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Found 5 results

  1. Damned Embers in the Ashes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb7mTSlcCfQ Morsgrad has fallen. Lunsbeck has fallen. Arcas has fallen. We are history relived and that is all, without end that is all. It is useless to contend with the irresistible power of time itself, which goes on continually creating by a process of constant destruction.Time always brings havoc and destruction that culminates in an inexorable Apocalypse, a swift, unforgiving maelstrom that tears the realm asunder and devours everything in its path. There was a slew of utter chaos plummeting and setting ablaze most of the continent and forcing its inhabitants to flee in a great migration. By 1796, much chagrin and trepidation surged within the Morsgradi citizenry, with the enduring fortress city receiving a swelling diaspora of refugees from sympathetic populi from across the continent. The downtrodden masses of soldiers and civilians were provided for, courtesy of the Morsgradi Royal Stores overseen by King Halvar and Queen Ancelie personally, with altruistic intent clearly stated in the benevolent aid given with no insidious strings tied to the offers. The Kingdom's formidable fighters had participated in the Inferi conflicts across the realm, often suffering wounds and maims of its own in feverish fighting at battles such as the Seige of Aegrothond. Despite apparent victories, billowing smoke from across the realm as it was torn asunder by calamities was flagrantly seen, and reports streamed in from survivors of the palpable disasters falling upon the foremost cities of Arcas. Entire regions were being abandoned, its populations pressed into engorged refugee camps, and exacerbated the realities that the time had arrived for the forsaken continent to be abandoned. So, with directions arriving from the King’s Council, The Great Valkyrie, a technological marvel of a union of proprietary dwed steamworks gifted from Urguan intertwined with innovative Norlandic shipwright methods, was selected as the capital ship which would join the Brev merchants journeying for a pristine landmass to call home once more. Once more, it was the forewarning of the Kingdom’s allies and its own intelligence networking that led to much of its fleet already moored off the coastal port of Lunsbeck and loaded to the brim with the essential supplies to colonise a new kingdom within the new world. On a fateful evening, with much of Norland hanging on tenterhooks, its tribulation arrived on the ominous stroke of an hour hand moving with an echoing chime resonating through the city. The watchers on the walls could see its end, coming in an unholy blizzard of darkest ebony devouring everything in its path from the north-easterly directions, with evacuated Vi’Stige being the first of the Norlandic settlements to fall. A runner was dispatched to warn the final remaining residents of Darrowmere to hurry, and with it, a certainty ran through the droves that Arcas itself has signalled its expulsion of Norland. Stentorian shouts bellowed from within Morsgrad as men and women alike combed through the streets, ensuring that no man, women or child would be left behind. Further calamity arrived, as if the land itself was furious of Norland’s resilience, for, bright static lightning cried out in a thousand claps, accompanied by booming thunder as flame itself spilled from the skies into civilization beneath it. Fiery blazes erupted across Morsgrad, and even its hardy and iconic Ashwood tree eventually fell victim to the disaster and havoc that the black blizzard had wrought. In short time..Ship horns blasting through the burning valley certified the departure of the Norlandic Fleet, its capital ship helmed by its Queen, as it steamed out to the wide eastern expanses of the Arcasian seas. The thin coverings of broken ice churned out of the way, as the roaring engines were fed with coal on a disciplined basis. The Norlanders soon arrived with the rest of the Arcasian fleet, carrying the convictions to begin anew, and with it, an epiphany to the masses. Look: the constant marigold Springs again from hidden roots Baffled gardener, you behold New beginnings and new shoots Spring again from hidden roots Pull or stab or cut or burn They will ever yet return Fin.
  2. COUNTY OF LEUMONT -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Scribed by Madame Alli Ambrose and Sir Jolfrey GENERAL KNOWLEDGE The County of Leumont is a part of the Kingdom of Norland. It is a rural area with large housing and lush fields. On the top of the mountain is the official Ambrose residence. Law and Legislation With many Norlandic laws deriving from the Red Faith and the words of the All Father, Leumont has since departed from its own judicial system, and relies solely on the judgement of the High Keeper. However, for problems that lie specifically and solely in the County of Leumont, Lord of the County would be deemed judge for the time-being. The cases would, again, have to be domestic, but also not caraveen into the domain of the Red Faith. Culture The culture of Leumont is very centered around love and passion, whether it be in a relationship or for a way of living. Many citizens of Leumont take interest in food and spirits, specifically wine and light ales. The primary colors that are both in the flag and donned by Leumonians are yellow, green, and occasionally purple. The meanings of these colors reflect upon what Leumont stands for: Yellow The color of sunshine and happiness. One of the few places in the Highland Realm with harvestable soil and the kindness of the sun, Leumont strives to be happy in its ways and lifestyle. Many times a year, Leumonians will hold special dances and feasts to celebrate the season changes and rich historical events that have taken place there. Green Used to represent nature and fertility, this color (as does yellow) also represents the healthy and fortunate weather in Leumont, perfect, for farming. It also goes to show how family-oriented the County of Leumont is. True values of Norland, and Leumont as well, always stem from the idea of having children and carrying on tradition. Leumonians are no strangers when it comes to tradition, and every family tends to have their own when it comes to their own lineage. Purple Purple is the color of nobility in the County of Leumont, and the nobility here is the House of Ambrose. Founded by Alli Ruse Ambrose towards the end of 1729, the Ambroses are known for their intelligence and studiousness. Many of them have pale white hair, deep brown skin or a combination of the two. After the matrimony of Olaf Freysson and Lady Ambrose in 1793, the Ambrose nobility is directly related to the ruric clans by blood. The Noble House of Ambrose The House of Ambrose is dedicated towards the preservation of high society, the upkeep of historical texts, and the endless pursuit of education. The Ambrose family tries to maintain a reputation of wisdom in the Highland Realm. Women of the family are almost always tall, looking average-sized men in the eyes, if not towering over them completely. Women of Ambrose are respected equally with their male counterparts, no matter the situation nor setting. This ideology can be found elsewhere in Leumont -both men and women are tailors and nurses and farmers and such. “Que Vivra Verra” This is not only the expression of nobility, but also of Leumont itself. This is roughly translated to Common as “Those who live shall see” or, more commonly, “Only the future will tell.” This is not only a lifestyle, but a word of caution to not make decisions too fast, and to not judge someone too quickly on their appearance and first actions. Holidays and Important Folk-Lore Every Grand Harvest ((Saturdays)) is a day of rejoicing in the County of Leumont. During the first day of this season, Leumonians collect in small groups to celebrate feasting and family. If Leumonians are without family or are unable to meet with them at this time, the tavern has games and events just for this. The most common dish to serve during this celebration is hash-browns, and greens with a side of sweet berry jam and toast. The Sun’s Dance: This dance takes place from when the sun is bright and celebrates the livelihood that it offers. Picnics and music outside in the weather is fully welcomed and expected. Costumes are optional. Ancestor Remembrance: During this time of year, Leumonians acknowledge and thank those who have passed for their protection. Stories will be told around a large bonfire over bottles of aged wine and cheese. Animals are seen as messages from both the All Father and whatever else controls the world. The following are prominent animals that carry meaning. Parrot - luck and prosperity Bear - safety and truth A pack of wolves/a lone wolf - family and celebration/danger and fear Sheep - “good will shine through” Horse (pure brown coat) - the animal for best travelling and speediness
  3. Hey All! I know that at this point most of you guys probably know me as Vortex man or something of the like. Though the funny thing is that without me promising DAENGIE to do the Norland build for next map, I probably wouldn't have come back. Its been a ton of fun, and after about a month of prebuild we finally get to show off our new capital Varhelm. Before everyone runs off to watch our video i’d like to give some credit where credit is due for this build. A big thanks to @DizPanda for helping out with the clan houses/a bunch of interiors while I was busy making Surge for everyone. Another huge thanks to @Knightie for his awesome boats he made for us. A massive thanks to@Sarah. for doing the whole palace interior, like seriously that thing is SEVEN FLOORS. And last but not least a great big thanks to our entire prebuild team, I know some times we were about to lose our minds, and others I was extremely picky about the build, but thanks for sticking it through, without you guys we wouldn’t have made our deadline. So without further adieu... Also just a little aside this is the first video I’ve properly done for a build I’ve worked on so I'm sure its pretty awful, but hey you get the idea. See you guys in Almaris!
  4. Dren Ofgarsson by: SimaRey Status: Alive Family Middle Brother: Ulfrik Ofgarsson Status: Alive Age: 25 Youngest Brother: Freki Ofgarsson Status: Alive Age: 24 http://imgur.com/gallery/USMdJ Appearance Age: 27 Race: Norlander Weight & Height: 96kg and 2 meters tall Gender: Male Eyes: Black Body Type: A huge Norlander. He stands 2 meters tall. He has incredible strength and is very muscular. He can carry a lot of weight due to his strong back. Head : A constant frown on his face.The sides of his head are shaved and on top he has a long braid with multiple golden rings holding it. The braid goes down to the middle of his back.His hair and beard are a dark brown color while his eyes are black. A small scar cuts his right eyebrow in half. Lifestyle Nation/Home: Jarldom of Mjöl Position: Huscarl Profession: Veteran Enchanter Personality : Despite Drens scary look he would be very polite and civilized. Being the oldest out of 3 brothers he knows how to lead and take responsibility. He will never stand down if he feels there is injustice. Always stands up for others who cannot defend themselves. He is also very intelligent even tho he doesn't seem like it. Combat Armor : Dren wears the armor of house Ofgarsson. Heavy plate covers all his body except his head because he rarely wears a helmet. Under the plate he would wear chain mail giving him extra protection. Weapons : Often uses a round shield and a norse sword although he is skilled with a large variety of weapons. He is also the wielder of Maurfang. Combat style : His fighting style can be rather unpredictable. He will often adjust his style depending on the opponent. If angered he will probably go full berserk mode. Character Sheet by : sullincollivan
  5. At the crack of dawn, a young Qalasheen girl waves her handkerchief from the edge of Al-Wakhrah’s docks. A sad farewell with a feeling of longing - already wanting her father to come back home. The fleet was almost out of sight, vanishing in the thick mist that blanketed the horizon. A group of men and women gathered into the captain’s quarters of the HMS Temp Thersist. The Oberdiktator sits at his desk, looking to those among him. To his left, the Caliph Faiz Kharadeen of Al-Wakhrah. To his right, Marshal Richard Revlis of The Horde of Dunamis. Across from him are some of the men and women of Hallowvale. “Gentlemen…-.” The Oberdiktator nods to everyone in attendance. “I do not call myself a conqueror. I do, however, call myself someone not to **** with!” The Oberdiktator slams his balled fist upon the desk. “My patience has been tried for too long. I restrained myself when these degenerates dared lay hand upon my business affiliates. I warned them to never disrespect the laws of our land again. And what do I get for showing patience? ****. They literally reached out and gave me a handful of their pagan ****. And what do they expect me to do with their ****? Stand there and hold it like some sort of yoctogram? SOME HECTOPASCAL? Nae, I will toss it back into their faces and put them down like the disobedient dogs they are.” “Frederick, listen.” Caliph Faiz Kharadeen speaks softly in a calm voice. “The Red Brothers are enemies of the Reich. They’re enemies to us all. While I do not condone wanton killing, Allah favors us for our cause is just. Here, come outside.” The Caliph leads the way outside as the Oberdiktator and others follow. As the fleet of ships continued on, they come towards a massive battleship with red sails emerging from the mist. Of eastern work, the ship’s grandeur was unparalleled to other naval vessels in Vailor. Though perhaps it was a bit eccentric and flamboyant in style. “What the ****…?” The Oberdiktator gawks at the ship with his voice trailing off. “Here it is, Frederick. I once served your grandfather Voron loyally. And now I give this gift to the Reich.” The Caliph smiles to the Oberdiktator, happy with his shocked reaction. “What do we call it?” He ***** an eyebrow up, looking to the Caliph. “HMS Beltran's mutinium, also known as HMS Make it Reich. It reminds me of a slantie who once served your grandfather. Perhaps one day, you will find a comrade who will display loyalty equivalent to that man.” The Oberdiktator breaks out into a smile as he pats the Caliph on the back. Others from all across the fleet gazed upon the battleship and broke out into their own individual chants representing where they were from. For the first time since the Ducal War, the men and women of what was once only Khalestine were united. Karakatua, Sutica, Al-Wakhrah, Blackwater Bay, and Hallowvale. All other faction chants were drowned out as one chant emerged victorious, unifying the people. “FIDAI FIDAI FIDAI FIDAI - FREE THE CAMELS!” The suns breaks through the mist, lighting the fleet’s way to Norland. ______________________________________________________________________ For the wanton disrespect for the laws of Vandoria and Her vassals including but not limited to attacking men and women of the military and civilians, attempted assassinations on various nobles, property damage while attempting to break and enter closed off places, attempting to incite traitorous behavior within Vandoria and her lands, attacking allies and business partners, banditing on Vandoria’s roads and marching their armies through Vandorian land, the Königreich of Vandoria has decided to purge the “Norlandese” and the Red Brothers. Having been warned several times about their trespasses in Vandoria and disrespect towards the sovereignty of Vandoria, the Oberdiktator is left we no other option but to seek retribution in order to protect his people. With permission from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan to sail around their western coast and move north to strike Norland as well as permission to dock Königreich of Vandoria declares war on Norland. ______________________________________________________________________ WARCLAIM DETAILS TYPE OF BATTLE: Beach Landing (Skirmish) TIME: Sunday the 3rd of January, 10 PM GMT, 5 PM EST, 2 PM PST (Proposed) ATTACKERS: The Königreich of Vandoria DEFENDERS: Norland and the band known as “The Red Brothers” LOCATION: This is Vandoria’s path. Given permission by the Dwarven Clan Grandaxe, Vandoria’s ships will dock at the first rectangle, and then move south. They will then head east to assault Norland. This will be the skirmish location. (Proposed). TERMS OF VICTORY: VICTORY FOR ATTACKERS- If all defending forces are killed or routed. VICTORY FOR DEFENDERS- If all attacking forces are killed or routed. REWARDS: Vandoria victory: Ability to conquest and lay siege to Norland’s port city as seen in the picture. A siege camp outside of Norland’s city will be established. Norland victory: The area will be non-war claimable for a month. RULES: -No status switching. -No golden apples. -No altering of terrain or construction of new fortifications after this WC is posted. -All LOTC rules. I request a skype chat be made by the overseeing GMs including both the Vandorian and Norland / Red Brothers leadership. The Vandorian Leadership shall include Zhulik, Shady_Tales ymbninjakiller, and Sir_Niccum. Locations and times remain negotiable.
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