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Found 1 result

  1. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): SupremacyOps Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Onslaughted, Pito444, DaRial, needgear Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Duping, having illegal items Character Witnesses (Name(s)): Supremacy ops and any other staff present during the investigation Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): Well in truth, its hard to begin . . I suppose we should start with the duping. I will admit that at the time, our chests had an abundance of items, both seemingly duped and as well as items having banned items (The items I'm referring to is the weightless diamond armor and potions.) I do admit we did have duped items, but I can explain it. We did not discover a dupe glitch/bug to gain said items, but we did withhold from telling anyone of an incident regarding a staff error. I, as well as the rest of my group, greatly apologize for such. I'll go more into detail... Back in Athera, when we were The horde of Dunamis, we were contracted by the dwarves to fight the high elves. We had made a road side fort to hide in whenever things got a bit hairy outside. In the end, the fort got utterly demolished, but was first copied and pasted someplace else to ensure we didn't lose our things. This is where we ended up getting doubles of our items, for while the fort was exploding, we tried to grab as much items as we could before the Orenians could get into our chests and take it for themselves, logging out with it all as the fort shattered to pieces. We honestly didn't think that our stuff was going to be copied over, so when we were tp'd over to our copied chests to take our items back, we were gifted with an extra dread bringer (An OP bow we had) and doubled iron, diamond armor, and all the likes. (We ended up again with two more dread bringers in the future from a rollback as well.) This is something we should have definitely told the staff about. I do wish we had done the right thing and given it all back, and in all honesty I do not think a simple sorry will cover it. We were a group that were quite an annoyance to staff I am sure, and truly I apologize for that, along with Pito, Darial, and needgear. We have no excuse for being rude to the staff for just doing their jobs, it was very much out of line. We are truly sorry. Most of the items we had in our chests were illegal and duped, we admit that fully. But, we did not dupe it through any sort of bug or the likes, we merely took an advantage over a staff slip up. The other items that were banned were acquired through the countless skirmishes and raids we partook in. I do believe a few staff members recall having to tp constantly to announce the skirmish/raid was off. We had fought Oren probably about 6 times a day at max, always ending off the day with either a loss in loot, or at most times gained some crazy OP items (such as strength potions, weightless diamond a few times, REALLY OP diamond axes and swords, and whatever else was dropped.) In the end thats what happened. We broke rules by having banned and duped items and kept it a secret from staff. Such a thing is wrong, and it is something we will not do again. We have learned our mistakes and hope that you may forgive us for what we've done. Thank you. Screenshots/Vids (Link): None really.