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Found 2 results

  1. Iron Bull Slaver Guild < All descendant races are welcome to join > It is clear to us descendants that we are all one species and we are composed of different races ;Orcs, elves, humans, dwarves, we are able to breed with each other and our mental capacities are (for the most part) similar. We were placed here by higher powers to rule this world and take responsibility for it. As we were placed here to Master this world other resources were placed here to help us with this goal; Trees to help us build, animals to feed us, but also lesser races. These lesser rac
  2. Posters are up in many places, and everyone would see them. "Tuday mi, Drogg, hayv ah znaga fur zale. Nawh, diz iz nub ag urdinary znaga! Diz am da zegund en kumand of da Krimzun Hurtz, un of dey Rexes." There are some scribbles written, unreadable for a while, and a sketch of the person is on each paper. The writing continues just a bid below the sketch "Bidding zturtz at 1500 minaz. Hayv phun bidyng!"
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