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Found 1 result

  1. Arcane Relay A collection of arcane devices formed together to operate as a means of long distance communication in an instantaneous manner. How it works: The very premise comes from the connection from one mage to the other, both able to intertwine their voidal link with the inner workings of the device. It starts with the inscribed focus crystal being placed upon the third pillar; both needing to be identical on either end in order for the connection to establish itself with accuracy. Following such the mage allows mana to flow from him/herself and into the device, in a process identical to that of household enchanting. Doing so triggers the “inherently bound to the void” (1b, Kalamoot, 2015) nature of the crystal, causing the crystal to take upon the image recorded by the opposing pillars (which shall be spoken about shortly) and casting it into the void with specific pattern, only the matching focus crystal upon the other end can then obtain such an image due to matching the spectrum of the sent image. The other two pillars are of special importance; for without them no image could be sent nor heard. Utilizing an adapted form of the holocron/lexicon arcane engineering concept brought about by Kalameet (1a, Kalamoot, 2015) the first pillar takes upon the image and stores it, later to be utilized by the third pillar through enchantment to send an image through the void. The other pillar in question is the holocron utilization, taking the sent image from the third pillar and projecting it for all to see. Due to the mass transfer of different images and messages it isn’t unusual to see a breakage of image during conversation, yet it’ll soon come to re-establish itself as a useful picture. How it's made: Built upon a wooden base bands of aurum spiral up the pillars shaft to the focus crystal placed on top, which is secured by a small notch upon the pylon. Any slight crack within the focus crystal renders it useless and possibly even volatile, upon rare occasions it's been found to shatter a physical form and sear the mages hand within a flurry of arcane explosion. The focus crystal is skillfully inscribed with various sigils to generate a privatised channel within the Arcane Relay’s closed system of communication. Specially crafted processed rubrium dust lines the focusing lenses and metal bands, as well as processed rubruim in chalk form marking each pylon position along the ground, helping enable the enchantments to slow between the pylons with greater ease. OOC Explanation: This piece of arcane engineering is aimed to add some flavour to the incredible dull bird system, offering a long means form of communication that due to its difficulty to set up and move around it stagnant within where you can place it. The only real clause is you need the blueprint and materials to create one, and are required to be a mage in order to operate it successfully. There is little chance of abusing it, or at least nothing greater than that of the current bird system in place. References 1a. Kalamoot, 2015. The Notes Of Kalameet Izalith - The Holicron & Lexicon. Available from https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/122152-lore-the-notes-of-kalameet-izalith-the-holocron-lexicon/. 1b. Kalamoot, 2015. Focus Crystals. Available from https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/121159-lore-focus-crystals/ Illustrations Fig 1.: Example projection of the image. Fig 2.: Example of mechanical representation IG. Freema, had a dream. Pandan, a writer with brilliant referencing skills.
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