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Found 6 results

  1. The Great Orcish Mindset And so, along your journey to becoming an Orc you have scoured the forums to amass a great deal of information. You understand the basic concepts of the culture, you know the differences in the races, the clans, and what the general interests of the Uzg are. Or, do you? There is far more to anything than can be expressed in a format such as this, but I will try to best to explore the Orcish Mindset you will come across as you play your character and explore our homeland. I am Smaw, the (as of writing this thread) current Rex of the War Uzg. I've been around for a while, and have implored as best I can to promote a greater sense of depth and RP within the Orcish society. It is my hope with this thread, to assist old and new players alike in understanding how our society truly works; or at least, my understanding of it. There is a common misconception around the community that the Orcs are only interested in PvP. This is understandable, as those outside of the Uzg will only usually see us across Vailor if we are raiding. We tend to stay within our homeland, where we are safe from those that Krug has taught the Orcs to mistrust. Among the current leadership, our main focus is on promoting the vast RP being an Orc can provide, and we are striving to create a balance between RP and PvP; with a focus on the former. If you are interested in joining purely for the combat aspects, or to meme, then you will not be welcome within the Uzg. We are looking for those that seek deeper Orcish RP, and can rise to the challenge of combat when such an event rears its head. With that said, let us explore what it means to be an Orc, and the mindset of those that live upon the blazing sands of the desert. The Mindset of an Orc Honour (An Orc accepting a request to single combat) Honour is THE foundation upon which the Orcs must live. It is the blessing that keeps them in check, and allows them to live in a world where they can fight against the ever-present Bloodlust that threatens to overwhelm them. There are many players that completely neglect this aspect of the RP, and will sacrifice the honour of their Orc in order to gain an advantage. It is ill advised to follow this process, as it will lead to you becoming a Whitewash. Those that take Orc RP seriously, value the honour their character has above all else. It determines your place within Orcish society, as without it, you are nothing. It is a grave mistake to lose your honour. It will cause your brothers to neglect you, and perhaps more importantly, the Spirits. I will detail below what can cause you to become Whitewash, and explain what the perspective of the War Uzg would be on each of this breaches to your internal compass. - Living outside of the Uzg This is seen as Whitewash because Orcs that leave the desert have abandoned their brothers. They have tarnished the hard work of Krug and his descendants, and have defied the age old teachings of unison and solitude from the un-trusted. While activities such as trade and conversation are fine, to live elsewhere entirely is to defy Krug's will. It is unsafe, and the Orcs outside of the Uzg are viewed as pawns to those that house them. - Killing another Orc This should be an obvious rule. Unless an Orc is Whitewash, there is no circumstance in which you are permitted to kill them. It is perfectly reasonable to fight if you wish to settle a dispute, as long as all anger is vented during combat. The aim of klomping (fighting) is to decide upon who is right, and when you are beaten, you must accept that the Spirits favour the correct Orc. - Mating with a Non-Orc The Orcs view this as a Whitewash act because the offspring will have their strong Orcish bloodline diluted with other, weaker genes. This activity causes the Orcs to decline in strength as a whole, and is frowned upon to the highest degree. The Orc in question will be liable to death or castration, in order to prevent further insult to Krug. Half-Orcs are permitted to prove their strength to the War Uzg. If they are shown to have ruling Orc genes, they are allowed to live and fight with the Orcs themselves, so that the half-Orc bloodline can be restored to its former glory. - Stealing from fellow Orcs Life in the Uzg is tremendously difficult, as the desert is sparse of any considerable resources. For this reason, to steal from an Orc is to take from his hard work, and it is seen as weak to acquire items without using your own strength to gain them. It is entirely possible to fight for an item if you are interested in it. This is an acceptable way of earning something, as you are using your power to gain it. - Worshipping Non-Spirits An instant Whitewash act. Krug himself was the greatest Shaman to ever live, and set the foundations for Spiritual worship and balance across the Uzg. Those that look to other Deities directly neglect Krug and his teachings, and appease weaker entities in their arrogance. Strength (As life threatens to crush you beneath its weight, time will strengthen your bones) In Orcish society, strength (in all forms) means everything. It is what has kept the people of the War Uzg alive to this day, and has been their saving grace in a number of situations. The great power they have at their disposal allows them to shape the world around them, and create living spaces they can feel comfortable in. Their combat prowess has given them a fearful reputation, and is what keeps the other descendants at bay. To an Orc, to have strength is to live a life as close to Krug as possible, for he is the embodiment of strength in its many forms; physical, mental and spiritual. Honour and Strength coincide, and so you must uphold both in order to flourish in Orcish society. It is not necessarily dishonourable to lose a fight, but it is dishonourable to refuse one. This is because cowards cause trouble for the Uzg. They take from resources and offer little to no benefit in return. It is also frowned upon because self-belief is taught at a young age. The world will fight against you at every opportunity, and you must believe in your own capabilities if you wish to defy the odds. It is however, acceptable to refuse to fight someone that is considerably weaker than yourself. If you perceive someone to be incapable of defeating you, it is more honourable to spare them than to beat them to within an inch of their life. Allow them to prove themselves among those of a similar stature, and perhaps with time, their strength will match your own. This concept, however, does not apply to those that actively seek to cause grievance to you. Destroy them. Now, progression is a key aspect of Orcish society, and it is to be promoted at all times. For this reason, you must always strive to achieve more. To hunt more, to earn titles, and even to fight for greater homes. The more you have, and the more you can show to prove your strength, and the more respect you will earn among your peers. Solitude (A warning set in the borders of the Uzg, to those not of the Orcish bloodline) Krug, the father of all Orc-kind, was the first to fight with the demon, Iblees. For this, he and his bloodline were cursed with the Bloodlust you are likely aware of at this point. Such an affliction caused the other descendant races to be wary of the Orcs, and for this reason we have been secluded from the world, forced to live in near in-hospitable lands, and attacked frequently in an attempt to control our populations. Naturally, this kind of treatment has left a deep resentment within the Orcish people. They have developed a great mistrust for those outside of the Uzg, especially as they do not have the inherent code of honour that all Orcs must live by. For this reason, they usually remain in the vast Uzg, where they are free to live among their own kin and thrive. The desert is scattered with warning signs to those that would dare enter the land. If you are seen, you will most likely be attacked. This is not because Orcs are interested in your loot, or in causing general grievances. It is a defense mechanism; a means of preventing those they love from coming into immediate danger from the outside world. If a Non-Orc wishes to come into the land, they must first send a message to those of higher stead within Orcish society, whereby they may request entrance to the Uzg. This is usually agreed upon, as long as a "tribute" is paid. A tribute can be any offering of goods, and along with this, weaponry and armour is forfeit as standard. Nowhere is Honour more sacred than within the lands of the Uzg, and for this reason, Orcs are not permitted to kill any living entities that do not have the means to defend themselves. If a trespasser is found upon the land, they are to be guided to the exit; albeit with a mild form of punishment. The Orcs have learnt, over time, that pain is the best method of teaching. This is why raiding parties are often formed. The world must know that the Orcs are strong, so that they will not dare to venture too close to the abode of Krug's children. Orc Role-Play Now that we have established the general mindset of the Orcs, and what you can and cannot do, let us explore the vast and varied world of Orcish RP, and indeed, the different types of RP that can be available to you. So, what exactly can you do as an Orc? The short answer? Everything. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to Orc RP. There is a vast and open plot of land surrounding San'Thraka (the Orcish capital) and it can be used so long as the ideas you present are reasonable within the limitations of the lore. I will detail below several avenues of possibility your Orc can venture into. Generally, it is more about RP'ing the Orcish Mindset in every occasion, than in limiting yourself to only those activities you would imagine Orcs to partake in; such as fighting and spirit worship. In truth, there is a great deal of culture to be explored, and laws are much more relaxed out in the Uzg. For instance, you can sit around a fire with some Orcs, smoking cactus green and having extremely dim-witted conversations about the "purple sheep" you can see walking around you. You can hunt with your peers, and prove your strength among one another. You can build and forge, and promote the general progression of the War Uzg. Or, you can watch as several Ologs climb on one another as they reach for a piece of bread, suspended in the air by a rather mischievous Goblin. The list goes on. An indeed, it will. Below. Blarg (Home) RP Ah! Blarg RP, an unexplored realm within the Uzg. Just as with life, your home is where you collect items that remind you of life experiences, or to show to visitors what you have accomplished throughout your lifespan. This is where you will mount your trophies; the heads of your fallen enemies, prized possessions of other cultures, and the relics and unusual items you have come across along your travels. It is well promoted within the Uzg to show off what you are capable of, as it will improve your standing greatly. If you have a home, and your collection has grown, venture out and boast about it. There is nothing more progressive to your character than proving your worth, and this is one exceptional way of doing it. This will attract mates to you, and earn you a great deal of respect among your peers as you display the remains of some of the Uzg's most ferocious creatures. Additionally, if you are shown a Blarg by another Orc and it takes your fancy, you can fight him for it. It is perfectly acceptable within the world of the Orcs to fight for what you want. Mates, homes and even which chair you get to sit on at the dinner table. Really, the Bloodlust can cause some messy family gatherings. Hunting RP (A pair of Uruk, hunting in the Kharajyrian Jungles) So you just beat the living snot out of Tawdnug'Lak and have claimed his Blarg in the city. It's nice, yeah, but it feels empty. Tawdnug took all of his trophies with him and sulked back to the swamp. He's gone back to live with his Evil Popo, who tries to ruin his life at every opportunity. But you? You've been left with very little. So what are you going to do about it? Well, go out and get money trophies to fill the empty space. Generally, pelts, claws and heads are among the most prized of possessions. There are extremely dangerous and rare beasts scattered around the Uzg, but even more impressive are those outside of the desert. When you have amassed a collection of items, there is a place where they can be shown which may help in gaining you the title of Huntsgoth; the most esteemed hunter in the Uzg. The Tavern, the place where drunken oafs go to celebrate the fighting and worship of the day. This is where you can set down your belongings, and gather a crowd to revel in your capabilities. The one with the most trophies may work toward achieving the title of Huntsgoth. When you have enough items to rival the current Huntsgoth, you may challenge him to combat to earn his title. Tavern RP Who says Orcs don't enjoy the occasional drink? In-fact, they partake in heavy consumption of both alcohol and drugs. After a long day in the searing heat, many enjoy the revelry that comes with it. The Tavern is the place to go, where you can enjoy conversation with your brothers, and discuss the days activities. It is here that you may discuss fighting strategies, which Spirit deserves the most worship, which constellation you are born under, and a host of others things. It is also the perfect spot for a band of Orcs to discuss which area will become their next raiding target, for this is the ultimate means of testing their strength against the outside world. Raid RP Is raid RP truly possible? It can be. Generally, raids devolve into PvP-fests because one side will resort to meta-gaming a squad of people that will take every attempt to disrupt a chance at RP. There have been many examples of successful raiding RP in the past. For a time, I used to lead a group of Orcs toward the High Elven settlement. We would break our way inside, and cut one hand from each Elf we captured. This was to pass on a message, and to attempt to generate further RP between the two races. It worked for a time, and we would fashion trophies out of the limbs that we acquired along the way. Similar events can be created by the Orcish community, as long as the environment allows for it. It is a rare thing, but when it is achieved, it can be a good experience for everyone. For instance, you may hunt those that worship different deities, wrangle the group together, and burn their texts before them. You may recite a long speech about how you will not tolerate the worship, before leaving and returning to the Uzg. The general rule of thumb is not to kill everyone at every opportunity. When you kill a character, they lose all memory of any moments leading up to their death. You earn very little reputation for your Orc among the other races, and they receive no character progression from the experience. The idea here is to spread RP to all parties involved, and create a balanced and in-depth scenario. Speaking of depth, let us discuss perhaps the most prominent aspect of Orcish Culture. One that all can partake in, regardless of ability. Spirit Worship (A sacrifice being prepared for Ehnrok, the Spirit of Bloodlust and War) Spirit worship is not as complex as many imagine, and it is not as one-dimensional as sacrificing Humans to every Spirit that happens to exist. In terms of worshiping a Spirit, you must do something that revolves around the domain they control. In the instance of Ehnrok, it is appropriate to provide a healthy sacrifice, as this is what pleases him. However, if you were to try the same thing with Gentharuz, the Spirit of Smithing and Forging, you would make no progress. A more relevant offering would be blades of high quality, adorning a shrine with them. These simple acts can go a long way to benefit an Orcs life within the Uzg, as the Spirits begin to work in your favour. The Orcs worship the Spirits because they have dominance over the realm, and as such embody a significant representation of strength. They uphold balance in the world, and can assist the Orcs of the War Uzg in their endeavours; if they are pleased enough. It is for this reason that Orcs are encouraged to go out and provide offerings for a wide variety of Spirits. In the Orcish culture, there is quite literally a Spirit for everything. You can pick one at random and go on a quest to find a means of appeasing them. If it is the spirit of Artwork, create a display somewhere in the Uzg. If it is the Spirit of Hunting, bring trophies to the shrine. These simple processes can provide unending opportunities for RP with your character, and can eventually lead to you adopting a position as a Shaman. Shaman RP The wisest of Orcs, the Shamans represent restraint and control within the Uzg. They work with the Spirits to maintain balance in nature, and attempt to appease the Spirits so that they may assist the Orcs in their plight with Bloodlust. There are several types of Shamans, each of which have their own unique ways of approaching the subject. Some use the abilities of the Spirits to cause harm to their enemies, while overs try to communicate with them to achieve enlightenment. Whatever the case may be, they are powerful figures within Orcish society, and are often sought in times of tribulation. They have the ability to shape the land mass around them, and protect the Uzg to a greater degree. They are held in a tremendously high esteem, and to become a Shaman is to have an unmatched honour bestowed upon you. Look to them for wisdom and inspiration, for they are among the most learned of Orcs. Exploration RP There is a vast amount of land out there to explore. As long as you remain loyal to the Uzg, you are free to explore all of Vailor and learn from the world, so that you may benefit the Orcs. You can scout potential raiding areas, find out who is worshiping deities outside of the Spirits, learn of Whitewash Orcs, explore ruins, discover new ways of smithing items, etc. The possibilities are endless, really. You can spread the word of Spirit worship, and implore others to partake in it. It is down to your own imagination; as with Spirit worship. The Orcs are allowed to venture outside of the Uzg, they just have to be aware that doing so can be dangerous. It is NOT Whitewash to trade and talk with other races, only to live with them wholly and completely and ignore the land you hail from. Speaking of exploring the land, I will now move onto something of a controversial subject among the community. An aspect of Orcish RP that needs work to become something promising. Znagah (Slave) RP Generally, it is ill-advised to participate in enslavement RP if you're not a well versed Orc. It can be complicated, and difficult to work with. If you do it badly, you can leave a negative impression of the non-Orcs you come across; which extends into an OOC perception. Slave RP can be very good for Orcish RP, as it allows those that are not Orcs to experience the culture, and even, with time, become a part of it. You can take slaves from anywhere, but they must be able to defend themselves fairly before they are captured. The Orcs do not enslave children, nor the crippled. Remember, Honour is a prevalent part of Orcish society; besides, they would be useless anyway. The intention behind slaves is to have them work for the Uzg and build, or to dedicate shrines to the Spirit of Slavery, which has the potential to become a rather large event-arch within itself. (Hint) Honourary RP Being an Orc is a mindset, just as much as it is a physical thing. For this reason, the Orcs are willing to accept other races into their lands if they can prove themselves through a series of intense trials. They generally include a large number of combat and agility exercises, in order to determine if the prospective honourary can keep up with the Orcs. It is an extremely high honour to be bestowed the title of honourary, and if you meet one across your travels, you must show an adequate level of respect. Acknowledge that they have gone through some trying times to get to that position, and that they must hold a deep love and connection to the Orcs in order to pass the tests. They are your brothers and sisters, and will fight alongside you when the rest of the world turns its back. Generally, you can distinguish an honourary through a numbers of physical signs. They are always adorned in several tattoos and markings, to make it immediately obvious that they are honourary. Additionally, they are taught, and use the Blah in order to fit in more with the Orcish society. Ilzhonal RP The Ilzhonal; essentially students of the night sky. They study the constellations above, and believe that being born beneath a specific constellation greatly contributes to the path your life will take. They believe that the Spirits dominate their own constellations, and so to be born beneath one is to have a greater affinity to that Spirit. If you are having trouble creating a personality for your Orc, look to this untapped resource as a means of inspiration. Take note of the month your character is created upon, and use the month on the chart below as a foundation from which to grow your character. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/142093-ilzpaak-the-orcish-zodiac/ As well as following this pattern of thought, you can indeed become one of these masters yourself. Create an area within the Uzg, and watch as Orcs come to you in search of guidance. You can instruct them on how to raise their kubs, based on their birth chart, and can offer general advice to your brothers and sisters. For those that wish to partake in Shamanism, this may be a good first step in showing what you are capable of. With progress, those of the Shaman community may take notice in your advanced RP and offer to teach you more complex aspects of Orcish Culture. Clan RP Of course, it goes without saying that clan RP is among some of the most influential in all of the Uzg. A clan is a group of Orcs with similar goals or features, who work together as a family to survive in the harsh environment of the Uzg. Generally, each has has its own specialisation. Below, I will list the current clans and their niches: Raguk - Mining, Industry and Forging. Braduk - Characterised by larger, stronger frames. Gorkil - Those that acknowledge Bloodlust more as a tool, embracing it almost religiously. Yar - One of the Shaman clans of the Uzg, responsible for a great focus on the Spirits and their worship. Lur - Among the greatest hunters of the War Uzg. Tuk - A predominantly Goblin clan. Fud - A predominantly Olog clan. Each clan is based on an Ancestral Spirit of Legend, a once living Orc that was well known for being the best in their chosen specialisation. For this reason, the clans work in homage to their Ancestor, working to continuously hone their crafts both for themselves and for the united force of the Uzg. There are many titles within a clan, and you can work throughout your Orcs career to make it to the top. When you become the leader of a clan (A Wargoth) you can even challenge the Rex in order to take his position. The potential for RP within a clan is unending, and it is extremely important that you find one as soon as possible, as this is your main way of progressing in society. It is also a way to get a home, more respect, and a means by which to develop a name for yourself. Once you join a clan, you cannot leave. It is a life bond, and must not be broken under any circumstances. You owe everything to your family, and you should risk your life to protect them. A Final Note on Orcish RP and the Mindset You are guided by your internal sense of honour, and it is what allows the community to accept you both IC and OOC. Remember to follow this conduct if you wish to truly delve deeper into Orcish RP, and recognise the importance it has at all times. Acknowledge that there is more to Orc RP than simply fighting. Go out into the world and explore, learn new things and craft your own stories. There are even more resources than those listed above, you just have to take some initiative. Orc RP can be a wonderful thing, and I implore anyone that hasn't already tried, to give it a real go and not become swayed by the occasional memer or PvP head.
  2. No More Monkeying Around The Rex paced up and down within his chambers, the glower of Krugmars great, beating sunlight glimmering through the slatternly window. It flickered across the room - a reminder to those who stood present of its occupancy; like a wild conflagration it danced and writhed and cast its black taint across the yellowed walls of the palace. Orgoth - the aforesaid Rex - was invested with a deep, underlying wroth - which was clearly ostensible in his gait - and eventually broke his trance of idle pacing and contemplation with a sigh, wherein he thereafter abruptly pivoted to meet his Targoth, Goj and Yazgurtan with a stern disposition. He opened his mouth to speak. But he stopped. And closed it. But then, he held it awry once again, this time granting his anger audible tangibility, “Firstly, we almost succumbed to the scourging pestilence of the Orenian horde, and we were cast out from our rightful home...” The triad that stood before the hulking Braduk all gave nods of approval as he administered his monologue, “...And then, we were once more threatened with cessation…” Orgoth shook his head and paused… but peculiarly gave a hoarse, concise chuckle, “Well, Oren’s backward plans bit them right in the ******* arse!” The three too laughed, “But now, we are faced with a coeval grievance… some ******* baboon men are living in OUR land, and taint it with their worship of Metzli and sordid doings!” The three looked at each other at the sudden outburst. Orgoth mellowed his tone somewhat and proceeded, “We must reclaim Zagbals jungle, but I am done trifling with peace, for that lead to my envoy being attacked. It is time for great WAGH, brothers.” Orgoth’s chin twitched as he concluded his statement. His gaze slowly examined the Uzg’s most powerful men, his eyes locking primarily upon the Yazgurtan, “Vagud, amass a fleet at any expense, take the builders and construct some if you must.” “Yes, Rex,” Said he, Vagud’Gorkil, a redskinned ork with eyes of a frugal yellow. The Rex’s stare, at a languid pace, honed in upon the second’s countenance, “Kuntklobbera, prepare the soldiers, ensure their Zults swing true.” “Yes, Rex,” Replied the Targoth, who - akin to Vagud - possessed a skin feverishly red, and eyes equally so - a fiery orange. Orgoth then looked to the third, “Gurak, take as many slaves as we can spare and sacrifice them to Enrohk, for we must be in his favour.” Gurak replied with a slow nod, “Yes, Rex.” His deep red eyes glinting in the invading rays of gold. Orgoth stood back, and waved a hand of dismissal. The others complied and they left hastily to fulfill their given tasks. Soon after, a massive fleet was borne before him of dwarvish and orcish transport ships. Wagh was on the horizon. WARCLAIM Tier Chosen (This cannot be changed after the first warclaim is held): 1 Type of battle: Skirmish Date And Time: 4PM EST, SAT 1st of April 2017 (No not a Prank) Side A: War Nation of Krugmar + Allies Side B: Hou-Zi Location and boundaries: Direct Area: https://gyazo.com/97d0648496ccb5186379a8bfa938d6bb Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: https://gyazo.com/8ef0f8c8467ea81b208a7f394fbfbe7d Terms of Victory Victory for the Attackers: All Hou-zi forces are killed or driven from the battlefield. Victory for the Defenders: All Orcish forces are killed or driven from the battlefield. Upon Victory For… Side A: The Warnation of Krugmar has the right to establish a siege camp outside the Houzi lands and may siege/pillage/take over the following week. Side B: The Warnation of Krugmar may not warclaim the Hou-zi for two weeks. Rules - No status switching. - All LoTC Rules - No one day alts or non rp allies - No TNT -Only the addition of sensible defenses that are moderator approved may be added. - If the Hou-zi does not attend, their lands are forfeit to the Warnation of Krugmar. - No New Hou-zi applicants after this post until the WC is over. -No Golden Apples
  3. THE KRUG-HAI Mauz-ob da wagh uzg. The formal hierarchy and social ladder of what is known as the War Nation. Every Uruk, Goblin and Olog is expected to be a part of the Krughai in some form or another. The Krughai determines their place in society, and through feats of exceptional strength, intelligence or honor, they will ascend it. Ranks: Notable REX: Orgoth’Braduk Supreme leader of the Keshig and Krug-hai alike. Targoth: Kuntklobbera’Raguk General, and main overseer of the Krughai; this uruk has proven himself physically and strategically on the field of war, rising above all in ability. His role is to aid the Rex in tactical matters and command troops during Wagh. Occasionally, the Targoth also takes charge of drills and military exercises, though these are often undertaken by his closest: the warboss’. Waghboss: Vagud’Gorkil, Zlazh’Yar, Schreck’Lak, Bashkuga’Raguk The waghboss’ responsibilities lie mostly in training and in drills. They coordinate raids, and referee sparring to ensure that a murderous outcome does not occur. Discipline also remains in the grasp of Waghbosses; they have the ability to dole out punishment as they deem fit. Ranks: Lesser Flattaz, Ridaz agh Shootaz Flattaz, Ridaz agh Shootaz are the primary brunt of the Krughai - the cavalry, infantrymen and archers of the Uzg’s military. After years of hardy service they - if the Rex decrees it - may be granted the opportunity of succeeding to Waghboss Aapskut Translating literally to ‘meatshield’ these orks are initiates of the Krughai, whether they be orks returning from displacement, orks being reintegrated after realizing the dishonour of whitewashism, or orks who have just reached maturity, they all begin as the rank of Aapskut. Ranks: Dishonorable Pug Pugs* are orks who have dishonoured themselves and their clans akin, whom with their newly acquired status are not granted the privileges of the common orkish military. They are not equipped with Zkahiron plate, and instead don boiled leather armour to signify their misdeeds. Typically pugs are returning whitewashes. (*To ascend the Krughai ladder, Pugs must be active within and amongst the goi for three Cactus Days, and endure any abuse that their rank entails.) The Keshig Protectors of the Rex Keshigboss: Overseer of the Keshig force, responsible for adjudicating the trial required to become a keshig. Keshig: The keshig, as Krughai elite, must maintain themselves physically and mentally. Any weaknesses are removed immediately by the Keshigboss. To become a keshig, one must attain the rank of Flatta, Rida, Shoota or above, and display before the Keshigboss three items: I. The heart of a shara II. The ears of an albai III. The beard of a stout As Decreed by: Orgoth’Braduk Rex of the War Nation of Krugmar, Supreme Commander of the Krughai and Keshig alike, and protector of the Krug. Kuntklobbera’Raguk, Targoth of the Krughai and Wargoth of the Unbroken. OOC: All orks that are in the ork chat/region as of present are Flattaz, ridaz or shootaz depending on their preferred combat style. All new orks will begin as 'aapskut' All orks are in the krughai from maturity - it is compulsory. Shamans are an exception, but if they wanna fight/attend drills they can do.
  4. In order to address a continued problem regarding New Player Retention, I have decided to form a team dedicated to ensuring that new players find homes and RP inside of the War Nation. That includes events, custom items, and also getting them involved in leadership opportunities if that is something which they wish to explore. The system will work as follows: KRUG'S CUBS Mission Statement: Krug's Cubs will provide quality RP for new Orcs and actively seek out new players who wish to become a part of our incredibly dedicated community. Becoming an Orc and integrating with such a well-established community can be intimidating, and Krug's Cubs will make this process easier for those involved. Members of the organization will provide events and mentor new Orcish players with those who volunteer being assigned to them immediately upon their acceptance to the server. They are expected to be able to be extremely active and provide an extensive and intricate amount of RP to new players in order to help acclimate and immerse them in RP. Please do not apply if you do not have a lot of time and the ability to communicate well with new, sometimes young, applicants. Members are also encouraged to scan the Applications in order to find Orc applicants, and do what they can to help them in applying. In order to become part of the organization, please apply below. APPLICATION Name: Skype: Reason for Volunteering: Expected Activity:
  5. Slaves and Honouraries of the Uzg (An Orcish Slavemaster, stood over the great mining complex of the Uzg) There seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to the concept of both enslavement and honourary RP in the Orcish community, and so it is my hope with this guide to establish a system by which we can all abide. Generally, Slave (Znagah) RP is a very controversial subject, as it can lead to mundane experiences in many cases. People are often keen to find and catch slaves, but don't often know what to do with them past this point. Here I will discuss the process behind catching slaves, the mentality for why we might do it, and how you can create an interesting RP dynamic for your slave. I will also be introducing a new title within the Uzg, so that slave RP can be appropriately controlled. In this thread, I will also discuss the process behind how one becomes an Honourary Orc, as I feel the current process needs much of a reform. So, without further ado, let's get started: Enslavement (Znagah) RP (An Orc Huntsgoth, preparing his hounds for Znagah Hunting) So, the first question, the one that everyone asks. "Why do Orcs catch slaves? Aren't they supposed to follow a code of honour?" Yes, this is true. The Orcs have a strong internal compass of honour, and try to implement this system of thought into their society. However, in the eyes of an Orc, a weak person is a dishonourable person, as they put their civilisation at great risk. Orcs are born to revel in combat, and only the strongest are capable of surviving in their environment. Naturally, they enjoy a challenge, and will often partake in hunting as a means of testing their abilities. If a party of Orcs can walk into a town and take some of the citizens as slaves, the nation is weak. They will often target the strongest of the community, killing off their weak opponents, and taking the slaves and their spoils back to the Uzg. There are many reasons behind why an Orc may take someone as a slave. Perhaps the most pertinent is for the use of sacrifices. Sacrifice (Or not!) (An Orcish Bloodpriest, offering sacrifice to Enrohk) In the Orcish community, Enrohk, the Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery and War, will only accept offerings of death as tribute. For this reason, many strong enemies are brought before the totem of Enrohk and offered to him, so that he may see for himself the power that the Orcs behold. Depending on the time of the year, and the celebrations that occur, this is done to different levels of severity. In general, only one or two of a Znagah group are called to sacrifice, and are usually among the strongest of the Warriors. Those with more useful skills are put to work in the many labour intensive areas of the Uzg. Usually, as punishment, Znagah are sent to the mines and woodworks in order to pay the debt of their lives back to the Uzg. At any time, a Znagah is free to fight for their freedom; though they are very rarely successful. A slave that is not immediately put to death is assigned to a specific clan, and the profession the clan represents is the one the slave is put to work in. For example, if a slave is thrown to the Raguk clan, then he will spend his time in the Uzg mining and crafting. When Znagah are not working, they are free to roam the Uzg and indeed, the Goi (City) itself. If you are responsible for a Slave, it is generally advised to take them on outings where you can provide a multitude of RP experiences. Expose them to the Spirits, and the vast and interesting method of worship within the Uzg. Perhaps you can use them as a translator for when you pass overseas, and look for trade. Additionally, Znagah are useful for carrying heavy loads. They are not simply punching bags for you to vent your Bloodlust on when you feel bored. Use them effectively, and expose them to the culture you enjoy. However, If a passing Orc decides that he needs the slave for something, he is free to submit them back into labour if they are not being commanded by someone else. The new title I will be implementing into the Uzg is that of the Znagagoth. He or she will be responsible for watching over all Znagah, and can reclaim them from the clans at any point. He is to construct and maintain a working and living area for the many Znagah to inhabit, and is responsible for keeping them in line. Additionally, they watch with a careful eye as the Znagah go about their daily activities. Those with a glimmer of hope may be open to undertaking the intensely brutal trials of becoming an Honourary Orc. Becoming an Honourary (An Honourary Orc, scarred but triumphant) All Honourary Orcs start as Slaves. Whether willing or unwilling, they must go through the basic trials of enslavement in order to prove their worth for the more intense trial system that becoming an honourary involves. The Orcs wish for all to experience the pain and difficulty that their early lives presented to them, in a hope that the outside races will begin to understand their plight. There are two methods by which one may become an honourary. Step One: Approach the Uzg with tribute, express your interest in becoming an honourary and lay down your weaponry as forfeit. You will be instructed to abandon your past. You will be stripped of any semblance of your history, given basic clothing, and your head will be shaven. From here, you must adapt to resemble an Orc. You will be thrown into a clan as a slave, and beaten to within an inch of your life; if indeed, you survive. If you can recover, then you have the internal strength it takes to survive life in the Uzg. The Orcs do not like wasting time, so this first test is a quick and effective one. At this point, you will work and labour as all Znagah do, until such a time that you are called forth. Step Two: Await the fateful day your town is raided, your family is killed, and you are forced into grueling labour. Sounds fun, right? You will be thrown into a clan, and from here, the same process as above begins. As time passes, you will be trialed heavily by the Clan instructed to enslave you. If you survive and surpass these tests, then the Wargoth of the clan you are under may suggest honourary trials to the Znagagoth. The Znagagoth will then approach the slave in question, and perform a number of his own tests in order to assess the worth of the individual. If he or she is deemed worthy, they are brought before the Rex and the small council. They are to address the Rex, and explain their interest in joining the Orcs as an equal. The slave will them be challenged to basic combat, and the outcome of this fight will determine if they may continue. If a Slave is considered unsuitable, they are sent back to their homeland. Once a slave becomes an Honourary, he is an equal within the community. He is entitled to a home, a place in the Krug-hai, and is taught to use Blah. If one is to adopt the life of an Orc, one must do it entirely.
  6. My Interpretation of Orc Culture So, you've seen some decent Orc RP in your travels and you're interested in making an Orc. Or, perhaps you've seen some of the cultural posts on the forums and want to get involved? Whatever the reason, this might be a good place for you to start before you log into the Uzg (the land of the Orcs) and face your brothers and sisters. It can be a harsh environment in the Orcish world, and it's best to go in prepared. I'm Smaw, I've been playing an Orc for a fair few months and currently run one of the clans scattered around the desert. In my time I've seen a great variance of Orc characters roaming the desert. There is an enormous opportunity within the Uzg for character diversity. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get lost in the combat aspect of our culture, and this can lead to very one dimensional characters. In this guide, I'd like to show how we are more than a warring nation and assist you in becoming a legend that will be spoken of through the ages. By now you may have noticed me use the term "Orc" a fair few times. The common understanding of Orc refers to those known as Uruk. There are infact three variants to the "Orc" Race. What does Orc mean? Essentially, "Orc" is an all encompassing term for any of the three main races that inhabit the Uzg; much like Ape refers to different variants of the same family. There are predominantly Uruk, but can also be Goblins and Ologs. I will discuss this in further detail as we progress along the guide. What you need to know now, is that all of these sub-types are descendants of the great Ancestor, Krug; the progenitor of the Orc species. Who is Krug? Krug is the father of all Orc kind, the greatest warrior and shaman to ever live. He fought alongside the other Ancestors against the Demon known as Iblees, and is the hero of Orcish culture. The other Ancestors are the progenitors of the races known as Humans, Dwarves and Elves. There are four Ancestors, but none as important as Krug himself. For this reason, we will stick to his story, for he is the venerated spirit that all Orc-kind seek to appease. It is said that Iblees sought to trick all of the Ancestors in his quest for dominance, and had managed to manipulate the three ancestors of the Humans, Dwarves and Elves. Interestingly, Krug was keenly aware of the deception that was taking place. He refused to succumb to Iblees' trickery, and was the first to fight against him. Krug's immeasurable strength and fortitude allowed him to battle with the great Demon, despite the horrible scarring that wrought his flesh. Due to the great burns that Krug suffered, his skin bubbled and scoured into an unusual colouration of green. This effect has tried the test of time, and even today, the descendants of Krug suffer as a result. This is the reason that all Orc-kind are born with hideous visages and unusual skin tones. As the four Ancestors worked together to defeat Iblees, he cursed each of them with his last breath. Krug, for his defiance, was cursed with an intense Bloodlust. This curse was so powerful that it would seep into his lineage, and all that came after him would be helpless to fight among themselves until their dying day. This is the reason why Orc-kind are brutish and warlike. If they are provoked, they are easily angered and prone to bouts of combat. However, Krug was also rewarded for his efforts by a mysterious figure. His lineage was blessed with an acute sense of honour, and all of Orc-kind are bound by this internal compass. This allows for a reasonable balance in their daily lives as they fight against Bloodlust. Disputes are settled fairly, and Orc are relieved of their desires to kill and maim by the inherent code of honour they must live by. Bloodlust and Honour By now you may be wondering how these two factors play into Orc RP, and the answer is that both are paramount aspects of Orcish RP. In fact, you could say that the entire thought process behind the development of the Orcish people was built on this notion of bloodlust and honour. But, how do the two work together? It seems to make very little sense. Let me explain. Imagine, if you will, an unkept fire burning in the woods. It begins to rage through the forest, burning everything in its wake and choking the land of oxygen. Eventually, after irreparable damage has scarred the environment, the flame dies out and only remnants of burnt wood and ash litter the floor. This was the idea behind Iblees' curse. The Orcs would destroy themselves and everything around them in a horrible outburst of fury. Fortunately, the intense heat of this inner-fire is maintained by an unseen, but very effective force; honour. Now, imagine a fireplace that is well cared for. It still retains its unrivaled destructive ability, but it is honed and compressed into something that can be utilised well. Instead of simply scorching everything, it has the ability to provide food and warmth to those around it. In the same way, the Orcish sense of honour allows society to flourish around the central fireplace; the curse, or foundation upon which the Orcs must live. In terms of life within the Orcish society, this allows a great deal of productivity to take place. Interestingly, the enforcement of law is seldom seen within the Uzg as the denizens of the Orcish homeland are helpless to resist their inner-honour and integrity. This translates into Orc RP in an infamous dynamic. While the nation of the Orcs is prone to warfare and combat, they are fare in their rampage. For instance, if one were cornered by an Orcish raiding party, one could request combat of equal standing in order to earn ones freedom. An Orc within the Uzg is bound by his honour. It reflects who he is as a person, and his personal strength to fight against the curse. The Orcs are very aware of the anger that runs rampant within them, and the damage it can cause if it is not restrained. To have your honour is to hold your destiny in your hand. It is proof of your will, and your ability to fight against a force that would seek to destroy you from the inside. Now, let us gain a deeper insight into those that must live with this great internal struggle. The Children of Krug Uruk The ruling sub-type of the Orc species, the Uruk dominate the Uzg and are the main figureheads within Orc society. They are generally balanced in terms of physical ability and intelligence. It is a common misconception that Uruk are dim-witted. We can see from the tales of Krug, that of all the Ancestors he was the most keenly aware and perhaps, the most intelligence. This stark balance of raw physical power and mental fortitude has remained strong, and is used effectively by the Orcs of the Uzg. They are competent in all fields, but are generally jacks of all trades. They seldom master aspects of life outside of Warfare, Hunting and Smithing. The more spiritually inclined of the Uruk can go on to become formidable Shamans. In terms of height, they tend to range from 6'5 to 8'. They can be a swathe of colours, but are most notably hues of greens, blues or reds; this colouration also applies to Goblins and Ologs. Goblins Another great misconception about the Orc family is that Goblins are dainty and weak creatures. On the contrary, Goblins, while generally less powerful than their Uruk cousins, are capable of great feats of strength and combat prowess. They are generally the same size as an adult, Human male and of similar stature. In fact, they are very similar to Humans in many ways, aside from the stark colouration of their skin. They possess a keen intelligence, far surpassing that of the Uruk. For this reason, their avid curiosity is usually suited to an environment of building and tinkering. They are responsible for the great war machines of the Uzg, and assist the ruling class in matters of diplomacy. Their literacy skills remain unchallenged, and they are quite capable of communicating with outside races. The Goblins typically range from 5'5 to 6'5 in height and can hold their own in battle against any of the ancestral races. Ologs To the outside world, all Uruk are considered akin to the Olog, but there is an extremely apparent distinction. In essence, the Ologs are mentally retarded. They are only capable of basic thought, and will often blurt out what they are thinking in a long, confusing dialogue. They are only aware of three feelings: Happiness, Anger, and Hunger. These enormous creatures are the powerhouses of the Uzg. They can reach astounding heights of 13' and generate strength twice or three times that of an Uruk. This great load can only be maintained by an intense appetite, and for this reason the Ologs are mainly influenced by food. If they are not currently eating, they are looking for a means by which to eat something; typically other races. The Ologs are easily manipulated, but maintain loyalty to their cousins. They are similarly bound by honour, and do not stray from their kin. In terms of combat, they are only limited by their crushing weight. Their physical senses work as any other animal, and they can react to danger very quickly. Do not mistake these lumbering oafs to be as slow as their minds; it will cost you your life. The Orcish Zodiac To say that the Orcs are an uncaring race is to completely misunderstand their culture. They are not devoid of empathy, and show a great deal of concern for their brothers and sisters; especially their kubs. They hold the destiny of their children in a great regard, and look to the stars for an understanding of how their kubs will develop. With the looming threat of Bloodlust, the Orcs take every advantage they can to prevent any of their offspring from falling further into a life of depravity and internal chaos. When a Fe-Orc is pregnant, or just after giving birth to a kub, she will take on a great pilgrimage to an Ilzhonal; or Star Watcher in common. These masters of the night sky study the constellations with avid interest, and believe that each cluster in the night sky was forged by an individual spirit; one that influences those born beneath it. This system is understood as the Ilzpaak, a means of learning how the spirit a kub is born under will influence its life. I will provide a link to the lore that I created for this notion, although it is still within the first stages of development. Currently, it is there to act as an aid for new players to develop more on their character's personality. It is a resource you may use if you are struggling to think of a way to progress your character. For instance, there is the opportunity to devote your life to the Spirit you are born beneath, or a path of study your Orc may undertake. Now that you understand the history of the Uruk, the three sub-races, and a bit about how they function, we will move onto the idea of the Uzg itself; the political force in the Oricish Homeland. The War Uzg (The Banner of the War Uzg, the unified force of Orcish Clans) The War Uzg is the united hierarchy within the desert. It is the combination of all powerful clans that exist across the desert, and is generally lead by the most powerful clan and its clan leader. Rex: The Rex is essentially the leader of the Uzg, the figurehead of strength within society. Dominus: The Dominus is second in command, and leads in the absence of the Rex. He or she deals with matters of tribute and land acquisition. Wargoth: The leaders of the ruling clans of the Uzg. They represent their clans, and speak in the Wargoth council on behalf of their communities. Below this hierarchy are titles of esteem to those that have shown exceptional ability in their chosen field. I will leave this blank for now, so that you may discover these aspects of the culture as you explore the Uzg. Clans Every Orc is born into a clan. It is a family, a means by which one survives in the harsh environment of the Uzg. If you are unfortunate enough to be born outside of the desert, your first priority upon reaching the sands is to join a clan. It is the only means of progression within the Uzg, as the War Nation itself is comprised of the most powerful clans that scatter the land. Each clan generally has a respective profession. When you are born into these clans, a large part of your life is dictated for you. For instance, the Raguk clan is one of industry, and those born into it live the lives of smiths and miners. If one were born into the Yar clan, one might pursue a life closer to Shamanism. Just as Humans value their brothers more closely than their friends, your clan will be your first priority. In times of conflict, you will stand beside your clansmen as a united force. They are there to protect you just as you are there to protect them. Clans work as unified forces, fighting against a land that will attempt to destroy them at any opportunity. Once a clan is chosen, or once you are born into a clan, there is no leaving. Anyone that decides to abandon their brothers is considered a Whitewash. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/532-clans/ What is a Whitewash? (A Whitewash, pursued outside of the Uzg) It takes an exceptional degree of stupidity or evil to violate the terms of your inner sense of honour. If an Orc has been shown to act dishonourably among his kin, then he is brandished as a Whitewash. A Whitewash is an outcast, an Orc doomed to live the rest of their lives in solitude. They are kicked from the Uzg with a vehement anger, and are often hunted by Orcish raiding parties so that they may be killed and made examples of. It is ill advised to act in a way that may have you perceived as Whitewash. Your character would not last long at all. Life in the Uzg Now, you've established which sub-type you'd like to be. You have a general understanding of how Orcish hierarchy works and you've considered your clan options. You've also recognised how bad it is to become a Whitewash. So, what happens now? What does it takes to be an Orc? In general, all you have to do to survive with your brothers is defend yourself when the need arises. If someone questions your loyalty to your clan or your brothers, you may challenge them to a klomp (fight) in which you can prove yourself. Fighting is an important part of Orcish culture, as strength is one of the foundations upon which the Orcs have managed to survive for so long. Your character will have been bred for Warfare, because the Orcs are something of outcasts compared to the other Ancestors. They are often disregarded for brutes, and were shunned after Krug was given the curse of Bloodlust. The Orc-kind were left to their own in-fighting, which had disastrous effects on their technological and societal progress until recent times. This has spawned a great resentment for the other races of Vailor, and the inherent Bloodlust of the Orcish people has resulted in many wars and raids. This brings us to the subject of the Orcish military, the Krug-hai. The Krug-Hai (A Targoth of the Krug-hai, one of the leading ranks) When a seething anger runs through your veins, you are helpless to resist the call to arms. The Krug-hai is the ultimate fighting force of the Uzg, the united force of Uruk that serve to protect the interests of the people. They defend the desert from those that would see the Orcs bend the knee, and exact a great vengeance upon those that have wronged them in the past. They actively seek to eradicate those that they consider dishonourable, and take to open combat to settle their political disputes. The inner-hierarchy of the Krug-hai is something of a complex system, so I will leave it out of this guide for now. You're after the basics, right? So, what you need to know is that you are automatically a part of the great War machine, and will be called to fight in times of War. This is a great honour for any Orc, and your position in the Krug-hai determines the respect you are given in everyday life. It will allow you to challenge others for larger homes, and even mates. Generally, clans are not considered when you are working with the Krug-hai. It is a separate entity, an organism of brothers and sisters that moves against any opposing force. But while fighting is important, and in many cases necessary for an Orc, the Bloodlust they are cursed with can cause them to run into dangerous situations and emotional trauma. For this reason, the Orcs place a great importance on the notion of Spirituality. Shamanism Orcs look to the great Spirits of the world for wisdom and hope, and find a sense of calm when they feel in touch with the energies that shape the world. In Orcish culture, there is literally a Spirit for everything, and you may pursue a life of worship through your general interests. For instance, a Smith may worship Gentharuz, the spirit of forging and industry, so that he may create stronger steel. For those that take a greater interest in the Spirits, they often choose the path of Shamanism. Shamanism is an art through which one may work with the Spirits to achieve very physical goals. There are four types of Shaman within the Uzg, each with respective end-goals. Elementalist: An Elementalist will work with the Spirits aligned to the elements to achieve goals of terra-forming, or to cause damage to their enemies. Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor works with the Spirits to imbue their energies into curses and potions that can inflict harm upon living things. Farseer: Farseers spend their lives in search of enlightenment, often traversing the spiritual planes in search of it. They are capable of imparting blessings of spiritual energy upon those they come into contact with. Lautaman: These Shamans may connect with the Spirits to actually communicate with them, and may receive temporary blessings of power from those they speak with. This varies from Farseering in that only the Lautaman can receive the blessings, which is often used to heighten their personal abilities. When you are prone to anger, it can lead to a life of disarray. Some consider Krug to be such a formidable Shaman because he knew he would require great effort to fight against the inherent Bloodlust that coursed through him. Shamanism is a source of wisdom for the Orcs, a means of escape from a day of combat and hardship. The desert is an unforgiving environment, but with the assistance of the Spirits, the Orcs can change it into a warm haven from the judgement of the outside world. Blah, the language of the Uruk Despite already being outcasts, the Orcs are separated even further by their inability to speak common with ease. This is purely physiological, as their enormous tusks prevent them from being able to pronounce certain words. This is why you may have seen the Orcs speak in an unusual way, often mispronouncing words and using terms that seem altogether foreign. When you are typing in Blah, it is best to follow a rather simple rule. Spell everything incorrectly. The Orcs understand common, and use it themselves in the modern age. Generally, they refer to their way of speaking as blah, because they also incorporate unique words that were coined because of a complete inability to pronounce certain words. A list of these basic words will be listed below: Hello: Ug Greetings: Throm'ka Goodbye: Gug'ye I: Mi You: Lat Gruk: Think Thank You: Rulg Kill: Flat Fight: Klomp City: Goi Slave: Znagah Generally, anything outside of this is just a misspelling of the word. I'll provide an example below of how to incorporate both into speech: "Hello there, how are you today? If you're free, I was thinking of going to the Human city to fight; maybe take some slaves." Becomes a mixture of "Blah" words and mispronunciation because of the large tusks: "Ug dere, howh am lat todayh? Iv lat iz freeh, mi wuz grukin' ov goin' tuh dah Hooman Goi tuh klomp, maybi tayke zum znagah." A Final Point Life is not easy for an Orc. They were left to fend for themselves when the curse took place, and have had a tiring battle with Bloodlust ever since. It has caused their nation to crumble many times in the past, and will no doubt continue to. The Orcs live in a harsh and unforgiving environment, a place no other life can live; A land upon which they were forced to reside, or face extinction. It is difficult enough to deal with the curse, without the looming threat of the other races attempting to kill them. They live extremely trying and difficult lives, and hold an immense importance on self-respect and strength, because it is all they have. If they were not as sturdy as they are, they would have died out long ago. They are a race of extreme fortitude, and have come to learn how vital family is. This is why clans are such an important aspect of Orcish culture. It is a means of survival. It is because of this that brotherhood is so valuable to the Orcish people. They have a great love for one another, despite their in-fighting from time to time. They are all in the same, difficult boat, and are riding it out together as a team. Their honour keeps them in check. Where others fall to greed, they remain balanced in their outlook of life. They seek wisdom and spirituality to further align them with peace, and enjoy small activities such as hunting and drinking together. They have fought hard to make the Uzg livable, and they will defend it with everything they have. Do bear in mind that Orcs are just as prone to emotion as anyone else. Although they are raised in a harsh environment, they are still quite capable of feeling fear and sadness; perhaps even more so. It is my personal belief that the Orcs are perfect examples of un-hindered emotion. Their great physicality allows them to act out their intense feelings of anger, and even happiness, while their intelligence and curiosity allows them to venture into the world of Shamanism and explore the mystical aspects of the Universe. They are intelligent, complex, curious people. They have interests, dislikes, fears and vices. They are prone to anger, yes, but they are not so encapsulated by it that they forsake their honour. Remember this as you explore the world of Vailor. You are a Warrior, an individual that has had everything in the world thrown at you. But, you have survived the odds through family and spiritual worship, and it has a strong place in your life. You have a deep connection to the people and the world around you, and as scarred and beaten as you might be, there is raw emotion beneath that green hide.
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