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Found 30 results

  1. Sometimes it takes a mind to understand that everchanging tempest of Time. Other times, they are considered mad and insane. That is what Karren felt like as he continued to delve into the darkest recesses of his own mind and soul. The single moment where his own life had taken a darkened turn was lost to his own memory as he had been claimed by Death and revived by the monks of Cloud Temple over and over again to the point where his own soul felt heavy. He wanted so badly to stop the pain of his own soul from weighing him down that he would've resorted for the blissfulness of the Shades to possess him, but he felt some kind of magical barrier blocking him or even preventing him from gaining such magic as if his destiny was not to fall into the powers of Shade or to fall into the powers of Death and mortality, but of a far more deeper future. One meant to change the world of Atlas forever. Karren was not aware of the cold and hardened fury within his own soul, but a man who had stepped into the Darkness had seen such an unbridled and furious emotional tidal wave of dark emotions within the boy's own soul. He approached the boy many days past in the Dominion and there had begun the lies and deceit, showing Karren the powers of his own soul. His own Fractured Soul. Kindness and humbleness hid away his own darkened emotions and unrestricted coils of anger and wrath, but even the man who approached him was slowly and surely twisting the boy's nature from a kind and humble boy into a hardened warrior of the Shadows. A man whose own destiny was to follow orders and prepare to turn his own emotions and sorrow into powers unrestricted and almost deadly to those he saw as enemies. The future looked promising to the boy as he kept up the dream of Balance and those he had met begun to see a much happier boy who had the time on his hands to learn about the world around him. What everyone did not figure out at all was that this boy harbored what would become the fuel for a spell that would grant him the powers of those tortured and suffered. What would be the Bane of the Shades and used in mind-altering illusions and painful secrets too dark for any one man. Karren Myrsta held in his own soul The Shadowed Fury.
  2. Zeldarina

    A silent throne room.

    The throne room fell silent, all eyes on the tall oak doors so carelessly flung open, the wind; a cool whip in the hand of the Gods. A sound of swords being unsheathed can be heard throughout the throne room, but those who draw their weapon do not step forth, rather they use the shadows of the columns as their armour and protection. The King himself does not move, he remains in his throne, grip tight on the cold metal arms, and poise uncomfortably straight to elevate himself. At the King’s side the Queen sits, her gaze fearful, torn between her husband and the intruder. The woman’s footsteps click down the hallway, and it is the only sound that can be heard, ringing out with the rhythm of a blacksmith sharpening his sword, or of a heartbeat. She walks confidently, like a victor after a battle – strutting through her enemies fallen bodies, without pause or hesitation. As she reaches the Kingsguard, her footsteps cease and she stands with her hand gently resting on her waist, her vision, piercing and cold falls on the King, and then drops to the Queen, who squirms in her seat uncomfortably, this makes her chuckle – a deep rippling laugh that slips and slides throughout the room like blood. As this trickles from her mouth she turns, and walks forward, each step calculated and slow. “It seems we have a crowd.” Her voice fills the room with the dramatic elegance of a performer. “I’m afraid my juggling act is on the morrow.” She keeps her back to the King, quite deliberately, and rolls her eyes at the knights clutching their swords like children hold their toys. The room falls silent once more, as if it had been frozen, and nobody wanted to break the ice. “Why are you here?” Finally, the King speaks, he does not shiver or stutter, but his eyes are cowardly and weak. “I wish to dance for you.” She says, without turning, her tone low and mocking. The Queen stands and shouts in her high, shrill tone, “You must face your King when you speak, and kneel to him as well.” A smile spreads across the woman, and she walks in a semi-circle, to face the thrones once more, but she does not look at the King, her vision stays focused on the Queen. She strides purposely and powerfully towards her, and the Queen’s courageous moment falters, now she looks nervous and silly where she stands. “A standing ovation already? How kind.” The Queen takes a quick breath and responds swiftly, the words rushing to get out of her mouth so she can sit down without attention. “I am your Queen, and you will address me as such.” “I must apologize; how rude it is of me not to address you by your proper name.” Her smirk is mischievous as she leans low. “I bow to you, Smotherer.” A series of gasps full the throne room, and the Kingsguard looks to the King for commands. “Seize her!” The Queen screams, but the Kingsguard do not move. “Burn her, stab her, drown her!” Each word is higher the last, making her sound hysterical and unsound. “Why do you not move! I command you as your Queen!” She tells the guards in an irate manner. The head of the Kingsguard does not turn nor kneel and stiffly replies, “We are under the command of the King, not of you.” Upon hearing this the Queen looks to her husband for support, but his focus stays on the woman. Tears of frustration well up in her eyes, and spill, as she storms out of the throne room. The King sighs, but his vision does not stray from the woman, who returns his steely gaze. “Let the dance commence.” She says, her voice a whisper yet heard by everybody present, an echo even heard in the Queen’s ears, as she rushes into her bedroom sobbing. The woman holds up her hand, and dances her fingers around like puppets. The Kingsguards’ limbs jolt and drop as if they were a mirror of her gestures. The 5 of them cry out in confusion as they lose control of their body and are used as rag dolls, their ivory robes flapping wildly in the movements. Knights and men alike on either side of the throne room step out, toward the woman, with weapons high and strong. The woman pays them no heed, and instead starts to hum a tune, a tune that thrashes and jumps and claws as if it were a beast of its own. “STOP.” The King’s shout booms across the room, loud and clear, the woman snaps her fingers and the Kingsguard lie lifeless on the floor. “You storm into my throne room, infuriate my wife, and murder my men. What is your business here?” The woman walks forward, over the dead bodies of the Kingsguard, and cries of objections come out from the crowd. One man rushes forward and she turns, giving him a strong glare, and his body flies away, hitting a few people, and lying still and cold. She stands in front of the King. “Once, we were lovers and you told me I meant the world to you.” The King starts to levitate, and his voice is silenced, yet his mouthing and expressions are one of a man in agony. “Well…” She says, as the King floats higher, and higher still. “I am here.” The King’s crown touches the ceiling now; tears pour down his face as his body spasms with pain. “And I come to collect my price.” She brings his body crashing down, onto the floor, the sound of his bones crunching ring out, and his blood pours onto the white rug. People drop their weapons in fear, some trying to sprint out of the door, but with a flick of her hand everybody levitates, a few feet, nothing more. They all have the same, dying emotions spread across their faces, skin contorted in pain. Her laugh spreads out once more, and she nods to the crown, it lifts and comes to her, drawn like a moth to a flame, bound to her dangerous beauty, and rests on her hair. The Queen bursts into the throne room, having calmed herself, and screams at the body of her dead husband. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” The Queen runs to his corpse in distress, shaking her head at the mess of blood and bone, in the moment of such intense panic not even seeing the levitating bodies. “I am your Queen.” The woman says, simply. The Queen looks up, in horror and spots the floating people, she stumbles backwards, and falls, screaming. “And you will address me as such.” The true Queen finishes, and brings the whole court crashing down to their deaths. The widow looks up at the true Queen, with blood covering her robes and tears pouring down her face. A wise man accepts his death, when it comes, to die with peace and without fear is to have a good death. But the widow cowers and screams as she dies, dragging out each second like the desperate fool she is.
  3. (Ajax, Storming the tower, 15th of the Deep Cold, 1675) The cries of the battle were heard below, Ser Ajax Ironwood the Second stormed the Tower in Halsworthy's main hall, seeing the Avatars from beyond the wall, at it's top. The relatively young graven knew the call to the battle, with every step he felt the weight of his kin upon his shoulders. At the top, stood one Avatar, alone, the Avatar of Malevolence. The Graven took to steel, and fought him, alone, without help, and honorably, man on man combat. The clashing of their blades could be heard, as Cassandra was slain, the graven knew he was no match for the foe at hand, but it was his duty, not only to his lord, but his home, to fight the beast. At first, it seemed as if he held the upper hand, his strikes connecting, his blade seemed to glide with every hit, connecting with the next. This early luck, seemed to dry out, as the Avatar seemed to feel no pain, never flinch, or even stop from his mighty blows, all hope he had, was fading. Blow after blow, slash after slash, the Graven's armour was split, his essence, hacked from the world, as he battled. Eventually, the Graven could not stop his blows, and fell, his armour colliding with the stone pavement beneath him..... "Honorable, but not quite enough..." The Avatar said, Ajax knew what came next, but had just enough to speak. "At least, I die with honor!" Ajax spoke his last, for the night at least, before the Avatar of Malevolence plunged his blade deep into the knight, ending his essence, for some time..... (( OOC FYI NOT A PK POST, JUST THOUGHT IT WOULD BE COOL TO WRITE UP THE LITTLE DUEL AS IT WAS))
  4. Ragnio

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    The Atlasian Naval Guild was founded within the realm of Atlas, after the old Sutican City was nearly abandoned by it’s citizens and the leaving of the Trading Princess Lily, allowing those without a place to stay to find a new home to rest and to life at. Unlike most other nations the founders of the Atlasian Naval Guild were known as fairly good sailors and interested scientists, trying to explore the oceans of Atlas and it’s surroundings. While their ideal was it to explore the oceans they also became home to many people around them, steadily growing and expanding their research fleet. Purpose of the Guild While many Guilds are focusing on trading, giving the opportunity to learn a form of magic or just to offer some work the purpose of the Atlasian Naval Guild is different and unique in it’s own. The main purpose of the guild is it to explore the oceans of atlas and to find possible new lands to stay at. While doing so the guild is also trying to do their research of the currents, which are flowing through the oceans of the new realm, finding the fastest one to use for future traveling and sailing. Another big part of the guilds daily work is the research of new organisms, including plants and animals alike. New species can often help understand the current situations in certain regions and can also be used as materials for all kind of stuff, examples being medicine, smithing materials and far more. This is afterward leading to experiments to test possible new tools and to conclude further research on the different topics. Safety Safety is a rather important aspect for each member in the Atlasian Naval Guild, especially due to their dangerous missions. As such everyone is warned that the Guild isn’t having peaceful missions at all, but also rather dangerous ones. Due to those circumstances every member of the crew should be able to fight and be steady on a rough sea. Living Space/Base MS Vaile - The MS Vaile is a strong, nimble and fast Gallion Grade Vessel, housing around twenty crew members. The Vessel is build under the Captain and co Captain Vahryu Daluon, and Julia Abernathy. The MS Vaile can travel at the speed of 27 knots, able to withstand the Weather of the cold Arctic and hot summer winds of the equator. The mast would be made of a strong oak with Iron fittings and the sails would be made of a thin material dyed with grays and greens, the crews quarters holds around twenty eight bunks and the captains quarters holds two bunks, excluding the medical bay and area for livestock. Jobs/Tasks While many different roles are existing each member of the group is trying to help each other by handling main tasks, such as cooking or just cleaning the ship. As such most tasks are the following ones: Cook - Preparing dinner/food for the crew, while keeping a close eye on rations and drinkable water. The cook should be able to handle a knife even in the roughest of seas...and hopefully not lose a finger or too! Cartographer - Creating maps for the guild is an important job, since the guild is always trying to find and explore new lands. However, without creating a map of the new landmass and the surrounding waters such explorations are rather useless, since no one else may be able to find the land again. As such the cartographer needs to create fairly good maps, allowing the crew to find the islands once again. Secretary - The secretary is in charge of the general documentary of the expeditions and tasks fulfilled by the crew. Recording every single day on the sea is of importance, mostly to keep a fine grip on time, date and other important factors. As such the secretary should be able to write and have a talent for organizing. Steerman - Steering the ship with confidence and experience as the steerman guides the crew through the waves to their predetermined destination! A good eye is needed to see through the currents and shallow waters, sailing the ship to new lands to explore. As such the steerman should have some experiences in sailing and how currents are normally acting. Sailor - The sailors of the ship are helping wherever they can, either by hissing the sails or by cleaning the deck. Normally this job isn’t requiring a lot of talent to do, yet, it is one of the more important jobs, since everything is depending on the sailors. Medic - Healing the wounded and sick is the work of the medic, often saving many lives in dangerous situations. As such the medic should have a great knowledge in medicine and should be able to operate in a rather small medical area. Goals The Atlasian Naval Guild has several important goals to achieve, mostly focusing around explorations and experimentation on different naval-related topics. As such the most common goals for the guild are: Finding new land Finding new plants and animals Completing research on different topics, mostly the synergy of different species Preserving the ocean life Discovering ancient sea structures Finding treasures Application MC-Name: Character Name: Age: Race: Hometown: Possible Goals to achieve: Wanted Role/Job: Discord: Member List Captain Vahryu Daluon (@Ragnio) Julia Abernathy(@Space_Gene) Steerman Gilondir Oronar Frostbeard (@SanderGamerNL) Cartographer Jakhatir Kegbrew Grandaxe (@iAssey) Secretary Quillian Caerme’onn (@Torkoal_Tom) Sonya(@EagleEyeKK) Medic Balin Anvilaxe Grandaxe (@TheDarkAngel2308) Makisu Aiichi (@LilBlueMaki) Cook Hekkaes ‘Anvilaxe’ Goldhand (@JokerLow) Sailor Kraggomi Anvilaxe (@Leomits) Eledar Haler'thilln (@Aythinae) Ben Ethil (@HurferDurfe1) Bolon Stormtaker (@DarkElfs) Abdul Mubdee (@Booklight12) Ravondir Torena (@Ravondir) Cassian (@Svaknir) Mith (@TeaSpoon) Ned Anker (@MrForesteroni) Amias Carter Jonesaeus (@Jerome Jonesaeus) Robin David (@SkullMasterRO) Luthais (@IceWalker0) Allied Forces Vizmak Brigade
  5. TheDragonsRoost

    Time of the Tempest (Short Story)

    Prologue "Something about the world captures my attention. I do not know why I feel like I need to understand the message that the world is sending out, but that is why I traveled the world. To begin my journey into the vast Unknown to which would set me down the path to a greater future. I'm no normal High Elf, but what I believe sets me apart from the others is my unending and unceasing ability to be asking questions and using my knowledge to amazing and profound impact. I'm Karren Myrsta and I'm the Traveler." -Karren Myrsta A long and winding road is set before a young High Elf, fresh out of Haelun'or with a look of natural wonder in his eye. He seemed to be something of originality and unique creation as he seemed to look at the path before him and seeing the beauty of the world around him. His bright emerald green eyes looked like they had stars inside of them as he took his first steps in a long road through Time that would span over 14 years of endless travelling to the various settlements around Atlas and learning about the world around him. What would happen to this young High Elf on his journies would both ignite a deep passion for invention as well as a deeper sense of wonder and curiosity, enabling him to be made into a great adventuring Inventor as well as a skilled combatant. This is the story of Karren Mrysta and his journey through History.
  6. World in Flames 1933 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Europe, January 1, 1933 Rest of the world, January 1, 1933 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief History The year is 1933, across Europe and the Middle East, tensions rise. Austrian Hegemony throughout the balkans collapses as the empire crumbles piece by piece. The end of 3rd Franco-Iberian war plunges the Peninsula into civil war between the Nationalist and ‘Resistance’ governments. The middle east fractures ever more in the wake of the collapsing Ottoman empire as the self proclaimed ‘Provincial Government’ assumes control of central Mesopotamia and Egyptian-Arabian border conflicts continue to escalate. In Eastern Europe,the White army stands victorious over the Bolsheviks and Russia enters a state of martial law and dictatorship. The ‘Act of Unity’ between Hungary and Romania is signed giving rise to a new power in the region. The German Reich grows ever more ambitious as the French and English alike attempt to halt the ever expanding German army as well as the nations imperial goals. To the south, Italy splinters every more as Sicilian rebels win independence from the Italian crown and Genoan-Italian relations continue their downward spiral. In Scandinavia, revolution stirs in Sweden, Bolsheviks fleeing from Russia stir deceit and the populace, facing defeat after defeat against the Norwegian and Russian armies grow discontent with monarchy.In the Aegean, Ottoman holdings in Europe have been reduced to the Peloponnesus. Greek forces begin to mobilize. The British Isles lay in chaos, Economic depression has launched the islands into full rebellion. the Scottish gains traction by the day. Across the Irish sea, communist rebels launch operations all over the Island occupying Dublin declaring the ‘People’s republic’. In North America the United States remains fractured, Union-Confederate tensions raise to an all time high as the Confederate conquest of Mexico completes. But the cracks of Confederate society slowly begin to spread. The idea of independence is not insanity to Californian citizens. To the North, The dominion of Canada, stripped of its eastern territories, hungers for redemption. In the far east, Chinese supremacy in Asia crumbles as regional warlords threaten to tear the empire apart at the seems. The Japanese Empire continues its radical growth as both Hawaii and Manchuria fall to the Shogun’s forces. Conflict between the superpowers of Asia now seems inevitable. The world lays on the brink. ------------------------------------- Info Economy/Supplies will be determined by common sense and the resources at your nations disposal. Your army will suffer attrition and there will be consequences for the lack of war material All nations listed above are free to play (excluding the neutral cities) All your actions will have consequences. Opportunities will present themselves for you to take advantage of. This is an entirely Alt-history scenario the timeline doesn’t diverge at a specific event or moment, there will be similarities between this scenario. And our timeline. Any and all questions can be brought to discord Turns will be 3 months long during warfare and 6 during peacetimes Modposts will go up 1-3 times a week Rules 1. Metagaming/Powergaming is prohibited 2. Two people may not play as the same Country 3. Moderator has final say in all matters 4. South America is entirely off limits 5. Have fun ?
  7. ZhulikAltWithBadRepRatio

    The Embarassment of Haense, 1668

    The Embarrassment of Haense Issued and Confirmed by His Royal Majesty, the King of Renatus-Marna, Aurelius of the House of Horen, 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1668 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, This Saint’s Day we have delivered a swift and bludgeoning blow to the morale of Toby-Junior’s coalition. One of the crutches of the coalition, Haense, was greatly embarrassed by their inability to maintain order and safety within their own coronation. For those who are currently un-informed with the transpiring of this Saint’s Days events, the Crown of Renatus-Marna thusly provides you a timeline summary of what occurred and how it occured. The Crown of Renatus-Marna dispatched its Heavy-Infantry to engage with and cause disruption within The Duchy of Haense’s coronation ceremony. The Renatian Heavy-Infantry made contact within the throne room. Outnumbered two to one, Renatus swiftly and efficiently butchered all those within-- Dukesguard and engaged partisans alike. The newly dubbed Duke of Haense, Franz Barbanov, was captured following the defeat of he and his Dukesguard. Whilst dragging the Duke of Haense back to the proud Capital of Senntisten, a Haensetic/Courlandic relief force engaged the Heavy-Infantry with equal numbers, and too, were defeated. Duke Franz Barbanov, having been brought before his Majesty, King Aurelius I, was offered then offered gracious terms for surrender and exit to this war. Being stubborn, and acting akin to a sycophant, Duke Franz Barbanov was swiftly executed by the Renatian Crown in front of dozens of witnesses. Thus, Renatus issues this missive to all vassals, allies and enemies of the realm in order to reinforce the victory held this day. Though it is unfortunate that the Duchy of Haense is stubborn, let the record show that should Duke Franz Barbanov roam the streets as if he were among the living, that he is a necrotic of the highest caliber and is immediately recommended for excommunication and Pontifical denunciation. Additionally, the Crown of Renatus-Marna has decided to alter its acknowledgement of Haense as a Kingdom. As the reader may have read, The Kingdom of Renatus has now thusly dubbed Haense a Duchy. The reasoning behind this decision is rather simple. Haense has failed, with their newly crowned ‘King’, to defend their own coronation-- which by Renatian standards makes the King and the Kingdom illegitimate. Additionally, Haense makes no independent decisions as it is currently being used as a proxy for King Tobias-Junior of Courland, making them a large vassal. As such, the Kingdom of Renatus views Haense as a Duchy within Courland. Should anyone criticize about Renatus mistaking Haense for a Duchy on the basis of error, let their stupidity be known and may all laugh at them. In Nomine Dei, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Cascadia, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Sennisten, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, etcetera. OOC PROOF OF EVENTS https://www.twitch.tv/videos/273623609?t=02h30m13s
  8. (Not to be confused with the Horde) The place depicted is the Thagurz Grizh, a sacred cavern created by the current Ramgoth, Vorgak, in order to show his appreciation and respect towards his ancestors. Shrines of the Greater Ancestral Spirits have been carved alongside the walls of the Thagurz Grizh, and inside the skull found when digging down, a Shrine of Krug, the Greatest of all Ancestors, has been set as well, thus, the ancient ones may shift their attention for just a mere moment, to witnessed what the lost Uruk has been trying to offer them. The blood of 50 bodies, all gathered inside the blood pool in the middle of the cavern, deep beneath the surface. The heads have been settled upon pikes along the path towards and inside the Thagurz Grizh. The offering stood there for months, and the purpose of it, as is understood from its name, dry blood in the old tongue, was the process of the offered blood to turn dry before the ancestors could have set their eyes upon it, yet it seems, they have not yet did such. The Thagurz Grizh is meant to be a monument of longevity, the first to be contacted should have been the first two of all of the Greatest’s cubs, Rax and Gorkil. Vorgak’s mind ran dry itself, after far too much time without guidance, and started telling himself “Maybeeh..mrghm...dah uld bruddahz, dey gruk dis am nub enuff! Huw kan mi, uffer mohre? Nub..it kan nub beh, skah - agh lat?! Zhat dah trap lat!!” Vorgak’s own brain was fooling itself, starting to hear voices around him all the time, either when he was walking his usual circuits along the Desert, either when he was meditating, he was never alone, or at least...that is what he believed. The separation of the Orc kin has also played tricks on him, it seems, he did not think to good of it. He was of a mind with his fellow brothers, things could have been better, but deep he understood that the Orcs needed something to wake them up, and truly unite themselves under one single paternal figure, Krug. Thus Vorgak made his way towards the Thagurz Grizh, which is settled nearby Krugmar (wonkawoods). He did not enter the sacred cavern, rather he stood at the top, peering over the edge of the open whole, facing the massive pool of blood itself. He did not hesitate to rise on his feet and speak one final chant out of his mouth before...before meeting his very damnation. “Frumz, bugdizg latz, anork uzg gorbugudlab ! Traumug mi.” (Spirits, I call upon you, take me to your lands so I may work in your name! Guide me.) The Uruk leaped through the opened gap and fell to his doom where he had crashed into the walls of the pool, his very own blood now being offered to the ancestors. May the Ancestrals shape his eternal fate.
  9. “By right of flame” REGARDING THE COURLANDIC RAT, 1666 Issued and confirmed by His Excellency, Jozsef of the House of Kovachev, 6th of the Sun’s Smile, 1666 TO THE CROWN AND ALL WHO IT MAY CONCERN, Once more, the Courlandic rats crawl out of their holes, to wreak havoc upon the realms of Man. They seek to uproot the established nations of humanity, solely for the purpose of fueling the ambitions of the House of Staunton. Our mistake - always, is allowing them to establish a foothold. Our ancestors have fought the House of Staunton for ages, dating far back to the days of the Riga War. Our House first saw the Staunton scourge for what they were; a blight upon the world. They are deceitful and opportunistic, cowardly and treacherous. Those who would turn their back to them, would sooner find a knife plunged into their back. They cannot be allowed to roam any longer. The House of Staunton must be dismantled - once and for all. As such, we do earnestly reaffirm our allegiance to the Crown of Renatus-Marna. We will take all steps necessary to subdue the insurrection festering in the lands of Ostmark; the lands once held by Eimar the Fat, until his family bent over the table for the Stauntons. As any good man of Carnatian descent would, we pledge to support His Majesty’s war effort, joining him with the Kovgorod levy, our resources, and our wealth. To the Northern Houses Any proper Northman ought to answer the clarion call to quell the Stauntonic menace once again. To our kinsmen in Haense, let us not forget about the atrocities committed by the Stauntons towards our people. To the Rutherns, let us not forget the time the young Joren and his retinue were cut down without second thought in the Courlandic palace. To the Vanirs, let us not forget they drove your House into exile in the unjust seizure of Kraken’s Watch. And to the Barbanovs of Haense, let us not forget the war crimes of the Great Northern War condoned by the Stauntons. While the Crowns of Renatus-Marna and Haense have not been always been on the best of terms, we do hope the Kingdom of Haense does not turn a blind eye to the Courlandic transgressions upon our people. As our forefathers have once cried, Curonia delenda est. BY RIGHT OF FLAME, His Lordship, Jozsef of the House of Kovachev, Baron of Kovgorod and Lord of Gryphon’s Roost, His Excellency, Carlovac of the House of Kovachev, Grand Knight of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, Lord-Commander of the Order of the Royal Dragon
  10. Birth of the Orison Ritual Site of the first Guardian Grotto, a harrowing, yet beautiful reminder of the death of a druid. “And she appeared before them, those troubled minds, and the air was alive with sound of nature. She gave them a reassuring smile, reaching a hand out, as if to offer help. All was well.” It is a well known truth among druii and those that study the aspects or their faith, that devout druids who die ascend to the realm of the fae, to serve out their days as Soulbound Servants and Guardian Spirits. In the realm of fae, these spirits of passed druids are revered by all as wise men and oracles. Creatures of the fae flock from every corner of the realm to hear their words of wisdom. In the realm of fae, they are considered demigods, chosen of the aspects themselves. (The Fae Realm) In death, these sages reflect the souls of what they were in life. For those that sought the taste of battle in defense of the balance, they may find themselves as a spirit of fury, blessing those of the Twilight Bound. A gentler druid, a healer perhaps, may find themselves as a mending spirit of the Dayward Way. All these such spirits are revered amongst the fae creatures of the world. For those most dedicated servants of the aspects, there exists a special opportunity in life, during the most unlikeliest of times. That is, to become a Guardian Spirit capable of traversing betwixt the eternal forest and the mortal realm. These most devout servants may find themselves visited by one of these spirits to be taught the highly secretive ritual. With this knowledge, they are given the secret that they need to become one of them, to be given the ability in the afterlife to make the journey and return as a Guardian Spirit of the Descendents. However, this ritual may only be done on the brink of death. In their last moments, a druid may send out a final plea, one last wish to stay on Æos, on this place that they’ve so desperately tried to protect through their whole lives. And then, they must perform the ritual. The Discovery She saw blood everywhere. It stained the grasses around her with a deep crimson hue, glinting in the sunlight. And she looked to the side, seeing a bloodied bone knife cast aside, lying among the leaves a few feet away. And then it shot through her, an agonizing pain in her abdomen and she cried out. She looked down, and in her arms was her heart; a crying babe, wrapped in a green shawl. And her eyes slowly shut, fluttering desperately to try and stay awake as she faded into the cold embrace of death. Awaiti sat up in her bed, drenched with sweat. She rested a hand against her stomach, flat as it always was. The woman turned, pushing up out of the bed to stand, staggering over to a mirror in the room. She gripped the sides of the table, looking into her reflection with a silent, but bewildered expression. Her amber eyes stared right back at her, betraying only fear. But that was all. There was no blood, no screaming, no crying babe to hold. It left her unsettled, and compelled her to grab her cloak. And with that, she swiftly exited the room. The flames in the brazier of the shrine always shone the brightest at night, casting light in every which direction, onto the grass, onto the statues of the aspects, and now onto Awaiti, who was kneeling before it, bowed deeply in prayer. “Sweet mother, sweet mother, send your blessing unto me… preserve me…” “Father, father please. Have mercy on your faithful servant…” She pleaded like this for hours and hours, until the first rays of daybreak split the air, casting shadows of the leaves on the shrine. And on and on she pleaded, tears staining her weary face. “I don’t want to go! Not yet!” And her eyes were filled with light as she keeled over, blacking out against the cold morning ground. What followed barely made sense to her, flashes of white and green light, the crying of a babe. Visions of light took shape as fae energies and her dream came back to her. She was suddenly on the ground again, covered in blood. She was screaming, crying out in agony. And once more, her eyes began to flutter off to the cold and gentle dark. “Breathe, child,” She heard a gentle voice call to her. “Let go,” said a strong voice. And she shut her eyes for but a moment. And then opened them with white light coursing through. In an instant, the place around her was filled with a brilliant flash of fae light, all erupting from Awaiti. Flowers sprung up, creating brilliant displays of red and blue and purple. Trees sprouted almost instantly, tearing up the earth. But all was silent for Awaiti. She could hear no voices, feel no life. Life itself had all but left her battered form. Instead, it was in the world around her. And she drifted off. Her eyes shut once again, and Awaiti, just as she had in her dream, passed on from this world. But then, she was truly alive. There was warmth, and it was good. Awaiti looked down at her own mortal form, and smiled, knowing that all would be well for her child. They would live, and go on. Her eyes flung open, and she was back on the cold, hard ground. Awaiti stirred, knowing now what she had to do. And so she stood, going home to her bed to await that fateful day. The Orison Ritual Druids look on as a hierophant passes on, the air lighting up with fae mists as the energies ripple through, causing flowers and other life to spring up! circa 1650, colorized “Mother, mother please… father, look down on me… I want to be brave... I don’t want to die!” The ritual itself was used a great many years ago, in ages long forgotten, as a secret technique used amongst some of the most powerful and wise druids, in order to continue passing on their knowledge and guiding their people even after their own death. Since, it has fallen from minds, into myth, and then into legend, and then forgotten entirely. It has only resurfaced recently, discovered by Sister Awaiti Aureon, who saw glimpses of the ritual during a vision of her own death. Flashes of light, blasts of pure fae energy that rippled through nature, allowing life to flourish in its wake. These visions stayed with her throughout her whole life. What Awaiti saw was her own body expelling all of its druidic energies in one single moment. This act kills the druid immediately, but the blast of fae energy allows anyone in the vicinity to feel the effects of a fae ring for the day. The very wave of energy that is expelled from the druid has a similar effect to a fae ring, allowing those around them to hear the countless voices of nature for the rest of the day. It would emblazon druidic runes onto the stones around them, growing large trees and bushes almost instantly in the now hallowed land. A circle of flowers would sprung up all around in a spiral, creating a Guardian Fae Ring around the druid’s lifeless corpse. The wave of fae energy carries part of the druid’s very soul with it, tethering it to the land of the living. This created an anchor to Æos, allowing the traversal between these two interlinked planes. Such is the path that all those druii who wish to return to the mortal plane must follow. They must seek out a guardian spirit and learn the secrets of this most sacred ritual Guides and Redlines Requires a TA in Control and Communism to teach the Ritual, as well as being the aforementioned Guardian Spirit. In order to teach the Orison Ritual, an existing Guardian Spirit must show their student the ritual through Greensight. Attempting the ritual in any capacity is a PK. Requires a MA to perform the ritual. Attempting the ritual is a PK, no matter the outcome. Once you die, you’re dead, spirit or not. Guardian Fae Rings Fae rings have always been notoriously awe inspiring and potentially dangerous, for they create links between our realm and the Eternal Forests of the Fae. Normally though, these Fae Rings only allow lesser creatures of the realm to traverse the planes under the light of the full moon. They have the additional effect of imbuing descendants, whether they be human, dwed, or elf, the sudden ability to hear thoughts, instincts, and raw emotions of the flora and fauna around the ring, giving an experience of attunement to the unattuned. This can be very disorienting for those that are unfamiliar with the raw orchestra of nature. These fae rings have only ever been created through the magic of the aspects themselves, being naturally occuring phenomena in the world. But, with the Orison Ritual, we find the first instances of a druid themselves creating these rings through their own powerful druidic energies. During the Orison Ritual, a massive explosion of fae energy is released directly into the land around a druid’s body. Many things are birthed from this influx of energy, including the powerful Guardian Fae Rings. These large spirals of flowers cover the entire area that the blast touched, hallowing the ground that they lay upon. Over this entire area, the effect of a normal fae ring is given, nature filling the ears of those who stand within the living spire. These rings act as normal fae rings, with a few exceptions. Normally, a Fae ring allows only lesser beasts of the Eternal forest to pass through it on a full moon. However, given the druid’s final sacrifice, it allows Guardian Spirits to pass through the realm of the fae into that of the living. Guardian Fae Rings have the unique ability to be created by the living as well as the dead. However, this process is extremely dangerous, and must be preserved for times of great need. By transcending to the eternal forest, a group of three druids can seek out any such guardian spirit and re-tether their soul to the earth. By doing this, the guardian spirit channels their own energies through the bodies of the three druids, transforming the fae ring into a guardian fae ring. This allows for the creation of new guardian fae rings from normal fae rings. It is important to note that Spirits are not tied to any one ring. Instead, over time, these rings begin to create an interconnected network of points that the spirit may visit. Usually these rings are placed around groves, or other places of pilgrimage for those that follow the ways of the aspects. These points serve as the anchors for spirits in the realm, creating holy sites around the world. As stated, guardians are tethered to these Guardian Fae Rings, tying them to that one particular site until they are able to move to a different ring. Guardian Spirits are only able to go so far outside of the ring before they dissipate, the bonds holding them to the world too weak and too far to hold them in any significant way. If such occurs, they find themselves drawn back to the Eternal Forests, unable to plant themselves on the world. They must stay there for a time as their spirit regenerates and recollects in order to return to the world of the living. Guides and Redlines Powerful druids can perform the ritual successfully and be taught it. In order to be able to become a Guardian Spirit on the mortal plane, you must conduct the Orison Ritual. The Druid must first pray, opening a connection with the aspects themselves. Basically grabbing the aspects attention. After such, a druid must expel all of their fae energies in a sometimes violent blast, depending on the age of the druid and their power. This can potentially hurt those around them if the druid is very old and very powerful. The blast caused by the druid causes a surge of life in every direction, causing plants and life to spring up where possible. It can grow trees in an instant, moss to grow on rocks in runic shapes. These runic shapes reflect parts of the druid. Only the Guardian Spirit that created them knows their meaning. The blast also creates a Guardian Fae Ring, a variation of a normal fae ring, a large spiral of flowers, leading to a circle in the middle. This is the exact spot where the druid died. A Guardian Fae ring is what allows a Guardian Spirit to travel between the realm of fae and the mortal plane. Guardian Spirits are tethered to these rings, unable to walk very far away from them without being called back to the Eternal Forest. This radius usually encompasses the size of a grove, or small settlement. Guardian Spirits may only make the journey through Guardian Fae Rings during a full moon (Once every elven day). However, it should be clarified that they may remain the realm of the living after the full moon has passed. In order to perform the ritual, a currently existing Guardian Spirit must teach you it, or have someone who already knows the ritual pass the knowledge to you. This follows suit for druids to create guardian fae rings. In order to create another Guardian Fae Ring, you require a living druid that knows the ritual. Being different from normal fae rings, it is possible to have both a Guardian fae ring and a normal fae ring at the same time. To transform a fae ring into a guardian fae ring, you require three druids who know the transcendence feat. By doing this, it allows the druids to find the spirit in the fae realm and allow them to push their energy through their own bodies into the ring. This creation acts in the same way as the normal creation would, with all of the effects. Must be a druid, and currently be Tier five in both Communion and Control at the time of death. Druids cannot be pulled back from the Eternal Forest after an Elven Month, as the Eternal Forest’s call is far too strong to ignore. Such is the nature of the Fae Realm. In order to be brought back from the Eternal Forest, you must have PK’ed entirely first. It is only allowed for fully PKed druids. A Druid must be able to pray before they die, and build up the energy to release it all. Any sort of instantaneous death would prevent them from doing such, and keep them from tethering their soul. This ritual can only be done while on the brink of death. Druids who commit suicide cannot do the ritual. Any druid blocked by Strength of the Abyss or other Fi magic would not be able to complete this ritual. The blast from the ritual is not enough to kill in any case. Only potentially knock back people. If the druid’s focus is thrown off during the ritual, it ends the ritual and they are unable to continue, missing their window. In order for druids to create a guardian fae ring, they need to gather more than 3 druids to pool their energy together to create this explosion. Without more than three, the combined strain would kill the druids involved. Even with more than two, the process is extremely taxing on the body. The Orison ritual requires the unaltered soul of a druid to be in their body in order to perform this ritual. Druids with altered souls, or those who have placed their souls in other vessels cannot perform the final ritual to become Guardian Spirits. This does not apply to the creation of Guardian Fae Rings. As the natural energies release, the spirit of the animal would release as well. It remains with the guardian as part of it or depart to the aspects realm. This allows shapeshifters to complete the ritual. Guardian Spirits cannot walk outside a certain distance from their Guardian rings. In doing so, they would be demanifested, and sent back to the eternal forest until they can return. (300 blocks) Iconoclast magic would demanifest a Guardian Spirit The Spirits A Guardian Spirit watches over the forest with a careful eye, taking after their original elven form. “Go, my faithful dedicant, into the mountain! There you will find a spiral of flowers… sit in it. Call out to her, to that devout spirit. She will guide you on this task. Now go!” With their spirit tethered to both the eternal forest and the mortal plane, the Druid would wake in the Forest, awaiting that next full moon, for that bridge to open between the realms. When the full moon flies, they may find themselves on a trek across a great birch bridge that stretches far into the cosmos, into the mortal realms, allowing them to awaken inside of the center of the Guardian Fae Ring in a brilliant display of light, standing in the grove created by their own death. This is the journey that all Guardian Spirits will take, should they partake in the Ritual of Orison. Upon their awakening, spirits are met by themselves, by their new spiritual figures. At first, they appear as themselves, given a transparent glow that reflects their own druidic energies. As time goes on, these spirits realize that they can shift their appearance to some degree, to make them look as they did at any point in their life. Through this, they can remove scars, and blemishes upon that figure, or tattoos that covered their skin, appearing truly as a servant of nature, without other worldly attachment. In their journey to the spirit realm, spirits find they may change into a host of different animals, accompanied by that similar transparency and glow that other Guardian Spirits give off. However, with an additional affect. Due to the spirit’s time in the fae realm, the essence of the eternal forest has rubbed off onto their animals’ giving them fae-like attributes. The spirit is just that. A spirit. They cannot touch or interact with the world. They will never again feel the embrace of a loved one, nor the wind on their cheek. They are dead, lost to the world. Incorporeal beings that merely exist as a passer of knowledge, a wielder of the torch of druidic power. Even at their strongest, standing within the fae ring, they are unable to lay a finger on the world of the living. It is the primary mission of all Guardian Spirits to pass down their own knowledge of the balance, and to guide the druids of the world towards a heightened understanding of what their duty is, and how they might attain it. They serve as powerful guides to all that follow the path of the aspects. To dedicants, they serve to inform and teach. To Druii, they seek to offer their different perspective on the world and how it may function. And above all, to Archdruii, they serve as powerful advisors in the face of great adversity. But they are just that. Guides, advisers, wise-men. Vessels of knowledge that lasted longer than they should have. They are unable to use the powers that they had throughout their lives as druii, save but shapeshifting, but they still retain their ancient knowledge of the arts. In times of great need, these spirits are able to pass on their understanding and power into the druii of the world in several ways, detailed a bit later. In addition to this, Spirits are also given a few smaller tools that they would use in pursuit of guiding dedicants, druids, and archdruii alike, without impacting the world on a physical level. Spirits are far more corruptible than our mortal forms. Aurum weapons that affect the spectral beings of the world would affect them just as a normal blade would, cutting away at their energies. Blight that would normally sap away at the strength of a descendent would eat doubly so at the Spirit Guardian, gnawing away at the very being of the guardian, until it is so weak that they are corrupted wholly. And perhaps the most dangerous among them all, are those that carry with them the strength of the abyss. To be touched by this ability is to be scattered, cut off from the world. Upon touch, the spirit is sent back to the realm of the fae, to recuperate once more. Such is a very effective weapon against them, capable of sending them away in an instant. Blight may even corrupt a Guardian Spirit more than it normally would. The spirit is more fragile than the body, and to those who are exposed to it for a long time, it may have devastating effects to their soul. Through time, they’re physically corrupted, and the soul is damaged, leaving their spirit broken. The blight addles their mind, casting a shadow of the ancient spirit. They become destructive, a draoi spirit. Their gifts turn dark, allowing them to grant darkened boons on their followers, on those dark druids that would destroy. As they continue down this path, these spirits are corrupted physically. They may be split open, or tainted visually, their souls torn asunder by the use of these dark boons. These now Draoi spirits haunt the realm, causing chaos and sowing discord throughout the land by empowering the dark druids, until they’re put out of their own misery, and banished from the land by the very druids they were sworn to guide. Banishment is a difficult process, though not impossible. It is a technique used by druids to sever a Guardian Spirit’s connection to the mortal realm, and works similarly to the unattunement ritual. A group of three druids must corner the Spirit, connecting with them via powersharing. After this, there are multiple ways that the druids could deal with the spirit. Potentially, the spirit has been feeding dedicants or other druii misinformation, misguiding them from the path of the Druidism. Or perhaps these spirits have views too extreme for the order, and must be cast out. Both of these are valid reasons to banish a druid from the mortal plane. Or perhaps a spirit has become fully corrupted by blight, making them violent Draoi Spirits. This is another reason to banish a spirit. Or even by request of the Spirit themselves that believe their mission to be done. Banishment is the act of releasing the spirit’s tether to the realm of the mortals, recalling them back to the eternal forest to live out their days there. This action can be reversed, in the same way that a guardian fae ring can be remade. The ritual is one in the same. Guides and Redlines Newly made Guardian Spirits always begin in the realm of the fae. In order to start roleplaying, players must wait until a full moon, or one out of character day in roleplay to re-enter the mortal plane. In order to enter and leave the mortal plane, a Guardian Spirit must do so through a Guardian Fae Ring during a full moon. All Guardian Spirits take on a glow reflecting the color of their fae energy in life. Guardian Spirits take the shape of themselves when they return, appearing unaltered by injury or bodily art. In addition, Spirits may change how they look in order to reflect themselves at different points in their life, to reflect and show how they themselves have changed. Removing injury or changing which point in life they appear as is entirely optional. Due to their time in the fae realm, spirits are capable of morphing into a different host of animals, with the addition effect of fae attributes. The addition of Fae attributes applies also to normal Spirits Guardian Spirits are completely incorporeal, and cannot touch or physically interact with anything in the mortal realm. They are ghosts, in that sense. They will never be able to feel the world of the living, at least physically. Guardian Spirits retain none of their ability to perform druidic arts that they had learned in life, save shapeshifting. However, they retain all of their knowledge in the arts, and still fondly recall the feelings of using their abilities. They instead gain a few other abilities to assist in their primary mission of guiding the descendents, and granting boons of the aspects. Guardian Spirits with a TA in any given druidic magic still keep the TA, but cannot perform the magic themselves, truly being a guide more than anything. Guardian Spirits can no longer perform control, communion, thulean druidism, blight healing, or herblore. Guardian Spirits can no longer teach unattunement, attunement, or shapeshifting. Golden Weaponry affects the spirits as a normal weapon would to a person. Blight corrupts the very soul of the spirit, being far more vulnerable to the effects of the blight. This causes Guardian Spirits to become Spirit Draoi, lashing out violently with all they have to corrupt and damage the world. This, however, can only be done through their existing gifts and receive none for becoming a spirit draoi. Upon their next ‘death’, spirit draoi are permanently killed. Players accept this on making a Spirit Guardian. Upon touch, Strength of the Abyss immediately sends guardian spirits back to the realm of the fae in order to remanifest. This action is extremely disorienting for the spirit, and takes a long time for them to return and gather themselves together. This takes one year in game (One week out of character) Guardian Spirits are able to be banished by the druids of the realm through the banishment ritual. However, they can be brought back through the creation of a guardian fae ring for them. The Mission Guardian Spirits under the full moon, 1650 “I am one with the Balance.” In life, it is the path of druids to protect the balance, to safeguard nature. To protect the wilds and those that live amongst them. When these druii die, they ascend to the eternal forest, to serve as soulbound spirits, wardens and wisemen of the fae realm. These spirits are revered as wise demi-gods next to the aspects, spirits holding immense knowledge. Creatures of the Fae come from near and far in the realm, from the Twilight Bound to the Dayward way. For those Soulbound Servants that return to the realm of the living, their duties must continue. Guardian Spirits are to act as guides, figures of wisdom amongst the druids of Atlas, and all other places to come. They walk amongst the order as highly revered teachers, and advisors, opening their wisdom to all that would seek it. This is their eternal duty, to serve and guide, no more, no less. Very rarely do these druids directly intervene in anything, choosing instead to give their assistance when asked, or to offer a boon from the aspects for dire situations. In some cases, they can even take up teaching positions within the order. Blessings of the Aspects A druid completes a task with the oversight of the Guardian Spirit, 1650 Guardian Spirits tend not to intervene in worldly affairs. Without the ability to hold a sword, or travel far beyond their guardian fae rings, they take up a more guiding role. Their time spent in the realm of the fae shows now though, and Guardian Spirits find that they have a few lesser abilities that they didn’t have before. These can be very straining for the spirit to perform, and only one may be used per day, that they might serve the spirit in guiding others. Greensight Guardian Spirits have the ability to reach out to the attuned minds, able to incur visions of the past, things that the Guardian themselves have seen, or even things that the subject has seen. This ability only works on a willing subject, when they allow the guardian into their thoughts. These visions can be as vivid or as vague as the guardian wills it. This can be used to suggest certain courses of action, or to show lessons that they themselves have learned. This only affects attuned druids and those affected by fae rings. Oversight Guardian Spirits bind themselves to a druid for a time, seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, allowing them into their thoughts. This must be entirely willed on the part of the druid and the guardian. During this time, the druid is marked with a green fae symbol upon the forehead, showing that they are a vessel of the spirit. This lasts until the subject no longer wills it, or the spirit leaves the body of another. Guardian Powersharing As was their ability in life, Guardian Spirits retain their ability to control and manipulate the natural energies of the fae, in order to pass them onto another druid. This greatly enhances the natural ability of the druid far beyond their own potential, exactly like how a normal powersharing is done from a living druid.. However, due to the fact that the Guardian Spirits consist of their own Fae Energies, powersharing dissipates them over time. After they've finished, they return to the Eternal Forest to replenish their being. Guides and Redlines All Blessings of the Aspects can only be performed once per day, while their energies replenish. Any attempt to perform a second blessing in one day will result in a failed attempt. During Greensight, both the druid and the guardian enter a catatonic state while experiencing the visions, they are completely vulnerable to attack until the guardian ends the vision or it ends. Greensight uses previously existing memories from either the Druid or the Guardian Spirit. This applies even to memories that have been lost. Can be used to revive memories. Guardians can manipulate memories to look as vague or vivid as they wish. They may also alter the vision to a limited degree, in order to show alternative choices, or make symbolistic changes. Druids and guardians can experience pain from the vision that may actually linger after the vision ends. This is all psychosomatic. The Ritual of Orison is taught through Greensight memory of the Guardian’s own death. Oversight is the ability for a spirit to bind themselves to a druid’s body, connecting the two. The Guardian Spirit and the druid’s senses are linked, and they can experience the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, tastes, and thoughts. This works vice versa as well, the druid being able to experience those of the guardian as well. In addition, this links their emotions, to a degree. Should the druid grow angry, the guardian may feel a surge of anger or so on. Druids experiencing oversight are marked with a fae symbol over the forehead, glowing with the color of the spirit’s energy. Guardian Powersharing works exactly like normal Powersharing, but after they are done, they dissipate to the Eternal Forest for an Elven Day. Feel free also to roleplay discomfort when powersharing, as you're sacrificing your own lifeforce to fuel another druid. A druid does these at will, they cannot be forced into it, nor can they force them upon others. A Guardian Spirit can only use one blessing per day Greensight must be completely willed on both ends. A Guardian cannot be let into the mind of another without it being opened for them. Guardians cannot cause physical injury through Greensight Visions. This does not apply to psychosomatic illness. As soon as a Druid does not want to be shown a vision, it ends. Closing off the path renders the ability ended. Guardian Spirits cannot be demanifested during oversight. Guardian Spirits cannot use other druidic blessings during oversight Guardian Spirits cannot interact with others outside of the druid they are bound to. Once clerical magic is used on the body of one being affected by oversight, the spirit is pushed out, ending the ability. If a druid does not want to be bound to a guardian spirit any longer, they are disconnected. This applies vice-versa. Guardian Powersharing shares the same redlines as regular powersharing. ((As all things, feedback is appreciated so that I can really make this lore enjoyable for everyone! Shoutout to Leowarrior14, Delmodan, ThatGuy_777, and Gladuous for giving me ideas and letting me talk to them about this!))
  11. ForeverGinger

    In the Dead of Night

    The Sutican streets were quiet as the daylight faded. The bustling crowd that gripped the city during daylight hours had dwindled as the cold shroud of night fell over the city, vanishing altogether as the sun dipped behind the walls. The creature strode through the city as if it owned it. The ends of its tattered robes swished against the cobbles as it wound its way through the city streets. Much had changed over the years, but the robed figure still enjoyed its moonlit walks. Night brought with it a pleasant sort of stillness, a quiet that was seldom found in a city. The robed figure wore the darkness like a cloak, winding around the city's drowsing guards as if they had never been there. The protectors were vigilant, but human nature will always win out in the end. It was not their fault, they were simply out of their element as the creature ducked around corners and scrambled onto rooftops. Even in life it had been good at avoiding attention, and death had done nothing to dull its sense of stealth. Eventually, someone would notice something -- A brief flash of brown, or perhaps the faint click of bone against stone -- but until then the robed figure walked the streets without a care. Not all was dark in the city, however. A faint light shone from the temple in the Central Ward, casting shadows along the streets. If the creature still possessed a nose, it would have wrinkled it in distaste as it approached the building. It knew it did not belong here, in this place of vile worship. If the clerics were roused from their sleep, they would fall upon the robed figure with fire and sword. They would bring with them the light, that burned its bones like the rays of the sun. This was a dangerous place for it to linger, and yet it did. They did not understand, the people of this city. There were powers at work here, puppets danced along the strings set for them and claimed it was for the best. Strings that bound them to a higher power, one that twisted their gifts for its own devices. There was no hope for those touched by the light. Sometimes when a wound goes foul, the best thing to do is to cut away the rot. That is what brought this robed figure to the City of Light. It was a reminder, a symbol of the balance that had been shattered since the Descent. It was a sort of bitter irony, the so-called saviors of mortalkind hastening their own demise. And yet no matter how much the creature spoke, no matter how much it pleaded, they would not listen. Words were wasted on those who refused to heed them. And yet, the creature was not without mercy. It was not without its own twisted sense of justice, one that called it to the city that night. It was mercy that drove the creature to leave a letter on the pulpit, a warning to the innocents of the city: There is a purpose behind my coming. There is a reason I haunt the streets of this city. There are powers at work greater than any can even begin to comprehend. I have tried to turn you from your path. I have spoken and preached, and yet you turn your eyes from the truth. This war has waged since before my creation, and will continue long after my final death. Tonight I will draw the line between the dark and the light, the mortal and immortal. Tonight I will do my duty, my small part to right the imbalance that has existed for so long. Those who serve the immortal, the maleficar, will find safety here no longer. May you find peace in death, as I have.
  12. Beorn15

    Alkheim's Adventure #2

    The skirmish at Dunsire Alkheim was once again wandering through the lands, his heart always yearned for knowledge. He wanted to know what was between the temple and Castle Pembroke. As he was wandering around, he saw a worn figure on a horse coming towards him on the road. The creature was slumped in his horse as if he had ridden for a long while. Alkheim, cautiously approached this creature. As they both decreased the distance between them, Alkheim began to notice that the person on the horse looked to be the size of a boy, however, he had the facial features of a man. Alkheim immediately realized that he was confronting a halfling. He greeted the halfling as he drew near, relaxing his grip upon his knife. The halfling looked up at him wearily. As he saw the young man approaching, a glint of hope seemed to come into his eyes. The halfling, asked Alkheim for help, for his hometown, Dun-shire was being raided by some sort of humanoid creatures. His fellow neighbors and relatives had either hid in the town, fled, or been slain. When Alkheim heard this he was greatly troubled, for the way the halfling describe the raiders, were the common description of Orcs. The halfling despratly asked the hooded figure for aid and protection to his home. Alkheim agreed to do his best to protect the town. Alkheim followed the halfling all the way to Dun-shire were he spent a day and a night there. On the morning of the second day, the halfling was showing Alkheim the destruction of these Orcs had done. Just as he finished talking, an Orc wielding an ax, emerged from the path facing them. Quickly, both Alkheim and the halfling drew their weapons. While Alkheim drew his bow, the halfling brandished his very short sword. Just as the tension was building up, another halfling sprung out of the trees with a sword in his hand. He rushed towards Alkheims side to help him. The Orc, growing angrier by the second, charged towards them swinging his ax furiously. Alkheim jumped to the side as he released the shaft into the side of the Orc. Both the halflings began to charge at the Orc, attempting to stab it. The Orc was stabbed several times until he finally wounded one of the halflings. Though Alkheim loosed another shaft upon the Orc, he could not save the halfling, the other halfling soon had the same fate as his companion, and he too also fell to the ground lifeless. Alkheim was able to fire 5 arrows into the body of the Orc as it charged him, but the Orc was too quick and too strong. Alkheim had to roll out of the way, dropping his bow and retrieving the sword of one of the halflings. Though Alkheim wounded the Orc severely with the knife, it was no match for the strength of the Orc's battle ax. Alkheim could not fight for long, and as he tried to retrieve his bow, he was struck upon the back by the thrown ax of the Orc. Alkheim slumped to the ground losing all memories of this encounter when he awoke. The Orc severed the heads of his enemies off and then fell to the ground unconscious.
  13. Beorn15

    Alkheim's Orgin

    Alkheim, of the house of Alsteim, the descendant of Alkheir, the Bowman, the Hunter, or among the creatures of war, the terror. Alkheim lived with his mother and father in the kingdom of Renatus. They dwelt in peace in this town for a long time. However, since an Orc settlement was close by, the Orcs had become more than a mere nuisance to traders and travelers, they were becoming a threat. Knowing that the Orcs and Goblins were both very warlike and territorial, Alkheir knew that it would start weighing heavily on the kingdom eventually if the trades were raided continuously. Alkheims father, Alkheir saw the grievance the Orcs, Goblins, creatures caused, so, he went to the king of Renatus, asking for permission to protect these traders and caravans. The king understood the reason for Alkheirs wants to do this; people were dying due to these constant raids. However, Alkheir reminded the kind of the house of Alsteim, that in the days of old, they protected the king, they were his elites. When the king found out that Alkheir was speaking the truth, he named the group the group of old, the rangers. It only seemed fitting, since the line had descended from the house of Alsteim, and they had practiced the skill for generations, still being amazing Bowmen, trackers, etc. When Alkheir had permission, he took his men and created a group to defend the travelers and traders from the Orcs This made these creatures fearful of Alkheim the terror, but, they also hated him.Soon afterward, more Orcs began attacking these caravans of traders, knowing that if enough attacked, the defenders would be overwhelmed. The numbers of them were to great and Alkheims father perished, and the caravan was plundered. When Alkheim heard of this, he grieved greatly, he gathered many of his friends who were warriors or archers as himself. Being a successful tracker, he tracked down the murderous Orcs and attacked with his men. Unfortunately, the Orcs were too strong for them, they slaughtered his friends and injured him greatly. Alkheim barely escaped with his life. After healing himself and fully recovering from the wounds inflicted upon him by the Orcs, he discovered that his face was mauled and scared, forcing him to hide his face in a deep cowl. Alkheim did not desire to live in a kingdom with so many sad memories, he wandered about, trying to uphold justice, and running from the tragic sorrows of his memories. Never would Alkheim forget the deeds that the Orcs committed. Give me any suggestions, do you like it, should I add something. I would like the lore team to look at this to see if there are any lore errors. Also, maybe adding some lore to the house of Alsteim.
  14. Beorn15

    Alkheim's Adventure #1

    After Alkheims Tragedy, Alkheim made his way to the Cloud Temple for healing, both in body and spirit. For 1 month, he spent his time there, his scars were hidden, and his soul was put at rest. The monks befriended him and helped him. However, Alkheims spirit was uneasy and long for Adventure and for friends. So, he took his leave from the temple, wandering about, helping travelers. He began to roam around a place called Pembroke-shire, he went around looking people to help. The Count of Pembroke, Edward Suffolk, heard of him. Count Edward sent one of his knights to fetch him. When Alkheim met the Knight, he did as was asked and made his way to Pembroke. In Pembroke, Count Edward employed Alkheim into his service. Alkheim, not wanting to wait around, began to listen to the people of Pembroke. He heard of a terror in the mountains, an unknown terror. After further Observation, Alkheim discovered some sort of structure in the mountains. It appeared to be a crypt, an ancient one indeed. So, Alkheim, being curious, went into the crypt, he looked around, until he heard a group of creatures speaking with one another. Alkheim drew into the shadows and listened intently to the conversation. They appeared to be talking about ghouls, and things of dark magic. Alkheim, being concerned for the well fair of Pembroke, listened even more intently. However, just as Alkheim was creeping away, he was discovered, by this creature. He ran out of the crypt, into the hiding, away from the town, hoping that they would not suspect the town. However, a ghoul by the name of Hektor Blackwood followed Alkheim. When Alkheim was then going back into the crypt for more information, he was stabbed in the back by Hektor. Though the knife was not long, it carried a heavy sedative, which quickly knocked Alkheim unconscious. He was then dragged deep into the crypt where the ghoul would feast upon his soul. When Alkheim regained consciousness he did not remember any of the past events, all he knew, was that the mountain above Pembroke was evil.
  15. The Bird Soared and Securely Over Mine Kingdom As published 8th of The Deep Cold 1659 " The Mali'Aheral people must not only spout superiority, they must show it. What are you waiting for? Show it brethren." ~Ah'Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn A wise man once said that all things come to an end.... I Ah’Sohaer, the first of his title hereby write my resignation of both my positions-- Sohaer and Maheral of our blessed people effective immediately. Let the official voting of my successor begin. I will end my term with a story of a simple mali’aheral who hoped for more… Atathri Glaeus. A sickly name to give a child, cursed snake. He was a simple child running away from home, ready to take on this world like none other would… first to the famed Enchantry where he would learn from and meet the greatest magicians in the world. He stood, scar on his left eye, standing in the freezing cold mountains shouting at their gates-- a mali with no knowledge of magic. Bold this pure High Elf was… this boldness would only make none other than the grand leader of the Enchantry to greet him and accept him into their hold… this is where his journey to the Arcane began…This is where he met the most influential magis of our times, where he shed his scar to be wholly pure of form… transformed into Cenwall Glaeus. Cenwall Glaeus would seek to return to Haelun’or, the true home of all mali’thill. This is where he would see ruin, decadence and decay. Shocked his people would be so down-trodden, he saw how the council clung to power yet did nothing with such power. In such distress he met who elves only would call “Fruit Fly”. This man offered a job in what was called the ETHIC at the time, and Cenwall soon grew into an officer of such a force. Integration into the armed forces of the Silver State of Haelun’or was desired by the order. They only wished to protect, yet the council feared them-- they were a force believed could tear down their fake curtain of power. Soon we were thrown out the city as traitors… the first lesson of his life, power. During this time, the Mali’Aheral people stayed in a campsite awarded to them by the Empire of Oren… this is where Cenwall Glaeus met his father Carvalon Maeyr’onn, his true father… A great nephew of one of the founders of Haelun’or-- Nelecar Maeyr’onn, the Lion and first military leader under Maheral Dio. Carvalon was a strict man and soon it was seen between Cenwall and Carvalon their relationship. This is where Cenwall Glaeus was remade into his true form... a Maeyr’onn. Andria, a beautiful elven High Elven woman saw their distress… she too was tired of the lethargy and was a Maheral of old. Soon they led our troops through the streets, weaponless, however extremely zealous in our drive to fix the lethargy which had rested in the leadership-- a result of the recent age of countless coupings. This was to be the final the High Elven people would bear. In what can only be called the Night of Remembrance, the ETHIC drove the councilors from the city and put Andria as Maheral for the reconstruction of their city, for it was half-built and destroyed. Cenwall Maeyr’onn-- myself would grow from the military and into politics, for a vote for a new council under the new administration under Maheral Andria. Soon the people would vote, and so they did. I became Okarir’Maehr, librarian of the Eternal Library of Haelun’or… the most respected of all offices in Haelun’or. It was done, and I moved swiftly to make deals earning knowledge and teaching the people. First a deal with Dragur Library to refill their library and a refilling of the battered and crumbling library of Haelun'or. This is where I learned my second lesson in life, persistence. Tending to the library was not enough for me, I went to making deals with various nations to collect knowledge and gain contact throughout the realms. This was where Andria saw my potential… she absent from my knowledge of this time. This absence would haunt her in her later days of me remembering her. It was a quiet day and I can only see her in the Eternal Library reading the books… she looked tired. I approached and she told me of her coming resignation. Shocked, I wondered who would take her place. It was me… my third lesson, peace. So this was also done, I was named Maheral Cenwall Maeyr’onn-- it was then I had unlimited powers. The system and city had no hope to thrive much longer, I had to revitalize it for our people. I installed twelve councilors, though such was against my main goal of phasing out the ones who only sought power but not wishing to put in the work for the people. I wished for loyalty and through these times it would be what would test me as a leader the most. The city was rebuilt by famed builder Elrith, still a loyal and masterful builder to this day-- the man who built Okarn’thilln of today. With the city built and shrunk to consolidate materials, I waited for those who had devious tendencies to strike. The first week, I was tending the outer realms of the world. I heard of an impending attack and coup under my nation. I rushed back to swiftly end the threat with diplomacy, the leader of such would be my first military leader… my fourth lesson, diplomacy. Such would not be my first threat of ruin-- I heard talks of my second in command at the time Cinh’llytn or now known and banished Lyu Elibar’acal talking of coup behind my back. Whispers long before I had loyal men protecting me at all times. Ralnor, an ex-Sohaer told me of such and pushed me to act. I in my young and brash self went to move. Arelion Laurir’ante, an elven man that I had not known much at the time sent the letter for him to join us. It was their that I personally moved to sentence his fate and kicked him in molten lava… such an action would haunt me in my nights alone-- it was this moment killing this elf where I learned my important lesson, culture and security. The mali’aheral people were furious with my killing of a pure-blooded High Elf. The Maheral, “most pure” doing these actions even moreso. I heard whispers of another coup sprouting, yet I knew such had to be done for the security and steady progress of our people… this is when I met my most roudy ally, Athedil Haler’thilln-- a proud and astute old High Elven man. We both came to the conclusion of the importance of the separation of the state and culture. To appease my enemies and restore proper progress of our state I announced the reinstatement of Sohaer and announced Athedil as the new Maheral, where I learned my fifth lesson in life, separation of powers. During this time, during the end of Axios I learned of the secret natures of people-- the greed. One after another my councilors turned on me, attack after attack, yet I survived all of the attacks. It separated the loyal people from the snakes and it gave me more power to bring true security to the state and enact all enemies of the state removed. First the purging of frost witches from Haelun’or, then the purging of all Dark Magi. For the first time in centuries I had created an age of security and an age of progress. My greatest mistake was allowing a wood elf to command my forces. I wished to integrate the lesser elves in our lands-- seeing all elves together as integral to the growth and security of all elves… this was when I realized only a pure mali’aheral can truly lead. Our control of our emotions is the main ingredient in our superiority and it showed during the day of flames when Rhillen, the wood elf threw alchemist's fire on our own men in a stressed battle, ruining our chances of thwarting the coup of the wood elven lands under Awaiti Aureon. The momentum of our people was staggered during this time, and the land of Axios was coming to an end. This is where we come to Atlas… a new land and new opportunity for our people and others. I reformed the government and fixed the problem of top-heavy government. I chose only the most loyal to the people and the state, and alternatively the most zealous in the build-up of our state. Arelion Laurir’ante remained my most loyal friend during this time and to this day. During this time we formed the Sohaerate, formed under the pretence of our ancient alliances and common cultures, negotiated by Varen’thal the current diplomat of Haelun’or at the time. Together we would push forward and in time we saw slow and steady buildup of our power as a state. I set up to making checks and balances of power, even my own and created a voting system in which future governments could properly use. The transfer of power was established and I created new laws alongside Ceruberr to institute Talonni families on the blueprint granted to me by Andria. Soon I met Odessa Visaj, who implored me to recreate the Eternal College to teach our youth and so it was done. For once in a long time our people had hope for the future and steadily we have grown… now we are in the present. War is on the horizon, not a war I wished for but a war of defence in the face of an aggressor-- Renatus-Marna and his allies wishing to attack Norland in attempt to recreate the Orenian Empire and the possible beginnings of a war with The Dominion of Malin who wishes to be a miniture Orenian Empire, killing unarmed High Elven leaders in their gates… I can only hope my people survive the coming times in peace… I rest my hopes in the lessons I taught them during my rule. Such resignation may be heartbreaking to most, for so long we have been steadily progressing the state. Fourty years of memories, security, and hope for the Mali’aheral people under my tenure. First as Okarir’Maehr, then as Maheral, Then as Sohaer, then as both Maheral and Sohaer at once, Ah’Sohaer. I have been blessed by the Silver State and I wish the best for it in the future. May we peacefully transfer power as was done during Andrias departure of power... This is my story, the foundation of the state is there, we as a people just need to stay together and strong against the perils of the world. Together we are strong, alone we are weak. I leave on a journey of self reflection toward the wilds as Larihei herself likely is doing... I did my job. … The bird soared and securely over mine kingdom. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Signed by, Ah’Sohaer of the Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, Cenwall Maeyr’onn Patriarch of the Maeyr’onn Talonnii, Guided by Larihei’s Grace in his Blessed Rule, Laurir and Malaurir of Mali’thill, Sovereign of the High Elven People, Protector of Silver Law and Overseer of the Kharajyr State.
  16. Hello my friends. Due to the Forum's templating and general lack of appealing formatting, please refer to this link to view my Character Sheet. Enjoy! https://tinyurl.com/yalkqdq3 Wiki Link; https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Prince_Henry_Richard
  17. (Please respond to this with more than one word answers, any such examples will be requested to be removed as unconstructive feedback). Read this if you’re unfamiliar with how villain applications used to work https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97301-villain-application-rules-30/?tab=comments#comment-881414 (Before I start I’d like to reaffirm that this suggested application is for some of the most severe (and most needed to be regulated) evils one can commit, evils that can either make or break someone else’s rp and/or cause toxicity oocly as has been seen in recent events and in my opinion for quite some time now. These modified evils are not evils that would hinder the development of average characters as there would be exceptions in some cases where a player can get past if they are in the right position and making sense in rp to do so and in so being only relevant to characters that are genuine villains). Now, to the point. Villain rp has been and is continuing to degrade, very much often being used for petty ooc disputes and harrassing, pure self gain and is making rp unfun for many of the players on the server and in some cases completely ruining it due to abuse and repetitiveness with no sight of change, spontaneity, originality and not being done with the best interests of fun in mind. The added fact is that this will reintroduce a long lost part of RP that was a very enjoyable aspect of the server that since the removal of VAs and subsequently the removal of lockpicking chests (and replacing it with the incredibly unspontaneous, boring and rare system of heists) has been sparse to the point of nonexistence. Actual criminal RP, when I say criminal, I don’t mean villain. A villain could be a tyrant who treats his people like animals and kills or maims at his leisure or a holy knight that disposes of heretics and those that don’t believe in what he believes as the one true faith, this kind of rp is already prevalent in the server and is quite fun, though only really in my opinion when there is a contrast of villain to this besides part time crooks (i.e. part time bandits). A criminal would be for example, someone that disregards the law in pursuit of a better life, excitement, fame or simply due to insanity and would steal, rob, cheat, kill, etc in order to get there, a thin(ish) line I know. Career criminals are pretty much all gone, someone who’s a criminal 100% of the time and not just when it suits him or her in getting something out of it. This could be a burglar that runs a pawn shop in the city he operates in, who breaks into people’s homes then sells them to unsuspecting customers, a serial killer who only murders women because his mother abused him, leaving clues and trails behind for the guard. These are all things that happened before and done in fun ways because of VAs encouraging people to be decent rpers and look to provide fun not gain or spite. The types of Evils 1a - Lockpicking chests (with the same 20% rule as before, only allowing the thief to take that amount).This would hopefully be done like it was back when it was a thing outside of heists, via a modreq, once a building has been burgled successfully or unsuccessfully it would be put under a cooldown of a day or two (maybe more) from any other attempts at burglary from anyone, this wouldn’t be an ooc sign left outside of the house, simply a note made from the previous gm. 2a - Unprovoked killing outside of war claims with the exception of killing out of strong emotions or by accident (possibly being something that needs permission from the victim to attempt). May be permitted in raids for non VA holders if a captain for every 3 men has a VA, as the men involved would just be following orders. This can involve any type of killing without causing them severe pain bordering into torture, if you want to be a serial killer without being a psychopath you can though you would still need to state your reason for being how you are and also have a specific group/groups that you target and why.. Murder out of strong emotion would be for example that someone killed a relative or close friend and is boasting about it in front of you, the accidental murder aspect could be when you’re in a drunken fist fight, or training and the opposing player emotes getting killed by one of your blows. This would not include fighting someone with a sharp sword and trying not to hurt them too bad. If you are an official guard/soldier of a city where a crime has been committed however, you will still be able to kill said criminal if they try to attack you after resisting arrest, though not if they run, if they run you may down them and proceed to taking them to jail. If they come with you without resistance you may also publicly execute them without an app if the crime they have committed is worthy of such a punishment under your own city’s laws. Another exception would be, should a player be kidnapped and forced into fighting one another to the death under threat of their own demise, as I wouldn’t see this example among others as a malicious crime and more so under the fact that they would be fighting for their lives. 2b - Enslaving and ransoming (for minas, exception being where nobles are traded in wartime) though possibly having an exception with Orcs who’s culture very much includes slavery. You would be allowed to buy slaves without the app however not sell them unless back to the seller or one of their associates (if they work in a group/guild for example). You would also be able to kidnap without the app. 3 - Severe torture, this isn’t required for just roughing someone up with your fists in an interrogation, this would be for if you’re character is the type of person to go to the extreme, flaying, eye gouging, ripping out the victim’s tongue, etc. 4 - Arson, obviously this is a tool that can be used for both good and evil oocly, so it would be heavily moderated and only be able to be done with plentiful rp and reasoning behind your character’s actions, making sure that it is not done out of spite. This would be permitted when the building owner is online, or the arsonist has acquired permission from the victim to commit the crime whenever they please. 5 - Psychopathy - I’ll quote Urasept from the previous villain app info for this one as they explain it rather well. Link to post - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97301-villain-application-rules-30/?tab=comments#comment-881414 “Insanity, Split Personalities, Uncontrollable Actions (Side note - This means if you have a disorder that makes you act in a villainous way. Like say your calm one moment, and your disorder flairs up and you all of a sudden want to kill the closest person to you.)” The Application (To be changed to whatever is more suitable) This application is pretty much the old one, however without the biography part as that was quite unnecessary, however all of the other questions seem to be logical and fair. Written I believe by Urasept, or at least posted by them. You can find the original here https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/97301-villain-application-rules-30/?tab=comments#comment-881414 Out of Character Info: MC name: How many characters do you currently play: How many of those characters currently hold VA’s. Please link their accepted VA’s here.: Have you had any ban reports / revokes against you, if so please link them: Do you feel yourself as responsible enough to be able to provide proper and fair roleplay scenarios to those around you? Since villain rules change, it is your responsibility to check them frequently for any changes. Failure to check them for changes will not be admissible should a player / revoke report made against you. Do you acknowledge and agree to this? Are you aware that purposely attempting to provoke ‘loopholes’ within said rules may end up with your application being revoked depending on the severity of the situation? In Character Info Character Name: Character Age: Character Alignment (Lawful Good, Neutral, Lawful Evil, etc.): What kind of villain are you looking to play? With that in mind, what evils are you applying for and why? What moral boundaries does your character adhere too, if any? What are some notable strengths and weaknesses of your character? What might cause him/her to falter? Include things such as temptations, addictions, physical handicaps, etc.: ------------------- The reason I strongly suggest having a form of Villain apps return is simply because I believe that they are necessary as Villain rp is different to other kinds of rp in one way, if done poorly, ignorantly, or half heartedly it can ruin someone else's RP. This suggestion of a completely different type of app may not completely remove the problem as this issue seems too big to be solved completely by one change, but I strongly believe that it will help very much so in going towards helping address it. All in all I think VAs being removed has caused more problems than it's fixed in that, it seems more toxicity seems to be spreading since the day everyone was permitted to pursue this challenging type of RP, also the fact that it pretty much entirely removed a whole type of RP and segregated its players due to lockpicking being removed shortly after VAs, I'd also blame Mechanical default and restrictions/limitations in many ways but that’s another topic.
  18. Republic_of_Vrakai

    The Republic of Vrakai

    The Republic of Vrakai History & Introduction “A map showing the location of the Republic of Vrakai, relative to the Cloud Temple (red).” The Republic of Vrakai is an oligarchic trade republic located in the lands surrounding the estuary of the Baltas river. Initially the lands of Vrakai were settled by wayward farmers and fishermen. Its strategic geographical position allowed it to quickly grow out to become an important centre of trade in central Atlas. The first rulers of these lands were the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters, a group of equestrian mercenaries who settled the region along with the first wave of commoners. Their rule did more to contain trade than to let it flourish, as they sought to live of these lands like any princely state would: By means of heavy taxation and curbing the rights of merchants and commoners in favour of the ruling elite. Eventually learning that their style of governance was detrimental to the region’s prosperity; and in turn their own; the company gradually began to delegate governmental power to local oligarchs. This increased the efficiency of trade flow and the general prosperity of the region. It also relieved the Reiters of their duty to govern, allowing them to pursue their mercenarial profession more efficiently. This shift of governmental power to the oligarchs eventually culminated in the establishment of the Republic of Vrakai, in which the Reiters merely hold a handful of privileges and maintain an employment contract with the state. This strictly professional relation between the republic and the Reiters allows both parties to be left to pursue profit by merit of their profession in an independent political climate. (( OOC Aims )) (( The Republic of Vrakai is designed to be a central hub for trade and roleplay. We seek to promote non-violent (but still competitive), realistic roleplay, with a strong emphasis on economic production and trade. Due to the close proximity of Belvitz; our capital; to the Cloud temple, there is much opportunity for interaction to be found. Vrakai is also the go-to roleplay hub for fans and students of Messy Medieval, which is the Republic’s semi-official building ideology. )) “A view of the Belvitz marketplace on the East side of the town.” Culture Uniquely, the Republic of Vrakai’s Law does not enforce any cultural or religious customs. Its government prides itself to being modelled after the multicultural populace of the original settlers, who eventually founded the republic. Crucially, in Vrakai, its citizens are guaranteed the freedom to practise their own religious and cultural customs without persecution. (( Though cultural and religious customs aren’t enforced, our nation is nevertheless modelled after a generic Eastern European region with aspects of Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania as well Ukraine. )) Social Organisation Notably, the citizens of Vrakia are divided into two social classes: The commoners and the Burghers (or Bourgeoisie). This class system is maintained by rigorous laws that protect the rights and freedoms of the Burghers in order to allow them to pursue their mercantile ambitions. This eventually brings prosperity to all of the Republic as the wealth of the Bourgeoisie trickles down to the commoners. Commoners make up the general population of the republic and practise generic labour oriented professions like farmer, carpenter, fisherman, etc. In contrast with the local Bourgeoisie, they hold few freedoms. But compared to commoners in order human reams, they are relatively more free. The Burghers are the elitary citizen class of the republic. As the driving force of the city’s trade oriented economy, the Burghers enjoy well deserved privileges such as: various trading rights; the right to bear arms; the right to bear heraldic arms; the right to suffrage in the election of consuls (provided they pay the suffrage tax upon casting their vote); the right to be tried by a burgher judge. “The Belvitz Castle, home to the Mercenarial Free Company of The Black Reiters.” Government The Republic of Vrakai is governed by a group of 3 Consuls and one Praeceptor. The Consuls are the representatives of the Burgher class and perform most of the administrative, legislative and diplomatic functions in government. They are essentially ministers who are assigned to a ministerial task by the Praeceptor (more on this below). By and from among the Burghers, the Consuls are elected every 8 years ((2 months IRL)). The duties of a Consul are: The passing of Laws (by simple majority) The revocation or adjustment of unjust laws (by simple majority) Performing the ministerial functions delegated to them by the Praeceptor The Praeceptor is the Republic’s head of state and chief executive official. From among the Bourgeoisie he is elected by the Consuls every 8 years ((2 months IRL)), by simple majority. In order to effectively maintain the Republic’s security, The Governor holds veto powers on matters such as: the acquisition of the title of Burgher; and the passing of new laws by the Consuls. He is tasked with: Delegating ministerial positions to the elected Consuls. Assigning governors to the hinterland territories. Maintaining the internal security of the republic. (( In due time, a separate forum thread will be dedicated to the exact workings of the political system of the Republic of Vrakai. )) Security For it’s security, the Republic of Vrakai depends on privately contracted groups and companies. Notably, for its national security, the republic relies on the Company of The Black Reiters. Whom it allows to occupy the Belvitz Castle and maintains a permanent security contract with. Law enforcement in the republic is maintained by house Montfort through the Montfort Retinue (Belvitz Guard). Current Government Reginald d'Aumary - Praeceptor [SaintPaint] Ludovico di Monteforte - First Consul [LukyLucaz] Louys de Bruyne - Second Consul [Babadooks] Sergei - Third Consul [Zyelon] “A view from the courtyard of the Belvitz castle.” Law & Justice The Republic of Vrakai maintains three books of law, each concerning itself with an important aspect of Vrakian society and the organisation thereof: The Republican Law covers the lawful workings of the Republic’s institutions. It includes legislation on matters such as: government structure; vassals; and trade & monopoly rights. The Common Code covers the legal rights and duties of the commoner class. The Bourgeois Law determines the rights and freedoms of the Burgher class. (( In due time, a separate forum thread will be dedicated to Law & Justice within the republic which will thoroughly explain our justice system and list all laws. )) Joining Commoners wishing to settle in the Republic of Vrakai should make their way to the town of Belvitz ((trouble finding your way?)) and seek to contact a government official. Likewise, affluent merchants or foreign aristocrats who aspire to attain the title of Burgher, and the rights thereof, should travel to the town of Belvitz and contact a government official. 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  19. TJBMinecraft

    The Lion Finally Rests

    The Lion Finally Rests 13th of the Grand Harvest 1649 ____________________________________________________________________ After fits of coughing up blood Thomas Tarsington-Keint became sickly in his fragile state having fallen bedridden for a wound becoming infectious. The once strong and fit man was now weak and frail, his face covered I sweat, turning his head to face his brother "Lope fetch me my sword" he said in a melancholic tone waving his hand towards him. Ser Lope 'The Black Lion' Tarsington-Keint sat at his bedside, wiping the sweat away on his brow with a wet cloth, his face becoming stiff as he tried to hold back a few tears. “As you wish my lord" Lope said, placing House Keint's ancestral sword, Lionsbane, beside his brother's bed. Tears would start to well into the eyes of the once proud lion, as he began another violent outburst of coughing fits, blood covering his boney hand as he coughed all over it. Lope, sensing another fit coming, took a cloth from the bedside table handing it towards his elder brother. Covering his mouth, Thomas held a cloth to mask the sounds of coughs as his most loyal family and officers entered the tent. For a short pause, for which felt like a lifetime, Thomas closed his eyes in deep thought. __________________________________________________________________________ Now lying, on the verge of death, the ill Baron smiled in the sight of his most loyal subjects and uttered: “My time has come, my friends and family. I may not of been born to rule Keintania, but I did my duty to my House and Barony. Each and everyone of you have served me well in life, giving me advice when I needed them most.” He looks towards his brother “Lead our house to victory brother, make sure the name of Keint lives on for an eternity” He takes another long pause, looking up to the sky, clenching his wedding ring tightly in his hand “I am coming to you now Mariane'a my love, and there we shall look over our sweet daughter.” Thomas would cough vigorously, blood splattering onto the cloth "I was never there when you needed me the most, Numa my adorable child but now i shall be looking over you, with your mother" With his last breath, Ser Lope Tarsington- Keint lifted the sheet of the Barons bed, covering his brothers face. Lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint passed from this life into the next. __________________________________________________________________________ Rest In Peace His Lordship, Thomas 'The Lion’ Tarsington-Keint, Baron of Keintania and Grandmaster of the Knights of Keintania. (1598-1649)
  20. Jessy

    Naomi Auclair

    Basic Information Age: 19 Gender: Female Race: Human Nicknames: None Description Height: 5'5'' Weight: 127 pounds. Body Type: Pear shaped Eyes: Bright Green Hair: Bright Red Hair Skin: Pale white Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Physically, and mentally fit. Personality: Caregiver, always the one caring for others. Naomi doesn't like talking about her own problems though she'll go to great lengths to help people even strangers. Though a young adult herself she has a motherly personality. Life Style Deity: (Aengul) Cerridwen Religion: Drudism Alliance/Nation/Home: None Job/Class: None Title(s): None Special Skill(s): Basic Medic! Growing up her mother was tasked with healing the sick and wounded, Naomi spent her childhood helping her mother and considers healing the sick, and easing the passing of the dying to be her duty. Flaw(s): She's what's known as a "Smother" she will mother people into insanity even strangers she's just met, helping them with issues, giving them hot meals and generally smothering them with worry and love.
  21. IGN(s): AwakenMyLove Age: 19 Timezone: PST - Pacific Standard Time Discord: Final#1122 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a microphone?: Of course. Average daily playing time?: A couple hours a day. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Media Team: For however long it lasted for the first incarnation. I was also there when we had players developing their own media teams. Application Team Manager(1.5Y?): I was an AT Manager under the leadership of Tau, Fireheart, and Harrison, I think? Event Team Manager(8M): Freema and Arockstar were the leads. Global Moderator(2Y?): I don't remember who the leads were, I was too busy on getting **** done. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I'm about to roast ya'll. When did it become okay for Lord of the Craft to become a toxic community? This isn't a case of a liberal seeking 'safe spaces'. This is common courtesy to improve the reputation of a server that has it's legacy being tarnished with it's recent generation(s) of players. Back when I was a Game Moderator (It was actually, 'Global Moderator' at the time) someone couldn't just blatantly troll roleplay, and openly say racial or homophobic slurs. They'd get promptly kicked or banned. Don't get me wrong; I get it. The internet is a culture, and often a hive-mind. Experiences that people receive from the internet are often brought onto Lord of the Craft. This shouldn't be the case. We used to have a standard to uphold, now we don't. Players should know to leave their baggage at the door when they come to this server. Or maybe I'm wrong and SpaceOfAids is starting to push his liberal agenda onto me. Remember #CancerIsntTheAnswer Really though. I'm a veteran when it comes to Game Moderation. I'd be a valuable asset to the current GM-Team. I witnessed, and participated in the transition from Vailor to Axios, so I know just how heavy things get when the server changes maps. My hands have been in the development of the ET, AT, and GM Handbooks. (whether or not those editions are still in use, I'm unsure) So when **** hits the fan from Axios to Atlas, you should count on me to be there to help get things moving again. Finally, I'll fill your diversity quota. I'm a Straight Black Male. Very few of us exist on this server thanks to the efforts of @fighting evil by moonlight aka Chihiros Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: I've never been denied. I'm just that good. Anything else you want to tell us?: Tythus LTD. is on my resume: Clearly, I have a good sense of humor.