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Found 22 results

  1. The Shores Are Bleeding

    [ Continued from: ] From the South-West, Cyndaer of House Sylvaeri, Haelurir of the Virarim road to the city bearing urgent news; something encroached upon Caras Eldar from the sea, and soon would rise from the western shores to strike. Steward Kalina was the first he had happened upon, and thus she was the one to hurriedly inform the others of the necessity to take up arms. Just as warned, from the depths rose a member of a menace that has plagued the Elven capital before; a Droquar, though far larger than the one that had previously assaulted the city. Going by the name of Tokovolos the Greater, the ungodly beast is storied by native Atlasaen tribals who, having settled far before everyone else, knew well of the havoc the two beasts waged in far older times. A conflict between Tokovolos and the rallied Elven defenders almost immediately began. With prior attempts from an Azdrazi having failed to calm the ancient beast's ire, it cast upon the farmlands it invaded a breath of lightning so fierce and powerful that it could be heard across the land - though better summed up as a distant violent thunderstorm for those who were not there to witness the struggle itself. With steel unable to pierce its scales, and arrows bouncing off like pebbles cast against castle walls, the defenders had little choice other than to retreat to the wall and quickly discern a proper battle plan. The farmlands were torn apart; scorched by something far more catastrophic than Dragonfire. The one known as "Crumena", a wizard of older times, rushed to the assistance of the others and began the creation of a weapon of destruction known as a Rune Cannon. With it having been completed and poised upon the wall toward the distant, encroaching Tokovolos, the Elves finally had the means to exact vengeance against Tokovolos and its campaign of blind fury. After the wall, and those upon it, sustained heavy damage from a clawed strike, which bid the collapse of some of the stone arches and the wounding of those atop it, Crumena let loose the cannon's raw power; ensuring that his mark would be struck after Artimec Camoryn of the Naelurir displayed his deep bond with nature and willed roots from far below to keep the Droquar in place, even if only momentarily, before the Elder Druid had sustained a twisted, broken leg amidst Tokovolos' furious, pummeling retaliation against those against the wall. The subsequent cannon-blast struck the Greater Droquar in the chest, where a strange, festering wound as dark and ill as the Abyss lingered. The beast of the seas screamed; it bled black blood and stumbled every step made in retreat. Yet it was not slain. The shores were drowned in dark blood after Tokovolos submerged itself amidst its efforts to flee and regain its strength, as though half a hundred whales were slaughtered not far from the city's shoreside. What does this mean for the noble denizens of Caras Eldar, knowing that their beloved capital has been marked by beasts that have long since stood against the test of time? The Redshore War has begun.
  2. The Gathering of Who?

    The Gathering of Who? ((This post is to get interesting, new, families into the capital of Santegia, if you wish to play any of the characters mentioned either PM me on the forums or reply on this post!)) Sitting in a warm tavern - a busy tavern - sat an array of unfamiliar faces; they toasted within each segment of their own and smiled at the jokes they told amongst each other. The bartender, Ademon Trouton, looked about, nodding in affirmation that he'd done a good night's work. One man, an old man admired a fairly newly painted painting of a young woman and her family. ((Speak to each house individually if you wish to play a member of their family)) Opposite one of the mas, was a lesser-known gfamily, though of course was still growing in prosperity: The Millers. They had a nicely sized house in the district recognized as Veilport, where the House Matriarch, Reneta Miller, and her husband, Arthur Miller, had two children. All of which were good at heart. Their money came from their farming skills; they provided most of the grain and produce from the farms outside of the city, and in return were granted a place to stay for as long as they wanted. (Humans) ((Reneta: Vacant Arthur: Vacant All Children Vacant)) Further down the warming tavern, sat the Beatrices. A wicked family that stretched fairly far back into the History of Santegia. In Axios, they had been the centre of attention – somewhat – for their scandals on vision of money. The Patriarch, Adelmeir Beatrice, always dismissed the claims that rumoured his daughter was a ***** of the lands. Of course, though, not many believed this and his daughter was mocked and jeered. Despite this embarrassment that lingered over the family, Adelmeir had two other daughters and one other son. The Family shared a house in the upper classed district of the city; bought through their vast family fortune, inherited three generations ago from a property investor in the family. (Humans) ((Adelmeir: Vacant All Children are Vacant)) ((There were a few more houses that have been undisclosed as of now, however, once the families/houses listed are played I will be submitting another post similar to this one.)) ((ALSO, none of these people have been enobled and were never noble in the first place! I don't know where it says this.))
  3. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Seventeen pigs in the pen. The Keeper sighed. He was one short, and his patience was thin. He knew the culprit instantly - a younger breed, shorter than his brothers but rippled with fat. White hair. Black spots. A good candidate for a roast, not only by virtue of his body but because of his attitude. He hated the thing, but begrudgingly raised it. The Keeper wished he could strangle the pig now, but instead, he walked up the hill and surveyed the open fields. His shadow spread wide over the grass, black against fading sunlight. There. He saw the pig walking into the woods, following a green glow. A glow from eight round eyes. His breath caught. He watched the pig as it was led further into the wood, undoubtedly to that hole in the ground half a mile out. He knew this day would come soon, and rather than solve it, he put it off. Now the beastie had grown bolder. It had taken from his stock. And it would lust for more. The Keeper shivered as memories floated back to him, thoughts of skittering and screaming and fangs ripping his skin like tissue paper. He banished them with a grunt. The aged Dark Elf had let his nerve lead him astray. As he returned to his house, his fists shook in contempt. As he later emerged, he didn’t bother locking up. ——— ——— Beasties, as he’d learned, came in all shapes and sizes. No one could anticipate what life lurks beyond the walls of civilization. These beasties in particular carried a horrible power. He approached an open clearing in the wood and stomped his foot. Slowly, the earth before him moved, and he heard clicking. For a moment, he almost lost his reserve. Then he was bathed in green light. A hulking creature rose from the earth, smelling of decay and dirt, its mandibles shifting as it surveyed the Keeper. The plate of false earth was glued to its abdomen with a foul grey substance. It’s eyes shined with hypnotic influence, swirling with an empty insectile glare. It was accustomed to waiting until its prey was properly befuddled, then it would reach forward with those eight hulking legs and drag its meal into the depths below. The spider searched for the Dark Elf’s eyes, as instincts demanded. This one’s eyes were quite strange. Flat. Shiny. A strange color. The spider weaved his head back and forth, slowly inching closer. He raised his bow, and three arrows met three eyes. The beast reeled, screaming in a boiling cry as its light flickered. Its hairy legs scraped against the leaves as it tried to disappear into the ground, as life ebbed from its horrible body. The light slowly faded. The Keeper exhaled, shivering, as he adjusted the large spectacles bound to his head. The world was pink through the tinted glass, but it was better than green. He walked backward twenty paces and returned with a burlap sack, which he tucked under the spider’s corpse. He pulled a long fuse free from its coil. Grunting, he struck it alight. The Keeper ran for cover. ——— ——— The smell was revolting. The elf walked toward the smoldering hole, sidestepping bits of flaming spider. The ground was splattered with muck, some of it hissing through the foliage, but his path had been cleared. A much larger hole lied before him. Over his long lifetime, he’d had plenty of time to hate things, but spiders carried a special place in his hating heart. At one point, they had been more than a foul beastie... they’d been a symbol. A pet of a people most foul, who raided his township day and night, who wore coverings to avoid the punishment of sunlight. Those warriors taught him the meaning of suffering. When the Bane broke, they did unspeakable things to him. He stooped down and collected a flaming branch, holding it over the dark shaft. As it fell, he saw a corridor that widened with depth, covered in thick grey webbing. It dropped maybe 50 meters before thudding to the earth, smoldering but still maintaining a flame. Through his pink goggles, he could see the corpse of a pig. His pig. Little piggy had a hole where its head should’ve been. The Keeper glanced sideways at a fragment of the spider’s face. “You’re not the only beastie.”, he said in a gravelly tone. It did not reply; it just kept burning. When he looked back into the hole, he didn’t see the pig. He saw forty green eyes, heard the thunder of muscled legs against the walls, heard their mouths chittering in rage. The elf began to tremble, and he ran for his life. Five large spiders gave chase. ——— ——— The spiders sounded like angry cattle, thudding against the earth as they pursued the Keeper. He frequently glanced back in terror, watching how they gained on him. Their legs expertly maneuvered the brush that he had to sidestep. There was no subtle hypnosis at play. Their eyes shone with a beastly anger, and they lusted for elven blood. All else was forgotten. He broke free of the tree line and hurried through the grass. Multiple shadows danced before him, cast by the green light that loomed from behind. He cleared into the mud pit, and felt his legs splashing against something that stuck to him like syrup. As he neared the torchlight of his home, he looked down at himself. His legs dripped with black oil. The Keeper had learned much in his lifetime about monsters, and more often than not, they could usually be burned to death. The elf dropped his bow and ripped a torch off his wall. He turned, facing the beasts that were splashing through the puddle of oil he’d prepared. With a primal roar, he threw the burning stick at them. Pigs scrambled and screeched from their beds as the night’s second explosion rocked their stable. The Keeper slammed against the wood of his home. Groaning, he blinked away the stars in his eyes and watched through cracked pink lenses. Searing heat was consuming the monsters. Their bodies crackled in the fire as they screamed, curling up into balls against the grass. When the noise had died down, he slowly approached the spreading fire, drawing harsh breath. One. Two... there’s three. No, four. Four bodies. “Where’s—“, he mumbled, right as the last beastie flanked from his right, its legs pinning him to the ground. The spider rammed its head into his belly, and fangs pierced through his worn clothes. The Keeper screamed. ——— ——— Vomit swelled in his mouth as the Keeper lashed out, striking the spider’s eyes with his fists. It blinked and screeched at him, veering off for a few moments. The elf’s vision swam and wavered as venom coursed through his body. That, coupled with the pain, would’ve sent a normal man directly into unconsciousness. The Keeper, however, clung to life as desperately as he could. He clawed at his side for a dagger. The spider returned and loomed over him, blinding him with a ghastly light that rivaled the sun. He cursed and plunged the knife at that sun. It went out. Angered, the spider bit him a second time, pumping his body full of that sickly purple venom. This time, the Keeper did vomit. But he kept stabbing. Both elf and spider roared at each other, lashing out in agony, until the spider’s movements slowed to a halt. It tried to puncture his belly but only managed to fall atop of him, and the multiple holes in its head finally took effect. The Keeper vaguely tried to get out from under the crushing carapace, but failed to do so. Like certain times in his past, the spider’s poison overcame his resolve, and his scarred head hit the ground. His body stopped twitching. The elf passed out, his mind sinking back to an island cave, where he last felt such a poison. Where the Mori strung him up like a pig and butchered him. ——— ——— The sun rose, and set, on a burnt field in the middle of nowhere. The Keeper leaned on his staff and watched as the fifth carcass burned where it lied. His robes were open, exposing a set of bandages that encased everything from his nipples to his hips. Despite the Balance, and the beasties, the Keeper lived on. He slowly limped to the stable he’d built with his own two hands. The pigs approached him, eagerly searching for a table scrap, or bit of sugar. He scratched one behind the ear, and it happily grunted at him. The dark elf wept.
  4. EVENT let us all plunder each others chests especially when they are not online wow yea.. First see if the player isn't online than steal but don't forget to leave ur boat (from minecraft) at the victims boat,, that would be stupid.. I am just kidding, if you don't get the joke... YES SOMEONE STOLE WEAPONS, SADDLES AND ARMOR FROM MY CHESTS. ((while my boat is in the blue-SAFE ZONE..)) I was not on during the event but i locked all my chests and trapdoors.. I understand if this is a bug with Copy and paste but stealing... thats just being a ****. And he wasn't smart enough to remove his boat. I don't think il get any further with this post but its just to let others know that there are some motherfuckers around that do such things. (sorry for language ik :))
  5. Those whom found themselves within the stone walls of Santegia began to discover rather swollen and oddly dark cloud looming overhead. A horrific grumble, like the gods themselves were stomping, shook the skies and even the foundations of the famous Santegian tavern; the drunken Stallion. Their light muttering and laughter was soon silenced as the first strike of lightning splintered across the darkened skies; but such a strike was far too distant and barely audible, that those within the tavern or about the square simply shrugged it off - resuming their normal, day to day discussions. Though such conversing only lasted for mere moments before the stampede of heavy boots thumped against the stonework of the square, followed by the ear ringing shrill of a man’s desperate cries. His bone digits wafted through the air, begging for any kind of attention he might be granted, which was more than he had anticipated. Crowds of Santegian men and women presented themselves around the panicked man, a look of confusion and concern contoured upon their visage. Beads of sweat lined the poor man’s forehead, patches of grime and dirt marred his rather pale, northern features. Bloodshot red eyes flickered like a candle flame about the strange features about him, opening his dried and cracked lips to spout “T-They’re coming! T-They’re going to take us!” His voice was a shrill, ringing in the ears of those gathered. Though this just caused the Santegians to grow ever more lost upon the matter, a few members glanced over their shoulders, expecting perhaps even a glimpse of what this mad man was spouting about… But nothing. Only thick gray clouds huddled together upon the horizon of Asul, the promise of rain ever looming closer by the seconds. “What are you spouting about?” A familiar face of a Santegian Prince spoke with a rather concerned tone, eyes narrowing towards the mess of a man presented before the group. “T-The men from the skies! I-I saw them and now they are coming for me..” Soon after the mad man’s words recited, a crack of lightning once more pierced the darkened skies, this time it seemed closer; though still too far to source where such a bolt had struck - causing the citizens to once more shrug it off. Quickly the torn boots of the distressed man lumbered forth, digits clinging upon the arm of another Santegian man, beginning to rag him to and fro; screaming over and over again “Take him instead! Take him!” This caused a rather expectant growl to utter beneath the Sategian man’s lips, a gloved hand shot down upon were his trusted dagger rested sheathed, soon positioning it against his palm and piercing it into the skinny legs of the man; gaining a horrified shriek from his lips. After many attempts at prying the dagger out of his leg and trying to calm the clearly deranged man, the gathering’s attempts failed, causing such a sad fall events to occur shortly after. The ill being reached for the same dagger used to restrain him and sliced it across his throat, uttering the line “I-I will take myself before they ever take me!” before he was indeed deemed dead. But all was not over, despite what those of Santegia thought. A spiral of thick ashy smoke lingered in the air of the near distance, the rain began to plummet from the skies like small missiles and shattering against the stone of the square upon their sudden impact. Those gathered were torn upon what to do, for the forestry outside called a shrilled for aid, but the man whom had just ended his life need a rightful burial but there was no time to debate the subject, some individuals lifted the body elsewhere whilst the remaining gathering ventured upon the upper walls of Santegia, in hopes to gain a closer specticle from the source of the flames. Moments passed and the gathering decided to vacate from the walls of their safety and further investigate just how serious such flames were going to be, but unfortunately the citizens had left it too long. Amber flames licked and gnawed at the plantlife about it, the heat so intense that it began to slowly warm the armour in which some individuals had donned. The area grew more charred and destroyed the gathering worked tiresomely together to extinguish the flames the best they could alongside two gifted mages in which manipulated jets of water to smother the hungry flames. But they could not save the lands in which they named home.. The smoke began to pollute the air, with masses of carbon monoxide and flakes of concrete powder; those whom had find themselves subject to the fumes began to cough violently as they retreated towards the lands of Haria. Though this was far from the end. . .
  6. IGN(s): AwakenMyLove Age: 19 Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time Discord: Final#1122 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a microphone?: Of course. Average daily playing time?: A couple hours a day. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Media Team: For however long it lasted for the first incarnation. I was also there when we had players developing their own media teams. Application Team Manager(1.5Y?): I was an AT Manager under the leadership of Tau, Fireheart, and Harrison, I think? Event Team Manager(8M): Freema and Arockstar were the leads. Global Moderator(2Y?): I don't remember who the leads were, I was too busy on getting **** done. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I'm about to roast ya'll. When did it become okay for Lord of the Craft to become a toxic community? This isn't a case of a liberal seeking 'safe spaces'. This is common courtesy to improve the reputation of a server that has it's legacy being tarnished with it's recent generation(s) of players. Back when I was a Game Moderator (It was actually, 'Global Moderator' at the time) someone couldn't just blatantly troll roleplay, and openly say racial or homophobic slurs. They'd get promptly kicked or banned. Don't get me wrong; I get it. The internet is a culture, and often a hive-mind. Experiences that people receive from the internet are often brought onto Lord of the Craft. This shouldn't be the case. We used to have a standard to uphold, now we don't. Players should know to leave their baggage at the door when they come to this server. Or maybe I'm wrong and SpaceOfAids is starting to push his liberal agenda onto me. Remember #CancerIsntTheAnswer Really though. I'm a veteran when it comes to Game Moderation. I'd be a valuable asset to the current GM-Team. I witnessed, and participated in the transition from Vailor to Axios, so I know just how heavy things get when the server changes maps. My hands have been in the development of the ET, AT, and GM Handbooks. (whether or not those editions are still in use, I'm unsure) So when **** hits the fan from Axios to Atlas, you should count on me to be there to help get things moving again. Finally, I'll fill your diversity quota. I'm a Straight Black Male. Very few of us exist on this server thanks to the efforts of @fighting evil by moonlight aka Chihiros Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I've never been denied. I'm just that good. Anything else you want to tell us?: Tythus LTD. is on my resume: Clearly, I have a good sense of humor.
  7. Marnans Never Die

    Marnans Never Die Issued and Confirmed by his Majesty, Frederick Pius Horen-Marna, 12th of the Amber Cold, 1639 To the denizens of Marna and Canonist Humanity as a whole, The great epoch of our time in a demesne of great uncertainty and upheaval, we find ourselves at the mercy of GOD and the salvation of His divine providence. Yet in this trial, we acknowledge that our true strength and power derives from Him, fostering within us the vigor of true might to overcome what has been lost. I, have myself, full and complete confidence that if all due diligence is invested in our commitment, that if nothing is left neglected, we shall truly regain the confidence in ourselves to defend our home, to ride out the plagues of war, and to outlive the pestilent pagan menaces that have for so long deprived us of truth and justice. At all costs, this is our mandate, good denizens. That is the resolve of this reign. That is the mission of the Church. That is the mission of GOD. The Apostolic Kingdom of Marna and the Dual Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska, united together by sacramental union and faith in the Holy Canon, will defend to the ends and to the death their native soil and mobilize against heathenry wherever it flourishes, fighting together as kin inseparable with their utmost fortitude and strength. Furthermore, Marna pledges to aid the fellow Canonist state of Renatus in all of its military endeavours against the heathens, in siege and defense, for when united and determined, Humanity can never be uprooted from the sod which GOD hath provided unto us. Even though large tracts of the former Orenian Empire, as well as many other integral vassals have fallen or may fall to the grip of heathenous vice and ungodly ways, we shall not surrender nor fail. And even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Kingdom or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our nation beyond, armed and guarded by the Apostolic Levy, would carry on the struggle, until, in GOD’s good time, the New World, with all its prospects and glory, steps forth to the rescue and the salvation of the lost. We shall not fall victim to petty worldly politics, for it corrupts the quality of the soul. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the field, for Owyn gives us strength. We shall fight no matter the cost, for no worldly resource is too valuable. We shall defend our homeland, for it is the earthly bond which sustains our families and people. We shall defend our Canonist brethren, for to turn a blind eye to atrocities and sacrilege is to be complicit. We shall never submit to heathenist-pagan ways, for all such beliefs denounce Horen as our prophet. We shall never surrender, for to buckle beneath worldly fears is to fall victim to the allure of Iblees. IN VERBUM DEI, Frederick Pius Horen-Marna, Apostolic King of Marna and Righteous Defender of Rhodesia
  8. The set of an Eagle

    It was a cold day, like every other usual winter day. The aged man Romanos, who was very ill for the last decade, woke up on 23th of Umber Cold, 1637 knowing it’s his last day in this vile and cruel world. He took his walking stick which was resting next to his old wooden bed and began the long journey back to Riga, the former Capital of the Kingdom of Courland. A Kingdom he served with undying loyalty until the very end of Courland, which was dissolved a few years after Tobias Staunton’s death. The man could see the great walls of Riga, even though he had very few to little strength he continued walking towards the city until he stopped in front of the gate, where he turned his head upwards and noticed the old yet proud banners of former Courland. A tear came out of his eyes as old memories could be remembered. Romanos after a brief moment gathering his strength, he began walking again further into the city until he faced the broken town square. He dropped to his knees, almost instantly and closed his eyes as he remembered Erin Lockley, the woman he loved until his last day. Romanos could almost see her walking around the square with her horse, Snowflake. She was a remarkable woman. It was her kindness that enchanted him many many years ago when she gifted him a strong and loyal horse, even if they lived in different and rival Kingdoms. She was already engaged to a man from the North and he knew there was nothing he could do to change her mind, even after when he confessed his feelings. However, he remained by her side, in both happy and sad moments and eventually became close friends until her sad and unexpected death which crashed him and never could recover from her tragic death. Many minutes later, he stood up and walked all the way to the Palace, where he could remember the King and the other nobles cheering after the victory of Courland against Haense. He could remember his Amelia, the woman he finally married and gave birth to his children. A woman he didn’t truly love from the first time and he saw her as a mean to imrpove his prestige and legitimacy, however he grew to love her but not as much as he loved Erin. Romanos could hear the speeches of King Tobias within the palace and dropped another tear before he left to visit San Adrian, the Capital of Santegia. Another Kingdom his served with loyalty until he left for a voyage in order to recover from his illness without informing anyone. When he returned his found out he is no longer the Duke, nor he is within the Privy Council but his son. He didn’t blame anyone for he knew it was his own mistake. Upon reaching the town, memories of the successful Rebellion that dissolved the Principality of Evreux returned, smiling a bit because he kept his promise to King Tobias, moments after the King’s death. He promised him that no Orenian would set foot in Courland, and if they did, they’d find death and blood. The aged man asked for a priest in order to confess his sins and Father Solomon answered the call. A few hours later, he left his last breath in the tavern of San Adrian, surrounded by friends and family members such as his two sons, Marie & Demetrius and Stephanos. Romanos made many friends during his lifetime, and many more enemies due to his allegiances with Courland and Santegia. He lived a semi happy life because he never managed to be with his other half in the mortal world, something he hopes to change up in the seven skies.
  9. Sitting at the table of the Knights Rest admiring the reflection of the great fire in the high polish of the heavy oaken wood one rainy evening in the city of Sutica, Luna Lyeis giggled tipsily as she downed her third, or maybe her fifth glass of wine for the evening. Her husband being away establishing their business interests she took the time to mingle with the locals of her new home and make their acquaintance. A few other patrons that had gathered around her table joined in the shared revelry and storytelling. As it came for Luna's turn to share a tale of adventure her face scrunched up in muddled thought, her tanned skin tone making the highlights of her exotic beauty stand out that much better, the ceremonial scar adorning her right eye a subject of intrigue and mystery that had earned many a curious comment. Finally, she beamed cheerfully at her companions, “oh I have the perfect story and before you ask no it's not about how I got my scar, so stop bugging me about it,” she gave them all a knowing glare that brooked no nonsense. Taking a moment to gather her thoughts Luna begun to spin a tale of the Dwarven High Queen, Signa Blackaxe. The Queen had lured luna into the dwarven kingdom under false pretences of friendship. Invited under the veil of a friend and guest, Luna accepted the offer to share a drink with the queen and her retinue, but the tides turned suddenly as the true selfish nature of her majesty was revealed. Queen Blackaxe had surrounded the Farlander and taken by force a precious jewelled dagger of no small personal significance. The queen then demanded a duel upon a platform suspended above the pitted heart of her kingdom. Given no choice by the dozen or so thugs that lingered around them, each enthralled by the queens every whim. Luna found herself face to face with the High Queen in a test of might she was loathed to participate in, she pleaded her friendship and indicated that if they but returned her beloved jewel dagger, a gift from her husband she would go her way no harm was done. The queen, however, insisted, her guards and retinue surrounding Luna and indicating that she might lose more than her dagger, that her life as well was under threat if she did not participate in the duel. Luna would not go down without a fight, the duel was short and brutal each landing several good blows until Luna, guided by years of training from the expert swordsmen of her tribe, breaking the queen's defence she began to viciously beat her opponent down to the ground, relenting only once the treacherous Queen laid still in defeat. Standing triumphantly over the Signa, already declaring her mercy, Luna looked up around her to see the angry faces of the thugs who had corralled her into this farcical duel. Her next memory was one of a piercing pain, falling to the floor beside the unconscious queen, an arrow jutting out of her shoulder loosed by a bow in the dark. By the time Luna regain some semblance of control gritting her teeth through the pain as she rose once more ever defiant against her seemingly doomed fate she looked around only to find the Queen had been whisked away, and she now looked across the duelling platform towards the dwarf that would be her executioner. And with that luna finished her story glancing challengingly around the table awaiting the first reactions to her story. In a fit of laughter, the table erupted, some complimenting Luna on her fable others calling it a work of fiction. Swirling her emptied wine glass around Luna smiled deviously, “oh I assure you that it all happened. I have the scar to prove it.” gesturing to the freshly healed knotted scar on her exposed shoulder a telltale sign of an arrow injury. Still sceptical one of her drinking buddies leaned over the table eyeing her suspiciously, “if it's not fiction, how did you defeat your executioner, then manage to flee the heart of a dwarven kingdom moments after you publicly embarrassed their high queen?” Reaching across the table Luna Lyeis patted his cheek a few times, “Well let's just say I had far to much to live for to fail. That combined with my courage and strength as a warrior to keep fighting saw me through it. Now before you ask what I find so precious to live for and fight ever on… I am not near drunk enough to divulge such details.” she teases. Causing another eruption of laughter from her table and with that Luna stood to her feet, stumbling once as she got up before saying her farewells and heading home to sleep off the night's revelry.
  10. The fired burned brightly. It rose up to the night sky in angry defiance of the darkness above it. It roared, tearing into the tightly bound leather and desert wood and sent waves of angry heat from its destruction. Standing at the front of the tent is stands Kol, with a torch in his hand. A wind gusts through, and the fire rises with it. He gazes deeply into the fire, a low growl eminating from deep within his chest. He watches as the flame licks up the worked wood and skins, the tables and firs and he smirks. A soft padding comes from behind him as a hulking scarred Lur wolf lopes beside Kol. Without looking Kol places his hand on the wolf's shoulder, his hand brustling against the fur. He looks into the fire and remembers. The cycles of days and nights with his brother in the wild. There the wolf grew in size and scars as they learned the ways of Freygoth and Votar. Lessons that were taught through brutal survival and hardship for Freygoth nor Votar are merciful to the weak. Both had learned, together, and decided to return-together. They came back and set up their blarg, like they had long ago before they had learned the lessons of Freygoth. With grunts, the wood was lifted with the watertight skins tied and draped over. Trophies and trinkets were placed and things were set as they once were. The whole time, wolf and uruk alike felt cramped. But, this was their decision and they did not back down. Then came the dream. Kol and Nugolu had come back after scouring the landscape. Their rewards after following a particularly difficult scent was a lean antelope. The antelope was skinned, cleaned, and eaten. Both uruk and wolf lay down in the sand as the night drew on as the small cook-fire slowly fluttered out on Kol's closing eyelids. He opened his eyes and found himself on a mountain looking into the vast sky. Above the brilliant constellations twinkled and turned slowly. As he looked he saw some of the stars falling, as they neared down he saw each was a glimmering wolf. The raced and hunted above the dark and somber landscape and their light was strong together. Kol's good eye widens and looks on with what seems to be longing. After a while, one breaks off from the pack, sidetracked from the prey the pack was seeking. As it meanders on Kol follows, as though his body was weightless. Slowly as the single wolf persists on, its light grows dimmer. As they travel, Kol sees a light on the horizon that the wolf is attracted to. The wolf runs rapidly, it's light fading the closer it gets until it lets one desperate howl before fading to nothing-ness. After standing in shock, Kol moves closer to the light. There he sees the city below him. The Uzg with the bonfires and torches in the night, with the build up walls, tightly bound leather, and shaped wood. With comfort.... and civilization. With that, Kol looks at the burning remains of his tent and slowly chants the ceremony of offering. "Bi pliized wif owr offurun Freygoth agh Votar." Kol and Nugolu walked, with the fire at their backs, toward the cave of their pack, fire in their eyes. The fire burned brightly. OOC: I figured I'd do a little ditty here. Thanks all for reading. If you guys have any feedback on ways the writing could be improved let me know. Thanks and happy roleplaying!
  11. [Actor] Ford

    Current Username: Ebonsquire Discord: Ford#7178 Time-Zone: EST-5 Have you held past Staff positions?: I was ET Manager for around a month, and ET for around two months, for a total of three months altogether. Do you plan on applying for other Staff Teams?: No. Where do you find inspiration?: Daydreams, Witcher series, comics. Mostly from my imagination and what I think would be cool, also other people. I like building up ideas with other people. Which race/group do you believe your events might best cater to?: From my experience as an ET in the past, I think I'd do well giving events to any and all. What do you believe the key factors of a successful event are?: Player cooperation, understanding, and intelligence. Failsafes to ensure that events can't be brute-forced, and intricate planning overall by the ET. What strengths do you bring to the team?: Creativity, ambition, and a heightened ability to "synergize" with others, and decent prose. Why do you wish to become an ET?: I enjoyed my prior experience with the ET, despite its troubles and how people perceived its quality. However, I also want to join the ET again in order to create events that require players to think more and raise their cautionary levels when it comes to the situations they place their character in, and the weight of actions and the consequences that follow. Additionally, bringing ideas that I've had swirling in my head for years to life for others to participate in gets me turnt up. Please create three unique event scenarios based on server lore: On the Helderenberg Four of the most dangerous criminals from Aeldin are being transported across the vast ocean to enjoy the rest of their miserable lives at Blanak Peak. Unfortunately, by some freak accident during the voyage (which the players must discover themselves), the prison ship Helderenberg found itself marooned on the coast of northwestern Asul. Now the denizens of Axios must face Aeldin's worst as some of the filth decides to hunker down in their newfound homes, and some seek a way to escape this foreign continent. Fangmother (If more detail is needed, I have an entire google doc just for this event I wrote up months ago that I can link) Somewhere, a mother weeps. A frazzled lady wreathed in green summons her wrath and nature to execute an assault against all known structures of society. Flesh to wood, wood to flesh -- her fingers give and take. But a mother can love, can't she? Time to Haggle! Humble wooden wheels and a trusty donkey carried a man and his wagon of wares to different locations in Axios. When he settles down and opens shop, the things he offers are uncharacteristically extravagant: beautifully made staves, intricately-detailed and well-made weapons of different ranges and make, jewelry on par with those worn by noblewomen, and even a few grimoires. One might be prompted to ask what his prices are... Send me a song you enjoy:
  12. The Demise of Renna Talraen

    The voices droned on with their litany, unwavering even as the first arrow struck Renna's shoulder, piercing it fully - yet the halls of the Mordskov cathedral remained eerily silent following the shot, save for the High Seneschal's heavy footsteps. The voices, of course, plagued Renna's mind alone - solely her burden to bear, even in the cold embrace of death, swiftly approaching. Not a single thought lingered on the fate of Grand Master Lion, nor her friend Zanira, lost within the depths of the cathedral; the voices, instead, chided and praised her, in contrast and in unison. "You have failed your task," the first voice spoke in disdain, the cultist at the end of the hallway raising his bow once more as Renna succumbed to the pain, falling over the very last step of the stairway she lumbered over to. "So many sought relief. You've failed them all." "Oh, you have done well enough," the other chimed in, equally terrifying. "How many have you ended?" Her mind wandered off into the past, to memories of her life as a seamstress, Administrator, and murderer. Her first contract, a mere five hundred coins given for a shop owner's dress. A moment lost in time. Her first murder, oh so satisfying, better than all the coin of Axios! The hapless farm girl, lifeless on the rocks, blood dripping from the dagger as she turned to her companion with a mesmerizing grin. "You've done enough!" "You should have killed them all!" the voices resounded within her tormented mind as the cultist pulled on his string once more. The arrow struck her calf as she crawled atop the stairs, reaching for cover - yet all of her movements seemed instinctive, the woman lost within her macabre memories... The naive 'aheral, struck down over a lie spun about Canonism. Oh how sweetly the blood poured over the Sutican soil! Another of the unworthy, delivered to the Void's embrace! And yet another, drowned in the waters of the Sutican lake by her lover, Renna's hand idly spinning the crystal dagger about... Once more. She hid behind the corner, clutching her trusty weapon as the cultist's steps echoed across the hallway. She would not go down in vain, she had decided, gathering the last of her strength with a heavy breath. Another will fall to her blade before death takes her. "But you already have!" the terrifying voice mocked her. "You haven't killed them all!" But those criminals, were they not enough? Hers was the order that brought them demise, a trial arranged to send them to the grave. And what of the halflings? Both died well. "So satisfying..." the other voice murmured, the archer drawing ever closer. She had lived a good life. Her path from homeless wench to renown seamstress, and then to Imperial Administrator, was not easy. Raising her twins right, for a woman who could barely feel love, more than troublesome. But her true mission, her true calling as a serial killer, was what made it all worthwhile. Ever since she met Death itself at the age of seventeen, she knew how it would all be. And how it would end. Death comes to all. All dreams must end. With her last ungodly grin, Renna plunged her blade forth once the man appeared, releasing his arrow... "Another one... sent to the Void," she whispered with her last breath. As her eyes fell shut, Renna thought not of her sons, her friends, nor the fate of the Imperium. She thought of the satisfaction of ending one more unworthy life before her own. Her Excellency, Renna Talraen, High Seneschal of the Imperial Crown - Administrator, seamstress, mother, and murderer, was gone. Her Excellency Renna Talraen (1586 - 1636), Aurelia [Myserai], circa 1616 Shortly after, the Imperial Administration would find several sealed notes within her office, set to be delivered. @The Lion @Drzzter @DragonSpectral @EndCallCaesar @Crescendo @Sodaa @Myserai @Hakno and others: @Fygmor @Dewlox™ [Thanks for the RP!]
  13. Steel Company; 2-11 Follower Of The Son "And you will know my name is THE LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee." Zanira Almasi turns away, feeling a chill run through her. Grand Master Lion sits back down. The room returning to normal lighting. Flushed with passion from reciting the monotheistic Church-verse. He composes himself. Balling his fist towards her with a promise, "She will not kill you... Without my permission." Zanira freezes up once more unable to speak. She glances back to him briefly. A look of fear on her face; she is open and honest in that. The Lion breaks the silence, "IF you intend to poison and destroy my brothers and sisters. You will not be spared. At my behest, you will be harvested like a crop." Zanira instantly retorts, "Why would I harm anyone?" Lion responds, "The reasons, I cannot see. However, I believe none are exempt from being perverted to evil. That which is all around us. Waiting to decay our minds if given the slightest chance. Best to see through the visages of other people. Look at the truth of their actions. Do not be blinded by the propaganda they herald." The two sit in silence. Lion considers how he himself may be spewing propaganda. He counters his virtuous rhetoric with a self-countering point. "Today I killed a man." Zanira quietly responds in a matter-of-fact way, "You did." He continues, "And tomorrow I will save a man. I couldn't say if I've killed more men or saved more men. Yet my intention remains the same. Stick to my code." She retorts, "Doing good doesn't outweigh wrongdoings." Lion considers this as well. Answering in a train-of-thought that will eventually get to the point, "You saw me show evil. A contained force of death and aggression. Locked away by the order of my good willpower. The universe will do unto me as I've done unto it. Doing good and evil deeds do weigh. They weigh on our souls. I could choose to be evil and pick you up. Slam you into that wall. Thrusting your skull back and forth till there was nothing left to crush upon the cobble. Or I could choose to be good. Remaining seated. Offering you the tools to articulate your freedom of expression, your medical pursuits. Good and bad DO have weight." Zanira weighs that herself. Telling Lion, "Those actions don't erase past actions." The Grandmaster nods, "Tis true. We all must live with our pasts. Hopefully letting those actions and experiences appoint you to create your moral code. In your own words: I choose to be good as much as I can, but I'm not perfect. Even when I asked you for your honest opinion about where I stood on the morality spectrum, you responded; neutral. Weighted. Balanced. You are right in saying actions do not erase past actions. Yet, we can only choose how we make future actions. Will you feed the evil inside you; corruption or will you feed the good inside you; virtue. These choices are entirely up to you. Good or evil. You decide every time." He lets that settle in. Zanira remains in thought for some time, Lion takes the formative moment and adds, "My view might just be darker than yours, but it's not hard to objectively see our intentions align. The only difference between you and I is my choice to pick up a warhammer and your choice to pick up a medical satchel. War and peace both seek the same end." Zanira rubs her hands down her face, silent. Her eyes slip shut. The scene fades out as she continues to discuss his company, "Orym doesn't want me to associate with your company, you know." (It’s been a while, but I think I’ve found a place to call home in Axios. A company of heroes, scoundrels, scholars and swordsmen. Together, we’ll be great. Let this serve as the first episode in a series of non-chronological tales surrounding actual In-Game RP surrounding the master guild, 2-11.) Date: The Amber Cold, 1630.
  14. The Goldhand Clan

    Clan Goldhand "Born of the First Merchant, Tungdil Goldhand. Said to be descended from The Merchant Father himself. With Gold and Silver flowing through your body. Priceless gems adorning your clothes. Coin filling your pocket. You are of a Noble Clan. You are a Goldhand." The Goldhand Clan is at its core a family of merchants. Those with Goldhand blood have long been amongst the best and most successful vendors in the Dwarven realm, but the clan is not limited to just merchants. The clan includes accomplished architects, soldiers, political leaders, and treasure hunters. Distinguished as a Noble Clan for their accomplishments and long standing support of the Dwarven Nation, Goldhands are proud of their lineage. The blood-bond within the clan is incredibly strong and Goldhands look out for their family members and are willing to fight ferociously for their honor. The Goldhand Code "A rock by itself is nothing more than a stone, swept around by the wind and water. A thousand rocks fused together by unbreakable bonds are a mountain. Storms pass it by and the sea breaks against its shoals. To a Goldhand the Clan is everything." The Goldhands take this to heart. Each individual member will pass on, that is the way of the world. But the Clan stands strong and does not fade with time. As such no betrayal of the Clan will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: stealing from the Clan, killing another Clan mate, dishonoring the ancestors, failing to acknowledge direct orders from the Clan leaders. In addition betraying the Dwarven nation is highly frowned upon and may mark the offending Dwarf as a sworn enemy of the Clan. Any oath sworn in blood is binding and cannot be broken without expulsion from the Clan. Such oaths should never be undertaken lightly. Similarly, any oath sworn on one’s ancestors carries the same weight as a blood oath and should not be broken. Disputes between clan members are brought to the clan leader or older clans members immediately. Arguments and disagreements will be solved without going to an outside source unless absolutely necessary. All clans-mates must respect one another. We are all related by blood. Remember to respect your elders. They’ve lived longer than you, and certainly have more knowledge stored away then you might give them credit for. Traditions "We fight as we have always fought. We will build as we have always built. We will feast as we have always feasted. We are Dwarves. Our traditions stand firm as the mountains" Trials: There are no trials for the Goldhands. You either contain the blood of Tungdil himself or you are blood-bonded to someone who does. No trials are set in stone to prove your honor or worth. Instead your deeds for the clan will mark you as a valued and honorable Clans-mate. Your deeds may lead to the Presentation of the Coin ceremony. Blood Oath of Trading: The Blood Oath of Trading has been done since the founding of the Goldhands, though, has not officially been known. As of the reformation of the Goldhands, Finian Goldhand has now officially made it known, along with the proper way to honor special trade agreements. To properly create a blood oath contract with someone, the Goldhand in question would need a mina that holds major significance to them, such as a Goldhand coin they received from their fathers after their Passing of The Coin Ceremony, their first mina made from a trade, or just about any coin that has some significance to the said Goldhand. To officially begin the contract, the Goldhand would cut the palm of their hand, and place their significant mina within it. After that, they would tightly close close their hand and then swear an oath to the Merchant Brothers, Armakak and Grimdugan, so that if the Goldhand fails, they would be shunned by them, along with bringing dishonor upon themselves. If the contract is complete, then they will receive honor, and once they die, will fetch a higher price on the Auction of The Dead. Coin Ceremony: Originally this ceremony was only performed by the Clanlord of the Goldhands when wishing to find a suitable candidate to succeed him after his death. The origins of this were kept secret among the Clanlords, however it was lost through time. Finian Goldhand however had revised this ceremony, and has adapted it to the ways of the Brathmordakin. As Goldhands get older, they will reach an age that will have them unable to continue their duties, for this, the Passing of The Coin ceremony shall take place. The ceremony would consist of the aged Goldhand in question, his clan, fathers and elders of other clans, and the aged Goldhand's specific guests. There ceremony will begin with the Goldhand in questions' walk towards a gilded iron urn containing melted gold, while his friends and family watch. This walk is to signify the Goldhand's journey through his or her's time in this world, to see all of the faces that have helped shape their life. As the Goldhand reaches the urn, the Clan Father shall offer a quick prayer to the Merchant Twins, Grimdugan and Armakak, to signify how close the Goldhand is to joining the Auction of The Dead, and to feel peace in the fact that the twins will look upon them with great interest. After the prayer, the aged Goldhand shall cast their first coin into the melted gold, to cleanse it of it's past honor contracts. After this, a final prayer to all of the Brathmordakin shall be performed to watch over this dying Goldhand, so he or she may pass on peacefully. This is then followed by a small feast, and the Dwed shall choose if he or she would continue serving the clan as a Clan Elder, advising and helping the young Dwed in the clan, or live a life of retirement. Burial: There comes a time in every Dwarf’s life when his ancestors call his name and he ceases to walk with his feat on the stone. On a sad occasion such as this the Clan gathers to remember their fallen family member. When a member dies, either naturally or on the field of battle his body is encased in stone. This is done before the next sunrise if possible. Ale and tears flow freely as the family member is remembered for his deeds. His stone sarcophagus is then carried to a sacred resting chamber to be placed with those of his ancestors. While burials are a sad time, Goldhands also know that their friend will be smiling and laughing at them from the great halls of Tungdil. If the deceased’s deeds were truly remarkable it is said that they might even join the sacred halls of the Merchant Father himself. The Annals of History "May our history be etched into the stone so it may be as everlasting as our race, and so our deeds may never be forgotten." The Noble House of Goldhand, also known as Clan Goldhand, extends far back into Dwarven history. The line goes back originally to Tungdil Goldhand, the fifth son of Urguan. The house originally began in Kal’Urguan where the sons of Tungdil Goldhand proudly and honorably served the nation. As time went on the size and prosperity of the house grew. Sons served in the military or the mines, and daughters married well, solidifying strong political alliances. Many of the stories of the individual house members have been lost over the years to the wear and tear of time, but several journals remain chronicling the participation of the family in great wars, and the proud service to the Dwarven crown. The Archives of Aegis: The Archives of Asulon: The Archives of Anthos, and Elysium: The Archives of Aethera: The Archives of Vailor: The Archives of Axios: Known Relics of the Clan "Sentimental value is what reminds us of who we are, We are known as Goldhands, We are seekers of riches and protectors of treasure." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scales of Tungdil The scales of Tungdil is an elaborately crafted device etched with jewels of many colors. It is not known if it holds any mystical powers, but for many within the clan, it would be seen as a device that would be used for measuring deals and used against those who have done the clan wrong. The Twin Swords of Parathak and Krest Although the origins and description of these two swords are unknown, they still serve as a much sought after relic of the Goldhands. It is a mystery what had happened to these swords whether they perished with their original wielder; past Clanlord Conan Goldhand, or if they were bartered off in some trade. Clanlord of the Goldhands: Thoak Goldhand (Thoak) Clan Elders: Thoak Goldhand Durack Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Morug Goldhand (dsdevil) Ogdan Goldhand (Ogdan) Clansmen: Khazakar Goldhand (Thoak) Galgrock Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) -Kalderbar Goldhand Dagnar Goldhand (Pyro) Valbir Goldhand (pmsl) Benjamin Goldhand (Dreek) Deceased or Missing Clanlords: Gulroid Goldhand (Zuluman111) Finian Goldhand (KarmaDelta) Conan Goldhand Foken Goldhand The Honored Deceased: Rasun Duril Goldhand (Rasun37) Dunhagen Goldhand (Dunhagen) Notable Deceased or Missing: Naztrak Goldhand (Gyutop) Alfados Goldhand (Alfados) Travis Goldhand (travista) William Goldhand (WizardInABox) Arkenos Goldhand (CentralGuard) Praxedis Goldhand (PraxedisG) Borin Goldhand (meltedsnowman) Durrim Goldhand (cmf95) Luke Goldhand (brvhrt1005) Delios Goldhand (Kibeira) Sharr Goldhand (XForrest) Jarno Goldhand (Alphesie) Borin Goldhand (youlovesocks) Burtor Goldhand (Twistedonslaught) Cardinan Goldhand (Tethras) Rae Goldhand (Swampratluc) Hydrose Goldhand (Aptrotta) Magthorn Goldhand (Alikdoril) Tirin Goldhand (Yakmala) Norak Goldhand (Rasun37) Brys Goldhand (Zuluman111) -Hoff Goldhand Toran Goldhand [Alakabam] Orrireat Goldhand [DadElonglegs11] Ethildor Goldhand [Delfato] Rubeus Goldhand [JavaWizard] Adalkrin Goldhand [Sir_Praetor] Gorik Goldhand [llorasec] Draren Goldhand [Jentos] Visitors: Fyresdal (hired hand) Dishonored: Application Application:
  15. [✗] The awakening of Fox

    I'm Fox I am a 20 year old wood elf I prefer not to be seen most of the time and I like to use bows I'm not so good with magic but I can still use earth and water magic I will try my hardest to protect all wood Elfs I don't know where I came from I was abandon as a kid I lived in the woods for years and traveled from woods to woods for a long time now my quest is to find my mom and dad or at least find out where I came from.
  16. [✗] ScootTheDoot Application

    What’s your Minecraft account name?: ScootTheDoot What timezone are you in?: PST How old are you?: 15, near 16 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Have to stay in character Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): Nope How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: Player on Hypixel messaged me Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): N/A Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Yes Character’s name: Domuuthran Hadgrun Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Dwarf Character’s age: 125 Biography: Hails from the outskirts of the mountains of Aegis. As a boy was never wealthy and scavenged for food. Parents died to Elven archers when he was young. Still seeks vengeance for his parents. Loves to eat foreign foods. Enjoys tough opponents and hard fights. Is hard to kill, and can deal lots of damage before dying. Has adapted to the short legs he was born with, so can run faster than most dwarves. Personality Traits: Likes a good axe fight, hates bow spamming Ambitions: Wealthy and Famous Strengths/Talents: Bulding and Killing Weaknesses/Inabilities: Teamwork, sympathy Appearance: 5ft, scar on left shoulder and over eye- blind in one eye Skin: Id prefer the first, but both work
  17. [Denied]yekim7 GM app

    Minecraft name/s: (List the username of your main, and any alternate accounts) yekim7 only -- Age: (Your age in whole years. Must be at least 14.) 19 Timezone: (State your Timezone. Ex: GMT-6) GMT +0 Discord: (You will need Discord to be in the chats and for interviews.) Yekim#2518 What is your availability: (Tell us how many hours you can spend on the server daily, and between what times.) Varies from day to day but I’m off uni and have lots of free hours. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: (If you’re experiencing problems on the server at this current time, please state what they are.) There are lots of people that aren’t nice to others and constantly seem to take digs at others due to their clique. I have made an effort to be pleasant for quite some time now because I don’t like the reputation as a funny troll I gained due to my past actions. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team?: (In your personal opinion, how should GMs communicate with the Playerbase, how should they act?) I believe that the GMs should present themselves on a similar level to how players communicate with each other as in the past one of the main problems with staff team in the past was that a large part of the team thought they were better than normal members due to their badge. What are your finest and worst traits?: (Shoot for two or three of each. This part is to have you analyse yourself.) I would say my finest qualities include my sense of humour and ability to resolve tough problems, skills I learnt during my role as a customer service advisor ;) Why are you the best candidate for the Game Team?: (Convince us on why you are the person we want within the Game Team) I’ve been on this server a long time and have seen many GMs, Admins etc. come and go. I know what the player wants from their staff team and know where others have gone wrong. Furthermore I can type 80 words per minute.
  18. Out-Of-Character Information Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: MineCatFTW How old are you?: 13 Years old Are you aware the server is PG-13 (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes I am aware Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes What’s the rule you agree with the most?: Cyber bullying Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?(If so we can help clear it up! You will not be denied for having a question on the rules): No How did you find out about Lord of the Craft? From a friend Definitions FeelFREE to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! What is roleplaying?: When someone acts or pretends to play as a certain character or person that they are not. What is metagaming?: When you get information out of character and use it in a game. What is powergaming?: Where you can have goals within game, or like role-playing, you can do storytelling too. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: Alianor Character’s sex: Female Character’s race: Human (Heartlander) Character’s age: 8 then later on in the story 17-33 years old Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add server lore, and events that happened to your character so that they don’t contradict history.): It was cold and damp in Felsen, all of the markets were slowly getting empty. Alianor was the only one around. She was new to this region, she was all alone. She had come from Salvus. Alianor's parents and sister were killed along with her grandmother by Dwarves. She was happy there, she had everything she wanted: family, friends, hope and happiness. Now it was all gone. "Hey you there!" Called a man Alianor turned to look at whoever was calling for her. She scanned the area only to find a similar looking face. Who was he? "Alianor is that you? What are you doing here all by yourself?" "Grandpa?", Alianor was shocked "Grandpa is that really you?" "Alianor my girl, it's been a while, how is your mother and father doing? How's my wife? Oh and your little sister?" He was excited to find out about Salvus since he hasn't been there in ten years since he had to stay and work as a blacksmith. Though Alianor didn't answer any of his questions, how could she? "Alianor dear, what's wrong?" Grandpa was getting concerned. "" Alianor's eyes started watering up, "The Dwarves took them all, THEY KILLED MY MOTHER AND FATHER!", Alianor looked at her grandfather " You could train me! I want to revenge them, I'll train hard everyday, just teach me!....Please" Alianor fell to her knees, and started to beg,"Please grandpa, please, PLEASE!" "I can't, I don't want to loose you, you are the only family I have left, I can't let you do this" "Don't you want revenge? Don't you hate them? What is wrong with you?" Alianor's grandfather looked into her eyes,"Fine. I'll train you, but you are not to go on your own until you are 18. Do you hear me?" Alianor nodded, it was a new beginning, everything will change now. 10 years later (Alianor's point of view) "Breath in, calm down, elbow up, aim, one more deep breath and......FIRE!" The arrow flew, piercing the air like a deadly snake. The arrow had hit the bullseye. I slowly put my arm down with the bow, eyeing my target. "ALIANOR, GET DOWN HERE" Grandpa had called from the bottom of the mountain, "we need to talk!" "COMING!" I answered back I ran down the mountain where my grandfather was, and hung my bow on the fence, putting my quiver down next to it. "What is it?" "You are going to be eighteen in a few days and," He paused, " I don't think you're ready for this" He said it, I knew this would happen, I trained so hard for nothing. I stared up at the clouds remembering my mother's face when she told me to run, when she told me that I should revenge her and my little sister. "I saw my mother die, I saw my sister die, and I saw my father die, all in horrible painful deaths, and you think I will sit here with a miserable life, watching you make cheap swords all day?", I said angrily " I am ready, I trained hard for ten years, with just a bow and a couple of broken arrows, I gave my life up for this, and this is how you repay me, I am sorry but I will go there even if I end up dying, because, because I miss mom, I miss my peaceful easy life. Not this" I picked up my bow and quiver and took grandpa's horse,climbed on and rode away, the last words I heard was "I'M SORRY ALIANOR, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" That was the last thing I remembered grandpa say before he died fifteen years ago, now I am thirty three years old, with no dreams, no weapons and no money or a horse, I was lost. I will never be able to revenge my family like this, I also can't live my life without Salvus. I am a broken soul. I am no longer Alianor. I am a weapon. I am revenge. Personality Traits: Sometimes she can be aggressive, kind and happy. Ambitions: She wants to revenge her family after the Dwarves killed them in Salvus, though she can't live there alone, it would be too scary for her. Strengths/Talents: Bow and arrow Weaknesses/Inabilities: Strategy Appearance (List the extra details of your characters appearance, IE; height & weight): 174cm when 17-33 years old, 50kg when 17-33years old Appearance, please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin (If you need help, see our screenshot guide here):
  19. Squeak0711's Application Team Application.

    MCname: squeak0711 Forum Name: Arelin B. Skype Name: [email protected] (It's a live account.) Do you feel you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the standards we have for applications? I do believe so, yes. I always check the wiki on interesting new lore. Or new things regarding the Lord of The Craft. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work with others? Y'know. After playing this server for a long time. And now noticing the new uprise in applications and players during the rise of Athera. Aswell as a lot of people are now making ET applications. I felt like now, I should take up the responsibility to help out the server. And allow others to experience it's crafty goodness. So.. I spoke to ex-AT member, Gwonam, and I thought. Well. Why not? I really want to help out the server. And I think this'd be a great way! Do you recognize that you will be given extra responsibilities such as working on the LoTC wiki, assisting the AT in creating guides and helping new players with their questions upon logging into LoTC? Yes I do. Personally, I find this a bonus to myself because I enjoy questions. I enjoy answering them. Aswell as I understand on the responsibility of making new guides, updating the wiki, et cetera. Is there anything else you would like to add? Nope. I got nothing else to say. ^^
  20. -------------------------------------- Name: Charlotte Golding Race: Human Age: 16 Gender: Female Skill: Promising Alchemist ------------------------------------------------------ Charlotte Golding, an apprentice Alchemist, and expert knife thrower (So she thinks…) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: 95lbs, 5,3ft. Average woman build, no muscular build. She is friendly to those who show kindness, but a great enemy to liers. She is studying in Alchemy. WARNING: Charlotte Golding has many tricks up her sleeves, and secrets also, be careful what you say/do around her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long Story Short: Charlotte Golding was born in to a small family of four, her late mother Sarah E. Golding and father Peter Golding, but her older sister Annabella Makrov Golding still lives. Sadly, Charlotte's late mother died in giving birth to her, in so doing her father remarried, but the stepmother was darker than darkness... When she turned three the family found out that their uncle William A. Golding who was a blacksmith, had died from burning after a hot pot iron liquid tipped over, he was no more after that day. He left a great some of money as an inheritance to Charlotte's father, so that she and her sister, and stepmother could live very wealthy indeed, though the stepmother thought otherwise. She wanted the Inheritance money for herself. A year or so after the death of Charlottes uncle, her father one evening at tea time died…little did we know our stepmother put a tablet of poison in his glass of hot tea, Charlotte and her sister only guessed it was heart failure. The stepmother of course agreed with them, trying to cover up her guilt. They buried their father in a a church grave yard a few days later. The very next day Charlotte's and stepmother awaked them and announced that they were going going on a trip. About a week later they came to a large forest, fence, cold, and lonely, and they went in. Then the stepmother sighed and said: "We are lost, wait here while I try to find a way out." And so she left them. Some hours later Annabella was getting worried and walked with Charlotte through the woods till they came to a hollow tree, there she said: "Charlotte, stay inside here, I am going to look for stepmother." Then she walked off where she thought her stepmother went. Charlotte waited and waited, it seemed like hours maybe a day…but Annabella did not return. So Charlotte climbed out of the hollow tree and from there on wondered around the wilderness, till one day or maybe it was a year, she couldn't tell. She found what looked like a small village, and lived there for another four years begging. About six months later, a great famine was spreading through the land. Soon there was no point in begging anymore, so she set off from that town and started for the Elven city, she was told by a kind merchant that there she would find help, so it was. CHARACTER PHOTO COMING SOON.
  21. Out-Of-Character Information The simplest section of the application! Simply answer these questions so we can get to know you a bit better. What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - MedicinalDoctor How old are you?: - 16 What time-zone do you live in?: - -8 Pacific Time Have you ever roleplayed before - if you have, how?: - GrandTheftAuto 5, other roleplaying servers, Have you been on any other roleplaying servers?: - Yes. Have you applied to this server before?(Please link past applications): - No. How did you hear about us?: - I found you serching for minecraft roleplaying servers. What do you think the server will be like? - A fun, serious roleplaying server. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - Yes. What’s your favourite rule / the rule you agree with the most?: - You need to keep in-character at all times. Don't over-use local OOC, but make sure you use the provided chat channel when speaking OOC'ly! Definitions This is simply so that we can get an understanding of how much you know about roleplaying. Feel free to Google the answers, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not another website / person's! What is roleplaying?: - Acting out a performance or a role to the best of your ability, making it seem as real as possible. Basically acting, and playing out a make believe story. What’s metagaming?: - Using out of character knowledge to get an unfair advantage on the roleplay. Example: I see someone 10 miles away in chat say "I'm going to attack that human at nightfall" I cannot know that unless my in-game character hears it with his own ears. What’s powergaming?: - Preforming an overpowered action towards another player, being or entity. Example: I spawn a machine gun with my godlike powers, and shoot everyone, and take no damage. (An extremely unrealistic advantage over other players) In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. What’s your character called?: - Theodore Oak What race are they (and sub-race)?: - Northern Human What sex are they?: - Male How old are they?: - 24 Give us a brief description of their life - their story, childhood, family (Include server lore when writing): - Theodore grew up in the town of Crimson Vale. His father was a blacksmith, and his mother brewed, and sold potions. Theodore only had a few friends, before watching them move away to Winterfell, and Celestine. They would play together, having sparring tournaments with sticks. The prize for winning one of their tournaments was 3 mina. After theodore's friends moved away, he began to stay around the house more. His mother offfered to teach him how to brew potions, and how to find the plants to do so. Theodore began to become average at brewing potions. Theodore would often pester his father to pay for sword fighting classes, asking day in and day out. After a while, his father finally decided he would make him a sword, and teach him the way of the sword himself. His father trained theodore hard, and thoroughly. After long training sessions, theodore would be so exhausted that he would just go to sleep, and dream of becoming a strong swordsman. Years later, after Crimson Vale fell, theodore's family moved out to Hansetti, and theodore decided he would begin to travel. Wherever the roads took him. What are they like (personality)?: - Silent, and angry. What are their ambitions?: - To become the strongest swordsman that he can be. Do they have any special skills?: - Potion brewing What are their weaknesses?: - Easily tempered by ignorant people. Give us a description of how they look (not a screenshot yet!)?: - An average height Northern human. Green eyes, brown hair, hairy. Anything else you want to say about them?: - Alot of what you'll learn from my character will be from in-game encounters. In short, no. Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: - Fantastic, there you go. No need to write any more - simply post this on our forums (and on MinecraftForum like it says above) and wait!
  22. Out-Of-Character Information The simplest section of the application! Simply answer these questions so we can get to know you a bit better. What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - MedicinalDoctor How old are you?: - 16 What time-zone do you live in?: - -8 Pacific Time Have you ever roleplayed before - if you have, how?: - GrandTheftAuto 5, other roleplaying servers, Have you been on any other roleplaying servers?: - Yes. Have you applied to this server before?(Please link past applications): - No. How did you hear about us?: - I found you serching for minecraft roleplaying servers. What do you think the server will be like? - A fun, serious roleplaying server. Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - Yes. What’s your favourite rule / the rule you agree with the most?: - You need to keep in-character at all times. Don't over-use local OOC, but make sure you use the provided chat channel when speaking OOC'ly! Definitions This is simply so that we can get an understanding of how much you know about roleplaying. Feel free to Google the answers, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not another website / person's! What is roleplaying?: - Acting out a performance or a role to the best of your ability, making it seem as real as possible. Basically acting, and playing out a make believe story. What’s metagaming?: - Using out of character knowledge to get an unfair advantage on the roleplay. Example: I see someone 10 miles away in chat say "I'm going to attack that human at nightfall" I cannot know that unless my in-game character hears it with his own ears. What’s powergaming?: - Preforming an overpowered action towards another player, being or entity. Example: I spawn a machine gun with my godlike powers, and shoot everyone, and take no damage. (An extremely unrealistic advantage over other players) In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. What’s your character called?: - Theodore Oak What race are they (and sub-race)?: - Northern Human What sex are they?: - Male How old are they?: - 24 Give us a brief description of their life - their story, childhood, family (Include server lore when writing): - Theodore grew up an orphan in the cold northern forests, adopted by a small family with 1 child, theodore's father taught him how to defend himself, he taught him the way of the sword. His father was very important to him, and they had a very strong bond. Theodore lived a happy life up until he turned 17. His father was killed during a village raid, and he was left with only his sword. Theodore set out for revenge, wielding his fathers sword, he mercilessly killed the men who murdered his father. Through his adulthood he travels the lands, in search for worthy sparring opponents. Theodore sets out to become the greatest swordsman he can become. What are they like (personality)?: - Silent, and angry. What are their ambitions?: - To become the strongest swordsman that he can be. Do they have any special skills?: - Potion brewing, Farming What are their weaknesses?: - Easily tempered by ignorant people. Give us a description of how they look (not a screenshot yet!)?: - An average height Northern human. Green eyes, brown hair, hairy. Anything else you want to say about them?: - Alot of what you'll learn from my character will be from in-game encounters. In short, no. Please give us a screenshot of your character’s skin: - Fantastic, there you go. No need to write any more - simply post this on our forums (and on MinecraftForum like it says above) and wait!