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Found 6 results

  1. ~* Halfling Spiritualism *~ [1] Preface: Halfling Spiritualism differs in that Halflings don’t worship spirits the same way they do with Knox or Billy Bob. Instead, Halfling spirits are considered living forces of certain characteristics and aspects. For example, merrymaking is a positive aspect of everyday life, as such the spirit of merrymaking isn’t a certain person but the force of merrymaking itself. As such, one doesn’t necessarily pray to the spirit of merrymaking, but invokes it with feasts and festivals. Using even more simple terms, one doesn’t need to pray to the spirit of foxes, just by having a symbol of a fox is enough to invoke and respect it. History of Halfling Spiritualism: It is uncertain when exactly did Spiritualism begin to be practiced by Halflings, or who introduced it, though through oral tradition it was around the time of Dunshire. Looking at just a few written records, we know the names of the spirits and how they were invoked, using everyday words in that time; in simple terms the names of these spirits are what they represent. Since then it has been an accepted faith within Halfling society, with some individuals building dedicated shrines to certain spirits. In more recent years, new spirits and notable individuals have appeared, becoming new additions to the list. Traditions and Worship: [2] The way Halflings worship the spirits is the same as you would find in other Spiritualist societies, with shrines, offerings etc. The historical word for Spiritualism is ‘Gāstsiden’ and ‘gāstberend’ for shaman. When praying to a spirit it is imperative that devotees utter the word Lup, as it is the proper way to do so. Sermons and religious festivals are also held in order to appease them. The act of the will of the spirits is slightly different, instead of actively doing tasks i.e. going on a hunt in order to appease to the spirit of it, Halflings simply try to uphold what the spirits represent. Sacrifices vary from individual followers, most Halflings tend to use food, booze and pipeweed as offerings, with some offering mina as a way to get rid of them. One tradition that some Halflings do, in order to appease to specific spirits, is to decorate their homes or certain items with motifs of that spirit. Major Halfling deities: These are the gods Halflings may worship daily Billy Bob, The Great Farmer (note: this is how Halflings view Billy Bob) He is considered the creator of the world and of every descedant race [3.1] Lord Knox, The Pumpkin Lord Created by Billy Bob, he is the guardian of the Halfling race [3.2] Arugula, The Squid Monster Created by Billy Bob, she is the destroyer of the Halfling race [4] Halfling Animal Spirits: These are the animals that are culturally significant and invoking their spirits brings good fortune Fyxen the Fox The fox spirit is said to bless Halflings with cleverness and stealth Hara the Rabbit The rabbit spirit is said to bless Halflings with fertility and agility Frosc the Frog The frog spirit is patron and guardian of Frogtoppia, he blesses Halflings with wisdom and good health Apa the Ape The ape spirit is said to bless Halflings with dexterity and athleticism Yrchoun the Hedgehog The hedgehog spirit is said to bless Halflings with fortitude and protection Brocc the Badger The badger spirit is said to bless Halflings with strength and ferocity Halfling good spirits: These are the spirits that represent positive traits and aspects in everyday life Geþoftræden, Companionship A male Halfling whose manners are always friendly, he is present when friends have fun and help each other, or when a Halfling does the same with a stranger Friðu, Safety & Peace A female Halfling dressed as a Sheriff, she is present when Halflings de-escalate dangerous situations or form peaceful alliances Gefére, Community A female Halfling with good manners, she is present when Halflings work together and support each other Worian, Adventuring A male Halfling dressed in armor wielding a shovel riding a farm pig as mount, he is present when Halflings go onto adventures in familiar and unfamiliar places Drieman, Merrymaking A male Halfling carrying wooden mugs and a barrel full of mead, he is present when Halflings party Gerisene, Properness A female Halfling of humble demeanor, she is present when Halflings uphold their traditions properly Gecynd, Nature A female Halfling Shaman, she is nature itself and is present when Halflings plant new life and take care of their natural environment Bebaþian, Hygiene A male Halfling in formal clothing, he is present when Halflings clean and take care of themselves and their homes Drēmode & Pibmala, Music & Song Two Halflings, a male and female respectively, they are present when Halflings compose and perform music Halfling bad spirits: These are the spirits that represent negative traits and aspects in everyday life Bestelan, Thievery A male Halfling dressed in leather armor and cloak, he is present when Halflings steal from others for their individualist gain Ungerisene, Improperness A female Halfling dressed in biggun clothing, she is the twin sister of Gerisene and is present when Halflings act like bigguns Pugsē, Betrayal A male Halfling coverred in scars and bruise marks, he is present when Halflings betray each other and the community Etolnes, Gluttony A male Halfling who is obese, he is present when Halflings consume large amounts of food and drinks leaving nothing for their kin Urith, Weaponry A male Halfling clad in biggun armor riding a war pony, he carries a sword and is present when Halflings use biggun weapons for unnecessary violence Filþu, Filth A male Halfling with dirt and flies all over him, he is present when Halflings don’t take care of themselves or their homes Halfling ancestor spirits: Notable Halflings in history whom are still respected even today, though Halfling Druids are not part of the Ancestor Realm, they are still respected individuals Kip Took, Len & Gimblo (founders and elders of the 1st Halfling village of Dunwood) Petyr Brandybuck (introduced Druidism to Halflings and co-founded the Druidic Order) Andwise Peregrin I (founder of Willow Hollow) Elder Larry Shortoak & Mayor Berilac Weedsnatcher (cultural golden age leaders) Rollo Applefoot (greatest leader in history) Micah O’Connell (Thain after Rollo whose Thainship was marked with many festivals and parties) Archdruid Harold Applefoot (accomplished Druid who was murdered) Isalie Gardner (Thain of Brandybrook) Filibert Applefoot (co-founder of Bloomerville and Knoxville) Iris Peregrin (accomplished Mayor, Druid and Thain) Greta Goodbarrel (accomplished politician and advocate for democracy) Barbog’Yar (Goblin shaman who became an honorary Halfling and promoted learning and spiritualism) [1] (https://www.deviantart.com/martith), art by Martith in Deviantart [2] (https://www.deviantart.com/illahie/art/Mudpaw-8599486), art by Illahie in Deviantart [3.1] & [3.2] (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208632-a-story-of-creation/?tab=comments#comment-1886579), art by me [4] (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208653-a-story-of-destruction/?tab=comments#comment-1886747), art from the same post (OOC: This is cultural lore, it does not change, add or remove anything from existing Spiritualism lore. This post was brought to you by the Halfling Lore team: mystery man, jumperhand3, takemetothefae, knightoftheroses, somersett, teawithsunny, salamandermoss, riorr, hanrahan and me. Special thanks to jihnyny, cosmiverse and sewer rat for helping out)
  2. The following invitation has been nailed on the notice board at the entrance of San’Brîu. Sisters and brothers, children of Krug, servants of the spirits, With Grubnakh’Lak’s Rexhood, I have seen many of us rejoice, certain that the Iron Horde has once more fully embraced our traditions. I too welcome them back; the pursuit of honor and strength through glorious Klomps and Wagh warms my heart and Krug’s blood which runs through it. A depiction of orcs klomping in the San’Brîu tavern klomp-pit Yet I warn you that re-establishing the old laws of might —on its own— does very little to honor our ancestors. This simple accumulation of strength and feats of domination is nothing but misplaced pride if it remains ignorant of the guidance of the spirits. As Glurgz wrote, “klomping iz nub alwayz da way fir honur”. Rather, he explains, “Honur iz in da zpiritz”. Why am I bringing this up— you may ask. I found that in the name of the coming wars, a shrine to Drelthok has been desecrated and removed in their very own home, the silent district. This may have been fueled by a burst of bloodlust, or by ignorance of the balance which the shamans maintain between our patron spirits. Either way, it strips San’Brîu of yet another one of the already rare signs of the spiritualist faith we so eagerly claim to be ours. The desecrated Drelthok shrine — and a message left behind: “Da tik tu sleep am ovur! It am Wagh tik!” I will not follow the culprit in their mindless mistake; I do not wish to call wagh on my kind. Rather, I call for a resurrection. Where have our prayers, respectful offerings and zealous habits gone? How long has it been since you last sensed the sweet smell of corpses rotting on a Votar shrine, how long since you last saw incense rise from the altars of Firaza to dance in the wind? In the coming cactus days, I call for us to unite and reaffirm our trust in the guidance of the spirits, and show once more our unyielding devotion to them. Will you join me? Gharak’Yar, Skriptgoth of the Horde [OOC] Mini RP-Player Events
  3. Symbol of the spirit Ka'tau, personification of universal law. The Book of Ka’tau Divinely inspired stories and tales of the Rah’mun peoples, translated from the writings and speeches of the prophets, lector priests, and Pharaohs. Translated and Delivered by: Atemu-Ta Amun Prophet, Voice of Ka’tau, Sword of the Ra’tuhmet, Pharaoh of Rah’tuma Book 1: Creation story. The following tale has been passed down in the oral traditions of the Rah’mun peoples, who follow the faith of Ka’tau. Ka’tau is a spiritualist faith which affirms an animistic worldview. Adherents of Ka’tau believe in a single universal law of justice and harmony which binds all of existence together and takes many forms. The various spirits of the faith represent the different faces of Ka’tau, creating an endless list of entities which represent every facet of existence. The main three entities given credence by most practitioners of the faith are the Ra’tuhmet, an eagle-headed lord of eternal sunlight; Hesthor, a cow lady of pure waters, soul preservation, and bovine purging; and Kalthet, a lion-headed lady of grand strategy and Rah’mun battles. This story explains the Rah’mun origin story. The Rah’muns believe that before anything existed the universe was merely a void. Ka’tau herself, the personification of the universal law, brought forth the Ra’tuhmet as the first light which filled the void. The Ra’tuhmet then forged the stars, the world, and everything within it. At the edges of this void emerged Kalthet and Hesthor, who both claimed different aspects of the newly created world. The Creation story contains the emergence of Keop, the mortal enemy of Ka’tau, and Iblees and his general Kazul and their activities against the early descendants. This book is considered the most sacred of all the Rah’mun texts and is essential reading for any followers of the faith. All should read and understand with the fullness of their heart this sacred story. The text [links here]: Book of Ka'tau: Creation. OOC:
  4. How Culture Shapes Orc Spiritualism A study by Gharak, for San'Velku Library of Theruz, year 114 of the Second Age With special thanks to Kor'Garr, Toad'Yar, Madoc'Lur and Ghoraza This is a translation of the book bearing the same name, and will also serve as an OOC-saved version of the book. Still, I strongly advise you try and read the version in Blah. Table of Contents: Introduction I] Culture & Nature II] On the clans Conclusion
  5. A Hint of Resistance Eccentric Visions A runty little goblin sits alone in his blarg, surrounded by complete silence, aside from slow, labored breaths. The shutters lie open, and a gust blows through the household. With it, the bones that adorn the goblin rattle and clank against one another; a soft noise, but in the quiet of the home, it sounds a mournful cacophony. Long has the goblin been haunted by visions, 'gifted' to him by an unknown benefactor. Never have they been comprehensible- painfully blinding lights in a sea of changing colors, encompassing dark with naught but wind, howling and screaming yet ever so quiet... It's enough to make an Uruk turn to Oracle Wood in favor of traditional cactus, and it seemed to be working for a while. That is, until this eve. The wind howls louder. The broiling cauldron before him is suddenly stilled, as if the temperature dropped to naught. A connection he had attempted to make is suddenly severed- No, not severed. Intercepted. He is drug into a sea of undulating dark, surrounded by a thrumming heartbeat and the sound of gentle breathing. It's almost soothing, at first. Then, a voice speaks, clearer than any of the visions he has attempted to evade. It rings out across this dark, even as the heartbeat yet thrums in his ears. "Nûl-ob tau! Shiik-ob bukul'nuun! Puzughl kulûk shiik agh zurm!" ["The pain of the forest! The cry of the river! Cease all the cries and clamor!"] He winces visibly, scrambling to place the dark tongue. His eyes would widen, had he a corporeal form in this place. The voice calls out again. "GHAASH-LAT! GHAASH-IZG! GHAASHUG KULÛK ZA UB'KUL!" ["BURN YOU! BURN WE! BURNING OF ALL THAT WILL BE!"] It's loud, so very loud. Painful, even. But his pain compares naught to the pure agony he feels coming from the speaker, every word is suffering. "Lat rok'unudh-matum mub. Frum'bur at fiith-lat." ["You, a death-haunted thing. The burden, to you it clings."] The one time that the visions are clear, intelligible... and it's an order, an irrefusible command. It would almost be funny, were it not so desperate. "Ukh-lat, darûkûrzal. Gaatublat fauthat, ghaash'Uruk-hai bûrgulu-ishi." ["Go now, weakling. Your punishment awaits, in the shadow of Orc flame."] The connection forcibly ends itself, not even bothering to return to it's original recipient... Perhaps that was intentional. The goblin falls backwards, off of the stool he had been meditating atop. He lets out a groan of pain, clutching his head as he staggers to his feet. It seems his plans have changed... radically. The thrumming of the heartbeat in his ears doesn't clear away, even after the vision has ended. Whatever spoke to him, commanded him... is still watching. Expecting. "Zorri, teechur. Guez wi muzt agri tu diazgri, juz' diz azhnz." Damn. He was kind of hoping for a big change, just... not from this side.
  6. What is known of the Spirits, is that they are the embodiment of all things this realm holds to offer. They are powerful beings that gain more power with feats and acts of worship and praise by those who live within the mortal realm. Due to this very simple known fact, they hold different wills from one another. The idea of the will of the Spirits conflict between each of them, for the will of Votar revolves around all things that is the hunt, while the will of Leyd is around the idea of physical might and to show one greater than the rest, to dominate. While the will changes between Spirit to Spirit, they all hold a similarity. This similarity is their selfish nature, their hate for all things that disturb the balance of natural life, such as the void and their hatred for anything that can be considered a deity itself. The Spirits hate many things, yet are forgiving to those who wish to be redeemed down the path of guidance. Those who wish to become one of the faithful Spiritualists. Shamans being the Speakers of the Spirits, have come across a number of things that are widely known that are disliked. What the Spirits hate to the point where they will not aid us if we were to break such things. Those who wish to dedicate themselves to the ideas of the Spiritualist, should follow these simple requirements in one way, or another for if the faithful meet a Spirit, they may find the Spirit to be angered by them which may result in a punishment if they were to walk the realm of Spirits. - To never fall to voidal magic, to never use the power of the void. To purge it, to remove its filth upon this blessed realm - To give love towards the Spirits, to follow in the idea of what they are. To dedicate time, effort and pray to them. To devote a task that will please them - To never fall from their grace and praise another that is not them - To respect them and their wishes. For one day, they may ask for a champion - Never worship other deities. Never use what other deities give for the Spirits are the one and only power worthy of our praise The Will and our own paths We travel our paths that are forged with the aiding hand of the Spirits, with our own will creating a perfect bond between us and those who wish to see our paths go down their interests. We may not always think that our beloved Spirits are with us, but. They are always watching. What is known of the realm is that it's a place of conflict, a war of Spirits. While we hold very little chances we will see Immortal Spirits. We will always find the Lesser Spirits willing to aid us to maintain faith in their realm. Each Spirit may latch upon us as people. As a smith prays to Gentharuz for his work to be seen as masterful, so does a lesser Spirit of his realm that will look down upon the humble smith with a smile, with joy. If this smith dedicates many great works to Gentharuz, this same Lesser Spirit will smile more with each work created. Only until the Spirit itself holds the power to want, this want being offered towards the smith to aid them in their next work only to make it greater than the last, to leave a mark, a presence even. A blessing for this humble worshipper. As time passes and this smith keeps on his faithful quest, one day his blessings will stop as the Immortal Spirit has taken an interest, his blessing being his mark and to meet the Immortal to be favoured by them. It is not a chore to dedicate something to these Spirits. It is the time they value, the effort they cherish. It is their own name that they hear being spoken as those who are faithful pray to them, empowerment is found and with this so does the faithful become empowered by the blessed hands. We choose to worship, we choose to praise and with this our paths are shown to us, our futures become better for it is guided until the end. We choose to hold faith, or we choose not too. It is not forced but an offering by itself. An offering that requires us to dedicate if we are willing. Allowing our own will to intertwine with the Will of the Spirits. These ideas are never bound to race. But those who hold faith in it, who wish to allow themselves to be engulfed in the work of Spirits. The Spirits care not who you are nor what you have done. As long as you follow their steps and aim to cherish their names. They will love you all the same. To offer enlightenment. In this realm or the next Elder Dura’Raguk
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