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Found 5 results

  1. A Celebration of Adulthood [!] Invites were sent throughout the city of Providence on behalf of Valeria Eleanor Ruthern, Viktor Siguine Ruthern, and Anthony Alexios Basrid. "You are hereby invited to join in the celebration of Valeria vas Ruthern, Viktor var Ruthern and Anthony Alexios Basrid for their eighteenth birthdays. The celebration will take place at The Novellen Tavern in Providence on the 16th of the Grand Harvest. Drinks and food will be available for purchase throughout the entire duration of event. Come celebrate the teens advancing into adulthood!"
  2. [!] A flier is pinned to the City Notice Board in Providence for all visitors and residents to see. The flier is from the Clerk’s Office! The 2nd. Annual Providence Clerk’s Office Newsletter The Clerk’s have been hard at work lately, and we’ve decided to give the citizens and visitors an update on the Clerk’s Office as of now! Current Roster: For help purchasing a property in Providence, questions regarding taxes or eviction notices, or general questions about the city, find one of the following people and they ca
  3. Season 1 | Episode 1 "Welcome to Providence!" For this season we're going to follow the story of Heath Linnord an average, simple minded ISA soldier who is devoted to the Holy Orenian Empire. (The previous episodes were "the prequels") The dialog and narration is taken straight from chat screenshots, and is authentic roleplay from the server. All of the voices you hear are done by myself but I am in dire need of someone who can narrate female voices! If you are a girl and this sounds fun to you, please shoot me a message on discord! gamegage#4169
  4. [!] A flier is pinned to the City Notice Board in Providence for all visitors and residents to see. The flier is from the Clerk’s Office! Hiring Clerks for the City The Clerk’s Office is currently looking to hire new stewards for the City of Providence. As a Steward for the City of Providence, you are expected to be active and consistent with your job, as well as reliable. We will only be accepting a limited number of new Clerks, not everyone will be offered the job so if you are hired we expect the best from you. The job as a City Clerk for Providence entails sellin
  5. A Wickdom Wedding. The Union between Petyr Henrik Wick & former Princess Royal of Hanseti-Ruska, Miss Nataliya Reza The wedding between the two shall take place in the Cathedral, in Providence. (Saturday the 11th of December at 6pm EST) (be wary that the date or hour may change due to the time of year) [!] Special Invitations have been sent to the following. The Wick Household Her Highness, Princess Alexandria Karina Barbanov His Highness, Prince Aleksandr Hieromar Barbanov Her Highness, Princess Juliy
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