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Found 15 results

  1. [♪] It was a sunny day in the realm of the Argent Sun. A Holy Knight, named August Jazloviecki-Buckfort was sitting in his old armchair that remembers the golden era of Savoy, while smoking his cigar. The sun was shining on his old, hairy face and the man simply smiled at the distant star. He was old, he sensed that his end would come sooner or later. He puffed his cigar one more time before extinguishing it and standing up “It’s time” he thought to himself before walking back inside the old Triglav Keep. The man put his sword on the clothed table and prayed for a moment. Once he was sure of his intentions he went down to the cellar and took out a barrel of Uruk Guzzoline. “I once cheated death, it’s due time to embrace it” he said to himself before walking out with the said barrel and putting it on his horse. It took several days for the Knight to reach the heartlands that have been like a second home for him ever since his beloved Savoy fell. There was one thought in his head - Dumapalooza. So as he did exactly what he has planned - August approached the gate, and greeted his nephew Aleksander Wilhelm with a smile, as none of his relatives knew of his intentions. He went in carrying the barrel in his bag,after that the Old Knight went for a peaceful walk toward the building, while entering he moved through the crowd to find himself standing near the fireplace that was close to the podium where the candidates for a new Duke of Adria were standing. He hesitated a bit, but after a short prayer he glanced at the gathered Adrians and opened the barrel. The smell was quite distinct, though due to the crowd it didn’t spread quickly. August raised his arms and poured all the content of the barrel over himself. He was certain that his decision was righteous and thus this action will be the best and only possible way to purify his soul. Moments later the elderly man reached into the fireplace and immediately caught on fire. The crowd turned their heads towards the Knight but it was too late. Holy Knight screamed his last words as his body stood in flames… His goal was simple - hit the representatives of House von Draco, enemies of his relatives and of his own. Then the most unexpected of all possible things happened - a poor recruit stepped in to stop the burning Knight. He could not stop therefore he rushed into the boy, causing burn damage to his clothes and skin. He did not succeed, but he tried. His duty was fulfilled and his soul cleansed. The last Argent Legionnaire, last living Savoyard and last Jazloviecki Holy Knight dropped dead as his body burned in agony. August Mikołaj Jazloviecki-Buckfort lived 109 years, now he departed on his last journey, to find eternal peace and finally reconnect with his lost friends and family.
  2. PRINCELY ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING THE MOVE TO THE LANDS OF SAVOY Issued on the 4th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1924, at Merryweather [♪] It has been two years since I ascended my father's throne as the Prince of Merryweather. During those two years, I tried my best to match my father in all possible aspects of reign. I kept in touch with our family in the County of Warsovia, stayed in the Duchy of Minitz and visited other Waldenians in Haense. Unfortunately, my efforts have been interrupted by the vile hordes of Mori who are destroying the world as we know it. I fought them in Fenn, I fought them in Minitz. Both of these battles were unfortunately lost for the human kind. They had more men and equipment, I saw it with my own eyes. In the face of this deadly threat, I call upon all the inhabitants of the lands of Arentania under my authority: Waldenians, Lechians and Daels - follow me southwards, where Minitz refugees have set up camp outside our former home, our pearl of the south - the Castle of Merryweather. The castle, despite its overgrown exterior, is still usable on the inside. It will certainly work wonderfully as our new temporary home. I personally invite the following noble families from our United Kingdom of Aaun to move into Merryweather as soon as they reach the southern shores of Almaris: Members of the Royal House of Alstion @LithiumSedai Members of the Ducal House of Barclay @MadOne Members of the Margravial House of Rosius @rep2k Members of the Margravial House of Reuss @ncarr Members of the Comital House of Jazloviecki @ratlordmagic Members of the Comital House of Ivanovich @Optimus420 Members of the Comital House of Augusten @Frank_Dog In addition to the aforementioned noble houses, I also invite: The Right Honourable, Manfred Barclay, Baron of Sigradz @Ramon The Right Honourable, Sir Émir d’Arbre, Count of l'Arbre d'Or @exoo GOTT MIT UNS HIS HIGHNESS, Heinrich II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and the Rhine, Landgrave of Alstreim, Baron of Corwinsburg, Lord of Blackwater
  3. The Eternal Rest of The Last Argent Knight [Sir Sebastian Velho in his Lord Commander armour in the savannahs of the South] (sydniart on DeviantArt) Sebastian stood. The empty man stood. It was all he could do. In his grasp laid a missive, detailing on the dissolvement of the Principality of Savoy, a single teardrop had permanently marked the page from a few hours earlier. Recent events had crippled the man, leaving him an empty shell of what was once a proud Freimarkish man, a Son of St Tylos, a Commander of the Argent Legion, an Argent Knight, the first and last Grand Komes of Lvinsk and most importantly, a Savoyard. It was almost as if the world had crumbled around him, moved on from his lands, but left him behind. He stood. The empty man stood. It was all he could do. He turned his golden-clad visage up towards the empty county of Freimark. Nothing could be heard but the wind and the movement of Sebastian's armour, clanking as he trudged upon the cobbles to the main square. This is where it started. His life truly began here, he had seen a great many things in this town, this County - the comings and goings of many people, most of whom he would dare to call his friends, the rise and fall of a great, great County. He ran his finger along the dishevelled walls, clearly with a lack of care given to them in recent years. As the metal collided with the rock, he recalled upon the time he was sat upon this wall, as he saw an innocent man be dragged into the castle to be executed for deserting the nation. He'd walk further into the square, noticing an old, dried pool of crimson splattered on the corner of a building - the time his ribs were crushed by a bison on a hunt, but the medical expertise of the town helped him recover. He reached his destination in the town. Each step he took up the stairway would creak, the wooden planks not used to this kind of treatment for a long time. He'd arrived. His store. He'd hold his throat as he let his gaze drift to the sign above the door. "Velho's Elixir's and Tinctures." A few of the letters had worn out, but of course he remembered what was in the blank spaces. He'd push the door and with a creak it opened smoothly, there had been no lock protecting it for a long time. Dust was dancing about the room, sunlight peering through the windows, leaving a distracting beam hitting the centre of the room. He would spend some time there, sat on the cold, cold floor. He stood. The empty man stood. It was all he could do. He'd reach the top of the cobbled slope, a chill overcoming his body, to the base of his spine. The ruins of San Luciano, the once great capital of the region. As he stepped into the city, he could feel the thanhium begging to be let into his golden case. He furiously denied it, encroaching upon the empty throne room. He'd kick the door to the palace, breaking the ice which had made it's living upon the hinges. Each step would echo throughout the hall, combating with the mist appearing from his face from the temperature for dominance in the space. He'd kneel to the throne, placing his sword in front of him on the old, forgotten carpet as he closed his eyes. He had fought many battles in this city, and tried his best to protect it. But thanhium bombs from external forces - that was something even he could not have prevented. He stood. The empty man stood. It was all he could do. He'd approach his final destination, a place he had been not but a few hours earlier. Lvinsk. The walls towered over him as he stood in the now flattened centre of the settlement. He'd get down on one knee and inspect a rock which had been left from the deconstruction before the inhabitants moved to Orenian lands. He'd chuckle, inspecting the rock before mustering a small amount of strength to toss it into the nearby pond. This had been his last home in Savoy. He would spend an unknown amount of time circling the town's interior, running his hand along the walls as he did so. He'd stop at the keep, which had been the home to House Jazloviecki until recent times. He'd enter the courtyard, which had been left open, before sitting down on the lower wall to inspect the area. His blue eyes would be affixed upon a specific area of stones, where a small trickle of red laid between them. With his deeds done, Sebastian would nod to himself, preparing himself. He had no purpose anymore, his nation - everything he'd known was gone. He'd take a long, deep breath into his lungs before rebounding it back out, nodding once more to reassure himself. He'd drop the missive in his place, the leaflet being left in the dirt as he left through the city's back gate. He didn't know where he was going - he didn't frankly care. He took a gaze up to the sky, seeing it painted a beautiful orange. He'd scramble up to the top of the hill, planting his sword into the ground once he had reached it. He'd look at his weapon, before removing his helmet and turning it around so he could gaze at the visor. He would thank the helmet, pressing his forehead to it's. His words would croak, as if a blockage was in his throat, and a beautiful stream flowed down his pale cheek, leaving his face cold in contrast with the southern winds. He'd approach the nearby tree and take a seat, a smile forming on his face, As the sun set over Savoy.
  4. A storm came over Lvinsk. The rain was pouring constantly, the lightnings were striking in the distance. However, in the Jazloviec Keep there was one light burning in the window. In the largest bedroom on the bed lay Borys, the Margrave of these lands. His breathing was heavy, in his hand lying inertly on the bedclothes, he held a handkerchief in which he had coughed for two years. Next to the big bed, a boy, the second eldest son, Maciej, was sitting at a desk. He had a pen in his hand, and sheets of paper lay before him, as if he were ready to write. Then the old soldier spoke to him in these words “Write, my son, the time has come...” after which he coughed and Maciej started taking notes of his words. Letter to Sophia Jazloviecki-Barclay: Letter to August Jazloviecki: Letter to Tylos II: Letter to Jindrich Jazloviecki: Letter to Sebastian Velho: Letter to Prince Lucien Ashford di Savoie: Letter to Princess Renata and Duke Remus: Letter to Ernst Barclay: Letter to Adalrich Barclay: Having finished, Borys looked straight ahead. Apart from him, there were other figures in the room, though not as articulate as his son. Ulrich rested his hand on the edge of the bed, beside him stood Jurgen in the black and white armour he had on the day of the infamous coup. Leaning against the wall stood Bruce and right next to him Genkai. Then Jurgen spoke to him in these words "Come on now, how much longer do we have to wait?" and then he smiled. A tear trickled down the cheek of old Borys, who replied "Just a moment longer friends". Then Maciej asked "Tato, who are you talking to?" clearly not seeing the ghosts. Borys did not answer the question, but requested something from his son "Blow out the candle and go. Sleep well son" The Margrave kissed the forehead of the young descendant, after which Maciej extinguished the candle and left the room. That is how, after many years of struggle, Borys Jazloviecki, Margrave, Lord Commander, father, friend, enemy, passed away on the same night. He died peacefully, in his own bed, from which he set out on his last journey… Borys Jazloviecki, Margrave of Lvinsk, Lord Commander of Savoy, Argent Knight, Patriarch of House Jazloviecki
  5. An Offering of Humanitarian Aid and Benignancy “Une famille veut dire qu'on ne laisse personne de côté ou qu'on ne l'oublie pas.” Death and tragedy crashing like waves to our southern brethren has shocked our people, and my very family to its core. Our brothers and sisters of perennial ancestral bonds, dating back to the grandeur of Savoy at its greatest of heights as the bulwark of Humanity. The unfolding tragedy in Savoy is a crisis that is not ignored, tearing up the very fabrics of the society, and days to come are likely to be increasingly tough and all in the realm of Almaris will be inevitably affected. There is no mistake or illusion, this will be a cataclysmic event and there will be no strings to be attached in the aid provided to the Principality of Savoy and her denizens. These are a signal of a change of an era, a new chapter to its storied legacy stretching numerous centuries. Aid we must. With hospitable hearts and kindred minds, to aid them with necessary means to stand tall and proud as the men and women of grit and the eternal savoyard banner fluttering against perilous thanhium winds. We choose to give to our very own sister nation. To give the aid, they need in their battle with the elements. With donations and the raised funds of a collective, determined community, we are prepared to donate to the leaders of Savoy, carts of hay, medical supplies and prime cuts of our cattle are ready to be transported. In addition, Savoyards will only be treated as allies and honored guests and offered free homes in our lands as well. The resolve of succor only strengthens as word of the plight grows, and the sunlit heart of Elysium stands ready to assist. May Savoy and her people rebuild and forge ahead. On behalf of the Elysium Governance: Duke Eugeo de Astrea Aylin de Astrea Lady Aylin Reede de Astrea, Heir Apparent Minister of Interior & Foreign Affairs Leika De Astrea Lady Leika De Astrea ,Wildflower of Elysium Chancellor of Southern Relations
  6. A southern landser would sing to himself, voice full of a longing sadness. The ever haunting pass, memories flashing before one’s eyes on the long trek north. “Green and blue I dress, Eagle on my chest, glory to… glory to…” The words would drift upon the wind, a lingering solemnity upon the echoes of his feelings. The man’s loyalty to a once friend, to ones people, crumbling with ever thump of the hoof. “They called for unity… for the faith… yet divide is the only thing shown in their eyes… From coronation to coronation… a year full of faults, a structure built upon a peoples dream… Shown through the swords laid bare upon the church, upon their so called faith… for no reason…” Bits and pieces of the man’s once polished armour trail the roadside, each representing a faithful memory, one that belongs to the past. OOC: Much love to the community I returned to lotc with, but even with all the love my character feels betrayed and faith broken. Thanks for all the fun, hopefully we don’t meet on the battlefield in the near future. Bruce of Savoy
  7. Promises of freedom, of change… A peoples hopes and souls stomped by the soles of their once Prince. Knelt on our hearts, our names, our pride. Once a day sought with celebration, a day full of joy. The Duke and Duchess returned from overseas. Court held, decisions made… Yet were they the decisions of the people? Or the decisions of the shadows, ghosts that show no face till interests are shown? They say it was for the faith, for humanity, to replace an disturbed decrepit on the throne. War with the dwarves? Is this really what our people wanted? Did any of us have a genuine interest in the lands of Oren? Installed the old government, Imperials filled with problems and cracking at the seams, yet we are supposed to fix their problems? A Duke that ran at times of trouble? A Prince, vanished for half a decade, saying one was traveling,yet still thinking he knows the wishes of his people? A Principality built on being against the ideals of Oren, with it’s Prince embracing the very thing we wanted to escape from. I am ashamed to have once called you friend, comrade, even prince, and hope you don’t regret the choice you made for the Savoyard people. Written by a depressed Savoyard Loyalist, Hopes and Dreams of Freedom from the Empire Destroyed.
  8. [!] A depiction of Amelia Ferrin Mondblume sketching up new designs. A new Tailor is in town! Amelia Ferinn Mondblume is here with an exceptional line up of clothing for all ages and sizes. She features many premade designs to choose from for both male and female! All of her works are for an accessible price range, starting at 10 mina for the lowest costing outfit and going up to 100 mina. Don’t know where to find her? Well don’t worry, for she has two bases of operation that will soon arise! One will be in Elysium and the other in Savoy’s County of Freimark, both will feature different items to accommodate the climate and fashion of the said area. What can you expect to find? Dresses mostly for the common working woman or girl, scholar, or possible wealthy merchant. Anything can be made for you too, so don’t worry about not finding something you like. Just leave a written note and she will write to you soon! Be on the lookout, and see you all soon!
  9. The North-South Concord Seed; 12th of The Grand Harvest, SA.43 I: The Fennic Remnants and the Principality of Savoy agree to enter into a pact of non-aggression for five years. On its expiration, this pact may be renewed by mutual consent of both signatories. II: The Fennic Remnants and the Principality of Savoy shall hereby recognise the sovereignty of each other’s states and the territory of which they encompass. III: The Fennic Remnants hereby agree to guarantee the right to due process to any subject of the Principality of Savoy, according to the laws within their own respective borders. IV: The Principality of Savoy hereby agrees to guarantee the right to due process to any subject of the Fennic Remnants, according to the laws within their own respective borders. V: In the event either signatory should be found in contempt of the terms of this pact, then the articles above shall remain in effect whilst a diplomatic resolution is negotiated. Signed; His Highness Vytrek, Archon of the Tundrak Bloodline, Prince of the Fennic Remnants and of the Snow Elves, Commander of the Ivae'fenn, Vigilant of Hope His Serene Highness Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Corazon, Count of San Luciano
  10. THE BASTARDS OF BLACKWALD 33 of the SECOND AGE MISSION An organization of soldiers both experienced and freshly bled in the brutal rat wars of Luciensburg, The Bastards of Blackwald are a pious company bound in service to only her GOD, her Baron, and her Contractors. Finding haven within Upper Meridia to the South of the realm of Almaris, the Bastards are well organized and trained in their craft. The company ascribes strictly to the True Faith and that which is revealed in the Holy Scrolls, their acceptance of employers revealing such. CHAIN OF COMMAND Unoathed: Camp Follower (Aide del Castello) Camp Followers, or Non-Combatants, are men and women employed by the company yet unoathed to the Baron, and thus not bound to service of any kind. Their duties vary greatly, from medical responsibilities and smithing to cooking and brewing. Donning the armband of the company, their service is informal yet vital. Aspirant (Aspirante) Aspirants are the untested or men of the company. Given training and a trial, they are to prove their skill and competence before entering the ranks proper. Men-at-Arms: Armsman (Soldato) Armsmen are the oathed and integrated men of the company. They comprise the majority of its roster, being plentiful in number. They are subject to compensation and standard equipment, able to participate in contracts of their choosing, though they possess no authority. Horseman (Coustiller) The Horsemen of the company are standard cavalry soldiers, expected to keep their own steed within the company stables. Vanguard (Avanguardia) Vanguards are the most combat-skilled of the Men-at-Arms within the company. They donn brigandine and full plate armor. They are often issued to special or sensitive operations, as well as gaining ground ahead of the s Officer Corps: Captain (Red) | Lieutenant (Yellow) | Sergeant (Blue) Sergeant (Serjente) Sergeants are the lowest of officers within the corps, proving to possess some semblance of leadership ability. Their duties are to direct formations and ensure the discipline of their lower companymen. Lieutenant (Tenente) Lieutenants are those proving to be up to the stock of a Captain, yet unneeded at the time. These officers are to serve as Captains, leaders of squadrons, ad-hoc in the absence of their respective higher-ups. Captain (Capitano) Captains are the highest rank of plurality, leading small squadrons quasi-independently. Their duties revolve around recruitment, training, and advisory to the High Command. High Command: Marshal (Condottiero) The Marshal is the Baron’s hand to the company, a singularly important and powerful commander. His duties are to ensure the companymen are well fed, paid, and kept busy, as well as ensuring the competence and worthiness of the officer corps. The current marshal is The Honorable Faust das Goethe. Baron (Barone) The Grim Baron of Blackwald is the most superior and honorable member of the company, reigning dually over the lands which the company calls home in a manner of civics, and also over the company in its entirety. He is to have the superlative say in all operations of the company. The currently reigning Baron is His Grave Excellency, Joachim Ashford de Rouen. CONTRACTS Escorts: The Company will happily oblige to secure the safe travel of citizens or foreign nobles from a starting point to a destination. Auxiliaries: The Company will, with proper compensation and ethical ensurance, aid in offensive or defensive campaigns of nations of the True Faith. Assassinations: The Company will ensure the swift termination of single targets. Women, children, and men of the cloth excluded. Larcenies: The Company will ensure the relocation of items of interest from one location to another, at the presumed behest of their current beholder. RECRUITMENT Able bodied men of the True Faith are welcomed into our employment. Further a letter to the company’s address containing the following information: Name: Age: Culture: ((Username: ((Discord:
  11. The Order of the Willowsguard History The order of the Willowsguard can trace their origins to the barony of Nessvelt (Formerly Krawyn) during the lordship of Rodric Crast shortly after John Horens ascension to the throne. When the Crasts were soon usurped by house Roke the Order soon fell into dormancy with very little numbers that remained to protect the remnants of house Crast. Over the remaining years upon the isles of Vailor the Crasts were eventually able to recover from the loss of their homeland and fell into the vassals of the Duchy of Savoie where Wilmot Crast (Second born son to Rodric) quickly grew favor due to his charismatic and passionate nature. As house Crast embarked towards the isle of Axios house Crast was eventually granted lands and the Barony of Mor’ton amongst the Blackwald of Savoy Duty The order of the Willowsguard dedicate themselves to the Lord Marshal of the order who ultimately owes allegiance to the Duchy of Savoy and their vassals, more often than not the Lord Marshal is a full blooded member of house Crast Conclusively, it is the order of the Willowsguards duty to defend the swamplands of Savoy and rid it of all forms of evil be it creature or man with all might and fervour while still holding true to the principles of justice and honour so that its people and its holdings may prosper in peace and tranquility. Ranks Untrained: Recruit - A basic soldier, unspecialized and often young they make up a small section of the levy and often do not fight upon the field until adequately trained, Recruits are not bound by oath to the order and do not require permission to leave until they are properly enlisted. Enlisted: Pikeman - The first of the two types of soldier, these fully oathed soldiers make up the bulk of the fighting force and are trained with long weapons as the name suggests, they may also carry a smaller sidearm for close combat situations. (See weapons) Crossbowman - The second of the two soldiers, these soldiers specialise in use of long-ranged archery weapons such as Crossbows and less commonly longbows, like Pikemen they can carry a small sidearm, they do not hold any authority over the Pikemen and vice versa. (Enlisted soldiers can also choose between which rank they would like to specialise in though in some situations this may be chosen by a higher authority) Command: Sergeant - Once a Pikeman has strived through trials and tribulations they will become a Sergeant, this allows them to lead small campaigns among the swamplands and the Barony of Mor’ton with permission, they may also run training exercises. More often than not Sergeants are equipped and trained with a more prestigious sidearm. Sharpshooter - Identical in concept to the Sergeant Pikeman though trained with the prior weapons mentioned the Sergeant Crossbowman again is equipped and trained with a more prestigious sidearm. Knight Sergeant - The Knight Sergeant is the combatant figurehead of the Willowsguard, they are highly respected veterans that hold all of the perks of Sergeants and Sharpshooters alike. Men go through extensive training in order to achieve such prestige and consequently are trained with both ranged and melee weaponry. The melee weaponry that Knight Sergeants may choose to train with is much more prestigious than that of the regular Pikemen (see weaponry) and they are permitted to use both types of ranged weaponry mentioned. Lord Marshal - Held always by a Lord or Knight the Lord Marshal is responsible for maintaining the Order of the Willowsguard. They do not lead as such despite their responsibility though they do have authority over the lower ranks, they owe utter allegiance to the current Duke of Savoy and have the power to disband the Order at any time with appropriate permission from said Duke. Weaponry & Armour Primary Weapons: Pike - Simplicity is the best weapon. The Pike is the most common weapon seen of the field and consists of a long shaft ranging from six to eight feet long and a steel point used for thrusting and taking down opponents, such a weapon is given to Pikemen as it is incredibly effective and requires little to no training to use. Halberd - A less common poled weapon reminiscent of a Battleaxe though typically longer with a shorter head, the weapon is ideal for light infantry units for taking down horses and men in a brutal yet elegant fashion. Crossbow - An impressive ranged weapon that can be used to penetrate most armour with relative ease, the Crossbow is effective and effortless to use and makes for a very effective ranged weapon and is used by Crossbowmen and Sergeants alike. Longbow - A huge bow crafted from the wood of a yew tree, it is simple yet devastatingly effective. The Longbow is a less common alternative to the Crossbow and is often turned down in place of the Crossbow as it requires a lot of strength to use properly and significantly more training though it is arguably the superior ranged weapon. Greatsword - A greatsword is a magnificent work of art that is of very high prestige and only the most notable of Knight Sergeants are trained to use it, It is a two handed sword that can span to around 5ft long and when used by a properly trained individual it is arguably the best melee weapon to date due to its efficiency in warfare. Sidearms: Flanged Mace - A one handed weapon that is made entirely of steel and consists of a heavy flanged head, it requires little training to use and is an effective weapon against plate and chain armour in close quarters combat. Arming Sword - A smaller variant of the Greatsword the Arming Sword is a one handed Sword that can be used by Sergeants to make quick work of opponents within close combat situations. Rondel Dagger - A sharp pointed dagger that can be used as a sidearm for all soldiers, it is often used in a time of desperation when all else has failed though it can be a vital tool to saving ones life. Gear: Tower Shield - The Tower Shield is a tall rectangular shield that protects the entire body, though heavy it can be used very effectively to form shield walls and it can be used in conjunction with weapons such as the Pike to make up for the lack of heavy plate armour. It is often decorated in the colours of house Crast. Crossbowman/Sharpshooter uniform - The crossbowman uniform is very similar to that of the Pikemen with the either a bascinet or a kettle helm, the armour itself is made up entirely of a thick linen based gambeson and coif which forms an effective light-archer armour set perfect for the agility required for Willowsguard Crossbowmen. Pikeman uniform - The pikeman uniform consists of either a Bascinet or a Kettle helm with a gambeson and a chain hauberk that covers the upper arms and chest to form an effective light-infantry armour set. Sergeant & Knight Sergeant uniform - The Sergeant uniform consists of the helmets previously mentioned with two full faced variants. The armour is slightly more armoured with a surcoat covering a coat of plates and a set of plate gauntlets and plate boots. Recruitment Application OOC: MC name - Timezone - Skype (Optional) - Do you have teamspeak? - IC: Name - Race - Age - Motives for joining -
  12. The Order of the Aureate Isthmus Protectors of the Isthmus Our direction is our power, our strength and our freedom. For the Realm is split in two, between blood Red, and Blue. Though closely aligned, they remain separate, and distant in all but drive. With the Isthmus, with the Aureate Sword and Shield, it is the duty of us all to bridge the connection between the now distant, by purging and wiping free its cause. “When we stand in the beating heart of our Empire; one must not fret to revel among the blood.” Motive History Created by the eldest brothers of the de Aryn house, the Order of the Aureate Isthmus was created in an effort to bridge the gap and fulfill the duties the other Orders within the Realm were neglecting. Attaching onto the Brotherhood of Croziers and forming under the Savoy Banner, the Order of Aureate Isthmus draws inspiration from the decades past Band of Esheveurd and Order of St. Amyas. The name Aureate Isthmus was chosen by the first Grand Patriarch, Thomas de Aryn, based on the definition of the Isthmus word. Isthmus, by definition, is a small section of land which connects two larger land masses. Due to this, the term was coined and it’s definition slightly altered. Taking on the meaning of a bridge between the split in the Realm, the Protectorate of the Isthmus are responsible for the protection of those of Blue Blood, while the Inquisition is charged with the duty to the Blood of Red, and furthering the cause of the Realm. Taking the elite and specialised progression of the Esheveurd and directive and cause of the Order of St. Amyas, the Order of the Aureate Isthmus is a structured and competent amalgamation of the organisations before it. Controlled and directed by the House de Aryn, the Order was created to fill the void and protect the Noblemen and women of Savoy, whilst furthering Humanity's goals and desires for a better world for it’s people. The Order of Aureate Isthmus co-operates and acts as a subdivision of the Brotherhood of Golden Croziers, taking on the responsibilities and duties the Brotherhood is unable to accomplish. Selected and directed as a heavily specialised unit in Savoy, the Isthmus are handpicked and trained under intense conditions, undergoing and expected to conquer extreme mental and physical hurdles. The members of the Order are expected to be among the most capable and competent in the lands, and must be devout to the Canonist Faith. The Order was decided to split into two various sections; the Protectorate and the Inquisition. Mission Protectorate The Protectors of the Isthmus are those who follow the primary branch of the Order, positioned and charged with serving those of Blue Blood in the Savoy region. The Mission of the Protectorate is to push forward and against all opposition to secure and guarantee the safety of those they are sworn to protect. They are stationed in the vicinity and are often charged with creating positive relations with the person they are sworn to protect. Each following the path of the Protectorate are assigned to a particular person and must be ready to dive into the depths of darkness to do their duty to their assigned. Inquisition The Inquisitors of the Isthmus are those who follow and represent the alternative branch of the Order, positioned and charged with following the direction of the Inquisition and following the creeds set by the Canonist religion. Supporting Blood of Red, the Inquisition serves to put forth the human race and set it on a course of betterment, to correct the deformities of the other races and ensure all of existence know the truth of the Human cause. It is also the mission and duty of the Inquisitors to convert the masses to the Canonist Faith. Each following the path of the Inquisition are to follow the Grand Inquisitor in all matters, regardless of any personal dispute or moral compass. The only individual whose word overrules the Grand Inquisitor to the Inquisitors is the Grand Patriarch. Ranks [Higher Echelon] Grand Patriarch The Grand Patriarch, often an elder member of the House de Aryn, is the absolute Archon of the Aureate Isthmus, who demands complete and total loyalty and respect from his soldiers. The Patriarch routinely serves a lifelong tenure in the position, and are responsible for the direction of the Order, overseeing all aspects the Order involves itself in, including the day to day running of each Orderman. The Grand Patriarch has total control over every position and facet the Isthmus goes to fill, and the position is the highest one in the Order. The authority and will of the Patriarch are absolute. The position is currently held by Thomas de Aryn, the first Grand Patriarch of the Protectors of the Aureate Isthmus. Grand Inquisitor The Grand Inquisitor, typically a man chosen from the list of the Inquisitors within the Order upon the death or retirement of its predecessor. The Grand Inquisitor is considered the highest position within the Order that is at least partially obtainable. The rank is given to those totally and utterly loyal to the Isthmus cause, it’s direction and it’s stature. The Grand Inquisitor is often one of the most skilled combatants within the entire Order, and is capable of demanding complete and total respect from its members. While the Grand Inquisitor typically holds no power over the Sentinels, it is commonplace for all ranks to listen to him regardless. Answering only to the Grand Patriarch, the Grand Inquisitor leads the religious directive of the Order. The position is currently filled by Gaspard de Aryn, the first Grand Inquisitors of the Protectors of the Aureate Isthmus. [Lower Echelon] Sentinel The position of Sentinel is stationed equal to that of the Inquisitor, though its duties are almost the opposite. Given to the most dutiful and well-trained within the Isthmus, the Sentinels are charged to directly watch over and protect the Noblemen and women of Savoy. They are also charged with watching over all lower ranks, and are responsible with the acquisition and training of all new Unoathed and Initiated. Answering only to the Grand Patriarch and Grand Inquisitor, the Sentinels honour and ability are considered the most elite within the Order, and must undergo a separate Standing examination to be cleared for duty. Inquisitor A promotion given only to the most loyal and able Man-At-Arms within the Isthmus. The Inquisitors are officers and commanders throughout the Order, deemed worthy and able to fulfill the role of leadership. Choosing the xenophobic portion of the Order the Inquisitors serve directly under to the Grand Inquisitor and Grand Patriarch, primarily servicing the more religious purpose as opposed to the other. They assist in leading the progress against the Isthmus’ enemies, and are only obligated to watch over the Noblemen and women of Savoy when in direct company. Being considered the most elite within the Order, the Inquisitors must undergo a separate Standing examination to be cleared for duty. [Assigned] Sentry The rank of Sentry is given to those who have proved their metal and their worth to the Order, proving their total and utter devotion to its desires and purpose. The Sentry have been assigned a direction within the Order and assigned to follow the Protectorate, to follow and give their loyalty to its cause. The Sentry are dressed in the finest and most well smithed plate the Order has to offer. Listed above the Initiates, those listed as Sentry rank are fully trained in intense physical combat. Trained on horseback and on the ground, the Sentry Rank is given to those who have proven themselves to the Isthmus cause. Stationed as guards and watchmen of the higher nobility, the Sentries are known and held to the highest of standards. Man-At-Arms The rank of Man-At-Arms is assigned and given to those who have proved their devotion to the Inquisition within the Order. They are positioned within the Inquisition and chosen to show their worth to the rest of the Realm, proving their ability and devotion to the Order and it’s mission. They are assigned to follow under the Grand Inquisitor and put their very essence into following the direction they are given. Clad in the finest smithed armour the Order can provide, and much alike the Sentries, are listed above the Initiates. Having specialised and intense training in mental and physical combat, both on the ground and on horseback, the Man-At-Arms is a well distinguished rank within the Order. [Enlisted] Initiate Those with the Initiate rank are considered the lowest among the listed Order. After their initiation, they undergo intense specialised training in both the physical and mental state. Unlike those who are Unoathed, the Initiated have already undergone basic training. They have been evaluated for their worth and ability in regards to their servitude and honour. The Initiated are recognised as true warriors of the Isthmus, worthy and ready to serve under the Grand Patriarch and under the banner of the Order. The Initiate are often stationed as the Guards to the Noblemen and women of Savoy, being posted in key positions to ensure the safety of the blue-blooded, though must be ready to follow the Inquisitors when ordered. The Initiated are yet to choose a path to follow within the Order. Unoathed The Unoathed are the bottom rung of the Order, considered the weakest and most inept among the ranks. These members are not listed as bannermen under the Order, and as such are not given the liberty that those Initiate and above are given. The Unoathed are vigorously trained in basic combat and religiously taught and examined in their devotion to the Canonist Faith, and to the Orders ways and methods. These are fresh blood within the Order, and their every move is monitored to ensure their direction is recognised and proper. Loyalty and Obedience is paramount. [Honorary Positions] Crozier While technically not one with the Order of Isthmus, those enlisted within the Brotherhood of Golden Croziers, are considered Brothers in the same right. Sharing the same goal and desire, the Croziers are seen as honorary members of the Isthmus. While the position names and duties are different, they are considered equal with the Crozier Brotherhood. Footmen within the Croziers, are considered equal to Initiates within the Isthmus. Men-at-Arms are equal to Sentry/Man-At-Arms and Decurions are equal to the Inquisitor and Sentinel ranks. Ensign Entrusted with supporting and carrying the Banner of the Isthmus into the heat of battle, those granted the high honour of the Ensign position are held with high regard and respect throughout the entire Order. The Banner of the war provides morale to all troops who follow under it, given its continued height throughout the duration of the battle implies continued strength. Clerical Chaplain The Order of the Aureate Isthmus closely operate with the Clerical healers and chaplains of the Realm, and as such are given an honorary position with the Order. The Clerics are considered well versed in various instances of knowledge, and are charged with the duty of tending to and healing the wounded within the Order. Dual holding the position of Cleric and Chaplain, those holding this position are also responsible for holding Mass and assisting in the Initiation of the Unoathed. Applying for the Isthmus Recruitment To join the Order of Isthmus, one must do one of the following things. Send a letter through carrier pigeon to Grand Patriarch, and apply to partake in the Isthmus. Assignment: It is possible for a member of the Croziers to be assigned to the Isthmus if the Grandmaster deems it so. Referral: Become friends and prove your abilities to any member within the Brotherhood or Order. Ask them to refer you to a Sentinel. They will then assess you before putting you through to the Senior Echelon. Be chosen: The Isthmus are a very select group, and just because you apply doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted. It is possible, if you prove your abilities to a Lower or Senior Echelon, you’ll be recruited. Please note, the ability to use Skype is essential to holding position in the Isthmus. Initiation Assessment Mental Working with the Order, in either the Protectorate or the Inquisition, requires each and every member to be mentally assessed and understood for their emotional, religious and mental state. This assessment is not a test per-se, more so a continued observation during their Unoathed term. The members of Lower and Senior Echelon observe the new recruits and watch over them during their training. Their devotion to the Canonist Faith and the Order is observed and watched over, and should their devotion be lacking, they are denied from the Order proper. Physical Being the most specialised of troops comes at a price, and that price includes total and utter dedication to the art of combat. They are assessed and taught how to manipulate their opponent's mind, and how to use a range of weapons. If the Unoathed is lacking in any form of training, they undergo intense training under those of the Lower Echelon. Their skill is assessed and their position within the Order is determined. They are assessed and trained in the following areas: Hand-to-Hand combat, One-Handed combat, Ranged combat and combat on Horseback. The Standing The Test The true test of loyalty. During The Standing, the Unoathed is tested on their physical and mental devotion to the Order. They are tested on their faith to the Canonist Cause and are asked to stand before a Cathedral for one saints day, with one loaf of bread and two bottles of water. They may not move from this position, and must continuously chant Canonist Prayers, and must pray for any who walk by. They must stay awake for as long as possible, and may only be allowed 3 hours of sleep every two days. This is a very difficult test, and you do not need to make it through the entire month. The test is to go as long as you possibly can, and your devotion to passing the test is the true qualifier. The Oath After taking the Oath and undergoing the initiation of the Brotherhood, the Unoathed must undergo the Oathing Ceremony. This is not one to be taken lightly, and in fact the topic of discussion is forbidden from being spoken of outside of the Ceremony itself. The process includes the Unoathed being led from the barracks in the middle of the evening into a small chapel-esque room, with Canonist Symbolism and the mark of the Isthmus scattered around the candlelit room. Standing at the altar one would find the Grand Patriarch, the Grand Inquisitor and one of the High Chaplains within the order. The Unoathed would be spoken to, and asked to swear an oath and covenant before God. A long metal rod would be taken from the nearby furnace, the tip adorned with the sigil of the Isthmus, and as the Oath was being spoken, the heated metal would be pressed against the Unoathed’s upper left pectoral muscle. The Sigil of the Isthmus would be burned and branded into their skin as the Oath was taken as a mark of loyalty to the Order, symbolising your service to the Canonist Faith and the direction and cause the Order will take you. This act is an act of giving your body and your essence to the Faith and the Order, showing true that you would give your life and serve for the cause of Humanity and place your flesh on the line in service to the Orders direction. The Oath is as follows: ‘ I ________, do solemnly pledge, with unburdened and unbound words, in the presence of God, and brethren, my unwavering loyalty to the cause of Isthmus. To the tenants and creed of our most righteous purge. I pledge my flesh to Humanity, but to those who bar its path: I pledge my sword as punishment. I shall not fall prey to the perfidy, of those bearing barbed ears. Nor shall I succumb to the greed of those who hide under stone. Those who wear the warped schismed bodies of past human glory shall be relieved of their burdens in this world, by my hand. In the name of our almighty Lord, I pledge this true, and just. Pour Dieu, la piété et l'ordre. Amen’
  13. ~ Savoy Lumberyard ~ The Savoyard lumberyard has come across a large quantity of excess logs, and in this situation has decided to sell the surplus amounts. The following prices listed below are negotiable in large quantities. Cart-full of logs cost: 450 mina per cart To receive a 100 mina discount from full-cart load offers, you may include two diamonds in the sale price. Special items: During the cutting of lumber, a large number of mysterious or curious regents are acquired which can be inquired about. A specific number is not supplied, please inquire privately to what you may be searching for. All manner of logs can be requested in whatever quantity desired, please leave a request below and a location of contact. You will then be informed if your request is accepted, and then later when it is finished. Collections are made from Peremont city. The Savoyard Lumberyard is also looking for a supplier of the material - Diamond, so we may continue repairing our axes. If you are looking to sell or trade in large quantities, please inquire privately where such may be discussed and arranged.
  14. TAVERNKEEP NEEDED Tavernkeep needed at the City of Peremont - active, engaged and competent. The tavern is nestled in the middle of the burgeoning city, often visited by the men of the Brotherhood of the Golden Crozier that inhabit the region and the other inhabitants. Surrounded by verdant wildlife and rolling plains, the city attracts more and more business with every passing day. For any prospective buyers, the tavern is priced at 600 minas, and any who desire to purchase it should speak to Denis de Bar (stigwig). To those who are simply interested in working as a tavernkeep; a wage can be arranged with the Count.
  15. A forceful de-militarization of the South, Naval Superiority ​ ​ The abandonment of the Dwarvish naval port in the East meant the expansion of the Kingdom’s power over their enemies’ water. Thanks to the colonists sent by Lord Franz I of Vladovic, the port town and fort was taken. However, all the ships that were previously at bay were now long gone. They now sit at the closed and vulnerable bay near the Grand Kingdom’s capital. And so it had begun, the counts, barons, and dukes of the Kingdom all took it upon themselves to construct a broad navy spanning to massive galleons to a new breed of warships, the Steam Boat. ​ ​ ​ For strategic purposes, these warships are faster than their predecessors while taking up large amounts of coal to power them. They pack a punch for those witnessing its might, the HMS King Daniel. So therefore, those of the Kingdom of Oren’s mass arsenal set sail for the bay of the vulnerable Dwarvish warships for King and Country, for the Canonist faith, and for Glory! ​ The skies fill with smoke in the Southern Isles as the fleet makes its journey towards the defenseless ships, trapped in the bay. After the passing of Port Davier, the Orenian fleet closes in on its prey. Ever so closely, the fleet makes anchor around a few isles, out of vision, to plot. In the next hour, they raise anchors and perfect the steam engines, rams, ballistas, and catapults, and men-at-arms ready to seize the day. Type of Battle: Pillage Time & Date: 3/8/2015 5 P.M. EST Attacking Forces: Reformed Kingdom of Oren and Allies. Defending Forces: Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies Location and Boundaries: Dwarven Naval Port ​ Terms of Victory: Victory for attacking team: If the defenders are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Or. If the defender’s ships are destroyed or occupied by attackers. Victory for the defending team: If the attackers are all killed or driven out of the battle area. Or. If the attacker’s ships are destroyed or occupied by defenders. Battle area terms will be discussed on by the leaders of both sides. Rewards: Victory for the attackers means the attacking force can willingly do what they want with the spoils of war. That includes the remaining ships and structures around the base. (For 1 Hour) Victory for the defenders means the region may not be war claimed for a time based off the suggestions of non affiliated Game Moderators with the consent of both sides. This also includes that they can do what they want willingly to captured ships. Rules: Server rules TNT is allowed Swimming in armor is allowed (For the sake of decency) Ships may be boarded by ladders No new modifications to defenses or ships No team killing No fake statuses No returning to battle No meta-gaming ​ ​All items in this location may not be transferred to another, starting now.
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