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Found 4 results

  1. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “They hide their abuses under the guise of ‘constitutional monarchy’ - I ask them: what’s constitutional about oppression?” Gustaven von Halsfield, 1807 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Initially, Man - by nature - was created by the Creator to be alike with one another. It was the unjust exploitation and subsequent oppression by
  2. __________________________________________________________________________________ "They gambled with other people's liberty, and so lost their own" Gustaven von Halsfield, 1813 __________________________________________________________________________________ Fresh posters were plastered on every building amongst Providence. It was clear that the person who had hung these did so recently. If one was to pass by or inspect it closely, the subject matter of said poster would depict the phrase: IS YOUR HOME WORTH FIGHTING FOR?
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Posters would appear throughout Providence, the subject matter of said poster depicting the phrase "The greatest of all evils is a weak government." Pictured beneath the phrase in the middle of the poster is a black and white
  4. ATTENTION MEN! Today is the start of you taking back what you have built! You! Who spent 30 years of your life slinking as a muzzy mule for the ample wheat that shushes the bellies of NOT your own family! You! Who lost your eye and thirty of your friends for the ISA, only to find you are last in line for the Emperor's deflated bosom, and not even a vinegary droplet awaits your parched throat at the suckle of his calloused teet! And you! Who writes the night away by the grace of a camper's lamp before brushing one-thousand times each side the po
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