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Found 2 results

  1. Emergency Regency of Ciavola 5th of the Grand Harvest,97 S.A Baron Björn Ragnarrsson Mösu, Baron of Ciavola, has disappeared without a trace. He vanished in the night, having seemingly left without taking anything with him, and after more than a week of silence from him, he shows no sign of returning. The government of Ciavola and the Baron’s own family are at a loss for this unexplained disappearance. Rumors fly around Ciavola - that the Baron is hiding from the King of Balian, or that he has left Almaris itself in search of some secret known only to him, or simply that he has decided to take a very long, and decidedly unscheduled, vacation. Regardless of the reasons for his vacancy, however, one fact remains clear: someone must take up his roles and duties until he is found or returns. In the days following the Baron’s disappearance, few Mösus showed any interest in taking up the role of regent, nor even did any Aesirs of Ciavola. It was into this sluggish confusion that Baron Björn’s oldest sibling and sister, Freyja Ragnarssdottir Mösu, stepped into the public eye. She took up the role swiftly and decisively, so as to ensure that her rise to the role of regent would not be challenged. Her claim met with the approval of Ciavola and of the King of Balian himself, and she was granted peerage by King John. Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu shall hold all the powers and duties normally held by the Baron of Ciavola and shall be held to the same standards by the Council of Aesirs. She shall rule until Björn either is found dead, whereupon a new Baron shall be chosen by the customs of Ciavola, or until he returns from whence he came and resumes his rule as Baron. So it is that Baroness-Regent Freyja Mösu will guide the Barony forward into the future with a strong hand for as long as Ciavola needs her.
  2. The Death & Disowning of Kol Ragnarsson Mösu 4th of the Grand Harvest, 95 S.A Today, on the 4th of the Grand Harvest, a sudden revelation has come upon the House of Mösu: Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu has acted against his own blood in the unrightful and purposeful slander of his brother, Baron Björn. It was also discovered from a salt test during this disgraceful action that Kol Ragnarrson Mösu is a Darkspawn. Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu acted against GOD and was indoctrinated into the hordes of Iblees by becoming a vampire. It was clear what had to be done. Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu was to be disowned by the House of Mösu. Patriarch Björn Mösu formally disowned his brother in the Hanseti Gardens. The Baron later challenged Kol Mösu to an honor duel to clear his name from the slander and to dispatch of the Darkspawn that was his brother. The duel was set to occur in the ruins of Myrine, former capital of the defunct Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania. Various spectators gathered among the ruins that had been long abandoned, now bustling with those who had abandoned it. After a prolonged duel between the two, the victor was clear. Björn, Baron of Ciavola, stood victorious against the agent of Iblees, puncturing Kol’s heart with an aurum spear, which left his twisted body and soul lifeless on the ground. It is hereby decreed that Kol Ragnarrson Mösu is disowned by the House of Mösu. If he returns by means of necromancy or other forms of heresy, then he shall be put to death via the destruction of his heart, followed by a swift cremation. Kol Ragnarrsson Mösu holds no claims to any titles, estate or money for which he was previously in line to inherit, in accordance with the disownment. _________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Baron of Ciavola, Head of House Mösu, CEO of The Mösu Corporation & Protector of Almar, Elder of House Mösu,
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