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Found 21 results

  1. Jackalopes, Martlets', and Roses (A Background Summary) Peralien was born in the year 1752 SA to a blind and deranged mother in Haelun’or in the Dead Isle of Arcas. She does not remember her name, her face, or her voice. And there was a horrifying lack of a father figure. Once she considered herself old enough, perhaps around the age of 23, she walked out of the Haelun’or walls and never returned to the city again. Her destination was the Wildlands, wanting to keep to herself. She, however, did break her own promise of not interacting with anything about Haelun’or, by taking its ship to Almaris. Upon her landing to Almaris, she found an opportunity working for a man named Antonio De Medina, who was the Baron of a Sutican Vassal called Osanora. Work was easy and fair and was not stressful in any way to her. However, her desire for chaos led to her being fired, causing her to go up to the lands of Vortice, and work for a man named Jakob Castington in his County of Selestia, a vassal and dependent of Talon’s Port. She worked as a Minister until the polity was abolished by the Vortisian Government. Now, she moved to the city of Talon’s Port, now called Vortice. And used her savings to buy a very nice home. Peralien did not understand what lead to the circumstances that had Vivian Maelstorm, the Monarch of Vortice to adopt her. Making Peralien a Princess of Vortice. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Rumors of slandering the Haense Crown and a impending ultimatum from Haense caused Peralien to be banished from Vortice and thusly disowned. The events that followed were all a blur, to Haelun’or, and then finally the lands of Sarissa, in the now Commonwealth of Sutica. She found the saving grace of a man named William Buckfort, the Count of Sarissa. He shielded Peralien from any person wishing to have her head, in exchange for the promise that she does not commit any crime or act of violence. Sarissa then came Rozania upon the people of the land fleeing from Sutica to establish its own independent land on the Northern Section of Almaris. Peralien would become a Knight of the Jackalope Order, and acquire the title of Lady, through a mixture of pure minae and keeping her promise of not murdering people. Although being a Knight thus meant she had to fullfill a military role, which she did during the Sacking of Rozania, where her legs were broken with a warhammer by the hands of Savoyards and Sedanians. She would fortunately be healed by a person with a form of Healing Magic, bending her broken bones and fixing her flesh in quick time. Eventually however William Buckfort abdicated from his position in Rozania, he left two people in charge to manage Rozania, Eliza Raven and Nadia Buckfort. His abdication also left several vacancies in the Rozanian Government, allowing Peralien to secure her position as Marshall and head of the KAR, the Rozanian Army. Her position did not see any use, as Rozania did not experience anymore conflict until it’s quiet collapse. When Rozania was dying, Peralien brought as many people with her as she could and bought a very considerably large area of land in Urguan, and founded the Barony of Pinemaw, which seeked to mirror as much of Rozania as possible without directly calling itself Rozania. This polity lasted until Peralien defected during the War of the Wigs, being offered a deal she couldn’t refuse by Oren, to be settled and receive land in an area surrounded by Elves. (During the years the population of Pinemaw slowly changed from Original Rozanians to Elves of different backgrounds.) However, Peralien funding her technical bloodless nephew, James Maelstorm, to overthrow Vortice from Jusima hands caused her to be removed from power, and the coup attempt of Vortice failed as well. The rest happened too fast and isn’t well worth mentioning in the grand scheme of things, but the last stretch of her life is a home in Lurin, and work as a Mercenary to a small Company in Norland. (Passing) Peralien knew where she was going, and she knew what would happen to her. She wanted to go to one thing that was familiar to her, Vortice. It would take several days of constant travel by Horseback, but it was worth getting there. Finally, she made it there, and stood at its empty gates, withdrawing an Old Sword, engraved with icons of Jackalopes, Martlets, and Roses. Before then speaking what would perhaps be her last ever spoken sentence. "I have caused a great tragedy by ruining lives and killing others. I have both threatened that I would and promised that I wouldn’t for what I am about to do. Send my apologizes to Lenora Jusima, and send my concern to any remaining Maelstorm.” Peralien would then fall on her own blade, and thus, the person who tried to do so much, either good or bad, yet failed to achieve what she really wanted, forgiveness and tolerance for her unforgivable actions spanning 153 Years, was dead. (Name & Titles) Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius, Former Princess of Vortice, Former Countess & Baroness of Pinemaw, 1st Gwaithor of the Pinemaw Domain, Former Lord-Protector of Rozania, Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania, 3rd Marshall of the KAR, Knife of Rozania.
  2. Settlement PRO MC Name: Seansilver12 Settlement Name: The Dual-Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 123, in the town of Myrine. I am the PRO of Myrine and we’ve already taken control of the city there, just want to make our settlement official. Settlement Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): The Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania were first founded by Friedrich Redclyf and his mercenary group, the Red Company. The land was originally given by the Princess Renata of Savoy for Friedrich to build a small keep and house his men. So, with the keep acting as home base, the Red Company was built up. Their numbers increased, including the young Uhtred Mösu. Friedrich and his kinsman Ulrich continued to get closer with Uhtred and, eventually, the rest of the Mösus, leading to the two officially joining the clan. This alliance helped both families, helping to resolve Friedrich’s issues of running the keep in the south and Ragnarr’s issues with Norland to the north. Tensions between the Mösu clan and the kingdom of Norland reached their peak when Ragnarr asked for official recognition by the King of Norland and was denied. Seriously disgruntled, the Mösus all decided to move permanently to the south. Around this time, the Rozanians came down to Redclyf and asked to live within the Duchy. These immigrants were accepted and soon named Friedrich the Duke of Rozania, making the official title of the realm the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania. With this population boom, the Dual Duchies faced a problem; the rocky soil from their hilltop keep was unsuitable for growing crops or building a village. It was determined that the capital had to be relocated. The Mösu clan started to scout out possible locations, but they always felt drawn to the big lake to the east. At first it was unexplainable, but eventually a cave was discovered, with a book and other relics. The book spoke of the Lady of the Lake, known as Almar. The religion of Almarism was formed, and the leaders of the Dual Duchies converted. The Mösus wanted their clan to be close to the Lady’s Lake, in order to watch over it and guard it as they thought they should. So, they determined the best place to relocate would be the city of Myrine. It made sense from religious, political, and geographical standpoints. Historically, Myrine was the seat of power in the region, and, in the final days of Savoy, was the main city of the Principality. All of these factors made the decision to move the capital to Myrine an easy one. Now, the Redclyf-Rozanians are looking to cement their hold on the land they lay claim to through diplomacy with the other southern nations and with force if necessary. The Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania have already dealt with potential crusades, Rozanian rebels, and Norlandic mercenaries. Whatever new challenges come their way, they must be ready to face them as well. Settlement Government Structure Explanation: The government in Redclyf-Rozania is ruled by the Duke. The position of Duke is a hereditary one, which follows a primogeniture inheritance law of old Savoy. The duties of the Duke are to make and enforce the laws of the Duchy, ensure the Duchy runs smoothly, and provide things for the people to do. The Duke rules over the Duchy with the help and advice of members of his small council, which was inspired by the councils of both Savoy and Norland. The members of the small council are called the Aesirs; there are up to twelve slots for members. There are also two types of Aesirs. The first type are called Council Aesirs. Their duties are to advise the Duke on their assigned topic and carry out the Duke’s orders. The other type are the Valor Aesirs. These council members are the most accomplished soldiers within the realm, and they function as the Duke’s guard. There can be up to six of them, but there will likely often be less than that. The positions are as follows: Council Aesirs: Aesir of Aesirs: Functions as a Hand of the Duke. The Duke’s main assistant and the man in charge of the other council aesirs. Tasked with making sure things run smoothly and directing the Aesirs efforts. Aesir of Peace: Head diplomat of Redclyf-Rozania. Maintains good relations with the other nations and settlements and makes new treaties with them Aesir of War: In charge of the military of Redclyf-Rozania, known as the Red Banner. Maintains their equipment, barracks, and sends them on missions for the Duchy Aesir of Coin: Head steward in the Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania. Maintains trade between realms and manages taxes and trade in the realm. Aesir of Whispers: Advises the Duke on current happenings and intrigue from across Almaris. Aesir of Protection: The Duke’s chosen champion and protector. Leader of the valor Aesirs. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? A thing that sets the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania apart from the other human settlements on this server is its unique religion, Almarism. Almarism was strongly influenced and inspired by the Brettonnian Lady of the Lake from Warhammer, and has a more nature-based feel to it. In this religion, the belief is that The Lady of the Lake, called Almar, represented life itself. She was locked in a stalemate fight with Old Gods who represent death, and, in order to win the fight, she used magic to entrap them within the earth itself. This massive use of power completely drained Almar's energy and sent her into a coma-like state. She sank to the bottom of our lake and remains there until the Old Gods come back again, and she must start her fight again. A major tenet of Almarism is the idea that one has a duty to protect the Lady. Therefore it is the duty of Almarists that once the Old Gods return, and Almar rises again, they must take up arms with her and assist her in her fight. The decisive factor in Almar’s first battle with the Old Gods was her use of magic. Therefore, Almarists believe that the best way to assist Almar is to learn magic themselves. Most of Almar’s texts are either lost or undecipherable so far, so the exact magic used is not known. But, that just means that Almarists accept and are intrigued by most different forms of magic. This acceptance of magic sets Redclyf-Rozania apart from most other human settlements and religions, as they are all usually staunchly anti-magic. Redclyf-Rozania, in contrast, supports magic and even views it as necessary.They believe that it should be used responsibly and mostly by members of the Sisterhood of Almar, but it still stands that the people as a whole are much more amenable to it. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Redclyf-Rozania is a part of the Savoyard Remnants and is fitting into the new storyline of the southern continent. The fall of Savoy created a power vacuum in the southern continent, and many new nations and settlements sprouted up. Redclyf-Rozania has a major part in this political intrigue, as it is one of the settlements Savoy left behind, and is in a prime location. Many different settlements and groups see the Southern Continent as a land of opportunity now that there is no major nation there, and are moving in. This has created a tumultuous political situation, which made a Southern Conference group necessary. People from Redclyf-Rozania were heavily involved in the start of this group, and they continue to be a major part of that alliance. With new political issues being brought up almost every day for the south, there is sure to be more storylines and RP happening. And anything could happen with the Savoyard Remnants. Redclyf-Rozania also brings in the opportunity for a new and unique culture: a combination of culture from the Savoyards, Norland, Rozania, and real life Norse. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I’ve run several vassal groups on LOTC before, I led a keep that was a vassal of Sarissa (in Sutica), a village that was a vassal in Krugmar, and a keep that was a vassal of Savoy. I also ran a mercenary company called the Red Company, which had some success fighting in wars and had a decent 10-12 guys last summer. Recently, I’ve been running Redclyf-Rozania as an unofficial settlement and have been doing politics and managing the town while working on our lore, build, and settlement application. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? I do.
  3. Of Treason [issued circa 20th of The deep Cold, 79 SA.] Article 1 - Treason After conferring with the Rzad of the Duchy of Rozania, the Aesir of Aesirs, Aesir of Peace, Aesir of Coin, and many others, the Duke’s health, ability to rule, and mental sanity have been confirmed. The Rzad furthermore reaffirms the Duke’s claim to the Duchy of Rozania, as is the custom of the past, therefore making Peralien Maelstorm The Oathbreaker. She has violated many oaths in her life: Oaths to the Domain of Vortice, to the Ebonwood Principatus, and to the Orenian Empire. But now, she becomes an Oathbreaker to the Duchy of Redclyf and the Duchy of Rozania. Her crimes are numerous, and, as a result, all treaties signed between the two parties will be nullified under Redclyf-Rozanian law. Laws Violated Law 16- Thieving the property of another man Law 24 - Expressing falsehoods under sworn Oath. Law 31 - Taking action or conspiring to take action against the realm Law 32 - Breaking a written legally binding contract of loyalty Law 46 - Attempting to steal the successor of the Duke’s birthright, the Duchy of Rozania Article 2 - Consequences 1) The Oathbreaker is never again to be trusted in Redclyf-Rozanian land, nor are any those who follow her. 2) All agreements made between the two parties are hereafter nullified, including but not limited to: An Agreement and the Edict of Myryna. 3) As she broke an Oath to the Duchy of Rozania, and the Duke of Rozania, she is no longer fit for the titular title of Lord-Protector. Therefore the Duke will bestow it upon the honorable lord Uhtred Mösu. 4) The titles Barony of Maelstorm-Roza, Barony of Aurelius-Sarissi, and Barony of Aurelius-Roza are hereby dissolved. 5) Care of a child cannot be entrusted to an erratic and, frankly, insane traitor, and thus the care of Marb Mösu be entrusted to the loyal Aesir and Rzad, Uhtred Mösu Article 3 - Rozania’s Future 1) The title of Lord-Protector will now be given to the most prominent Rozanian citizen of the realm. He will act as a spokesperson for the other Rozanian citizens to the Duke, ensuring their issues are heard and addressed promptly, as well as generally advising the Duke on Rozanian matters. 2) The Duchy of Rozania will return to its hereditary status, free from the unfair and unprecedented usurpations of the Oathbreaker. It will follow the primogeniture succession laws outlined in the laws of Redclyf-Rozania. 3) The Duchy of Rozania is to be forever titular, and held by the descendants of Friedrich I, Duke of Redclyf, and Duke of Rozania. All titles held by “vassals” of Rozania will be titular in nature as well. The creation or destruction of Rozanian titles is at the Duke’s discretion, as is his right. 4) All treaties signed with other nations were signed as the Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania, with Friedrich I officially recognized as the Duke of both. The realm will continue as such, and all treaties signed under that name are still in effect and will continue to be signed as such. Signed, His Grace, Duke of Redclyf, Duke of Rozania, Lord Protector of Almar, Aesir of Aesirs, Temporary Aesir of war, Chieftain of Clan Mösu, Knight-Errant, Rzad of the duchy of Rozania, Lord Uhtred Mösu, Redclyf-Rozania Aesir of peace, Rzad of the Duchy of Rozania, Leader of The Wild ones, Lady Dahlia Sigvardson Mösu, Aesir of Coin, Ducal Mage of the Duchy of Rozania, Sir Ulrich Schulte, Aesir of Protection, Shield of the Duke, Rzad of the Duchy of Rozania Rhoda Skellig, Liaison of the Sisterhood of the Lake, Loyal Servant of Almar
  4. THE SECOND EDICT OF MYRYNA By order of Lord-Protector of Rozania Peralien Maelstorm-Mösu decreed and issued circa 13th of the Sun’s Smile, 78 SA. By the ascent of the Lord-Protector of the Duchy of Rozania, and the Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, on 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 78 SA. The Edict of Myryna is written and authorized for both the Jackalope Order and the Duchy of Rozania. Loyalty and Status of the Order The Jackalope Order will swear permanent fealty and loyalty to both the Duchy of Redclyf and the Duchy of Rozania, should conflict arise between both groups then it is to remain neutral and enact status-quo. The Jackalope Order is independent from each party, and no Duke from either party shall decide who will be the Grandmaster of the Order. Duke of Rozania Since the destruction of the Old Duchy of Rozania there has been no true Duke or Duchess to its throne. And until recently there has been no regent either. No-longer shall this be. Following the First Edict of Myryna, the Lord-Protector will hereby offer the Rozanian Ducal Crown to Duke Friedrich of Redclyf. Allowing it to be under his rule. Duke Friedrich of Redclyf will have full rights and legitimacy to claim that the Duchy of Rozania is theirs, until their passing or abdication. LONG MAY THE DESCENDENTS OF ROZANIA LIVE, FOR THEY ARE ETERNAL! Signed, Peralien Maelstorm-Mösu-Aurelius, Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Lord-Protector of Rozania, Princess of Vortice, Baroness of Maelstorm-Róża, Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, Seducer of your Mother, The Pumpkin of Rozania.
  5. THE EDICT OF MYRYNA By order of Lord-Protector of Rozania Peralien Maelstorm-Mösu decreed and issued circa 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 78 SA. By the ascent of the Lord-Protector of the Duchy of Rozania, and the Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, on 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 78 SA. The Edict of Myryna is written and authorized for both the Jackalope Order and the Duchy of Rozania. Ducal Succession The succession of the Duchy of Rozania is to proceed as follows. The Duke of Rozania is decided by the Lord-Protector, and if a Duke shall die then who will be Duke shall be decided by the Lord-Protector again. The title of Lord-Protector and its succession is decided by personal preference of the Lord-Protector meaning who can be Lord-Protector does not have to be hereditary, only who is chosen, and cannot be usurped or taken away by the Duke or any other power. The Lord-Protector is Peralien Maelstorm-Mösu. Vassals and Titles There are to be four vassals that exist as the result of this Edict. They are to be listed as follows. Lordship of Lo-Róża, the holder of this title is Dante Lo, and is grandfathered from the Old Duchy of Rozania. Barony of Aurelius-Róża, the holder of this title is Kokun Oleander Aurelius-Proudfoot. Barony of Aurelius-Sarissi, the holder of this title is Amelie Miriam Aurelius. Barony of Maelstorm-Róża, the holder of this title is Peralien Vivian Maelstorm-Mösu. The succession of these four vassals and titles shall be decided by the holder’s preference. Should any of these holders die without an assigned heir, it is to go to their spouse. If there is no spouse then it shall be returned to the Duke of Rozania. Regency If the person who is selected to be the next Duke of Rozania is not yet of age to assume rulership, or the Duke undergoes a bout of insanity, coma, or the inability to rule, then the Lord-Protector of Rozania or someone appointed by the Lord-Protector of Rozania shall act as regent until such issue is resolved. Clarification Duke has been used to describe the ruler of the Duchy of Rozania in this Edict. However to clarify Duke shall mean both Duke and Duchess in this edict as simplification, a female is not barred from becoming Duchess or Ruler of Rozania. Long may the descendants of Rozania live. Signed, Peralien Maelstorm-Mösu-Aurelius, Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Lord-Protector of Rozania, Princess of Vortice, Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania.
  6. THE EDICT OF PAGÓREK By order of Grandmaster Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius, Third Marshal of the KAR decreed and issued circa 9th of the Deep Cold, 77 SA. By the ascent of one of the last few remaining members of the Rząd and the Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, on the 9th of the Deep Cold, 77 SA.The Edict of Pagórek is written and authorized for the Jackalope Order. Loyalty The Jackalope Order will swear loyalty to the Duchy of Redclyf. And will fight their battles, offensive or defensive, for as long as their loyalty shall last. And will not usurp their throne or support any false pretender. Status The Jackalope Order is not the Duchy of Rozania directly, although they fought for them and the Founding Grandmaster was its Duke. The Jackalope Order recognizes the Duchy of Rozania’s title of Duke as vacant, with no regent. And no succession. However, to ensure that the title of Duke of Rozania does not fall into false hands, the Jackalope Order will claim to be the de-jure and de-facto successor to the Duchy of Rozania, until further notice. Grandmaster Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius shall be named as Rozania’s Lord-Protector, as a regent. Letters The Jackalope Order will send letters to the following. Lord Dante Lo of Rozania. Mellow Aurelius, leader of the Dah’rini. And/or his children. Ser Brawly Scath. And/or his children. Long may the descendants of Rozania live. Signed, Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius, Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Lord-Protector of Rozania, Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania.
  7. An Agreement to Service 13th of The Deep Cold, 76 SA Article I - Recognition The Jackalope Order will recognize the sovereignty of the County of Redclyf, and will make no attempt to usurp or put a false pretender on its throne. The County of Redclyf will hereby recognize Peralien Maelstorm’s right over the Jackalope Order as the Grandmaster, and will recognize her and any successor Grandmaster’s control of the Order as legitimate, and make no claims or attempts at usurping it or putting a false pretender as its Grandmaster. Article II - Defense The Jackalope Order shall be called upon for military service for any reason, defensive or offensive by the County of Redclyf. And will be tasked in assisting its levies against any potential raiders or enemy in times of need. And for as long as this agreement will last, no hostile action shall be committed between the two. Article III - Duration This agreement shall be in effect for a period of Six Years. After said expiration date, it may be renewed by mutual consent of both parties involved. Should anything in said agreement be violated, diplomacy will be taken to find resolutions. Count of Redclyf, Captain of the Red Company, Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Peralien Maelstorm, Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania
  8. [!] During one starless and tempestuous night a figure road up to the stone walls of the nearly silent village of Rozania. The individual mounted oh an adumbral steed, road to the courtyard that led to the keep before it dismounted. It’s heavy ferrum plate clanked as it touched the stone-cold ground yet fell to noiselessness at it approached the door leading to the throne room. The armored man would leave a box emblazoned with the symbol of a jackalope before the mighty spruce doors before absconding. Within is a letter, written upon a slip of parchment and penned in a simplistic block cursive. Dear Residents of Rozania I have observed your progress from afar since you have arrived by boat and I must admit, you have impressed me. Although my home is far from what it was, I commend you for restoring it to a livable condition. With that being said, I can imagine you wish to bolster your number and while I am unable to return in the same capacity as I once boasted, I can offer my services. I once held many esteemed ranks while under the Duke and Duchesses, chief among those being Master of Medicine. I offer this to satisfy an oath I made to both the Buckfort family and the People of Rozania. Although both of these entities have long since dispended and faded into not but faint memory, I still wish to extend my hand in an offer of assistance. For this, I request nothing in return as I fell it is my obligation to do so. Rozania Forever. Sincerely; Brawly Scáth
  9. The Barony of Krew Laying a Foundation The foundations of Krew were laid by the Chieftain of the Kazimir Clan, Leyna Kazimir. She had always dreamed of a continuation of her mother, Rebeka la Weavra’s, wish to create a place for her people to live in peace and prosperity as The Duchy of Rozania was supposed to be. As the Duchy of Rozania succumbed to an increase in bandit attacks and revolving leadership, Leyna moved to the Kingdom of Norland and proclaimed the establishment of her Clan, the Kazimirs, renaming the La Waevra clan. Nadia Buckfort, formerly known as the Duchess of Rozania, gave her thanks to Alric Edvarsson Ruric for letting her people migrate there, giving them a place to call home, the true successor state of Rozania, the Barony of Krew. After becoming one of the more prominent members of the Norlandic Kingdom she had encountered the man she would marry, Alric Edvardsson Ruric, who was the Hand of the King. With her newfound connection to the upper echelons of the Kingdom both Leyna and Alric would plan the establishment of a new Barony. The Barony of Krew was founded in 50 S.A. The Establishment The Barony of Krew is a place of Feudal Roleplay that is host to a mix of both the Norlandic and Rozanian cultures. Krew, in the Rozanian language, translates to ‘Blood’ for those whom the Barony was originally intended, and as a tribute to the men and women who gave their lives to the creation and preservation of the unique cultures that inhabit it. Realistically, Rozanians stem from Sutica as Sarissian's, a trait shared by many in Krew. Leyna herself was born in Sutica, and gave homage to the many who have traveled to the cooler lands of Almaris. Both Rebeka, and Leyna were part of the leadership in Rozania, after Leyna’s younger sibling Nadia Buckfort took over the Duchy with Gywn and then Eliza Raven. Eliza has plans to move the remainder of the Rozanian people elsewhere, but Krew is still home to many native Rozanians. Polnoci Culture This particular group of people, from many different cultures and places have been intermixed long enough, to give themselves a name. The Polnoci people. Polnoci do not follow the usual formality practices, similar to the Norlandic kingdom as a whole. Bowing or curtseying is seen as strange and extraneous on display, so most greetings are done with a wave, a nod, or a verbal hello. - Terms like your highness, majesty, or excellency, are also not used, nor should they be within the borders of Polnoci lands. Many Norlandic people have titles, and they are used but not as seriously as many other nations and settlements. Polnoci people are kind, loud, and in layman's terms, fun. They are always open for a friendly brawl. They are people of knowledge, strength and pure will. Many of them wear traditional Norlandic garb, they can often be found wearing different uniforms dark in color, as well as warmer, and full length attire. Many dress with accents of fur. Religion Those in Krew prefer the Red Faith, as they participate in it frequently, and are able to “Spread the flame” as they choose to. They have a Keeper to help facilitate all their teachings, and many participate in the Hearth Forums to learn more, and discuss the faith and spread of the flame. This was chosen after the forced canonist conversion in Rozania, giving those the option to join the Red Faith was more appealing. Language The language used by those in Krew is Rozanian, and common for most everything. This language goes back generations, and is truly only known by them, unless otherwise taught. They of course also speak a variety of other languages, including Common. Events and Festivities Grand Pumpkin Festival Taken after Rebeka la Waevra, A Grand Pumpkin Festival, to celebrate Harvest time, and the mother who brought together the first of the Polnoci people. It consists of a pumpkin smashing, drinking pumpkin flavored drinks and eating delicious pumpkin goods grown on the property. The Pit The Pit is a place in the depths of Krew, and many events take place there, in which anyone of any age at any time can go to the pit, and spar and fight with another. Oftentimes there are mina prizes and drinks are served. Academics Meetings There are various amounts of academia surrounding Krew, from the language, the culture to religion. In the library of Krew, there are many meetings held on various topics of interest. These academic meetings fall under the Academics Guild in Haense under leadership of Otte Bishop, as a Norlandic branch. Originally, the academics guild took place in Sarissa, with Eliza Raven and Lomiei Vinelli as the foremost leaders of such. Leyna Kazimir, having a deep respect for her passions and origin, decided to open this academic branch for the betterment of her barony and community. Notable Figures Alric Edvardsson Ruric Baron of Krew, Hand of the King, and Chief of Clan Edvardsson Leyna Kazimir Edvardsson Ruric Baroness of Krew, Head Diplomat of Norland, and Chieftain of Clan Kazimir, Formerly Master of Whisperers of Rozania Nadia Kazimir Buckfort Blackthorn Grandheart Former Duchess of Rozania, The Grand Jackalope, Heir Apparent to House of Buckfort William Buckfort Duke of Rozania, The Jackalope Knight, Keeper of The Nightglow, etcetera… He brought many people together, the most loyal of whom eventually made a mass migration to Krew. Death : 50 S.A Rebeka La Waevra Formerly Master of Whisperers of Rozania and Chieftain of Clan La Waevra Birth Mother of Leyna, and Adopted Mother of Nadia Death: 41 S.A Lomiei Vinelli Formerly General Ambassador of Sutica, Ambassador of Sarissa, loved member of Rozania Father of Leyna Death: 41 S.A.
  10. Treaty of Martlett and Jackalope The Barony of Pinemaw and The Duchy of Rozania ARTICLES ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION AND FRIENDSHIP ARTICLE III - TRADE ARTICLE IV - DURATION ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Barony of Pinemaw and the Duchy of Rozania recognize each other under their respective status. With the Barony of Pinemaw being a vassal and territory of Urguan, and the Duchy of Rozania being an independent settlement. Both signatories will respect their borders and will make no attempt to subvert them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION AND FRIENDSHIP The Barony of Pinemaw and the Duchy of Rozania will adhere to an agreement of non-agression, and will not incite conflict between them, directly or indirectly. Both of these signatures have been deemed to be in good morals and will announce friendship. ARTICLE III - TRADE The Barony of Pinemaw and the Duchy of Rozania enter into a trade agreement, where both signatories will be granted a tax-free stall in their respective regions. And any items sold will be subject to local regulation laws. ARTICLE IV - DURATION This treaty will remain in effect for thirty years. It may be renewed by mutual consent by both the Duchy of Rozania and the Barony of Pinemaw. In the scenario that any signatory is found in violation of this treaty, all articles will remain in effect while the signatories search for diplomatic resolution. Signed, Baroness Peralien Maevisal of Pinemaw, Knight of Pinemaw, Knife of Rozania, Member of the Der Ryder Clan Duchess Eliza Raven of Rozania, Master of Coin Duchess Nadia Buckfort of Rozania, Master of Whispers, Master of Paper, Member of the Buckfort Family PINEMAW ACTION APPROVED BY ULFRIC FROSTBEARD, URGUAN GRAND KING
  11. [!] Night fell upon an unnamed wooden vessel. The crescent moon hung in the sky cold and apathetic towards the evens that would occur beneath her gaze. A lone figure stood looking out across the vast emptiness of the open ocean, its current like waves of ink in an endless bottle. A light breeze blew through his blonde hair as its emerald eyes stared vacantly forward. Within an instant, the man found himself falling to meet the frigid, inhospitable embrace of the ocean he had stared out at just moments before. He could only watch helplessly from the grasp of the currents as he was dragged away from the deck upon which he once stood. He briefly extended his arm, splaying his fingers as if to reach out for any assistance, however none would be rendered unto him. Brawly treaded through the void like dark of the ocean until his strength failed him. He once again drifted beneath the surface for a moment. What seemed to be his final breath seemed to leave him as a trail of murky bubbles. Brawly Scath closed his eyes as a smile crept across his face. It seemed to him that his time had come, however what was to greet him was more of the same… an endless void spanned before him. His senses were distant from him as the endless abyss seemed all the more all-encompassing. He might have expected to see the faces of friends and family long passed but this was not the case. There was nothing and would be nothing. This was until a thin tendril of light extended downward toward him. It provided little comfort but was a welcome within the features vacuum. He raised his arm to see if he could possibly reach to reach the luster that had pierced the black. As he did so, Brawly felt all that he was falling away from him. His experiences floated by him as he was drawn toward this ethereal glow. His past lay before him and he watched on as it played out before him as he was lifted upward. He smiled as he looked upon the moment, he had first met Ezra… Such days of youthful ignorance had become foreign to him however, revisiting the moment brought him some semblance of happiness. In the next, he held the lifeless body of his mother and at this he wept bitter tears that seemed to hang around him before gradually fading. Next came the birth of his first son, Yerro. Brawly looked on with pride as the ruby eyes of his son stared back at him before he attempted to make contact via his outreached hand. However, no matter how far he reached, he could not touch his son. One by one memories played out before him until the darkness had completely dispelled. Before him lay a field of ankle height green grass with a singular tree not far from where he stood. Brawly began to move towards it, slowly and cautiously. Each step yielded no sensation to him He could seen a trail of trampled grass behind him where his now shoeless feet had made contact, yet there was no physical feedback. Brawly eventually reached the lone tree and took shelter beneath its branches. The shade they provided was a light muddled black, far different from the void he had exited not moments before. It was unoppressive and welcoming. Brawly’s eyes fell upon three figures that stood before him, all of which he recognized immediately. Before him stood his brother Cillo, His mother Lilly, and his son Keetzo. Each of them extended their arms toward him as if to offer their embrace and to this Brawly halted his advance. His face grew confused and worried as his eyes darted around frantically. He grew more panicked as he looked about, frantically searching for something his scene lacked. He looked once again to the three that poised to meet him in their embrace. Brawly Cillo Lilly Keetzo “W-where’s Ezra?” Lilly shook her head “She’s no’ ‘ere, fawn.” Brawly looked dissatisfied with this answer but before he could say anything, Cillo placed his had on Brawly’s shoulder. “She’s safe n’ sound. Don’t ya worry yer lil’ head.” Keetzo looked to Brawly as well. “Yub momo ez fine. Ef zhee wuznedd Mi would nub bhee ztandyng heur zo kalmlee.” Brawly shook his nead “Nonnah ya ‘ave anwser’d mah question.” He balls his fists against his thighs “Wer tha’ ‘ell es mah woife? An’ ya better start makin’ sence soon er Ah’ll…” He is cut off by his brother who shakes his head to this “Brawly, Et s’hould beh obvious where yer ar’ and why she ain’t ‘ere.” Brawly is only able to give a look of abject disappointment. He brushes Cillo’s hand aside as he again looks to the three. “Ah had hoped… Ah’d com’ere an’ see her by mah side er at tha’ very least, onlahy uh litl’ ways behind me.” He breaths a sigh. Lilly chucked at this “Come on, wev’ been waitin’ fer ya fer ages.” She extended a hand to him “Don worray ets awfully peaceful ‘ere… Ya don havta worray ‘bout anythin’ anaymor.” Brawly slumped his shoulders “Ah don’ care.” He speaks with a mildly defeated tone “This place would beh comparable toah dump without tha woman Ah lov.” He pauses for a moment as he meets his mother’s gaze. “Es et too late t’ go back? Es ther’ still time ta return?” Lilly would sigh before she spoke an answer to his query. “Wel… ef ya wan, thers always ah way back.” Lilly stepped aside to reveal a door that appeared to be carved from the very wood of the tree. A knob protruded from its surface. Its round gilded surface shimmered slightly in the gleam that streaked through the branches above. Its smooth surface was interrupted by a keyhole that seemed to burrow into its bulbous surface. Brawly would take a step towards this newly revealed portent before he was stopped by his mother. “Ya kno, ef ya do take t’is... ther ain’t anay backin’ out.” She turns her gaze to Cillo who nods in agreeance with his mother’s statement. “An’ ther’ll beh a poice ta pay, no doupt… Tha’s ‘ow these thin’s work.” Cillo adds Brawly continues his march towards the door. This time he does not relent. He reaches the door without any further obstruction. He gingerly reaches out his and to the knob, only to find it doesn’t turn. A voice sounds from behind him as Keetzo speaks up “Et duz nub upeen zo eyzilee. Lat haz dub mayke da dezizun wit uh kleer mynd..." The orc pauses his statement "Da kee ez uhrund latz nek. Et alweyz hauz bheen.” Brawly takes the key into his right hand. It was bound to his neck by a length of white thread. He slides the key into the lock and twists. Proceeding this, the door falls away, reviling another void that seems to lie beneath the tree itself. Brawly stairs at the abyss that spans before him, just as he had while on the ship before he turns to the three, their gaze meeting for a final time. Brawly hugs each of them as a farewell. Lilly is the last to be embraced and as Brawly pulls away from her she smiles to him. “Oi’m so proud uv tha’ man ya grew up ta be.” With that, Brawly stepped through the door and embraced oblivion once again. The dark of the void lasted only a fleeting moment as Brawly awakened on a shoreline near the domain of Vortice He began to violently wretch, gasping for air as he expelled water from his lungs. After catching his beath, Brawly stood and turned his gaze to the city where it had all begun but the port no longer held meaning to him. The wind blew past him in the direction of his home, Rozania. He returned to the city, alone for the first time in a long while. There was no welcome for the aged veteran as he passed through the quite streets like a specter. He was home... but was it really home without Ezra... without their children...
  12. A Crow’s Farewell The sun was slowly raising as the first lights of the morning bathed Rozania in light gold and the dew on the leaves sparkled lightly under this gentle light, the duchy was calm and only wind and leaves rustling could be heard. A dark elven man in golden plated armour would be seen pack his last baggages onto his trusted mare, fastening the belts placed onto the saddle with decisive movements with a thoughtful expression on his face as he sighed heavily to himself in a stressed manner. “Are we really leaving?” A young and delicate voice said behind Zirath’s back, he slowly turned his head as his golden eyes met the figure of his beloved daughter, Delra that was looking at him with furrowed brows and light sorrow in her eyes. Zirath’s serious expression softened as he approached his daughter and moved her bangs from her forehead to give her a light loving peck between her eyebrows “Aye we are goin’ back to da Hollow” he said with his horrible distorted dwarven accent as he fixed her hair. “But why? Didn’t you hate that place?” Delra sadly chanted with a worried expression on her face, her father gave her a smile as he turned to his mare and lightly caressed her soft and silky snout with his only left hand “Ah hav’ to... for ye and da’ clan” he paused as he turned his head to Delra, her expression unchanged “Donnae worreh, ah got thes” he said to reassure her, it didn’t seem like it worked. The dark elven man sighed as he approached Delra once more as he said softly “Rhaella’s goin’ ta be ther’, so realleh... donnae worreh” he smiled to his daughter, her expression softened slowly as she nodded and quietly approached the mare “I would kiss your cheek but I hate how your beard feels!” She said to tease him. Zirath chuckled as he touched his bushy beard “fockin’ scoundrel” he then turned to look at his house one last time, he looked slightly pained as he ran through the memories. He came to Rozania in his darkest time, he was a soul full of sorrow, desperation and wrath, he succumbed to his madness and damaged his elven home with wrathful fire, harmed many people and fleed to this shelter out of shameful cowardice. He felt sick at that thought, he felt disgusted he became what he hated the most, he became the ones he wanted to destroy and instead destroyed himself, just to avenge someone that did not deserve to be avenged, but he was blind. All those wrongdoings came back as a poisoned arrow to stab his now fleeble heart, letting him fall more and more... and more. Until he guided his old steel companion through his guts, with a hope to end this spiralling fall to misery. That guilt rose in his chest, he felt like he could not breathe anymore, that force building up was released as his only fist impacted against the wooden sign hung on his house’s door, as he did that he snapped back to reality, he panted and looked at the now broken sign “Clan R’Ikarth” written on it. His expression softened as he brushed splinters off his bruised knuckles “Roight” the man whispered to himself as he ran his hand through his long and rebellious silver hair, he nodded and turned around to look as his daughter that was far away she was near the gates waiting for him, an angelic sight to his eyes “for ye and Aesar, for da clan” he continued to whisper to himself like a crazy man. Thanks to this place he was able to recover, heal himself with the help of old friends and family. In fact he decided to go on, to leave his past behind, to be strong, not only for him but for his family, for the people that supported him and that still do, he now smiled as he took off the signs from the now empty home and approached his daughter. “Ye ready?” He asked to Delra, she nodded “aye” she tried to imitate his accent. Zirath pouted and bluntly said “get on da horse” she then mounted on the mare as he took the reins and guided the animal through the gate onto the path, starting a long walk to the Urguan vassal Stygian Hollow, his true home The crow opened his wings of soot and soared into the endless sky leaving an ashen trail, Farewell Rozania. [ooc: thank you for the time spent together! I really enjoyed the stay with you guys even if some things happened, but that’s alright. I love you all and I hope to continue role playing with you guys even if we will be far away. You helped me develop my character more and add something MORE to him, Zirath has come a long way and so did I! It official has been a year for me on this server and i am very happy that last year I chose to join you guys. I have so many memories on this server and many friends now and I am very very happy, my friends helped me and are helping me through bad times in real life as they are helping my character in role play. This is not enough to say how thankful I am. I love you all! Thank you!]
  13. [!] On the tenth of Amber’s Cold the Scath family vacated their family home on raven road. Brawly and Ezra carried one baby each as they made their way through the deserted streets of the moon lit duchy. Zahira clung tightly to her father’s leg as they walked past the gallows and down toward the gate. Ser Dr. Brawly Scath beckoned to the guard who manned the gate who operated the mechanism and afterwards offered a traditional two finger salute to the veteran and his sizable family and Brawly returned this salute along with his son Yerro. The entourage marched out the gate with the patriarch holding his one-year-old daughter, followed by Mellena whose arm was clung to by Yerro. Ezra brought up the rear holding the newest addition, an eleven-month-old human baby named Callum by his adopted parents. The parade of the Scath family would pass the tree from which a noose swung listlessly. Brawly looked to the hangman's knot with a somber expression. Ezra looked to him from the back “Nub.” Brawly turned to her “Wut?” Ezra looked to him with a stern expression “Dwo nub evun gruk about et.” Brawly sighed as he responded “Ah wuzzen. Ah kuld nevur leave yall.” He offers a reassuring smile to his family. Ezra nodded to him “Hozh. Lat haz ben fheelyng dauwn laytelee. Mi uzt wanted dub mayke zur.” Brawly turned to face forward “Ah wus ust rememberin’.” He takes a pause. Ezra doesn’t press the issue further and the rest of the family remained silent, save Callum’s babbling. The party eventually makes their way to the docks of Yong Ping. They board a ship chartered for an unknown location. As Brawly ascended the gang plank Zahira looked to him with an uneasy expression. “Where are we going, daddy?” Brawly was unable to answer for a short moment. He shook his head in his silence as he reached the deck of the ship. “Away frum 'ere…” he breathed. Zahira piped up again as she ran to hug Brawly’s leg “When will we be back?” Before Brawly could answer, the rest of the Scath family boarded the vessel and shared in the second youngest daughter’s question. Tears filled the eyes of both the patriarch and the baby he carried. “Ah… Ah don kno…” Hours later the anchor of the sailing ship was lifted, and the sails lowered. Brawly stood at the bow, alone as the sun began to rise over the horizon, bathing his bearded face in a warm orange light. His face bore a hesitant smile as he basked in the beauty of this moment. Ezra moved from the quarters to join her husband at the bow of the ship. She stood beside her husband, reaching an arm up to wrap around his waist before she buried her head into his side. Brawly reached down to run his fingers through her hair. Although their future was uncertain, Brawly took solace knowing that he would not be alone during this voyage. He had come a long way from the scared and angry young man who had roamed the streets of Talons port. His goal to never be alone again had long been accomplished and he had his sizable family and a multitude of friends that would surely miss him. Brawly still held onto the hope that maybe one day, he would be able to return. He held hope… Hope that he would return to the home he had helped to create… The home he had toiled and sacrificed for… The home he loved… Rozania forever!
  14. Rebound | Rearming of the KAR Former Revision: Former Duke of Rozania, William Buckfort Current Revision: Dame Peralien Maevisal, Marshall of the KAR Date: 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 44 SE Alt. 1840 FA Article I | Ranks & Official Duties Regular Corps Piechur (Footman) | Entry Level for all common Soldiery of the KAR, the backbone of the KAR, serving mainly as city guards and watchmen, or reserves. Zbrojny (Man-at-arms) | Zbrojny is the rank of a member of the Common KAR who has proved their standard by serving for at-least for a year, they shall be issued a Green and Yellow Medal which shall be pinned to the left side of their chest as a symbol of service and rank. Mistrz Zbrojny (Master-at-arms) | These KAR Members are distinguished fully in their merit to help aid Rozania in times of conflict, they are senior grunts and guards of the KAR, being what the Piechur and Zbrojny should look up to. Sierżant (Sergeant) | These Soldiers will often time more than not if no superior’s are present, be leading the Piechur and Zbrojny in small scale operations or in guarding the city and roads of the Duchy of Rozania, They are expected to follow this rank if no superior’s are present or nearby. Noble Corps Rycerz Królestwa (Knights of the Realm) | The Knights of Rozania are members of the KAR who have excelled in almost every if not all aspects required to be a Fighter. They hold superiority over common soldiers in the chain of command; if a Knight is present, every rank below it, including Sergeant, must follow their orders, within reason. Kaptain (Captain) | The Captain serves at the Second in command, directly below the Marshall. They shall aid the Marshall in battle and war, and help organize regular training, promotions, payments, and events. They shall be able to wear any armor they choose, even armor not relating to the KAR, as long as it is showing in majority Green and Yellow coloring. Marszałek (Marshall) | The Marshall is the head and leader of the KAR, the highest in the chain of command, they shall manage, maintain, and improve the KAR to it’s best aspect. Article II | Compensation Wages | For every soldier who attends training or rallies, they shall receive 5 minae as a base as Piechur, going up 5 every rank. Civil Servant Status | Due to the KAR’s Status as the Military of the Duchy of Rozania, the soldiers of the KAR shall receive Civil Servant Status, any crimes committed against them will be punished harshly, roughly twice as much or more depending on severity. Injury | Should a member of the KAR be wounded while performing duties relating to the KAR, such as injury from combat or mis-haps, they will be evaluated and can be compensated for up to 100 Minae, however, if they are healed in a reasonable amount of time such as from a Paladin, they will not be compensated, as they would already be healed, and would not receive a Medical Discharge if healed by a Paladin or any being with the magic to heal wounds. If eligible, the soldier may receive a Rozanian Purple Heart or similar medal. Retirement | A member of the KAR can formally retire from service and receive a farmstead under the following conditions: 10+ years of service to the KAR Holding the rank of Sergeant or above Honorably or Medically discharged. Article III | Conduct Code of Conduct | Soldiers in uniform are expected to maintain a certain standard of professionalism while in public, use common sense. | Soldiers are forbidden from vacating their post without explicit permission from their superiors, for such would be considered desertion, with the exception of emergency reasons. | Soldiers are expected to don the correct uniform while on duty, whether it be patrolling, gate-keeping or investigating suspects. Exceptions are made in the event a crime is being committed or a comrade requires aid in making a sudden arrest. | Soldiers are expected to keep their goods and gear in perfect order. It is to be carried on their person at all times while on duty. | Soldiers are expected to respect the chain of command and refer to their superiors by their appropriate rank. | Soldiers are expected to follow orders without question, within reason and morality. | Soldiers are forbidden from abusing their status to abuse, harass or bully citizens, visitors or otherwise, this will result in Corporal Punishment. | Soldiers will not deface the Rozanian colours, be it through flag or uniform. | Soldiers of Rozania are not allowed to be a part of any other armed guild, company, army, group etcetera without explicit permission from the Marshall and/or the Duke/Duchess of Rozania. Accepted Forms of Punishment | Verbal Scolding | Extra duties | Demotion | Corporal Punishment in the form of flogging or other punishment, depending on severity | Hanging, reserved for traitors or deserters out unreasonable desertion. Article IV | Uniform Rozanian fighters are expected to wear their uniforms while on duty, for they are meant to inspire pride and a sense of nationalism. It is a sign of brotherhood as well as nationality and a reminder of what you are fighting for. Personalization of the uniform is allowed, though it must be approved by either the Marshal or the Duke/Duchess of Rozania. It may not cover up or misrepresent any indicators or rank. The uniform should be worn as often as possible, at least within the bounds of Rozania. When in uniform, you are considered in duty, and thus spending time in such a way while showing your merit is the fastest way of getting recognized for a potential promotion. The uniform consists of a striped green/yellow gambeson, a pair of sturdy britches, marching boots and greaves, a ferrum cuirass, a helmet, and a pair of leather gloves. Unlawfully and knowingly defacing the uniform will be dealt with harshly. Article V | Foundation of the Cavalry It has become common-fact now that the KAR lacks any form of Cavalry, this is unacceptable and is only making us weaker by the day to any possible conflict, A small Cavalry Company shall be formed, with the intention to get to places quicker, or the possibility of small-scale skirmishes. Article VI | Civilian Auxiliary It is encouraged that any able-bodied Citizens of Rozania register for the Civilian Auxiliary, this will be used as a reserve body in dire need. Registered Civilian Auxiliarys who are not serving will not be given Civil Servant Status, but if they are serving under order, they will. In the event that the enlistment of the Civilian Auxiliary is enacted, which can be called forth by the Marshall and/or Duke/Duchess. The Civilian Auxiliary reserves will be enlisted as Piechur en-masse. They will only have to serve 1.5 Years as a bare minimum per each major conflict which warrants. When the enactment of the Civilian Auxiliary draft occurs, the following are excluded: The Disabled, whether physically or mentally, if they are deaf but have no other disabilities, they may serve during the draft if they desire. Pregnant and caring, Any female who is either pregnant or caring for a child that is younger than 1.5 years is excluded. Elderly, Anyone above the age of 60 is excluded from the draft, however in the scenario that they desire to join, they can. Young, anyone under the age of 20 is excluded from the draft. Additional exclusions can be made by the Marshall and/or Duke/Duchess of Rozania. Lady Dame Peralien Maevisal, Knight of the Jackalope, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania, Marshall of the KAR.
  15. All Hail the Duchesses! Eliza Raven read through the letter Nadia had handed her, brows furrowed deeply over her green eyes. She leaned her hip against the desk next to her, the paper in both hands as Nadia Buckfort stood before her, waiting. “To my dearest children, Gwyn and Nadia, I hope this letter finds you in good health. Alas, most of my offspring have grown and pursued out other paths in life, leaving me with very few to pick from. By right, the throne should go to Lord Aldigar, your eldest brother, but as you know, life has taken him elsewhere, for he is a noble knight and a loving father. However, if one thing you have in common with Aldigar, it's your kindred heart. I wish for you two to take the throne together, make it a dual duchy. As sisters, you shall make a good team, bound by strong Buckfort blood. You will let no husbands, lustful for power, to take on the other's role. The first legitimate son of either of you shall be the heir, if suitable. Let Rozanian values live on. Let our culture bloom. Let our people thrive. It is for them that we do what we do. My love for you is boundless like the sea. Please, my beloved aenguls, make your father proud. As the motto of our House goes, Many Hearts, Beating As One. I will be there, when you need my council. Signed, Dad” Nadia Buckfort looked at Eliza with worry, as Nadia watched her finish the letter, “What do ya wanna do about this? Gwyn is too young… She ain’t fit to lead yet, and I don’t want to do this by myself. These are your people, this is your family Eliza. Please… Help me.” Eliza looked up at her young friend, taking a breath to consider her options. “I’d be honored to help you, of course. How can I be useful to you?” She held her breath for an instant, waiting the lady’s answer. “I would like you to lead, alongside me. In Gwyn’s place. A dual duchy as dad wishes.” She nods, slowly, hoping Eliza would say yes. “You and him led Sarissa here. You have gone this far, without me here. Lead with me, us, duchess’s of Rozania.” “You would share your title with me?” The Adunian stared at Nadia for a moment, a smile forming on her lips. “I absolutely accept your proposal, Nadia. Yes, I will share the Duchy with you.” Nadia’s eyes filled with tears, and she wiped them swiftly away, “Thank you Eliza. Thank you so much.” She took a Rozanian quill, and began to write some words on the page, “I, Nadia Buckfort, named Duchess of Rozania by the Duke of Rozania William Buckfort, do hereby decree Eliza Raven to join me in title and duty, Duchess of Rozania. Shall we lead Rozania together, to greatness, in a dual duchy. May Rozania be safe in our hands, and shall one of us fall, the other continue to lead. May we lead our people, together, and abide by GOD in all of our actions, and words. May we both be Duchesses.” The words filled the paper, and Nadia signed, handing Eliza a quill with a beaming smile. “Sign, and we shall lead as one.” Eliza beamed back, taking the pen and carefully writing out her flowy signature next to Nadia’s. “There, it’s official. Duchess Nadia.” The Adunian lady smiled to her friend. “Long live Rozania and it’s Duchesses.” Duchess of Rozania, Nadia Buckfort Duchess of Rozania, Eliza Raven
  16. The Pact of Jackalope and Falcon The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis recognize each other as independent lands, legitimately overseen by their respective sovereigns, and will make no attempt to subvert the authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between themselves, nor will they participate in any conflicts that will result in the signatories being in opposition. Citizens of both civilizations have their safety guaranteed within the borders of the other, so long as the laws of the local governments are adhered to. ARTICLE III - FRIENDSHIP The Duchy of Rozania and The Fakhr Oasis, have deemed both signatories as virtuous stock with good morals, good intentions, and a value for mundane, descendant life. Both signatories hereby declare the friendship between the parties and vow to smile upon each other with kind hearts. ARTICLE IV - TRADE The Signatories may adhere to the following trade policies: - Signatories may receive a market stall free of rent in their respective capitals. - Signatories may trade specialty goods free of tariff. - Signatories shall not trade products of alcohol or pork between each other; this includes the raw materials necessary in the production of those goods. ARTICLE V - DURATION This pact shall be in effect for a duration of 10 years. In the case where either The Duchy of Rozania or The Fakhr Oasis is found by the other to be in violation of this pact, or either of the signatories undergo a change in nation status, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. Signed, Ser William Buckfort, King of Rozania, Father of the Sarissans, Keeper of the Night Glow, etcetera Leyna la Waevra, Master of Whisperers Azzam Bin Hakim Al-Hattan, Na’ib Al-Emir of the Fakhr Emirate and Shiekh of Banu Hattan
  17. Chancellor of Rozania [!] Flyers were spread around all across Rozania, available for all citizens to pick up Dear citizens of Rozania, Due to the recent events happening in our beautiful city, the government has decided to create a new position, named chancellor. If any inconvenience pops up that you want to solve on a civil way, everyone is welcome at the office located in the Rozanian keep. As the first chancellor, lady Sionnach was appointed. She will be doing her best to help each and every one of you as well as helping with some more internal stuff. We hope this new addition to our government will help to keep the quarrels down and make everyone feel more happy and safe in our city. Rozania Forever! Signed, Janusz Buckfort, Lord Regent of Rozania
  18. Open Court of Rozania [!] Letters were posted in every house of Rozania, containing the Buckfort seal. Dear citizen, Due to the recent events that were going on in our city, we can imagine that you might have some concerns or questions regarding the future. This is why the government is organizing an open court where you can bring these questions and concerns up. The Lord Regent and Chancellor will be present at this event and try to answer these to the best of his ability, as well as stating his own vision of the future. All citizens are welcome to attend this court hearing, but if you are not able to make it for whatever reason, feel free to send a letter to the Lord Regent (@Robin01_boy) or Chancellor (@sciencepants2) with your question or concern. They will bring these statements up at the court and try answering them. After doing so, you will also receive another letter back with the response of the court. We hope to see you there and stay safe! Signed, Janusz Buckfort, Lord Regent of Rozania
  19. THE JACKALOPE v. DER RYDER 9th of The First Seed, Year 42 S.A. THE JACKALOPE, Represented by Lord Regent Janusz Buckfort of the RZĄD of Różania. DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; WATCHER DER RYDER ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 1.0.0 - Disturbing the peace and warmth of Rozania and its citizens. 1.1.0 - Disruption of Peace 2.0.0 - Criminal acts of violence towards Rozania and its peoples. 2.2.0 - Assault 2.2.1 - Creating bloodshed shall result in mediocre punishment, with the assaulter’s hand to be removed in the process. This is to ensure that the blackened plague shall not spread to the remainder of the host’s body. Rozania Code, 1.0.0 ‘On Disruption of Peace’ Rozania Code, 1.1.0 ‘On Disruption of Peace’ Rozania Code, 2.0.0 ‘On Criminal Acts’ Rozania Code, 2.2.0 ‘On Assault’ Rozania Code, 2.2.1 ‘On Bloodshed’ Watcher Der Ryder A confrontation with an unnamed dwarf, the man known as WATCHER DER RYDER, had drawn his weapon, and weapons had been exchanged. Both parties sheathed their weapons and were ordered to disperse. Watcher Der Ryder, however, jumped around and hurled spears up into the air. After, Watcher pat a halfling female, roughly three times while being told to stop each time. Despite further protests he repeated patting another, and performed a backflip when he was done. This behavior, and the way that WATCHER DER RYDER acted, suggests this is not unusual behavior. The Court of Rozania will be charging Watcher with these acts. For the court hearing, a one hundred mina fine will be charged to WATCHER DER RYDER. During the hearing, if Watcher is found guilty for these acts, the hand that patted the halfling shall be taken from him. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: THE UNNAMED DWARF THE HALFLING FEMALE ANYONE ELSE PRESENT AT TIME OF EVENT MEMBERS OF THE ROZANIAN RZĄD SIONNACH LA WAEVRA - CIVIL SERVANT OF ROZANIA ACTING DOCTOR FOR ROZANIA ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: THE FIRST SEED, YEAR 43 S.A. [OOC: Friday, September 24th, 2021] YOURS HUMBLY, REBEKA LA WAEVRA on behalf of THE JACKALOPE. Court of ROZANIA, THE DUCHY OF ROZANIA Rebeka la Waevra, Master of Whisperers, Head Diplomat, Chieftess of La Waevra Clan
  20. The Treaty of The Jackalope and The Dragon ARTICLES ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION AND FRIENDSHIP ARTICLE III - DEFENSIVE ARTICLE IV - INVITATION TO TRAINING ARTICLE V - TRADE ARTICLE VI - DURATION PREAMBLE The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping have long been in contact with one another. The Jade State of Yong Ping offered asylum for those known as Sarissans, when they did not have a home. In light of this, and The Duchy of Rozania being built, a lasting contract has been made, to signify the friendship and respect between the two signatories. ARTICLE I - SOVEREIGNTY The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping recognize each other as independent lands, and will make no attempt to subvert the authorities governing them. ARTICLE II - NON-AGGRESSION AND FRIENDSHIP The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping will adhere to a pact of non-aggression, and will not incite conflict between them. The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping have deemed both signatories to be of good morals, good intentions, and declare friendship with one another. ARTICLE III - DEFENSIVE The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping will enter into a defensive contract, in which both will aid and rally in war time, as long as neither are the aggressor in the conflict. In the case of which either is the aggressor, there shall be no aid, or help in wartime. ARTICLE IV - INVITATION TO TRAINING The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping will invite each other to military training, and therefore practice and teach each militia of their rules and styles. ARTICLE V - TRADE The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping enter into an agreement of free-trade between the signatories. Nation-affiliated merchants shall be allowed to trade in the other’s nation without unnecessary tax or harassment. ARTICLE VI - DURATION This treaty will remain in effect for twenty years. It may be renewed by mutual consent of both The Duchy of Rozania and The Jade State of Yong Ping. In the case where either is found by the other to be in violation of this treaty, all articles will remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions. Signed, Tianrui Ren, Patriarch and Zhu of Yong Ping Ser William Buckfort, King of Rozania, Father of the Sarissans, Keeper of the Night Glow, etcetera Rebeka la Waevra, Master of Whisperers, Head Diplomat, Chieftess of La Waevra Clan
  21. Little Gwyn Buckfort asks a member of the household staff to help her write an open letter to her brother. Dear Oisin, that's my big brother, I miss you. Papa said you got mad and took Miss Diona away. I miss her, too. She said she was gonna get me some pajamas like her's, too. Please come home and tell Papa you're sorry. He's been so sad and bad things are happening. I'm not allowed to play outside the gates anymore. Papa said if people come on horses they'll kill me. Tell him I'm scared. And want him to come to a tea party with me. Okay that's all. Oh! Sign it Princess Gwyn Buckfort
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