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Found 5 results

  1. 12th of Carlos Strength, 97 D.R. A depiction of the children of the orphanage. The Hugo’s Cradle Orphanage is pleased to announce the overwhelming support received has allowed for the orphanage to officially open to the public. A grand opening will be held this next Saints Week, open for all to attend within the Sovereign State of Hyspia! GRAN INAUGURACIÓN The grand opening will begin with an announcement from our Orphanages Headmaster, Mona de Hyspia. A tour will be provided to those visiting so they can see the grounds, ending in the recently planted community garden. PICNIC DE HUGO Within the garden, those attending will get to enjoy various dishes made from ingredients entirely grown and made by the children and caretakers of the orphanage. A picnic will take place where all may enjoy! [Friday the 12th, 6pm EST in Hyspia at the Hugo’s Cradle Orphanage] Signed, Her Highness, Renata Alba De Pelear, Infanta de Hyspia Her Highness, Mona de Hyspia, Princess of Dúnfarthing, de Coin, de Orphanage Caretaker, de Honk Senorita, Amelia Miramaris, Dama de Honor
  2. Fox cubs Orphanage I am proud to announce that as of today the orphanage of helios after half a year of construction Is now opening its doors. We are now prepared to take in children from ages 0 to 17 During the orphanage's construction I have already been left with three infants one toddler and one ten year old. They were left at the orphanage over the past couple months. Potential parents are welcome to send me a letter to come visit children. I would like to reiterate that the purpose of this orphanage is to keep these children safe and sound, fed, and educated. In this mission we will now be accepting donations of materials, food and toys for the children. I wish to make their environment and time here as peaceful as possible. We will accept all children big and small so do not hesitate to bring any lost or abandoned children to our doors or send me a letter if you find one. Children are our future and they’re potential is boundless we must protect and guide them. Fox cubs orphanage is a place for them to grow and learn and just BE children. With that said I bid the people of Helious and Aevos a good elven year It is my hope that the fox cub orphanage becomes a safe haven for children all over aevos Signed, Aspin A. Munnel
  3. The Silver Crow’s Orphanarium Issued at Year 115 of the Second Age It is my joy to announce the opening of this home for wayward children. I realized after the war in Balian, children who lost their parents had been set loose upon the world, it is my hope and duty to give them a safe place to lay their heads. And so I have founded this orphanage for them to do just that, meals and basic necessities are provided of course, the courtyard of the home is gated so that no unwelcome visitors may get too close to the home. All children of any age are welcome here. The home is located in The Most Serene State of Lurin and operated solely by Her Excellency, Princess Lumia Anarion. Pets are a welcomed accompaniment so long as it is cleaned up after by its respective owner. For all seeking refuge or to adopt please contact Lumia Anarion signed, Her Excellency, Princess Lumia Anarion, High Steward of Lurin, Hostess of House Anarion
  4. ST. CATHERINE’S HOME FOR THE ORPHANED Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, On this day, the 6th of VZMEY AND HYFF, 416 EHR SIGMUNDA, we are proud to announce the establishment of a place where children will be guaranteed safety, no matter their race, nationality, or status. Regardless of whether their parents be deceased or estranged, any child in need is welcome. Education, meals, and shelter shall be provided at no cost to those who take refuge within the walls of St. Catherine’s. In honor of St. Catherine, Patron Saint of Refugees, Integrity, Innocence, and the Vessian People, we extend our hand to those children suffering due to both past and present events created by tension across Almaris. St. Catherine’s lies within the capital city of Hanseti-Ruska, Karosgrad, within the theater building on Wailer Road. Any and all donations are welcome, and the names of the patrons shall be placed within the information book at the entrance to St. Catherine’s. Discord: https://discord.gg/xsVvVBpkGf SIGNED, Her Royal Highness, Klara Elizaveta, Duchess of Baranya His Excellency, Johann Fredrick Ludovar, High Justiciar of Hanseti-Ruska, Count of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt Her Princely Ladyship. Sibylla Erica Barclay Her Ladyship, Erika Renate Barclay
  5. The Loving Maiden Orphanage Are you a child with no place to call home? Are you a lady of the night with a child that’s making it difficult for you to work? Are you a nobleman with a bastard you fathered with a cousin? If so come over to the Loving Maiden orphanage where all unwanted and unloved children are welcome to play and be free with other terrible mistakes and accidents! Located in Al'Wahkrah, along the path to the right of the stairs in the city square, housed in the old Mages Guild house, we house any and all children, feed them, provide them with a roof over their heads, for now we only take on children and do not accept adoptions for the time being of course. If you wish to be free of your heavy burden of a mistake, or have already been discarded of and wish to stay, simply come by or send a bird to one of the co-owners, Reginald and some unimportant employees. We have an array of caring and loving adults that look after the children and act almost like mothers and fathers to them, we are self sufficient, though donations are welcome. Disclaimer: The Lusty Maiden Orphanage is not responsible for any wrongdoings or laws broken by children currently staying under our roof. OOC: Application, simple enough it's just so we know who you are and maybe why you're interested in staying at the orphanage. IGN: RP Name: Age: Short Bio: Why you're inteterested: Skype (PM if you want): (( P.S, not gonna be a normal orphanage, if you pretty much want to be a normal orphan at a loving orphanage this most likely isn’t for you, but if you like interesting and fun rp feel free to come by, or make a post on this page, anything more and it’ll ruin the surprise. ))
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