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Found 10 results

  1. DECLARATION OF JIHAD!! *a missive would be spread around the towns and nations calling all the faithful to join In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, we, the Qalasheen, declare our unwavering commitment to defend our faith, our people, and our homeland against those who seek to oppress us. As the chosen guardians of the sacred sands, we stand united in our devotion to Iman-rashidum and our determination to uphold its teachings of justice, compassion, and righteousness. With the blessing of Allah and the guidance of our prophets, we embark on a Jihad against the forces of tyranny and injustice. Our swords are sharpened, our hearts are steadfast, and our resolve is unyielding. We call upon all righteous believers to join us in this noble struggle, to rise up against the enemies of Iman-rashidum and to cleanance what is rightfully ours after it was stained by idol worshippers. Together, we will march across the deserts, conquering hearts and minds, and establishing the rule of Allah upon the earth. To those who oppose us who claim titles that rightfully belong to the qalasheens and our ancestors and dared to stain our claimed lands with idols, after being told to remove it we was met with ignorance so know that our faith is our strength, and our unity is our shield. We will not be swayed by fear or intimidation, for we trust in the divine promise of victory. Let it be known that the Qalasheen are a force to be reckoned with, and that our holy war will echo throughout history as a testament to the power of faith, courage, and perseverance. May Allah grant us success in our righteous endeavor, and may the sands of the desert bear witness to our triumph. so this is a massage to all the Mumineen out there , join us to this Jihad and help us destroy those who wish to bring false gods and idols upon our desert and lands, those who claim our ancestors titles and they never even touched there feet in sand , the Pharaoh started this invasion upon our lands , and WE shall bring a end too it . IN THE NAME ALLAH WE FIGHT , ALLAHU AKBAR!!! عبد الرزاق المنى *signature of Abdur Razzaq Al-Mona Sheikh of the Banu Al-Mona , Protector of the qalasheen
  2. 'بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate, we begin. Let it be known that the Banu-Mona tribe calls all Qalasheen brothers and sisters to come unite. For too long we have been nomads, for too long we have been traveling. However, with the blessing of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala, we have found a home. The Viceroyalty of Hyspia has offered us land to build our first settlement. As we grow our community, they have also offered us assistance in settling within the desert: THE SANDS AGREEMENT We are thankful for their hospitality. I call to all our Qalasheen brethren to come unite with us. Let us be a beacon to the Farfolk and live beside our Hyspian cousins, who are Farfolks themselves. Within due time, our people shall thrive. Inshallah, may we prosper. Signed, SHEIKH, Abdur Razzeeq al-Mona, Sheikh of Al-Fahkri and The Banu Mona, Sword of Allah, Defender of the Qalasheen SAYYID, Mehmed ibn Omar Kharadeen, Grand Imam of Al’iiman Rashidun, Descendant of Al-Mahdi and The First Caliph, Protector of The Faithful
  3. THE SANDS AGREEMENT The Enfeoffment of the Qalasheen Tribes Signed by Viceroy Cesar II of Hyspia and Sheikh Abdur Razzeeq al-Mona 15th of Sigismund’s End, Year 152 of the Second Age Preamble HEREINAFTER, The Viceroyalty of Hyspia and the Banu Mona of the nomadic Qalasheen tribes, in hopes to strengthen ties and forge benevolent bonds, see fit to establish this pact amongst their communities. Thus, in the LORD’S name we begin: _______________________________________________ LOYALTY AND STATUS I. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen shall swear their fealty to the Viceroyalty of Hyspia and the Viceroyal Crown. II. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen shall be given the rights and status of citizenship of Hyspia. III. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen shall be allowed to continue their system of local leadership, and be allowed to elect their Sheikh, in which the Viceroyalty of Hyspia shall recognize the fair and democratic elections. REPRESENTATION IV. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen shall be granted the right to maintain a representative to communicate with the Viceroyalty of Hyspia. LAND V. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen shall be permitted to establish a temporary small settlement within the Hyspian lands. The land shall be located south of the desert savannah, beside the Rio de Zafiro. VI. WHEREAS, An upkeep of 75 minae shall be collected from the Qalasheen for the establishment, and continuation of this settlement. Upkeep will be collected every Saint’s Week. FREEDOM OF RELIGION VII. WHEREAS, The Viceroyalty of Hyspia formally recognizes the Church of the Canon as the official State religion of Hyspia. VIII. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen are free to practice their official religion known as Al’iiman Rashidun within the Viceroyalty of Hyspia without discrimination and persecution as long as they do not violate the natural laws of Humanity, and do not exhibit the signs of Iblees. IX. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen will respect the Realm and the Church of Canon as their equals, and take no discriminatory status against those worshippers. X. WHEREAS, Al’iiman Rashidun shall not be permitted to be practiced within official Canonist facilities such as: Churches, Cathedrals, Holy Sites, etc. LAWS AND LEGISLATION XI. WHEREAS, The Viceroyalty of Hyspia shall recognize the right for the Qalasheen to exercise their own legislature and jurisdiction within the land that has been apportioned to them. However, these laws and powers shall not supersede the authority of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia and its courts. XII. WHEREAS, Hyspian nationals shall not be held to Qalasheen laws. XIII. WHEREAS, If in the event, a Qalasheen commits a crime outside of their settlement but within the territory of Hyspia, the Banu may request for them to be tried under their own court by their own peers. Notwithstanding clause XI. MILITARY XIV. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen shall be afforded the protection of the Hyspian military and her benefactors. XV. WHEREAS, The Viceroyalty of Hyspia shall permit the Qalasheens to raise a Qalasheen infantry division hereinafter dubbed the “The Mujahideen” as a subsidiary division of the Hyspian Regiment, the standing military of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia. XVI. WHEREAS, The Mujahideen shall report to the Regiment and shall abide by the creeds of the Regiment. FOREIGN RELATIONS XVII. WHEREAS, All foreign affairs shall be conducted strictly by the Viceroyalty of Hyspia in accordance with the Peace of Esrova. The Qalasheen must abide by Hyspian foreign policy. XVIII. WHEREAS, The Qalasheen are not permitted to sign nor conduct diplomatic missions, pacts, agreements or treaties without the express approval of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia. TIME XIX. WHEREAS, This agreement shall be in effect for 20 Saints Weeks. Once this time has been reached, or the two signatories decide an amendment is needed, they may reconvene. XX. WHEREAS, If the agreement is breached in any form, the agreement shall be made null and all lands shall be returned to the Viceroyalty of Hyspia. EN EL NOMBRE DE DIOS, HIS HIGHNESS, Cesar II de Pelear, Viceroy of Hyspia, Duke of Pacazu, Baron of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lord of La Dorada, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear HER HIGHNESS, Karyna Rezalin de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Duchess-Consort of Pacazu, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca and Del’mar, Lady of La Dorada, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People and Matriarch of House de Pelear SHEIKH, Abdur Razzeeq al-Mona, Sheikh of Al-Fahkri and The Banu Mona, Sword of Allah, Defender of the Qalasheen SAYYID, Mehmed ibn Omar Kharadeen, Grand Imam of Al’iiman Rashidun, Descendant of Al-Mahdi and The First Caliph, Protector of The Faithful HIS VICEROYAL EXCELLENCY, Sergio Harold Othaman, Gran Canciller de Hyspia, Lord Minister of His Highness’ Government HIS EXCELLENCY, Sir Laurens ‘the Unwavering’ Halcourt d’Artois, Canciller de la Patria, the Barón du Campagnon, Scion of the Halcourt Dynasty, Cabo del Regimiento de Hyspia, Chanzlé-Emeritus of the Commonwealth, Hero of the Petra, Knight of the Hawthorn, Protector of the Auvergnians
  4. *A massive would be pinned all our Aevos newsboard* Where Tradition Meets Ambition, and Every Step Tells a Tale. In the heart of the desert, amidst rolling dunes and boundless horizons, a new chapter in nomadic commerce begins with the indomitable spirit of Abdur Razzaaq Al-Mona. Meet the young qalasheen nomad, whose soul is woven with the threads of tradition, and whose dreams are as boundless as the sands themselves. Guided by the wisdom of his forebears, he ventures forth, bearing treasures that bear witness to the timeless and unforgotten stories of his people. "Carpet & Camel Mercantile Co" is more than a name; it is an embodiment of a way of life. The camel, steadfast and wise, carries the weight of the nomad's journey. The carpet, woven with the artistry and lore of generations, is a testament to the enduring spirit of the desert. These treasures, curated by Abdur Razzaaq, are destined to find their way into the hearts and homes of those who yearn for a taste of the nomadic life. Embark on a journey through the nomad's gallery, where each piece speaks of a heritage rich in culture and history. From the vibrant hues of hand-woven carpets to the rugged beauty of camel-hide crafts, every creation bears the mark of Abdur Razzaaq's dedication to preserving the essence of nomadic life. As Abdur Razzaaq Al-Mona walks the desert paths, wanderers and seekers of unique treasures are invited to become a part of this remarkable venture. Follow our journey through Almaris and stay updated on our discoveries and to be the first to glimpse the latest additions to our collection. May the whispers of the desert guide your steps to our campfire, where every piece from "Carpet & Camel Mercantile" holds a tale waiting to be shared. عبد الرزاق المنى *signature of Abdur Razzaq Al-Mona with the inc being green
  5. Shams's Shawarma Shack - Eating Contest, Season 2! -=- ✧ -=- It was not long ago that the people of Fakhr held a Shawarma eating contest in honour of the grand opening of the first ever Shawarma Shack in All of Almaris. The participants gathered, their eyes on that prize money along with their own custom shawarma and above all, The Shawarma King title that they would be known by across the realm! -=- ✧ -=- Alas the time has come for season two! A new dawn, another chance for someone special to win and defeat the current reigning champion, Tawfik Al-Haybah! Join us in this festive event and earn your chance at glory, become the new Shawarma King and rumours have it that there’s even prize money involved and a special someone will get their own custom shawarma made by the shawarma dealer himself and sold in the various branches! -=- ✧ -=- OOC: THIS EVENT WILL HAPPEN ON TUESDAY 25TH JANUARY 2022 @6 PM EST
  6. [!] An ornate missive would be sent across the realm, a delicate golden border lining each piece. A lavish letter would detail this announcement: The Emir of the Fakhr Oasis, the glorious falcon, Qamar ibn Zayd al-Nabeel, humbly invite you to witness the union of the Qamar ibn Zayd al-Nabeel and his partner Fatimah bint Thamer al-Hadad. All are welcome to attend a traditional Qalasheen ceremony, followed by a beautiful reception. The reception will include a feast, dancing, games, and friendly competitions to celebrate this wonderful union. The Oasis Palms restaurant, the ultimate romantic destination, will be open to all, catering to the feasts. Special invitations would be sent to the following: His Majesty, Vane Edvarsson, King of Norland, and his esteemed family The Illustrious Zhu, Tianrui Ryu, and his esteemed cabinet and noble family Signed, Sayyid, Qamar Bin Zayd, Sheikh of the Nabeel, Emir of the Fakhr [OOC Note: The Wedding will be on Wednesday 12th of January 01/12/2022 @ 6 PM EST]
  7. Qalashi Steel OOC: Introduction For decades the Qalasheen people have lived peaceful and simple lives, enjoying a time of peace. The world around them appeared to be unraveling its true dark nature, yet The Sultanate flourished as local merchants peddled their wares across the Isles. Miners took to the stone with pick in hand, exploring new depths and returning with rare minerals and ores. Encrusted with a strangely beautiful pattern, Qalasheen metallurgists have discovered what at first appeared to be an ore with properties similar to aurum (it had both a low yield strength and fracture point). When they discovered the true potential, it became known as “Kadarsi ((meaning powerful in Arabic))." Kadarsi Kadarsi ore itself looks more similar to a darkened, less transparent crystal, that by itself is weak, making the harvesting process more difficult. It would require a steady hand and careful precision to chip away at the edges of the ore without having it crack. Once acquired, and forged with other elements such as carbon, however, the steel product will have a higher yield strength and higher fracture point. If cracked, the Kadarsi will allow the steel to spring back into shape and allow it to be easily repaired through forge welding. Pattern welded steel History The ore was first used in glassware and pottery, melted and molded together with various minerals and elements to make attractive decorations and furniture, desired by many. What was quickly noticed by this was that the glass and pottery were slightly more durable and resistant to breaking. Metallurgists quickly began testing the affects of Kadarsi with other minerals including gold and ferrum. Through Kadarscening, it was discovered that the properties of both ferrum and aurum were strengthened, making the two more durable. Striking aurum mixed with Kadarsi repeatedly against solid objects showed that the new welded aurum could take more hits before needing repair. Not only this, but repairing was much easier as the Kadrasi could easily spring back into shape with simple repair methods. The same results were shown with ferrum testing and so Qalashi Steel was born. Kadarsi Ferrum BattleAxe Qalashi Steel consists of Kadarsi ore and Ferrum ore that are both welded and forged together in layers (known as Kardescining), creating a unique pattern, but most importantly it affects the quality of the combined steel to create a new steel which is commonly referred to by Harians as Qalashi Steel. Different kinds of mixed processed steels will produce mere patterns and show little property change, but when ferrum combines with the Qalasheen-discovered Kadarsi ore, not only did it have a unique pattern — a beautiful water-patterned steel produced with resilient edges — it was shown to be tougher than the average ferrum blade which was prone to rusting in damp air and becoming dull, making it a high maintenance weapon. The Welding Technique Through pattern welding of Ferrum and Kadarsi, plus an additional method which consists of layering, Qalashi steel can be forged into weapons and armor. The layering gives the steel unique patterns that one can visually see. Depending on the skill level of a blacksmith, Qalashi steel will become more durable as the blacksmith will be able to use the Kadarscening technique better and add more layered tiers of the melted ferrum and Kadarsi. As they are layered and folded over one another more and more the outcome is a steel that is much tougher and resistant to shattering (though it would not be impossible to break the steel). The tiers are also noticeable by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. The more it is layered (which is a lengthy process), the more durable the steel becomes. Kadarsi ore can be welded together with ferrum, aurum, and bluesteel to produce: Kadarsi ferrum, Kadarsi aurum, and Kadarsi bluesteel. Kadarsi Ferrum Sabre Each tier is based solely on the level of the blacksmith starting from Adept which will be referred to as a tier 1 product. The more experience one has in blacksmithing, the higher the tier. Alongside this, Qalashi steel can be enchanted like most weapons, but will have increased durability, making it unique. Kadarsi Ferrum Chestplate with gauntlets Strengths and Weaknesses + While this adhesive might only appear to be an alternative to the Unbreaking enchant, it should be known that only at tier 3 ((Masterful blacksmith)) will a Kadarsi-laced piece be equivalent to a single Unbreaking enchant. On top of this, one will be able to add an Unbreaking enchant to their Kadarsi-laced piece and double the affects. + Farfolk are able to produce Kadarsi ferrum gear earlier and slightly faster than other races, but will be subject to the same times when it comes to Kadarsi aurum and Kadarsi bluesteel. - Aurum and bluesteel gear are best used in their whole states and so mixing any aurum or bluesteel with Kadarsi lessens, but does not completely negate the properties. - The process for making Kadarsi gear is a lengthy one due to how precise one must be. - To be able to harvest this ore, one must have much experience, though it is said that the expert hands of a Farfolk can provide some aid - Kadarsi Aurum and Kadarsi bluesteel will require more experience to craft for other races. Thank you to bestscarface76 who provided some good advice for this.
  8. The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi God is our Strength History The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi was established in the year of 1531 by Amethu Denaseth, Amir of the Sultanate of Khalestine. Founded in the palace of the Al-Wakhrah with the blessing of Imam Kareem Ibn’Yrdam, the Order was born to protect the lands of Vailor, the True Believers of Allah, and to prepare for the coming of desperate and dark times. To increase the administrative efficientcy, ‘The Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi and ‘The Order of the Mubarizuns’ were merged as ‘The Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi’ accepting all that were willing. Prosperity in Khalestine fell during the last war between the ‘Men of Oren’ and the ‘Dwarves of Urguan’ and the Alwahdat Alwaqi lost their manpower and was almost disbanded. With the recent stability that has found Khalestine in the year 1549, The Warriors of the Holy Order of The Alwahdat Alwaqi have risen again. Purpose The Holy Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi is an independent order within the Sultanate’s military. The order is based on the principle that all life is holy until it is corrupted by Shaitan. We protect all the descendents and children of Allah from the influence and spawns of the Shaitan. The first duty of the Order is to protect the family Kharadeen. The Order shall act as their personal retinue and will protect them from all dangers, holy and unholy, good or evil. The second duty of the Order is to protect all the children, elderly, and descendants of Allah from all the unholy and evil dangers that may threaten them and bring aid to the children and descendants where is needed. The third duty is to protect the Righteous faith and spread the word of The Exceedingly Merciful through the lands of Vailor and to the descendants, showing them the eternal flame of Allah. Joining the Alwahdat Alwaqi Warriors of the Alwahdat Alwaqi are required to be citizens of the Sultanate. They need to be Qalasheen or Farfolk and they are required to believe in the Righteous Faith. Exceptions can be made for the most loyal followers of House Kharadeen and/or the most devout believers of the righteous faith. Code of the Alwahdat Alwaqi My duty as a warrior of the Alwahdat Alwaqi now begins. I am the shield of Allah, Protecting His Word, His Land, His People. I am the sword of Allah, Striking down His enemies. I am the guardian of His Word, Spreading His Will and His Light. My bond is eternal. My duty as a comrade of the Alwahdat Alwaqi now begins. I am my brother’s shield, I shall defend him when he cannot himself. I am my brother’s sword, I shall strike for him when he cannot himself. I am the guardian of his honor, For we stand as one. I will fight alongside my brother. I will die alongside my brother. My bond is eternal. Ranks A member of the Order will act according to his rank and will follow orders of a member higher in the hierarchy. If conflicting orders are given, a member will always listen to the highest commander. The High Command Sultan The Nation Leader of The Sultanate of Khalestine. The Sultan holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Sultanate. The Sultan is the one that chooses the direction of the military. His soldiers will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect, however, and is typically handled by his Amir. Amir (The Marshal) Current: Amethu Denaseth An Amir is appointed by the Sultan to run the military as the Marshal. The Amir is responsible for running the military and retinues, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Sultan, and ensuring order is kept within the land holdings. The Amir also advises the Sultan on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of important value to another nation, the Sultan or a Steward from The Office of The Munavin will hold the trial. Alkabir (The Commander) Current: The Alkabir, chosen for his faith and devotion to Allah and for his prowess as a commander, is entrusted to lead the Order of Alwahdat Alwaqi in Faith, and heads the Alwahdat in times when the Amir is absent. He is chosen personally by the Amir for his many skills. Mustashar (The High Councilor ) Current: Imam Faiz Ibn Qhuhafah The Mustashar is a experienced steward who handles the financial and managerial affairs of the order. He is entrusted as the religious and political and diplomatic representative of the Order. He acts as an advisor of the Alkabir during absence of the Amir. The Lower Command Faris Alkabtin (Captain) They are the officers and instructors of the Order. They are true warriors with many skills, most importantly their skill of command. The Faris Alkabtin are the elite and have committed their lives to serving Allah and to protect the innocent from darkness. They wield the authority during military expeditions and on the battlefield, taking a captain’s role. Faris Almutawaf (Officer Errant) The Faris Almutawwaf are the errants of the Order. They go out in Vailor and will help the local population and spreading the word of Allah to the world. They also act as assistants of the Mustashar, acting as diplomats and stewards of the Order and helping the stewards of Al-Wakhrah with their duties. Errant’s possess a passion for traveling while representing the Sultanate. The Vanguard Faris The Marafiq who completed their trials will be given a place within the Order. The Faris is the main force of the order, they have many duties, combat and noncombat related. They will uphold the ideals and principles of the Order until their oath ends. Marafiq Squire The newest addition to the Holy Order of the Alwahdat Alwaqi. A citizen who shows devotion to the True Faith and undeniable loyalty to the Kharadeen and Khalestine, will be given a chance in the Alwahdat Alwaqi. The Marafiq will undergo a series of trials. A Faris will accompany the Marafiq as a mentor and judge. Payment & Rewards The Khalestine military uses an honour system. A soldier will be paid accordingly to the duties he fulfills. The more duties one fulfills, the more pay and rewards one is eligible for. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age (Teenager, Adult, Middle-Aged, Old, or Venerable): Gender: Reason for wanting to join the Alwahdat Alwaqi?: Are you a Qalasheen or Farfolk and do you abide by the True Faith? : Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph )) :
  9. (WIP) Arlen Kharadeen (AR-luhn Kaha-rah-deen) "Though we may bend, we do not break." - Faiz Kharadeen Appearance A natural tan, well-toned, and thin man standing at about 5’11 and weighing somewhere around 150 lb. Often, when speaking, his voice sounds honeyed and silvery albeit he has a small Waldenian accent despite his origins. His gait is relaxed and he often carries himself in a mellow manner. His hair is left relatively groomed — thick strands of black draping down loosely. A Family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Name Origin The name Arlen derives from the Qalasheen farfolk. Tribes people would form an arlen or “Pledge.” Titles At the age of 34, Arlen was proclaimed as “Sultan” or sovereign over the Caliphate - most often ruling over the Realm of Khalestine whilst his father,Faiz Kharadeen, bears the title of “Caliph” and has absolute rule over the Realm, able to overrule any decisions made by the Sultan. Personal Characteristics * Born on the 2nd of Snow’s Maiden, 1469 - Arlen was born in an infirmary within the frozen walls of Aesterwald’s keep in The Fringe. The infant was a frail thing, weighing a measly 4.5 lb. ChildHood Like most toddlers (those with parents), the mother would be the caretaker for her young and nurse them with loving care. Arlen’s father was currently a member of the Sentinels of Equilibrium near the Princedom of Fenn and had one master bedroom that included a small crib for their firstborn. Arlen’s early life consisted of being mentored by his mother as his father was often away slaying monsters. He also had a Shepherd pup named “Fellah.” When the war between Raev and loyalists to the Chivay dynasty had begun, skirmishes took place nearby Fenn and the young boy would often travel North with his father to Aesterwald where the temperatures dropped below freezing. Here is where he grew up learning about Lucienism, a faith compiled of many chauvinists who devoted their lives to the Creator. Mental Characteristics Arlen keeps himself in a sort of genial stupor, where he feels as if his decisions are bettering the lives of others akin to his own. He lives a life devoted to his family or so... that’s what he tells himself . During the transitioning period between Athera and Vailor (and even several years after that), Arlen dropped off the face of the planet without explanation while in a relationship with Sahárfajhari Ajaháli and returned fifteen years later as a vagrant in rags — left by Sahár who then began seeing his younger brother, Malik. Often categorized as weak and lacking of a firm hand when he was younger, Arlen returned changed, hardened by the changes throughout the years. Now perceived as arbitrarily brutish, the Qali’ has seemingly become confused with his own worldview. Arlen’s obsession for his family’s reunion clouded his vision and drastic measures were taken during a search for his sister, Ceto Kharadeen. Philosophical Characteristics Chaotic Good “I do the things I do only for the reunification of my blood.” With ambiguous innocence, this character sees himself as some sort of “saviour” to his kin. Perverted by insecurities, the self-deluded Qali’ believes wholeheartedly that the unity of a family is the terminal key to unlocking joy. But to what extents has this Sultan gone to achieve this goal? Arlen is an optimist and sees that every situation can be bended towards his favor by the use of any means necessary. He’s created this slanted reality for himself that leaves him completely blind — unable to recognize the disruption he has brought to those he thought he cared for. Apparel Accessories When Arlen was only a child, his father had gifted him with a brown scarf that he keeps on always even underneath his armour. It’s his “good luck” charm that he feels it keeps him safe. Upon his ring finger rests a smooth ashen-gray wedding band. Dress Style/Wardrobe Arlen’s wardrobe consists of a large variety of clothing from all different cultures although he would often be seen wearing traditional Qalasheen robes. Equipment Spoiler Arlen rarely carries any form of currency on him simply due to being absent-minded. Attatched to his belt is a scabbard which hides curved saber, commonly known as a scimitar. These weapons are commonly found and crafted within Khalestine. Relationships Relatives Father: Faiz Kharadeen (ymbninjakiller, Unknown) Mother: Arabella Kharadeen (Immahorseridda, Unknown) Sister: Ceto Kharadeen (PessPess, Vital) Sister-in-law: Saharfajhari Kharadeen (Malocchio, Vital) Brother: Malik Kharadeen (tuslwmonster, Deceased) Brother: Alai Kharadeen (lucdean, Vital) __ Wife: Irsia Kharadeen (Imibee, Vital) Eldest Son: Fakhri Kharadeen (Pandann, Vital) Eldest Daughter: Kaia Kharadeen (Contact if Interested, Vital) Daughter: Amina Kharadeen (LadyRebecca, Vital) Daughter: Nahla Kharadeen (Cytharia, Vital) Son: Amal Kharadeen (tuslwmonster, Vital) Son: Yusef Kharadeen (Publius, Vital) Character Art “Happy Trail” by Cave_Creature “Portrait of Irsia and Arlen Kharadeen” by Shiloh Ellis Portrait by Numirya
  10. Nafis Yar "Got to go home today - Guess today was a good day." A human male of Qalasheen and 'Slantie' descent. At the prime age of 22 and often goes by 'Naf' or 'Qali' among his people. Prone to going on needless adventures and killing things in the name of God. Hard as a diamond. Description "I ain't the hardest Qali in the land, but I am a grown man ready to step up to these pigs." At 5'9 (175.26 cm) and weighing in at 159 lbs (72.12 kg), Nafis is far from anything considered spectacular. Growing up on his own before being taken in by Enepay Jharar, Nafis is malnourished in scrawny. As an adult, Nafis has new found strength after years of dedication to his aspirations. Nafis is now generally more muscular after training under Rilkor Niwarsay and Zhulik Nezhit. Nafis' eyes are a light brown, almost appearing 'amber' in direct sunlight. A scar across his right eye was the lasting impression left by an Adrian in battle which Nafis has embraced as a sign that the enemy could take his eye, but could not take his life. This has left Nafis poor eyesight in his right eye, near blind. His hair is generally nappy when grown out, having sported dreads in his youth. His eyes are an almond shape, unlike that of many Qalasheen leaving testimony to his mixed ethnicity. After a near death incident as a teenager, his dreads were forced to be cut to reach severe wounds on his cranium. Since then, Nafis has kept his near black hair close cut as it has been easier to manage. Nafis, like most Qalasheen, is of dark complection though he is lighter than most due to being a successor of Decurion "Rageccius Cato" from Imperial Oren. Nafis generally identifies as solely Qalasheen though, having never met his decorated war veteran grandfather or being close to his own father. Personality and Health "I wish to be engulfed in flame so that I may blaze through the ranks of the kafir until Allah judges I should burn out, leaving nothing left in the path I create." The young Qalasheen, although he maintains some signs of immaturity from his youth, has become a realist - especially to the horrors this world carries. Endless conflict in the realm has had a dramatic impact on Nafis, warping his views. Nafis is hot-headed, rash, and fiercely loyal. To a stranger, Nafis sounds apathetic in responses and generally holds no real interest in those he does not know. His demeanor may appear cold to others. Nafis carries a sense of duty though to protect who he calls "good folks". Since he reunited with his people in Vailor, he has executed numerous 'cultists', bandits, and others wishing harm upon those he has tried defending. His technique puts off those faint of heart, such as when he slit the throat of a Waldenian bandit over Al Wakhrah's town center fountain's edge in front of the masses. Despite all of this, Nafis is known to be kind among loved ones and willing to sacrifice a lot for their benefit. Nafis, as of recent, is blind in his right eye after an Adrian nearly took his life in one of the battles. Otherwise he would be considered healthy physically. Nafis has unintentionally allowed his mental health to deteriorate. Not everyone is meant for war no matter their skill, and Nafis proves this. Increasingly irritable, sleeping irregular hours, paranoia,and growing stress has continued to take its toll on Nafis - leaving his future bleak. Inventory "I used to have a couple toys, my Qali. But the strykewyrm wanted those childish things too." Nafis, when not in uniform, typically wears his coat with fitted arm guards gifted to him by his former teacher Zhulik Nezhit. Accompanying this, Zhulik also gifted him a brown bandanna that Nafis wears around his neck. Around his neck, Nafis wears a necklace with the Lorraine Cross which is testament to his growing ties to the Orenic Faith. Nafis also wears "The Ring of Piscatoris" on his finger, a gift from the woman who adopted him which was given to her by Nafis' grandfather (who had adopted the woman when she was young, coincidentally.) When not pinned onto his tabard, Nafis carries a golden flower pin in his breast pocket - a gift from his beloved friend Zahrah. Nafis believes the small gift is his ward of protection, and looks to it often as his push to press on when things get rough - at least for Zahrah's sake. One of his longest kept possessions, a leather bound book adorned with a red Lorraine cross which was written by his grandfather and passed on through the family. Nafis tends to like sharing the contents of it to others. [A description of the Orvari Warblade Nafis carries] A bear-head pommel adorns the hilt, made entirely of bleached whalebone and covered in a chain of silver inlaid Gorundyr (Celtic) knots. The letters +ULFBERH+T can be seen engraved into the crucible forged, broad blade, trailing up it’s fuller from the hilt. Life Style "My fire burns more fierce than Khalestine's sun, this righteous flame protects me from mutts tryin' to take my life." Nafis Yar, albeit trying to be a good person, may not always be considered as such to a stranger's eye. His trouble with Khalestine's law as well as opposing forces may make him appear to be a troublemaker. Generally speaking, Nafis would not wish harm on those who he does not deem inherent of such treatment. Nafis worships the Creator and grew up under the teachings of "The Righteous Faith" (The Qalasheen Religion). As he grew older however, his grandfather's legacy has pushed him to delve in the teachings of Lucienism and other former sects of the Orenic Faith pre-Canonism. As of now, Nafis has quit the Mubarizun force of Khalestine and has moved on to help reform the Order of St. Lucien under a mysterious man named Baudric. Although recently receiving notoriety among his people for his actions as a "soldier of Allah", Nafis is still but a commoner. In his youth, Nafis kept to farming to make ends meet. In his free time, Nafis fishes and hopes to buy a boat after the war to make fishing a living in order to spend more time with his second mother and his significant other (both being fisher-women by trade). Nafis is quite the fighter after years of training under two mentors, Rilkor Niwarsay and Zhulik Nezhit. The former taught him sword play while the latter taught him archery. Nafis has given up on archery after losing his right eye, though he is still able to pass on what he learned to others. Nafis maintains his sword play and has developed an effective offense style with his Orvari Warblade, a gift from Morvan of Orvar. With a heavy reliance on constant movement and no reliance on a shield, Nafis makes use of cheap tricks and unorthodox tactics to gain the upper advantage in fights. To him, there is no honor in being defeated by the enemy and survival is all that matters in the end. While unable to use a normal bow, Nafis sometimes makes use of an arbalest which Baudric has taught him how to use. Biography "My greatest fear is that these mutts will come for my loved ones for the **** I did to em'." Nafis was born on the 23rd of Malin’s Welcome, to a Qalasheen mother and Easterner father in an abandoned town off the coast of Deus Proditor. The young Qali lived in content with just these two people under a strykewyrm, a burrowing beast found in the sands, consumed his parents in its rampage. Appearing to have blocked out the incident, the young boy proclaimed himself a monster slayer and traveled the lands in search of work. Needless to say, no one took him seriously which forced the boy to become a beggar. Another much older Qalasheen, Enepay, discovered the boy and took him under his wing as an older brother. They would travel around Athera for a year before eventually going to a newly built city named Al-Dirahk, made to unify the Qalasheen and other farfolk tribes. Unknown to Nafis though, a house was already left on reserve for him by the Caliph. Nafis made many friends as a child, creating a family he had lacked for sometime. He was even adopted by a foreign woman named Ellian who eventually moved into the city to look after him. This support rubbed off on Nafis, who eventually took in a lost Qalasheen woman with amnesia who was given the name Zahrah. Blissfulness was not certain, however. With the deaths of friends at the hands of Deus Proditor's perils from the walking dead to the strykewyrms, Nafis became determined to become a true warrior. The death of the Caliph's uncle, known as Uncle Siris, had the most profound effect on Nafis which pushed the young boy on edge. Nafis looked to those who had survived and kept them closer with his friendship with one in particular becoming feelings of affection. Feelings of inadequacy in preventing the deaths of comrades and the betrayal of one of his mentors, a Waldenian named Zhulik Nezhit, forced Nafis off the deep end. Zhulik Nezhit murdered Prince Arlen Kharadeen in a drunken fit and Nafis was unable to do anything, also under the influence. Unable to push himself to kill Zhulik Nezhit, Nafis ran off and lived in Deus Proditor's barren deserts for years. Because of his absence, Zhulik Nezhit was not caught. Nafis would eventually meet the strykewyrm that had eaten his parents, but nearly escaped with his life in what one could consider a 'draw' between the beast and Qalasheen. In search of his second mother Ellian, Nafis set out on ship and traveled to many foreign, empty lands before eventually making it to Vailor. Believing his loved ones were all gone, Nafis traveled to Oren where he met a man named Hadrian Chivay who asked for his help in the war effort against Adria. Noting another Qalasheen man named Amethu serving the loyalists, Nafis felt obligated to help. Nafis knew his grandfather also served under Chivay and thought it would do the deceased ancestor honor by continuing his legacy. Asked to help with recruiting, Nafis went back to the "new" Khalestine to look for Qalasheen to assist his cause. Nafis was approached by a mysterious Waldenian named Baudric who spoke of reforming the Order of St. Lucien, a long disbanded order that Nafis' grandfather served in. Nafis agreed and set out to recruit for the Order so they could assist Hadrian and the other Loyalists as he had promised. Slowly, Nafis reunited with a few long lost friends such as his second mother Ellian, his "older brother" Enepay and his soon to be wife Isra. Troubled with the changes to his peoples' land as well as not fitting in among the growing elfen populace, Nafis considered leaving. It was only when he was reunited with Zahrah while on gate duty did he opt to stay in order to look after her, now a man. Since he was a young boy, despite her being a few years older, Nafis kept her close to his heart even when he was out on his own for years. The Orenian Civil war intensified and the Caliphate ultimately got involved. Nafis proposed to Zahrah the night before he left for Felsen in preparation for the battle, to which she said yes. At the battle, Nafis lost his right eye in a near death experience when face to face with a man from Brelus. After the Loyalist victory, Nafis returned home to reunite with his loved ones. However he would be afflicted by the horrors of war, deaths of his battle brothers from the Order of St. Lucien, and coping with the ongoing skirmishes. As if fate destined it, Zhulik Nezhit (now a homeless man), returned to Khalestine. Not recognizing him at first, Nafis gave him coin and food upon inviting him into his home. It began to set in that Nafis recognized Zhulik and upon remembering, confronted him on murdering Prince Arlen. In his fury, Nafis assaulted Zhulik in his house which ultimately lead to Zhulik ripping open Nafis' stomach and Nafis decapitating Zhulik, ending the Waldenian's life. Enepay and Ellian came to Nafis' rescue, stitching him up. Only Allah knows what is to come Nafis' way after this holy retribution was delivered. Artwork (A modern depiction of Nafis Yar and Zhulik Nezhit.) (A masked Nafis playing music.)
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