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Found 1 result

  1. KANI The art of the Oscillit Written by Bestscarface76 (Writer) & Aehab (Proofreader/Editor) Key vocabulary The One With Tarnished Lungs The Resonant Anomaly Effects Effects are not required to be used in solo and are designed with the intention to be used in combination, although still may be useful in solo. Quirks Factors that cannot be controlled in character. Mostly notable things pertaining to, and caused by the functions of meta physics. Armor and Weaponry Progression Since learning Kani is an experience of learning how to create and use Resonance, as well learning an unarmed martial art, it’s difficult to give a learning time. The floor limit would be three months, but in most cases it would be much longer. To make progress, a student must roleplay training, on top of that they’d need to train with other Oscillits. Floor limit assumes the student already fully understands and has already overcome the learning curve. Learning will take longer for any other individual. Red Lines Being physically unable to breathe would prevent you from being able to learn Kani. An Oscillit cannot create resonance in the air past a short distance. (In other words no, you cannot shoot Ki Blasts) An Oscillit cannot use Resonance to ‘bend’ elements. They may influence an object, but not to such a refined point that they could manipulate it as though they were using transfiguration or elementalism. Touching back on the previous red line about air, Resonance cannot be directly used for ranged attacks. Indirect methods are possible by using Resonance to interact with certain objects in the environment, though you’d have to get quite creative. As the magic relies heavily on breathing, speaking will upset your breathing rhythm, preventing you from inciting Resonance. Resonance does not scale the strength of your strikes. Continuous Resonance Note: This is a feat that may be taken after reaching T5 in Kani Changelog Johnny the dull boy finally did it again.
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