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Found 5 results

  1. [!] A missive is pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Drinking Night! ~An old biggun laborer returns to Honeyhill~ I've brewed some new boozes for us to drink, so let us celebrate with a li'l Drinking Night this upcoming Pumpkin Day to drown away all the sorrows and fill 'em up with cheer (and ale, of course)! Come over to the tavern the second dusk arrives! ~Filibert Applefoot ((7 PM EST, Tomorrow, located in Honeyhill, the home of the halflings on Almaris, just past the farms outside Karosgrad ))
  2. THE GREAT DU LOC INFERNO 4 Mensis Godfreditis, 2A45 It was a day like any other in Du Loc. The birds chirped with glee while the citizens screamed out in mental anguish. For a year or more the madness of the city had been growing with indifference; the citizenry often spoke of Aengul-Daemonica, Palebeasts, Dragonmen and all sorts of kindred venal beings. It was the cryptid Moth-Man, however, who foretold of doom. With the Du Loc Boogie came the loss of mental competence. Disaster was certainly on the horizon. And so it was that disaster came. A humble priest ventured into the bustling marbled metropolis that was Du Loc seeking to redeem the elusive and prized “Brae Buck”. For years this cryptic currency had lain dormant, a mere scheme hatched by Lord Brae and the Banker Union to siphon mina from the citizenry when they sought to exchange their coin for useless paper. Lord Brae was witty, refusing to give in to the priest’s desires for monetary exchange- at least, he was witty until a woman of the East came bearing a sack full of Star-Steel. She had whiffed the oncoming economic bubble that were Brae Bucks and sought to provide them a basis of value by backing them with the Star-Steel Standard. In but a moment Brae Bucks transformed from a worthless piece of paper into something truly valuable. Quentin was cornered. Immediately, the Eastern Woman demanded that she be permitted to purchase Quentin’s Roof. Quentin obliged because he was a believer in the free market. This sealed his fate. Soon everyone in the town sought to redeem their Brae Bucks - it was a frenzy. The citizenry demanded recompense which Lord Brae knew he could not provide. The Banker Union made their appearance, attempting to assure the populace that the bubble was destined to pop and that the Wheat Standard was a more stable basis for Du Locian currency. This INFURIATED the crowd. Shouts of hanging and destruction ensued. The Banker fled to take as much gold as he could before vacating the citizenry entirely. The crowd set ablaze to the bank, shouting “Kill the Bankers!”. Ker and Men alike swarmed into the inferno to fill their pockets with valuable coins, oblivious to the disaster unfolding. The decorative banners connecting the bank to the rest of the town caught spark and ignited; soon, the entire town was burning. It was the greatest catastrophe to have ever occurred in the history of descendent-kind. Du Loc lay in ash, burnt by the greed and wroth of its own citizenry. A Hyspian wept, Lectors barked out in defiance and Lord Brae accelerated his descent into madness. The doom foretold by the Moth Man now came to bare. Du Loc is Dead - Long Live Nu Loc.
  3. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard Halflin's Drinkin' Night! ~Bramblebury at night!~ Been a while since our last drinking night! Time to have another one and CELEBRATE until our wee bodies cannae take it anymore! Once we have had our fill of drinking, the village will surely be a much better place! What: A Drinking Night 'n Bramblebury! When: T'a Amber Cold, 604 Shire Reckoning! ((4 PM EST, Monday the 18th of January, 2021)) What to bring: Make sure to bring plenty of snacks, booze, fireworks, whatever! Let's make this super fun! Le's make t'is as good as weh can! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling writer & bartender.
  4. [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard Bramblebury Drinkin' Night! ~Ol' Drunken Pumpkin times!~ Oi lads, t'is time for the old traditions o' Dunshire and Brandybrook to continue on into our new village of Bramblebury! Now that we've settled down all nice and proper, we ought to enjoy the bounty of our harvests and drink the nights away! May ever weefolk have boun'iful booze an' ample food for feasts, and may we have yet another Drinking Night for us all to enjoy! What: A drinkin' party in the Drunken Pumpkin tavern! Where: 'n Bramblebury, home of the weefolks! Jus' a bit closer ter the andesi'e mines t'an the Elves are! When: T'is vereh day, as t'a pumpkins grow! ((1/3/2021, 4:15 PM EST)) Yeh folks all 'ave ah good one! May our drinkin' beh good fer our souls! -Filibert Applefoot, local halfling bartender.
  5. The Cult of the Frozen Night You lay in your bed, consumed in a deep and peaceful slumber. You stir slightly as a rush of cold air enters your room, causing you to open your eyes. You may notice a window open, or perhaps a door left cracked open a little. You lethargically rise to your feet, looking around. To your surprise, you find a small sealed envelope on the floor. The envelope is sealed with red wax, a small ‘N’ pressed into it. The envelope feels cold to the touch as you pick it up and examine it. Do you open the envelope? (If you do, click the spoiler!) OOC Information and Application Purpose: The Cult of the Frozen Night is a group designed to allow players to participate in cult activities, raids, and other events with the official antagonist, the Black Scourge. Another goal for the Frozen Night is to provide fun villainous roleplay for everyone involved. Players who join the Cult will have an increased chance in joining the official antagonist, and may even learn magic, should they be dedicated enough! Ranks: 1) The Listener - Taking his or her orders directly from the leaders of the Black Scourge, The Listener is responsible for running the Cult. He or she has final say when it comes to promotion of the lower ranks, as well as recruitment. The Listener is also responsible for assigning tasks to The Seekers, and the Chosen if necessary. 2) The Overseers - Those known as The Overseers tend to be lower ranking Black Scourge members, although any in the Scourge may be eligible for this rank. The Overseers watch over new members, including The Chosen and The Seekers. Their primary responsibility is to allocate tasks and jobs to the lower ranks, as well as coordinate the other ranks in raids and events. 3) The Chosen - Composed of The Seekers who have passed a series of tests, The Chosen are the only rank which may be added to the Black Scourge. They are more trusted than The Seekers, and usually assist the Scourge in various ways. As a reward for their loyal service, The Seekers have more access to the knowledge and power of the Black Scourge. 4) The Seekers - These are the lowest rank of the Frozen Night Cultists. They have to do multiple things to prove their worth, which may include inciting violence, assassinating targets, burning structures, causing chaos, gathering information, spying and the like. Doing much of the “grunt” work, the Frozen Night heavily relies on The Seekers to maintain itself. To be a Chosen and advance in rank, they must complete a specific task chosen by the Listener specifically, to prove their worth, as well as finish any tasks given to them by The Overseers. Application (Must fill out to join. You can PM this to me privately if you prefer.):
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