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  1. ╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗ Howdy hey! So to start off bluntly... there are about 49 skins in this auction. ^^; Plenty to choose from, so I will be keeping this open for a long long time. I'll try my best to upkeep the best I can as well! Everything will be mostly compiled onto two separate imgur folders but I will also keep a running list on here as to what is available, currently being bet on with the current bid, along with if it is closed/sold. I will also be posting a reply whenever the next week period starts with an end date and time ^-^ ☩══♛══☩ I do have sooome rules to abide by for this lil auction!~ 1. All payments will be done through PayPal ^-^ or MC 2. No sniping! I will be monitoring this closely >:( 3. This auction will run in week periods! Due to the sheer number of skins. Skins bid on this week will be available until Monday 5-30 at 5 pm EST, and be removed after the week period to return another week (aprox in two weeks). Skins not bid on will remain available until they are bid on during one of the future week periods. 4. All increases with bids must be at a minimum 5 USD or 150 MINA, this is to prevent sniping. 5. All bids must be done on this thread and MUST include the number of the skin. 6. Please respect all other bidders and be polite to each other in the threads below. 7. You cannot simply edit your comment to make new bids, they must be in a new comment following the correct format. 8. You must tag/reply to the previous bidder so everyone is aware of the status of things. 9. All payments are in USD ORMINA! If the previous bidder is not pinged, I will do it myself. ^-^ ☩══♛══☩ Below are the two imgur albums! They all display the number and the current bid, they will be frequently updated any time there is a new bid also saying who the current bidder is. ^-^ Please be polite to the lil albums, they are simply little helpers in this auction! Batch 1: imgur.com/gallery/VFy5ipv Batch 2: imgur.com/gallery/gMPTzsK You will have to copy and paste these into the browser, I apologize ^^; The batches are not separate auctions but just separate because imgur doesn't allow more than 50 files in one album. ^-^ ☩══♛══☩ N/A = no current bid Yellow = Currently being bid on Red = Sold or Bought I will also add the username of the current bidder to the number slot! Status of Auction: 1 - $15 Morigung 2 - N/A 3 - $15 Phersades 4 - N/A 5 - Bought out Smmer 6 - N/A 7 - N/A 8 - N/A 9 - N/A 10 - N/A 11 - N/A 12 - N/A 13 - N/A 14 - N/A 15 - N/A 16 - N/A 17 - N/A 18 - $15 Pompadour 19 - N/A 20 - Bought out Sunflower 21 - N/A 22 - N/A 23 - N/A 24 - N/A 25 - N/A 26 - N/A 27 - N/A 28 - Bought out Smmer 29 - N/A 30 - Bought out Smmer 31 - Bought out Smmer 32 - N/A 33 - N/A 34 - N/A 35 - N/A 36 - $15 Phersades 37 - N/A 38 - $15 plushmouse 39 - N/A 40 - N/A 41 - N/A 42 - N/A 43 - N/A 44 - N/A 45 - N/A 46 - N/A 47 - N/A 48 - N/A 49 - N/A Oh boy that's a lot of numbers... ^^; enough to make one sweat. All starting bids are 15 USD or 450 MINA Buyouts are 35 USD or 1050 MINA Min Increase is 5 USD or 150 MINA I'm using a 30 MINA per 1 USD calculation for those increasing a bid from USD to Mina or Mina to USD. ☩══♛══☩ Format!: IGN: Skin #: Bid: Previous Bidder: ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝ Have a fabulous day!!!~ ♡ Any questions can be sent to Shibani#0001 ╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══ Current Status: Auction Opened at 6:58 PM EST 5-23-2022 Week Period ends at 5 pm EST 5-30-2022 Next week period begins at 6 pm EST 5-31-2022 ╚═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝
  2. ꧁꧂ ততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততত Hello! I’m doing my second skin auction! Woop Woop! In total there are 17 skins 13 Steve Skins & 4 Alex Skins Two are armor, the rest are outfits 6 of these skins are ones that I don’t want to sell at full price, so they will have their own prices marked under “Discount Bin” at the bottom Skins will start off at 8 USD (Buyout 15 USD) or 250 mina (No buyout) The Discount Bin will be at buyout skins, their price will be under the names ❃ Bids need to go up by at least 1 USD or at least 25 mina ❃ I ask is that you let the other person bidding know Via quoting them in your next bid if you're trying to outbid them. ❃ USD is preferred but I want to give the option of mina Payment will need to be given before the skin is received (Payment mentions for USD are Paypal) The Auction will end at 7pm est on July 10th I will reach out to the winners once the time comes! If you are the winner of the skin you are allowed to make changes to it, so long as you give credit! ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ Username: Discord: Skin name: Bid: With that I’ll show you the skins ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ Dressy Dress - Outfit (Alex) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here ( Here ) I Was Watching Might Med While Making This - Outfit (Steve) SOLD! Keeping for myself King B - Armor (Steve) SOLD! Land Wizard - Outfit (Steve) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here (Here) Peasant Dress - Outfit (Alex) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here ( Here ) Red & Black Grab - Outfit (Steve) SOLD! Studio J - Outfit (Steve) SOLD! Vestest Bestest - Outfit (Steve) SOLD! Yellow Corset - Outfit (Alex) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here ( Here ) Two Capes - Outfit (Steve) Sold! (Buyout) Spicy Monk - Outfit (Steve) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here (Here) Pluto Orange - Outfit (Steve) Keeping ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ Backpack Pirate - Outfit (Steve) SOLD! Good Old Gladiator Try - Armor (Steve) Sold! Green Hunt - Outfit (Steve) SOLD! Maiden Blue - Outfit (Alex) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here ( Link! ) Prince With Stash - Outfit (Steve) N/A - Made into FTU skin on PMC Link here ( Link! ) ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ If you have any questions please pm me, or if you want to see the references I used. PM me, my discord is Anime_Wolf#0080 ততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততততত ꧁꧂
  3. Kyrene Boutique | Art Commissions Beebie Shop Official Server Link https://discord.gg/9Y2pfwhtgW Beebie Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beebie_shop_official/?hl=en --- Art Commissions are now open in the Kyrene Boutique Server! It includes our server owner Kitomine and Beebie Shop Official; ran by Ros Rae and username-that-exists. This post will advertise Beebie in order to reach out further into different social medias other than our instagram! --- What is Beebie Shop Official? Beebie Shop Official is a shop ran by the siblingship of Ros Rae and their sister "Ute" (username-that-exists). We specialize in character designs, (digital) painted portraits, and stickers! Our price ranges are from $20-40 dollars at best. Depending on complexity, it could reach up to $25-50. Our stickers cost $3 for customs and a +$5 for characters (added to full designs or portraits) What Does This Mean for Kyrene Boutique? We'll be manning with both skin making and art in our boutique! Are we able to RP ask employee players for commissions (whether it be skin or art)? Yes! It is possible for some our our tailors to have a RP session with your characters for skins or art commissions. Just come down to our discord server and ask! --- Kitomine Beebie (Ute) Beebie (Ros Rae) --- So join the server today to buy skins and art comm. today! We will be happy to welcome you with sunflowers and tulips <3 !
  4. - Because this is my first auction, please be patient with me! I've been looking through the auction tag to see how things work. - Payment will be via PayPal (USD) - - 1st Skin . Available - Starting Bid: $12 USD - Buyout: $25 USD - - 2nd Skin . Available - Starting Bid: $12 USD - Buyout: $25 USD - - Starting Date: May 20th, 2022 Ending Date: May 23rd, 2022 - - For any questions: weenie#2003 via discord Final bids will be talked through DMs on discord -
  5. Multiple different skin artists with different prices and styles all in one place. Need a skin? Go request one from an open tailor. Want to be a tailor? Go on and apply! Welcome to The Kyrene Boutique Discord: https://discord.gg/VMSCNturYN
  6. omg! another auction! yay! i’ve given up on writing good titles folks. i’m back at it again. you know the drill. skins! enjoy <3 starting bids are included in the skin’s title. if an item hasn’t yet been bid on, you’re free to bid the amount listed there. bids must increase by $1 (or 25 mina) and you must be able to pay for the bid when the auction closes (paypal or ingame) (ex. a 225 mina bid is equivalent to a $9 bid. you would need to bid $10 to outbid this) if you don’t respond to my dm within 24 hours of the auction closing, the skin will be passed on to the previous bidder. if a bid switches to or starts with irl currency, it cannot switch back to mina. don't edit your bid, just make a new comment if you are out-bid and tag the previous bidder no non-bid comments auction closes: wednesday, march 23, 5pm EST bidding format skin: bid: discord: STEVE cozy cloak - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd ruskan reds - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd yarr! - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd ALEX peachy drapes - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd vibrance - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd turquoise and rouge - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd delicate golds - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd ragged adventurer - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd dotty - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd plaid and playful - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd ARMOR gerald (steve) - starts at 225 mina / 9 usd jessie (alex) - starts at 225 mina / 9 usd references are available for every skin, just slide me a dm! (@cap'n#4985)
  7. FallingGuy’s Second Skin Auction! Completed! Final bidders will be contacted shortly!
  8. ☾ ⋆* Delta’s First Ever Alex Skin Auction ☾ ⋆* “Extra pockets!” “Whoa! Magic Pockets!~” Intro + Rules: Welcome to my first ever skin auction! This is a MINA and ALEX SKINS auction only! I will NOT take irl monies. Payment will be taken after the auction closes! Each skin has a reference, if you wish to see it, please let me know. If you want to outbid, make a new comment! Do not edit your comment. Please do not comment unless you are bidding! Each skin has a different price - Bids will increase by 5 mina! Also, please check out my wife's skin auction: envy's skin auction She's got Alex and Steve skins! Bidding Format: Bid: Skin: Discord: Auction Ends: March 30th at 9pm EST Auction fully ends when I comment! Have fun loves xx Golden Rose - 120 Mina A Very Berry Garden - 115 Mina Colorful Robes - 115 Mina Sky Cloud Hanfu - 115 Mina Yellow Fish Hanfu - 115 Mina The auction is officially closed and all skins have been sold! Thank you so much everyone x
  9. ✃♛✃Skin Auction.✃♛✃ ✃Information.✃ Collaboration with my husband Delta, find their auction here. [Updated] I take both mina and GBP bids, but money bids are prioritised. I have both Alex and Steve format skins with reference photos for each one. I'll gladly send them to people if asked. Make a new comment if you wish to change your bidding/outbid another. If you edit your original comment it will not count. soz x All biddings start at 100 mina or £5/$7 and can be increased by the minimum of 25 mina or £1/$1. e.g: 125 mina - £6/$8 150 mina - £7/$9 ♛Bidding Format.♛ Skin name: Bid: Discord: ✃Alex Skins.✃ Three From The Sea. Heart Of The Ocean. Harriet. Vidia. ♛Steve Skins.♛ Tilney. The Pirate Medallion. Pirelli's Miracle Elixir. ✃Auction Ends...✃ ... on March 31st, 2am BST. Bids will not be counted after my comment. ✃♛✃Thank You.✃♛✃
  10. Among the creative and intelligent minds of the Odinson Clan comes forth a tailor shop specialized to your needs. Offering to craft anyone any outfit they so desire, the Odinson's guarantee you satisfaction or you get your money back. A small 100 mina per outfit and you can be as sharply dressed as a nobleman without the hassle of politics! Stop by the Odinson Clan house and place a letter in our mailbox indicating you would like a spot in line for one of our expertly made outfits. Ranging from dresses to cloaks to armour, we've got it all! And, while you're stopping by, consider inquiring about joining the clan and earning yourself a place within the ranks of the Clan of Intellect. Sincerely, The Odinson Clan (OOC: Please message me on discord at Deus Mortem#8931 if you're interested in an outfit! my rate is 100 mina for a large outfit, 70 for a more minor outfit, and 150 for a full skin! Continually, whats earned will go into the improvement of Elysium, so do consider it! Prices are subject to change if you can't afford it <3)
  11. 3/3 - 3/8 5pm EST Hello! Happy March! Below are 10 skins up for auction. There are 5 masculine skins and 5 feminine skins. I can interchange any skin to become steve/alex from the opposite and am willing to make any edits to who recieves the skin! All skins will have a starting price and a buyout price. All bids must be raised by $1USD - No mina will be accepted at this time. Venmo and Cashapp are preferable but I can also accept PayPal! FORMAT: Discord: Skin Name: Last Bid: New Bid: Feel free to message me on discord - alli#2769 - with any questions, comments or concerns! **also i am completely aware that the photos are not the same size but i really dont care bc i dont have the energy ALEX SKINS Adorned in Gold [Full Skin] Purple Tartan [Outfit/Dress] Cozy Cardigan [Outfit/Dress] Blue Drapes [Outfit/Pants] Fur Lined Cloak [Outfit/Dress] STEVE SKINS Totally not Kenobi [Outfit] Noble Colors [Outfit] Weary Traveler [Outfit] Fancy Robes [Outfit] Draped Armour [Armour]
  12. wowsirs's third skin auction! (i can't think of a better name) i closed commissions, and here's what i made instead! folks, i'm back at it again with my monthly drop of overpriced skins. yay! i closed comms for like two weeks and immediately regretted it, because now i have nineteen skins available for YOU lovely people to purchase! i know this is happening right after sarah's auction post, however i'm going to simply ignore that fact, and pretend that you people still have money. since these skins are of various amounts of pixels and detail, the starting bid will be included in the skin's name. enjoy! ((as usual, credits to the lovely shaydelicious <3)) bids must increase by $1 (or 25 mina) and you must be able to pay for the bid when the auction closes (paypal or ingame) (ex. a 225 mina bid is equivalent to a $9 bid. you would need to bid $10 to outbid this) if a bid switches to or starts with irl currency, it cannot switch back to mina. don't edit your bid, just make a new comment if you are out-bid and tag the previous bidder no non-bid comments auction closes: saturday, february 12, 5pm EST bidding format skin: bid: discord: ACCESSORIES golden sparklies - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd the 'romanesque' - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd sheer kokoshnik* - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd cozy capelet - starts at 50 mina / 2 usd ALEX SKINS armenian dream - starts at 175 mina / 7 usd plum tudor - starts at 175 mina / 7 usd victorian greenhouse - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd ruskan elegance - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd lavender honey - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd extra cozy - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd shoulders aplenty - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd flushed florals - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd brighten up, buttercup* - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd scruffy combinations - starts at 100 mina / 4 usd STEVE SKINS (+ ARMOR) use protection - starts at 200 mina / 8 usd fuzzy shoulders - starts at 150 mina / 6 usd not a vampire™ - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd grellow cloak - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd fuzzy shoulders 2, electric boogaloo - starts at 125 mina / 5 usd references are available for every skin, just slide me a dm! (@cap'n#4985) * - these skins have sheer elements which may not display right on the black base. dm me for screenshots without it!
  13. The Moon's Tailory Catalog Everything Made By Amelia Mondblume [[AllMemesKill#5157]] Baker's Wife ~12 mina~ Free To Clean (This is a Waldenian outfit!) ~15 mina~ Miss Scholar ~20 Mina~ Training to Be ~20 Mina~ Peasant Love ~10 Mina~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of these outfits can have a color change or additional things added onto them! Just contact Amelia Mondblume [[AllMemesKill#5157]] for more information or to see the different variants of the dresses!
  14. (The) FallingGuy Skinshop! (Older) Examples of Past Work: On PMC: FallingGuy on Planet Minecraft So Basically… ~ I've been making skins since before yesterday, and I'll do anything. Humans, elves, orcs, animals, demons, armor, clothes, clouds, plants, midgets, you name what you want. I generally stick with limited color palettes in order to emphasize certain details. Skin Commissions ~ All Skins $5-20 USD Prices in Minas may be negotiable on a per-skin basis; just ask! Contact Info ~ You can reach me here or on Discord @ FallingGuy#9401
  15. Here's the skinny: you give me money (fake or real), I make you a skin. Below are some examples and tiers of pricing: I can do dresses! tailcoats! androgynous folk! less-humanoid folk! My style is pretty high-contrast, saturation-oriented, with style influences from the Renaissance thru Victorian era. THE FULL RENDER - 200-300 mina Your persona. Their 'fit. My art. Base included on request. NO TEA NO SHADE - 75 mina I paint you a one-layer, basic colorblocking of your persona/their outfit and you or another artist of your choosing do the shading/details. JK, ALL THE SHADE - 50 mina I add shading/details to a skin of your design or free use. Good for new scars, minor color changes, adding an accessory, shading the basics. If I find out you are using a skin w/o permission (or have given me a skin w/o edit permission), I'm going to the artist. Snitches get... a decent reputation in the art community, maybe? THE KITTEN CABOODLE - starting at $20USD Three outfits. Full shading, full rendering. You want 3 versions of a single outfit - base, travel, rest? Sure. You want formalwear, fightin' suit, and party garb? Sure. You can also request less or more skins: it is $20 for 2 or 3, and +$5 for every additional skin. I will negotiate mina for this, but it's going to be steep. DA RULEZ TIME NEEDED TO COMPLETE YOUR SKIN! FOR ALL MINA COMMISSIONS: 3-5 days. FOR CASH COMMISSIONS: 48hrs. EXCEPTION: THE KITTEN CABOODLE: 3 days. Please remember I am only human, despite my obvious penchant for pointy-eared alternatives. Tone is hard to convey: sometimes time is hard to estimate, or worse yet, hard to find. I am going to assume you have the best intentions and ask that you do the same. Please do not send me daily check-in requests on your skin: I promise I will let you know when it is done or if I hit a hurdle. Furthermore, when we get to the editing stages, I will do what you ask, but I'm not a mindreader! Reference images always help if you can't verbalize what you'd seeing. TO COMMISSION: DM me on the forum or Discord critter#2059 with: - Your character's name - Which tier you want OR a basic description of what you're looking for (if the latter, please include price range) - A few references/screenshots/base skin/etc. Something to know what I'm looking at. I am an EST artist. I will reply within 24 hours.
  16. Hi guys, I have a few skins that I will not be using that I would love to put into the community. I will only be accepting USD through CASHAPP and VENMO!!! I will not be accepting Paypal unless we find a way in DMs. GUIDLINES OF THE AUCTION 🎕 All skins will be starting at $7.50 USD unless otherwise specified! 🎕 All bids must increase by $0.50 USD! 🎕 You may buyout any skin for the buyout price! 🎕 Please do not edit your original bet post - instead, create a new one if you are betting again. BID OUTLINE Name of Skin Bid or Buyout Price Disc Tag Cashapp or Venmo The Auction will end on the 29th of December [Ten Days!] Wendy Darling Icy Maiden - SOLD Celtic Christmas Sarafan Emerald Robes- SOLD Green Silk - SOLD A Familiar Face If there are any questions, feel free to message me on discord @ alli#2769 Thank you & Happy Holidays <3
  17. TJB'S SECOND SKIN AUCTION! I have released some more skins that i shall not use! The auction shall be open from the 8th September - 12th September 7pm EST. RULES! - Bids start at 100 Minas. - Bids have to be increased by increments of a minimum of 10 Mina. - Please DON'T edit your former bids, if you want to make a new bid you MUST make a new comment. - You MUST be able to pay the price you bid once the Auction closes - Please follow the format below to make a bid. FORMAT Discord: Skin: Bid: THE DUNBONNET GREEN RIDING DRIP SWORD OF THE MORNING THE IMP'S ARMOUR THE SEA SNAKE HIS EXCELLENCY MINT CHOC CHIP THE ROUGE PRINCE
  18. ❦ Cozy Cafe Skin Auction ❦ [ SOLD !] This is my first ever skin Auction! I didn't know that I coincidentally named every single outfit after food when Imade these, thus leading to the 'cafe' theme! These skins are for females and are based on the clothing from Haense, Oren and Yong Ping! ALL SIX SKINS ARE MADE BY YOURS TRULY! ♥ ───── ❝ RULES ❞ ───── ➤ All bidding starts at 250 Mina ➤ Minimum Increase of Bids will be 10 - 100 Mina ➤ No editing any of your bids. Only comment if you are bidding. If you are bidding again please make a NEW COMMENT. ➤ No reposting/claiming/reselling ANY of the Skins. ➤ Any edits to the skin MUST BE REQUESTED to me, after the Auction is over and is sold to the winners. ➤ If you have any questions, please DO NOT COMMENT IT. Send the question to my Discord : agape#1755 ! The Auction will end in 3 days. Tuesday, August 24th, 5PM MT (Mountain Time)! ❝ FORMAT COMMENT ❞ DISCORD: IGN: SKIN TITLE: BID: ───── ༻✧༺ ───── ❦ SKIN MENU ❦ [ CLICK TO VIEW UP CLOSE! ] ❀ Watermelon Wheat Fields Hanbok ❁ Sweet Summer Honey Hanbok ✾ Sakura Tea At Midnight Kimono ❋ Soft Sugar Plum Kimono ✧ Tangarine Dreams ❇ Pale Marine Gin ❦ Good Luck! ❦
  19. ╔═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ Vyacheslav's Spindle ╚═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ A depiction of a typical Haense noblewoman wearing traditional garbs. ╔══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╗ Vyacheslav's Spindle is a small and not big business but newly opened for service by Vyacheslav Tsecsar. The business currently has no place of operation so commissions will be needed to be birded to, Vyacheslav Tsecsar. We hope someday with enough support we will be able to spread the company beyond the walls of the Tsecsar estate! We cannot wait to get commissions from all of you! - ╚═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝
  20. AS THE MISSIVE IS PASSED THROUGHOUT PROVIDENCE, THE FIRST THING ONE WOULD BEHOLD WAS THE ALLURING ILLUSTRATION ON ITS FRONT, PAINTED BY NONE OTHER THAN MADAME VALENTINA HERSELF. A RECOGNIZABLE FIGURE WAS DEPICTED — SERVING AS THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THIS EVENT. THE LORD VIMMARK-ROUSSARD HIMSELF. ( @Hephaestus) THE Nové Jubilee ____________________________ ♕ Much more than simply the clothes we put upon our backs, fashion is the cornerstone of our daily life, from the highest noblewoman to the everyday working man. Like all forms of art, it is the act of self-expression that makes it what it is — whether the wearers realize such or not. And like the times we live in, it is always changing. The Seamstress recognizes this change, and with excitement, announces the first seasonal Nové Jubilee. The Nové is an exhibition, where the art of fashion is in fact the main focus. And as integral self-expression is, it will be expressed in the outfits its guests will wear — for we highly encourage all attendees to dress in the most dramatic, outrageous clothes they can gather. And we mean absolutely everyone, so long as it fits with the theme. The Theme of the Affair shall be: VERMILION INDULGENCES: SHADES OF RED ITINERARY ♖ THE SHOWCASE Guests will arrive on the Pink Carpet, first a display of the collection The Seamstress has created just for the event. ♖ A MADAME’S ADDRESS After an introduction by Madame Valentina, the night will be centered around the exhibition, pieces and other collections fitting towards the theme on display for perusal. ♖ AN OUT OF BODY AFFAIR Guests will be seated inside, provided with drinks, where there will be a grand performance to end off the night, its contents unknown to the coming guests - so that it may surprise all the audience. SIGNED, _____________________________________________________________________
  21. ____________________________ ✄ Designer attire for the proper lady and the perfect gentleman; four seamstresses merge their talents to curate the latest in exquisite Imperial fashion. Proficient in all facets of tailoring, services provided would range from custom-wear to alterations. Uncompromised quality and craftsmanship since 1832. ୨ THE CATALOGUE ୧ VOLUME I FEMALE House of d’Amato, Spring Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Picnic in Redenford - 800 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Regal Blossoms - 800 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ Clementine, Evening Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Red Wine - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ୨୧ Redingote Gown - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ Antony, Schiuma Marina ୨୧ ୨୧ Perla Verde - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ House Valentina, The Primavera Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Her Fruidice - 825 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Her Youth - 825 Minas ୨୧ ________________________________________________________ MALE House of d’Amato, Spring Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Picnic in Redenford - 800 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Regal Blossoms - 800 Minas ୨୧ ____________________________ Clementine, Evening Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ Mourning Coat - 850 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ Midnight Formal - 850 Minas ୨୧ SOLD ____________________________ Antony, Schiuma Marina ୨୧ ୨୧ Aquamarine - 850 Minas ୨୧ ____________________________ House Valentina, The Primavera Collection ୨୧ ୨୧ The Nonpareil - 825 Minas ୨୧ ୨୧ The Venerated - 825 Minas ୨୧ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ୨ THE MADAMES ୧ __________ MADAME D'AMATO, NATASHA GINERVA D’AMATO-ORLOV Originally planting its roots in Helena, d’Amato and Co. first began as a brand of makeup products. Now, under its eldest descendant and head, the sophisticated Madame d’Amato has taken to giving her house’s legacy a rebranding — not only sticking to its roots in makeup, but branching out into the world of fashion. ____________________________ MADAME CLEMENTINE, LADY VICTORIA CLEMENTINE KAPHRO The fancywork of tailoring is no new venture for the Kaphro scion, Madame Clementine. So often sewing and designing her own looks for herself, her work reflects the Rhenyar’s refined demure, classy designs suitable for both men and women. ____________________________ MADAME ANTONY, LUDOVICA FRANCESCA VINMARK-ROUSSARD Creating the house on her own standing, the grace seen in a simple collection made by Madame Antony is unrivaled. Alluring in its simplicity, much like the Madame herself, an Antony design grants the wearer an aura of enticing charm, a common theme of verdant in each of her looks. ____________________________ MADAME VALENTINA, GRACIA VALENTINA MEADOW FALCONE Taking an interest in designing and tailoring at such a young age, Madame Valentina’s ambitious character breathes fresh breath into her vibrant designs. From her soft and delicate pastels to the striking golds of her muted looks, the Falcone youth stays well-rounded in as many styles she is given to work with. ____________________________ ✄
  22. Pride Skin Auction Evening all! I thought this idea would be super cool.. I may of gotten swamped inbetween everything but i think.. We hope im not missing a colour. So for thsi auction ive made both a male and female skin for every colour. Rainbow style. I was going to do the different flags but i was running out of the time. Maybe next year. I hope with each outfit anyone thats wants to wear them that can. I tried to keep up with fashion of lotc.. But we cant win them all.. Happy Pride month all. <3 Rules 1) All mina must be given before the file can be sent. 2) All outfits start at 25 min and go up by 10 mina. 3) Bidding ends on June 26th saturday 2021 Please use this format: Username: Name of the skin: Bid amount: If someone outbids you please make a new comment quoting them. Ruby Red Cardinal Red Viridescent Green Olive Green Salmon Pink Blushing Pink Orchid Purple Amethyst Purple Amber Yellow Golden Yellow Tangerine Orange Titian Orange Sky Blue Cobalt Blue Rainbow Male Rainbow Female
  23. Third Skin Auction POG! Hi guys its me doreebear again :) ! this will be my third skin auction! I just want to say thank you to all the people who have supported me through my past auctions money is a bit of a problem for me sometimes, but the amount of support and bids I've received has helped me and I want to thank y'all so much for it ;~; I love you all! Some info below! ALL BIDDINGS WILL START OUT AS 3$ USD! the bidding will end tomorrow night at 4pm CST (yeah im in CST suck it.) I will have male AND female skins! theres plenty to go around! cope and paste this for the bids DISCORD NAME: SKIN IM BIDDING ON: MY BID: RULES Ping the person whom you're trying to outbid so they know! I will not be putting my payment info out publicly so please PM ME FOR THAT INFO BECAUSE IT IS PRIVATE! ALSO! please no reposting on PMC! just because you bought the dress does not mean you take credit acting like you made it, I still made it! also do not resell if you want to just pm and I might. if you have any questions my discord is doreebear#3218 I can and Will refuse to sell a skin to a person. If they are a known skin stealer, frankenstien-er, post without credit or even just a toxic and hateful person whom I don't see fit to have my skins. I believe my skins should go to people who respect my work and respect others and myself as a person. Please give people a fighting chance, do not bid on all of my skins at once! you can bid on several just not all of them! also, NO RESELLING MY SKINS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR PUTTING THEM UP FOR AUCTION! good god >:( let the Auction BEGIN! Another winterfell vibe (MALE) Roman Queen (FEMALE) Red Russian (FEMALE) Charming Red (MALE) Vasoyevi Royal (FEMALE) Blue Rider (MALE) Blue Middle Ages (FEMALE) Commander Erwin (MALE) Spring Tea Time (FEMALE) Mother Russia (MALE) Red Renaissance (FEMALE) Battered Brown Armor (MALE)
  24. Hi! This auction contains 5 male skins and 4 female skins. There are previews to each skin below. These are all unused skins. Start date- 04/22/21 End date- 04/26/21 ENDED NO MORE BIDS Rules- 1) All bids start at 50 mina (only accept mina) 2) Bids rise by 10 mina each 3) Do not change your bids, if you wish to bid higher be sure to send another bid Format Skin Name- Bid- IGN- Discord- -Female Skins- 1- Blue Nova 2- Baby blue Doll 3- Pink Rosa 4- Green Suprise Male Skins 1- Maroon Suit 2- Red Night 3- Blue Causal 4- Green Boy 5- Starry Night Want a costume skin contact me on Discord - Blah26#3952 My first Auction hope you like the skins, may do more in the future if this goes well <3
  25. hey hey ho hi hello !!! i now am doing a skin auction (and also showing off that i do skins) its all in mina bc i dont wanna take yalls irl money rn since everything is tight but uhhh! i have a few skins, but here we go ahaha DARK ELF BASE - 50 mina starting off WOOD ELF - 65 mina starting off note: i used her twice. i did not like playing her. creamy piece - 45 mina starting off flowers on ya mum - 45 mina starting off sussy! - 45 mina starting off NOTE: i did spend hours on each of these, pls dont be mean. I also do commissions! Check me out over here on my discord and on Planet Minecraft!
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