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Found 11 results

  1. Slave with Great Potential for Sale! BIDS STARTING AT 1000 MINA! -Signed, Damian
  2. Guest

    [Complete]Slave for Sale

    *In the major cities around Axios, a hooded man walks up to the messenger board. He quickly goes to put up a flyer, driving a nail into the board with a single strike. Tosses a handful of other flyers into the wind, he quickly mounts his horse, galloping out of the settlement.* "Human, dark hair, good build, healthy. Weighs about thirteen stone, five foot nine." "Bidding starts at 300 Mina." *A sketch of the man is included* "Leave a note outside your respective city, one of our men will contact you." ((Reply here or PM Beast720 /Assassinofawsome)) *A stamp is pressed onto the bottom of the page*
  3. Posters have been pinned around in mayor locations all around Vailor. Female orc slave for sale. She can and is willing to do leather tanning and other daily duties. Her name is Sloomalah. Bidding starts at 500 Mina, send your offers to the Azghari camp or visit in person to give your offer for the slave. A surprisingly accurate picture has been drawn of the orc.
  4. Female Teen Slave for Sale! *a drawing of a female red-headed teenager is drawn on the parchment* A man on the stage is yelling. "Highest Bidder gets the girl! You have five elven minutes!"
  5. *a peice of parchment is pinned to the log with a hand-drawn drawing of Koraline, a Wood Elf on it. *under the picture words are scribled on the parchment reading "Koraline, Wood Elf." The woman on the stage is yelling about the Wood Elf "SLAVE! FOURTEEN! WOOD ELF! BIDDING STARTING!" (Bidding on for next 10 minutes starting at 7:35 PM CST.)
  6. Poster The sketch of a woman, hand drawn, hangs around on the markets of Vailor. A young man with turban hammers the posters on each pillar. "Selling a young human woman, bruenette hair and gem-brown eyes. Good teeth and healthy! Is able to cook, read and write!" Alternatively the young man appears with the woman on the slave markets, selling her live to the highest bidder.
  7. Quickly written posters have been pinned in public locations and around cities and towns. "I have a female slave for sale, human and 24 years old. If you are interested send a letter to me or come to the Azghari camp." ((Pm me SaintPaint if you're sending a bird in game)) A drawn picture of the girl is attached to the poster. The posters has been removed.
  8. Quickly written posters have been pinned in public locations and around cities and towns. "Young female slave for sale. She is 15 years old human. Starting at 200 Minas. Send a letter to the Azghari tribe if you're interested. The slave will be sold to whomever shows interest in it first." ((Send a pm or reply below)) A drawn picture of the girl is attached to the poster. The posters has been removed.
  9. Upon yet another plank, of this time almost pristine, acacia wood was the word 'znAgA' in crimson paint, which had the consistency and scent of blood. Written beneath in the same crimson ink, of course written with the aid of another orc, because the olog was too incapable himself: "ZnaGa fUr zAyl. hIi-twIgGi. gHak-HuhNDReHD zhIniz." ((Devdog_. 300 minas. Message Chef_Wud))
  10. Flyers are posted around the major roads of Vailor. "Freja." "This young female human is being sold for starting price of 100 Mina." (Leave MC Names so I can contact winning bidder.)
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