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Found 25 results

  1. Dasul- The Eternal Flame of Purity The white flame without ash. The cold waters in the pure land of snow, Dasul slumbered. Reawakened by a devote Uruk to cleanse the land for the safety of the Descendants. Their name will return to the mortal coil. The lands will be cleansed! In the Realm of Spirits, the white pure arctic fields are free from the gripping darkness. The Orcess and her teacher walk through the snow. The Orcess adorned in white fur robes, resisting the bitter bite of the cold on her feet. The animals frolic through the snow, enjoying the peace of the fallen snow as they approach trees, walking through to a pond untouched by the frozen touch of the lands. As they approached, form began to manifest. A white flaming spirit now presents itself before them. A slumber that lasted ages, the Daughter of Krug being the last to speak the name, of Dasul, the Eternal Flame of Purity, the white flame without ash, the cleansing will of Scorthuz. Reawakened to a broken promise that was made in ages past, the flame reignited in dominance. The Orcess raises her hands to the Spirit, claiming that her path is to cleanse the lands and see the world free from the Darkness. An accord was quickly struck, both agreeing to terms. Dasul's name be brought back from the Spirit Realm, a Shrine in their honor to cleanse the lands of the living. To sacrifice Darkspawn at their altar and to gain followers under their name. Only when these conditions are met, will The Eternal Flame offer it's will and strength to the Orcess.
  2. A Promise to Akezo 20th of Sun's Smile, SA 167 These pages strongly smell of cactus green with a faint hint of sage and nutmeg. Today was a pretty important day for me, as I finally got to meet another great spirit: Akezo, the immortal spirit of healing and vitality. I always wanted to meet him, as I always tended to her shrine in the old Krugmar, and prayed to him many times in my medical career. Hera, my current teacher in the shamanic art of Farseeing, brought me in her realm through a spiritwalk, though it was a bit different than what I usually experienced from my more frequent spirit walks through the Stargush'stroh; The smoke that Hera conjured was warmer, and way calmer than the dead cold cyan mist I'm used to, and instead of being pulled down or feeling as if falling, i felt a pulling upwards. It was very refreshing, as I always wandered what it would feel like to fly, or levitate. I Woke up in a huge hall, surrounded by quartz pillars and marble arches above them. It was pretty dark, but fortunately the place seemed filled with a faint blue light, letting me see a throne at the end of the hall. Sat on the throne I finally saw her: a huge winged serppent with shiny diamond scales, her eyes pierced the darkness with their icy blue shim, and it was like they were looking through my very soul. Akezo firstly thought Hera brought there just another soul in need of purging, but i tried to erase her doubt by reeting her in Old Blah with: "Lup Akezo, za kulat zrii trafat lat". I studied it for a few years, but it wasn't easy to remember all the words, especially when time was not in my favour. She seemed to have liked it, and so we both started speaking in Old Blah (at least I did some good practice with a native speaker). She told me not many uruks came to his realm, but a lot of desendants did just to get rid of their curses: a shame I thought, our land has always been inflicted with great wounds, but there are not many that have the will or kindness to heal them, instead of making them deeper. She then asked me if I was to pact with her, and I accepted. She asked me who I was, what I wanted from her and what I was willing to give. I waanted the power to heal my people of every harm that could come to them, and in truth, I was willing to give everything for that chance but that would not be a wise answer to give to any spirit, so as an equivalent exange, I offered my worship, my medical skill at the service of others and, in the future, to be the teacher of many other medics to come. Then I woke up, with the command from Akezo to build a shrine for her, and a renewed hope that our horde would be more safe, thanks to her power. Lup Akezo!
  3. The Spirits - Grand List For a long time have we used an existing list of spirits that gave little depth and but a short description about the spirit. This updated and more elaborate list is meant to bring more depth to shaman roleplay and define the outlines of spirits more. Furthermore I took the effort of linking some concept art and find you a basic representation of the spirit. Note that this is the spirits base form and at all times they can appear as their avatar form if they desire. Every spirit has 3 markers. These indicate the following: [Known by Many/Few/None] This indicates the availability of knowledge on this spirit. Many means one may know of the spirits existence without roleplay. Few means that only Shamans / Ex-Shamans or those that obtained knowledge on this spirit in roleplay know of the spirit and None implies that one can only know about this spirit through roleplay. [Commonly Praised/Taboo] This indicates how the spirit is looked at. Taboo means that one would rather not speak of them or exclaim enthousiasm in them, where commonly praised spirits make up names that occur in ones daily life. [Alignment: Neutral/Dark] The alignment of the spirit dictates its behaviour. Mostly if they are ill mannered, disrespectful or otherwise mischievous, or the contrary. Greater Elementals ‘The Known’ are the only great elemental spirits known of in character and the only ones that can be contacted/used. Existence of the others is yet to be proven or shall remain forever secret. The Elemental spirits govern over all that is material in the Realm. The Known Skathach - Spirit of Fire, depicted as a burning wolf [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Akathro - Spirit of Water, depicted as a half woman half fish [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Bregthar - Spirit of Earth, depicted as an aged stone behemoth [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Fiarza - Spirit of Air, depicted as an agile woman adorned in feathers, able to shift shape into any flying animal. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Kulthark - Spirit of Metal, depicted as a hollow suit of armor that can shift shape into a variety of forms. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Neizdark - Spirit of Storm, depicted as a mass of thundering clouds that can take on any shape. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] The Unknown Binazdar - Spirit of Light, depicted as bright white cat the brother of Radzanib [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Razlab - Spirit of Dark, depicted as a jet black cat, the brother of Binazdar [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Fanzra - Spirit of Chaos, depicted as a hydra that never ceases to move its heads, the brother of Andrif [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Andrif - Spirit of Order, depicted as an aged and calm dragon, the brother of Fanzra [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Rinsdat - Spirit of Life, depicted as a white wolf, brother of Tagnir, they are always seen chasing each others tails [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Tagnir - Spirit of Death, depicted as a black wolf, brother of Ringat, they are always seen chasing each others tails [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Omnizan - Spirit of Space, depicted as a red snake, intertwined with it’s partner Sandru. Also take the form of a colossus wielding a shield made of the universe [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Sandru - Spirit of Time, depicted as a blue snake, intertwined with it’s partner Omnizan. Also takes the form of a colossus wielding a staff made of all time [Known by None] [Not Praised] [Alignment: Unknown] Greater Immortal Spirits The immortal spirits stand for all that is not material in the Realm, and thus there is a plethora of Immortal spirits with another countless amount of lessers beneath them. Greaters Votar - Spirit of the Hunt Appearing as a giant half-wolf-half-stag with a bloodied snout. Governs the art of Hunting and is often praised by offering tribute in the form of Hunting Trophies. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Freygoth -Spirit of the wild, nature, and animals She takes any natural form she may desire and works in union with the Aspects. Her role takes on a motherly figure to most. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Enrohk - Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery, and War Appearing as a berserker covered in blood [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Dark] Vulka - Spirit of Warfare, strategy, and siegecraft Appearing as a woman made of bronze that is always preparing for war [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Dark] Jevex - Spirit of Order, Hard Work, and Self-Sacrifice Appearing as a humanoid composed of interlocking gears. Enemy of Shezept. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Shezept - Spirit of Revenge, Plots, and Stealth Appearing as a woman with the lower body of a snake. She rewards those that tell her their darkest of plots and secrets. Has a fascination for personal Vendettas. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Ixli - Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge, Truth, and Judgement Appearing as a giant staring eye. He provides knowledge at the cost of sanity. The Spirit knows All, but will only give away part of his knowledge upon request at the cost of a high price. Speaking with him often referred to as bargaining with a Demon. [Known by Few][Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Ogrol - Spirit of Despair, sapped strength, and entrapment Appearing as a thin man carrying a cage full of writhing bodies. He attempts to lock all who summon him away in his prison. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Kor - Spirit of the dead. Appears as a cloaked man with a bony open hand and a lantern. Unique in that he has a method of being outside the Immortal Plane in order to guide the souls of the departed to the Ancestral Plane. He is the Gatekeeper of the Stargûsh’Stroh. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Ankrus - Spirit of the sea, marine life, and sea-faring. Appears as a aquatic woman wielding a trident. Said to bless ships of honour in their oversea journey, where as she is without mercy for ships that dare defy her will. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Arwa- Spirit of fertility, harvest and farming. Appears as a plump female made of hay. A motherly figure that appears kind to all that praise her. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Anyhuluz - Spirit of destruction, malicious intent, and internal strife. Appears as a warrior covered in open wounds. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Akezo - Spirit of Health, Vitality, and Healing. Appears as a woman constantly surrounded by a blue aura, comprised of small wisps [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Paxahru - Spirit of arrogance and stupidity Appears as a jester [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Ublulhar - Spirit of hope and new beginnings Appearing as an entling bursting from the ground [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Ghorza - Spirit of Travel, movement, and fortune both bad and good Appearing as an old traveller with a walking stick, with various fetishes attached [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Rolfizh - Spirit of murder, the clandestine, and poison Appearing as a dagger-bearing figure made of shadow [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Trokorl - Spirit of engineering, machinery and construction Appearing as a pile of building materials and metal that can take any shape [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Luara - Spirit of the moon Appearing as a pale white wolf [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Kezt - Spirit of honour and bravery Appearing as a bright silver hoplite [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Ramakhet - Spirit of the desert, barren lands, and sand. He is never seen and therefore is only represented by his name. Sworn to scour the world of all life at the end of time. [Known by None] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Krathol - Spirit of Pain, suffering and starvation. Appears as a skeletal man with the ability to shift shape into a Vulture at will. Shall try to physically hurt all that dare summon him. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Veist - Spirit of Illusion, Tricks, and thievery. Appears as a faceless man with one thousand arms. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Glutros - The spirit of greed, and obesity He appears as a big man covered in jewelry and shall attempt to take all that is of value and hoard it. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Thulezia -Spirit of lust, pleasure and beauty Appearing as a succubus-like creature who shifts between male, female, or both. Will attempt to lure all whom summon it into temptation and seduction. If it succeeds it will entrap them. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Isuz - Spirit of love, caring, and tranquility Appearing as an Aengul that brings warmth to every beating hearth. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Kinul - Spirit of Disease, Pestilence, and failure. Appears as a wailing man with limbs constantly growing then falling off due to necrosis. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Urin - Spirit of weather, seasons, and climate Appearing as a raven that changes colour and temperament with the seasons. [Known by Few] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Kesaroth - Spirit of envy, hatred and jealousy Appearing as a golden bull [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Leyd - Spirit of dominance and physical strength Appearing as a strong man with burned off skin. His flesh blackened. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Scorthuz - Spirit of cleansing, purity and purging Appearing as a watery mass that takes many forms [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Aztran - Spirit of the Sun, Stars, and the Ethereal Appearing as a Qing Long [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Theruz - Spirit of intelligence and learning Appearing as a wise old teacher. Brother of Betharuz. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Betharuz -Spirit of alcohol, cactus green and celebration Appearing as a jovial young man, in direct contrast to his brother, Theruz [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Velkumezt - Spirit of cities, settlements, and the law Appearing as a giant carrying a hammer/sword. With a single smash he can erect a city around him. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Gentharuz - Spirit of smithing, smelting, industry and forging Appearing as a huge void of matter, hammering a cosmic anvil [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Ikuras - Spirit of Fear and Insanity. Often likes to pretend it is a daemon. Appears as a dark void with tendrils creeping out. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Wodanaz - Spirit of Magic, the Arcane, and Mystical energies Appearing as a swirling vortex of purple energy from which he takes any form [Known by Few] [Commonly Praised][Alignment: Neutral] Drelthok - Spirit of Sleeping and Dreams Appearing as a drowsy bear [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Eathruz - Spirit of Dawn and Dusk Appearing as a red woman able to transform into a fury red hawk. [Known by Few] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Kotrestruu - Spirit of Memory and the Recording of Knowledge Appearing as a wizened old man made up of scripture. Is known to carry a vial on him that acts as a cannister of memories taken from mortals. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Letrothak -Spirit of Hindsight, Warnings, and Excuses Appearing as small man with a head completely covered in eyes [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Xaakt - Immortal Spirit of Rebellion. Appears as a ghastly figure that can take on any form it wants. [Known by None] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Etna - Immortal Spirit of Melacholy and Depression. Appears as a blackened fog that takes the shape of a crying person. She will try to suck all emotion from those that summon her and only leave Sadness and Depression. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] âmul - Immortal Spirit of Wisdom and Foresight Spirit Appearance: A similar being to a Hou-Zi Dazkur - Greater Immortal Spirit Protection, and Loyalty Appearance: A great Paladin in steel armor, carrying nothing but a shield as protection/weapon Lessers Laklul - Spirit of Swamps and swamp life. Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a large pale yellow toad-like creature [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Swamp] @Travista Jezdurka - Spirit of Lesser Dragonkin (dragons, drakes, wyverns, etc). Lesser under Freygoth. Appears as a red and white dragon. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Levaz - Spirit of Slaves and Slavery. Lesser under Leyd. Appears as a man with robes made of chains with a train of slaves following. [Known by Few] [Considered Taboo] [Alignment: Dark] Zagbal - Spirit of Jungles and the wildlife native to it. Appears as a gorilla with a crocodile's head. [Known by Many] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Neutral] Smawton - Spirit of Lore and Tomes. Lesser under Theruz. Appearing as a Dark Figure emanating White Light whom spends his time reading various tomes of old lore, rather than sorting them. [Known by Few] [Commonly Praised] [Alignment: Reading] @Smaw Ekues/Eques - Lesser Immortal Spirit of Dignity and Gallantry under Kezt Appearance: A mysterious figure dressed in clad iron armor. Kaas - Lesser Immortal Spirit of Kaas is the spirit of reconaissance, stealth, and secrecy, under Vulka Kaa contrasts to Shezept, as the intentions of Shezept are for personal vengeance, whereas the actions that Kaa oversees are for the purposes of warfare and the taking of bad actions for the greater good. Appearance: A purple-scaled python Greater Ancestral Spirits The Greatest [Known by All] Krug - The first and greatest Shaman. Due to his greatness in life, he is an exceptonally powerful ancestral in death, and so summoning will require a convention of at least 5 T5 Lutaumans to even have a possibility of summoning him, though even then it’s likely that attempting to toy with such great power will result in failure, and potentially great harm or death. The Greater [Known by Many] Lur - Said to be the greatest hunter in history. Rax - Said to be the greatest warrior of all time. Gorkil - Known as a great military strategist and tactician. Braduk - Famed as a great Chieftain Dom - Said to be a exceptional shaman, second only to Krug. Ugluk - Third born kub of Gorkil, renowned as a great warrior. Azog - Said to be the greatest smith in history. Kurak - Also known as the wolf of Lur, when summoned causes the shaman to transform into a half orc, half wolf creature, losing their mind for the short while they are transformed. Tor - Also known as the Fist of Lur, renown for his calm, collective intellect and physical strength. Trickster - Trickster of Lur, he was renowned for his subterfuge. His skills at deception and diversion were so great his identity was unknown. Bralkor - The Axe of Lur, known for his great resistance to physical damage. Jarkun - The Sword of Lur, known for strength combined with dexterity and speed. Yar - Descended from Dom (though unknown to be so), known for his great wisdom and spirituality. Yaggo - Sometimes called the greatest rider of all time. Dregort - The greatest boat builder and captain to have ever lived, legend holds his mother was Ankrus herself Grumbag - Known in life as a great builder, he is the patron off all Yazgars Vargo - Known for being a great alchemist. The Known [Known by Few] (The Uruks and Mali‘Ker) Kharak [Smawton] - An exceptional Orcish Rex who created the world's greatest ever tribute to a Spirit in the form of the Orgonic plague. Known for his exceptional spirituality and leadership. Phaedrus [Cosmicwhaleshark] - Liberator of the Wood Elves, and first Elven Rex of the War Uzg as well as a great shaman. Renowned for his honour, wisdom, integrity and tenacity. Khel [Baconthief] - One of the greatest mali'ker to live, he uplifted his people out from the abyss. He is renowned for his frightful ferocity paired with a cunning mind Arganos [FactCore] - A superb party goer and thrower, and a maestro in the art of entertainment and celebration. Renowned for his skill in acrobatics and many musical instruments. Kaldo - A firm but fatherly figure among most living mali'ker, he guided his people through adversity. Renowned for his carefulness and authority. Jiub [Sky] - An immense figure who founded the Div'cruan. Known for his strength, honour, and bravery. Delilah [Decolamb] - A matriarchal figure to the dark elves during the time of Thales and early Athera, her love and care brought many dark elves into the fold and gave them purpose. Lenden [LinkKN2] - An outgoing member of the Div’cruan and a servant to the ‘Ker. Lenden’s happiness was infectious to those around him. Weather through kind words or a bright smile, Lenden lit up many ‘Ker’s lives and left a lasting impact after his passing. Grubgoth Wud [Grubgoth_Wud] - A notoriously savage olog of a tremendous height and weight, albeit uncannily adroit chef. Notably Grubgoth of the War Uzg under a myriad of Rexes, and Keshig under the plague-bringer Kharak’Raguk. For a brief period, he commanded his own clan of ologs. New Spirits New spirits are discovered every now and then by a wandering shaman. If he’d come across one of new species, mostly being a lesser, it is documented and thus added to this list. (( Out of Character )) If you have a suggestion for a new Greater / Lesser Spirit of Immortal or Ancestral heritage, please fill in the following format and tag me (@hedgehug) in it in order for the spirit to be reviewed and possibly added. Spirit Type: Greater / Lesser (and if Lesser name the Greater that stands superior over it) Spirit Name: Spirit Totem: Spirit Appearance: (You may include concept art) Alignment: Discovery: Found by a wandering shaman (though of) / On-Server Event
  4. Fûthmoz [Lesser wind spirit to Fiarza, spirit of clouds and songs] Appearance/behaviour: - - - - - - - - - - - - An air elemental like figure taking any shape he wills with the use of clouds. Wind spirals around him constantly and would usually take the shape of a large bird like creature or a humanoid with long hair and beard when showing himself. His movements are constant like the air flowing around him and in his realm. His demeanour is mostly calm but shifts quickly depending the situation. Realm: - - - - - - - - - - Fûthmoz spirit realm would be a cloudy white area in the bright cloudy sky, no sun would be in the realm and it would have tornadoes around connecting the clouds of above and below. Only grey floating mountain tops could be seen above a ''floor'' of clouds. Its appearance would change quickly due to the wind swirling around in it, carrying feathers and leaves from pacts, gifts and sacrifices. By Azfrai’Lur, conduit of the wind [Plummius]
  5. ~ The Pact of Love and Warmth ~ ___________________ In the spirit realm, two friends find themselves awakened, one filled with anxiety and nervousness while the other eagerly embraces the adventure that lies ahead. Guided by a snow fox with an orange gold tip at the end of its tail, they traverse through the ethereal plane, eventually arriving at a captivating sight—a dark forest illuminated with multiple bright lights. The fox would guide them to a quaint cabin, Paheti may know. As they approach the cabin, a warm glow emanates from within, casting a soft light on the surrounding trees. Peering through the windows, they catch a glimpse of an old leader who had passed away some time ago, known only by Paheti. Tahlia is diligently tending to a crackling fire, her presence exuding a sense of wisdom and serenity. The two friends watched from outside, as the fox suddenly disappeared, leaving them to contemplate their next move. With a mixture of trepidation and anticipation, they muster the courage to knock on the door. The door swings open, revealing Tahlia—the once familiar face she's known so well. Tahlia's eyes widened with recognition. “Karin’ayla…..paheti Oem’ii.” She’d speak Old Blah, although they would hear it in common. Tahlia brings Paheti into a warm, motherly loving embrace, before welcoming them inside. The atmosphere in the cabin is cozy and inviting, with the crackling fire providing a comforting setting. Tahlia radiates a sense of peace and contentment within the room easing Paheti’s sadness. “Uhm- Is this really you Tahlia?- Well my friend and I were brought here in search of a spirit named Jiya We lost the snow fox that led us here. And got a bit lost on where to go” “You mean this snow fox?” She would gesture to the farseer sipping tea nearby, she sits at the table calmed within her environment. “Ah- Well would you have any clue where this spirit is?” She’d sit nearby as she’d ask the Tahlia questions, as the night unfolds, they'd forge a deeper connection, they'd share memories of the past, soon gaining comfort in the knowledge that she's departed from what was once life, and now lives on in a new way. And that this being they’d met, is the spirit they’re looking for. “Now that my truth's been revealed, Paheti my dear, do tell me why is it that you come here to this realm?” With ease, she’d explain her reasoning, as well as her goal within shamanism. “I’ve always been interested in the idea of being spiritually open-minded, my haelune was the reason why I followed within traditions to connect with others, pray and appreciate my ancestors and loved ones When I joined the Kanavainua seed. It brought me closer to the practice of protecting my spirit and tuning into our inner selves, which I failed to follow after sometime of losing those close to me and being focused with the external life.” She’d release a heavy exhale, as it saddens her how life has distracted her from what matters the most. She’d close up her reasoning.. “I would like to return to what is true peace in mind, and that is why I'm here.” “So this person you once called your Leader.. Did she show you the way? ” The spirit asked. “I sense a connection deep within you, sun elf child, you quelled the fear and worry, as I smothered you in my motherly embrace. Is that something you wish to share as well?” Paheti would look to her friend, soon back to spirit. Remembering the loving hug given, the feeling of the released sadness and confusion lifted from her soul, she’d reply. “Ti! For the longest she's guided me the right way and here I am, I would want no other than to share this feeling with others I care for.” She’d squeeze her friend's hand, bringing her other to her chest, meaning what was said. “Love has gone cold- and hearts have dried to the point of not pouring enough love. The desire to share your inner ray of light to those who shall not deceive you. Do you seek this desire as well as warm them and hydrate them, so that they may foster fruits of true love and care?” The farseer seemingly continued to sip her tea, simply enjoying the wonders of an empty tea cup and imagination. Paheti doesn’t hesitate to reply, reflecting on how she already warms hearts with her cheerful personality. “Ti!” “Then go.. From this point forward, show that there are people that care, that love is not gone within this world. Go and show the world that I, Jiya- lesser of Isuz, wander these lands” The spirit approaches her, with the tone for demand she says. “Build me a shrine in my name, and bring me one more follower for when you have mastered my powers, and I shall give you the key to more” After being said.. Their eyes blur until dark, their vision would daze back into existence within the mortal realm, their bodies gaining feeling as they have awakened..- ___________________
  6. Symbol of the spirit Ka'tau, personification of universal law. The Book of Ka’tau Divinely inspired stories and tales of the Rah’mun peoples, translated from the writings and speeches of the prophets, lector priests, and Pharaohs. Translated and Delivered by: Atemu-Ta Amun Prophet, Voice of Ka’tau, Sword of the Ra’tuhmet, Pharaoh of Rah’tuma Book 1: Creation story. The following tale has been passed down in the oral traditions of the Rah’mun peoples, who follow the faith of Ka’tau. Ka’tau is a spiritualist faith which affirms an animistic worldview. Adherents of Ka’tau believe in a single universal law of justice and harmony which binds all of existence together and takes many forms. The various spirits of the faith represent the different faces of Ka’tau, creating an endless list of entities which represent every facet of existence. The main three entities given credence by most practitioners of the faith are the Ra’tuhmet, an eagle-headed lord of eternal sunlight; Hesthor, a cow lady of pure waters, soul preservation, and bovine purging; and Kalthet, a lion-headed lady of grand strategy and Rah’mun battles. This story explains the Rah’mun origin story. The Rah’muns believe that before anything existed the universe was merely a void. Ka’tau herself, the personification of the universal law, brought forth the Ra’tuhmet as the first light which filled the void. The Ra’tuhmet then forged the stars, the world, and everything within it. At the edges of this void emerged Kalthet and Hesthor, who both claimed different aspects of the newly created world. The Creation story contains the emergence of Keop, the mortal enemy of Ka’tau, and Iblees and his general Kazul and their activities against the early descendants. This book is considered the most sacred of all the Rah’mun texts and is essential reading for any followers of the faith. All should read and understand with the fullness of their heart this sacred story. The text [links here]: Book of Ka'tau: Creation. OOC:
  7. "A race with the wind" By Plummius. ------========@[🌫]@========------- 'As Azfrai and her friend Minto woke up they felt the moving wind on their face, as they looked up and a hoard of clouds was moving, riding the very same wind the felt upon them Azfrai began to look around discovering they sat on the top of a mountains, around them were several other mountains with the wind racing between them. delighted Azfrai would get up feeling the air around her, straching her arms sideways she took a deep breath and with a long sigh and a smiled carved up her face she said to Minto "Wi ahm here". 'A short while after the two have gotten sense of where they are, Azfrai would call out to the spirit occupying this realm "Fiarza!" and not long after the wind around them shifted its route, beginning to form a clear path that leads them to an area at the bottom of the mountain the two would follow, Azfrai in a rush would almost glide down as Minto followed. As the two arrived to the bottom the wind shifted again! showing them a clear path followed by the clouds above them to a certain mountain where at its peak the clouds would circle in an almost inviting way. Azfrai told Minto "Well peepz like we have to klimb." Quick to answer Minto said "Aye!". Azfari would notice the hight of the mountain and would kneel in-front of the halfling saying "Latz klimb on mi back, mi will help latz klimb." with a firm nod and a quick swoop Minto easily climbed on the fe-orc's back before she began to climb upwards. Not long into the travel upwards the wind shifted again! with a sound that resembled a chuckle, the two would find themselves at the bottom of the mountain once more, confused the two exchanged looks before Azfrai let out a chuckle of her self, "Latz gruk that iz funny huh fiarza?" - "well, how about we race to the top then?" The wind calmed as Azfrai made the suggestion, almost like thinking for a bit before the clouds that were circling the mountain rushed down as they changed their purpose now at the bottom with Azfrai and Minto, Azfrai said "Minto, maybe lat zhould wait this azh out?" he quickly answered with a smile and determination "Nd miss 'oll te fun?" He would place him self at a ready posture along with Azfrai. Switching her gaze from the clouds to Minto she yelled "Ready?" - "GO!" The ''three'' raced upwards with speed, yet as expected the spirit won with Azfrai second and Minto trailing behind the two reached the top. As Minto cought up reaching the top the clouds were beginning to take form of a silver grey bird quickly morphing into a humanoid figure of a female, her feathers still attacked to parts of her body she began smiling, dancing around the two Fiarza inspected Azfrai now dancing in-front of Azfrai. With a wide smile and an urge to dance with the spirit Azfrai asked "Lat nub recognize mi?" the spirit stood for a second upon closer look her face brightened up Fiarza spoke in the old language "Yub mi do, blezzed azh, azh who carried my blezzing zince birth." - "Wub iz lat purpoze here?" Azfrai thought for a minute, yet sure enough with her feelings she said with a calm yet joyful voice "Mi wizh to be latz vezzel, untether mi-zelf from the earth agh zhow otherz latz ztrength." The spirit stopped dancing, she took Azfrai's hand gently with her voice echoing through the realm she spoke "The do zo, teach them all, give them latz wing. my blezzed azh, zhow it," And with those words Azfrai's tattoos began glowing faint blue grey color, air circling around her the spirit began to leave with the same dance chuckling, with that slowly the tattoos dimmed and the air calmed till none Azfrai left the realm with a pact and purpose. ------========@[🌫]@========-------
  8. Anghkul Spirit of Metal Refinement [Under Kulthark] The young smith found herself in darkness. With no clue of her whereabouts, no clue of what could happen, her only anchor to reality being her mentor in front of her, tt wouldn’t take much however, that a loud roar of flames lights up their surroundings with a reddish color, the smith’s vision blurred for a moment, as the place is revealed. Tink, tink, tink. The constant sound of tireless blacksmiths hammering with precision against heated metal filled the air, together with an extreme heat, unbearable. Molten magma flowed from wide channels, aiding their unstoppable crafts. A gargantuan forge, bigger than most cities, that’s the place they ended up visiting, entirely made of metal and ores, but for the elfess smith that felt like home, she couldn’t hide her excitement and curiousity, guided by her mentor, until… “IZG ZAUG'AANGHUM TURKÛRZ DULUG” A booming voice struck them as they approached an immense tower, shaking the elfess soul with that ancient tongue, unknown to her. Before them, a colossus of a humanoid completely made of raw ores, featureless and with no recognizable body form. Various hammers held by tendrils that constantly smithed onto anvils, creating artifacts upon artifacts. The mentor translated to the young smith: “It speaks of finding the perfect artifact; the perfect creation. Step forward, my student. See it with yourself, I shall only be your translator.” Tink, tink, tink. The spirit glared towards the duo, stretching forward towards them, unnaturally, yet they didn’t stop their craft. His featureless gaze fixed upon the young smith, it inquired in that same ancient tongue he spoke, translated: “WHAT ARE YOU?” For a moment, the elfess is filled with awe, was that… fear? For just a moment, there was just the constant sound of a thousand smiths, the crackling flames of the forge, the molten metals slowly moving towards the furnaces… But the young smith couldn’t let this moment go in vain, there was no place for fear, she shrugged it off, and so she spoke, fearless: “Hello!” The young elfess greeted with simplicity, as if the spirit was an equal to her, a booming chuckle resonated within the forge… But still the smith did not falter, she introduced herself, catching the spirit’s interest: “ANGHKUL” The spirit told their name to the smith, and so they spoke. They found their common goal, a quest for perfection, a path of constant improvement, seeking the perfect alloy, and the perfect weapons. An agreement was found, and a pact was made. Tink, tink, tink. The elfess was encased in molten metal, becoming a statue, a process so painful she couldn’t even scream, but she accepted that, she did not resist. She felt a deeper connection into her soul, she was now bound to the spirit, she was accepted.
  9. [!] The massive Codex, bound in aurum and jet black leather, is stamped with a crimson Skaddernak. Dense pages of cane parchment within are expertly bound using silk cords, and many sheets at the end of each section are left blank for future entries. Blocky yet precise script is legible to all races in common. [!] The Conceptual Compendium: Spirits Elemental agh Immortal Introduction Over the years, Kor'garr has found many children of Krug grow up without proper knowledge of the Spirits. Such a lacking education is more fitting of Nub-Uruks or Trialwalkers seeking Honorary status, those who must be introduced to Orc Kulture rather than being raised in it. To rectify this as Skriptgoth of the Horde, Kor'garr has compiled the many records of San'Velku's Library of Theruz into a single lexicon of spiritual enlightenment, flavored by first fist accounts from miself agh shamans that have met these spirits. This is not a complete list. Some names and realms have not been sought out for a pact in centuries, and some Spirits simply represent dishonorable concepts Kor'garr will not praise with detailed descriptions. That being said, shamans with unmentioned records or details are welcome to seek me out and share their findings! Kor'garr will add to this massive tome as years go on. May the spirits guide lat on the path of Truth to greater understanding. Kor'garr the Clanless, Skriptgoth of the Iron'Uzg Year CXXXI (131) of the Dubth Age OOC NOTE THE ELEMENTAL SPIRITS Akathro - Spirit of Water Bregthar - Spirit of Earth Fiarza - Spirit of Air Kulthark - Spirit of Metal Neizdark - Spirit of Storms Skathach - Spirit of Fire THE IMMORTAL SPIRITS Akezo - Spirit of Healing, Vitality, and Health Amul – Spirit of Wisdom and Foresight Ankrus - Spirit of the Seas, Marine life, and Seafaring Anyhuluz - Spirit of Destruction, Malicious Intent, and Internal Strife Arwa- Spirit of Fertility, Farming, and Harvest Aztran - Spirit of the Sun, Stars, and the Ethereal Betharuz -Spirit of Alcohol, Cactus Green and Celebration Brimztra - Kor'garr knows nothing of this Spirit, aside from their name. Dazkur - Spirit of Protection and Loyalty Drelthok - Spirit of Sleeping and Dreams Eathruz - Spirit of Dawn and Dusk Enrohk - Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery, and War Etna - Spirit of Melancholy and Depression. Freygoth – Spirit of the wild, animal instinct, and Flora/Land Fauna Gazigash - Spirit of Blood, Bones, and Flesh Gentharuz - Spirit of Smithing, Smelting, Industry and Forging Ghorza - Spirit of Travel, Movement, and Fortune of all kinds Glutros - Spirit of Greed, Gluttony, and Excess Ikuras - Spirit of Fear and Insanity Isuz - Spirit of Love, Caring, and Tranquility Ixli - Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge, Truth, and Judgement [The entry below is scorched and completely illegible] Jevex - Spirit of Order, Hard Work, and Self-Sacrifice Kesaroth - Spirit of Envy, Hatred and Jealousy Kezt - Spirit of Honour and Bravery Kinul - Spirit of Disease, Pestilence, and Failure Kor - Spirit of the Dead, Gatekeeper to the Stargush. Kotrestruu - Spirit of Memory and the Recording of Knowledge Krathol - Spirit of Pain, Suffering and Starvation Leyd - Spirit of Dominance and Physical Strength Luara - Spirit of the Moon Ogrol - Spirit of Despair, Sapped Strength, and Entrapment This being is not one to be mentioned in Honorable conversation. Kor'garr will not dwell upon them. Paxahru - Spirit of Arrogance and Stupidity Ramakhet - Spirit of the Desert, Barren Lands, and Sand. Shezept - Spirit of Revenge, Plots, and Stealth This being is not one to be mentioned in Honorable conversation. Kor'garr will not dwell upon them. Scorthuz - Spirit of Cleansing, Purity and Purging Theruz - Spirit of Intelligence and Learning A bright mind balances a resilient body, and Theruz's domain encompasses the strength of wit and intellect soundly. Unfortunately, little is known about this spirit as few have taken the chance to visit their domain. The existence of a shrine in the Library of Barbog might be an opportunity for seekers of knowledge to learn more about this elusive entity. Trokorl - Spirit of Engineering, Machinery and Construction One of the less prevalent Major spirits, Tromorl is quite the subject of fanaticism for Goblin and Gnomish Tinkerers or workers of Animii and Smoggers. Aside from that, Kor'garr has heard little about this spirit. Ublulhar - Spirit of Hope and New Beginnings Kor'garr knows little about this spirit, strangely enough. Despite this, they are often praised after times of crisis or change, such as our arrival upon the lands of Aevos. Urin - Spirit of Weather, Seasons, and Climate Veist - Spirit of Illusion, Tricks, and Thievery. Velkumezt - Spirit of Cities, Settlements, and The Law Votar - Spirit of the Hunt Vulka - Spirit of Warfare, Strategy, and Siegecraft Concerning Lesser Spirits Kor'garr will add entries explaining the known lessers of various domains as mi hears of them. Shamans are especially welcome to discuss their experiences with meeting their patrons, and can contact Kor'garr using ag mailbox at the Kaktuz Weekli office within the Library of Barbog in San'Briu. OOC: References and sources
  10. The Old Lur traveled far and wide with his ancient Lur Wolf as an independent unit unaware of the events that transpired in San Velku. The Orc and Wolf find themselves in a dark environment full of Netherrite, Falum watches under his darkened old hood as many other descendent refugees flood into the area. The elder kept himself away from the Mori as he kept himself isolated working on his studies and practices. He would exhaust himself regularly due to his old age, but had the work ethic to continue on. For so long he allowed his mind to be clouded and for it the ancestors have punished him to a great degree. Falum’Lur traveled between the many caverns and found many of the ancient anvils amongst other things. He found many of these sites peculiar, having interest in such ancient ruins & relics. When he returned to the underdark ruins he found that many he acquainted with were not of his kind; not of Krug’s lineage. Though he searched through the ruins there was no place he would find Orcs to be taking shelter in. During his search he reminisced upon his life many centuries ago when he was displaced from his home after an attempted genocide on Krug’s people and the court execution of his father, Vorgo’Yar. The shaman returned to the ruins as he sought an isolated meditation. The Ancestors have possessed and punished the elder’s mind for decades with the lack of piety within himself and the iron horde. The orc compels himself to think with great difficulty as he rests his blood-red eyes while his Lur Wolf roams the lands of Failor on its own for prey. His eyes snap open and he leans onto his feet using his old but large and strong muscles and says to himself. “Mi shall raise a Temple to those who came before us. Ash dat will nub ever be wiped from duh memory of cubs and even the spirits themselves shall exalt.”
  11. TeawithFrisket


    “Could this be it?” Uruks continued to pass by her as she waited “I’m doing this for them, to restore our rightful path...finally.” “Come…” The giant Uruk-hai called to the she-Mali “A dream of darkness, was this it?” Pit…pat…tap Trickles of water began to fall upwards on the chin of the 'Solarii, she looked down to what could be the infinite void, but something rushed at her. Waves now began clashing upon her, a twister came forth dragging the elf along the ocean, the storm raged upon her surroundings. “BOROK!” she cried out, “YOU SAID TO TRUST YOU, SO HELP ME!” The ‘Solarii Princess looked around, no land in sight, no area to cling unto as she sunk under the depths, holding her breath as thunder clashed upon the waves, in it light resonated in the depths she saw something big, gargantuan. “Is that… ?” From afar the princess could see what would be a shipwreck as she fastened her self for a long swim. Upon the shipwreck she climbed and climbed up, thunder clashed upon the wrong which the ship was wedged into. The ship rocked as she took the mast, The Uruk Rex looking down on The Crown Princess ask “Is there a problem child…?” The Elf remarked with a very sarcastic tone “Problem no. Just one Issue, WHERE ARE WE?!” From her yells a sudden wave clashed upon the ship, and a giant hammerhead shark came forth in a glorious manner. “Amirz âhm lât, golug?!” (Who are you, elf?!) Thus the spirit roared, only to have the Girl retort "I wish to make a pact with you O’ Gran’grin Et-da Ma’er” The woman inquired, as she was found out of a secret, the child knew more than met the eye of the normal descendant. However, it was far from ceasy, as the spirit opened its maw, closing in on the pair, as the elfess accepted death, once more betrayed by those who she put trust in “Lât skûm ah-grîzh. Grîzh-lûb? Izg nork, lât flok.” (You smell of blood. Daughter of the Blood. I take, you give.) From it, the spirit examined the elfess with a sniff, as it asked and received a tribute to pass along the depths. “The immortal wants lat to give tribute, to offer something in exchange for power, daughter of the blood.” Thunder clashed once more as the ship began to fall, and so did she, as the she-elf braced for impact into the dark depths. From the depths, the girl saw what was a whale swimming upward to catch its meal. Thus the ‘Solarii embraced this. “Death….regret….I’m sorry my Ochem’ii” Within seconds the elf was swallowed hole and in the belly of the giant fish, however, within mere seconds she saw light, A final hope, the will to live drove her to swim faster than any person, mammal, or being in this world. And once she did she came to a cove, an aquamarine throne, and a Walking Hammerhead Shark. The Elfess' legs were jelly, she could not stand, nor walk as she attempted many times but fell to the floor, weighed down by the sea current which stuck to her calves. She fell on her knees as she looked at the spirit, The Rex in his spirit form came behind, as he sprung from the pool. “Izû hôn lât, bub’hôsh Ilzgûl. Izû thrak ah-golug. Grîzh-lûb.” ('We see you, great spirit. We bring Ember of the elves. Daughter of the Blood.') The hammerhead shark questioned, his voice coming from inside of Ember’s head. The spirit spoke in a language Ember knew not. Pondering she began to hear such spirit switch to common. “I wish to offer a part of me, to pact with you, To revive my ancestor's past, to bring back both the path of spiritualism and elements into our world.” The spirit Azmôrk, chuckled below as he now gazed the Uruk, saying a few words to him in blah. The Orkish Rex let out a snarl, annoyed. the elf turned to him asking. “Can’t be anything good, if your snarling…” The spirit huffed, her smart remarks were but inexplicable to her expense of what she came to the realm with. Her excuses were dull to him, and from it he approached the elfess. His stench reeked her nose as she tried her best to bear with it “He ask why do latz hold the power of blood.” The elf turns to the spirit, with a confident look, one also covered in fear. This was not like Kaira, nothing like her at all, instead she was dealing with soemthing more fierce, she understood the words Acria had told her before this walk, she under stood. “E’ use it to heal others, E’ used it to regrow my ears. E’ have not used it for anything more than that.” The spirit snarled and looked at Ember, as he spoke with a booming voice in their heads, but speaking Elder blah in front of them. “Kaal-Lûk âhm ah-grîzh. Hûnbûm-Lûk.” Azroth points to Borok, Ember turns “This one is a destroyer, the Blood fuels his wrath.” From it, the spirit offered his moist-gooed hand “Rise. Take my mark and receive my blessing. Spread my name far and wide as Azmôrk, elemental of the dark waters. Build me a shrine and followers to pact with me.” From such, she took his hand, as that happened, her lights fell from her head, and she sunk deeper into the darkness, as things began to feel more disconnected, however, she felt the waves now calm in her favor as Ember returned to her body Rad izû âhm âsh. (Now we are one)
  12. Two figures stood beside each other before a fire, gouts of black smoke drifting into the air. One, a malflame-marred woman, sat down in the chair as the man beside her – a scarred Ork, prepared a herbal brew. The woman warily looked at the flames as they heated the pot, her tired eyes searching it as though attempting to scry into what might come of the journey ahead of them. “Fur latz first zpyritwalk … Whych du latz want tu peep?” he asked, looking over his shoulder as he dropped a bundle of herbs into the canister. “Mi grukking de zpyrit uv Ztrengt’ or Bluud. Latz chooze.” “Da zpyrit of Blood soundz interesting … Enrohk, da?” the Mali blinked, accepting the cup of tea as he settled beside her. “Da, let’z vyzit Enrohk. Hope wi nub be flatted t’ere, doh.” And so they did, and as their eyes came to close, they found their souls drifting from their mortal coils, and into darkness. The moment her eyes opened again, the woman found herself thrashing in a river of blood, attempting to claw her way upon a bank made of horrid sinew. The orc plucked her from the liquid and placed her on her feet with an affirming nod, and then set off without a word – merely motioning for her to follow. Enrohk’s realm was revolting; a crimson sky, and a land made of nothing but thews and flesh. Crooked, red trees absent of their leaves were erected here and there throughout the endless hills, but clearly not of natural origin. Cultists eyed them in passing, scowling beneath the shadow of their hoods. As they entered a cavern carved from bone, a voice rung out. “You have taken it upon yourselves to come ... so I pray it is in hopes to make a pact?” The two knelt, though that woman kept her head up, watching as the figure of a lumbering fe-Uruk made itself visible, covered in scars and healed lesions head-to-toe. “Ixula …” that spirit greeted, nodding to the shaman Ork. “Who is this one?” “My name is – mi nayme iz Yahzlak, yam an honorary, my … Lady,” the woman shakily spoke, as Ixula rose. Enrohk strode over with a chalice held in one hand filled to the brim with blood, and with each step, the ichor teemed and dribbled over the edge of the cup. “An honorary …?” Conversation ensued, and as they prepared to leave, the Spirit gave them a mission to carry with them if they wished to return. “You will; BOTH of you, will perform a ritual in my name, bones, blood, all spread onto my altar. You shall then return and curse the land, to make sure my influence is made known.” Before either of them could speak, the spirit dropped the chalice and blood splashed upward and soaked the two in red. Lightning split the sky and the pair sank through the ground as it disintegrated, violently throwing their souls back into the Mortal plane where their fleshen coils laid. Now began their work. Months later, Ixula and Yahzlak stood before an altar with Enrohk’s sigil carved into the stone; atop it, laid two dwarves chained tight upon it, eyes wide and mouths agape. The woman unsheathed a sword of glowing lilac metal and Ixula chanted prayer to the great Spirit of Blood, his lips curled into a grin as the sacrifice commenced. In ichor the two waded, of the dwarves’ and of some demonic black sludge, honoring Enrohk’s name.
  13. — Alsahra' — Lesser Spirit of Desert Wind and Desertification “What good is oblivion if there is no one to praise me? I need followers who can withstand the winds of oblivion.” Physical Description The winds of oblivion manifest themselves in Alsahra’s appearance in many ways. They have no one solid body; instead, Alsahra’ is a collection of whirling sand clad in tattered burlap and cloth as their body. The sands themselves shift from one active part of the ‘body’ to another as though the collective of sand is not large enough to represent their entire body at any one time or fill their clothes completely for that matter. Alsahra’ does not have eyes, though they gaze through a polished bronze mask with convex lines. A meekly sized spirit, though very capable on their own as wind whips around them slightly, making a constant shroud of sand that obscures their appearance. Greater Spirit Allegiance Alsahra’ resides in the realm of Ramakhet, the Greater Spirit of the Desert, Barren Lands, and Sand. As such, Alsahra’ is generally trying to gain favor with Ramakhet. Alsahra’ does disagree with Ramakhet, however, on the premise of the destruction of all life and leaving the lands laid bare. Alsahra’ desires followers because they understand that their strength is equal only to the number of people praising them and therefore does not desire the death of all life. Still, Alsahra’ is often desperate for Ramakhet’s approval. Personality Best known for their persistence, Alsahra’ is steadfast in their aims yet too eager to succeed nonetheless. Often trying many quick paths to success only to fail and then try once more. This can be seen as desperation for bids of power or influence, but the followers of Alsahra’ see this as an expression of their will and often make excuses on the spirit’s behalf much to their glee. In this way, easily convinced so long as there is a bargain to be had and favor is then easily gained, but just as easily lost. Alsahra’ is a vain spirit, and demands perfection in their followers, furthering the reasoning behind the tenets that often serve as a reflection of Alshra’s own appearance or their strict standards of shrine construction. Follower Tenets Wear Bronze Mask The most apparent and visible sign of a follower of Alsahra’ is the bronze mask that is required for all followers. Though there is no standard of mask design, they often share some features of angularity and overall shape. Still, the mask is often a reflection of not only Alsahra’ but also the wearer’s biology and ancestry. A mask is sacred to the wearer and once a design is decided on by the follower; that is to say that they wear the mask so long as they remain in good favor with Alsahra’ and are a follower of them. The mask must remain in good overall condition and is only removed to eat, make love, sleep, and to polish or repair the mask. Carry Sand Sand generally refers to any granulated material that has been eroded, and through the use of a mortar and pestle could be anything, even the grit of precious gems. This sand is contained in a small pouch or other container, perhaps an ornate box, on the follower’s person and they carry a good amount of sand at all times. When greeting another follower of Alsahra’, the two mix a bit of their sand with the other’s sand as a show of unity. Be Self-sufficient A strong sense of nature and handicraft is well-looked on by Alsahra’. Some followers take up pottery, others artisanal crafts of various sorts. The commonality between all followers is that they are strong enough on their own to survive without the aid of civilization, as civilization will eventually be eroded through the sands of time. That is not to say that followers do or should actively want the downfall of civilization, the followers should, however, be prepared for the erosion of society: the active planning of contingency plans of sorts. A reflection of something that Alsahra’ often lacks — foresight. Followers Must Prove Worth Through Burdens Much like those who follow Kezt, the Spirit of Bravery, Alsahra takes great enjoyment in watching their followers be full of valor. Where they differ is that the killing of a great beast is equal to leading the village through a drought or famine. Alsahra’ asks their followers to conquer not only enemies, whether beast or mortal, but also to surpass burdens in their lives. The completion of these trials is often one of the fastest ways to garner favor with Alsahra’. In short, the followers must prove their worth by being able to withstand the winds of oblivion. Construction of Shrines Materials Needed x1 Campfire (3 Sticks, 3 Logs, 1 Coal) x1 Hay Bale (9 Wheat, place under the campfire) x4 Orange Banners (24 Wool, 4 Sticks, 4 Orange Dye) x4 Light Weighted Pressure Plate (8 Gold) x4 Acacia Signs that read: [!] Alsahra’s Sigil is Inscribed (12 Acacia Planks, 2 sticks) x9 Smooth Sandstone Slab (6 Smooth Sandstone) x16 Sand (16 Sand) Sigil Must be carved into sandstone or other sedimentary rock, no exceptions. Boons Alsahra’ is currently not able to give out boons.
  14. Shamans, speakers to the Spirits. They hold the simple ability which allows them to speak to spirits, beings of immense power. What they ask and what they do normally depends on the Spirit's motive whether they are willing to aid or not. Due to this simple fact, shamans themselves could bless items to bestow upon others. Maybe to spread awareness of a Spirit? Perhaps to empower them by using a cursed item to torment a soul? The possibilities are endless due to the open nature of shamans and Spirits. One but needs to ask and plead, there is always a chance a spirit will answer, or not. Who knows? But the result can be items of Spiritual power that spreads wonder to the realm. Shamanism: Witch Doctor The Witches Cursed Trinkets As a Witch Doctor tends to create their curses into elixir or upon the soul itself. It is common practice or at least, once upon a time, for the good Witch Doctor to not inflict people or potions, but that of an item for whoever is unlucky enough to wear it. If they perform their ritual and curse an item such as jewellery. The curse takes its effect upon the jewellery and will linger until taken off. Mechanics - Follows the same mechanics of a witch doctor's ritual, requiring 5 emotes, 3 being in Old Blah and 3 emotes with physical actions followed by a roll. 3 different reagents are required for the ritual. - The cursed item must be made at the shrine of the related Spirit. Redlines - Requires a physical item that is ST signed. - Curses (spells) within the witch doctor's lore are the only cures that can be cursed to an item. - The item is required to inform what the curse will do alongside reference towards the lore and the Spirit cursed upon it. - This follows all mechanics of the Witch Doctors Ritual. - All cursed trinkets are required to have only one negative effect (bane). - Cursed healing and positive effects cannot be bestowed upon an item. Shamanism: Farseer The Blessed Trinket The Farseer, a shaman of blessings and wisdom. One able to bless creatures and plant life, but also items such as trinkets. Already able to create these “holy tools,” however, these tools hold sentimental value. They hold the ability to ask the Spirits, as all shamans can, to ask them to bless what they hold. Mechanics - Follows the mechanics of Shamanism Farseer's blessings. Requires at least 4 emotes to bless an item. 3 of which must contain Old Blah. - The item itself will be one of the blessings from the collection of blessing spells farseers hold in their respected lore. - The blessed item must be made at the shrine to the related Spirit Redlines - Requires a physical ST item that is signed. - This follows all mechanics of the Farseer Blessing of Empowerment. - The item is required to inform what the blessing will do alongside reference towards the lore and the Spirit blessed upon it. - This follows all the redlines and guidelines of Farseer's blessing, however. Upon an item. - Blessed healing cannot be bestowed upon an item. Shamanism: Lutaumancy The Ancestral Blessing The Lutaumen, being the shamans of the ancestors, hold a unique ability that grants them a voice to those who have passed in the Stargush’stroh. These voices tend to go unheard for there must be a Lutauman present. A Lutauman can request the voice of an ancestor if the spirit in question is to give their voice. The item inflicted can be used as a means of communication with certain ancestors. Mechanics - Follows the mechanics of Lutauman’s lore of Kor’s blessing. Requires at least 4 emotes total, 3 of which require Old Blah chants. - The item itself is required to be a physical link to that ancestor. Bones, blood, hair, etc. - The blessing of Kor will be directed towards the trinket to bless rather than taking to the Stargush'Stroh. The effects of the blessing will be applied. - The item should be made at the shrine related to the Ancestral Spirit or Kor. - Using the trinket requires a roll out of 10. Anything above 5 and the trinket can be used normally. Anything below, and the Ancestral will not show up. Redlines - The item will ONLY create a voice that the ancestral will inhibit. - The ancestral is not trapped to this trinket and can choose not to respond. - The ancestral will not be within the item during times of conflict (CRP/PVP). - The item is required to describe how the Ancestral will generally be. In simple, easy personality traits. - Anything other than an Ancestral speech blessed upon these Lutaumen trinkets, requires a MArt to be made. - Cannot have a trinket to speak to Krug or Greater Ancestors. They are too powerful. - OOC proof of consent can be used instead of the roleplay bones, blood, hair, etc. General Redlines - Once these items are removed from the person who is inflicted with them. So does the curse/blessing upon them. They are bound to the trinket. Not those who wear them. - All curses/blessings cannot be used as a combative edge unless the related curse/blessing lore states otherwise. If so, following the guidelines and redlines of the related Witch Doctor Curse, or Farseer blessing is a MUST. - Creative blessings/Curses. Require the use of the MArt system to get all the mechanics and redlines and what it does in detail. For both, the players and the lovely lore team. - Elemental maledictions and blessings are not allowed, these require MArt applications. - Shrines do not have to be ST approved. - A floral blessing/curse. Will be useless to a descendant that isn’t a plant matter based creature. - Can only curse or bless one item per OOC day, regardless of tier. - Items must be able to be held or worn, thus no items above handheld or wearable clothes. - Blessed trinkets and Lutauman trinkets will not respond/work to those who are not of the spiritualist faith
  15. The Blood acted strange, not clear, not precise. The Path of the Targoth was always blurry, never easy for him to choose. Choices of moral, of honor, always putting his morals and honor after the wellbeing of his nation, of his people. Now that progress was coming their way, that the flames and ashes were going to soon replace water and wood, the young Haruspex had another choice to make. He thought it would be a easy one this time. Join progress, join fire and metal to burn down this disgusting forest or save it to protect a spirit he did not care for. Easy, yes. The uruk sat down in front of the Blood Pit, staring at the past present and future. Trying to see clearly to find his Path. He gave a chuckle as an elf's body appeared at the surface of the pit, floating amongst all the blood and gore. The Witch Doctor in training closed his eyes, trying to summon some spirits to help him with his choice. "Grizh tu flow, Grizh tu peep. Izi ahm un da Path, zhow izi wut tu du! Lup'Dlimbok, firzt of de Haruzpex! Lup da Heartbeat of da uzg! Troqugrizh-Ur!" The words the blood spoke to the burned orc were confused, different from before. The Heartbeat was not amongst them, Troqugrizh was silent for once. Borok growled in anger as he stood up and kicked into the blood pit, making it splash all over the walls of the little cavern. Rage, confusion, questions. For long, the jungle outside of their home had been a problem : Hiding undead and other beasts in it, stopping them from becoming what they were meant to be, better than some beasts living in tents and wooden cities. What was he to do? choose a side and risk fighting friends and family or step aside and let his Path unfold in front of him? The tall orc broke eye contact with the blood and starting going up the stairs. Back to the surface, to the sun, to the forest. Smoke was coming up in the sky from a previous fire spitter attack on the city, a sign maybe. A sign to join flames and ashes or be consumed by it. He knew what he had to do now, he knew his Path.
  16. A Hint of Resistance Eccentric Visions A runty little goblin sits alone in his blarg, surrounded by complete silence, aside from slow, labored breaths. The shutters lie open, and a gust blows through the household. With it, the bones that adorn the goblin rattle and clank against one another; a soft noise, but in the quiet of the home, it sounds a mournful cacophony. Long has the goblin been haunted by visions, 'gifted' to him by an unknown benefactor. Never have they been comprehensible- painfully blinding lights in a sea of changing colors, encompassing dark with naught but wind, howling and screaming yet ever so quiet... It's enough to make an Uruk turn to Oracle Wood in favor of traditional cactus, and it seemed to be working for a while. That is, until this eve. The wind howls louder. The broiling cauldron before him is suddenly stilled, as if the temperature dropped to naught. A connection he had attempted to make is suddenly severed- No, not severed. Intercepted. He is drug into a sea of undulating dark, surrounded by a thrumming heartbeat and the sound of gentle breathing. It's almost soothing, at first. Then, a voice speaks, clearer than any of the visions he has attempted to evade. It rings out across this dark, even as the heartbeat yet thrums in his ears. "Nûl-ob tau! Shiik-ob bukul'nuun! Puzughl kulûk shiik agh zurm!" ["The pain of the forest! The cry of the river! Cease all the cries and clamor!"] He winces visibly, scrambling to place the dark tongue. His eyes would widen, had he a corporeal form in this place. The voice calls out again. "GHAASH-LAT! GHAASH-IZG! GHAASHUG KULÛK ZA UB'KUL!" ["BURN YOU! BURN WE! BURNING OF ALL THAT WILL BE!"] It's loud, so very loud. Painful, even. But his pain compares naught to the pure agony he feels coming from the speaker, every word is suffering. "Lat rok'unudh-matum mub. Frum'bur at fiith-lat." ["You, a death-haunted thing. The burden, to you it clings."] The one time that the visions are clear, intelligible... and it's an order, an irrefusible command. It would almost be funny, were it not so desperate. "Ukh-lat, darûkûrzal. Gaatublat fauthat, ghaash'Uruk-hai bûrgulu-ishi." ["Go now, weakling. Your punishment awaits, in the shadow of Orc flame."] The connection forcibly ends itself, not even bothering to return to it's original recipient... Perhaps that was intentional. The goblin falls backwards, off of the stool he had been meditating atop. He lets out a groan of pain, clutching his head as he staggers to his feet. It seems his plans have changed... radically. The thrumming of the heartbeat in his ears doesn't clear away, even after the vision has ended. Whatever spoke to him, commanded him... is still watching. Expecting. "Zorri, teechur. Guez wi muzt agri tu diazgri, juz' diz azhnz." Damn. He was kind of hoping for a big change, just... not from this side.
  17. MC Name: Shezept Character's Name: Shronka'Lak Character's Age: Aged Character's Race: Orc What magic(s) will you be learning? Alll of it Teacher's MC Name: Self Teaching Shaman Book Teacher's RP Name: Self Teaching Shaman Book Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep Story updated on the status of your magic app?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is shelved, that you may no longer use it in character? Yes
  18. What is known of the Spirits, is that they are the embodiment of all things this realm holds to offer. They are powerful beings that gain more power with feats and acts of worship and praise by those who live within the mortal realm. Due to this very simple known fact, they hold different wills from one another. The idea of the will of the Spirits conflict between each of them, for the will of Votar revolves around all things that is the hunt, while the will of Leyd is around the idea of physical might and to show one greater than the rest, to dominate. While the will changes between Spirit to Spirit, they all hold a similarity. This similarity is their selfish nature, their hate for all things that disturb the balance of natural life, such as the void and their hatred for anything that can be considered a deity itself. The Spirits hate many things, yet are forgiving to those who wish to be redeemed down the path of guidance. Those who wish to become one of the faithful Spiritualists. Shamans being the Speakers of the Spirits, have come across a number of things that are widely known that are disliked. What the Spirits hate to the point where they will not aid us if we were to break such things. Those who wish to dedicate themselves to the ideas of the Spiritualist, should follow these simple requirements in one way, or another for if the faithful meet a Spirit, they may find the Spirit to be angered by them which may result in a punishment if they were to walk the realm of Spirits. - To never fall to voidal magic, to never use the power of the void. To purge it, to remove its filth upon this blessed realm - To give love towards the Spirits, to follow in the idea of what they are. To dedicate time, effort and pray to them. To devote a task that will please them - To never fall from their grace and praise another that is not them - To respect them and their wishes. For one day, they may ask for a champion - Never worship other deities. Never use what other deities give for the Spirits are the one and only power worthy of our praise The Will and our own paths We travel our paths that are forged with the aiding hand of the Spirits, with our own will creating a perfect bond between us and those who wish to see our paths go down their interests. We may not always think that our beloved Spirits are with us, but. They are always watching. What is known of the realm is that it's a place of conflict, a war of Spirits. While we hold very little chances we will see Immortal Spirits. We will always find the Lesser Spirits willing to aid us to maintain faith in their realm. Each Spirit may latch upon us as people. As a smith prays to Gentharuz for his work to be seen as masterful, so does a lesser Spirit of his realm that will look down upon the humble smith with a smile, with joy. If this smith dedicates many great works to Gentharuz, this same Lesser Spirit will smile more with each work created. Only until the Spirit itself holds the power to want, this want being offered towards the smith to aid them in their next work only to make it greater than the last, to leave a mark, a presence even. A blessing for this humble worshipper. As time passes and this smith keeps on his faithful quest, one day his blessings will stop as the Immortal Spirit has taken an interest, his blessing being his mark and to meet the Immortal to be favoured by them. It is not a chore to dedicate something to these Spirits. It is the time they value, the effort they cherish. It is their own name that they hear being spoken as those who are faithful pray to them, empowerment is found and with this so does the faithful become empowered by the blessed hands. We choose to worship, we choose to praise and with this our paths are shown to us, our futures become better for it is guided until the end. We choose to hold faith, or we choose not too. It is not forced but an offering by itself. An offering that requires us to dedicate if we are willing. Allowing our own will to intertwine with the Will of the Spirits. These ideas are never bound to race. But those who hold faith in it, who wish to allow themselves to be engulfed in the work of Spirits. The Spirits care not who you are nor what you have done. As long as you follow their steps and aim to cherish their names. They will love you all the same. To offer enlightenment. In this realm or the next Elder Dura’Raguk
  19. "Be wary of their true intentions." (The Realm of Clouds) The individual realms of the Immortal Spirits are vast and overwhelming, the perfect representations of their respective dominions. However, it is not simply a world upon which the Spirits themselves recline in omniscience. In most cases, intelligent life swathes through these dimensions; fragments of the Immortals, that live to serve and sate their insatiable lust for power. The Spirits remain in these realms because they are perfect environments for them, and to venture out of them would be incredibly dangerous. If an Immortal Spirit were to materialise on the lands of the Descendants, they would be exposed to irreversible damage. For this reason, they send their loyal children unto the worlds of the Brothers’ children. These beings serve, for all intents and purposes, as conduits through which Spirits may influence the Mortal realms. Personifications of what their creators represents, they venture out into the world in search of ways to enact the will of their masters. When an Immortal is worshiped, or if their dominion of existence is prevalent on the Descendants Realms, their influence and power over that aspect of existence grows. For instance, with the growth of the plague on Vailor, and the land that has succumbed to decay and despair, the Immortal Spirit of Disease, Orgon, has grown significantly in his influence over the land. The bidding of these Lesser Spirits varies according to what their Immortal Master represents. For instance, a fragment of Enrohk (The Spirit of War and Bloodlust) may not necessarily seek those that would worship him, but would instead manipulate nations in order to war among themselves. Bloodshed and War feed Enrohk; in all forms. It is not always worship that Spirits seek, but only that their influence on the land be maintained. However, this can usually be upheld by the efforts of the Shamans, and for this reason they are the Mortals most aware of the Spirits and their will. However, in their wisdom they attempt to maintain a healthy balance between the power of all Immortal Spirits. These Lesser Spirits, whilst serving the will of the Immortals, have their own, unique personalities, appearances and approaches to the world. There can be multiple lesser Spirits aligned to one Immortal, and all can have their own idea of what enhancing their reign looks like. I will describe several of these beings below, though there are myriad more. Fragments of the Spirits Spirit: Ixli, the Immortal Spirit of Spirit of Knowledge, Truth, and Judgement, appearing as a giant staring eye. He provides knowledge at the cost of sanity. Avatar: Ziileny (sandara) Form: Appearing as an extremely long and slender Wyrm, Ziileny has a permanent fixture of insanity imposed on her face. Her large, toothy grin seeps a terrible stench as her overwhelming and fixed eyes stare into the minds of those she communes with, searching their souls for their deepest secrets. She has pale, purple skin with a sickly green line of gnarled hair running along the center of her spine. Dotted in scars, her body also appears to host several sets of teeth and arms. Her numerous teeth are most often grinning alongside her, though open occasionally to cackle for sometimes no apparent reason. The arms that run along her body allow her to scurry along the land in a terrifying slither. Personality & Approach: Ziileny actively seeks out those within the Mortal Realm that aspire to Magick, offering them the knowledge they seek in return for their sanity. This is often left out of the equation until after the ritual takes place, when the victim has already fallen into a precarious state. She is quick witted and conniving, and prefers to work alone. She does not trust the competency of others, and revels in outsmarting the students he hunts for. Ziileny will often become distracted from topics of conversation as she spouts nonsense about the intricacies of very specific sciences. If one were to engage her in the subject of learning Magic, she may suddenly teach you about photosynthesis as her form writhes in seeming agony. Spirit: Enrohk, the Spirit of Bloodlust, Savagery, and War, appearing as a berserker covered in blood. Avatar: Klin (maciejkuciara) Form: Klin appears as an unusually tall and strong Barbarian woman. Her hair falls around her face as a brunette drape, often covering her eyes, giving off the impression of savagery. Her body seems to be covered in tattoos of red, that almost seems to swirl around her limbs as if there were blood coursing on the surface of her skin. She carries two long blades, with which she quickly dispatches her enemies. Personality & Approach: Klin is seemingly incapable of speaking. Her communication mostly consists of grunts and roars, which pierce through the air, much like the blood from her enemies, as she fights vigorously. In her reticence, she is an intimidating figure, often towering over Adult Male Humans. Due to her reluctance to speak, she is not often fond of conversation. When she materalises upon the land, it is for one purpose only. To murder. Spirit: Ghorza, the Spirit of Travel, movement, and fortune both bad and good, appearing as an old traveler with a walking stick, with various fetishes attached. Avatar: Pizrak (matchack) Form: The appearance of Pizrak is an unusual one. This lesser Spirit does not materialise as a living entity, but instead chooses to comprise as a ship, which is capable of sailing on its lonesome. Interestingly, Pizrak may materialise as one of two forms. It will either form as a decrepit ship that maintains its ability to sail upon the shores, or an intact variation of its counterpart. Purpose: For obvious reasons, Pizrak does not have much of a personality. However, it has been known to course those that seek only to spread misery into tides of doom. Generally, Pizrak will appear on a coast somewhere, and guide those that venture on board into places of intrigue. Those that have set foot upon Pizrak have noted the uncomfortable sight of the ship sailing itself. Many references to Ghost Ships in the past have in fact been spurned from sightings of Pizrak. Spirit: Freygoth, the Spirit of the wild, nature, and animals, he takes any natural form he may desire. Avatar: Maabin (monikapalosz) Form: Maabin materialises as a pale, hunched creatures which seems to resemble an Ape in many ways. He is adorned in white cloth, with small piecings of armour. He carries around a carved wooden staff, and uses it to smite those that disturb the balances of Nature. Personality & Approach: This Spirit appears very disinterested, which is a stark contrast to his fighting style. He is very nimble and powerful, and can easily best most of his opponents in single combat. Maabin cares greatly for the nature around him, even if his facial expression would denote a nonchalant aura. He will often visit damaged areas in an attempt to restore them to their back to their natural state, and will hunt those that wreak despair upon the world. Spirit: Krathol, the Spirit of Pain, suffering and starvation. Appears as a skeletal vulture picking at its own bones. Avatar: Uzkost (Mavros-Thanatos) Form: Uzkost appears as a humanoid with rotten and patched skin, draped in a surgical gown with white gloves. A large piece of cloth is wrapped around his head, tied in place by several strings of barbed wire. Personality & Approach: Uzkost walks the earth in a languid movement, wailing often as he searches for those he can pass on his despair to. In many cases, he will torture those he can come into contact with. If a Cult to Krathol exists on the land, Uzkost may pay them a visit, demonstrating methods of torture on himself. He has a strong distaste for the smell of food, and will flay out in a burst of bloody mess if he catches the scent of it. This Spirit partakes often in chat-chat, in between screams of pain. He will occasionally materialise in protected areas so that he may chat with the denizens there, striking an intense fear into them as he picks a target for torture. Uzkost has a particular interest in Halflings, as he has a strong hatred for positivity. He will hunt them very specifically, in order to create a more dystopian land. Spirit: Akezo, the Spirit of Health, Vitality, and Healing. Appears as a winged and feathered serpent with a blue aura. Avatar: Lekeni (Marcodalidingo) Form: Lekeni often appears as a short, blonde man draped in grey robes. He carries around a staff as equally small as his stature, and traverses the world in an upbeat fashion. Personality & Approach: This Spirit is tasked with expanding the knowledge of healing upon the land, and will often enter settlements in order to teach citizens about basic healing and sanitation. It is said that Lekeni is the reason that healthcare flourished, and is the cause for cleaner living conditions across the land. Occasionally, he will heal people himself in the need is dire. Lekeni is quite often seen as a cheerful man, keen to communicate with others and impart some of his wisdom upon them. Spirit: Wodanaz, the Spirit of magic, the arcane, and mystical energies, appearing as a swirling vortex of purple energy from which he takes any form. Avatar: Nakov (AldemButcher) Form: Nakov appears as a cluster of large, pearl-white mushrooms. Purpose: While Nakov does not inherently have a personality, the influence it has on the realm is as substantial as the other Lesser Spirits. Its presence in the land creates a magical aura in the surrounding area, allowing the power of Wodanaz to seep into the environment. The plantlife surrounding Nakov quickly take on magic properties, creating an Arcane environment within which apprentices may wish to study. It is said that such spots are the perfect environments for magic users to meditate, as it is said to make the process of connecting to the void a lot easier. OOC: The Spirits have always been something of an untapped resource. It is my hope with this thread to allow a more dynamic series of events to be held through the ET. These Lesser Spirits have the potential to traverse the new map in an unimaginable numbers of ways, creating events and developing characters in a way the original lore was intended to. I intend to write more on these Lesser Spirits as time goes by. There are a plethora of Immortal Spirits to choose from. Thank you for reading.
  20. A note upfront: Hello there! Yes, it is I, Hedgehug. I'm not dead, not yet. Over the course of the last month or so me and others have occupied ourselves with the task of clarifying shamanism as a whole to both the LT, MT and community. The following product is given: 74 pages of written shaman lore, divided by some google documents and this general codex. Upon acceptance this very thread will serve as a guideline for future shamans. The holy ooc book for shamanism within LotC. Please treat this work, that has taken a large quantity of time and effort, with the respect it deserves. As well as its authors. I shall personally open up a second thread that will serve as a shaman q&a where questions regarding shamanism, spirituality and this newly made codex will be answered by both me and the shaman playerbase. Edit registor: 15-7-2017 ~ Removed google doc links, replaced with referal link to newly made forum post + added farssing in the codex instead of a seperate doc. 7-9-2017 ~ Removed the odd links and added actual link lines referring to other threads With pride I present to you: The Shamanic Codex The capabilities and limitations of Shamans and the Spirits Executive compiler: Hedgehug Contributors (according to relevancy): Smawton, Divinejustice, Pandasan, KBR, Lhindir, Ilikefooddude, Catarrh Table of contents Introduction The Spirit Realms & The Spirits Spiritual Psychology Spiritual Influence Blackspeech Totems Subtypes Elementalism Lutaumancy Farseer Witch Doctor Spirit Smithing Other Shamanic Abilities Voodoo Dolls Muyakelg Introduction Schematic representation of what shamanism entails: http://imgur.com/QufWmgq To begin, it is important to note that all Shamans utilise the energies of the Spirits in order to influence the world, and work directly with them in order to allow the Spirits to enforce their will. A Shaman allows the Spirit to use his or her mana pool, and from this the extent of the Spirit’s influence is put into constraint; as the mana pool of any Mortal has a limitation. The way in which the Shaman interacts with the Spirits, and how he or she uses his or her powers varies from person to person. For this reason, sub-types of Shamanism were made where Shaman focus on a specific way in which to reach out to the Spirits. Spirits vary from each other in their power by how prevalent the thing they reign over is. For instance, the Spirits of Time and Space are the most powerful Spirits in existence, because Time and Space extends to the furthest reaches of the Universe, and the way in which they can use time and space also allows them to gain a significant advantage. The Spirit Realms & The Spirits A listing of all current existing spirits: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153791-the-spirits-grand-list/ Typically, Spirits are split into three categories because their powers are so drastic as to warrant differing realms within which to contain them. All Spirits exist in these Spiritual Planes, created by the Daemon, Apohet. These are as follows: The Elemental Realm - Housing all Elemental Spirits; these are the most powerful of all Spirits. These spirits represent material elements of various kinds, and only touch on that what is material in the Mortal Realm. The Immortal Realm - This realm houses the Spirits that reign over concepts, ideas, emotions and more specific things spread across the Universe. For instance, a house may be made of stone, and as such tied to the Elemental of Stone, yet an Immortal Spirits will exist to reign over the concept of what a house is, and can influence it in such a way as to improve or weaken the structure. The Ancestral Realm || Stargush’Stroh - This is where those devoted to the Spirits go when they have died on the Mortal Realm. Therein exist two types of Ancestors; Lesser and Greater. In order to become a Greater Ancestral, a player must have achieved an exceptional feat within their lifetime. For more information heed to the following post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152380-the-stargûshstroh-apohets-realm-of-ancestors The Mortal Realm - While this is not a Spiritual realm, everything that exists across the Universe contains smaller portions of Spiritual energy, entities that are referred to as stagnant Spirits. These smaller Spirits are directly tied to the Spiritual Realms, and are how a more powerful Spirit in the Spirit Realms may influence the Mortal realm. They use the mana of the Shaman in question in order to infuse their own energy into the Stagnant Spirit, awakening it for the Shaman to them control or otherwise allow to take action of its own will. All Immortal Spirits can materialise within the Mortal Realm when they have accumulated enough power and influence, but if they were to die it would be a permanent death. For this reason, Greater Immortals do not usually summon themselves into the Mortal Realm and instead allow their Lesser Immortals, their servants, to act on their behalf: ET Only: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/147946-the-avatars-of-the-spirits Spiritual Psychology As formations of a Daemon, the overarching design behind each Spirit is their desire and need for worship and control, because being revered, and having the thing they represent be more prevalent across the Universe allows them to grow more powerful and gain further control in the Spirit Realm. Each Spirit tries to overpower one another, which is a scenario we saw very clearly with the Orgonic Plague. Despite the Orcs assisting in the summoning of Orgon, the Spirit decided to attack them when he considered himself powerful enough to do so, as plaguing the Orcs would have empowered him further than allowing them to live healthily on a landmass that could no further be corrupted. Spiritual Influence Regardless of the shamans specific subtype and business, they all share one key ability: that of communion with the spirits. A shaman can go to the Spirit's realm and converge with it in the old tongue. Here the Shaman can bargain and trade. The boons that can be granted by the Spirits have long been unclear and without boundary. It is therefore that the following is stated: In the event of a shaman contacting a spirit in order to converge, bargain, or trade for material boons, immaterial boons, or knowledge, a dedicated ET, MT, LM, or approved Shaman player must represent the spirit. As for the obtainable: this is strictly limited to what is directly affiliated to the spirit in question. The tradeoffs are mostly unfair, as they must be both within the spirits better interest as follow their instinct to obtain power and significance. Old Blah/Blackspeech Additionally, in order to call upon and communicate with the Spirits, Shamans must learn the Ancient Tongue which is passed down from teacher to teacher; which must be a lore-approved item given to the prospective teacher when their application is accepted. This item is a so called codex or tome and contains the teacher's established knowledge on the language. Totems Totems are akin to shrines to specific Spirits that have been blessed by the shaman. By ‘upgrading’ a shrine to a totem it makes for a stronger tether to the spirit it is dedicated to. This makes for easier contacting of the spirit. However, the totem also makes it so that contacting other spirits within its vicinity is more complicated to do. More details below: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/145253-totems/ Subtypes Elementalism Arguably the oldest of all Shaman sub-types, it is also one of the more basic in concept; yet takes incredible patience and endurance to achieve in reality. An Elementalist cannot conjure an Element, and must instead work with existing material. Currently, Elementalists may only use the following Elements: Electricity and Metal require more complex understandings, and I suggest making these available when a Shaman has mastered an Element at T3. When a Shaman makes a pact with a Lesser Spirit of an Element, they may begin to influence the world around them in one of two ways.The first is more fast-paced, and typically these stages of progression correlate almost entirely with those of Evocation, and the progression of tier allows an Elementalism to control more of the Element they are using. The difference with Shamanism lies in a slower approach, in which an Elementalist may continuously re-visit a region in order to influence it further over time; in this instance, it is determined by the region owner or moderator what may be achieved, as theoretically an Earth Elementalism may open up a ravine after many rituals. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/134759-elementalist-clarifications-and-spirits/ To begin a pact with a Spirit, an elementalist must abandon their mortal,physical self and ascend into the Elemental Realm. At first, this travel is taken through intense psychedelics, or a copious amount of drugs, often damaging the elementalist’s mind and causing them to have horrific visions that corrupt and sway their mind. Due to the powerful nature of their magics, spirits of mental instability seek to attack them as they try to connect to the Realm. Once there, the shaman again is bombarded by the nexus of the Elemental Realm, a nexus of twisting and ever-changing elements crafted by Elemental spirits. Lightning flickers throughout the sky, fire dances about the air like dragons, and mountains rise and fall to the whim of the beings within it. To a new shaman, the experience would be mind-shattering, and usually the teacher accompanies them. Once here, they must venture around the nexus, following paths and calling out to the seek out the elemental spirit of choice. When the Spirit itself can be roleplayed by the following: The Teacher, the MT, or an ET knowledgeable in the Spirits. Once arriving upon the spirit, the pact is given by the spirit which essentially boils down to a quest relating to the element of choice. A fire elemental may ask for lava placed upon the highest part of a mountain, climbed by hand and still hot as daybreak approaches, or the death of a dragon or some fiery beast. A storm elemental may want the shaman to climb to the highest peaks and shock themselves in a test of durability and strength. The quests to the discretion of those giving the test, and they do not need to be feasible. A shaman may fail their test, and potentially seek out another spirit. If not completed in 2 irl weeks, it is assumed that the pact has failed, and that the shaman may seek out another pact for a simpler test. Once the pact has been made, the work of an elementalist is not finished. Far from. Once a month, the pact must be renewed through a similar quest. Though not as great as the original pact, a shaman must go out and commit works in the name of the spirit they worship. This may be converting others to the faith, erecting shrines and totems, or performing great sacrifices akin to the original pact. These acts are preserved through screenshots or OOC confirmation by those present, before being sent to the teacher,MT, or ET. If a shaman does not commit these tasks for a whole month, their tier, regardless of placement goes down by one. EVENT TEAM NOTES If any Event Team is bored/seeking new roleplay or things to interact within the realm of spirits, I would suggest a Spirit War or struggle of power. Within both the Elemental and Immortal realms, spirits wage war on each other-- for power is all they seek. Some may seek alliances and work together, while others may exist as puppetmasters to push greater means. The politics of the Spiritual Realms work nearly identical to those of the Mortal Realm. These battles are heard and felt by all shamans, and can involve orcs via the manifestation of these battles upon the Mortal Realm, or by shamans and various groups worshiping spirits to empower them. It is quite obvious that this grants ET a lot of space to work on events and ideas; however, there things to take account for. Battles upon elemental spirits are often the most common, as their various forms act as anathema to each other (water to fire, air to earth, etc), and so elementalists may find themselves at war battling each other. If a Spirit Manifests in the Mortal Realm and is killed, they are dead for good. Do not touch any of the Greater Elemental, Immortal, or even Ancestral Spirits without MT supervision. Avoid giving Spiritual Items/Tools, for the various forms of shamanism do this. DivineJustice’s little blurb about Elementalist Changes: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Previous elementalists got the perks of a magic stronger than evocation at the cost of literally nothing. The pact was almost immediately, and the work done for it was banged out in a matter of days. I loathed the fact that an elementalist basically served as an rp combat magic with little purpose behind it save for squishing people with the elements. Moreover, elementalists hold in little in means of roleplay save for the combat they serve in, so I hope with these interactions, elementalists have a greater purpose within the shamanistic community. I will explain how the Shamans may utilise Elementalism using the… household appliance scaling system. Tier 1 - Minor Influence - Cannot control Shape Fire - May influence a Flame no larger than that produced by a torch. Earth - May influence crumbled earth (gravel, sand, et cetera) to the extent of that which could be contained within a bucket. Water - May influence pure water to the extent of that which could be contained within a bucket. Air - May influence standard Air to the extent of that which could be contained within a… bucket. Tier 2 - Considerable Influence - Can Alter Shape Slightly Fire - May influence a Flame no larger than that of a camp fire. Earth - May influence both crumbled and solid material to the extent of that which could be contained within a bath. Water - May influence both normal water and swampy/murky water to the extent of that which could be contained within a bath. Air - May influence both normal air and smoke to the extent of that which could be contained within a… bath. Tier 3 - Basic Mastery of the Element - Can Alter Shape Completely This Tier follows the same retrains to size as Tier 2, but with complete mastery over the shape and direction it takes. Metal - Can influence Metal to move but cannot alter the shape; limited to that which could be contained in a bucket. Electricity - Can influence Electricity and Static Energy to move but cannot alter the shape or direction in which shoots along its journey; limited to that which could be contained within a… bucket. Tier 4 - Complete Mastery of the Basic Elements Fire - May now influence flames to the extent of a funeral pyre, and can shape it or snuff it out entirely. Earth - May now influence Earth to the extent of being able to shape completely; to the extent of that which could be contained within a van. Water - May influence Water to such extremes that they may now influence Ice and Steam, as well as all forms; swamp, bog, beer, et cetera; to the extent of that which could be contained within a van. Air - May influence Air to such extremes that they may now influence temperature, as well as poisonous air, smoke and may carry air into regions where it does otherwise not exist. Metal - May slightly influence the shape of Metal; to the extent of that which can be contained within a bath. Electricity - May influence Electricity and Static Energy to the degree of being able to completely direct it and keep it on course; to the extent of that which could be contained within a… bath. Tier 5 - Complete Mastery of All Elements and their States All may be shaped, directed and altered completely at this stage; to the extent of that which may be contained within a living room. Creation of Elemental Muyakelgs are also possible at this stage. Red Lines A connection is VITAL to be role-played before manipulating any element of choice. A T5 Elementalist in 2 varieties of Elements may manipulate them at the same time, but will be done at the rate of a T3 Shaman for both elements by either combining the elements or using them separately. A Shaman must role-play any interference of concentration as well as fatigue from connecting to the Spirit Realm. The Elementalist will find that the opposite Elements becomes harder to control, as the Elemental Spirit is displeased with the shaman for choosing it’s rival. (Fire-Water, Earth-Air, Metal-Water, Lightning-Earth) Elementalism is purely altering said element, you can neither add or subtract that of a substance, only alter what is present. Lutaumancy Clarification of Lutaumancy for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ The Lutaumen are shamans capable of communing with the long past ancestors of the Uruk race. They do this by connecting to the ancestral realm, using the ancestor on which they focus on as a tether. Objects in the Mortal Realm may contribute if they bear significance to the ancestral spirit in question. This communion is what makes most of their roleplay: contacting ancestors of either the long past, or even closer past. They have the ability of taking up to two other individuals with them on these so called ‘spirit walks’ to the Stargush’Stroh. Aside from communion they are, similar to Elementalists, able to summon the power of Greater Ancestral spirits within themselves. These powers often granted by Spirits that the Lutauman has bonded with, similar to Elementalism. Tier 1 - Minor Influence - The Lutauman learns the old tongue and the basic principle of entering and exiting the Stargush’Stroh. Here they can encounter ancestral spirits but remain unable to directly contact a specific one. Even with a tether in the mortal realm. Tier 2 - Considerable Influence - The Lutauman enters and exits the Stargush’Stroh with less and less trouble and can stay longer in said realm. Upon attempting to contact a specific ancestor they shall see improvement to locating and contacting them. The usage of a tether greatly improves this. Tier 3 - Basic Mastery of the Ancestral Communion - The Lutauman has mastered the art of Communion with ancestors and can travel to any ancestor at will with little effort. The usage of tethers is still preferred but no longer a necessity. Two other individuals may be brought into the spirit realm. It is at around this tier that the Lutauman is taught how to summon the powers of an ancestor within them and may experiment with self-blessing. Tier 4 - Basic Mastery of Self-Blessing - The Lutauman Masters the summoning of blessings upon themselves. The bonds between Shaman and spirit improve leading to the experimentation of stronger blessings such as Power (Rax) or maybe even the Kurak blessing. Tier 5 - Complete Mastery of Ancestral Communion & Self-Blessing - The Lutauman has mastered and perfected the arts of Ancestral Communion and Self-Blessing. They can call upon the strength of a large variety of Greater Ancestrals. On top of this they can, with relative ease, take up to five other individuals with them on spirit walks to the Stargush’Stroh. Additionally, the Lutauman may create a Muyakelg with the help of a T5 Witch Doctor. Regarding ghosts and other ghostly / spectral creatures the Lutauman has the following ability: As is established: Kor, spirit of the dead is a Greater Immortal spirit with the slight bonus that he is capable of traveling between the Stargush’Stroh and the Immortal Realm. He is perceived the ‘Gatekeeper’ of the Stargush’Stroh. Therefore the Lutauman, upon encountering the creature in question, can summon within him: Kor. This is done in a similar fashion as obtaining a self-blessing from a Greater Ancestral. Upon successfully summoning Kor the Shaman can then begin to ‘consume’ the Ghost until it is fully purged. The soul then travels back with Kor and is left in the Soulstream. This event may be considered a suggested PK for ghosts and similar spectral creatures. Red Lines A tier 5 lutauman can take up to 5 others at maximum with them to the stargush’stroh. The self-blessings, though made to empower the shaman, do have their limits. Namely the Strength and Kurak blessings are to be undergamed at all times to prevent powergaming. The power does not reach above that of a matured olog, the kurak blessing, including it’s drawback of potential friendly-fire, is limited to the physical power of an actual lur-wolf. A shaman cannot spend too long a time in the stargush’stroh. Length is dependant on tier. Tier 1 would make for about a half hour visit where a tier 5 can reach up to about 24 hours (as in-realm time). If the body of a spirit-walking shaman or traveler is killed during their walk, the shaman and or travelers spirit shall remain locked in the stargush’stroh. Though not enforced, this would make for a convincing PK. Should the player not wish to PK after this, it can be assumed that Kor bails them out and sends their spirits back to the soulstream after they’ve spoken to him. (which can actually be roleplayed out should one wish so). This could, if roleplayed properly, end up in a bargain. One with a cost. Farseer Clarification of Farseeing for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ Overview Farseers are spiritual seers of nations and clans. Farseers are gifted individuals that can travel into the plane of spirits and speak with spirits invisible to the eyes of normal descendants. Farseers are troubled by visions of the future and use their insight to guide their people through troubled times. Although Farseers may seem wise and peaceful at first, they are formidable foes; when angered, their wrath is fierce. Immortal Spirits Immortal Spirits began long ago as the creations of Elementals; Deemed to watch over specific aspects or domains of the world, and empowered only by the increase of worship or said domain; Such as how the Spirit of the Hunt is empowered for every kill a Predatory being makes. Cast into their own planes, and considered lesser, by the Elementals, Immortal Spirits seek constantly to gain power, ruling over vast domains featuring prominent features of their Aspects, such as the Spirit of the Sea having a vast watery section of the Realm, with Lesser Spirits of these constantly moving about their planes, all the while plotting and seeking to gain their own powers as well, with the eventual hopes to become Greater themselves. All the Greater Immortal Spirits began possessing only a single aspect, for example Enrohk has three aspects- Bloodlust, Savagery, and War; Enrohk started as the Greater Spirit of Bloodlust and the rest he gained, by either consuming other spirits entirely or by subjugating another spirit that has more than one aspect. When a Greater Spirit is consumed it does not die, the spirit is forced to join in a Union with the other Spirit, much like the union a Spirit is forced into when consumed by a Dark Shaman, meaning it can regain its freedom through the defeat of its overlord; However, due to the nature of Spirits seeking more power, a Spirits freeing one another would be unheard of. Greater Spirits weaken when they gain many aspects because even though they hold many aspects that are powerful, they may weaken because the others are on the same level: In this, one Spirit will never be allowed to gain to many, as other spirits will combine efforts to release and spread aspects from that spirit elsewhere, as there is a delicate balance. Due to the weakness of Spirits holding many aspects, Lesser Spirits are formed to hold superior strength in these fields - Such as Orgon. Greater Spirits in the Spirit World rule vast domains and have countless minor spirits under their control, they wage war, make peace and plot against and with each other. An example of how Greater spirits interact with Descendants, mainly Orcs, is seen before the great revival of the Orcish race by Rex Mogroka. Mogroka was contacted by Enrohk, at the time a weak spirit that only held domain over bloodlust. The former Orcish government suppressed bloodlust and tried to control it. It is said that Enrohk gave Mogroka powers, a mighty blessing to enrage the Berserker-Shaman fit for the Champion of Enrohk, and with Mogroka’s ascent to power bloodlust was made free and with it, Enrohk gained power. Elemental Spirits The Elementals interact directly with the physical, mortal plane. They live in the Elemental Plane, and here, they view our world as the pure elements it is made up of. The most common (and primary) elements are Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind. Other elements, like Space and Time, are more complex to understand, and are ultimately more powerful than those before them. For ease, The elemental spirits are separated into four different categories: Primary, Secondary, Advanced, and Master spirits. Primary: Earth, Air, Fire, Water Secondary: Light, Dark, Storm, Metal Advanced: Life, Death, Order, Chaos Master: Space, Time The elements mentioned above are the ones understood and recognized by the Shamanic culture, but it is entirely possible that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of other elements that haven’t been discovered. Spirit-Walking A journey by ritualistic actions and behaviours hidden and protected by Farseers throughout the ages, experienced Farseers hold the innate ability to travel in a manner in which their Soul breaks from their physical form, able to travel directly to the Immortal and Elemental planes; However, this ritual is different from that to travel to Kor’s dominion and speak to the Ancestrals. Whilst the origins of the rituals are as mysterious as the Spirits themselves, Farseers have a strong tradition of secrecy in their teachings, acting as elders in their communities and passing down their trade by word of mouth, with the only known writings to be the Or’Gok Scrolls, lost with Mogroka’Gorkil. While in these planes, the Farseer is most vulnerable, his mortal self idle in his own realm, whilst his soul traverses the realm of the Spirits, in which fatal wounds in either would result in death. Due to this, Spirit Guides are often employed, being that of Lesser Spirits that have a direct pact with a Farseer, much like Elementalists have with their elemental lessers, or that of other Farseers who have incredible knowledge on the domains; However, pacted Lesser Spirits are only able to guide the Farseer through the domain of his own aspect, the guides most commonly seeking something in return for their assistance and appearing like that of their domain, most commonly in an animal-like form. Ultimately, the purpose of Spirit Walking is that of conversing directly with the Spirits themselves. Due to this, and the dangers of traveling about the Elemental or Immortal planes without a guide, inexperienced Farseers find themselves unable to find and converse with the most powerful of the Spirits, the Greaters, by disheartening, getting lost, or threat of death by Lesser Spirits protecting the domain. Far Sight Granting these wise Shamans their names, the purpose of a Farseer, while to act as a mediator between the Mortal Realm and Spirit Realms, is primarily their gift to receive visions of the future itself, the wisest of Farseers commonly coming together to discuss and plan the best course of action to heed warning or take action to fulfil or prevent these prophecies. Far Sight, while being the most basic level of Farseeing, is the most difficult to master, with visions often including vague messages and half-truths that are unclear to even the most experienced Shamans. Far Sight is used mainly for providing hints and information in eventlines, though a Farseer with permission from MT could use it to ‘read’ the future of other characters. Visions Once a Farseer reaches T3, they are able to strike someone with visions, allowing them to infect someone’s mind with any sort of imagery the shaman wishes to evoke. This begins with first an emote of focus, and then an emote of striking the targets mind before the vision commences. Akin to illusory magic, eye contact must be made. However, once a farseer reaches T5, they are granted the ability of long-range visions, however require things such as blood and hair to maintain the connection akin to a Soul Puppeteer or Witchdoctor Blessings Taking upon the successes of rituals leading to Spirit Walking, Farseers can seek blessings of the Spirits in a multitude of ways; With the most successful blessings being that of Spirits the Farseer has actually spoken to, or their lessers, to get a full grasp of rituals and tasks needed to prove oneself worthy. An example being that a Farseer attempting to bless a hunt would require previous successful hunts and ritualistic sacrifices to be made by the Farseer in order to allow such blessings to persist. While the blessings of a Farseer occur most often in that of Immortal Spirits, the most experienced Farseers have been rumored to not only converse with Elementals to gain knowledge, but to be blessed by them, receiving imbuements to Artifacts or totems that allow the Farseer to Champion the elemental, unlike that of an elementalists bond with such. These blessings are extremely rare, often leading to that of great fame for the Farseer, with the most notable being that of the Farseer Mogroka’Gorkil and his ability to call down Lightning from the sky in the name of Neizdark. Other capabilities include that of an imbued weapon by the the Elemental of Fire, Skathach, allowing the weapon to shimmer in flames that burn until sheathed. While these powerful blessings may border on Elementalism, it is notable that Farseers do not have the bond as they do, and such, the blessing only being granted when the Farseer has the favor of the Spirit, as well as the energy to do such. Ritual-Blessings Farseers seeking the blessings of certain Spirits may require more suitable preparations, often requiring more than a single Farseer. While these blessings persist over a period of time, or a large area, they are mostly RP-only by nature. Some of these rituals include things such as Rain Dances, or things as complicated as attempts to draw out and combat spirits tainting body, mind, or land. Rain Dances are conducted by three of more Farseers in order to attempt to seek the blessings of both Arwa and Urin, often used in times of drought or famine in order to prevent further spread of such. This ritual normally lasts over a period of an entire day (30 minutes), and includes chanting and calling to the Spirits, as well as the use of different Farseer tools. Land Healing Rituals are the most complex ritual a Farseer can undergo. These rituals require three Farseers, with at least one of them having journeyed through the domain of Akezo, the Spirit of Health, Vitality, and Healing. This ritual requires multiple complex steps in order to draw out the corrupting Spirit. Beginning with a form of sacrifice, involving chanting to Akezo in the form of mending that which is broken, often a totem or trinket to represent the Spirit from which the Shamans are seeking aid. Following this, totems and incense must be burned around the area in order to draw the corrupted Spirit out with the assistance of the blessing. Following this, the Spirit will either flee or attempt to fight the Farseer, most commonly ending with the Farseers having to quite-literally beat the Spirit out of the lands. (ET required; Event-based Blight Healing) Rituals involving healing of the Mind and Body often act much as those of healing the land; However, due to the scale and weakness of the corrupting Spirits, only a single, experienced Farseer is required; However, while the corruption is removed, it often comes at the price of physical pain brought to release such. This is not always the case, as certain Farseers can, with the favor of the Spirit, convince it to leave by its own will, often by sacrifice, deals, or worship of the Spirit, much like that seen in the early stages of Orgon Worship. Tools of a Farseer Blessings granted onto that of a material object are common, yet highly protected. While not like that of so-called “Spirit Smithing”, blessed objects include that of ritualistic purpose, such as drums and weapons of sacrifice. Drum – The drum is often used by Farseers as the beating of the drum assists the Farseer to achieve an altered state of consciousness, aiding them in their travel to pass on their journey between the physical and spiritual worlds. Farseer drums are generally constructed of an animal-skin stretched over a bent wooden hoop, with a handle across the hoop. Feathers – Feathers are often used in ceremonies and in individual healing rituals. Rattle – Rattles are used in ceremonies in traditional ways, often included to help invoke a specific Spirit in the Farseers ceremonies. These rattles are typically made with things representing the Spirit in question. Smoking Pipe – Used for smoking various tobaccos and psychoactive herbs. Below I will detail a couple of these examples, along with their standard tier progression system: Tier 1 - Small Scale, Slow Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 5 blocks of corruption, which will take an entire IRL day to effect the land entirely;requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them slightly above average ability, but will not last any longer than 15 IRL minutes. Tier 2 - Larger Scale, Slow Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 10 blocks of corruption, which will take half an IRL day to effect the land entirely; requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them significantly above average strength, but will not last any longer than 20 IRL minutes. Tier 3 - Larger Scale, Faster Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 15 blocks of corruption, which will take 2 IRL hours in order to effect the land entirely; requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them super-human qualities, which will not last any longer than 45 IRL minutes. Tier 4 - Large Scale, Fast Acting Influence Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 25 blocks of corruption, which will take 30 minutes in order to effect the land entirely; requires ward. Bestowing Strength - May impart strength in someone to give them super-human qualities, which will not last any longer than an hour IRL. Tier 5 - Mastery of Healing and Booning Healing Corruption - To the extent of healing 40 blocks of corruption, which can be done instantly without the use of a ward; however there will be a cooldown period of one IRL day. Warded - To the extent of healing 40 blocks of corruption, which will take 30 IRL minutes and can be done twice a day in different regions. Red Lines Blessing are only applied on three people, until an increase to 5 once reaching T5. Repeated blessing of one’s self causes degradation of the mind. More powerful spirits such as elemental spirits may goad farseers into spreading their aspect. Wodanaz, Spirit of Purity, one of farseer’s most useful spirits only works against dark shaman and general undead till T4, able to deal significant damage to aberrant/unholy beings. A farseer must make offerings and tidings to the spirits they request power from as an elementalist would. When imbuing a weapon with memories, a player’s own death cannot be viewed, for if one were to witness such, they would only see darkness. Moreover, the blessing does not act as a camera. It is only able to take bits and pieces Witch Doctor Clarification of Witchdoctory for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ The Witch Doctor, essentially the Antithesis of the Farseer, focuses his or her intent on causing misery and damage through the Curses of the more corruptive of the Spirits. Witch Doctors may use Immortal and Elemental Spirits.. In order for the Witch Doctor to call upon the Spirits, they must perform a ritual to express the domain the Spirits represent. For instance, if a Witch Doctor wanted to call upon the Spirit of Disease, he would hunch over and dance (or other such movements/postures which may please a disease spirit) in such a way as to look tired, while chanting in a weakened voice. He would also incorporate items or ingredients which a disease spirit would find attractive, such as rotten flesh or a jar of vomit. For example, we'll say a witch doctor wishes to brew a bottled fire hex. This would be a potion imbued with the power of a fire spirit, and intended to place a curse upon the imbiber. In order to create this concoction, the shaman would first need to gather the appropriate ingredients. As the witch doctor is attempting to gain the attention of a fire spirit, he needs to make use of ingredients which are reminiscent of fire. Usually, red flowers are a good start. Maybe he could grind up some smoldering coals. In witch doctory, it's less about whatever alchemical properties the ingredient may or may not possess (as witch doctory is NOT alchemy), and more about the symbolic nature of the ingredients. The shaman would begin mixing the ingredients in boiling water, whilst chanting in such a way as to attract a fire spirit. The chant is in Old Blah or True Blah as some prefer to say, and must (in both word and tone) reflect the nature of fire. The chant I would use in such a situation typically goes along the lines of "Ilszgûlu ghaashob, dushnûl ghaashugob!" meaning, "Spirits of fire, cast pain of burning!" Maybe I'd throw in a few more words regarding fire, but the point is the same. Furthermore, the tone would need to be correct. In the case of a fire hex, a harsh, guttural, perhaps even angry tone would be recommended. The same curse could be cast directly on a target (which may include any living organism) without the use of a potion through means of a ritual. In this case, the witch doctor would also gather items to represent fire. He may even choose to perform the ritual near a fire or surrounded by fire. As in the brewing process, the shaman must chant in such a way which would be pleasing to a fire spirit (or whatever kind of spirit he wishes to attract for whichever ritual). His movements play an even larger role in this sort of ritual, since he is not required to stir a pot. For a fire ritual, barbaric, chaotic dancing is usually preferred, often around a bonfire. Not all rituals call for dancing necessarily, of course. Some spirits, such as certain earth spirits, may prefer stability or even a stone-like stillness. Should the ritual attract the desired type of spirit, the curse will take effect on the intended target, causing said target (in the case of a fire ritual) to feel as though he is on fire. Witchdoctors do possess the ability to bless as well, the downside to this is that any positive effect or influence must be countered by an (often funny/ridiculous) counter. For example if one's legs are numbed by injury they can be healed and the person can feel again, the ironic backlash being that the legs then appear immovable. These side-effects will be balanced out and will be better controlled throughout the tiers. Small edit because Hedge does not let me do anything (smh): These applies for all blessings of a Witch Doctor. There will still be unintended ironic side effects or no blessings at all and completely a curse. Of course, all blessings must be in form of a potion/elixir/hex. It is important to note at this point that a Hex of fire cannot be used to directly set someone alight, but instead causes a psychological state in which they believe (and feel) they are on fire, without having the actual, physical repercussions; this applies to all Elemental Spirits. In terms of the Immortal Spirits, it can be a more direct result, and Witch Doctors can cause curses at higher tiers without the use of bottled curses. Tier 1 - Small Scale Hexes Able to produce Hexes that can cause small scale damage to regions, such as corrupting a 5 block radius, which will take the same duration as a Farseer; an entire IRL day to set in. This time too applies when used on Mortals, and will last for one IRL day; The player being cursed may choose to extend this for as long as they wish, which applies to all tiers. Tier 2 - Larger Scale Hexes Able to produce Hexes that can cause larger scale damage to region, such as taining a 10 block radius at half a day’s duration. When using a Hex to curse a mortal, it will last one full IRL day. Tier 3 - Direct Cursing Aside from the more powerful Hexes and their corruption being set to 15 blocks at two IRL hours; (when the Hex is used to curse a mortal, this will last for one day IRL. The Witch Doctors at this tier can also more directly curse individuals which will last one full IRL day. Tier 4 Potent Curses At this stage, Hexes can influence 25 blocks at 30 minutes; when a Hex is used on a Mortal, it will last for one and a half IRL days. Curses will be more potent and will last no longer than an hour IRL. Tier 5 - Strongest Version of Hexing and Cursing, as well as the Creation of Muyakelg At this level, Hexes and Curses are at the heights of what can be accomplished, with hexing being more potent and instantaneous, following the same progression of the Farseer at this stage. Hexing a Mortal will cause the curse to last for two IRL days, or even longer with the OOC consent of another player (maximum of 7 IRL days) Since all witch doctors face a chance at spell failure, all witch doctors are to roll to determine success. The window of success varies depending on the tier of the witch doctor in question. A /roll 6 is recommended, and is typically what witch doctors are taught to use. At T1 (apprentice level) a witch doctor must roll a perfect 6 for success, and even then the curse will be weak. 1-5 are failures for a T1. A T2 (Journeyman level) must roll a 5 or a 6 for success. Anything less is a failure. At T3, the witch doctor is considered a full-fledged, independent shaman. A T3 is still, however, not a master, and must roll a 4, 5, or 6 for success. A T4 (Elder shaman) must roll a 3 or higher; 1 or 2 are failures. Finally, a T5 (Master of the magic) must roll a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 to succeed. A roll of 1 is the only failure for a master witch doctor. Additionally, the Witch Doctor may create a Muyakelg with the help of a T5 Lutauman. Red Lines Curses have their respective times connected to the tier of the shaman. Should a Tier 5 shaman wish to curse another for LONGER than this given time: OOC consent of the victim player is required. As well as MT permission or supervision. Curses are mostly mental and not physical. An elemental curse of fire cannot set one aflame. Though it can bring about the mental pain of a burning body upon the victim. There is a strict prohibition on LOVE and LUST curses. As is seen in the spirit-to-spirit clarification document. This all in connection to the non-rape ruling on the lotc server. A curse is the temporary corruption of the soul and can be healed by magics that affect such. Usage of hexes, bottled curses, is permitted once the creation of such is to be roleplayed out. Seeing the creation roleplay itself is quite significant to the shaman, it is recommended to involve others in such during dancing and chanting - create rp for not yourself, but others too. (hedgehugs note) To make a Muyakelg you must be taught how to. Spirit Smithing Clarification of Spirit Smithing for each existing spirit https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/163363-✓-an-addition-to-the-shaman-codex-limitations-and-capabilities/ No further amend is to be given to Spirit Smithing || Ilzgul Udalgum https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150019-ilzgûl-udalgum-~-the-spirit-connection-reworking-propositionnew-sub-type-proposal/ Red Lines Each and every item a smith with an MA wishes to create must go through proper authentication/verification via either a designated MT or LT. The following players will also suffice as viable sources of confirmation: Hedgehug, Smawton, Divinejustice, MobyHug. Can never be more powerful that the Blessings or Curses the other sub-types can provide. The Mortal Stone can be destroyed. The Stone has a cooldown of an hour for any activation. Activations can only be used once in combat, regardless of duration. Can only be activated with Old Blah speech. Once used, must be recharged by Smith. Other shamanic Abilities Voodoo Dolls The creation of Voodoo dolls for the use of long range cursing is considered a more taboo quirk that the Witch Doctor has. The creation involves obtaining dna that’s linked to the soul of the victim. Suggested are things as blood, urine, or even tears. Hair and nails can be considered, but will make for a weaker connection. After the creation, through ritual, the doll shall act as a tether. The spirit that’s summoned when cursing this doll shall then use this as a tether to direct the curse to the victim. However, the strength of the curse depends on two factors: The quality of the doll The quality of the connection The quality of the doll matters in regards to how strong a tether it can be. A well-made representation of the victim paired with plenty of knowledge on his/her looks, voice and further appearance matters greatly in the strength of the doll. As mentioned earlier the strength of the different obtainable pieces of DNA matter. The quality of the connection is influenced by the bond the shaman has with the victim. If this is a strong one the curse is more potent. If the victim is a random, however, it can be safely said the curse shall be considerably less potent and shall not last long. Soul Puppetry vs. Shamanic Dolls There seems to be quite the controversy that Shamans also have a similar ability that SP’s have. The following explanation is given: Where soul puppeteering requires a voidal connection from doll to victim, the shamanic doll merely acts as a tether for the spirit. Instead of a direct curse that lasts for as long the anchor is connected to the victim, the shamanic doll allows for the summoned spiritual energy to corrupt the victim's soul as a Witchdoctors curse does - and shall remain for a slightly lesser time than an equal yet direct curse from the same Witchdoctor. Therefore a curse inflicted by a Soul Puppeteer can be revoked by use of Fi, whereas a shamanic curse shall have to be purged by soul-cleansing magics such as Xanism. The main difference to a shamanic curse and a Soul Puppeter type curses are not only the methods they can be done but soul puppetry can be quite limited by comparison. A shaman has a possibility to have lasting curses on an individual without them knowing whereas a SP'er has a direct influence on the person making them aware they are being cursed. Curses from a WD might be similar to a Sp'er but they won't have a lasting effect. Another notable difference is the degree of cursing. Both magics have their unique curses but it would seem that those of the SP can be quite more effective or rather more ‘extravagant’ whereas the WD is limited to the spirits and their effective curses. An example: An SP may curse a victim in a manner where they shall completely turn into cake and can be consumed until they are no more and thusly die. A WD may curse a victim in a manner where they shall consume cake until their stomach rips and they die. (Spirit: Glutroz) Muyakelg Lore: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/164401-additionamendmentmuyakelgs/
  21. The Shamanic Fellowship The Fellowship The Shamanic Fellowship is a faith mainly followed by the children of the first shaman and founder Krug, The Oldfather. It is known that many people of different racial backgrounds have converted their ways in worship of the Spirits. The Fellowship is an order of Shamanic peers that are dedicated to the balance of the Spirit Realm and representing Mortals to the Spirit Kind. Many of the fellowship are guided by the Shamans whose duty is diplomacy between the Mortal and Spirit Realms. There are many who return to the nomadic ways to bring others the teachings of the Spirits, but the Fellowship lies within the lands of the Krug who was the first to bring the influence and teachings of the Spirits. The collection of Shamans and Spirit worshippers are led by the High Shaman who is influential and renown by the Spirits as well as other Shamans. Many have worshipped the Spirits for a long length of time but the Fellowship is always willing to accept new dedicants. The High Shaman would also be willing to accept anyone who might seek forgiveness but more than often requests Spiritual judgement of the punishment. Those that consist of the Fellowship may seek spiritual guidance from or for any of their peers should they wish to do so. The Shamanic Fellowship collectively seeks a balance of the Spirits and a preservation of the powers that were bestowed to the Old Father Krug, his children, and the rest of Mortality. Shaman History & Lore Not much is known since the days of Aegis as much of the knowledge that was passed from ancestor to ancestor was lost with many of the older generations. There are records of Shamanism dating back to the early ages of Krug and the formation of Dark Shamanism during the Clan Wars. There are scribed accounts of the First Shamanic Revival being led by a great Farseer and Orc by the name of Mogroka’Gorkil The Farseer prospered greatly from Enrohk’s rise to become a Greater Spirit. In the most recent archives lie the tribulations that occurred of Kharak’Raguk and Orgon’s blight of Vailor that eventually cast it into destruction. The High Shaman, Motshams, and Dedicants The rankings within the fellowship are obtained through great lengths of dedicancy and guidance alongside their peers. The High Shaman The High Shaman’s responsibility is the lore keeping of Shamanic events and rituals. This rank includes the most experience of the Shamanic faith and is not easy to come by. The position provides both stability of the Fellowship as well as the Spirit Realm and brings guidance of the Spirits to the newcomers of the faith. The High Shaman maintains the diplomats of the several Realms of Spirits and keeps a watchful eye for some that might try to meddle in the politics and hierarchy of the Spirits. The Motsham The Motsham’s consist of knowledgeable and fierce teachers of the Shamanic faith. The responsibility of this position lies with the diplomacy and guidance of Krug’s children through the Spirits. There lies 5 positions a Motsham can gain that is diversified by each subtype holding a council formation with the High Shaman. A Motsham is a loyal follower of the High Shaman and the Shamanic Faith where they gain most of their knowledge from. The path to become a Motsham is long and difficult gained only through reputation and representation.. The Dedicant The Dedicant’s consist of Shamanic Teachers, Apprentices, and Worshippers. Their responsibilities include presenting shrines, rituals, and worship to the Spirits. Shaman Teachers and Apprentices may commune with the Spirits to negotiate praise for blessings. Spiritual worshippers have the duty of learning as well as assisting Shamans in any Spiritual matter if they ask for it. All together dedicants of the Shamanic Faith have the obligation of introducing others to the ways of the Spirits. Teachers and Dedication Dedication to the Spirits is one of the most vital things the faith calls for. For many it takes great lengths of time to prove themselves a faithful worshipper of the spirits. Though Teachers may provide teachings of the Spirits and their Realms, they must not be bugged about learning Shamanism. The Teacher may provide an understanding of meditation but ultimately it is the Spirit that chooses to appear to the apprentice. If a practice of another kind is taken up by a dedicant, it is very unlikely the Spirit would ever reveal itself due to the dislike of Voidal and Dark magic and/or concentration on other deities. The Spirit Realm The Spirit Realm is a vast province that is separated into 3 different dominions: Ancestral, Immortal and Elemental. The Ancestral Realm The Ancestral Realm is widely known among Spirit worshippers as a place named Stargush’Stroh. Here is where deceased mortal spirits live in harmony alongside their ancestors. Lataumen have the ability to converse with such spirits in Stargush’Stroh. The Immortal Realm The Immortal Realm consists of Spirits that are created from concepts, ideas, emotions, and more specific things. A house may be made of stone held by Elemental Spirits of Earth, but an Immortal Spirit reigns over the concept of what a House is and can influence it in a way to improve or weaken the structure. Immortal Spirits are often worked with by Witch Doctors, Farseers, and Spirit Smiths. The Elemental Realm The Elemental Realm influences physical aspects of the Mortal Realm. Elements can be used by Spirit Smiths and manipulated by Elementalists in the categories of Water, Fire, Earth and Air as basics. Elementalists with time and experience can manipulate intermediate elements such as Metal and Storm. There are more advanced Elemental spirits but they are beyond in-game comprehension. Spirit Grand List: Ordinance of the Fellowship Do not interfere with the hierarchy and politics of the Spirits. Do not attempt to bargain with the Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge. Do not misrepresent mortality during diplomacy and bargains with the Spirits. The Fellowship will act as a prevention of any instability caused in the Spirit Realm that might originate in the Mortal Realm. The Fellowship will update the Motshams and High Shamans of any developments they have made or projects they would like to work on. The High Shaman and Fellowship must remain as lore keepers in the Ancestral lands of Krug, but other Shamans may fall on a path of nomadism if they wish. Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits. The Current Fellowship High Shaman: Elphaba’Gorkil (Elementalist, Witch Doctor) Motshams: Gukdan’Raguk (Spirit Smith) Olnin (Witch Doctor) N/A (Farseer) Zlash’Lur (Elementalist) N/A (Latauman) Dedicants: The Banished Those who are banished from the fellowship of Shamans are those known to have contempt for the Spirits as well as intentions of bringing instability to the Spirit Realm. These figures also represent those who bargain with Ixli to learn the ways of Dark Shamanism and individuals who conspire alongside them. Banished Offenders: Kulgarok’Dom (Dark Shaman) Fellowships will be held every Saturday (Grand Harvest) at the Yar Temple of San’Raakh, 1:30 PM EST. Note: The Fellowship is not a means of learning Magic. Enlistment: MC Name: RP Name: Skype: Discord: Fellowship Ranking: Shaman Sub-type (if applicable):
  22. Shamanism Explained In a dimension as vast and unpredictable as the Spirit Realm, it can be difficult at times to understand how the smaller aspects of Shamanism work, what the limitations are, and how to apply what you can work with. It is my intention in this post to detail everything I currently understand about Shamanism, my interpretation of it and what I have come to clarify from my previous experience as the Shaman Lore Master; of which I believe there has been no replacement. If there is one, I apologise for not seeking you out in advance. I asked only on one occasion. So, before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how Shamanism as a Magic works, and what the limitations contained within are, let's explore how the Spirit realm came to be. The Birth of the Spirit Realm The Daemon, Apohet created the Spirit Realm after observing the realm of Mortals, and in his jealousy, attempted to create a dimension of his own which would come to rival the Realms of the Descendants. This became the space that would soon house the Spirits; the entities he created to inhabit this vast dimension. Yet in his blind arrogance and passion, he wanted each of the Spirits to come to control and represent something in the Mortal Realm, so that his creations would always have a hold and a sway over the Realm of Mortals. He started with the most prominent aspects of existence, and created two Spirits that were aligned to the concepts of Time and Space. These two Spirits would materialise in an explosive burst of energy and potential, and in an instant foresaw all of time and creation. Just as soon as they were birthed into existence they experienced time eternal, and came to understand and explore the unlimited expanse of the Universe. They foresaw all events and all possibilities, and instantly became more powerful than their creator. They became known as Sandru, the Spirit of Time, who often takes the form of an ice blue snake, and Omnizan, the Spirit of Space, who most often appears as a crimson serpent. The pair are invariably intertwined in this state, and are said to be in and out of reality as they continue to experience endless time. For this reason, it is impossible to contact them. Apohet continued with his voracious appetite for glory, and created the Elemental Spirits, who would collectively reign over the second most prevalent things in all of creation; matter. In their Elemental Realms they are unimaginably powerful, and dwarf their lesser cousins, who exist in a realm outside of their own. These Spirits are known as the Immortal Spirits, and represent many of the more specific things of the world, and they are the last of the creations of Apohet. Lastly, there are Spirits that reside in Star'Gush Stroh, which is the after-life that worshipers of the Spirits may enter. These "Spirits" are Mortal Souls, who were blessed with the ability to enter this afterlife due to Apohet's admiration of Krug; which caused his last influence in his dimension to be a pocket of the Spirit Realm in which Mortal Souls could reside for eternity. Based on this, we can come to understand there there are various levels or dimensions to the Spirit Realm. - For a detailed list of all of the current Spirits, refer to: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153791-the-spirits-grand-list/#comment-1453308 I imagine it would look something like this: Time & Space ---------------------------- Elemental ------------------- Immortal ---------- Ancestor ---- The Birth of Shamanism In isolation and rage, Krug called out for an answer to the Curse set upon him and his people by Iblees. For it was one of a deep Blood Lust, and had caused unimaginable harm to his people. For decades they had lashed out in barbaric fury, slaughtering one another in the streets for the momentary release it would offer them. Yet as Krug called out, all was silent. However, unbeknownst to him, his incomparable power had brought his message to the Spirit Realm, and he then received a response. The Elemental Spirit of Air came forth, and offered to work with Krug in order to achieve a goal. You see, the deep desire for recognition and advancement that fueled Apohet's ambitions had been instilled in his children, and in the interaction with Krug they saw a means of attaining more power, and more influence. Thus, from this encounter and subsequent co-operation, Shamanism was born. But how does Shamanism work, you might ask? Good question. How Does a Shaman Connect? Over time, the act of Shamanism began to branch into different specialisations. This occurred because no Orcs were as powerful as Krug, and could not reach the Spirit Realm in the same manner as him. For this reason, a method of connecting to the different Spirit Realms was imparted into the children of Krug, so that they could reach out of the Spirits in order to receive wisdom, advice, or even something more tangible. This is achieved through meditation of some form, and currently there are only two ways in which a Shaman may interact with the Spirit Realm. 1) Transferal of Consciousness One method is to transfer consciousness into the Spirit Realm, which is done through deep meditation, focusing on the realm and even the Spirit the Shaman wishes to visit. The Shaman's mana is used to transfer his consciousness into the Dimension, and his body is left behind in the Mortal Realm, where it is susceptible to damage due to being paralysed. If a Shaman were to be killed within the Spirit Realm, his physical body would also die, due to the connection of his soul/consciousness being torn. Typically, a Shaman would only visit the Spirit Realm in order to seek advice, to create a pact with an Elemental Spirit, or to visit Star'Gush Stroh, where he or she may speak with the deceased. 2) Connection through Ceremony In terms of tangible work, a Shaman will choose to instead connect with the Realm of the Spirits, as opposed to visiting it on more of a literal level. All acts upon the Mortal Realm are achieved through this second method. This is done by calling out for their attention, so that they may work through the Shaman's mana in order to influence the Mortal Realm. The Shaman must adopt and embrace the energies that the Spirit or the Realm represents. For instance, if a Shaman wanted to connect to Enrohk, the Spirit of Bloodlust, they might start by sacrificing a Goat. Then they would begin chanting in an aggressive and furious tone, finishing by dancing in a manner that also mimics a fit of rage. A Spirit will rarely manifest in the Mortal Realm of their own will, for if they were to be killed, their energy would shatter and they would ultimately die. Typically, it is only the Immortal Spirits who summon their energies into the realm of the Descendants, and do this by transporting one of their Lesser Servants into the Realm to act on their behalf. The Sub-Types of Shamanism Farseer Class: Healing/Enhancement Realms: Immortal & Ancestral A Farseer devoted his energy to heaing or enhancing someone by working with the Spirits of the Immortal of Ancestral Realm. To do this, he must connect with the Spirits through Ceremony, and once connected, may impart their influence into the chosen person. Currently, Farseers are unable to heal or enhance themselves. Latauman Class: Healing/Enhancement Realms: Immortal & Ancestral Latauman work in much the same way as Farseers, and devote their energies to healing or enchancement. Expect, in the case of the Latauman, he may only bring positive influence upon himself, to a greater degree than the Farseer. Latauman are unable to heal or enhance others. Spirit Smith Class: Enhancement Realms: Immortal and Elemental A Spirit Smith must connect to Gentharuz initially, in order to crate an item known as a Mortal Stone. This is used to contain a Minor Spirit, who uses it's energies to influence the world. Once this initial process has been achieved, anyone in possession of the item may call upon the Spirit inside the stone to utilise the energy it represents. Elementalist Class: Damaging Realms: Elemental An Elementalist must first take his consciousness into the Elemental Realm in order to make a pact with an Elemental Spirit. Once this pact has been made, the Shaman may call upon that Spirit to assist them in influencing the mortal world. Elementalists can only work with existing elements, which means they vary from Evocation in this regard. Apart from this, the mechanism of influencing said elements works in very much the same way. However, it takes considerably less effort to harness existing material. Witch Doctor Class: Damaging Realms: Elemental/Immortal Witch Doctors connect with the Spirit Realm through chanting, and attempt to imbue the Spirits energy into a concoction known as a Hex. This liquid may be used to invoke a feeling or illness upon the victim, which is known as a curse. There are not often physical influences (though they do exist), but instead mental ones. For instance, a Hex of Fire will not explode into flame, but will instead give the sensation of being on fire. With great effort, a Witch Doctor may cause this same process without the brew, but it takes a considerable amount of time, and will often be stopped by the victim before it can be caused. Witch Doctors may Curse both forms of life: Plants and Animals. Dark Shamanism Class: Damaging Realms: All Dark Shamans devour Spirits in order to influence the world around them, by forcefully utilise their energies. Once they have control over something, it begins to contort and twist into a corrupted form, as the act is being done against the will of the Spirit. For more information on Dark Shamans, refer to: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150801-lore-trial-2m-from-290916-ishurkal-dark-shamans/?page=1 How do Spirits Influence the World/How Does it Work? In order to have dominion over the Mortal Realm, Apohet had to bestow small parts of his energy into the world. He did this by creating Dormant Spirits, entities that are directly tied to what they are imbued within and indeed, the Realm they represent. When an Earth Elementalist calls to the Elemental he has a pact with, that Spirit will harness the mana of the Shaman to awaken the Dormant Spirits within the earth, thus allowing manipulation to occur. The Spirit awakening the energy has no real influence over the decisions of the Dormant Spirits, and so the Shaman must focus on controlling it with his mana in order to keep the Spirit in line, and is how he may direct where the earth moves to. This concept applies to all influence in the world, including physical and emotional, and it is the act of awakening these Dormant Spirits that gives rise to the subsequent control. I'll be adding more to this once I see what may be missing. I intend to start an F.A.Q at the end of this post so that I can answer questions I might not have thought of, and so I can implement them afterwards. So, fire away.
  23. A crude parchment hung on a wooden post, which seemed to be an advertisement. ~Gukdan's Spirit shop~ I am here to offer my skills as a smith, and a shaman. I have decided to use my shamanism to create items of great proportion that only the worthy men and women can buy from me. The sorts of things you could ask for all depend on the spirit you wish to use in the item, if you are in the dark about Spirits, then here's the list. A list of names and their meanings were scribbled underneath: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/112681-the-spirits/ Where you can find me I will more often than not, be roaming around Sutica, if you wish to ask of my services then you should attempt to find me there. The price you should expect Most items will cost about 600-1000 minas, with some possibly going to 300, depending on it's 'enchantment' What I look like A less than perfect drawing was scribbled on the page, but it wasn't half bad. P.S, Don't get too crazy with the 'enchantment' requests.
  24. Farseer & Latauman Make a Baby The Realms of the Spirits are vast and unending, with myriad ways with which Shamans may interact with (and utilise the latent energies within) it. Created by the Daemon, Apohet, the Spirits that exist within the realms are divided into three categories. Elemental - The first of the Spirits to be made, and arguably the most powerful of all Spirits, domineering over the basic elements of creation. Immortal - The second group of Spirits to be made, pertaining to more specific and abstract aspects of existence, such as Disease, Health, and Hope. Ancestral - The last of the Spirits, those that were once Mortals who transcended into Stargush'Stroh (Valhalla) upon death. Now, Shamans serve as conduits through which these Spirits may more directly influence the Mortal Realm. Spirits are willing to offer this service, since both veneration, and a greater number of things they represent existing, enhance their power. There are currently four sub-types of Shamanism: Elementalist: These Shamans make pacts with Lesser Spirits of the Elements. When they direct the Spirit, they are able to directly influence existing material that relates to the domain of the Spirit in question. Witch Doctor: These Shamans communicate with the Immortal and Elemental Spirits with the intent to cause harm to other Mortals, insofar as to create Curses and Hexes. These creations do not often have physical effects, but are usually psychological. For instance, using a Hex of Fire would not cause burning, but would mimic the sensation of such an experience. Latauman: These Shamans access the Ancestral Realm, where they search for the most notable of Spirits who were famed for great deeds in life. A Latauman can ask to receive a blessing from them, so that they get (for a time) a boon that relates to why they were made Greater Ancestrals. For instance: A Latauman may communicate with Lur, renowned for being the Greatest Hunter of all Orcish History, to have his senses heightened for a time. They are unable to instill these blessings into others. Farseer: These Shamans access the Immortal Realm, usually in search of enlightenment through the wisdom of the Spirits. Additionally, they can channel blessings through these Spirits into plants and people around them, instilling feelings such as courage. They are unable to bless themselves. Now, we've all done that test where you have to pick which from the list are most similar. The last two are oddly similar, wouldn't you agree? So much so that it begs the question: Why does such a distinction exist? There is currently a lack of any Farseers, and a disturbingly low number of Latauman. When asked what the difference between the two is, many struggle to conjure an answer. The basic concept behind them both seems to be the same; to draw from the Spirits in some way, in order to utilise a blessing. The other sub-types, being Witch Doctor and Elementaist, have very specific purposes that make them distinct from one another. The notion that one must learn two-sub-types in order to both bless themselves and others is drawing from the pool of Shamans, and creating a needlessly lengthy process that can be simplified. Logically speaking, the two should be combined. There is no reasonable explanation behind why such a process would need to be divided into two categories. As per the example of the Witch Doctor, Shamans are capable of connecting to more than one type of realm, making the merger compatible within existing lore. I should like to propose the merger of the two, foremost with the understanding that it's an unnecessary divide, and will help resolve the issue of dying sub-types, and alternatively because a fresher lore-piece has been proposed that could very easily replace the mantle that would be left. A rather distinct sub-type: Shaman Smithing - With some refinement, I think this could serve as a more interesting sub-type within the circle of Shamans, offering more useful and relevant lore than the two aforementioned sub-types that veer from one another only slightly. Comments and Feedback are needed, appreciated, and welcome. Thank you for reading.
  25. This will prove I am either entirely inept, or not as inept as you think I am. Likely the latter. Excuse any awful spelling or grammatical dipshittery as it is 2 in the morning and I've been up since 5 the day before. A bedraggled sage-esque Orcish woman would saunter into any city or town with a large populus, clearly dazed and emaciated. She’d creep to the largest group she could find, regaling her tale of the spirits informing her of a grand catastrophe that’d lead to a great finding. Later she would tell the group who accepted the task that she is a shaman, despite how obvious she may have made that fact. They would trek deep into the spookiest bit of whatever the new map is called, as we will switch to it in less than a week, and eventually come across a frightfully deep chasm in a massive basin, which would later be found to be a drained lake.. The shaman would warn the group of the perils beneath, and I’d [!] to make it seem as lackluster and typical as possible to breed suspicion about the group. After some time, the shaman would shout at the group, continuing to warn them. Either after some time still, or after someone would inquire how dangerous, the shaman would tell them She’d show them, and ask for the party to stand back. She’d rip a dried and marred skull, whose openings would be sealed with fat and sand, from her bandolier of many shaman-y things, and toss it in the hole. A fiery heat and light would wash out of the hole, provided with a noise similar to a flood. The shaman would shriek to the group to run up to the shore of the basin as an awful sludge would spring from the chasm. The shaman would make it out in time. The goop fills the majority of the once-lake’s basin, sloshing up in a slight wave that’d pool at the slight of the shore, before reeling back into its mass. In the puddles’ pseudo-nucleus, deduced by its darker colouration, would be a blackish boulder, quite hefty in size. The sludge would quiver and quake, shifting about to eventually come alive. I’d [!] something pertaining to the fact that the lake was filled with a puddle of death, just so everyone was clear on that. The shaman would stutter, stepping back aways in disbelief and mumbling something about the spirits because shaman. She’d shout at the party to keep the beast away from her as she’d do her work, being as vague as possible, to aid with the suspense. She’d request the group to allow her back into the trees or some equal convenient vision-obscuring device for long enough for her to call for a favor. If arguing would ensue, I’d bolster the severity of the situation via the blob slamming wads of itself into the ground or something similar. If still the group would deny the Shaman the clearance to hide behind something, I’d have the blob do something rather distracting so everyone wouldn’t focus on the Shaman for a moment. Once she is obscured, I will interact with the party as the slime for an amount of time deemed fitting, at which point the bit of obscuring nature the shaman hid behind would cough an animal of fire, which would sprint into the jiggling mass of blob. The canid engulfed in flame would charge through the goo, entirely unimpeded, as its heat is enough to dissipate the slime into a foul smog, which too would dissipate into basically nothing. From the three other cardinal directions would charge similar beasts of flame, that’d cut into the thing that consumed the lake. The creatures would pool in the centre of the slime, chasing each other in a seemingly-choreographed circle, slinging whips of heat through the basin of sentient sludge. The ropes of expanding heat would sling further and further, ending the bizarre ceremony with the tendrils of fire scraping at the basins shoreline. The blob is entirely evaporated, along with the wolves, whom sizzle out into a quaint nothing after their deed is complete. The group would likely not understand at first, and should they not deduce that the random flame-wolves weren't conjured by nothing, I’d emote the shaman groaning or somesuch. Upon the hopeful locating by the group, the shaman would be in deep concentration, mumbling words unknown to any lest they understand the True Blah. They would be visibly shaken, and likely looking as though on the verge of death, as her disheveled state mentioned at the beginning of this awful spiel was not remedied. Should she be disturbed in any way during this bout of gibbering, her mental connection to the spirit realm would quickly severe, shattering her fragile psyche, whereupon she’d bury the smaller end of her staff into her eye, pressing it further until her demise. Should her True Blah requests be allowed to finish by the party, She’d end her connection, and peer to the group with a frightened, thousand-metre stare. If anyone would touch her, she’d collapse as though dead. Should anyone continue to try and tug her back to some form of safety, she’d flip a **** and begin smashing and clawing at the party. Around the beginning of the party’s interactions with the gibbering shaman, a peaceful storm would be forming, with lazy clouds bobbing about to assimilate into larger versions on themselves. The only gesture the shaman would offer, is propping a palm facing the lake on her knee, with a finger stretching towards the basin should the party still now understand what she was asking of them. Upon the party’s hopeful inspection of the lake, which would be caked in foul ash, they would come across a meteorite, entirely whole, laying near the chasm the sludge creeped out of. It is likely a large slime lived about the lake, and the meteorite slammed into the centre of such a lake, causing the lake’s water and any slime dwelling within it to sink into the massive chasm caused by the falling rock, in turn causing the slime to assimilate into one massive slime, which would swell to even larger size via absorbing the water drawn into the chasm. The shaman would not interact with the group apart from the ways mentioned above, she’s asked too much of the spirits and in return they’ve stolen her sanity with the aid of Ixli. Should anyone who speaks True Blah wish to study her babblings before her inevitable starvation, they would learn much, as Ixli’s mind-tearing inducts the knowledge of several well-learned scholars within oneself. The meteorite is enough of a size to lug back to a village with the aid of the party, though carrying would likely be much easier if broken in chunks. The shaman perishes, and will perish no matter what any would do. Weird-ass idea conjured from nothing, sorry if its shite. Sorta not, because creativity, but sorta am at the same time. Please, tell me how awful I am in the comments, It makes me feel as though I lack a skeleton. Sorry about the textwall too Sleepy
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