putting your tasks aside. Less talking, more action, you will be granted Beware of the Tax mafia! The tax mafia has recently begun to cause a stir in the minister of finances departments as non-taxpayers get terrified into giving their minas to the stewards who wake up and find the people who are just about to lose their house... have paid? The bizarre phenomenon has occurred in such a strange way that it baffles all the stewards. The only word of wisdom we can give in these trying times is to pay your taxes on time. Missing dog! This painting was made next to the wooden memory swing. We hope that this dog can find it, owner, we are unsure who left him here… but we hope Percy finds his way back home. The Crowning of the Stars. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215855-a-crowning-within-the-stars/ Elysium stood with a few vassals in the back to watch the crowning and the many gifts. Such a celebration so many people in one place, many talked of how they haven't seen such the east reinstatement of old humans. Larissa, one brave daughter of the De Astrea family stood before Illarion holding an ax of crescent and spoke of protecting their people as well giving their aid to protect this new nation and its people.
  14. VE KORTREVICH SAMYZEK POZSKA VOLUME ONE: EDITION FOUR TWO MINAS AVAILABLE IN NAUVMARIAN PER PAPER WALDENIAN AND AUVERGNIAN ________________________________________________________________________ WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH THE VISCOUNTESS-CONSORT OF KRUSEV & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR THE COUNTESS OF OTISTADT ON THE 9TH OF VZMEY AG HYFF OF 442 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________ THE CONCLUSION OF THE AGE OF PROGRESS [!] The crest of the Kingdom of the Haenseti-Ruska. The Kingdom of Haense has been a busy place since the last Edition of the Kortrevich Bull Post. For one, the Centennial Anniversay celebrations marking 100 years of Haeseni Independence have come and gone - most prestigious and wonderful affairs, the writers are told. These writers’ predictions have turned true since the last Edition. The most popular Morrivi Prikaz Auction saw the popularity of our predicted garments #5, #8, & #10, and luckily for Her Majesty each and every item on sale was sold for several hundred mina each. Furthermore, these writers’ prediction that “The Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska” shall bring about its grand return for the social season came true - albeit not on its semisequicentennial anniversary as we had hoped. Lastly, the time is coming for Lifstala to finally commence! The Queen’s Council have been working hard to compile the events for the busy two year period, each of the lords and ladies of-age are brushing up on their manners and dancing in preparation to present themselves in front of the Queen and her Court, and the Grand Prince of Kusoraev has finally come of age to begin looking for his bride. Polish up ladies! Your time to impress Prince Georg is now. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTEVICH Pg. 1 & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ A COURT TO BE PROUD OF [!] An inspired portrait depicting one of the most prestigious of recently published-about Royal Headdresses. Following up on our past praisings of the Mistress of the Robes, several magnificent “Moda i ve Kort”s have been published in recent memory. These include; the incredibly detailed “Cosmetics”, the centennial celebratory history of Haeseni fashion - “Karosgrad Trends” - and the latest edition detailing the “Royal Headdress Collection'' of head adornments - from the Coronation Cap to Queen Emma’s iconic Ruby Emerald Kokoshnik. Such works populate the mind of every aspiring young lady of the Courts in her efforts to appease the Queen - a feat which the Mistress of the Robes should be pleased of. Her team work around the clock to outfit the Royal Family, and provide detailed writings of culture to the Haeseni populace. Haense applauds you, Mistress of the Robes. Furthermore, the Queen has recently advertised her wanting of a new Palace Custodian after the recent filling - Lady Zoya vas Ruthern - stepped down. She is also looking for a new Curator of the Crown Jewels - a most fascinating position for the gemstone-inclined. Of course, with the incoming Lifstala Social Season, the Queen’s Council are also awaiting volunteers to be a part of Her Majesty’s Lifstala Committee - involved with planning and writing events for the generation’s busy Courtship Season. Lastly, for young Lords and Ladies looking to be a part of the Social Season but having not yet written into the Queen’s Council, they are encouraged to do so posthaste to ensure they are not missing from the list of the Season’s suitors. Pg. 2 WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ AULIC RESIGNATIONS AND APPOINTMENTS [!] A portrait of Lady Palatine Johanna Barclay and her dog, Rusalka Barclay in the Palatine’s Office. It was by no means a surprise when our beloved Lady Palatine, Isabel Baruch, published her resignation letter. After all, she recently posted a Palatial notice calling out for Palatial Kommissars to begin the process of taking over her workload in the office in preparation for her replacement. This section is dedicated to the hard work of Haense’s second Lady Palatine - the writers in particular appreciate her dedication to the various Haeseni Peoples via appreciation posts, her diplomatic ventures to make peace with foreign powers, and her wisdom in leadership and diversity. Haense will miss its Lady Palatine, however she has been replaced by another. Duchess of Reinmar, Johanna Klaudia, has succeeded the Duchess of Valwyck in her position as Lady Palatine and the Bull Post could not be more pleased for her. Since her appointment she has overseen the addition and formation of “Ve Ibor Konkil” (The Iron Council), a secondary Council managed by the Palatine and Grand Maer to operate some of the more minor institutions of the nation with greater cooperation and dignity. Furthermore, the first Komptroller of Settlement - Iulius Vernhart - has also stepped down from his honourable position and into retirement. Firr Iulius has been working hard in the background to welcome in new citizens to the Dual Kingdom, and these writers thank him for such efforts. The Kingdom is watching the Crown intently in anticipation of its next appointment to the position of Lord Komptroller. Lastly, prior to Lady Palatine Baruch’s resignation, she had been integral in the reinstitution of the Office of the Justiciar. Countess Adele Ludovar was appointed as Lady Justiciar, continuing her hard work. The wards and the Lady Justiciar herself worked hard on the newest curriculum, allowing new and current wards to gain more experience and exposure for their career. The passing of the Golden Bulava, as the head of the Aulic Council, is always a notable event in the Kingdom, inviting in a new era alike that of the passing of the burden of the Crown, and the Kortrevich Bull Post has decided to dub this now-ongoing period “The Age of Freedom”. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH Pg. 3 & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ NOBLE NEWS BY BARUCHS AND BARROWS [!] A painting of the village outside of Vidaus. With Duke Ruthern taking on the mantle of the Grand Lord under Her Majesty in the Capital, it has come to the Duke’s spouse to take on a few of his duties while he is away. As such, it is no wonder that the oldest Ducal House of the Kingdom has continued to flourish under his and his wife’s leadership. Duchess Margrait Ruthern née Baruch has brought a special touch to the icy lands of Vidaus. And for her efforts she has been rewarded with the responsibility over Druzstra and newly constructed Branhavn as the Duchess in her own right - a prestigious status to achieve as a Peer’s Consort. Thinking of Branhavn, the new settlement has certainly grown popular since its inception a few years ago. The Black Company has substantially grown, employing a vast protective force to watch over the village, and the Ducal Couple have begun advertising their various ventures via a helpful noticeboard in the center of the hamlet. The children of the Kingdom often frequent the Ducal village for parties, festivals, and other goings-on - no doubt including extensive quantities of alcohol. Furthermore, the honourable House of Ruthern recently published their History of House Ruthern, detailing the House’s origins under Ruther Bonebreaker, and its rise to prominence later under King Petyr I. The long document recounts the long and extensive history of the Ducal House, its Traditions, notable Relics, and various members of the family of note Despite the success of their village outpost, as published recently by the Duchy, the internal House of Ruthern have come down with a bout of illness soon after an across-family feast with the Comital House of Ludovar. As of now, it appears that only Ruthern Lords and Ladies have come down with the disease, and the Kingdom extend their thanks to both families for volunteering to quarantine themselves in their respective Keeps until free of infection. Luckily, the family have since recovered, however they have unfortunately lost four of their members to its hold, and for this the Kingdom mourns. Rest in Peace, Joren, Zoya, Rhys, & Milena Ruthern. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR TRAGEDY STRIKES BETHLENEN [!] A painting of the Colborn Keep. Despite the sorrowful death of Lord Godric Colborn as mentioned in the previous Edition, further tragedy has struck the most recently elevated Baronial House. The Baron of Bethelenen, at a well-anticipated Colborn Feast, apparently fell down the stairs and has remained comatose since that day. His powers and duties have passed to one of his grandsons, now-Baron Maric Colborn, until the younger generation are ready. According to this writer’s sources, Lord Adrian Colborn is being tended to dutifully by his family and servants, and the Kingdom is praying for a swift recovery, and for the future prosperity of the unlucky Baronial House. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR SOME GRAND WORK [!] A painting depicting HSH The Grand Prince of Kusoraev. Along with the Grand Prince coming of age and being invested by his Father, and sworn to by the leaders of our Kingdom’s various factions, he has also begun branching out - alongside the Heir of Ruthern - to publishing his own writings. This writer notes the promising quality of writing, clearly the Prince and Ruthern pair have had excellent governors, and the similarity in his publishings to the early works of His Majesty before he ascended to the throne. This writer fondly remembers the King’s recount of dueling etiquette, and now the Royal Librarians can add the son’s works next to the father’s for future generations to read. The works of a boy destined for Kingship should be a fascinating read, and a must-read for any and all interested Haeseni jousters. This writer looks forward to reading any and all future writings from Grand Prince Georg. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR NOBLE EXPECTATIONS [!] The symbol of the Royal Duma in light of recent publications. In her works as the Royal Inquisitor - the manager of Noble conduct - Duchess Johanna Barclay recently published an extensive survey on the expectations of nobles, and an evaluation of noble House ascension. Such a document has done well to highlight the current state of nobility in the nation, and should surely be of great assistance to Houses of present, and House leaders of future to understand what more they can do to increase their status and standing in the Haeseni ecosystem. Furthermore, it is this writer’s opinion that these writings should be read by all noblemen and women, as it will embed into them the responsibilities placed on them for their Crown-given privileges. It is hoped that such mandatory readings will help to negate the stagnancy and idling of recent generations, spurring them on to work hard to support their House. Pg. 4-7 WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ AN UPDATED MAP OF THE KINGDOM [!] A section of the newest map of Haense, made by Wilfred Proudfoot IV. Recently, King Karl III commissioned a renewed map of the Kingdom with updated names, titles, and territories. The artistic map includes the recently obtained Silver Isles, along with the extensive Attenlund marsehes, and the newly claimed Grenz region. Wilfred Proudfoot IV, cartographer of the map, took the well-appreciate liberty of labelling each Haeseni Vassal’s keep, and various other landmarks such as Halfling Honeyhill, Hallaburg - designated to the Knights, Excitor Manor, and abandoned Krusev Keep. Luckily, Mr Proudfoot has agreed to update the labelling and symbols as the map for an ensuing 20 year period. The Citizens of Haense wanted to extend their thanks to the studious hard work of Mr Proudfoot for providing them with such an informative and true-to-life map. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH Pg. 8 & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ HONORABLE MENTIONS Honourable mentions go to the newest Reform of the now-4th Brotherhood of St. Karl, The marriage between Ser Conrad Barclay and Lady Viktoriya Franziska vas Ruthern, The second Church Gala being held by Her Eminence, Matriarch Katerina of Jorenus, The completion of the Reinmaren village of Rozenfeld and its accompanying tourney, The signing of the contract between Haense and the Viceroyalty of Hyspia, The construction of a Haeseni naval shipyard, And the disownment of Ilya Ludovar. Pg. 9 ____________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION Ve Kortrevich Samyzek Pozska is looking for writers and reporters. If this is something that interests you, please send a bird to Esmée Kortrevich or Adele Luodvar.
  15. VE KORTREVICH SAMYZEK POZSKA VOLUME ONE: EDITION THREE TWO MINAS AVAILABLE IN NAUVMARIAN PER PAPER WALDENIAN AND AUVERGNIAN ____________________________________________________________________________ WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH THE VISCOUNTESS-CONSORT OF KRUSEV & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR THE COUNTESS OF OTISTADT ON THE 11TH OF GRONNA AG DROBA OF 438 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________ THE FALLEN COLBORN [!] A portrait of the late Godric Adrian Colborn, painted before his death in 437 E.S. A husband, a father, a son - the Colborn family lost a treasured family member in the most recent attack and kidnapping within the heart of Karosgrad. The forty-three year old man, Godric Adrian Colborn, risked his life to save the young Isadora Basrid from being abducted a second time by frost witches and their allies. He perished during the rescue; dying an honorable death. A funeral is currently being scheduled. A date should be published soon, if anyone wishes to stop by and give the Colborn family their condolences. May Lord Godric Colborn rest in peace. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTEVICH ____________________________________________________________________________ APPRAISING A POET [!] An official portrait of Sir Borris Iver Kortrevich. Recently the Knights’ Bard, Kossar Borris Kortrevich, has been investing his time into the research and subsequent publication of a Knights’ Poetry Anthology - titled “The Silver Crows Anthology” upon its completion. In contrast to the budding Court Poet’s previous works, being Poem Compilations published nearly yearly, these are singular poems released individually. Most poems depict the final Knight’s Quest of various squires of the Order of the Crow. Some poems surround those still with us today, while the majority of them secure the legacies of long-dead Knights of the Table. Each of the figures written of are most honourable militarily, and the writers of this Bull Post applaud Sir Borris for his efforts to conserve such rich Haeseni history. For any interested readers, this writer’s favourite poem of the now-published Anthology is the poem dedicated to the Knight’s Quest of Ser Conrad ‘The Bulwark’. The writers are most looking forward to the subsequent works of the Battle Bard. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ A NEW KNIGHT PARAMOUNT [!] A painting of the infamous Knights Table located in the hallowed halls of Hallasburg. After the most honourable retirement of Ser Reinhardt ‘The Unbroken’ Barclay from his long-held position as Haense’s Knight Paramount, guiding generations of knights and squires through their Knight Trials and knighthood, His Majesty the King has selected the Barclay’s successor: Ser Walton ‘The Wall’. Ser Walton is a well-travelled, experienced member of the Table - serving as Ser Reinhardt’s Meyster for 13 years prior to this appointment. He is widely acknowledged by Royals, Aulic Officers, and citizens alike, to always be the first to any action in the Capital, and a fierce protector of the Kingdom’s citizenry, making him a perfect fit for the most prestigious position as the holder of the 1st Seat of the Knight’s Table. The Writers wish to thank Ser Reinhardt for his many years of hard work in the Order of the Crow, and congratulate Ser Walton on his ascension. The citizens of Haense await with baited breath the Drowning of the Blades ceremony, where the appointment shall become official. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ NOBLE NEWS A FASHIONABLE DISPLAY IN THE MORRIVI [!] A painting of the royal throne in the Morrivi Palace. To replenish the Royal coffers following the construction costs of our beloved Morrivi Palace - mentioned in the previous edition - the Royal Household of Queen Amadea have decided, in collaboration with her Royal tailors and seamstresses, to host an auction of the outfits created. It is believed that Her Majesty will have her wards model these outfits with the hopes of selling each for a substantial price. The event should be the auction of the season, and the writers imagine that a great majority of these sales will be garments to be worn during the Lifstala season in several years’ time. The event resembles that of a similar auction hosted for an alike reason during the reign of Queen Emma - a most popular affair that this writer remembers fondly from youth. For those with a vested interest in the event, this writer predicts the popularity of garments #5, #6, #10, & #12, and hopes for a substantial success for Her Majesty and the rest of her Council. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR A GRAND REPLENISHMENT OF THE COURTS [!] A portrait of the newly appointed Grand Lord, Mikhail Tuvya var Ruthern. As mentioned in the last edition of the Bull Post, Queen Amadea was searching for willing courtiers to fill the positions of Palace Custodian and Court Chamberlain in her Inner Council. Luckily for her, they were soon filled by Her Ladyship, Zoya vas Ruthern, an ex-Grand Maer of Karosgrad and hardworking headstrong woman with experience managing events in the Palace and Capital, and by Her Ladyship, Maeve Morovar, Baroness-Consort of Ghaestenwald. She may be a newcomer to Her Majesty’s courts, but given her role as the Baroness-Consort there is no doubt her competency and the writers await their forthcoming works with interest. Surprisingly however, Princess-Dowager Dorothea Isabel stepped down from her role as Grand Lady only a few years into her tenure. It seems that Her Majesty wished to keep the role in the family, for she soon inducted His Grace, Mikhail var Ruthern, to serve in his twin’s place. Despite such a swift swapping of positions, hopes for the first Grand Lord in recent memory are high and the writers hope that a fresh Inner Council - under the watchful guidance of Queen Amadea - will bring new ideas and vitality to the Courts. The Bull Post also wanted to dedicate a paragraph to the neverending hard work of the Mistress of the Robes; Her Ladyship, Nikoleta Barbara Baruch and her dutiful team of assistants. The second season of Moda i ve Kort has surpassed expectations and is well on the journey to surpass the gravity & excellence of season one. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR A NOTABLE ANNIVERSARY [!] A copy of the illustration associated with the Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska since its first Edition. While our gossip-giving friend, the Mistress of the Whispers, has yet to make her glorious return for the next Lifstala season, the Writers of the Kortrevich Bull Post wanted to highlight and congratulate its scandalous sister publication for reaching its semisequicentennial anniversary - celebrating 75 years of publication. It’s possible that the majority of the Haeseni population has been affected - even if via proxy - by the infamous anonymous gossip paper. No other publication on the continent can claim that level of infamy, and these writers wanted to take a paragraph to celebrate. Scandalous or infamous, the airing of a new edition of Hearsay will always be a staple of Haeseni gossip and its Lifstala seasons. These writers may be stumped by the ability of the Mistress to continue her brochure over several generations - suspecting an immortal writer - however her consistency is admirable and this Volume of the Bull Post hopes to one day achieve such a legacy. Here’s to another 75 years of Hearsay! WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ A GIFT OF HONOR [!] A portrait of the Lady Palatine working diligently at her desk. The writers wanted to extend their very special thanks to Her Excellency, Lady Isabel Baruch, for her explicit praise and exposure of the Bull Post in her newest institution; dubbed “Honouring the Haeseni”. Ideally, a volume is intended to be published once every four years detailing specific works of Haeseni citizens deserving of praise from the Palatial and Crown offices. The Lady Palatine was most complimentary of the Post, and, in return, her efforts of praise and service are appreciated by the citizens of Haense and this Post. In Volume one, the Lady Palatine wrote commendations of the following: Queen Amadea for her designing of the Morrivi Palace, for the efforts of now-Knight Paramount Ser Walton ‘The Wall’ and now-deceased Lord Godric Colborn in their bravery to take on various beast attacks in the protection of others, to the wards of the Queen’s Council for their proficient event-running - Adelajda Ruthern, Tatyana Ludovar, and Princess Analiesa, to the hardworking Deputy Surgeon General Lucía Rutledge, the Viscountess Kortrevich for revitalising this very Kortrevich Bull Post, and finally, to Lady Elia Colborn for her efforts of constructing a Haeseni Guild of Architects. Each of these citizens are to be praised extensively for all of their work, and the Bull Post hopes that the Lady Palatine’s “Honouring the Haeseni” will continues for many years to come. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION As always, if anyone wishes to be a part of the newspaper or have some sort of advertisement, send a letter to Esmée Kortrevich or Adele Ludovar for more details. Until next year!
  16. YEAR 87 FLORENTINE 3 MARKS [Ferdinand Richardt] 12TH OF SUN’S SMILE Today was a day humanity will not soon forget. King Frederick is dead, and the future of Orenia has never been more uncertain. It began, as great change often does, in court. We were one of the first few to arrive. The King stood beside his wife in silence, waiting for peers to arrive. Only then would Frederick begin his speech. He spoke hesitantly to the few who had dared to make an appearance, tensions were high and this court was believed to be the King’s last. It only took minutes for the crashing of doors and screams of men to startle the denizens within the palace’s hall. About 40-50 figures had stormed in, armored and armed. They were led by Baron Gustaf de Vilain, drawing a chilling silence from the once proud King. It was apparent that he knew what was to come. The King was quick to denounce the men before him, calling the Acre-folk “scum to history” and that the books would remember Gustaf as a “puppet of lessers.” After heated debate, the horribly outnumbered Royalists, consisting largely of Ivanovich clansmen, clashed with the Acre-folk. The King and his wife fled two different directions, abandoning their people and their own children, left alone in the rat’s trap that was the throne room. Blood stained the carpeted floors- most of the men who fought for the King left for dead and butchered. A fleet of men then pursued Frederick, closely followed by our brave reporters. The Acre band’s only obstacle now was the slew of locked doors Frederick had hidden behind, but the wood stood no chance against the impassioned few. At last, the Acre-men arrived at the King’s quarters. The reporters were the first to enter the scene, however, there was nothing to be found of the man. Only a horrid stench wafted, alongside red stains in the carpet. Even then, nothing was seen of the king. Our analysts believe he threw himself from his own balcony. As of writing this, our team is still investigating the river below for evidence. After an hour of searches, the party reconvened in the throne room. There, the men collected themselves, headed by the Baron of Acre himself. He led speeches upon speeches, assuring his bannerman and the citizens who remained. One of our reporters approached the Baron, and was permitted a brief interview. _________________________ SOME DEPICTIONS: [!] The reporters await outside the Royal tower as the Acre-folk break their way in. [!] The reporters examine in awe as the horde attempts to break their way into the room. [!] The king’s odd decor above his bed. [!] The armored Baron Gustaf de Vilain alongside his merry men. _________________________ THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE INTERVIEW WITH BARON GUSTAF DE VILAIN: Interviewed by Mischa Lesanov Interviewer: Mister Gustaf, do you plan to run the nation? What of the royal family and peers? Gustaf: This is a filthy city. It will need to be dismembered, brick by brick. Interviewer: Do you have a vision for what Oren’s future is? Gustaf: Are you familiar with farming? Or even forestry? Interviewer: I am. Will Vienne be turned into farming and woodlands? What of the people’s homes? Will they be relocated? Hannes, son of Gustaf: GOD’s Kingdom of Nature will reclaim Vienne. Interviewer: Is that what Oren is to be called? And will your people truly care for nature and her people, or shall there be another war and coup in due time? Gustaf: Those who are left in Vienne and choose to stay will have their needs taken care of. The Barony of Acre will rebuild. If conflict emerges again, then it is only the way of things. There is no new kingdom. Interviewer: No courts, kings, or peers? Gustaf: I guarantee nothing. Only in that this land will be the Barony of Acre. Interviewer: So you mean to say all of this is nearly lawless- left without a king or stable government? And you only stand for Acre and her people? Gustaf nods. Interviewer: Do you have any other words for the worried people of Oren? Gustaf: Any man or woman holds the right to speak with me. Unlike the Viscount who lies dead now, we don’t intend to strike out individuals wanting to speak or seek council. I am an open book. _________________________ Us, Orenians, are left to ponder: were the countless men we’ve lost during the past few wars and coups worth the cause they fought for? What is left to come of this Kingdom? Will we ever live in peace, or are we due for another war in the coming years? Only time can tell, and even then, the people are restless for peace. It is a morbid irony that our strife for harmony has spilled the most blood. _________________________ “ Let it be made clear and now - there is no man present who could best us. There is no warrior who could outmatch our unified strength. In the end, all that remains will be Acre. Any peer of the now-slain king has nothing but to take this opportunity to stay with us and to settle with peace afterward. GUSTAF OF ACRE, 1882 ” _________________________ In other news, those at Books & Books are still looking to purchase literary collections! The library and store have been growing immensely by the month with exceptional works by renowned writers. So do make your way to Florentine and visit! Do not shy away from penning us with any inquiries you may have.
  17. VE KORTREVICH SAMYZEK POZSKA VOLUME ONE: EDITION TWO TWO MINAS AVAILABLE IN NAUVMARIAN PER PAPER AND AUVERGNIAN ____________________________________________________________________________ WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH THE VISCOUNTESS-REGENT OF KRUSEV & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR THE COUNTESS OF OTISTADT ON THE 13TH OF JOMA AG UMUND OF 436 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________ NEW BULL POST WRITER [!] Countess Adele Ludovar writing the next edition from her office in Otistadt. As everyone should have seen, the lovely writer and founder of “Ve Kortrevich Bull Post” - Esmée Kortrevich - invited anyone interested in participating in her newspaper to contact her, at the conclusion of the previous edition. As such, the Countess Ludovar reached out to her friend with interest in writing a new column for the Bull Post, now dubbed “Noble News”. The section is intended to help readers to keep up with the tumultuous news surrounding Haense’s various Royal and Noble families. It is not designed with the intent of spreading gossip - that duty is held steadfastly by the “Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska”, as endorsed by Her Majesty, Koenas Amadea, and this Post would not dare usurp their writers - but rather spreading the well-known, published news, in a condensed format. The writers hope that its dedicated readers will share their excitement about the new columnist assisting Lady Esmée with alleviating some of her writing duties, and, if needed, will send feedback on what they’d like to see in the column and elsewhere in the Post. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRILLE KORTREVICH & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ NOBLE NEWS AN EXCHANGE OF GRAND LADIES [!] A pair of portraits of Grand Lady, Georgina Barclay, and Grand Lady, Dorothea Isabel. Saddening news befell the Courts of Hanseti-Ruska when Matyas Baruch had to announce the death of Queen-Mother Emma Karenina’s second Grand Lady, Duchess-Dowager Georgina Sofiya Barclay. It was said that the Dowager was suffering from a disease plaguing her lungs for many years before she eventually passed away with her family from birth, in the rolling Baruch hills of Valwyck. Her Excellency will be remembered for her many years of diligency at the hands of both Koenas Emma and Amadea, for spearheading the planning and operation of the most successful Lifstala season to date, and for being the figurehead holding the first ever Aulic position afforded to the Queen’s Council; as Her Excellency, the 19th Haucherzenas of Haense. However, Queen Amadea must have acknowledged that the Council cannot mourn for too long, lest its productivity stall, for she appointed her sister in-law; Her Highness, Princess-Dowager Dorothea Isabel as the next Grand Lady of Haense. The Princess-Dowager has already spent many years serving as Her Majesty’s Court Chamberlain - likely in training to become Grand Lady - and the writers of this Post have high hopes for her tenure. In similar news, these appointments have left berths in the Inner Council, with Her Majesty searching for willing replacements. Apparently Her Highness, Princess Aloisa, appears to have stepped down from her position as Palace Custodian, and thus the Koenas requires participants to adopt the positions of Palace Custodian and Court Chamberlain respectively. For those interested, the Court Chamberlain is tasked with working alongside the Grand Maer of Karosgrad to operate several events in the Royal City of Karosgrad, while the Palace Custodian is tasked with the operation of events within the Prikaz itself. In her Queen’s Curation, the Koenas planned to interview any prospective candidates, and this Post shall surely share updates once the new appointments have been announced. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR VE MORRIVI PRIKAZ: THE SPRING PALACE [!] A painting of the grand Morrivi Prikaz, as illustrated by Esmée Kortrevich. The Royal Pair were proud to announce their newest long-term project; dubbed “Ve Morrivi Prikaz”, or “The Spring Palace”. The Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar employed a group of diligent deconstruction workers who went around the clock to break down our beloved old Nikirala Prikaz, and replace it with the Spring Palace - whose build plans were designed by the Queen-Consort herself, over several years. The construction of the Spring Palace took several months, after which it now stands as a shining jewel of Haense’s progress and prosperity. The Palace holds a sizable Royal Residence, an indoor and outdoor ballroom, an extensive feast hall, the King’s Court room, various Aulic offices, an expansive residence for Her Majesty’s wards, its own chapel, a large Palace library, a refitted Duma hall, hidden away in the depths are the Royal vaults and servant quarters, along with halls upon halls of noble apartments. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR DUCAL DEVELOPMENTS [!] An illustration of the Rozenfeld village of Reinmar. A well-worded missive published by Her Princely Grace, the Duchess of Reinmar, described the various illustrious additions to its rosey fields. For example, the bustling village of Rozenfeld appears (on this writer’s inspection) to have sprung up from the ground in the Duchy. It hosts a flourishing ecosystem of shops, jousting facilities, cosy cottage homes, and the Reinmaren docks filled to the brim with bobbing ships across its expansive harbour. The village boasts a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the Royal City, and the dutiful protection of its newly established houseguard. Along with these new developments, the Princely issue seemed proud to introduce a new bordgame to our cold northern expanses. Dubbed “Waldenian Ur”, it promises to be a strategic and chance-based game similar to Haeseni chess, yet featuring a greater shortness of matches compared to its older counterpart. Luckily, further notation has been published by the Duchess on the rules of the game, and, since then (under this writer’s observation, at least), the Ur board has rarely been left unattended by the plethora of enthusiastic Rozenfeld residents. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ AN OFFER OF ADVERTISEMENT With the General Elections of Haense beginning at the moment, these writers thought it pertinent to put out offers of advertisement to any prospective Royal Aldermen, or Grand Maers. The Post will take payment for such pieces of writing, and in exchange they shall present an account of the candidate in question’s past achievements, campaign promises, and their background, for any puzzled voters to get a more personal feel of any candidates. If requested, the Post shall also interview paying candidates and quote them as required in the subsequent edition. If there is anything that candidates wish to tell voters, but could not include in their campaign posts, this would be the place to do so. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRILLE KORTREVICH & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION If anyone wishes to be a part of the newspaper or have some sort of advertisement, send a letter to Esmée Kortrevich or Adele Ludovar for more details. Until next year!
  18. VE KORTREVICH SAMYZEK POZSKA VOLUME ONE: EDITION ONE TWO MINAS AVAILABLE IN NAUVMARIAN PER PAPER AND AUVERGNIAN _____________________________________________________________________________________ WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH THE VISCOUNTESS-REGENT OF KRUSEV ON THE 6TH OF JULA AG PIOV OF 434 E.S. _____________________________________________________________________________________ HOUSE COLBORN RISES UP! [!] A painting of Godric Adrian Colborn and Adrian Erik Colborn standing in front of their family tavern. House Colborn has served the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska for almost half a millennia, dating back to the 23rd of The First Seed - 1501. It was quite dormant for some time after the Vaeyl War but recently the family has made a comeback. They have taken the city’s tavern under their wing, transforming it completely. The tavern now has life and love, being poured into each drink. With the help of Dame Mariya Vyronov and the new and old staff of the Tavern, things are expected to go well. Not only has the family helped the city’s tavern prosper but they have donated materials and goods to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl due to the recent conflict ongoing in Almaris. While the older generation including the Patriarch and his brother, both having served as Lord Palatine and High Justiciar respectively. Our Koeng, Karl III, has noticed their efforts and hardwork, honoring them with nobility. House Colborn is now a barony under the Bethlenen name. _____________________________________________________________________________________ THE CHURCH GALA + RECRUITMENT [!] A painting of Katerina Cardinal Jorenus hosting a mass in the Basilica of St. Heinrik. Her Eminence, Katerina Cardinal Jorenus, is hosting her very first event since becoming The Patriarchate of Jorenus. It's under a gala theme, allowing attendees to dress up as their favorite patron saints from Canonism. The activities are a pit fight, a horse race, a fair, and the big raffle - each ticket is 10 mina. There's a long list of prizes such as a housemagery book, commissioned artwork, one of a kind doll, and even an exclusive piece from the Silken Lily by Johanna Vuiller. It will be a joyous day for all Canonists to come together and celebrate. Come by and have fun. Along with this, the church is recruiting. It does not matter the status or age, the church welcomes all. If anyone is interested in joining, contact any clergy member for more information. _____________________________________________________________________________________ MOTHER ORCHID’S LOVE [!] A painting of where the Mother Orchid’s Love meetings are held. The first meeting of the Mother Orchid’s Love was a success! Tons of the parents came by, discussing parenthood over tea and Auvergnian pastries. Everyone who came had to introduce themselves, state their worst fear of being a parent, and what’s the best thing of being a parent. There were different responses when it came to the second question, some said being a parent was the best part, others said watching their children grow was the peak of parenthood. But there was a common fear among the parents, which was disappointing our children, not doing enough for them. Disappointing our children will happen at some point, if it's for the right or wrong reasons. I think we do enough for our children but it's up to us, helping them understand what we do for them and why we do it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ HOUSE VERNHART STEPS UP As the war goes on, House Vernhart has stepped up by donating a good majority of resources and materials for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. The items donated goes as follows 1728 ingots of iron, 66 pieces of leather, 1728 pieces of coal, 192 ferrum longswords, 576 ferrum-tipped arrows, 700 golden carrots, 558 loafs of bread, and 785 pieces of steak. The BSK sends their gratitude and thanks. _____________________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION If anyone wishes to be a part of the newspaper or have some sort of advertisement, send a letter to Esmée Kortrevich for more details. Until next year!
  19. [!] An unwanted newspaper is found inside your mailbox... The Hay Herald ~Bringing you quality news since a few Pumpkin Days ago!~ CONTENTS: ~Bigguns NEGLECT halfling child!~ ~Thief banished from the village, a supper gone WRONG!~ ~Upcoming village meeting~ ~Farm good prices~ ~Bigguns NEGLECT halfling child!~ In the far away lands of Celia'nor, where the strange-speaking bigguns do strange biggun things, a halfling child lives in a state of poverty, neglected by their so-called biggun "caretakers" who have failed at their duties in every way imaginable! I spoke with this child earlier, and they confirmed that they sleep every night in random bushes and are forced to scavenge the streets for food, often eating nothing but bugs and dirt! This child apparently has biggun caretakers over in Celia'nor, and yet they allow "their" child (which they have nay right to adopt in the first place, for all halflings belong in Honeyhill and naywhere else!) to live in absolute poverty! If any of ye newspaper readers are ever in Celia'nor and see a small halfling girl with brown hair, green eyes, tanned complexion, and humble clothing, bring them over to Honeyhill AT ONCE to end the cycle of CHILD ABUSE, NEGLECT, AND OPPRESSION! Halfling children should NOT be raised on the streets in biggun cities, for they all deserve a warm burrow and plenty of proper meals! ~A supper gone WRONG!~ ~The supper party in question~ The supper party in my burrow I brought up in the previous volume had a sour turn! I should have never let one of the big folks do the cooking; they could barely even find the kitchen and their food tasted terrible! After shoving their bad cooking down my throat, this foul biggun made off with some of my cheese and booze! As such, they now be BANISHED from Honeyhill! ~A drawing of the thief!~ Do NOT let this biggun enter the village until they've returned what they stole! ~Upcoming Village Meeting~ Keep an eye on the noticeboard for the final meeting date! The Thain & other elders ought to decide on a time shortly. While attendance will nay be mandatory, if you have any ideas for the future of Honeyhill and us weefolks as a whole, the meeting will be the best place to voice what ye have to say! ~Farm Goods Prices~ Trading resumed this year with strong growth in potato and wheat values. Increasing nearly two-fold in price, potatoes and breads skyrocket in value as bakeries shut down in this tight labor market while populations continue to soar on Almaris. It seems that with the influx of monk-provided minas, few of the bigguns want to work anymore, leading to new opportunities for halfling traders to enter the waning biggun farm good market. Pumpkins, long used as a medium of exchange, saw their trading volume decreased as pumpkin farming goes to producing pumpkin pies instead of acting as wealth to hoard engage in trade with. Hay bales, however, might be the NEW pumpkin when it comes to farm good barter. If wheat prices continue to increase, this very well may become the case, much to the disappointment of horses everywhere who've grown used to plentiful feed. It seems like prices can only go up! There is truly no ceiling to this growth! I fully expect individual bundles of wheat to hit 200 pumpkin value by the end of next year, if this current trajectory continues! Trade in your pumpkins for wheat/hay now or else you'll be left behind! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill, Newspaper writer.
  20. elparir’thilln issue no. 4 printed by the Silver Printing Press 3rd of the Sun’s Smile, 78 S. A pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… THE UNION OF HAELUN’OR AND IRON’UZG The entire political arena of Almaris has been shaken now more than ever, by the historic unification of the nations of Haelun’or and Krugmar, on the 11th of the First Seed, 75 of the Second Age. Thenceforth the two nations are to act, globally, as one, binding their forces into one superstate known as “The Horde”. To some of the inhabitants of the Silver State, the news has come as a surprise, however this union is the culmination of decades of diplomatic efforts, primarily conducted by the Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos. The unionship entails the merging of the two states, of extensive cultural exchanges and academical collaborations, as well as a complete military cooperation. As per agreement, the Silver Island will also see upon it the construction of shrines, dedicated to the Spiritualist religion of the brave Uruk people. Politically, the Silver Government will function as normal, and the laws of the Haelun’orian people will hold as usual, Karinah’siol functioning as a citystate within The Horde. This pact is designed to hold for twenty years, afterwards needing reaffirmation every eight years. It is also affirmed, that any of the two nations may secede from the union, should they so desire. The High Elven delegation, led by the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, hailed this historic moment as a guarantee of peace and protection, sorely needed by the Mali’aheral people, still recovering from the bloody turmoil of the past decades. Many people within Haelun’orian society optimistically foresee that the impending dread of further war upon the Silver People will dissipate, and the Silver Council will properly begin to draw towards inward perfection, towards the healing of the Motherland. “I love Haelun’or! I love Iron’uezheg! I love the Horde! WAAEUGH!” declared an enthusiastic citizen of Haelun’or for our paper, celebrating future prospects from inside the Night Owl Parlour. pg. 2 THE RETIREMENT OF THE MAHERAL Late into the evening, on the 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 75 of the Second Age, a missive from the office of the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya announced his retirement to the High Elven people. The now Malaurir Ni’leya’s initial plans of retirement were undone when the future of the Mali’thill people was threatened with extermination, with the invasion of Ivarielle and her mass-murdering mercenaries. Assuming the mantle of cultural leader in a time of crisis, the Malaurir vowed to stir the Silver State out of impending doom, restore democratic institutions and see the invaders driven out of the Silver Island. Seeing himself successful in all the initial tasks, with the ‘fennic forces routed and a democratic Silver Government instituted, the missive reaffirmed the desire of Braxus Ni’leya to retire to more peaceful and private affairs. The Maheral did not name a successor via missive, meaning that, in due time, the ancient Malauriran shall convene once more, and themselves decide who shall succeed the Ni’leya. So far no citizen has expressed, in writing, the intention of being considered as a candidate. But such is likely to change in near time. pg. 3 CLIMATE CHANGE UPON HAELUN’OR Disturbing news come out from our very own Blessed City, Karinah’siol. A storm of unprecedented proportions, of yet unknown scientific causes, has, beginning on the 77 of the Second Age, engulfed the entire island of Haelun’or. The entire tropical climate of the region has been undone, with temperatures plummeting to well below the freezing point of water, the lush green pastures being transformed into desolate permafrost. Multiple sources maintain a sense of dread that, should these new climatic conditions endure for much longer, “then the ecological chain of this island is threatened to collapse”. The authorities of Haelun’or, notably the Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos urged calm and trust in government, assuring that, through the State, and through the fares coming from the more tame lands of the Rexdom, there is an ample supply of necessities and various commodities to maintain our most Blessed way of life. Simultaneously, citizens of Haelun’or are advised to don warm, thick clothes to protect themselves from the raging blizzard, and to avoid sitting in the cold and late into the hour for longer than it is necessary. In times like these it is important to remember that fashion comes second for Mali’thill, and that first and foremost comes practicality and the preservation of one’s health. “The people of Haelun’or have nothing to fear. The houses of Karinah’siol are true gems, built with the highest of care towards sustainability. All have a revolutionary structure that allows heat to be recycled and stored very efficiently, so that no child of Larihei will ever know frost inside its abode.” declared an architect of Haelun’or for our newspaper. pg. 4 BEWARE, FROST WITCHES Following the recent climate catastrophe, information has been revealed of a coven of Frost Witches conducting operations on Haelun’orian grounds, orchestrating attacks upon our Silver Bastion. In light of this grave revelation, the denizens of Karinah’siol are urged to take increased care as they go about their activities. The Silver Government urges all Mali’thill to move in groups, to avoid unlit, remote locations or narrow alleys, and to report any dubious activities to the nearest body of authority. Frost Witches are devious monsters, exclusively females, that hunt and feed on the blood of males. They are particularly dangerous for their magical and cunning abilities. Some voices within society have entertained the prospect that perhaps these Frost Witches are the cause of the recent snow storm, or that they launched their operation upon our nation following the storm, in a perceived moment of weakness. Whatever the answer, the people of Haelun’or are, once more, urged to trust their institutions and elected officials, and to follow reason and the advice of their representatives, so that Mali’thill may, as has been done so often in our past, weather this storm and further pursue maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. pg. 5 ay'maehr.... PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT pg. 6 Haelunor’itone.... MALINOR BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD In a surprising turn of events, the Elven World witnesses the development of yet another superstate. The nations of Elvenesse, Fenn, Nor’asath as well as the kinslayer’s den, have announced the merging of them all into a High Princedom of ‘Malin’or’. The newly formed nation functions as a sort of confederate monarchy, with its first proclaimed ruler being Vytrek Tundrak, the ruler of the Mali’fenn. The process for the appointing of the steward of this new nation appears as a rather exhaustive electoral process, whose central figures are the ‘Malauriran’, i. e. the reigning monarchs of each of the constituent states. Whether this move comes in response to Haelun’or’s unionship or it was something long in the making, sources could not come to agreement. It remains to be seen what diplomatic moves will both sides make, though it is generally expected that this resurrected High Princedom will appear hostile towards the Silver State. “First Haelun’or and Iron’uzg, now Elvenesse and Fenn. I quit!” declared a disheartened Haelun’orian cartographer, expressing horror at the recent trend displayed by nations situated on polar opposites to merge with each other, to create “border gore”. [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers, more recently equipped with impeccable clothing and daggers, to resist not only the raging frost, but also any potential Frost Witch that may be foolish enough to approach these employees of State.
  21. [!] A newspaper is put into your mailbox! You don't even remember subscribing to this newspaper.... The Hay Herald ~Quality news since yesterday!~ CONTENTS: ~Flower Dance is a success!~ ~Bad for business? A key insight into Celia'nor's managerial issues!~ ~Dinner Party @ the Applefoot burrow~ ~Farm good prices~ ~Flower Dance is a success!~ Good news for all ye party goers! The Flower Dance was a huge success, rivaled only by the Knox-o'-ween parties many Pumpkin moons ago! Fields were harvested, food was consumed en masse, and flowers were danced upon until they broke under the strain of many feet both big and small! Let us hope that future parties are as successful as this one was! ~Celia'nor, bad for business?~ Recent news coming from Adalgrin, a good pal of mine, tells an interesting story about the far-away mystical biggun land of Celia'nor. It seems over there the bigguns don't accept trades of any kind, preventing good ol' Adalgrin from opening a bakery there by paying taxes in booze and breads! Yet another instance of Big Government RUINING the dreams of a potential small business owner with unfair taxation and regulation! With this, I create the new Halfling Ease o' Doing Business Index (which ranks the ease that a halfling can get good trades in whatever nation be measured). The rankings now be as follows: Celia'nor: 1/10, barter is not accepted at all! Honeyhill: 9/10, we accept all barter! good for business! Haense: Probably around 5/10, haven't tried to open up a bakery there yet. Balian: 7/10, they love trading for my apples whenever I head down there, although theft remains a problem. ~Dinner Party @ the Applefoot Burrow~ ~A previous dinner party in the Applefoot burrow~ There be a dinner party in the Applefoot burrow planned in but a few days! Ye really ought to head over and take part! ((5 pm est, TODAY on 5/28/2022)) ~Farm good prices~ The market for farm goods remains strong, with apples leading growth in the sector with it's 50% growth from 2 pumpkins to 3 pumpkins value per apple. Hay prices remain stagnant at 1:1 with pumpkins, and beetroots crash once again to 20 roots per pumpkin with new Beelot slave production kicking up again after the Grand Bee Capturing o' Haelun'or. "Oi 'ave nay oidea who' th' curren' proices o' fahm goods ah- BU' OI SAY TH' PROICES MUS' GO UP! OUAH LABOH SHOULD BEH APPRECIA'ED!" -Adalgrin Bunce With such bullish analysis from resident business-halfling Adalgrin Bunce, how can one not feel the urgent need to invest one's life savings into Honeyhill grown & produced foodstuffs? -Filibert Applefoot, Elder halfling of Honeyhill, local newspaper writer.
  22. elparir’thilln issue no. 3 printed by the Silver Printing Press 8th of the Snow’s Maiden, 73 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… BLACK MAGIC WITHIN THE VALWYNN MANOR Early into the month of the Deep Cold of the fateful year of 71 of the Second Age, the society of Haelun’or would be shaken by a most sinister discovery. Within the manor of the kinslayer Ayliana, within the heart of the Silver District, right next to the heart of the Motherland, the Citadel, it has been found out, by the Okarir’tir of the Silver State, that therein existed a shrine most foul, made of an unknown material black and red in colouring, possessing a fiery pit in the centre. Following this discovery, the Silver State was quick to contact a Paladin of Xan, which promptly confirmed that indeed the nefarious construction was a shrine dedicated to the foul Azdromoth, the Drakaar that, much like the humiliated Setherien, seeks to enslave the Descendants and turn the world into its feudal demesne. Soon thereafter, following an even more thorough inspection, there has been uncovered a vast array of secret tunnels, leading to what look like storage facilities. Many hypotheses have sprung about the purpose of these storage areas. Some have speculated that they have been used by the Valwynn to hide the property stolen from Mali’thill families, while others have taken a more extreme proposition, suggesting that the areas were used to hide the dead bodies of those civilians killed by the infamous Blue Berets. In light of these discoveries, the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya was quick to release an official denouncement, asking simultaneously for the residents of the Valwynn manor to present themselves before the Silver Citizens, and stand trial for the suspected moral degeneracy. As expected by many, however, none have presented themselves for a trial thus far, and instead opt to evade justice once more, leaving unanswered many of the queries that exist within the minds of the inhabitants of the Silver District. Despite access to the manor being restricted by the Okarir’tir until further notice, it has been reported that adventurous children often wonder within the haunted grounds to partake in spooky childish activities, including playing a more morbid variant of the game Hide & Seek, wherein one or more Valwynnites, the monsters, have to search for the hiding Republicans and “devour” them. pg. 2 CROWDRAKE ATTACK UPON THE SILVER CITY On the latest month of the Sun’s Smile, the denizens of Karinah’siol have been graced by a most joyous festival, the wedding of two Kharajyr citizens, part of the group that wishes to settle within the Silver State of Haelun’or. The deftly planned celebration, however, was brusquely interrupted shortly after the official wedding concluded, by nothing other than a dreadful Crowdrake. This Crowdrake beast, which looked very much just like an oversized crow, incredibly dangerous due to its sheer size and strength, was probably drawn to the ceremony by the splendid smell of food, which completely engulfed the northern Silver District on the day of the celebration. This flying beast was able to descend and severely injure many attendants, including one of the newlyweds. Of paramount importance in defending the city proved to be the Medi’ir Pamphilos Hyptos, the Tilruir’tayna Seth Calith and the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya, which was the one to deliver the killing blow upon the beast. At the scene was also present the Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn who, possessing extensive medical knowledge, was able to offer first aid to those injured, and prevent any citizens of our Blessed Motherland from perishing. This unprecedented attack has exposed a flaw in the military capability of the Sillumiran patrols to fight aerial beings. To remedy this, the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, who was also present during the struggle, has pledged to begin immediately the process to acquire and equip the Sillumiran with state-of-the-art crossbows, so that such threats are, in the future, neutralised before they manage to harm Larihei’s children. pg. 3 TROUBLE AT THE SULLAS SOIRÉE The latest success of the Okarir’mali, the Sullas Soirée, proved to be not without amusing drama. As the activities were in full swing, allegedly one guest, related to the Sohaer, broke a glass of beverage, attempted to hide the fact and, when discovered, went on to pin the blame on the ancient Seth Calith. This prompted the aforementioned Calith to confront the Sohaer in rather brusque fashion, and ask for a public apology from his kinsman. Fortunately, the party proceeded thereafter jovially, thanks in no small part to the organisational abilities of the Okarir’mali, who has also announced further plans of events, such as a painting activity, to entertain the public of Karinah’siol. Still on a light note, the event saw the sudden return of the twice former Okarir’maehr, the wisened Aiera Sullas, whom many presumed to have perished during the bloody ‘fennic occupation. pg. 4 THE PUBLIC POST OFFICE IN FULL SWING Continuing the successes of the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, a State-administered post office has been set up in the public square, near the tavern, now renamed by the Okarir'mali as The Night Owl Parlour. Therein, denizens of Karinah’siol are encouraged to drop correspondence, which, through professional couriers, are then delivered to the specified address or person, in a prompt and secure fashion. This project has seen thus far resounding success, people, like blue-eyed Mali’thill, successfully contacting their peers, like open, yet uncommitted denizens, for various matters of importance. pg. 5 Haelunor’itone… THE EMPIRE OF MAN SHATTERED After almost two decades of constant struggle, following a devastating defeat at Eastfleet, a battle known now as Philip’s Folly, the Holy Orenian Empire was forced to sign a humiliating peace with the Kingdom of Urguan and the other members of the Coalition. Presumably shortly after, Philip III passed away, being succeeded, as per Orenian Law, by his eldest son, Philip IV. However, a succession crisis occurred when his younger brother, Frederick, staked his own claim to the throne. The Empire was torn apart and civil war ensued, allegedly some contemporary historians began dubbing it the Brothers’ War. This bloody conflict was, however, short-lived, and ended on the 21st of the Sun’s Smile, year 72 of the Second Age, when Frederick’s forces battled with the Imperial Army in the Imperial Capital. The Imperial Army was officially defeated, and Philip IV perished soon thereafter. Thusly, the Holy Orenian Empire is no more, with the now king Frederick I proclaiming himself as the King of the Orenian Kingdom. Many hearts within the Silver State of Haelun’or have expressed sorrow at this anarchical conflict, knowing too well how tragic civil strife can be, recalling the not-so-distant attempt of the Valwynn to take over the nation. Other voices have expressed growing anxiety over the ascension of Frederick I, speculating that his reign may mark the abandonment of a centralised Imperial administration, and a descent into a bitter reactionary feudalism. pg. 6 KRUGMAR AT WAR The continent of Almaris knows no rest. Citing alleged instances of “racism” and a failed assassination attempt, the Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal has issued a proclamation calling for the rallying of the Uruk people and for marching upon the Duchy of Elysium. So far have been reported only isolated skirmishes and sporadic engagements within the forest bordering the two nations, with the main assault upon the city of Elysium yet to come. Owing to the fact that diplomatic affairs are a matter of national security, an official statement from the Silver Government, concerning the conflict, has not been made public. pg. 7 EBONWOOD DISBANDED Perhaps as a consequence of the Orenian Empire falling apart, its chief Elven vassal, the land of the Imperial Elves, Ebonwood, has been officially disbanded, by one named Amaesil Vuln’miurel, into whom were vested regency powers following the alleged state of ill health that has befallen Minuvas Melphestaus. As a result, an exodus has been created, afflicting the now former residents of Ebonwood. Reportedly, many have sought refuge in the lands of the Vortice. Reactions to this development, within Haelun’or, have been generally gravitating towards sympathy. In a quick public poll, a citizen declared for the newspaper: “I don’t agree with this cult of Malin that this Minuvas made, but I think the multiple calls for inter-Elven diplomacy on neutral grounds, especially during the conflict with the ‘fennic monsters, however futile they proved to be, were at least noble ideas that were worth preserving. It is a sad day for the Elven people.” [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  23. elparir’thilln issue no. 2 printed by the Silver Printing Press 21st of the Amber Cold, year 71 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor'ito... THE HEIAL’THILLN COMPLETE Early into this Elven week, the denizens of Karinah’siol have been greeted by the most pleasant news of the occupation of the last remaining open seats within the Silver Council. Following a brief electoral round, Elarhil Sullas ascended to the Okarir’mali tenureship, which has been empty ever since the days of the kinslayer. The now newly elected Okarir’mali has even published, albeit a very brief, list of objectives to be followed during his ministry. Even further, shortly after his election, the Sullas had already arranged for a soirée, which was seen as a promising success, rejuvenating the people of Karinah’siol, so weary of the recent memory of war, and rumour has it he has many more events in store still. It has been noted that even the self proclaimed speaker of Malin’s kin, the lord of Ebonwood, Minuvas Melphestaus counted among the guests of this primordial social event. While not altogether spectacular on its own, such a thing could hopefully herald a warming of relations between the Silver State and the Continental world. Outside of the Electoral world were the offices of the Mediir’an, the Sohaer’s direct adjutants. Following the political reforms of the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, to such offices were concentrated the diplomatic efforts of the State. Following a meritocratic assessment of potential candidates, to the aforementioned positions were elevated the Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, and the already famous Malaurir Ikur Sullas, known for his thirty-year Maheralship during the late Arcasian Haelun’orian Republic. While, for matters concerning State security, their current endeavours shall remain undisclosed, this pair inspires hope for the future, and is most certainly seen as a wise decision on the part of the Sohaer to elevate the two. Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, still young on the political scene of Haelun’or, has been described as lacking that unwavering attitude to the dogmas of the past, which some older politicians appear to possess. Further, by trade a sailor, he has travelled to many exotic corners of the world, familiarising himself with foreign customs, thus making him an excellent Mali’aheral to have on the diplomatic arena. At the other spectrum lies the ancient Ikur Sullas, who many believed to have retreated from the world of politics. Perhaps lacking that same novelty that his homolog seems to have, Ikur Sullas is, at a closer glance, a perfect piece to balance the international efforts of the Nation. Possessing much experience amassed over centuries of activity, and establishing many connections, especially in the realms of the Valah, it seems of no question that the wisened Malaurir shall stand sentinel over the international security and prosperity of the Silver State of Haelun’or. pg. 2 THE REVIVAL OF THE EVARIR’THILL IL’CRUAN The latest announcement from the office of the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya sees the reintroduction of the ancient institution of the evarir’thill il’cruan. This ancient order, architected by the famous Kalenz Uradir, serves as a guardian of purity, directly under the administration of the Maheral. The duties of its members include the investigation of dubious members of our Blessed society, of those that are suspected of harbouring impure beliefs that may threaten the security of the State and the progress and health of Larihei’s children. While the Maheral’s proclamation does not state it explicitly, it is implied that the members of this order will remain secret, in order to protect the paths of investigation from potential corruption and intimidation attempts upon investigators. To most citizens of Karinah’siol, this reenactment of the order seems most justified, for, it is reasoned, while the bandit pretender may have been expelled from the Silver City, it is believed her evil intentions of subjugation have not disappeared entirely. Thusly, the evarir’thill il’cruan is a most needed mechanism of further protection from the evil plots of the bandit and the kinslayer. “We are facing an oppressive, reactionary enemy that seeks to relegate Larihei, and elevate in her place an illegitimate bandit. They want to do away with our egalitarian social order, and bring about an obsolete one; a feudal caste system that even the Valah have started to abandon. It is unfortunate that we must renounce a degree of privacy, yet it is a necessary sacrifice I personally am willing to make, so as to ensure our societal well-being, collective happiness, Stately security, and the continuation of our most enlightened way of life. Besides, I know I am pure of both mind and body, so I have nothing to hide.” stated a regular Mali’aheral citizen, when asked about the necessity of the evarir’thill il’cruan. pg. 3 THE RETURN OF THE KHARAJYR The Silver Island upon which the city of Karinah’siol is built is healing, after decades of turmoil. As evidence to this stands the expressed desire of a group of Kharajyr to construct a settlement on the island. The Kharajyr are a most noble people, having a long history with the Mali’aheral. Many ‘aheral, in light of this most beautiful friendship, have even voiced their opinions that the position of Tilruir’kha should be reinstated, one which granted the Kharajyr a voice in the Silver Council, last during the last Haelun’orian Republic, some 70 years ago. An official position on the political status of the Kharajyr remains yet unknown, but it is doubtless that chances of such an emancipation would grow proportionally with the actual number of Kharajyr which seek to settle within the Silver State, so far remaining rather small. Hopes are, however, that their numbers will only grow from here on, and a most ancient community will sprung to live once more in harmony with the children of Larihei. Donation boxes have been prepared by the Silver Government, however, inviting all Mali’aheral that may possess an excess of marble, quartz, sandstone and other construction materials, to donate them to the noble cause of the Kharajyr. pg. 4 THE BANNER OF HAELUN’OR Gone are the traumatising days when the Mali’aheral fervently debated among one another the correct approach to routing the ‘fennic menace from their homes. Now, they turn to more lighthearted matters, yet still with just as much passion. To honour those poor civilians, mothers and children, that were mercilessly slaughtered by the ‘fennic occupiers, as well as to honour those heroes that actively engaged the invaders and thus died in the name of Larihei, the Silver Government announced and temporarily implemented the changing of the colour of the National Standard, from red to black. However, with the period of mourning drawing to an end, and with the beginning of the proper reconstruction, voices within society have expressed their opinion that the new, temporary colour, should instead stay permanently. This has evolved into a proper debate involving all of the denizens of Karinah’siol regarding which colour should grace the Silver State’s banner. Following an ad-hoc voting within the Public Assembly, the struggle evolved between the colour red, and the colour blue. As the main counterpoint to red, some people have expressed that it would herald a return to the more dark pasts of the Silver State, those of the Diarchy, characteristic of their undemocratic society, whereas the concern with blue was that it would make the Standard of Haelun’or too similar to that of the ‘fenn. This has not stopped, however, some people to come with more outlandish propositions, such as having the colour pink upon the National flag, in the memory of Azorella Elibar’acal, the late Malaurir assassinated towards the end of the Diarchy almost a century ago, since then a martyr of the democratic cause. Other people have proposed to return to a system of colour-coding according to each colour’s associated meaning within Mali’aheral culture, each institution bearing a flag of different colour, in relation to its purpose, such as the Library hoisting a blue flag, while the Sillumiran quarters a red one; only the coat of arms is to remain the same. Ultimately, following multiple polls, and the vote in the Assembly, it has been expressed by the majority that the colour red upon the Standard should be reintroduced. This development was announced officially not long ago by the Silver Administration, thusly the colour red shall make its return upon the banners of the Silver State. pg. 5 INTERVIEW WITH THE SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS It is with utmost pleasure that this newspaper editorial team receives the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris’s positive reply to the invitation of participating in an interview for this very newspaper. The Sohaer, not a novice on the political arena, has been voted as the Nation’s steward at a most critical time, and is therefore the centre of attention, for his decisions can potentially ruin, or usher into prosperity, the very nation of Larihei’s children. It is with that in mind, that it has been seen fit to invite the Sohaer to answer a few questions of importance to the public of Karinah’siol, recorded as below: Interviewer: “Sohaer, ahern ito nae’leh, for accepting this invitation and for agreeing to answer a few questions that I think are of importance to the public. Let me begin on a light note. Now that you have ascended to leadership, the invaders have been driven out and the Silver Council is full. Do you have optimism for the future, do you see this nation prosper in the years to come?” The Sohaer: “Well, I am a man of honesty, llir, and I must say I do see a bright future for the Mali’thill, for Haelun’or. This is not to say there shall be no troubles along the way - I’ve no doubt there is still much yet to be done, llir! But as an overall, I do indeed believe this is the beginning of something great.” Interviewer: “Over the past years, it seems that the entire intellectual world of the Elvendom has been captured by one idea, that of Elven Unity. What do you think about Elven Unity? How do you view such a concept, and how do you propose the attitude of the Silver State to be in regards to other Elven realms?” The Sohaer: “It is regretful that, in recent years, our relations with our Mali cousins have been rather strained. In terms of Elven Unity - I am most amicable to the possibility. Ne another Dominion of Malin; The Silver People do not seek a return to the forests of the ‘ame - yet a closer allyship, perhaps a co-elven committee? Should our ‘ame and ‘ker cousins hold a similar view, this is a possibility that definitely sits upon the horizons. It is my goal as Sohaer to branch out and engage the Silver State in the affairs of the realm once more.” Interviewer: “Now, you are of course no stranger to politics. You had a rather brief attempt to guide the nation, during the Republican Revolution. The question arises, then: What have you learned from those days? What did that period of turmoil teach you personally concerning leadership?” The Sohaer: “I expected this one to come up. That time was one of immense stress. As you might know, I held the position of Okarir’tir for an elven year or so prior to my brief first Sohaership; I was placed into the position in a rushed manner, the duty of mediation and stabilisation falling upon me. I soon learnt that the office of Sohaer functions quite differently to that of ‘tir. It is not a position in which you might command alone. After the assassination of dear Malaurir Azorella, there was much chaos afoot within elcihi. Those councillors that had been noted as suspects for possible involvement, many of whom were close llir of mine; I believed their story entirely. As someone who was not present when the attack happened, I could not fathom that these certain members of the Citizenry were so quick to place blame, to further bloodshed, rather than investigate properly the incident. In my absence, a small mob formed not long after Azorella’s death, attempting to throw the councillors who had been present at the scene into the acid pits for failing to intervene. To this, I hoped to finally make conclusion of the terrible event. Myself and mister Acaele, who was not, began making preparations to hold one large trial, chaired by the Malauriran, wherein those who were accused of complicitness in the assassination might be tried, yet so would those who acted in rashness, causing damage, assaulting the accused without provision of fair, proper trial. Unfortunately, I made the decision within this time to remove mister Maehr’tehral from my Silver Council. A popular ‘thill at the time, spearheading a great deal of the call for the immediate incarceration of all Councillors present at the scene. This, in turn, sparked the call for democracy. Now, llir - you must forgive my acts in this regard. As a young oem’ii, I had seen Okarn’thilln fall - it was in Fi’halen, under the system of Diarchy, that I had spent most of my life. A prosperous time it was, for the most of it. But ti - you can begin to imagine, I did not have the prettiest picture of democracy, nor a great understanding of its strengths. In retrospect, I can see my mistake. It was with this mindset that I put the growing calls for democracy aside - I had thought it to be an issue I might deal with at a later time, after the trials were sorted, after elcihi was back together. I was incorrect; and I failed to bring about elcihi’s confidence in me. I had kept mister Kinahen upon my council, who, I was later informed, whether purposefully or not, directly failed to intervene in the murder of Azorella, standing only a few steps away from her as she died; a bystander, in such a time of great crisis. With these upsets compiling, it came to be upon the date of the trial that the Citizenry declared Acaele to not be, and formally demanded elections. With this realisation, I bowed my head. I felt it was not fitting for me to run for Sohaer at the time. Instead, I took my leave from elcihi for a period of self-reflection; to recount those events, to grow, and to better myself. It is in recent years that I have returned, and in a situation of such crisis, I hope that this time I might redeem for the missed opportunity back then, the chance for progress squandered and the failure to lead with rightful approach.” Interviewer: “You have been denied the opportunity of reaching to the supporters of the bandit claimant, as she refused to debate you. Perhaps among those supporters are people misguided, who had their emotions manipulated and now find themselves in the camp of the ‘fenns, fearing that returning to this Island might bring about their execution. What do you have to say to those people? Do you believe they can be saved, that they should have our mercy?” The Sohaer: “To those Mali’thill who have indeed been misled, I reach out to you as I would any lost kin; fear not to return home, for redemption and progress is always at hand. The Path of Purity is ever open, and I should hope that, much alike myself, you each learn to reflect upon past mistakes and take steps towards improvement. The maehr’sae hiylun’ehya awaits you yet; for all who are ‘thill, a welcoming hand is extended.” Interviewer: “Lastly, I believe you have answered this during the public assembly, but I think it would do well to inscribe it here also. Considering the situation on the mainland, and that the main active treaties still in place have been signed by the kinslayer and her false counsellors, what do you think of the war on the Continent, between Oren and the Coalition? Do you see, as it develops now, a possibility of it affecting Haelun’or, or of Haelun’or intervening?” The Sohaer: “As of current, I cannot see Haelun’or intervening. Whilst I hope to seek friendships outwards, I do not seek conflict outwards. We’ve much work yet to do within the Silver State, and I should not feel it is our place to intervene, this is ne our conflict. Yet, times change, and we shall see what occurs. Despite these treaties having been signed by the kinslayer Ayliana, I am an elf of honour and I intend to stand by these agreements. Nevertheless, I shall say this: Haelun’or is ever good to its lliran, and shall stand by them should they face harm.” pg. 6 Author’s Note To conclude this most voluminous second issue of The Silver Harbinger, it is the wish of the author that thenceforth the newspaper shall accept advertisement proposals. Depending on the number of articles within one issue, it is desired to run at most about one or two advertisement campaigns per edition, so as not to clutter it too much. If it is your desire to make an advertisement campaign, do send a letter to the address of Berr’lin IV. No financial incentive is required, for those advertisements that shall appear on the newspaper will be placed free of charge, to give equal opportunity to the less endowed Mali’thill, and to advance our egalitarian society. The newspaper does reserve, however, the right to reject any advertisements that promote products or services in contradiction with the Silver Law, or situate dubiously within the life philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Lastly, to the same address as stated above, Berr’lin IV, one can also send letters of application, for those that wish to join the newspaper team, ever open to newcomers. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Maenor Aildhuin [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  24. elparir'thilln issue no. 1 printed by the Silver Printing Press 2nd of the Amber Cold, 70 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… VICTORY DAY Euphoria and rejuvenation seem to be the moods that have drowned the entire Silver City. The latest development in the brutal conflict that has traumatised our kin, that started by the kinslayer Ayliana, renders the Mali’thill of Haelun’or VICTORIOUS. Confirmed reports have emerged, affirming that the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, and the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya, have successfully taken control of the mechanisms of the security of the State, including gates, doors and the treasury. Thus, Ivarielle and her barbarians have lost the ability to terrorize our blessed people, and, it is reported, they have disgracefully left the city. This was to be expected, many of the most respectable citizens of our nation stated their prediction that, upon losing the ability to oppress, Ivarielle and her minions would do everything within their ability to escape justice, leaving unanswered in the eyes of the law the many illegalities they are accused of having committed. In light of all these facts, the proud citizens of Haelun’or are encouraged to take to the streets and celebrate this most sweet of VICTORIES, now possessing the full certainty that this time, when leaving the safety of their homes, they shan’t be accosted by ‘fennic occupiers. Caution is still advised, however, that we should not rest on our laurels. The rebuilding of our Silver State has only just begun, and there are many efforts that need to be made by all of us, to recover from this costly period of turmoil. United as Larihei’s children are now, they must now direct their efforts towards reestablishing and advancing the central philosophy of MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA. Further, we must hold in thought and in our hearts those citizens that have perished at the hands of Ivarielle’s monsters. Those courageous citizens that gave their life in the name of the progress and health of the nation, in the name of Larihei. We must celebrate the memories of those scores of unnamed Mali’thill heroes, who, with their pure blood, watered the fields that will house our oem’iian, Larihei’leh oem’iian. With that in mind, it has been announced that the banners of Haelun’or shall temporarily display the colour black, in contemplation of the memory of those fallen. pg. 2 THE GHOSTS OF KARINAH’SIOL A most fabulous report has come out concerning the decisive victory of the Mali’thill over the ‘fennic invaders, detailing the strategic brilliance and the never ending bravery of a group of Mali’thill republican rebels, that have managed to drive the invaders from the shores of our Blessed Island. It is alleged that a group of unknown Mali’thill patriots, equipped with flints, kindling and daggers, descended, within the cover of the night, the walls of our Blessed City from somewhere in the North-East, where the ‘fennic patrols were rarer. Following this, they walked around the outside walls of Karinah’siol, and made their way towards the city’s harbour and main supply line of the occupiers. Equipping themselves with blue berets, mimicking the looks of the enemy, and through the most ingenious verbal discourse, they slyly managed to pass by the invaders’ guards, and make their way straight into the harbour. Reportedly, from thereon our kinsmen had free reign. The deeper ‘fennic camp allegedly was in a state of complete chaos, with soldiers and officers alike relaxedly gambling and haggling over loot stolen from our Blessed City. The patriots profited off this general unawareness to climb onto the supply ships of the invaders, docked within the port. Thereupon, they lay their kindling down and set it aflame, ruining in a short timespan the entire supply vessels of the enemy, it being too debauched to react promptly. Further, at this point it is believed someone within the camp announced that Mali’thill, wearing the uniform of the ‘fenn, had infiltrated it. Swords were unsheathed, and before long, due to the anarchical state of the camp, emphasised by the darkness of the night and the raging fire in the harbour, ‘fennic invaders, in their confusion, started attacking each other. Come morning, the entire supplies of the enemy were either burned, or drifting serenely upon the sea. The invaders’ camp now lay empty, save for the unharmed Mali’thill patriot militias, allegedly dubbed the Ghosts of Karinah’siol by a captured combat-fatigued ‘fennic invader. After such a crushing defeat, the occupiers, under threat of starvation by virtue of their supplies being destroyed, had no choice but to retreat from our Blessed Island. pg. 3 THE SILVER GOVERNMENT REBUILT Eager to begin the rebuilding of our Blessed Nation, Sohaer Alaion Miravaris has announced, on the 10th of the Grand Harvest, a new, reformed Silver Council. This new council possesses 6 Okarirships, eliminating the positions of Okarir’tayna and Okarir’akaln. Further smaller changes have been made to the remaining positions, and duties shifted, such as diplomacy no longer being the chief duty of the Okarir’san, but rather that of the Medi’ir. Thus we know, that alongside Sohaer Alaion Miravaris and Maheral Braxus Ni’leya work Tiuthwyn Visaj, Rune Viradiraar, Edgar An’asul, Maenor Aildhuin and Arasdir Miravaris, who occupy the positions of Okarir’maehr, Okarir’hiylun, Okarir’tir, Okarir’san and Okarir’nor respectively. At the time of the writing of this newspaper, the Okarir’mali and Medi’ir seats remain unoccupied, however Sohaer Miravaris is looking to fill those seats, and has thus opened the Okarir’mali position for election, still underway. Those interested and eager to help rebuild our Blessed Nation more actively are thus encouraged to launch themselves as candidates. Similarly, the Medi’ir seats, being under the direct supervision of the Sohaer, are officially still open to application. Those skilled in the diplomatic field, who wish to see our State thrive and rebuild its diplomatic prowess, are urged to contact the Sohaer immediately. While most of the Council is unelected presently, and thus functions on limited legitimacy, Sohaer Alaion Miravaris urges trust and patience, for such a provisional government is needed to stabilise the nation, and stir it out of the troubled waters of the present. When the calm has returned, the Sohaer assures, a vote of confidence shall be held for the Okariran, and let democracy decide whether the deeds of each satisfied the citizenry, and furthered maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Regardless of the outcomes of the election and the interview of the potential Medi’iran, it seems that the Sohaer is determined to start the proper rebuilding of the nation, and bring about exciting times for Larihei’s chosen. pg. 4 Haelunor’itone… THE ORENIAN ARMY IN DISARRAY The latest reports from our Western neighbours confirm that the Orenian Army has been defeated by the forces of the Coalition, not far from the main Eastern port. Following the Orenian victory at Haverlock, in an ambitious speech, Orenian Emperor Philip the 3rd announced an offensive, being quoted for proclaiming ‘No Peace Until Victory’. Thus the Orenian army moved to advance into Urguani territory. Their strategic position was less than advantageous, moving through the East Hub, they were forced down a narrow corridor which rendered useless any numerical advantage, being blocked by mountainous terrain on their West, and by the Ocean and the Voidal tainted terrain on their East. Thus, the terrain seems to have decisively favoured the Coalition. After much bitter fighting, eventually the Orenian army was forced to retreat, many failing to do even that, as the Coalition forces hunted them down. The World awaits with foreboding the next move of the Coalition, and whether they will attempt to close in on the Orenian capital again. With such a devastating defeat, the future of the Orenian Empire once again seems uncertain. The position of the Silver State of Haelun’or in this conflict, now that its own has been settled, remains unknown as of yet, and is largely dependent on who succeeds as Medi’ir. Whether it will draw closer to neutrality and isolationism, as was the case historically, or enter the fray, as was the policy during the reign of the tyrant Othelu, remains to be seen. pg. 5 Author’s Note There have been, in the past, a couple attempts to run Stately newspapers within the Silver State of Haelun’or. The unfortunate reality is that most ended after a couple publications. I believe such to be the case as many focused solely on propagandistic effects by the newly arrived into power. As a result, when their power consolidated and there was no need for propaganda, or at least not periodically, the newspapers ceased to have any importance, and thus stopped publication. One such striking example is the newspaper ran by Silvyr Uradir, during the early days of Othelu’s tyranny. It focused chiefly on discrediting the republican forces, and to agitate the extremist societal masses. As such, when the republicans all fled and the extremists held captive all aspects of the State, the newspaper stopped publishing, because it no longer served a purpose. It is the desire of the author, to further the purpose of the newspaper beyond propaganda, and to hopefully achieve a periodic newsletter, that should be as objective and faithful to the truth as possible at the time, so that the citizens of Haelun’or may be served information to further their mission to progress, instead of hindering it with useless falsities. With that in mind, this first edition has been written, hopefully a prelude to many others. The current format may be subject to slight changes and adaptations, as the numbers and experience of the team in charge changes over time, for now consisting only of one person. Thusly, if there are any people willing to contribute to the future of this hopefully weekly publication, I encourage you to contact me in person or send a letter to my residence in Berr’lin IV. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Maenor Aildhuin [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  25. The Northwind Post Year 36 of the Second Age --------------------------------------- The Pact of Ash and Scorpions A peace treaty was issued on the 2nd of the Amber Cold, 25 S.A. This treaty was between Norland and Krugmar, to not only be at peace, but to aid in wartime, allow free trade, and to respect borders. This treaty will allow those of Norland and Krugmar to have a better relationship, and better two nations in Almaris. The Pact of Ash and Stone A peace treaty and non-aggression pact was issued this past year, between Urguan and Norland. This agreement states that the Kingdoms should both avoid conflict, as well as enter into free trade. As long as laws are followed by citizens of both nations, there will be no tax or harassment, and the Kingdoms avoid conflict both with each other, but also with anyone who may put them at odds, the pact will be beneficial to both Kingdoms. Tournament in Elysium A tournament was held in Elysium, in the White Bear Tavern. Many showed up to fight for the Ruby Estrella championship belt. The Ruby Estrella is a star of which only comes every 100 years, a red star, that which many say, champions are born under its shine. Marshall in Norland Many are confused at recent events, not only with where the Rangers and Northguard are left, but with a lack of leadership in a Marshall. We can only hope, we will find one soon, to better all of Norland. Ferrymen Battle Raid threats have been consistent, but the Rangers and Northguard have got it covered. This past year, during the First Seed, as well as earlier in the year, there were threats of raids in Elysium. Those in the Northguard and Rangers, went to the gates, making sure women and children were safe, to take care of the Ferrymen. The Ferrymen retreated, after arguments at the tavern in Elysium. Skannari A battle was fought between the Skannari and Norland, leaving Norland victorious. However long the battle dragged on, there is sure to be another fight from the Skannari, as they do not easily accept defeat. In other news The First Agnethe Chess Tournament is being held by Daihbidh Sutharlainn, the chairman of Sutherland Corporation, which has branches around Almaris including Elysium and Varhelm. The match has many great players, but only one can be the winner. Contact Sutharlainn if you are interested in watching the matches. Varhelm still has plenty of houses available! If you are interested, talk to a Steward today! The Northguard is still recruiting. Talk to a Northguard today to join! If you have anything to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
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