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  1. [!]Nowak Clansmen coming ashore in Aevos. Slawa kindred! I stand before you today not as a mere man, but as a herald of a grand vision, a vision of unity, strength, and purpose. The Nowak are not just another group seeking members. We are a family bound by honor, driven by a shared dream, and fueled by the flames of passion that burn within each of us! Why join the Nowak, you may ask? Allow me to illuminate your path with the light of truth. First and foremost, within our clan, you will find a sanctuary, a place where your skills, your talents, and your ambitions are not just welcomed but celebrated. Whether you are a simple farmer, skilled tradesmen, a mighty warrior, or even an aspiring scholar, Nowak is a place for you! Nowak is not just a clan; it is a brotherhood, a sisterhood, a bond that transcends bloodlines and backgrounds. Within our clan, you will find camaraderie, friendship, and the unbreakable bonds that tie us together as one. Nowak stands for something greater than ourselves. We are not just warriors; we are Protectors. We are not just craftsmen; we are Builders. We are not just individuals; we are a Community. Together, we strive to make our mark on history, to leave a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. But above all else, what sets Nowak apart is our unwavering commitment to honor, integrity, and justice. In a world plagued by chaos and uncertainty, our clan stands as a beacon of hope, a bastion of righteousness in a sea of darkness. So I ask you, lost kindred, will you join us? Will you stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, as we march towards a future filled with promise and possibility? Will you become a part of something greater than yourself, a part of the legend that is Nowak? The choice is yours, but know this: the doors of our clan are always open to those who seek to join us on this noble quest. Together, we shall forge a new destiny, a destiny worthy of song and story. While not all among us strictly adhere to our traditional ways, the Nowak clan predominantly traces its lineage back to the Lechian roots, with a rich tapestry of other cultural influences woven in. Unlike the renowned Jazlovieckis of Aaun, who staunchly uphold orthodox practices, the Nowak clan embraces a more rustic lifestyle, evident in both our manners and daily life . https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/207482-culture-lechian/ Within our clan, there exists a fascinating diversity of belief systems. While many openly worship GOD, others hold a secret reverence for the Old Gods , ancient deities whose whispers are still heard in the wind. Despite these differing beliefs, our clan stands united, offering acceptance and respect to all who walk our path. In the realm of faith, as in all aspects of life, the Nowak clan embraces diversity and inclusivity. We believe that our strength lies in our ability to celebrate our differences, finding unity in our shared values and goals. So, whether you find solace in the light of GOD or the mysteries of old, know that there is a place for you here, among the Nowak clan. While few in numbers, the Nowak make up for it with their deeds. Head of the Clan, Secret Pagan [Pork__] B. 2nd of Horen’s Calling, 1932 Currently living between his bakery in Aaun and the Companion campsite in Norland, Jan is often seen on the road with a friendly smile upon his stached face. Can be found at Conkerhove 3 outside Whitespire Youngest Nowak, Nornian Wannabe [Buggerts] B. 7th of Owyn’s Flame, 1949 Young enough to be Jan’s daughter, Aldona was brought over to Aevos as a child under the care of her brother. Raised in the companion band, the young lady has picked up their ways and is often found herding her animals in the Norlandic countryside. Twin of Boryslaw [Unplayed] B. 16th of Tobias’s Triumph, 1944 One of the Nowak twins, not much is known about Stanislaw besides his love of fishing. [Skin will be commissioned once player is found, as we want the player to be welcome to pick their own image] Twin of Stanislaw [Unplayed] B. 16th of Tobias’s Triumph, 1944 The other Nowak twin, known for his brash actions and his love of Jan’s cooking. [Skin will be commissioned once player is found, as we want the player to be welcome to pick their own image] OOC: Hello friends it is Jan! I write because the clan is looking for new blood, both outside the clan and within! Exciting new things are coming to both the clan and the Lechian people in the next coming weeks and I hope to spread it far and wide with new friends and family. Don’t hesitate to join no matter your race, as we hope to form a communtiy of all types of players! Send a bird to Jan Nowak II [Pork__] or Join the Discord if you are interested! Nowak Discord
  2. RECRUITMENT DRIVE Issued at Year 168 of the Second Age With our Most Serene State constantly under new development, it has been deemed of the highest importance to expand our military capability. This military force will be used to protect our roads, vassals, allies and citizenry. TO JOIN THE CAUSE Those joining the cause will receive various benefits and as they prove themselves capable, payment. Further information can be found in the recently published restructure document. THOSE ENSLITING BEFORE 170 OF THE SECOND AGE WILL BE GRANTED A BONUS UPON THEIR FIRST PROMOTION ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  3. Recruitment for House Temesch et Martiel of Petra - Introduction - House Temesch et Martiel, a Comital vassal of the Commonwealth of Petra holds the lands of the County of Martiel, the Viscounty of Mies and the Barony of Resmore. Currently, there is one available child character in the mainline, born to the Count Adrian @Kaii, and Countess-consort Wilhelmina (née von Augusten). He is currently 5 years old. Please DM fire1003 on discord if you’re interested in learning more about / playing the kid below, and a skin can be provided: HIS LORDSHIP, Andreas Philip Temesch et Martiel (1959) - Family Lore - The Temesch et Resmore Household traces its roots to the founding of the Commonwealth of Petra. Since then, it has thrived as a part of Petra; with its history stretching back to the younger brother of the Commonwealth's Founder, Charles Joseph Temesch. Godfrey Marcellus, the son of Charles, emerged as one of the first individuals to attain his titles upon settling in the new lands. This marked the beginning era of a lineage that stands as one of the oldest noble families still thriving in Petra. Godfrey, a past figure in Petra's governance, served as one of the Grand Speakers of the Petra. In addition to sitting as Grand Speaker, Godfrey aided in funding exploration and the expansion into the lands nearby the City of Vallagne. As the Viscount of Mies, Godfrey, and Lorena were blessed with four children, with the youngest, Adrian Godfrey, assuming the title of Viscount following the revocation of his elder brother’s titles from the Commonwealth. In keeping with his father's legacy, Adrian took on the roles of Viscount and Grand Speaker of the Garmont Assembly. In 1953, he entered into matrimony with Wilhelmina von Augusten of the Viscounty of Azor in Petra. The couple was blessed with the birth of three children in 1954, followed by another in 1955, and 1956, thereby continuing the lineage of the Temesch et Resmore Household. In 1959, Adrian Godfrey saved the life of Queen Catherine in a valiant battle, and was rewarded with a County due to his service, and the contributions made by himself and his family during their span as a Viscomital House. In 1961, the royal house of the Petra took their historical surname Temesch of the Petra, and Temesch of Martiel split into a junior branch of Temesch et Martiel.
  4. Along the streets of Talar'nor, a proposal or better described as invitation is put up through posters amongst several street walls and noticeboards. All of which invite those of the elitist variety, those who aspire to aristocracy and class to assist in the beginning of a new standing guild within the city walls. The Society of Common and Unified Mali The time for the Aristocracy to rise is now. Talar'nor needs a cultured community of people to guide etiquette and enhance the city's dwindling spark. With the forwarding of the Common and Unified Mali, a society of people shall form to bring prosperity and a proper sense of being to the denizens of this nation. The starting structure for this guild's code of conduct are as follows: i. Carry oneself with a high sense of being, one must be concise and literate with a proper sense of class and culture. Hold yourself with fine morals that line well with the codes of Talar'nor society. ii. Be irrefutable to the public. One's status should not be questioned or easily shattered, do not allow your position in the guild to become a topic of debate. iii. Be reputable, one must hold a craft or talent and wield it as well as ink and paper. Let known your ability and wield it to heighten the society. The society's activities would include typical assemblies, where topics of the world are brought into question, be it war or people of interest. Typically entertainment will be provided, betting on combats or races, or travels to other communities are all favoured activities for this guild. Recruitment will open simply as those keen on interested, once a selection of individuals who pen their names upon this notice are chosen and reviewed then further aspirants may be permitted to join upon accepting and achieving a challenge or goal set by communal decision of those already present within. If you find yourself with piqued interests in joining this guild, please pen your name below.
  5. A NEW STONE RAISED NIUJUS KLUKA HARVIAGH ♪♩♫♩♪ Artorius travelled around a great lake, his stomach giving out roars and grumbles as if it were a hungry wolf. The young man went underneath great and tall trees, over bridges, over little rivers, and over mighty hills. Upon reaching the great shire of King Cyris and his fellow halflings, Artorius began carving a stone in their wood. From the great stone, a great circle was cut. Artorius continued to carve into the waystone so any of his travelling tribe members could read its history. I call upon you, my brethren, my kin. I call on you to return and band together for our future and for our children. I call upon the great Cingedoz of this land to raise our banner in pride, and let us embed ourselves into history once more! Meet at the great waystone and let us meet. Let us speak of our future plans atop the great stone and hill by the shire. Let us speak of our future as if it were bronze! Adsor swesoroz ok brātīroz , adsor! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/GtYAYWtWDF
  6. Attention! The Black Dawn Hunter Association offers hunting services for those in need of hunters. Our skilled hunters are ready to take on any game, big or small, for a fair price in Minas. Contact us to get hunters or apply to become one today! https://discord.gg/uh3jSpDU
  7. Legacy of the Crocodile A Predator On the Loose! [!] Missives could be found among the streets all over Almaris. ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ [!] A painting of the LOTC Guild Hall ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ 13th of The Deep Cold Year 117 S.A Recently, the Livestock of Hyspia have been going missing. We have reason to believe this is a predator due to the blood splatters found near the enclosures along with black feathers. Hyspia will go into famine if we do not catch and stop whoever it is that is taking our livestock. We, the Viceroy and Vicereine of Hyspia, call upon all the warriors of Almaris to help us on this task! We cannot do it without you. If you have any questions do bird His or Her Highness (Highest_Fire and Kitomine) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Viva Hyspia! [!] A copy of another missive was attached! ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ The Legacy of the Crocodile is a warrior guild founded by His Highness, Francisco and Her Highness, Amity. It was started to help fend off the evil forces of Almaris and protect the lands of Hyspia from harm. With this guild, we vow to defeat anything that threatens our lands be that Spooks or Beasts out of control. Our forces will travel wherever we are needed, just bird His or Her Highness with any and all details regarding the mission. Below contains the information regarding the guild and how to join, if you have any questions bird either of the Highnesses. The Hierarchy of the Guild is as follows: Leaders: The owners of the guild Masters: Highly respected members of the guild, the highest achievable role Members: Your basic member, anyone who has passed recruitment New Recruits: Those who have yet to pass into proper membership Below you will find any and all information regarding how to join and where we are located, we hope to see you there. Join us and help protect our homes, including yours. ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ Signed by, His Highness, Francisco I, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Matriarch of House de Pelear
  8. Legacy of the Crocodile [!] Missives could be found among the streets all over Almaris. ✧┈┈┈┈┈•♛•┈┈┈┈┈✧ The Legacy of the Crocodile is a warrior guild founded by His Highness, Francisco and Her Highness, Amity. It was started to help fend off the evil forces of Almaris and protect the lands of Hyspia from harm. With this guild, we vow to defeat anything that threatens our lands be that Spooks or Beasts out of control. Our forces will travel wherever we are needed, just bird His or Her Highness with any and all details regarding the mission. Below contains the information regarding the guild and how to join, if you have any questions bird either of the Highnesses. The Hierarchy of the Guild is as follows: Leaders: The owners of the guild Masters: Highly respected members of the guild, the highest achievable role Members: Your basic member, anyone who has passed recruitment New Recruits: Those who have yet to pass into proper membership Below you will find any and all information regarding how to join and where we are located, we hope to see you there. Join us and help protect our homes, including yours. ✧━───༺༻──━━✧ Signed by, His Highness, Francisco I, Viceroy of Hyspia, Baron of Arenisca, Lord of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Protector of the Hyspian People, Patriarch of House de Pelear Her Highness, Amity Ionna de Pelear, Vicereine of Hyspia, Baroness-Consort of Arenisca, Lady of Niseep, Gereon's Hold, and Ciudad de Plata, Matriarch of House de Pelear
  9. »•» HOUSE RANALETH «•« ─────━┿──┿━───── [THEME] SYNOPSIS; ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── The Ranaleths hail from the small town of Luthadel, a small northern village deep within the mountains and forgotten by time. Elven denizens there spent their days and nights within the coal mines, while others hunted, fished, or transported these goods to nearby settlements. While the aforementioned family of elves was prominent members of the village, they hardly dealt with the governing of the land. Instead, the roots of House Ranaleth come from calloused hands and sweaty brows, and it has always been their belief that with great effort comes great reward. Such beliefs carry on to the present day, and as long as one earns their keep, they are a friend of the Ranaleths. Unfortunately, such humble beginnings often take a turn for the worse. Without a well-trained militia, Luthadel was left defenseless against the various vagabonds and scoundrels that roamed the lands. Eventually, this scourge brought the village to its knees, and in its dying breath, the Ranaleth family was scratched from the history books. What remained of the family was left scattered across the continent, unaware of one another, or unwilling to rebuild what was lost. Months turned into years, and years turned into decades until the youngest generation of the family decided that enough was enough. It was time to rewrite the tales and become something new altogether. The story had been rewritten for the Ranaleth sought refuge in Almaris and specifically around Celia’nor therein another part of the family had been built to start anew; non-pure blooded Ranaleth were accepted in the family that created another branch for the family that was guided under a scarred elf, whose name was Ava, now, Ava Ranaleth. Through her assistance and one of the main heads of the Ranaleth; Ranni. A new future for the family was built. Whether they might be nobles or peasants alike, a future was assured. They are known around the culture of Celia’nor and still live in support, their new so-called home, and this time with the warriors of the new ERA; the Ranaleth’s ancestry shall be protected even more. ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── PHYSICAL TRAITS & CURIOSITIES: Pure-Blooded Ranaleths ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── New Era Ranaleths ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── Dresses & Accessories CULTURE: Weaponry & Armor ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── Culinary ways ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── Magic & Creatures Philosophy & The Sisterhood FAMILY MEMBERS STAFF ─────━┿──┿━───── IMPORTANT:
  10. Hello putting this up for anyone who may be interested in getting into Dark Elven rp as of now three major families in Nor’asath the Ker city are recruiting new members blood-related ones even! If anyone is interested the three families in question are the Oussana, the Jusmia, and the Loa’chil. Should anyone be interested in playing a Loa’chil dm myself ColonelKuehl#6302 For anyone wishing to play an Oussana dm Tayelikel#3734 And should someone want a Jusmia dm Once_A_Zoner#6312 Each of these families are open to folk interested in the roleplay newbie or older player!
  11. Calling all mercenaries, sell-swords, highwaymen, vagabonds, adventurers, or any man of low or otherwise questionable morals. The Red Company is hiring! Perks of enlisting include, but are not limited to, being supplied with armor and weapons, a salary of 40 minas a week, participation in battles across Almaris, and entitlement to an equal share of any war loot The Company acquires. (Men of The Red Company in full uniform) If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Red Company, tell them to contact the Captain, Friedrich Radclyf, commonly found in Urguan or Elysium. (The Red Company in Brynrose during the Tour of Sutica) If you are interested in joining, add the discord in the spoiler and comment on the post in this format Discord: MC User: IRP name: IRP race:
  12. 不怕慢慢长大;只怕站着不动 (Be not afraid of growing slowly;Be afraid only of standing still- Wu Zixu) Not much is said about the Wu of this era, it’s prestige a fledgling flicker of its great past. The remnants shattered and spread across the realms due to constant wars, eventually fleeing their ancestral homelands in the Ai-zho peninsula. Spread thin by both weather and unfortunate events, a call comes from a lonely house in the Jade State, shouting for whatever family is left. [!]A lonely 朱 sits atop the missive, the tone of the letter solemn and heartfelt.[!] To my kin, my dearest family… I hope this letter finds you in good health, better than what was left when my father came to these shores. Long have we been separated, it is time once more for the family to stand tall, once again showing pride in our name. I write to my kin to join us in the Jade State, despite any rumors heard of it. It is a fairly peaceful place, a land to plant and grow our hopes and dreams together, however wide they may be. I write to my kin to join us, hear both the sense of duty to our people, and to our family. Not just those related by blood, but by our common heritage and love for our identity. Wu Baihu 朱白虎 朱 OOC INFORMATION 朱 Thank you for taking your time to read this! I am looking for member for my small but growing family. We are a family based out of Yong Ping, following the Li-Ren culture, which is based off the chinese culture of ancient times. We are a fairly active group, looking for like minded people to enjoy both family and cultural roleplay. Li-Ren Culture There is a small collection of family members available to play, free to play them as one likes. We are here just to help spread both the family and the fun behind the spice that is Li-Ren roleplay. I have skins to chose from or will commission ones for those that join. Contact Monke#8221 on Discord if you are interested! Current Living Characters Wu Fang- Born 1764 - Currently Unplayed. Would be a fun elderly character if one is interested! Wu Jing- Born 1789 - Son of Wu Fang. Currently Played! Wu Feng- Born 1793 - Son of Wu Fang. Available to Play! Wu Rong- Born 1826 - Son of Wu Feng. Available to Play! Wu Baihu- Born 1832 - Son of Wu Jing. Currently Played! Wu Qian- Born 1835 - Daughter of Wu Jing. Available to Play! Wu Xiaodan- Born 1839 - Daughter of Wu Jing. Available to Play!
  13. [OOC: send me a bird in game (ColonelXepphir1) or on discord kuro#9824, we are recruiting everyone but we expecially are searching for dark elves, dm me for any questions you have or for lore and stuff about the clan]
  14. spk

    The Red Company

    The Red Company The Company There will always be conflict among the various groups of Descendants, and in the chaos of war there is opportunity. The Red Company seeks to take initiative and earn employment during that opportunity. The Company would do that by making contracts with cities or nations to provide extra manpower that they need to achieve any military goal, for an agreed upon price. Composition The composition of this band is any Descendant who can contribute to the group, and are courageous enough to fight for the common cause. As those are the only two requirements, membership is open to many races, and many different experience levels. Anyone can join, from a veteran ex-soldier to a young aspiring adventurer. As for the type of units the company likes to deploy, the majority are the dismounted man-at-arms. These units are to engage the enemy in melee combat and must be good fighters. Typically they are armed with a longsword, but may be given war-hammers. The Company will also equip and train men with crossbows, for more range capabilities. This combination of man-at-arms and crossbowman makes up the bulk of the fighting forces deployed by The Red Company. Cavalry could also be used, but horses are mostly used for scouting and transportation. Ranks Commander The commander of The Red Company is the highest ranking officer, he must also be head of The Order of the Red Flame. He is in charge of securing and negotiating contracts for the company, as well as finding other exploration and economic opportunities. He’s also the military planner for The Company, and allocates certain tasks to sergeants, or other qualified soldiers. Sergeant The Sergeant is the second highest ranking officer in the company. The Sergeant must be a part of The Order of the Red Flame, and must have displayed a wide variety of skills to achieve this rank, including skill in battle, astute strategist, and dedication to his brothers in arms that goes above what is already expected. These soldiers are often allocated responsibility for certain tasks which need to be completed and are expected to be efficient in their execution. Veteran The veteran of the company is the highest ranking member of The Company before joining The Order. These soldiers are elite fighters who have shown dedication to the company. If a Veteran shows promise of being a good and reliable officer, then they will be asked to join The Order and be promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Man-at-Arms These fighters make up the bulk of the fighting force of the company. They are dependable men and capable fighters who have passed their training and initiation. They will be asked to go on different missions with Sergeants or Veterans commanding them. Once they distinguish themselves on the battlefield they will be given the promotion to the next rank, Veteran. Recruit These are the lowest ranking members of The Company. They are the freshly joined recruits. Those of adequate military or fighting experience will pass quickly on to the Man-at-Arms stage. Those who are new to combat will undergo brief training to make sure they are able to contribute on the field of battle. Both groups have to be tested once they are ready, and then swear their oath to uphold The Company’s values for as long as they are a member. Then they pass on to the next stage, Man-at-Arms. Uniform The men and women in The Red Company are not required to wear any uniform, as long as they wear something protective that has red and/or white to distinguish it, as those are the main colors of the group. The fighters in the group may be given a uniform if they desire or do not have anything that is matching that description. To Join Message Sean_kelly26#1626 on discord, include the following: MC name: IRP name: IRP race: IRP age: Any other info you want us to know: I'll message you back as soon as I see your dm.
  15. Özenler | Yeniçeriler & Başıbozuks! The Yeniçeriler and the Başıbozuks are feared units of the Özenler military force, in this post, we shall dive into their meanings and their behavior in wars, fights and among the culture itself. Make sure to read this before you involve yourself into the Özenler culture. Be aware; this post is only in case you wish to join the military rankings of the Özenler, if you want to be a normal-roleplayer with no combat at all feel free to become one. Within the Özenler culture there is no way you will get forced into the military, this is all your choice. Anyway, let us see what the two main units of the Özenler military are, what they stand for, and how they are used in battle for both strategy and chaos; [ A Yeniceriler on an old renaissance painting. ] The Yeniçeriler (Janissaries) and the Başıbozuk (Crazy-Head, Ottoman Berserker), both groups of men who are the most chaotic and elite troops for the Özenler, men who are even feared by their fellow Özenler. The Yeniceriler are kidnapped boy infants who have been forcefully converted to Rashidun, accepting Allah as their God and are willing to die for their beliefs and people, nonetheless, these men have fully adopted the culture of the Özenler and adapt themselves to the norms and values of them. These men would often wear red clothing, a musical war-band playing 'Ceddin Deden' a Özenler war song. Due to their devotion into their religion and their absolute aggression in wars, they let out war-cries or would yell into the face of the enemy before eventually killing them. The Yeniçeriler are men whose main foundation is; intimidation. These men are quite experienced when it comes to handling swords swiftly, as they are trained to mix both martial-arts and sword-fighting in war. Their trainings are about discipline and coming to quick solutions in battle, as they would not stop fighting when they are disarmed, they would simply move from sword-fighting to using martial arts against the enemy with no weapon whatsoever. For them; it is either; kill or be killed. [ A Başıbozuk displayed on a drawing. ] The Başıbozuk, are dressed like wild-men, wearing skulls ontop of their hood made out of bear-fur or simply the skins of boars, presenting themselves as animalistic beings who are adapting to the behavior of the creature they wear ontop of their heads. These men would often be thought of being possessed by possible demons, or spirits they summon, however, none of these rumors are true as they believe to be influenced by Allah who has gifted them with his wrath and anger towards infidels. The Başıbozuks would always be the most disposable troops as they are often used as a distracting manouvre for the enemy so another line of soldiers could run into the fight with a brute force, so the enemy-line is being forced to the back and perhaps fall onto the ground. The Başıbozuk are extremely feared by the normal folk, as they are the ones who would murder any apostate who turns their back onto the religion of Rashidun or betray the Özenler. The Başıbozuk would quite often serve as an executioner for the ones who have broken a law of the Özenler people. Their ways of killing people in war is absolutely inhumane towards infidels as they not stop hacking their axes or swords into the face of the enemy until they can not be recognized. Do you have what it takes to become a part of the military rankings of the Özenler? [Outfit, made by: me, sashimichopped, this outfit will be worn by those who are entering the military rankings.] Format IGN: Character-Name (Make sure your character has a Turkish one): Persona Description: Why do you want to join the rankings of the Yeniçeriler/Başıbozuk?: Have you read the Özenler culture post?: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When you have done all of this, DM the application to my discord: romzers#7777
  16. The Gunpowder Pirates: Hey again, I recently made a post asking if I should make a pirate group, and I got a lot of positive feedback, so here we are. I'm accepting almost every race if your a misfit or outcast of your race, or you are pirate material. I plan on making The Gunpowder Pirates a very useful asset to have whether thats as paid mercenaries, or allies of your town or city, How do I make us a useful asset? Well, I plan on gathering a large amount of tinkerer's to join my crew and help me mass produce explosive's, hence the name "The Gunpowder Pirates" I hope to aid our allies with our presence and our explosives during a battle. Im a veteran tinkerer atm, but I am looking for as many as possible. So if your are a tinkerer and want to join, Please msg me! (IT IS NOT REQUIRED TO BE A TINKERER, JUST HIGHLY APPRECIATED) if you intrested msg me (IGN: ThiccKing) or leave a reply here. Ok, now here's the roleplay version of that *You noticed a message in a bottle next to a notice board, as you take the letter out of the bottle you notice it has a small hole on the left side, You decide to read it anyway, the letter reads "Yarr, I be lookin' fer some people to join me crew, We be lookin' fer strong men and women wit' a love fer gunpowder and thee' sea's. I be accepting ye, as long as ye be' a pirate at heart. If ye' think ye be ready fer life on the sea's head to thee pirates cove. - Jack "The Hook" Teach"
  17. STICKS & STONES Working - Merchant - Trading The Sticks and Stones Guild is a guild created for workers of any profession looking for work or a home; most jobs will be offered to anyone with skill in their certain profession. Currently, we are located in the small Village of Reims, where anyone wanted housing/lodging will be living in a mill with others. Soon, however, once we gain more recollection, we hope to move our HQ into a larger city so that it will be easy to access. The reason I believe one should join this guild instead of working by themselves is that with other people you will have support and friendship. The harder you work the more money you will get, and there is always guaranteed money (in most of the professions.) For the miners, we have an almost untouched mine that is great for harvesting resources, it is private to just our guild at the moment and is found relatively close to the Village. We have a large farm on sight with animals, crops and will be able to spread the word of products much faster together. The reason I brought myself into this guild is that I believe if more workers come to unity there will be a very positive atmosphere within the brethren. The owner of this guild is none other than Naxos Promfrey, growing from a wealth of parents. Currently, we are looking for: - Skilled Miners - Skilled Farmers - Skilled Tinkerers - Skilled Alchemists - Skilled Mercenaries - Skilled Craftsmen - Skilled Blacksmith - Skilled Cooks [!] A quota will be installed per profession so that you maintain your position in the guild! If you believe that you have any other skill that we might worth useless, please feel free to fill out an application aswell! Payment to be discussed based on profession. Please Fill out and put below: IG NAME: IC NAME: WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN STICKS AND STONES: POSSESSED SKILL:
  18. ~-The Crimson Edict-~ ~-~⚔~-~ A parchment flutters on the wind, coming to rest at your feet. If you are curious enough to pick up this mysterious parchment, you would find a letter of recruitment for “The Crimson Edict”. “Greetings, This letter makes its way to you with the purpose of recruitment into the Crimson Edict. Our order aims for self-sufficiency and is comprised of many venerable warriors and skilled professionals. Pledging their lives under oath, all races and walks of life can find safety and kinship within our ranks; bound by battle and bloodshed as brothers and sisters. The Edict has stood for the betterment of the realm since the times of Asulon, opposing atrocities such as slavery, racism, and necromancy-- by any means necessary. We can act as your asylum if you are not ready to take the oath, providing board and protection in times of need. And for our brothers and sisters, we can provide housing, materials, and a place to practice your profession, along with the promise that the men-at-arms at your side would die to protect you. Tenets of the Edict No slavery. Although we have former slavers in our ranks, we do not condone the act of slavery in any shape or form. No supporting racism or oppression. As our organization works hard to eliminate such things, being found to support such actions or behavior will be addressed immediately and dealt with severely. Necromancy or other such harmful magics are strictly forbidden. The lack of consent to these magics turns the dead as unwitting slaves and the living as chattel for the sorcerer. As such, their usage is against our tenants. Never betray your brothers and sisters in the Edict. This is the most central of our rules. You must protect your fellow Edict members, and you may expect the same from them. This does not mean you must fight on their behalf, for there is room for pacifists in our ranks, but it does mean your loyalty is expected, and the severing of this loyalty is dealt with most harshly. This does not mean you cannot be a part of other organizations, however, so long as there are no conflicts of interest. Breaking these rules will result in punitive action, up to and including execution or expulsion. RANKING AND STRUCTURE Konungr Ranks Baldr The Baldr (Master) is the supreme commander of the Edict, his/her word is law. Stýrimaðr The Stýrimaðr (Captain) is the mate of the Master, he/she is second only to the Master. Félagi The Félagi (Companion) is the Master’s most trusted adviser and their right hand in matters of both diplomacy and war. He/she works directly with the officers and members, reporting directly to the Baldr (or Stýrimaðr in the case that the Baldr is absent). Officer Ranks Hersir Hersirs lead Hafnas, reporting directly to the senior officers. They oversee the operations and training of their Hafna. Hersirs are the only non-Konungr rank with the ability to give the oath. Hersirs may promote Drengr to Thegns, along with appointing Aesirs within their Hafnas. Hersirs may also recommend members to be promoted to Radningar. Radningar Radningars are junior officers with the role of supporting the Hersirs. They may take temporary control of the Hafna when their Hersir is absent. Radningars may also oversee trainings, helping the Aesirs keep their men in fighting shape. Radningars may also be given special permission to give the oath, if they are deemed worthy. Non-Officer Ranks Aesir Aesirs are highly experienced and competent members of the Edict. Hardened by years of tireless service to their oath-kin, they have earned the distinction of their title. Aesirs act like sergeants, commanding a small team of their oath-kin. Aesirs are responsible for keeping the needs of their team met; including requisitioning weapons and armour, conducting trainings, and more. Thegn Thegns are the backbone of the Edict, competent warriors and accomplished professionals. They report to their Aesirs or Radningars. Thegns are encouraged to mentor the Drengr, teaching them the ways of the Edict. Drengr The Drengr are the initiates of the Edict, inducted members who have yet to earn their stripes among our ranks. Drengr are encouraged to seek knowledge of the Edict and its traditions from their more experienced oath-kin. Tal'Ardoth The newly constructed fortress of the Edict, Tal'Ardoth boasts all that the Edict could ever need. A tavern, barracks, mead hall, smithy, infirmary, and even a specially made grove, to support Druidic residents. Those who wish to join may send a bird to the Félagi, Sentis, in Tal'Ardoth with the following information: APPLICATION Your Name: Your Race: Your Age: Your Professions/ Skills: Do you have others that will be coming with you?: Any information not mentioned above may be sought by once again contacting the Félagi. ((Sentis))” ((OOC)) MC Name: Time Zone: Do you Have Skype? (If so please provide your Skype name or PM me): Oath Breaking There is no PK clause for the Crimson Edict; however, in RP, the oath you take to join is a life-oath. Breaking it is dealt with severely in RP and you could expect to be hunted, tortured, or otherwise punished for purposes of roleplay.
  19. {❄} The Brotherhood of the Gryphon{❄} "For the North" The Brotherhood of the Gryphon are battle hardened men of the Northern plains of Carnatia. Sworn to House Kovachev, they follow them devotedly, as well as protect its holdings and peoples. They follow the traits of the family, and are extremely loyal, offering down their lives to preserve the North and the brotherhood. The Tazky (Infantry) [[Skin: https://gyazo.com/44c317082dff2e97c92b6caeb114e4ea ]] The Sipka (Archers) Holdings The main hold of the brotherhood lies on the rough Carnatian mountains. It is where the Duke and his family reside, along with the majority of the brothers. Application (In Character) [!] A man in a Kovachev Tabard looks down over you, inspecting you with a few circles before speaking. “Name, lad?”: “Hrmph, so be it. Where are ye from?”: Looking the man over, he’d then ask, “Any experience fightin’? O’ at anything, really?”: “I see.. what be yer reason for joining?”: “Do ya have ah profession?”: “Anything else ye wanna add, lad?”: [OOC] MC Name: Skype: Do you have Discord or TS? If not, are you willing to get it?
  20. Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn The Banners of the Ashford Sun History “The long night of civil strife and insurrection, of arduous struggle and toilsome fight, of brother fighting against brother has passed; for this day, the Ashen Dawn is upon us.” Words of Guy de Bar following his ascension to the throne of Oren. The Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn, a military order functioning as a banner-force to the House Ashford de Bar, is a nascent band that bears its lineage from the renowned and now defunct Order of Saint Amyas. Following the ascension of their last Grand Master, Guy de Bar, to the throne of Oren it was decided that the group rebrand and reform into a group that pulled away from its origins fighting for the Junavosi holy land and instead serving their liege lord directly. Successors to the group that successfully repulsed schismatics, dwed, and insurgencies alike- an Order known for its role in the unification of Humanity, all while being the largest force in Oren for multiple years besides- the soldiers of the Ashen Dawn hold their heritage in high regard and many still harbour a lust for zealotry and their original purpose. Their patron no longer the Saint of healing, the warband now serves the house that led them to great glory. The Vindicators served for the duration of King Guy’s reign, a paltry three years, as the palace guards and bannerforce that the Kingdom relied upon most - present even in his final hours as guards that struck down his assassins when wroth overtook them. Maintaining the banner of Ashford they fought beneath their commander, Denis de Bar, during his days as Duke and then as the heir to Drusco; disbanded by Imperial decree soon after the coronation of John Horen. The force coalesced into the Esheveurd Regiment of the newly formed Imperial Army, still underneath their commander, for several years before the eventual abolition of that force due to the incompetency of and bureaucratic strain placed upon the higher echelons of extreme command. Their hearts stilled filled with a reverence for their former King, Guy, and other leaders of Ashford blood whom had commanded their predecessor order and the decision was made to reform. Once more would these war-hardened men take up the banner of Ashford - for the glory of the House Ashford de Bar. Currently housed in the Druscan region surrounding Geldern Keep, the achievements and historical significance synonymous with the Order’s new name is attributed to the house it serves - calling not only upon the prestige of the Knights Lorraine but also the Band of Esheveurd, the predecessors of Ashford with lives worthy of legend, and the prestige gathered by the commanders of the previous order. Ranks All armigers of the Ashen Dawn are beholden to the commander above them, none more so than those of Ashen Command. They owe complete loyalty to the Grand Vindicator and are sworn to obey his every command with ardor and efficiency. (ASHEN COMMAND) Grand Vindicator The Grand Vindicator, often a nobleman of the House Ashford de Bar, is the autocratic archon of the Vindicators who demands the complete loyalty and respect of his soldiers. Typically serving a lifelong tenure in the position they determine the direction of the Vindicators and oversee all aspects of life for the men, their authority graced by the divine right of the King himself. The position is currently filled by Denis de Bar, the first Grand Vindicator of the Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn. Arbiter The Arbiter of the Vindicators is the most experienced scribe and expert on political matters within the force, his expertise lying in diplomatic, economic acumen alongside matters of courtly intrigue. He is often tasked with maintaining records and archives, engaging in politics alongside the Grand Vindicator, maintaining the coffers of the Vindicators and aiding the Knight-Captains in counselling the force’s superlative leader. Knight-Captain The Knight-Captains, exemplary and fearless soldiers brought up from the ranks of the Knight-Sergeants, are chosen personally by the Grand Vindicator to serve the Vindicators as prestigious commanders.. Skilled commanders and shrewd tacticians with a familiarity for combat and a warrior’s inborn skill, they are entrusted with power over specific vestiges of the Ashen Dawn at the Grand Vindicator’s discretion and work in tandem with the Arbiter to counsel the Grand Vindicator on matters of the banner force. (HIGH COMMAND) Knight-Sergeant Knight-Sergeants are steely men who have spent much of their lives in single service to the cause of the Vindicators with great and incomparable vigor. Born leaders and veterans of conflicts both internal and external, they are chosen from soldiers demonstrating great courage and aptitude as vanguards, thereafter serving as staunch examples of the ideal soldier. From this collection of puissant and capable commanders, the Knight-Captains are chosen. Sergeant Sergeants are grizzled ensigns and disciplinarians of the Ashford Sun that have risen up the ranks to be true authoritarians, forming the backbone of the auxiliary fighting force and the greatest motivators to the ordinary enlisted. Stern, and yet imbued with a gruff charisma, the Sergeants oversee standard training whilst also helping new unoathed acclimatise to their role in the Vindicators. (LOW COMMAND) Banneret Bannerets are junior officers, ranking beneath Sergeant and often in training to become one. Not yet possessing the keen finesse of higher rankers, the bannerets of the Ashford Sun lead patrols, reconnaissance missions and smaller-scale training. They are often tasked with small commands such as scouting in battles, and are fresh-faced commanders who have hitherto not been recognized as valuable leaders. Vanguard The elite warfighters of the Vindicators, the vanguard are the valiant warriors that have dedicated their lives to upholding the name of de Bar and serving it completely. Once a soldier has proven his prowess in battle, he will be ordained such a rank and graced with the prominence accompanying it. Although they wield little authority in way of command, the vanguard are widely respected for their formidable worth with a blade. (IMMUNES) Physician The physicians, more colloquially known as field surgeons, are soldiers of the Vindicators that have shown a greater affinity for medicine and wound treatment as opposed to their militant comrades. They are tasked with both tending to injuries within their garrison whilst also accompanying fighting forces as field medics - able to operate in even the most stressful environments. Steward Stewards are a group of administrators, headed by the Steward Paramount, who aid the Arbiter in administering and tending for areas directly under the Vindicators’ possession. When not engaged in diplomatic missions or administration they are found travelling the roads searching for likely recruits to the force, inculcated with the beguiling allure necessary to draw in unoathed initiates. Chaplain Acting as a liaison between the Vindicators and the Church of the Canon, a separate cadre of chaplains, monks and priests offer both spiritual advice and aid upon long missions or pilgrimages for the men of the Ashen Dawn. In times of peace they administer sermons to men, reminiscent to the days spent under the guidance of their past Order’s virtues. Sentinel Sentinels are soldiers who excel in their knowledge of the environment and awareness - making excellent watchmen and trackers. Acting as watchmen loosely affiliated with the Vindicators, they are often positioned at locations guarding key areas of influence, barring entry to those that would cause harm and defending the local populace from dissenters. (ENLISTED) Man-At-Arms Men-At-Arms are the most solid and loyal of all men, their numbers comprised mainly of both loyal and experienced men that form a central core of the Vindicators’ auxiliary. Skilled with formations and in combat, speed and conviction is expected from them when completing any commands given - the loyalty of each man unquestionable. Bannerman Comprised of the unoathed that have proven their worth with obedience and loyalty, the bannermen have been doled out their tabards and sworn their oaths after several grueling tests and skirmishes. These armigers will tend to undergo tough labor and other general tests to further improve their general skill as proven soldiers and servants of the Vindicators, strengthening them both physically and in their conviction to House de Bar. Unoathed The unoathed are the newest additions to the Vindicators, untested and unproven youths seeking adventure or employ. Observed by higher ranks in how they adjust to the new lifestyle of soldiering, all of the unoathed are expected to undergo multiple laborious trials, training sessions and real combat experience before advancing in the ranks and swearing their oaths. Tenets Whereas the Knights Lorraine possessed a spoken code of morals and virtues to live by, the Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn hold to their hearts a stricter and lengthier amount of tenets and rules that strictly govern their daily lives and conduct in the presence of others: Maintain a chivalric presence, uphold the weak and be benevolent. Be always pious, worship and follow the virtues. Obey your superiors no matter the command, for the Vindicators flourish with duty. Do not harm another Vindicator, nor steal nor lie to them. Falter not in the face of opposition for righteous fury guides your blade. Remain vigilant always, the life of your brothers is at stake when discretion is cast aside. Allow no heretic or heathen to live while he defies the word of God. If a man strikes you then you shall strike him back, unless he is your superior. Do not dishonour the house of Ashford. Purpose The Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn, oft known as the Banners of the Ashford Sun for the famous words uttered by Guy de Bar, functions as a military order akin to a heraldic banner force that serves the Grand Vindicator of the Ashen Dawn and, on a larger scale, the Orenian state as an entirety. Their professed goal is to maintain a military force beholden only to the House de Bar and ensure the strength of Humanity. The successors to the Order of Saint Amyas, and by extension orders such as the Order of the Griffon, the Knights of the Eventide and the Sons of Owyn, the Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn hold worship often and remain a highly zealous order. Although no longer required, many officers still wear the golden lorraine cross given to them upon their ordainment to a position of authority. The coat of arms of the Vindicators of the Ashen Dawn is a flaming golden disc spinning upon a black backdrop, an imitation of both the heraldry of the House Ashford and the personal seal used by Velwyn Ashford, later known as Lucien I. Worn by all except the Unoathed, it signifies the brotherhood of men that makes up the Band. Allegiance The Vindicators of the Aseen Dawn, unlike their predecessors, have only one allegiance: to the House Ashford de Bar. They serve their Grand Vindicator with undying and absolute loyalty and by extension both the patriarch of the house and the King, although they maintain a fierce piety within their hearts no longer are they a holy order. The former Order of Saint Amyas has been beholden to four Ashford grandmasters during its span of acclaim: Gwenael, Richard, Adrian, and Guy de Bar. The names of their famed predecessors have garnered an extreme reverence from the men of the Ashen Dawn, further cementing the Vindicators’ loyalty to their liege house. Customs Unlike the Order they claim descent from, the Vindicators seek to employ the use of medals and honorifics in the style of groups such as the White Rose. Honours awarded only to the loyalest and bravest of men, they cut a distinction between the average Vindicator that serves the Banners and those whom are truly great men. Based off heroes, houses and events of the past they provide a connection to history itself. Taking their inspiration from the Order of St. Amyas beneath the governance of Gwenael de Bar the Vindicators discharge all of the rank Knight-Sergeant or above (Ashen Command) with land when they finally grow old and seek discharge. These estates, located around wherever the Vindicators find themselves based, are often used to help grow families, or even colonies, whose descendants go on to rejoin and once again serve the Ashford Sun. As part of their heritage from serving in the Order of St. Amyas many men hold pilgrimages as important ceremonies to undertake - the vast majority of the Vindicators having undergone one, if not more. It is often that these religious journeys yield great returns in fervour, activity and belief that inspire the men going on them to great deeds. The rank of Vanguard is one carried over from the previous Order, as is the ceremony - one steeped in meaning and significance. First kneeling, the to-be Vanguard is struck by the Grand Vindicator on the cheek, told that that will be the last blow he ever leaves unanswered. True to such, no Vanguard has ever not fought back after being inducted into the elite cadre. All armigers of a rank greater than Unoathed have sworn themselves to the service of the Ashen Dawn in a special ceremony - drawing its inspiration from the previous oaths sworn. They kneel before the Grand Vindicator and swear to uphold the tenets, reaffirming their allegiance to the house they serve and God, before rising and finally being granted the opportunity to wear the tabard. Albeit there exists an official rank for physicians, the vast majority of the Vindicators possess a rudimentary knowledge and vague experience of medical work from their service in the Order of St. Amyas - named after a patron of healing. These skills rarely extend beyond basic surgery work, yet the existence of this organisation-wide knowledge aids greatly. Recruitment Men whom wish to enlist and serve the Vindicators of Ashen Dawn may follow a number of routes: 1) Send a bird to the Grand Vindicator (stigwig) or visit the fortress of the Vindicators at Drusco, expressing your desire to join. 2) Post a reply to any of the notices found throughout the Kingdom: OOC: Minecraft Name: Skype Name: Do you use TS?: IC: Name: Race: Past Experience: Why do you desire to serve the Vindicators?:
  21. ((Ambient Music!)) The Order of Mubarizuns A family crest adorned with the an angled crescent moon and star. Purpose Called upon by the Caliph to protect the Children of Allah and the Jewel of the Caliphate, the Mubarizun are the champions of the City of Al-Wakhrah. They stand as role models for the Qalasheen and must be willing to risk their lives for the greater good. The Mubarizun offers those with bravery and skill to put their skills to a noble cause albeit strength alone is not necessarily required to be oathed. While individual strength is important, the Mubarizun push themselves to learn as much as they can - whether that be in the realms of politics, culture, language, or science. While off duty, a guard of the Mubarizun might be in Al-Wakhrah library studying or enjoying a smoke at the lounge among comrades and citizens. The Mubarizun follows a strict code once oathed. Virtues of the Qalasheen To protect the Qalasheen from interior and exterior threats. To protect the Caliph, Allah’s appointed leader for the Qalasheen. To protect and share knowledge gathered for the benefit of the Qalasheen. To show no fear when facing a foe. To respect those in command. To know restraint when dealing with the foolish. To take personal responsibility for any wrong doings. To present one’s self in the best way possible. To pursue knowledge into old age. To know humility. To avoid the gossip of prideful men. The High Command Caliph The Religious and Nation Leader of The Caliphate of Khalestine. The Caliph guides holds divine right to the ruling of Khalestine and has absolute power over everything within the Caliphate. The Caliph is the one that chooses the direction of The Order of Mubarizuns. His soldier will offer their loyalty and respect towards him. His involvement is generally indirect however and is typically handled by his Amir. Sultan The Sultan acts as a secondary nation leader, focused to serve the nation internally. Generally holds the same power as the Caliph, but may have any motions he carries out to be overruled by the Caliph. The Sultan will act as a regent if the Caliph is absent. The power of Sultan is assigned by the Caliph. Amir An Amir is appointed by the Caliph to run the Mubarizuns as the overall General/Commander. The Amir is responsible for running the military and city guard, protecting the city and civilians, protecting the Caliph, and ensuring order is kept within the city and land holdings. The Amir also advises the Caliph on matters of war and conflict. An Amir may hold trial against an person if accused of a crime. If the accused is foreign and of importance value to another nation, the Caliph or Sultan will hold the trial. Low Command Naqib A Naqib is a senior officer with many years of experience within The Order of Mubarizuns and chosen for his amazing prowess in combat and leadership. Appointed by the Amir to command a group of muharib and jundi during military expeditions. Many are often given the tasks of recruiter and drill master. Raqib A Raqib is a Muharib who not only showed skills in battle, but, also skills in leadership. He will be trained in the arts of leadership by a Naqib or by the Amir self. A Raqib will test it’s leadership skills as an acting leader of the city guard division of the Mubarizuns. On military expeditions a Raqib will always support a Naqib. The Enlisted Muharib The Muharib are the most devoted and steadfast soldiers of the main force. The men are experienced with fighting battles and are the well-disciplined fighting elites. Jundi The Jundi is the vast majority of the Mubarizuns force. They are the footmen and militiamen who serve as the primary protectors of the Caliphate and the bulk of the battlefield during war. Alwafid The Alwafid are the new unoathed recruits of the Mubarizuns and are required to be oathed by the oathing standards set. If the Alwafid is not oathed, they may not receive any additional ranking. Alwafid who are looking to work around the foreign tax must wait to be oathed. Sub-Rankings Mwahtemed (Quartermaster) The Mwahtemed is an title given to those who show capability of doing such jobs as making sure the other soldiers are equipped enough to do their tasks. Specializing in the organization of arms, ranging from weaponry to armor, the task of the Mwahtemed is to assure that their fellow soldiers are equipped. Muhandis (Engineer) The Muhandis specializes in the use of military siege weaponry, such as siege crossbows, battering rams, catapults, and trebuchets. Jarraah (Surgeon) The Jarraah is the lifeline of the military by making sure the injured and wounded do not die with the use of advanced medical knowledge, vital to the job. Mutadarrib (Trainee) The Almutadarrib is an oathed recruit, they will be taught all the professions, however they will eventually professionalize on one subject. Application ((OOC)) MC Name : Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Timezone : Do you have a Skype? If yes, please PM it to me : ((RP)) Name : Age : Gender: Reason for wanting to join the Mubarizuns?: Are you a citizen of the Caliphate or willing to become one?: Please give us a little bit of your background ((A short paragraph )) :
  22. "The sea runs cold, my friend." Sam murmurs, standing on the edge of The Tailor. His eyes pierce the icy waters, waves rocking and jerking the boat. His robes billow behind him, hair flapping about aimlessly. "It'd be in our best interest to go with others, Captain. Our crew is trained, though we can never be too safe." after a short nod of agreement from Ayche, Sam turns, departing the boat briskly. "I'll see to it we're prepared, Captain." Hunt: Giant Squid Ship: The Tailor, Frigate Date: Saturday, August 15th, 8PM EST Posters are plastered all over the Realm, detailing the search for those interested in hunting the Giant Squid. The posters are dutifully places on walls, in taverns, tree's - everything. Men can also be seen handing them out. "Come come!" they cry, "Sign up! Only the most fit will be accepted, fight among your peers to kill this vicious beast that true men of the sea know all too well!" too any and all who would take this flier, or read one of the many posters, they would have the opportunity to apply and come along on this hunt. MEMBERS OF EASTIN DIA ARE NOT REQUIRED TO APPLY. Name: Age: Race: Skills(Magical, combat, healing): Are you aware of the time we will be setting out, and can you confirm you will be able to make this date?((August 15th, Sat 8PM EST):
  23. ( because i think its relevant ) **Posters are hung all around Athera, on doors, rocks, trees and notice boards. The only to not see one is if you are dead and even then one might be in your tomb** ~Recruiting The Falken Order~ The Falken Order is recruiting for its Guard and Peace Keeping teams We offer the chance to socialise with new people and to earn an honest wage. Perks of the job? Well first off you get to come live in Werdenberg with huge fields of food, we also offer you the promise of a living quaters and to become part of a community. Finally we offer decent pay of 100 mina to any guard. Of Course! We also need non combatants, Wood workers, chefs, breeders and much more! All of these will be paid depending on how much they produce ** The poster has tabs on the bottom with forms to be filled out, each poster will be checked daily and updated if tabs are taken ** (( want more information? Check out this post on the order here! )) ~Recruitment Form~ [OOC] MC Name - Age (Not Necessary) - Do you have Skype/TS (Skype required, both reccomended) - ------------------- Full Name - Why do you wish to join? - What section would you prefer? (If Non combatant, specify a proffession) - Why should you be accepted? -
  24. -=The Galbenza Gentlemen=- The best dressed master criminals Invitation Letter : About Us: We are a group of men and women who believe that self progression is key to achieving our role in life. We are not deterred by laws set by any nation, as we do not belong to any nation and so they do not affect us. Our roots stretch far and wide, and we know more than we let on. To betray another member of our group is like killing yourself, and it is with much regret that we remove traiterous members immediatly. Our history is known by only our members and a select few, and it shall forever remain so. Through much dealings with other guilds of our type, we have managed to be one of three founding members for the main confederation of organisations similar to ours; the Larcenist's Confederation. This is all you need to know of us, and all you will ever need to know, unless you feel inclined to join our ranks. If so, we await your letter. If you Join us, who will you be working with?: To put it simply, you will be working with the best of the best at what we do. Amongst those who will be working with you are people who meticulously plan out every aspect of a job to the finest detail, yet they are also people who are able to put together a well functioning, fluid plan in an instant, should they be required. Although the requirement for entry is relatively low, you will need to prove yourself as an adequate planner and undertaker of said plans to be able to move up our ranks. If working with petty thieves is your goal, we will be a disappointment to you. We are not the average bandit at the side of the road, or the petty pickpocket who targets simple people such as the rich. No, we are masters of our art, and we are more often than not in and out of the scene a few minutes before anyone has realised what has happened. What are our requirements to join us?: First off, you must have reasonable skills at pickpocketing, lockpicking, and remaining unseen, unheared and undetected. If you have a history of violence, this must be controlled, as we do not murder unless provoked first, or have absolutely no other option, such as in gang battles.We do, however, relieve items from those who have too much, such as the rich, or the powerful (which is, most often, one and the same). You must be willing to follow orders to the letter, and must be able to undertake said orders without hesitation. You must be willing to lie, steal and trick your way into doing things, and you must have no moral boundaries when it comes to this. We do not have time for people who cannot operate under stress. We do not have time for those who cannot work like clockwork with other team members. We are the best, and in order to maintain this rank, we must operate the best. Ranks/Application Letters: Outer Guild: Inner Guild Application: Outer Guild Application: Services the Galbenza Gentlemen Provide: ((Do not meta game this information!)) -Thievery of certain locations, for payment -Heists of certain locations, for higher payment -Kidnappings/false incriminations/disruption of information, for very high payment -Fencing of items ((pm me for details))
  25. Order of the Hourglass “And so we, the Order of the Hourglass, Hereby swear to help time progress.” Music: Should You Be Interested?: This scroll shall be kept strictly honest for the good of those who read it. We do not wish to ensnare you, the reader, in an order you have no desire to be in. Nowadays, it is impossible to walk the roads of Anthos without encountering some sort of foul creature, treacherous monster, or corrupted being: The most common threat of all is dangerous thugs and goons posing as benevolent protectors of the world. They have proceeded with their horrid deeds for too long with hinderance. Now, the Order of the Hourglass rises, to serve the realms of Anthos, unattached to any nation, to create safe passage for the sands of time and guarantee the safety of Anthos’ inhabitants. To aid the order, one does not need to be able to fight; any and all who are willing to help provide valuable skills such as blacksmithing, farming, cooking, and fletching will be welcomed with open arms. In no ways is this order a brotherhood, despite what the camaraderie within our ranks may suggest: women are very much encourage to apply for a position within the Order. Within our ranks, there is a very short hierarchy, and it is extremely easy to progress. If you are willing to devote your life to the protection of others, defeating the threat in the North, and swearing allegiance to the Order, then you have found your home, and your new family is waiting for you. Roster: Current Grand Keeper: Grand Keeper Magne Orman (Elf) (Jtheo2016) Current Keepers: Keeper Vex of the Elves (Elf) (TheFireAce) Keeper Vane of the Humans (Human) (icelifreakx) Keeper of the Orcs (Position Vacant) Keeper of the Dwarves (Position Vacant) Current Guardians: Guardian Harbringer (Elf) (Draxagon) Guardian Corvo the Pale (Human) (ventus2) Head Dedicant and Guardian Ansem Ahgra (Human) (nnooaahh9) Current Justiciars: None Current Trainees: Trainee Joseph Richardson (Dark Elf) (colaone1) Trainee Dun Irongut (Dwarf) (blackhawk77g) Trainee Drake (Human) (ben127127) Trainee Alexander Kof Whitestorm (Human) (MinecraftMish) Trainee Famine (Elf) (_Kraal_) Trainee Ac’Aelu Corval (Elf) (Darkdragon274) Trainee Bobo “The Tiny One” (Halfling) (Rocktoke) Trainee Crona Lunas (Human) (Valor777) Current Head Dedicant: Head Dedicant and Guardian Ansem Ahgra (Human) (nnooaahh9) Current Dedicants: None Our Main Goals: The Order in no way wishes to act as the guard force of the world, though we will not fail to attempt to help. The Order of the Hourglass exists mainly to eliminate the threat in the North and protect the world of the descendant races from harm. We, the Order of the Hourglass, remain isolated in our camp in the North, and we shall remain there and around there until the threat is quenched. Recruitment parties will be sent into the midst of nations every so often in hopes of adding new faces to the ranks of the Order, however the majority of recruits shall be applicants whom have been accepted into the Order. Ranks: 1. The Grand Keeper - the commander of the Order. He leads the Council of the Keepers and receives their advisement. In his absence, the Keepers make decisions for the Order democratically. The Grand Keeper is also the head strategist. Example of Title: The Grand Keeper John Smith of the Order of the Hourglass. 2. Keeper - the rank prior to Grand Keeper. The Council of the Keepers consists of five Keepers, (including the Grand Keeper). There is one Keeper to represent each descendant race: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves. The Grand Keeper does not represent any descendant race, but instead represents Anthos as a whole, making decisions that would best serve Anthos. Example of Title: Keeper John Smith of the Order of the Hourglass. 3. Justiciar - the rank prior to Keeper. Only Justiciars may rise to the rank of Keeper. The Grand Keeper decides to he wishes to rise from the rank of Justiciar to Keeper. There can be as many Justiciars at a time as the Council of Keepers wants; they are the officer force of the Order. For every raiding and scouting party there is one or two Justiciars at the helm, commanding them and assuming the position of leaders. Guardians are promoted to Justiciar upon completion of the commendation system. Example of Title: Justiciar John Smith of the Order of the Hourglass. 5. Guardian - the rank prior to Justiciar. Guardians, through commendations, may rise to the rank of Justiciar. Guardians are the main fighting force of the Order and are relied upon to do the most dangerous tasks; raiding in the North, defending the base, scouting enemy territory, and other dangerous tasks. Guardians are highly respected within the Order. Example of Title: Guardian John Smith of the Order of the Hourglass. 6. Trainee - newly recruited members of the Order. Trainee’s are soldiers who are yet to prove themselves to the Council of Keepers. The Council of Keepers may promote Trainee’s at any time to the rank of Guardian. Usually, promotion does not occur until the Trainee has dedicated much time to the Order or has committed some great feat during combat for the Order or in the Order’s name. Trainees can begin as . Example of Title: Trainee John Smith of the Order of the Hourglass. 7. Dedicant - associates of the Order. Dedicants are simple men and women who cannot fight but wish to contribute to the order by providing special skills that are required to maintain the Order. The Oath of the Order: "I, (Rank) (Name), hereby swear to uphold Anthos through the protection of its borders and to declare myself neutral in political affairs; the Order must always come first. I swear to obey the commands of my superiors and to show courage, honor, integrity, and faith when I venture into unknown lands. There shall be no rest until the world has been purged of evil and any threat to the peaceful existence of Anthos. And so I, (Rank) (Name) of the Order of the Hourglass, hereby swear to help time progress. Without weakness, I shall fight. Without doubt, I will embrace the light." Commendation/Promotion System: When one gathers enough “Hourglass Commendations,” they may progress to the next rank. However, when Justiciars collect Hourglass Commendations, there is no limit as to how many they can receive before promotion. However, traditionally, the Justiciar with the most commendations of his race is typically promoted to Keeper. Commendations are a point system given out by Keepers and the Grand Keeper for well done jobs and tasks. Service in battle could be one commendation, while certain scouting missions could be worth hundreds of points. The point system works as follows: Trainee → Guardian = 100 Hourglass Commendations (Total) Guardian → Justiciar = 300 Hourglass Commendations (Total) Justiciar → Keeper = (At least) 500 Hourglass Commendations (Total) Application: OOC: MC Name: Skype Name (may be sent via PM’s): Agreement to Follow Server Rules: Links to VA, both accepted and denied (Va’s are not required for the guild): Links to MA, both accepted and denied (Ma's Are not required for the guild): RP: RP Name: Race: Age: Short Biography: Talents/Skills: Loyalties(where/whom are you loyal to): Moral Boundaries: Reasons why your character may want to join the Order: Lord of the Craft "Let's Play": (With Nnooaahh9 and Jtheo2016) Skins: Keeper: http://www.minershoes.com/skin/view/i5207f1b190ce7733954416899833238337833191 Guardian: http://www.minershoes.com/skin/view/i5207eed84ceb1310603383119810238107810191 Trainee/Dedicants (Optional for Dedicants): http://www.minershoes.com/skin/view/i5208629d7ca46330389091219830238307830191
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