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Found 24 results

  1. Hello kind citizenry of Celia'nor! We are proud to announce the opening of the city's newest book shop. The Tavarian Librarian is an all purpose book seller who not only offers valuable tomes at reasonable prices, but will pay top mina to expand its own collection. So come on by and see what's on the shelves at... THE TAVARIAN LIBRARIAN
  2. In the current year, in the small and free city of Chambery, a small store of Lechian liquors and wines, created and aged during the past year, is opening. Located in the central square just above the town's harbor, the small liquor store, owned by Jaromir Frostiron, opens its doors with samples of the Radgastians' and Kos clan's alcoholic tradition. Below are the prices and a small piece of the product: Biała Palona - Created from potatoes, this vodka is one of the oldest spirits from the Kos family recipes. Containing 45% pure alcohol, it can knock down real giants in large quantities. Selled at the price of 2,4 mina each bottle Radaghastian Cydr - This alcohol, is very cheap to produce. Made from apples, it is called "Radaghastian Cydr" in its native land. The alcohol content is 15%. Selled at the price of 2,5 mina each bottle Bimbr - A 35 percent beverage made from an ancient Kos family recipe. It doesn't have much of a sophisticated flavor and smells slightly off Selled at the price of 2 mina each bottle And the most fine and exclusive liquor, made by the Frostiron familiy. Only two, aging in clay barrel! Came to see it, and maybe shop some liquor for your night! We will wait you in Chambery
  3. Opening of ‘The Foundry’ 4th Jula ag Piov, 527 ES Cosmic hell-fire falls heavy, Pattering like rain, But we the people stand, And salute our lost land. Recovery comes after, In swathes of cobble and lumber, Our life we’ve rebuilt together, Away from a hearse, Allows us free commerce. - Felyska Weiss The lines which have trailed into the likes of Weiss commerce have been ever-expanding. First beginning as a small stall entitled ‘Weiss Supplies’ our purpose was to supply the peoples with hearty military outfittings. This did not mark the beginning nor the end of our ventures, with the humble ‘Bark & Barb’ taking the foundation as a novelty hobby shop for fishing, and eventually our line of connected stalls expanding to include our world-renowned honey brand: Zvaervauld Liliac-Honey. It is with this in mind that we have stepped forth into the future with our new place of commerce which mergers our previous ventures with a focus on expansion: The Foundry Hanseti-Ruska, New Valdev Product Catalog The Return of Zvaervauld Lilac-Honey With humble origins dating back to Almaris upon the sunny southern coast of the Barony of Zvaervauld, we are very happy to announce the return of our most beloved craft whom we have our bees and lilacs to thank for. Zvaervauld-Lilac Honey gets its namesake from the circumstance of its inception. The soils of Zvaervauld were very barren and left little to grow, but the House of Weiss discovered that Lilacs of all things seemed to flower bountifully in the poor, acidic soil under their feet. Thus, all honey from Zvaervauld to this day carries a lightly floral aroma that we believe stands it apart from all other competitors. Perfect on its own or as a companion to toast or your morning tea, we can assure our customers that it shall not disappoint! The Honey Range Our prestigious line of honey and honey-based products extend to many charismatic goods. The noble warrior may wish to try our distilled honey salve, which is perfect for keeping a wound miasma free. Ladies are invited to sample our lilac perfume if they wish for a more affable fragrance distilled from the very same flowers that give Zvaervauld Lilac its name. And ofcourse, what’s honey without mead? We are more than pleased to announce the return of Zvaervauld Gold, an alcoholic beverage intended for those with finer tastes which can be enjoyed warm or cold and brewed with loving care, we’re certain that it shall not disappoint. For those wishing for a more wild beverage, they are invited to try Zvaervauld Xtreme which is guaranteed to encourage one to dance the night away with not a care in the world, or your money back! Or perhaps you have a sweet tooth? The Foundry has you covered once more. Be it honey drops, glazed black-bread, honey roasted peanuts, and a multitude of other delicious goods from honey-butter to a wide range of candies, we invite all with a more luxurious food pallet to visit our location. White Comet Steeds Within our blood is that of the rider, but now we are long from the days of Almaris and the black sheen of the Zvaervauld Great Horse: all of which were lost to lands past. It is borne from this loss that the White Comet arose, to celebrate our past and future as one, and blazed across the fields of Haenseti-Ruska. Similarly to our privileged breeds of the past, it is wholly of one coat color: white. With all the grace of a swan but the power of an ox, these horses have been bred by our most stringent warriors to fit the role of destrier and as such are held at a premium price. Potential riders ought be warned that the lineage of White Comets held in esteem by the Weiss are a confident breed, and thus require a skilled handler. Mityan Striders However, not all horses bred can be held to the standard of the stars. From those who do not match the perfect sheen of the White Comet, or are unable to effectively bear the loads of a warrior, they are so dubbed Mityan Striders. Coming in a range of abilities and coats, this varied breed is sure to have a fit for any odd-job. Generally more pliable and easy to maintain, Mityan Striders are well suited as companions, work-horses and racers. Equipment We would not be called ‘The Foundry’ without cold ferrum and daemonsteel. In this we believe our customers will enjoy our wide variety of weaponry made with careful attention to craftsmanship. From suits of platemail, daemonsteel weaponry, bows, arrows, and even beef rations we’re sure warriors seeking gear shall not be disappointed with our competitive prices. Artistic Pursuits From paint to the written word, the Weiss have grown to blossom in war and artistry. Within the bounds of The Forge, one can peruse the works available on display or, for those of more individual tastes, may partake in special-order commissions in the visual and literary arts. To take space upon your walls and side-boards, painted portraits are available so long as one has the patience to be seated for such an affair. The written word, ever-esoteric in nature, has rarely made its appearance in our daily lives. Yet, still, there remains a beauty in the riling majestic description of battle, or the gentle solitude or a creek. For the openings of establishments, closings of life, and testaments of love: there lies a poem to be smithed for all occasions. For Children “The future rests in the hands of the young, and as such they ought to be protected.” This is the fifth and final Maxim of House Weiss, and as such we believe that any Haeseni child ought to be familiar with weaponry of all sorts as soon as they are able to stand on two feet. Children are invited to inspect our line of toy weaponry. Axes, swords, maces, and spears abound for those wishing to re-enact their favorite knightly escapades of history’s past. Young men and women are also invited to browse our selection of training weapons. Blunted yet with a ferrum core and crafted with exquisite attention to detail, these weapons are made to mimic the weight of the real thing to shape them up for their future careers in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Contact Information @Frostdrop1for general enquiries and poetic commissions. @SethWolf for general enquiries and artisan commissions. @ItsMisterPipfor smithing/metalwork commissions. @Dinochad for art commissions. Lady Felyska Amélya Weiss
  4. [!] This flyer is posted throughout Aevos, from busy streets to quiet corners, on lampposts, bulletin boards, and storefronts. It's hard to miss, ensuring everyone sees it and takes notice. .
  5. [!] Flyers have been found about Hyspia . . . The Murietta family is a simple family that pours themselves into their work, having learnt to be jacks-of-all-trades in their humble way of life. It is in this that they offer their work for a small fee, the common family residing within Hyspia where the sound of a hammer pounding or the scent of something baked often seeps out of their household. Vicente Murietta II work lies in the chopping of wood, mining of ores and various repairs and projects as needed. Should furniture need to be moved? He is your man! Hiring him is but a simple bird away, making your day that much easier. Mariposa Murietta, the wife of the beloved construction worker, skills lie elsewhere. Whether catering to Hyspian feasts, aiding in the planning of Quinceaneras, the decorating of one’s home or the cleanliness of one’s household, she is your woman! The work offered is not kept to these alone, for the Murietta Rouseabout accepts all sorts of odd jobs for but a small fee - to be discussed between consumer and customer! Contact Vicente [Ragnarakajavvy] or Mariposa [tadabug2000] today!
  6. [!] Numerous new fliers were hung up around the Kingdom of Aaun! With some strays around Haense, too!
  7. The Roa Emporium In the grand tradition of written communication, we are pleased to extend our heartfelt and official declaration, introducing the establishment of the illustrious 'Roa Emporium' to the esteemed citizens of Aevos. We invite all discerning individuals, esteemed families, and honorable estates to place their trust in our enterprise, as we eagerly welcome opportunities for prosperous collaboration. In our capacity as a distinguished trading company, we take immense pride in fostering enduring partnerships through meticulously crafted cliented deals. Our commitment extends to ensuring that your every desire is satisfied, as we graciously offer complimentary delivery services for items that align with your unique tastes and preferences. If any queries or uncertainties should arise, we humbly beseech you to direct your inquiries via letter to any of the undersigned representatives. At present, our operations are firmly rooted in the resplendent Kingdom of Haense, Crown Avenue II, sharing it with our Ludovar partners! However, we harbor ambitious aspirations to expand our presence across the entire continent in the very near future. Moreover, it brings us great satisfaction to inform you that the prestigious House of Roa has graciously bestowed their patronage upon our enterprise. Should any reservations linger in your esteemed minds, we hope the attachment of this official trade affiliation shall serve as a compelling testament to our credibility and integrity. Our Products At Roa Emporium, we offer an exquisite array of unique products, with our primary focus centered on the illustrious steeds we proudly breed and nurture, hailing from the esteemed Viscounty of Pavia in the realm of Almaris. These magnificent warhorses, bearing a long-standing legacy of unrivaled prowess, are the epitome of equine excellence. In perfect harmony with our equestrian offerings, Roa Emporium extends its commitment to equestrians by providing a curated selection of horse whistles and finely-crafted saddles. Whether you find yourself in need of replacement equipment due to wear and tear or seek to upgrade your equestrian experience, we cater to all your riding essentials. But our dedication to safeguarding our patrons extends beyond the stables. We also proudly present a distinguished collection of self-defense equipment, including swords, lances, bolas, and an assortment of other formidable armaments. Your safety is our utmost concern, and we aim to equip you for any challenge that may arise. Yet, in the realm of protection, we believe in leaving no stone unturned. To this end, Roa Emporium offers a selection of alchemical potions, meticulously crafted to both mend and defend. These elixirs serve as your trusty companions in times of peril, assuring your well-being. For those who aspire to master the art of alchemy or practice the healing arts, we also offer an array of alchemical herbs. These botanical treasures are the foundation of concocting potent potions or crafting soothing salves and ointments, catering to both budding alchemists and benevolent healers. At Roa Emporium, we understand that personal style and presentation are of paramount importance. To elevate your elegance and allure, in the future we will unveil a splendid range of jewelry, encompassing an assortment of rings, necklaces, pins, and a myriad of other ornate adornments. With us, your aesthetic aspirations find their perfect expression. Signed The Honorable Gregorius Roa, Patriarch of House Roa, Chairman of the Roa Emporium, et cetera Lady Alba Apollonia Roa, Heiress of House of Roa, et cetera Lord Alcibiades Roa, Lord Commander of the Royal Aeltarosi Legion Lord Casstrucio Dandalo Roa
  8. Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov Presents: The Godunovian Lotus The Godunovian Lotus is a store like no other - Boasting a grand assortment of distinctive products from all over the Canonist realms and beyond. What sets apart the Godunovian Lotus from the rest of the crowd, is our unique Contract system - By which we sell the products provided by our famed Contractees (Members including Queen Amaya “The People’s Queen” of Haense, and King Adrian of Balian) in exchange for a cut of the profit. Our novel Contract system grants us access to rare, remarkable goods from nearly every corner of Aevos - And what we display is only the best of it all - ensuring that You, the customer, find only the most inimitable, exquisite items, all under the same roof! The Godunovian Lotus is run and managed by Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov - of the Haeseni nobility - However, the company has no political ties to Haense otherwise. Meaning, if you purchase goods from this store, including our vast array of weaponry, you are not purchasing from Haense. Private bulk purchases with Anatoliy Ilya however, will be denied should it impact the Kingdom of Haense. If you wish to sign a contract with the Godunovian Lotus, or indulge in a private exchange with the company - Send all inquiries by bird to Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov (Caelaerin). ((Location: Jungle Beach Warp. Head towards Amathine (right) and you will immediately find the Silver Merchant Sovereignty. The Godunovian Lotus is located within on the left hand side, 2nd floor.)) Products: The Godunovian Lotus, as previously mentioned, sells a large variety of exclusive, one of a kind goods. This ranges from weaponry, to armour, to horses and even toys and dollhouses for children! But if you wish for an example of the items we sell - Merely take a look below! This Doll house is any creative young child's dream! A delicate and beautiful craft, this item allows stories of all genres to be played out - from a haunted mansion to a mundane family story plot - the ways to play are endless, and the only limit is your child’s wondrous imagination! This beautiful refined product is found in only one corner of the world! Only the best blacksmiths and artists, those with the greatest of skills, are able to sculpt this precious material into the perfect jewellery piece, or sword decoration.. Do you dare to test your skills? A mighty weapon for a mighty warrior.. Only those with immense pride in their strength can hope to wield such deadly beauty. Forged from simple ferrum, but masterfully crafted, this warhammer is sure to catch the eye - and limbs - of your enemies. An ad for The Silver Merchant Sovereignty The Silver Merchant Sovereignty is a haven for Merchants, and a shopping paradise for Customers. Free from Political influence and declared a strict neutral territory, the Silver Merchant Sovereignty deals with All factions, ensuring that no matter your race nor affiliation, you can be sure to find yourself whatever your heart desires - Looking to arm yourself with high quality weaponry? Look no further! Aiming to purchase some delicate jewellery for that special someone? Set your sights on us! Or perhaps you’re more pragmatic, and simply seek to ensure you’re properly equipped for any medical situation? Logic dictates you choose us. Not only do we have products from every corner of the world - But we sell them for the best price, thanks to our Grand Comparison, a large, constantly updated document featuring the prices of every major product, from every major city! And if what we show on our shelves doesn’t excite you, then take a peek at our famed auction, the Grand Exchange, home of our most valuable and perfected items! No longer will you need to travel across half the world, searching for that one thing you desperately need - For the Silver Merchant Sovereignty has it all. Red arrow marks the location of the Sovereignty! Furthermore - If you belong to a guild or organisation that is in need of a port, the Sovereignty has you covered. Located on the coast, our facility is equipped with a shipyard and port, perfect for any group that requires a place to settle their sea-faring roots. Simply send a bird to Yera Silveria (Ewdrawings) to inquire about it! The Shipyard outside the Silver Merchant Sovereignty! Note: Some small structures and even stands /may/ be constructed around the shipyard! Send your birds today! Signed, His Lordship, Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov, Heir to the Barony of Verskaya, Founder of The Godunovian Lotus.
  9. *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚ Starlight Emporium A shop to find a variety of things. Plushies for the kids, or even yourself! Jewelry to display your love for the night sky, green to smoke during those stressful days. Even medicinal potions to help heal you or your loved ones! We are conveniently located in Nor-velyth, Vortice and the Silver Merchant trading facility. Below is a list of our inventory along with drawings depicting our locations. Potions Jewelry Plushie Green Drawings Enclosed *:・゚✧*:・゚ :・゚✧:・.☽˚。・゚✧:・*:・゚✧*:・゚
  10. Hoof and Halter By: Gaius Kaeronin About Welcome to the old, but bold shop of Hoof and Halter located in Lurin, where daring adventurers, esteemed merchants or noble centurions seek majestic companions. Led by Gaius Kaeronin, our legendary shop boasts 150 years of expertise going back to the days of Suttica. Discover a collection of horses unparalleled in swiftness and strength, each handpicked for their remarkable speed and health. With meticulous attention to detail, we offer a captivating range of speeds tailored to your preferences. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world of colors and breeds, where our horses embody elegance and individuality. Or perhaps you are a daring merchant, or in the process of moving houses. Then seek no farther as we not only sell the best horses, but also donkey's, mules and Llama's, all prefessionally cared for and with great capacity. Embrace our legacy and step into a world of extraordinary equine wonder at Hoof and Halter, where dreams come alive. The shop is located near the plaza of Lurin next to the library or next to the bank. Catalogue Speed/Heart Breed (best horse) 16-16.87 speed | 22-23 Heart 100 Minas – Heart Breed Mid/high-end Speed | 23 Heart 75 Minas – Mid-range Breed 14-16 speed range. | 13-22 Hearts 50 Minas – Low-range Breed 13-14 speed range. | 13+ Hearts 25 Minas – Mule 15 storage slots Speed and hearts can be specifically bred if needed 20 Minas – Donkey Good for learning to ride horses and children 10 Minas – Llama 3 storage slots (soon up to 15 storage slots!) 10 Minas – Leads, sadles, carpets, food and more in store! prices are negotiable! How to order For obvious reasons you can't just leave some mina in a chest and get your order (ooc: horses and stuff can't be sold in a chestshop), therefore the way of ordering is as follows: either contact me or send me aviary mail (mcname: SirWillz) or leave a note (ooc: /notes write) in the orderbox of the shop and write the following criteria: 1. Name (and mc name) 2. Street, box, town 3. order 4. specific order details (eg. required speed/hearts/breed/) 5. other info that I might need (for example haggle price or order drop off location like coordinates) Once I have received the order I will confirm the order through mail (or dm) and begin completing the order in a most professional way possible. Payment Paying can be done either beforehand by buying the respective notes in the shop or if it is more comfortable for the customer: pay after the order is complete. Note that prices might change, this shop and service is provided by the VOC company. Discretion towards customers is guaranteed and incomplete order are guaranteed to be payed back. The VOC and its subsidiaries operate with due diligence and compliancewith the local law that is present. All rights reserved.
  11. There's a certain mystique to this shop in Celianor. Its location is hidden away in a narrow alley beside the library, and its purpose is shrouded in secrecy. Those who know about it whisper about the rare and unique items that can be found within its walls. But there's something more to this shop than just a collection of rare items. It's a place where deals are made in whispers and secrets are exchanged like currency. Those who enter its doors are aware that they are stepping into a world of underground trade, where only the most discerning buyers are allowed to participate. The shopkeeper is a master of the underground market and knows how to find the rarest and most exotic items from around the world. They operate in the shadows and are not easily found, but those who know how to navigate this world can find them. So, if you're looking for something truly exclusive and unique, something that can't be found anywhere else, then perhaps you'll find what you're looking for in this mysterious shop in Celianor. But be warned, once you enter this world of secrets and intrigue, you might not be able to leave it behind.
  12. Yemekar’s Workforce Shopfront Long have the Dwarves been renowned for their magnificent skill in forging, and crafts of all kinds. Those who serve Yemekar’s Workforce in Urguan’s capital of Kal’Darakaan strive to uphold such standards in their work. In order for folk to examine, and purchase such fine work from Urguan’s workforce guilds, a shopfront has been opened in the stronghold of Kal’Darakaan. Commissions for the Workforce can also be submitted in the shop! Weapons, tools, jewelry, and even alchemical brews are for sale, and commissions can be completed on ANY crafts one might need. Armakak’s Merchanting guild will be running the shop, and therefore any inquiries can be brought to Ealisaid Mossborn - Guild Lord. Directions
  13. Leyrin's Skin Dump Hello all! I've made a little catalogue of skins that I thought people might enjoy that are sitting in the dusty old corners of my files. There aren't many as I wanted to keep this short and sweet but there'll inevitably be more skin dumps to come. Prices vary due to how dated/updated they are. If you want to buy a skin, please reply to this thread with: IGN: Discord: Skin no.: (My discord is Fredja#7417) Skin no.1 - 400 mina Skin no.3 - 300 mina Skin no.4 - 400 mina Skin no.5 - 350 mina Skin no.8 - 250 mina Skin no.10 - 400 mina Skin no.11 - 300 mina Skin no.12 - 300 mina Skin no.13 - 500 mina Skin no.14 - 500 mina Skin no.15 - 500 mina Thanks for taking a look! :) (I'll gradually delete the skins that have been bought)
  14. Addendum to the Hefrumm Economic Revisionary Act With the Hefrumm Economic Revionary Act signed by the former Grand Steward Dhaen Grandaxe and the former High Chief Celeste’tol, Hefrummos’ taxes are allowed to be supplemented by produce. Unfortunately, their act did not specify directions for many other economic activities in Hefrumm and was not legally certified by any council of Hefrumm. This proposal was approved by the Folk's Council, to address these issues and give legal legitimacy to the act. Article I - Stalls and Shops Stalls and Shops shall pay no tax in Hefrumm. Forest dwarves of the Hefrumm community will receive priority for shops over foreigners. Article II - Shop Activity In order to avoid the claiming of shops and then their subsequent abandoning, an Activity Slip will be implemented. If one wishes to open a shop they must acquire an Activity Slip from the High Chief or the Steward of Hefrumm. Every year, or stone week, the activity slip must be placed into the shop’s respective Activity Box, and then a new one shall be issued. No more than 3 activity slips can be given out, and placed in a single box at a time. Article III - New Stalls and Shops The Construction of new shops and stalls must be approved by the Chief’s Council or the Folk’s Council. Shops and Stalls constructed by the Golden Magpie Ring only need approval from the High Chief.
  15. With the previous collection of the Silken Lily, Feeling Fruity, dwindling down to a few sparse items - the Silken Lily has seen fit to announce their next collection in celebration of the owners wedding and the upcoming weddings in Balian! Peruse a variety of items, each limited in quantity and some coming as a one-of-a-kind! ❧☙ ❃ A Brides Happy Tears Handkerchief ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ The Balian Waterfall Picnic Blanket ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ The Bumble Bee Baby Blanket ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ The La Sorella Basilica Tapestry❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Something Blue Floral Coin Purse❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Mister Coaster❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Miss Coaster ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Colorstone Bouquet Pin ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Wedding Bliss Hairstick ❃ ❧☙ ❧☙ ❃ Felt Wedding Bouquet ❃ ❧☙ As of this announcement, the Balian Weddings Collection can be found within the Vuiller Bazaar within Balian! Please do enjoy! Signed, Her Excellency, Lady Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, heiress to the County of Aquilae, Procurator of the Grand Duchy of Balian, Lady Chamberlain of the Palati Monterosa, etcetera.
  16. The Kyrene Boutique LOTC Skinner Shop OUR DISCORD An excellent choice, the Kyrene Boutique. With a name that derives from the meaning of "lords," our products are sure to be fitted as if for royalty itself! We strive to give Lord of the Craft refined and detailed skins that are perfect for roleplay! From a wide range of designs created by our current main 4 skinners, we take requests for people in need of new drabs and wear. So, come in and we welcome you to join us to try our wares and wonders! Skinner Applications Do you want to be an employee in Kyrene Boutique? Come and join our community of skinners by signing up! Show us what your capable of and your profile could be added to our folders for people to see! We're hoping to advertise small skinners like ourselves to earn in-game (and also out-game) money! Fill out this application and become one of our tailors today! Employee Profiles Here are our employees' profiles for customers to get a sense of what our products look like and what we are best at doing! "Hello there! My name is Kito and this is my Profile." ~-~-~- <3 What I do: 1. Dresses 2. Formal Attire 3. Casual Attire 4. Bases What I do not do: 1. Armor 3. Gore ~-~-~- <3 ~~~~~ --- "Greetings! My name is Ros (known as the character Amadis in LOTC) and this is my profile!" What I do: 1. Dresses 2. Formal Attire 3. Casual Attire 4. Bases 5. Amor --- ~~~~ YUNA "Hey there, the name's Yuna, and I'm a Free commissioner. If you have an idea for a skin, and you're conveniently too lazy to make it yourself, then gimme the details! But before I do, here's the criteria that I'm used to." What I normally do 1: Regular outfits 2: Formal attire (dresses, suits etc.) 3: Bases 4: Armor (depends) 5: Minor/small details What I normally don't do 1: Gore 2: NSFW (wait, why would you wa-) ~~~~ NEIL What I do: 1. Armor 2. Clothing What I do not do: 1. Dresses Examples of Work: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/thelostschizo/ ~~~~ What are you waiting for? Join the community!
  17. The Moon's Tailory Catalog Everything Made By Amelia Mondblume [[AllMemesKill#5157]] Baker's Wife ~12 mina~ Free To Clean (This is a Waldenian outfit!) ~15 mina~ Miss Scholar ~20 Mina~ Training to Be ~20 Mina~ Peasant Love ~10 Mina~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of these outfits can have a color change or additional things added onto them! Just contact Amelia Mondblume [[AllMemesKill#5157]] for more information or to see the different variants of the dresses!
  18. THE AZUREAN ROSE BOUTIQUE [i] A painting of a dressing room sits here. Va Birodeo Herzenav ag Edlervik, It is with great pleasure that Viscountess-Consort Eleanora Helaine Amador announce the opening of her new boutique, The Azurean Rose. Specializing in jewelry, accessories, and floral arrangements, the new boutique boasts a skilled jeweler, master craftsman, and florist to test and perfect their products. The Azurean Rose Boutique offers a variety of services, such as consultations to allow the customer to find the best product, as well as custom orders, where customers can order any piece of jewelry, accessory, or flower arrangement. Below, one will find the prices for custom pieces as well as a catalogue of existing pieces. CUSTOM PIECE PRICES JEWELRY Custom Tiaras/Diadems/Coronets: 60 mina Custom Necklaces: 45 mina Custom Earrings: 30 mina Custom Rings: 25 mina Custom Brooches: 35 mina FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS Custom Floral Arrangements: 15 mina ACCESSORIES Custom Accessories: 15 mina CATALOGUE The Azurean Rose Boutique Catalog CUSTOM REQUEST FORMAT: Name (and IGN): Type of Item: Short Description of Your Commission: All requests for custom pieces should be mailed to Viscountess Amador. (pudding#7426) SIGNED, The Honorable, Eleanora Helaine Amador, Viscountess-Consort of Aurveldt, Baroness-Consort of Mondstadt, Lady Chamberlain of Nikirala Prikaz
  19. Edlelweiss Diamante A Jeweler For Your Needs ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Eldelweiss creates several pieces to be sold, from rings to necklaces. From bracelets to earrings, we have it all. Come shop in out store, located above Barclay Bargains in Haense. ⋆❖❁❖⋆ Pieces On Sale Now Engraved Platinum Ring Price: 5.0 5 Still In Stock -=- Silver Pearl Bee Brooch Price: 5.0 4 Still In Stock -=- Platinum Forget Me Not Bracelet Price: 5.0 2 Still In Stock -=- Matching Promise Rings Price: 4.0 each 10 (in total) still in stock ⋆❖❁❖⋆ There are many more options to choose from, so come over and look at them! If you want, you can commission your own piece to be made as well! We can't wait to make something that will last a lifetime!
  20. The Bihar Goods Care for a taste of different variations of Haeseni culture? Come to Bihar Goods in Crown Avenue VIII in Karosgrad and look at the display that can be bought by all, whether you are young or old you can be certain there will be a product that can fit your age! Current Products Matryoshka dolls: Care for a beautifully painted miniature wooden matryoshka doll? If you open the doll it will reveal another identical painted, yet smaller doll inside of it. A total of eight dolls, all in different sizes. These can be custom made for the prize of 30 minas. (GreenBudgie#0760) Bihar Goods will also be bringing the matryoshka dolls to Providence soon! Haeseni stein: Haeseni stein, also known as ale or beer stein, are traditional mugs made out of stoneware. They are lovely ornamental mugs that are most of the time sold as souvenirs or collectibles. Inferior Fabergé Egg: Beautiful painted glass that has been shaped like an egg. These eggs are copies of the bejewelled Fabergé eggs made of aurum or silver that are only for the royal family of Hanseti-Ruska. Signed, Her Royal Highness, Prinzenas Royal Katerina Ceciliya Barbanov-Bihar, bossiras of Antioch
  21. Lunk selling Cactus Green (Hooka Drug, not the Dye) and Eternal Leaf. (Cactus Green - 3 Minas Each) (Eternal Leaf - 6 Minas Each) Lunk shop is in War Uzg marketplace. 1. From the Cloud Temple, go to the Tahn Docks (look for "Orcs") 2. From the Tahn Docks, find the boat labelled "Orcs" and take it to War Uzg 3. After riding the Boat to War Uzg, follow the docks/road North-West. 4. After Exiting the cave/valley portion of the road, run Straight West. 5. Entrance to the Marketplace is (X: 2880 Z: -901). 6. From Entrance go West to the Cooking Pot, and look South-West, its the Red/Black Shop with the Vines. 7. Shop Coordinates are (X: 2852 Z: -890). *Note: Orcs will no longer harass/enslave/kill/demand tribute from/etc. any characters around War Uzg UNLESS they enter the main citadel. Characters whom are outside of the citadel, or in the marketplace will be left alone, but many be RP'd with. Sidenote: Lunk will periodically make trips to Sutica to sell Green as well. If you catch him in the city, he will be selling Cactus Green and Eternal Leaf at a lower price (2 ea. for Green and 5 ea. for Leaf), so If you want some, feel free to approach him. If you have any other questions, fell free to contact me via PM, or on Discord (Nixon Prime#8732)
  22. Hello there! I am Res and I make skins on PMC. I have realized that there is a market for skin making on this server and have decided to begin to sell skins for minas. I will take requests through my pms or comments on here or on my My Planet Minecraft Account. I set my prices at 200 Minas for an original skin and less for an edit of a pre-existing skin. For example, an edit of just the face and hair of a skin would cost 50, and a recolour or clothing change 100 Minas. Please be very specific with your requests. The more specific you are the faster I may be able to make it. Please understand if it takes a while for me to make your skin as I do have other commitments and will suffer from creative block sometimes. Thank you, Res
  23. A crude parchment hung on a wooden post, which seemed to be an advertisement. ~Gukdan's Spirit shop~ I am here to offer my skills as a smith, and a shaman. I have decided to use my shamanism to create items of great proportion that only the worthy men and women can buy from me. The sorts of things you could ask for all depend on the spirit you wish to use in the item, if you are in the dark about Spirits, then here's the list. A list of names and their meanings were scribbled underneath: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/112681-the-spirits/ Where you can find me I will more often than not, be roaming around Sutica, if you wish to ask of my services then you should attempt to find me there. The price you should expect Most items will cost about 600-1000 minas, with some possibly going to 300, depending on it's 'enchantment' What I look like A less than perfect drawing was scribbled on the page, but it wasn't half bad. P.S, Don't get too crazy with the 'enchantment' requests.
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