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  1. - PENNED BY Madame Thorn - FROM THE AAUNIC PRINTING PRESS - Published the 15th of Sun’s Smile, Y. 1953 OPENING STATEMENTS FROM THE WRITER Dearest readers, Before we begin, you may be wondering who I am and what right I have to speak on any topic as if I’m a saint from the heavens. Allow me to formally introduce myself, I am Madame Thorn. My identity is not of importance, and shall never be revealed to the likes of you all though nonetheless. I still love you dearly my darling readers and hope you will enjoy my columns just as much as I enjoy the coin I earn from your purchases of my paper. THE UNSPOKEN OPINIONS, WHAT MUST BE SAID ⇀ FROM KNIGHTS TO DAMSELS ⇀ MERRYWEATHER’S VEXATIOUS PRINCESS… ⇀ HIDE YOUR WIVES! ⇀ FROM KNIGHTS TO DAMSELS The Kingdom of Aaun has been filled with a rather deadly electrifying buzz, one which delivered a deadly shock to the members of our own royal council. Indeed, King Edmund II, Prince Heinrich of Merryweather, Marshall Walter, and last and certainly least, the Count of Haverlock, whom no one truly knew, were all murdered within the royal palace by the treacherous soldiers of Stassion. Whilst we mourn the losses of our young King and his loyal councilors, other nations have taken the chance and opportunity to bash us for our what they call our Incapable Boy King. What a shame they didn’t even consider the necessitous boy a man. He was crippled, granted, that was his fault for trusting those savages hailing from Stassion. ⇀ MERRYWEATHERS VEXATIOUS PRINCESS Our new King, the noblest and benevolent King John, uncle to the martyred Edmund II, has ascended the throne in light of this catastrophe and has rightfully called the treacherous Margrave of Stassion to trial to answer for his, as best put by the Aaunic crown, “failed and disgraceful” father’s attempted coup. The trial was an utter mess, to say the least, for the unruly Princess-Dowager of Merryweather was so distraught by her husband’s death, that she attempted to take the life of the dishonored Margrave of Stassion. And to be frank, it was a sorry and failed attempt. If you intend on trying to assassinate someone, I would suggest you at least take lessons on how to properly aim… or at least make it less obvious. Truly, it was as dramatic as it was idiotic of Lady Aleksandra to have directed her crossbow at the disgraced Lord Margrave, for all those present at the trial to see nonetheless. Verily, to the surprise of none, Lady Aleksandra did find herself summarily tackled to the ground and escorted forthwith from the palace alongside that beast she calls a daughter. And thus the Princess-Dowager of Merryweather was ousted from Whitespire in disgrace, a humiliating repeat of when she was first banished from our royal realm, ironically at the behest of the same Lord Stassion she sought to murder. Though, one is left to wonder what brought Lady Aleksandra back to our fair kingdom to begin with. Indeed, it has been a number of years since she was last in Aaun. Perhaps it is that the dishonorable, so-called “Prince of Nothing” consumes the every thought of our vexatious Princess of Merryweather; indeed, we dare call her obsessed with the ongoings of Lord Stassion and his lands. ⇀ HIDE YOUR WIVES! It is true, Aaun teeters on the precipice of instability, and that is being generous to say the least. That said, do not mistakenly believe that the rest of the human realms fare any better. It is rather amusing that, for some reason, the lords and ladies of Balian, Petra, and Haense had thought their presence was required at the trial. Shaking their heads and constantly whispering about our noble King’s decision to their peers. I should fear that the crown heads of Aevos should instead seek to settle their internal affairs before jeering at the Aaunish crown. Frankly, I believe that all of these foreign nobles should have been escorted out or rather, not let in at all, especially not those hailing from Balian. Their entire castle is in disarray, though that is hardly the least of their concerns given the enormous amount of infidelity that occurs within their walls. And perhaps most shocking, if rumor is to be believed, the Lords of Balian have been beating their wives so badly, that they now flee to Haense in respite. However, I suppose they will be no safer in Haense given their… reputation. Needless to say, I would suggest the Kingdom of Balian get their affairs in order before daring to speak upon the Kingdom of Aaun any time soon. I could say the same for Petra, given that they allow a child to sit upon their throne. It is indeed a wonder how the Petra still stands, especially with such a witless child at its helm, for it is perhaps the most disposable and forgettable of the human kingdoms settled within Heartlands. One must surely wonder whether it is the futility of their lands or the unpleasantness of their people that steers away the would-be conquerors of that oversized County they call a Kingdom. And the King of Haense’s temper is undeniably and utterly embarrassing. A proper King must have patience. must persevere and must never let such little insignificant matters cause them to lose their focus and temper. Though, I do suppose one would be hard-pressed to call Aleksandr II a proper King given he is but a weak imitation of his predecessors, riding off the coattails of their golden age. I suppose these nations could have learned something from that insufferable little boy king who once sat upon Aaun’s throne. Though perhaps that is out of my jurisdiction to speak upon. THE UNSPOKEN OPINIONS, WHAT MUST BE SAID CLOSING STATEMENTS So, here's a nod to our gossip aficionados, the silent readers and the vocal critics alike. As we close this chapter, let the echoes of scandal and the rustle of gossip linger in the air, reminding us that even in the every day, there exists a tapestry of stories waiting to be unveiled. Until the next edition, may your secrets be well-kept, your revelations be dramatic, and the pages of our gossip chronicles be a playground for the extraordinary tales that make life all the more intriguing. Until we meet again, dear readers. ,
  2. PEACE AND BLESSINGS VICESIMUS TERTIUS AUREA BULLA JORENUS Twenty-Third Golden Bull of Jorenus 3rd of Horen’s Calling, 1952 F.A | 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, 156 S.A.| 3rd of Wzuvar and Byvca, 505 E.S. HIS HOLINESS SIXTUS VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD does decree… TABLE OF CONTENTS ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ SECTION I - Opening Prayer SECTION II - College Appointments SECTION III - Curia Appointments SECTION IV - Diocesan Appointments SECTION V - Marriage Dissolution SECTION VI - On the Ferrymen SECTION VII - Venerations SECTION VIII - Beatification ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ SECTION I - OPENING PRAYER Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, whose word lasts into the eve of the world, we ask that You illume us, forgive the trespasses of those who have sinned against Your Virtue, and bless those who have been true and devoted to Your mission. The Canonist flock are assailed by trials and tribulations on many sides, Heavenly Father. We pray for the flock of Haense, whose warmth of spirit is being frozen by a never-ending winter and ask that You bless them with the thaw of spring. We pray for the flock of the midlands, of Numendil, Petra and Veletz, for they are troubled by the likes of Vampires, Azdrazi and wicked Magi, and ask that You cast down these threats to the faithful. We pray for the flock of Aaun, whose King lies hurt and bedridden after an evil man tried to bereave him of life, and ask that you bless their ruler with good health. And we pray for the flock of Balian, whose royal family was broken after the sacrament of marriage was severed, and ask that you console them. Above all however, Heavenly Father, we pray that these hardships bring us together as family, and that Your faithful are strengthened by enduring them. Amen. SECTION II - COLLEGE APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we make these affirmations, alterations, and additions to the College of Cardinals. We decree the College to be thus: TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Antonius Cardinal Artorus TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Josef Cardinal Jorenus TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Matthias Cardinal Lotharia TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Brandt Cardinal Albarosa TRR, His Eminence, Fr. Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald TRR, His Eminence, Fr. Odo Cardinal Gelimar SECTION III - CURIA APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we make these affirmations, alterations, and additions to the Curia. We decree the Curia to be thus: Vice Chancellor, His Eminence, Matthias Cardinal Lotharia Auditor of the Tribunal, His Eminence, Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald Secretariat to His Holiness, His Eminence, Josef Cardinal Jorenus Prelate of the Priesthood, His Eminence, Antonius Cardinal Artorus Pontifical Chamberlain, His Eminence, Brandt Cardinal Albarosa Commandant of the Pontifical Guard, His Eminence, Odo Cardinal Gelimar SECTION IV - DIOCESAN APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we appoint the following members of the priesthood to shepherd and be pastor of the Church’s Archdioceses and Dioceses: ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA To be shepherded by Archbishop Brandt Cardinal Albarosa DIOCESE OF BURON To be shepherded by Bishop Frantzisko DIOCESE OF GELIMAR To be shepherded by Bishop Odo Cardinal Gelimar DIOCESE OF ST. EMMA To be shepherded by Bishop Alexios DIOCESE OF ANDRIKEV To be shepherded by Bishop Amleth DIOCESE OF TYRIA To be shepherded by Bishop Mattia SECTION V - MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION Matrimony is a most Holy sacrament, granted by GOD through his clergymen that serve the flock. However while the union created between a man and a woman through the sacrament of Matrimony is meant to be an eternal one, sometimes the situation causes the Church to have to intervene, for one reason or another, through an official dissolution of the pair’s union. Today, We perform such once more, as It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We officially dissolve the union of Adrian of Balian and Andromeda Ester, on the grounds of abandonment and denouncement through Andromeda’s departure from Balian and her disloyalty to and forsaking of Adrian after many years of an unhappy marriage, and the struggle of the latter to make said marriage work. We wish that GOD grant mercy to this separated couple in the next chapters, and We request that they seek Our approval before once again receiving the sacrament of matrimony. SECTION VI - ON THE FERRYMEN Recently we called for the warriors and knights of Canondom to assemble and ride with us to Veletz and Haense. The reason was that the Ferrymen had sought to make their return by kidnapping a pregnant woman, the Princess Sibyl, heir to the Kingdom of Balian. We hereby condemn the actions of the Ferrymen and declare them EXCOMMUNICATED and ANATHEMA. No service or sacrament is to be given to any of their members by any member of the clergy. They reside outside the law of both the Church and secular realms, with their rights forfeited. If any of their members consider themselves Canonists, they may individually seek me out for their penance. We wish to make something very clear; that actions like these are a slight against the Canonist family and they cannot stand. One cannot be a Ferryman or aid a Ferryman and consider themselves a Canonist. Ferrymen cannot live a Canonist life because their lifestyle blasphemes GOD. The age of terrorist behavior like what was displayed by these bandits is done. The Ferrymen as a group laid dead in the dust for a while now and we prefer they remain dead. Their actions have proven that the Canonist League was right in claiming that the Ferrymen reside in Veletz, for they have shown themselves to use the Mareno keep as a base of operations. We say thus to Captain-General Gaspard of the League of Veletz; evict these men and declare them banished, else you aid these terrorists and shall be considered one of them rather than a good Canonist and be likewise declared excommunicated and anathema. We have also seen that a band of Orcs came to the aid of the Ferrymen - for which we admonish the Rex. Let there be no confusion; the Ferrymen are not some sort of lovable rogues who fight a just cause against the remnants of an oppressive Orenian Empire. They are bandits, criminals, killers: terrorists, who make up excuses for supposed heroism while taking a pregnant and innocent woman from her home and threatening to kill her. Let there be no confusion also of the nature of the intervention that happened to try to negotiate the princess’ release; it was not an invasion of Veletz or Ferrymen territory by Haense. The King of Haense, the Admiral of Balian and the Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Jude were there under our banner. We take full responsibility. This was a Canonist mission of liberation inside of Canonist lands. So we say to the Ferrymen; do not try to spin this as some sort of unjust act of war where you are the victims. We thank our good and devout Canonist faithful for heeding the call and coming together as one big family in an attempt to free our sister in GOD from these wicked men. As of right now it is unclear what has happened to her, some say she lives and some say she was killed. Regardless, we shall pray for her soul and her wellbeing and that of her unborn child. Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of God. SECTION VII - VENERATIONS It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following venerations: VENERABLE HENRY ALSTION Prince Henry Alstion was deemed Venerable as per decision of a Curia meeting held under our predecessor Sixtus V for his lifelong commitment to the Church - first as a layman, later as a deacon - and the role he played in ensuring peace among Canondom by ending the long-term war between the Duchy of Adria and the Canonist League. VENERABLE FATHER ARMAND Cardinal-Archbishop Armand of Lotharia is made venerable for his efforts in spearheading the crusade on the Azdrazi heralds of Azdromoth, the role he has played in combating the forces of evil in general, serving the Church faithfully as Auditor for decades and his invaluable contributions to the Magic Commission. VENERABLE KING CHARLES I OF AAUN King Charles of Aaun is made venerable in recognition for his unwavering loyalty to the Church and defense of our most holy institution throughout his lengthy life and reign. His legacy of devotion to the Church among the population of Aaun can be felt to this day and the importance of him standing up for the Canonist Church when an alliance led by Sedan threatened to schism over the issue of investiture cannot be denied. SECTION VIII - BEATIFICATION It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following beatification: BLESSED SISTER CALLIOPE Sister Calliope Renata of Merryweather was a nun hailing from the House of Alstreim who joined the Church’s sisterhood in the Principality of Savoy. Aside from her service to the Church and her Faithful, she is beatified for the miracle she is believed to have performed at the Duchy of Reinmar in Haense in 1943. The Duchy was attacked by a band of undead led by a necromancer, who set the lands of the Duke ablaze and slaughtered his animals. After the attack, the Duke went to a chapel and prayed to Sister Calliope for intercession, upon which he saw a vision of the nun. After leaving the chapel, it was apparent that - miraculously - the damage the undead’s fire and blades had done to the Duchy had been reversed as if nothing had happened. THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH OF THE CANON Under GOD maintained by His Holiness Sixtus VI THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS ANTONIUS CARDINAL ARTORUS Archdiocese of Artorus JOSEF CARDINAL JORENUS Patriarchate of Jorenus MATTHIAS CARDINAL LOTHARIA Archdiocese of Lotharia BRANDT CARDINAL ALBAROSA Archdiocese of Albarosa STANISLAW CARDINAL WESTERWALD Diocese of Westerwald ODO CARDINAL GELIMAR Diocese of Gelimar THE CURIA MATTHIAS CARDINAL LOTHARIA Vice-Chancellor of the Church of the Canon STANISLAW CARDINAL WESTERWALD Auditor of the Tribunal of the Church of the Canon JOSEF CARDINAL JORENUS Pontifical Secretary of the Church of the Canon ANTONIUS CARDINAL ARTORUS Prelate of the Priesthood of the Church of the Canon BRANDT CARDINAL ALBAROSA Pontifical Chamberlain of the Church of the Canon ODO CARDINAL GELIMAR Commandant of the Pontifical Guard CANONIST DIOCESES PATRIARCHATE OF JORENUS, THE HOLY SEE Encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Patriarch Josef Cardinal Jorenus DIOCESE OF ANDRIKEV, encompassing all the lands east of the river Lahy, to be shepherded by Amleth Bishop Andrikev. DIOCESE OF WESTERWALD, encompassing all the lands west of the river Lahy, to be shepherded by Stanislaw Bishop Westerwald ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA Encompassing the eastern region of Aevos, including the lands of the United Kingdom of Aaun, the Commonwealth of Petra, and the surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Brandt Cardinal Albarosa DIOCESE OF BURON, encompassing all the lands east of the mountains, to be shepherded by Francis Bishop Buron DIOCESE OF CITREA, encompassing all the lands west of Saint Daniel’s Crossing, to be shepherded by Callahan Bishop Citrea DIOCESE OF GELIMAR, encompassing all the lands west of the mountains, to be shepherded by Odo Bishop Gelimar ARCHDIOCESE OF ARTORUS Encompassing the central region of Aevos, including the lands of the Kingdom of Númendil, the Veletz League, and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Antonius Cardinal Artorus DIOCESE OF AQUILA, encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Númendil, to be shepherded by Pious Bishop Aquila DIOCESE OF ST. EMMA, encompassing the entirety of the League of Veletz, to be shepherded by Alexios Bishop St. Emma ARCHDIOCESE OF LOTHARIA Encompassing the south-western region of Aevos, including the lands of the Kingdom of Balian and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Matthias Cardinal Lotharia DIOCESE OF TYRIA, encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Balian, to be shepherded by Mattia Bishop Tyria. ☩ EST CYCLUS, NON MUTATIO ☩ IT IS A CYCLE, NOT CHANGE
  3. <An internal message announced within the City State of Hohkmat> I Yera Silveira hereby make known my intention to stake claim and create a fourth magister seat within the City State of Hohkmat, as indicated to the Grand Magister and Vizier of Wind, under judgement of the current residing Magisters. For those that do not yet know me, I have served upon the Council of the continents Elven motherland, founded and serve as chairman of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty that continues to bring in new merchants to its thirty plus stalls and vendors, redesigned the Districts of Eternal Struggle and Great Paradox, and created the Hidden Tower. My Promise With my assets thus far, I have provided housing and support to the mages that have aligned themselves with myself and the Hidden Tower. Going forwards, I shall create a system for beginning and intermediate magi to grow their own powerbase and knowledge in tandem (enhanced) with their studies at the Academy. Resources and items at a standardised and fair price that won't be affected by the machinations of foreign kingdoms (as indicated by a dataspread that now includes hundreds of entries from all over the continent). New housing available to members of the public willing to abide by non-violence with those of this magisterial position, and guidance. My current contracts maintain withstanding and are not affected by this pledge. Final Word I am young, and have conjured everything I have over a matter of years, as opposed to centuries, and shall continue to move forwards as quickly as I can. The Magi of Hohkmat should become powerful. Not just in strength, but in soul, ambition, wisdom, intelligence, charisma and love. It is a form of greed, but with lines set, honour kept, and untempted will, it is a greed we need. Not to become unruly, to scrabble for every mina, every artifact and every opportunity- but to become powerful and strive for a greater future without losing ones self and ones morals. To want the best of both worlds, the perfect outcome. Thus embodies... Seat of the Great Paradox Seat of the Eternal Struggle Seat of the Sorcerous Path ... The Seat of Boundless Greed
  4. WAGH BE UPON YE Degenerates of Evil Hohkmat, Lurin, Petra. The three degenerate nations that allow Voidal Magic to corrupt their minds so greatly, that they have become degenerates. They hold bathhouse parties where naked elves roam and encourage acts that should not be spoken of. This Ends, Today. If one wishes to bathe, do so within your own home. If one wishes to do acts unspoken of, do so within reach of the SkyGods, not us common folk. If one wishes to challenge this claim and order, you may duel me. DEATH TO THE DEGENERATES! If anyone wishes to aid me, send me a letter. SIGNED, Grimruk’Lur, Chieftain and Axe of Clan Lur. A Goth of Ogh-Dhoraz, A Goth of San’Yarrow agh Casa De Lur, Flatter ob Degeneracy, Steel-Wolf of Clan Lur.
  5. The Murder of a mage On what seemed like a rather ordinary night, the elven woman went about her errands in the enchanting realms of Aevos. She was an esteemed guest of the Hohkmati Enclave, a formidable mage, and her fatigue was clearly evident. An air of mystery enveloped her, as if some enigmatic burden weighed on her, beyond mortal understanding. Yet, her determination remained unwavering. Physical tasks appeared to drain her, often compelling her to harness her magical prowess to ease the strain on her body. Her magical abilities granted her respite from the demanding chores. On this particular occasion, she had returned to her homeland, the lands of Haelun’or, to engage in a discussion with the new Maheral, who had taken over following the resignation of the Miravaris. However, the streets of Haelun’or remained eerily vacant, the city's white marble façade contrasting with its lack of inhabitants. The high elves were deeply immersed in their studies and work. The elven woman sought out a skilled seamstress, an old friend, to ask for a favor. She was aware of a grand jubilee hosted by the Petran Queen, Renilde I, an acquaintance she had grown quite fond of, despite being human. The seamstress crafted a magnificent gown for her — a pitch-black dress that seemed to absorb all the light around it. Golden embellishments adorned its seams, and a matching golden belt cinched her waist. The dress was modest, covering her from neck to toe, leaving no trace of exposed skin; even her hands were concealed. The time came for her journey to the Commonwealth, initially by horseback. Yet, the physical demands proved overwhelming for the mage. With humility and respect, she decided to open a portal to simplify her passage to the realm of the Petran ruler. With a snap of her fingers, a shimmering white disc formed, and she gracefully walked through it, emerging near the entrance to the jubilee. The jubilee was enjoyable, though it didn't quite meet the standards of this high elven aristocrat, who could be rather snobbish. She greeted friends, savored a slice of cake, engaged in conversations, and even treated the children at the jubilee to a magical spectacle. As all good things do, this too came to an end, prompting her to make her departure for some much-needed rest. However, her exit didn't unfold as smoothly as expected. The exit was congested, with humans loitering and blocking her way. Her polite requests for them to move were met with hostility and disdain. Determined to avoid any violence, the adept mage resorted to her magical abilities. Ethereal white mists enveloped a troublesome lady, gently guiding her aside to create a path for the elf. Yet, it took only moments for violence to erupt. A human bishop, consumed by rage and seemingly beyond reason, seized the fragile elf by the throat and began to squeeze. Witnesses were convinced that something had taken hold of the bishop, for his actions were anything but holy. The elven mage, weakened by her connection to the Void, could only stand helplessly against the overpowering human. Eventually, the bishop's strength waned, for it was not typical for the elderly to resort to murder. He released the elf, who had already lost consciousness. Petran Court physicians would then rush to the scene to transport the elf to a clinic for examination. They discovered that the bishop had caused severe damage to the elf's trachea, and emergency surgery was imperative to restore her oxygen supply. The valiant medics, ever respectful, began preparing the frail elf for surgery in an attempt to save her life. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Her eyes grew dim, pupils dilated, and her body relaxed. The mission of the bishop had tragically succeeded. However, the elfess seemed at peace, her expression serene as if she had been smiling just before her life ebbed away. Perhaps if she had not been alone, she might have survived, but none had dared to confront the bishop, a formidable figure within the Canonist church.
  6. THE RIVERGUARD OATH Issued by the Génerale of The RiverGuard in the year of our Lord 1937 THE RIVERGUARD OATH As sworn defenders of honor, justice, and the realm of Petra, we, the members of the Riverguard, pledge our lives to a code that upholds the highest standards of conduct. Bound by duty and camaraderie, we stand united to safeguard the innocent, preserve peace, and face adversity with unwavering valor. Article I: Honor and Integrity We shall conduct ourselves with unyielding integrity, refraining from deceit, treachery, and dishonorable acts. Our word is our bond, and our actions shall reflect the noble ideals we uphold. Article II: Courage and Bravery Fear shall not govern our hearts. In the face of adversity, we shall stand resolute, demonstrating unwavering courage and bravery in battle and in life. Article III: Loyalty and Brotherhood The bonds between brethren are sacred. We shall support and protect one another, for the strength of our Order lies in our unity and unwavering loyalty. Article IV: Mercy and Compassion Even amidst the storm of conflict, we shall show mercy to the vanquished and compassion to the oppressed, seeking to temper justice with mercy and alleviate suffering wherever possible. Article V: Chivalry and Respect We shall uphold the chivalric virtues of courtesy, respect, and honor, treating all with dignity regardless of their station. Our conduct shall inspire others to emulate our example. Article VI: Devotion to Duty Our commitment to our sacred duty shall be unwavering. We shall defend the realm, protect the weak, and uphold justice, even at great personal cost. Article VII: Wisdom and Strategy The path of victory lies in calculated wisdom. We shall exercise strategic thinking, employing our minds as skillfully as our weapons, to outmaneuver and outthink our adversaries. Article VIII: Humility and Self-Improvement We shall remain humble in victory and steadfast in defeat. Continual self-improvement shall be our pursuit, recognizing that there is always room to grow and learn. Article IX: Guardians of the Land Our commitment extends beyond the battlefield. We shall be stewards of the Petra, protectors of the environment, and defenders of the realm's natural beauty. Article X: Legacy and Posterity We shall honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and strive to leave a legacy of courage, honor, and integrity for the generations yet to come. By the sword we swear, and by this Code of Honor, we bind our hearts, minds, and souls to the ideals of the Riverguard. The following form must be filled and sent to the Génerale of The River Guard through aviaries. By signing this form you swear to uphold the RIVERGUARD OATH until death or offical separation from duty. : Full Name: Age: Gender: Race: Rank: [Username: ] [Discord: ] GOTT MIT UNS, His Excellency, Godric von Theonus Génerale of The River Guard Sigismund von Theonus, Recruit of The River Guard, Elector of The Round Table
  7. Issued by The Viscomital Household of Temesch and The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 11th of Horen’s Calling of the year 90 ARP. Haunts and thrills have overwhelmed the halls of the Beaumont Keep The households of Temesch and Brasca are joyful to invite the citizens of the Kingdom of Petra to a night of festivities within the Beaumont Keep whereas many festivities will be held in order to celebrate the season’s change. Alongside this special invites are sent to their respective families, Queen Renilde I and the Order of St. Jude to attend the evening! T I M E T A B L E THE CARVING Pumpkin carving will start our guests off, allowing for any children to find their entertainment early on as each guest picks a pumpkin from the Baroness Viktorias pumpkin patch. The carvings will be judged afterwards with a modest prize. DANCE OF THE DEAD In order to fully immerse oneself into the night, the masquerade ball will be held; capturing the essence of whatever costume they desire. Animals, Ghouls, and even historical figures shall dance the night away. Sometime throughout the night, a costume contest will take place - intended to find the best dressed at the event. POOL OF RED During the continuing festivities of the masquerade, guests are given the opportunity to dip their faces into an illustrious pale of red fruit; otherwise known to them as bobbing. The children in which attend will be allowed to keep the apples in which they catch. Signed, The Right Honorable, Anthony Marcellus Temesch, Viscount of Mies Patriarch of House Temesch The Honorable, George Marc af Brasca, Baron of Brasca The Honorable, Viktoria Helena af Brasca, Baroness-Consort of Brasca
  8. THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE BEAUMONT KEEP The last stone is laid, and vibrant carpets are rolled out over newly done floors. The construction of the Beaumont Keep has come to a finish and it is with elation that we invite the people of Petra and allies to an opening event in celebration. Event Itinerary The Consecration of the Chapel As is with any newly raised chapel, the day’s festivities will commence with a ceremony intended to consecrate the Chapel of St. Edmond of Lachsi. The guests will gather within, as the Father Callahan leads us through the process. The Baptism of Newborns Following the consecration of the Chapel, the Baronial couple's newborn twins will be baptized and revealed to the public for the first time upon its completion. A Grand Feast With the completion of the consecration and baptism alike, those attending will be brought into the feasting hall of the keep where food and drink alike will be provided for those attending. Well-wishes may be offered for the newly baptized twins during this time. [Saturday, 5pm EST/9pm GMT] Signed, The Honorable, George Marc Halcourt af Brasca, Baron of Brasca The Honorable, Viktoria Helena Halcourt af Brasca, Baroness-Consort of Brasca
  9. THE BIRTH OF BATS Issued by The Baronial Household af Brasca On the 13th of Owyn’s Flame of the year 88 ARP. A depiction of the Brascan twins, circa 88 ARP. The Baronial couple of Brasca is pleased to announce the birth of their firstborn and second born alike. The first a screaming, healthy boy by the name of Jan Gaspard af Brasca. The boy was named after two figures in the couple's life that have great meaning. He weighed ten pounds upon his birth, though that is the only extent that he takes after his father - for in all terms of appearance, for he boasts his mothers hair and his eye coloring alike. The second born, smaller than his brother by a grand total of two pounds, came as a surprise to the Baronial couple. His name, much like his elder twin, held Raevir and Auvergne influences alike and he was dubbed Andrik Pierre af Brasca. His appearance took after his father and mother alike, with pale green eyes and a crowning glory of blonde curls. Shortly after the birth, the Baroness has sequestered herself to her room, so that she may better get to know her newborns and have some much needed rest. Visits from family and friends alike will be accepted within the next Saints day. The baptism will be held the day after next, within the Chapel of St. Edmond of Lachsin. Signed, The Honorable, George Marc Halcourt af Brasca, Baron of Brasca The Honorable, Viktoria Helena Halcourt af Brasca, Baroness-Consort of Brasca
  10. Recruitment for House von Augusten-Bardenwig of Petra House Augusten, a crown vassal of Aaun, has domain over the County of Hohengarten. Currently, there are two available characters that are cousins of the Count's children, being daughters of the Count's eldest sister, Carice von (née Augusten) Bardenwig who is currently married to Ramwold von Bardenwig, who both reside in Petra's capital city of Vallagne. Ramwold is the Father of - Available Characters - HIS LORDSHIP, Rüdiger Lütold von Bardenwig (1937) A skin can be provided for the character, please dm me on discord at fire#7146 if you are interested in playing him / have any questions. - Augusten Family Lore - House von Augusten was founded circa 1900-1903 by the Viscountess (later Countess) of Hohengarten - Cosima Monika d’Azor (née Bishop) @Frank_Dog. Alongside her husband Peter Leopold d’Azor @MailC3p. While Cosima served Aaun as High Emissary, Peter resided over the maintenance of their estate in the Aurentanian mountains. Since Cosima’s resignation as Countess, her eldest son, Konstantin, leads the Comital House and serves Aaun as Senschenel. While the Hohengarten keep has not been built, it is among plans of the Augustens to have their keep’s construction finalized soon. Preview of Hohengarten's Keep
  11. Florent Willems - The Engagement The Marquisate of Clermont and County of Otistadt are pleased to announce the most auspicious union of Lady Elara Athénaïs Halcourt d’Artois de Clermont and Lord Aldric Hektor Ludovar. The pair shall be joined together in holy matrimony before God, Their families, and the nations of Petra and Haense ’neath the Auld tree, per Petrine tradition. The wedding shall take place during the listed month: The Grand Harvest, 87 Atstana de Regne Petrère (1942 Imperial Time) | Gronna & Droba 495, E.S. OOC: September 16th, 6PM EST Formal Invitations are sent to the following: Her Royal Majesty, Renilde I, Queen of the Commonwealth of the Petra and her Royal Pedigree His Royal Majesty, Aleksander II, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his Royal Pedigree His Eminence, Bishop-Father Callahan Petran Nobility The Right Honorable, Ledicort Tiberius d'Azor, Count of Azor The Right Honorable, Anthony Temesch, Viscount of Mies, Baron of Resmore The Right Honorable, Karl von Theonus, Viscount of Marignan The Honorable, Nicolas E. von Wittenbach, Baron of Wittenbach The Honorable, Xavier Adiler, Baron of Celia'Tahn Her Ladyship, Norra Terrin, Vavasour of Sunrise Grove Haeseni Nobility Her Grace, Roslin Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck His Grace, Viktor var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus His Grace, Manfred Barclay, Duke of Reinmar The Right Honourable, Otto Ludovar, Count of Otistadt The Right Honourable, Anabel Colborn, Countess of Malkovya The Honourable, Walter Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain His Highness, Francisco de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Verskaya Her Ladyship, Katrin Stafyr, Baroness of Thurant His Lordship, Henrik Amador, Baron of Mondstadt Her Ladyship, Ileana Kortrevich, Baroness of Koravia His Serene Excellency, Sir Laurens 'the Unwavering' Halcourt d'Artois KCSE, Marquis du Clermont, Chanzlé of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Baron of Artois, Knight-Commander of the Order of Saint Emma, Knight of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel, Hero of the Petra The Right Honorable, Elara Athénaïs Halcourt d’Artois de Clermont, Baronne d’Artois, Royal Governess to the Children of the Petra The Honorable, Lord Aldric Hektor Ludovar
  12. THE PETRAN COLLEGE OF ARMS AND HERALDRY ‘Nuper resuscitata quam splendide fulges’ Founded of the 5th of the Sun’s smile SA 141 By Earl marshal Samuel of Rivercourt OUR MISSION We hope to secure the traditions of heraldry and achievements, across the Kingdom of Petra designing them for the Royal Household, its Peers and its Government. With this we shall hope to usher forward a new era in which the passing down of arms and Titles to the correct people will be secured. OUR DUTY THE GRANTING AND REGULATING ARMS: Our main function is to create and design new sets of Arms, crests, and other devices used for Heraldic functions, for individuals families, and Organisations.While helping to ensure each device is different from one another to distinguish themselves. RESEARCH INTO FAMILY TREES AND HOUSES: We go in depth into the history of each family, to secure that each device is passed down and transferred correctly according to common law. PRESERVATION AND TRADITION: The college acts as a custodian of heraldic traditions, ensuring that the rules and customs of heraldry are respected and followed. This includes maintaining records of coats of arms, preserving historical documents, and providing guidance on the proper use of heraldic symbols. ADVISORY ROLE: The college may provide expert advice to governments, organisations, and individuals on matters related to heraldry, including the design and use of arms, the proper protocol for displaying coats of arms, and the interpretation of heraldic symbolism. CEREMONY AND PROTOCOL: The college may have a role in official ceremonies and events, particularly those involving heraldic elements. This could include state occasions, royal events, and other formal gatherings where the proper use of coats of arms and related symbols is important. OUR RANKS: EARL MARSHAL OF ARMS: head of the College and primary Advisor and overseer to all events. LORD MARSHAL OF ARMS: Second in command of the College they act as an overseer when the Earl Marshal is unable to attend or be present. SENIOR HERALDS: They run the main work force and act as managers to all beneath them, they are experts in the craftsmanship of Heraldic devices. HERALDS: They are the main work force and are creating Arms with supervision and assistance by those above them. JUNIOR HERALDS: they are the newest in the college and act as trainees, while they learn the craft of Heraldry. SIGNED BY THE EARL MARSHAL OF ARMS
  13. THE RIVERGUARD R & O Issued by the Génerale of The RiverGuard in the year of our Lord 1937 RESPONSIBILITIES & OBLIGATIONS Below is an informational guide of what members of the Riverguard are expected to do while both on duty and off-duty, in order of importance. Article I: The Obligation to Defend All members of the Riverguard swore an oath, this means they must defend the Petra at all times, even if facing death. Upon seeing danger within the Petra, the Riverguard must always interfere and help, regardless if they are On Duty or not. Article II: Obeying Orders The Riverguard must obey their higher ranks. Suggestions are always welcome but at the end of the day its what the highest rank says in the heat of battle that the Riverguard must do. In situations of high pressure there must be some form of order. The higher rank provides it. If there is a repeat offender that does not follow orders, there will be consequences depending on severity. Article III: Uniforms Uniforms are to be worn when on duty at all times, however the wearer may decide whether to wear their helmet or not. The uniform must coincide with rank. Any members caught with the wrong uniform will be given one warning and any incidents after will involve immediate accusations of impersonating a higher rank. Article IV: Pay and Resource Gathering Anyone willing to earn extra mina may gather resources. Gathering resources is a necessity in the Riverguard, as preparing for possible war is expensive. There will be a list posted outside of the room where the materials will be placed that tells the compensation for each item. Simply put the materials in your designated barrel and they will be replaced with “Coin of the Riverguard” which can be exchanged for mina any time in the in-house shop. Gathering supplies is not only a decent way to earn mina, but a reliable way to be looked at for promotion. The Riverguard is in constant need of: Leather, Iron, Copper, Netherite, Coal, etc. Article V: Armory The armory is home to the Riverguard’s gear, everyone is given a locker that will have two sets of armor, two weapons, and two satchels of food that are satiating enough to be used in battle. This will be supplied by the riverguard which means it is NOT owned by the individuals. It is Riverguard property. Upon Petra needing it, the Riverguard will be instructed when to take their items out of their locker to prepare for battle. This includes: 1 set of armor, 1 weapon, and 1 satchel of food. The lockers are checked fairly often, and if there is armor missing from someone's locker that isn’t accounted for, there will be harsh repercussions. If the member can’t explain themselves, they will have one saint’s day to replace it. If the items are not replaced by that time, this may result in being kicked out of the Riverguard Article VI: Expeditions On average, there are about two major expeditions per year. In these outings, the highest ranking member is tasked with delegating orders should the operation turn violent. Riverguard are considered on duty during these times, and must be in uniform. Article VII: Room and Board Every member of the Riverguard ranks is entitled to a room within the barracks, as long as the individual doesn’t have any other holdings in Petra. Should a member get holdings they will kindly be asked to vacate their room to free up space for someone else who needs it. These rooms are tax free however, relatively small. Article VIII: The Right of Mistreatment Every member is still a soul that deserves fair treatment. Any Riverguard who feel they have been wronged by a higher up may reserve the right to speak about it to the Generale or even the Ruler of the Petra at the time. It is heavily encouraged to do so and by law they will not be judged. Article IX: Notice of Absence The Riverguard needs an active populace. In the event a Riverguard member hasn’t been seen for 2 years without notice, The Generale reserves the right to evict them from the premises and the Riverguard as a whole. These individuals will be seen as oath-breakers by the members of the Riverguard, regularly shamed for making a commitment they couldn’t uphold. Article X: Recruitment The Riverguard is in constant need of people, each Riverguard will be urged to invite other into our ranks. Simply introduce the prospect to a higher rank for recruitment. This also is heavily considered during the promotion phase. Article XI: An Oath Fulfilled In times of great service, Riverguards may retire their oath as it had been fulfilled to the best of their abilities. This is seen as an honor because to earn it involves years upon years of servitude. Upon this happening, it is customary to place an art piece of them within the Bastion, so their servitude and legacy will never be forgotten. GOTT MIT UNS, His Excellency, Godric von Theonus Génerale of The River Guard Sigismund von Theonus, Recruit of The River Guard, Elector of The Round Table
  14. WE SEE DE! TO THE CITIZENRY OF VALLAGNE: I am officially announcing my candidacy for the 1934 Mayoral Election. The following is a list of the goals I seek to accomplish during my tenure; however, above any of them is my desire to act as a mouthpiece for the common people of Vallagne. I wish more than anything to act as a bridge between those of our working class - the rentors, the farmers, the craftsmen and the beggars - and our legislators and royalty. "De" Duncan Kame'eleihiwa's platform: 1 - SOCIAL WELFARE As mayor, I will dedicate a portion of the city's taxes to subsidizing our agricultural sector. The surplus of our harvest will be distributed, by need, to eligible citizens, who will be able to apply for a program that distributes food to those who, otherwise, would struggle to afford it. While the city has made great strides in making housing affordable for all, I feel that this final step will help eradicate the blight of poverty from our great city once and for all, and allow every citizen, now free from the burdens of merely surviving, to live up to their full potential and give back to this nation. 2 - CRIMINAL REFORM Having been a fugitive of the law in the past, I understand how one simple mistake can ruin someone's life forever. Our greater Petran community should strive to uplift and forgive one another, and to allow those who have been tempted by the vices of Iblees to redeem themselves. Eligible criminals would be offered the chance to go through a period of indentured servitude to the state, while learning the skills necessary to function in a civil society, and providing labor to the city that may otherwise go understaffed. We are a civilized nation; there must be alternatives to imprisonment or death for our criminal class. 3 - SECURITY That is not to say that the lives of our citizenry are to be taken in vain. Under my administration, the systems that strive to protect our nation will receive extra funding - namely, the Riverguard. Enrollments to the Guard have decreased in recent years, and we must find ways to improve the security of our Capital, either through heightened recruitment or through funding better equipment for our soldiers to ward off any violent threats to our people, both foreign and domestic. 4 - BUSINESS Of course, to fund all of these new ventures, we will need a greater supply of tax money. This should not come from raising the price of real estate; rather, by subsidizing businesses to operate in Petra, the taxes collected from our stalls and business-oriented buildings will increase. Encouraging satellite markets for some of Vallagne's artisan goods will draw in visitors from across Aevos, both to purchase our finer products and to become citizens. These goals, of course, will be impossible without the vibrant people that have made Vallagne such a wonderful city to live in for such a long time. If anyone wishes to comment or critique on the preceding promises, feel free to send me a letter regarding them and I will respond in due time. Sincerely, Uncle Godfather Steward Duncan "De" Kame'eleihiwa De. Now You See.
  15. “Lord Of Sin” by Madeleine du Brocius (1607) Penned by Ada Bel Halcourt af Brasca Synopsis: In a tale as old as time, here is a story of love. But a forbidden love of passion and kindness prevented by the abrasive and malicious husband who only cares for himself and his cheap courtesans from the streets. Here is the story of how an Archduchess escapes a golden cage created from the sorrows of betrayal and abuse. Be warned, this story, this tale, has themes of abuse. Both physical and psychological abuse and is not for the most faint of heart. You are warned, dearest patron. Major Characters: Anthony Anthony is a young and strong lord of the Commonwealth of Petrusa and the current husband of Archduchess Helena. As well as the son of a powerful king to the south, making him a foreign royal. Anthony is considered a cunning fighter, leading the armies of the Commonwealth of Petrusa. The youthful lordling is described to be a young man with black hair, sunkissed olive skin, and dark eyes.. Helena Helena is the monarch to the throne of the Commonwealth of Petrusa. The young archduchess is seen as a capable and young ruler, being able to complete problems affecting the state through proper means. Helena is also the devoted wife to Lord Anthony. The Archduchess is depicted as a young woman with light ginger hair, pale white skin, and gray eyes. Audemar Audemar is the youngest son of the foreign King of Haenstia. The young foreign noble currently resides within the Capital of the Commonwealth of Petrusa as the Haenstia Ambassador to the Commonwealth. Audemar is seen as a charismatic man with a silver tongue, being able diplomatically demolish anyone in a debate of any subject. Besides his silver tongue, he is also known as an excellent fighter. Aduemar is described to be a young man with black coal like hair, pale skin, and navy blue eyes. Minor Characters: Lady-In-Waiting Court Doctor Theatrical Props: Golden Goblet Wooden Brush Fake Ferrum Sword #1 Fake Ferrum Sword #2 ACT ONE ACT TWO ACT THREE EPILOGUE
  16. [!] During the early morning mist, a blue banner was placed in petra’s square A large parchment tied to its fabrics To those on whom it may concern, I Estrid Sigvardson declare solidarity, I claim the title of Family Head, denouncing Sigmund Sigvardson as our leader. To those reading this, I open my doors to you, In a new age where Sigvardsons no longer hide behind closed doors away from their problems, I call upon all Bannerless men and women who seek their place to join me in arms as we fight and protect our leaders and its loved ones and to fight against those who seek our downfalls, Join me as I work to keep our beloved commonwealth safe from its aggressors in the outside world of Aevos SIGNED, Estrid Sigvardson Matriarch of House Sigvardson HONORABLE MENTIONS BJORN SIGVARDSON (no forum account) ERAK SIGVARDSON @TheDrHedgehog Sondher @sondher
  17. I Alaris Astral An'asul, Court Alchemist of the River Court call all the alchemist to come list up their names on the list of alchemists within the Realm of Petra As the Court Alchemist, I act as a guide and mentor to those whose names are on the List of Alchemists. They offer guidance, facilitate discussions, and organize gatherings where alchemists can exchange insights and experiences. Alaris's unwavering dedication to the alchemical arts ensures that the realm's alchemists have the support and resources they need to flourish in their pursuits.Those who inscribe their names upon this esteemed list become part of a community bonded by their shared passion for alchemy. They gain access to a network of knowledge and collaboration, forging connections with like-minded individuals and engaging in spirited discourse.The List of Alchemists within the Realm of Petra becomes a cherished record, a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of those who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of transmutation, healing, and transformation. It is a living document, ever-evolving as new names join its ranks, each representing a unique perspective and contribution to the alchemical arts. I call upon all alchemists throughout the land to come forth and make themselves known. They extend an invitation to these practitioners of the alchemical arts to inscribe their names on the illustrious List of Alchemists within the Realm of Petra. This list serves as a testament to the collective wisdom, expertise, and camaraderie among the alchemical community. As the Court Alchemist, I take on the noble responsibility of overseeing the alchemical endeavours within the realm. Format: MC Name : Rp Name : Alchemy Tier : Discord Username :
  18. THE ORDINANCE OF ODYSSEY QUAY 19th of Sun’s Smile, 1927 IC | 19th of Sun’s Smile, 131 SA We the people of the Free Port of Chambery, recognizing the unfortunate reality that a government of some variety must be formed to provide for the public welfare, do establish a municipal government through this ordinance at Odyssey Quay. I.) The political leader of the Free Port of Chambery is to be known as the Maître d’Chambery, if male, or the Maîtresse d’Chambery, if female. This translates into “Master of Chambery” in the Common tongue. II.) The Maître d’Chambery shall govern for the citizens of Chambery and be given the responsibilities of: a.) Managing the public infrastructure on the surface of the Free Port of Chambery, b.) Overseeing and organizing the export of fine Chamberian winery abroad, c.) Collecting taxes from residences and businesses, d.) Representing the interests of the Free Port of Chambery within the greater Commonwealth of the Petra and beyond it, as Delegate to the Round Table or otherwise. e.) Maintaining public safety and medical services within the Free Port of Chambery. III.) The Maître is to serve for a 10-year term, at the end of which they may either choose to stand for re-election again or retire. a.) The Maître d’Chambery is to hold office throughout this term until resignation, death, or removal through a recall election. b.) Recall elections must be approved by 2/3rds of CCCC members in attendance at a town hall. If passed, the entire electorate of a regular election will then vote. c.) Nicolas Wittenbach is to be appointed as the first Maître d’Chambery to oversee the initial establishment of the Free Port’s government. All future Maîtres will have to undergo this process. IV.) The Maître is to be empowered to designate agents to assist in the performing of his duties, including: a.) A Steward or stewards, for the management of property. b.) A Sheriff, to maintain law and order and arbitrate disputes between the citizenry. c.) A Representative, to voice the interests of the Free Port and its people in the Commonwealth's legislative assembly, the Round Table. d.) Other deputies which he sees fit to delegate his duties to. V.) Elections for the Maître d’Chambery are to be facilitated by the Chamberian Chamber of Commerce and Culture (CCCC). a.) In the absence of a Maître, the leader of the Celestial Trust shall administratively orchestrate each election as Provisional Chair, the first among equals. This will be done with direct oversight from the other members of the CCCC. b.) The CCCC must chair a town hall within one year of the conclusion of the Maître d’Chambery’s term to allow nominees for the ensuing election to come forward. c.) A member of the CCCC must endorse a candidate that has come forward to be considered on the ballot. d.) Candidates must own a residential property within the Free Port of Chambery and have had their primary residence within it for at least 5 years. e.) The electorate shall consist of all Chamberian property owners, either commercial or residential, and confirmed Celestial Trustees. VI.) The CCCC is to consist of the leaders of the following: a.) Leaders of resident guilds within the Free Port of Chambery or their designated representatives, b.) Leaders of businesses within the Free Port of Chambery that also permanently live within its borders. VII.) While any individual or entity that fulfills the requirements of Article VI may claim a seat on the CCCC, their attendance or participation shall not be compelled under any circumstance. VIII.) Resident guilds shall not have their internal affairs infringed upon by the Maître or the CCCC, provided that the Free Port or the greater Commonwealth’s safety is not jeopardized, nor shall their headquarters be subjected to the burden of taxation. IX.) Future ordinances may be made through chairing a town hall, in which CCCC members shall be allowed to vote on initiatives put forward by the Maître. a.) Town halls must be chaired by the Maître to discuss any proposal not explicitly provided for in the Maître’s powers. b.) The Maître shall also be empowered to host non-binding town halls with the entirety of the populace in attendance to advise or update on ongoing matters of governance. b.) Ordinances must be approved by a majority of the CCCC in attendance. c.) The Maître shall refrain from voting on a proposed ordinance, but will cast the deciding vote in the case of a tie. Signed, His Excellency Nicolas Wittenbach, Maître d’Chambery The Rt. Hon. Elizabeth Brae-Wittenbach, Provisional Chairwoman of the CCCC
  19. A CELEBRATION OF BEGINNINGS Issued on the 9th of Harren's Folley, 1916 In the month of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1916, Archduchess Renilde I and Prince Marius Audemar welcomed their two children to the world after a successful term and labour - a boy and a girl respectively. After a few days of deliberation, the Archducal couple have bestowed names upon them: Paul Alexander and Winifred Adalia. To celebrate their birth, the Commonwealth of Petra will undergo festivities for three consecutive months filled with hope, joy and promise. Many events will be in place for peaceful citizens of the realm to come together and forget the weariness of ongoing conflicts. ONE (23RD OF MARCH, 5PM EST) Baptism Starting off the celebrations, the religious sacrament of baptism shall be performed in the Chapel of St. Emma on the Archducal children. The Passing of the Lambs A newfound practice to the Commonwealth, the passing of the lambs is heavily symbolic of new life and prosperity to all in Petra. Two lambs bred from the best stock shall be selected and dyed red & black before being presented before the Archducal house. Like a sheep later on in its life providing wool, milk and eventually meat, the twins shall go on to support the nation with their skills and best assets as the newer generation. Market Venturing Market stalls shall be in place for people to buy Petran goods - florists, merchants, bakers. The tavern, The Two Cats Tavern & Inn, will be open for all to take a drink! ______ TWO (24TH OF MARCH, 5PM EST) Drunken Brawl Hosted by Sir Wolfgang ‘The Tenacious’ de Vilain, allied citizens across the realm shall be brawling it out until the last man standing. Each contestant will be asked to drink beforehand until they are tipsy or fully drunk, before stepping into the pit. Knights shall be on standby should there be a disruption/disturbance. The prize of this drunken brawl is a hefty 200 mina and a coveted title of the 'Petran Iron Warrior'. Cheese Roll A tradition founded by Acreans many years ago, a cheese roll will start from the heights of Mount Garmont and tumble down to the bottom of the square. Participants shall roll the wheel down until the winner crosses the finish line. The infamous ‘Cheesebeast’ shall be made in honour of the Harvest Confederacy long ago for the occasion. The prize for the winner of the cheese roll will win an unlimited supply of free treats from Little Acre bakery, as well as the Cheesebeast itself. ______ THREE (25TH OF MARCH, 3PM EST) Feast As the finale approaches to the three-month long festival celebrations, a feast is to commence in Castle Estenpromé. Food shall be locally sourced by the infamous Little Acre bakery, with the Archduchess' favourite buttermilk cake as the centrepiece to the dinner. Lantern Ceremony Lake Providence will be the home to the end of the festival, where boats will be provided if one wishes to sail out in the middle. Available for purchase will be lanterns that will be set off into the sky - symbolising the coming light and hope from the twins' birth. INVITATIONS King Georg I and the citizens of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska… King Charlie I and the citizens of the United Kingdom of Aaun... King Agnor Grandaxe and the citizens of the Kingdom of Urguan... The Silver Lubba Mika Anarion and the citizens of the Most Serene State of Lurin... Princess Valyris and the citizens of the Principality of Celia'nor... King Cyris I and the citizens of the Shiredom of Bywater... Petra, Flowing Water! Ave! Ave! O SAINTE RÈGNE PETRÉRE, Her Grace, Renilde I, By the Grace of God, Archduchess of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Countess of Temesch et Moere, Marchiness of the East March, Hero of the Petra His Highness, Prince Marius Audemar, Prince of Hanseti-Ruska, Archduke-consort of the Commonwealth of the Petra, Duke of Markev, Count-consort of Temesch et Moere, Governor of the Silver Isle, Hero of the Petra Her Excellency, Dame Anne 'The Benevolent' de Vilain, Chamberlain of the River Court, Baroness-consort of Acre, Co-owner of Little Acre bakery
  20. I, Garedyn The Green, High Prophet of The Brathmordakin, High Chief of Hefrumm, Grand Steward of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, at this moment testify that: Exactly one stone month ago, The Arch-Duchess of Petra Renilde something-or-other, flirted with Sigrun Ireheart, at a meeting between our two kingdoms, with many other members of the Grand Council being witnesses there. As I am unfamiliar with the ways of “humans” I simply thought this was a strange noble custom, one I’m sure the honourable Sigrun Ireheart was merely playing along with out of politeness. But now I realise what it really was, salacious flirtation! Overall, this is pretty funny. Never change humans! Sincerely, Garedyn The Green. *A silly face is drawn here*
  21. A Holy Union Regarding The Unions Between House Mösu & Rhodon de Rosius Upon the 14th of the Seventh seed, 113 of the Second Age, an invitation goes out to the friends and family members of House Mösu and Rhodon de Rosius to witness two marriages! One between Björn Mösu and Emma Rhodon de Rosius alongside. The ceremony shall take place in Petra, although due to the fact of there being conflict in the region, it is required the guests that partake shall not cause trouble or start conflict and remain respectful to all during the duration of the event no matter what strifes they have outside of the event. __________________________________________________________ Formal Invitations have been delivered to the following: House Rhodon de Rosius, and all their Rosius kin House Mösu, and their kinsmen His Royal Majesty, Charles I, King of Aaun, and his royal pedigree His Royal Mahesty, Georg, by the grace of Godan, King of Hanseti and Ruska, and his royal pedigree His Grace, Duke of Adria, Heinrik I Sarkociz, and his esteemed pedigree Auntie Sarah Artenin Uncle Joe
  22. The New Orthodox Guide for the Fair Lady’s Dress Penned by the hand of Emma Monparnasse Rhodon de Rosius, as commissioned by her Grace, the Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere Ladies of Petra, 1906 Foreword: "A lady is never so well dressed as when you cannot remember what she wears." For decades, the reign of long veils and curled plaits have formed the stature of many women across our lands, and it is this guide that one can use to define the character of the new era, a new age to express themselves in a timely and elegant manner. Women have always been considered a pinnacle of refinement and grace. Dear, Reader, this guide will comprise of the new conforms that will uphold such refinement. Underpinnings: The new set of underpinnings, which can be purchased for a small and lasting price, is necessary to build the form of today’s woman. Now, to start from the skin, a simple and form fitting suit of thin cotton or silk is permitted, but it must not pass one’s knees. On top of this is the most indubitably needed garment: the corset. Such garments were not permitted with the long and formless gowns. The new corset, which has a straight front, and curved back, provides a proud and elegant shape to the wearer. Petticoats are much needed, and can be made of cotton. Each petticoat must have at least two flounces, and a woman mustn’t ever leave her home without wearing two petticoats. These petticoats must be shorter than the skirt to prevent such scandalous appearances. Over these petticoats, a silk taffeta underskirt may be worn by the upper-class or the well to do common woman with a beautiful flounce, and this, readers, can and is encouraged to be shown while walking, but never show this underskirt over five inches from the hem. Stockings, and their material, are up to the discretion of the wearer. These stockings can be clipped into optional suspenders at the lower hem of the corset. A note on corsets: It is unladylike to tight-lace one’s corset as such would spoil the figure. Gowns: Gone are the days of heavy skirts and pagoda sleeves of yore. Respectable ladies fashion their gowns based on the sun’s position in the sky. To begin, we must look at morning and day outfits. Fashionable ladies of the upper-class may opt for a two piece outer ensemble: a silk shirtwaist made of the finest silken weave, and a woolen or taffeta skirt in a circular-cut that barely reaches the ground, which shall be back pleated to disguise the closure, which is only two hooks at the waistband with a placket. The shirtwaist shall have a bouffant front, which may have ruffles sewn inside the front, and billowing yet soft sleeves. Let it be known that the collar of such blouses reach the nape, and never show lower than the collarbone, as to prevent wanton eyes. For the common woman, a cotton shirtwaist will do, as well as a woolen, even cotton, skirt. Each of these skirts, cotton or silk, should be lined and faced in a sturdy fabric to keep the shape of these skirts wide at the hem. The skirt should be worn over the shirtwaist and a silken belt should be worn at the waist to hide the overlap of the garments. Bodices that are not shirtwaists should match the fabric of the skirts and must be form fitting. These bodices can resemble jackets or fashionable plates from catalogs. Although, the shirtwaist is much more popular for day ensembles. Gowns for the later afternoon (past three o'clock) and evening are permitted to have a lower neckline. Nevertheless, these bodices shall be fitted, and sleeveless unless these sleeves are made of a sheer and form-fitting fabric. Over collarbone straps are permitted and up to the discretion of the wearer. Skirts must always match the material of the bodice, which shall and must be of silk. Any form of silk is suitable, but satin is of the most expensive and formidable weave. Decoration is highly encouraged. Many notable socialites adorn their bodices with layers of tulle, draped and pinned fabric, flowers, feathers, and even jewels. Skirts must be in a matching fabric and must reach the floor with a light or long train. To prevent soiling, ask your dressmaker to baste cotton ruffles into the hems of these skirts. These ruffles are known as a duster and can be easily removed for laundering. It should be noted that no lady on any occasion let her placket opening be loosely open, as such is unladylike and allows passerby to see her petticoats! An Elegant Stroll, 1899 Shoes: Shoes, depending on the terrain of the wearer’s path, must be of a material suited for the environment. For many day outfits, among the upper and common class, may be of a kid-leather, with a sturdy cotton spat that can reach from the upper ankle to the knee. The closure must be of buttons. These ‘boots’ are permitted and encouraged to have heels. For the evening, shoes must be of matching silk material or white kid-leather pumps. Black is acceptable and modest. Coiffure and Cosmetics: Never is it acceptable to paint one’s face. Such behavior has always and is associated with the lowly and scandalous. Instead, use a light powder matching of the skin tone, or even a pearly-translucent powder to hide blemishes that could be unsightly. Never cake these powders. A puff may be used to apply such powders. Rouge in the form of liquid can be applied with a small wad of cotton or brush. It is encouraged to have a slight pinkish-hue to the cheeks as well as the lips. Never overdue your rouge, such behavior is that of the unmodish. Rouge of cinnabar can only cause disgrace as it causes horrible-smelling breath. Never use such made of cinnabar. Eyebrows may be darkened and sharpened up with a small stick of charcoal. However, as aforementioned, never overdue such to make the brows completely black. Hair of the modish and stylish may be loosely piled onto the head and held in place with laitons as well as hat pins. It is smart to keep one’s hair in a loose bun as to place a straw and hard-brimmed hat as a pin shall go through to keep the hat on. Hats are reserved for the well to do and upper class-woman. These hats may be of a thick straw that have a grosgrain band of ribbon. Hats of sheer fabric with elegant plumes, flowers, and several sashes of chiffon are fashionable to keep a soft and airy grace. These hats may be worn for afternoon events, but never to evening events unless traveling. Accessories: Gloves shant be soiled, and short ones must be worn for day ensembles while longer ones must be worn with evening gowns. Parasols are commonly used to keep the fair complexion of reputable women untainted. A small reticule handbag is permitted to be used for evening and day events. Hand fans are recommended for evening events. Signed, Her Grace, Renilde I, By the Grace of GOD, Archduchess of the Petra, Countess of Temesch and Moere, Emma Monparnasse Rhodon de Rosius, Laetitia Henrietta Rhodon de Rosius et Abbassia, Mistress of the Wardrobes in the Court of Renilde I
  23. Harald, @TheEnglishDuck It goes without saying that your actions as of late have proved less than commendable, or at least to those of whom your silver tongue has yet to charm. For a time I thought I knew you well, believing you to be a virtuous and pious individual. You claimed to be an anointed knight of Hanseti-Ruska and a sanctified priest of the Church of Canon. But I find my perception warped as of late, especially when considering the abuse of your recently divorced wife, Eryane. Now, I will admit that the intrigues of a shattered foreign marriage are somewhat beyond my scope of expertise. Even when the news emerged of your violent and heinous conduct, I stayed my hand as the political ramifications were not mine to interfere with. However, you have not only insulted your former spouse but have walked the extra mile and dishonoured my lady wife, your sister, Juliana Rosemarie Vernhart de Lyons. You have strayed too close to the lion's cage. I will not stand idly by as my wife is insulted in such a spiteful manner, called to repent when she has committed no crime but the mistake of believing you were a better man. Declared unfit to bear her maiden name and birthright whilst you squander the legacy of your forefathers and bloodline, pursuing titles you do not merit. By my honour as a Knight, I challenge you to a duel! Let us settle the matter, before an audience if we must. Just as your life will be on the line, so shall mine, and only God may bear the right to determine the outcome. Should you refuse, with the host of the Seven Skies bearing witness, I shall dub you craven and bear your contempt of the code of chivalry as further proof you are but a rat undeserving of the name Vernhart. You have one Saint Day to comply! SIGNED, Ser Arthur Hughes de Lyons, Knight of the Sovereign Order of the Petrine Laurel.
  24. Penned by Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki, 6th of Owyn’s Flame, 1901 Throughout the many years of my familial turmoil, I have put forth myself to keep this house afloat. The waves crash against our family’s reputation as we sail on the open continent of Almaris and set foot in Petrine Land, creating a place of sanctuary for our bloodline. With the death of my father and mother, the leadership of the family had fallen to my oldest brother; however, nearly a year after he completely disappeared, the succession of the family went to my older sister. Very unfortunately, she had fallen ill during the winter cold of the same year, an illness not able to be cured with known medicine. Another many years passed while I played Lady Regent, praying my dear sister would regain her strength to guide our house but praying was never enough. In desperate need, I consulted with my sister, and we both have made a decision that I shall be the matriarch of House Jazloviecki and the succession line shall follow my branch of this family, being passed to my children, followed by my children’s children. With this conclusion, I wish for The Commonwealth of Petra to honor this arrangement if anyone were to question the legitimacy of my hold on the House of Jazloviecki. SIGNED, Lady Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki, Matriarch of House Jazloviecki, Grand Chamberlain of River Court
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