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Found 4 results

  1. [!] A missive would arrive by bird at homes throughout the Grand Kingdom of Urguan... not a door was spared. [!] To arms! In the throngs of the night, and accompanied by a terrible shaking of the earth, Khorvad's servants the Mori have writhed their way under our feet... Now taking hold even within The Deeproads underneath the capital of Kal'Darakaan, seemingly aiming to siege and conquer our grand capital from within... avoiding the defenses of the main entrance. Most menacingly of all however was the beast under control of the Mori, that me and my company gazed upon as we investigated.... a massive centipede... so large it could nearly block the largest deeproad tunnels; and with it, it's spawn in the thousands which we were helpless to watch crawl into every crack and crevice within the caverns... A battle with the foe lies close on the horizon now. As Yemekar's Pick, I call upon all those members of the Workforce to take up the hammers and chisels in defense of the capital! The Deeproads' defenses are few, and ancient by now. As such, I order those who work within the Workforce to ramp up the production of weapons, as well as to seek a meeting with myself, to discuss the efforts at fortification. Siege weapons are to be produced for the defense of the capital, and alchemists and enchanters are ordered to ramp up the production of fire based potions and enchantments to counter the threat. The time for the dwarven kin to unite against the Khorvadic corruption that is the Mori has come, I call upon the legion to hasten it's recruitment and reorganization, as such will be vital in the coming fight... For now it is advised that The Deeproads should be barricaded off, and no soul should venture within... When emplacements are added, such should be done in groups, certainly never alone. Narvok Oz Urguan Narvok Oz Ok Dwedmar Tuzic Mossborn, Yemekar's Pick, Prophet of Ogradhad
  2. Wanted: Spider(s), there may be multiple. Threat Level: Medium. Description of beast: A den of spiders, large-sized and dangerous. Black in colour, eight legs, typical arachnids but larger than normal. Location: A medium-sized den of spiders has been found to the south-east of Felsen, south of Drusco. It lies beneath a large tree, next to a small lake. Reward: To be decided.
  3. Event Planners, MC Names:I'll leave this to ET. Event Type:Players versus mobs..? Event Date:I'm honestly unsure, maybe on the weekends where most EST players are on. Factions/Nations effected by the event:The Dark Elves of Annil'sul. Event Location:Ker'lomi/Onyx district of the Elf city, Annil'sul. Summary:I'm not really sure on what to add, currently there has been spiders and skeletons spawning ridiculously in the district, and it's rather annoying...so why not make an event to get rid of them? I was thinking maybe a hollowed out place in the district where giant spiders make their nests. Like I said, this is my first time proposing an idea.
  4. Spider's Silk OOC Introduction: A spider's silk in the real world is a rather tough material that, by weight, is stronger than steel. One reason you have never seen spiders silk cloth in the real world is due to the fact you can't get enough silk to make anything. In the world of Anthos though five or six foot wide spiders are common, allowing for more web production. This is how and why spiders silk is able to exist. All in all it could be described as flimsy expensive chain mail with some quirks. Usage: Spiders silk is most useful when woven into a cloth. When this is done it may be used to make fine clothing, effective bandages, and other common fabric products. It also may be used anywhere as a sort of ductile or strong string that can handle intense conditions if needed such as bow strings or inside mechanical devices. Appearance: Behavior: Gathering And Processing: Preparation And First steps Gathering the silk is complicated in a way. Generally speaking there are many ways to get the silk. Sometimes you can find small insignificant strands if you happen to kill a large spider, or you can also harvest parts of its web. However, the common and most effective way is a bit more tricky. First you must trap or buy an animal of proportionate size that the spider would prey on, for instance a dog. You put the dog near the spiders nest and wait for it to attack and take the dog away. Most spiders don't kill their prey immediately so don't worry about the dog. The spider will wrap the animal in a thick casing of webbing so that it can't get away and it can eat it later, this is where things get tricky. You can either go into the nest and kill the spider, or try and sneak in and retrieve the dog still wrapped in the casing. Retrieval And Harvesting Free the dog by using shears to cut the webbing holding it up. This may take some effort as the silk, as I said earlier on, is rather hard to cut. In any case, once you have the wrapped up dog you would take it to a place where there was warm water, possibly a hot spring or something similar and submerge it. The string would tighten, but the stickiness that held it all together will go away. You then unravel the dog and place the string somewhere it can dry off. Once it is dry, place it into a jar or somewhere else clean and dry. (Note. The animal used may live through it. If you don't want it to die you must be careful not to let it drown while it is still stunned and you are gathering the silk. There is also the possibility it will be killed by the venom, and if not, it may struggle when it wakes up and ruin the silk. These are things to keep in mind.) Production Then once you have enough, take it to a skilled tailor used to working with fine materials and ask him to make it into cloth for you. This may be pricey as the material can be hard to cut and work with, but it really depends on the tailor. Once he is finished you will have spiders silk cloth and can ask the same tailor to make whatever it is you are looking to have made. It can be hard to dye sometimes for some reason, being a lighter color than intended or having small spots that appear faded where it did not dye as dark as the rest. Due to the difficulty that there is in working with it, the tailor can ask for a decent overall sum for the fabric and clothing, several hundred minas not being uncommon. Options You can also request that the tailor add padding, armor plates, or other modifications to it. Most tailors can pad the inside of two pieces of spiders silk cloth with linen or other relatively thick fabrics. This results in material that is bulky, warm, and absorbs blunt force well. The drawback is it really is quite bulky and awkward to move in. So it is best to leave it where no movement really occurs, but you still need the extra protection, such as your head. Once the process is complete you will have a luxuriously fine set of clothes that can protect you and that have many other useful functions. For Tailors Pros: -Stops arrows from going all the way through the body -Virtually slash proof -Waterproof to small amounts of water such as rain -Contracts when swimming making it similar to a wet suit -Is luxurious outwardly and when worn -Very light in weight -Can quickly help clot wounds if applied to them -Can be padded with other materials such as linen to lessen blunt blows Cons: -Blunt damage is amplified and more common -Stabs go straight through it -Arrows cause severe tissue damage and possibly greater damage depending on where it lands -Is incredibly complicated and dangerous to gather -Is expensive and tricky to make due to the need of a skilled and experienced tailor -Many things can happen during the process that will ruin the material -If it gets too wet it can tighten around you and possibly inhibit movement -If padded with other materials it becomes bulky and cumbersome, especially if it is in a moving part of the clothing such as the sleeve -Is highly flammable
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