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Found 9 results

  1. Minuvas Melphestaus, Imperial High Elven Scholar, is making the following published books on political theory available with limited sale to the public. Each book shall have a limited production, but will be available for private sale and production upon request. These non-illustrated works are the dense writings of nearly two decades of research, observation, and reflections. Hegemon Parts I & II: "This two part book series is the premiere of the collection, forming the political foundation of all future works by the author. Part I addresses the theore
  2. FLYER: VOTE FOR JULIUS! [!] New flyers would be found on several stands, presenting Julius de Rosius facing the three terms in admiration and pride, it would seem as if the three words were attached to eachother while simultaneously Julius catches them all out of a reflex, representing his pride into these three aspects of the Orenian culture and society. [!] [!] To each poster would be a small card attached stating "For our Culture, History and Religion! One God, One Emperor, One Empire! Vote Julius de Rosius, Now!"
  3. [A small election program pamphlet would be found on several stands within all districts and cities of the Empire.] VOTE JULIUS DE ROSIUS FOR THE HOUSE OF COMMONS! "When Orenian pride is restored, is the point where all the calamities against our Holy Empire will be cleansed, the traitors shall fear the pride of us who are loyal and they would never dare to enter our soil again." - Julius de Rosius, Alderman of Providence - _____________________________________________________________________ - Accomplishments of Julius
  4. THE PACT OF KRAKEN AND DRAGON Agreed on this 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 18th Year of the Second Age ARTICLE I: ON SOVEREIGNTY Yong Ping City, The Sovereign State of Talons Port, hereon referred to as “the signatories”, do pledge to mutually recognize each other’s status as sovereign powers over their peoples, meaning: I: THAT the power of rule of each signatory in their respective territories be fully respected by the other. II: THAT the signatories agree to engage in diplomatic functions. III: THAT the signatories ac
  5. Treaty of the Sandsnake and the Dragon Issued 20th of the Deep Cold, Year 16 of the Second Age ARTICLES: Non-Aggression Trade Agreement Declaration of Friendship Duration PREAMBLE: This article serves as a formal pact agreement between Osanora and the City State of Yong Ping, hereafter referred to as the signatories ARTICLE I: Non-Aggression Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding non-aggression: Signing parties refrain from participating in any conf
  6. [!] Flyers would be pinned up all over the village Theodore Mowood For Sheriff My name is Theodore Mowood, loving husband of Basset Mowood and father to four halfling young’ens, Most of you may know me to not be the most popular guy around, but i'm not all that bad if you get to know me. One of my main goals being sheriff is to spread inspiration Lately my life has changed drastically, a few days after our arrival in the new land i met an unfortunate burden where i became a plant, a pumpkin specifically, and if i get chosen by you, the people, to b
  7. ORENIAN POLITICAL PARTIES A comprehensive guide covering Orenian Poltical Parties throughout the modern period of the Empire. Above is a political compass showcasing party ideologies through a diagram. The common life of a Citizen of Oren revolves around Politics, with that being said, members of the empire should be well educated in the current political climate to better influence their voting outcomes. CURRENT PARTIES The Everardines [Link] : The Everardines, a Conservative party originating in the wheat producing commonwealth of Kaedrin, founded by John E
  8. EVERARDINE POLICY: PUBLIC SERVICES 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph- 1787 WRITTEN BY; ZIRID, THEODORE, OF THE EVERARDINE PARTY. Zirid Theodore’s speech to a Helenite crowd: “The Josephites… Their name rings in my head each morning I wake to use the smallroom and each night I lay my head… Every time they speak, I feel my Orenian soul quivering to its core, for they treat our policies like clowns in a circus! Why they continue setting foot in our political scene still perplexes me, but of course, I shan’t state my worries without proper reasoning. Hence is why
  9. AN EVERARDINE’S OPINION ON THE HAESENI SECESSION 10th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1787 By Lemuel de Langford, esq. The subject of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s secession, expulsion or extrication from its benefactor state, the Holy Orenian Empire is evidently a matter of great controversy; that which appertains as far as to the terminology of the issue itself. Secret to none, the political friction between the Kingdom of Haense and the Empire trascends the facet of the ‘senior-vassal’ relation which has been all but common throughout our Empire’s feudal predecesso
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