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Found 2 results

  1. On many notice boards across the land and in mailboxes were missives put up. It was an invitation of sorts. It read as follows: “ Slava from the North! It is the Vistulians here and I’m sure you missed us all. We write this to invite you all to a very great celebration. In six cactus days we will be holding a great festival in our little coastal down by Docks of Norland. This festival is to hold plenty of drinks, a feast, folk tales, and a call for great warriors across the land in a fighting tournament with a grand 100 mina prize for first place and 50 mina and a pat on the shoulder for second place. Bring your warm cloths and your fighting spirit. We look forward to seeing you there!” — Sincerely, Flour “Orc-Lifter”
  2. Character Name Ketiley of Orvar Nicknames: 'Tiley Age: 49 Gender: Female Race: Highlander Status: Married Description Height: 6'4 Weight: 200 Body Type: Curved but toned and thin Eyes: Hazel/Green Hair: Bright pastel blonde Skin: Fair Markings/Tattoos: raised scar-like birthmark of a Celtic knot tree upon all of her torso, discoloured birthmark of Celtic knot hear on back of left hand Health: Hearty Personality: Kind, Gentle, Tough, Loving, Forgiving, Caring, Leader, passive until provoked Inventory: Assortment of flowers in her braid, hair, and around her crown Further Details: Though lengthly and thin but toned, her appearance is laxed, feminised, and quite attractive for her age, looks more like she's in her 30's. Life Style Alignment*: N/A Deity(s)*: Gorund, Andarta, Lagara, Ankou, Argal, Draug, Beira, Oknar Religion: Pagan/Odjoriin/Gorundyr Alliance/Nation/Home: NA/Caliphate/Anthos Savaar Job/Class: N/A Title(s): Sonaak (Priestess)/Koraaviik (Seer) Profession(s): Chef Special Skill(s): Diplomacy, way with people, archer, strategist, cooking Flaw(s): Trusts easily, heartbroken easily, bad temper, Perfectionist Weaponry Fighting Style: Support, Stealth, Archer Trained Weapon: Bow and Arrow Favored Weapon: Bow and Arrow Archery: Very Good Biography Parents: Oddessa of Oghma, Alikr of Oghma (Both dead) Siblings: Ryn and Huntyr (Both dead) Children: Aedan, Aero, Eogan, Curan, Kaira, Sivvee, Oddessa, Ruari Extended Family: Aela Obsidian-Arm, Aeron the Farsighted, Ragaros Sheepskin, Torkel of Orvar, Hafgan the Simple, Andartus of Orvar, Tyke of Orvar, Percival of Orvar Pet(s): Avee (Large, pure white, Dove) History *(Out dated, haven't played in a while) Hailing from Savaar, Anthos, Ketiley’s family knew there was something unique about their eldest child from the moment they were aware of her existence in her Mother’s womb. The moment she was born; a mark of Lagara placed upon the back of her left hand, having locks as golden as the wheat, and pure-green eyes like the wondrous leaves of life, the Priesthood quickly recognize her as blessed by Lagara. having Ketiley was raised into the Clan Oghma for the first ten years of her life before the clan was completely obliterated by High Chieftain Barid. Because her parents refused to swear allegiance, they were put to death, while her Brother, Sister, and herself vowed themselves to the High Chieftain. Throughout growing up, Ketiley was quite attractive, was blessed with a soft, musical, and gentle tone, though her wrath was fierce. She sang to her clan quite often until it was obliterated, then began to only share her voice with her Siblings. It is said that Ketiley’s voice could easily hypnotize a person into a blissful state, leaving them satisfied, calm, and happy when she finished. Though she lost her parents at a young age, this did not stop Ketiley from enjoying life and keeping a smile upon her face quite frequently. Ketiley did not miss nor mourn her deceased parents, for she knew of their disloyalty to the High Chieftain, seeing their death as honourable and necessary. She was a proud Gorundyr and quite competitive, doing everything to her fullest extent. When the Black Scourge came, Ketiley thought she was ready enough to face it head on. She quickly realized her pride got the better of herself, only to watch her Brother and Sister fall. Ketiley began to see her life tearing at the seams, wanting to give up and ready to fall with her Siblings. Many a time she plunged her sword into her Siblings with the intent of putting their controlled bodies to rest, crying as she did this. Each time slowly dying on the inside. Come a year and a half later, after fleeing to Thales, Ketiley received word that Orvar had fled to this land as well. This sparked her will to live once more, the thought of High Chieftain Barid coating her troubled mind. The light of rumored words of Yagar’s clan possibly still alive spread over the darkness that clouded her thoughts, bringing the hope of survival of the Gorundyr to renew her faith in the strength of her people, once more. Several years has passed since Ketiley has met, bonded with, wed, and bared children for Morvan of Orvar and have settled within the kingdon of Aesterwald. Having two eldest Twins preforming The Coming of Age, a singular child that was birthed in secret a year after the Twins, and two newest twins that are safely hidden away in a far away Ritual Home, home of the Gorundyr Prestrs and Prestress', or Priests and Priestess' for those whom are unfamiliar with the terms, Morvan and Ketiley wait patiently within their new-found hold, govern by the Konig of Aesterwald, for her children to come home. Many of her kin, the Orvar, have scattered and taken upon themselves to journey about upon Pilgrimages for several different reasons, as Morvan and Ketiley, along with her children, also sought out to walk a Pilgrimage to seek their gods. Ragaros of Orvar has returned from a horrible fate of falling to the clutches of Maratsu, the Fallen one, and has somehow regained himself through his pilgrimage. Now awaiting their Children, Morvan and Ketiley are told by Ragaros that he wishes to sacrifice himself to the Gods as a celebration for their Childrens' arrival from The Coming of Age quest. Artwork Mark of Lagara upon her torso Lagara Birthmark on left hand.
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