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  1. [!] The following missive is spread throughout the Kingdom of Norland and all its vassals. [!] A crest drawn by Queen Rosalind herself! written and created by the Authority and Will of Alva and Rosalind Freysson S.A. 116 12th of the Sun’s Smile To the loyal, and brave children of the Kingdom of Norland, I, Alva Freysson (and Rosalind Freysson, I suppose), have founded a safe haven from the EVIL adults of Norland. After a long battle against the wicked higher-ups of Norland, I have successfully taken Caedric 1 for refuge. They told me I wouldn’t last. But, little do these fools know . . Caedric 1 has its own built-in forge and tavern. With these necessities granted to us by sheer luck of the All-Father, we can prepare weapons to fight the geezers of the North, and drink juice until we pass out! Caderic 1, the place we call HOME can be found in the back of Norland, in the upper district. I've notice not a lot of people explore this area . . so Caedric 1 will fit our standards for safety. Of course, we cannot afford for such a mighty Queendom to fall, do we? Those who are up to the task of helping such a Queendom thrive will be handed a rank. Please read through the list. RANKS: Queen: Rosalind Freysson The MIGHTY RULER of Naurland King: VACANT Sit there and look cool High Keeper: Alva Freysson The head of the Red Faith, the one BLESSED by the All-Father Chancellor: VACANT . . I don’t know what this does Marshal: Sylvi Vildr LEADS US INTO BATTLE AGAINST THE ADULTS OF THE LONG DARK! Chamberlain: VACANT WRITE STUFF! Those brave and strong enough to join this MIGHTY QUEENDOM must bird the High Keeper Alva Freysson! (Tavalicious) On the topic of ranks also comes the topic of rules. Do not fret, brave children of the North. I (and Rosalind) already decided on the ground rules of this mighty Queendom blessed by the All-Father himself. THE SACRED ASHEN RULES: I. All citizens under the Queendom MUST follow under the Red Faith! If not, they will be forcefully removed and banished off our safe haven. II. Those who deny dolls and dress up time with Rosalind will be KILLED III. Fools who question the authority of Queen Rosalind, or High Keeper Alva themselves will be ERADICATED. IV. Everyone MUST protect Miss Chicken, Rosalind’s pet. OR ELSE! V. Under NO circumstance should ADULTS be let into the SACRED LAND OF NAURLAND!!!! VI. BE IN BED BEFORE CURFEW AND BE QUIET, I’M A LIGHT SLEEPER! May the All-Father guide you. Signed, Her Royal Majesty, Rosalind Katya Freysson, Queen of Naurland, Princess of the Chickens, Co-Founder of Naurland, Blacksmith of Naurland, Book Protector, and Tea Lover Her Holiness, Alva Karina Freysson, High Keeper of Naurland, Princess of Cats, Blessed by the All-Father, Founder of Naurland, Strongest Naurlander, Marcus Sutharlainn’s Worst Nightmare, The Prettier Twin [!] There’s a small note attached to the missive! "I, Rosalind, was forced to sign this.” -Rosa
  2. On many notice boards across the land and in mailboxes were missives put up. It was an invitation of sorts. It read as follows: “ Slava from the North! It is the Vistulians here and I’m sure you missed us all. We write this to invite you all to a very great celebration. In six cactus days we will be holding a great festival in our little coastal down by Docks of Norland. This festival is to hold plenty of drinks, a feast, folk tales, and a call for great warriors across the land in a fighting tournament with a grand 100 mina prize for first place and 50 mina and a pat on the shoulder for second place. Bring your warm cloths and your fighting spirit. We look forward to seeing you there!” — Sincerely, Flour “Orc-Lifter”
  3. [!] Elegantly scribed rice paper flyers are hung around all Tianrui Trading Co. locations and partners! THE TIANRUI TEAHOUSE CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO OUR CELEBRATION OF THE MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL IN OUR ALISGRAD LOCATION! [!] A full moon rises behind the Tianrui gingko tree in Alisgrad in this print! Come one, come all! To the Tianrui Teahouse’s celebration of the Li-Ren Mid-Autumn Festival! Taking place once on the 15th of every 8th month on the Li-Ren lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn festival is a celebration of harvest, friends and family, and of course moon cakes. While the date of the equinox precedes this missive, festivities shall take place in the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse from the Sun’s Smile to the Grand Harvest. For the first night of the event, tea master Tianrui Ren will tell the tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival and how it came to be! Event Planning and Hosting, Tianrui Ren OOC: Running all week in the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse, and Monday night at around 4pm EST I’ll be around to do an in-RP story time!
  4. [!] Before you sits a neatly bound book of smooth ivory pages, held together by dark red comb-stitch binding. On the cover is emblazoned the Tianrui House sigil, and boldly declared title of the production. Tianrui Trading Company Catalogue Issue No. 1 PUBLISHED SA 90, 6th OF THE GRAND HARVEST TIANRUI TRADING CO. PUBLISHING LTD. COMPANY MISSION From humble farming merchant beginnings in Li-Guo to the booming enterprise of today, the Tianrui Trading Co. sees a need and fills it. From fine produce and dried goods to tailored design needs, the Tianrui Trading Co. is here to help you receive the quality products you deserve. ABOUT OUR TEAM Current company CEO and founder of the Western branch expansion, Tianrui Ren is a family man who spends his time in the Tianrui Teahouse when not designing new products, recipes, or signing trade deals. Company CFO and popular face in our Sterling Street 3 location, Tianrui Carla is a spontaneous presence most often seen wearing her Tianrui Fu Dog Respirator Mask from her days in the YPA. When not seeing customers on the floor or balancing the books, Carla is a skilled creator of new drinks. Head of in-house entertainment Tianrui Meixing is a long-practised musician specialised with zither instruments, particularly the family guqin. When not performing, Meixing can be found helping Ren run the Sterling Street Tianrui Teahouse. Company financier and primary advisor on cultural connections and market research Chen Yunya is a practised entertainer and businesswoman renowned for her sword dances as much as her sharpened enterprising skills. OFFERED SERVICES AND GOODS CATERING All dishes available in-house at any Tianrui Teahouse location are also available to be catered to events and functions. Special catering rate discounts apply to groups of 10 or larger. ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AND CONSULTANCY Responsible in large part for architecture design and construction on Tai Ping district in Talon’s Port as well as both the first and second iterations of Yong Ping, Tianrui Trading Co. offers hourly rate architecture design and construction consultancy. HOME RENOVATION AND INTERIOR DESIGN Kitchen and home renovation and interior design services are offered in a wide variety of styles, with the added option of built-in security features. For your home can be safe and stylish. DRY GOODS The finest imported goods from Ai-Zho and along the roads of trade are offered to you through the Tianrui Trading Co. general stores, stalls, and remain available to be held in other locations on request. ARTISANAL PRODUCTS Fine crafted paintings, charms, jewellery, clothing, and alcohol are all offered by the skilled tradespeople of the Tianrui Trading Co. Styles will vary depending on individual vendors. SPECIAL IMPORTS Any of that which can not be found in Almaris, can most likely be specially procured by the skilled tradespeople of the Tianrui Trading Co. Speak to your local company representative today about any special import orders. SHOP LOCATIONS STERLING STREET 3, TALON’S PORT - THE TIANRUI TEAHOUSE Sitting beside beautiful gardens just across the road from the Talon’s Port Tavern and on the same street as the Clinic and Library, Sterling Street 3 houses the esteemed Tianrui Teahouse! Come inside to enjoy family-cooked meals, authentic Li-Ren and Oyashiman cuisine, the finest array of teas, and the warm hospitality of our hosts. MAELSTORM BURROW 1B, TALON’S PORT - HENG-SOE TEA AND HOME Nestled in the homely undercity burrows, one can always find a quaint but welcoming stay in the Heng-Soe Tea and Home in Maelstrom 1B. Featuring a warming hearth in the seating area with a Tianrui Teahouse kitchen close by, Heng-Soe Tea and Home offers all the hospitality of our flagship location with the secluded closeness that only the undercity can have. FREY STREET, ALISGRAD - TIANRUI TEAHOUSE, BATHS, AND MUSEUM Established in the heart of the Norlandic capitol, the Alisgrad Tianrui Teahouse is at the time of publication the largest Tianrui Trading Co. location in Almaris. Positioned directly behind the clinic from the main square with upper levels placing one right in front of the Alisgrad Palace, this teahouse is hard to miss. Featuring a full teahouse and stage on the first floor, sauna and baths on the second floor, and a packed third floor with library, museum, and Jade Rabbit Books bookstore! GALIANI SQUARE 2, FLORENTINE - TIANRUI TRADING CO. GENERAL STORE Just to the right as one enters the idyllic province of Florentine’s main square, the Tianrui Trading Co. General Store offers a variety of goods shipped in from Ai-Zho that the local citizens of Almaris would not otherwise have the opportunity to purchase. If nothing at the general store takes your fancy, the neighboring Illatian establishments are sure to sate any buyer with heavy pockets to empty. MARKET BAZAAR, QAMAR SHEIKDOM - TIANRUI TRADING CO. STALL Finding harbour in the bustling trade port of the Qamar Sheikdom, it is only natural that the Tianrui Trading Co. open a stall and trade avenues in the bustling bazaar. Found on the street passing in front of the tavern right as one would enter by the roads and overlooking the Qalasheen docks, it is a shopping experience to remember. SPONSORED PARTNER COMPANIES THE ALLEY ALEHOUSE - TALON’S PORT Located directly in front and to the left of the gates as one enters Talon’s Port main square, the Alley Alehouse tavern is a staple of any reasonable traveler in search of berth on the roads. Surrounded by the city’s signature cat population, the homely atmosphere of the tavern is sure to set even the most harried of nerves at ease. Contact information: Mr. Emandrial | Caxil HUMMINGBIRD FLOWERS AND TATTOOS - TALON’S PORT A familiar name to the inked locals of Talon’s Port, Hummingbird Flowers and Tattoos offers the best of both services included in its name. Ask any who have been patron to the tattoo services, and they will be sure to proudly show you the artist’s handiwork first-hand. As for any who have received a gift of flowers in the city whether it be between friends, lovers, or laid at graves, it is certain where they were bought at the shop located to one’s right on entering the main square. Contact information: Mr. Kin | AnimeWolf0080 THE QAMAR SHEIKDOM CARAVAN Claiming perhaps the widest variety of goods associated with any one organisation, the Qamar Sheikdom Caravan travels the lands once a year to peddle their wares to the people of Almaris. Comprised of a multitude of skilled merchants and tradespeople, one can find their wares in the Sheikdom’s signature bazaar when the caravan is not abroad. Contact information: Sheikh Shams Ibn Zayd Al-Nabeel | FruitPapaya TWO KEEPERS ONE MUG - ALISGRAD Situated to one’s right as they enter the Alisgrad main square, Two Keepers One Mug is the prominent inn and tavern in the Norlandic capitol. Featuring signature traditional meals and boasting the frequent company of prominent government officials, one is sure to get the full experience of Norland in this tavern. Contact information: Ms. Fiametta Allair | Fleur___ VYKK CO. - ALISGRAD Owning multiple shops in the Alisgrad main square, Vykk Co. offers a multitude of wares to fit near any adventurer’s needs. Ranging from the finest Norlandic steel to specialised alchemical brews, and even a casino in which to spend one’s hard-earned coin. Contact information: King Odin Freysson Ruric | Ichigomaster98 THE BROWN BEAR’S REST - BALIAN With a wide range of food and alcohol on steady rotation, there is always sure to be something new to experience in the Brown Bear’s Rest. Featuring indoor and outdoor seating that places one within a stone’s throw of the market square and the Basilica respectively, this combination inn and tavern is a must to visit on any trip to the city. Contact information: Baron Drako Darkwood | HIGHEST_FIRE VINO E SIGARI DE FALCONE - FLORENTINE Featuring only the finest in Illatian cigars and wines, Vino e Sigari de Falcone is a must-visit in the province of Florentine. Tucked just across the street from the bank, it is an opportune location as one is sure to find themselves returning for more after their first purchases. Contact information: Mr. Cosimo Falcone | Maidenful KORTREVICH KRAFTERS - KAROSGRAD On the main road entering Haense to one’s left as they walk from the main gates, Kortrevich Krafters is one of the many shop fronts that line the bustling business street and main square. What sets this fine establishment apart is their offers of Haeseni hand-crafted goods, farm produce, and alcohol all at premier prices. If the distinguishing traveller finds themselves unsure where to start in the Haeseni capitol, Kortrevich Krafters is the staple stop shop. Contact information: Lady Esmèe Kortrevich | worldeltaii YOUR COMPANY COULD BE HERE! To appear in the next issue of the Tianrui Trading Co. catalogue, contact Tianrui Ren by way of bird to arrange a meeting! We wish to list all of the finest that Almaris has to offer to the distinguished customer.
  5. [!] A letter is distributed on notice boards throughout the Kingdom of Norland and all of her vassals AN EXECUTIVE EDICT FROM THE OFFICE OF THE CHANCELLOR OF THE KINGDOM OF NORLAND ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY THE CHANCELLOR OF THE KINGDOM OF NORLAND, IN THE YEAR OF 87 S.A. To the loyal citizens of the Kingdom of Norland, It is with great joy that the Office of the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Norland hereby officially announces the ending of the construction of the administrative building known as the Royal Norlandic Chancellery. The building, which is to be open to any and all citizens of the Kingdom of Norland, is located in the north-eastern side of the square of the city of Alisgrad. Furthermore, within the Royal Norlandic Chancellery, any and all citizens of the Kingdom of Norland are free to anonymously place a book of complaints or a book of suggestions within one of the marked letterboxes. May this newly established building serve the Kingdom of Norland and her people dutifully and with great honor. Iron From Ice! Signed, His Excellency, Asmund Camian, Chancellor of the Kingdom of Norland
  6. [!] The following missive is distributed on notice boards throughout the Kingdom of Norland and all of her vassals. AN EXECUTIVE EDICT FROM THE OFFICE OF THE CHANCELLOR OF THE KINGDOM OF NORLAND ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY THE CHANCELLOR OF THE KINGDOM OF NORLAND, IN THE YEAR OF 87 S.A. To the loyal citizens of the Kingdom of Norland, As peace once more is established within the borders of our homeland, the Royal Chancellery of the Kingdom of Norland has convened with the members of the King’s Council and set forth a number of decisions. It is with this document that the Royal Chancellery hereby officially announces the creation of the following administrative and executive reforms regarding the royal government of the Kingdom. The first reform constituted by the Office of the Chancellor is to be the establishment of an administrative building, which is to be known as the Royal Chancellery, within the city of Alisgrad. This building is to be accessible by all citizens of the Kingdom of Norland in order to bring forth concerns to the attention of the Crown and His Royal Majesty’s government. In addition to the aforementioned, the Chancellor is to furthermore establish a royal letterbox in front of said building for written concerns towards the administration. The second announcement from the Office of the Chancellor is the calling for a mandatory annual meeting and convocation between the royal government and communal governments of the Kingdom of Norland in order to directly address any issues or conflict between the two entities or any further matters which require His Royal Majesty’s Government’s authority or assistance. These meetings are to be held between at least 1 representative from the Royal Government and at least 2 representatives of the communal governments. Failure to convene to such royal convocations may result in demotion or removal of office. Lastly, the Office of the Chancellor hereby announces the beginning of a royal governmental reviewing period. During this aforementioned period the Chancellery is to closely overlook the duties, authorities and responsibilities of each and every high-ranking governmental member of both communal and royal administrations. It shall be during this time that removals, appointments, demotions or promotions are to be handed out by the authority and will of His Royal Majesty the King. May the Allfather guide you. Signed, His Excellency, Asmund Camian, Chancellor of the Kingdom of Norland
  7. As of SA 78, I, Ragnar Sigvardson I, Marshal of Norland, hereby promote Einar Edvardsson from the rank of Man At Arms to the rank of Warden. This has been taken in consideration, due: Einar's activity within the Royal Norlandic Ashguard. To the leave of Ragnarr Mosu, as there can only be 4 such Wardens. Signed: Sir Ragnar Sigvardson I, Lord of Bjornfjall, Marshal of Norland
  8. [!] The following message has been nailed onto every notice board in Norland & It's Vassals A Song of Exodus _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mösu Shall no Longer Obey To A Kingdom That is in Decay. We shall neither Stand nor Fight For What They Believe is Right. For Only A Fool Would Follow When Injustice & Humiliation is All He Has Been Bestowed, When Justice, Gifts & Glory Is What They Are Owed. A Kingdom Defended By A Fool’s Folly, A Kingdom Left Blinded To The Enemy Rally, A Kingdom's Pride In All Its Glory, Its End Shall Be Gory. What I’m about to say is not meant to make you beg for us to stay nor beg for forgiveness. For you are the choosers of your own fate and actions. But I want you to know how you have behaved towards me and my Clan… And How we have treated you. For years now, me & my clan have been subject to unjust treatment and humiliation from those we would once consider brothers and sisters, comrades who we fought and bled next to in a shieldwall, even risked our own necks and skin to save when their footing faltered and their end seemed near. When we have been the ones to first answer the call to arms in defense of Norland and been those that showed up in even greater numbers then sworn vassals and barons of Norland! Hel, Not even the Ashguard managed to surpass us in numbers! So dare not say that we have not done our fair share, our right, our duty as Highlanders & Norlanders. We have bled and toiled just like you all. If you’ve got scars and believe you have bled and toiled more for our North, then Strip and show them to us! We’ll show you ours! There is no part on our bodies that is not marked with a wound. Our bodies are covered in scars from every weapon you can think of! Swords, Arrows, Spears, Clubs, Stones… All of them sustained for Norland! In defense of your kin & friends! But yet they Dishonor, Humiliate, act out unjust punishment for things some of us have already been justly punished for when honor, land, titles and gifts are what we are owed… They stab us in the back over and over again like the treacherous courtiers in empires of old, Bite our ankles like a poisonous snake when we are not aware. We demanded justice for all the times where we were wronged and we received none. We asked for what we were owed in return for all the blood we have spilled and lost for Norland and received nothing. We asked to be recognised as an official clan of Norland and yet there is no such decree. A man can only be stabbed in the back a few times before he grows a pair of eyes in the back of his head. Henceforth I, Sir Ragnarr Mösu “Barbarossa”, Aesir of Aesirs in Redclyf, Chieftain of the Mösu clan and among the first knights of Norland, and the Mösu Clan shall no longer exist under the banner of Norland nor be in the service of the King & Ashguard for only a fool would do so after having experienced what we have. If there is still any Mösu's in the Ashguard then this is their letter of Resignation from it. So Join Friends & Folk who Have Seen Norland’s Wrongs, Let us set Sail and Sing Songs. Let the Northern Winds take our Ships South, As We escape Norland’s Bad word-of-mouth. To a Distant Land That Is Hot & Warm, Yet Friendly & Does not Thorn. Our Song of Exodus, Shall even be Sung by Regulus. Signed, Rangarr Mösu “Barbarossa”, Aesir of Aesirs, Chieftain of Clan Mösu & Knight of Norland
  9. THE ASHGUARD WANTS YOU! authored as of the year 72 S.A. by Marshal Asmund Camian on behalf of the Royal Norlandic Army As peace, stability, security and prosperity once more flock to the Kingdom of Norland, the duty to defend one’s homeland from the dangers from within and beyond our borders grows evermore! Thusly, the call for loyal and pious men and women of our homeland to take up arms in order to defend their people is once more presented to the citizenry of Norland! The Royal Ashguard of the Kingdom of Norland will house, feed, and arm any and all soldiers regardless of rank or wealth. Furthermore, those who have reached the rank of Footmen or above and have served the Kingdom for many dutiful years are entitled to an issue of land from the Kingdom, given at the length of retirement of said individual. In order to serve and fight for King and Country, any willing men and women must fill out the following form: IC: Name: Age: Race: Reason for Enlistment: Special Knowledge: OOC: Discord IGN: Minecraft IGN: [If there are any further questions, hit me up on discord: Hoehlenmensch_HD#1788 or in game: Froschli]
  10. The overtaking of Krew Circa. 14th of Sun’s smile, 71 SA A missive would be spread around all over the North by couriers of clan Sigvardson and clan Steelguard. Clearon Steelguard, with his clan and retinue in hand would be on a routine ride throughout the North, from Haense to Norland. However, this time it would be reported to Clearon, by a member of clan Sigvardson, an empty keep had laid in wait on the outskirts of Norland and near the Ferrymen's territory. Clearon in haste would ride to the keep, of which belonged to the old Baron of Krew, finding none to resist him in his path all the way to the gates and courtyard of the castle. Clearon would look around, finding the castle left pristine, as if someone still had resided there, yet to no avail every home, every corner was searched and none were to be found. The reality of the situation had come over Clearon and his men that they had now become owners of the keep they stood in. They in no time had taken over every part of the keep, every home, every bed, nothing being left. A new banner would be spread over the walls, and the new Lord, Clearon, would begin to do a merry dance along with his men. Clearon and his merry men doing a joyous little dance and song Clearon would soon after retreat away to his new quarters in the keep and thus scribe this very message, and a few others in part to be spread to the following lands of Haense, The Ferrymen Keep, and Norland so they may now know of the new Lord of Castle Krew: Clearon Steelguard. Clearon Steelguard, Lord of Castle Krew
  11. 14th of The Amber Cold, 70 SA While the three branches of Rurikid have rarely seen eye to eye on any matter, every branch can attest that the moot is a time honored tradition. It is not intended to be used as a ploy by cravens who cannot face their relations face to face, who cannot bear the consequences that come with calling all of age Rurikid men into one gathering place. Twice in recent history has the moot been called and twice has it been made a joke of, first by the last king of Norland, Vane Freysson, and now by Ragnvald Ash, formerly of Eiriksson. Every generation grows further distanced from a true understanding of what makes a Ruric a Ruric. We are all descendents of the Prophet. We are all prisoners to the burden of our lineage, the burden of legacy and honor. Lest we forget the Red Scrolls, as the tenets tell us: Do what is right, be it hard or easy going. With this said, let it be known that I, Manfred von Arichsdorf, chieftain of clan Edvardsson, declare my full support to King Vangel Freysson. Manfred von Arichsdorf, Chieftain of clan Edvardsson Leitsieg Thoromir von Arichsdorf, son of Manfred Theodric Edvardsson, Son of Alric Caedric Edvardsson, Son of Alric
  12. Among the creative and intelligent minds of the Odinson Clan comes forth a tailor shop specialized to your needs. Offering to craft anyone any outfit they so desire, the Odinson's guarantee you satisfaction or you get your money back. A small 100 mina per outfit and you can be as sharply dressed as a nobleman without the hassle of politics! Stop by the Odinson Clan house and place a letter in our mailbox indicating you would like a spot in line for one of our expertly made outfits. Ranging from dresses to cloaks to armour, we've got it all! And, while you're stopping by, consider inquiring about joining the clan and earning yourself a place within the ranks of the Clan of Intellect. Sincerely, The Odinson Clan (OOC: Please message me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 if you're interested in an outfit! my rate is 100 mina for a large outfit, 70 for a more minor outfit, and 150 for a full skin! Continually, whats earned will go into the improvement of Elysium, so do consider it! Prices are subject to change if you can't afford it <3)
  13. A new clan in the North appears, the leader being Ragnar Sigvardson. Fisherman, tradesman and Ashguardsman. A respected man in the North and West. The legacy begins here! Who can join this clan? Anyone really, with Nordic backstory. We do trading and help sustain Norland. Why should you join this clan? It's fun, we can roleplay, fish, trade. Anything you want. Language: Common Flag: Green and white squares. Representing our trade. Discord Server: None at the moment, my discord is yashinoki#0291. Clan House: Donovan 6, for now. We'll do gatherings there and as we progress, we will buy a proper Clan House. You won't regret joining!
  14. THE GREAT NORLAND ROAD TRIP THE EXPEDITION TO NORLAND ON 13TH OF TOBIAS BOUNTY 1859 –The Barony of Krew burning as Norlanders watch on– Once again, the brave 7th Brigadiers and the Sons of Nagg, as well as some friends decided it had been too long since they had paid a visit to Norland. As such we took to our horses and made our way there, with our first trip being to the Barony of Krew. Upon our arrival there, we found 2 Norland Princesses. Despite their struggles and aggressions, we sent for one of them to be judged by the holiest of people, for their sins and the other was taken by the Sons of Nagg, to find a better home for them, in Krugmar or Elysium. As this was done, and we had no further people to deal with, we then set fire to one of the houses with a torch, watching as it burnt down, crumble into ashes. We then decided to march down to the capital of Norland, known as Varhlem. We were met with an open gate and no defence, as such we took whatever we could carry, pillaging as we went. We easily took the capital and left without anything but a singular fleeing brigand. –The Brave Men of the 7th Brigade and the ISA fight the barbaric Norlanders– As the brave soldiers pillaged the city of Varhelm, 30 more Orenian soldier would join the 7th Brigade force with Guillaume Louis Pruvia in lead. Heading towards the south of Varhelm, to the Jarldom of Dunrath for a raid. When the 7th Brigadiers passed the tunnel and reached the city walls they saw a gate blocked by stone and fearful Norlanders staring at them with anger. As the civilians rang the bell the lead of the 7th Brigade Little Tony Helena made a generous offer to the Dunrath civilians, he offered them a fair 100 versus 100 field battle outside the walls of the city in the fields of the city. The Norlanders accepted this offer and the 7th Brigadiers lined up and took over one of the farmhouses outside of the city. They waited for the scared Dunrathians to arrive on the battlefield. As the Dunrath force arrived on the battlefield, the 7th brigade gave the pagan Dunrathians time to get ready. When the battle finally commenced bow shots would be traded. Not much time later, Little Tony would call for a flank from the left side of the field and the Dunrathians would be on the run for their lives as they were slowly dying. When the battle came to an end, the 7th brigade counted 90 people. There would be 10-20 Dunrathians left Alive. SIGNED, Harien, Hunter of the Northerners Little Tony Helane, Leader of the 7th Brigade, Proud Recruit of the ISA Guillaume Louis Pruvia, The Dragon of the Pruvia
  15. The Last Night of Winter [!] An oil painting of Inga Edvardsson at her Mother’s deathbed on the 12th of Sun’s Smile It had been a cold day, the winter had brought much warmth for the months as the Edvardsson family found out they’d been blessed with another child. In the month of Sun’s Smile Baroness, Leyna Edvardsson had been expecting to conceive the child without a single expected issue. However - with the dark and dreary times of war - Prince Alric Edvarddson, Baron of Krew had left the keep. Heading to the east to fight the coming war. Leaving behind Leyna and Inga, her other siblings had gone off to either be a part of the war lines or travel for studies Inga had been excused from. Sadly the time had neared much sooner than expected, Inga Edvardsson had to help deliver her youngest brother. Edvard Edvardsson; the beautiful baby boy was born a few months early with sharp blue eyes similar to his eldest sister’s and the raven hair of his mother and father. What Inga believed to be the most joyous day for her family would soon turn dreaded as the young girl at a ripe age of twelve had left her mother to tend to the newly born child. Returning to the room to find her mother had passed away from the labor of childbirth. A dead silence filled the Krew manor that night as Inga wept at her mother’s side before finally standing up. Inga Edvardsson sent out her small bird to inform her father who was going to be still out in the battle fields for a few years. Her icy eyes had glazed over with sorrow as she slowly traveled down the cold stone staircase making her way to the throne room of the keep as she found herself sitting down in the throne of Krew and staring at the blank cobbled wall’s It was not a time of celebration anymore for the young girl at the age of twelve had assumed the title of the Barony, deciding at once to change its name and pledging a new start to the late baroness’s work.
  16. The Barony of Krew Laying a Foundation The foundations of Krew were laid by the Chieftain of the Kazimir Clan, Leyna Kazimir. She had always dreamed of a continuation of her mother, Rebeka la Weavra’s, wish to create a place for her people to live in peace and prosperity as The Duchy of Rozania was supposed to be. As the Duchy of Rozania succumbed to an increase in bandit attacks and revolving leadership, Leyna moved to the Kingdom of Norland and proclaimed the establishment of her Clan, the Kazimirs, renaming the La Waevra clan. Nadia Buckfort, formerly known as the Duchess of Rozania, gave her thanks to Alric Edvarsson Ruric for letting her people migrate there, giving them a place to call home, the true successor state of Rozania, the Barony of Krew. After becoming one of the more prominent members of the Norlandic Kingdom she had encountered the man she would marry, Alric Edvardsson Ruric, who was the Hand of the King. With her newfound connection to the upper echelons of the Kingdom both Leyna and Alric would plan the establishment of a new Barony. The Barony of Krew was founded in 50 S.A. The Establishment The Barony of Krew is a place of Feudal Roleplay that is host to a mix of both the Norlandic and Rozanian cultures. Krew, in the Rozanian language, translates to ‘Blood’ for those whom the Barony was originally intended, and as a tribute to the men and women who gave their lives to the creation and preservation of the unique cultures that inhabit it. Realistically, Rozanians stem from Sutica as Sarissian's, a trait shared by many in Krew. Leyna herself was born in Sutica, and gave homage to the many who have traveled to the cooler lands of Almaris. Both Rebeka, and Leyna were part of the leadership in Rozania, after Leyna’s younger sibling Nadia Buckfort took over the Duchy with Gywn and then Eliza Raven. Eliza has plans to move the remainder of the Rozanian people elsewhere, but Krew is still home to many native Rozanians. Polnoci Culture This particular group of people, from many different cultures and places have been intermixed long enough, to give themselves a name. The Polnoci people. Polnoci do not follow the usual formality practices, similar to the Norlandic kingdom as a whole. Bowing or curtseying is seen as strange and extraneous on display, so most greetings are done with a wave, a nod, or a verbal hello. - Terms like your highness, majesty, or excellency, are also not used, nor should they be within the borders of Polnoci lands. Many Norlandic people have titles, and they are used but not as seriously as many other nations and settlements. Polnoci people are kind, loud, and in layman's terms, fun. They are always open for a friendly brawl. They are people of knowledge, strength and pure will. Many of them wear traditional Norlandic garb, they can often be found wearing different uniforms dark in color, as well as warmer, and full length attire. Many dress with accents of fur. Religion Those in Krew prefer the Red Faith, as they participate in it frequently, and are able to “Spread the flame” as they choose to. They have a Keeper to help facilitate all their teachings, and many participate in the Hearth Forums to learn more, and discuss the faith and spread of the flame. This was chosen after the forced canonist conversion in Rozania, giving those the option to join the Red Faith was more appealing. Language The language used by those in Krew is Rozanian, and common for most everything. This language goes back generations, and is truly only known by them, unless otherwise taught. They of course also speak a variety of other languages, including Common. Events and Festivities Grand Pumpkin Festival Taken after Rebeka la Waevra, A Grand Pumpkin Festival, to celebrate Harvest time, and the mother who brought together the first of the Polnoci people. It consists of a pumpkin smashing, drinking pumpkin flavored drinks and eating delicious pumpkin goods grown on the property. The Pit The Pit is a place in the depths of Krew, and many events take place there, in which anyone of any age at any time can go to the pit, and spar and fight with another. Oftentimes there are mina prizes and drinks are served. Academics Meetings There are various amounts of academia surrounding Krew, from the language, the culture to religion. In the library of Krew, there are many meetings held on various topics of interest. These academic meetings fall under the Academics Guild in Haense under leadership of Otte Bishop, as a Norlandic branch. Originally, the academics guild took place in Sarissa, with Eliza Raven and Lomiei Vinelli as the foremost leaders of such. Leyna Kazimir, having a deep respect for her passions and origin, decided to open this academic branch for the betterment of her barony and community. Notable Figures Alric Edvardsson Ruric Baron of Krew, Hand of the King, and Chief of Clan Edvardsson Leyna Kazimir Edvardsson Ruric Baroness of Krew, Head Diplomat of Norland, and Chieftain of Clan Kazimir, Formerly Master of Whisperers of Rozania Nadia Kazimir Buckfort Blackthorn Grandheart Former Duchess of Rozania, The Grand Jackalope, Heir Apparent to House of Buckfort William Buckfort Duke of Rozania, The Jackalope Knight, Keeper of The Nightglow, etcetera… He brought many people together, the most loyal of whom eventually made a mass migration to Krew. Death : 50 S.A Rebeka La Waevra Formerly Master of Whisperers of Rozania and Chieftain of Clan La Waevra Birth Mother of Leyna, and Adopted Mother of Nadia Death: 41 S.A Lomiei Vinelli Formerly General Ambassador of Sutica, Ambassador of Sarissa, loved member of Rozania Father of Leyna Death: 41 S.A.
  17. [!] Posters are hung around different parts of Almaris, especially in areas of scholarly impact. Book Competition A competition of academia, writers, and collectors. In the Barony of Krew, in Norland, a new library sits beneath the foundation, most of the shelves bare. This competition is important for those who wish for knowledge, to share and learn themselves. Prize: Three prizes of 100 minas The competition: The person who brings the most original books, will get a prize of 100 minas The person who brings the most useful, authentic book will get a prize of 100 minas. We will have an additional contest regarding any books made in previous years, also original, and the oldest book will win 100 minas. Rules: Any original books, dated within the current year, or past years to, 59 S.A. are acceptable, except the oldest book competition. Each book will be judged on usefulness, authenticity, and substance. Each book must have at least 5 pages, with a cover page including the date written. The academic’s guild will look over the books, rating them all, and pronounce the winner. All books will be donated and shown in the grand opening of the Barony of Krew library in 65 S.A. A donation bin will be placed in the Barony of Krew library, and you may drop off any books you have, as well as any of the original ones for the competition. OOC:
  18. Decree of Uniformity Published at this 6th of the Grand Harvest, year 58 of the Second Age From the Office of the Marshal of the Ashguard, To all members of the Ashguard and Citizens of the Kingdom of Norland, it is the wish of the Marshal of Norland and the Wardens of the Ashguard to inform the public of a change to the uniforms of our armed forces. Previously, the uniform of the Ashguard had been divided up by rank in order to signify who was apart of what rank. However, in recent times the leadership of the Ashguard wishes to impose a sense of brotherhood among its members. As a result, all members of the Ashguard below the rank of Warden will wear one singular uniform. [!] Below is a depiction of the Uniform that all members of the Ashguard will now be required to wear. In order to keep with the chain of command and allow for easier identification of military leadership, Ashguardsmen with the rank of Warden+ will still wear their previously standard-issue uniform. To add on, members of the Ashguard will now officially be allowed to make minor alterations to their helmet in order to allow for individuality within the Military. However, overall alterations of the rest of the uniform remain forbidden. Signed, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, Marshal of the Ashguard, Prince of Norland, Ruler of Eiriksgrad.
  19. To The Mountain Men To the Tribesmen, The People of the Mountains, The Kingdom of Norland and Jarldom of Dunrath do not accept this proposal written forth. We reject it on all counts. 1. The Jarldom of Dunrath shall build as they see fit and as the King of Norland allows. 2. The Fortress known as “Fort Cathrine” will continue to stay standing. 3. The Settlement known as Gränsstad will continue to exist as it has. 4. The Construction of estates outside the walls of Dunrath shall continue as they have. 5. Constructions of roads through the Raenrland will continue as they have. 6. The Tribesman of the Mountains will be allowed to live in peace. These terms are non-negotiable. Should you refuse, The Father’s fire shall rain down on you, and all of Norland shall descend upon your lands until all of you are sent to his halls for judgement. We are the rightful rulers of all the lands of Norland, including the Raenrland mountains. There will not be an acceptance needed as these are our terms, if they are not followed, all of you shall have war upon you. Signed, His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric , King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Protector of Highlanders His Highness, Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, Marshal of the Ashguard, Prince of Norland, Ruler of Eiriksgrad The Most Honorable, Dùghlas MacDhaibhidh MacFhilib MacMartainn Sutharlainn, Chieftain of the United Clans of Barr and Suther, Jarl of Dùnrath, The Rt. Hon. Lady, Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Chieftain of Kazimir, Envoy of the Kingdom of Norland
  20. The Pact of Ash and Falcon The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis recognize each other as independent lands, legitimately overseen by their respective sovereigns, and will make no attempt to subvert the authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between themselves, nor will they participate in any conflicts that will result in the signatories being in opposition. Citizens of both civilizations have their safety guaranteed within the borders of the other, so long as the laws of the local governments are adhered to. ARTICLE III - FRIENDSHIP The Kingdom of Norland and The Fakhr Oasis, have deemed both signatories as virtuous stock with good morals, good intentions, and a value for mundane, descendant life. Both signatories hereby declare the friendship between the parties and vow to smile upon each other with kind hearts. ARTICLE IV - TRADE The Signatories may adhere to the following trade policies: - Signatories may receive a market stall free of rent in their respective capitals. - Signatories may trade specialty goods free of tariff. - Signatories shall not trade products of alcohol or pork between each other; this includes the raw materials necessary in the production of those goods. ARTICLE V - DURATION This pact shall be in effect for a duration of 15 years. In the case where either The Kingdom of Norland or The Fakhr Oasis is found by the other to be in violation of this pact, or either of the signatories undergo a change in nation status, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. Signed, Sayyid, Qamar Bin Zayd, Sheikh of the Nabeel, Emir of the Fakhr His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric , King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Protector of Highlanders The Rt. Hon. Lady, Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Chieftain of Kazimir, Envoy of the Kingdom of Norland
  21. A GRAND FEAST The sun rises and the sun sets, the day of undeniable doom for Philip III and his Kingdom draws nearer by the second and by the hour. When the day arrives the sons of Yavok, the kin of Urguan, the people of Haense and the men of the ferry will spill Orenian blood and achieve goals of justice, revenge and the reclaiming of honor done away by those who follow the “Holy” Orenian Emperor. The alliance of Kingdoms and Empires against a common cause has been repeated multiple times in history. But history is truly in the making and our names will be etched in history as we once more fight to bring down the corrupted state of Oren that has plagued our lands, wronged our people and dishonored our gods. With such an occasion, Clan Ireheart invites the various peoples of the alliance, from King to the common folk to feast, to drink and to bond for the fight to come. The Following parties are invited to Feast in the Temple of the Brathmordakin, in Urguan: The various vassals and peoples of Urguan Sigismund III and the Kingdom of Haense The Ferrymen Band Vane Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland OOC: Friday 4 PM EST. 12/31/21
  22. THE REKINDLING OF ASH AND FOXES 16 of Snow’s Maiden, Year 55 of the Second Age PREAMBLE With the expiry of their former agreement, the Kingdom of Norland and the Duchy of Elysium seek to revitalize their relationship. ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Kingdom of Norland and The Duchy of Elysium (henceforth ‘the Signatories’) recognize each other’s Realms as independent lands ruled by their respective monarchs, and will make no attempt to subvert those authorities governing them. ARTICLE II: PACT OF NON-AGGRESSION With the goal of fostering a future of cooperation, the signatories agree to the following terms in regards to non-aggression. I. The Kingdom of Norland and the Duchy of Elysium, as well as the families-in-power therein, will engage in no form of hostility against one another, nor will they partake in any military conflict which would put them at odds with one another. II. Should it come to pass that conflict does arise between the signatories, both will commit themselves to finding a resolution via diplomatic means. ARTICLE III: ANTI-AZDRAZI PROVISION The Signatories shall cooperate and assist each other in the eradication of the vile race of heretics and Iblees spawn known as Azdrazi. I. The Kingdom of Norland and the Duchy of Elysium will share intelligence and assist each other in operations pertaining to the destruction of Azdrazi, where those actions are not against the Sovereign interests of the respective Signatory. ARTICLE III: TRADE AGREEMENT To ensure the continued economic well-being of both the newly established Elysian municipality, as well as that of the Kingdom of Norland, the signatories agree to the following terms as they pertain to trade and commerce. I. The Kingdom of Norland will grant a stall within the Varhelm Plaza, free of tax, for the use of the Duchy of Elysium. In return, the Duchy of Elysium will bestow a stall within the Elysian Commerce District, free of tax, for the use of the Kingdom of Norland. ARTICLE IV: DURATION The terms of this agreement shall last for a period of twenty years, with the option of renewal upon its expiry. Signed, Vane Freysson, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protector of Highlanders Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Emissary of the Kingdom of Norland Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium Aylin de Astrea, Heir Apparent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs
  23. The Pact of Ash and Frost The Kingdom of Norland and The Fennic Remnants 5th of the Deep Cold, Year 55 of the Second Age ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Kingdom of Norland and The Fennic Remnants recognize each other as independent lands ruled by their respective monarchs, and will make no attempt to subvert the authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The Kingdom of Norland and The Fennic Remnants will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between them. They will also not engage or join another defensive agreement, against the other. ARTICLE III - TRADE The Kingdom of Norland and The Fennic Remnants enter into an agreement of free-trade between the signatories. Nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. ARTICLE IV - DURATION This treaty will remain in effect for five years. It may be renewed by mutual consent of both The Kingdom of Norland and The Fennic Remnants. In the case where either is found by the other to be in violation of this treaty, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. In the Name of, His Royal Highness, Vytrek Tundrak, Prince of the Fennic Remnants, Prince of the Mali’fenn His Royal Majesty, Vane Freysson Ruric , King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Protector of Highlanders The Rt. Hon. Lady, Leyna Edvardsson, Baroness of Krew, Chieftain of Kazimir, Envoy of the Kingdom of Norland
  24. Letters from Chieftain Leyna of Clan Kazimir Listy od wodza Leyna z klanu Kazimir Issued the Eleventh of the Deep Cold, 46 S.A. To my People, my Family, my Kin, I, Leyna Kazimir, write to you now, not only as a compatriot and kinsman but as a Chieftain and the sole-inheritor of my late-Mother’s great family name. As the firstborn and eldest of my late-mother, Rebeka la Waevra, and late-father, Lomiei Vinelli, it is not only my honor to take up the mantle but my duty. It is then my prerogative to take up a new Clan name, befitting our Clan Mother’s legacy, a legacy wrought not by wrathful ambition but peaceful growth and the establishment of a peaceful place for all who followed her. In the Rozanian language the name Kazimir refers to a bringer of peace and it is for this reason that I have chosen it. A symbol of not only our clan’s past but a symbol to guide us into the future. Many of you, my people, my family, and my kin, have been spread across the Realm of Nyrheim following the tragic death of our Clan Mother. It is to you and your families I wish to give a home, a greater family, and a name to be proud of. For those of you I have had the privilege of close comradery with, I am thankful for all the years we have had together; and to those I have yet to meet, be you distant cousins or lost bannermen, I anticipate with great pleasure our coming meeting. To Qiew la Waevra, @JudgedKitty To Malakai La Waevra, @Roria To Pip, To Doc, @ggooose1 To Mythzic, To Brawly, @Tk4522 To the House of Bishop, @Lomiei To the Redfist Chief, @Robin01_boy To Nadia Buckfort, To Alric Edvardsson, @Qaz_The_Great Allfather guide you, Leyna Kazimir, Chieftain of Clan Kazimir
  25. The Rathonian Basic Law Enforced from the 1st of the Amber Cold, Year 44 of the Second Year By the Baron of the Barony of Dùnrath, Daibhidh MacFhilib Sutharlainn at the Barony of Dùnrath. Part I - General Principles 1 The Rathonian Basic Law shall apply to facts committed in the following spaces, except as otherwise provided for in international treaties or agreements in the field of judicial assistance applicable if the offence is committed: (a) in the Barony of Dunrath, regardless of the nationality of the perpetrator; or (b) all territorial waters, defined as 50 metres from the coast of the Barony of Dùnrath 2 The Rathonian Basic Law shall also apply to spaces not being mentioned at Section 1, when the offence is committed: (a) the fact of being committed by an Rathonian resident against a non-resident of Dùnrath, or by a non-resident of Dùnrath against an Rathonian resident, provided that (i) The perpetrator is found to be in Dùnrath, or other parts of the Kingdom of Norland, where the law of the Kingdom of Norland may apply. (ii) Such facts are also punishable by the laws of the place where they were committed, but The Rathonian Basic Law shall not apply if that place does not exercise the power to punish; and (iii) Constitutes a crime that allows the surrender of the perpetrator, and such surrender is not permitted; or (b) by a Rathonian resident against a Rathonian resident, provided that the perpetrator is found in Dùnrath. The Rathonian Basic Law is applicable to facts committed outside of Dùnrath to the extent that the perpetrator has not been placed on trial, in the place where the facts were committed, or the perpetrator has evaded fulfilling all or part of the sentence imposed. Part II - Facts 3 In the Rathonian Basic Law, unless the context otherwise requires, (a) Illegal, means the action is contrary to or forbidden by the Rathonian Basic Law. (b) Not legal, or decriminalised, means the action has been stopped to be treated as illegal or as a criminal offence. (c) Legal, means the action is permitted by the Rathonian Basic Law. 4 An individual who acts with the knowledge that the fact is a crime and intends to cause that fact to occur is defined as intentional. An individual who, knowing that the consequences of an act are likely to cause the occurrence of a fact that is consistent with a crime, accepts the occurrence of that fact at the time of the act is also defined as intentional. 5 If, considering the legal order as a whole, the wrongfulness of a fact is deemed to be prevented by the legal order, the fact is not an offence. In particular, a fact is not unlawful if it is made in the following circumstances: (a) in self-defence; or (b) the exercise of a right; or (c) the performance of an obligation under the law or compliance with a proper order of the authorities; or (d) with the consent of the individual who has a legal interest in the violation. 6 The rights of the Rathonian Citizens and visitors visiting the Barony of Dùnrath are as follows: (a) The Right to not be Discriminate, on the basis of race, colour, gender, language, religion, national or social origin, property, birth, or other status; (b) The Right to Freedom of Movement, both to and from the Barony of Dùnrath, unless being banished by the Barony of Dùnrath. (c) The Right to Live, unless they have been accused and proved to have been involved in serious crime. (d) The Right to Practise a religion, unless the religion is deemed to have violated the Rathonian Basic law or the act violates other people’s rights. (e) The Right to Freedom of Speech. (f) The Right not to be submitted to slavery, servitude, forced labour or bonded labour. 7 However, the rights will not be valid when the action done violates the Rathonian Basic Law, or orders and documents issued by the Barony of Dùnrath. Part III - Punishments 8 Punishments by jail (a) The term of imprisonment is generally at a minimum of one month and a maximum of thirty five years. (b) In exceptional cases, the maximum term of imprisonment prescribed by law may be up to forty years. (c) In no case shall the maximum limit referred to in 7a and 7b be exceeded. 9 Punishments by a monetary fine. (a) The amount of a monetary fine is generally at the minimum of 100 Agnethe Deràrchean, and a maximum of 2000 Agnethe Deràrchean. (b) If the sentence of imprisonment does not exceed one year, the sentence can be replaced by a fine of the same number of hours or by another penalty that is not deprivation of liberty, except where the execution of the sentence is necessary to prevent future offences. If the sentenced person does not pay the fine, An individual shall serve the sentence imposed. 10 Banishment Banishment is defined as the individual being kicked out from town and not being able to regain residence of the Barony of Dùnrath. This status is permanent unless banishment is revoked by the Baron of the Barony of Dùnrath. 11 Execution Execution is defined as a sentence to death in the Barony of Dùnrath. It is only executed in the form of private beheading and public execution is strictly forbidden. Part IV - Extradition 12 Part IV only applies when all the following conditions are fulfilled: (a) Law boundaries, when either (i) The perpetrator commited a crime which is illegal in the Barony of Dùnrath, and the crime of which the perpetrator commited is illegal in the nation of which requested for the extradition, or (ii) The perpetrator commited a crime which is decriminalised in the Barony of Dùnrath, and the crime of which the perpetrator commited is illegal in the nation of which requested for the extradition. (b) The crime of which the perpetrator committed took place in the Barony of Dùnrath and its territorial waters. (c) The perpetrator is not a citizen of the Barony of Dùnrath, except when: (i) The perpetrator commited a crime of which its maximum punishment, according to the Rathonian Basic Law, is execution. This only applies when the victim(s) are citizen(s) of the nation of which requested for the extradition. (ii) The perpetrator commited a crime of which it is illegal in both the Barony of Dùnrath, and the Kingdom of Norland. This only applies when the nation of which requested for the extradition is the Kingdom of Norland. 13 A request by a place outside the Barony of Dùnrath for assistance under Part IV shall be refused if, in the opinion of the Baron of the Barony, or the Court of the Barony, (a) The granting of the request would impair the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Norland or the security or public order of the Kingdom of Norland or any part thereof; (b) There are substantial grounds for believing that the request was made for the purpose of prosecuting, punishing or otherwise causing prejudice to a person on account of the person’s race, religion, nationality or political opinions; or, (c) The granting of the request would seriously impair the essential interests of the Barony of Dùnrath, or the Kingdom of Norland. 14 A request of extradition must be in the form of an official document, where the document is signed by either the leaders of the place, or by its judicial entity. Part V - Treason 15 An individual commits treason if the individual, (a) kills, severely wounds, imprisons or restrain the Baron of the Barony of Dùnrath. (b) forms an intention to do any such act as is mentioned in 12a and manifests such intention by an overt act. (c) levies war against the Barony of Dùnrath with the intent to depose Their Highness from the style, honour, and royal name of the Crown of the Barony of Dùnrath, or in order by force or constraint to compel Their Highness to change Their measures or counsels, or to put any force or constraint upon, or to intimidate or overawe, Parliament or the legislature of any Rathonian territory. (d) instigates any foreigner with force to invade the Barony of Dùnrath, and/or the Kingdom of Norland. (e) assists by any means whatever any public enemy at war with the Barony of Dùnrath, and/or the Kingdom of Norland, or (f) conspires with any other person to do anything mentioned in paragraph (a) or (c) Any individual who commits treason shall be guilty of an offence and can be imprisoned for a maximum of thirty five years and/or be placed with the status of banishment, or execution. Part VI - Murder 16 Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another individual without a valid justification, especially the unlawful killing of another human with malice aforethought. Murder is a serious offense of which any individual who commits murder shall be guilty of an offence and can be imprisoned for a maximum of thirty five years and/or be placed with the status of banishment, or execution. Part VII - Manslaughter 17 Manslaughter is defined as the unlawful killing of another individual with no intention to do so. It can be subdivided into Voluntary Manslaughter and Involuntary Manslaughter. 18 Voluntary Manslaughter is defined as an individual killing another individual with intention, but there is evidence of which the killing should not be classified as Murder depending on the situation of which the killing happened. The valid voluntary manslaughter justifications are: (a) Lost of control, where a valid event happened which led the perpetrator to kill the victim. (b) Imperfect self-defense, where the perpetrator used unreasonable force, for the purpose of defending one's own life or the lives of others by killing the another individual/party. Voluntary Manslaughter is an offense of which any individual who commits murder shall be guilty of an offence and can be imprisoned for a maximum of thirty five years and/or be placed with the status of banishment. 19 Involuntary Manslaughter is the killing of a human being without intent of doing so, either expressed or implied. It is distinguished from voluntary manslaughter by the absence of intention. Involuntary Manslaughter is an offense of which any individual who commits murder shall be guilty of an offence and can be imprisoned for a maximum of twenty five years and/or be placed with the status of banishment. Part VIII - Assault 20 Assault is defined as an unlawful threat or attempt to do injury to another. This section applies to both physical assault and mental assault. Physical assault is defined as a person doing physical injury to another, where the victim is wounded. 21 Mental assault is defined as a person doing mental assault to another, it can be in the form of verbal abuse, stalking, verbal discrimination or the restriction of the victim’s freedom. 22 Assault is an offense where the punishment depends on the severity of the case, the perpetrator can be issued a fine, imprisoned for a maximum of thirty years and/or be placed with the status of banishment. Part IX - Scamming, Stealing and Destruction of Public Properties 23 Stealing is defined as the act of taking money, items, work, or anything with value from another involving individuals/parties without the other involving individuals/party’s consent. Stealing is an offence, and the perpetrator can be issued a fine, imprisoned for a maximum of ten years and/or be placed with the status of banishment. As of Year 44 of the Second Age, the fine of Stealing is equivalent to 160% of the total value of items being stolen from the victim. 24 Scamming is defined as the act of taking money, items, work, or anything with value from others involving individuals/parties with the other involving individuals/party’s consent. But the method of obtaining the consent is unfair, or forceful. However, if the trade occurs in a trade base, where prices are clearly listed on the product, and/or the price was clearly delivered to the buyer, Section 24 cannot be used against the seller. Scamming is an offence, and the perpetrator can be issued a fine, imprisoned for a maximum of eight years and/or be placed with the status of banishment. As of Year 44 of the Second Age, the fine of Scamming is equivalent to 100% of the total value of items being scammed out of the victim. 25 Burglary is defined as the illegal entry of an entity not belonging to the perpetrator with intent to commit a crime. This also includes the destruction of private properties not belonging to the perpetrator. Burglary is an offence, and the perpetrator can be issued a fine, imprisoned for a maximum of twenty years and/or be placed with the status of banishment. As of Year 44 of the Second Age, the fine of Burglary is equivalent to 250% of the total value of items being scammed out of the victim. 26 Alternating or destroying public and/or state-owned land is an offence, including the alterations of: (a) Public roads, buildings and lamp posts. (b) Land owned by the Barony of Dùnrath. (c) All signs, banners, and public records. (d) All state-owned transportation services. (f) other government land, properties, and plants. Any individual who commits this section shall be guilty of an offence and can be issued a fine, imprisoned for a maximum of two years, and/or ask for repair whatever part was being altered. Part X - Trespassing 27 All individuals in the Barony of Dùnrath have the right to access all outdoor areas, both public and private, unless the owner of land and/or the Government of the Barony of Dùnrath stated with clear signs otherwise. The right is also known as the right of public access to the wilderness or the right to roam. 28 Trespassing without right and not leaving after a warning by the owner or their co-owner is a minor offence, where the owner of the private property can claim a compensation of up to 500 Deràrchean. If the perpetrator failed to pay the compensation, the perpetrator can be imprisoned for a maximum of one year. Part XI - Use of Magic 29 The use of magic in public is not legal but except any of the following situations, (a) The practition of Druidism, Paladinism, Chi, housemagery and Shamanism. (b) Any magic that does not change the state of an individual or public entity, including harming, wounding and transporting. 30 Magical items can be brought into the Barony of Dùnrath as long as all the following conditions are fulfilled: (a) The item is declared at the gates to the Barony of Dùnrath, and would be recorded by the Barony of Dùnrath. (b) The item is on the list of permitted magical items. All other magical items must be handed in to the guards and it will be kept until the departure of the individual.
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