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Found 7 results

  1. Among the creative and intelligent minds of the Odinson Clan comes forth a tailor shop specialized to your needs. Offering to craft anyone any outfit they so desire, the Odinson's guarantee you satisfaction or you get your money back. A small 100 mina per outfit and you can be as sharply dressed as a nobleman without the hassle of politics! Stop by the Odinson Clan house and place a letter in our mailbox indicating you would like a spot in line for one of our expertly made outfits. Ranging from dresses to cloaks to armour, we've got it all! And, while you're stopping by, consider inquiring about joining the clan and earning yourself a place within the ranks of the Clan of Intellect. Sincerely, The Odinson Clan (OOC: Please message me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 if you're interested in an outfit! my rate is 100 mina for a large outfit, 70 for a more minor outfit, and 150 for a full skin! Continually, whats earned will go into the improvement of Elysium, so do consider it! Prices are subject to change if you can't afford it <3)
  2. ____________________________ ✄ Designer attire for the proper lady and the perfect gentleman; four seamstresses merge their talents to curate the latest in exquisite Imperial fashion. Proficient in all facets of tailoring, services provided would range from custom-wear to alterations. Uncompromised quality and craftsmanship since 1832. ୨ THE CATALOGUE ୧ VOLUME I FEMALE House of d’Amato, Spring Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Picnic in Redenford - 800 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Regal Blossoms - 800 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ Clementine, Evening Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Red Wine - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ୨୧ Redingote Gown - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ Antony, Schiuma Marina ୨୧ ୨୧ Perla Verde - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ House Valentina, The Primavera Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Her Fruidice - 825 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Her Youth - 825 Minas ୨୧ ________________________________________________________ MALE House of d’Amato, Spring Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Picnic in Redenford - 800 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Regal Blossoms - 800 Minas ୨୧ ____________________________ Clementine, Evening Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Mourning Coat - 850 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Midnight Formal - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ Antony, Schiuma Marina ୨୧ ୨୧ Aquamarine - 850 Minas ୨୧ ____________________________ House Valentina, The Primavera Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ The Nonpareil - 825 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ The Venerated - 825 Minas ୨୧ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ୨ THE MADAMES ୧ __________ MADAME D'AMATO, NATASHA GINERVA D’AMATO-ORLOV Originally planting its roots in Helena, d’Amato and Co. first began as a brand of makeup products. Now, under its eldest descendant and head, the sophisticated Madame d’Amato has taken to giving her house’s legacy a rebranding — not only sticking to its roots in makeup, but branching out into the world of fashion. ____________________________ MADAME CLEMENTINE, LADY VICTORIA CLEMENTINE KAPHRO The fancywork of tailoring is no new venture for the Kaphro scion, Madame Clementine. So often sewing and designing her own looks for herself, her work reflects the Rhenyar’s refined demure, classy designs suitable for both men and women. ____________________________ MADAME ANTONY, LUDOVICA FRANCESCA VINMARK-ROUSSARD Creating the house on her own standing, the grace seen in a simple collection made by Madame Antony is unrivaled. Alluring in its simplicity, much like the Madame herself, an Antony design grants the wearer an aura of enticing charm, a common theme of verdant in each of her looks. ____________________________ MADAME VALENTINA, GRACIA VALENTINA MEADOW FALCONE Taking an interest in designing and tailoring at such a young age, Madame Valentina’s ambitious character breathes fresh breath into her vibrant designs. From her soft and delicate pastels to the striking golds of her muted looks, the Falcone youth stays well-rounded in as many styles she is given to work with. ____________________________ ✄
  3. A Haelun’orian Tailoring Company Wynasul Designs prides itself on creating unique and quality designs and styles that reflect the personality of the wearer. These designs are hand-assembled in order to ensure the highest quality of product for the customer. At the end of the elven week there will be one design that will be available for free for anyone to wear in Haelun’or. Wynasul Designs offers custom designs in addition to the lines put out at the end of each elven week. Speak or send a bird to Valyris Wynasul if you would like to buy an outfit or get a custom tailored fit, head to the Wynasul Design headquarters in the Haelunor Marketplace. (( Discord: Cepheid#9520 )) Mali'thill Pricing: Complete Makeover - 25 minae Outfit - 15 minae Haircut - 10 minae Lesser Pricing: Complete Makeover - 50 minae Outfit - 30 minae Haircut - 20 minae FEATURED ATTIRE OF FAMILIAR ‘AHERAL Pure and Fashionable. Militant and Regal. Simplistic yet Colorful. Casual and Chic. OOC - Hey! My bigger portfolio is on my planet minecraft and you can find it here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/cepheid/
  4. Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény - Angelic Threads Clothing Closet As you follow along the streets of busy, and bustling cities, you notice several peculiar flyers posted around . Hello Nemesek (noblemen) and nők (women) of all ages! You my friends have come to the right place. Here at Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény we sell the finest silk and leather working brought to you by the most excellent of production factories around the thriving countries from which we gather in. Our silk production process is unparalleled to any other and uses only the best material to make only the best in quality. But alas, our silk and leather is not the only things to make us the best. We of Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény design and produce the best and most unique clothing designs throughout are fair and wonderful land! Each design is handcrafted with silk and leather shipped in from only the best factories of in the world. So, my friends I ask you to ascend yourselves to only the highest quality and unique designs of Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény! Become beautiful! Become A legszebb! Please contact in person or send a letter to János Zsadány et Törökszentmiklós whom is located in The Kingdom of Courland's Capital city. OOC Information! There is no physical location for the shop at this exact second so please contact me with information in this thread. You may also contact me on Skype. paulusvonnagy is my Skype. I am also accepting three commissions at a time so I don't overload! In order to pay please pay money to my persona, Romeus Nazarius Carlisle. Please follow the following format when commissioning a skin: Minecraft Username: Character Name: Character's Gender: Character's Race: Type of Skin made: (Skin types and prices will be listed below) Prices Current Skin Alterations(I.e. face, hair, recoloring, est): 30m Custom Outfit Creation: 75m Full Skin Creation(I.e.From Scratch, custom outfit, head, est): 300-500m Commission List 1. Glocky18 2. __________ 3. ______ Previous Skin Examples: http://imgur.com/a/4jDJu
  5. [!] A banner is posted outside the gates of the grand library of Dragur. A small, black spider is drawn at the top of it. O r b - w e a v e r ’ s T a i l o r i n g Greetings to those who read this. This message goes out to all who require the services of an experienced tailor, whether you find yourself in need of functional everyday clothes, dashing formal attire, or old clothing modified and mended. However, I am not a metalworker or a leatherworker, so I will not manufacture suits of armor. (However, clothing may include pieces of metal such as buttons, buckles, and possibly pauldrons.) Expansions, contractions, and patch jobs are done entirely seamlessly. P r i c i n g Patch jobs begin at a minimum of 20 mina, based on magnitude of the blemish or tear, and whether or not matching material was provided. Expansions and contractions begin at a minimum of 100 mina based on how much the clothing is to be expanded or contracted. And for expansions, whether or not matching material was provided. (With contractions, the fabric that had been taken out of the clothing will be returned to you.) Tailor-made clothing begins at a minimum of 600 mina based on complexity of clothing, quality of material, amount of material, and whether or not the material was provided. Prices and pricing criteria are subject to change over time as I see fit. Pricing terms shall be decided after we meet in person to discuss your commission. You are welcome to propose a trade as well. I will only take on one commission at a time, at least for now. Contact through Dragur Library | Elwrick Albright OOC:
  6. Hobbes & Schmick Boutique Several fliers would be scattered around Oren advertising that Hobbes & Schmick Boutique is now looking for tailors ((Skinners))! The fliers read as follows: "Hobbes & Schmick Co. is now actively seeking tailors to work full-time at either of the two boutique locations - Johannesburg and Turov! Those who are interested must know how to use a sewing machine! ((You gotta know how to skin.)) If you think you have what it takes to create Axios' most fashionable and expensive clothing, fill out the application on the reverse side of this flier! This job pays very, very well, so apply immediately or you might miss out! ((I will actually pay you minas)) **** Application: Name: ((Username)): Can you sew? ((make skins)): Which location do you wish to work at? Johannesburg, or Turov?: Provide some sketches of your past work. ((Show off some skins)):
  7. Warning – this guide is image intensive (as necessary for a skinning tutorial) and may cause lag when a spoiler is opened. About a year and a half ago when I was fairly new to Lord of the Craft I decided I wanted to be able to make my own skins. This is because I hated wearing a skin I wasn’t fully happy with and I wanted to be able to create designs for myself and others. I was inspired by Randomness710 (thanks cmack ;) ) who is an excellent skinner known for her desirable skins. Instead of simply asking for one, however, I sent her a private message asking for skinning advice. She told me her methods. I tried them and some suited me, some didn’t. I spent lengths of time googling in an attempt to work out how to shade (the thing I struggled with the most), how to design and good programs to use – I found there are very few decent guides, so I decided to make one of my own. In this guide I will take you through what I have discovered works best for me (many of you may take elements of my techniques if learning to skin, everything, or nothing at all, it really depends on how you work). It’s taken me around a year and a half of practice to get to where I am with skinning today, so I encourage you all not to give up! Keep trying until you find something that works for you and continue to perfect it :) this is simply a guide for ideas. Added step #2 - the body Added beginning of step #3 - shading Added to step #3 I will be making a female noble skin for the purpose of this tutorial as I find females are often more difficult (in both hair and clothing). ~Step One – The Head~ This stage involves the basic designing of both female and male heads. ~Step two – the body~ This step explains how to design a body ~Step three – shading~ More to be added soon~ Feedback is appreciated! I'd also love to hear how you guys skin/learnt to skin :)
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