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Found 22 results

  1. Emergency Regency of Ciavola 5th of the Grand Harvest,97 S.A Baron Björn Ragnarrsson Mösu, Baron of Ciavola, has disappeared without a trace. He vanished in the night, having seemingly left without taking anything with him, and after more than a week of silence from him, he shows no sign of returning. The government of Ciavola and the Baron’s own family are at a loss for this unexplained disappearance. Rumors fly around Ciavola - that the Baron is hiding from the King of Balian, or that he has left Almaris itself in search of some secret known only to him, or simply that he has decided to take a very long, and decidedly unscheduled, vacation. Regardless of the reasons for his vacancy, however, one fact remains clear: someone must take up his roles and duties until he is found or returns. In the days following the Baron’s disappearance, few Mösus showed any interest in taking up the role of regent, nor even did any Aesirs of Ciavola. It was into this sluggish confusion that Baron Björn’s oldest sibling and sister, Freyja Ragnarssdottir Mösu, stepped into the public eye. She took up the role swiftly and decisively, so as to ensure that her rise to the role of regent would not be challenged. Her claim met with the approval of Ciavola and of the King of Balian himself, and she was granted peerage by King John. Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu shall hold all the powers and duties normally held by the Baron of Ciavola and shall be held to the same standards by the Council of Aesirs. She shall rule until Björn either is found dead, whereupon a new Baron shall be chosen by the customs of Ciavola, or until he returns from whence he came and resumes his rule as Baron. So it is that Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu will guide the Barony forward into the future with a strong hand for as long as Ciavola needs her.
  2. With the election having ended; Julie picked up the ballot box, gathered some halflings from the village to double check her counting, and tallied up all the votes, discarding only the two cast by children per the election rules. Once the count had been checked and double checked, a flyer was posted around the village announcing the results. The RESULTS of the Honeyhill Elections of 692 SR The Honeyhill Elections of 692 SR have ended. The people have chosen a new Thain, Mayor, and Sheriff; and so my time as the interrim Mayor of Honeyhill has ended and I hereby relinquish my powers to them so that they may continue the march of our people into a bright new era of democracy. The results of the elections are as follows: Thain With 6 votes, King Cyris Collingwood has been elected Thain. His defeated opponent, Lily Peregrin, recieved 4 votes. Mayor With 10 votes, Mimosa Applefoot has been elected Mayor. Her defeated opponent, Magnolia Fiddleberry, recieved 1 vote. Sheriff With 7 votes, Hob the Beast Slayer has been elected Sheriff. His defeated opponent, Breasal Nimblefoot, recieved 3 votes.
  3. A Republic Restored The Results of the Honeyhill Government Vote In accordance with the prior plan and decisions of the People's Moot, a village-wide vote regarding its proposals for a new halfling government has been taken. Of the ten eligible votes cast, all of them were cast in favor of the plan forwarded by King Cyris Collingwood, making that plan henceforth the lawful frame of government for Honeyhill. Under the provisions of the plan, the offices of Thain and Sherrif are to be assumed only with the consent of the people through an election. As such, all standing claims to these offices (notably from Mimosa Applefoot and Lily Peregrin in the case of the former and Hob the Beast Slayer in the case of the latter) are null and void unless these individuals win the elections that will soon begin for these offices. More importantly, an election for Mayor will also be held at the same time as elections for these to offices. The polls for those will open in two pumpkin days, until then I ask any interested in running in these elections to announce there candidacies so that I can ensure they are on the ballot. As Cyris' plan did not include any rules for elections, providing no objections are raised I will place the following rules, mostly based on previous halfling elections, on the elections that are about to be held: In accordance with the rules of previous elections, only adult halflings associated with Honeyhill can be elected to any office or vote in the elections. The same candidate cannot run for multiple offices at once Because each voter will only be able to cast a single vote for each office, a tie is possible. If the election involved more than two candidates, in the event of a tie a run-off election will be held involving only tied candidates. If a race involving only two candidates is tied, it will be up to the contested candidates to settle the matter personally between one another. Under no circumstances however should multiple people end up holding the same office at once - the three Elder system was a disaster for Bramblebury. The elections will last four pumpkin days; two for candidates to announce they are running and two for voting All other rules concerning ballots will be carried over from the rules stated on the ballot for the government vote I encourage all candidates for Thain, Mayor, or Sheriff to announce they are running as soon as possible. It's time to show history what we've learned from it, and move on into a brighter era.
  4. A Vote On the Government of Honeyhill With the passing of the old regime of Lily Peregrin, the time has come for the people of Honeyhill to vote for a new government. The People’s Moot came up with two proposals for what the new government would look like, which will be described below. If neither of these proposals are acceptable to a voter, they also have the option to vote to reject both. In the event the option of “neither” receives the most votes, another People’s Moot will be held for the purpose of reaching a workable compromise. Otherwise, the proposal that wins the most votes will be implemented and as temporary Mayor, I will organize the elections necessitated by the winning proposal. Proposal I By Mr. Hal Applefoot Preamble In the last century, the way our society has operated in terms of its governance has been flawed. Therefore I would propose we cut back on how many leaders we have to one, we do not need Elders, who generally do nothing but persist the presence of the old guard, nor a Thain even if they were elected. The Mayor's office should return, though their duties should be limited leaving much autonomy to the people of Honeyhill to do as they please. Less is more; a simplistic government is the only way forward for the wee-folk of Honeyhill. Thain The troublesome office of the Thain should be abolished, replaced with the new elected office of the Mayor. Mayor Elected every eight years at the Weefolks Moot. Mayors handle events, organise festivals and generally act as the representative of the people of Honeyhill in communication with entities like the King of Haense. In this regard the government of the village shall be purely event oriented. Sheriff Appointed by the Mayor, the Sheriff manages the peace in Honeyhill and protects it from any beasts or dangerous outsiders. Weefolks Moot A gathering held every eight years, the Weefolks Moot is where the weefolk elect a new Mayor by simple majority and generally congregate to discuss the goings of the village. Proposal II By King Cyris Collingwood Preamble The foundation of this proposal is that a halfling government ought to serve its people, not the other way around. Thain The Thain will become an elected official, serving for life unless removed by a vote of the people. The duty of the Thain will be to offer advice to the Mayor, but mostly to see to foreign affairs and diplomatic relations. The Thain should be viewed primarily as a figurehead. Mayor and Elders The Mayor will be an elected official, serving for life unless removed by a vote of the people. The Mayor will attend to all internal matters, and due to the vast nature of these duties will be allowed to appoint Elders to help them. Elders in of themselves will hold no power, and will simply assist the Mayor with whatever tasks they are assigned. The Thain may also appoint Elders, but given that their duties will consist only of diplomacy this is unlikely to be necessary. Sheriff The Sheriff’s office will retain its current powers, being elected by the people until death or removal by their vote. They are not to be interfered with or vetoed by any member of the government. The People’s Power As stated earlier, the people may vote to have any member of the government step down if they are doing a bad job, even Elders. The Moot If any major decisions come up, the village may vote on them if the Mayor and Thain deem it necessary or if the people raise enough of a concern for such to happen. All votes at a moot will require a 2/3rds majority of those present at the Moot to pass. Titles All names and titles in this proposal are subject to change if we as a people decide on something different. [!] A polling station can be found next to the entrance of the tavern. The Ballot: ((MC Name:)) Name: Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) () Neither () Rules of the Vote: Voters may cast no more than one vote on this ballot If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress)) ((No voting as multiple personas)) Your vote will only be counted if you are an adult halfling associated with Honeyhill Voting will close in 2 Pumpkin Days ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post))
  5. [!] A flyer is spread around Honeyhill Calling all Halflings! Come to The People's Moot A letter written by Mimosa Applefoot at the request of Cyris Collingwood has been circulated around the village of Honeyhill calling upon the "Goodbarrels" to restore peace and unity to the village by helping organize an election. Seeing as Greta Goodbarrel and her immediate family are dead and I, Julie Riverwing, am known to be the foremost proponet of Goodbarrel's political philosophy, I can only assume this letter was addressed at me. Given my more controversial views, I do not think it would be wise to do exactly what Mimosa suggested, and try to fix everything alone. We cannot hope to achieve unity by placing our trust in one person. The future of this village must be decided by all of its residents, and for that purpose I call upon everyone in Honeyhill to join me at a great moot, so that we may discuss as a village how to solve this crisis. It is my understanding that typically, Moots are called by the Thain, not random residents. But as I have expressed before, I consider all halflings to be equal to one another. This will not be a typical Moot where everyone throws out ideas and the Thain makes the final decision. This will be a People's Moot; no title shall be recognized except "resident of Honeyhill" and nothing shall be decided without having been put twice to a vote; once amongst those attending the Moot, and then village-wide. This will ensure that what we end up deciding is truly the will of the people. I will announce the date of the People's Moot within the next few days, I want to make sure as much of the village can be in attendence as possible.
  6. [!] A letter is circulated around the village of Honeyhill Unity & Peace! ~King Cyris on the hay stack~ War hangs over Honeyhill. The peace of the Knoxist church has been disrupted, Sheriffs and old Sheriff candidates argue in the streets, and Knox himself frowns upon the weefolk. At the request of King Cyris, I, Mimosa Applefoot, call upon the Goodbarrels to resolve this matter and avoid a conflict, needless suffering, and mass improperness. There should be an election rather than a war, and halfling unity rather than halfling aristocracy. Put away your shovels, rockets, and whatever else you were planning. There will be peace in Honeyhill. ~Mimosa Applefoot
  7. [!] You find a paper pinned to the Honeyhill Noticeboard Ye are not a Thain T'was but an old fear of mine that I hoped to be false, but now I see it confirmed by Lily Peregrin herself. The Peregrin family, having lost all of the wisdom of Iris Peregrin, fancy themselves as Halfling Monarchs. She now claims Knox to have personally chosen the Peregrins to rule forever much in the same way that biggun Kings and their Canonist Church claim to rule through the right of GOD. Lily Peregrin so detests the idea of a non-aristocratic Thaindom as to slander all Applefoots in defense of a Peregrin-centric view of history that simply is not true. We Applefoots keep close records of things, and as I now scour through my late father's notes, I note his deep friendship with Thain Iris Peregrin. What would Iris Peregrin, were she alive today, think of Lily's insults towards the Applefoots when near half of her great projects were undergone alongside my father, a proud Applefoot through and through? When the stink of corruption rotted away at Bramblebury, who went alongside Iris and her family to found Knoxville? When Isalie threatened to uplift halflings from our homes and hurl us into biggun refuge, who stuck with Iris and built much of Bloomerville with her? Peregrins and Applefoots have never hated one another, until now of course when Lily brings the topic up in a crude defense of her rule as "Thain". The fact remains that Lily has scant few arguments in defense of her rule as "Thain" other than her family name, and so she must lift it up onto a pedestal and kick down the legacy of every other family so her one argument looks a little nicer. When Rollo Applefoot founded the very Thaindom that Lily now lays claim to based on Peregrin heritage, he made sure to set a good precedent for future Thains. When the time came to pick his successor, he chose an O'Connel instead of an Applefoot. What Lily fails to understand is that I, Mimosa Applefoot, do not lay claim to Thaindom based on heritage. If such were to be the case, what foolishness would Rollo's non-Applefoot succession choices have been! I do not seek to build a dynasty much in the same way that the Rollo did not build a dynasty either. We Applefoots do not see ourselves as monarchs, aristocrats, or nobles of any kind, nor do we wish to rule "Until Arugula rises from the sea and swallows the whole world", as Lily put it. I wish to rule based on my merit and appoint a successor based on merit as well, which is what now sets me apart from Lily Peregrin's leadership philosophy. I pray for the halflings lured towards Lilly by the promise of power, for although minor positions she may grant and elections she may upend, when the time comes for one Thain to pass onto the next, Lily would only ever appoint another Peregrin, regardless of the service of other halflings and their families. We are all one family under Knox, and one family under Knox we ought to remain instead of only Peregrins under Knox and all other families under the Peregrins. The only monarch I shall ever support in Honeyhill is King Cyris, who unlike Lily, devotes himself to Knox out of love rather than personal gain. We shall not become a Halfling Kingdom ruled as the bigguns rule themselves. -Thain Mimosa Applefoot.
  8. [!] Overnight, a short pamphlet appears on the Honeyhill Noticeboard. Six Proposals for a New Republic Introduction Three score and twelve years ago, Rolladango Applefoot brought forth upon the village of Bramblebury an old and inconsistent form of government, concieved in absolutism, and dedicated the proposition that halflings, while all created equal, are incapable of self-rule. Now, Bramblebury's descendant Honeyhill appears to be engaged in a great power struggle, testing whether that system, or any system based on the rule of one over many, can long endure. I am not ignorant of the reasons the halflings have reverted to a Thainship. I have dedicated my life to studying the history of the Halfling Republic, and I understand well the reasons for its failure. Though the proposals I am about to lay out, if agreed upon by the people of Honeyhill, will restore a Halfling Republic; it will restore one that looks very different from the one created by Greta Goodbarrel. I greatly admire the woman, but I have studied her project long enough to see where it went wrong. Though I agree with her higher ideals of personal liberty for all halflings, I also recognize that most of you do not consider those ideals a necessity for government. Those of you who remember me will likely recall my exodus from the village being the result of my disagreement with properness laws. Let us set that debate aside - what I am saying here has nothing to do with properness, or secularism, or any of the apparently wildly unpopular Goodbarrelian values. The proposals I will offer in this pamphlet rest on two simple ideas that we should all agree on. That all halflings are born equal, and that a halfling government should be small and subject to the will of the people. The failure of the Goodbarrelian constitutions was not the result of democracy not working but of the government being needlessly large and the original constitution being enacted against the will of the majority. Regarding the first problem; I understand where Greta was coming from; she didn't want any member of the government to turn into a dictator; but checks and balances from within the government for so small a village muddle things needlessly. We do not need both a Mayor and a Thain, and we certainly do not need a poorly defined triumvirate of Elders - under the government I am about to propose, the check on the leader's power will be the people. Without further ado, I make the following proposals for the reorganization of Honeyhill's government: I. Abolish the Thainship As the preamble implied, the thing that prompted me to write this pamphlet was the struggle for the Thainship between Mimosa Applefoot and Lily Peregrin. To some extent, I agree with Mimosa - the Peregrin family has indeed attempted to turn the Thainship into a monarchy, and this - if nothing else, should be proof that the Thainship is simply not a good form of government. We must recognize that, given our tendency to be deeply devoted to our families, not one of us can truly be trusted to appoint a successor for ourselves with impartial judgement. Nepotism, as has occured with the Peregrin "dynasty", is inevitable as long as only one person has a say in who becomes the next Thain. It is time for the shovel to either be returned to Knox or laid to rest in the village museum. II. Elect a Mayor Every Eight Years As I implied in the first proposal, the only fair way to choose our leader is through a popular election, a vote open to all adult halflings in the village. The ballot should be public, so that the votes are visible for all to see and the winner is plainly obvious once the polls close. Each voter should get one vote. Since it is unlikely that only two candidates will run in an election, if no candidate wins over 50% of the vote a second round should be held between the two candidates with the most votes. It is extremely important that whoever loses an election is willing to accept the results. It is for that reason that I suggest the terms of a Mayor be eight years - if an election is lost, there's always next time. I understand that elections could easily give way to factionalism, but as long as differences end at the ballot box we should not worry too much about that. It did not become a serious issue during the Goodbarrelian republic until we had three Elders of vaguely equal power. That will not be the frame of this new republic. III. Let the Mayor Govern Though the Mayor should be called a Mayor to signify that they answer to the people and are not dictators, their powers and duties during their term of office would be, in effect, the same as that of a Thain. They would handle all duties of governing the village, and be allowed to appoint Elders to aid them in those duties serve as their advisors, delegating whatever tasks to them they see fit. Should the Mayor be indisposed, an Elder designated earlier by the former Mayor for that purpose should assume their duties, and may act as Mayor until a new one is elected should the office become vacant. IV. Keep the Sherrif The Sherrif's department should continue to exist as it has traditionally, with the Sherrif being elected by the people to keep order in the village; serving until their death, retirement, or removal. The Sherrif should be allowed to appoint for themself a Deputy to assist them just as the Elders would assist the Mayor, and assume their duties should the Sherrif be indisposed. V. Give Power to the People The Mayor and Sherrif alike, along with their Elders and Deputy respectively, should recognize that they govern by the will of the village's residents. Major decisions ought to be discussed by all the village's people at a village Moot, which may be organized by both the leadership and informally by ordinary residents. Should a number of residents equalling two thirds of the voters in the previous election demand a leader step down, that leader should do so, and if they do not it is the right of the people to ignore them and elect a replacement anyway. In order for this new form of government to survive, it must be flexible. The village is small enough that we may trust no abuse will go unnoticed by the people. VI. Write a Constitution Though such a document should not be too rigid, and should be worded in a way that everyone can understand, it is important that the basic rules of this form of government are clearly written down somewhere. Though would personally like to see it, this Constitution does not need to have a bill of rights protecting impropers, or for that matter anything controversial that the village wouldn't be able to generally agree on. The new Constitution should not require the approval of a Thain for ratification, nor should a Thain's approval be sufficient for that purpose. We will not repeat the mistakes of 1796; a new form of government cannot be implemented unless a significant majority (2/3rds perhaps) of the village's residents wish to see it implemented, in which case a Thain would be in effect powerless to resist it. It has been nearly a century since our people's previous experiment with democracy. We are an entirely new generation, and we have a well documented record of the mistakes of the past that will teach us not to repeat them. I know many who read this may have considered establishing a Halfling Republic in any form to have been one of those mistakes, but I hope the arguments I have made here have helped those people reconsider. I do not expect my testimony to be worth much; I am returning after a very long absence, to the point where most who reside here now probably have no idea who I am. But frankly that is unimportant; this is not about me. I have made these proposals for the benefit of the village, and the village can either take them or leave them. For my part, I will stick around, defend my ideas to any who wish to debate them, and see how this little game of shovels Mimosa and Lily are playing turns out. My hope is that we will all realize there's a better way to solve this.
  9. THE DIVINE CONTRACT 5 MENSIS OVENITIUS, 2A78 ARTICLE I: RULES OF OPERATION Our Voices Are Equal: All Lectors of Owyn within the Third Mission shall possess the same weight in voting when making decisions. The Lectorate is a collective of Brothers who have sacrificed their time and offered their lives to the Mission, and thus it is unethical to deprive anyone of equal say. Honor Your Elders: Any and all positions of leadership are designed with the intent of setting precedent for and facilitating the operations of the Cohort. Respect is given to the most diligent, and competence will be rewarded with greater duties. Those who have been entrusted with setting the example should be honored rather than disgraced. Reject Governmental Obligations: All Lectors of Owyn shall refuse to accept positions of power within any Nation, City or Religious institution. Power leads to corruption; it is what doomed the Second Mission. Reject Honorifics Which Demand Responsibility: All Lectors of Owyn shall refuse to accept titles which demand responsibility from the recipient. The exceptions to this rule are titles of benevolence and friendship, which seek to lift the spirit of a Lector rather than prescribe unto them a role in a society. Brothers Before Others: All Lectors of Owyn shall be expected to prioritize the mission before romance and other types of amicable relationships. It is implored that the Lectorate maintain a watchful gaze to avoid the corruption of their Brothers by external influences. Raise No Army: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to refrain from actively recruiting and indoctrinating new Proselytes. In the case that a Lector truly believes that an individual may be worthy of Brotherhood, they may recommend the lifestyle and encourage them to undertake the Path of Owyn and the Novitiate Trials. It is imperative that the Flaming Covenant not attempt to raise an army. Deny Bloodlust: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to act in a calm and intelligent capacity. Therefore, though Lectors may crusade against iniquity, it is imperative that the Third Mission not fall victim to the desire for constant battle and unwarranted death. Refrain From Lawyering: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to understand the essence of the Divine Contract and refrain from using legalist terminology and justification for its violation. Additionally, Lectors shall refrain from engaging in intrafactional politics as it undermines unity and cohesion. ARTICLE II: PUNISHMENT Mockery: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect mockery from their Brothers for the duration of a single year. Leasing: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect their Brothers to lease their services to an ignoble profession for the duration of one year. Nomenclature: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect to be provided with a terrible title or nickname by which their fellow Lectors shall refer to them until the end of time. Blackmarking: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation on a consistent basis, they shall expect to be blackmarked by their Brothers. They will be stripped of their rights and mantle the role of a Novitiate. Possessing no rights, no honor, nor name, they shall only be referred to as “Blackmarked”. Excommunication: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation on a consistent and irreparable basis, they shall expect to be deemed ‘Excommunicado’ by their Brothers and shunned from all Lector activities. Their name shall be expunged and they shall be forgotten. Death: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation to a severe degree, they shall expect to be hunted and slain, banished to the void for their treachery. ARTICLE III: TRIAL In order to receive punishment, a Lector must be confronted by two of his Brothers and accused of violating the Rules of Operation. Once the Third Mission has gathered, the accusers and the accused shall make their case as to why the Rules of Operation were, or were not, violated. The Lectors present, including the accused, shall cast a vote as to whether the Divine Contract was violated. Should the accused be found guilty, they shall be prescribed a punishment befitting the extent of their failure. ARTICLE IV: AMENDMENTS The Third Mission maintains the right to add amendments to the Divine Contract provided there is unanimous support.
  10. A CHALLENGE - Alaion Miravaris - penned and issued by A. Miravaris, 69 S.A. - Lliran, I come to you today to correct a mistake that I made long ago: to run, democratically, for the Sohaership of our blessed cihi. I admit, my short but brief tenure as Sohaer was one thrust upon me in the midst of chaos - and, knowing little else, I held the stance that a steel fist would grant stability, quelling the tide. Since then I have learnt - to right a wrong. Those were my words, and now do I seek to follow such with action. [!] An artist’s rendition of old Haelun’orian ruins - the old cities re-imagined. [ACA - Limca by Johann Blais] There is much still yet I wish to do; a number of changes which I seek to bring to our Silver Shores. And for this, I call for the support of my lliran, to cast their vote in the election, to place their trust in me to bring forth the wisdom I have gained in their favour. I hold a vision, lliran - a vision for our future. I have seen elCihi rise and fall into stagnancy, I have seen it flourish with light - these patterns made clear, I have been able to learn how to best keep our Cihi alive. [!] An artist’s rendition of a past Haelun’orian city. [A New Hope by Johann Blais] Our home, our blessed Silver City, has recently fallen under threat - dutiful Sillumiran, unarmed civilians and even oem’iian are among those who have been harmed at the hands of the militant ‘fenn and ‘ata that for some time occupied our streets; those that may seek to do so again in future. I promise you now, lliran - I shall do all that can be done to make elCihi safe for the children of Silver once more. My Pledge As Sohaer, I would seek to instate the following: ━━━━━━━━━▼━━━━━━━━━ OEM | SAFETY I : The immediate approach to repairing our Silver Gates, to once again solidifying Silver Walls. A formalised gatekeeping process shall be implemented - one that is flexible, but fair. As Mali’thill, we should seek to grant challenge and inspiration to those who wish to visit our fair home : I should seek to have gatekeepers assign short quests to leisurely visitors. Those who visit for diplomacy, however, would fret not to be delayed - the issuing of diplomat passports would be open and accessible. II : The continued offer of immunity and refuge to those actively undergoing the Path to Purity, as per tradition, as per the directions of elMalauriran - as righteousness demands. In regards to the Mali’fenn maliata’ehya that recently have made entrance into our walls - I would encourage any with pure Mali’thill blood that have perhaps been led astray to undertake the Path to Purity, and seek out formal citizenship once more. The Silver Way holds difficulties, but I believe that given the right encouragement, all of Silver Blood can prevail through - to follow in Larihei’s legacy. Yet, all who are not Mali’thill nor seeking a return to Silver are beckoned to make their departure; I am ever merciful, and would see that even those of true ‘ata filth are offered this chance to leave our walls before they are removed. NIUT | STRUCTURE III : The introduction of a reformed structure of elHeial’thilln, in which each Okarir may be appointed or dismissed to and from their position by the elected Sohaer, but is open to challenge such that, if well-supported, it shall call for a debate and election to be held over the position. The structure of elHeial’thilln ought to be, as always, meritocratic. Such is the logical way - the Mali’thill are intelligent as individuals, and yet only together might we hope to bring about an appropriate leadership, one that holds the approval of the People to guide the vessel that is Haelun’or towards the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Elections as mentioned are to be held with the oversight of elMalauriran, and the electorate criteria being a Blessed Citizen: a) Proven pure of blood. b) Proven adherent of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. c) Not currently undergoing Path to Purity. d) Elementary understanding of the Elven tongue. e) Submission of a minimum of one satisfactory tome to The Eternal Library. f) Contribution to The Silver State of Haelun’or for five years i.e. Sillumiran service, work beneath a council department, personal industry, active study, writings for the Eternal Library, physician, etc. Where disagreement over the status of blessed citizen of any individual may be resolved through Malauriran vote. I would aspire to take a census early-on within my Sohaership as to make this status clear. Within my Silver Council, I would seek to hold Six Okariran Offices, with the addition of the Medi’ir and Sulii’ceru - the former of which is chosen by Elsohaer to act as their personal delegate to foreign nations, who represents them in interactions with outside powers, and the latter of which is chosen by Elmaheral to remain unknown - their sole prerogative power being to call an early dissolution of the Silver Council in times of crisis, immediately bringing forth a new election. The Six Okariran Offices (Okarnan) would be as follows : Okarir’mali, master of Elves - TAVERN, EVENTS Okarir’maehr, master of Knowledge - LIBRARY, COLLEGE Okarir’hiylun, master of Health - CLINIC, LABORATORIES Okarir’tir, master of Law - SILLUMIRAN, INVESTIGATION, TRIAL Okarir’san, master of Words - INFORM, SCRIBE, DEBATE Okarir’nor, master of Land - CITIZENSHIP, ECONOMY, TRADE NOTE : I believe to begin with, it would be best for the elected Sohaer to appoint Okariran in order to achieve stability and immediate functioning of the Silver State, a full council with which to begin swiftly making repairs and improvements to the city, yet these Okariran will still remain subject to electoral challenge from citizenry who feel they could better serve such a position. Once this is established, and a census taken, I would seek to fill any vacant positions by holding an election for the post. In regards to the Mali’thill who currently hold such positions - or similar such positions - I would still yet like to make their further acquaintance. HAEL | DIPLOMACY IV : The selection of a Medi’ir Should I be elected Sohaer, I would start my tenure - after addressing the very immediate issues of public safety and a functioning base council - with my selection of a Medi’ir. I hope to hold within my first elven week a number of meetings with potential candidates, and would advise and inspire any and all with the vested interest in bringing about a Haelun’or with an elevated voice upon the international stage, a Haelun’or which seeks to interact with the outside world, to contact me regarding such an appointment within that first elven week after the election. V : The opening up of diplomatic avenues, and active correspondence Lliran, it is no doubt that in recent years our touch with the outside world has waned. For a time too long have we become complacent and isolationist, comfortable within our home - we see now that such can only last so long. I would wish to offer our neighbours embassies, trade routes, pacts - to re-engage our Silver State in the affairs of the world, to rebuild and kindle anew friendships with fellow states, for we must be champions of progress for all; we, the Mali’thill, are bound by elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya to strive for Progress, and that Progress we shall extend to our cousins, our neighbours, the lliran to our blessed Haelun’or. VAELU | EDUCATION VI : The integration of the Silver Clinic with the re-introduction of the Haelun’orian Laboratories. For too long has Haelun’or been without proper scientific study. This is one key aim of mine - to link back together our Medical branch and our Scientific branch, as they always ought to have been. It is only through this that we might advance hiylun - that we might advance the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, in fact. Progress and health calls for progress in health. I would hope to encourage the active resurgence of the Haelun’orian scientific community - like in the days of old, of Sullas, shall we praise and facilitate our fine inventors, studious ‘thill, and provide them an environment in which they may work. Through this, may we prosper and see the development of modern enlightenment. VII : The formal re-issue of Eternal Library rulings. I would seek to encourage elOkarir’maehr to publish the formal requirements necessary to enter the Eternal Library once again; such being a donation of a book, quality-checked by elOkarn’maehr (the department of elOkarir’maehr). Oem’iian (Mali’thill beneath the age of 50) are to be exempt from this requirement, and special other exemptions may be made in very occasional cases, but overall I would aspire to have this encouragement towards literacy and the continued development and growth of our Eternal Library, the oldest and largest in all the realm. VIII : The facilitation of the Eternal College as an apprenticeship system. Lliran, we have seen the Eternal College start-up - and swiftly stop - in the past. No more of this, I say: I hope to cultivate instead a system of meritocracy and independent learning, guided by those of scholarly achievement. I seek to have lectures be openly held by any, whilst facilitating an ‘apprenticeship’ system from teachers to students. Ideally, each teacher should take on between two to four students - no more, for each deserves quality time spent tutoring one-on-one. These teachers shall act as mentors and facilitators of their students' growth, challenging them to projects, taking their assistance in studies and experiments, and most of all supporting the individual aspirations and experiments of their students. This personal attention, I believe, would be the best way for our Mali’thill oem’iian to gain knowledge and insight, as well as a greater sense of freedom in their studies. One hopes that this issue of self-nomination and challenge shall inspire you, my dear citizenry - both to inspire each ‘thill personally, and to perhaps inspire your confidence in my vision to lead, ne rule over, Haelun’or: to guide our people to prosperity. Any who hold queries upon this or any other topic, or who simply wish to speak and make my acquaintance, are more than welcome to contact me with an invitation of tea. Signed, A. Miravaris
  11. Imperial-Nihilism Defining One of the Largest Ideologies Within Oren By: Thucydides Melphestaus INTRODUCTION Through this proposal I hope to introduce a groundwork set of thought for an ideology which has widely grown within that of Oren, seemingly unnoticeably at that too. Along with defining the ideology itself I shall be speaking upon how this form of ideology is incapable of existing on it’s own without that of other ideologies within the current system of government the Holy Orenian Empire has as of now. EXPLANATION Imperial-Nihilism is a term which I invented to combine the certain beliefs of Nihilism and the number of beliefs regarding the Holy Orenian Empire specifically. The pieces of Nihilism which are being taken from base Nihilism is primarily the belief within the philosophy that believes that life as a whole is meaningless, and human values are baseless. Then adapting these beliefs to focus more upon the political nature of Oren, to the belief that nothing which happens within the House of Commons, House of Lords, or any ministry truly matters at all, that it shall not affect the lives of the citizens of the nation in any true crucial way. This form of Nihilism I like to phrase as ‘Political Nihilism’ considering these nihilist beliefs do not always transfer over to personal beliefs, and etc. It however, should still be considered a political ideology rather than a philosophy like Nihilism is originally defined as due to this fact. However due to the nature of the Holy Orenian Empire itself the Orenese version Political Nihilism can be regarded as a sub-ideology of Political Nihilism, being phrased as ‘Imperial-Nihilism’. Imperial-Nihilism still holds its roots within that of Political Nihilism, in the fact that the ideology still holds the beliefs that nothing which happened in politics really matters whatsoever, but is evolved, or more so excludes matters of the state as a whole. Imperial-Nihilism adds to Political Nihilism the sense of duty and protection of one’s state, changing Political Nihilism’ belief upon nothing matters to exclude the nation as a whole. Resulting in Imperial-Nihilism valuing and caring about the nation as a whole, focused upon ensuring the Holy Orenian Empire continues to live on under that of an Emperor/ress with the basic structure of government the nation currently has. In truth the ideology of Imperial-Nihilism is a simple belief, or complex to have and understand. Yet to truly explain such a form of political ideology is one which is almost impossible to fully explain due to the seemingly unmixable mix of beliefs which somehow is that of Imperial-Nihilism. SYMBIOTIC Imperial-Nihilism however, is almost impossible to be self-reliant within a nation to the nature of the beliefs itself. For the holes within the political ideology itself are the Nihilist piece, or segment of itself. This is due to the fact that the Imperial Nihilist does not care to interact with politics, yet still cares enough to want to see the Holy Orenian Empire remain similar to how it has been. As such, Imperial-Nihilism serves as a political ideology which is capable of surviving symbiotically with other political ideologies, if these other political ideologies hope to see that the Holy Orenian Empire keeps with the current structures of government it has. Due to this symbiotic relationship however it makes Imperial-Nihilism incapable of acting as the center belief of a political party, a representative, or a government official, unless the Holy Orenian Empire’s structure of government changes drastically. Making the political ideology no threat to any other ideology which hopes to generally keep the Holy Orenian Empire how it currently is when it comes to the matter of government structure. Yet, at the same time Imperial-Nihilism serves as also its own poison due to it’s traits of not acting with politics in any form, allowing opponents of Imperial-Nihilism to rid a nation or set population of these beliefs without any counterattacks, or even facing any defenses from Imperial-Nihilism. CONCLUSION Imperial-Nihilism is a political ideology which is at its base Nihilism which has evolved to only include politics in it’s Nihilist beliefs, yet then mutated to exclude general structure of government from it’s Nihilist beliefs, making the political ideology a mess of beliefs combined together which somehow is capable of working together to make what we know as Imperial-Nihilism.
  12. 1823 MELPHESTAUS PLATFORM TABLE OF CONTENTS Preamble Defense MoJ ISA Citizens ‘Orenian Dream’ Public Housing Other Policies Your voice, not my own PREAMBLE The Holy Orenian Empire, Sacrum Imperium Orenanum, a nation with nothing to compare to its glory. Our beautiful and most wondrous nation however was not built by that of any Emperor or government official, it was instead built by the men and women who supported and backed these Emperors and government officials, the citizens, you. This nation was built by every citizen which resides within it and continues to grow and expand by the hands and tools of old and new citizens of Oren. Without the support of these citizens Oren would have fallen centuries ago. Because of such it is only suitable that the government thanks her citizens, and helps her citizens. Many citizens throughout the Empire live in poverty and have no voice which represents them within that of, government. I, Thucydides Melphestaus hope to fix this issue, and represent not the few, but the many, represent you. As your representative of the Providence District in the House of Commons. DEFENCE MoJ The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) serves as the vanguard against interior threats against that of the Empire and her citizens. In order to ensure that the MoJ is capable of continuing to serve as such a force they must be granted the assistance they need and request. In order to ensure such I intend to have close communicating with that of the MoJ to better understand what they need and what can make them better, so that they are capable of protecting you better, and so that the government can help protect you better. ISA The Imperial State Army (ISA) is the line of defense against that of external threats to that of the Empire. They guard citizens and our nation as a whole against those not of Oren who hope to damage and destroy our wonderful Empire. In order to continue to serve ever so vigilantly they must be supplied appropriately. To achieve such a goal, I hope to have close communication with the ISA to ensure they are fitted properly and they are getting the supplies they need in order to better protect you and our Empire. CITIZENS ‘Orenian Dream’ The opportunity of prosperity and success, and right which should be granted to every citizen of the Empire. Nothing should stand in the way of citizens gaining the chance to have the ‘Orenian Dream’ whether it be being an officer in that of the ISA to that of being a private business owner. Every citizen deserves the chance to achieve such goals. I shall do everything within my power to ensure that nothing will stand in your way, your neighbor's way, or anyone’s way from achieving that of their dreams of prosperity and success within the Empire. Public Housing To solve the issue of poverty within our Empire we must offer assistance to those in need, while also ensuring the Empire as a whole is not negatively affected by offering such assistance. In order to solve this issue I have to put into place that of public housing. Such housing shall be small simple apartments serving as cheap housing for those who cannot afford regular housing. Such housing in order to ensure the Empire can still grow while offering such housing’s rent shall be half of the residents yearly earnings. Such a price shall allow the Empire to have this public housing be self-sustainable while also letting residents of these houses still have money within their bank accounts. OTHER POLICIES Your voice, not my own I, Thucydides Melphastaus if elected intend to never vote or propose upon my own opinions, but that of yours. If elected I would serve as a representative, to the citizens of Providence voting upon the citizens’ opinions instead of my own. Written by, Thucydides Melphastaus Policies by, Thucydides Melphastaus
  13. [!] A flier reaches your doorstep, printed in black ink. On its front, is depicted some sickly woman donning a feathered hat & coat, and above her head read; On its back, however, laid a long few paragraphs on the woman’s promises & beliefs. _________________ is a long-standing War veteran -- of just over eighty years and counting, with multiple careers in the 1700’s ranging from Deputy-Mayor [Maer] to Alderwoman of a neighboring nation. However, following certain developments -- the Dame immigrated to the Kingdom of Haense and at long last, settled with her family of eighteen to pursue a career in the Hanseni military. _________________ Viktoriya that all citizenry; be them of pure [Non-Interbred] heritage and Canonist creed should have equal input in the government and their laws. No taxation without representation; and while our Duma is incredibly efficient, we’ve found that it’s compiled mostly of nobility that are unaware of the poorer denizen’s struggles. The government should assist its citizenry where it can and ensure their populace is well-fed and content with their lives. _________________ Economic Cooperation: Viktoriya hopes to lower taxes for those that serve the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Brave men & women serve and fight for the Kingdom, knocking on death’s door to slay the Nachezer and unholy that plague their lands, are given no pity in regards to housing. Like Dame Viktoriya, they likely have their own families -- hobbies -- and, possibly, second jobs to support themselves. It’s in our belief that soldiers should get a slightly decreased tax rate as a protectorate of our realm. Reconciliation With the Canon Church: Those that openly denounce Canonism, and GODANI, are not currently barred from running in the Royal Duma. Dame Viktoriya feels as though this is an open insult - for, if we pander to sinners and allow them to shape our government, what difference do we have from ourselves to them? Any descendants that label themselves as Atheist, Malinism-Practicing, Xionist, et cetera should not be allowed to participate in government. Subsidize a Citizenry-Aid Program: With the utter incompetence of our late High Seneschal - the woman that was just impeached - newer citizens have been left in the dark on how our city functions. Folk just immigrating to Haense as-of-recent should, at least, have an information center to read from to help in getting settled. Supposedly, there are programs where newer citizens can work in order for a lower tax payment: this, however, has never been mentioned by any Steward! Strengthen Canonist Bonds: It’s of Viktoriya’s belief that other Canonist nations and settlements, like Sutica, should be aided and convened with more closely than nations of paganry and malificar. Our Envoys and Diplomats should seek to forge closer bonds to these nations, and find brotherhood in countries of the same faith. Hanseni News Source: Society is often rife with gossiping and misunderstanding. In order to ensure Haense’s citizens are properly educated on matters like recent victories, wars, et cetera, a certified Royal Newspaper should be established that produces a paper, at least, bi-weekly. Land Grants: The system of land grants should be stream-lined and neatened. In order to bolster Haense’s economy, some larger families and guilds should be allowed to purchase land via a forum of some sort and apply for a small piece of land. While it’s still possible, the process is messy and might take from months to multiple years to process. Better Use of Land: Land should be surveyed, and if possible, exploited for their economic benefit. This includes creating mines, quarries, timber farms, and crop farms to support the booming Hanseni population! _________________ A citizen of Haense can vote for 3 Royal Alderman, and 1 Grand Maer. Dame Viktoriya endorses; Aldermen: Britannus Vanir [His Campaign: See attached!] Grand Maer: Karl Amador [His Campaign: See attached!] _________________ “For the People; For the Realm; For the Greater Good!”
  14. Minuvas Melphestaus, Imperial High Elven Scholar, has opened the ‘Imperator Scholastica’ making the following published books on political theory available for sale to the public. Each book shall have a limited production, but will be available for private sale and production upon request. These non-illustrated works are the dense writings of important Imperial works written or collected by the author. Hegemon Parts I & II: "This two part book series is the premiere of the collection, forming the political foundation of all future works by the author. Part I addresses the theoretical; the necessary authority of the state, the rights of man, the obligations of nobles, gentry, and the common man to the state. Part II is the application, describing the role of State power, the Magi, and the merit based society to bring about the Hegemon. It is the quintessential book on modern political thought, discussing numerous states across the globe - and the pursuit of Hegemon. " Direct Order Price: 30 minas per book, or 50 for the collection. Sovereign "Sovereign attempts to further elaborate on the works of 'Hegemon', particularly by answering "Who is the Hegemon?" and "How will we know when they arrive" or "What are the signs of Hegemon?". By discussing the qualities of the Hegemon, and the characteristics of the leader of such a nation - readers will not be left surprised at the arrival of such a leader. It allows for the critical examination of what we should expect from the Hegemon and may guide them as advisors and dutiful servants" Direct Order Price: 15 minas Colossus "Colossus is focused on the elements of state power, particularly on the use of military force and the State's monopoly of violence. Many of these thoughts have resonated in the authors public missives to officials on matters of defense and peace-keeping across Almaris; with some suggestions adopted . Colossus is the must read for the Soldier-Statesmen and the Martial-Scholar, as they seek to balance how and where the State's use of force is applied to best serve the nation." Direct Order Price: 18 minas Monolith "Monolith discusses the emergence of the Imperial subculture, and the Empire's need to move from passive to active cultivation of this homogenous culture group. It attempts to answer "What is Imperial Culture?" and "Who is an Imperial?" - while only briefly addressing Heartland, Highland and Farfolk culture groups it makes the argument that there is indeed the Imperial Culture Group - existing beyond the geographic and racial boundaries imposed by other nations." Direct Order Price: 15 minas Xth Nordling War "The overview edition for an Imperial Scholar. Learn about the political entities involved, the outcomes, the political ramifications and an assessment of what is to come next. What battles were decisive? How was the war decided? The author seeks to answer this and more in this feature edition” Price: 25 minas Imperial Analysis by Ebs Telrunya "Famed High Elven Scholar Ebs Telrunya products a data driven analysis of Imperial succession, offering insights and metric based conclusions on when and how Imperial Sovereigns come to rule. This is an excellent scholarly work and resource for Imperial historians ” Direct Order Price: 15 minas COMING SOON! Imperial Titan: The Biography of Sir Franz Nikolai De Sarkozy "Among the Augustine Palace and on the lips of dutiful citizens of the Empire there are few national servants so loudly praised as the former Archchancellor. This biography shall address how Sir Sarkozy rose to prominence and provide first of its kind analysis and perspective on one of the greatest Imperial Minds about contentious issues during his many years of service to the Empire. Sir Franz Nikolai De Sarkozy has graciously agreed to be interviewed for this work and it is a must have for any scholar of Imperial literature." Expected Price: 20 Minas
  15. https://imgur.com/a/Iy0CnM5 BUCK 4 BOSS!!! !
  16. FLYER: VOTE FOR JULIUS! [!] New flyers would be found on several stands, presenting Julius de Rosius facing the three terms in admiration and pride, it would seem as if the three words were attached to eachother while simultaneously Julius catches them all out of a reflex, representing his pride into these three aspects of the Orenian culture and society. [!] [!] To each poster would be a small card attached stating "For our Culture, History and Religion! One God, One Emperor, One Empire! Vote Julius de Rosius, Now!"
  17. [A small election program pamphlet would be found on several stands within all districts and cities of the Empire.] VOTE JULIUS DE ROSIUS FOR THE HOUSE OF COMMONS! "When Orenian pride is restored, is the point where all the calamities against our Holy Empire will be cleansed, the traitors shall fear the pride of us who are loyal and they would never dare to enter our soil again." - Julius de Rosius, Alderman of Providence - _____________________________________________________________________ - Accomplishments of Julius de Rosius - I. Julius works as a law-clerk for the Ministry of Justice with the intention to represent the law as much as possible to keep the safety of the Orenian people within the capital-city Providence as a first priority. II. Soon after, now is an Alderman serving in Providence within the local-government as a man who is absolutely devoted to the preservation of the Orenian History and Culture, as he would never tolerate a law which works against the Orenian culture and history, he wants to have them placed on the first place, as our history is so glorious. III. Julius managed to convince quite a lot of people to vote for him in the elections for the Aldermen, he wishes to use the votes and his position to establish a great society within Oren, a society where a rebellion is near impossible and if there is one being caused the rebels must be annihilated or serve a life-term prison sentence until death. IV. Julius is now having his ambition on becoming apart of the House of Commons to share his plans in the political world, hence his ideas to protect the citizens, history and culture and of course; the Emperor himself. Julius often represents the Church of Canon as he knows that it is the Orenian people's foundation for their culture and beliefs, as the recent situations of attacks upon the church must be stopped immediately. This is why Julius has accomplished a sense of protection for those who love the Empire as much as he does. _____________________________________________________________________ - If Elected | His ambitions - I. A good preservation of our history and culture, as we should not adapt to another person just because of the historical and cultural differences, once living on our soil; one must live and accept the ways of how we live life and how we do things. And on our historical deeds, as there may be no one outside of the Empire who may cause you to look up to the history of our glorious Empire, the ambition is to make the Orenian people proud of their culture and history, without feeling regret for past-actions which were acted for the protection of the Empire. II. A stricter way to guard the city, as the amounts of crimes have drastically increased within our capital-city and in the Empire itself, as we wish to prevent a rebellion. Julius is a strict supportive of enforcing the death penatly upon those who dare to create a calamity against the Holy Orenian Empire. We recently had a protest our streets, in our own empire, these rebels must be paying for their crimes with their life because if their numbers grow, they must be exterminated, to save the Holy Orenian Empire and its people. III. A strict control on the immigration of other cultures, as he wishes to see people integrate into the culture of Oren rather then seeing groupations being formed by those who decide to live in Oren without being a registered-citizen, which could also be the cause of a revolution or a criminal clique being formed. IV. A plan to create massive statues representing our culture within the landscapes of the Holy Empire, notable Orenians would often be displayed, for example; the predecessors of His Imperial Majesty John VIII or the honored soldiers of the Imperial State Army, as these people may never be forgotten as they have fought for our sacred Empire. V. A proposal to create more residents for the Orenian registered citizens as the lack of residences is quite a major problem, since they are mostly owned by those who are not of Orenian origin, this means an expansion for the all cities to make sure all citizens have a roof above their heads. VI. When one who is not of Orenian origin wishes to live within one of the districts, they must undergo days of indoctrination which are about; history, culture, laws, norms and values. This proposal would go to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to make sure that those who want to live within a district of the Empire, are well taught about these very important aspects of our norms and values. From there on; if confirmed that their status is positive regarding the things being taught to them; they are able to be assigned to several assignments; military, ministries or clerical-service. These jobs are presented to new citizens so they can fully integrate into the culture of us, Orenians. This is a solution to have more Orenian orientated people within our cities rather then foreigners who do not know of our norms and values.
  18. THE PACT OF KRAKEN AND DRAGON Agreed on this 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 18th Year of the Second Age ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY Yong Ping City, The Sovereign State of Talons Port, hereon referred to as “the signatories”, do pledge to mutually recognize each other’s status as sovereign powers over their peoples, meaning: I: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories be fully respected by the other. II: THAT the signatories agree to engage in diplomatic functions. III: THAT the signatories accept the authorities of the heads of state of each party. ARTICLE II: FREE TRADE The signatories enumerated do mutually agree to afford merchants from each respective party to trade in each other's lands free of tax, tariff, harassment, or other imposed burden. The signatories do mutually agree to grant the other signatories a tax-free stall within the borders of their respective capitals. The signatories do mutually agree that large-scale trading agreements between each party can be of either the purchasing kind (meaning that wares are purchased for minae) or of the bartering kind (meaning that different wares are traded on rates mutually agreed upon or previously set by precedent). ARTICLE III: DURATION The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that the pact is to last the period of twenty years with the option of renewal or abrogation once the duration has expired. Li Xiuying, Matriarch and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yong Ping. Minister of Internal Affairs of The Sovereign state of Talon's Port
  19. Treaty of the Sandsnake and the Dragon Issued 20th of the Deep Cold, Year 16 of the Second Age ARTICLES: Non-Aggression Trade Agreement Declaration of Friendship Duration PREAMBLE: This article serves as a formal pact agreement between Osanora and the City State of Yong Ping, hereafter referred to as the signatories ARTICLE I: Non-Aggression Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding non-aggression: Signing parties refrain from participating in any conflicts which put them at odds with one another. Furthermore, there will be no conflicts between citizens or families of note within either state. When visiting either signatories’ territories, citizens are expected to abide by the laws upon which soil they step foot on and respect the local customs. Should an issue or conflict arise which breaches this article, the signatories agree to handle the matter via the appropriate, diplomatic channels. ARTICLE II: Trade Agreement Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding trade: Signing parties will be given a market stall free of rent in each other's cities. Signing parties will agree to trade specialty goods free of tariff, in forms of both purchase exchange and/or bartering. ARTICLE III: Declaration of Friendship Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding a joint Declaration of Friendship: Signing parties recognise their People’s ongoing Friendship and promise to act in good faith when acting on the geopolitical stage. ARTICLE IV: Duration This accord shall remain in effect until decided otherwise by any of the signatories: If one of the signatories violates any one of the above clauses, a grace period of 2 human years will be given for reparations to be made before the Treaty is declared officially Null and Void. Signed, Felipe De Medina, Count of Osanora and Head of House Medina Signed, Li Xiuying, Matriarch and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yong Ping. Signed, Chen Yunya, Minister of Interior and leading woman on arts of Yong Ping.
  20. ORENIAN POLITICAL PARTIES A comprehensive guide covering Orenian Poltical Parties throughout the modern period of the Empire. Above is a political compass showcasing party ideologies through a diagram. The common life of a Citizen of Oren revolves around Politics, with that being said, members of the empire should be well educated in the current political climate to better influence their voting outcomes. CURRENT PARTIES The Everardines [Link] : The Everardines, a Conservative party originating in the wheat producing commonwealth of Kaedrin, founded by John Edward Pruvia. The Everardine’s political stance is center right, focusing on staying true to Imperial Tradition & power to the Nobility-pushing reform onto a resurgence of Canonist value & power within the empire, as ofcourse Oren is a Human/Canonist Empire, & should stay that way-Humanity first as they say. Overall this party is well suited for Orenian Patriots. DETAILS CHAIRMAN : ADRIAN OTHODORIC HELVETS (@Draeris) SLOGAN : FOR GOD, EMPIRE, AND MAN. POSITION : CONSERVATIVE RIGHT The Josephites [Link] : The Josephites are a a progressive party, a group of ideals that have been championed by great statesmen such as Sir Terrence May and Jonah Stahl-Elendil. Their values are founded from the Rights of Man as fundamental truths crucial to maintaining the fabric of humanity, founded from the proclamations of Joseph Marna. They believe in a fair and free market, the promotion of business and labor opportunities, guaranteeing efficient justice, consumer protections and civil liberties, and balance of governance. DETAILS CHAIRMAN : JONAH STAHL-ELENDIL (@Braehn Elendil An'Hiraeth) SLOGAN : For the Dignity of All POSITION : LIBERAL LEFT The United Tolerance Party of Ratminded Individuals : The UTPRI is a anti-establishment, free creatures party preaches the important of little to no government interaction regarding the sewage and water ways of the Empire. Their values lie in completely open market trade & no governmental structure, vies for the write to vote of all rodent-like creatures DETAILS CHAIRMAN : Gustav Ratmane (@Anore) SLOGAN : Rats. POSITION : LIBERAL Rat PAST PARTIES The CCP (Common Civic Party) [Link] : The CCP, A party founded during the late 17th Century, focusing their interests on Free trade & a Empowered imperial Economy. DETAILS SLOGAN : “Unitatis in populo” POSITION : LIBERAL ECONOMIC RIGHT The ARP (Aurelian Party) [Link] : The ARP, similar to the priorist party covered bellow, it’s values lie in Imperial Nationalism, centralization of the Government, & vast militarization amongst the populous. DETAILS SLOGAN : “An Empire for the people, by the People.” POSITION : AUTHORITARIAN RIGHT The ONP (Supposed ‘Orenian Nationalist Party’) [Link] : The ONP, founded in the mid-1700s by a mad Cascadian known as Pascual de Casanova, during the Sutican Wars, a era shrouded in radicalism & Orenian nationalism- this party focus was on Prideful Imperialism & a Socialist economic push. Funnily enough it was quite well liked by the Orenian Emperor at the time, his majesty; Peter III. DETAILS SLOGAN : “GLORY TO THE EMPIRE, DEATH TO THE PIGS” POSITION : SOCIALIST LEFT LOPA (The Loyalist Party) [Link] : The LOPA, a Suffolk party founded by proud Imperials, their values lie in fierce Monarchism, elitism, & vassalization of non-Orenian powers. DETAILS SLOGAN : “?.” POSITION : ABSOLUTE MONARCHISM The Priortists (PPR) [Link] : The PPR, focusing on Renatian classism, Human Supremacy, Nationalism-& 1 party authority. DETAILS SLOGAN : “The needs of the Renatian people stand above the commodities gifted to those foreign, living amidst us. We must protect the common man.” - Ronald of Sullivan POSITION : RADICAL AUTHORITARIAN SOCIALIST RIGHT The Autarkic Worker’s Party (AWP) [Link] : The AWP, a workers party on the likes of Industrial prosperity, 1 governmental distribution of Minae, & radicalistic Socialism. DETAILS SLOGAN : ”For a strong Empire, and an even stronger Mankind!” POSITION : FAR LEFT SOCIALISM NOTE : THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT OFFICIAL & SIGNED BY THE IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT; rather it is simply a written guide by a proud Orenian Patriot to the lovely Citizens of the Empire. Scribed by, HEINRICH VON BLOWITZ
  21. EVERARDINE POLICY: PUBLIC SERVICES 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph- 1787 WRITTEN BY; ZIRID, THEODORE, OF THE EVERARDINE PARTY. Zirid Theodore’s speech to a Helenite crowd: “The Josephites… Their name rings in my head each morning I wake to use the smallroom and each night I lay my head… Every time they speak, I feel my Orenian soul quivering to its core, for they treat our policies like clowns in a circus! Why they continue setting foot in our political scene still perplexes me, but of course, I shan’t state my worries without proper reasoning. Hence is why the Josephites are unholy, unbased in tradition and why their support is not worthy of the common man’s. Why, I say - the Josephites are not even human! So much for the Gradic Rights of Man; promised by brother to kin - human to humans, not onto elf and not onto kharajyr (and everything inbetween). Our Josephite heralds seem to count beasts and aberrations in the midst of their egalitarian creed, going as far as to undermine our Human integrity, impaired as it is, by situating a ‘Frog-man’ in their administration. From the swamp to HIM’s court? If it was not a joke on our establishment, it’s surely turning into one now. Perhaps in some effort to turn our Orenian Empire to an ‘Adunica Republica’, I know not. As to the citizens of the Empire, I beseech you; Preserve our state, defend our home from those who cause it harm. The simplest thing you could do is deny the Josephites support. Vote in favor of the Everardines and see Oren’s honor kept amongst her people and her servants. The Josephites see themselves as Liberators, and I ask; liberating Who from What? What reform is so highly spoken of? Why, I applaud HIM Peter III and the Basrid Ministry for leading our peoples to a new age of progress and equality. Then, again I ask; who do you still see fit to liberate? The crook? The foreigner? The wicked? Who asked for your ideals, for as I see it; the only ones who seek liberating today sit in our prisons. Vote for God, Empire and Man: ZIRID THEODORE, LEMUEL DE LANGFORD, ADRIAN OTHO HELVETS, KAROLY LAJOS.” The modern Josephite; wigless, unshaved, scathed! ON POLICY: PUBLIC SERVICES It seems that between Josephite megaregulation and bureaucracy, something crucial has gone amiss: Results. The common Orenian yearns to be rewarded for their work, for their life to be made easier and their daily tribulations lightened. Chief in the Everardine platform is to allocate said resources from those who bask in its overflow, to those who need it: From the excess funding to useless departments and fat retirement pensions, to use in practice; to investure in the common Orenian. STATE FUNDED NEWSPAPER Doubtless have Orenians been finding it difficult to catch up on the ever-growing pile of Josephite legislation, navigate its jargon and its discrepancies out of fear of breaking another new crime, another decided misdemeanor and offense. To present our Empire’s latest developments and laws in a light as relevant and unbiased as can be, the Everardines believe to push in the House to subsidize a newspaper office in charge of editing, journalising and distributing freely to taxpayers, as (finally) a result of their taxpaying. REINSTUTING THE RAILWAY NETWORK First constructed as a private business endeavour by a foreign entrepreneur, the Everardine party seeks to again provide to Imperial citizens a faster, safer and hands-free means of transport. If not to connect only Helena, Kaedrin and the Eastern territories, then by extending the hand of cooperation to our Empire’s independent neighbour, the Kingdom of Haense, in connecting our railway network in an international scale. It’s our aim to propose a government contract to any company fit for the construction of said network in our pledge to support private businesses and relieve Orenian workers from the yoke of an ineffective state-run company. CANONIST AND HIGHER EDUCATION As much as our Josephite contemporaries believe themselves enlightened intellectuals, we find difficulty in accepting a suitable education for only the elite echelons. With the incorporation of Canonist institutions of education more actively in Orenian society, could finally Orenian students bear degrees and diplomas of Human excellency in pride. Affordable, active and rooted in Canonist and Human teaching, it is our aspiration to attribute to Imperial citizens the world-class academia they deserve. GENERAL COMMODITIES STORES Further supporting private businesses aswell as supply affordable, quality material goods to the general Orenian population, the Everardine party intends on introducing an initiative of loaning and leasing businesses to entrepreneurs who sell both hard and soft commodities; food, produce, materials aswell as recreational products in regulated, reasonable prices. The Orenian economy has always been lacking, and its our intentional to at last answer for needs. HOUSING Helena, jewel of the Empire, has since its construction been bustling with activity and life. Although hard to admit, in every seed of good there is always a piece of bad. It pains us, Everardines, to encounter the misfortuned who seek housing and sleep at the doorstep of a lavish house facade, its empty interior but sitting and collecting tax dust. The mismanagement of housing in the city of Helena can only be attributed to our clerks’ political aspirations, their neglect of the common man in their efforts to climb the social ladder. It’s our intention to root out the weeds in our slothful municipal administration and in place of vacant residences erect apt living quarters for the deprived, hardworking people of Helena. THE EVERARDINE PARTY Of the 20th Imperial Diet, vowing to GOD, EMPIRE AND MAN THEODORE ZIRID | LEMUEL DE LANGFORD | ADRIAN OTHO HELVETS | LAJOS KĀROLY Register in the Census of 1787-1797 For eligibility to vote. [Link]
  22. AN EVERARDINE’S OPINION ON THE HAESENI SECESSION 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1787 By Lemuel de Langford, esq. The subject of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s secession, expulsion or extrication from its benefactor state, the Holy Orenian Empire is evidently a matter of great controversy; that which appertains as far as to the terminology of the issue itself. Secret to none, the political friction between the Kingdom of Haense and the Empire trascends the facet of the ‘senior-vassal’ relation which has been all but common throughout our Empire’s feudal predecessors, but stretches on lines of ethnic, religious, cultural, objective and moral differences. The aim of this opinion essay is not to expand and chronicle these tribulations of the past, which undoutebdly laid a heavy burden on both governments and their peoples, but instead examine the ‘bigger-picture’ consequences of this seperation aswell as explore the underlying essence of human polities; their course thus far in history and their possible diversion from said route in our modern era - for better or worse. The question of ‘What constitutes an Empire?’ has inevitably crossed the minds of many citizens since the declaration of Haensetic secession. The terminological consensus would likely describe an Empire (in very loose terms) as; “A polity, the authority of which exceeds that of a kingdom.” Or, in a layman’s translation, a ‘step-up’ from a kingdom, much like a duchy mighty exceed a barony and precede an archduchy in its authority. The answer I seek, however, might not stem from the definition of an Empire, but perhaps its fundamental purpose. Note: An Empire, in explicitly the human, Canonist sense. Many ancient sources might ascribe the name ‘Empire’ to various nonhuman polities, like the mythical Khajiiti homeland Karakatuan, or the defunct ‘Empire’ of Urguan, but these deviate from the bona fide Empire, that of humanity and the subject of this text. Therefore, our analysis brings us to examine this: The fundemental purpose of an Empire. We can, again, draw this from logical conclusions; to exert its hegemony across all its dominions, or to centralize state authority in Imperial leadership. Altough these and much similar ‘behavior’ can be attributed to almost all Empires in human history, I believe the real principle in guiding an Empire’s course lies in its religious legitimacy. The Divine right to rule, ‘Diet et mon droit’. God’s mandate has vested political legitimacy in human polities since the days of Exalted Horen and continues to do so today, in full effect. Studying further the right bestowed on God’s anointed leads us to conclude its existence might serve multiple practical reasons (but ofcourse His divine plan is beyond our grasp, and in no way do I intend to realize it; simply its effects throughout history). One might be to keep order amid His children through a natural organization of hierarchy, and therefore to prevent chaos. Another reason, to shepherd His children, judge their wrongs and guide them to progress and to common wealth. An additional reason, to keep the Lord’s faith in a ruled people, a reason further supported by the existence of the role of Fidei Defensor. Another, however, and the subject which I intend to bring to discussion in this essay - is to unite all His children, all peoples of Humanity, under one - explicitly under one Empire. The first instance throughout history of a sacred vocation to unite all mankind is in Ex. Owyn’s reconquest in wake of Harren’s downfall (in uniting the fractured realms of his uncles). The next is in Ex. Godfrey’s declaration of the Holy Orenian Empire, first to encompass all humanity. Later, Ex. Sigismund’s liberation of humans from the yoke of nonhuman tyranny, and thereafter progeny of the Exalted’s lines through the various successor kingdoms and empires in human history. These examples of a repeating circumstance, to unite all mankind under an Empire which draws its legitimacy from God, might serve to shed light on the real purpose of an Empire. Were one to believe an Empire’s charge is to unite all mankind, then it might seem our Empire has, to some extent, failed in its task to follow in that divine task. If the accumulating conflict forced our leaders to act so, then so it must be. I in no way hold our monarchs at fault, and accept the decision as a necessary means for the common good. I, however, would like to propose a different idea while keeping true to the belief that “here is still a division of the Sons of Horen, and so we should also weep with our celebrations.” (High Pontiff James II, Address on the Seperation of Haense and Oren). Following an afternoon discussion with William Helvets, Josephite candidate, in the streets of Kaedrin, I came to the conclusion that the crippling of human integrity following Haense’s departure from the Empire is not everlasting. Through the careful efforts of our successors in decades, if not centuries to come, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska (or her successors) and our Empire (or her successors) will again unite, in good faith and in compatible mindset, for such is the nature of statehood and the nature of our kin. In our course as a people we’ve bore witness to Empires rising and falling, to a united landscape and a fractured one. I pledge my faith in our people as a whole to guide Humanity in the direction of goodness, for it was prophesied by God’s chosen on our earth, and such is the sacred nature of our people. Therefore, today, I can work and pray, too, as can the common man, that the mandate to strive for unity and peace is entrusted in the our representatives in the House of Commons. As a constituent to the House of Commons and candidate of the Everardine Party, I pledge it my duty to represent the ideals of our society and our wholeness in the House of Commons. I implore our citizenry to allow us to lay the foundations of a fruitful future, to work and serve the common good of not only our Orenian Empire, but too her charged; those of all Humanity. By Lemuel de Langford, candidate for the honourable EVERARDINE PARTY Of the 20th Imperial Diet, vowing to GOD, EMPIRE AND MAN TICKET I LEMUEL DE LANGFORD THEODORE ZIRID LAJOS KĀROLY TICKET II BOUDEWIJN GERBRANDY RICHARD PERCTARIT PRUVIA-ALBAROSA DECLAN DE DENESLE Register in the Census of 1787-1797 For eligibility to vote.
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