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Found 3 results

  1. 3VN

    [Builder] 3Vn's App

    Minecraft name: 3VN Skype ID: I'll give it in a pm if I'm accepted. Timezone: UTC +1 Have you had any bans or strikes? If yes give a link: I haven't gotten a ban or a strike. Why do you want to be a builder for the ET? I want to contribute to the server in the way that I find most enjoyable. I love building, whether it's grand builds or small. I especially love building with lots of detail. What are some of your most treasured builds? (screenshots if possible): My most treasured build is the entrance to the lonely mountain which I made for the The Hobbit: Roleplay server http://imgur.com/ah7xm9j All in all, the best builds I've made have been for this server http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/objective-servers/766513-the-hobbit-role-play-lord-of-the-rings-rp-24-7 What MMORPG/video games do you play? I play Skyrim, SWTOR, Just Cause 2, Mount and Blade and many more. Please provide screenshots of any medieval builds strictly you have built and a description of each: http://imgur.com/53Uwml5,2kMyGRo,oeeIad2,hmJDDtO,BuF4r7O,CPIKTIn,FYTD7Vz,YrvTkZx,DIigkkA A medieval village, with an arena connected to it. Inside the walls you will find a few houses, a farm, a church and a castle lookint out over the village. Please provide an example of a decent sized ruin build (stone or otherwise): http://imgur.com/jnYNUV5,GA4Xc8S Please provide an example of terraforming: I couldn't download Bukkit because of TMCA takedown so I hadto use an old terraformed build. It shows how I went forward when terraforming with VoxelSniper. http://imgur.com/8Gp0crD,LG9RDsE,mVzQSGu,IhVa8zz,TR9yVxJ,QiLtrwh,tqDW2lm,MwMjZfs Please provide an example of a organic build: http://imgur.com/jJsivpt,XJwpOS6 Please provide an example of a High fantasy build: http://imgur.com/huj9WXk,XnhIK7d inspired by this http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110607183021/lotr/images/7/75/Gundabad_1.jpg) Are you an independent builder, and are you capable of handling all aspects of a build? I can handle most of the build, except the interior. This is something I am working on, but interior is still my weakest side. I know how to terraform, I can do the exterior and I can make a good atmosphere for the overall build. Do you know much about redstone? Yes I do! I know how to make many different constructions with redstone. Just ask me and I'll make different redstone contraptions for you. How long does it take for you to complete a build? It depends on the size, what type and how many details I'm going to put in it. Some might take days, while others might be finished in an hour. Tell us how you plan on constructing a large build, a medium build, and a small build. With a large build I will first picture in my head what I will build. I will then start by laying out an foundation. A rough construction will follow. I will lastly smoothen out the build and add small details here and there. With a small build I will just start building and see where it takes me. I will stop multiple times and get an overall look of the build. If I don't like it, its gone simple as that, but if I like it I continue building in the direction I started. A medium build will be a combination of the above. I will picture it, and start building, I will try out new stuff which might give it the look I want, but if it doesn't fit I will remove it and try again. Additional details (Do you know how to Voxel? World Edit? Craftbook? Etc...): I know VoxelSniper in and out, its my favourite tool when terraforming. Its much more flexible than World Edit and it makes the build look more natural. World Edit is something I don't like to use when terraforming, but I use it to move, copy/paste and remove sections or the whole build. I have built for two other servers, called Road to Ages and The Hobbit: Roleplay, both of which where highly successful until their closure. On RTA I built houses in the main city and a few other cities, while in the Hobbit server I did most of the terraforming, and built different buildings around the map. http://3vnn.imgur.com/all Here is an imgur album of many builds I've either built on my own or helped building. Lastly, due to the TMCA take down of Bukkit, I couldn't use VoxelSniper or WorldEdit, so I had to manually terraform parts of the builds, explaining the poor quality. Tell me a trick about building (eg: floating torches, custom heads) Putting packed ice behind regular ice gives it a nice look, which makes it look more icy. Also, you can use different kinds of wood to make, lets say the floor look charred after a fire. Tell me what you want from the ET: An Event Team that not only provides the server with role play, but also gives them many builds to look at. Builds that not only looks good, but also have things to explore and find. This is what I hope to contribute to the Event Team if I am accepted.
  2. Minecraft Username: IlumTarus Age: 18 Time zone: US EST. (Eastern Standard Time) Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?: No, not Minecraft servers I'm afraid. Why have you decided to create a SM application?: Role playing isn't just a hobby for me. Its a passion. Its as much an art style as writing is- its in fact, living those writings. I feel I've been impacted so heavily by roleplay, as well as LotC, that I should only rightfully return that to this community. I hope with my experience as well as with my general work ethic I can impact the server for the better. That has been everyone's goal as far as I can remember. I may have mentioned earlier, I posted one GM application two years ago roughly. It was a piece of shite quite honestly. I hadn't had my head to clear, even now, I'm not fully sure how to go about helping the server. I know I want to make roleplay more easily accessible and seamless certainly. I want to really, really help get rid of the trolls on this server. I honestly feel like there's a lot of people breaking the rolls and going OOC in unnecessary ways that only harm the player base and I want to assist in handling that. It's obvious of the effects OOC/IC. I intend to both enforce and punish anyone who's being a troll, bully, or otherwise, an arse. This is a role play server, and OOC is fine sometimes, and natural, but we're not Facebook either. Additional information: Thank you to anyone and all who support me and have supported me. Thanks for reading.
  3. Minecraft username: Aptrotta Age: 15 Time zone: PST Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?: Yes, but only two. They were a few small nameless servers I found while surfing planet minecraft. On those servers I mainly just made sure people were not greifing or kicking them if they were spamming chat. Nothing major. Why have you decided to create an SM application?: I believe I can help ease the load of the current SMs/ GMs by helping out with modreqs and other things. I believe I am a very responsible person, a bit 'woozy' at times but not enough that will stop me from fulfilling my duties. I am a level headed person, un-bias. Additional information: I tend to be brutal when I am honest. Very brash and straight forward. Thats the only thing I can think that will affect me.