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Found 1 result

  1. A CALL TO ARMS [!] A dwedmar mercantile vessel, unawares of what lies below. Since the first of Urguan’s Descendants touched the coasts of the realm, the ocean has accosted those who dared try to brave the great expanse in the name of exploration and seafaring. This blatant attack against the noble Dwarven people is one that has gone without punishment for ages past, with their most recent attack being against the great Clan Lord of the Aurokanar, Dorimnur Goldhand. Through his pioneering grudge shall we set our sails to drive the tide back to whence it came. This missive is sent to ALL who will answer the call, as this foe may be the greatest the Descendants have ever faced. Only united, may the Descendant races control the force that has gone unscathed its entire lifetime: The Great Big Blue. Gods have been killed by our hands. Let the Great Plug be pulled next. Section I | Demands To avoid conflict with the bravest warriors known to the descendants, the Ocean must: Return all sunken treasures, bodies, and vessels created by the descendants to the coasts of Almaris within the next stone week. Send an official letter of surrender to Dorimnur Goldhand, along with a piece of The Great Plug itself. If said piece is found out to be fraudulent, all terms are considered null. Provide and promise all future maritime ventures of the descendants a safe passage. Surrender both the Mother and Father Basilisk involved with the original grudge to the Aurokanar within the next Stone Week. Section II | Call to Arms If the terms listed in section I are not met, every able bodied Descendant is to heed the call of Dorimnur Goldhand in preparation for the most daring fight history has ever seen. In preparation, said descendants are expected to: Be able to hold one’s breath for at least 2 hours, the time it takes to walk from the coast to the seafloor. Maneuver as swiftly underwater as on land to ensure no vile creature of the sea could vanquish the great descendant races. Craft a personal vessel strong enough to withstand the crushing arms of a Kraken. Said vessel shall also hold extra room for those unable to build a vessel up to code. In closing The great descendant races have bound together in realms past to defeat threats such as the September Prince or Iblees himself. Now, our biggest challenge yet is becking us forth. Let us take up our fishing spears, strike into the depths, and hoist our buckets filled to the brim with the brine. Will you answer the call? Add your signature to these passing fliers, show your support to the greatest achievement the descendant races shall ever accomplish. Clan Lord of the Aurokanar, Yemekar’s Pick of Grimdugan, Finest smith of the Legion, Royal Smith, “Oceansbane.” Clan Elder of the Azwyrtrumm, Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Master Remembrancer of the Order of Remembrance, Master Golemancer, Scribe of the Ocean’s Defeat Clan Lord of the Azwyrtrumm, Silverbeard of Urguan, Founder of the Empire of Vandurguan, Reclaimer of Urguan’s Crown, Protector of the Coasts Clan Mother of Elder Clan Kornazkarumm, Bekarumm, Draknadreng, the First Starsmith, Bane of the Heretic and Longbeard of the Legion of Urguan. Othelu Orrar, Sohaer of Haelun’or and Liege of the Protectorate of Blazengard, in accordance with the Silver Council of Haelun’or and will of the High Elven people High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of Clan Blackroot, Veteran Hunter of the Hunter’s Guild of Urguan, Mountainguard of the Legion of Urguan, Prelate of Anbella Ban Estrosa, Lord Sovereign of Solios the rising sun, shade walker, Guild master of the Wandering Flames Guild, Former Kingsguard 𝓑𝓪𝓷 𝓔𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓪
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