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Found 18 results

  1. Issued at Year 169 of our LORD, year 98 of Balian’s age. The heir of Tuvia turns 16, a feast will be held in his honor TO THOSE OF BALIAN AND FRIENDS It is with great pleasure that I, Ezequiel Kervallen, extend to you an invitation to my name-day ball. It will consist of music, games, and a sleepover. It will happen next Saint month by the beach in Tuvia, make sure to bring Swimsuits and towels. Invitations would be sent to: All the Kervallen Family Queen Sybille I of Balian and all Balian citizens Queen Tar-Caraneth of Númenost and all Númenost citizens. infanta Renata Alba and her family and all Hyspia citizens. P.S You may bring gifts if you'd like, I am not stopping you. STRONG AS STONE, SUBTLE AS A SAPLING OOC: The event will be held on Sunday, March 3rd, 7:00 PM EST LORD, Ezequiel Kervallen, Heir to the Viscounty of Tuvia HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Ephrem Kervallen, Viscount of Tuvia, Knight of the Order of Saint Michael & Templar of the Archangel Michael.
  2. THE FIFTH NAMEDAY OF CRESSIDA AF BRASCA Issued by The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 17th year of the Age of Rights and Age of Reckoning. It is with immense joy and pride that we, the Baronial Household af Brasca, extend our most cordial invitation in joining us in celebrating the fifth nameday of our youngest daughter, Cressida Natasya af Brasca. As she has grown, she has begun to embody the finest qualities one would wish to see in a young lady of their household. To honor this special occasion, we have chosen a theme that holds a special place in Cressida's heart - Blossoming Gardens. We welcome all who appreciate the splendor of Veletz's gardens and the wonders of nature to partake in this celebration. The Festivities The festivities will commence within the city of Winburghs castle situated within Veletz. Here, our young lady will be introduced to those in attendance. Following the introductions, a series of activities await, including a communal effort to plant gardens, a session of molding soap into intricate shapes, musical chairs and a simple game of ‘Pin the Petal onto the Rose.’ A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt After the games, an exciting city-wide scavenger hunt will unfold. Participants shall be urged to explore the city in search of hidden chests. The one who uncovers them all first will be crowned the victor! As the scavenger hunt concludes, we invite you to present gifts to the birthday girl. Consider items with pleasant scents, floral themes, or perhaps books on herbs and gardening, in homage to her love for nature and the gardens. [Friday, Nov 10th, 5pm EST/10pm GMT] Signed, The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness of Brasca Her Ladyship, Cressida Natasya af Brasca
  3. On the 7th of The Amber Cold, 144 SA It is the joy of Lurin to announce a special celebration coming up; that of a wonderful girl, Dasyra’s, 11th nameday. Dasyra is a lovely member of Lurin’s community, and as such, it has only been deemed right that all of the child’s friends and family be invited to celebrate such an occasion. Activities of the celebration shall include, per the request of Dasyra: MUSICAL CHAIRS A game of musical chairs will be held within the Anarion Keep. Participants will dance around a set of chairs until the music stops, and whoever is unable to find a seat will be eliminated from the round. The last remaining participant will receive a prize of 50 mina. MAGIC SHOWCASE As Lurin has long been a city filled with magical abilities, mages, bards, and anyone else with magical abilities are invited to showcase their talents within the Anarion Keep. While this is not a competition and no prize will be offered, it is hoped that the abilities of the showcases will provide entertainment to the guests. SCAVENGER HUNT Across the main city of Lurin, chests will be hidden with trinkets inside for guests to find. However, the hardest to find will be Mr. Snugglesworth the Teddy Bear. Whoever finds and brings this teddy bear to Juniper in the square will receive an additional prize of 50 mina. Any other trinkets may be taken home by guests as party favors. Personal invitations are sent to the following, per the request of Dasyra: Juniper Rose & Scrisa Anarion, and the Anarion family The An-Gho, and his esteemed pedigree Raziel Ibarellan (“Mr. Stars”), and his esteemed pedigree Giraudus Reinold Handil Deyn Astaroth Mr. Kitty-Cat The nobility and citizens of Lurin The Valiant Seekers Guild Refreshments for guests will be graciously provided by the Starlight Winery. There is no set dress code, but if one intends to participate in the activities, it is encouraged that they wear clothing that is easy to move in. Furthermore, while gifts for the birthday girl are not mandatory, they are also encouraged. ETERNAL WE STAND SIGNED, Miss Dasyra Larue Her Highness, Juniper Aurelia Rose-Anarion, Princess-Consort of Lurin, Project Manager of the Silver Lubba Workforce
  4. The Ball of Starlight elannyern celiasul'onn ||━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|[✶]|━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|| ||━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|[✶]|━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|| In the midst of darkness, our minds wander a vast plain, and in the depth of our despair one consoling light liberates us from twisted temptation: Hope. ||━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|[✶]|━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|| Haelun’or has long since associated itself with the beauty of the astral plane, notably by adopting Silver as our most esteemed symbol of purity - its imagery akin to that of starlight. It is this symbolism, after which this event is named: ‘elannyern celiasul’onn’. The Masquerade Ball of Starlight. An evening constructed of peace, prosperity and celebration: To congratulate our blessed Mali’thill for their endless attainment through times of tribulation, The prosperity of elCihi'thilln and namely the amelioration of foreign friendships. The celebrations shall adopt the following themes: Starlight, Twilight, Midnight, Nocturnal and Ethereal. Dress associated with these themes are highly advised, but not enforced. It is to be noted all those in attendance from foreign nations must submit the following form in order to enter elCihi'thilln: Name: Race: Title: Allegiance: Magical Practice: It is with great contentment, that the Silver Council of Haelun’or, invite all Citizens of the Silver State to indulge in an evening of tranquillity. The Silver Council would also like to extend additional invitations to the following nations: The Kingdom of Balian @Shmeepicus His Royal Majesty, Alexander I, by the Grace of God, King of Balian, Count of Monteres, Viscount of Eflen and Anatis, Baron of Brucca,Valens, Malenos and Ciavola, Lord of Atrus and Monterosa, Protector of the Heartlanders and the South, etcetera and his most esteemed citizenry The Kingdom of Norland @ichigomaster98 His Royal Majesty, Odin Freysson Ruric, by the Blood of the Herald, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm and Alisgrad, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Chieftain of the Freyssons and his most esteemed citizenry elTali’Bortu State of Bywater @Hearth King Cyris and his most esteemed citizenry elBortu State of Hefrumm @VerminHunter Garedyn The Green, High Prophet of the Brathmordakin, Grand Steward of Urguan, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of Mossborn and his most esteemed citizenry The Barrow Marches @MalchediaelVult Uriel of House Pendraic, Chieftain of the Harren'hil, Lord of the March of the Barrowlands, Protector of the Adunians, Templar of Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm and his most esteemed citizenry Signed, Maheral ito Haelun’or Sohaer ito Haelun’or Okarir’Mali ito Haelun’or ||━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|[✶]|━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━|| OOC Date: Sunday 26th February Time: 3pm EST/ 8pm GMT Location: Haelun’or Amphitheatre
  5. A Night Under the Stars A portrait of Komtesse Carice Lucia von Augusten ahead of her 19th birthday The County of Hohengarten is happy to announce the 19th birthday celebration of the heir, Komtesse Carice Lucia von Augusten. The party is themed ‘A Night Under the Stars’, a theme chosen by the lady herself as a representation of one of her favorite activities: stargazing. The party will be a night full of dancing, feasting, and stargazing all in honor of the heir’s birth. Wear your best gowns and suits in honor of the sky and stars, or an homage to Carice’s favorite color: Forest green. Gifts will be accepted, but not necessary, as the lady sees your attendance as gift enough. Formal Invitations His Royal Majesty, Charles I Alstion, and his noble pedigree @seannie His Highness, Lord Ottomar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Margrave of Vanderfell, Baron of Corwinsburg, and Lord Vandalore and his noble pedigree @Ramon His Grace, Brandt Barclay, Duke of Minitz and his noble pedigree @MadOne The Right Honourable, Lord Louis de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine and his noble pedigree @rep2k The Right Honorable, Lady Guinevere, Margravine of Velen, and her noble pedigree @Marshi The Honuorable, Sigismond Varoche, Count of Varoche and his noble pedigree @Enlightenment The Honuorable, Lord Felix Weiss, the Baron of Zvaervauld, and his noble pedigree @SethWolf The Honourable, Lord Helwig von Bardenwig-Alstreim, and his noble pedigree @Zqppy Personal Invitations Lord Elijah Kervallen of Tuvia and Relatives @alexmagus Princess Veronica de Pelear of Hyspia@Bethinwonderland SIGNED: Komtesse Carice Lucia von Augusten, heir to the County of Hohengarten
  6. To celebrate Princess Lumia Anarion’s 100th birthday, we invite all to attend the festivities to be held. We advise attendees to wear black and white, or bring a change of clothing before the gala begins. If guests arrive in colored clothing, black and white garbs will be available to change into. Though it is suggested, guests are not required to bring gifts for Lady Lumia. The scheduled celebrations will be as follows: The Feast A Special Guest The Black and White Gala Tavern Games and Gift giving Please note that these events will be prone to shifting in order and length. Special Invitations go to: Nobility and Citizens of Lurin Nobility and Citizens of Nor’asath Nobility and Citizens of Celia’nor Members of the Anarion Family All Atronachs (All other special invites will be sent via bird) [OOC: Festival will be taking place on the 28th of January, 12:00 pm EST] Signed, Her Excellency, Princess Scrisa Anarion, Minister of Brew and Entertainment
  7. [!] You find something in your aviary mailbox Ye are invited to Supper! ~The remodeled interior of the Applefoot burrow~ Ye be invited to a humble supper 'n the Applefoot burrow! Head on o'er up the hillside upon this next comin' Pumpkin Day and knock on the burrow door to be served good booze, warm meals, and a sweet dessert! Cheese WILL be on the menu, so bring your own crackers if you have any! Special invitations for: ~All halflings~ ~All gnomes~ ~All honorary halflings (especially Nemea)~ ~Abragan and the other plains folks~ ~That one Ceowulf friend of his~ Be there and ye'll have a wondrous time, I promise! ~Mimosa Applefoot, local halfling of Hayhollow-Bywater ((4 PM EST, tomorrow on Saturday the 3rd of December, 2022))
  8. An Oakheart-Barrow Wedding 7th of The Amber Cold, 98 S.A. Ilya and Zemzy enjoying the delicacies at the feast Long Awaited Union A long time has passed since Zemzy Oakheart and Ilya Barrow, formerly Ludovar, began their courtship; even more since they had met. Having shown little less than the most truthful love to each other during this time, it is now official that the couple shall be finally getting married, despite some unfortunate circumstances having delayed the event by many a year. Invitations Her Ladyship, Marcella Georgina Ludovar Her Ladyship, Adalia Aleksandra Morovar Her Ladyship, Cecilya Angelica Ludovar His Lordship, Jakodi von Draco (& Only Jakodi) Sir Orin Vel'venest Any & all friends / llirs of the bride & groom The wedding ceremony will be taking place in the Serene State of Lurin, to the south. Follow the signs past the camel to Balian & the old fort Myrine-Redclyf to attend. Signed, Mister Ilya Vladimir Barrow Ilya Vladimir Barrow Miss Zemzy Ellenoir Oakheart Zemzy Ellenoir Oakheart OOC: It will take place on October Sunday 16th at 5:30pm est Please dress accordingly~!
  9. ANDO ALUR BEACH FESTIVAL Hosted by The Lady of Ceremony and the Council of Ando Alur. [!] Citzen's of Ando Alur out on the beach. the season of summer has been here for sometime, so why not celebrate it? His Serene Highness and his Council members invite one and all to the first of many celebrations on the beach! enjoy your day with care-free fun! join our many activities we will be hosting on our beach! or just sit back, relax, and get that fabulous golden tan you've always been wanting. find yourself a drink at our bar! Our beach/nautical style bar, will be served by our favorite bartender, Elren! make sure to stop on by the bar and get yourself a tropical tasty drink. A shogging Tournament test your balance and strength out in the waters go up against one of your friends or a long time enemy! balance on the logs as long as possible before falling off. Show off your cooking skills during our grilling contest. now is your time to shine for those who grill. then after the decided winner, food and drinks will be held in celebration! Beach outfit contest. show off your fashion skills during this event, swimsuit, sundress, swim trunks you name it. Volleyball Tournament. Join Ando Alur for our first Volleyball game! rules will be explained at the event. [area of where the beach festival will be held.] Map of Ando Alur. CREDIT FOR MAP: chaosgamer/chaos#7283 Date for the event, sunday the 24th 7pm EST. (please check out discord for any updates!) Special Invitations: Denziens of Ando Alur. The Silver State Of Haelun'or and the Silver Council. (people of different nations are more than welcomed to join!) PENNED, Seat of Ceremony, Event Coordinator 𝐼𝓁𝓎𝒶𝓃𝒶 https://youtu.be/s90ZrJS7BBU
  10. [!] Flyers would be posted all around Almaris, advertising the upcoming festivity of the Vortice Masquerade Ball! We, the Congress of Vortice, cordially invite you to join us in our Dance of the Ocean ball in the capital city Talon’s Port. As the name suggests, it is an ocean themed ball, so we implore you to dress accordingly in an ocean themed scheme. Blues,greens, purples, corals, and so on. You can even come in a bathing suit if you so please! Just keep it appropriate, as children will likely be there. Be sure to bring your masks and get ready to dance, eat, drink, and have your fun with your friends. Hosted in the month of Malin’s Welcome, 33 S.A Everyone* is invited! Special invites listed below: The Duke of Elysium, Eugeo de Astrea, and his company The Matriarch of the Jade State, Xiuying Li, and her company The Grand King of Urguan, Levian’Tol Grandaxe, and his company The High Prince of the Realm of Elvenesse, Evar’tir Oranor, and his company The King of Norland and his company The Rex of Krug and his company The Emperor of Oren and his company The King of Karosgrad and his company DO NOTE THIS IS A ***CIVIL*** EVENT, any hostility will be met with a swift disinvitation. *Everyone does not include the Rustlers or any banished persons who are viable to arrest by the State Army of Vortice. [!] RSVP Invite information has been posted below as well! https://forms.gle/Q6opaUKAkrRotg1a6 Signed, the Monarch of Vortice, Keeper of the Depths, Vivian Maelstorm
  11. [!] You find a note slipped into your mailbox! Burrow Party! ~Lovely ol' Knoxville, a land covered in morning dew and flowers~ Oi ye halfling lads and lasses! It's been a wonderful time makin' Knoxville with you, but it's time we stop being all serious and work-y and get to the proper business of partying! Since me burrow is just about finished, I'll be hosting a small gathering there! There will be food and maybe a bit of booze (we'll see if I can get the brewin' facilities set up for that). Come on over ter Knoxville next Pumpkin Day for quite the celebration! -Filibert Applefoot, halfling of Knoxville. ((3 PM EST, no pressure to attend if that time doesn't work for you!))
  12. Ajax Frostbeard, strangely enough, is posting a song written by his son alone. The song posted upon the tavern door and to the remembrancers, a small note is attached before the song of every copy simply stating "Bojakk of late isn't feeling well... Something about girl troubles.. I figured it'd be nice to publish one of his songs while he sulks... Enjoy -AJax" Fight for your right [Dwarf Version] KICK IT You wake up late for work, jeez, you don't wanna go You ask your dad 'Please?' but he still says "No!" You missed half the vein and 2 hours of work But your foreman leads the line like you're some kinda jerk You Gotta Fight! For your Right! To Party! Clan-dad caught you drinking and he says "No Way!" That hypocrite downs 12 beers a day! Living at home is such a drag Now Grudgebeard threw away your best nudie mag [damn it..] You Gotta fight, for your right to party You gotta fight Don't leave Kal'darakaan if that's what you're gonna wear I'll kick you outta my clan if you ever CUT THAT HAIR Brynaelda busted in shouting 'What's this noise' aaaaah Bryn you're just jealous it's the Frostbeard Boys! You Gotta fight, for your right to party You Gotta fight, for your right to party Paaaaaaarty! Paaaaaaarty! Yeah!
  13. ((As a note, this is an event that overlaps my IRL birthday! I can't actually go anywhere special due to my line of work even if I am vaccinated, so I thought I'd just lump mine and my character's big day together so I can have some sort of party this year. This year is also my tenth anniversary in the community, so I think it's a cool way to celebrate with the whole community! Come have fun with us!)) An invitation is left at the mailbox/taxbox of every registered home and seed hall, with a formal address to the blessed Seeds and Houses of Elvenesse. The House of Hawksong cordially invites you to attend a very special gathering to celebrate the golden years of our House Matriarch, Titania! It is with great pride that we do celebrate her life, but we wish to celebrate the blessed long years of Mali as a whole as well. Therefore, a grand gathering in the Elvenesse throne room will take place in one elven week. There is no requirement of gift-giving, but party contributions from the great families of Elvenesse is greatly encouraged so that we may celebrate in the blessing of the long lives of all elves and the ageless bounty of each house and seed. The Pamphlet contains a mock painting of a real portrait of the Twilit Matriarch, followed by a short biography for those unfamiliar As an Aegisian War veteran, Titania has had a long history of allegiance with the elven people from the old city of Laurelin to the Great Halls of Amaethea today. She has been a mother, a Malinorian High Princess, Teutonic General, Dominion Princess and faithful servant of the Crown since her departure from leadership. Many of our cities have been crafted in whole or in part by her hand, and currently she resides in Elvenesse living out her sunset years as the Head of House Hawksong and the Rochirran. What to expect at the event! Community Games Food Artifact Raffle (no cost to play) Drink Music Dancing Additional, personal invitations are as follows To the Esteemed House of DeNurem The descendants of the Legendary Hochmeister Mirtok are invited to reminisce and reforge bonds once shared so closely during the age of Anthos and the Fringe. To the Snow Druid The Mother of her Beloved is invited to celebrate, and any additional party of which you desire to bring. To the kin of Artimec, the Blessed Seed of Caerme'onn The blood of one of her closest friends are especially welcome, for the bond between Hawksong and Caerme'onn is old and unwavering To the Oracle, Awaiti Sirame The once fellow ruler of the elven people, and teacher of the brother of the Matriarch is invited to celebrate their roles in history To the Proud Hawk-kin of Seed Tahorran The masters of the river and sea, whom have embraced a ironwood-strong friendship with the House of Hawksong are invited to liven the event with their spirit ((Time 7 EST Saturday the 27th of February))
  14. [!] Flyers are posted about the realm, whether that be within the Cloud Temple, one of the various nations, or trees along the sides of roads. That’s right it is the official grand opening of the Talon’s Port tavern! After so long without any notice, we are now opening with flair! For this grand event, all drinks will be half off! Along with this, we will have a dance-off with a bard on standby ready to play any tunes for your liking! So please come on Jan. 6th, 4EST to Talon’s Port to experience this lovely occasion! [!] Below is a small painting of a group in the tavern. (Use the west hub and head towards Krugmar, there should be a road leading into a mountain to the right!)
  15. The Blossom Of A New Star A painting of a dream from an unknown Mali'aheral. You have been all humbly invited to the birthday party of Alyssa Rozia Seregon. On the Amber Cold of the year of 1751, the daughter of Dele Seregon was born, and on this same day and same year she will finally turn 50 years old and be able to call herself an adult by Mali'aheral standards. The Event Rundown The theme of this lavish event shall be the night sky, such as the stars and moon, colors such as navy blue, black, white, and silver are expected for such an elegent theme. Gifts are expected as well but are not needed or required but will be kind and nice to give out. Below will be listed all of the activities during this important day. The Start 5:00 PM EST When the event starts, they will be a speech given by Alyssa Rozia Seregon. Welcoming all of the gracious and kind guest using their time to come to such a special day. Social Buzzing At this activity, the first activity will be all about socializing. All guests shall be able to socialize and take their time to get in the celebration mood of this splendid night. Dancing Among the Stars 5:30 PM EST After many hours and minutes of socializing one of the main-stream activities shall start. Guests all alike shall be able to start dancing among each other. The Most Brightest Star 6:00 PM EST The hostess shall announce once the time comes, for a costume or outfit contest! Each contestant will be called over to be judged, the winner shall be awarded with the honor of getting the first piece of cake! Let Them Eat Cake 6:30 PM EST Once the contest is over, the cake will be cut and sliced and given out to each guess! As well, if you had brought a gift, this will be the perfect time to properly give them out to Alyssa for her to open. The End 7:00 PM EST Alas, all things must come to an end, and now Alyssa is no more a girl but a woman. A speech given by the hostess, at the end of this speech the party shall be over. Sincerely From Alyssa Seregon Dele Seregon
  16. A neatly written note, hangs on notice boards of nearly every major city "Hail, of the recent I have been brewing good old Dwed ale and, I must say it is by far my best yet. We currently have a lot of the stuff ready to be shipped to anyone looking for a real satisfying drink. The prices are listed down below:" ~Prices~ ~For a bottle of ale, 5 minas~ ((1 bottle)) ~For a keg of ale, 75 minas~ ((10 bottles)) ~For a crate of ale, 125 minas~ ((One chest full)) ~For a batch of ale, 250 minas~ ((A double chest full)) Signed - "Vidar Frostbeard" ((MC name is YankeeHD))
  17. Across Vailor, neatly drafted posters can be spotted near every tavern, inn, and brothel, written colourfully and with great care, each bearing a picture of a man enjoying his pipe and drink... The Northern Orenian Gentleman Club "Hail to you, friend! Have you ever felt that you have not sported a fair enough band to partake in the cities fair pastimes with? Has there perhaps been a day where you could simply not find a place of true respite? Maybe, even worse, could not find a drink hard enough or plentiful enough to see your sorrows seep away? Look no further, friend! The Northern Orenian Gentleman Club is seeking out more men to to partake in revelry and celebration, and celebrate the great bounty and fortune our lives have given us! With supplies from the fabulous Dalavician Merchant Company, good times are assured with the promise of unforgettable memories! Should you choose to join, find us currently in Felsen and Port Vydrik, or wait and see if your town receive our patronage! We shall be hosted semi-frequent parties and balls for those interested! Send applications to the Bracchus home in Port Vydrik or to the Amyas camp outside of Felsen for review, and welcome to the club in advance! -Publius Bracchus" Underneath the letter on these posters is some information on the club, and the necessities of the application. Little structure is given to the club currently, seeing itself largely organized by Publius Bracchus. Those who find themselves in the club will be invited to pub events. Any NGOC associates and members who overstep the boundaries of the law during their revelry are NOT assured any legal protection. We care not about race, only your willingness to enjoy the drink! Anyone who joins is not obligated to do a thing, and will simply be invited out, unless told otherwise. Lastly, only those who are TRUE gentlemen will be taken on as members, other applicants may become associates, receiving far fewer benefits and luxuries. Associates may prove themselves though, and become members. Should you find yourself interested, please send us the following information: Name?: Age?: Reason for joining?: Do you have a residence, and are willing to use it for any future events?: Our Roster:
  18. the star dance start at the 100 day of the year the Uruks start party at 6:00 pm and stop at 3:00 am. food is everywhere on stone tables and drink too. at 12:00 am they stop to look at the sky and the elders sing this chant "unka nuka ra ra ra!" that is a chant that means "the sun is gone now the moon shell live on!" then they party till the sun dance stops. the music is like this "ba ra mamama! kanura!"
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