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Found 7 results

  1. “I will love you, always and forever.” As one goes through their years, they grow attachments to the many people around them. People come and go, relationships do the same. The blonde hair and blue eyed, aged Brashton has done the same as every descendant before her- foster relationships, learn to love those relationships, and eventually watch some take their final breaths. Jorden had never claimed to live an easy life, it was something she always had to gain throughout the years. Fighting; through the war with the Inferi and the countl
  2. On the 12th of Harren's Folly Father Alfonso Altamirano was beheaded by the, to him, unknown and unfamiliar kidnappers of the Pontifix Maximus. As the weapon swung towards his neck he was praying, for forgiveness and mercy to be given to all the men in the room, and for justice to be delivered upon their arrival to Godani's realm. He also thought of how he could see his dear brother again in the Seven Skies, and found amusement in the irony of their similar deaths. He also thought about how his sons would be without a father and shed a tear for his favorite son, Leopold, but he als
  3. Sir Edvard Amador HKML Fmr. Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska THE DEATH OF THE TAXMAN The radiant sun would rise, marking a new day in the bustling city of Karosgrad. Edvard Amador got up and approached the window in his house overlooking the Haeseni city. “Hmmmm,” the man muttered as he looked to the sky as the sun peeked out from behind the palace. “Did I do a good job looking after the family, father?” he’d call out, “Did I meet your expectations? Are vy proud of me?” The man would continue, starting to shout out in frustration. “I tried my very hardest to
  4. THEME [CIRCA 1782] "I wish not to live life like the average person. So pitifully boring, that is.” THE BEGINNING Owynsburg Kaedrin, 1776. “Ivanna, look at all of this!” Exclaimed a fourteen year old Florenza d’Amato, fresh from the land of Illatians. The young freckled girl marvels at her surroundings, frolicking around the streets merrily. “Don’t you love it, Florenza?” comments a dark haired woman with a large hat and blue eyes. The young woman smiles at her cousin’s amazement, pulling her
  5. The Red Sun Sets The pain was unlike one the veteran had ever felt before. It had begun earlier with a sort of pain in his shoulder which was bearable but quickly was added onto by a feeling of lightheadedness as his breathing got shorter and more ragged. Astoro moved outside to try and get some fresh air, hoping that it would alleviate him. Much the opposite the pain worsened as he tried to alleviate his friend’s concern’s as they both sat down at a nearby table. As more and more time passed the pain grew and so did the concern from his friend Fyodor and
  6. Talo Song eyes burst open suddenly at the sound of a knocking door. He sighed as he slowly crept towards the entrance of his small home. He opened it up to see some friends of his, Eoghan O'Cathain and Vivian Maelstrom. As Talo watched them, fear and agitation was present on their faces. As he scanned the streets, there seemed to be a climate of hysteria in town. Something was wrong. "Talo! Have you seen Eliott?" Vivian exclaimed. Talo shook his head calmly with an aura of confusion "No. I haven't seen Eliott before." With frustration, the couple stumbled o
  7. ----------------- The Death Of A Ranger----------------- The day started as any other, Archer Biano awoke in the HRA barracks. After eating a few rations Archer slowly got dressed in his ranger uniform. He had lost his arm a month before to a bandit with a great-sword. The wound was still semi fresh as he had to change the bandages several times a day. Making his rounds around the city of New Reza he had saw Reyna standing in the town center, to him her beauty was unmatched. Slowly he walked up to her, “Hey Reyna, how are you doing?” He had asked, leaning slightly on the giant statue pod
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