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  1. YEAR 87 FLORENTINE 3 MARKS [Ferdinand Richardt] 12TH OF SUN’S SMILE Today was a day humanity will not soon forget. King Frederick is dead, and the future of Orenia has never been more uncertain. It began, as great change often does, in court. We were one of the first few to arrive. The King stood beside his wife in silence, waiting for peers to arrive. Only then would Frederick begin his speech. He spoke hesitantly to the few who had dared to make an appearance, tensions were high and this court was believed to be the King’s last. It only took minutes for the crashing of doors and screams of men to startle the denizens within the palace’s hall. About 40-50 figures had stormed in, armored and armed. They were led by Baron Gustaf de Vilain, drawing a chilling silence from the once proud King. It was apparent that he knew what was to come. The King was quick to denounce the men before him, calling the Acre-folk “scum to history” and that the books would remember Gustaf as a “puppet of lessers.” After heated debate, the horribly outnumbered Royalists, consisting largely of Ivanovich clansmen, clashed with the Acre-folk. The King and his wife fled two different directions, abandoning their people and their own children, left alone in the rat’s trap that was the throne room. Blood stained the carpeted floors- most of the men who fought for the King left for dead and butchered. A fleet of men then pursued Frederick, closely followed by our brave reporters. The Acre band’s only obstacle now was the slew of locked doors Frederick had hidden behind, but the wood stood no chance against the impassioned few. At last, the Acre-men arrived at the King’s quarters. The reporters were the first to enter the scene, however, there was nothing to be found of the man. Only a horrid stench wafted, alongside red stains in the carpet. Even then, nothing was seen of the king. Our analysts believe he threw himself from his own balcony. As of writing this, our team is still investigating the river below for evidence. After an hour of searches, the party reconvened in the throne room. There, the men collected themselves, headed by the Baron of Acre himself. He led speeches upon speeches, assuring his bannerman and the citizens who remained. One of our reporters approached the Baron, and was permitted a brief interview. _________________________ SOME DEPICTIONS: [!] The reporters await outside the Royal tower as the Acre-folk break their way in. [!] The reporters examine in awe as the horde attempts to break their way into the room. [!] The king’s odd decor above his bed. [!] The armored Baron Gustaf de Vilain alongside his merry men. _________________________ THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE INTERVIEW WITH BARON GUSTAF DE VILAIN: Interviewed by Mischa Lesanov Interviewer: Mister Gustaf, do you plan to run the nation? What of the royal family and peers? Gustaf: This is a filthy city. It will need to be dismembered, brick by brick. Interviewer: Do you have a vision for what Oren’s future is? Gustaf: Are you familiar with farming? Or even forestry? Interviewer: I am. Will Vienne be turned into farming and woodlands? What of the people’s homes? Will they be relocated? Hannes, son of Gustaf: GOD’s Kingdom of Nature will reclaim Vienne. Interviewer: Is that what Oren is to be called? And will your people truly care for nature and her people, or shall there be another war and coup in due time? Gustaf: Those who are left in Vienne and choose to stay will have their needs taken care of. The Barony of Acre will rebuild. If conflict emerges again, then it is only the way of things. There is no new kingdom. Interviewer: No courts, kings, or peers? Gustaf: I guarantee nothing. Only in that this land will be the Barony of Acre. Interviewer: So you mean to say all of this is nearly lawless- left without a king or stable government? And you only stand for Acre and her people? Gustaf nods. Interviewer: Do you have any other words for the worried people of Oren? Gustaf: Any man or woman holds the right to speak with me. Unlike the Viscount who lies dead now, we don’t intend to strike out individuals wanting to speak or seek council. I am an open book. _________________________ Us, Orenians, are left to ponder: were the countless men we’ve lost during the past few wars and coups worth the cause they fought for? What is left to come of this Kingdom? Will we ever live in peace, or are we due for another war in the coming years? Only time can tell, and even then, the people are restless for peace. It is a morbid irony that our strife for harmony has spilled the most blood. _________________________ “ Let it be made clear and now - there is no man present who could best us. There is no warrior who could outmatch our unified strength. In the end, all that remains will be Acre. Any peer of the now-slain king has nothing but to take this opportunity to stay with us and to settle with peace afterward. GUSTAF OF ACRE, 1882 ” _________________________ In other news, those at Books & Books are still looking to purchase literary collections! The library and store have been growing immensely by the month with exceptional works by renowned writers. So do make your way to Florentine and visit! Do not shy away from penning us with any inquiries you may have.
  2. VE KORTREVICH SAMYZEK POZSKA VOLUME ONE: EDITION TWO TWO MINAS AVAILABLE IN NAUVMARIAN PER PAPER AND AUVERGNIAN ____________________________________________________________________________ WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH THE VISCOUNTESS-REGENT OF KRUSEV & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR THE COUNTESS OF OTISTADT ON THE 13TH OF JOMA AG UMUND OF 436 E.S. ____________________________________________________________________________ NEW BULL POST WRITER [!] Countess Adele Ludovar writing the next edition from her office in Otistadt. As everyone should have seen, the lovely writer and founder of “Ve Kortrevich Bull Post” - Esmée Kortrevich - invited anyone interested in participating in her newspaper to contact her, at the conclusion of the previous edition. As such, the Countess Ludovar reached out to her friend with interest in writing a new column for the Bull Post, now dubbed “Noble News”. The section is intended to help readers to keep up with the tumultuous news surrounding Haense’s various Royal and Noble families. It is not designed with the intent of spreading gossip - that duty is held steadfastly by the “Hearsay of Hanseti-Ruska”, as endorsed by Her Majesty, Koenas Amadea, and this Post would not dare usurp their writers - but rather spreading the well-known, published news, in a condensed format. The writers hope that its dedicated readers will share their excitement about the new columnist assisting Lady Esmée with alleviating some of her writing duties, and, if needed, will send feedback on what they’d like to see in the column and elsewhere in the Post. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRILLE KORTREVICH & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ NOBLE NEWS AN EXCHANGE OF GRAND LADIES [!] A pair of portraits of Grand Lady, Georgina Barclay, and Grand Lady, Dorothea Isabel. Saddening news befell the Courts of Hanseti-Ruska when Matyas Baruch had to announce the death of Queen-Mother Emma Karenina’s second Grand Lady, Duchess-Dowager Georgina Sofiya Barclay. It was said that the Dowager was suffering from a disease plaguing her lungs for many years before she eventually passed away with her family from birth, in the rolling Baruch hills of Valwyck. Her Excellency will be remembered for her many years of diligency at the hands of both Koenas Emma and Amadea, for spearheading the planning and operation of the most successful Lifstala season to date, and for being the figurehead holding the first ever Aulic position afforded to the Queen’s Council; as Her Excellency, the 19th Haucherzenas of Haense. However, Queen Amadea must have acknowledged that the Council cannot mourn for too long, lest its productivity stall, for she appointed her sister in-law; Her Highness, Princess-Dowager Dorothea Isabel as the next Grand Lady of Haense. The Princess-Dowager has already spent many years serving as Her Majesty’s Court Chamberlain - likely in training to become Grand Lady - and the writers of this Post have high hopes for her tenure. In similar news, these appointments have left berths in the Inner Council, with Her Majesty searching for willing replacements. Apparently Her Highness, Princess Aloisa, appears to have stepped down from her position as Palace Custodian, and thus the Koenas requires participants to adopt the positions of Palace Custodian and Court Chamberlain respectively. For those interested, the Court Chamberlain is tasked with working alongside the Grand Maer of Karosgrad to operate several events in the Royal City of Karosgrad, while the Palace Custodian is tasked with the operation of events within the Prikaz itself. In her Queen’s Curation, the Koenas planned to interview any prospective candidates, and this Post shall surely share updates once the new appointments have been announced. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR VE MORRIVI PRIKAZ: THE SPRING PALACE [!] A painting of the grand Morrivi Prikaz, as illustrated by Esmée Kortrevich. The Royal Pair were proud to announce their newest long-term project; dubbed “Ve Morrivi Prikaz”, or “The Spring Palace”. The Royal House of Barbanov-Bihar employed a group of diligent deconstruction workers who went around the clock to break down our beloved old Nikirala Prikaz, and replace it with the Spring Palace - whose build plans were designed by the Queen-Consort herself, over several years. The construction of the Spring Palace took several months, after which it now stands as a shining jewel of Haense’s progress and prosperity. The Palace holds a sizable Royal Residence, an indoor and outdoor ballroom, an extensive feast hall, the King’s Court room, various Aulic offices, an expansive residence for Her Majesty’s wards, its own chapel, a large Palace library, a refitted Duma hall, hidden away in the depths are the Royal vaults and servant quarters, along with halls upon halls of noble apartments. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR DUCAL DEVELOPMENTS [!] An illustration of the Rozenfeld village of Reinmar. A well-worded missive published by Her Princely Grace, the Duchess of Reinmar, described the various illustrious additions to its rosey fields. For example, the bustling village of Rozenfeld appears (on this writer’s inspection) to have sprung up from the ground in the Duchy. It hosts a flourishing ecosystem of shops, jousting facilities, cosy cottage homes, and the Reinmaren docks filled to the brim with bobbing ships across its expansive harbour. The village boasts a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the Royal City, and the dutiful protection of its newly established houseguard. Along with these new developments, the Princely issue seemed proud to introduce a new bordgame to our cold northern expanses. Dubbed “Waldenian Ur”, it promises to be a strategic and chance-based game similar to Haeseni chess, yet featuring a greater shortness of matches compared to its older counterpart. Luckily, further notation has been published by the Duchess on the rules of the game, and, since then (under this writer’s observation, at least), the Ur board has rarely been left unattended by the plethora of enthusiastic Rozenfeld residents. WRITTEN BY ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ AN OFFER OF ADVERTISEMENT With the General Elections of Haense beginning at the moment, these writers thought it pertinent to put out offers of advertisement to any prospective Royal Aldermen, or Grand Maers. The Post will take payment for such pieces of writing, and in exchange they shall present an account of the candidate in question’s past achievements, campaign promises, and their background, for any puzzled voters to get a more personal feel of any candidates. If requested, the Post shall also interview paying candidates and quote them as required in the subsequent edition. If there is anything that candidates wish to tell voters, but could not include in their campaign posts, this would be the place to do so. WRITTEN BY ESMÉE GABRILLE KORTREVICH & ADELE EMMA LUDOVAR ____________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION If anyone wishes to be a part of the newspaper or have some sort of advertisement, send a letter to Esmée Kortrevich or Adele Ludovar for more details. Until next year!
  3. VE KORTREVICH SAMYZEK POZSKA VOLUME ONE: EDITION ONE TWO MINAS AVAILABLE IN NAUVMARIAN PER PAPER AND AUVERGNIAN _____________________________________________________________________________________ WRITTEN AND PUBLISHED BY ESMÉE GABRIELLE KORTREVICH THE VISCOUNTESS-REGENT OF KRUSEV ON THE 6TH OF JULA AG PIOV OF 434 E.S. _____________________________________________________________________________________ HOUSE COLBORN RISES UP! [!] A painting of Godric Adrian Colborn and Adrian Erik Colborn standing in front of their family tavern. House Colborn has served the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska for almost half a millennia, dating back to the 23rd of The First Seed - 1501. It was quite dormant for some time after the Vaeyl War but recently the family has made a comeback. They have taken the city’s tavern under their wing, transforming it completely. The tavern now has life and love, being poured into each drink. With the help of Dame Mariya Vyronov and the new and old staff of the Tavern, things are expected to go well. Not only has the family helped the city’s tavern prosper but they have donated materials and goods to the Brotherhood of Saint Karl due to the recent conflict ongoing in Almaris. While the older generation including the Patriarch and his brother, both having served as Lord Palatine and High Justiciar respectively. Our Koeng, Karl III, has noticed their efforts and hardwork, honoring them with nobility. House Colborn is now a barony under the Bethlenen name. _____________________________________________________________________________________ THE CHURCH GALA + RECRUITMENT [!] A painting of Katerina Cardinal Jorenus hosting a mass in the Basilica of St. Heinrik. Her Eminence, Katerina Cardinal Jorenus, is hosting her very first event since becoming The Patriarchate of Jorenus. It's under a gala theme, allowing attendees to dress up as their favorite patron saints from Canonism. The activities are a pit fight, a horse race, a fair, and the big raffle - each ticket is 10 mina. There's a long list of prizes such as a housemagery book, commissioned artwork, one of a kind doll, and even an exclusive piece from the Silken Lily by Johanna Vuiller. It will be a joyous day for all Canonists to come together and celebrate. Come by and have fun. Along with this, the church is recruiting. It does not matter the status or age, the church welcomes all. If anyone is interested in joining, contact any clergy member for more information. _____________________________________________________________________________________ MOTHER ORCHID’S LOVE [!] A painting of where the Mother Orchid’s Love meetings are held. The first meeting of the Mother Orchid’s Love was a success! Tons of the parents came by, discussing parenthood over tea and Auvergnian pastries. Everyone who came had to introduce themselves, state their worst fear of being a parent, and what’s the best thing of being a parent. There were different responses when it came to the second question, some said being a parent was the best part, others said watching their children grow was the peak of parenthood. But there was a common fear among the parents, which was disappointing our children, not doing enough for them. Disappointing our children will happen at some point, if it's for the right or wrong reasons. I think we do enough for our children but it's up to us, helping them understand what we do for them and why we do it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ HOUSE VERNHART STEPS UP As the war goes on, House Vernhart has stepped up by donating a good majority of resources and materials for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. The items donated goes as follows 1728 ingots of iron, 66 pieces of leather, 1728 pieces of coal, 192 ferrum longswords, 576 ferrum-tipped arrows, 700 golden carrots, 558 loafs of bread, and 785 pieces of steak. The BSK sends their gratitude and thanks. _____________________________________________________________________________________ MORE INFORMATION If anyone wishes to be a part of the newspaper or have some sort of advertisement, send a letter to Esmée Kortrevich for more details. Until next year!
  4. [!] An unwanted newspaper is found inside your mailbox... The Hay Herald ~Bringing you quality news since a few Pumpkin Days ago!~ CONTENTS: ~Bigguns NEGLECT halfling child!~ ~Thief banished from the village, a supper gone WRONG!~ ~Upcoming village meeting~ ~Farm good prices~ ~Bigguns NEGLECT halfling child!~ In the far away lands of Celia'nor, where the strange-speaking bigguns do strange biggun things, a halfling child lives in a state of poverty, neglected by their so-called biggun "caretakers" who have failed at their duties in every way imaginable! I spoke with this child earlier, and they confirmed that they sleep every night in random bushes and are forced to scavenge the streets for food, often eating nothing but bugs and dirt! This child apparently has biggun caretakers over in Celia'nor, and yet they allow "their" child (which they have nay right to adopt in the first place, for all halflings belong in Honeyhill and naywhere else!) to live in absolute poverty! If any of ye newspaper readers are ever in Celia'nor and see a small halfling girl with brown hair, green eyes, tanned complexion, and humble clothing, bring them over to Honeyhill AT ONCE to end the cycle of CHILD ABUSE, NEGLECT, AND OPPRESSION! Halfling children should NOT be raised on the streets in biggun cities, for they all deserve a warm burrow and plenty of proper meals! ~A supper gone WRONG!~ ~The supper party in question~ The supper party in my burrow I brought up in the previous volume had a sour turn! I should have never let one of the big folks do the cooking; they could barely even find the kitchen and their food tasted terrible! After shoving their bad cooking down my throat, this foul biggun made off with some of my cheese and booze! As such, they now be BANISHED from Honeyhill! ~A drawing of the thief!~ Do NOT let this biggun enter the village until they've returned what they stole! ~Upcoming Village Meeting~ Keep an eye on the noticeboard for the final meeting date! The Thain & other elders ought to decide on a time shortly. While attendance will nay be mandatory, if you have any ideas for the future of Honeyhill and us weefolks as a whole, the meeting will be the best place to voice what ye have to say! ~Farm Goods Prices~ Trading resumed this year with strong growth in potato and wheat values. Increasing nearly two-fold in price, potatoes and breads skyrocket in value as bakeries shut down in this tight labor market while populations continue to soar on Almaris. It seems that with the influx of monk-provided minas, few of the bigguns want to work anymore, leading to new opportunities for halfling traders to enter the waning biggun farm good market. Pumpkins, long used as a medium of exchange, saw their trading volume decreased as pumpkin farming goes to producing pumpkin pies instead of acting as wealth to hoard engage in trade with. Hay bales, however, might be the NEW pumpkin when it comes to farm good barter. If wheat prices continue to increase, this very well may become the case, much to the disappointment of horses everywhere who've grown used to plentiful feed. It seems like prices can only go up! There is truly no ceiling to this growth! I fully expect individual bundles of wheat to hit 200 pumpkin value by the end of next year, if this current trajectory continues! Trade in your pumpkins for wheat/hay now or else you'll be left behind! -Filibert Applefoot, Elder of Honeyhill, Newspaper writer.
  5. elparir’thilln issue no. 4 printed by the Silver Printing Press 3rd of the Sun’s Smile, 78 S. A pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… THE UNION OF HAELUN’OR AND IRON’UZG The entire political arena of Almaris has been shaken now more than ever, by the historic unification of the nations of Haelun’or and Krugmar, on the 11th of the First Seed, 75 of the Second Age. Thenceforth the two nations are to act, globally, as one, binding their forces into one superstate known as “The Horde”. To some of the inhabitants of the Silver State, the news has come as a surprise, however this union is the culmination of decades of diplomatic efforts, primarily conducted by the Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos. The unionship entails the merging of the two states, of extensive cultural exchanges and academical collaborations, as well as a complete military cooperation. As per agreement, the Silver Island will also see upon it the construction of shrines, dedicated to the Spiritualist religion of the brave Uruk people. Politically, the Silver Government will function as normal, and the laws of the Haelun’orian people will hold as usual, Karinah’siol functioning as a citystate within The Horde. This pact is designed to hold for twenty years, afterwards needing reaffirmation every eight years. It is also affirmed, that any of the two nations may secede from the union, should they so desire. The High Elven delegation, led by the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, hailed this historic moment as a guarantee of peace and protection, sorely needed by the Mali’aheral people, still recovering from the bloody turmoil of the past decades. Many people within Haelun’orian society optimistically foresee that the impending dread of further war upon the Silver People will dissipate, and the Silver Council will properly begin to draw towards inward perfection, towards the healing of the Motherland. “I love Haelun’or! I love Iron’uezheg! I love the Horde! WAAEUGH!” declared an enthusiastic citizen of Haelun’or for our paper, celebrating future prospects from inside the Night Owl Parlour. pg. 2 THE RETIREMENT OF THE MAHERAL Late into the evening, on the 10th of Malin’s Welcome, 75 of the Second Age, a missive from the office of the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya announced his retirement to the High Elven people. The now Malaurir Ni’leya’s initial plans of retirement were undone when the future of the Mali’thill people was threatened with extermination, with the invasion of Ivarielle and her mass-murdering mercenaries. Assuming the mantle of cultural leader in a time of crisis, the Malaurir vowed to stir the Silver State out of impending doom, restore democratic institutions and see the invaders driven out of the Silver Island. Seeing himself successful in all the initial tasks, with the ‘fennic forces routed and a democratic Silver Government instituted, the missive reaffirmed the desire of Braxus Ni’leya to retire to more peaceful and private affairs. The Maheral did not name a successor via missive, meaning that, in due time, the ancient Malauriran shall convene once more, and themselves decide who shall succeed the Ni’leya. So far no citizen has expressed, in writing, the intention of being considered as a candidate. But such is likely to change in near time. pg. 3 CLIMATE CHANGE UPON HAELUN’OR Disturbing news come out from our very own Blessed City, Karinah’siol. A storm of unprecedented proportions, of yet unknown scientific causes, has, beginning on the 77 of the Second Age, engulfed the entire island of Haelun’or. The entire tropical climate of the region has been undone, with temperatures plummeting to well below the freezing point of water, the lush green pastures being transformed into desolate permafrost. Multiple sources maintain a sense of dread that, should these new climatic conditions endure for much longer, “then the ecological chain of this island is threatened to collapse”. The authorities of Haelun’or, notably the Medi’ir Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos urged calm and trust in government, assuring that, through the State, and through the fares coming from the more tame lands of the Rexdom, there is an ample supply of necessities and various commodities to maintain our most Blessed way of life. Simultaneously, citizens of Haelun’or are advised to don warm, thick clothes to protect themselves from the raging blizzard, and to avoid sitting in the cold and late into the hour for longer than it is necessary. In times like these it is important to remember that fashion comes second for Mali’thill, and that first and foremost comes practicality and the preservation of one’s health. “The people of Haelun’or have nothing to fear. The houses of Karinah’siol are true gems, built with the highest of care towards sustainability. All have a revolutionary structure that allows heat to be recycled and stored very efficiently, so that no child of Larihei will ever know frost inside its abode.” declared an architect of Haelun’or for our newspaper. pg. 4 BEWARE, FROST WITCHES Following the recent climate catastrophe, information has been revealed of a coven of Frost Witches conducting operations on Haelun’orian grounds, orchestrating attacks upon our Silver Bastion. In light of this grave revelation, the denizens of Karinah’siol are urged to take increased care as they go about their activities. The Silver Government urges all Mali’thill to move in groups, to avoid unlit, remote locations or narrow alleys, and to report any dubious activities to the nearest body of authority. Frost Witches are devious monsters, exclusively females, that hunt and feed on the blood of males. They are particularly dangerous for their magical and cunning abilities. Some voices within society have entertained the prospect that perhaps these Frost Witches are the cause of the recent snow storm, or that they launched their operation upon our nation following the storm, in a perceived moment of weakness. Whatever the answer, the people of Haelun’or are, once more, urged to trust their institutions and elected officials, and to follow reason and the advice of their representatives, so that Mali’thill may, as has been done so often in our past, weather this storm and further pursue maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. pg. 5 ay'maehr.... PUBLIC ADVERTISEMENT pg. 6 Haelunor’itone.... MALINOR BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD In a surprising turn of events, the Elven World witnesses the development of yet another superstate. The nations of Elvenesse, Fenn, Nor’asath as well as the kinslayer’s den, have announced the merging of them all into a High Princedom of ‘Malin’or’. The newly formed nation functions as a sort of confederate monarchy, with its first proclaimed ruler being Vytrek Tundrak, the ruler of the Mali’fenn. The process for the appointing of the steward of this new nation appears as a rather exhaustive electoral process, whose central figures are the ‘Malauriran’, i. e. the reigning monarchs of each of the constituent states. Whether this move comes in response to Haelun’or’s unionship or it was something long in the making, sources could not come to agreement. It remains to be seen what diplomatic moves will both sides make, though it is generally expected that this resurrected High Princedom will appear hostile towards the Silver State. “First Haelun’or and Iron’uzg, now Elvenesse and Fenn. I quit!” declared a disheartened Haelun’orian cartographer, expressing horror at the recent trend displayed by nations situated on polar opposites to merge with each other, to create “border gore”. [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers, more recently equipped with impeccable clothing and daggers, to resist not only the raging frost, but also any potential Frost Witch that may be foolish enough to approach these employees of State.
  6. [!] A newspaper is put into your mailbox! You don't even remember subscribing to this newspaper.... The Hay Herald ~Quality news since yesterday!~ CONTENTS: ~Flower Dance is a success!~ ~Bad for business? A key insight into Celia'nor's managerial issues!~ ~Dinner Party @ the Applefoot burrow~ ~Farm good prices~ ~Flower Dance is a success!~ Good news for all ye party goers! The Flower Dance was a huge success, rivaled only by the Knox-o'-ween parties many Pumpkin moons ago! Fields were harvested, food was consumed en masse, and flowers were danced upon until they broke under the strain of many feet both big and small! Let us hope that future parties are as successful as this one was! ~Celia'nor, bad for business?~ Recent news coming from Adalgrin, a good pal of mine, tells an interesting story about the far-away mystical biggun land of Celia'nor. It seems over there the bigguns don't accept trades of any kind, preventing good ol' Adalgrin from opening a bakery there by paying taxes in booze and breads! Yet another instance of Big Government RUINING the dreams of a potential small business owner with unfair taxation and regulation! With this, I create the new Halfling Ease o' Doing Business Index (which ranks the ease that a halfling can get good trades in whatever nation be measured). The rankings now be as follows: Celia'nor: 1/10, barter is not accepted at all! Honeyhill: 9/10, we accept all barter! good for business! Haense: Probably around 5/10, haven't tried to open up a bakery there yet. Balian: 7/10, they love trading for my apples whenever I head down there, although theft remains a problem. ~Dinner Party @ the Applefoot Burrow~ ~A previous dinner party in the Applefoot burrow~ There be a dinner party in the Applefoot burrow planned in but a few days! Ye really ought to head over and take part! ((5 pm est, TODAY on 5/28/2022)) ~Farm good prices~ The market for farm goods remains strong, with apples leading growth in the sector with it's 50% growth from 2 pumpkins to 3 pumpkins value per apple. Hay prices remain stagnant at 1:1 with pumpkins, and beetroots crash once again to 20 roots per pumpkin with new Beelot slave production kicking up again after the Grand Bee Capturing o' Haelun'or. "Oi 'ave nay oidea who' th' curren' proices o' fahm goods ah- BU' OI SAY TH' PROICES MUS' GO UP! OUAH LABOH SHOULD BEH APPRECIA'ED!" -Adalgrin Bunce With such bullish analysis from resident business-halfling Adalgrin Bunce, how can one not feel the urgent need to invest one's life savings into Honeyhill grown & produced foodstuffs? -Filibert Applefoot, Elder halfling of Honeyhill, local newspaper writer.
  7. elparir’thilln issue no. 3 printed by the Silver Printing Press 8th of the Snow’s Maiden, 73 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… BLACK MAGIC WITHIN THE VALWYNN MANOR Early into the month of the Deep Cold of the fateful year of 71 of the Second Age, the society of Haelun’or would be shaken by a most sinister discovery. Within the manor of the kinslayer Ayliana, within the heart of the Silver District, right next to the heart of the Motherland, the Citadel, it has been found out, by the Okarir’tir of the Silver State, that therein existed a shrine most foul, made of an unknown material black and red in colouring, possessing a fiery pit in the centre. Following this discovery, the Silver State was quick to contact a Paladin of Xan, which promptly confirmed that indeed the nefarious construction was a shrine dedicated to the foul Azdromoth, the Drakaar that, much like the humiliated Setherien, seeks to enslave the Descendants and turn the world into its feudal demesne. Soon thereafter, following an even more thorough inspection, there has been uncovered a vast array of secret tunnels, leading to what look like storage facilities. Many hypotheses have sprung about the purpose of these storage areas. Some have speculated that they have been used by the Valwynn to hide the property stolen from Mali’thill families, while others have taken a more extreme proposition, suggesting that the areas were used to hide the dead bodies of those civilians killed by the infamous Blue Berets. In light of these discoveries, the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya was quick to release an official denouncement, asking simultaneously for the residents of the Valwynn manor to present themselves before the Silver Citizens, and stand trial for the suspected moral degeneracy. As expected by many, however, none have presented themselves for a trial thus far, and instead opt to evade justice once more, leaving unanswered many of the queries that exist within the minds of the inhabitants of the Silver District. Despite access to the manor being restricted by the Okarir’tir until further notice, it has been reported that adventurous children often wonder within the haunted grounds to partake in spooky childish activities, including playing a more morbid variant of the game Hide & Seek, wherein one or more Valwynnites, the monsters, have to search for the hiding Republicans and “devour” them. pg. 2 CROWDRAKE ATTACK UPON THE SILVER CITY On the latest month of the Sun’s Smile, the denizens of Karinah’siol have been graced by a most joyous festival, the wedding of two Kharajyr citizens, part of the group that wishes to settle within the Silver State of Haelun’or. The deftly planned celebration, however, was brusquely interrupted shortly after the official wedding concluded, by nothing other than a dreadful Crowdrake. This Crowdrake beast, which looked very much just like an oversized crow, incredibly dangerous due to its sheer size and strength, was probably drawn to the ceremony by the splendid smell of food, which completely engulfed the northern Silver District on the day of the celebration. This flying beast was able to descend and severely injure many attendants, including one of the newlyweds. Of paramount importance in defending the city proved to be the Medi’ir Pamphilos Hyptos, the Tilruir’tayna Seth Calith and the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya, which was the one to deliver the killing blow upon the beast. At the scene was also present the Okarir’nor Luthien Maeyr’onn who, possessing extensive medical knowledge, was able to offer first aid to those injured, and prevent any citizens of our Blessed Motherland from perishing. This unprecedented attack has exposed a flaw in the military capability of the Sillumiran patrols to fight aerial beings. To remedy this, the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, who was also present during the struggle, has pledged to begin immediately the process to acquire and equip the Sillumiran with state-of-the-art crossbows, so that such threats are, in the future, neutralised before they manage to harm Larihei’s children. pg. 3 TROUBLE AT THE SULLAS SOIRÉE The latest success of the Okarir’mali, the Sullas Soirée, proved to be not without amusing drama. As the activities were in full swing, allegedly one guest, related to the Sohaer, broke a glass of beverage, attempted to hide the fact and, when discovered, went on to pin the blame on the ancient Seth Calith. This prompted the aforementioned Calith to confront the Sohaer in rather brusque fashion, and ask for a public apology from his kinsman. Fortunately, the party proceeded thereafter jovially, thanks in no small part to the organisational abilities of the Okarir’mali, who has also announced further plans of events, such as a painting activity, to entertain the public of Karinah’siol. Still on a light note, the event saw the sudden return of the twice former Okarir’maehr, the wisened Aiera Sullas, whom many presumed to have perished during the bloody ‘fennic occupation. pg. 4 THE PUBLIC POST OFFICE IN FULL SWING Continuing the successes of the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, a State-administered post office has been set up in the public square, near the tavern, now renamed by the Okarir'mali as The Night Owl Parlour. Therein, denizens of Karinah’siol are encouraged to drop correspondence, which, through professional couriers, are then delivered to the specified address or person, in a prompt and secure fashion. This project has seen thus far resounding success, people, like blue-eyed Mali’thill, successfully contacting their peers, like open, yet uncommitted denizens, for various matters of importance. pg. 5 Haelunor’itone… THE EMPIRE OF MAN SHATTERED After almost two decades of constant struggle, following a devastating defeat at Eastfleet, a battle known now as Philip’s Folly, the Holy Orenian Empire was forced to sign a humiliating peace with the Kingdom of Urguan and the other members of the Coalition. Presumably shortly after, Philip III passed away, being succeeded, as per Orenian Law, by his eldest son, Philip IV. However, a succession crisis occurred when his younger brother, Frederick, staked his own claim to the throne. The Empire was torn apart and civil war ensued, allegedly some contemporary historians began dubbing it the Brothers’ War. This bloody conflict was, however, short-lived, and ended on the 21st of the Sun’s Smile, year 72 of the Second Age, when Frederick’s forces battled with the Imperial Army in the Imperial Capital. The Imperial Army was officially defeated, and Philip IV perished soon thereafter. Thusly, the Holy Orenian Empire is no more, with the now king Frederick I proclaiming himself as the King of the Orenian Kingdom. Many hearts within the Silver State of Haelun’or have expressed sorrow at this anarchical conflict, knowing too well how tragic civil strife can be, recalling the not-so-distant attempt of the Valwynn to take over the nation. Other voices have expressed growing anxiety over the ascension of Frederick I, speculating that his reign may mark the abandonment of a centralised Imperial administration, and a descent into a bitter reactionary feudalism. pg. 6 KRUGMAR AT WAR The continent of Almaris knows no rest. Citing alleged instances of “racism” and a failed assassination attempt, the Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal has issued a proclamation calling for the rallying of the Uruk people and for marching upon the Duchy of Elysium. So far have been reported only isolated skirmishes and sporadic engagements within the forest bordering the two nations, with the main assault upon the city of Elysium yet to come. Owing to the fact that diplomatic affairs are a matter of national security, an official statement from the Silver Government, concerning the conflict, has not been made public. pg. 7 EBONWOOD DISBANDED Perhaps as a consequence of the Orenian Empire falling apart, its chief Elven vassal, the land of the Imperial Elves, Ebonwood, has been officially disbanded, by one named Amaesil Vuln’miurel, into whom were vested regency powers following the alleged state of ill health that has befallen Minuvas Melphestaus. As a result, an exodus has been created, afflicting the now former residents of Ebonwood. Reportedly, many have sought refuge in the lands of the Vortice. Reactions to this development, within Haelun’or, have been generally gravitating towards sympathy. In a quick public poll, a citizen declared for the newspaper: “I don’t agree with this cult of Malin that this Minuvas made, but I think the multiple calls for inter-Elven diplomacy on neutral grounds, especially during the conflict with the ‘fennic monsters, however futile they proved to be, were at least noble ideas that were worth preserving. It is a sad day for the Elven people.” [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  8. elparir’thilln issue no. 2 printed by the Silver Printing Press 21st of the Amber Cold, year 71 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor'ito... THE HEIAL’THILLN COMPLETE Early into this Elven week, the denizens of Karinah’siol have been greeted by the most pleasant news of the occupation of the last remaining open seats within the Silver Council. Following a brief electoral round, Elarhil Sullas ascended to the Okarir’mali tenureship, which has been empty ever since the days of the kinslayer. The now newly elected Okarir’mali has even published, albeit a very brief, list of objectives to be followed during his ministry. Even further, shortly after his election, the Sullas had already arranged for a soirée, which was seen as a promising success, rejuvenating the people of Karinah’siol, so weary of the recent memory of war, and rumour has it he has many more events in store still. It has been noted that even the self proclaimed speaker of Malin’s kin, the lord of Ebonwood, Minuvas Melphestaus counted among the guests of this primordial social event. While not altogether spectacular on its own, such a thing could hopefully herald a warming of relations between the Silver State and the Continental world. Outside of the Electoral world were the offices of the Mediir’an, the Sohaer’s direct adjutants. Following the political reforms of the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, to such offices were concentrated the diplomatic efforts of the State. Following a meritocratic assessment of potential candidates, to the aforementioned positions were elevated the Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, and the already famous Malaurir Ikur Sullas, known for his thirty-year Maheralship during the late Arcasian Haelun’orian Republic. While, for matters concerning State security, their current endeavours shall remain undisclosed, this pair inspires hope for the future, and is most certainly seen as a wise decision on the part of the Sohaer to elevate the two. Pamphilos Callidora Hyptos, still young on the political scene of Haelun’or, has been described as lacking that unwavering attitude to the dogmas of the past, which some older politicians appear to possess. Further, by trade a sailor, he has travelled to many exotic corners of the world, familiarising himself with foreign customs, thus making him an excellent Mali’aheral to have on the diplomatic arena. At the other spectrum lies the ancient Ikur Sullas, who many believed to have retreated from the world of politics. Perhaps lacking that same novelty that his homolog seems to have, Ikur Sullas is, at a closer glance, a perfect piece to balance the international efforts of the Nation. Possessing much experience amassed over centuries of activity, and establishing many connections, especially in the realms of the Valah, it seems of no question that the wisened Malaurir shall stand sentinel over the international security and prosperity of the Silver State of Haelun’or. pg. 2 THE REVIVAL OF THE EVARIR’THILL IL’CRUAN The latest announcement from the office of the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya sees the reintroduction of the ancient institution of the evarir’thill il’cruan. This ancient order, architected by the famous Kalenz Uradir, serves as a guardian of purity, directly under the administration of the Maheral. The duties of its members include the investigation of dubious members of our Blessed society, of those that are suspected of harbouring impure beliefs that may threaten the security of the State and the progress and health of Larihei’s children. While the Maheral’s proclamation does not state it explicitly, it is implied that the members of this order will remain secret, in order to protect the paths of investigation from potential corruption and intimidation attempts upon investigators. To most citizens of Karinah’siol, this reenactment of the order seems most justified, for, it is reasoned, while the bandit pretender may have been expelled from the Silver City, it is believed her evil intentions of subjugation have not disappeared entirely. Thusly, the evarir’thill il’cruan is a most needed mechanism of further protection from the evil plots of the bandit and the kinslayer. “We are facing an oppressive, reactionary enemy that seeks to relegate Larihei, and elevate in her place an illegitimate bandit. They want to do away with our egalitarian social order, and bring about an obsolete one; a feudal caste system that even the Valah have started to abandon. It is unfortunate that we must renounce a degree of privacy, yet it is a necessary sacrifice I personally am willing to make, so as to ensure our societal well-being, collective happiness, Stately security, and the continuation of our most enlightened way of life. Besides, I know I am pure of both mind and body, so I have nothing to hide.” stated a regular Mali’aheral citizen, when asked about the necessity of the evarir’thill il’cruan. pg. 3 THE RETURN OF THE KHARAJYR The Silver Island upon which the city of Karinah’siol is built is healing, after decades of turmoil. As evidence to this stands the expressed desire of a group of Kharajyr to construct a settlement on the island. The Kharajyr are a most noble people, having a long history with the Mali’aheral. Many ‘aheral, in light of this most beautiful friendship, have even voiced their opinions that the position of Tilruir’kha should be reinstated, one which granted the Kharajyr a voice in the Silver Council, last during the last Haelun’orian Republic, some 70 years ago. An official position on the political status of the Kharajyr remains yet unknown, but it is doubtless that chances of such an emancipation would grow proportionally with the actual number of Kharajyr which seek to settle within the Silver State, so far remaining rather small. Hopes are, however, that their numbers will only grow from here on, and a most ancient community will sprung to live once more in harmony with the children of Larihei. Donation boxes have been prepared by the Silver Government, however, inviting all Mali’aheral that may possess an excess of marble, quartz, sandstone and other construction materials, to donate them to the noble cause of the Kharajyr. pg. 4 THE BANNER OF HAELUN’OR Gone are the traumatising days when the Mali’aheral fervently debated among one another the correct approach to routing the ‘fennic menace from their homes. Now, they turn to more lighthearted matters, yet still with just as much passion. To honour those poor civilians, mothers and children, that were mercilessly slaughtered by the ‘fennic occupiers, as well as to honour those heroes that actively engaged the invaders and thus died in the name of Larihei, the Silver Government announced and temporarily implemented the changing of the colour of the National Standard, from red to black. However, with the period of mourning drawing to an end, and with the beginning of the proper reconstruction, voices within society have expressed their opinion that the new, temporary colour, should instead stay permanently. This has evolved into a proper debate involving all of the denizens of Karinah’siol regarding which colour should grace the Silver State’s banner. Following an ad-hoc voting within the Public Assembly, the struggle evolved between the colour red, and the colour blue. As the main counterpoint to red, some people have expressed that it would herald a return to the more dark pasts of the Silver State, those of the Diarchy, characteristic of their undemocratic society, whereas the concern with blue was that it would make the Standard of Haelun’or too similar to that of the ‘fenn. This has not stopped, however, some people to come with more outlandish propositions, such as having the colour pink upon the National flag, in the memory of Azorella Elibar’acal, the late Malaurir assassinated towards the end of the Diarchy almost a century ago, since then a martyr of the democratic cause. Other people have proposed to return to a system of colour-coding according to each colour’s associated meaning within Mali’aheral culture, each institution bearing a flag of different colour, in relation to its purpose, such as the Library hoisting a blue flag, while the Sillumiran quarters a red one; only the coat of arms is to remain the same. Ultimately, following multiple polls, and the vote in the Assembly, it has been expressed by the majority that the colour red upon the Standard should be reintroduced. This development was announced officially not long ago by the Silver Administration, thusly the colour red shall make its return upon the banners of the Silver State. pg. 5 INTERVIEW WITH THE SOHAER ALAION MIRAVARIS It is with utmost pleasure that this newspaper editorial team receives the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris’s positive reply to the invitation of participating in an interview for this very newspaper. The Sohaer, not a novice on the political arena, has been voted as the Nation’s steward at a most critical time, and is therefore the centre of attention, for his decisions can potentially ruin, or usher into prosperity, the very nation of Larihei’s children. It is with that in mind, that it has been seen fit to invite the Sohaer to answer a few questions of importance to the public of Karinah’siol, recorded as below: Interviewer: “Sohaer, ahern ito nae’leh, for accepting this invitation and for agreeing to answer a few questions that I think are of importance to the public. Let me begin on a light note. Now that you have ascended to leadership, the invaders have been driven out and the Silver Council is full. Do you have optimism for the future, do you see this nation prosper in the years to come?” The Sohaer: “Well, I am a man of honesty, llir, and I must say I do see a bright future for the Mali’thill, for Haelun’or. This is not to say there shall be no troubles along the way - I’ve no doubt there is still much yet to be done, llir! But as an overall, I do indeed believe this is the beginning of something great.” Interviewer: “Over the past years, it seems that the entire intellectual world of the Elvendom has been captured by one idea, that of Elven Unity. What do you think about Elven Unity? How do you view such a concept, and how do you propose the attitude of the Silver State to be in regards to other Elven realms?” The Sohaer: “It is regretful that, in recent years, our relations with our Mali cousins have been rather strained. In terms of Elven Unity - I am most amicable to the possibility. Ne another Dominion of Malin; The Silver People do not seek a return to the forests of the ‘ame - yet a closer allyship, perhaps a co-elven committee? Should our ‘ame and ‘ker cousins hold a similar view, this is a possibility that definitely sits upon the horizons. It is my goal as Sohaer to branch out and engage the Silver State in the affairs of the realm once more.” Interviewer: “Now, you are of course no stranger to politics. You had a rather brief attempt to guide the nation, during the Republican Revolution. The question arises, then: What have you learned from those days? What did that period of turmoil teach you personally concerning leadership?” The Sohaer: “I expected this one to come up. That time was one of immense stress. As you might know, I held the position of Okarir’tir for an elven year or so prior to my brief first Sohaership; I was placed into the position in a rushed manner, the duty of mediation and stabilisation falling upon me. I soon learnt that the office of Sohaer functions quite differently to that of ‘tir. It is not a position in which you might command alone. After the assassination of dear Malaurir Azorella, there was much chaos afoot within elcihi. Those councillors that had been noted as suspects for possible involvement, many of whom were close llir of mine; I believed their story entirely. As someone who was not present when the attack happened, I could not fathom that these certain members of the Citizenry were so quick to place blame, to further bloodshed, rather than investigate properly the incident. In my absence, a small mob formed not long after Azorella’s death, attempting to throw the councillors who had been present at the scene into the acid pits for failing to intervene. To this, I hoped to finally make conclusion of the terrible event. Myself and mister Acaele, who was not, began making preparations to hold one large trial, chaired by the Malauriran, wherein those who were accused of complicitness in the assassination might be tried, yet so would those who acted in rashness, causing damage, assaulting the accused without provision of fair, proper trial. Unfortunately, I made the decision within this time to remove mister Maehr’tehral from my Silver Council. A popular ‘thill at the time, spearheading a great deal of the call for the immediate incarceration of all Councillors present at the scene. This, in turn, sparked the call for democracy. Now, llir - you must forgive my acts in this regard. As a young oem’ii, I had seen Okarn’thilln fall - it was in Fi’halen, under the system of Diarchy, that I had spent most of my life. A prosperous time it was, for the most of it. But ti - you can begin to imagine, I did not have the prettiest picture of democracy, nor a great understanding of its strengths. In retrospect, I can see my mistake. It was with this mindset that I put the growing calls for democracy aside - I had thought it to be an issue I might deal with at a later time, after the trials were sorted, after elcihi was back together. I was incorrect; and I failed to bring about elcihi’s confidence in me. I had kept mister Kinahen upon my council, who, I was later informed, whether purposefully or not, directly failed to intervene in the murder of Azorella, standing only a few steps away from her as she died; a bystander, in such a time of great crisis. With these upsets compiling, it came to be upon the date of the trial that the Citizenry declared Acaele to not be, and formally demanded elections. With this realisation, I bowed my head. I felt it was not fitting for me to run for Sohaer at the time. Instead, I took my leave from elcihi for a period of self-reflection; to recount those events, to grow, and to better myself. It is in recent years that I have returned, and in a situation of such crisis, I hope that this time I might redeem for the missed opportunity back then, the chance for progress squandered and the failure to lead with rightful approach.” Interviewer: “You have been denied the opportunity of reaching to the supporters of the bandit claimant, as she refused to debate you. Perhaps among those supporters are people misguided, who had their emotions manipulated and now find themselves in the camp of the ‘fenns, fearing that returning to this Island might bring about their execution. What do you have to say to those people? Do you believe they can be saved, that they should have our mercy?” The Sohaer: “To those Mali’thill who have indeed been misled, I reach out to you as I would any lost kin; fear not to return home, for redemption and progress is always at hand. The Path of Purity is ever open, and I should hope that, much alike myself, you each learn to reflect upon past mistakes and take steps towards improvement. The maehr’sae hiylun’ehya awaits you yet; for all who are ‘thill, a welcoming hand is extended.” Interviewer: “Lastly, I believe you have answered this during the public assembly, but I think it would do well to inscribe it here also. Considering the situation on the mainland, and that the main active treaties still in place have been signed by the kinslayer and her false counsellors, what do you think of the war on the Continent, between Oren and the Coalition? Do you see, as it develops now, a possibility of it affecting Haelun’or, or of Haelun’or intervening?” The Sohaer: “As of current, I cannot see Haelun’or intervening. Whilst I hope to seek friendships outwards, I do not seek conflict outwards. We’ve much work yet to do within the Silver State, and I should not feel it is our place to intervene, this is ne our conflict. Yet, times change, and we shall see what occurs. Despite these treaties having been signed by the kinslayer Ayliana, I am an elf of honour and I intend to stand by these agreements. Nevertheless, I shall say this: Haelun’or is ever good to its lliran, and shall stand by them should they face harm.” pg. 6 Author’s Note To conclude this most voluminous second issue of The Silver Harbinger, it is the wish of the author that thenceforth the newspaper shall accept advertisement proposals. Depending on the number of articles within one issue, it is desired to run at most about one or two advertisement campaigns per edition, so as not to clutter it too much. If it is your desire to make an advertisement campaign, do send a letter to the address of Berr’lin IV. No financial incentive is required, for those advertisements that shall appear on the newspaper will be placed free of charge, to give equal opportunity to the less endowed Mali’thill, and to advance our egalitarian society. The newspaper does reserve, however, the right to reject any advertisements that promote products or services in contradiction with the Silver Law, or situate dubiously within the life philosophy of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Lastly, to the same address as stated above, Berr’lin IV, one can also send letters of application, for those that wish to join the newspaper team, ever open to newcomers. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Maenor Aildhuin [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  9. elparir'thilln issue no. 1 printed by the Silver Printing Press 2nd of the Amber Cold, 70 S. A. pg. 1 Haelunor’ito… VICTORY DAY Euphoria and rejuvenation seem to be the moods that have drowned the entire Silver City. The latest development in the brutal conflict that has traumatised our kin, that started by the kinslayer Ayliana, renders the Mali’thill of Haelun’or VICTORIOUS. Confirmed reports have emerged, affirming that the Sohaer Alaion Miravaris, and the Maheral Braxus Ni’leya, have successfully taken control of the mechanisms of the security of the State, including gates, doors and the treasury. Thus, Ivarielle and her barbarians have lost the ability to terrorize our blessed people, and, it is reported, they have disgracefully left the city. This was to be expected, many of the most respectable citizens of our nation stated their prediction that, upon losing the ability to oppress, Ivarielle and her minions would do everything within their ability to escape justice, leaving unanswered in the eyes of the law the many illegalities they are accused of having committed. In light of all these facts, the proud citizens of Haelun’or are encouraged to take to the streets and celebrate this most sweet of VICTORIES, now possessing the full certainty that this time, when leaving the safety of their homes, they shan’t be accosted by ‘fennic occupiers. Caution is still advised, however, that we should not rest on our laurels. The rebuilding of our Silver State has only just begun, and there are many efforts that need to be made by all of us, to recover from this costly period of turmoil. United as Larihei’s children are now, they must now direct their efforts towards reestablishing and advancing the central philosophy of MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA. Further, we must hold in thought and in our hearts those citizens that have perished at the hands of Ivarielle’s monsters. Those courageous citizens that gave their life in the name of the progress and health of the nation, in the name of Larihei. We must celebrate the memories of those scores of unnamed Mali’thill heroes, who, with their pure blood, watered the fields that will house our oem’iian, Larihei’leh oem’iian. With that in mind, it has been announced that the banners of Haelun’or shall temporarily display the colour black, in contemplation of the memory of those fallen. pg. 2 THE GHOSTS OF KARINAH’SIOL A most fabulous report has come out concerning the decisive victory of the Mali’thill over the ‘fennic invaders, detailing the strategic brilliance and the never ending bravery of a group of Mali’thill republican rebels, that have managed to drive the invaders from the shores of our Blessed Island. It is alleged that a group of unknown Mali’thill patriots, equipped with flints, kindling and daggers, descended, within the cover of the night, the walls of our Blessed City from somewhere in the North-East, where the ‘fennic patrols were rarer. Following this, they walked around the outside walls of Karinah’siol, and made their way towards the city’s harbour and main supply line of the occupiers. Equipping themselves with blue berets, mimicking the looks of the enemy, and through the most ingenious verbal discourse, they slyly managed to pass by the invaders’ guards, and make their way straight into the harbour. Reportedly, from thereon our kinsmen had free reign. The deeper ‘fennic camp allegedly was in a state of complete chaos, with soldiers and officers alike relaxedly gambling and haggling over loot stolen from our Blessed City. The patriots profited off this general unawareness to climb onto the supply ships of the invaders, docked within the port. Thereupon, they lay their kindling down and set it aflame, ruining in a short timespan the entire supply vessels of the enemy, it being too debauched to react promptly. Further, at this point it is believed someone within the camp announced that Mali’thill, wearing the uniform of the ‘fenn, had infiltrated it. Swords were unsheathed, and before long, due to the anarchical state of the camp, emphasised by the darkness of the night and the raging fire in the harbour, ‘fennic invaders, in their confusion, started attacking each other. Come morning, the entire supplies of the enemy were either burned, or drifting serenely upon the sea. The invaders’ camp now lay empty, save for the unharmed Mali’thill patriot militias, allegedly dubbed the Ghosts of Karinah’siol by a captured combat-fatigued ‘fennic invader. After such a crushing defeat, the occupiers, under threat of starvation by virtue of their supplies being destroyed, had no choice but to retreat from our Blessed Island. pg. 3 THE SILVER GOVERNMENT REBUILT Eager to begin the rebuilding of our Blessed Nation, Sohaer Alaion Miravaris has announced, on the 10th of the Grand Harvest, a new, reformed Silver Council. This new council possesses 6 Okarirships, eliminating the positions of Okarir’tayna and Okarir’akaln. Further smaller changes have been made to the remaining positions, and duties shifted, such as diplomacy no longer being the chief duty of the Okarir’san, but rather that of the Medi’ir. Thus we know, that alongside Sohaer Alaion Miravaris and Maheral Braxus Ni’leya work Tiuthwyn Visaj, Rune Viradiraar, Edgar An’asul, Maenor Aildhuin and Arasdir Miravaris, who occupy the positions of Okarir’maehr, Okarir’hiylun, Okarir’tir, Okarir’san and Okarir’nor respectively. At the time of the writing of this newspaper, the Okarir’mali and Medi’ir seats remain unoccupied, however Sohaer Miravaris is looking to fill those seats, and has thus opened the Okarir’mali position for election, still underway. Those interested and eager to help rebuild our Blessed Nation more actively are thus encouraged to launch themselves as candidates. Similarly, the Medi’ir seats, being under the direct supervision of the Sohaer, are officially still open to application. Those skilled in the diplomatic field, who wish to see our State thrive and rebuild its diplomatic prowess, are urged to contact the Sohaer immediately. While most of the Council is unelected presently, and thus functions on limited legitimacy, Sohaer Alaion Miravaris urges trust and patience, for such a provisional government is needed to stabilise the nation, and stir it out of the troubled waters of the present. When the calm has returned, the Sohaer assures, a vote of confidence shall be held for the Okariran, and let democracy decide whether the deeds of each satisfied the citizenry, and furthered maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Regardless of the outcomes of the election and the interview of the potential Medi’iran, it seems that the Sohaer is determined to start the proper rebuilding of the nation, and bring about exciting times for Larihei’s chosen. pg. 4 Haelunor’itone… THE ORENIAN ARMY IN DISARRAY The latest reports from our Western neighbours confirm that the Orenian Army has been defeated by the forces of the Coalition, not far from the main Eastern port. Following the Orenian victory at Haverlock, in an ambitious speech, Orenian Emperor Philip the 3rd announced an offensive, being quoted for proclaiming ‘No Peace Until Victory’. Thus the Orenian army moved to advance into Urguani territory. Their strategic position was less than advantageous, moving through the East Hub, they were forced down a narrow corridor which rendered useless any numerical advantage, being blocked by mountainous terrain on their West, and by the Ocean and the Voidal tainted terrain on their East. Thus, the terrain seems to have decisively favoured the Coalition. After much bitter fighting, eventually the Orenian army was forced to retreat, many failing to do even that, as the Coalition forces hunted them down. The World awaits with foreboding the next move of the Coalition, and whether they will attempt to close in on the Orenian capital again. With such a devastating defeat, the future of the Orenian Empire once again seems uncertain. The position of the Silver State of Haelun’or in this conflict, now that its own has been settled, remains unknown as of yet, and is largely dependent on who succeeds as Medi’ir. Whether it will draw closer to neutrality and isolationism, as was the case historically, or enter the fray, as was the policy during the reign of the tyrant Othelu, remains to be seen. pg. 5 Author’s Note There have been, in the past, a couple attempts to run Stately newspapers within the Silver State of Haelun’or. The unfortunate reality is that most ended after a couple publications. I believe such to be the case as many focused solely on propagandistic effects by the newly arrived into power. As a result, when their power consolidated and there was no need for propaganda, or at least not periodically, the newspapers ceased to have any importance, and thus stopped publication. One such striking example is the newspaper ran by Silvyr Uradir, during the early days of Othelu’s tyranny. It focused chiefly on discrediting the republican forces, and to agitate the extremist societal masses. As such, when the republicans all fled and the extremists held captive all aspects of the State, the newspaper stopped publishing, because it no longer served a purpose. It is the desire of the author, to further the purpose of the newspaper beyond propaganda, and to hopefully achieve a periodic newsletter, that should be as objective and faithful to the truth as possible at the time, so that the citizens of Haelun’or may be served information to further their mission to progress, instead of hindering it with useless falsities. With that in mind, this first edition has been written, hopefully a prelude to many others. The current format may be subject to slight changes and adaptations, as the numbers and experience of the team in charge changes over time, for now consisting only of one person. Thusly, if there are any people willing to contribute to the future of this hopefully weekly publication, I encourage you to contact me in person or send a letter to my residence in Berr’lin IV. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Maenor Aildhuin [!] This newspaper is readily available for the citizens of Karinah'siol to read, issues being distributed to people's houses and to other various public places of interest via adequately compensated couriers.
  10. The Northwind Post Year 36 of the Second Age --------------------------------------- The Pact of Ash and Scorpions A peace treaty was issued on the 2nd of the Amber Cold, 25 S.A. This treaty was between Norland and Krugmar, to not only be at peace, but to aid in wartime, allow free trade, and to respect borders. This treaty will allow those of Norland and Krugmar to have a better relationship, and better two nations in Almaris. The Pact of Ash and Stone A peace treaty and non-aggression pact was issued this past year, between Urguan and Norland. This agreement states that the Kingdoms should both avoid conflict, as well as enter into free trade. As long as laws are followed by citizens of both nations, there will be no tax or harassment, and the Kingdoms avoid conflict both with each other, but also with anyone who may put them at odds, the pact will be beneficial to both Kingdoms. Tournament in Elysium A tournament was held in Elysium, in the White Bear Tavern. Many showed up to fight for the Ruby Estrella championship belt. The Ruby Estrella is a star of which only comes every 100 years, a red star, that which many say, champions are born under its shine. Marshall in Norland Many are confused at recent events, not only with where the Rangers and Northguard are left, but with a lack of leadership in a Marshall. We can only hope, we will find one soon, to better all of Norland. Ferrymen Battle Raid threats have been consistent, but the Rangers and Northguard have got it covered. This past year, during the First Seed, as well as earlier in the year, there were threats of raids in Elysium. Those in the Northguard and Rangers, went to the gates, making sure women and children were safe, to take care of the Ferrymen. The Ferrymen retreated, after arguments at the tavern in Elysium. Skannari A battle was fought between the Skannari and Norland, leaving Norland victorious. However long the battle dragged on, there is sure to be another fight from the Skannari, as they do not easily accept defeat. In other news The First Agnethe Chess Tournament is being held by Daihbidh Sutharlainn, the chairman of Sutherland Corporation, which has branches around Almaris including Elysium and Varhelm. The match has many great players, but only one can be the winner. Contact Sutharlainn if you are interested in watching the matches. Varhelm still has plenty of houses available! If you are interested, talk to a Steward today! The Northguard is still recruiting. Talk to a Northguard today to join! If you have anything to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
  11. The Northwind Post Year 35 of the Second Age ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Undead in Elysium After a quick chat with the Lord Purifier, he revealed there was a spectral being that came into Elysium. It was only noticed due to the aurum across the gate. Rangers called upon the Purifiers and Orin took care of the spectral being, with the Lord Purifier and an aurum net. The creature's intentions were not clear, but there is bound to be speculation. The creature was purified, and thankfully no one was harmed. Marshal Attacked While on duty at the gatehouse Marshall Uruan was attacked by a ranger named Nym. His left ear was bitten off. The High Keeper held a trial at which Nym was punished for her actions against the Marshall. A small dwarf service was held for the ear which was subsequently buried. Military Meeting A meeting will be taking place this Stone Sunday between the King, The head of the NorthGuard and the Head rangers in an attempt to quench disputes and arguments that have occurred. Under the new Marshals reign the Rangers have had a difficult time figuring out their place in the military. Hopefully this meeting will clear things up for those in the military, and the citizens in need of protection. Threats Against the High Keeper A man came into Norland, during the Deep Cold, and was looking for Alisa Camian. Shouts were heard and fighting, due to this man, a Canonist, threatening to kill the High Keeper for her “sins”. He was slain, but it begs the question of why a Canonist would try to fight Norlanders alone, and is there more to this than just a religious battle. Skanarri Problems Norlanders went to go meet Chieftain Argos to discuss a peace treaty, and were ambushed by Skanarri who betrayed and killed Argos, and greatly wounded King Vane, Marshal Uruan Stormheart and several other members of the NorthGuard. They also captured Aylin De Astrea, the Heir to Elysium. Eventually the Skanarri were run off as reinforcements arrived. There have been attempts to rescue Alyin De Astrea, and after a Rangers Rescue Mission there was success. Aylin de Astrea returned to Elysium for medical treatment for her injuries. Brighter News Varhelm housing is still available. There are plenty of great houses available, and cheap too. 20 mina per year, a great deal, for the cheapest housing. The Ashwood tavern in Varhelm is hiring, and is constantly busy. Come on down for a drink. The Northguard is recruiting, and would love people to join them. Talk to Marshal Uruan Stormheart to join. The weather in Norland is cold in the upcoming weeks. Snow is forecasted for the next few weeks. Expect tremors in the North, something is happening recently in Almaris. Please act with caution in event of a quake. If anyone has anything they would like to add, please contact Rebeka la Waevra. ~ Rebeka la Waevra
  12. The Northwind Post Year 34 of the Second Age -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A sad day for Norland, The passing of the King The Funeral of King Sven Edvardsson II was during the Friday Seed of 34 S.A. An amazing service, the pyre burned, as all of Norland’s citizens gathered to say goodbye. May the Allfather bless us all, in these times of mourning. A light at the end of the tunnel The Kingsmoot was held this past year. Truly an interesting event, many gathered and announced nominees for the new King. Once Votes were cast, a new King was called, Vane Freysson. We appreciate Vane, and are hopeful for him in his new position. The 2nd Hearth Forum. 34 S.A. 8th of the Grand Harvest There was discussion of many forms during this Forum, including information on The Long Dark and On Spreading the Flame. The Coronation of the New King Vane Freysson took the responsibilities of King during the Sun’s Smile 34 S.A. High Keeper Alisa Camian was present, conducting the Coronation, and crowning Vane. Vane promised to take responsibility for all of Norland, to uphold laws, and ensure spiritual wellness under guidance of the AllFather. Congratulations to King Vane. Iron from Ice! Many welcomed changes coming to Norland with the NorthGuard, and more. Stay tuned. In other Norland News Wedding The Wedding of Edric Vildr & Herilissa Seillean O’Hara. A beautiful wedding, we congratulate the couple on this new bond. Loss Hanelore O’Hara de Astrea was a blessed soul and her loss a year ago is devastating for those who knew her. May she rest easy now, in the lands of the Father. Ferrymen and Bandits Ferrymen have been blocking the roads. Those traveling to and from Norland are encouraged to not bring valuables with them, and if possible to avoid the road to Elysium. There are steps being taken to punish those causing problems for villagers. Bandits were spotted outside of Elysium the other day, those traveling are told to be wary and if possible, travel in groups. If anyone has anything they would like in the post please contact Rebeka la Waevra. Thank you for reading, Join us next year. ~Rebeka la Waevra
  13. A Volatile Week Happy mid week Norland, this is Hanelore writing to you and everyone around the kingdom, here are the main headlines this week: Skanarri Raiders Skanarri Raiders intend to capture the Lunner Keep, an unmanned fort. Northguard and Rangers are halting their advances to do so. They could potentially split the land transportation between Varhelm and Elysium, gaining them a defensive hold in Norland. Northguard and Rangers plan to rally, mobilize a vessel, and defend with ballista or cannon fire. Sadly during this we lost Hali Kvitravn. Underestimating the numbers of the opposing numbers, Hali rushed into the fray. He was cut off from allies by a large group of the savage tribesmen. Hali fought valiantly until the end, though due to overwhelming numbers he was slashed in the neck, before being shoved down a hill. May the All Father keep him. Ireheart Dwarves raid Varhelm A group of seven Ireheart Clan members recently snuck into Varhelm, attempting to rob citizens right in front of the Ashwood Tree. One brave citizen managed to send word to a family member in Elysium, leading to a rally call going out for Rangers from the Duchy to fight off the attackers. Meanwhile, Warden Edric Vildr ran to Varhelm and managed to ring the bell there, summoning the Northguard as well. A mixed force of civilians, Rangers, Northguard, and even a ferryman engaged the Irehearts, driving them out of the city successfully. No major injuries were received by citizens of Norland. Canal and Settlement of the Raenrland Plans are reaching fruition for a canal to be built to the Raenrland and the O'Hara Keep, the project is expected to take course over the next few years and will culminate with a settlement being built in the region. Further development of the region may follow with easier water access. In the meantime a road is being built south, please keep an eye on the traffic reports for updates in this project. The king has announced intentions to establish a forward camp in the region to kickstart the process of taming the wilderness. Folk are encouraged to employ their woodcraft, survival, and hunting skills to aid in the work. Contact King Sven if you wish to offer your services. The Hearth Forum The First Hearth Forum gathering will be held later this year (Saturday 5PM EST). All followers of the Red Faith are invited to attend and voice their opinions on a range of issues pertaining to Norland and the Red Faith. Expect an itinerary to be released soon. Contact the Lord Purifier if you have a topic you wish to discuss. This will be the largest Red Faith dialogue seen for many years! Housing in Varhelm: Many available houses in Varhelm, including stalls and shops. Come be a part of our community, the winters are easier when you have company. We welcome travellers, citizens, and soldiers to live in Varhelm. Faith, protection, and low taxes are guaranteed in Norland. With great international connections and fantastic access to the ports and roads it's a must when looking to settle! Talk to a Steward today to find a place that is right for you! In other more interesting news... Clan Vildr's most eligible bachelorette Eydis Vildr is looking for a husband. Contact chieftain Edric Vildr with your bride price offer and make your case, to have your chance to woo her. (Please do not contact the newspaper with proposals, we don't want them...) A wily jester continues to be hunted in Elysium! Though causing no violence or harm, his tricks and games continue to prove to be challenges to overcome for those involved in hunting him. Things to look forwards to in the next coming days: Several hunts are taking place, please be sure to contact Alric Edvardsson with any questions. Weather, traffic and threats It's gonna be another cold one up here, expect some more snow coming in from the north with gusts of rain blowing in from the west from over the ocean near Haense. Traffic is clear mostly on the main roads leading in, do expect some congestion around the main gates at Elysium and Varhelm as per usual. Some back ups on the road to the O’Hara keep as works are expected there until the near future. The current threat level is at a somewhat high alarm, please keep an eye out for bandits, Skanarri and Irehearts while traveling in and around the kingdom and report any and all activity if you see them within the area. Shout Outs: Stop by your local tavern! supporting local Norlandic businesses supports the kingdom! Don't forget to drop your local temple and take part in the Red Faith!! Want a shout out? Contact Hanelore O'Hara de Astrea Thank you all for reading! This has been Hanelore with your yearly news in Norland, I hope you all have a great year!
  14. The War Nation of Krugmar is a jungle based settlement found in the far west of Almaris. surrounded by dense tropical forest and dotted with stunning pools fish, From the emerald greed foliage rises the nation, hued in vibrant reds, home to the Orcs. After arriving to the nation of Krugmar I was greeted by the Rex himself Kor’garr. We headed to the city tavern near the great Klomp pit, taking our seats. Being treated to the local brews and greeting the Rex's entourage, I settled into a wonderful evening. We were joined by one of the Rex’s friends, who told the heartbreaking story of the rise and fall of worship of the taboo spirit Orgon. A tale of betrayal and limits of self between the higher beings of this land. Wise words directed to all parties present. After the tales told we settled into the interview proper: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Lets begin mister Kor’garr, who are ye? Ah loike ta give a full run doon on who ah be interviewing, this nay a slight sir.” “Yub, uv korze… Kor’garr iz Kor’garr uv nuv klan, mettle-werker, zkowt.. Agh nows Rex uv Krugmar” “Wuz maor den H’ty yeers ago, Kor’harr wuz born tu Valor’garr agh azh uv iz luvs. Nub gruk wich azh, buht dat’z wer Kor’garr gitz dah grey vrum.” “Thank ye thank ye. So mister Kor’garr, wot does the role o Rex involve? How does et effect ye? Does et cme wit en life?” “Keh! Tu bi dah Rex iz tu akt wit dah wihl uv Krug en leedyng Krugmar’z peepul. En Wagh, en zpeerit, en ‘onur … Dah Rex muzt zhow ag example vor awl dat vollow en da path uv Krug” “Da path o krug!” (at this point many a drink was drunk and a few of these drinks were sadly spilled) “En awl truths. Kor’garr did nub ixpekt tu bikum Rex. unlee avturag Klomp uv honor, azh dah vlat aginzt mi bruddah Azhug’gorkil, did Kor’garr tayk dah pozizhun. Wagh-ammur aginz lowng-zult, blow avtur bludy blow.. Wiz wur both barely ztandyng win Kor’garr ztruk Azhug downz wit ah kruzhed ribkayg” “A strong fighter! Makes a gud leader!” “Yub, dat dey du. Myght meykz right en Krugmar, agh et wihl ulweyz bi dat whey” “Jest loike back en urguan Uhh lets see ere.. Fun facts bout ye! Little segment bout yerself as a person. Be et a cool scar, wot ye used ta be, er jest yer favorite food” “Kah. Kor’garr gots dah zaym anzer vor dub uv doze Peep dah zkar ‘ere. Vrum zhoulder tu zhoulder. Awl akrozz dah rybz” “Goodness what from?” “Lat nyt nub dehm en dah waturz neer Krugmar, buht dah jungul pools kuntayn bubu’hozh krabz dah syz uv’ah blarg. Wiz wur own’ag hunt vor zumtyng tu weed dah clanz whin zyztah Nin’skwwq got thurztee..” “Nin! Ah ken er! Ah taught er back when a wos a medic! Sorreh sorreh, please continue.” “Azht wi grukk’d et wuz ah rock en dah watur… dehn dah tyng zkittered aht uz wit pinzerzz ‘hozher den ag Olog! Azh zweep uv ag klaw slamm’d entu Nin, ah Kor’garr peep’d rehd. Arrowz did nubbin, zultz juzt goht en dah whey. Wit ag vyurius kry uv Wagh Kor’garr took’ag ‘ax ag charj’d dah creetur, etz beedy peppurz blaynk agh pitch blak” “Ye ran head first enta et?!?!” “Yub… et wuz dah bludluzt Kor’garr velt whin peepyng Nin’ kruzhed by dah beezt. Der wuz nubbin en dah uzg kulda kept Kor’garr vrum dat zoggin krab… Zoh wit a zyngul zwing ‘etz wavy wuz en dub” “Amazing! Wos dear Nin okeh afterwards? Sorreh bout askin.” “Uv korze, et tuuk zum muthz tu ‘eel agh dah medikz wuz vyuriyuz, buht wiz awl wur patch’d uhp avturwurdz… dah creetur dizydid tu tayk Kor’garr wit et doh” “Et dragged ye back en ta da water?” “Dah krabz wrythe when dey clat, kaught Kor’garr across deh chest agh dragg’d ‘i’m undur dah waturz. Der wiz wur, bohth bleedyng owt en dah jungul layk ahg ztyll trying t vlat eechuddah! Buht daht knrab wuz azh uv dah ‘hozhezt meelz Kor’garr eva ayt” “Goodness… Dat be a tale Yer a hunter ef ah evar met one..” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then night trailed all and we bid our adieus till the next issue Stay tuned!! thank all who waited on this issue, please keep eye and eat out for the next paper drop, have a great week everyone! this has been Mica Goldhand with GNN!!
  15. Like clockwork the Magpies Mica cares for flew out across Almaris, delivering the newest edition of the paper to all that ask. As well as a few large stacks delivered to taverns, meeting halls and one particular bath house within the Mitzuul Grove. The Mitzuul Grove is a small vassal lying due south from the capital of Urguan in a nestled hollow behind the national port of the kingdom. this wonderful corner of the world, studded with fruit trees and soft light, is home to the Kharajyr, a kind and welcoming people known for their peaceful and laid back ways of life. finding myself wandering down to the village I ran into a dear friend of the family, Mister Rha'kir Morthawl. who wonderfully agreed to an interview! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Wonderval! Ets just a few questions nothing crazy um... lets see....." "Alright well this one is ready." “So, please tell meh bout yerself” "Well, this one is Rha'kir Morthawl, a Kharajyr, obviously. This one is 60 years old, still relatively young for a Kha. And this one lives within the Mitzuul Grove, a vassal of Urguan where the Kha live" “Do ye have a particular role er job ye play ere?” "Well this one is a nanotzin, which is something akin to a mayor. So, this one is basically the mayor of the Mitzuul Grove you could say that. Besides that, this one is an alchemist and he has various jobs and such all around almaris. Oh yeah, and this one likes to draw. This was definitely a very shady attempt to advertise" "Ha! so, please sir, tell meh bout yer famileh? Found, blond or formed, ets all the same ta meh" "Well this one has lost his parents a long time ago. They aren't necessarily dead, this one just doesn't know where they went" "Though, most of the family is here in the grove. This one attempts to be as much as a mentor to al the Kha." "Ye mentor? What does that entail? "As far as that goes, this one is accompanied by many friends- oh well this one is attempting to be a mentor of sorts." "This one just tries to guide the younger Kha and people in his life." "Ah... like a parent almost? "Yes, exactly. "That's so sweet. now, how did you come to be where you are? "Well , this one started as a tavern worker in his teenage years. In these times, it was still very hard being a Kha, considering racism was much more present. Being hunted, discriminated, or faultfully arrested, especially in human nations was very common." "During these times, Irehearts also frequently hunted Kha for their trials, orc did as well "Gods... ah'm so sorreh about dat" "Hunting Kharajyr was just very much more common during those times. This one would have died very easily as well." "This one began as a simple tavern worker but the woman who owned the tavern gave this one protection. By signing a contract, this one stood under her and this one could not be harmed” he explained "So this one was safe then." "Very smart, please continue." "Well after that, this one found a few of his kind living in Sutica." Though, that appeared to be the only place somewhat safe" "magically enough." "However, Ever since this one found his kind, he has been working very hard to help everyone find a home." "Everyone needs a good home". "This one found a lot of Kharajyr who came with him. This one also worked with the Kha Haskir for a good part of his life, moving from place to place giving the Kha homes." "We have lived in Healun'or, Renelia, but ever since we lived in Almaris, we had a new path to carve. We were a caravan for the start since we arrived, and then we got our home here!" "Are you enjoying it here?" "Yes very much, we haven't had any issues." that's amazing!". "Plus, this one believes this is a perfect home where our culture comes to light" "And ever since we have arrived in Almaris, this one is glad to see social improvement." "We now have rights in almost all nations as a humanoid creature, and can freely live with the dwarves." "that's amazing! "I'm glad you feel at home here" "Do you have a fun story or a few fun facts about yourself? "Welllll-- hmm. This one worked at the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge. This one was quite literally a teacher at a magic school this one time" "It's very fun to see students who fall in love get a relationship later in their lives together" "This one was very blessed to see young love blossom like that. And in case they read this paper Hi Kallian #3." "Heh hopefulleh dey do, ets a gud paper ah thenk! Well dats me questions done, es dere anythang ye loike ta avertise er promote?" "Hmm.. Well there is a secret project this one is working on." "ooo aye? "Well, it's a big event where this one will invite those from Urguan to it, it will happen soon." "But this one won't say more than a big kharajyr organized event" "A big event? Shall I tell our readers ta keep an eye on the news oot of the grove? "Yes, they should." "Then ah will!" "thank ye very much sir fer yer time, ah hope ta have dis oot soon enough." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A huge thanks to mister Rha'kir! This was an amazing opportunity to speak to such an amazing and interesting person. and a huge thank you to the Mitzuul Grove as a whole Do stop by this wonderful place on you next visit to the grand kingdom and spend a sunny afternoon during their festivals. don't forget to keep an eye out for this upcoming events! This is Mica Goldhand signing off from GNN Have a great week everyone!
  16. Somehow from where ever the hell Mica is, a flyer appears all over Urguan and some other places... GNN goes airborne Lo all mica here! So GNN has been on a slight hold for a few reasons, which I won't get into here, but for a triumphant return everyone's favourite golden paper is hitting the road! I will be out and about all over Almaris interviewing the wonderful people of the land, from dwarves to birds and all creatures big and small. Hoping to share stories from around the globe. If you would like a spotlight moment, something to share to the greater world, a fun story from years past, simply bird me, or just grab me (with consent not literally) and talk away! No story is too small! Can't wait to meet you all! Mica <3 (fun ooc stuff)
  17. The GNN jingle is heard throughout the city "GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING URGUAN, and welcome to another weekly Friday update! I'm your host as always Mica and lets dive right into this hell of a week!" some papers shuffle "To start us off, Local legend Bakir as been doing his part to help with the war effort! In an interview with me, Bakir has said that he patrols the Orenian roads for potential orenian victims, Antonyus falls into his trap. Captured and shackled by Bakir alongside the Ferrymen, Antonyus Horen was captured and taken to Norland. I was able to get this wonderful quote from him "Sometimes you are so focused on the Cheese you forget about the Trap" wise words to live by. Also, in regards to the capture of Oren nationals, two men were captured early last night and forced to make weapons for the legion till they paid off whatever wrong doing they did. " takes a sip of coffee "In local news, Draakopf Doomforged as been accused of dying a Grimgold child's eyes from red to blue, we await on the courts for further updates on this matter. the location of the lexicon picture has been discovered! we thank our men down in the workers guild for finding this site, they have set up camp and cleared the entrance to the site a few days ago, we now wait on the kings words for the next steps in this historic discovery! we also had a minor giant spider problem in the deep roads earlier this week but once again huge thank you to the workers guild for taking care of the issue!" more paper shuffling "Events Tonight! I hope you all have been hoarding your mina and kazuls cause we not only have the Mitzuul grove alchemical auction taking place at 4:30pm stone-hours but the first ever Merchants Guild Grand Auction!!! taking place at 6:30 stone-hours so i hope to see you all there! Coming this weekend!! we have the festival of Yudora hosted by the clergy ladies hope to see you there ;) and of course round off the weekend worker's guild night! In international news, Norland is holding pride parties every weekend of the next stone-month! all are welcome to attend to show support for our LGBTQ+ brothers and sister! and from all the way in Attenlund! me wee son davli is making his family proud exploring a wild new land! we hope to hear more stories from him soon" smiles with a nod "And now the weather and traffic for the weekend it's gonna be clear and sunning with some slight overcast towards Sunday with a chance of showers heading in to Monday. traffic is gonna be good over the weekend hopefully but do expect some delays heading into the city before and after the festival. This as been Gold News Now and ive been your host Mica Goldhand feel free to send a letter in with a story you want to share! I hope you all have a great weekend! this is Mica signing off!" the GNN jingle plays again and fades out
  18. [!] You find a small newspaper folded up and tucked away into your mailbox. It smells somewhat moldy, as though it has already been there for a few too many days. T'a Pumpkin Papers! ~A small gathering of halflings!~ Contents: ~Village has New Leadership!~ ~Burrow Decorating Party!~ ~Visitors from Yong Ping!~ ~FREE FOOD in the Village, Visitors Welcome!~ ~Village has New Leadership!~ ~A scene from the transition to Rolladango's Thainhood!~ The mighty Thaindom of old, established by my long-dead father, Rollo Applefoot, has returned to us halflings! The last remaining Elder has appointed a relative of mine, Rolladango Applefoot, to the position of Thain. I have hopes that this new government will serve us well, although as of present nay much has been done with it. I'm still waiting to be appointed as an Elder, if ye are reading this right now Rolladango! ~Burrow Decorating Party!~ ~A small gathering in Asphodel's burrow, preparing for a lovely group decorating party!~ Ol' Asphodel Chubb has moved out of her Inn room and obtained a proper burrow! We all decorated her new burrow as a group, transforming it from nuffin' more than an empty shell of wood covered with dirt to a cozy home worthy of the most proper of halflings! I myself am very fond of how it turned out, and as a result I keep on sendin' poor ol' Asphodel letters all of the time in congratulations(even though she ne'er sends any back)! Let's take a closer look at the new place... [!] On this part of the newspaper, there is a small little sketch of the new interior. It appears to have taken some time to create. You wonder how someone could have created this without being inside of the burrow as reference... [!] That's all I have to say about Asphodel's new burrow! Now time for even more interesting matters... ~Visitors from Yong Ping!~ ~A trip to the library!~ Strange bigguns who talk a bit funny came over to Bramblebury last year. They said they were from "Yong Ping" or something. They were rather nice fellows, and their kindness prompted us wee halflings to give them many gifts. A fair few spare books were handed over to the bigguns, and we marched them all over the village in single-file lines as we described all there was to see! ~Some supper 'fore ye leave!~ Of course, all the wanderin' around made us mighty hungry, so we went over to the Greenholm burrow to serve them a proper meal (Sorry for using your burrow without permission, Dandelion)! Soups, meats, fancy cider, apples, potatoes, and more were served to the bigguns. It was quite the occasion! ~A peculiar tavern~ Speakin' o' Yong Ping, I traveled over there a while ago as well! Just wanted to check out the place, and as a result o' me going there, I went and saw a bunch of the Yong Ping bigguns gathered in their tavern drinking and being merry! T'was a wedding, or something. This visit may have been what inspired all the bigguns to come over to our own village. I suppose they wanted to repay the apple I gave one of them as a gift, although that sort of backfired for them as they got even more gifts given to them! ~FREE FOOD in the Village, Visitors Welcome!~ ~A bunch of free food on the free food cart!~ May we all prosper together, halflings and biggun friends! In order to keep all halflings and biggun visitors well fed, I have stocked up the free food cart full of hearty morsels! Enjoy them to your heart's content, as I am more than willing to re-stock the cart as much as needed! No longer shall bigguns new to Almaris almost starve on the way to Elven lands past the village, for they can pick up a snack over at Bramblebury thanks to this lovely li'l cart! Live long an' Prosper! Glory ter t'a wee! -Filibert Applefoot, resident halfling tavernkeep and newspaper writer.
  19. *the GNN jingle plays throughout the city “Goooooood Friday morning I’m your host Mica Goldhand with your weekly report! To start us off we had a raid earlier this week which ended well with our legion boys keeping us safe from slave traders, remember to thank your local legionnaire when you have a chance. As well as this week we had Oren attack Norland and it’s port town of Elys, both sides have released a statement and we await further information from the situation.” *a sound of papers being sorted during a sort break in the talking “In happier news, we have a fun packed weekend for Urguan, on Saturday we have legion training, smoothie night with the Kha and a medic lesson hosted by yours truly, and to round it all off a blow out Dungrimm festival held by lady Brynaelda Grandaxe, personally I’m very excited for that. As well as this the expedition to the giant golem was a success with the recovery of more ancient Dwed history and we believe this will bring us closer to understanding the origins of our city. But the hunt is still on for where the mystery location of where the gem displayed.” *shuffles papers "in Hefrumm the local Seers led a Ponderlot fuelled trip along the path of the gods, there was much merriment all round as well as great enlightenment by those who attended. all are welcome to attend on the next event held by the Seers. As well as a big thank you from all animal lovers to Asvi Frostbeard with her protest against the eating of squirrels, since her brave efforts to protect these fluffy friends we have seen a huge boost in the local population. *another short pause “Now for the weather and traffic, it’s gonna be a bit stormy this weekend so expect delays on your way in to the city and do keep and eye out for slave traders on your travels on main highways around east fleet. If you have a story you want to share please send it down to the office! the address is, Mica Goldhand, the Workers guild of Urguan Kingdom of Urguan. This has been Mica Goldhand with your weekly news here at Gold News Now and I hope you all have a great weekend!” *the talking fades and the GNN jingle plays again
  20. [!] A folded up newspaper is found in your mailbox! This is rather strange, as you don't recall ordering any newspapers recently... T'a Pumpkin Papers ~The burrow terrace of Bramblebury!~ Contents: ~Cookie Crumb Bakery Opens!~ ~Wilburt and Alice's Wedding!~ ~Birthday Party Shogging!~ ~Field Work!~ ~Cookie Crumb Bakery Opens!~ ~Entering the Cookie Crumb Bakery!~ A fantastic bakery, ran by none other than Mondy Applefoot, my sister, has opened up for business here in Bramblebury! Giving out all sorts of baked goods and drinks for the low, low price of absolutely nothing, the bakery has been an incredible hit among us halflings! Even biggun visitors love the bakery! The bakery is currently looking for new employees, so please contact Mondy Applefoot if you wish to take part in this labor of love! ~Assembling together in the bakery!~ ~Wilburt and Alice's Wedding!~ ~The marriage ceremony as it occured! Illuminated by nothing but moonlight and pumpkins, how romantic!~ Wilburt Woodstock and Alice Redroot have gotten married! They've moved into a new burrow together near the Goodbarrel family burrow, and together make for the (second) newest halfling family in the village! May Knox bless them and all they do! ~Birthday Party Shogging!~ ~The feast!~ A lovely birthday party took place nay too long ago! A double birthday party, celebrating the birth of both Jeannette Applebottom and Sorrel Peregrin, involving booze, good food, plenty of shogging (a wondrous sport if you ask me!), and fireworks at the end! ~Listening to music as we drink ourselves clear o' thoughts!~ Naturally, we all went o'er to the tavern afterwards and drank ourselves silly! T'was the best party I've ever attended, even if I was late for the initial feast! ~Field Work!~ ~A simple sketch of me wif me favorite shovel!~ I did some work on the fields near the village's entrance. Plenty of spots were a tad bit dry previously, but I've properly watered the fields! Even uncovered a big ol' stone in doing so! Hopefully we can drag the stone out eventually! Also, don't forget to vote in the upcoming Elder elections! I will be running, and I count on YOU readers carrying me to electoral victory! Long Live Bramblebury, Long Live the Wee! -Filibert Applefoot, Resident halfling and tavernkeep.
  21. [!] Another newspaper is found tucked away in your burrow's mailbox! It smells like chicken. T'a Pumpkin Papers ~The clear waters of Bramblebury!~ Contents: ~New Faces 'n the Village!~ ~Soap-Making!~ ~Goodbarrel Party Gone Wrong!~ ~Baking Festival!~ ~New Faces 'n the Village!~ ~An ol' butler halfling comes to the market!~ ~Metting a biggun!~ 'N recent times, a steady trickle o' new halflings has been coming into our fine village of Bramblebury! Nay doubt aided by the recent vacancies in our village, making a fair number of quality burrows be ripe for the taking! Let's hope that our Elders are able to properly integrate all of them into our community! ~Soap-Making!~ ~A life without soap is a life wasted!~ Of course, not all of our lives be about finding new folks and partying! Recently, some soap has been passed 'round the village, made by the Greenholms and some associates of theirs. It may smell a bit weird, but it sure is better than cleaning yourself with nothing but water! I've heard some folks say that the production of said soap was dangerous, unhealthy, and unwise, but I beg to differ! There is no such thing as taking too many risks when it comes to soap! If anything, not having soap is a much bigger risk than anything else! The anti-soapers clearly nay bathe enough to realize how important soap is to us! Praps we ought to make use of our bathing burrow a bit more often... ~Goodbarrel Party Gone Wrong!~ ~The Goodbarrel's birthday party!~ The Goodbarrel birthday party (of which I did not attend, nay judge me!) supposedly went well, with a large turnout, many gifts being exchanged, and a decent feast afterwards! All who I've talked to tell of its wonders, of the copious amounts of food prepared for us all to eat, of the barrels and barrels of chests rolled over from the tavern to fill our stomachs with alcohol! However, something did eventually go wrong at the dual birthday party, a most terrible and dangerous occasion 'ndeed! ~Such a mess! Good thing the boars tasted good!~ Right as the feast was reaching its climax, our village was attacked by big ol' boars trying to eat all of our food! A big fight ensued, with a few halflings getting injured in the process! Thankfully, nobody was permanently crippled or killed, and the boars were pounded into the ground ready to be diced up and served 'n our next big feast! Another victory for the weefolks! ~Baking Festival!~ ~The beginning of the festival!~ I may nay attend every festival, but the Baking Festival was an affair I could nay afford to miss! Recipes were shared, foods were baked, and all had a wondrous time! It is a shame that more did not participate! -Filibert Applefoot, Resident halfling and tavernkeep.
  22. [!] A newspaper is found in your burrow's mailbox! Any interested bigguns could also get their hands on a copy with ease! T'a Pumpkin Papers ~A scenic view of Bramblebury!~ Contents: ~Dinner Party + Pumpkin Raid!~ ~Doublesweet Festival!~ ~The Judging of Ale!~ ~Anne becomes a Knight!~ ~Dinner Party + Pumpkin Raid!~ ~The gathering in the Greenholm burrow!~ Us proud weefolks of Bramblebury have recently held a massive dinner party in the Greenholm burrow! Many showed up, and a good deal of meats, potatoes, and apples were consumed by the party goers! Truly a wondrous time to be a weefolk! ~Preparing for the Pumpkin Raid!~ After all of us halflings finished with our meals, we donned our pumpkins, raised our shovels, and went over to the lands of Elvenesse to spread the good word of our Lord Knox! It was a bit random, out of the blue, unplanned, whatever you wish to call it. In spite of that, it was a blast of a time, and nay doubt a good spiritual exercise for us all! ~The great conga around the firepit!~ ~Doublesweet Festival!~ ~Receiving our information packets!~ After the previous month's escapades with pumpkins and parties, we got right to work on the next task! The Doublesweet Festival, having been planned almost two years prior, occured upon this fine Grand Harvest in the 607th year since Dunwood's foundation. Halfling men and women gathered 'round to celebrate the love in the air. With our assigned partners, we all went 'round the village doing a series of activities! T'was a fun time indeed, and hopefully the start of many new relationships! ~Diving into the ocean!~ ~Shogging with friends!~ ~Truth or dare in the Drunken Pumpkin tavern!~ We are truly blessed to have had such an amazing celebration! LORD KNOX is clearly with us after our Pumpkin Raid on the bigguns. Although the festival was somewhat impaired due to poor communication, our halfling spirits carried it onwards nonetheless, a true sign of our wee hearts! ~The Judging of Ale!~ ~Me wee li'l stall in the big fair!~ I attended a fair 'n Oren, home of many bigguns! T'was dedicated to booze, or something, and had all sorts of tents set up for merchants to sell wares! Naturally, I took a tent for meself, and gave out some Applebrook Porter, pipes & pipeweed, and home-cooked chicken to the hungry Orenian populace! It was more difficult than I expected, especially since all the booze was free! Regardless, many friends were made, and a fair bit of booze given out to those in need! ~Judging ales at the end of the fair!~ One of the bigguns at the fair insisted that I judge the ales in their booze competition, and although I was relectant, he insisted that I go through with it! Thus, I found myself the judge of all the ales submitted 'n the fair! Out of all the boozes I tested, I found the dwarven Hearty Carrot Ale to be the best. I brought some of the ale home for our tavern, so hopefully we can all have a taste of the Heffrum brewing! ~Anne becomes a Knight!~ T'is some weird biggun thing oi nay understand, but our beloved Anne, resident of Bramblebury, is now a Knight of the Wardens! Choosing to be called the Warden of the Sea instead of Anne, she's surely changed a bunch after this! I hope she has fun with it! -Filibert Applefoot, Resident halfling tavernkeep.
  23. [!] A halfling newspaper is found in your mailbox! The Bramblebury Gazette (Vol II, 1798) ~Knowledge is the key to happiness~ Contents: ~The Fall of “King” Cyris~ ~What Has Religion Ever Done For Us?~ ~Largest Dinner Party Yet?~ ~Mayor Iris Peregrin: Year One~ ~The Fall of “King” Cyris~ ~The festival-goers sit beneath their newly decorated tree~ In keeping with our jolly traditions, the 7th of the Grand Harvest 1798 saw a great festival celebrating the decoration of the Knoxmas Tree. Ornaments were hung, bells were rung, and halflings and biggun visitors (including our dearest Norlandic friend, the Queen Ancelie) alike feasted upon delicious puddings and delightful bottles of wine. It seemed to be the perfect little celebration, and one would have thought the arrival of our Lord Knox would only make it better. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Pumpkin Lord came at a most inopportune time. For indeed, one might say that Knoxism has been undergoing some sort of schism. While one would think religious schisms and arguments about true and false gods would be activities only bigguns engage in, unfortunately, that is not the case. Nearly two years ago, in 1796, the village of Bramblebury was joined by a rather peculiar fellow known as Cyris Collingwood. Claiming to be chosen by Knox himself, Cyris believes himself to be the rightful king of the halflings and has provided moral and spiritual support to the people of our village. (Though he seems to have no concept of what a monarchy actually is.) Though no claim made by Cyris was taken entirely seriously, he was well-liked and appreciated by the village until a statement was released by High Pumplar Jeanette Applebottom, which declared Cyris to be a false prophet of Knox. This caused immediate upheaval, and the only defense Cyris was able to provide was the claim that he had been spoken to by Knox himself in his dreams! (Though many have theorized that it may have all been little more than a drug-induced hallucination; after all, Cyris reported waking up in a pond near Aegrothond after being sent by Knox.) None of this, however, was relevant to the celebration. Or, at least, it would not have been had one Theodore Mowood not decided to point out Cyris to Knox in much the same manner as a tattling child would attempt to get their sibling in trouble. Knox moved to confront the ‘King’, and a great quarrel ensued. As the ‘god’ and the ‘King’ engaged in their discourse, onlookers argued over whether Cyris was correct and whether the Knox that stood before us was the true Lord Knox or not. ~As onlookers bicker over their opinions on the situation, the ‘god’ and the ‘King’ stand face to face moments before a terrible duel~ For reasons I am unaware of, Cyris elected to engage what he viewed as the false god in a duel, and in doing so caused Knox to assume a disgusting and demonic form; speaking in tongues and unleashing his full strength upon the halfling. While some claim this was merely a show of strength, others cite it as proof that this ‘Lord Knox’ is an imposter. What ensued was a barbaric scene more fit for violent biggun scriptures than a proper halfling newspaper as the ‘Pumpkin Lord’ brutalized Cyris to the sound of cheers from overzealous and quite honestly insane Knoxists. I am wholly disgusted that this was at all considered acceptable by any of our peace-loving people as if we were Canonists in the 1460s rather than Knoxists in the 1790s. Some particularly zealous folk began to call for Cyris to be banished or even put to death! (Something that ‘Knox’ was prevented from doing as it was against his bounds.) The savagery with which Cyris was treated caused even the wholly proper Peregrins to flee the scene; and had I not felt obligated to stay and observe, I may have done the same. It seemed as if this situation could not worsen until our Thain Isalie Gardner arrived on the scene, absolutely horrified at what she found. In an act of great courage, our Thain took a stand against the vile acts of the ‘Pumpkin Lord’ and rose above the raving lunacy of his few worshippers that remained on the scene. Despite the protests of the High Pumplar, Isalie moved to relinquish the Pumpkin Lord’s patronage, doing so with the symbolic return of the Thain’s shovel and hat to Knox. In effect, Isalie has abolished any notion of divine right behind the office of Thain, and has fully separated the halfling government from any official affiliation with Knox. Though this is certain to cause some level of unrest, especially among the more zealous folk who continue to insist that this Knox was the real one; I applaud the move, for indeed it shows a conscious separation of tradition from law, and of government from religion. It is a ringing condemnation of the barbaric and un-halfling-like display violence that occurred, and moreover, it was by far the most logical course of action for our Thain to undertake. For if our ‘patron’ is willing to beat up a man who is very possibly unaware of the error of his beliefs, what other harm might he inflict upon our people? ~What Has Religion Ever Done For Us?~ ~High Pumplar Jeanette Applebottom (Left) and “King” Cyris Collingwood (Right); both claim to speak to Knox~ Rare indeed is an event so great or so terrible that it requires two articles to express my full thoughts on the matter. While the first was merely a report of the events that occurred, this article shall be far more philosophical and analytical in nature, but the premise is simple: that organized religion is detrimental to the halfling people. Some may be rather quick to call me out as improper for making such a statement; indeed, the halflings have worshipped Knox and Arugula for centuries, and before that, we honored such deities as Billy Bob. Many halflings are also members of the Druidic Order and follow the Aspects, and some have even turned to Canonism! I myself having guaranteed religious freedom in the constitution, one might wonder why I now argue against religion, to which I say the following: My argument is not against religion in and of itself; if you believe truth can be found in the teachings of Knox or the Aspects or whichever god you choose, I take no issue with that. Nor, necessarily, do I take issue with people worshipping in groups or gathering at shrines; no, my issue is with the tribalistic, biggun-like mob mentality that organized religion can create, and furthermore with the grasp these mobs or the gods they revere can hold over an otherwise free government. For proof of these faults, one need look no further than the abusive relationship between the Canonist Church and the government of the Holy Orenian Empire. In the name of “God” the Orenians have slaughtered hundreds of “heretics”, they have caused countless wars and restrict their women from achieving their full potential as people. Having been raised a Canonist only to abandon those ridiculous beliefs, I know only too well the oppressive nature of that religion and greatly fear the possibility of halfling faiths devolving into a similar state. And yet, one could argue Knoxism has already reached that point. The things I heard come out of the mouths of halflings at that Knoxmas Festival were things I had never expected to hear in Bramblebury: calls for the cleansing of “heretics”, sanctimonious groveling before ‘Lord Knox’ (who may very well not even be the real Knox), and denial of such basic rights as life and religious freedom. Are we not halflings? Do we not live for revelry and good food? Why are we worrying about which ‘Knox’ is the true one when neither of them were hurting us? Our laws forbid the harming of anyone based on his or her religious beliefs. Do the laws not apply to gods? Who decided gods were above the law? Could such a loophole not be used by any old impersonator of Knox to take over our government? I would argue it most certainly could have had our gracious Thain Isalie Gardner not chosen to relinquish Knox’s patronage. And yet many seem to be under the impression that it was somehow wrong for the Thain to do that, despite the fact that she was merely trying to do what she has sworn to do; to uphold our rights and protect our freedom! Nobody elected Knox to godhood, nor, I reiterate, do we have any proof that the ‘Knox’ that defeated Cyris was the real Knox. (In fact, we have been given evidence that makes it doubtful!) God or not, he has no true right to order us around if we do not want it. This is not Oren; no part of our lives is controlled by any sort of church. Nor is it Haelun’or; our leaders have absolutely no obligation to serve a powerful external entity for ‘the good of our people.’ We are halflings, we are independent and free, and the manner in which we worship Knox should reflect that if we are to worship him at all. My message to the people and to our leaders, then, is this; religion should not be in any way a public matter. Everyone should be allowed to hold their own beliefs and nobody should try to force these upon each other. Not only should we be able to worship whichever gods we please, but so too should we be able to interpret our gods in whichever way we chose. With all due respect to our High Pumplar Jeanette Applebottom, there are a multitude of reasons she does not hold political power, and the preservation of religious freedom is first among them. Cyris, regardless of whether his claims about Knox are true or not, had every right to speak about his beliefs. Though I must condemn him for raising his shovel against ‘Lord Knox’ (god or not), the notion that he should be put to death or banished for being a ’heretic’ is disgusting, improper, and betrays the ideals of our village; a free village where one can be guaranteed liberty, equality, and happiness. ~Largest Dinner Party Yet?~ ~Guests enjoy a delightful meal in Greenholm Burrow~ In the Grand Harvest of 1797, the great families of Bramblebury were treated to a pleasant albeit rather crowded dinner party hosted by former Sheriff Alfie Greenholm. Despite several disruptions by young’uns from the Goodbarrel, Peregrin, and Mowood families, the dinner was an overall pleasant experience; the Greenholms’ manners are second to none, and their cooking is also superb. It is to be hoped that many more dinners will be hosted by the Greenholms in the future. ~Mayor Iris Peregrin: Year One~ ~Mayor Iris Peregrin~ As I discussed at length in the previous issue of this newspaper, knowledge is the lifeblood of a democracy. It is my belief that foremost among the duties of a newswriter is keeping the government honest, and as such, it seems prudent that at least one article per issue is devoted to that aim. However, I am more than pleased to report that our wonderful Mayor Iris Peregrin is difficult if not impossible to criticize. Just as I had hoped, Iris has upheld her position with dignity, humility, and honesty; her desire to do good has not at all faltered and she has gone above and beyond the duties prescribed to her in our constitution in an effort to represent all of her people. Already, Iris has accomplished the monumental task of recodifying halfling laws and traditions, which had been outdated by nearly thirty years. The new laws, which were ratified by our gracious Thain Isalie Gardner on the 2nd of Malin’s Welcome, 1798, differ from those of the 1770 Greenholm Codex in that they are clear, concise, and perhaps most importantly constitutional. No longer is the Sheriff tasked with enforcing traditions as if they were some sort of cultural police; that is something only the village as a whole can do. No longer are our promises of religious freedom contradicted by insistence upon recognizing Knox and/or Arugula. And no longer can one be locked up for such vague crimes as “causing chaos.” Halflings are no longer restricted to properness but are rather free to be proper, and that is a wonderful thing. Mayor Iris Peregrin has had a fantastic first year in office, and I am sure we would all gladly raise a glass in toast to seven more! Long live the halflings! Greta Goodbarrel, Citizen of Bramblebury
  24. [!] A halfling newspaper is found in your mailbox! The Bramblebury Gazette (Vol I, 1797) ~Knowledge is the key to happiness~ Contents: ~The Bramblebury Gazette: My Mission~ ~The Election of 1797: RESULTS~ ~The Proudfoot Protest: A Response~ ~Turnip School of Learning Opens!~ ~The Bramblebury Gazette: My Mission~ ~Winemaking, a favorite hobby of mine~ When a new newspaper begins to make the rounds, readers will always wonder what drove the editor On the offhand chance that you are unaware of who I am, dear reader, allow me to introduce myself. I am Greta Goodbarrel, former Elder of Brandybrook and author of our constitution. Though I spent the first forty-three years of my life in the secluded halfling village of Norbury, I found it to be far too Orenian for my tastes, and in 1782 I moved to Haelun’or. For three years I studied among the mali’thill at the Eternal Library, perfecting my writing and learning the importance of democracy and open debate. Despite my appreciation for elven culture, I soon grew weary of the coldness of their streets. I began to long for the comforts of burrows and the simplicity of halfling life, and so in 1785 I dropped everything and once again moved, this time to Brandybrook. It was there I noticed some level of discontent with the undemocratic system of Thainship, and I took it upon myself to correct these problems and restore democracy, something that the halflings have not experienced since Dunshire. Though there were missteps at first, I was able to win support from many people, including our gracious Thain, who approved and signed our new constitution in 1796. Having outlined my reasons for doing so in a letter earlier this year, I believe I need not reiterate why I initially retired from political life. Regardless, in some senses I have changed my mind. Though I do not currently intend to run for public office in the future, I have come to realize that perhaps the main benefit of being a citizen rather than an Elder, Thain, Mayor, or Sheriff is that I am able to write exactly what I believe without worrying what people will think of it. Though in the past I have complained about my words falling upon unwilling ears, I am simply incapable of being silent on certain matters. Knowledge, after all, is the lifeblood of any democracy, and I wish not to abandon the village I helped create. On the contrary, I hope that writing this paper will encourage civil, open dialogue between those of opposing viewpoints, and that it will also keep the people more well informed by providing a new alternative to the possibly defunct tabloid that was Beetroot News. ~The Election of 1797: RESULTS~ ~The Sheriff Debates~ It brings me great excitement to report that Bramblebury has completed its very first election! The race for Mayor was mostly for procedure, seeing as no candidates challenged the lovely Iris Peregrin following my concession of the election. As such, regardless of the number of votes she received (which, based on the statistics our gracious Thain Isalie Gardner provided, would be thirteen votes unless there were abstentions), Iris has won the office of Mayor. Now, I wouldn’t be running a proper paper if I did not give at least some opinion on Iris’ victory, however I have nothing but praise to give to our new Mayor. You will never find a more friendly and kind halfling than Iris Peregrin, and though she may not have the experience I would have, her benign influence has been made clear by her status as an icon of our community, and her involvement in the construction of Bloomerville (though illegal), reveals her to be a strong and independent leader. Though her campaign was largely built on a return to simplicity (something that I could not offer), she remains a strong believer in the democratic process, and I say with much confidence that next eight years will be bright for the office of Mayor. ~The Sheriff Election Results~ The election of the Sheriff, however, was far closer, a fact known to us through Isalie’s reports of the counting. For, despite Theodore Mowood’s immense preparation, voters were likely unimpressed with his performance at the debate, and I am sure his past record of using biggun weapons and being blind in his support of absolute power for the Thain marred his campaign. Or, perhaps, it was simply a matter that his unique feature of being a pumpkin man paled in comparison to the signature elegance of Alfie Greenholm or the characteristic ferocity of Meemaw Applebottom. The noble Alfie Greenholm, the candidate who had my vote, received five votes in total. Like his other supporters, I admired his clear vision for the office of Sheriff, which included a publicized plan and a well put together debate speech (the best of the three, in my opinion.) Alfie, unlike the others, had also the experience of having been Sheriff of Brandybrook in the past, though this may have hurt his campaign in the eyes of those who believed somebody new should take office. Even still, Alfie’s popularity cannot be doubted, and it is to be hoped that he does not again disappear from the village. The feisty Meemaw Applebottom, most likely the oldest person ever to be made Sheriff, also received five votes, which resulted in the Thain being forced to carry out her tie-breaking duty as prescribed by the constitution. Though it is not the choice I would have made, Meemaw received Isalie’s vote and has thus been made Sheriff of Bramblebury. Though, as stated in the debates, she has yet to appoint a deputy, it is clear that Bramblebury has elected a Sheriff unlike any before. Though some may argue that her proposals for punishments are too unusual, none of them are cruel, and I believe her affably cantankerous demeanor will make for a strong law-woman. Unfortunately, there has already been some concern about the validity of the election. Though I shall keep the source of these complaints anonymous, I shall record what they said and will reiterate my response: This anonymous critic expressed concern over the fact that the responsibility of counting votes was vested solely in the Thain, and suggested that representatives of both sides be present for the counting. They also found it inappropriate that the Thain could vote at all, even in the case of a tie, and suggested instead that it be left up to chance or that a second vote is held. Both of these ideas are, in my opinion, poor alternatives. Though it was not the case in this election; should only two candidates have run and been tied, a second vote would have been rather pointless, and it would only result in the continued cycle of the same results. As to the former of the options; I say this; the fate of the village should never be left up to chance. Though the Thain is expected to be politically neutral, she must make what decisions she considers to be best for the village. Regardless, I reminded them that it would be unfair for the rules of the election to be changed while it is in progress. As such, I ask that anybody who does take issue with the rules of elections bring these grievances to our Thain or Mayor, who may then propose amendments to the constitution. ~The Proudfoot Protest: A Response~ ~Malfoy Proudfoot; former Sheriff and leader of the protests.~ Given the host of complaints I had overheard after the constitution was signed, I was not all too shocked that somebody would attempt to have it repealed. (Though I was originally shocked by how many people seemed to be against it!) Mere days after I announced that I was conceding the election (whether this has any correlation remains to be seen), one Malfoy Proudfoot, former Sheriff of Brandybrook, nailed a declaration to the village notice board asking people to join in a protest against “biggun-like” customs. While it would be easy for me to dismiss this, and perhaps expected that I would be dismissive of it given that I wrote the constitution they protest against, I appreciate this opportunity for open debate, and am pleased that people are willing to speak their minds. For, despite being what is seemingly a protest against it, Mr. Proudfoot’s actions are very much in the spirit of Goodbarrelian Democracy. For that reason, I shall entertain the idea: Malfoy’s letter opens with little more than meaningless words of complaint, though I appreciate his alliteration. He then goes on to accuse the village of having embraced “biggun custom” and declares the beginning of a revolution against it. Perhaps my largest issue with this letter is that, apart from being similar to “biggun laws” (and I am of the opinion that all law systems should be similar, since all laws should be built on common sense), that no specific aspect of the constitution is cited as an issue. Indeed, it is to be imagined that the few people who have signed on to this movement are united not by their own views but by a common hatred for mine. This is not to say that they are entirely wrong however, as there are most certainly similarities to biggun constitutions. (After all, I studied political theory in Haelun’or, and it was there that I learned the importance of free government.) The notion that this is destructive to halfling tradition, however, is one that I deeply disagree with. For indeed, halflings have had democracy for hundreds of years. Many positions from Sheriff to Mayor to Elder were elected prior to the illegal coup of Rollo Applefoot in Dunshire. That being said, it is important to understand being a Goodbarrelian Democrat is about supporting elections and equality among halflings, not about worshipping the intricacies of our constitution. While all of those are in place for a reason, there is certainly some room for debate, and I invite Mr. Proudfoot, or anybody else who disagrees with the constitution, to be more open about what specifically they want changed. Any letter this newspaper receives will be responded to! ~Turnip School of Learning Opens!~ ~Turnip Ratfoot delivers a lecture on orc savages~ If knowledge is the key to happiness, then a school must be the happiest place in the world! And that can certainly be said for Turnip School of Learning, established in 1796 by our lovely healer Demeter Pebblebrook, as a place for halflings of all ages to be educated without having to leave our cozy village! Rather fittingly, the very first class here was taught by none other than Turnip Ratfoot; a lecture about the barbaric ways of orcs. Though I did not attend due to my distaste for those creatures, I have heard many positive remarks about the class, and intend on teaching Common and Elvish at the school soon. Long live the halflings! Greta Goodbarrel, Citizen of Bramblebury
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