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Found 3 results

  1. PEACE AND BLESSINGS VICESIMUS TERTIUS AUREA BULLA JORENUS Twenty-Third Golden Bull of Jorenus 3rd of Horen’s Calling, 1952 F.A | 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, 156 S.A.| 3rd of Wzuvar and Byvca, 505 E.S. HIS HOLINESS SIXTUS VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD does decree… TABLE OF CONTENTS ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ SECTION I - Opening Prayer SECTION II - College Appointments SECTION III - Curia Appointments SECTION IV - Diocesan Appointments SECTION V - Marriage Dissolution SECTION VI - On the Ferrymen SECTION VII - Venerations SECTION VIII - Beatification ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ SECTION I - OPENING PRAYER Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, whose word lasts into the eve of the world, we ask that You illume us, forgive the trespasses of those who have sinned against Your Virtue, and bless those who have been true and devoted to Your mission. The Canonist flock are assailed by trials and tribulations on many sides, Heavenly Father. We pray for the flock of Haense, whose warmth of spirit is being frozen by a never-ending winter and ask that You bless them with the thaw of spring. We pray for the flock of the midlands, of Numendil, Petra and Veletz, for they are troubled by the likes of Vampires, Azdrazi and wicked Magi, and ask that You cast down these threats to the faithful. We pray for the flock of Aaun, whose King lies hurt and bedridden after an evil man tried to bereave him of life, and ask that you bless their ruler with good health. And we pray for the flock of Balian, whose royal family was broken after the sacrament of marriage was severed, and ask that you console them. Above all however, Heavenly Father, we pray that these hardships bring us together as family, and that Your faithful are strengthened by enduring them. Amen. SECTION II - COLLEGE APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we make these affirmations, alterations, and additions to the College of Cardinals. We decree the College to be thus: TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Antonius Cardinal Artorus TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Josef Cardinal Jorenus TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Matthias Cardinal Lotharia TMR, His Eminence, Fr. Brandt Cardinal Albarosa TRR, His Eminence, Fr. Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald TRR, His Eminence, Fr. Odo Cardinal Gelimar SECTION III - CURIA APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we make these affirmations, alterations, and additions to the Curia. We decree the Curia to be thus: Vice Chancellor, His Eminence, Matthias Cardinal Lotharia Auditor of the Tribunal, His Eminence, Stanislaw Cardinal Westerwald Secretariat to His Holiness, His Eminence, Josef Cardinal Jorenus Prelate of the Priesthood, His Eminence, Antonius Cardinal Artorus Pontifical Chamberlain, His Eminence, Brandt Cardinal Albarosa Commandant of the Pontifical Guard, His Eminence, Odo Cardinal Gelimar SECTION IV - DIOCESAN APPOINTMENTS It is through our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that we appoint the following members of the priesthood to shepherd and be pastor of the Church’s Archdioceses and Dioceses: ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA To be shepherded by Archbishop Brandt Cardinal Albarosa DIOCESE OF BURON To be shepherded by Bishop Frantzisko DIOCESE OF GELIMAR To be shepherded by Bishop Odo Cardinal Gelimar DIOCESE OF ST. EMMA To be shepherded by Bishop Alexios DIOCESE OF ANDRIKEV To be shepherded by Bishop Amleth DIOCESE OF TYRIA To be shepherded by Bishop Mattia SECTION V - MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION Matrimony is a most Holy sacrament, granted by GOD through his clergymen that serve the flock. However while the union created between a man and a woman through the sacrament of Matrimony is meant to be an eternal one, sometimes the situation causes the Church to have to intervene, for one reason or another, through an official dissolution of the pair’s union. Today, We perform such once more, as It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We officially dissolve the union of Adrian of Balian and Andromeda Ester, on the grounds of abandonment and denouncement through Andromeda’s departure from Balian and her disloyalty to and forsaking of Adrian after many years of an unhappy marriage, and the struggle of the latter to make said marriage work. We wish that GOD grant mercy to this separated couple in the next chapters, and We request that they seek Our approval before once again receiving the sacrament of matrimony. SECTION VI - ON THE FERRYMEN Recently we called for the warriors and knights of Canondom to assemble and ride with us to Veletz and Haense. The reason was that the Ferrymen had sought to make their return by kidnapping a pregnant woman, the Princess Sibyl, heir to the Kingdom of Balian. We hereby condemn the actions of the Ferrymen and declare them EXCOMMUNICATED and ANATHEMA. No service or sacrament is to be given to any of their members by any member of the clergy. They reside outside the law of both the Church and secular realms, with their rights forfeited. If any of their members consider themselves Canonists, they may individually seek me out for their penance. We wish to make something very clear; that actions like these are a slight against the Canonist family and they cannot stand. One cannot be a Ferryman or aid a Ferryman and consider themselves a Canonist. Ferrymen cannot live a Canonist life because their lifestyle blasphemes GOD. The age of terrorist behavior like what was displayed by these bandits is done. The Ferrymen as a group laid dead in the dust for a while now and we prefer they remain dead. Their actions have proven that the Canonist League was right in claiming that the Ferrymen reside in Veletz, for they have shown themselves to use the Mareno keep as a base of operations. We say thus to Captain-General Gaspard of the League of Veletz; evict these men and declare them banished, else you aid these terrorists and shall be considered one of them rather than a good Canonist and be likewise declared excommunicated and anathema. We have also seen that a band of Orcs came to the aid of the Ferrymen - for which we admonish the Rex. Let there be no confusion; the Ferrymen are not some sort of lovable rogues who fight a just cause against the remnants of an oppressive Orenian Empire. They are bandits, criminals, killers: terrorists, who make up excuses for supposed heroism while taking a pregnant and innocent woman from her home and threatening to kill her. Let there be no confusion also of the nature of the intervention that happened to try to negotiate the princess’ release; it was not an invasion of Veletz or Ferrymen territory by Haense. The King of Haense, the Admiral of Balian and the Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Jude were there under our banner. We take full responsibility. This was a Canonist mission of liberation inside of Canonist lands. So we say to the Ferrymen; do not try to spin this as some sort of unjust act of war where you are the victims. We thank our good and devout Canonist faithful for heeding the call and coming together as one big family in an attempt to free our sister in GOD from these wicked men. As of right now it is unclear what has happened to her, some say she lives and some say she was killed. Regardless, we shall pray for her soul and her wellbeing and that of her unborn child. Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of God. SECTION VII - VENERATIONS It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following venerations: VENERABLE HENRY ALSTION Prince Henry Alstion was deemed Venerable as per decision of a Curia meeting held under our predecessor Sixtus V for his lifelong commitment to the Church - first as a layman, later as a deacon - and the role he played in ensuring peace among Canondom by ending the long-term war between the Duchy of Adria and the Canonist League. VENERABLE FATHER ARMAND Cardinal-Archbishop Armand of Lotharia is made venerable for his efforts in spearheading the crusade on the Azdrazi heralds of Azdromoth, the role he has played in combating the forces of evil in general, serving the Church faithfully as Auditor for decades and his invaluable contributions to the Magic Commission. VENERABLE KING CHARLES I OF AAUN King Charles of Aaun is made venerable in recognition for his unwavering loyalty to the Church and defense of our most holy institution throughout his lengthy life and reign. His legacy of devotion to the Church among the population of Aaun can be felt to this day and the importance of him standing up for the Canonist Church when an alliance led by Sedan threatened to schism over the issue of investiture cannot be denied. SECTION VIII - BEATIFICATION It is through Our Apostolic Right, bestowed unto Us through the Laurel derived from the Exalted that We affirm the following beatification: BLESSED SISTER CALLIOPE Sister Calliope Renata of Merryweather was a nun hailing from the House of Alstreim who joined the Church’s sisterhood in the Principality of Savoy. Aside from her service to the Church and her Faithful, she is beatified for the miracle she is believed to have performed at the Duchy of Reinmar in Haense in 1943. The Duchy was attacked by a band of undead led by a necromancer, who set the lands of the Duke ablaze and slaughtered his animals. After the attack, the Duke went to a chapel and prayed to Sister Calliope for intercession, upon which he saw a vision of the nun. After leaving the chapel, it was apparent that - miraculously - the damage the undead’s fire and blades had done to the Duchy had been reversed as if nothing had happened. THE HOLY MOTHER CHURCH OF THE CANON Under GOD maintained by His Holiness Sixtus VI THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS ANTONIUS CARDINAL ARTORUS Archdiocese of Artorus JOSEF CARDINAL JORENUS Patriarchate of Jorenus MATTHIAS CARDINAL LOTHARIA Archdiocese of Lotharia BRANDT CARDINAL ALBAROSA Archdiocese of Albarosa STANISLAW CARDINAL WESTERWALD Diocese of Westerwald ODO CARDINAL GELIMAR Diocese of Gelimar THE CURIA MATTHIAS CARDINAL LOTHARIA Vice-Chancellor of the Church of the Canon STANISLAW CARDINAL WESTERWALD Auditor of the Tribunal of the Church of the Canon JOSEF CARDINAL JORENUS Pontifical Secretary of the Church of the Canon ANTONIUS CARDINAL ARTORUS Prelate of the Priesthood of the Church of the Canon BRANDT CARDINAL ALBAROSA Pontifical Chamberlain of the Church of the Canon ODO CARDINAL GELIMAR Commandant of the Pontifical Guard CANONIST DIOCESES PATRIARCHATE OF JORENUS, THE HOLY SEE Encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Patriarch Josef Cardinal Jorenus DIOCESE OF ANDRIKEV, encompassing all the lands east of the river Lahy, to be shepherded by Amleth Bishop Andrikev. DIOCESE OF WESTERWALD, encompassing all the lands west of the river Lahy, to be shepherded by Stanislaw Bishop Westerwald ARCHDIOCESE OF ALBAROSA Encompassing the eastern region of Aevos, including the lands of the United Kingdom of Aaun, the Commonwealth of Petra, and the surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Brandt Cardinal Albarosa DIOCESE OF BURON, encompassing all the lands east of the mountains, to be shepherded by Francis Bishop Buron DIOCESE OF CITREA, encompassing all the lands west of Saint Daniel’s Crossing, to be shepherded by Callahan Bishop Citrea DIOCESE OF GELIMAR, encompassing all the lands west of the mountains, to be shepherded by Odo Bishop Gelimar ARCHDIOCESE OF ARTORUS Encompassing the central region of Aevos, including the lands of the Kingdom of Númendil, the Veletz League, and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Antonius Cardinal Artorus DIOCESE OF AQUILA, encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Númendil, to be shepherded by Pious Bishop Aquila DIOCESE OF ST. EMMA, encompassing the entirety of the League of Veletz, to be shepherded by Alexios Bishop St. Emma ARCHDIOCESE OF LOTHARIA Encompassing the south-western region of Aevos, including the lands of the Kingdom of Balian and surrounding territories, to be shepherded by Archbishop Matthias Cardinal Lotharia DIOCESE OF TYRIA, encompassing the entirety of the Kingdom of Balian, to be shepherded by Mattia Bishop Tyria. ☩ EST CYCLUS, NON MUTATIO ☩ IT IS A CYCLE, NOT CHANGE
  2. ENCYCLICAL LETTER DEUS ABSOLVES OMNES GOD ABSOLVES ALL OF THE HIGH PONTIFF EVERARDUS SEXTUS Addressed to His Grace, The Bishop San Luciano, Fr. Paul. On Duke William and His Grace’s Offensive Against Rozania. HIS HOLINESS EVERARD VI, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD. Most Beloved Brethren, Health and Pontifical Benediction. We address you, Bishop San Luciano, in response to your queries sent to Us; for the better instruction of Virtue, We make this response available to those who have affixed their name to your letter, and to the larger public of your region. Chiefly, We commend you for your zeal and concern for the Virtue of all men. However, because of that same zeal, We must also caution you against becoming distracted from a pastor’s highest responsibility: the tender care of his own parishioners. Your recent letter to Us, particularly because it was issued in a public manner, concerned Us that you are being led to disregard Our authority as the Vicar of God. As a pastor you are most responsible for the souls of your flock. As We are the pastor of pastors, We must ensure you are not misled, nor are any of your readers through you. As We declared through Pontifical Missive a few months ago, the Duke of Rozania and members of his council came to Us contrite and with pure intentions, desiring to convert to Canonism. This conversion was performed by Us, and We have determined it to be sincere. Not many heathens would accept a demotion in dignity for the sake of conversion, yet Duke William willingly surrendered his royal title in exchange for salvation, and We mercifully granted him the ducal rank he now holds. We remind you it is not for any priest, not from the lowest chaplain to the highest cardinal, to dismiss any new convert as insincere or temporary. Rather, it is the duty of the clergy to heal the sinner, delivering unto them the forgiveness of God, thereby upholding the faith in doing so. This is the duty of all ordained men. Your rhetoric against Duke William strays deadly close to betraying this duty by undermining the very nature of baptism, which is absolute forgiveness through God. We have delivered unto Rozania a forgiven, Canonist ruler, and you now risk the welfare of yourself and your flock seeking to punish crimes already absolved. In the most stringent and fatherly spirit, as bearer of the laurel of prophets, We must admonish you against this attitude. It imperils many souls. We are reminded of the story of Harren Horenson, who married an elf woman and rejected the laurel of prophets thrice before finally being forsaken of the prophetic office by God. Even then, he was permitted to rule for seven years while Exalted Owyn attempted to obtain his conversion. And finally, in the end, Exalted Owyn was successful in obtaining Harren’s contrition; yet, Exalted Owyn then sinned when he killed Harren rather than forgiving him. We read in the Scroll of Gospel, Book 4, verses 51-53: “Here, the Lord spoke ‘O Owyn, Son of Godwin, Son of Horen, you spill the blood of your uncle in the tabernacle of Horen. Even as My holiest city was sacred in spite of Harren’s rejection, it is spoiled by the blood of kin. You betray man with your wrath, and once again Horen’s sons are divided.’” Heed that! Instructing us in Virtue, God tells of both the triumphs and failures of Our prophets. Do not fail as Ex. Owyn did. Do not reject the contrition of a man whose virtue was hard-won. Indeed, Ex. Owyn’s sin was so grievous that it initiated a full millennium of Silence from God. Yet it is written three verses later, in verse 56, “But you remain My prophet.” Gospel book 6, verse 45 further says of this “The Lord is merciful, and waits for our penance.” Duke William has sought the Lord’s forgiveness, and it was granted to him through Us. Where he was once a wicked Harren, he has now become like a forgiven Ex. Owyn. As God commands, if you repent, We shall forgive you for this sin of wrath, so alike to Ex. Owyn’s, for all of us have failed and fallen short of Him. Regarding your jurisdictional argument, We are confused as to why you feel We have slighted the Princes in any way. It is Our prerogative to confer consecration as a sovereign, and to describe Our investiture and baptism of Duke William as a slight inflicted upon Their Highnesses is a preposterous construct, one which threatens to infringe upon the authority of the Church herself. Indeed, heed that were it not for this authority of Ours, We could not have also crowned the honorable Prince of Savoy just this year. This questioning of Our right to invest Duke William as the leader of Rozania disparages Our very right to consecrate men in and of itself. In doing so, you have risked the souls of your parishioners, who may now be led to call into question their own ruler’s authority within his own domain; for verily, if the Duke of Rozania’s rule is not legitimate despite Our deeming it such, then all invested by Our hand may be treated in the same manner. We say to you that it is not a slight for a man to rule upon that which is within his prerogative; the coronation of princes is decidedly the authority of the Vicar of God, and not that of neighboring pastors. In regards to the post-baptismal crimes, We dedicate ourselves to the spiritual care of all Canonist princes whom We consecrate. We received notice from Duke William soon after this attempted invalid marriage, one that the Duke himself attempted to stop upon discovering the racial identity of the participants. Even the elf-groom’s brother, one Minuvas Melphestaus, was present during the ceremony and assisted in putting an end to it as well. The path to the Seven Skies can be a difficult one, particularly for a place once so fallen as Rozania, but We commit Ourselves to ensuring that every possible soul is saved from the Void. We realize that We have spoken to you in somewhat strict terms, but We are your Pontiff and therefore, as such, We do not tolerate these errors. Yet, as a Canonist, We remain eternally your brother and therefore, We love you as a brother unto his brother. In this, We will cite the works of St. Pius of Sutica: “. . . the Church is intolerant in principle because she believes; she is tolerant in practice, because she loves. . . It is in sin that we ought to be tolerant, for we, too, are sinners. But in error, the Church ought to admonish and anathema, for she has no false doctrine.” We shall continue to pray for your soul, as We pray for all Canonists, and with loving concern We anticipate your contrition for these errors. Written in and published from the Holy See of Providentia, given to all Our flock on the 5th of Tobias’s Bounty, in the year of our lord, 1837, the second of Our Pontificate. ☩AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM☩ FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD UNITATEM IN DEO, THE VICAR OF GOD Sanctitas, Papa Everardus Sextus
  3. The Palatine Guard Order of All-Saints Est ca. FA 1730 “In Hoc Signo Vinces “Cum visu procul raptas aquilae regnaturi sumus vicit” "In this sign, you shall conquer. “With the eagles far sight we shall reign victorious” -Saint Harald of Vuiller , ca. 1730 HISTORY OF THE ORDER The Palatine guard was established and led by Saint Harald Vuiller of Vuillermoz during the years of 1730 within the borders of the Holy See of Vuillermoz. The Order was firstly set forth due to the urgent need for protection of the noble canonist flock and its people during the time. From this Harald thought each of his members not to raise a sword against any who had accepted GOD into their heart and that any soul could be saved and was worth saving no matter race or age. These teachings and moral code is what our Order is based and built on. Any found member to be found breaking these morals and teachings attacking the innocent be handed punishment found fit for what crime they have committed. When St. Harald passed to the Seven Skies in 1761 his Son Johan Vuiller would take over from his place as Heir of House Vuiller. he would commit to the teachings of his father and working closely with his Holiness the High Pontiff James II and the rest of the Curia the Order would grow in numbers for years it blossomed until a disagreement with the late King Sigismund of Haense the city and Order would suffer, from being told that the Crown of Haense would see it as a act of war if the borders of the city would move from their current position. This would make the city cramped farms not able to grow larger and feed the people. From this now Knight-Regent and Cardinal Johan would admit defeat and advise his people to move from the town to ensure they would survive. After meeting with his Holiness after this and Johans close allies in the High Council his father had created they would together ask for aid from the Holy Orenian Empire. The late Emperor responded to their ask of aid and they were given new land next to the commonwealth of Kaedrin. With the help of the Grandmaster Ademar Castello and Cardinal Manifred, Johan would be able to build up their new town. here they would once again be at peace and with that change a new name for the town was ready for the world and it would then be formerly known as The Holy Palatinate of Aquila. Some years later the Grandmaster Holy Sir Ademar Castello came to Johan asking to be released from his position as Grandmaster as his age had started to catch up to him, Johan agreed to this under the terms that Ademar would stay in his position until they had found a person fit for the responsibility. After Johan and Ademar felt they had found two candidates the title ended up going to Jensen Amador, a sermon would be hosted where all Holy Knights and Squires were invited as the responsibility would go from one to another. After the ceremony was finished there would be a celebration feast within the walls of the Vuillerian keep until nights end. The day after Johan and Leonid would quickly get to work and their partnership would see a blossoming within the Order. But with a lot of new members and change it is important that we remember where we started. Our Order is built on the teachings of St. Harald, and these shall be our code of life. We are an Order dedicated to the protection of any man, woman,, elf, mage, dwarf and “hobbit” alike. any living creature that has accepted God's eternal light and love into their life and soul shall be protected unless they stand as a threat to the rest of the noble canonist flock. If the day ever comes where we have failed in this task and faltered away from our Holy purpose and these rules and values the Order shall be no more. painting of our patron Saint and founder. Saint. Harald Vuiller ca. 1754 A TIME FOR CHANGE With the move from our home in Arcas it is only fit that some changes are made within the Order. Not only because we are in a new land, but also with the change of leadership with the Grandmaster, Holy Sir Leonid Amador has brought some fresh air into our Order and it is only fit we make some changes with that in mind. Therefore I would like to declare and show some of these changes. THE COAT OF ARMS With these changes our Order has welcomed a new Coat of Arms, this change has been made to better represent what our Order stands for and its purpose. We see the flaming sword of the Archangel Michael, the Pontifical Orb, the Lorraine cross all held by the Eagle that represents our order. THE ARMOUR OF THE HOLY KNIGHTS The change of armor is something that has been in the work for quite some time. It needs to produce the right amount of protection as well as letting our Knights move with ease during a battle or confrontation. Therefore we have long worked on and planned with these new armors. They combine the colors of our Order with the dark mist within its metal core, giving it a outstanding look easy to recognize. Painting of a Holy Sir during the last battle against the Inferi Ca- 1790 RANKS OF THE ORDER For the change in our Order as our ranks fill up with new life and members we have decided to make changes to these ranks, their position and purpose. The following ranks are as follows. Auxiliary Auxiliaries are the reservists of the Palatine Guard. They do not swear vows, but make a nonbinding promise of obedience. Auxiliaries may discharge their promise at any time; likewise they are not bound to activity requirements. Though it is also those from the Auxiliary rank that will be chosen to become squires if they have proven themselves in their service to the church. Squire The duty of a Squire lingers around learning as much as possible from their mentor. this not only being about how to swing a sword but also on the matters of canonism, history, demons, phantoms, combat and the different cultures around us. they shall also learn how to behave around different people and situations. Once their training is complete they are to take their Oath to become a Holy Sir or Holy Dame. They will then be the sword and shield of the canonist flock, the church and its members. Holy Knight A Holy Knight has taken an oath laying down a promise to Godan that they shall and will serve and protect the Holy Mother Church and its members and the noble Canonist flock. They are to be accepting of all who have taken God’s love into their hearts and offer them protection no matter if they are a bishop or beggar. Holy Knights are also to take a minimum of one squire under their wing to teach them in the ways of the church and our Order. A Holy Knight may choose their Squire but for the squires to be knighted their mentor (The Holy Knight) must bring them forth for the Grandmaster or Knight-Regent for them to decide if they are worthy of Knighthood. Holy Knight Prior A Holy Knight Prior are as officers within our Order. They are given special responsibilities and task within the order and are the Grandmaster’s helping hands to make sure our order is at its best at all times. They will be able to host trainings, patrolls, and smaller missions with the other Knights & Members, once finished they are to report back to the Grandmaster and Knight-Regent A Holy Knight Prior may choose their Squire but for the squires to be knighted their mentor (The Holy Knight) must bring them forth for the Grandmaster or Knight-Regent for them to decide if they are worthy of Knighthood. Grandmaster The Grandmaster is the overview and controls the Order. only answering to the Knight-Regent himself. The Grandmaster holds the power of accepting new members, having them take the oath to become Holy Knights, host missions, accept missions or bounties delivered to the Order etc. The Grandmaster is to keep the Knight Regent informed at all times of what changes are happening, how our ranks are being filled, how they are doing, reports from missions, and all other information that has to do with the Order itself. As their power over the Order is only matched by the Knight-Regent it is important that they fulfill this role. They must be able to teach the Knights of our teachings and way of life. The Grandmaster's powers are only limited to the following. The Grandmaster can not decide for the order on a political standpoint, either if this being in an election or in the case of war. This decision is for the Knight-Regent and High Pontiff to make with the input and acceptance of the Grandmaster being present during the meeting. The Grandmaster can not change or alter the armor, coat of arms, name, patrons Saints or teachings without the acceptance of the Knight-Regent. The Grandmaster can not strip any Holy Knight of their titles without the blessing of the Knight-Regent. Knight-Regent The Knight-Regent is in full control and power over the Order itself, but will give out the position of Grandmaster to his most trusted member. The Knight-Regent will often be working more in the political part of the order, keeping their relations with the canonist nations abay, taking part in important meetings, and keeping a close interaction between himself and the Grandmaster and Holy Knight Priors. He is to command and the Order making sure to protect the Holy Mother Church and every single member there off, he shall also make sure the land holdings of the church is under protection, such as Cathedrals, abbys, alters etc. Candidates for Holy Knighthood are granted that rank by swearing the following oath before the Grandmaster of the Palatine Guard Order or the Knight-Regent of the Holy Palatinate: “I vow to never falter, to obey and guard the laws of GOD, who is the one true Creator. I vow to be the sword and shield of the Church of the Canon and her faithful, to fight for them when they cannot protect themselves. I vow to resist the temptations of Iblees and strike down those who have fallen under his dark rule. I vow to keep my post as Holy Knight until death takes me from this realm into the next.” With the response by the administering official: “Then rise, [Name], and join your brothers as Holy Sir/Dame [Name and Epithet]. You are a Holy Knight of this land and all the lands of the Church of the Canon, sworn to protect the people of the Canonist faith. You shall be fair and just, defending the innocent no matter their rank: beggar and bishop alike.” Signed~ Holy Ser Leonid Amador, Grandmaster of the Order of the All-Saints Guard Singed~ Lay-Cardinal Johan Vuiller of Aquila, Horens Giant Knight-Regent of the Holy Order of the All-Saints Guard. Holy Sir Head of House Vuiller. Knight of the Black Sepulchre & Cardinal Judge Headmaster at the University of St. Sixtus Protector of the Church of the Canon and its faithful
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