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Found 10 results

  1. The Vlachian Surcoat to the left, the Ravenmire Surcoat to the right. THE NORTHERN FRONTIER ACT Scriptum Anno 1969 THE REALMS OF THE FRONTIER C I V I T A T E S F I N E S ☩ ☩ ☩ PREAMBLE The Principality of Vlachia and the Duchy of Ravemire, henceforth known as the signatories, have agreed to the signing of a treaty that shall be known as “The Northern Frontier Act”. This agreement covers trade, mutual defense, alongside a declaration of friendship. TRADE AGREEMENT The states of Vlachia and Ravenmire have agreed to open trade between their two states, each signatory agreeing to allocate room for one stall that shall be tax free. This will drive commerce between the two and fill the void of any resource that may be missing in the other’s realm. DECLARATION OF FRIENDSHIP The states of Vlachia and Ravenmire have declared each other to be most valued friends and allies within the northern frontier of Aevos. This means that any diplomatic issues that may arise in which they are on the opposite ends of the table, they shall act in such a manner to ensure that the treaty is not endangered. MUTUAL DEFENSE The states of Vlachia and Ravenmire have agreed to a defensive alliance in which they shall come to defend each other in the event of an attack upon them, their subjects or their autonomy by a third party. Both through the means of armed conflict and diplomatically. Signed, Dorat Stanislaw Arpa
  2. ✠ SEVENTH WALDENIC DIET Third Session, 12 of Tobias’ Bounty, 1948 SIEBTE WALDENTAG Dritte Sitzung, der 12. Tobias Freigebigkeit 1948 MERRYWEATHER-ALSTREIM REINMAR-SUTICA MINITZ EINMONT HOHENGARTEN VELEN MOTIONS ANTRÄGE REVOCATION OF THE ELECTORATE OF HOHENGARTEN Vote: To revoke the Electorate of Hohengarten IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WALTER AMENDMENT Vote: To implement Walter's amendment REVOCATION OF THE ELECTORATE OF HOHENGARTEN In recent years the House of Augusten has defected from the Kingdom of Aaun while breaking their oath of loyalty to the King of Aaun, Edmund II. Such a deed broke the Vander Code for which the Electors have called for a vote to punish the House of Augusten. VOTE: TO REVOKE THE ELECTORATE OF HOHENGARTEN JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Velen ABSTAINED: Hohengarten Einmont The vote passed 4-2 as the Elector from Hohengarten and Einmont decided to abstain. As the vote concluded, the Electorate of Hohengarten lost its vote in the Waldenic Diet. House von Augusten can regain the Electorate if its members uphold Waldenian values and become more honourable in the eyes of the Diet. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WALTER AMENDMENT During the Third Session of the Seventh Waldenic Diet the matter of the so-called Walter Amendment was brought up. As the contents of the suggested Amendment were shown to the electors in advance none of them had any objections and decided to proceed with the voting. VOTE: TO IMPLEMENT THE WALTER AMENDMENT JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont Velen The vote passed unanimously. As the vote concluded, the Walter Amendment was implemented into the Sacred Law of Waldenia. VOTE: MOTION TO ADJOURN THE SECOND SESSION OF THE SEVENTH WALDENIC DIET JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont Velen The vote passed unanimously and the second session of the Seventh Waldenic Diet was adjourned. Issued and proclaimed in the name of the Waldenian People, Ausgestellt und verkündet im Namen des Waldenischen Volkes, LORD VANDALORE
  3. ✠ SEVENTH WALDENIC DIET Second Session, 11 of Tobias’ Bounty, 1946 SIEBTE WALDENTAG Zweite Sitzung, der 11. Tobias Freigebigkeit 1946 MERRYWEATHER-ALSTREIM REINMAR-SUTICA MINITZ EINMONT HOHENGARTEN VELEN ARENTANIA MOTIONS ANTRÄGE REMOVAL OF THE ELECTORATE OF ARENTANIA Vote: To remove the Electorate of Arentania RECOGNITION OF HOUSE VON LEOPOLD Vote: To recognise House von Leopold as a legitimate Waldenian House ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ELECTORATE OF EDENDORF Vote: To establish the Electorate of Edendorf REMOVAL OF THE ELECTORATE OF ARENTANIA Many years have passed without the Electors of Arentania being present during the Diet. As diligence and dedication to upholding our culture are virtues of the Waldenian people, the present Electors decided to vote to strip the electorate of those who did not wish to attend the Diet. VOTE: TO REMOVE THE ELECTORATE OF ARENTANIA JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont Velen ABSTAINED: Hohengarten Arentania The vote passed, 5-2 as Arentania did not attend the session and the Elector from Hohengarten chose to abstain. As the vote concluded, the Electorate of Arentania lost its vote in the Waldenic Diet. House Bardenwig can regain the Electorate if its members uphold Waldenian values and show an interest in participating in the Diet again. RECOGNITION OF HOUSE VON LEOPOLD During the Second Session of the Seventh Waldenic Diet the matter of recognising House von Leopold as a legitimate Waldenian House was brought up by Lord Peter von Leopold. After explaining his reasoning behind such a suggestion the gathered Electors have decided to put this matter to vote. VOTE: TO RECOGNISE HOUSE VON LEOPOLD AS A LEGITIMATE WALDENIAN HOUSE JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont Hohengarten Velen The vote passed unanimously. As the vote concluded, House von Leopold was recognised as a legitimate Waldenian House and a member of the Waldenian society. ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ELECTORATE OF EDENDORF As the House von Leopold has officially been recognised as a part of the Waldenian culture and heritage, the present Lord Peter von Leopold asked the gathered Electors to grant his House an Electoral seat in the Diet. Without any discussion the present Electors have put this request to vote. VOTE: TO ESTABLISH THE ELECTORATE OF EDENDORF JA Merryweather-Alstreim Hohengarten Einmont NEIN: Reinmar-Sutica Velen Minitz The vote did not pass due to the tie 3-3. The matter of Edendorf was promised to be brought up in the future, once the von Leopolds prove their worth to unconvinced Electors. VOTE: MOTION TO ADJOURN THE SECOND SESSION OF THE SEVENTH WALDENIC DIET JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont Hohengarten Velen The vote passed unanimously and the second session of the Seventh Waldenic Diet was adjourned. Issued and proclaimed in the name of the Waldenian People, Ausgestellt und verkündet im Namen des Waldenischen Volkes, LORD VANDALORE
  4. ✠ SEVENTH WALDENIC DIET First Session, 14 of Godfrey's Triumph, 1939 SIEBTE WALDENTAG Erste Sitzung, der 14. Triumph des Godfrey 1939 MERRYWEATHER-ALSTREIM REINMAR-SUTICA MINITZ EINMONT HOHENGARTEN VELEN ARENTANIA MOTIONS ANTRÄGE ELECTION OF THE NEW LORD VANDALORE Vote: To elect the 14th Lord Vandalore ELECTION OF CUSTODIAN OF THE BOOK OF WALDENIA Vote: To elect the Custodian of the Book of Waldenia ELECTION OF THE NEW LORD VANDALORE On the 14th of the First Seed 1939, the First Session of the Seventh Waldenic Diet convened on the matter of electing the new Lord Vandalore as a result of the abdication of His Highness Brandt Barclay, the 13th Lord Vandalore. Großfürst Barclay was elected as Lord Vandalore in the year of our Lord 1919 and served us, the Waldenians, dutifully for the last two decades. Following his abdication the Diet was summoned within the lands of Merryweather to elect a new head of the Waldenic Diet. There was only one candidacy, that of Heinrich II Lothar von Alstreim, Fürst of Merryweather and the Rhine who represented the Electorate MERRYWEATHER-ALSTREIM. The Prince was asked a few questions after which the Diet called a vote on electing Heinrich II as the new Lord Vandalore. VOTE: ELECTION OF HEINRICH II LOTHAR AS THE 14TH LORD VANDALORE JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont ABSTAINED: Hohengarten Velen Arentania The vote passed, 4-0 as three Electors did not arrive for the session. As the voting concluded, His Highness Heinrich II Lothar von Alstreim was elected the new Lord Vandalore. He has promised the electors that he will revive the tradition of Waldenfest and finish the project of the Vander Knights started by the previous Lord Vandalore. ELECTION OF THE CUSTODIAN OF THE BOOK OF WALDENIA During the First Session of the Seventh Waldenic Diet the matter of electing the new Custodian of the Book of Waldenia was suggested by His Princely Grace Manfred Barclay, who represented the Electorate of REINMAR-SUTICA. The Book of Waldenia is an important literary work for the Waldenians as it contains the history and customs of their culture. For many years the Book has been lying covered in dust and thus lacks much information from the modern history of the Waldenian people. His Princely Grace offered himself as the first Custodian of the Book and promised to write the missing chunk of history. As it became evident that there are no other candidates to become the first Custodian the Electors called a vote on electing Manfred Barclay the Custodian of the Book of Waldenia. VOTE: ELECTION OF MANFRED BARCLAY AS THE FIRST CUSTODIAN OF THE BOOK OF WALDENIA JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont ABSTAINED: Hohengarten Velen Arentania The vote passed, 4-0 as three Electors did not arrive for the session. As the voting concluded and His Princely Grace was elected the Custodian of the Book of Waldenia, the present Electors have called a vote to adjourn the session. VOTE: MOTION TO ADJOURN THE FIRST SESSION OF THE SEVENTH WALDENIC DIET JA Merryweather-Alstreim Reinmar-Sutica Minitz Einmont ABSTAINED: Hohengarten Velen Arentania The vote passed, 4-0 as three Electors did not arrive for the Session and the first session was adjourned. Issued and proclaimed in the name of the Waldenian People, Ausgestellt und verkündet im Namen des Waldenischen Volkes, LORD VANDALORE
  5. WE SEE DE! TO THE CITIZENRY OF VALLAGNE: I am officially announcing my candidacy for the 1934 Mayoral Election. The following is a list of the goals I seek to accomplish during my tenure; however, above any of them is my desire to act as a mouthpiece for the common people of Vallagne. I wish more than anything to act as a bridge between those of our working class - the rentors, the farmers, the craftsmen and the beggars - and our legislators and royalty. "De" Duncan Kame'eleihiwa's platform: 1 - SOCIAL WELFARE As mayor, I will dedicate a portion of the city's taxes to subsidizing our agricultural sector. The surplus of our harvest will be distributed, by need, to eligible citizens, who will be able to apply for a program that distributes food to those who, otherwise, would struggle to afford it. While the city has made great strides in making housing affordable for all, I feel that this final step will help eradicate the blight of poverty from our great city once and for all, and allow every citizen, now free from the burdens of merely surviving, to live up to their full potential and give back to this nation. 2 - CRIMINAL REFORM Having been a fugitive of the law in the past, I understand how one simple mistake can ruin someone's life forever. Our greater Petran community should strive to uplift and forgive one another, and to allow those who have been tempted by the vices of Iblees to redeem themselves. Eligible criminals would be offered the chance to go through a period of indentured servitude to the state, while learning the skills necessary to function in a civil society, and providing labor to the city that may otherwise go understaffed. We are a civilized nation; there must be alternatives to imprisonment or death for our criminal class. 3 - SECURITY That is not to say that the lives of our citizenry are to be taken in vain. Under my administration, the systems that strive to protect our nation will receive extra funding - namely, the Riverguard. Enrollments to the Guard have decreased in recent years, and we must find ways to improve the security of our Capital, either through heightened recruitment or through funding better equipment for our soldiers to ward off any violent threats to our people, both foreign and domestic. 4 - BUSINESS Of course, to fund all of these new ventures, we will need a greater supply of tax money. This should not come from raising the price of real estate; rather, by subsidizing businesses to operate in Petra, the taxes collected from our stalls and business-oriented buildings will increase. Encouraging satellite markets for some of Vallagne's artisan goods will draw in visitors from across Aevos, both to purchase our finer products and to become citizens. These goals, of course, will be impossible without the vibrant people that have made Vallagne such a wonderful city to live in for such a long time. If anyone wishes to comment or critique on the preceding promises, feel free to send me a letter regarding them and I will respond in due time. Sincerely, Uncle Godfather Steward Duncan "De" Kame'eleihiwa De. Now You See.
  6. Emergency Regency of Ciavola 5th of the Grand Harvest,97 S.A Baron Björn Ragnarrsson Mösu, Baron of Ciavola, has disappeared without a trace. He vanished in the night, having seemingly left without taking anything with him, and after more than a week of silence from him, he shows no sign of returning. The government of Ciavola and the Baron’s own family are at a loss for this unexplained disappearance. Rumors fly around Ciavola - that the Baron is hiding from the King of Balian, or that he has left Almaris itself in search of some secret known only to him, or simply that he has decided to take a very long, and decidedly unscheduled, vacation. Regardless of the reasons for his vacancy, however, one fact remains clear: someone must take up his roles and duties until he is found or returns. In the days following the Baron’s disappearance, few Mösus showed any interest in taking up the role of regent, nor even did any Aesirs of Ciavola. It was into this sluggish confusion that Baron Björn’s oldest sibling and sister, Freyja Ragnarssdottir Mösu, stepped into the public eye. She took up the role swiftly and decisively, so as to ensure that her rise to the role of regent would not be challenged. Her claim met with the approval of Ciavola and of the King of Balian himself, and she was granted peerage by King John. Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu shall hold all the powers and duties normally held by the Baron of Ciavola and shall be held to the same standards by the Council of Aesirs. She shall rule until Björn either is found dead, whereupon a new Baron shall be chosen by the customs of Ciavola, or until he returns from whence he came and resumes his rule as Baron. So it is that Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu will guide the Barony forward into the future with a strong hand for as long as Ciavola needs her.
  7. THE DIVINE CONTRACT 5 MENSIS OVENITIUS, 2A78 ARTICLE I: RULES OF OPERATION Our Voices Are Equal: All Lectors of Owyn within the Third Mission shall possess the same weight in voting when making decisions. The Lectorate is a collective of Brothers who have sacrificed their time and offered their lives to the Mission, and thus it is unethical to deprive anyone of equal say. Honor Your Elders: Any and all positions of leadership are designed with the intent of setting precedent for and facilitating the operations of the Cohort. Respect is given to the most diligent, and competence will be rewarded with greater duties. Those who have been entrusted with setting the example should be honored rather than disgraced. Reject Governmental Obligations: All Lectors of Owyn shall refuse to accept positions of power within any Nation, City or Religious institution. Power leads to corruption; it is what doomed the Second Mission. Reject Honorifics Which Demand Responsibility: All Lectors of Owyn shall refuse to accept titles which demand responsibility from the recipient. The exceptions to this rule are titles of benevolence and friendship, which seek to lift the spirit of a Lector rather than prescribe unto them a role in a society. Brothers Before Others: All Lectors of Owyn shall be expected to prioritize the mission before romance and other types of amicable relationships. It is implored that the Lectorate maintain a watchful gaze to avoid the corruption of their Brothers by external influences. Raise No Army: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to refrain from actively recruiting and indoctrinating new Proselytes. In the case that a Lector truly believes that an individual may be worthy of Brotherhood, they may recommend the lifestyle and encourage them to undertake the Path of Owyn and the Novitiate Trials. It is imperative that the Flaming Covenant not attempt to raise an army. Deny Bloodlust: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to act in a calm and intelligent capacity. Therefore, though Lectors may crusade against iniquity, it is imperative that the Third Mission not fall victim to the desire for constant battle and unwarranted death. Refrain From Lawyering: All Lectors of Owyn are expected to understand the essence of the Divine Contract and refrain from using legalist terminology and justification for its violation. Additionally, Lectors shall refrain from engaging in intrafactional politics as it undermines unity and cohesion. ARTICLE II: PUNISHMENT Mockery: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect mockery from their Brothers for the duration of a single year. Leasing: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect their Brothers to lease their services to an ignoble profession for the duration of one year. Nomenclature: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation, they shall expect to be provided with a terrible title or nickname by which their fellow Lectors shall refer to them until the end of time. Blackmarking: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation on a consistent basis, they shall expect to be blackmarked by their Brothers. They will be stripped of their rights and mantle the role of a Novitiate. Possessing no rights, no honor, nor name, they shall only be referred to as “Blackmarked”. Excommunication: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation on a consistent and irreparable basis, they shall expect to be deemed ‘Excommunicado’ by their Brothers and shunned from all Lector activities. Their name shall be expunged and they shall be forgotten. Death: Should a Lector of Owyn violate the rules of operation to a severe degree, they shall expect to be hunted and slain, banished to the void for their treachery. ARTICLE III: TRIAL In order to receive punishment, a Lector must be confronted by two of his Brothers and accused of violating the Rules of Operation. Once the Third Mission has gathered, the accusers and the accused shall make their case as to why the Rules of Operation were, or were not, violated. The Lectors present, including the accused, shall cast a vote as to whether the Divine Contract was violated. Should the accused be found guilty, they shall be prescribed a punishment befitting the extent of their failure. ARTICLE IV: AMENDMENTS The Third Mission maintains the right to add amendments to the Divine Contract provided there is unanimous support.
  8. A CHALLENGE - Alaion Miravaris - penned and issued by A. Miravaris, 69 S.A. - Lliran, I come to you today to correct a mistake that I made long ago: to run, democratically, for the Sohaership of our blessed cihi. I admit, my short but brief tenure as Sohaer was one thrust upon me in the midst of chaos - and, knowing little else, I held the stance that a steel fist would grant stability, quelling the tide. Since then I have learnt - to right a wrong. Those were my words, and now do I seek to follow such with action. [!] An artist’s rendition of old Haelun’orian ruins - the old cities re-imagined. [ACA - Limca by Johann Blais] There is much still yet I wish to do; a number of changes which I seek to bring to our Silver Shores. And for this, I call for the support of my lliran, to cast their vote in the election, to place their trust in me to bring forth the wisdom I have gained in their favour. I hold a vision, lliran - a vision for our future. I have seen elCihi rise and fall into stagnancy, I have seen it flourish with light - these patterns made clear, I have been able to learn how to best keep our Cihi alive. [!] An artist’s rendition of a past Haelun’orian city. [A New Hope by Johann Blais] Our home, our blessed Silver City, has recently fallen under threat - dutiful Sillumiran, unarmed civilians and even oem’iian are among those who have been harmed at the hands of the militant ‘fenn and ‘ata that for some time occupied our streets; those that may seek to do so again in future. I promise you now, lliran - I shall do all that can be done to make elCihi safe for the children of Silver once more. My Pledge As Sohaer, I would seek to instate the following: ━━━━━━━━━▼━━━━━━━━━ OEM | SAFETY I : The immediate approach to repairing our Silver Gates, to once again solidifying Silver Walls. A formalised gatekeeping process shall be implemented - one that is flexible, but fair. As Mali’thill, we should seek to grant challenge and inspiration to those who wish to visit our fair home : I should seek to have gatekeepers assign short quests to leisurely visitors. Those who visit for diplomacy, however, would fret not to be delayed - the issuing of diplomat passports would be open and accessible. II : The continued offer of immunity and refuge to those actively undergoing the Path to Purity, as per tradition, as per the directions of elMalauriran - as righteousness demands. In regards to the Mali’fenn maliata’ehya that recently have made entrance into our walls - I would encourage any with pure Mali’thill blood that have perhaps been led astray to undertake the Path to Purity, and seek out formal citizenship once more. The Silver Way holds difficulties, but I believe that given the right encouragement, all of Silver Blood can prevail through - to follow in Larihei’s legacy. Yet, all who are not Mali’thill nor seeking a return to Silver are beckoned to make their departure; I am ever merciful, and would see that even those of true ‘ata filth are offered this chance to leave our walls before they are removed. NIUT | STRUCTURE III : The introduction of a reformed structure of elHeial’thilln, in which each Okarir may be appointed or dismissed to and from their position by the elected Sohaer, but is open to challenge such that, if well-supported, it shall call for a debate and election to be held over the position. The structure of elHeial’thilln ought to be, as always, meritocratic. Such is the logical way - the Mali’thill are intelligent as individuals, and yet only together might we hope to bring about an appropriate leadership, one that holds the approval of the People to guide the vessel that is Haelun’or towards the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Elections as mentioned are to be held with the oversight of elMalauriran, and the electorate criteria being a Blessed Citizen: a) Proven pure of blood. b) Proven adherent of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. c) Not currently undergoing Path to Purity. d) Elementary understanding of the Elven tongue. e) Submission of a minimum of one satisfactory tome to The Eternal Library. f) Contribution to The Silver State of Haelun’or for five years i.e. Sillumiran service, work beneath a council department, personal industry, active study, writings for the Eternal Library, physician, etc. Where disagreement over the status of blessed citizen of any individual may be resolved through Malauriran vote. I would aspire to take a census early-on within my Sohaership as to make this status clear. Within my Silver Council, I would seek to hold Six Okariran Offices, with the addition of the Medi’ir and Sulii’ceru - the former of which is chosen by Elsohaer to act as their personal delegate to foreign nations, who represents them in interactions with outside powers, and the latter of which is chosen by Elmaheral to remain unknown - their sole prerogative power being to call an early dissolution of the Silver Council in times of crisis, immediately bringing forth a new election. The Six Okariran Offices (Okarnan) would be as follows : Okarir’mali, master of Elves - TAVERN, EVENTS Okarir’maehr, master of Knowledge - LIBRARY, COLLEGE Okarir’hiylun, master of Health - CLINIC, LABORATORIES Okarir’tir, master of Law - SILLUMIRAN, INVESTIGATION, TRIAL Okarir’san, master of Words - INFORM, SCRIBE, DEBATE Okarir’nor, master of Land - CITIZENSHIP, ECONOMY, TRADE NOTE : I believe to begin with, it would be best for the elected Sohaer to appoint Okariran in order to achieve stability and immediate functioning of the Silver State, a full council with which to begin swiftly making repairs and improvements to the city, yet these Okariran will still remain subject to electoral challenge from citizenry who feel they could better serve such a position. Once this is established, and a census taken, I would seek to fill any vacant positions by holding an election for the post. In regards to the Mali’thill who currently hold such positions - or similar such positions - I would still yet like to make their further acquaintance. HAEL | DIPLOMACY IV : The selection of a Medi’ir Should I be elected Sohaer, I would start my tenure - after addressing the very immediate issues of public safety and a functioning base council - with my selection of a Medi’ir. I hope to hold within my first elven week a number of meetings with potential candidates, and would advise and inspire any and all with the vested interest in bringing about a Haelun’or with an elevated voice upon the international stage, a Haelun’or which seeks to interact with the outside world, to contact me regarding such an appointment within that first elven week after the election. V : The opening up of diplomatic avenues, and active correspondence Lliran, it is no doubt that in recent years our touch with the outside world has waned. For a time too long have we become complacent and isolationist, comfortable within our home - we see now that such can only last so long. I would wish to offer our neighbours embassies, trade routes, pacts - to re-engage our Silver State in the affairs of the world, to rebuild and kindle anew friendships with fellow states, for we must be champions of progress for all; we, the Mali’thill, are bound by elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya to strive for Progress, and that Progress we shall extend to our cousins, our neighbours, the lliran to our blessed Haelun’or. VAELU | EDUCATION VI : The integration of the Silver Clinic with the re-introduction of the Haelun’orian Laboratories. For too long has Haelun’or been without proper scientific study. This is one key aim of mine - to link back together our Medical branch and our Scientific branch, as they always ought to have been. It is only through this that we might advance hiylun - that we might advance the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, in fact. Progress and health calls for progress in health. I would hope to encourage the active resurgence of the Haelun’orian scientific community - like in the days of old, of Sullas, shall we praise and facilitate our fine inventors, studious ‘thill, and provide them an environment in which they may work. Through this, may we prosper and see the development of modern enlightenment. VII : The formal re-issue of Eternal Library rulings. I would seek to encourage elOkarir’maehr to publish the formal requirements necessary to enter the Eternal Library once again; such being a donation of a book, quality-checked by elOkarn’maehr (the department of elOkarir’maehr). Oem’iian (Mali’thill beneath the age of 50) are to be exempt from this requirement, and special other exemptions may be made in very occasional cases, but overall I would aspire to have this encouragement towards literacy and the continued development and growth of our Eternal Library, the oldest and largest in all the realm. VIII : The facilitation of the Eternal College as an apprenticeship system. Lliran, we have seen the Eternal College start-up - and swiftly stop - in the past. No more of this, I say: I hope to cultivate instead a system of meritocracy and independent learning, guided by those of scholarly achievement. I seek to have lectures be openly held by any, whilst facilitating an ‘apprenticeship’ system from teachers to students. Ideally, each teacher should take on between two to four students - no more, for each deserves quality time spent tutoring one-on-one. These teachers shall act as mentors and facilitators of their students' growth, challenging them to projects, taking their assistance in studies and experiments, and most of all supporting the individual aspirations and experiments of their students. This personal attention, I believe, would be the best way for our Mali’thill oem’iian to gain knowledge and insight, as well as a greater sense of freedom in their studies. One hopes that this issue of self-nomination and challenge shall inspire you, my dear citizenry - both to inspire each ‘thill personally, and to perhaps inspire your confidence in my vision to lead, ne rule over, Haelun’or: to guide our people to prosperity. Any who hold queries upon this or any other topic, or who simply wish to speak and make my acquaintance, are more than welcome to contact me with an invitation of tea. Signed, A. Miravaris
  9. [!] A flier reaches your doorstep, printed in black ink. On its front, is depicted some sickly woman donning a feathered hat & coat, and above her head read; On its back, however, laid a long few paragraphs on the woman’s promises & beliefs. _________________ is a long-standing War veteran -- of just over eighty years and counting, with multiple careers in the 1700’s ranging from Deputy-Mayor [Maer] to Alderwoman of a neighboring nation. However, following certain developments -- the Dame immigrated to the Kingdom of Haense and at long last, settled with her family of eighteen to pursue a career in the Hanseni military. _________________ Viktoriya that all citizenry; be them of pure [Non-Interbred] heritage and Canonist creed should have equal input in the government and their laws. No taxation without representation; and while our Duma is incredibly efficient, we’ve found that it’s compiled mostly of nobility that are unaware of the poorer denizen’s struggles. The government should assist its citizenry where it can and ensure their populace is well-fed and content with their lives. _________________ Economic Cooperation: Viktoriya hopes to lower taxes for those that serve the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Brave men & women serve and fight for the Kingdom, knocking on death’s door to slay the Nachezer and unholy that plague their lands, are given no pity in regards to housing. Like Dame Viktoriya, they likely have their own families -- hobbies -- and, possibly, second jobs to support themselves. It’s in our belief that soldiers should get a slightly decreased tax rate as a protectorate of our realm. Reconciliation With the Canon Church: Those that openly denounce Canonism, and GODANI, are not currently barred from running in the Royal Duma. Dame Viktoriya feels as though this is an open insult - for, if we pander to sinners and allow them to shape our government, what difference do we have from ourselves to them? Any descendants that label themselves as Atheist, Malinism-Practicing, Xionist, et cetera should not be allowed to participate in government. Subsidize a Citizenry-Aid Program: With the utter incompetence of our late High Seneschal - the woman that was just impeached - newer citizens have been left in the dark on how our city functions. Folk just immigrating to Haense as-of-recent should, at least, have an information center to read from to help in getting settled. Supposedly, there are programs where newer citizens can work in order for a lower tax payment: this, however, has never been mentioned by any Steward! Strengthen Canonist Bonds: It’s of Viktoriya’s belief that other Canonist nations and settlements, like Sutica, should be aided and convened with more closely than nations of paganry and malificar. Our Envoys and Diplomats should seek to forge closer bonds to these nations, and find brotherhood in countries of the same faith. Hanseni News Source: Society is often rife with gossiping and misunderstanding. In order to ensure Haense’s citizens are properly educated on matters like recent victories, wars, et cetera, a certified Royal Newspaper should be established that produces a paper, at least, bi-weekly. Land Grants: The system of land grants should be stream-lined and neatened. In order to bolster Haense’s economy, some larger families and guilds should be allowed to purchase land via a forum of some sort and apply for a small piece of land. While it’s still possible, the process is messy and might take from months to multiple years to process. Better Use of Land: Land should be surveyed, and if possible, exploited for their economic benefit. This includes creating mines, quarries, timber farms, and crop farms to support the booming Hanseni population! _________________ A citizen of Haense can vote for 3 Royal Alderman, and 1 Grand Maer. Dame Viktoriya endorses; Aldermen: Britannus Vanir [His Campaign: See attached!] Grand Maer: Karl Amador [His Campaign: See attached!] _________________ “For the People; For the Realm; For the Greater Good!”
  10. https://imgur.com/a/Iy0CnM5 BUCK 4 BOSS!!! !
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