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Found 66 results

  1. First ‘proper’ ship seen on the expedition. Circa 1715 “The smallest landlubbers, callin’ themselves the halflins received a bounty that would lead them to the shipwreck, as they ventured out from brandybrook’s decks they would quickly find out the shipwreck was no fluke and that another ship had been shattered to pieces there while trying to retrieve the much acclaimed treasure… Was it the aggression of other ocean-travelling folk or just another casualty of the forceful tides that often brought a wet demise to unsuspecting sailors… ? The warning remained, but with the demise of the other ships a lucky group of landlubbers have taken the opportunity to check out what sweet loot these remains had to offer. They were greeted with relics of long past lives and the unwelcoming otherworldly presence of an apparition that had formed from the many lost souls that drowned or died any other horrible death upon the ocean. Seeing that everything eventually sinks down to the ocean floor to ultimately rot away, the shipwreck preserved itself as a warning to all those who are foolish enough to venture out into the unknown seas unprepared. A storm was coming... Luckily the Pirates were giving the landlubbers who received the bounty missive instructions and cared for their safe travel across the seas. Although with the whole population of ocean-dwellers on the line they had no other way but to cooperate with the main-land centric descandants, who were currently in the turmoils of war. Cap’n Octatre’ was send out with a small but dedicated crew to establish contact with the crews that were able to sail out far into the ocean. Far behind the high tides, where rocky formations would carve the floor beneath the surface, a menace would slowly inch closer. It was a sinister creature that would devour everything in its vicinity. As the creature was a very slow organism, the ocean-dwellers & descendants alike wouldn’t know about it at all until its large unsaturated hunger would mess with the whole eco-system. of the uncharted seas Large amounts of flat, marbly bone substance would wash up from the depths of the sea. It was completely dead material, preserved in form, but devoid of life. Once a living organism was turned to dry bones, the salvaged lifeforce would be absorbed by the creature. With the now established contacts to the mainland the pirates hope to salvage the ancient remains of the precursors of the Arkos seas to put an end to this terrible creature, and hopefully free the ancient civilisation trapped beneath a blanket of bones….” *The old man would sign the book, on the last page was a drawing of the shipwrecks at sea. He went to the library of dragur to publish his observation upon sea.*
  2. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  3. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  4. (Iblees disguised as a man attempts to fool Krug with riches and luxury) THE HISTORY OF ORC Instances of Orcish history across the major realms of Aegis to Arcas DAWN OF AEGIS (BCW) 1 BCW: The Four Brothers are born into the lands of Aegis: Krug, Horen, Malin, and Urguan 2 BCW: The descendants battle in the fateful war against Iblees and the Undead 3 BCW: Krug becomes scarred and burned by Iblees acid skin and cursed with bloodlust after the Arch-Daemon was defeated. In return, the Aenguls blessed Krug and his kin with Honor and Valor as contribution after the war. 4 BCW: The Four Brothers split into separate ways raising great families and unique civilizations. 5 BCW: Krug and Grahla birth children named Rax, Dom, Gorkil and Lur. 6 BCW: Krug’s children triumph in many battles and obstacles earning great respect to their names. 7 BCW: Krug wages war against the Empire of Horen. While the Orcs sieged the city, Krug is challenged to an honor duel by the Emperor. Horen is swiftly defeated by Krug who planted his axe into his brother’s skull. CLAN WAR (CW) 1 CW: The Orc Clans came about when the Children of Krug began having children and eventually they separated into different families, or Clans. These Clans would have many differences and would respect their Clan Father and die for Him. 2 CW: These Clans would eventually start following Greatfathers, and there were two who possessed the most appeal; The Great Warrior Tythor, slayer of the Kar'ak Scorpion, and The Great Shaman Or'ta, who could call down whole lightning storms. 3 CW: Two major Mega-Clans of the time were the Rax Clan led by Tythor’Rax and Dom Clan led by Or’ta’Dom. 4 CW: The Clan Wars tear through the lands of Krug between the Clan Dom and Clan Lur 5 CW: Warlord Veruk’Gorkil leads a campaign against Warlord Tythor’Rax in the Battle of Nomad Plains leading 500 Gorkils riding their fastest war boars against 1,200 Jabbernacks that Tythor’Rax brought to battle. The Gorkils tore through the Rax cavalry while the Dom’s sent lightning crashing from the sky into the center of the Rax forces. At the end of the battle, Tythor’Rax retreated with 150 Jabbernacks while Veruk’Gorkil only lost 30 War Boars and even fewer Gorkils. 6 CW: Tythus’Rax is pronounced War Lord of the Rax Clan after Tythor’Rax falls in battle. 7 CW: After slaughtering through the numbers of Clan Lur, the clans of Krugmar are revealed the dark shamanism utilized by the Dark Shamans of Clan Dom. This causes Clan Gorkil and Clan Rax to join Lur and face the Doms. 8 CW: Warlord Tythus led many victories over the Dominus Clan and in one fateful battle, the High Shaman Or'ta tried to use Dark Magic to win. Krug, in anger, showed his displeasure for the weak and sent down lightning bolts to aid Tythus. Or'ta was killed and the Dominus Clan was eliminated, many joining Tythus soon after. 9 CW: War Lord Tythus’Rax leads a great victory over the Elves, taking their ruined city and establishing it as the capital of the War Nation, San’Jazel. AEGIS (1305 -1349) 1CW - 1305 - Tythus’Rax unites the Clans after the end of the Clan Wars and establishes the first Rexdom of Krugmar 2 13XX - Bein’Lur suggests the formation of an Orcish Army and Rex Tythus grants Bein the title Dominus. 3 13XX - A Nomad Village was land granted to the Dominus of Krugmar by Rex Tythus 4 13XX – Dominus Bein’Lur scouted a village near San’Jazel that was called Riverside. After some interactions and conflicts the Dominus waged war upon Riverside. The details of the battles are foggy, but the Orcs prevailed and the Dominus reconstructed the ruins forging a new city called San’Har. 5 13XX - An Orc named Petri bought a home in Kel’og but began building an army in a short span of time. It was brought to the attention of Dominus Bein’Lur and as Petri was confronted a skirmish broke out and left Petri’s army scattered and demoralized. 6 13XX - The Orcish Horde was reformed and construction of Fort Krug is completed. 7 13XX - Or’ta the Dark Shaman returns from death with the help of Iblees after being cast to the Nether by Krug for using Dark Magic. Dominus Bein is captured but after numerous attacks upon Orc cities he is defeated and killed by a group of Orcs in the Battle of San’Jazel. 8 13XX - Dominus Thyst challenges Tythus for the title of Rex and was mortally wounded in the battle. He suffered from his wounds and eventually was sent into the afterlife of the Stargush’Stroh. 9 13XX - Many of the Clans despised the leadership of Rex Tythus and united together to overthrow him in a revolt. 10 13XX - Just before the Assault of San’Jazel many of the clans became conflicted amongst themselves. Many laid their support in the Chieftain Mogroka’Gorkil while others supported the Lower Dominus Gorefang’Gorkil. 11 13XX - Mogroka and Gorefang decided it could only be settled through a duel. The duel lasted for three days and nights but neither got the upper hand. On the fourth day, after dehydration and starvation begins to set in the two Orcs land a solid blow upon each-other ending the duel without a winner. 12 13XX - Many feared that bloodshed and civil war would soon break out without a winner and just as each side prepared for battle they were interrupted by The Wandering Wizard who convinced the Clans to re-unite to their cause to prevent the Undead from reaping their lands. 13 13XX -A prophecy is told by Elder Shaman Krink’Gorkil that two brothers would lead the Orcs to victory and it would be the Orc’s Golden Age. 14 13XX - Mogroka and Gorefang together set out for San’Jazel to meet the Rex and challenge him for the Rexdom. Rex Tythus arrogantly accepted both challenges at the same time and was defeated leaving Mogroka and Gorefang to share the Rex title. 15 13XX - Shez’Lur, son of Bein’Lur, destroys San’Har and opens rebellion against Mogroka’Gorkil believing him to be a Usurper since he had never held the title of Dominus. Rex Mogroka acted quickly and had the rebels in full retreat as Shez’Lur was killed in the fighting. 16 13XX - The Great War began with a series of skirmishes between the Orcs and Dwarves outside of San’jazel. 17 1336 - Rex Mogroka’Gorkil of Krugmar and Prince Mylas of the Holy Princedom of Malinor, accompanied by Hochmeister Gaius Marius, marched on the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Kal’Urguan 18 1336 - The Wandering Wizard falls defending against a horde of Undead 19 1339 - Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe of Kal'Urguan and Warlord Mogroka of Krugmar end the Great War with a peace treaty, allowing Kal'Urguan to join the United Aegis Coalition. 20 1343 - The Dwarves begin work on a new coalition made up of Kal'Urguan, Renatus, Malinor, Hanseti and Krugmar. 21 1349 - Aegis falls 1 The Verge - Explored and colonized towards the end of Aegis, the Verge was a collections of islands that the people of Aegis fled through a portal to when Iblees' power became too great to contain. There they built ships to travel to Asulon. ASULON (1351 -1414) 1 1351 - As the orcs ventured to Asulon with the other mortal races, the orcs saw a boost in their population. 2 1351 - An idea spurred that the Rexdom of Krugmar was not working for the orcs, and thus the War Uzg, a nation of violence, was born. 3 13XX - As a result of the new found strength, the War Uzg aids the Hanseti in raids against the Kingdom of Renatus 4 13XX - War eventually breaks out with the orcs and Hansetians on one side and the Kingdom of Renatus on the other side. The war is stalemated after the orcs take over the fort of Das Boot. 5 13XX- After these tensions, the War Uzg set it's eyes on the Silver City of the High Elves. Within time, the orcs had burned down the Silver City after weeks of raiding. After the sacking of the Silver City, the War Uzg sat dormant for a while, until a new political advance in the War Uzg occurred. 6 13XX - The first Rex Klomp of the War Uzg occurs between the standing Rex Mogroka’Gorkil and Warlord Pok of the Ugluk Clan. After a fierce battle, Pok’Ugluk emerges the winner and becomes the Third Rex to ever hold the title. 7 13XX- Rex Pok quickly turns relations with the nation of Salvus for the worst and forms four powerful alliances 8 13XX - The War Uzg declares war on Salvus, backed by the coalition Pok had formed. The coalition consisted of Alras, Renatus, Hanseti, and Malinor as well as some larger guilds and a rebellion lead by a Human noble. 9 1414 - The Descendants depart from Asulon 1 Elysium - A collection of islands that the people stopped on during their sea trip from Asulon to Anthos. 2 Kalos - A big island which the people stopped to restock on supplies between Elysium and Anthos. ANTHOS (1420 -1454) 1 1420 - The Descendants reach Anthos 2 14XX - The Orcs of the War Uzg occupied the capital of San'Orka. 3 14XX - The dwarves push back the orcs, after a victorious battle at Storm's Crossing, ending the war between the two races. 4 1440 - The War Uzg is disbanded and the Orcish desert is called the Orcish Badlands. The Orcish Clans become the center of Orcish political life. 5 1454 - A new land would be discovered by the descendants, known to most as the Fringe, a peculiar land seeming near ancient as Anthos itself, with a sprawling temple of marble with a peculiar obsidian portal, seeming much like the ones once used in Aegis by the Undead around roughly a century ago. 1 The Fringe - Explored and colonized towards the end of Anthos, the Fringe was a land surrounded by very high mountains, with weird natural land formations. The people escaped here through a tunnel when Anthos was flooded. 2 Thales - When a harsh heat passed through the Fringe, the people took a portal to Thales, where they stayed there until finding a more suitable land of Athera. ATHERA (1470 -1513) 1 1470 - Power struggles existed each and every day, orcs had no honor towards each other. This occurred over the span of Athera, until an ancient and experienced orc known as Vrograk'Gorkil took it upon himself to fix things and declared himself Rex. 2 1470 - The Iron Uzg was established 3 14XX - Rex Vrograk'Gorkil orders construction of a capital city, Kodar'Goi. After years of construction, the fearsome city of violence was completed - arguably one of the most defendable places in Athera. 4 14XX - Skirmishes soon broke out naturally between the dwarves and the orcs. Primarily, the dwarves were angered by the shaving of dwarven beards by the Rex, Vrograk'Gorkil. 5 14XX - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan issued what was known as The Treaty of the Red Sands, which angered many orcs. Without second thought, Vrograk'Gorkil used the treaty as toilet paper - his faith in his newly revived orcs higher than ever. Soon after, both nations mobilized their armies in preparation for a bloody war. 6 14XX - A battle is won decisively for the Iron Uzg as they then marched to Kal'Ekknar - the Grandaxe Village. 7 14XX - After a long battle at Kal'Ekknar, the Dwarves utilized a strong flanking route and sent the Iron Uzg in a full retreat back to their original land. 8 1491: After a several year long conflict, peace has been made between the Kingdom of Akovia, Mardonic League, the Dwarves and the orcs. 9 1513: The Orc-Dwarf War comes to an end, and within a few months a giant worm destroys most of Athera. The descendant races then move on to The Isles of Vailor. VAILOR (1513 -1570) 1 1513 - Shortly after the arrival into Vailor, Rex Vrograk'Gorkil fell fatally ill - later dying, but not before naming his son, Vrogrash'Gorkil, to be trained to be the Rex of the Iron Uzg. 2 15XX - After some years it was realized that Rex Vrogrash'Gorkil never truly lived up to his father's legacy, and he later left the Iron Uzg. 3 15XX - In his place, surprisingly, the first non-orcish rex in history - Phaedrus'Yar took over the Iron Uzg as the Rex. At first faced with opposition, Phaedrus quickly proved he was an orc in an elf's body - truly the most vile elf to ever live. 4 15XX - Under Phaedrus's rule, the clans were reunified after a brief period of seclusion, tribute to the rex was expected from all clans, a holy warrior of the Church of Canon was slain in a duel, and most surprisingly - outlawed slavery and declared an era of industry. 5 15XX - Phaedrus'Yar was later defeated in an honorable duel by the orc known as Kahn'Braduk, an orc more ancient than Vrograk'Gorkil himself. 6 15XX - Briefly, the Iron Uzg was a part of the Southern Vailor Coalitio, but Rex Kahn believing the Chancellor of the coalition, Aelthir Tundrak was trying to control him, took his nation out of the alliance and left the heart of the great beast the Fleugal at their feet, challenging them to seek retribution. 7 15XX - The Iron Uzg had brief skirmishes with the combined armies of Urguan and Fenn, but did not react until the Southern Vailor Coalition broke up after the vassalization of Aeroch Nor by the Holy Oren Empire. 8 1527 - The Iron Uzg begins advancing towards the Princedom of Fenn as an act of retribution to prior threats. 9 1528: The Iron Uzg wins against the Ivae'Fenn outside their city, and prepare to siege Tar'sil, the Princedom's capital. 10 1529: The Princedom of Fenn with Dunamis support bests the Iron Uzg in a siege against the Princedom of Fenn's capital. 11 15XX - Regrouping his forces, Rex Kahn'Braduk attempted again and conquered the Snow Elves. He ultimately fell ill, and was challenged by his friend Targoth Ubba'Ugluk who would go on to become Rex and reform the Iron Uzg as the War Uzg 12 1560 - The Iron Uzg collapsed and is reformed into the War Uzg 13 15XX - Rex Ubba’Ugluk falls ill and grants the Rex title to his friend, Snoop’Azog. 14 15XX - After the clans showed dissatisfaction for their newly elected Rex, Snoop’Azog is defeated after entering an honor duel with Kharak’Raguk. 15 15XX - The Shaman Rex Kharak’Raguk leads the War Uzg on the Orgonic campaign. During this time much of the land became blighted or tainted with disease. 16 1570 - The Descendants flee Vailor through a Spirit Portal after the Great Spirit of Disease, Orgon, tainted the land and created an imbalance of nature ultimately destroying it. AXIOS (1571 -1642) 1 1571 - Vailor falls into destruction while the Orcs sail through the Spirit Realm into the lands of Axios eventually splitting from the mass of Vailoric Ships and anchored at the Jungles of Asul in the city of San’Garath. 2 1573 - Rex Kharak’Raguk dies at the hands of a mysterious spirit, and Kulgarok’Lak, a notable shaman, succeeds him. 3 1574 - Kulgarok constructs a new city, San’Kharak, in the swamp not far from San’Garath. San’Garath is promptly abandoned. 4 1576 - Rex Kulgarok’Lak is challenged by Malgunuz’Raguk, who handily defeats Kulgarok and takes the title of Rex. A group of Orcs known as the Sarnites break off from the Uzg and establish their own settlement across from San’Kharak, claiming themselves to be the true Rexdom. A civil war erupts between the Sarnites and the War Uzg. 5 1577 - The Order of the Angathgul is formed and separates from the Uzg, making its home on Ceru, by Sutica. Later that year, The ‘Ivory Mandate’ is signed in Oren, stating that all Orcish tusks brought to the crown will be rewarded with a hefty sum of minas. 6 1579 - John I Owyn, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, declares war on the War Uzg. As a response, the Sarnites reunite with the War Uzg and their disagreements are put aside in order to stand up against the Orenian menace. The first major engagement, known as ‘The Battle of Atlay’, is a decisive Orenian victory. 7 1580 - Vorgo’Yar claims Rexdom after Malgunuz’Raguk is imprisoned by the Skygods. 8 1581 - San’Kharak is evacuated right before Oren encircles the city and begins to siege it, the only people left to defend it being Vorgo’Yar, Dominus Khargak’Raguk, and the honorary Morka’Vorgor. The city quickly falls, with Khargak being slain at the battle, and Vorgo and Morka being brought to the Johannesburg Courthouse for trial, ending with both of them dying.. And with that, the War Uzg is disbanded and the remaining Orcs hide across Axios to try and recover from the absolutely devastating war they had fought. 9 1582 - The surviving Orcs begin to reunite and sail to the desert of Urguan as provided refuge by the Grand King of Urguan, Torvin Grandaxe, and founded a camp in the wasteland of Azaghol, where the Orcs lived as a loose band with little in the means of government. 10 1589 - Kulgarok returns and briefly claims Rexdom. However, very quickly he is challenged by Drokon’Ugluk, who beats Kulgarok and reforms the Orcish society into the War Nation of Krugmar. 11 1591 - A Warzone erupts between Urguan and Azaghol versus Orenia and the Dominion of Malin after Wood Elf scouts found Orcs in Azaghol also known as ‘The Battle of the Gray Peninsula’, which ends in a loss for the Orcs. 12 1593 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk helps form a Coalition alongside The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Kingdom of Courland, the Ivae’fenn, and Norland to fight against the warmongering Orenian Empire. 13 1594 - The Orenian Empire attempt to cross through a valley in the desert but are defeated by the Coalition forces in a fight known as ‘The Battle of the Gorge’, marking the first battle the Empire had lost in over a hundred years. 14 1595 - The Coalition battles for the unstable county of Lorraine which is famously known as ‘The Battle of Goldfield’. 15 1596 - Drokon’Ugluk is severely injured after a hunt, only being saved due to both a surgery performed by Murgosh’Raguk and some magic by the dark shaman Kulgarok. Drokon is severely altered by Kulgarok’s magic and the Rex goes a spree of killing many Wargoths and other Orcs who he believes are conspiring against him. Soon after, Kulgarok reforms the Clan of Dom, bringing with him a new era of dark shamanism. 16 1597 - Drokon is returned to his right state of mind, ending his reign of terror. 17 1599 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk, out of shame for what he had done and the countless he had killed, hands the title of Rexdom over to Orgoth’Braduk. With this abdication, the clan Ugluk is decreed to be absorbed into clan Gorkil. 18 1602 - The Clans Braduk and Raguk, in an attempt to shore up their lacking numbers, merge to form the Clan Braguk. 19 1606 - Rex Orgoth’Braduk abdicates Rexdom to Gurak’Yar. 20 1608 - A coup is attempted by the Wargoth Kuntklobbera’Raguk at a feast, leading to a short battle that ended with Kuntklobbera being stripped of his status, yet still in Orcish society. 21 1612 - The Braguk Clan breaks up, reverting to Clans Braduk and Raguk. 22 1614 - Gurak’Yar steps down, leaving a void in the leadership that is filled by Kulgarok’Dom. Immediately, Kulgarok is challenged and defeated by Eath’Lur, and is once again banished from Krugmar. 23 1615 - Rex Eath’Lur steps down and hands the title over to Kuntklobbera’Raguk a bit before the World Cactus Festival. 24 1617 - A Coalition is formed between the War Nation, Urguan, Veris, and Norland to fight against the newly reformed Oren. 25 1619 - Anti-Laureh’lin sentiment rises immensely, with a spree of raids and taunts from the Rex and other Orcs, leading the two nations to the brink of war. The tensions did not result in any major conflicts, but they persist for years afterwards. 26 1620 - The Shamanic Fellowship, a shamanic order like Angathgul (yet nowhere near as separate from the Krugmar), is founded. 27 1621 - Kuntklobbera'Raguk, in order to show his devotion to Leyd, changes his name to Leydluk'Raguk. 28 1642 - The Isles of Axios sunk into a deep thanic winter while the Orcs and other descendants escaped by sea. ATLAS (1643 -1705) 1 1643 - The Descendants reach the shores of Atlas after spending some time sailing upon the sea. 216XX - Orcs enter the first half of the Orc-Elf War and shortly into it Rex U’la’Yar is captured by mercenaries and executed by the Dominion of Malin. 3 16XX - Leydluk’Raguk reclaims the Rexdom and leads the War Nation of Krugmar 416XX - Rex Leydluk’Raguk involves the War Nation in the Courland-Renatus War 5 16XX - Rex Leydluk orders the construction of Fort Stronk bordering the lands of the Dominion of Malin 6 16XX - Several skirmishes and conflicts occur upon the roads outside of Fort Stronk 7 16XX - Rex Leydluk’Raguk relieves himself of the title and raises the Targoth Puknaak’Lak as the next Rex of Krugmar. 8 16XX - Krugmar enters the second half of the Orc-Elf War as Rex Puknaak orders a re-design of Fort Stronk. Many battles continue to happen between the Elves and Orcs. 9 16XX - Puknaak’Lak enters and honor duel with the Prince of the Dominion as suggested by Emperor Aurelius of Renatus-Marna which concluded with Rex Puknaak’s defeat and death. 10 16XX - Morlak’Lak rises as Rex when the clans decide upon him after his brother, Puknaak’s, death. 11 16XX - After Rex Morlak’s death, the clans fumble for the Rexdom and an honor duel is declared between Falum’Lur and Blogus the Black. After a decisive brawl, Rex Falum’Lur reigns over what remained of Krugmar and San’Kala which was shortly stripped away and granted to the Dominion of Malin. 12 16XX - Rex Falum’Lur departed for some time leaving Krugmar after San’Kala was taken and left the Orcs in great unrest. When he returned, Warlord Shakul’Gorkil claimed himself as Rex backed by a newly elected Warlord of Braduk. Shakul challenged Falum and dueled each other in a close match until the Gorkil claimed victory and earned the title as Rex Shakul’Gorkil. 13 16XX - Rex Shakul’Gorkil settles the orcs in the lands of the Frostbeards of Kaz’Ulrah for some time but eventually reclaims San’Kala then facing the conflict of the separate Orc Horde of Thagurz’Grish and resolves the situation by assimilating the Horde into Krugmar and allowing them to continue their ways. 14 16XX - Many Clans become unsatisfied with Rex Shakul’Gorkil as he often referred to making intolerable actions in the view of the Clans of Krugmar. 15 16XX - Glottgut'Raguk and Rognor'Lak lead a revolt of the clans in hopes to overthrow Rex Shakul’Gorkil which then phased into a Clan War. 16 16XX - After several battles, Rex Shakul’Gorkil is defeated and the Warlords choose Rex Gilgamesh’Braduk, son of the late Kahn’Braduk, to reign. 17 16XX - The War Nation of Krugmar is reformed into the Rexdom of Krugmar 18 16XX - Rex Gilgamesh vanishes from the lands of Krug and Warlord Murak’Gorkil rises to the occasion claiming the Rexdom. 19 1700 - Clan Raguk gets banished from Krugmar by Rex Murak’Gorkil ARCAS (1705 - Present) 1 1705 - The Orcs and other Descendants reach the lands of Arcas after escaping Atlas. 2 17XX - Relations with Clan Raguk are repaired by Rex Burbur’Lur, but remain separate entities. 3 1715 - Rex Burbur’Lur gives an order to begin reconstruction of San’Strohk.
  5. THE ADRIAN DEFEAT ____________________________________________________________________________ [!] A depiction of the Adrian Capital, Ves, circa 1715. Underneath the blistering sun and its unappeasable heat, the clattering of the Renatian cavalry withdrew from the walls of Ves, their resolve firm and their spirits elated from a glorious victory. The sound of hooves upon the old, cracked paving stones enjoined with the raised voices and whoops of victory to create a beautiful chorus. Their arrival to Adria was dreaded, but hardly unexpected. The treacherous rebellion incited by the Adrians, and their equally flighty accomplices, had insulted the Throne and the honour of the Renatians - vengeance was demanded, and the loyal soldiers were only too happy to bring its hour closer. The Renatians marched against a force double their magnitude, spilling the blood of the enemies and losing men in return across the open plains and great fields. However, only one side could be triumphant. With GOD’s grace, Imperial forces repulsed that of their enemies, leaving them with no men to defend their recreant practices. The corpses lay, piled across the road, no succour given to their burial or final rites. Everywhere the fallen Adrians were surrounded by crows, fallen to peck at their discarded entrails. Their loss was verily pitiful, costing them a pair of their scheming leaders; two men of House Ashford de Falstaff, once revered and respected men, now disgraced by their aimless lust for power. The Adrian populaces’ numerous accounts of perfidy will be never forgotten. As this force was punished, so shall all who raise arms against the Empire until they come, cloth in naught but ashes and laying upon their knees in supplication. Within the ensuing chaos and clashes of steel that preceded the final soldier’s death, one soldier could be heard ushering out sweet words with a light smirk: “The 86th Grievance.”
  6. Gods and Men ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- ((Link to Roleplay Forum--- Gods and Men Basics In Gods and Men, you take the form of one of the gods, fighting and creating, learning and forgetting, possessing kings and nobles, and the most important, fighting and working together with the other gods. There are two ways of winning: 1: Creating a pantheon Afraid you might not be able to win? Want to play it safe? Well then, my friend, you've chosen the right path! In order to create a pantheon, you and your allies must be the sole remaining gods. If all enemies are defeated, you and your other gods rule the world, and over the races of the world. 2: Becoming the Ultragod Yes, that is what I'm calling it. Not one for alliances? Greedy as can be? Well then, my friend, you've chosen the right path! In order to become the Ultragod, you must destroy the other gods, claiming the throne for you, the one true king! Sadly, there is more to it than fighting the others. The path of the gods is not an easy one. There is much micro-managing involved: You have to take care of your people, nurturing them and helping them as much as possible. The others will obviously try and stop you, but you must prevail! Cities will fall in glorious battles, and new ones shall rise through the hard work and labor. But, be weary, for the only thing keeping you a god is the peoples faith in you. If they do not worship you, you simply fade. If none cares for you, you have none left to help. It's game over. You lose. The others can try and send missionaries and priests to convert your populace, but you may do the same as well. Keep your people happy, and they worship you as the righteous god you are! Torture them, and they shall turn you into a demonic figure. Send prophets to increase faith in your populace, missionaries to destroy your enemies, and inquisitors to remove the plague of heresies! But, you will not take this path alone. On your explorations, you will discover the others, and what route you take depends solely on...well, you! You could introduce this new god to your people, showing him as a great and glorious figure, or cast him into the abyss, slandering his name as the face of chaos. If you do decide on an alliance, there is benefits, and there is consequences. The benefits are increased worship all around. With more people, the more faith you inherit. But the consequence to this is that you must share it. It is dangerous, but necessary for a pantheon. An equally powerful enemy wouldn't prove too powerful, right? Alternatively, you could also destroy this enemy. The benefits are obvious. You gain lands, riches, and get to keep the faith all to yourself. Plus, you could inherit his/her symbols. The rewards are great, but the risk you take is not one to take lightly. Although you could win, there is a possibility you could lose. Losing means you become a taboo figure, losing all your power and your kingdom. You become nothing more than the god of a deranged cult, therefore eliminating you from the game, or fading you. There is also corruption. Corruption in your kingdom grows in the governments you do not pay close attention to. Too much corruption, and the people may go so far to rebel! At first it starts as unhappiness and unrest, but grows and spreads as your people anger. Perhaps you've heard me speak of micromanaging, and you wonder how you, such as yourself, could possibly even begin. This is where possession and creation come in place. You may create a hero, and observe your kingdom from it's political powerhouse. Create a peasant and control your kingdom from its rotten underbelly. Either way, you must be able to observe your kingdom, and you must be able to regulate laws. You may wonder "What's stopping me from making it illegal to not worship me?" and I will tell you. Nothing. But, be warned, if the people feel controlled, they may begin to grow unhappy. And do you remember what happens to unhappy people? Rebellions. Mass suicide to prove points. Uprisings and plunderings. Do you really want that? If you didn't notice by now, I have yet to use the word "Humanity" because there can be more than one race. You may create any race, and show them your ways. The only thing keeping you apart is a slight application. I'm afraid we can't have everyone going around creating new races. The way this works is you can take one of your pre-existing races, and modify them to your hearts content. Then post the application here, and wait for acceptance. Now you might be wondering how I might handle all this by myself. Truth is, I can't. I can't make events for everyone at the same time. That's where the playerbase comes in. You can apply to be a Story Master and help struggling nations, destroy powerful ones, and help with all the minor stuff like judging a nations corruption levels, happiness, riches, food, and advancement rate. I will need at least 3 Story Masters before we start, and a few nations. There are 3 stages during this roleplay: 1: The Growth Age During this age you have just founded a shard, world, etc. and you create your first people. You begin to grow your nation, and help your people prosper from barbarians and savages, to villages and twons. 2: The Discovery Age During this age you begin to explore, and discover the other gods. You find competition and friends. Your people begin to become civilized, developing a culture now. 3: The Peoples Age During this age, your people are now mature and play a major role in your survival. You begin to fend off the others, and join with other factions. This is the longest age, and ends when someone/a group wins. Note: Although I explicitly speak of faith to destroy your enemies, you must realize you may also destroy the others by destroying their kingdoms and nations. With no people, they will not survive. Now that all that is covered, time for the applications: God App Name: Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Race (Default human): Nation Name: Nation Symbol: Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Race App Name: Originating Race: Features (hair colors, etc): Skin Color: Story Master App Do you have a god?: What experience do you have with leadership?: Give me a minor event for a prospering powerful city: Give me an event for a weak, failing city: Why should I pick you?: Do you promise to not cause events to your own nation, if applicable?: Please note that anyone breaking the rules will be warned. If it happens again, they will be blacklisted and are stripped of their characters. 1. No PG/PE/MGing 2. Be nice and respectful 3. Do not or try not to base your religion around IRL religions 4. Keep numbers realistic. If we find you are unable to do so, a Story Master will be assigned to give you the numbers. 5. Have fun! 6. You must follow the age limits. First age, no talking with the other gods. This isolation is so you can develop you're cultures. Second age, minimal meetings are to be held. These are strangers to you. In the third age, we are not restricting any meetings. Talk as you like Feel free to leave any questions in the comments. This is, after all, OOC. All other OOC posts will be posted here. There will be a few more coming, so please make sure to check in or Follow the post. Accepted Gods Re’Moara Kazotar Mhoric Birrh Repaiup Qhul Ark Accepted Races Sentori Naevian Muintiri Arginians Ternesian Arkelon Story Master List Kaun The Elder Stephensj Map (Will be continuously updated) Gods and Men 5 Maps My Information as example: God App Name: Re’Moara Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Rebirth, Rejuvenation Race (Default human): Sentori Nation Name: Reju’Vena Nation Symbol: A flowering plant Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Open plains with plateaus, lakes, and rivers with forested areas at the edges. A singular mountain near the center of the terrain. Race App Name: Sentori Originating Race: Human Features (hair colors, etc): Naturally dyed hair with flowing colors and patterns. Enhanced lifespans and enhance birthrate. Physically weaker, but large numbers. Skin Color: Tan skin, occasionally pale/albino. Seen as a blessing. God App Name: Ark Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): A Mirror Race (Default human): Arkelon Nation Name: The Arks Nation Symbol: A Pillar of Salt Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): A mountain range island surrounded by forest. The terrain is hard and difficult to traverse, and difficult to survive. Race App Name: Arkelon Originating Race: Golem Features (hair colors, etc): Stoney figures with humanoid features. They have no hair or mouths. Their eyes are emerald. They speak telepathically. Skin Color: Pure white quartz.
  7. Delaselva Vientos Age: 17 Aliases: “Squirt” -given by his adopted great-grandfather Race: Human Titles: N/A Class: N/A Personality; Delaselva has shown to be a strong-willed, noble youth who’s built the tendency of being drawn to any and all extraordinary entities which linger amidst the realm, whereas he is also noted to be quite calm even in most arduous of circumstances. Delaselva is very eloquent whenever he is holding a conversation with someone though is prone to Improvise a lot at the spot, omitting his pacific characteristics where he could be found recklessly diving into helping others with their needs without much caution to his own well-being. Appearance: Delaselva is a young man of average height with an almost silver-”Mali’fenn” esque like hair though is considered to be having more of a “lighter blonde” texture which is shared with his sister; Shiera Vientos (Dovely)_. Delaselva is also noted to have a clean-cut, robust musculature and an Isomorphic physique accompanied with his exterior appearance leaning more towards of a pale-ish like color. Biography: Delaselva was born and raised in an distant continent of Aeldin and originates from a region known as Venerra, which was ruled by a Princely House known as Grimm, and growing up as their neighbouring cousin where he would receive proper education in terms of mathematics, cultural history and even politics until up to the point where they couldn’t afford to house him and his two sisters, which would ultimately result into them being transferred into the care of their great-grandmother, Victoria Vientos. (JoelTheGinger) Family: [!] Great-grandmother: Victoria Vientos (JoelTheGinger) Adopted- Great grandfather: Rickard Vientos (GildedDuke) Twin-Sister: Shiera Vientos (Dovely_) Father: Eirik Vientos (Deceased) Mother: Aelora Raven (Deceased) Cousin: Talia Sophia Vientos (Dasdi) Voice-Claim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZug7Ela4VQ Personality Traits: Ambitious Eloquent Bookworm Enduring Ingenious ( Be sure to contact in regards to any concerns or other technical Issues!)
  8. Here is Proof it wasn’t Flame was not involved in the discord raid It’s pretty pathetic how even though all the evidence is against flame being one of the two discord raiders the admins still refuse to look at the proof and unban him. Flamboyants “proof” he stated he had was Ghaz messaging him saying it was Flame. To believe that someone would go to the trouble of making an alt to raid a discord to then reveal who they really are, you must be pretty low IQ to be honest. Flame is the voice crying about being banned, Ghaz is the one who speaks second and saying how he doesn’t care, the third person is Inferno and the fourth deeper voice who cuts in a few times is Cakefool. Also when he says he's on the wrong account he was referring to his whitelisted alt account, that's him playing minecraft kit maps with Inferno, you can hear potions splashing in the background later on in the video and them saying how they died. https://gyazo.com/d7f3ffe391fd25177a5501f9283c00ec Here you can see Horton who was banned for the chat bombing admitting Flame was not a part of the raid. https://gyazo.com/691ffc57e6c6c58d546b60880966a150 Here you can see Rin who was also involved in the chat bombing saying Flame did not participate. If you close this topic without replying you are not only proving that you are in the wrong but showing just how corrupt and **** the Admin team is and confirming that you want him banned for some reason and used this as an excuse. @FlamboyantTyrant @TarreBear @SeventhCircle @Fireheart https://namemc.com/profile/urcuteowo.1 ← Whitelisted Alt
  9. The Armitage Institute, Reborn The Researchers And Innovators For A Better Tomorrow, A Better Future The Catalog (Menu) -Story & Background -Research & Studies -Ranks & Roles -What We Seek (Goals/Expectations/Requirements) -Payment & Punishment -Application Story & Background ~2nd of Snow's Maiden, 1708~ On this day, a person named Kuvira Percy has given him/herself a new title unheard by the world, “CEO”. And with the kind help and funding of a steward of Adria and Olbrecht Von Denhardt along with the X-CEO’s self entrusted title and honor, has established a new guild with the name of “The Armitage Institute”. An institute where biological warfare, viruses, mutational modification and medicine shall be explored to their full potential and used for the better good against all evil that delves and hides in the Realms Of Arcas. With that resolve, he/she started his short journey that soon came to his/her end. ~Unknown~ Facts were hidden,were lost, or perhaps washed away by time that is unforgiving. But on this day the founding members who are truly royal to the Institute has their heart broken, even shattered to pieces and grind to dust as they knew, their X-CEO no longer walked the same plane as them. The only things remained behind that is known by the members are the remains of the original “The Armitage Institute” and his/her resolve to explore all that is considered unknown,dangerous and unacceptable by other beings for the greater good, a better life for all descendants in Arcas, and to be the first one to make change. ~15th of The First Seed, 1715~ After much discussions and meetings held by the remaining members, an Executive (a rank in the Institute) with the alias, E. M. Bow-Blackmaer steps up and takes the role as CEO. As a new CEO is born, The Armitage Institute is officially back and hopes to lead everyone that believes in the Institute to one of the many possible futures that lies ahead. Along with that, changes have been made to see to The Armitage Institute’s better development and contribution to the realm of Arcas. Research & Studies There will be 3 branches of research & studies, based on the three adjectives, “Unacceptable”,”Dangerous” and “Unknown” that can be chosen from upon joining the Institute. If you want to focus on a more specific sub-branch, please do so after you’ve been enlisted into the Institute and consult the head researchers of each respective field, Executives who bears responsibility for said branch or straight to the CEO if you have evidence that prove you will be better off focusing on that particular sub-branch instead of the whole. A person can only be enlisted into 2 branches by most, unless deemed qualified by the CEO or half of the Executive members. ~Botany, The Unacceptable~ The study that revolves around plants. Members in this branch will learn and record characteristics, growth condition and etc of both known and unknown plants that exist in the realm of Arcas so we have more knowledge about plants that can be used in the near future. ~Zoology, The Dangerous~ The study that revolves around animals. Members of this branch are required to observe and gain information about all animals that exist in the realm whether they’re known or not because there is a chance that animals evolve and have different behaviour as they’ve moved from one realm to another. ~Geology, The Unknown~ The study that revolves around minerals. Members from this branch shall research and explore the underworld, consisting of underground ravines, caves and many more to record and make a list of ores and rocks found in their respective areas and zones. ~More To Come~ Ranks & Roles The ranks system that is implemented in the Institute are very simple as they are based on each individual’s level of access which are number coded. Starting from Level 1, which is the lowest until Level 3, the highest a person can obtain at the moment.This is said so because only the Leader of the Institute owns a Level 4 Access. ~Chief Executive Officer (CEO)~ Level 4, The only individual with near absolute power over the Institute, he/she will be the one in control of the main flow of the Institute’s development. This individual will oversee all Executives and make sure they’re doing their jobs efficiently and accurately, also the one that decides who can take the role of Executive that will aid and advice him on managing the Institute. ~Executives~ Level 3, Members who have contributed a lot to the Institute, they report directly to the CEO and are able overthrow him/reject his decisions when needed during the elven monthly meeting. They will voice the CEO’s desires and notices and enforces all contractors and researchers to follow the flow of development that the CEO has set. ~Diplomats~ Level 3, They are a group of members that are trusted by both the CEO and half of the active Executives. Anyone who hold this role should be proud of themselves as they’re entrusted with all the information that the Institute hold. Their job is to ensure friendly diplomatic relationship with all nations, whether it is big or small and tries to seek cooperation and help from all other guilds that also strive to maintain Arcas’ safety and peace. They are also tasked with keeping the Institute funded with money and materials so research and experiments can go smoothly. ~Enforcers~ Level 2.5, Skilled fighters that are royal to the Institute. These members will be expected to give up their all, including their own lifes (But not their treasured ones) especially when they’re ordered to eliminate abnormalities that can threaten the peace of the realm or traitors that got their hands on dangerous assets. They are also tasked to protect the VIPs (Very Important Poeple) from harm’s way and are in charge of the Institute’s security and military force. ~Contractors~ Level 2.5, They are the hands of the Institute, they are entrusted with the making and maintainance of devices, equipment and instruments that are needed for experiments and research. Their other jobs includes but not limited to expanding the laboratory, making sure all security measures are always in order, repairing and upgrading the gears used by the Institute’s security or military force. ~Guards/Militants~ Level 2, Swords and shields of the Institute. They are the only personnel excluding Enforces that are entrusted with weapons in the Institute. The guards are needed to be always be on guard to stop raiders from invading the Institute, maintain order and discipline aswell as prevent traitors and test subjects from escaping out of the Institute building. Whereas militants are required to show themselves when called upon to eliminate threats that show themselves in the realm and cooperate with other guilds with elimination and/or capture of hazardous mystical beasts. ~Researchers~ Level 2, The smarts of the Institute. They have devoted themselves into research and analysis of what they’re tasked with, according to their branch or higher ups’ wishes and orders. Making sure that we have the most up to date information on everything they have gathered over the time. They’re also in charge of what courses the teacher will teach to the newly recruited and or students that wish to learn more about a particular subject. ~Teachers~ Level 1.5, Members who are tasked with enlisting students into the Institute. They will also teach the students they have under them knowledge that is approved by the researchers,Executives and CEO. They will also take responsibility for the group of students that learn under his/her wing and report any findings on behalf of their students. ~Students~ Level 1, Those who are newly recruited or seek to learn knowledge about their particular branches. These members will be divided into small groups and put under experienced teachers’ wing. They will slowly but surely build their foundation here and know more about the Institute as they decide if they would want to leave with their obtained knowledge or countinue to serve the Institute. What We Seek (Goals/Expectation/Requirements) ~From All Individual Members (Students)~ One, to always follow your higher up’s orders and execute them as commanded. Two, to always treasure the knowledge learned and use them for good. ~From All Research Groups (Teachers)~ One, to guide the students under their wing through the whole basic course diligently. Two, invite and recruit potential students and members that are interested in our studies. ~From All Fields of Studies (Researchers)~ One, to provide the teachers and their higher up the most recent reports on the information they’ve gathered. Two, to confirm that their research bears fruit and none of them is leaked out to those who shouldn’t get their hands on it. ~From All Enforcers/Guards/Militants~ One, to be ready to sacrifice everything in possession to eliminate threats and traitors that would bring harm to the realm. Two, to stay on alert and physically fit at all times so they can execute their task efficiently. ~From All Executives/Diplomats~ One, to always think of the realm and the Institute’s benefit before oneself to avoid badly made decisions. Two, to give everyone a good impression of the Institute and make good relationship with all nations and guilds. Payment & Punishments ~Coming Soon, Haven’t Been Decided~ Application Roleplay Name: Race: Age: Desired role(s): Desired study(ies): Reason for enlistment: Do you swear to live up to the Institute’s expectation: OOC Username: Age (Optional): Discord Tag (Example#1996):
  10. The Uruk Defensive Within the Orcish savanna, the sun beams it’s rays of heat apon the scorched plains, only plants and trees evolved for such a heat survives.. The same is said for it’s inhabitants. Built apon the land of past Orc-kin. A land that has tested the race for untold generations, a new City is constructed. One with tall walls, enthused hearts and determined minds. The Orcs still call this land theirs, repelling those that challenge them upon it. The Kadarsi arrive outside the gates to the Orc city. A Goblin captive is with them, his life threatened if the Orcs do not accept the call to combat. The warhorn blown, Warriors rally to it’s call. Evidently the Humans grow un-easy, beginning to call for the fight to start immediately with their own reinforcements coming at the lead of Ser Uthred Gromach. Yet more Orcs answer the call to battle, standing ready outside the gate with spears and shields at hand. A shieldwall is formed, dense and tall, each Orc weighing 400 pounds or more, each experienced at battle. Most have fought more battles than the Humans had years to their name. The Humans flee just as soon as they were to call for battle. The gate is opened at the call of Wargoth Murak’Gorkil and the Orcs charge the fleeing Humans. Fear and self doubt carried the Humans across the plains at a speed only a Kha could beat. So much for the mighty Empire. Should those still doubt the coming fall of the foreign Humans who live on ancient Orc land, the Elves, allies to the Orcs, prevail in their own encounters - ”To klomp agh konquer in all owah battlez iz not zupreme excellenze; zupreme excellenze konziztz in breakin’ the enemy’z reziztanze wivout klomp’n” – Gorkil, to his son Angbad. Founder of Clan Gorkil, Warriors and Military Strategists Warriors Rallied to the Call (That submitted their names) Defense Leader – Wargoth Murak’Gorkil – TheNanMan2000 Dominus Hargurr’Gorkil – Sykogenic Korgahk’Gorkil – Elite_Snipes_ Shrog’Shuzig – SaltyOlog Zayem’Gurmazg – TheRealGaurdman Tulga’Gurmazg – BenDaMack Zhanfan-Chen – Evonpire Yue Fei – TheCombatDog Daqcaer Sugarfoot – Alphamickael1 Murak – 2 / Uthred – 0
  11. Recently My Good Pal Flamelynx was banned for Raiding a discord and posting Gore and other NSFW Content. Terrible I know. However it wasn’t him, It was two perma banned players on completely different accounts who joined the discord and said it was him. Rather silly right? Surely no one can simply join a discord on their own account, say they are someone else, and that person is banned the next day even though they were at school while the raid commenced. But somehow that’s exactly what happened, without proper evidence or confronting him about it the admin team banned him permanently. Flamelynx's discord has been 98% Neanderthal#3327 since he joined the server, and it is the only one he has ever had. It makes no sense for him to get on an alt discord, raid, and then say it is him. Why would he use an alternate discord just to reveal it's him. It is clearly just two funny guys trying to mess with him. He posted a status update with evidence proving it wasn’t him and it was deleted, He messaged all the admins and got 0 responses and blocked by some, then he was forum banned. So here I am posting this to see if there is some sensible admin that will read this and help him out although at this point I would never expect actual help from an admin. Now I know this post will most likely be taken down 5 minutes after it is put up to silence this injustice but I mean who knows. Prove me wrong. @Telanir @TarreBear @Fireheart @FlamboyantTyrant @SeventhCircle https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vYJlVvdnEa3KaB3gOVBmWLv8ioMg_giayUmYtdFnVhs/edit?usp=sharing
  12. ((OOC: Sorry for posting this in a doc, but I wanted to use footnotes. My favourite passage I have posted here : ) )) ’Assembled brethren, let us make this our maxim: that whilst the STRONG do what they will, the WEAK suffer what they must. And them that are righteous are weak men. We should have it that we do our share of willing, and that others do the ‘suffering’ part - for a strong man is greater than a wise man, and it is workers of iniquity that are exalted on Earth. Therefore, let us kill this Guy, who in his righteousness is weak, just as we are in our ruthlessness strong. And so shall we rape Savoy of its laws and people, vanquish its customs and traditions, and say, in short, that whatsoever should prevail upon the Earth: Savoy must be destroyed.’-Chronici Sapaudia, 2.7 FRIENDS, let it be known that I have published the great work of my father, a most excellent historian of the highest quality, and have translated it into the Common language in order that it might be for the benefit of the whole Commonwealth. I urge you to read this most valuable and excellent work, which I have, with God’s help, faithfully and diligently translated. Erwin von Manstein. FULL Chronicle here enclosed. ((https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Oq--XHhFluH4mDD8pWIz7C00K2T-KCJa4KxHx_dvTKw/edit))
  13. The Ironguts The Ironguts are the longest living clan amongst the Dwedmar, being true Cave Dwarves at heart. Since the reign of Urguan, many Ironguts have held influential and vital roles, including Kings, Lords, and some even among the Order of Ascended. With these positions, the Ironguts have helped shape the world we see now. Through the forging of great weapons,the spelunking of cavernous ruins, and delving deep into the arcane, the Ironguts have been highly regarded among the Dwedmar. Ancient History of the Clan Modern History of the Clan Clan Government and Laws > The majority of decisions are made by the Clan Father, who solely holds the responsibility to lead the Clan. The Clan Father, chosen by a majority vote by the Elders of the clan, should represent the beliefs of the Clan. It is very rare, if ever, that a Clan Father is removed by the Elders. His word is the final say in matters > Elders of the Clan are elected by the Clan members themselves by popular vote. Elders are responsible for leading the clan members in place of the Clan Father is he cannot be there. > Elders are to reflect the Clan tenets directly onto the Clan members and beardlings. They also handle the initiation and teaching of magic to beardlings in the Clan. Clan Culture Forging of Weapons A tradition where those with the skills to use the Forge will often forge personal weapons. These weapons are a symbol of the Clansman's style of fighting and often have a symbol of the creator upon them somewhere, identifying them as that specific person. Many famous weapons are under possession of the clan, for example the famed blade of Dwain I Irongut, Mourgil, which is now in the hands of Balek Irongut. Beard Braiding Just having a simple beard is not enough for the Ironguts. The Clansmen can often be seen with braids in their beards. These can be as simple as forking the beard in two or as complex as weaving it into an intricate braid, some even weaving in gems, or adding rings of metal. The clan members grow their beards long and are careful not to burn them in the forge or get torn in battle. Magic Ironguts are known users of magic,and the only Dwarven Clan capable of learning Void Magic. Any member of the clan has the right to learn magic, so long as the member can follow the Clan rules. Those inclined to learn should first speak with an Elder in order to begin training. All apprentices are expected to be patient during the process of learning, as it is not a simple one. Magic is considered a sacred tradition within the Ironguts. Clan Crest The Ironguts often adorn a crest composed of a mug of ale and a sword to show that it was sent from an Irongut. We take pride in being Ironguts and won’t hesitate if we get a chance to show it! Clan Banners The Ironguts have always used their banners to mark their homes and Clan halls in the past. The banner is composed of our Clan crest and our Clan colors, silver and blue Clan Diplomacy Clan Ireheart: Friendly Clan Grandaxe: Friendly Clan Doomforge: Neutral Clan Frostbeard: Hostile Clan Irongrinder: Neutral Clan Goldhand: Neutral Clan Treebeard: Neutral Clan Starbreaker: Neutral Clan Silvervein: Friendly Clan Hammerforged: Neutral Records of the Ironguts ((Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JBMRI&c=3rihhyqbxa&f=118731965149584681)) Clan Father: Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Clan Elders: Bolgnir Irongut(Tide1) Dwain II Irongut (Hiebe) Balek Irongut(Hobolympic) Clan Members: Tharggus Irongut (Tharggus) Balek Irongut (Hobolympic) Yeulf Irongut (IronGroot) Dorin Irongut (DarthArkous) Bolgnir Irongut (Tidemanno) Alfy Irongut(littleyoshy) Sharr Irongut (lordbobby123) Grandour Irongut(SaltyStormJakob) Ulhor Irongut(BlackDwarvenFire) Yor Irongut(punni_boi) Robin Irongut(Pilantos311) Beardlings: Hall of the Deceased: Deceased: Thordon Irongut ((Jordan1921)) Thrym Sliverfist ((NoobCrafert14)) Nurrak Irongut ((Destroyer_Bravo)) Kara Irongut ((skippyoak)) Gamil Irongut ((Unknown)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Isabelle Irongut ((Unknown)) Whurgar Irongut ((Owl_7)) Theor Irongut ((Blob9000)) Balin Irongut ((darkjames)) Thak Irongut ((GavinTheViking)) Ore'zy Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Fariken Irongut((30326)) Rehki Irongut ((bov61)) Smalltoe Irongut ((Musboris)) Nozagen Irongut ((Bov61)) Lilum Irongut ((KarmaDelta)) Chase Irongut((Dtrik)) Goroth Irongut((30326)) Dun Irongut ((blackhawk77g)) Skippy Irongut (skippy369) Honored Dead: Hiebe Irongut ((Hiebe)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Darius Irongut ((Blackhawk77g)) Phelrin Irongut ((ChAnKoEr)) Susan Irongut ((ABoyNamedSue)) Algrim Irongut ((Isemburt)) Draco Irongut ((RP)) Dwain Irongut ((RP)) Grungron Irongut(James27049) Missing (Previous list purged): Beardling Yurvo (MonkeyFaceGamer) Thorgrim Irongut (irDusk) Kilgrim Irongut (Kilgrim_) Gauldrim Irongut ((Redbench)) Banished: Mili Irongut ((Leland22)) Grimloth Irongut ((jakesimonson)) Tortek Silverfist ((Axmaynard)) Bofauk Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Duregar Irongut ((ww2buff99) Sili Irongut ((Leland22)) Aengoth Irongut ((Aengoth)) Uldar Irongut ((Tirenas)) Clan Tenets In-character 1. Respect your elders. Respect those who are older than you. You represent our clan and your actions, good or bad, affect us all. 2. Loyalty to your clan above all else. 3. Help your clansmen when you can. Don't abandon each other in fights, however hard it might be. Out-of-character 1. Your Irongut character should be your main character. 2. If you're an Irongut and you betray the clan, your character, if killed by an Irongut, is perma-dead. 3. Separate RP from OOC, we’re all friends here. Proving of the Lineage (Application) (Copy the below and paste to use) [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Where do you live? What are your primary skills? Short biography (5+ sentences): How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required)
  14. theldryn

    The Percy family

    The Percy Family Our story begins in Atlas, there a dwarf named Telmarill esteemed member of the Azaghul and brother of Balrog first came to Adria. Upon his arrival, people started to notice that he was in distress. Telmarill came into their society as a mere dwarf but left as a master. He opened the first smith within Adria and he took in an apprentice of course. From that day forward the white smith he was named. Almost at the end of his life, he met a beautiful lady whose name was only heard in Atlas. The Percy name came from her side. Happily into their life, they had two children Henry Percy was his name and his brother Dwain. Henry was half a dwarf and half human, his life would be much longer than his mothers. Henry joined the legion of Renatus, not much later he was discharged by Aldis Chase. He started The Iron Legion and he got cursed along the way. The iron legion had a fortress above mynebor named the shard. The Iron legion did not survive the passage to Arcas. Henry now alone, desperate and no money sat out for Adria. The city of Ves welcomed him with open arms for they knew his father was one of their soldiers a time ago, he became a sergeant in the military. Dwain did not go that route, he became wild. Many years he spent in the wilderness of Atlas, surviving on his own skill. Not much is known after he left the comfort of his home. Henry got banished from Adria not much later by a man named Checkov, he packed his bags and went on his way. On the road, he got stopped and robbed by a man named Edward Marks. His rival for a long time saw that he was alone and he took his chance. He decapitated the man and portrayed him as a traitor upon the bridge to Helena. Kuvira, the third of the brothers was not born by the percy's but in the wild to unknown parents. He made his way into Adria and into the percy's not long after his seventh birthday, he arrived a short time after Henry went away from his parents. Kuvira saw a lot from his new father and became interested in smithing at an early age. He also survived the passage to Arcas. After his brother was killed he made for Adria, where he started The Armitage institute. He believed heavily in the Four, some men did not like that. A priest came one day and heard that he was not a canonist. he approached Kuvira. He said that Kuvira was a heathen for not believing the canon, Kuvira replied with the same thing but for the Four. Not long after that, he got arrested and killed for being a heathen. In his life, he met a man named Jack Rippler. He was not a good man, he had done a lot of wrongs. Kuvira took him in as a brother, Jack is now a part of the Percy family. Let the story of Jack begin. ((don't throw poop, this is a recap of my time on LotC))
  15. The Armitage Institute of medicine and warfare -Story -Programs and study's -Training -Roles -Secrecy of its study’s -Joining _______ ___________ Story 2nd of Snow's Maiden, 1708 Kuvira Percy, the first CEO of the institute founded it on the 2nd of Snow's Maiden 1708 with the kind help and funding of a steward of Adria and Olbrecht Von Denhardt. At that day the Institute of biological warfare. viruses, mutational modification and medicine was born. Otherwise known as The Armitage Institute. The CEO is a master in the study of all previously mentioned topic's. Studies -Biological warfare: This is the study of all living things. The institute makes sure none of these things rise to power outside of the Homo sapiens. They do this with other living things. -Virus: This is the study of all topic's related to bacteria or virus, certain pathogens are also treated within this study. Certain developed viruses will also be for sale, the Institute will have the only cure unless told otherwise. -Mutational modification: This is the study of all mutations, That means that the Flora and Fauna belong to this category. If a certain creature wants a modification to its body they need only come to The Armitage Institute and pay for the (X) modification. Then the process will continue and the creature will have the modification. -Medicine: This is the study of healing, The common healers would do good to come here so they can come to know more. Training The Armitage institute uses its variety of toxins and poison in warfare and matters that would go out of its guidelines. One may choose to become a master of the institute's arts of warfare. The institute has enough experience to utilize those toxins and poisons within an instance if needed, each trainee that finishes training will get a set of toxins and poisons. Every person who acquired this set might use if for everything that the person desires. The consequences are to be made by the guards if discovered using the set. The Enforcers will also be set to hunt the criminal down and execute their punishment as well. Defense of Arcas The Armitage Institute will use these studies to defend Arcas. Biological warfare will face the threat of creatures. The Virus department will deal with all bacteria and virus-related threats. The Mutant department will deal with all supernatural threats that Arcas throws at it. The Medicinal department will focus on healing Arcas in said circumstances. Roles Several roles are within the thick walls of the institute this is the small summary of those roles (others can still be added). -CEO -executive -Enforcer -Teachers -Students -Researchers Secrecy of study's Any of The Institute's enforcers or students that spill their knowledge about their study will be punished by that department, example: Kuvira told Henry how the rats inside the institute are mutated, Kuvira will then be punished with said rats until the message is clear. If the punished creature is then again proved to spill, more severe punishments will be allowed. ((OOC)) Name: Age: Discord: ((IG)) Name: Race: Age: Interested in a study: (desired role)
  16. The Under-Realm of Urguan -=<=-=>=- -=<=-=>=- National Anthem: The Capital: Kal’Varoth -=<=-=>=- Kal’Varoth, or the City of the Under-Sun is a subterranean dwarven city that is the capital seat of the Under-Realm of Urguan. Kal’Varoth is the most populated and largest dwarven hold and is the symbol of dwarven culture and power. Wish to live in the Dwarven capital? [Click Here] Dwarven Discord [[Disclaimer: This is a private discord server that is not sponsored by LotC. You are not protected by any rules of LotC on this discord, nor do LotC rules apply.]] Important Documents -=<=-=>=- Dwarven Language Dwarven History Book of Grudges Articles of Urguan [WIP] Dwarven Family Tree The Government Leadership -=<=-=>=- Under-King Fimlin Grandaxe Grand Marshall Gimli Grandaxe Warden Utak Ireheart Legion Commander Dimlin Irongut Legion Commander Utak Ireheart The Dwarven Legion -=<=-=>=- The Dwarven Legion is the military force of the Under-Realm of Urguan and is the backbone of dwarven society. Almost every dwarf who has risen to greater power has done so through the ranks of the Legion. The Legion’s mission, to defend the Under-Realm and protect the dwedmar from all evil is of utmost priority. To join the Dwarven Legion, enlist here; [Click here] Dwarven Clans -=<=-=>=- Clan Grandaxe [Kathaikaz] [Click here for the Clan Post] An influential clan of mountain dwarves that has stood the test of time. Grandaxes are known to be noble warriors; equally skilled in both battle and politics. Most Grandaxes are distinguishable by their fiery hair, though not all of them carry this trait. Above all else, Grandaxes adhere to a code of honor and hold the rest of their kin in high regard. Clan Lord: Borin Grandaxe [lucasking321] -=<=>=- Clan Irongut [Khrorul] [Click here for the Clan Post] Irongut Clan is an elder clan. This clan is most notable for its line of ascended blood and accepted use of magic within the dwarven society. Since their creation in Aegis, the Ironguts had held much influence within the dwarven timeline, presenting their own grand kings multiple times. Clan Lord: Dimlin Irongut [Beamon4] -=<=>=- Clan Ireheart [Kravamoruk] An elder clan known to be ferocious warriors that fear little on the battlefield. Irehearts are a mountain dwarf clan, though their physical features tend to be variant they are differentiated by their numerous tattoos. Clan Lord: Bianca Ireheart [EnderMaiashiro] -=<=>=- Clan Starbreaker [Kornazkarumm] [Click here for the Clan Post] An Elder clan of Cave Dwarves mostly comprised of smiths, miners, and Golemancers. They are known for their scholar pursuits and their smithing ability, capable of creating weapons and armor of masterful skill. Clan Lord: Jorvin Starbreaker [DixieDemolisher] -=<=>=- Hefrumm Clans [Hefrumm Kazamar] [Click here for the Clans Post] The Forest Dwarves community, known for being very religious, druids, and great chefs. That community consists of the Cottonwood, Treebeard and Mossbeard Clans. Clan Lord: Bjor Cottonwood [Afoc17] -=<=>=- Clan Silvervein [Thryardohin] [Click here for the Clan Post] A prosperous clan of Mountain Dwarves with rich history. The Silverveins cover a wide range of professions and vocations. Ultimately they are known to be skilled miners and warriors. This clan is one of the founders of the Confederation of Hammers. Clan Lord: Dwarger Silvervein [LionEY_] -=<=>=- Clan Hammerfist [Ordrym] [Click here for the Clan Post] The Hammerfist Clan is a strong and proud clan hailing from the lands of Vailor. Founded by Duren Hammerfist and his brothers shortly before the First Frostbeard Rebellion the clan is currently led by the son of Duren, Darek Hammefist. Clan Lord: Darek Hammerfist [sneakybandit] -=<=>=- Clan Irongrinder [Khroneknazkarum] [Click here for the Clan Post] Founded on the principles of honor and duty to Urguan’s legacy, some of the greatest engineers and runesmiths of Dwarven kind carried the name Irongrinder. Clan Lord: Zahrer Irongrinder [Josh3738] -=<=>=- Clan Emberhorn [Ekaraadordul] [Click here for the Clan Post] A clan of Mountain Dwarves known to be formidable fighters despite their smaller numbers. They are also distinguished by their ability to ride rams into combat. -=<=>=- Clan Frostbeard [Azwyrtrumm] Clan Lord: Argnos Frostbeard [Drumin] -=<=>=- Dwarven Guilds -=<=-=>=- The Kirkja Dverga [Clergy] The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. To join the Dwarven Clergy, sign up here; [Click here for the Clergy Post] High Prelate: Fili Grandaxe [Cpt_Noobman] -=<=>=- The Remembrancer’s Guild The Remembrancers are among the most esteemed and long-standing dwarven guilds. Originally founded during the First Kingdom of Urguan in Aegis the Remembrancer’s goal is to preserve and expand dwarven wisdom & knowledge, keep record of historical events, and pass down the learnings to younger dwarves. To join the Remembrancers speak to High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] High Remembrancer: Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] -=<=>=-
  17. Alevaera sighs softly, wiping the beads of sweat forming on her brow with the back of her hand. The summers were always so dreadfully hot, and she’d always manage to break into a sweat while preforming her daily chores around the orphanage. She has been working there for so any years; it’s been what, thirty years now? Time sure seems to fly by while tending to the well-being of children. The orphanage she worked for had many, housing different races; some mixed, other pure bred like her, so she along with the few staff there had their work cut out for them. Standing from her knelled position on the ground, Alevaera inspects the garden before her, nearly vacant of any possible pesky weeds thinking that they can take refuge among the vegetables. Looking up to the sky, the sun appeared to be positioned around mid-day; she should help the head mistress with preparing lunch. Alevaera ties her hair into a tighter bun, pinning any loose hair up and out of her face. Carrying the tools along with her towards the storage shed, she avoids colliding with any children playing outside. Once the tools are put in their rightful places, Alevaera locks up the shed, so that the children can’t get into mischief. Inside the kitchen, she scrubs all the dirt and grime from her hands, attentive of the dirt under her nails. She inspects the head mistresses work, getting an idea of what she’s preparing as she begins helping. The head mistress is an elderly human woman, going on ninety-two. Her aged hands peal apples, preparing them for a pie. Alevaera has not naive or ignorant, she was well aware of the clash most races have with each other; how Snow Elves are greatly disliked, and how humans are prideful and greedy. At the orphanage however, none of this mattered. Alevaera was well appreciated by the children and the head mistress, and all were taught to be open minded toward others. “This old woman is getting on in her years, it’s nice to have young energetic workers like yourself to help around” The mistress says softly, her hands working without flaw or hesitation, but at a slow pace. “It is my pleasure to help around here. This place has been my home for so long, I couldn’t imagine myself leaving.” Alevaera replies in earnest. “I have a debt to repay you after all; for having taken care of me for so long.” The elderly woman frowns, waving off Alevaera’s last statement. “I was just doing my job; your parents paid me well enough to take care of you. You were never a burned.” Hearing this warms her heart; this woman was like a mother to Alevaera. While she had some memories of her parents, they were few, and far from perfect. She could remember them giving her up so clearly, she was only six at the time. She knows per parents weren’t the best people, but they were her parents, and she found it in her heart to love them regardless. Silence falls between the two women, as they prepare the pie and stew for everyone. Creaking floor boards, matching echoing footsteps running down halls, excited voices calling to one another, there was never a quiet or still day within the orphanage. It was comforting to hear the noise, because Alevaera knew that they were alive and well; that the children were happy and knew they were loved. A peculiar set of footsteps neared the kitchen, appearing in the door were two of the older boys in the orphanage; a Halfling named Elton, aged thirteen, and an Orc boy named Kurukk, aged twelve. The pair looked distraught, breathing heavily as they stand in the doorway. “Alvayra lady, please come help!” Pleads the Orc, though young, the Orc was almost as tall as herself. The boy was usually the last child to ask for help, always insisting that he doesn’t need it. So hearing such a worried request has Alevaera immediately worried. “What’s happened Kurukk? Is everything alright?” She inquires, wiping her hands with a dish towel. Before the Orc can reply, Elton jumps in to answer. “Wild dogs Miss Alevaera! They got Merph stuck up inside a tree! You always told us to come get you if there is trouble, so we ran here as fast as possible!” The Halfling rushes, “We were playing out by the front, when two wild dogs wandered over!” Alevaera tenses up at the mention of wild dogs; this wasn’t the first case of stray dogs wandering out towards the orphanage, no doubt looking for food. The orphanage has had a run in with them on multiple occasions, even when she was just a young girl, they’d come when you least expect it, and they attack without warning. Keeping her mind from wandering to a dark memory, there was an emergency at hand, she needed to be brave and stay focused. Her hands tighten into fists, pinned at her sides. “Out front you said? Are they by the large Oak?” She inquires, eyes wandering around the room for something she may use. There is a steel fire poker; it’s not very long, but it will have to do. “Yes ma’am! Will he be okay?” Elton asks, wringing his hands nervously; a habit he’d gotten from her. “Yes. But I need you boys to keep everyone inside, get everyone in the backyard inside. I want you to shut all doors and windows on the first floor, understood?” She orders firmly, picking up the fire poker with two hands. From the corner of her eye, Alevaera could vaguely see a look of horror on the Head Mistresses face. The boys nod quickly, and rush out quicker, going to wrangle up any children outside. Knowing the boys would do their job quickly put some ease to Alevaera’s mind; she could try and handle the dogs on her own, without worry of any other children getting hurt. “My dear child, you need not put yourself in harm’s way. I am sure that local patrols will come, o-or we can get help-“ The elderly human woman goes to grasp Alevaera’s hands, but retracts them when the Elf offers a kind and reassuring smile. “I am sorry Head Mistress, but we both know that soldiers do not patrol this far out. It would take far too long to get help; those two wild hounds will tear that boy to shreds if I stand around. I must try.” She says as firmly as she can, though there is uncertainty in her voice. She is not a fighter, she knows this well enough. But damn those dogs she’d give it her all, she’ll let nothing and no one hurt the children under her supervision. A defeated sigh leaves the elderly woman, hanging her head low as she allows Alevaera to leave. On her way out, Alevaera snatched up a hand towel, wrapping it around her fore arm before stepping out the front door. Immediately, she bears witness to the dangerous scene before her; Murph, a pint sized wood Elf, clings to a high branch of an Oak tree. The Elf is scraped up, with a bit of blood dripping from his arm. Just seeing this has Alevaera’s blood run cold, as she instinctively grips her own arm at the sight of the wound. Murph takes notice that Alevaera has left the front of the house, and cries out to her for help. His words are garbled and far from proper common, no doubt the child is scared out of his wits. Her cold blood comes to a boil at the sight of the pleading child, tears streaming down his cheeks. Alevaera had no time to be afraid; there were two beasts in the yard in need of being removed. With a tight grip on the fire poker, Alevaera approaches the tree with wide strides, fanning out her arms to appear bigger than she really was. With a deep breath, she fills her lungs, and expels the air in as deep of a guttural scream she can manage. Her voice carries, reaching the wild dogs instantaneously, their attention away from the boy and to her. Alevaera holds her shout, and breaks into a run towards the hounds, the hand holding the fire poker rising above her head, and ready to strike the animals with as much strength as she can. The surprised beasts are startled by the quickly oncoming aggressor, and hightail towards off the property. Alevaera doesn’t halt her chase there, she continues after them for a good distance, only stopping as the fiends are far out of sight. Finally standing still, the Snow Elf takes notice that she’s shaking like a leaf, her legs feeling flimsy and unsteady. This did not stop her from rushing back to the front yard of the orphanage, to make sure Murph was alright. Kurukk and Elton were at the Oak before she reached them, Kurukk helping Murph down from the high branch. Alevaera drops onto her knees, and inspects Murph’s wounds with frantic haste, her breaths wracking with the threat of sobs. “Thank the stars above; let us get your cuts cleaned up Murphy dear.” Alevaera sighs, lifting the small Elf into her arms with care. With soft eyes, Alevaera beholds Kurukk and Elton with gratitude. “You boys did well today; there are not enough thanks in this world to offer, your actions very much saved Murph’s life.” She lightly touches foreheads with the young boys, unable to offer a hug with her arms full. Elton shakes his head, shoving his hands into his trouser pockets. “No need to thank us Miss, we only did as you asked. You were the one doin the saving.” The boy states, his expression bashful as he kicks a stone absently. “Short Murph needed help, and you would have been upset if we didn’t get you.” “We could have takin on the dogs, they were weak runts.” Kurukk crosses his arms over his chest, turning his gaze away with a grunt. “There was a lot of blud, my tiny brother might have been hurt worse if we made a mistake.” Alevaera smiles none the less, leading the boys back into the orphanage. She cleans and bandages Murph’s few wounds, they were thankfully not too deep, but they would leave behind scars. Lunch was served after the incident, with the other children buzzing with questions. The three boys were happy to answer the questions, and tell about their dangerous encounter with the wild dogs. Alevaera was just content with the even being over, with everyone safe and sound. She would put this whole ordeal behind her, and distract herself with her daily tasks soon enough. She has far much to do around the orphanage to let an accident hold her still.
  18. [!] A piece of parchment is nailed outside the entrance of the Sutican Tavern for all to see. The Marriage of Talia Le’Quella and Renne Fester To all Suticans and residence of nearby and allying nations, I would like to announce, with great joy, the coming matrimony of two residence of Sutica; Talia Le’Quella and Renne Fester. They, personally, would like to invite anyone who may read this pamphlet to their wedding in the Meeting Hall in four elven days. After the wedding ceremony, Talia would personally like to invite everyone who may attended to the Sutican Tavern for drinks and refreshments, all proceeds benefiting the growth of the nation of Sutica and the Fester’s themselves. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya! [!] Talia’s would sign her name with her fancy, elven writing. Following hers, would be Renne’s choppy, scribble of a signature. Wedding to take place on Thursday, March 21st at 10 PM EST (subject to change)
  19. EN SENTVORIGEO EDLERVIK ON THE ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE HIGHLANDER PEOPLE Written and compiled by BROTHER ALEXANDER OF THE FIVE LAKES, WHO, by the Grace of God, records these notes to chronicle the histories and myths of the Highlander People, to bestow upon future men the knowledge of their blood. May these texts be used for righteous intention, and any who pollute this message be cursed to eternal damnation, with their ashes grinded and discarded. ON THIS DATE 7 SE 1689 - Dedicated to Sofiya, my once love and now angel of the Skies, for which I don this habit and wield this quill. PROLOGUE Years -1000 to 0 TIME BEFORE TIME or The Four Brothers and the Curse of Iblees In a time before the Four Brothers and contemporary civilization, the world was shapeless and boundless, without form or purpose. Before there was man, elf, ork, dwed, there was His aenguls and daemons, who roamed the world freely and without constraint, and His First Beings, those who He had created yet had not granted True Life. The great cohorts of divine aenguls were said to have shaped the world in His Image, creating the mountains and the seas, while God Himself bestowed His Touch upon all corners. He did not stop till fish teamed every sea, till every valley filled with life, and till every mountain laid buried untold treasures. God left the aenguls and daemons to steward the realm as He created it, entrusting them to maintain what He had created. These angelic beings, however, held their own personal desires and ambitions, and while He loved all, these rotten aenguls quarreled unnecessarily. The greatest of rivalries emerged between His two greatest angels, Iblees and Dragur, who carried on year-spanning clashes in the clouds and enslaved mass armies of mortal creatures to attempt to overtake the other. These included the First Beings, man before sapience, who were nothing more than animals prone to crude and bestial desires, and knew not better the machinations of the aenguls. Specifically Iblees, the most vile of the pair, had forced great numbers to fight in slave armies, wantonly destroying all which He had created. This continued for some time till He Returned and saw the destruction wrought by his children. He saw the death of countless of His First Beings and the sin wrought by His celestial children, and so He punished them. Dragur, the more noble of the two, willingly accepted the punishment, but Iblees stubbornly relented, growing jealous of His Power and Majesty. To His First Beings, who ached from pain of countless deaths, He sought to never be pawns of such evil again, and bestowed upon them True Life as He did his angels. He created the First Man and the First Woman, and through them created the Four Perfect- Malianus. Crucus, Urganus, and the greatest of them, Horonius- to lead his nation known as Man. Each was given a fourth of the new people, where they founded the first great cities of the world. The sinful aenguls were instructed to work not above, but below Man, to teach them how to live and be faithful. The aenguls under Dragur taught Man the Flexio tongue, and worked as advisers and teachers. Dragur himself grew a great love for Horonius, who was the quickest of his brothers, and taught him many things, and Horonius would become even His favorite child. All four realms grew immensely, and the mortal beings all prayed and loved God, and paradise was founded upon the earth. Horonius founded the First City which God called Paradisius, and it became the Favorite of God’s People. All of the brothers took massive harems expect Horonius, who took a single wife Julia, the most pious of the women, and had three sons named Aeternus (Harren), Joraenus (Joren), and Gosvenus (Godwin). Iblees was furious to be subjugated to beings he once considered beneath him, and refused in rebellion. God, though His Love is great, could not be idle at the sinful nature of His son Iblees, and cast him out of the Seven Skies to the mortal plane to repent. In secret, Iblees conspired with his legions of unholy aenguls and daemons who were also defiant against Him, chiefest among them being Metizus and Aerial. Disguised as wanderers, the fallen children traveled to each of the four realms, intent on polluting their teachings with sin. To Malianus, who grew tired of each mate He created to sate his drive, they taught the sin of debauchery and sloth, bestowing upon him shameful lust. To Crucus, who grew bored of the mundane trials upon His world, they taught the sin of murder and blood-lust, bestowing upon him a drive of death. And to Urganus, who grew a hunger for power and and the mundane metals of the earth, he taught the sin of greed and envy, bestowing upon him to want nothing but the trivial treasures of the mortal realm. With each one falling prey to the demonic corruption, the realms quickly followed suit, and sin spread across the population like a plague. Iblees and his cohort were able to confront Horonius four times, each with a different coercion. First, they promised Malianus’ passion for the flesh, but Horonius had his wife Julia, and desired no other. Second, they promised Crucus’ passion for death, but Horonius had love for his people, and sought battle only for benefit. And third, they promised Urganus’ passion for wealth, but Horonius had his care for his realm, and desired only the fruitful bounty for his people. Iblees was wicked though clever, and the fourth time offered eternal life. Horonius at first laughed, for he was His creation, and would live eternally in God, yet Iblees continued, and offered it for his children, for he claimed the children were not of His creation but Horonius’, and that they would not be Loved. Horonius still refused, though he came to doubt God, and unknowingly was bestowed the sin of doubt and questioning the Power of God. In his doubt, he prayed, and God answered, sending Horonius to fast upon the Rock of Gamesh. Dragur and his party, including the beings Tersion and Micahelus, visited down from the Seven Skies, and after three days Horonius was given the heavenly laurels as a crown. God gazed upon His creation and saw the sins of Malianus, Crucus, and Urganus and wept, and so Horonius made covenant with God never to stray from His Love as his brothers had. Though in Horonius’ absence his realm came to be infested with unholy sin, and like its sibling tribes, soon became a haven of chaos. Through the guise of man, Iblees preached and taught the ways of wickedness to the pure tribe of Horonius. Julia, who kept the home in the absence, took the most faithful of men and protected the home of their family, and prayed to God for His son’s return. God heard the prayers of Julia and commanded Horonius to return with the aenguls to his decaying city of Paradisius, where he rallied those who had not fallen, including his faithful wife Julia, who eternally remained faith to God and her husband. Horonius gathered what forces were not under the taint of Iblees, and God granted him generalship of the armies upon the earth. For his position, the daemon Garumdus crafted the Great Axe and Sword of Horonius, embedded with divine power of the Skies. He and the faithful men of God cleared the streets of Paradisius of the wicked followers of Iblees, and restored the temple which laid burdened by heathenish false idols. By this time, Iblees had taken control of nearly half the world and wreaked havoc upon the earth below. His army consisted upon legions of fallen aenguls and daemons, who joined Iblees in horrid rebellion, as well as the corrupted tribes of the fallen three brothers.. The remaining aenguls under the cowardly Xanus, who cared not who won but how they would benefit, sat neutral in the conflict much to the displeasure of God. The war began first as daemons under the malicious Metizus attempted to storm the great doors to the Seventh Sky, only for himself to be cast down to the earth after a duel with the warrior-angel Micahelus. On the mortal plane, great battles were fought, and the world shook for months in great earthquakes and floods, as divine manifests clashed in crescendos of power. Entire cities were destroyed in flashes of light, and many people lost their lives in the ensuing fights of mortals and aenguls. Despite the bravery and valiant deeds of Horonius and his tribe, the corrupted forces of Iblees and the twisted clans of his brothers proved too much, and they made a last stand upon the gates of the Seven Skies. Horonius, who still loved his brothers, met them upon the field, and because of his love and wit, convinced the three to turn away from sin, repent, and follow the Way of God. This came a terrible blow to Iblees, and when Horonius began to chant the name of God, the gates of the Skies shuttered open. God Himself, who could not be seen by His sheer power else be blinded by his glorious light, shattered Iblees in a great deal, before grabbing hold of his unholy body and dragging him below. Before he left the earth, however, Iblees uttered a final curse to the people. To Malianus and his people, he cursed with infertility and for their hedonist desires to never be satisfied. To Crucus and the violent warriors, he burned to give them green skin and deformed teeth and an eternal lust for blood. To Urganus and the greedy miners of the mountains, he hammered each to be half-men and cursed with blinding avarice so no amount of gold would fill the void of their hearts. And finally, to the faithful Horonius and his people, he cursed with lives too short to experience the bounties of God, the greatest curse for the most pious of the brothers. These demented curses created the four modern races of man, elf, ork, and dwed. For five days, the world stood in complete twilight, for even the aenguls felt powerless without the presence of God, and the whole world wept in fear. He drug Iblees to the coldest depth, and instead of killing his son, for He Loved him despite such sin, he imprisoned for eternity in repentance. Many aenguls and daemons followed suit, locked in the void as prisoners, and those mortals who continued to follow Iblees despite all that occurred were forced to wander the void, becoming demonic spirits and unholy beasts. God’s Power radiate throughout the void during His five days, and it has remained in the void as pure energy, later to be utilized by magi in the form of magick. On the fifth day, God returned to the Seventh Sky, and the light returned to the world. The aenguls, daemons, and people rejoiced, and those faithful angels returned to the Skies in glorious triumph, where the heavenly halls lit in jovial celebrations. God allowed this for two days, giving us the seven day week, yet on the eighth day he stopped all and doled upon judgement. To the neutral aenguls of Xanus, he banished from the Seven Skies, to always walk the mortal realm or spend their days in the cold reaches of the void. To the three brothers who casted God aside, he did the same, though he bestowed upon them gifts of mortal longevity, as to enjoy the mortal realm till they suffer punishment in eternal solitude. To Horonius and his tribe, which he called Man, he favored as His Chosen People, and while He did not lift the curse of Iblees, instead allowed His Chosen People to walk the Seven Skies as He and His aenguls and daemons do. Horonius was honored, and God bestowed upon him leadership of the world, and the brothers were subservient to him. This grew a great jealousy between the brothers, for they were once equals, but for the coming decades peace was had. Horonius ruled as King of the World, advised by the aenguls Dragur and Tersion, and remained faithful to God. --- CHAPTER I Year 0 FALL OF PARADISIUS or Death of the First Prophet and the Calling of the Three Sons “And so Harren, Joren, and Godwin, the sons of the Chosen Himself, stood and watched the collapse of their home, by the hands of the once uncle of their kind. Harren cursed the Skies and above, the one of indulgence. Joren bellowed in rage, the one of wroth. And Godwin drank himself blind, the one of acedia. Soon Micahelus came down, the one which guided Horen years before. And he sayeth one phrase, before sending the children to each corner of the world; ‘So is the Darkness That Comes Before, and So is the Light That Comes After.’” -The Book of Saints, Unknown For twenty-five years, the world was at peace. Paradisius, the capital and home of Horonius, grew to immense sizes, with temples spanning to the sky, great halls stretching miles, and divine marvels unknown to our contempory world. Upon the Isthmus of Kramoroe, where Paradisius stood at its mouth, the city bustled, and Horonius’ tribe grew to great numbers and its members spread across the world from the barren north to the bitter south. Aeternus and Joraenus, the two eldest of Horonius’ children, were eventually granted tribes of their own, while the third-son Gosvenus remained steward under the eye of his father. The aenguls Tersion and Dragur remained at the court of the King of the World, advising its ruler and teaching the arts of science and law to Man. In the vastness of the Realm of the World, all paid homage to God, the King of All Kings, and in every corner His Touch reached all. However, Horonius’ brothers, the recently cursed Malianus, Crucus, and Urganus, despised the attention and favoritism given to him. They resented their weakness in falling to the false promises of Iblees, while Horonius prayed to God and remained true, and so many from the tribes of ork, elf, and dwed sought conflict with those of Man. Some even began to consort and pray to the fallen aenguls and spirits for help, who they called gods in mockery of Him. Malianus turned to the forest nymphs, who he took as wives and disrespected the sanctity of love. Crucus turned to the twisted followers of Iblees locked in the void, giving blood sacrifice in exchange for unholy power. And Urganus turned to the selfish aenguls who denied God’s call to war, delivering tribute of treasure in order to fill their meager coffers. But the humans of Horonius were pious and true, and they flourished with children spreading throughout the world. The siblings saw this and they resented the purity of their brother, and swore to correct what they perceived unjust. Crucus devised a devious plan, where under the guise of repentance, he would trick the noble Horonius and corrupt the holiness of Man. He wrote to Horonius about his great, feigned regret for the sins he committed, how he wished to turn back to God, and desired to unite both tribes in prayer and worship. Horonius believed in the goodness of his siblings, and accepted readily, for he wished nothing more than for all the races to live under the Love of God. Crucus promised no weapons, though Iblees cursed him with sinful cunning, and hid his tribal weapons in hay bales given to Horonius as tribute. He brought his son Gorcus, known for his weakness in spirit, to lead his vanguard when he reached the holy walls of Paradisius. Both of Horonius’ eldest sons were not within the city when Crucus and his tribe arrived, remaining in their own tribal lands, though the third-born Gosvenus remained. Julia grew wary of the size of Crucus’ party and warned her husband of her suspicion, feeling wicked intent in disguised piety. Horonius had great love for his brother, however, and denied every thought of believed treachery by a kinsman. Julia in her wisdom turned to the aengul Tersion, who agreed with her and went to the room of Horonius to convince him of the wisdom of Julia’s warnings. Again, since Horonius had great love for his brother, he denied the allegations of the aengul Tersion. Tersion, furious in righteous rage, turned only to the wisest of God’s servants, the Lord Dragur, who agreed on the risk of allowing Crucus such liberties. Dragur left for the room of Horonius, but again Horonius’ love was greater than the reason of the aengul, and he denied all. Julia grew upset, and under the advice of the wise-woman Philipia, she left in seclusion to the Cave of Ari with fifty virgins sworn to maidenhood in their love of God. Horonius held a grand celebration upon the arrival of his brother, where he led personally a great parade of the riches and splendor of Paradisius and the bounties of God. The parade lasted four days and four nights, where upon the fifth day Crucus and Horonius embraced upon the Rock of Gamesh. Horonius attempted to convince his brother soon after to fast with him for the coming four days, though Crucus denied vehemently. The love for his brother blinded Horonius, however, and he thought nothing of Crucus’ denial to prayer. Within the Great Temple of Paradisius, which expanded to the heavens, the brothers held a mass feast and union between the tribes. Man was weary of the green beasts, though they held loyalty to the King of the World, and took them with open arms as brothers. The feasting lasted for four days and four nights, with tables stretching to thousands of seats, headed by the fathers Horonius and Crucus and sons Gorcus and Gosvenus. During the feasts, sports and duels were had between both members of the tribe, and a great rivalry emerged between the weak Gorcus and the valiant Gosvenus. Looking to trickery rather than honor for victory, Gorcus turned to the magick of the twisted spirits, who bestowed upon him unholy strength. Gosvenus was pure and stooped to no ibleeic tricks, for he carried only his love of God, and trusted in Him. In the final bout between the two kinsmen, Gosvenus overcame Gorcus and forced him to submit, and though the dark powers clouded his mind, Gorcus saw the might and valour of Gosvenus, and swore upon him friendship. In a confusing rabble to Gosvenus, he claimed he could not stop what will occur, though his descendants would ‘forever look in companionship with his ilk’. These words troubled Gosvenus, who turned to his secluded mother Julia for guidance. Yet this occurred on midnight of the fourth day, and Crucus executed his diabolical planned attack upon the Tribe of Man. His orks gathered the hidden weapons while the drunken humans feasted within the halls of the Great Temple, and began butchering those who did not submit. Crucus stole the Great Axe crafted by Garumdus and used it to slay his brother as he slept. With the blood of Horonius staining the Great Axe, he called upon the twisted spirits and named the weapon falsely as the Axe of Crucus (Axe of Krug). His soldiers captured the gates of Paradisius, where upon they allowed great hordes of dwed and elves into the holy metropolis, all desiring to pollute the treasure with their sins. Gosvenus and Julia saw the destruction wrought by the three tribes and they wept in the seclusion of the Cave of Ari. Julia bestowed upon Gosvenus the Great Sword crafted by Garumdus, which she called the Sword of Horonius, and instructed to Gosvenus to lead the house of Man from the destruction of its brothers. The third son rallied the soldiers who had not fallen to the parties of orks, dwed, and elves, and left in great hurry to save the tribe from total destruction. Crucus himself led the sacking of the holy city, razing the great stone buildings and killing wantonly. He was assisted by Malianus, who captured men and women for his harems, and Urganus, who melted the great shrines to Him for statues in his own liking. They burned the holy books of the temple in a bonfire dedicated to the twisted spirits and fallen aengudaemons, sacrificing man, woman, and child in ceremonies to taint the holy power of God’s mortal city. Once he gathered the surviving people in the grand chaos, he returned to his mother, who he bade to join into retreating to the Valley of Aaun. Though Crucus had seen Gosvenus and his attempts and he gathered forces to hinder them from retreating. Julia claimed to her son that she must remain and guard the house of her husband, and sent him off. She was joined by the wise-woman Philipia and the other forty-nine virgins, and they prayed in the Cave of Ari. From his scouts, Crucus discovered the cave as the potential location of Gosvenus and the remaining humans and soon arrived, joined by his two brothers Malianus and Urganus. They laid short siege and took the cave with no fight, and rounded up Julia and the women. The three brothers demanded the location of her son and the Tribe of Man, but she refused, and no matter what words they gave, she stayed true to her vows. All three offered themselves as husbands to Julia and their tribe as suitors to the gathered virgins. Malianus offered passions and pleasures immeasurable, though Julia refused, for the only passion she desired was her husband’s. Crucus offered power and control over the lives of slaves and foes, though Julia declined, for the only power she desired was the peace of her people. And finally Urganus offered riches and splendor which rivaled that of the aengudaemons, though Julia refused, for the only wealth she desired was the bounty of humanity. All three brothers grew enraged by the piety of Julia, and offered the same to each woman of Julia’s company, who all stood by their matriarch. The sinful brothers butchered the women after their spurning, where Crucus beheaded Julia in the same fashion as he did to his brother Horonius. He ordered his son Gorcus to give chase to Gosvenus; however Gorcus had given oath to Gosvenus, and deliberately lost the trail of the fleeing men. Crucus claimed the spoils of the city of Paradisius for himself, which came to the anger of Urganus and Malianus, who both wanted the capital of the Realm of the World for themselves, and they soon quarreled. Both the dwed and the mali were cast out by the orks of Crucus, and for five years the three races fought for the spoils of their kinslayed brother Horonius. Tersion appeared to both Joraenus and Aeternus, who were ruling their own tribes in the north and south respectively, and told of what occurred. The three sons of Horonius eventually gathered in the Valley of Aaun, with Aeternus and Joraenus accompanied by their fiercest warriors, and Gosvenus with the remnants of the men and women of Paradisius. The warrior-aengul Micahelus appeared to the three in majestic splendor, and instructed them of the great struggle to come in reclaiming the City of the World. Aeternus, who carried great indulgence and pride, cursed the aengul and questioned why God did not stop the sinful takeover. Joraenus, who carried great anger and jealousy, demanded immediate retribution and march upon Paradisius at once. And Gosvenus, who carried great acedia, grew great sadness at his failure to protect his father and took to wine. However, when Micahelus blew the Holy Oliphant, the sons of Horonius listened, and when their immediate shock passed, planned for divine reclamation of their birthright. They would take five years to gather the armies of men from across the World, in plans of gathering the largest army since the great struggles of God and Iblees. Aeternus would be sent south, to rally the Desert Clans and the Clans of the Jungles under his banner, Joraenus to the north, to bring the Five Great Tribes of the Highlands, and Gosvenus would remain in the Valley of Aaun and call upon the Heartland Folk to gather in its confines. When the plans were made, the aengul Micahelus beckoned them off and gave upon them the graces of God. However, Aeternus, who despised the south and desired the bountiful north of his brother’s tribe, left northward as well, much to the anger of Joraenus, and would cause great conflict in the future. --- GLOSSARY Names, Terms, and Translations
  20. Outside of a Vaeyl construct, Celaena Sylric climbs up the cliffside, a note clenched in her hand as she pulled herself onto one of the ledges. The wind howled as snow swirled over the mountainside that the stone outcropping was perched upon. On that very same platform, a figure of similar stature to herself stood, silently looking out to the tundra as the sun had begun to dim, setting behind the clouds. “You wished to speak?...” Celaena held her distance, staring at the figure which has become familiar to her over the years... A dear friend that few knew of... in her eyes a gem of a person only needing guidance back to the light that she chose to see despite her past. She spent many years struggling with whether she was to remain within Fenn or seek a safer home for herself. her now ex-husband Aesilnoth Annungilben, and their son, Varkaris. Even though Aesilnoth would not speak to her, those three were still the three she cared for most, and would lie her life down should it give them an opportunity to carry on, even if without her. For many years, she struggled with an illness that nearly killed her on numerous occasions, while Aesilnoth had disappeared as a war prisoner for fifty years, and events during this time ultimately leading to their divorce after his return. Standing out in the angry storm, this is what she thought about, how her life had fallen apart around her and in her eyes, it was only her at fault for how things had turned, however she accepted it and wished to continue to make life better, if not for herself, for Varkaris and the children lost to her over the years to death or disappearance. The figure stepped closer to Celaena without a word, leading her to take a step back, however she could not recede further as she was at the edge. The advance continued until they stood a mere two feet from her, the only color visible in the dying light a pair of horns mounted to the helm, slightly lighter than the armor worn. “What are you doing?...” Her hand fell to the hilt of her sword, her eyes widening slightly, as this behavior was out of character for her friend. The howling wind seemed to pick up as an arm lurched out, quickly grabbing Celaena by her throat before she could react... a golem arm. It quickly applied pressure, Celaena’s hands flying up to attempt to free herself. After realizing it was not worth the effort, her choked breaths becoming unable to be obtained as the grip tightened, crushing her throat and cutting off most circulation. Her leg kicked out, attempting to kick the dark figure before grabbing at her sword. Severely weakened at this point, she drew the sword and swung it at the stone arm, the clang of the sword hitting against the metal weakly only met with the sound of the wind as her arm went limp. “I am sorry... They did this to you... I must end it.” A hoarse voice spoke from beneath the horned helm as Celaena gripped at their hand once more, considerably weak as the figure lifted their helm off of their face... unable to be seen clearly in the dark light and dimming consciousness of Celaena… cleared only for a moment as the figure leaned forward, kissing Celaena as their hand gripped tighter around her neck. Soon they backed off, staring at Celaena as her eyes begun to glaze over, “I... am not... unhappy...” She mouthed silently, only moments before her arms fell limp to her sides, falling unconscious to the assailant’s grip. At this moment, the grip of the assailant tightened until Celaena’s heart let out its last beat, pulling her now lifeless body to them in an embrace, a quiet sob heard from the assailant as he held her, drawing his sword before positioning it, stabbing it between armor plates to pierce her through the heart. For an extended time, he merely held the dead body, blood seeping from the stab wound to match the sobbing that was drowned out by the wind. A few hours hike later, the figure showed up to the gates of Talar’Ikur, checking that there were no guards present before tying a rope around Celaena’s neck, having carried her body over from where she had died. Throwing the rope up, her body was lofted and affixed hanging by the neck from the flaming lights that stood vigil over the city, shedding light through the blizzard that had formed. Then, a note was written and tied to her arm, reading “You did this to her.“ without any indicator as to who wrote the letter... The assailant and former friend then abandoned the body, returning to where they came from to leave their message to be found by the ‘Fenn she called family. About a day’s time passed before Airebys Sylric, Celaena’s nephew found the body, crying out to the other Ivae’Fenn to lower the body and bring it within the city. The note would be received with anger by the Grand Prince, Aelthir Tundrak, as the Sylric bloodline began to grieve for the loss of one of the young ‘Fenn, Celaena Sylric having died only at 150 years of age. As the ‘Fenn had begun their grief-stricken process of burial... the soul of Celaena ascended to Aira’fin. Never would she return to Fenn--the bright light she encountered parted so she could see the silhouettes of many figures she had not seen in nearly a century... Her daughter Azza, her mother, father, and eldest brother... and one last figure... Giles Curthose. A smile quickly formed as she ran forward, throwing herself at Giles, pulling him into an embrace tighter than any she had given in the years since she had fallen ill. Finally, she could rest once more... knowing her son was not there and at last reunited with the rest of her family, her final worry being of her son, hoping that he would not be devastated with the loss as much as she feared. [OOC] This is not to be taken into rp knowledge.. how she died and all, however reacting to what is rply known is more than welcome (Ex. at her grave wondering who did it etc.)… And yes, this is very delayed as this occurred during Atlas, I am aware... There have been some issues delaying this posting, but it is here now! Thank you to everyone that contributed to Celaena’s life, even though it was cut shorter than I originally intended.
  21. For those that opened this forum post, expecting to read something good from me, don’t expect this story to have a sad ending. This story tells the ending of Jarsek Myrsta, the last of the Myrsta bloodline left alive to a curse that plagued them for centuries. From his beginnings as a soldier left in a war-torn world to the gruesome end that he faced in Haelunor, he lived from 1530 to 1703. There would be no grave to mark for him save for a lone sword that he came across some years ago, a blade that shined like fire in the sunlight. His gravestone was his blade, which he dubbed “Phoenix Blade,” and it would remain in Atlas forever more, to be hidden in the world and never to be found. Jarsek’s killer was someone that his grandson had close ties to, but no one would be remiss of the old soldier whose blood was cursed from the moment of his birth. Let us delve into the story of “The Darkest End” and see how Jarsek spent his last moments... ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories end with a dark note, but this story wasn’t one of them. It began when Jarsek was knocked out by Eros after fighting with a elfess, armed with nothing more than magic and a wand. He fell into the nightmare world once again where he saw his beloved grandson fight a daemon with the strange magic he had seen previously. The daemon was faster than his grandson, but Karren had tried to cast spells faster with the chance of burning up his cursed spirit which made Jarsek cry at the sight of how hard his grandson fought to stay alive. He screamed at the daemon as if he was beginning to succumb to the darkness within as the restraint was unlocked in this world, allowing him access to the magic within him. Jarsek would be casting spells towards the daemon to try and save his grandson, but each spell ended up fizzling as in life, he didn’t know much about magic at all. The daemon was winning against them both, and the struggle was enough to erupt Jarsek in a painful screeching that reverberated into the physical world as a ear-piercing scream. He wasn’t able to wake up from the nightmare since he was slipped a concentrated nightsap pill while unconscious, but he didn’t care anymore. He wanted to save his grandson, but what he did not realize was that his powers did not extend into the real world and only existed in this hellworld. This was when the daemon seized Karren and began to siphon his very soul away to the point that not even the aenguls could revive him. Upon seeing his grandson be seized and his essence siphoned away, he’d cry out to the daemon to take him instead. He wanted to sacrifice his very life for his grandson as he knew that the doors to the real world would be forever closed to him. The daemon agreed and feasted on his soul, erasing every trace of Jarsek from the world. Karren would cry out in pain as he saw his grandfather give up his life for him, but in the physical world, he died from massive injuries to his eyes and loss of blood... Illiran would feel as if he had succeeded in eliminating the Myrsta bloodline, which made him smile a bit. He suffered through that brat Karren and his impurity as well as killing off his grandfather with ease, but something else felt off about the whole ordeal. It seemed too easy to eliminate two members of a whole bloodline, but this would not perplex him as he wished to relish in his ill-gotten victory. Gywnevere, though while present, didn’t understand why that he had died. She also didn’t know why that she shed a tear for the fallen mali, but somehow, she knew that he had sacrificed himself to save someone he loved as a family. It would be one of either many or few good moments when someone died that she knew. Eros didn’t care in the slightest for the death of the mali as he considered him a mali’ata. Though Jarsek was dead, it did not mean that someone else would take up the mantle of learning about the darkness within the heart. Someone unknowing of the power of the Dark Heart, the Cursed Soul, the Fractured Mind and who would play his part to begin with a broken heart...
  22. Previous Stories: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: We have reached Part 4 in this series, ending the first arc in the “Key to Oblivion” stories. Thank you for reading the storyline so far and I hope you enjoy “The Darkness Within,” the final story of the first arc. ~(+)=~=(+)~ Some stories don’t get to end with a joyous note. Others have far more twisted ends to them while the people are left with a sobering fact of life. We all can die and never come back. This was especially true to Karren Myrsta when his throat was slit back in the Druid Grove by Nivndil some years ago. He had left the world while the September Prince still roamed the land, terrorizing the population and leaving him with the sense of powerlessness that drove him to begging for death. Now, he resided in a world that offered no quarter with demons wishing to end his pathetic life so that he may never exist again. When his grandfather “dreamed” of seeing him as he was now, in the middle of transitioning into a beast of corruption and wielding dangerous magical power, he did not wish for him to see how far he had fallen and how close he was to turning into a being of pure hatred-tortured relentlessly by those that resided within the hellworld of The Pit. It was the one thing that he had wished to never lose-the good memories of him, tainted forever by how far that he had become-and the one thing that forced him to cling to dear life within this hellscape. To Jarsek, however, the sight of his grandson being a figure of pure heart and how he became something frightening was enough to break his very heart-shatter his core into millions of pieces. Ascended could not help him with this kind of problem as it affected him deeply to the point of wanting to die, but there was another force deeper within that fought to keep him alive. There was no other way for him to stay alive, broken as he was, besides taking up the darkness within his very being and letting it run free within him. Surging like wildfire and feeling cold to the touch, Jarsek would begin to learn about this driving force of Creation and even attempt to understand it through how it would react to certain situations, but however, something felt like it was being prevented from unleashing itself fully into his body, acting like a powerful restraint that would appear to be indestructible. Not a single clue on how to release that preventive restraint, Jarsek had only one option left to him at the time: begin to learn about the darkness within. This would motivate him into something that would either drive him into insanity or elevate him into power, depending on how fate had willed it. He wanted to know what this darkness was inside of him to the point of asking critical questions that would prove to be even more complex to answer as they simple to ask. “What is this feeling? Where did it come from? Is this part of our curse?” would three of the many questions that would plague his mind for years to come until he either gained a satisfactory answer or not. Critical questions that would endlessly plague him to the point that they would be burned forever to his core, questioning everything. Unbeknownst to even most High Elves, curiosity can be a powerful motivator for either the good or the bad choices made every second of every day, but Jarsek was the most afflicted in this case. Intelligent and witty, he would try his best to understand how this feeling within him worked and what it was truly... ~(+)=~=(+)~ While Jarsek had this feeling within him, something else was brewing in a currently unknown continent known as Arcas. Something that was not always so simple as the lands were brimming with life and suppressing that which was attuned to the darkness, keeping it in perpetual slumber. At least, for now...
  23. Previous Stories: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179359-the-dream-part-1/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179386-cursed-bloodline-part-2/ ~(+)=~=(+)~ It doesn’t end. Ozais and Jarsek went into the town of Belvitz to find all the residents asleep, but strangely enough, Jarsek wasn’t feeling the darkness within him surge through his veins as it did the last time he was in the presence of his master. Even as his true name was called out, something lingered deep within his soul-eating away piece by piece of his ethereal light. He didn’t feel like something invaded his soul or was growing inside of it, but it felt hollow-empty from within. He didn’t wish to seek out the help of the Ascended, who might help him understand why his soul felt hollow inside, or seek any kind of magical attention due to the fact that Jarsek didn’t understand what was happening to him. Then he felt his mind slip, replaced with a dark hollowness that seemed to entrance him. Jarsek kept muttering how cold it felt, even though it wasn’t horribly cold in the town of Belvitz. This coldness radiated deep within his soul and if he was touched, his skin would’ve felt cold to the touch. It wasn’t any magic that affected him, unless you counted what has happened to him thus far. From the dream to the bloodline curse awakening deep within him, Jarsek has had an adventure that most people would try to back out of once they realized where the story was going. Unfortunately, Jarsek was not the type to back out and as a consequence, he would suffer great torment and pain from within. Merely half an hour passed before he regained his senses by Ozais slapping some sense back into him, but it was not without its cost. The bloodline curse took hold within his soul and then would spread to his body, slowly beginning to break it down and further exhaust the young high elf. Little did Jarsek know that some parts of his dream weren’t just symptoms of depression, but of something else. Something else that if awakened, would change Jarsek’s life forever. If people cared to notice his eyes, they could tell that the ambition had been reignited, but not in the way they would’ve expected. His eyes were carrying the Blighted Fire, a darkened flame that burned two types of colors: Black and Purple. The blighted fire wouldn’t mean much in the present time, but no one could predict what it would mean in the future.... A hollowed soul... A blighted fire, reignited... The pain of rememberance... Death of one they loved... A will, shattered by false hopes and dreams, turning to ill... Something was brewing deep within the high elf that would continue to fester until it either broke him or forced him to commit acts of impurity and murder. A hunger was beginning to take form within his soul that not even he could fight alone-a hunger that would become lethal. This was something else.... Something that can blight even the sharpest of sight and quench the fire within. There was an evil within that wanted free.....
  24. Previous story: ~(+)=~=(+)~ I felt the darkness take hold when I stared into the eyes of my master Ozais, along with the insanity that strangely flowed into my inner darkness-fueling it. It felt replenishing for me to feel my blood grow cold with my darkness flowing through after decades of burying it deep within. The pain and suffering I went through.... I finally understood why I was a good soldier.... The Myrsta bloodline always had some kind of darkness within them, awaiting to be awakened. From their inception, each of those within the clan-either man or woman-felt their darkness be dormant within and the urge to try to coax it awake. Some of the Myrsta bloodline-like Karren prior to his death-had a greater urge to awake and sate their inner darkness while others-like Jarsek-did not have such powerful urges. It doesn’t take much for their darkness to be coaxed to the surface, however, because darkness can come in varying forms. From wishing to know or experience dark magic to even the simplest task of killing those either innocent or otherwise, those within the Myrsta clan can coax their darkness out to the surface, but with a severe cost of losing part of themselves to their dark depths. No magic can undo this, sadly, because it is a firm belief of those within the Myrsta bloodline that those who carry Myrsta blood-even changing their name would not work-within their veins are cursed to feel their inner darkness take hold and make them suffer in varying ways, though no one is sure just how many ways this darkness can make the person suffer. Shades cannot shade those within the Myrsta bloodline due to this belief, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to the dark thought. When Karren was still alive and wishing to be shaded by an old friend of his, the shade felt the darkness of their family curse and threatened to not shade the boy and his “split personality” if he continued to seek being shaded. What the shade did not realize at the time was that a single act of denying Karren that which he wished to have fueled his darkness even more, even to the point of fracturing the boy’s mind. When Ozais, Jarsek’s master, looked into his eyes, he found the darkness take root within his mind-fueled by the Graven’s Eye and coaxed into being. It turned him into a soldier of darkness, making him a Dark Phoenix. To those who are not aware, a Dark Phoenix is the physical form of a Myrsta fallen into darkness-never to be returned to the light. Madness and in the presence of a dark creature made Jarsek’s darkness truly come alive and nearly wipe away the man’s personality that he worked hard to create, but even the family curse could not completely change the person they once were. They couldn’t be returned to the light by any magical means, of course, but there are always pathways back to the light if needed. Though Jarsek now felt his curse take root, that did not alleviate his nightmares about his grandson. When Jarsek was shot and knocked out in Sutica, he was sent back into that hellworld of a nightmare. This time, there was endless screaming along with the ever-burning fire and brimstone accompanying the sight of the black armored figure. It was also different in the fact that the armored figure was turning to face him directly. The figure seemed to have black eyes within his helmet and at his side, the figure had a sheathed greatsword with some kind of magical symbols on the scabbard. Symbols that Jarsek did not understand. He looked to be the same height as Jarsek, but the black eyes within the helmet seemed to be soulless, unlike his master’s eyes. The figure would begin to speak in a gravelly voice to Jarsek... “Grandfather?” The figure would ask with a sad tone. “How can you be here?” “Karren? Is that you underneath all that armor?” Jarsek would ask his grandson, almost pleased to see him once again. “Yes, but you need to leave grandfather.” Karren would say with a small undertone of urgency. “If you stay here, you won’t be able to get back.” “Back?” Jarsek would ask Karren, confused as to what he means. “To Atlas. You aren’t done, not yet.” Karren replied, sounding a little joyous to see his grandfather. “Though I wish I could hug you, you need to wake up.” “Where are you, my grandson?” Jarsek would ask, shedding tears of both joy and sorrow. “Somewhere that only the dead can survive. Barely.” Karren would reply as he would withdraw his sword in preparation of a fight. “Now go!” Jarsek would want to reply with saying how much he loved him and how badly he wished he was there to save his poor grandson from the darkness, but it was when he heard his true name that he felt the chains of life begin to force him awake and suffer through the pain of being shot in the arm. His anger took root as he remembered where his grandson had been this time and that made his inner darkness grow even more within. He was not going to allow himself to fall into that darkness again.... He woke up in his room-hours later-as he didn’t sleep easily last night. He would have a long day ahead of him, but there was a lingering question in his head. Where would the dead survive barely and how can I get back there?
  25. The dream happened again. Jarsek wasn’t sure as to why he had the dreams of his dead grandson Karren, but something felt strange down to his core. Each dream was the same every time he closed his eyes and let his exhaustion take over from the day’s events. These dreams fueled him every day, but the fuel was mortal and it ate away at his soul little by little as if they affected him on a much deeper scale than what any magic could do to him. To those he considered friends, he looked tired more and more with each passing day. His once-glowing ambition that burned within his steel gaze had grown dimmer and colder as his essence was being affected by this strange coldness he felt within. Within the privacy of his home, he had grown sad and his intense feeling of depression had begun to ravage through his veins-sometimes even attracting attention from the outside. Though no one could understand just how sad he truly was. How badly his grandson’s death-that happened years ago-affected him and how he bottled it up. This dream that kept cropping up in Jarsek’s nighttime slumber was not helping to please him, but it made him even sadder. The dream, from what Jarsek could remember, was what he wrote in a journal before he departed to Haelun’or: A dream of fire and brimstone. Jarsek would appear in a giant place full of fire and lava, full of creatures that he did not easily recognize and was scared of. To this warrior high elf, he wasn’t sure why that he dreamed of the place that Iblees would call home, but nonetheless he would try to force himself to wake up to no avail. He felt like the world was too hellish for his steel-like determination, but something kept urging him to try to survive the hellish world around him. With no other chance, Jarsek would try to follow the urge as if it was his only guide in this hell he found himself in. It would continue to go through the fire and brimstone landscape until he would wake up, drenched in sweat. The high elf would, each time before he would wake up, see a black armoured figure with the strength of a hundred men with some kind of spectral black aura. A pure black aura, blacker than any dark magic he knew. The dream, Jarsek would come to realize, was an omen. A powerful dark omen that would change his world forever...
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