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Found 3 results

  1. To Challenge; Okarir’mali Friendly residents of The Silver City, I have reached out to the civilians attending to address the next concern; our Okarir'mali has been banished from the city and therefore discharged from his seat. In light of this, I request that you choose my candidacy as the new Okarir'mali. I will fulfill my role for the city with all my soul as I have in mind. What is an okarir'mali supposed to do? 1) - This council's position manages all the events within the city, and the tavern, and ensures the social well-being of all Mali’thill. What will I do as okarir'mali? 1) - I will host events where the current medic of our silver city will train some of our citizens in the practice of healing, as to ensure they are versed in first-aid and are able to put it into use in case of emergency. 2) - I will host interviews for a position to work in the tavern, as well as hold events in the parlour. For instance; casino night, drinking games, chess, and more. 3) - There will be a high elven tea party every elven week. 4) - Festivals will be hosted every elven month. 5) - Medical field training, as mentioned above, will be hosted once every elven week. What duties I will adhere to as Okair'mal?. 1- To host and manage events within our silver city 2 -To manage the tavern with their selected tilruir and tavern workers assisting him in this task. 3 -Too frequently host events; around 3-5 for the silver city every elven week.
  2. The Election of Okarir'tir; Result! date: The 5'th of Malin's Welcome, 85 of the SA. 1881 FA. [!] At the entrance of the Eternal Library, the citadel, Bastille and the noticeboard of Haelun'or rests a missive, pinned for all to read. [!] Mali'thill of Haelun'or! Your votes, your voices and choices have been counted and re-counted. And it is with appreciation that none of the votes were illegitimate. And with the majority support of the blessed, the new Master of Law will be: KAELAN ALDIN. Signed: Maheral Seth Calith
  3. Awakening ____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ A High Elf scatters through a darkened forest, dressed in a dusty, muddy, light blue jacket that had several holes ripped through it. His pants were frayed and covered in dirt as the man scrambled over large roots. There was no light source other than the light evil, bluish light that pulsed through the veins of the trees. There were few shadows darting after the High Elf, though anyone might be incapable of deciphering the difference between man and beast. A howl struck through the fleeing Elf’s bones, panic ensuing only shortly there after. He could not see his path, could not see the direction or where he was running, all he knew was that he had to get away from whatever chased him. The menacing blue light overcast him, pulsing bright for a moment. His ears popped as a sound wave shook the forest, the ground began to rumble and quake, causing him to catch his foot upon one of the deformed roots and slam into a pool of mud. Quickly, the ‘aheral turned his body, scrambling away on his back, soaked in mud. A darkened beast was lit up by the blue light cast from the veins of the tree, the dirt and ground blackened with purple hues, making quite obvious the corrupt setting.. The beast curled forward, baring its fangs in a gnarly manner before thrusting forward, gullet agape to snap up and end the Elf that had run. And then there was darkness. —------------- A blond ‘thill sat up abruptly in his bed, shirtless and panicked. Quickly, he feels along his chest, to confirm that he still exists. That he still was in the realm of the living. And so a grim look overcast his visage, and he sat in silence for several minutes. His gaze slowly turned over towards the left side of his bed that lay empty. A bed too large for just one person to use, and yet the other side was empty. He took a deep breath, rolling out of bed. His bare feet pad upon a cold, wooden floor as he stepped in front of a mirror to look over his perfect, yet imperfect form. He was tall, slim, and handsome, most might say. Though there was something new, a large portion of his lower abdomen had turned into a new, metallic material. It was silver and glistening upon the low light of the room, lit by a lone lantern. The slim ‘thill lifts two nimble fingers to feel over the strange, hardened scar tissue, a depressed sigh escaping his form. And so suddenly, the High Elf bursts in a fit of anger, slamming his fist upon the mirror, shattering it abruptly due to the brittle nature of the thing. He kicks a nearby stool over, lifting an arm to cover his face whilst he reigns in his emotions. And silence struck through the room once more. “I can’t keep doing this, I'm sorry, Taevas, I'm sorry. This world is just.. too cruel.” The mali’thill turned towards his closet, quickly throwing on a dark blue overcoat that moved down to about his lower calves. He grabs a satchel full of an assortment of goods. Money, a book and quill, et cetera filled the bag, as well as several folded sheets of paper. He exits out of the room, his face still grim as he glances down the hallway to a door near the end. He grunts, seemingly confused for a moment. “I suppose he is a heavy sleeper, then..” Karinah’siol, a temperate citystate upon an isle, lush with greenery and life. Home to the ‘thill for this moment. However, as of current, it was corrupted by a voidal tear that was eating away at the lifeblood of the isle, as well as other places around Almaris. A city of silver and white, torn through several times with strife, exhaustive battles, and magical destruction. Through this city, the scarred ‘thill walked, eyes gazing at the banners that hung voicing support for Larihei, the founder of Haelun’or and Mother to All High Elves. He let out a gentle sigh, his grim features turning into a neutral expression, yet he did not stop at any stalls. His direction was true and unwavered, out the open gates and to the docks. _________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ On the nearest boat, he boarded, uncaring for the destination. A trip to nowhere, to disappear for now and get away from the chaos that had gone on for many years, since his arrival in the city, oh-so long ago. The only things he had brought with him were the clothes upon his back, the satchel he carried, and the weight and guilt of every decision he had made up until then. A break away from the city, though he would be back, reforged. Valazaer Calith would return. And back within the Sullas-Calith Talonni Mansion, a letter was left, addressing his only other family member, Seth Calith.
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