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Found 1 result

  1. A Vote On the Government of Honeyhill With the passing of the old regime of Lily Peregrin, the time has come for the people of Honeyhill to vote for a new government. The People’s Moot came up with two proposals for what the new government would look like, which will be described below. If neither of these proposals are acceptable to a voter, they also have the option to vote to reject both. In the event the option of “neither” receives the most votes, another People’s Moot will be held for the purpose of reaching a workable compromise. Otherwise, the proposal that wins the most votes will be implemented and as temporary Mayor, I will organize the elections necessitated by the winning proposal. Proposal I By Mr. Hal Applefoot Preamble In the last century, the way our society has operated in terms of its governance has been flawed. Therefore I would propose we cut back on how many leaders we have to one, we do not need Elders, who generally do nothing but persist the presence of the old guard, nor a Thain even if they were elected. The Mayor's office should return, though their duties should be limited leaving much autonomy to the people of Honeyhill to do as they please. Less is more; a simplistic government is the only way forward for the wee-folk of Honeyhill. Thain The troublesome office of the Thain should be abolished, replaced with the new elected office of the Mayor. Mayor Elected every eight years at the Weefolks Moot. Mayors handle events, organise festivals and generally act as the representative of the people of Honeyhill in communication with entities like the King of Haense. In this regard the government of the village shall be purely event oriented. Sheriff Appointed by the Mayor, the Sheriff manages the peace in Honeyhill and protects it from any beasts or dangerous outsiders. Weefolks Moot A gathering held every eight years, the Weefolks Moot is where the weefolk elect a new Mayor by simple majority and generally congregate to discuss the goings of the village. Proposal II By King Cyris Collingwood Preamble The foundation of this proposal is that a halfling government ought to serve its people, not the other way around. Thain The Thain will become an elected official, serving for life unless removed by a vote of the people. The duty of the Thain will be to offer advice to the Mayor, but mostly to see to foreign affairs and diplomatic relations. The Thain should be viewed primarily as a figurehead. Mayor and Elders The Mayor will be an elected official, serving for life unless removed by a vote of the people. The Mayor will attend to all internal matters, and due to the vast nature of these duties will be allowed to appoint Elders to help them. Elders in of themselves will hold no power, and will simply assist the Mayor with whatever tasks they are assigned. The Thain may also appoint Elders, but given that their duties will consist only of diplomacy this is unlikely to be necessary. Sheriff The Sheriff’s office will retain its current powers, being elected by the people until death or removal by their vote. They are not to be interfered with or vetoed by any member of the government. The People’s Power As stated earlier, the people may vote to have any member of the government step down if they are doing a bad job, even Elders. The Moot If any major decisions come up, the village may vote on them if the Mayor and Thain deem it necessary or if the people raise enough of a concern for such to happen. All votes at a moot will require a 2/3rds majority of those present at the Moot to pass. Titles All names and titles in this proposal are subject to change if we as a people decide on something different. [!] A polling station can be found next to the entrance of the tavern. The Ballot: ((MC Name:)) Name: Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) () Neither () Rules of the Vote: Voters may cast no more than one vote on this ballot If you try to take ballots out of the box, your vote will be discounted ((No editing your post or metagaming the election progress)) ((No voting as multiple personas)) Your vote will only be counted if you are an adult halfling associated with Honeyhill Voting will close in 2 Pumpkin Days ((You have 48 hours to reply to this post))
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