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  1. [!] Such flyers are scattered all about Aevos though never on a notice board. Nailed to tavern tables, hammered into trees, and even sitting neatly on the table of several unlocked homes--how they're found is just as odd as their contents. 𝕀𝕟 ℕ𝕖𝕖𝕕 𝕠𝕗 𝕒 𝔾𝕆𝔹𝕃𝕀ℕ Must Be: Dramatic Obnoxious Able to handle possible attempts to harm them Whatever goblins finds themselves adequately skilled will be pleased to know that I only need their services once. While I doubt you will be the one people may wish to harm, it is a possibility. *Please note that I am not liable for any injuries or loss of limbs* There will be a wig and costume you will be expected to acquire but that can be added into the price. Props are not needed though your commitment would be admired. Payment to be negotiated. Details to be discussed upon agreement. If interested, send a bird to... ℭ𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔫𝔫 𝔇𝔞𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔞𝔯 (Celetial_Bleh)
  2. FROM THE FIEFDOM OF GARENBRIG PENNED ON THE 12TH OF THE DEEP COLD, YEAR 181 OF THE SECOND AGE More Heralds travel from the cliffs of Garenbrig’s borders, bearing another message. “From here on, let it be known that the Levy of Garenbrig is no more. The Fiefdom of Garenbrig shall henceforth be protected and manned by the Knightly Order of the Pyre. In a land bordering the great Aran-In-Eryn, or “Kingswood”, the need of warriors of Noble Stock has been deemed increasingly necessary. Suffering adversity from Cultists, their dark gods, great beasts, poachers and undead, the safety of the Town of Garenbrig is under question. Thus, the newly dubbed “Knights of the Pyre”, or the “Order of the Pyre” shall begin building its rank to serve this purpose, to protect the peoples of Garenbrig from the threats that lurk in the dark corners of the world. Therefore, if you are interested in Knighthood, Holy Purpose, and the Slaying of Monsters, look no further.” Enclosed on the messenger’s parchment, of which he hands out, reads the following information: THE KNIGHTS OF THE ORDER An order of Guardians, Hunters, and Errantry The Knights of the Pyre, their namesake taken from the sigil of House Glennmaer, serves the Fiefdom of Garenbrig, vassal land of Numendil, bordering the Kingswood. An Order of Courageous soldiers, Knights, and aspiring squires, the Order of the Pyre prides themselves on their keen and ready ability to slay great beasts, and swathes of the servants of Iblees. The Tower-Pyre symbolizes not only the enduring nature of the order, and the house it belongs to, but also the purity of GOD’s flame, and a shining beacon that all may flock to when in need. The Order sigil consists of the same Sigil as house Glennmaer, now serving as their official order of Knights, though the sunset hues of Glennmaer banners are replaced with a dark gray, to represent the enduring Light of the Pyre regardless of its surroundings. Green is used as a primary color for Uniforms, signifying the good green land that GOD granted the Descendants. Being a Knightly Order of Numenedain origin, it follows three simple rules as part of its Dogma: I. Follow the Scrolls, and take to heart the word of GOD. II. Follow the Code of Chivalry, be you Knight or Soldier. III. Hunt the beast wherever it hides. No corner of the Realm is to be left without the Light. As alluded to within the dogma, the Duty of a Pyre soldier, Knight or not, is to make their name through the guardianship of Garenbrig, by hunting any servants of the dark within their fiefdom, and bordering lands. Whether it be sprites and pixies swapping babies in the crib, or goliaths that threaten the land with their thunderous gravity, it is the duty of the order to be rid of them, swiftly and without fear. RANKINGS AND TRAPPINGS The Knightly Order of the Pyre consists of three ranks. I. Initiates Recruits of the Order, yet to prove themselves in a conflict. Armed with lighter arms and armor to facilitate training and conditioning. This rank serves as a trial of sorts, and soldiers rarely spend much time as an Initiate. II. Man-At-Arms Infantry Soldiers of the Order, who are not knighted, but are trained and oathed to service. These soldiers receive full gear in the form of Coats-of-Plate / Brigandine, various weaponry, shields, rations, and of course, a Saint’s-Weekly pay. As these Men-At-Arms do not bear the title of “Squire”, their duties do not include the dressing and serving of Knights, for they are merely expected to follow their orders and learn from them. Being a Man-At-Arms qualifies any man or woman for Knighthood, providing they display excellence. III. Knights Soldiers who have proven themselves, and taken it upon themselves to learn the ways of the Knight, according to the recommended and widely accepted list of training that all Numenedain squires undergo. These men and women are often Knighted after a loyal, decently lengthy service, for displaying excellence. Once Knighted, they are given the appropriate Plate armor of Garenbrig, and provided with their own Heraldry, either to their specific likings or chosen by the Lord of Garenbrig, whichever is preferred. PRACTICE Whilst the Order of the Pyre isn’t a church-based Order, it still aims to serve GOD primarily, along with the Kingdom of Numendil, through acting as a protection from wayward evils. To this end, the Knights take up a Crusade-like practice of “Going Errant” on a regular basis. Banding together as a single host to scour the lands of Numendil, and perhaps further abroad, to hunt and purge the Dark, be they servants of Iblees or Otherwise. To this end, all are given training with the Lance, and Horse, so that they may more efficiently make their searches. Along with riding and lance training, they will also be instructed on how to combat various beasts and evils, according to the current Numenedain standard, and how to “test” for Darkspawn. DEEDS Members of the Order, be they Knight, Man-At-Arms, or Initiate, are all entitled to their own scroll. These scrolls record every deed that a member has enacted. The slaying of beasts, the ousting of Darkspawn, the saving of a Life. Anything noteworthy is forever recorded in their scroll, with numerous copies created, allowing their name to gain fame and glory across Aevos, and not just in the halls of Formindon. Members are also entitled to display their trophies in the sanctum of Formindon, where they can be seen by any and all members of the order, in whatever state they wish to display said trophies in. Unless they leak blood (or similar) down the walls. ENLISTING To enlist within the order, contact Lord Glyndwr of Formindon. Or, fill out an application / stop by Garenbrig.
  3. The Concord Of Azure & Scale -Aluria and Lurin- Agreed on the 14th of The Grand Harvest 178 of the Second Age - The Most Serene State Of Lurin and Principality of Aluria This document refers to The Principality of Aluria, and The Most Serene State of Lurin: ARTICLE I: SOVEREIGNTY I. The Most Serene State of Lurin and the Principality of Aluria hereby recognize each other's sovereignty/governance and the rights to their held lands. ARTICLE II: TRADE I. The Most Serene State of Lurin agrees to provide a location within its walls for the Principality of Aluria to sell its goods. II. The Principality of Aluria agrees to provide a location within its walls for The Most Serene State of Lurin to sell their goods when the time comes and should the treaty still be in effect. III. Disagreements regarding the goods sold can be cleared up amongst the signatories. ARTICLE III: NON-AGGRESSION I. Both the Serene State of Lurin and the Principality of Aluria agree to the clauses of non-aggression and agree to allow safe passage/travel for citizens from either of the respective settlements who are attempting to visit an allied land. If an individual from either of the respective settlements violates this article, then an emergency meeting between the two groups shall be held. ARTICLE IV: FRIENDSHIP & COOPERATION I. It’s the Serene State of Lurin and the Principality of Aluria’s desire to steadily form a friendly relationship with each other’s communities. Furthermore, it has been agreed upon that should either of the two signatories require assistance then they are to help each other. However, this agreement of assistance does not cover combat or warfare with other descendants and their domains. ARTICLE V: DURATION I. This pact lasts 12 years, till the end of the 190 year of the Second Age. The pact may be declared null and void if either signatory violates any of the articles and if the matter cannot be resolved between the two groups. Signed, His Royal Highness, High Prince of Aluria, Talonnii Head Of The Calavénon, Jakob Calavénon The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles, Lumia Uialben Baron of Aevum and Minister of Exterior, Edvard Kervallen
  4. Treaty Of The Azure Sea -Aluria and Vortice- Agreed on the 12th of Sun’s Smile Year 175 of the Second Age - The Unified Domain of Vortice and Principality of Aluria This document refers to The Principality of Aluria, and The Unified Domain of Vortice; hereafter referred to as ‘signatories’: ARTICLE I: SOVEREIGNTY The signatories, do pledge mutual recognition of sovereignty and agree: I. THAT the power of the rule of each signatory in their respective territories shall be fully respected by the other; II. THAT the signatories accept the other's authority as the representatives of the will of their peoples and thus shall recognize no other position claiming such. ARTICLE II: NON-AGGRESSION I. The Signatories formally enter a pact of non-aggression. II. The Signatories refrain from participating in any conflicts that put them at odds with one another. III. Residents of the Signatories are protected while in the Respective territories so long as they act within the laws of the respective realms. IV. Attacks from third parties residing in the territories of The Signatories will not be considered acts of aggression. Still, they must be dealt with by the government of the offending party's residence. V. Guilds or mercenary contracts stationed within the territories of The Signatories will be subject to legal prosecution if offending the pact in city limits or on citizens of either city. VI. The signatories enumerated do mutually agree that any forces affiliated with their banner, nation, reigning bloodline, etc., shall not engage in military action against the other signatory. If such were to occur, the signatories shall endeavour to resolve the issue diplomatically. ARTICLE III: Cooperation I. Citizens of any standing of The Signatories can, if they are found in committence of a crime in the territory of the other, be sent back to the other, for punishment. ARTICLE V: Friendship I. The Signatories shall exchange cultural events, and knowledge of their peoples history, and traditions. Through these events, in the hopes, they may foster an inner understanding of each other's lands. Thus also connecting their people through friendships. ARTICLE V: DURATION I. The Signatories agree to enter into a pact of the aforementioned clauses, for the duration of 12 years and after such treaty ends, renew at a meeting appointed by either side. Signed, His Royal Highness, Jakob Calavénon High Prince of Aluria, Talonnii Head Of The Calavénon Her Highness, Lenora Jusmia, The 10th Sovereign of the Depths, Monarch of the Unified Domain of Vortice. His Highness, Gusiam Jusmia, Monarch Consort of the Depth, Department Head of Foreign Affairs to the Unified Domain of Vortice.
  5. Glanaeri Forging and Crafting Since SA 175 Need a fancy weapon? Perhaps something more versatile? Glanaeri Forging and Crafting accepts commissions for all kinds of weapons, armor, or jewelry! We also make musical instruments, random trinkets like umbrellas or peg-legs, and a bunch more! In the end, if you can put it into words on a commission slip, we’ll make it! Send a letter to Anduin Glanaeri (IGN/Discord: Evalte), or reach out to him within Celia'nor to commission something now!
  6. WANTED Tuvsmas-tree defiller REWARD 100 MINA Last seen in Vallagne current whereabouts unknown Contact Missus Annice Briggs with any information The criminal was spotted pilfering the pine in the centre of Vallagne under the cover of night. I, Annice Briggs attest to the horrific sight I saw that day. I’m a humble keeper, I had been visiting the city of Vallagne for brooms and knick knacks for my Liege Lord across the pond when I spied the head of a rabbit poking about the merchandise… Surprised by the sight, I quickly went to investigate. I saw a woman with a rabbit mask, in lavish silks slink off behind one of the stalls. I gave chase and the THING seemed to disappear periodically as if of supernatural origin. I hunted the creature until I came upon THE Tuvsmas tree in question. At this moment, the rabbit vanished, as if it had never been there in the first place. It struck me that what I had found was PROFOUNDLY wrong. Despite the fairy-tale-like retelling of following a rabbit through the city, the first thing that assaulted me was no woman, but a stench. Entrails of dubious origin were slung over the tree in place of lights and strange leathery pink ribbons had been tied to the limbs of the Yule-tree. I clutched my Marian cross and approached. A five-pointed star had been smeared upon the tiled ground in blood and underneath were the words “Yee faithful, worship not false-idols” . I crossed myself and hoped to GOD that I was not in danger. A dilapidated stuffed rabbit was also laying abandoned underneath the tree… I believe it to be some form of calling-card. I sought to investigate the city for any further clues, when I came upon posters in the same handwriting. The heathen doctrine is far too grim to recount, so I have simply attached them here. Read at your own peril. [!] The aforementioned letter is attached
  7. The Royal Aeltarosi Legion The Oath “I pledge my sword, my shield, and my unwavering loyalty to The Royal Aeltarosi Legion, the bastion of honor and valor for I vow to protect the realm with all of my courage, to stand as a bulwark against darkness, and to uphold the honor of our kingdom.” History The Royal Aeltarosi Legion, who has been standing ever since the beginning of the Grand Principality of Aeltarys, was created to safeguard their people against the relentless rage of the Skanarri, those adversaries who threatened the principality’s existence. Conceived in a time of turmoil and uncertainty, its noble purpose was to stand as an unwavering wall and as a shield against the tides of chaos that sought to engulf our lands. By decree of the crown and the collective will of its vassals, this valiant brotherhood arose, a steadfast symbol of unity and dedication, sworn to ensure the enduring security and prosperity across its lands. Through trials and triumphs, the Royal Aeltarosi Legion remains resolute, a testament to its unbroken commitment to safeguarding the Aeltarosi and defending the honor of the crown. Ranks –Brothers in Arms- Recruit Recruits are the newest members of the brotherhood. They are still in the training phase, learning the ways of the legion and proving their dedication and skills. Bannerman Bannermen are full-fledged members of the brotherhood. They have completed their training and are sworn to uphold the order's values and duties. They may be assigned various tasks and missions to serve the legion's goals. Veteran Bannerman Veterans are seasoned members of the brotherhood who have demonstrated exceptional skill, dedication, and loyalty over a significant period. They often serve as mentors to younger members and may hold positions of authority within the brotherhood. -High-Ranking Officials- Sergeant Sergeants are non-commissioned officers responsible for leading and organizing smaller units or squads within the brotherhood. They ensure discipline, training, and cohesion among the members under their command. Captain Captains are officers who hold higher leadership positions within the brotherhood. They may be in charge of larger groups or divisions and are responsible for strategy, tactics, and overall mission planning. Captains report to higher-ranking officers. Lord Commander The Lord Commander is the highest-ranking member of the brotherhood and is often the overall leader or Grandmaster. They have ultimate authority over the entire organization, including decision-making, strategic planning, and representing the brotherhood to external authorities and allies. -Specialized ranks- Combat Medic Combat medics are trained to provide immediate medical care to wounded or injured soldiers on the battlefield. They administer first aid, treat injuries, and stabilize patients until they can be evacuated to a field hospital or more advanced medical facility. Battle Tactician Battle Tacticians specialize in strategy and coordination. They analyze enemy movements and terrain, providing tactical advice to maximize the legion's efficiency in combat. Signed HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Maegor I Valraenos, Grand Prince of Aeltarys, Prince of Dragonclaw, Lord of Dragardun, Protector of the Aeltarosi Alcibiades Roa, Lord Commander of the Royal Aeltarosi Legion
  8. THE FIRST GIMME YER BELT OF AEVOS ᚷᛁᛗᛗᛖ ᛁᛖᚱ ᛒᛖᛚᛏ Since the demise of Almaris the Dwedmar of Urguan have challenged the realm and battled against the world forcing itself upon them. From the Mori Invasion of Almaris to the raids on Kal’Kadrelaz in Aevos the Dwarves have persisted. There are many things going on within the city and the realm that have distracted us from daily practices but we must not forget the ancient traditions of our cultures. The Clan of Ireheart shall be hosting the first Gimme Yer Belt tournament of Aevos since the fall of the last city. All that is required is that you enter your Belt into the competition and risk it upon the victory of battle. Champion of the 1st ALMARIS Gimme Yer Belt: BAKIR IREHEART Champion of the 2nd ALMARIS Gimme Yer Belt: RAGRIN IREHEART Champion of the 1st AEVOS Gimme Yer Belt: TBD IT IS TIME FOR THE BATTLE OF THE BELTS DWARF WRESTLING TOURNAMENT ! Saturday, July 29, 2023 4:00 EST ROLEPLAY ITEM BELT REQUIRED FOR ENTRY
  9. ~Lapê Salavi's travel logs~ [a retranscription] DAY 4 Today, I was not aware, was feast day! We are welcomed by urguan to their grand feast. I headed towards the west and lost no time visiting for once, being right on time for the festivities. There were more people than I had seen in a while. Impressing. I even passed across a cleric I had met before. They were from the city, I realized, and handing out drinks and foog. I got 2 bottles and not wanting to drink at the moment, I decided to put my “Copper Boot Cocktail” and “dwarven Potatoe vodka” in my cellar I created back home. The ambiance was cheerful, but I was never fond of crowds, and it was getting exhausting. I stepped out the room and found a hot water pond upstairs. What a true gift of nature. The first thing I noted was that the city was remarkably well built, in hollowed out mountains. The inhabitants seemed keen on alcohol-making. The tavern where the feast took place had a lovely balcony side, and had a view on vines and moss. A lift up and I was on the upper level of the city, which I had not expected. Smells of well kept but old paper filled up my nose as I entered the immense library. The building was surely strange, with rooms I did not know the purpose of, a dark glowing pillar and an empty dark room. The city being composed of 80% walls, it made room for intimacy and different aesthetics from street to street. And then, the forge. Other visitors from Norland passed through me as my breath was stolen by the sight. In the mountain was a number of caves all filled to the brim with deep grey bricks, fire and a sorting of industrial machines, carriers and furnaces. I can’t begin to think the years of work it took to create this place, and the nation has all rights to be proud of it. The mines linked to it were fruitful. Reminder: explore Bjorn’s crack under the citadel
  10. ~Lapê Salavi's travel logs~ [a retranscription] DAY 2 On my road I heard people talking about a strange religion, about correcting the wrongs that we had suffered. I followed a few strange folks and met with 4 other people in the big house of #####, in the United Kingdom of Aaun. An old person, a kid, a mysterious soul and a grey-skinned cleric, and me, all gathered in a meeting room. The atmosphere was to secrecy and many words were spoken. It was all a bit too much for me and most of the explanation on the origins of the religion left me disoriented. What I was sure of is that some kind of magic was involved, as illusions surrounded us, the lights died and lit up at will. Once the speech ended, most excused themselves and disappeared. I was new to the region and decided to walk around and explore a bit. The place was very weirdly mapped and I got lost multiple times trying to leave the city. At last I found a dirt road and went on my way to Aaun. I didn’t spend a lot fo times in the capital, the activity being high in the town center. I visited a few merchants to replenish in food and took the opportunity to head for the local mines. I had to get help from a townsman as the entrance was not very well indicated, gathered interesting ores and left, this time without stranding off my path. Alone again, it was time I went to a place that had got my interest a few years prior: Norland. The travel wasn’t long and I walked around town a bit. It was night, so I headed to the inn for the night. When I entered the maing room upstairs, I was met with a discussion that seemed much like an argument. Someone was departing, people weren’t happy about it. I felt like I was intruding so I asked where I could find a place to spend the night and eventually a steward to talk about housing and prices. I vaguely knew they were the ones in charge of the taxes and rentings in every city, hence why i wanted to contact one. Contrary to what I feared, I felt good in Norland, and despite being a traveler, I had to have a return point, a place to call home at the end of my journey, and maybe make friends along the way. Everyone was so warm and welcomed towards me, barely mentionning my attire. The north reminded me of where I grew up, so it was set, I wanted to home there. A person named Farian Malto welcomed me to the Inn while I was without bedding. The discussion stirred and I was left with a newcommer, Sinner. Everyone knew her and she seemed kind, so I asked for her help. She knew the stewart, and also that the Inn was under a clan’s control, therefore I couldn’t stay. Knowing Alva, the steward, wasn’t available and probably grumpy at the hour, we headed outside and I was invited to share the home of Sinner and Farian, seemingly acquainted. I was given a spare key and I finally had a bed to rest and let the days of travel wash over me. -L.S.
  11. ~Lapê Salavi's travel logs~ [a retranscription] DAY 1 After a week of lonely travelling trough the forest I was glad to finally see civilization again. I had left my village and parents without hesitation and I felt liberated, but the repetitive task of walking, drinking and eating at regular intervals, and being surrounded by the sounds of birds and wind through the leaves had stopped being fun after the first few days. A lot of thoughts were swarming my mind and I needed a distraction. It all changed when I got out of the forest to be met with a lovely town on a coast. The most shocking detail was how small were the houses and doors. It all came to light when I met Mimoda Applefoot , a kind halfling. She was the temporary mayor of the Shiredom of Dùnwen It was my first time seeing one, and I was offered to stay and rest at the inn. I decided against and continued my visit. The crops where huge and I heard they were fine alcohol makers, are they an agricultural nation? I would love to taste their products once they're available. The garden was lovely as well and everything felt cozy and welcoming, quiet but warm. I had seen a mouse hole, a slow turtle and a hedgehog that managed to say “hark” at me. I didnt have enough time to map the while city but I wrote this log today to remember to go back, during an event perhaps? After munching on a piece of bread, I decided to follow the signs pointing towards Haense and the Haenseti-Ruka dual principality. It was my initial goal, it being the only big city I had heard of outside of my secluded community. I left Haense at dawn. I didn't spend a long time there, but i noticed the stalls and housings were true to a city this big, and after taking a bit of ressources in the local mines, I went on my road again. The reason for my early departure and slight disappointment was the crowd. Too many people at the same place, all the talking became a constant buzzing and it started to be overwhelming. I will visit more thoroughly on a later date, but will avoid the festivities. However, for a first day of visiting and socializing, I feel so free and alive! No one asked about my masks and accepted me like I was a regular citizen, and this anonymity pleases my soul. -L.S.
  12. THE STORY OF THE LECHIAN ARTILLERYMEN [♪] The sun has not been seen in Karosgrad for months. The dark night shrouded everything and the only sources of light were lamps and bonfires. Humanity has struggled with the bane that was the Mori for a very long time. The battles in the human kingdoms were constant. People were dying like flies trying to fend off the attacks of these spawns of Iblees. The time has come for the final battle for the fate of humanity. The last capital on the continent to hold out while the human Kingdoms of Balian and Aaun as well as the elven, dwarven and orc ones fell. Volunteers streamed into the Haenseni capital from all directions, and their flags flew in the cold nightly wind. Amidst these masses of volunteers were the flags bearing the White Eagle. The proud people of Lechia, despite coming in a group of only four, have answered the call. The flags carried by the volunteers bore a big White Eagle and the famous words "For Freedom Ours and Yours". When they arrived at the main square, they had no idea where they would be assigned, which gate or regiment. Then Lord Marshal, Wilheim Barclay, arrived and ordered the Lechians to defend the port gate. Their struggle to defend humanity began. The volunteers quickly ascended to the top of the gate where they were given two cannons and supplies of gunpowder and cannonballs at their disposal. Having split into two teams - Aleksander with Waclaw, Mikhail with Boon - the Lechians quickly began preparing the cannons. Shortly afterwards, others arrived at the gate. Many different nations fought at the same gate, but their shared goal was clear - prevent them from going through. First the locusts arrived and then hordes of slaves began to march across the dock. The first order was given by the Barclay: SHOOT AT THE HAY BALES SO THAT THEY START TO BURN Shots rang out and cannonballs hit their target. A first success for the men who will be called Artillerymen at the end of the battle. Blocking the slaves' access to the barricaded harbour gate, the cannons focused on the oncoming locusts. Children of Warsovia worked fast, almost like a mechanism - roll the cannon back, clean it, load it, push it forward, shoot, repeat. There was no time for mistakes, there was only victory in their minds. Cannonball after cannonball flew out, hitting their opponents perfectly. The horde of locusts had thinned out - it was time to target the infantry. The first and one of the few artillery stumbles, the right cannon jammed. While Boon and Mikhail cleaned the cannon, Aleks and Waclaw quickly reloaded theirs. Moments later Waclaw lit the fuse. A powerful blast resounded amidst the harbour buildings. After the dust had settled, nothing remained of the group of slave infantry at which the left cannon was aimed. They all died, the shot was perfect. Moments later, the two men on the right cannon have managed to load it once more and fired towards the right infantry group, also sweeping it away. Lord Marshal Barclay was pleased with the work of the brave Lechians. Suddenly the ground trembled. A terrible roar echoed through the dock. The Devourer of Dobrov arrived. BOON, LOAD UP THAT PLATE! Mikhail shouted to his comrade and rolled the cannon back to clean it. The two on the left cannon did the same. The fight continued. In addition to cannonballs, arrows flew from the gate and two nearby towers. Archers and people manning the catapults hit the enemies well, with more and more locusts flying down dead. It was time for another attempt, the cannons reloaded. Another two blasts resounded. Then the least expected thing happened. The beast, the Devourer of Dobrov, wailed and went back under the surface. The joy of the Lechians was indescribable. The temporary defeat of the centipede gave them courage and strength. It doubled their efficiency. Suddenly, arrows came flying and Boon was hit. As he was pulled back to the tower, the Lord Marshal himself came to help Mikhail operate the cannon. Shortly afterwards Sir Ludolf Barclay arrived and swapped with Duke Wilheim in helping with the right cannon. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, more and more hordes were streaming towards the gate and the huge centipede seemed to be approaching the surface again. The second order was given by Lord Marshal: RETREAT! JAZLOVIECKIS MAN THE CANNONS ON THE STREETS! This was what they did. They fired at the oncoming hordes for as long as possible. They strategically retreated as far as the central barricade where the gunpowder depot was. It all went good until the pavement ripped and a smaller centipede emerged from underneath, probably the offspring of the Devourer. There was no time to waste. The Lechians were shooting fast. Even wounded Boon with a bandage wrapped around his belly helped Mikhail to load the cannon. After all, the pain was less important than duty. Finally one of the cannonballs shot by Aleksander and Waclaw got the smaller centipede and killed it. That was not the last of their problems - there came the Legionnaires. The defenders were outnumbered, they had no chance. Forced to retreat once again, all have abandoned the barricade. Yet one of the Lechians did not retreat. Young Aleksander Jazloviecki stood on the barricade until the very last moment before setting the reserves of gunpowder on fire and running back towards his comrades. The explosion was enormous. Many Legionnaires died, staining the walls and ground with their blood. Another small victory for the Lechian volunteers. The fight was soon to be over, with forces from the harbour gate being pushed back against the palace. All forces were to retreat, except the brave Artillerymen. The Lord Marshal ordered them to fire one last time as soon as the enemy armies came close to the palace. Mikhail and Boon fired first, injuring two Dreadknights. Then fired Aleksander and Waclaw, hitting the incoming Legionnaires with their last grapehsot. After that they were forced to pull back for good along with others. Karosgrad was lost. Their work in defence of Haense and humanity was over. Even though they failed, they did their best to prevent it... From that day the story of the four brave artillerymen, who together resisted the Mori hordes, is known among all Lechians and members of House Jazloviecki. Through all, they prevailed.
  13. PRINCELY ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING THE MOVE TO THE LANDS OF SAVOY Issued on the 4th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1924, at Merryweather [♪] It has been two years since I ascended my father's throne as the Prince of Merryweather. During those two years, I tried my best to match my father in all possible aspects of reign. I kept in touch with our family in the County of Warsovia, stayed in the Duchy of Minitz and visited other Waldenians in Haense. Unfortunately, my efforts have been interrupted by the vile hordes of Mori who are destroying the world as we know it. I fought them in Fenn, I fought them in Minitz. Both of these battles were unfortunately lost for the human kind. They had more men and equipment, I saw it with my own eyes. In the face of this deadly threat, I call upon all the inhabitants of the lands of Arentania under my authority: Waldenians, Lechians and Daels - follow me southwards, where Minitz refugees have set up camp outside our former home, our pearl of the south - the Castle of Merryweather. The castle, despite its overgrown exterior, is still usable on the inside. It will certainly work wonderfully as our new temporary home. I personally invite the following noble families from our United Kingdom of Aaun to move into Merryweather as soon as they reach the southern shores of Almaris: Members of the Royal House of Alstion @LithiumSedai Members of the Ducal House of Barclay @MadOne Members of the Margravial House of Rosius @rep2k Members of the Margravial House of Reuss @ncarr Members of the Comital House of Jazloviecki @ratlordmagic Members of the Comital House of Ivanovich @Optimus420 Members of the Comital House of Augusten @Frank_Dog In addition to the aforementioned noble houses, I also invite: The Right Honourable, Manfred Barclay, Baron of Sigradz @Ramon The Right Honourable, Sir Émir d’Arbre, Count of l'Arbre d'Or @exoo GOTT MIT UNS HIS HIGHNESS, Heinrich II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgrave of Alstreim, Baron of Corwinsburg, Lord of Blackwater
  14. The Belief of Spectivism [!] Spirits of the dead approaching The Spirit Realm. The Religion’s Origins A fair bit of the Calavénon believe in a vague and relatively old belief of the remembrance of spirits since before they landed upon the shores of any continent. They’ve always had hopes and beliefs that nobody was truly gone once they died. During their long sea voyage searching for land, many Alurians had to leave the dead floating in the sea, having only their memories of them to hold onto. As the situation grew direr, the large Alurian fleet was separated, and the survivors wished to honour those who didn’t make it by creating a shrine. Lighting a candle for them, and if they could, adding the deceased’s possessions or perhaps a depiction of sorts. No matter if it was a simple stick figure or a painting. The Lady of Spirits [!] A painted depiction of the Lady of Spirits with grand nature spirits. None truly know what the Eos was like before The Lady of Spirits. Some believe there was nothing at all; others believe the world was barren before her arrival. All that is known is that once she arrived, Existence itself began to thrive. She was still, at the beginning, settling herself to have three powerful children during this calm moment of her existence. The parents of all grand spirits like themselves. The first child is known to mortals as the sky, surrounding Eos with winds. The second child is known as land, raising scapes from mountains to forests to be. Then the third and final child from The Lady herself is known as the sea, filling the cracks and crevices between the landmasses land had left behind with sparkling blue water. These children are the fathers and mothers of everything after themselves, ranging from the lava flowing within volcanoes to the birds soaring in the sky. Once these three children were born, The Lady of Spirits wandered about Eos. Filling the continents of the world with magic, predating even the first elves. And during this, she also created a realm for the spirits of the deceased to reside in, referred to by mortals as ‘The Spirit Realm.’ However, where there is creation, there is also destruction. Such as being the sister of The Lady of Spirits, The Mistress of Darkness. The Mistress of Darkness [!] A painting of The Mistress of Darkness and her spirit lantern. The Mistress of Darkness is said to have been born around the same time as her sister, The Lady of Spirits. However, unable to assist her sister in creation due to her lack of ability to ‘create’ children as The Lady had done, she became the first manifestation of darkness Eos had ever known. For she was darkness. Jealous of her sister’s children, she used her powers to corrupt the minds and stole the spirits of many; she was too weak to corrupt grand spirits, so she settled for manipulating the lesser spirits of mortals. When a corrupted mortal’s physical body dies, they are unable to enter The Spirit Realm, their spirits trapped in the glowing lantern of The Mistress. The Spirits of the Deceased [!] A painted interpretation of The Spirit Realm. Once a mortal perishes, their body keeps hold of their spirit until it fully rots or somehow disappears, releasing their spirit to permit entry into The Spirit Realm. It is for this reason that the cremation of bodies after death is a common practice, so a deceased spirit may more swiftly enter this realm. There is a way for mortals to attempt to contact their deceased loved ones. However, that is through a festival called The Night of Spirits. The Night of Spirits [!] Messenger lanterns flying into the air for The Lady’s eldest child to help guide them to The Spirit Realm. The Night of Spirits is a colourful festival, one with food and laughter to celebrate the travels of the deceased into The Spirit Realm rather than lament over the loss of loved ones. During this celebration, those participating dress in their finest clothing, donning a mask upon their face as well. As the festival comes to a close, everyone lights a candle, placing it into a lantern for it to travel through the sky’s domain in hopes that the grand spirit, the eldest child of The Lady of Spirits, will guide these lanterns into The Spirit Realm. These lanterns often have messages written inside of them for the deceased to receive, knowing their loved ones still remember them and shall one day join them. Marriage Practices [!] The lit candles of a newlywed couple burning brightly. When a Calavénon and their partner wish to conjoin in marriage they must light a candle to symbolise their union. Both families would bring a candle the colour of their Coat Of Arms. For the Calavénon, their candle would be a teal or cyan colour. Normally this candle would be passed down throughout the family, re-adding wax to keep it growing and attaching a new wick whenever needed. It's understandable if the other family wouldn't have a traditional candle to pass down. Once both families present their candles and light the candle after their vows it will then decide if they are destined for each other, if the candle stays lit then the couple may marry however if the candle should go out for any reason then they are not meant to be. Once the candle has been lit it must then stay lit and if it at any point goes out then its destined for the couples love to also dwindle. After the marriage the wedding can proceed to festivities which tend to include food and alcohol of different varieties. Games are also quite common such as a game which is similar to hide and seek, all must try and find the bride within the confinds of whichever nation she is to be wed at. If they are unlucky in finding the bride it is customary to pay her 50 mina for each participant as a sign of good luck in her marriage. Typically after marriage the wed-to-be's surname would be hyphenated regardless of gender. A dowry is also quite common where the bride and groom's family are to give the bride land or money to take care of each other and acquire cattle and such. Light coloured lily’s should be planted around the altar of the bride and groom to symbolise prosperity, marigolds can also be planted to symbolise good luck for the family. In terms of attire when it comes to the ceremony it's traditional for the Calavénon family to don the Coat Of Arms colours which is typically cyan. The other family isn't required to don their coat of arms colours however it is HEAVILY suggested or else they will recieve side eyes and various glares from the family.
  15. Calavénon Talonnii Talonnii History The Calavénon's have continuously proven to be a rather versatile talonnii. Always have they been willing to reform and evolve to adapt to a particular environment, but never have they lost sight of who they are whilst doing such. They take pride in the fact that no matter what obstacle or string of challenges may cross their path, no matter who or what may stand in their way, they will always manage to find a way to overcome it. Today, they continue to walk the lands of Almaris hand-in-hand, closely knit, and never to be divided. The Talonnii had its start within Elvenesse - or, what is known today as the Crown of Amaethea. Their bloodline is derived from the very Illitian elves that inhabited the lands, and after moving on from the luscious soils of the mali'ame, the Calavénon's sought to live within the Kingdom of Oren, where they were quick to become Nobility, and later on, came to lead Selestia. Despite their humble beginnings within Elvenesse, it is safe to say that Selestia is truly where the talonnii began to cement themselves. Then came the Monarch Vivian, the past monarch of Vortice, who evicted the lands granted by Gail Cordius. The County of Selestia, after Jakob Castington and his people were wrongfully evicted and accused of not paying taxes to the Monarch, decided to rebrand as the city of Ando-Alur. Jakob Castington, alongside five Dark elves came to discuss the founding of a new state after what became of their old County, where born from the disunity present within their brand of elves at the present time. The meeting was long, many plans discussed and thrown out before they settled on a state freely accepting all, including Magicians - a stark contrast to all previous Dark Elven establishments. They decided on a location within the High Elven borders to settle, creating a city boasting a warm and friendly environment. The first Ando Alur city was led as a Princedom, by Prince Vulnir Syllar, and Prince Jakob Castington, with a council beneath them. Though small at first, the city began to slowly gain traction with its values - inevitably leading to the further gathering of allies and new residents. However, not all was easy; creatures of the depths soon rose from the waters that surrounded the city. The solution to this seemingly never-ending swarm of monsters was one used before, so long ago in previous realms, it was almost forgotten as a possibility; the use of a Voidal Tear. With Mages from across the continent gathered, enough energy was collected to punch a hole into the magical realm, causing a never-ending flow of magical energy. This was utilized by those gathered in order to enchant the city itself, tearing it from the earth and into the sky - safe from the monsters below. But of course, all good things must come to an end. After circumstances that were once lost to time, much like the history of the ancient elves, the family has at long last chosen to reclaim their lost history. They are doing so by adopting their true family name, ‘Calavénon,’ to honour those who came in times before them. Physical Traits and Appearances The Calavénon are in the juncture between housing leaner mali and bulker mali. There is naught the pressure to pick one path when it comes to militaristic and arcane matters - for was it not Ando-Alur who accepted both with open arms? More often than not a child of the Calavénon lineage will be born with varying shades of crimson and auburn for hair, the few that do not have paler ashy blond(e) locks. In terms of eye colour the Calavénon are often seen sporting lovely shades of blue or green - rarely is there a Calavénon with gold or purple pigment within their iris’, but it is not a phenomenon that is unheard of. Traditions A Candle's Flame - The ancient ceremony of intertwining fates is a festivity the Calavénon take rather seriously, but despite this, the day is bound to be full of entertaining games and delectable treats. Whilst the ceremony is in motion, the to-be-weds are expected to bring with them a candle - one adorning the signature hues of that individual's talonii. It is these candles that they will be setting alight. Once the vows have been shared should the flame of either one of the candles blow out for any reason, it would signify the union unsuccessful and bound to fail in the near future. It is considered shameful and is looked down upon by the Calavénon's should the wedding persist after such a phenomenon. At Twilight - The death of a Calavénon is truly a sorrowful occasion. The aching feeling of losing a loved one, losing blood is a circumstance never to be wished upon anyone who walks these lands. To honour those who they lost, the talonnii will cremate the lost loved one in a ritual. The ritual is held outdoors at twilight, and notably, beneath a clear sky. In order for the ritual to be complete, the ashes are scattered, to be either taken away into the wind, or upon lanterns up into the sky. Whichever one is chosen is based on what the deceased was said to have preferred. It is believed that the light of the sun and the moon together will guide the spirits of their loved ones to a better place. The Night of Spirits - A celebration to commemorate their loved ones - living or dead. It is a festivity open for all where attendees will be asked to dress in their finest garments and adorn a mask. To bring the festivities to a close, any who wish to participate will write a note and place it within lanterns that will be provided by the talonnii - these lanterns will then be sent into the sky with hopes that The Grand Spirit will guide the lanterns into The Spirit Realm for the deceased to receive. Boozy Bazaar - The Calavénon talonnii is known for their exquisite wines and other fruity beverages. As such, every so often, the talonnii has made it tradition to host various festivities to celebrate their success in this industry - this festivity in particular being their 'Boozy Bazaar' where people will come together to enjoy their drinks. A fan-favourite game within this event is 'Quip or Drink', where participants will be asked a question that they must answer or be forced to drink. Family Tree https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=138r4dlxhfi&f=604347530538248458
  16. Attention! The Black Dawn Hunter Association offers hunting services for those in need of hunters. Our skilled hunters are ready to take on any game, big or small, for a fair price in Minas. Contact us to get hunters or apply to become one today! https://discord.gg/uh3jSpDU
  17. A TOURIST'S GUIDE TO THE KINGDOM OF AAUN By Fr. Harold; Revised Edition FOREWORD Contained herein, my fellow citizens, is a compilation of all my favorite architectural feats within our most serene nation of Aaun. If you are planning to visit soon, or perhaps are a native looking to see the unnatural beauty of your country, do pay close look to this most blessed of guides, and find your travels nicened by the pleasantry contained herein. t. Father Harold, Renowned Connoisseur of Architectury. THE GREAT SPIRE Crownlands Many guide-makers would try to lead you astray with false presumptions. But me, dear reader? I would do no such thing. I will be honest and quaint with my description; in that we of the Architectural Society of Almaris have no generally agreed consensus on where this structure came from. Some have thought it to be an egg what was layn by a very large dragon, occupied as a building only in recent years. Others proclaim it is a lost spire of olden times, reclaimed by the modern kingdom. Whatever its origins may be, I implore you to visit this great spire within the realm of Aaun. THE WALLED ESTATE Crownlands This estate is the historic seat of House Horen, yet today finds its use as the modern home of a handful of petty merchant-lords. Its beauty is not that which should be ignored, the grandeur only matched by the few surviving descriptions of Imperial palaces of eld. Be sure to stop by this marvel on your vacation to Aaun! HISTORIC FARMHOUSE Crownlands This historic work of architecture is one of the smaller on our list, but we deem it one of the most important despite this fact. This farmhouse, in fact, is the historically preserved farmhouse that Charles Alstion was raised in by his impoverished family. Within you can read excerpts from his diary, wherein he proclaims his juvenile ambitions to found a kingdom. How cute! ANCIENT FLYING MACHINE Crownlands The less curious of curious entries within this guide, there are many theories as to who precisely constructed this ancient technological marvel. Now laying dormant, it is broadly agreed that this wonder of imagination was once a flying machine of sorts, used by ancient peoples of the Crownlands to get from place to place with great speed. Have a correction, concern, or potential addition? Send it to Father Harold! Father Harold 1 Lector Way Arentania, Aaun IX O II I O
  18. Penned by Count Jan Jazloviecki, on 12th of Tobias' Bounty 1909 [ ♪ ] Old depiction of Grodno, once home of the Jazlovieckis The die is cast, It is with a sorrowful heart that I officially announce the death of my sister and our matriarch Bianka Ophelia Jazloviecki. Despite our feuds, the lack of mutual understanding and the sometimes bitter words thrown at each other, Bianka was my sister and a person true to her ideals, her friends and her family. My sister was murdered by those she had considered friends for many years. In our culture, stabbing someone in the back is unacceptable and eminently dishonourable. The crime committed against a member of our family will not go unpunished. Fear grips my heart when I think what would have happened if my other two sisters had not remained in hiding, perhaps the funeral would have taken place with three coffins instead of one? Only God knows an answer to this question. Although our paths have diverged, and the family that followed me is not connected to the state that Bianka served, we will help as much as we can to avenge her death. After years of humiliation and mistakes, it is time for a new beginning. It is time to restore the splendour of this house, which has shown heroism over the years. To reach out to our friends whom we have spurned out of our own stupidity and proclaim: On this day I, like my grandfather Venerable Borys III did before me, raise the once again bloodstained banner with our White Eagle, because through all, we prevail. Signed, Jan Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia
  19. Why do people like human RP? I just don't get it? Like, what drives you to want to act like a french "person". It's unbelievable how we can all just sit here and look at human RP and just decide 'yeah, I think people wanting to be french is just fine'. I'm sorry, have you gone mental? I am truly baffled on why anyone would want to act this out. Can someone explain to me?
  20. ON THE MATTER OF OUR PARENTS Penned by the bastard son of late Margrave Jan Jazloviecki, on the 2nd of Sun's Smile 1891 As certainly every person in Almaris knows by now, our parents - Maciej Jazloviecki, son of Borys Jazloviecki from Savoy, and Ottilie Franziska Jazloviecki née Castile, were executed in a public execution in the Sedan town square. Our uncle, Otton Jazloviecki, brother of our beloved father, also died with them. All three were beheaded by Prince Joseph I using his own sword. We condemn the actions of our parents and uncle, yet this does not change the fact that for us they will still be the people who brought us into this world, baptised us, brought us up and gave us a basic education and a decent life. We don't know how or who infected our parents and uncle with vampirism, but let them be damned whoever they were. A test conducted on us by one of the Cardinals who was instrumental in discovering our parents' secret showed a NEGATIVE result for each of us, saving us from a certain death. As of this date, our eldest brother Borys IV becomes the new Margrave and Patriarch of the house. Our house has survived a lot, yet this may be our greatest test. We love and will not forget our dear parents, may GOD have mercy on their souls. THE CRUSADE GOES ON, JUST AS OUR SAD LIVES GO ON WITHOUT OUR PARENTS. Signed, Borys IV Lukács Jazloviecki, son of Maciej Walentyna Stasia Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Bianka Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Valerija Anastazja Jazloviecki, daughter of Maciej Marek Jazloviecki, son of Otton
  21. The Woods of Oren, Two Years Ago The bells of the Basilica tolled loudly, though Markus didn’t notice too much from inside. However, it would seem to be enough to wake him from an apparent slumber- his head would snap to attention. As his eyes flashed open, and he adjusted to the light, he'd notice he stood before the altar. He’d smack his dry lips together lightly, and rock his head back and forth with a subtle crack as he slowly regained his bearings. How long had I dozed off? I couldn’t have been out for too long. He’d glance down, and saw himself wearing unblemished plate armor- finer plate than he’d ever had seen. His best dress. Adorning it, was the Morovarian Coat of Arms- and tucked in his left arm was a fine piece of cloth, which likewise bore the signature of his house. Confused, he’d turn around- to see Konstanz Barclay, likewise dressed as sharply as him. He’d simply shoot a childlike, mischievous grin to his best friend before turning around. Markus had regained his bearings. Markus knew where he was. It was the best day of his life. His wedding day. Excited, but yet nervous, as all prospective groomsmen were- he’d glance at the crowd. He recognized the faces of his many friends he had grown up with. The Vyronovs showed out, as the two large brothers occupied a pew to themselves. The princes, his other friends- Karl, Sergei, Josef, all sat in a pew, accompanied by their Marian. The Dame, Mariya, sat eagerly waiting in a pew- seeming much older than Markus thought was right. Diverting his eyes to another section of the Basilica, he’d eye his twin brother, Petyr, who raised his hand in greeting. He’d poke their mother to alert her- Eleanore would then grant Markus the biggest smile he had ever seen. If she could right now, she’d give me the biggest hug. I know it. His father would look upon Markus with watery eyes, a proud gaze befalling his son. The duo would exchange courteous nods- the message they had just communicated known only to a father and a son. He’d continue his assessment of the crowd. Notably toting their colours, the Baruchs sat in a row- His boss, the Palatine himself, Eirik, sat dwarfed by the always intimidating Isabel, who, in an anticlimactic finish, was followed by Saoirse. The trio noticed Markus’ attention, and proceeded to wave, hoop, and holler at him. Family. He’d then return his gaze back to the altar, to see the Pontiff himself, to his surprise. Breaking free of his astonishment, Markus would politely dip his head to his holiness. After reciprocating the courtesy, the Pontiff would quickly shush the crowd, just as the doors to the Basilica were opened. A veiled woman would enter, in traditional Haeseni wedding attire. She’d begin her slow walk towards the altar, rose petals adorning the floor as she meandered forth. It seemed an eternity to Markus as she walked forth. His heart beat out of his chest, as he averted his eyes to the floor to ease his nerves. Finally, however, the walk had finished, and it was time for the ceremony to begin. The woman ascended the altar, taking the position opposite of Markus. She’d lift the veil hiding her face, causing Markus to gasp- loud enough for only the three of them to hear. She’s… all I’ve ever wanted. All I ever will want. The two would clasp their hands together, as the Pontiff began to rattle off the words he had said a thousand times before- the words flew right on over Markus’ head. I’ll be a papej. I’ll be the best papej there ever was. My son and I, we’ll play forts, play knights. My daughter will rescue me from the clutches of a dragon! And we’ll go and have a tea party! He’d then glance back up at Margrait, his wide smile revealing what he was thinking. And they’ll be as beautiful as her. Eventually, the Pontiff finally got to the part where they exchanged vows- and, in what seemed like a blur to Markus, they finally got to the end of the ceremony. Markus would stride forth to sweep Margrait off her feet, but suddenly, she’d hold her hand out. “Markus! Ye know we cannae! Ye know ah’m married now.” Markus would chuckle, shaking his head. “Da! To me!” “Nae. To Mikhail.” A constant stream of rain began to thud on the roof, and a dull pain began to throb behind Markus’ eyes. “Nie… Nie. Vy canniet be married to Mikhail! Vy… vy are supposed to be married. To me! Niet the abuser! Niet the snake!” “Sorry, Markus. But ye know et must be. Now wake up, love. The Kingdom needs ye.” The roof of the Basilica turned to the cloth roof of his tent, and the warm feeling turned to pain- in Markus’ stomach, in his head, and all over his body. All he felt was pain. And wetness. How can I be wet? The roof of the tent is perfectly fine. He’d lurch forward, and look down at his tabard. It was completely soaked in what appeared to be vomit. With a groan, he’d lean onto his side, and regard the many, many, empty bottles that littered the tent. “Why can’t I just die!” His voice was hoarse after he cried out. He knew nobody listened- he knew nobody heard. He knew nobody cared. Konstanz was long dead by now. It was the fourth time he had attempted to die this way. Each time, he awoke from his attempt- with a pounding hangover, and a lurching stomach. Each time he awoke, he was reminded of his failure. The lady he wanted was in another castle- and he slept in a filthy tent. He’d eventually garner together enough strength to leave his tent, stepping outside into the pouring rain. Eventually, in a fit of anger, he’d begin to abuse his tent. Starting with the wooden frame, he’d begin to smash bottles against it, bend it, snap it- whatever it allowed. He’d pound his fist against the ground, over, and over, and over again- proclaiming his failure. “Loser! Bastard! Weak-minded, effeminate excuse of a man! Vyr not half the man Mikhail is! Vy gave up! Vy need her! Vy need her, and vy lost her!” Lightning would flash, and eventually, after a while, he’d fall to his knees- and eventually, after a while, he’d defeatedly lie on his back. The rain would lightly, yet affectionately, tap on his face. Tap. Tap. Tap. His mind would flash back to the time spent with Margrait in Ghaestenwald, prior to his leaving. His face was flushed red with anger. He’d let loose a little tantrum, kicking baggage as if he was but a toddler who did not want to leave a friend’s house. Meanwhile, Margrait nervously stood in the corner of the room. “The Papej! Me! Me! It should be me! Niet Mikhail! Me! Ea will crumble his walls, if he even touches vy!” Margrait would become angry, shooting an accusing finger at Markus. She’d scold him for his incessant anger, his yelling- his threats. The tapping of the rain would bring him back to the present, and he’d let his body lay at rest. Tap. Tap. Tap. “Eam a child. Eam simply a child, an anguished child who throws vain tantrums. Ea still haven’t fixed myself, my anger, even after Margrait asked. Nie. After Margrait Demanded.” “Mikhail isn’t a snake. And he’s… grown. Moved on. Since we were kids. Eam the one who hasn’t. Eam the flawed one.” He’d shake his head with a sigh, covering his eyes with his hands. “Margrait shouldn’t have me. Eam nie papej. Eam nie husband.” “Eam nie man.”
  22. ST. CAROLUS UNIVERSITY CLASSES OF YEAR 423 E.S. ________________________________ (Opening Speech) A Brief Opening Ceremonial Speech by Felyx Francys Coblorn followed with Questions by all in Attendance. Time: Tuesday, 3pm EST / 8pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Felyx Francys Colborn @Draketonic Domestic Studies A look into the Haense Household and proper conduct. Recommended for every Noble child, teen, and young adult. Time: Wednesday, 4pm EST / 9pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Franziska Bishop @Frank_Dog An Introduction to Knighthood Hosted by Haense's Knight Paramount, there is no better place or time to enlighten oneself on Haeseni Knighthood. Time: Thursday, 4pm EST / 9pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Ser Reinhardt Barclay, Knight Paramount of Haense @Capt_Chief26 Book Club A merry gathering of book-lovers willing to read and discuss their favorite books together! Time: Tuesday, 5pm EST / 10pm GMT Location: St. Carolus Lecture Hall Held by: Felyx Francys Colborn @Draketonic Anyone within Haense is able to attend these events and request impromptu classes to the Professors / Temporary Faculty via the pamphlet posting service: https://discord.gg/F3HuaCT2qR SIGNED,
  23. 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐈 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐃𝐞 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐞 /ˌkler də ˈlo͞on/ noun a pale blue-gray or pale green color. ~} ❁ {~ The mid-autumn sun shone across the coastal region, painting everything in its path with gold. The ocean glittered with splendor amidst heaven's aurum rays, and below the cliffside, just barely out of reach, reflected the portrait of a remarkable duo. They sang many cheers upon that cliff, which bliss-filled harmony was soon laced with life's melancholy. "My next trial and I believe my last, is one of the most dangerous trials," Remarked the young lass with a mischievous smirk, her bone-stricken form just nearly cured of its malnourishment. "I have to face the water pressure of the deep and risk death! I'm kinda'v scared, but after today- I'm pretty excited for it." The boy, just nearly a man in his stage of development, frowned with deep concern and asked. "Why are your trials so dangerous? That worries me..." "Thalassa is the goddess of the ocean who is the taker of both man and woman. She is merciless and of fury, she has killed many...but I can't help but empathize with that." Beowulf hummed "The trials ensure we are determined and truly worthy of becoming Thalassa's priests- becoming her hands and eyes...A test of our faith towards her greatness! Hoho! One must face hellfire and brimstone to be worthy of it!" "Are you really sure you want to risk your life like this? This would make me very sad if you were to die..." Beowulf replied with a faint bob of her head as rhinstone eyes shone like stars in midst the amber light of the sun, sparkling orbs interlocked with the glittering sea. "Time is slipping under my feet faster than I can ask what's going on. You and Kera are already moving on without me...and on top of that, growing up. After discovering Thalassa and recent past events, I realised, I'm going to eventually end up alone in this world. You'll have your own friends, and so will Kera, you won't need someone like me to keep you both on your toes. You'll both have things to do and grow up without me." The boy, Echo, remained sat by his friend, speechless. "Thalassa doesn't change, and I believe- at least I'd like to think- that we can both understand each other... Even if you both leave, at least she'd still be there." "Beowulf.." Echo's voice would soften as his expression frowned with sorrow after listening to her. Looking down at his hands to find the proper words to say, he'd return his gaze to the battered girl and replied. "We won't leave you behind... I don't want to leave my friends behind, and Kera wouldn't want to either. Time is indeed not waiting for anyone, but that still isn't an excuse to risk it all. In fact, it contradicts what you stated! Leaving me and Kera will only sadden us!" ~{ Then why did you leave me alone? }~ The cerulean blue sky met with the woman's vibrant serpentine gaze. Head-filled entropy ebbed as quickly as the waves that washed against the woman's callused feet. Memories that sung symphonies of heartbreak now left behind a mind-numbing echo, to which the heart could not properly piece together. What tragic turn of events took place that left her body anchored to the sand-coated earth? Either way, she had to get up; but the mixed feelings of scorn and bereftment left her lying there on the shaded beach. What difference would it make anyway if she were swallowed whole now by the sea or if she got up and returned to her quarters? At the end of the day, no matter how much she had done through all her years of living, no matter the blood lost, no matter the countless nights spent awake working, everything all fell to ruin, loneliness and regret would come to haunt her again. How many years had she spent cooped up in her home under the plateau, lost in the past after replay through replay, so many countless memories which end's were all met with loss and misery? No matter how many times she'd try to reach out, somehow, she was always too late or lacked the necessary abilities to help. Perhaps this was her atonement in life for bearing bastard blood, but if that was the case, why did so many innocent people have to pay for it? Maybe this was life's form of a joke, and sure of it, they'd be laughing now. Still, the question presented itself, to get up or remain in solemn stagnance with the earth. To her dismay, the Storyteller rose with the tides and presumed the trek back home. The mid-autumn sun shone across the coastal region, painting everything in its path with solemn grey. The ocean was as dim as its muted greyed heavens, and below the cliffside, just barely out of reach, reflected the portrait of a single, lost soul. The world seemed dull beneath the plateau, which regrets kept hidden in dimly lit colors. To ease this mind-numbing sense of despair, the elf left a note and ran to the sea. The journey continues... Author's Note: By no means is this a PK, nor am I shelving the character or going on some mysterious hiatus. Since so much has already happened with the character both physically and mentally, I wanted to make a graduation post, or in this case, the final chapter to her book through her journey through life. The story for this storyteller of course still continues. This moment/period in her time though marks the end/death of who she once was, and the new beginning of a changed/different Beowulf/Izanami. In addition to this post, there will be a second/final rp post that also includes art, and during this time I will be working on said pieces. It was fun working on this (also tiring) but the best part was going back to the past and remembering all the great fun I had when I first started this character. I hope to have many more adventures with her. Credits ART: Me Writing: Me / Screenshots of rp that was not me Music: Claire De Lune - Debussy Migraines: Lord of the Craft Forum Site Size limitations
  24. The Principality of South Sedan brings to you… Ireheart supremasexy An Evening of love and romance for all… "Admirers Masquerade” Which will be held on: Night of the Red Heart Moon, 16th of Tobias's Bounty, 1859 [!] The people and the vassals of Urguan would find this invite posted in mailboxes, city boards, and pinned to the doors of citizens. It would be posted so that the people of the Tripartite Accord would all be welcomed to come and enjoy the Masquerade. Each invite, and post, was sealed with the emblem of Her ladyship, Boja ‘BB’ Bojo, Baroness of Huvaardia. The nations of the war have lost a lot of people, from leaders, to citizens. Each side of the war has lost many and in light of said losses, Sedan is hosting a ball to help the youth and many more find love and friends, all while enjoying some sort of freedom and calm during this war. Even though we are offering peace during this Masquerade ball, many on the side of Oren will not be per say welcomed with open arms. All of the people not coming from the Tripartite Accord will be searched, only to ensure that we will help keep the peace while the event goes on. People of all ages are welcomed. The ball will be hosted in Sedan, just outside of the Sedanian Church, there will be foods of many types and drinks for those above drinking age, while offering juices and sweet drinks for those underage. Music, dancing and entertainment will be offered to all who come to enjoy the night of love and friendship. All of said visitors and attendees are expected to don certain colours: white, red, and gold, The colours are believed to be tied to love and freedom in a sense. Along with the colours, each and everyone is asked to wear a mask, to cover only their upper faces. The women are expected to don dresses, which hold wide and flowing skirts, while being modest. As the ball comes to a close, we will name a she and he as the best dressed, giving the title of “The Red Dove” to said lovely lady, and “The Red Raven” to the handsome fella, but only for the said night. Signed, Her ladyship, Boja ‘BB’ Bojo, Baroness of Huvaardia [OOC]
  25. Settlement PRO MC Name: Oh_Ontario Settlement Name: The Principality of Aluria Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 51, Tile 52, Tile 56 (51 is our preference) Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): The Written History of Ando’Alur to Aluria Ando Alur was founded by a group of five Dark Elves to discuss the founding of a new state, born from the disunity present within their brand of elves at the present time. The meeting was long, many plans discussed and thrown out before they settled on a state freely accepting all, including Magicians - a stark contrast to all previous Dark Elven establishments. They decided on a location within the High Elven borders to settle, creating a city boasting a warm and friendly environment. The first Ando Alur city was led as a Princedom, by Prince Vulnir Syllar, with a council beneath him. Though small at first, the city began to slowly gain traction with its values - inevitably leading to the further gathering of allies and new residents. However, not all was easy; creatures of the depths soon rising from the waters that surrounded the city. Formidable monsters that took great courage to face, and even greater steel to defeat. The solution to this seemingly never ending swarm of monsters was one used before, so long ago in previous realms it had almost gone forgotten as a possibility; the use of a Voidal Tear. With Mages from across the continent gathered, enough energy was collected to punch a hole into the magical realm, causing a never ending flow of magical energy. This was utilized by those gathered in order to enchant the city itself, tearing it from the earth and into the sky - safe from the monsters below. The Floating City of Ando’Alur For a time, everything was simple and easy. Times are prone to change however, and in the coming years council members and citizens would come and go, as is expected of any settlement, and soon very few of the original council remained. When the city’s voidal tear, improperly contained, began to infect the surrounding landscape into a voidal hollow, the new council members decided to put a stop to it before anything dangerous truly occured. Boomsteel. This metal would come to be what they used to destroy the tear, in anything but a safe way. With it, the tear was completely destabilized and the enchantments on the city ceased all function, crashing to earth once more. A cataclysmic event for the region, where the city and surrounding space was completely obliterated. Of course, a Voidal Tear is energy, and energy is no physical substance to actually be destroyed by such an attempt. Free from all confines, the Voidal Tear would finish its transformation of the landscape on a large scale into a Voidal Hollow, and the citizens who once lived inside would scatter. Ando Alur was remade along the shoreline, a far enough distance away to not be directly influenced by the lingering voidal energy. It was here that it became a coastal city, and began to enter its current ‘modern’ state. Of course, given the events of their previous city and a newfound distance from Haelun’or, the city grew clearly more distant from its mother state. Those within did not abide by the Purity Standards of the High Elves, and oftentimes considered themselves in their own ways, entirely independent - despite still being a vassal in technicality. In truth, the Alurian people had as much in common to Haelun’or as mice do to rats; a similar shape and nothing else. In all of the commotion, those who lived in Ando Alur held true in their faith to their home, doing what they could to maintain a kindred spirit among their people, hosting events such as the Alurian Revival Ball, which serves as a reminder to themselves as well as anyone else that they would not fall to their hardships, instead striving to meet them head on. This was followed by a number of smaller events as well, most notably a drinking festival not long after. The Remnants of Ando’Alur, after it crashed to the ground - Along with the beginning of the Voidal Hallow around it. During these times of tensions, the last members of the original council were brought forth to the head of their government properly, and changes were made on how the city was governed. A Prince and Princess - Jakob Castington and Amara Ortaure’na respectively - were decided upon, along with a Lord to handle the daily ongoings of the city. Though the Lord Regent disappeared after only a short time, leaving Jakob to take over as the face of the state as well. The tensions between Haelun’or did not go away during this time, growing to a boiling point before finally snapping when haelun’or sold Alurian land to a neighboring nation without consulting those who lived upon the spot. Forced to move, the Alurian people prepare now to depart their home in search of a new land to settle. Such a spot of course, determined by Amara and Jakob - who ventured on their own into the wilderness, and inevitably came across a ruined underground city. By its structure, one could tell that in times long before Descendants lived upon Almaris, this ruined half-city was likely above ground rather than below. The current city of Ando’Alur, along the shoreline. They decided to build on top of this location, named Aluria - a simplification and well-needed change of their earlier name. Plans began to be drafted immediately, to build a castle and city over the underground structures, as well as to excavate out the site into a suitable undercity. In the coming years, Aluria planned to begin construction of their new city fully free of the oppressive state of High Elven dictatorship. In this time, they would need to begin restructuring their Government again. They wanted something new - a fresh take at how they functioned, completely separated from their previous iterations. No longer would they have a state defined by a haphazard group simply following the orders of a Prince, and instead would stage a government with a proper chain of command, from the Master of the Keys down to the head of their Medical Department. Each would hold a vital purpose in the running of new Aluria. Now, the head of the nation would merely serve as a political face - required to do very little beyond negotiations with outside forces with his Ambassador, with the inner workings of the nation all controlled by various figureheads. Namely the Law Master and Lord Sentinel, one of which determined the laws whereas the other upheld them, respectively https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204919-the-fall-of-ando-alur/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205982-the-alurian-jade-pact/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202779-%E2%9D%82-the-principality-of-ando-alur-%E2%9D%82/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202811-the-adventure-to-ando-alur/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205984-the-alurian-dove-a-new-age/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206446-the-alurian-revival-ball/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206705-the-voidal-hollow-awaits/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206898-the-alurian-drinking-festival-a-last-hurrah// https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206970-ando-alur-burns/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205988-ando-alur-laws/?tab=comments#comment-1868442 Settlement Government Structure Explanation: Aluria Government exists in a Princedom, led by a Prince and/or Princess together to exist as the face of the nation in all matters political, as well as to set the standards and goals of the nations. The word of the High Prince/Princess comes before all else. Beneath them lay the Witan Council, a separate council that works alongside the main collection. There is no limit on how many can be in this council, members of it simply being declared so by the Prince/Princess, and taking on a role of "nobility" in society. Officially, they are the advisors to the Prince and Princess, though in moments of emergency authority goes to any other council member before them. The Law Master serves as the head of all judicial affairs, the judge in court cases and tasked with the creation and upkeep of a modern law system. The Law Master serves as final authority in the absence of the Prince and/or Princess. The Law Master ensures that taxes are upheld. Working hand in hand with the Law Master is the Lord Sentinel, tasked with the upkeep of a Guardforce. He is in charge of anything military related. The Ambassador is a key political figure. He answers only to the Prince/Princess, able to be sent to act as the face of the nation where necessary - though more often than not he works with the Prince instead, working hand in hand in cases where dealings with other nations are had to provide support and key argument points wherever the Prince might fail. The Keeper of Tomes is in charge of the Library of Ando'Alur, tasked with both keeping a recorded history of Aluria, as well as providing any needed information of magical substance to the council. The Master of Internal Affairs is in charge of communication with the common people, ensuring their voices are heard, as well as helping organize public events. The Medical Director is in charge of maintaining a functional Clinic, with doctors available during emergencies. In cases of public health crises, they are given top authority on how to deal with it. Druidic Ambassador - The head of the Druids in Aluria, acting as their voice in the council. In cases where other groups join Aluria, they will be given similar positions. Media Officiant - The "Secretary" of Aluria, they are tasked with drafting any official documents for the nation, with the Prince/Princesses Approval. The positions above serve as a chain of command, minus the Witan Council, where authority is passed down among them based on who is present in any given circumstance. In cases where the Council Meets and casts votes, each position votes a singular time - Whereas the Prince/Princess collectively(even if there is only one at the time) are given two votes. If a Council Member is deemed unfit for their position, they may be dismissed by either the Prince/Princess alone, or a two-thirds majority among the other Council Members. If a Council Position is deemed useless as a whole, the Prince/Princess alone have the authority to remove such from existence, with common practice being to put the council member, if they themselves did not do poorly, into the Witan Council. The Witan Council must decide amongst themselves who their spokesperson is, with any members of it being allowed to attend council meetings. They, being a quasi-nobility, act as a second vote for the common people, alongside the Master of Internal Affairs. Medical code of conduct - LINK Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): https://imgur.com/a/jOlBmis How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? Aluria offers a fresh take in the current landscape of LoTC, an active nation with a heavy magic-presence emphasized by the current council and its citizens. Beyond this, Aluria is no race-specific city-state, allowing anyone of any culture, race, or religion inside so long as the boundaries of law are respected. With a central focus on the Void, Aluria intends on becoming a natural home to wizards above all else, providing all with a safe place to perform their experiments and crafts, so long as it is not abused. This is in part due to Aluria's previous relationship with the Voidal Tear that turned into the Hallow around Haelun'or, leading many in its government to believe that they have a duty to ensure such events are dealt with properly and do not happen again. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Aluria has already existed under the name of Ando'Alur for some time, providing to server narrative and serving as a home for numerous magicians and other key figures. In particular, in its short life already having created a flying city - and subsequently crashing it to earth, causing a catastrophic level Voidal Hallow to emerge, threatening the regions around it. Now they are left to deal with the aftermath, working to fix their problems and re-gather their scattered wizards. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players? I have been running Ando'Alur for some time already, proving every day my competency in keeping a Settlement going without imploding on itself. Along with that, those who work alongside me have their own experiences to offer. HeftyDonut, holding multiple positions throughout their tenure on the server. TwistedFries, a previous settlement leader. BonesOfTheEarth, the old leader of Northgate, a settlement from the last map. Collectively, we all have actively led our city since the construction of the current city, learning what works best for us and how to best keep our city functioning. On top of Ando'Alur and the other respective settlements we've guided among us, I lead the Selestians, a vassal of Talon's Port previously before merging into Ando'Alur. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes.
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