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  1. A letter sent to the High Sea Prince, with a copy posted onto Elvenesse's notice board as well. “To the Princedom of Elvenesse, I write this to you from a neutral standpoint. As tensions rise between two of the three nations within the west, I believe a statement must be written on behalf of Talon’s Port. Our city, nor it’s vassal, shall take part in any acts of war between Krugmar and Elvenesse, should it come to that. This as I see it, is your fault, and your fault only. We all know peace does not last long, but alas, you seem to have sped up the pr
  2. In patientia On Patience 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1816 Patience is a virtue among the hardest to fully accept, yet it is of utmost importance that we do. Commonly, this is due to the hard trials we are put through by the Lord -- this can confuse some; why would He, who can do so much good, put us through trials where we suffer? It is to strengthen the faithful, to harden us in our faith. Although guidance can be necessary in order to achieve this strengthening, it is one’s own mind that has to be open in order for the strengthening to take place. As written in
  3. Welcome to the ⋆✧Selestia Wine Festival✧ [!] An artistically written poster would be sent out and put everywhere throughout Almaris. It would be depicted as an invitation for all who see to come. Welcome to the Wine Festival hosted by The County Of Selestia The County Of Selestia formally invites all who see to the Wine Festival. During this Festival there be a large array of drinks mostly wine but there are other drinks available such as whiskey, medley, Mulled Wine, Spiked Tea, and Flavored Vodka (And much more). The Festival will be a night un
  4. Welcome to the Talon's Trades Festival [!] An elegantly written poster would be sent out and put everywhere throughout Almaris. It would be depicted as an invitation for all nations to come. Welcome to the Trades Festival hosted by The Sovereign Nation of Talon’s Port Talon's Port humbly invites you to our Trades Festival. During this Festival temporary stalls will be available for rent for the evening and many cultures from around Almaris shall be displayed. There will be specialty items that you can get during this from different Natio
  5. [!] Throughout the Atol Grove, the city of Amaethea, and to individuals across Almaris, foxes wearing golden circlets around their necks delivered letters on door steps before then scampering off into the wilderness. A single magnolia flower is attached to each letter. -=- Lari'onnan, Mal'onnan You are cordially invited to the wedding of Sonna Vuln’miruel and Zolvan Vuln’miruel. The wedding will take place in the Atol Grove, home to The Drudic Order, on the 10th of Sun’s Smile. It will be atop the Mother Tree, within its branches and leaves. After the
  6. The sing-song voices of nature would seem to grow hush. To all those attuned to the Aspects, a tug would be felt deep within their very soul. Of loss, of pain, and sorrow.. yet clear within- peace and relief. A fellow Brother or Sister was now no more, and had passed into the Eternal Forest At first, there was darkness. Then, from the infinite, black expanse, a light of emerald shone. It pulled that disembodied spirit forward, into warmth and safety. The feet of the Elder Ame landed on solid ground, and she felt soft grass fill the space between her toes. Finally her e
  7. ASSAULT AMENDMENT ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] To ensure those who wish harm upon others in the city state of Yong Ping do not get away with it. This does not remove initial Assault Laws, rather it adds to and expands upon them. 一。Attempted Assault: Any Individual found attempting to harm another (hit, swing a sword at or shoot another individual), or stating they will harm another will count as attempted assault. Those found guilty of attempted assault will receive 15 lashes with a whip minimum, and at its
  8. THE ALIAS ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] This is an act to clarify name changes, and special circumstances around alias. 一。If an individual wishes to change their name they may legally do so, by writing their old name, and the name they wish to go by as well as reasons for changing in a document. They must then submit this document to the box on the second floor of the government building. If the individual has a criminal record they must state this, and it will affect if the application is accepted
  9. THE RIGHT OF ARMS ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] To ensure there is no confusion around who and who cannot carry weapons, this act is in effect as of immediately for all Citizens and Visitors. 一。CITIZENS of the city state of Yong Ping DO have a right to carry arms (Carry weapons). However these must only be used in a case of self defense or defense of the city. 二。ALL VISITORS to the city state of Yong Ping MUST hand over their weapons. Those who attempt to conceal weapons from the gua
  10. RESISTING DISCIPLINE ACT [Year 16th of the Second Age, Sunsmile] In an attempt to preserve the peace and enforce the necessary measures to protect citizens and uphold Yong Ping law. 一。Anyone found to be disturbing the peace, and/ or starting fights unnecessarily will be disciplined by the guard as they see fit and thrown out of the city. Repeat Offenders can and will be banned. (1) This includes disturbing court cases. 二。Any individual attempting to avoid an action of discipline or call to court,
  11. An oak tree stood still among the cold, endless fog… unmoving, statuesque. Nothing else was there. He'd seen this tree dozens of times before, and no matter how much he ran, or how much strength he forced his feet to carry, it remained ever far away. Never closer, never out of his line of sight… The elf lord was frustrated to no end. He awoke in a sweat, in the lonely comfort of his bed. These dreams did not cease to gnaw at his thoughts since he began his journey. Sometimes he wished for something else to haunt his nights, craving the warm embrace of his lady in the late hours or the steady r
  12. EXALTED SIGISMUND’S DAY FAIR Haeseni Canonists celebrate a religious festival, 342 ES To the faithful Haeseni flock, The Reverend Archbishop Yaromir of Henrikev and Grand Maer Franz Barbanov invite all believers to join in the Exalted Sigismund’s Day celebrations! The High Pontiff shall begin the day with a prayer over the Exalted Sigismund’s grave, which shall then be followed by festival games which offer prizes, free food and drink, and a Haeseni Saints trivia! GODANI JEST WIELKI Signed, The Most Reverend Yaromir, A
  13. The Clock is Ticking, the ball is in your court. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The streets were unbearably cold that night, the pounding of feet and crackling of flames accenting the darkened night sky as the orange glow illuminated their faces. Dressed in black, plating pressed against their chest as they heaved beneath the plumes of drifting smoke. Men, women, young and old, standing side by side as the marker of injustice burned fervently before their eyes. They had come inside under a cloak of darkness, fulfillin
  14. Anne joins the Warden Order! [!] A note is pinned to the Bramblebury Noticeboard and delivered to all of Anne's many friends by small rats! ~In image of the ship Anne Captains~ Anne Cottonwood-Gardner, Rat Queen of Bramblebury and Captain of the Spicy Shrimp, is being sworn in as the first of the new line of Wardens Protectors of the Realm. If you wish to be there to support the wee lass on this great day, for which she has worked for over many year, make you're way to Bramblebury to the Hall of the Wardens on the 16th at sundown. ((5:00PM EST, S
  15. Looking for a House to join? Aye! If you are new to the server and want to connect with other players, bonding together... helping each other out. You are free to message me on discord to join our House, currently it has two members... Not a lot tbh, but we are rather new... It's located in Oren, and we accept only players from there. There's no restrictions on the age, gender of your character... You could be sibling/cousin/uncle, but you have to be a heartlander or at least from the human race.... Discord: Valecius#5323 ^^ Current Family Tree
  16. AULIC COURT I VE KOENGZEM I HANSETI-RUSKA REVIEW ON THE PALATINES REQUEST REGARDING TRIALS 5th i Wzuvar ag Byvca 358 E.S Jovenaars Sir Sigmar J. Baruch Mrs. Reza B. Gynsburg Lady Erika L. Kortrevich Mr. Lukas Rakoczy Mr. Otto Wittenbach CONCURRENCE (MAJORITY): Baruch, Kortrevich, Wittenbach, Rakoczy, Gynsburg DISSENT: N/A Exposition: The Office of the Palatine sees fit to refer to the Aulic Court on the composition of trials, specifically trials with a need
  17. THE DEFEAT AT FORT HYSPIA @repl1ca @GoldWolfGaming @Zoprak_Visconti The tent had become increasingly crowded, as clergy from all corners ventured in to debate and cast a vote. Organizationally, the First Ecumenical Council of Albarosa was rather hectic. Clergymen voted despite being prohibited to in the first round, and the Chamberlain tallied them regardless. Arguments between those favouring the quick process, and others feeling constrained by it, erupted amidst ongoing discussions. The proposals formulated took the lives of four different interpretations by four different
  18. Hello friends and foes of LoTC! I hope that my post finds you all well, that the new year has been kind to you thus far and that you find yourselves in the best of health. It is my sincere hope that you are all safe and sound with your loved ones (or your pets). With the coming of the new year I found myself back on this wonderful server nearly three years after I took a hiatus. Much has changed and I felt like the type and quality of roleplay that we have had has changed as well, to my pleasant surprise! I grew nostalgic of my early days of playing on the server back i
  19. MISSION SYSTEM OF URGUAN Massive dwarven scrolls would be pinned to notice boards around the Realm of Arcas. Through the strength and cooperation of the Legion of Urguan, we have created a system for the Mission Board that enables the citizens of Urguan to fulfill their duty to the Kingdom. Each mission entails the mission’s coding for difficulty, location, reward, and the contact you’ll need to begin your work. This new Realm of Almaris is one we’ll need to explore and protect together for the good of all dwarves. “If you want to travel fast, go alone, if you want
  20. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA REVIEW ON THE LEGISLATIVE PROCESS OF REPEATING PROPOSALS 5th of Wzuvar & Byvca, 355 E.S. Jovenaars Sir Sigmar J. Baruch Ms. Reza B. Gynsburg Mr. Otto Wittenbach Mr. Lukas Rakoczy MAJORITY: Rakoczy, joined by Gynsburg CONCURRENCE: Wittenbach DISSENT: Baruch Exposition A multitude of acts are rejected at the behest of the Duma vote, as has been seen in recent years. The Josefian reforms have also brought a period of great change t
  21. COMING SOON. ❄ THE WHITE KNIGHT ❄ 1709. Based within the Republic of Ves - a young girl Nora - celebrates the Joma holiday Tuvmas. Filled with sparkling adventure and joyous promises the youthful girl finds herself on a journey when her beloved doll; The Snow Princess; vanishes. With this evoked challenge the young heroine finds herself in this fantastical realm of lands of both snow and candy to find her beloved Princess with the aid of The White Knight. ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ Nora [TAKEN] : Must be a young girl around the age of 8-14. Richard [NEED] : Must be a young boy around the age of
  22. Buck hastily throws today's buck news to everyone in crumpled balls.
  23. A Monk's Short Thesis on Humility 6th of The First Seed, 1795 Humility is the seventh and last of the virtues that are listed in the Scroll of Virtue, which Exalted Horen received at the throne of GOD in the Seventh Sky. We need to remind ourselves that we mustn’t stand above anyone else; we must learn to set aside our pride for it makes us oblivious to our own capability of wrong-doing. And how can we follow our great virtues, if the sense of right and wrong is obscured and clouded? If we do not humble ourselves before GOD, how can we h
  24. [!] Several child drawings would start appearing around the notice boards of Arcas
  25. [!] Several child drawings would start appearing around the notice boards of Arcas
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