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Found 20 results

  1. A flyer would be posted everywhere throughout Urguan and even a few in surounding cities in Axios. The Blue Beard Bazaar Presents~ An Auction of 64 Windswept Rods, the bidding begins at 1,000 minas. ~minimum bid of 1k required~ Please send notice of your offer to Vaddon Starbreaker ((sullincollivan))
  2. *Flyers would be strategically placed around major cities, cloud temple, and various settlements.* Zelling Zkah Ug. Mi am Omar Grimmer'Lak. Mi am zelling TNT agh Gunpuwder. If lat wunt tu buy, zend a byrd tu mi or blah wib mi. Mi can uzually be found in Juhannezburg ((Oren)). Mi zell TNT fur H'tyty ((500)) mina agh Gunpuwder fur H'gakhty ((80)) mina. Mi wull put da TNT or Gunpuwder in da auction at Juhannezburg tu zell it tu lat. Rulg. ((Here's what it would look like in common for people that might have a hard time reading blah))
  3. A crude parchment hung on a wooden post, which seemed to be an advertisement. ~Gukdan's Spirit shop~ I am here to offer my skills as a smith, and a shaman. I have decided to use my shamanism to create items of great proportion that only the worthy men and women can buy from me. The sorts of things you could ask for all depend on the spirit you wish to use in the item, if you are in the dark about Spirits, then here's the list. A list of names and their meanings were scribbled underneath: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/112681-the-spirits/
  4. Quickly-drawn posters are plastered throughout the Cloud Temple. They read: "Looking to improve your woodworking without all that pesky grinding? Look no further! This Tome of the Woodworker will enhance your skills instantly with a quick read. You can have yours today. Just send a bird to Luka Blackwood ((LukathePrince)) with your offer."
  6. *Posters can be seen pinned to noticeboards around the Cloud Temple and its surroundings* Nether Warts for sale! For your alchemical needs, or otherwise. I have a vary large supply of warts and am looking to sell large amounts. Price: 30 minas per bundle (1 Stack). If you wish to buy in bulk, a better price is negotiable. Location: Sanctuary Contact Salendys if you're interested in buying!
  7. ~Notices are posted at the docks~ Sutica is selling large amounts of herbs: Blood Lotus x6 Halfling Grass x31 Tippin's Root x35 Elf's Hair Vine x6 Total Available: 78 Herbs Either post what you wish and the price you offer or send word to Lilyana of Sutica. First come, First serve. Should multiple notices be received at the same time for the same items, highest bid wins.
  8. Selling alchemical ingredients to whomever needs it, if you need more do tell I can get you whatever one would be in need of!
  9. There would be a poster pinned to a tree at the cloud temple docks, marked and waxed by House Colborn. [May The Offers Comence! Message julius55 on the server or pm me/post here.]
  10. * A team of Hobbits would be tasked with hanging posters across the lands, on various noticeboards, tree and rocks* *The poster reads* SELLING ITEMS OF THE LAND I can acquire items of your desire or need. Items that are so rare people have died looking for them. Or i can get items of a more common value such as your ores, woods, weapons and tools! Not only can i get this, i can also provide you with items from any profession at a cheap and reasonable price. Woodworking, Enchanting, Alchemy, Lumberjack, Mining, Stonemason, Fishing, and more..
  11. "A dragonscaled helmet recipe for sale!" That's right! Here in the lovely cloud temple docks I present you with an auction for this lovely recipe! Starting bid at five thousand mina, any takers? Buyout price sits at ten thousand mina.
  12. A poster would be pinned to one of the many trees outside of Felsens gate, it reads. "I have come to inherit a lot of produce from my relatives and would like to sell it for those whom are in need of it. Contact Eirik Colborn for a discussion of price I fashion myself a great miner and any would people whom want more than are available can feel free to order stock. My normal prices per ingot is usualy four mina but higher orders may get discounts or price might change depending on negotiations!" Signed Eirik Colborn (Julius55 PM on the forums or in-game, other resources
  13. *Flyers would be posted around major cities and towns* I, Arabella Delevoye, am seeking work as a chef. I will take any job i can get as a chef and can cook excellent food. Please contact me via bird or visit me at my home in Alsace.
  14. *Flyers would be posted around major cities and towns* I, Arabella Delevoye, am selling wheat, carrots, cooked and uncooked beef, various kind's of breads and soups. For the price of 5 minas each.
  15. Pieces of parchment are scattered around multiple travel routes, pinned to multiple trees. They would all read in an eloquent hand writing, "Selling avanite in bulks. Large quantities for sale, leave your name at the bottom of the parchment or contact me by any means." It's signed with the name, Asher. ((http://gyazo.com/960987ed5fb303c2acc958bf4b3151d2))
  16. A flier is pinned up on a post by the main road, around midway to the Scarlet Lotus. Scrawled on it is an sketch of a cow! "Selling Cattle! I have gained the possession of around twenty cows and some dozen sheep, for which I have no home nor desire to keep. I am selling these sheep for fifty minas a head and the cows for a meagre one hundred each. Should you have any interest in purchasing these animals, contact Marvin d'Vallens by means of a letter and we will meet in Siegrad."
  17. After a lot of preparation , Kal'Karaad stables are finally open offering the best animal stock in Athera for fair prices. Are you looking for fast horses? We got plenty and also for fair prices. Saddles , training sticks and saddles aswell! . Also if you buy one and for some reason lose it , if you show some kind of evidence that you brought if from us , you will get an discount for your next horse! Looking for animals ? We got lots of them aswell. From cows to mushrooms , sheep and rabbits. All of those for sale at Kal'Karaad's stables! If buying animals isnt w
  18. Kaphrite Supplies & Trading We are hiring at all times! We never say no to a reasonable offer! We bring you only the best, well sort of. Your constraints are our constraints too! We are an established business with a workforce that surpasses any other. We can fill any order you send us, whether it be from dirt to diamonds. We've just decided to release ourselves to the public because our stocks are too full to sell to the few vendors we have. We have a group of workers willing, ready, and able to fulfill your order in a timely and precise manner. Place an order? Placing
  19. Golden Company Welcome to the Golden Trading Company. Here you can buy commodities, services, and loans. Should you be looking for a job, Golden Company is the perfect place for you to get started in earning the big minas. We also provide supply lines for those willing to work out a deal. PayDays For Workers ((Saturday & Wednesday)) In order to receive pay, you must meet the required minimal pay-grade quota and check it in on or before your paycheck. Extra products that you retrieve may be kept or you can work up to the next pay-grade. Paychecks are guaranteed! Mining Pay
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