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Found 1 result

  1. Minecraft Name: MisterGoosey Skype ID: Several ET, including the yung aerial, already have it. Time-zone: EST, though it's worth noting that I tend to be on later into the night. Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: Not on LOTC, I've built for a handful of minor roleplay servers of varying themes though I have nothing to show for that and it's not like I'm applying for builder anyways. Where do you grab inspiration from: I draw pretty heavy inspiration from the games, TV, and films I consume. Specifically both western and Japanese cartoons & animation respectively (the not-so-trashy sides of the both of them). What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: I have one active character, my necromancer, and I'm completely unwilling to sacrifice him if only for the fact that he's my only character. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: I think it's fairly conceited when folks applying for this say 'Oh my events can cater to everyone' or 'I can adjust my events to be liked by all'. I think I have a fairly clear bias towards humans (specifically Haria and Haense), high and dark elves, and magic roleplayers in general. I've been roleplaying magic for four of my five or six years on the server so it's bound to influence my events at some point or another. What do you believe are the key factors for a successful event: I think one, if not THE key to a quality event is understanding who it's for, I've heard actors in the past complain about certain groups not responding satisfyingly, or at least not the way they'd hope to their events. And I usually can't help but ask "What did you expect?". I believe you've got to be viscerally aware of your 'target audience', so to speak, and to misunderstand what that group wants out of an event can be extremely detrimental to everyone's experience. What strengths would you bring to the team: OOC understanding of nigh all of the magics actively roleplayed on the server and a reasonable grasp on most other lore and creatures. Being perceptive enough to mostly figure out what a certain kind of player values in an event and what they want to get out of it. I'm also pretty good buddies with somewhere near half the current ET actors, and while not an inherent strength I'd like to think this would make it far easier to collaborate on events to do some pretty cool ****. Why do you want to be part of the team: I've been interested in getting involved in minor staff and becoming a cog in the machine for a while, I applied for AT and MAT at one point but my interests have changed rather drastically since then. I don't spend nearly as much time on the forum as either application team would require, and I've been somewhat bored with my roleplay for a number of weeks now, and feel like event actordom could really alleviate that. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: "An Esteemed Hunter's Lodge" In my mind should be done with less than five players, even one or two if someone's feeling brave. How a player could go about starting this event could vary depending on what I'd like to do, could have IC rumours circulated via the forums, or a throwaway hunter character to direct a group of players towards the event site in-game, where they could track down the so called esteemed hunter's home from there. The rumoured hunter himself, if the players do indeed complete the small tracking feat of finding his lodge, potentially having dealt with a hostile animal (wolf, bear, all depends on the number of players) or something similar along the way, would be met by orc long bowman of massive stature, draped from head to toe in furs of all kinds, living inside of a shambling mixture of tent and more traditional log cabin, clearly built by the inhabitants hand. The hunter fancies himself a hermit and doesn't take particularly kindly to his home being trespassed on and would be thoroughly skeptical of whatever descendants approached his home. From that point it would be mostly up to player choice, they may attempt to trade with the hunter, attack him and tear apart his home for his rare furs and ranged equipment, or simply chat with the skeptical orc and leave him to his devices. This event could likely take place a ways outside any major descendant city, so long as the surroundings make logical sense for a hunter to have inhabited. "A Decrepit Merchant and a Key of Bone" This event pitch doesn't really have any player cap in mind, and could just as easily be done with 3-5 players as it could with 10+ in my mind as long as the difficulty is ramped up accordingly. The gist is that an old human merchant with a weathered, hunched over frame would travel to a capital city of relevance, doesn't particularly matter which, and attempt to strike up a deal with whatever folk seem most likely to comply to his request. The man would outline that he is on the last legs of his life, and he wishes to journey to the crypt of his now long dead father to retrieve a number of heirlooms which he would like to pass on to his son. The only reason he couldn't do this himself, however, is because the crypt is quite liberally overrun with all sorts of ghouls that he wouldn't be able to fight on his own. This could shine through as either a number of small roleplay combat encounters, or simple PvE if a lot of players turn up for the sake of saving time. Though the objective would be to escort the old man to the deepest point of the crypt, as he would be carrying the keys to the stash with the heirlooms inside. The rest is mostly open ended, and players could have the old man lead them to the crypt and then kill him and take the key and all his (admittedly what would be mostly worthless aside from sentiment) family heirlooms for themselves, if they so desire, or be rewarded by the man afterwards for their aid. "A Ship Run Aground" For my last pitch, an event more so designed for a larger group of players. This event would entail a large, irreparably wrecked boat appearing to have been lost to the sea and have floated back onto the shores of any one of the major continents. The ship itself would be inhabited by a number of haunts and otherwise ghostly specter folk, evidently the deceased crew. They'd be nigh impossible to reason with as they would attack the trespassers, leading to combat, and after dealing with the substantial combat trial and slaying the ghost of the captain of the ship (implying the players brought equipment apt to do so) they may loot from the remains of the ship as they please. Though whether or not they find anything of interest depends on the thoroughness of their search. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: Bare minimum a handful of months, 3-4 though very likely more. Tell me a joke: Knock knock.