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Found 8 results

  1. [!] You find a halfling newspaper in your mailbox. The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Cheesemaking!~ ~New Halflings in Brandybrook!~ ~Sowing Seeds!~ ~Playing Games!~ ~An Unbearable Incident!~ ~A bit of Drinking!~ ~Cheesemaking!~ ~The biggun was only there for a free meal~ Peace has returned to Brandybrook as the weefolks no longer sail to far away lands to fight Demonic hordes. With our new free time, we’ve taken up all sorts of pleasant hobbies, from pipe-smoking to cheese-making! Nay too long ago, I’ve heard that a bit of cheese was made in the Greenholm burrow, with Mrs. Greenholm teaching others how to prepare cheese! I myself am not a cheesemaker nor cheesemonger, but I can appreciate such simple things. A warm fire and a good meal are the staples of halfling living, not swords and medical equipment! ~Biggun gets punched by a wee’un after being a tad bit too rude towards halfling kind!~ ~New Halflings in Brandybrook!~ ~By Knox, this is a lot of halflings!~ Some new lads have come to this village, bringing our numbers up even higher! One begins to question if we can even give all these new halflings proper burrows anymore, such is the quantitiy of weefolks living in Brandybrook these days. Let us hope that the one Elder, Andon, and the Thain, Isalie Gardner, can sort something out for them! I for one am not going to be housing them all in my own burrow anymore! It’s getting to be a bit too noisy in here, and I can hardly hear myself think while writing! ~Maybe our large numbers scared her off...~ ~She does bake good cake, however~ ~Sowing Seeds!~ ~Taking seeds from the windmill!~ Of course, there’s always the necessary duties to do in Brandybrook. Without planting the fields first, there will be no harvest in the next few Pumpkin days, so planting is key to a prosperous village! It is a good thing that the combined work of our wee hands filled the fields with plenty of seeds in no time! May Knox bless our harvest in the upcoming Fall. ~Playing Games!~ ~I do hope a rule book is written soon~ A strange old halfling with a strange old name came by the village not too long ago, showing us all some game of his played on a board with different colored dyes. It was played by the newest halfling lass, with the game being full of backs and forths (as far as I could tell, anyways)! Seems to be quite the game indeed, and I hope that it’ll catch on with the other halfling folks! ~The game in progress!~ ~An Unbearable Incident~ Earlier this spring, one quiet afternoon in Brandybrook was rudely interrupted by beastly growling originating from the abominable necessity known as Fort Knox. Inquisitive as ever, the good folk of Brandybrook were quick to rush to scene, where Anne Gardner was found reporting the appearance of a large, injured mother bear and her cub inside the fort, feasting upon the remains of what appears to have been a pig. Initially, dealing with the bear fell to the graven Sean Puddlefoot, who made his first undead apparition in this village a couple months prior to the incident. When it became apparent that Sean would be unable to communicate with the mother bear, he entered into open combat against the beast, much to the chagrin of an observing biggun, a female half-elf known only as ‘Mango’, who insisted that the bears ought to be extracted and healed to be released back into the wild. Eventually, however, Mango herself proved to be overpowered by the mother bear; and were it not for the brave intervention of the Warden, she would surely have been slain and Sean reduced to a pile of ectoplasm. The slaying of the beast, however, is a deed that must be attributed primarily to the precise swordsmanship of Kerraline Erawick, who, using a rapier lent by Andon Cloudberry, was able to pierce the beast’s lungs. Following the slaying of the beast, an argument ensued regarding the fate of the late mother’s cub; some halflings, who shall remain nameless, naively argued that the bear-slayer, Kerraline, ought to raise the cub as it was demanded by the so-called “laws of nature.” The Warden, however, managed to convince the village that the correct choice was to turn the cub over to the druids to be cared for properly. Unfortunately, the bear cub escaped, likely to perish without its mother. -Written by Greta Applefoot. ~A bit of Drinking!~ Bears, planting, and cheesemaking do not appeal to every halfling! For some folks, drinking booze is all that life is good for! While I may disagree (writing is much better than the buzz of alcohol!), I cannot say that they don’t have a point. We’ve restocked the Toady Traveler Tavern, and with all of this new booze comes a whole lot of drinking! As such, if you’re wandering around Brandybrook these days, do not be surprised if you find a drunk halfling wandering about. They’re probably walking home after a long day in the tavern. That’s all for now folks! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  2. [!] A halfling newspaper is found in your mailbox! The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Construct Conflict!~ ~New Halfling in Brandybrook!~ ~Wedding Drama!~ ~Victory Over Demons!~ ~Construct Conflict~ ~Trouble-making bigguns in the Applefoot burrow!~ To start off this fine year, a bit o’ trouble hit the Applefoot burrow as a mischievous biggun sends a construct to harass the poor ol’ Brandybrook halflings! The construct was dealt with swiftly with a good whack to the noggin’ with a pan, and some snaps at its ankles from some Alchemist’s Shears as well. It will not bother us again, I hope! ~New Halfling in Brandybrook!~ ~A li’l welcoming gathering for the new halfling!~ Brandybrook has recently been blessed with a new halfling inhabitant! This halfling lad, going by Maggot, does not like to wear a shirt for some reason. In spite of his strange clothing choices, I’m sure he’ll fit in with the rest of us just fine! ~Maggot greets some bigguns in the village (including the Orc who’s life I saved back in the Demonic attack on Aegrothond)!~ May Lord Knox bring him good luck in these troubling times! ~Wedding Drama!~ ~Gathering snacks and listening to music before the wedding starts!~ I, Filibert Applefoot, the greatest halfling to have graced this village in a long while, have found a lovely companion that I wish to share my life with for the rest of eternity. Her name is Greta Goodbarrel (now Greta Goodbarrel-Applefoot), and just recently our marriage was made official. It was the cause of much celebration, with booze and food being shared ‘round as everyone discussed recent events in the village. ~The wedding itself!~ ~Fireworks!~ ~Carving Pumpkins!~ We also carved several pumpkins after the wedding was over. I shall not announce any winners, for the pumpkin carving was not done with any competitive intent. However, I shall provide drawings of the carvings for any who wish to see what was carved: ~Pictured in the back is Evar, known womanizer, and an unnamed biggun, who’d throw the bottle that started this mess~ After this, Greta Goodbarrel roused us all for a speech. She discussed many things in this speech, from her love of me, Filibert, and her love of the village of Brandybrook, and how we must stick together in these strange times. She also discussed the political leadership of Brandybrook, and that she found it to be lacking. This prompted many in the audience to voice their disagreement. Eventually, tensions rose further, with a biggun who was attending the speech throwing a bottle at Greta. It escalated even more. Elven-made swords, designed to protect ourselves against Demons, were drawn against fellow halflings. An attempt was made upon Greta’s life, with several halflings intervening to try and protect her from harm. After much distress, Isalie Gardner, the Thain, was able to disperse the crowd, leading to the groups that tried to protect and kill Greta going off into separate areas to discuss things further. ~Blood was nearly spilt. The attempt on Greta’s life missed by a hair~ ~The gathering is split up, so that tensions may cool down~ As a result of this horrendous affair, I’m taking it upon myself to regulate the Elven-made swords within Brandybrook better. Please see the noticeboard for more information. ~Victory Over Demons!~ ~Minto, Greta, Fred, and Filibert waiting for the Demons to breach the gates~ In brighter news, despite our recent attempts to cause harm to one another, we still managed to keep ourselves together to deal with the real threat towards our safety; the Demonic invasion of southern Arcas. We donned our Elven-made armor and weaponry, and headed out to the camp along the front lines to ward off evil. A great fight ensued, with halflings playing many roles within it. Us wee folks served as great medics, bringing many out of the front lines and into the medical tent for treatment. If we had not been present, it’s likely that more casualties would’ve been sustained by the anti-Demon forces. Furthermore, many halflings, the Oceantoes specifically, tried to rescue the ballista crew when they were hit by flying Demons. It did not go so well, and resulted in some halfling casualties. At the very least, our efforts there distracted the Demons that could’ve been focusing on much more vital targets. Although we did not escape unscathed, we slew some Demons, provided aid for many of the wounded, and were a thorn in the Demons’ side all throughout the battle. This is yet another success for the descendants and a defeat for the Demons, which us wee folks played an important role in. Our losses were not just injuries. A halfling we’ve known and loved for a long time is no longer with us. Fred Puddlefoot of Hillsborough is no more. He perished from his wounds sustained at the battle. I tried my best to patch up his horribly burnt arms, but it was not enough. May he rest eternally in Knox’s eternal wheatfields. That’s all for now folks! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  3. [!] A halfling newspaper finds its way into your mailbox! The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Greenholm Supper Party!~ ~WAR in Brandybrook!~ ~Victory in Aegrothond!~ ~Other things~ ~Greenholm Supper Party!~ ~Good ol’ Brandybrook fun!~ Times may be tough, but us weefolks have hearts ten times as tough! In spite of recent events, us halflings had a splendid meal inside the Greenholm burrow, with all sorts of lovely food being served! ~WAR in Brandybrook!~ ~A little meeting to gauge interest in the Aegrothond navy~ With the recent declaration of war by the Demonic hordes upon the fair lands of Aegrothond, us halflings have given our best to assist our Elven neighbors! We’ve been provided with Elven-made armor and weaponry, and in exchange we are to defend our wee homelands as best as possible! Our trusty ship, the Spicy Shrimp, is to be outfitted to join with the Aegrothond navy and aid in anti-Demon activities at sea! Our own wee bodies are to be put to good use as medics, archers, and perhaps even soldiers in the land war against the Demons as well. The Demons shall fear the might of our shovels! ~Victory in Aegrothond!~ ~Halflings gather in the back of the Citadel, serving as the second line of defense!~ The first battle against the Demons has been a massive success! All of the Demons were killed or forced to flee, with very few casualties on our own side! Thanks to the support of archers, magicians, druids, and medics, we kept casualties to a minimum and defeated Demons to a maximum! ~Siramenor under siege!~ ~The battle in the streets!~ ~The halflings go back to Brandybrook after a long battle, telling the others of their triumphs!~ I personally was a medic in this grand battle, and I am delighted to tell you readers that I struggled to find morbidly wounded soldiers in need of my assistance. It seems that, for the most part, these Demons have failed in their first attack upon us, doing nothing but tense up our nerves. Furthermore, we have some halfling heroes of this battle! Minto Townsend, a Brandybrook resident, was awarded with a Druidic token of honor after the battle. Not to mention the many other halflings who all deserve their own little award for their constant acts of heroism in this struggle. May Knox bless us all! ~Other Things~ ~The newest family in Brandybrook having a drink in the tavern!~ Of course, outside of all this, village life continues as normal. The tavern gets many visitors every day, and we continue to burn through our booze supply at a rapid rate. New halflings show their face in the village quite often, and we try our hardest to give ‘em burrows (Like Greta, for example, who just got hers). All in all, Brandybrook’s still quite a peaceful village, despite the hardships that come our way! That’s all for now, folks! -Filibert Applefoot local halfling know-it-all.
  4. It appears someone has eaten all of the medicine out of your house. Lucky(?) for you, it has been replaced with a brand new issue of buck news.
  5. [!] A halfling newspaper finds its way into your mailbox. The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Feast in Brandybrook!~ ~Tavern Times~ ~Quiet Times~ ~Feast in Brandybrook!~ ~A magnificent amount of food prepared for the Harvest Feast!~ To make our minds fresh and clear from all the horrors of Southern Arcas these days, us wee folks held a great big feast in celebration of the harvest! Many folks from Brandybrook and abroad joined in to eat good food, listen to good music, and watch fireworks explode above the farms! It was an amazing celebration that I’m sure even Petyr himself would’ve been proud of! Us halflings truly are the best when it comes to partying! ~Watching fireworks!~ ~Tavern Times!~ ~Telling stories with the local Elves!~ Not every day can be as grand as the Harvest Feast, and thus most days are much simpler. A bit of talk in the tavern here or there, some booze being drunk, maybe the occasional visitor to one’s burrow for supper, but rarely much more. As is typical in Brandybrook, these wee li’l things keep on occurring! ~Some new halflings in the tavern, as older folks ‘n bigguns enter to see what’s happening!~ ~Fun times after a fun little party!~ ~Cannon Salesmen entering the village. We already have a Ballista, so we kindly refused their offer. They got free beer anyways~ Never underestimate the amount of people who’ll travel far and wide just for a taste o’ halfling brewing! ~Quiet Times~ Some moments are best enjoyed with fewer friends keeping you company. That’s all for now, folks! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all. OOC: School is starting again, and with it brings greater difficulties for many to log online. This is completely natural and not unexpected, but it does mean that us halfling folks will have to plan accordingly. I’ve put up a poll in the halfling discord to see when people wish for events to be planned. I first noticed this when the Gaming Night I had planned for 3 PM EST had a poor turnout, seeing as most halflings were busy with school at the time. I’ll make sure to plan events better in the future so that we don’t have repeats of this problem! If anybody has ideas, please contact me on Discord, NotEvilAtAll#2321.
  6. [!] A halfling newspaper finds its way into your mailbox The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Kit-Kat’s 33rd Birthday Party!~ ~Mondy’s Baking Sale!~ ~Smoking Party!~ ~Interview with BIggun~ ~Kit-Kat’s 33rd Birthday Party!~ ~Complete with tavern decorations and everything!~ Kit-Kat, one of Brandybrook's elders, has come of age! This is a cause for celebration, o’ course, seeing as our li’l leader is not so li’l anymore! Many halflings and bigguns alike gathered in the Toady Traveler Tavern for some booze, cake, and gift giving. A wonderful time was had by all! ~Mondy’s Baking Sale!~ ~The line for Mondy’s free baked goods, around halfway through the sale~ Mondy Applefoot, me sister, has given all us wee folks some free baked goods to fill our wee stomachs! While the line was a bit long, there’s nay a halfling in Brandybrook who’ll tell you that it wasn’t worth it! A good selection of baked goods is always something to crave, after all! ~Smoking Party!~ ~Lining up to smoke!~ The halfling art of smoking pipeweed is coming back to Brandybrook! I myself whittled out a few pipes for us wee folks, and gave ‘em all out along with some pipeweed! Sure did make for a lovely night of smoking with the lads! ~The smoking competition!~ I am proud to announce that Andon Cloudberry, a well loved halfling in Brandybrook, has won the smoking competition! He gained a bit of ol’ pirate treasure as his reward, with every participant being given some fancy pipeweed just for taking part! ~Interview with Biggun~ ~The lands of Rosenyr, a place ‘round the same part of the world as Talon’s Grotto.~ I visited Talon’s Grotto, and interviewed a biggun I found there. Here’s what they had to say: Filibert: “Tell me what you think of this Talon’s Grotto place that you live in, you do live here, aye?” Biggun: “It seems like a decent place. I only just started hanging around here after me and my friends’ ship crashed a few days ago” Filibert: “What ship was it? Were the Korvassa Demons involved?” Biggun: “Oh no Demons or anything uber dramatic, it was just a ship somewhere off the island. Crashed during a storm. Me and my friends managed to swim to land and find ourselves here” Filibert: “How are the locals here? Do they bathe frequently? Is the booze too expensive for your liking?” Biggun: “The people here are pretty welcoming. The drinks do seem somewhat pricy here, at least the tea. I found out I don’t like alcohol but yeah, either way the tavern is pricy. The city is kinda dirty looking but it has some charm. I was surprised to find they actually have a bath house here” Is the tea of Talon’s Grotto overpriced? I will leave YOU, the reader, to decide for yourself. That’s all for now folks! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfing know-it-all.
  7. [!] A halfling newspaper finds its way into your mailbox! The Beetroot News! ~Better than the rest!~ Contents: ~Polo’s Death~ ~Polo’s Funeral~ ~Sean’s Death~ ~Halflings in Haelun’or?~ ~Polo’s Death~ ~The halflings in mourning upon finding Polo’s body~ Polo Gardner, son of the Thain, has been murdered by the vile and evil Kat Comb Applefoot. Thanks to an investigation by BOOSE, and my own eyewitness account of the scene, we know this for certain. We managed to apprehend Kat Comb Applefoot later, after it was realized that he shaved his own head in order to avoid recognition and thus escape punishment. ~Kat Comb in the slammer!~ However, all good things must come to an end. It seems that somehow, Kat Comb managed ter give us more trouble even in a cell. It seems that this Kat Comb lad, known for having eaten raw flesh from the sewers previously, is not only deranged, but dangerous and deranged. He managed to set the BOOSE headquarters, where he was held, on fire in an attempt to escape. He did not get away, thankfully. The burrow collapsed upon him, his own vandalism ending his life. According to the testimony of the Thain and others present, Kat Comb Applefoot died right there in that fire. Only time will tell us if he stays dead. ~Polo’s Funeral~ Though it may be sad to finally say goodbye, it was what had to be done. Polo’s body has gone on one final adventure. This sea-loving young boy may now journey across the seas in the afterlife. It’s what he would have wanted. ~Sean’s Death~ Sean Puddlefoot, a well loved halfling bartender o’ Brandybrook, has left us as well. His will gave final words to many halflings, as well as some advice for the rest of us: 1 – Stay armed, always 2 – Stay drunk, always 3 – Stay safe always 4 – Stay wild, always! While the first piece of advice about stayed armed may not sit well with our treasured culture, the rest is certainly something we can all take note of. ~Halflings in Haelun’or?~ ~Looks like even bigguns don’ make ships as sturdy as our Spicy Shrimp!~ On a whim, oi decided ter visit the human land of Norland, seeing as I’d never been there before. What occurred after that trip are some moments I will never forget. There, in Morsgrad, I met a lad goin’ by Ulfgrim. He was a new recruit of the army there, standin’ watch by the gate. We chatted for a while, until he mentioned that he knew of some other halfling lassie and asked me if oi did as well. When t’a name came up, Greta Goodbarrel, oi knew that t’is was some new fella I’ve nay seen before! He led me to the home of this mysterious Greta halfling... It turns out that Greta Goodbarrel was in Haelun’or! I was much shocked ter learn of this. We had a good chat in the home of some pleasant High Elf named Valorin. I do hope that Greta moves to Brandybrook one day, for I’m sure we’d all love to see a new face in the village! That’s all for now folks! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling know-it-all.
  8. *Posters can be found in the Cloud Temple and all major cities.* The Athera Herald The goal of the Athera Herald is to be the best source of news in the land of Athera. But it can not reach that goal without your help! We are looking for writers reporters and artists to all contribute to the creation of the paper. Investigate the job descriptions to see if you are interested in any of the jobs! Reporters You will be our on the field investigators finding information on the best stories in the land. From conducting interviews to analyzing scenes of major events, you will have your hands full with an exciting job! Writers Writers are responsible for using information gathered from the reporters and turn it into an exciting read. You will write one or two stories for every issue and get your works read by many from all over Athera! Artists You will use the descriptions from the reporters and create beautiful imagery of scenes to give the reader a good visual. Additional Information The HQ of The Athera Herald can be found in Illicia. Housing can be found here, but if need be you can stay at the HQ for a time at a deduction to pay. All payments will be determined on a later date, but you will receive money for your work. ​Attached is one of the papers from the old paper, as an example of what we will make. (( http://imgur.com/a/84VxT#0 )) ((Sorry for the one incomplete page, couldn't find the finished one.)) Application ((Sorry I hate applications for everything as much as the next guy, but I need it for organizational purposes.)) RP Name: Job Wanted: Experience (One sentence is fine): --------------------- OOC Skype Name (Feel free to PM me if you don't have one or don't want to use it): You okay with having to do the small amount of OOC work?:
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