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  1. THE BALLAD OF AUGUSTUS FLAY Performed by Corwin Alstreim for the Northern Geographic Society's 50th Anniversary Banquet Including four never-before-seen verses cut for time from the performance! Concept, verses 1, 4 and the first half of 13 by James Chapel Otherwise by Dame Yuliya Styrne (Sung spritely, with melodramatic menace) 1. My name is old Augustus Flay, The flinty bandit king. So much defamed in recent days - In my defense, I'll sing! 2. Old Godfrey wou
  2. A courrier is once again dispatched, posting a song to the remembrancers, the tavern door, and the clanhall of the irehearts. Bojakk and Ajax are still at work whilst in their quarantine, churning out songs and doing commissions. This latest song is about a dear friend of Ajax's back when he lived in the old nation of Kaz'Ulrah Dreek Ireheart Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey there lived a certain dwed, back in dwarves great past He was big and strong, his beard was
  3. Taking days if not weeks at a time to prepare, careful writing and arranging, it is finally done. Ajax releases an album.. The Axios Album, to end a streak of six years of continuously writing and publishing music, he decides to end on a high note, or as relatively high as this album will be. A copy is delivered to the remembrancers, and a single copy is posted to the tavern wall, which by now is littered with the various songs he's posted over his time.. The grand total of songs now being well into the 60's. Attached to the tavern copy is a letter The Axios Album Khazad f
  4. Ajax and Bojakk Releases a buffer song, one of the songs they've been holding onto for months. Hammerstruck Hammer, Hammer, hammer, hammer I was caught In the middle of a battleground I saw men and I knew they'd soon gathered round My mind raced, and I thought, what should I do Then I knew, There was no help, no help from you Sound of war drums Beating' in my heart Dorimnur's guns Had tore them apart I'd been Hammerstruck Marched down the highway Broke the umri, raided their town Went to haenseti, yeah haenseti, and we ha
  5. Ajax and Bojakk Frostbeard, whilst working on various projects, receives a commission by officer grudgebeard, to make and submit a song for his lady, Brynaelda Grandaxe. Taking special care to ensure the song is up to snuff before releasing it Grandaxe Girl Grandaxe Girl She's been living that Grandaxe World I bet she's never had cavern guy I bet clan father's never her told her why I'm gonna try for a Grandaxe Girl She's been living in her highland world As long as anyone with red hair can And now she's looking for a cavern dwed man That's what I am
  6. Bojakk frostbeard, amidst his musings and his latest album, releases a singular song, aimed at his father, whom as of writing this hasn't spoken to anyone nor interacted at all with any of his kin in over 2 years. His hopes is to help shake his father out of his obsession before it consumes him any further You're Belka's Quill now Ajax all the dwed's eyes are turned on you Now you're upon the tavern's shining stage Everything revolves on what you do ah, you've hit your stride In your old age You can always have your way somehow Because you are Belka's qui
  7. Bojakk Frostbeard, having been melancholic the past few months, after having a long talk with his father and hearing the song he had made for him, felt a renewal of life. As such he quickly set about to turn his emotional drive into song, producing this album both for catharsis and to instill hope in others. A copy would be delivered both to the tavern in kal'darakaan as well as a copy submitted to the remembrancers. The tavern Copy also received a letter attached to the album Endurance That's Life [Bojakk Version] I'm Still standing [Bojakk Version] My
  8. Ajax Frostbeard, having spent most of his time the past few months [if not years at this point] steeped in his work, hearing both the breakup of him and his courting lady, as well as the most recent events of him getting chewed on by bears, and falling into melancholy, adamantly works, and produces this song. Going to personally post this on every door he can find, with as many copies as he can make in carry, taking him the better end of a day or two to do so. Like hell if he's going to let this stand. Hey Bo [Author note: To Bojakk.. My sweet baby boy.. you've b
  9. Bojakk Frostbeard, Whilst awaiting a hunt in hefrumm to begin. Dispatches this song to the the remembrancers, and the tavern of Kal'Darakaan Grudge War: Where knife ears lie, lay paralyzed, a brother's beard is gone and his body buried here, shame marked on his grave. Kin at home, receive a message, and shed a tear of grief Hate and blood, for foreign land, no mercy to withstand. Where are these fiends that i've been told? What fools thought themselves bold? Was your blood worth the sacrifice? Grudge War We will not take more! Grudge war The l
  10. Ajax Frostbeard, whilst working on a larger project, releases a motivational song for the legion, in hopes of once again bolstering recruitment, and morale of those serving in our armed forces. Khazad with the Axe From on high Came the Khazad with the Axe! From the lands of our fathers wake Came the legend of our fate The blessing of Anbella has long been parted On the stone of mountain gave To us a home for the brave and our ancestors shan't be forgotten From the hands of heaven made Marching far to parade By his word
  11. Ajax Frostbeard, strangely enough, is posting a song written by his son alone. The song posted upon the tavern door and to the remembrancers, a small note is attached before the song of every copy simply stating "Bojakk of late isn't feeling well... Something about girl troubles.. I figured it'd be nice to publish one of his songs while he sulks... Enjoy -AJax" Fight for your right [Dwarf Version] KICK IT You wake up late for work, jeez, you don't wanna go You ask your dad 'Please?' but he still says "No!" You missed half the vein and 2 hours of work
  12. Bojakk Frostbeard, whilst working away helping his father, secretly releases a song for his new courting lady, Finley Grandaxe. A bit embarrassed about the whole ordeal, the song is posted via courier Oh Finley In all the times i've been here You're such a sight, You're looking finer than any grandaxe in sight you, don't know how much that hair of fire sets off in me a burning desire Finley Oh! Finley! My heart throbs again Oh! Finley Is it ever going to end? Oh! Finley My heart throbs again Oh! Finley I see your lips and
  13. Ajax Frostbeard, while still waiting for his son Bojakk to arrive in Kal'Darakaan, wrote a small sonnet after having a strange dream of the legion. Taking no time to put to paper, he releases the song to the tavern and remembrancers whilst working on another project to help buffer his time. Out from the hall and far away Hear now the war drums beat again Warning of the marching human The legion go forth in rank I say! To fight out from the hall and far away. Out from hall to fight again The Uruk, Elf-land and Oren! Grand King commands, and we
  14. Bojakk Frostbeard, whilst working with his father, finishes another song, sending out a courier to post the song to both the tavern as well as to get a copy to the remembrancers. I need a mina I need a mina, mina, mina is what i need [hey hey] Well I need a mina, mina ,mina is what i need [hey hey] I said I need a mina, mina, mina is what I need and if i join the legion would you give some mina to me? Hard times are coming more than you know [hey hey] I'll tell you what, there's more to life than gold [hey hey] I've been marchin, marchin that long ol' trouble
  15. Ajax Frostbeard, whilst working with his son, Bojakk, created a rather strange sonnet, unsure of what to make of this, it was posted upon its completion on the tavern door, much like the rest of his works. Find Yourself Listen, If you had, one life Or one opportunity To make a name for yourself With one sonnet Would you write it? Or just let it slip Lo! His hands are sweaty, arms weak, armor heavy There's the mark of urguan on his breast,he's a levy He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to chop heads, but he can't stop frettin'
  16. Ajax and Bojakk among the throws of their regular writing and works dispatch a courier to once again place copies of this song along the remembrancers, the tavern, and a select few ireheart residences. Kaz'Darakan Love Kal'Darakaan Love Kal'Darakaan always starts the party Kal'Darakaan always starts the party In the clanhall of Frostbeards In the clanhall of Irehearts In the clanhall, clan halls of Grandaxe They keep it bumpin', they keep it bumpin' Now let me welcome everyone to Urguan's very best A nation more majestic than within the mou
  17. Ajax and Bojakk dispatch a courier to post this song along the various taverns and places of gathering through both Kaz'Darakan and Hefrumm. Wishing to spread this song as far as they can with their means to. Dwarven Roads Mason's Heaven, Kaz'Darakan Eastern Mountains, tower before the waters Life is kind there, without the grassland's breeze Deep beneath the mountains, just beyond the trees Dwarven roads, take me home To the place I belong Kaz'darakan, my homeland Take my home, dwarven roads. All the dwed clans, gather
  18. At the request of Kazrin Starbreaker. Bojakk and Ajax work and finish writing another marching song for the legion. Marking what would probably the half dozen or so war song specifically geared for the legion? regardless, it is posted in the usual venues. March of the Kaz'Darakan Khazad clash, minstrels sing, Dwarven armour's piercing ring War-rams run with riders held Those oren lines will be quelled Midnight march and torches snuff Fight until oren's had enough Sound the horn and bang the drum Down from mountain the legions come! Grand Marsh
  19. Bojakk Frostbeard, upon request of the high king [to his recollection]. Has written and now published a song of national ferver, and an additional marching song of the legion Battle Hymn of Urguan Mine eyes have seen the glory of our greatest mountain peak The grand mountain holme's treasure of which other nations seek The umri and elgi armies before the urguan legion are weak. Our banner marches on Narvok, Narvok, Hallelujah Narvok, Narvok, Hallelujah Narvok, Narvok, Hallelujah Our Banner marches on. I have seen our Mighty legion
  20. Bojakk. At request of his friend Levian'Tol Grandaxe, working alongside with him deep in the nights before the great Belkan holiday of 'valentine's' composed, wrote, and prepared this album for Levian's Sweetest girl, his Wife Yazmorra. I Don't want to turn Hefrumm to Charr Stone Angel Rest your head on my beard hair Kvinn Fayr Lady Belka My Love Yazmorra Love you more
  21. In spite of what Levian'Tol initially planned, a sneaky dwed behind his back contacted his wife, with the purest intent to ensure he also was rewarded on the day of lovers. In secret with her he plotted and composed this song, all the while not telling her of the whole album he was working on for her on behalf of his husband. A copy of this would be posted on the tavern door, as well as one copy being handed over to Levian'tol, straight from Ajax. [Got you Levian ;3 Love Both your wife, and your boy Ajax] He's My armoruk to me He can kill with his smile, he can wound with his
  22. A courier is dispatched once more to deliver around the mountainholme the Songs of Ajax and Bojakk. Doing what they can to ensure the quarantine remains safe while also still preparing and presenting their works. This time they decided would be perfect for a song they had been holding onto for a while. A Dedication to the Healuroz Barimmar and Micah Grandaxe. Medical Queen She keeps a bonesaw and bandage in a bed side cabinet "Where does it hurt?" she says While preparing a tourniquet. With herbalist remedies for ailing extremities! Starsteel surgical
  23. A courier is dispatched, delivering a set of papers, A song written by Bojakk and Ajax Frostbeard. Evidently the two have fallen ill with some sort of plague.. quarantining themselves in Ajax's Apartment until such time they are healthy and able to rejoin the rest of the holme. It is unkown whether or not other songs will be released during the quarantine due to the health issues it risks. Be a Dwarf! Listen up ye bastards, To defeat Oren You'll listen to my orders, if you want to win You're the sorriest lot i have seen yet, Stick with me I'll see you through! B
  24. Bojakk Frostbeard, having worked with his father to finish the song of his clan. Goes about and submits it to the remembrancers as well as nail a copy to the tavern door. Hopeful that this song goes over well, the two dwed ensure a few extra copies are made, and one sent to Azkel Frostbeard for his own personal enjoyment Frostbeards and Iron Back from the dead, from the dark of damnation Pious in head, and rebels at heart Sworn to the stone, a dwarven clan reborn in urguan's heart Gather the wild, from the land of the brave dwed Brothers allied, figh
  25. Bojakk Frostbeard, doing his daily rounds of publishing, posts this song upon the tavern door, a copy is given to the remembrancers, and a copy is given to the Grandaxes for their own personal use. Grandaxe Hero Standing the hold, with hung head to cry Couldn't join the legion, was just a year shy Heard the roar of the dwed, he could picture the scene Through a crack in the wall,he saw metal flash and gleam! He saw one grandaxe! he just blew him away! The highlander style, and the very next day He bought a beat up greataxe, in a guild run store
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