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Found 5 results

  1. "Elysium is a Kingdom of Families strung together by Unity" Come one, come all! In the next Elven fortnight a Festival is to be held, celebrating the Unity and Bonds of the Elysian houses, clans and families! Showcase what your family stands for at your designated section Faucet new blood into the veins of our wonderful Kingdom. Bring life to pump the heart of Elysium! There shall be events, games, showcases and more at the Odinson Clan Festival! Friends, Family, Allies and more are too invited to bare witness to the festival. Are you in need of a home? A family? Do you yield certain values that you wish to cultivate amongst peers of similar views? This shall be the perfect place for you to find those you may flock to. Leaders of the numerous families that populate the fennic Kingdom of Elysium are hereby invited to contact Fal'leon Odinson with interest on showcasing themselves. More information is to come.
  2. Among the creative and intelligent minds of the Odinson Clan comes forth a tailor shop specialized to your needs. Offering to craft anyone any outfit they so desire, the Odinson's guarantee you satisfaction or you get your money back. A small 100 mina per outfit and you can be as sharply dressed as a nobleman without the hassle of politics! Stop by the Odinson Clan house and place a letter in our mailbox indicating you would like a spot in line for one of our expertly made outfits. Ranging from dresses to cloaks to armour, we've got it all! And, while you're stopping by, consider inquiring about joining the clan and earning yourself a place within the ranks of the Clan of Intellect. Sincerely, The Odinson Clan (OOC: Please message me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 if you're interested in an outfit! my rate is 100 mina for a large outfit, 70 for a more minor outfit, and 150 for a full skin! Continually, whats earned will go into the improvement of Elysium, so do consider it! Prices are subject to change if you can't afford it <3)
  3. [!] A small note written in white ink upon a blue paper is posted on the bulletin board "To those who know me, I shall be unavailable for the next year- Elven week, for my elven friends -due to a task for my dedicancy. Those who need to speak with me shall have to wait until this time is over, as I will be hidden away in an undisclosed forest location until my return. Birds shall not be met with a reply, as I will not be bringing any form of parchment to do so with. I wish you all an excellent year and cannot wait to return to my friends and family. Sincerely, Fal'leon Odinson, Head of the Odinson clan."
  4. Odinson Founders; Eivor Odinson While members of new may be unaware, I was not the first and only founder of the clan dubbed Odinson. In fact, I'm not of the true Odinson lineage whatsoever. As inscribed into our main article, the Odinson clan was proceeded by a dwed by the name of Odin, who had a single born offspring and heir; Eivor Odinson, Eivor and myself met some 25 years ago, and quickly came to conclude that we wished to forge a clan together. We wished to unite those who held the same values as ourselves and allow them a platform and name to cultivate their individual affinities so that the world might prosper as a result. But what I'm writing here most are already aware, so if you will allow me, come and learn about founder who was truly the son of Odin. He was a gruff man with a heart of gold, representing the clans wishes to bring prosperity to the world in which we reside. Upon his arrival in Norland, as this was back during the days in which Elysium was apart of the Northern Kingdom, he took up a job as a bartender in the old White Bear tavern. He made good relations with just about every person he met, and his smile was utterly contagious. He was intelligent, like his father and mother, and tinkered often. Beyond that, he was wise far beyond his young age, often sharing life lessons that seemed to be coming from the mouth of a dwarf hundreds of years older than himself. I always assumed it was through his father that he was so wise, however, all these years later, I'm certain it was simply his own intellect. Like myself, Eivor came from the northern Farlands. He had grown up in a mountainous region filled with snow and ice, raised by a loving mother and father, both dwed. His father was an inventor and studied the stars, a hero among their village for his ability to invent ways to keep them alive. His mother was similarly beloved as the most well versed medic in the area, and the next one over. Both opted to serve their home, and pressed their son to find a way to do so. However, he chose to venture past his home and made his way to Almaris, where he could bring his fathers name and spread it beyond the reaches of his old home. And finally, why this piece is in the passed tense, and it's a simple reason. I, Fal'leon Odinson, am simply the last remaining founder of this clan. My former coleader and friend fell to a pack of wolves just three years after the clan was forged, something that left my clan static for some time. Of course, to keep his memory alive and thriving, I pressed on, and now here we are, an established clan. It is my hope that the newer generations of the clan keep Eivor's name alive inside their hearts, as to not let my fallen friend be subjected to the cruel ways time lets us forget. It is the helmet atop the family crest that we bring out honour to Eivor, we represent him in our name. Live your life with the intentions of betterment, and let his spirit continue on.
  5. A sound that seems to be filling the ears of the residence of Elysium oftenlately rings out once more, the time for another wedding engagement is occurring once more! Brought to a location, who's importance is known only to the two men, Fal'leon Odinson and Kosher Daesmon met up. It began as a simple apology for a scuffle the two had some two elven days prior, simple and innocent. However, soon the wood elf baring a flower crown was on one knee, bestowing to his lover a ring of aurum and opal, crafted expertly. "You sly dog," A cheeky and fond comment made by Kosher as he revealed his own engagement ring for Fal'leon, proving the two seemed to have been on the same wave. A yes came in the form of a loving kiss, and the two were left beaming and teary eyed, rings upon their fingers. Their love blossomed from uncertain times and have sprouted forth not only their relationship, but a daughter and upcoming unification of two clans through the two noblemen. The date reigns undecided, however, it seems Kosher and Fal'leon shall be just a bit more smiley.
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