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Found 8 results

  1. Attention! The Black Dawn Hunter Association offers hunting services for those in need of hunters. Our skilled hunters are ready to take on any game, big or small, for a fair price in Minas. Contact us to get hunters or apply to become one today! https://discord.gg/uh3jSpDU
  2. THE RANGERS OF EASTWOOD A ranger patrol in the Sleetfells There exists a particular archetype in the collective imagination of Man. A primordial image, birthed somewhere in our cold and distant past: Beneath the trees stands a tall, solitary figure. A long cloak is drawn about his shoulders. In his weathered hand rests a walking-stave. A longbow and quiver are slung across his back. His soul aches with a deep longing for the wild and empty spaces of the world; the forests and hinterlands, the barren tundra, the rivers, the wastes. He is drawn to the outer rim of our lands, to places yet unexplored, to a nebulous and romanticized zone that we might call the Frontier. Some know them as Watchmen, others as Wardens. This character answers to many names, though perhaps to none more frequently than the Ranger. Rangers are not strictly professional soldiers. They stand in no lines, guard no gates, carry no painted shields. Nor are they mere foragers, content to eat berries and drink springwater. For the ranger, all of life is a battle. His fight does not begin at the bark of a general, or end with the war-horn’s howl. It began when Man first felt the bite of the cold in his chest, and the sting of heat scorching his brow. When he found himself alone and lost in a dark world- but saw for the first time the stars, put there by God in the heavens, charting him a path to freedom. The ranger’s fight doesn’t end til’ he breathes his last, and his soul joins the stars in their dance. PREAMBLE The Rangers of Eastwood are a brotherhood dedicated to forestry, combat, and the perfection of Virtue. They offer an escape from the elaborate prison that Man has built for himself in his cities- with their narrow, suffocating streets, their low roofs that break a man’s back and block out the sky, their accursed townhouses, sewers, and filthy alleys, their crowded taverns and empty churches- the whole ugly sprawl that Man is proud to call his home. A ranger leads a simpler, but undoubtedly richer life. His movement is easy and unrestricted. The Earth yields all her fruits to his watchful and discerning eye. When he is tired, she offers him a bed of leaves. When he is thirsty, a cold stream is his well. He can find God in the majesty of snow-capped mountains, in the petals of a wild rose, or in the gentle sound of canyon rain- for he worships in Creation itself as his temple. In all things, he thinks not of comfort, but of freedom. Though his life is often hard, his soul is at peace. The Rangers are loyal to the Empire of Oren, and are stationed at a strategic ford near the port of Eastfleet. They patrol the roads leading to Providence, keeping them free of bandits, poachers, and other errant dangers. As reservists in the Imperial Army, the Rangers are mobilized for any major military operations ordered by the Imperial Crown, but retain a fair degree of autonomy in their own sphere. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~RANKS~ A veteran ranger with his Cloak and a Wickerwood longbow The extravagance of a military guild’s long ladder of ranks seems rather out of place in the ranger’s world. Every ranger is expected to have the same base set of skills as any other. Naturally, some men take to certain tasks better than others, and if a mission calls for a particular man’s expertise, the Captain will designate him to lead it. But which skills will be most essential depends on the task at hand. The best man for one assignment may be the worst man for another. Thus, the rangers free themselves from the shackles of titular bureaucracy, and can award command on the basis of merit and the demands of their current objectives. Uncloaked Journeymen practice their aim in the Eastwood JOURNEYMAN New recruits to the guild are known as Journeyman, signifying their status as travelers on a sacred quest. Every Journeyman undergoes rigorous mental and physical training beside a class of fellows. Together, they learn to live off the land, to track men and beasts by the prints they leave behind, to read the sky, and to master the ranger’s weapon of choice- the wickerwood longbow. Upon the successful completion of their training, Journeymen are awarded two things: the first is a long Cloak, which he is to wear and maintain for the rest of his life. The second is his first Logbook, which he is to faithfully keep, until he turns it in to the Librarian at the end of a two year term, whereupon he receives a new one, which he carries for another two years, and so on and so on. RANGER Once a Journeyman has been found worthy to wear a Ranger’s Cloak, he is given the same responsibilities and privileges carried by all fully initiated members. As a Ranger, he is required to uphold the Arcus Creed, keep his Logbook, perform any missions assigned by the Captain, and be a model of virtue for others. He has unrestricted access to all the guild’s resources and knowledge, and can be delegated to lead missions by the Captain. Rangers accrue seniority and prestige in the guild by advancing through the class ladder, working their way up from Unmarked, to Third, Second, and finally First Class. A squadron of rangers setting an ambush WARDEN Senior rangers entrusted with command over their fellows, Wardens see to the everyday business of managing the guild- barking orders, overseeing new projects, and keeping everything in ship-shape. Never afraid to get their hands dirty, Wardens are grizzled veterans who would sooner die than betray the guild or its ideals. DEPUTY Deputies are second only to the Captain in the weight of their words amongst the Rangers. They are not appointed lightly- only a handful ever actively serve at one time. CAPTAIN The Captain is the executive head of the Eastwood Rangers. His main responsibilities consist of overseeing Journeyman training, planning and leading missions, delegating rangers to specialized ranks, and maintaining discipline across the guild. The Captain’s word is final, but this veto power is rarely if ever exercised. Serving Captain: Nikolas of Southbridge [eddywilson2 ] A ranger tracking a Hansetian bear through the Wyldes ~SPECIALIZED RANKS~ Adding some breadth to its sparse ranking structure, the guild maintains a host of specialized roles that can be filled by any ranger, with the approval of the Captain and his Deputies. THE LIBRARIAN Each ranger carries with him his Logbook, in which he records all of his works in service to the guild, observations about the territory he is in, the men he is with, flora, fauna, the lairs of monsters- anything that might be useful to travelers that follow in his footsteps. Every two years, rangers turn in their Logbooks to the guild Librarian. The Librarian’s first task is to organize these logbooks, and extract any useful or interesting information from them. But his duties extend far beyond this. The Librarian is the guild’s link to humanity’s vast treasury of theoretical knowledge, history, and culture, and provides a healthy offset to the guild’s wealth of experiential insight. THE QUARTERMASTER The guild pools all of its resources into a single warehouse that any ranger can access if he has need. The Quartermaster is in charge of managing the guild’s stores, keeping them tidy, well stocked, and accessible at a moment’s notice. The Quartermaster has the secondary duty of handling, distributing, and inspecting the guild’s weapons and tools. THE BEASTMASTER On their long expeditions into the wild, and across all the realms of the Descendants, rangers are prone to encounter creatures both fantastical and dangerous. It is the Beastmaster’s duty to take note of the unique behavior and abilities of these beings, and to carefully document those which seem particularly deadly, for the sake of any rangers that might run afoul of them. MASTER FALCONER During his Journeyman years, each ranger takes a young hawk, eagle, owl, or falcon into his care. The training of this young hunter parallels his own, and by the time he takes his oath and dons his Cloak, his animal companion is fully grown, and fully imprinted upon his master. When not perched on a ranger’s wrist, or circling above his head, trained birds are housed in the Lodge’s Aviary under the care of the Master Falconer. Alongside his duties in the Aviary, the Master Falconer is responsible for training Journeymen in the proper care of their new, feathered charges. THE APOTHECARY Though every ranger is trained in rudimentary herbalism, the Apothecary serves as the guild’s authority on the practical applications of botany. Similar to the Chief Falconer, the Apothecary oversees the guild’s stores of herbs, and is also responsible for introducing Journeymen to their unceasing usefulness and wonder. CHIEF CARTOGRAPHER Foremost among the duties of every ranger is his imperative to give mankind detailed maps of the natural terrain. It is not uncommon for the Captain to send out an expedition of rangers to spend several days charting a range of mountains, or meticulously mapping a forest. The Chief Cartographer’s duty is to take the labors of all his fellows and turn them into something comprehensive, readable, and properly useful. To qualify for his position, he must be a master navigator, skilled at geometry, and have a sharp eye for detail. He also enjoys the pleasure of having a large say in what to name the landmarks and trails that his comrades in the field have found or blazed. On the hunt ~SPECIALIZED DIVISIONS~ On top of a slew of positions to be filled by qualified members, the guild has marked out two divisions of specialists that require additional training and a particular skillset. Each division is headed by a trusted Ranger, selected personally by the Captain. BLACKHAWKS While every member of the guild receives extensive combat training, and can fight reliably under any conditions if called upon, Blackhawks are rangers that have proven themselves to be extremely deadly in battle. They are distinguished by being the only rangers licensed to complete missions where killing other men is necessary for the mission’s success, and are issued a new black Cloak to set them apart from their peers. HEXERS The guild boasts a small division of professional mages- rangers trained in one or more of the arcane arts. The Captain often sends a hexer to accompany ranger expeditions into unknown territory, on the off chance that the patrol encounters magical phenomena. A cloaked ranger with his trained hawk ~THE ARCUS CREED~ In the final stage of his training, a Journeyman keeps a Vow of Silence for one year, to train his will, sharpen his mind, and make him careful with his tongue. During this time, though he is permitted to write and gesture to communicate, a Journeyman cannot speak a single word from his mouth. On the final night of the year, the Captain assembles the entire Journeyman class in a secret grove. At midnight, the first words that a Journeyman speaks after a year of keeping silent are the words of the Arcus Creed, transcribed below: To speak merely what is needful, To be modest in speech, dress, and deed, To be truthful and sincere in all dealings between men, To own only what I need, To scorn comfort, To love freedom, And to keep my word. With God, the forest, and my innermost soul as my witnesses, I swear. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~RECRUITMENT~ A ranger guide on the Sitka trail Admission to the guild is open to any who seek it. But be warned- the life of a ranger is not for the faint of heart. For all of our poetic talk about the pleasures of a simple life, the rewards of self-sufficiency, and the boundless wonder of God’s Creation- though true- does not tell the full story. If you would join our ranks, you will spend countless months of your short life lost and far from home, with only a faded map, the stars, and your wits to bring you safely back. You will spend many hours with a parched throat, desperately searching for a mountain brook from which to drink- and spend many more lying feverish on a grubby cot, waiting for the parasites you have swallowed to be washed out of your system. You will spend many cold and sleepless nights listening to the distant howls of direwolves, wondering if you will live to see the dawn. But the guild can promise you this: you will never be left to face these challenges alone. You will need only look across the dying embers of your campfire to see your fellow rangers, bows in hand and eyes alight, ready to lay down their lives on your behalf. And in the innermost depths of your heart, you will know beyond a doubt that you would do the same for them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOULD YOU WISH TO ENLIST, FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BELOW, OR SEEK OUT CAPTAIN NIKOLAS [IGN: eddywilson2] ECTHALLION ATREIDES (IGN: birdnerdy), OR CASSIUS CRUZ [IGN: cruzalul] AT THE GUILD’S HEADQUARTERS. Directions: 1) From Cloud Temple, take the Eastward Fast Travel. 2)Take the road north towards Providence. 3) Cross the bridge over the little brook, and you’ve arrived! Coordinates: X: 1785 Z: 145 Admission Requirements ~Applicants must be in adequate physical shape to endure the hardships of a ranger’s life~ ~Applicants must renounce all allegiances to and positions within other military or civic guilds~ ~Applicants must consent to a personal interview with the Captain or one of his deputies, and be deemed fit for admission to the guild’s ranks~ APPLICATION Name: Age: Race: Prior Relevant Experience:
  3. Mondblume Family Lore Limo_Man (Ziggity #0979) | Amelot the Brave and ozark (0zark#2665) | Zeydl Mondblume A manual for those in the Mondblume family. A history of the family name and origins. Family Origins The Lore of the Moon Rose Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydaj81_E7LU A ranger stood alone in a valley of freshly fallen snow. He had never enjoyed the city life, the noise, the cobblestone keep towers which hide those fortunate enough to be born rich nobility. His short, messy, light blond hair shined in the dark night. The blackened sky almost entirely darkened, except a brightly shining full moon center sky. The ranger’s cloak tussled in the light winter night wind, a bow strung over his shoulder with a quiver full of arrows. The ranger stood silent gazing into the darkness of the forests around him. As he would step in the snowy fields the crisp snow crackled and stirred along with him. Snowy mountains surrounded him as he sauntered through a thicket of pine trees. He was searching… perhaps hunting for dinner... perhaps he searched for something more. The wandering ranger flipped his cowl from his ranger cloak up over his head as the forest wind began to pick up. The trees croaked and moaned in the night as the blizzard approached. It became evident that the ranger was in need of shelter. The ranger’s head rotated searching until his entire body froze and tensed. He came into view of a tight cave entrance in which he could slide into for shelter. Ducking his head under the rocky cave roof as his body was engulfed by the opening in the mountain. The ranger found himself looking around the cave walls covered in thick moss and dripping stalactites from the ceiling. It became evident that this cave had not been disturbed in a great many years. As he walked through the darkened cave he noticed a light to the back of the cave… the hiss of steel echoed in the cave as his blade was drawn. The cave became eerily silent as the ranger approached the growing light. Spoiler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbcGRNDiaKM A white rose stood before him shining in the moonlit light through an opening in the ceiling of the cave onto a patch of the greenest grass and thicket the ranger had ever seen. A stone cross lay behind it lit by the glowing moonlight in the cave. Etched into the cross were the words, “Those who seek clarity need only taste a petal.” The ranger set up a small fire in the darkened cave, using his small metal cooking pot to heat some winter snow into fresh steaming water. Delicately the ranger cut off a small petal from the moonlit rose and dropped it into his steamed water. Strangely the petal dissolved instantaneously into the water turning the liquid a silvery white color as if moon dust itself had been sprinkled in. The ranger grasped the pot of steamed water, closing his eyes he drank the petal laced liquid. A strange sensation enveloped him. As the ranger opened his eyes the cave was gone. His mind unhinged as he could see clearly what he was searching for. The ranger could see only the glow of the moon in his mind setting him in a fevered trance. His purpose which he had been searching for his entire life was revealed in a brief instant. The lone ranger entered the ancient cave lost but left a renewed man with purpose. He left a Mondblume. Mondblume Family Values “A petal laced in clarity.” Mondblume Family Tree Spoiler: https://gyazo.com/541d78e28512cb76a598cd4d254ad22f Mondblume Focus Professions Knighthood HRA Politician Beast Hunting Mondblume Family Accent Examples: With Accent Regular common/without accent Zhou net zhou go zhou bet. You need to go to bed. Zy don’t know vy zhou asked? I don’t know why you asked? Somesing iz in ze vater. Something is in the water. Zy am taking a valk down ze street. I am taking a walk down the street. Ze game vas rigged from ze start. The game was rigged from the start. “Th” becomes “s” >> Thinking > Sinking; when used in sharp TH words like therapy, thinking, thesis, Thor etc. “Th” becomes “z” >> That > Zat; with less sharp TH words like thankful, thanks, those, the, etc. “Y” becomes “z” > You > Zhou or “Ending duh sound” becomes “t” such as bed > bet; head, read, knead, mood, food, etc. >> Zy need ze foodt. Family Swear Words: Bagool = Bastard Goon Fool, “Zose bagools vill get zemselves killed.” Vilgrein = fucker; “Zet worthless vilgrein got himself kilt.” Fett Tauschen = fat fool Fruhlingsgarten = calling someone a noob. (spring daisy) “Zhou’re zuch a fruhlingsgarten, zhou don’t know how to do zat?” Mondblume Family History Scyfling Invasion 1773-1775 The origins of the family date back to 1774 during the Scyfling conflict under King Sigismund II of Hanseti-Ruska. The original family participated in this conflict on the opposing side of Bralt the Boar and his invading Scyfling forces. Øzark Mondblume, before adopting his family name, participated in a great deal of battles serving as a Haense Royal Army Ranger during the conflict. His army regiment saw the most battles and largest casualties during the invasion. This war was a major turning point in the beginnings of the journey into the creation of the Mondblume family. Inferni Conflict 1776 The strength of this family was put to the test, for the first real time, in the Inferi war that had been waged near the end of Almaris. In this engagement, the two founding Mondblumes were forever remembered as war heroes of this brutal battle which left one of them in the seven skies. Amelot the Brave. This honorable man had quite a history in Haense’s great city, leaving the lands with five daughters to carry on his legacy. Deserters of the Haeseni throne Taking place right after the Inferi war had finished, and the new lands of Almaris presented themselves, a good sum of the Mondblumes left Haense’s lands in search of another. This hurt the fledgling house, almost causing the house of Mondblume to be left in the dust of history as Øzark Mondblume and several other Mondblumes went with him; only three of the original ten members of Mondblumes remained. Yet the remaining loyal members kept going. The Attenlund Expedition Forever astray, our members of the family scraped and scrambled toward regaining some sense of reputation within Haense - broken by a portion of the lineage seceding from Karosgrad’s steel gates. Though years and years passed, yet it seemed nothing was in the family’s gaze of desperation. Nothing for them to grasp or latch onto; to bring their name out of the cold mud. Eventually, A large expedition to new lands was called upon the nation. Hildebrand Mondblume and his son Albrecht Mondblume were chosen as expedition leaders to host and conquer the lands unknown. Throughout the time in the Attenlund, the Mondblumes had done a fine score for the kingdom - redeemed and recognized for their dire efforts after decades of a no man’s land. The Barony of Richtenburg A small sum of years after the Attenlund expedition was the first court session since the Mondblumes had returned to the city. A large score of citizens amassed within the palace halls, happily waiting to be met with their Koeng’s presence. Once court had begun, Ser Hildebrand Mondblume was called to stand before the Koeng, Koeng Heinrik, as he was made Lord of the newly named Baron house of Mondblume. ~Mondblume Family Traditions~ The Wild Hunt This ‘trial’ sort to speak, is where a young Mondblume, who has yet to be initiated into the family as an adult, is sent outside of Karosgrad’s warm protection to prove in the harsh cold of the Rimeveld region. Said Mondblume child is expected to not return until they’ve successfully hunted a wolf and anything else they managed to gather, while also having to survive solely off of their surroundings as they hunt. Perhaps the most important part of this Hunt is acquiring a white pedal of a rose to symbolize their presence in the family. Later on, this pedal is to be buried/burnt along with the Mondblume who had gathered it during their trial. A Kin’s Bout Whenever Mondblume relatives experience conflict amongst one another, and is not being resolved, the members must take up a competition/bout in hunting. Whoever manages to get more for a feast that will follow this friendly bout is declared the winner, and thus rising as the winner to the original conflict between family. The Grimgold Pact Back when the Mondblumes were still coming to life, in the first line of the family, Amelot the Brave challenged one of the Dwarven marshals to a duel of sorts. Alaric Grimgold was his name, and he made the young Amelot a deal in his early years. One that he’d have to carry on his own. The small agreement required him to grow and progress through the ranks of the BSK - underneath the great marshal Erwin Barclay. Eventually the boy deemed himself ready for this spar, though wasn’t ever able to finish his deal before his passing in the Inferi war’s final engagement. After Amelot’s demise, his family inherited mostly everything that he’d owned - including the duel against Alaric Grimgold. Though, this fated and fabled duel has begun to drift into more of myth and legend to the Mondblume lines - leaving the trial of dueling a Grimgold in a friendly spar in order to prove themselves as stalwart heroes and accomplished warriors who’ve thoroughly lived their lives. ~A History of House Patriarchs~ ~0zark Mondblume~ Not only one of the two founders of the Mondblumes, but was also a successful leader within the HRA. He used to be in control of the Ranger unit within Haense until it was disbanded, making many friends in the great cities of Haense while patriarch. Unfortunately, once the rangers had been disbanded, the adorned war hero felt it time to hang up his rank in Haense and offer his talents to the forming ranger squad within Norland’s city of Elysium. ~Ser Hildebrand Mondblume The Gryphon //Master of the Hunt// //executioner of Koeng Heinrik//~ Hildebrand Mondblume was a knight of Haense, adorned by the moniker of 'The Gryphon'. This knight's time in Haense as the house patriarch set the Mondblumes on a path to gain Barony - through his efforts in the expedition as the Koeng's executioner, the strong presence he and his son Albrecht Mondblume held in the nation's duma, and his time served under both The Order of The Crow and the HRA/BSK. This will be added to in the future whenever we get new lore to put in.
  4. The Arcus Company Blackhawks The bow. An efficient, yet often overlooked weapon. Elegant, but deadly. Dynamic, yet precise. Mastering it can take years, and it takes years more to apply it it in combat. The Blackhawks are a newly formed archer company within the Order of the Golden Crow. Comprised of only the most skilled bowmen, and equipped with the finest gear, the Arcus Company is the mind-child of the elf Ecthallion, a long-standing member of the northern realm. The Company is based around the simple idea that the bow triumphs over the sword when the two are pitted against each other. The Company is sworn to Lord Karl Barbanov, of Siegrad. Functions and activities Men of the Arcus Company eat, sleep, train, and fight among the mighty warriors of the North, and many recruits for the Company are selected out of the pool of warriors enlisted in the Order. During battles, they are used as a support unit for the main force, using their bows to wreak havoc among the enemy’s ranks. The Company also participates in regular hunts of large beasts, putting their skill with a bow to protect the Northern realm and it's inhabitants. Blackhawks are expected to maintain their prowess with their bow, and to keep their equipment in order. Any man of the Company who does not meet these requirements will be expelled from our ranks.. Recruitment Blackhawks are hand picked from the Order of the Golden Crow, and from among the pool of men and women who apply for the Company specifically (( On this thread)). Not every applicant will be made a permanent member of the Company ((basically, you have to be good with minecraft bow mechanics to be made a fully fledged member member)) All of those who wish may apply to join, but only the best marksmen will be fully initiated into the Company’s ranks. Application OOC Username: Do you have Teamspeak, and if not, are you willing to get it? Skype (Send through a PM) Are you good with minecraft bow mechanics? Name: Age: Race: Are you a skilled archer? Do you have any useful skills that you can use for the Company’s benefit? (We especially need woodworkers, leatherworkers, and breeders): (( Ooc info Basically, this is a military group that only uses bows. If you’re not accurate with a minecraft bow, you will be kicked out of the Company. We will have tons of archery focused events, and we participate in all of the Order of the Golden Crow’s activities. Ranks are identical to the ones in the Crow.
  5. *posters are hung in all places of note ~The Eagle's Watch~ The bow. An efficient, yet often overlooked weapon. Elegant, but deadly.Dynamic, yet precise. Mastering it can take years, and it takes years more to apply it it in combat. We, the Eagle's Watch, can relate to the bow.We are efficient. We are dynamic. We are precise. We are Watchmen. ~ Purpose~ The Eagle's Watch are a group of soldiers and hunters dedicated to the mastery of the bow as a weapon and the lifestyle of a ranger. Spending their time roaming among the wild northern forests, hunting beasts and exploring the landscape, a Watchman preserves the lifestyle of a common man while holding to the values of a military force. We hold no direct allegiance to any lord or kingdom, preferring to let our battles choose us. The Watch is currently garrisoned in the northern city of Nerezza. ~Brief History~ The Eagle's Watch was originally planned as a small regiment in the Waldenian Military, the Order of the Black Eagle, but after the unfortunate demise of the Konigreich, the Watch's founding member, the elf Ecthallion, former member of the mighty Order, decided to take the fate of the small group into his own hands. He gathered a few surviving veterans of the Black Eagle, and thus the Eagle's Watch was born. By applying his knowledge of squadron-based military tactics, and knowledge of ranged combat, Ecthallion began developing new strategies and formation centered around bows. The Watch will incorporate these tactics into their hunts, battles, and other combat-related activities. ~Rank Structure~ The Watch has a very simple ranking structure. It is as follows- ~Watch Captain~ The Watch Captain is the official head of the Watch. He organizes hunts, makes decisions regarding the Watch's actions, and has the final word on any important decisions. ~ Watch Lieutenant~ Watch Lieutenants are experienced members of the Watch who the Watch Captain has deemed fit for leadership. They are allowed to admit new members to the Watch, and take charge when the Watch Captain is not present or available. ~Watchman~ Watchmen make up the majority of the Eagle's Watch. They are fully fledged members who have been accepted into the Watch and may participate in hunts, battles, and other activities organized by the Watch. Each Watchman is an important part of the force, a disciplined soldier, and an experienced bowman. ~ Recruitment~ The Eagle's Watch is now recruiting! Submit the form below, and the Watch Captain will evaluate your application and send a reply if you are deemed worthy of joining our ranks. Current Members Watch Captain: Ecthallion Att'riades Watch Lieutenant: Gawain Watchmen: Shea Volenduir, Eorden Greyhame. Garret Hearthstone, Algarath Blaxland, Favian Morest ((OOC MC Name: Skype: (PM it to me if you don't want it publicly displayed) Timezone: Are you good with MC bow mechanics? ((IC Name: Age: Have you had any military experience?: Are you skilled with a bow?: Why do you want to join the Watch? Is there anything you'd like us to know? ((OOC Information. This is a ranger guild. We will be doing lots of PVE, hunting, target practice, and exploring/adventuring. I have hooked up with some ETs and we'll be having hunting events as often as possible. Also, this is a group also based loosely military roleplay. We will develop formations and unique commands over time, but if you don't like that kind of thing, this guild isn't for you. Also, it is preferred if you are accurate with a bow, and not just ICly. We will be using them quite a lot, and if you aren't very accurate, and are not willing to brush up, you might be ejected from the guild, or not permitted on hunts. Hopefully this won't be a problem.
  6. Introduction The knights of the forests...The shadows of the night. We stick to our oath... bow's first... sword second. We fight in the forests and use our skills with a bow to our advantage. We are a group of men free for ourselves... that guard the land. We make sure that Valles is safe from crime... We are essentially a guard force... but we're also a separate guild. We listen to only one... and no other. We fight the enemies of our lands till our last breath and we will never surrender. The Beginning of the Rangers The rangers had a grave beginning. Nym Vala the leader of the first rangers. sat watching the burial of Emperor Siegmund, he felt alone... being Elvish, he watched his close friend, Ericus Sarino, A young boy he himself had trained the arts of the bow and stealth. His young apprentice stood guard, watching over the burial. After the rights were said and everything was done... a small group of 3 stayed... Nym slowly approached his head down. He looked up at Jonathan Othaman and spoke with his calm voice, after some negotiating he had formed the rangers of Valles. The peace was soon disturbed by an attack by the goths. Nym using his archery skills. Soon dispatched both of the attackers with kill shots. After sometime, the group were gave a small encampment and made this in the base in Valles. Ranger Ranks: Ranger Apprentice: An apprentice ranger whom will get a mentor, he or she will become a shadow when the mentor deems them for them to become a full scale ranger (or a shadow) these rangers will not yet get a full longbow, They however will receive a recurve bow, a bow which is much easier for them to learn with. Ranger: This is a full Ranger, this person will receive a longbow and will be taught to use it, after this the person shall receive missions and will also fight for the cause. The shadows will be allowed to roam around freely as they wish, but however may-be called for battle or for scouting. Elite Ranger: This person has show their worth and has developed a huge amount of skill and loyalty for their time for Valles and the rangers themselves, these people will get a Apprentice and will be expected to train them to the highest of standards that they can. They will also in battle get a small amount of rangers to command, this will consist of three, and they will expected to shoot to high standards. Shadow Ranger: This is the best of the best in the ranger corps, these people have shown true loyalty and have true skill with a bow. He or she has also show true skill in commanding. This person will get a group of 6 and will have a say over them. This person will also get 2 apprentices that he or she must try to train them to the highest of standards. They also are leading rangers in stealth and may give the other rangers advice if they need it. Nocturnal: These rangers are the second in command, and command over most of the over rangers, They have a unit of 8 and are allowed to hand pick who are in this group, it requires a lot of loyalty and time to join this section, they may accept applicants and choose who joins the guild. He or she will get 2 apprentices and they will grow to become ranger, they are also allowed to accompany the leader to any meetings with any other guilds or nations. There is only 2 nocturnals usually and are allowed to choose when someone becomes a ranger or not. Umbra: The leading Ranger, he or she has full control of the guild is allowed most of the decisions, he can give out jobs to any of the ranks and is allowed to choose the ranks of any of the corp's. He has the ultimate decision over all. If the Umbra dies. Then the guild shall cast a vote of whom they wish to be the leader of the corp. They are also required to be at a ceremony to become the shadow rank Housing: A member of the corps will get there very own room to share with another ranger of the corp, they will get a bunk and also a chest for personal items and use. Uniform: A member of the rangers may wear anything that is grey, green or dark red, and gives the illusion of the forest, they may have to wear certain uniforms sometimes but they may wear what they wish for comfort. Though the uniform has to be light, simply to not restrict movement at all. Recruitment Application ________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information Mc-Name: Skype(State yes or no): Have you had any ban reports or ban's on the server? In Character Information Name: Race: Age: Skilled with: Why you wish to join: How did you hear about us: Are you prepared to die for our cause: You see a man in a forest, attempting to grab a man, What do you do? Previous combat experiences: If you are given an apprentice, do you deem yourself worthy to protect them? Will you listen to your superiors without hesitation? Do you accept loyalty to the Ranger corp? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Umbra (Leader): Nym Vala (joke13)
  7. ((Origianl lore by ~©wl~)) Formation: During the First Ildonian Age of the Adunia, Lord Braen Elendil came to the decision that the people of the Adunia needed a new military system, once that had to be effective and structured. Braen called upon his older brother Cirimas, and asked him to do exactly this. Cirimas gathered several of his most trusted Adunian warriors, and whilst most of their identities have been lost to ages, it is known that one man was Ahrium Owl another was a member of the Loyola Clan. The men created a tradition that would last throughout the Adunia for ages to come; the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic. The Adunian Rangers spent centuries guarding the Province of Al’Ildic, serving under many different Ranger Captains and Adunian Lords. They served as the most elite Adunian warriors in the Great War, and continued to fight for their people until Ildon fell in the Undead Siege. The Adunian Rangers lived in Fort Arendor, which was a castle built into the base of the hill upon which the Adunian Palace stood. In recent years the Adunian Rangers have merged old members of the Phoenix Rangers and the Rangers of the Forest into their ranks. The sigil of the Adunian Rangers is a grey cloak with two swords crossed over it. The group is now known either as the Adunian Rangers or the Rangers of Al’Ildic. Few choose to call them the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic due to the fact that is is a mouthful to say. Current Day: The Rangers now under control of a new Adunian, Terrick Donnan, are completely reformed. They exist under new customs and organization, this not being hard to achieve as all of the previous Rangers under Caln McHarnish were exiled. Orginization: The Rangers are organized such as most militaries. Ranger Captain The Ranger Captain is the head or the organization. He is assigned by the High King and takes orders from none other than him. His rank is symbolized by a gold stripe on both his shoulders. Ranger Lieutenant The second in command of the Rangers. He manages the squads of the rangers. He reports directly to the Captain but can move up to the position in the captain’s absence. His rank is symbolized by a silver stripe on his shoulder Drillmaster The drillmaster trains the initiates that come into the rangers. He only takes direct commands from the captain unless told otherwise. His rank is symbolized by a red stripe on his shoulders. There are only four drillmasters at one time. Squad Captain The squad captain is in charge of a group of 4 men including himself. He is directly responsible for the actions of his squad. He answers to the Lieutenant and in rare cases the Captain directly. The organization within the squad is up to it’s captain. His rank is symbolized by a blue stripe down his shoulders and an added stripe to show the squad. Squad Member A squad member is under the direct control of the squad's captain. He can have a rank within the squad determined by the Captain of the squad. His rank is shown with the color of the squad as a stripe on his shoulder along with a black stripes on the inside of the others. Initiate The initiate is a prospect member of the Rangers. He falls under the command of the Drillmasters. His rank is symbolized by brown stripes on his shoulders. Special Assignments Any soldier, excluding initiates, can be selected to be on special assignment by the Captain. This rank is situation specific and, depending on the situation, may remove the current rank until the task is completed. Dress: The dress is relaxed for the rangers. Each member is able to wear what they desire as long as the stripes signifying rank are always visible. ((Roster http://bit.ly/10wX0cv ))
  8. Formation: During the First Ildonian Age of the Adunia, Lord Braen Elendil came to the decision that the people of the Adunia needed a new military system, once that had to be effective and structured. Braen called upon his older brother Cirimas, and asked him to do exactly this. Cirimas gathered several of his most trusted Adunian warriors, and whilst most of their identities have been lost to ages, it is known that one man was Ahrium Owl another was a member of the Loyola Clan. The men created a tradition that would last throughout the Adunia for ages to come; the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic. The Adunian Rangers spent centuries guarding the Province of Al’Ildic, serving under many different Ranger Captains and Adunian Lords. They served as the most elite Adunian warriors in the Great War, and continued to fight for their people until Ildon fell in the Undead Siege. The Adunian Rangers lived in Fort Arendor, which was a castle built into the base of the hill upon which the Adunian Palace stood. In recent years the Adunian Rangers have merged old members of the Phoenix Rangers and the Rangers of the Forest into their ranks. The sigil of the Adunian Rangers is a grey cloak with two swords crossed over it. The group is now known either as the Adunian Rangers or the Rangers of Al’Ildic. Few choose to call them the Adunian Rangers of Al’Ildic due to the fact that is is a mouthful to say. Ranks: -Ranger Captain- The Ranger Captain is the supreme commander of the Rangers. He answers to no one other than the High Marshal, Council of Thanes and Adunian Lord. His orders are to be followed without fault. -Ranger Veteran- Ranger Veterans are retired members of the Order. They no longer do any tasks directly for the Adunian Rangers, but they stay true to Ranger values and keep their loyalty to the Order. The Ranger Veteran title is only given to those who have made a substantial commitment to the Order and do not stray away after retirement. -First Ranger- The First Ranger is the Ranger Captain's right-hand-man. When the Ranger Captain is not present, the First Ranger will take control of the Order. The First Ranger usually oversees and participates in the most important tasks the Rangers are given. -Ranger Drillmaster- The Ranger Drillmasters are the trainers of the less experienced Rangers. Each Drillmaster trains the Initiates and Conscripts in their own specific field. The maximum amount of Drillmasters allowed is four. -Ranger Elite- The Ranger Elites are the most experienced warriors in the Order. They are sent on the Order's most important assignments and inspire the younger members to one day be as they are. -Ranger- The Ranger is the base rank of the Adunian Rangers. They are highly trained and experienced in the ways of a Ranger and are the lowest rank to posses full-fledged membership. -Ranger Initiate- The Ranger Initiates are the more advanced trainees of the Order. They are decent warriors but not yet as elite as a proper Ranger should be. They are trained by the Drillmasters just as the Conscripts are, though their training is more advanced and focuses in different areas. -Ranger Conscript- The Conscripts are the lowest rank of the Adunian Rangers. They usually poses no former experience, and if they do it is extremely limited. They are trained by the Ranger Drillmasters on a daily basis. Uniform: Whilst the Adunian Rangers had no official uniform, they all stuck to a certain dress code. An Adunian Ranger would wear a thick coat, leather gloves, leather boots, a belt and underclothes of their choice. Whilst those were the essentials, a sash, a cloak, shoulder guards and wrist guards were also common. All the clothes would be of brown, green, black or grey colours. In recent times a small tweak has been made to this original tradition. Due to the Rangers now interacting with more organisations than they did in the Old Province, a stand issue cloak is given to every Ranger upon joining. The cloak is used to distinguish Adunian Rangers from ordinary citizens and Rangers of other orders, though the individual undergarments and added armour from the Old Uniform Code are still worn beneath. The Ranger Cloak: Rules: 1. Do not harm or steal from a fellow Ranger. 2. Follow orders from those of higher rank. 3. As a Ranger, you represent the Order with your actions. Do not diminish it’s reputation. Joining: To join the rangers, fill out the below application and send it to either the Ranger Captain, the First Ranger or one of the Ranger Drillmasters. [Post below on this thread] Application Name: Age: Race: Skill in fighting: Weapon you have and wish to train in: Previous guild or military experience: Criminal record: OOC Application Mc name: Skype name: Short Character Bio: Accepted Villain Applications: Hours you are online each day: Roster: https://docs.google.com/a/mcsporans.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkEA0gTES_8VdFhodW8wN0RlU0pjV0kyUnVvUVdtQ1E#gid=0
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