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Found 1 result

  1. Seregon Therapy Services A depiction of an enlightened orenian woman, reading a book [1810] Introduction Karin’ayla lliran, I am Alyssa Seregon. My current place of residence is in Karosgrad, Haense and I like to bake cookies, read about the void and historical events. But! Enough about myself. I, dear reader, wish to inform you of my therapy services. I had wished to do something like this for quite a while, I was inspired to do so since seeing one of my brother’s many mental scars. After years, since an event happened, I knew there were others like him, scared from traumas of the past. So, in the year for the imperial calendar, 1810, I shall be opening my therapy to all! From Haense to Sutica, I will be opened to offer my services to anyone who needs the help to find a way to triumph from their scars or other problems within the mind. My Services There is no amount of money you will need to pay for this, it is free, as I think it is simply silly one must pay to get themselves help for something they are having difficulties solving. My address is May’s Ally IV, Karosgrad Haense. You will need to send me a bird for when we can set up appointments and such for the services for Seregon Therapy. But, sadly my house is not big enough for a long chat for such, so! I do advise that if you call for my services, that you at least have a private area in mind inside of your house. But worry not, I will try to get a building within Providence, Karosgrad, or Varhelm. So for now, as written above, I do advise you to find a private place within your residence. Additional Information As listed above, my place of residence is May’s Ally IV, within the capital of Haense, Karosgrad. If I do not pick up the bird swiftly, I am most likely off doing my studies, practicing my water evocation, or simply sleeping. So I would advise you to simply send the bird off to my mailbox, or use a mailman to send the message to my location of residence Sincerely, Alyssa Seregon
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