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Found 1 result

  1. Ay’Haelun’or! Medi’ir Braxus Ni’leya 14th of The First Seed, Year 52, S.A Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya It is rare that I get to rest these days - however rest is vital for the maintenance of body and mind and so I have decided to confine myself briefly within my lin, to contemplate the future of Haelun’or. When I found her, she was a wicked sight to behold - festering. So interred was she, in the graveyard of impurity that not even her own children would come to visit. However, dear followers of Larihei, I say to you with absolute certainty - the Motherland lives! We are mistaken to think her dead and leave her to rot. For I hear within her, a heart that still beats - it is faint, but a low hum. However, where there is life, there is hope. Thus, I intend on a great exhumation. Haelun’or shall return to us anew. She does not deserve burial, nor does she deserve to return to a lesser incarnation of what she ought to be - thus, I have devised her perfect form - the ideal State of Haelun’or. Permit me to use the analogy of our own Silver Soul, to make clear my point; There are three parts to the Ideal Haelun’or. The Rulers, Soldiers and Common Citizenry. It is those who rule that make policy decisions and lead, which benefits the State as a whole; The Soldiers - Our blessed Sillumiran - Defend the State; they defeat her enemies and they keep public order. The Common Citizenry engage in the everyday affairs of life - the Sciences, Arts, Construction, Smithing, et cetera. I have identified Four Virtues which will allow Haelun’or to fulfill its function as the Perfect State. They are the virtues of Wisdom, Courage, Moderation and Justice. In this Ideal Haelun’or, Wisdom is to be found in the Rulers - the Ruler must be Wise in order to accomplish their duty of ruling over the State well. Courage is to be found within our blessed Sillumiran; they need Courage in order to perform their role in the overall life of this ideal Haelun’or. Moderation is to be found chiefly among the Common Citizenry. They must be Moderate in their desires and in pursuing their own private goods. We are Mali’aheral, not Bortu - let us not succumb to greed. However, Moderation extends beyond the Common Citizenry, for the Rulers and indeed the Soldiers must also be Moderate - in their own way. And so Moderation as a virtue, applies to all three classes of people within this ideal Haelun’or. Justice is the fourth virtue, and Justice is not to be found in one particular class of citizen. Justice entombs the State as a whole - it permeates throughout it in its entirety. Justice, in this instance, is the correct relationship between the three different parts of the State, in which each part does its own job and no part tries to do the job of any other part. This means that the Rulers rule over the whole State with the cooperation of the Soldiers and the Common Citizenry. It is now known, that within all Mali’thill, resides a Silver Soul - this soul is Tripartite in nature, it has three elements to it - the Rational, the Spirited, and the Appetitive [For further explanation, read my previous works on these topics “The Silver Soul”, and “The Tripartite Soul”, in this order]. The Soul is ordered by Reason, who uses the Spirited part to reign in the Appetitive. These three parts of the soul correspond perfectly to the three classes of citizen in this ideal iteration of Haelun’or. Reason, Spirit, and Appetite, as I have just mentioned. The role of Reason is to Rule over the entire Soul. Reason is able to weigh all relevant information and to make choices that are in the Soul’s long-term best interest. Reason, of course, corresponds to the Rulers of this ideal State. Spirit fights for the soul externally and internally, and helps to keep order. The Spirited part of the Soul corresponds to the Soldiers in this ideal State. Lastly, the Appettitive part of the Soul is our desire for food, drink, sleep, sex and other material goods. The Appetite knows no internal limits - it takes as much as it gets, unless it is retrained by some outside force or lack of supply. The Appetite corresponds to the Common Citizenry. Remember dear lliran, in our efforts for perfection, we must not become Bortu-like in our ambition - rather, we must not let our ambition turn into greed, for it could be our very un-doing! Justice in the Soul, as with the State, is the correct relationship between the three constitutive elements. In which each part performs its own duties and does what it is by nature, best suited to do. Specifically, Justice in the Soul means that Reason Rules over Appetite, with the cooperation of the Spirited, to govern and restrain the Appetites and direct them towards the Good of the entire person. Those who Rule, Those who Defend, Those who Labour - Different, but Equal - pursuing Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya as One. Let us create this perfect form of Haelun'or.
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