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Found 4 results

  1. A soiled, tattered notebook is found. The pages are scattered, floating in the stagnated water in which it sat. It’s age is beyond measure, and the pages barely able to be read. Inside, one would find these documents. Beware the vines! I’d been wandering for days through this hell hole- the swamp. Everything is hostile there, I tell you. The plants are sharp and tear at your skin, and the gnats fill the gashes to get at your blood. I was sick and tired of the damned place and was rightly convinced Iblees himself worked up its evil as personal torment for myself. The sun was falling so I righted my tent on the only piece of dry ground I could find- the roots of one of the many drowning trees. I didn’t bother lighting a fire- I was already sweating from the humidity. Wasn’t long before I joined the dream world, as they say. Plop! I felt my forehead light on fire with pain, an angered howl leaving my lips. I got out of the tent fast as I could, blade drawn, half expecting some angry reptile waiting for me. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. A vine, one of the many covering the trees, had grown as I slept. The entire tent was covered with them, steaming with noxious gases. I watched my hard-won tent collapse under them, nothing more than a sizzling pile of mush. These vines I decided to call Ata’lenti, tainted growth in the common. Even as I watched, the vine retracted to the trees and stopped dripping acid. I was shocked, and pretty damn mad. This hellish foliage stole my tent, and I still had months left of places to visit. I raved for a good hour I’d say, oblivious to the fact the vine was growing towards me again. I felt a tendril wrap around my ankle, burning my trousers. I cut it, and the vine retreated again. As a bit of a test, I threw a piece of dried meat near the tree. Even as I watched, the vine grew down and absorbed the ration through that acid. I left mighty fast, and wrote this the minute I was clear of that damned swamp. A few defining features of Ata’lenti is it’s attraction to the swamp trees. In all my travels, it’s the ONLY place I’ve ever seen it. Stuff has a pleasant aroma with small bunches of blue berries and small, round leaves, by appearance alone completely harmless. Don’t touch it! Stuff is dripped with acids, which burn through skin and clothing in seconds. The plant is carnivorous, mainly feasting off the many bugs and animals within the swamp. It grows quickly, as if a Druid itself was controlling it. It’ll surround the meat it plans to eat, absorbing it with the acids. For some odd reason, the trees don’t seem to be affected. Perhaps it saves the acids solely for prey. Beware camping in this swamp! The vine will not hesitate to feast on you while you slee- The page is soaked and stained past this point, the ink gone and the rest of the entry destroyed. ~~~ I'm not really sure how I end up in these situations. One minute I'm walking on the path minding my own business when bam! There comes along a group of brigands. Just my luck. Take everything I got, except this book. I guess it won't sell for much on the auction. I wandered for days after that, maybe even weeks. No food to be found in this damned forest! I was getting so hungry I could’ve sworn my very own fist looked like a fresh steak. I felt myself getting weaker and weaker till I just couldn't stand no more. If you'd asked me then, I would've said I was going to meet my Creator. However, seemed he had a bit more set out for me. I fell face first, getting a mouth-full of something thick and soft- a heavy woody flavor overpowering my senses. It flooded my mouth with warmth, that same warmth rejuvenating my dying body. In seconds I felt as if I could punch a bloody orc and he fall dead. The feeling quickly faded as my stunning good looks and cunning took back over, but the fullness in my stomach remained. The mushroom I now dubbed Siru’ahern, or Mushroom Blessing in the common. I filled my pack with chunks of the thing, saying my prayers to the Creator in thanks. No longer would I starve in my journey. Now to just sell some junk to some peasants to get a bit of coin.. Anyway. I returned with a full purse, documenting what I saw in here. Siru’ahern is large, anywhere between twenty to thirty feet tall. The cap is predominantly red, with white spots. When eaten, the substance replenishes your energy and fills your stomach, as if you’d had a recent and hearty meal in the Emperor's castle. Fear not the mushroom, for its touch is warm, welcoming and hearty! (Note: Wasn't 100% sure as to post it on the plant index or as a normal submissions, and as since the lore itself doesn't fit the application for plant index I decided to post it as a normal submission per lore competition documents.. anywho! Enjoy!)
  2. Posters are setup around Vailor showing a list of Alchemical ingredients for sale and contact information of the seller. (Price are discussed either through the forum: Juliusaakerlund, skype: Juliusaakerlund or MC: Julius55.) List of Ingredients Alabaster Leaf Crimson Vase Crouching Feather Clutcher's Straw Goblin's Ivy Halfling's Grass Larihei's Fingers Mandragora Serpent's Stalk Thornbark Tippen's Root (Items still available will be marked with green and items out of stock will be marked red.)
  3. Farryn

    [Flora Lore] Mordens' Plant

    The Mordens' plant Description The Mordens's plant is an exotic plant that is located within the dense jungles of Athera. The plant is known for being a carnivore plant that will eat any living creature and digest them. The plant is also known for its poisonous sleeping venom that is located in the vines and the bulb underneath the larger flower that some call 'the mouth of the plant' (see picture). Although a plant, the Mordens' plant appears to have a mind of its own, being able to attack any predators or creature that comes by it. The plant was named after a man called Rodan Mordens who discovered the plant and begun to research the plant, Rodin was then ironically eaten by the very plant he discovered, thus the plant was named after him. Appearance The Mordens' plant is a 9ft plant that has a tree like stem. The plant has a large, blood red flower with razor sharp teeth that leads into the depth of the plant. The flower releases a very sweet fragrance that attracts animals to the plant, only to lead them to being digested by the plant. When closed, the flower resembles a greenish bulb that has a texture somewhat similar to the scales of a lizard with the edges resembling a pair of red lips. Growing from the stem are vines ranging from two to eight, depending on how old the plant is (two if young and eight if old), and these vines contain sharp needles that inject a sleeping venom that causes anyone injected with the venom to fall asleep for seven hours while the poison in the venom begins to kill them. Lastly, a small stem grows out from the bottom of the stem, leading to a red bulb that contains the sleeping venom and creates the liquid there. Location The Mordens' plant is located within very dense jungles, as the plant enjoys the tropical climate. If one was to search for the plant. It would be recommend to bring a sword that can cut through the dense jungle or to have a guide to stop them from getting lost. Defences The Mordens' plant has defences in order to protect itself from predictors or from people who wish to collect the venom. The plant will use its vines in order to inject the attackers with the sleeping venom, placing the attacker asleep for seven hours. The plant will also use these vines to sweep away any other attackers. The plant also spits out the acid from its stomach at the attackers, causing lethal paint and can blind if the acid gets into the attackers' eyes. Lastly, the plant will pick up any sleeping attackers and will devour them, allowing the acid inside its stomach to digest them into energy and nutrients for the plant. Anyone who is injected with the venom but is carried away from the plant will sleep for seven days until the poison within the venom kills them before they wake up. Weaknesses Although the plant has a range of defences, it also has a range of weaknesses. One of the prime weaknesses of the Mordens' plant is that it extremely hates fire. By lighting a stick on fire and swishing the burning stick at the plant, the Mordens' plant will begin backing away to keep clear of the fire. It is recommended to use the fire to keep the vines at bay while another person cuts the small bulb from the plant. Additionally, by cutting off the bulb located at the bottom of the plant, the venom will cease to reach the vines, making the vines less dangerous. Lastly, to kill the plant, one can simply throw fire into the plant's enormous flower or continuously shredding it apart. Uses Although the vines and the stem of the plant holds no uses, the flowers and the venom can be used in a few ways. The venom of the plant can be uses to create sleeping potions through Alchemy, or sometimes even poisons and the venom's antidote as well. The venom is best received from the small bulb, as getting the venom from the vines will be difficult with the vines moving. As for the flower, the flower is not poisonous and can be used to create a rich red dye for clothing and fabrics. The flower can also be used to create a fair and lovely fragrance and oil. ~~~~ I hope you enjoy this lore idea. - Gira
  4. Name: Nether Tendrils Appearance: The small plant consists of a bulb and shallow root system, which grow around stumps of trees and decaying wood. Multiple snaky tendrils emanate from the bulb, black in color with fiery orange spots. It is recognizable by its unique, musty odor, which can be detected even when the plant is processed. The liquid extracted from the plant will always be a pinkish-red color. Effects: When the drug extracted from the bulb is consumed, it produces a happy, fuzzy feeling in the user. As more is ingested or absorbed, a joyous, happy feeling arises. Too much consumption in a short time can lead to an increased heart rate, fatigue, and unconsciousness, as well as attentiveness, twitching, erratic behavior. and a jittery feeling. How it works: The plant’s tendrils and roots have no effects; they only serve to identify it. The bulb can be crushed up and drained; the fluids being the most potent. The liquid can be diluted or concentrated as needed, and ingestion or application directly to the bloodstream are two methods to have the drug take effect. Additionally, it can be dried and converted into incense. The plant in its plain or ‘raw’ form would have a very mild effect. Another method of ingestion would be infusing the drug in baked goods or food. The Cure: The effects operate similarly to cactus green. The rate and amount of the drug that is consumed directly affects the drug’s main effect and side effects. If it was consumed or drunk in potion form, water taken immediately after would dilute it and would stifle the effects. Otherwise, the happiness and negative side effects from the plant would have to wear of naturally. Uses: The plant, in drug form, would mostly be used for recreational use. It could also be used for medical reasons, even as a possible antidepressant. Pros: - Provides entertainment and fun, and is not a taxing drug. - Easily detectable to a mediocre herbalist or alchemist, making poisoning difficult. -Relatively mild side effects, with an overdose being extremely unlikely. Cons: -Requires some refining and processing to be made into an effect drug. -Side effects become more prominent and negative as more of the drug is taken. -Easily could be habit-forming. -Requires some alchemical and herbal knowledge. OOC: Item name - Rose Red (Dye) Nether tendrils have nothing to do with the nether, that is just the name. I have never done lore before, please give me constructive advice. Thanks ^_^