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Found 2 results

  1. The Great Pumpkin Carving of Paradine 18th of The Sun’s Smile , 99 S. A. [!] From the deepest and darkest woods of the west, comes flyers originated and written from those who live within. This very letter found its way cast out of the state to different parts of the realm, making it a widely spread letter for all to see. Artistry is something that seems ever-present. In every aspect of life. From the skies above, to the caverns beneath our feet, the mind of an artist seems to slip into the world around us. And thus, the Vaulurir of Paradine is proud to present our very own pumpkin carving event. Using locally sourced pumpkins from our very own farms- step up and see if you have what it takes to become The Pumpkin Paladin of Paradine! I T I N E R A R Y Pumpkin Carving The main event - what everyone has been waiting for! A battle of the minds- of the hands- of the artists! Face off against fellow fighters and battle for the title of The Pumpkin Paladin of Paradine! The victor of this event not only gets a medal, bragging rights, but also a grand prize of 200 minas! Baker’s Battle After the main event we’ll line up our challengers in a bake-off! Each competitor will create a pumpkin-themed bakery item made from the innards of the pumpkins from the contest before. Whoever wins this battle will not only get a drink named after themselves, but also have their dish put on the menu of the new, up and coming tavern within Paradine! [WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, 6PM EST] PENNED AND SIGNED; Jakob Castington, Councillor of Snow Written by: Evarir Veralya Wynasul SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: ARISTOCRACY OF CELIANOR Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonii @Amuletic Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii @_Sug Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii @fredrickteufel Laurir August Athri'onn and their Talonii @twistedfries Laurir Glynfir Aevaris and their Talonii @Crymson Laurir Raziel Amethil and their Talonii @laeonathan Laurir Ranni Ranaleth and their Talonii @coffeekreme COURTIERS OF CELIANOR Saphielle Heithyra, Silver Seneschal of Fi’andria @silllkee Esmeralda Acal'elor, Lady of the Interior @Axelu Irelia Py'lrie, Lady of the Arts @XoxoMinnieXoxo Zodd, Master of the Forge @AdmiralLB Alucard Anarion, Court Archivist @xNeviah Eve Athri'onn, Court Astronomer @petaltothemetal Ro’ya Nullivari, Court Painter @Amyy Valindra, Court Mage @moribundity FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Acanthus Vuln’muriel, Prince of Amaethea and his citizens @AgentofDeath13 Sarya Tundrak, Princess of Fenn and her citizens @JJosey Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her citizens @Bethinwonderland Karl III, King of Haenseti-Ruska and his citizens @GMRO Frederick I, Prince of Sedan and his citizens @HogoBojo Mika Anarion, The Silver Lubba of Lurin and it’s citizens @mika1278 Paul Salvian, Archduke of Petra and it’s citizens @bickando
  2. [!] A burrower propaganda poster flies into your face. Darned posters always seemin' to be doing that these days. THE GREAT PUMPKIN It came from the pumpkin patch. One pumpkin larger than the rest. To some, it was an omen of good times, and to others, it was an oddity to be eradicated. Us halflings stared at it in awe as it grew ever larger, swallowing up jug after jug of water from the soil and spawning miniature pumpkins all around it. Its tangled vines spread over the ground, choking the landscape with bushy leaves and bright pale orange spheres. T'was quite the threat indeed! Alas, there is no reason to fear, for after us crafts-halflings had our way with it, all can agree that it makes for a cozy home rather than a threat! The might of the halfling race overcomes that of the pumpkin! -Better burrow bureau of Honeyhill.
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