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Found 74 results

  1. I'm new to roleplay and am looking for a little help in creating my character for the application. I'm a little lost on where to find information and where to start with my character, I have no idea what I want her back story to be- where she's from and all that. I know her name is Muya and she's a wood elf. I tried going through the lore but it's a little difficult knowing what cities are being used currently and what lore to include in my backstory as it's hard to know when everything happened and what year the role play is currently in. I'd appreciate any and all kind of help so please, either reply to me here or my Discord is Kytux1103 #3061 Thank you in advance.
  2. The Ironguts The Ironguts are the longest living clan amongst the Dwedmar, being true Cave Dwarves at heart. Since the reign of Urguan, many Ironguts have held influential and vital roles, including Kings, Lords, and some even among the Order of Ascended. With these positions, the Ironguts have helped shape the world we see now. Through the forging of great weapons,the spelunking of cavernous ruins, and delving deep into the arcane, the Ironguts have been highly regarded among the Dwedmar. Ancient History of the Clan Modern History of the Clan Clan Government and Laws > The majority of decisions are made by the Clan Father, who solely holds the responsibility to lead the Clan. The Clan Father, chosen by a majority vote by the Elders of the clan, should represent the beliefs of the Clan. It is very rare, if ever, that a Clan Father is removed by the Elders. His word is the final say in matters > Elders of the Clan are elected by the Clan members themselves by popular vote. Elders are responsible for leading the clan members in place of the Clan Father is he cannot be there. > Elders are to reflect the Clan tenets directly onto the Clan members and beardlings. They also handle the initiation and teaching of magic to beardlings in the Clan. Clan Culture Forging of Weapons A tradition where those with the skills to use the Forge will often forge personal weapons. These weapons are a symbol of the Clansman's style of fighting and often have a symbol of the creator upon them somewhere, identifying them as that specific person. Many famous weapons are under possession of the clan, for example the famed blade of Dwain I Irongut, Mourgil, which is now in the hands of Balek Irongut. Beard Braiding Just having a simple beard is not enough for the Ironguts. The Clansmen can often be seen with braids in their beards. These can be as simple as forking the beard in two or as complex as weaving it into an intricate braid, some even weaving in gems, or adding rings of metal. The clan members grow their beards long and are careful not to burn them in the forge or get torn in battle. Magic Ironguts are known users of magic,and the only Dwarven Clan capable of learning Void Magic. Any member of the clan has the right to learn magic, so long as the member can follow the Clan rules. Those inclined to learn should first speak with an Elder in order to begin training. All apprentices are expected to be patient during the process of learning, as it is not a simple one. Magic is considered a sacred tradition within the Ironguts. Clan Crest The Ironguts often adorn a crest composed of a mug of ale and a sword to show that it was sent from an Irongut. We take pride in being Ironguts and won’t hesitate if we get a chance to show it! Clan Banners The Ironguts have always used their banners to mark their homes and Clan halls in the past. The banner is composed of our Clan crest and our Clan colors, silver and blue Clan Diplomacy Clan Ireheart: Friendly Clan Grandaxe: Friendly Clan Doomforge: Neutral Clan Frostbeard: Hostile Clan Irongrinder: Neutral Clan Goldhand: Neutral Clan Treebeard: Neutral Clan Starbreaker: Neutral Clan Silvervein: Friendly Clan Hammerforged: Neutral Records of the Ironguts ((Family Tree: https://www.familyecho.com/?p=JBMRI&c=3rihhyqbxa&f=118731965149584681)) Clan Father: Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Clan Elders: Bolgnir Irongut(Tide1) Dwain II Irongut (Hiebe) Balek Irongut(Hobolympic) Clan Members: Tharggus Irongut (Tharggus) Balek Irongut (Hobolympic) Yeulf Irongut (IronGroot) Dorin Irongut (DarthArkous) Bolgnir Irongut (Tidemanno) Alfy Irongut(littleyoshy) Sharr Irongut (lordbobby123) Grandour Irongut(SaltyStormJakob) Ulhor Irongut(BlackDwarvenFire) Yor Irongut(punni_boi) Robin Irongut(Pilantos311) Beardlings: Hall of the Deceased: Deceased: Thordon Irongut ((Jordan1921)) Thrym Sliverfist ((NoobCrafert14)) Nurrak Irongut ((Destroyer_Bravo)) Kara Irongut ((skippyoak)) Gamil Irongut ((Unknown)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Isabelle Irongut ((Unknown)) Whurgar Irongut ((Owl_7)) Theor Irongut ((Blob9000)) Balin Irongut ((darkjames)) Thak Irongut ((GavinTheViking)) Ore'zy Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Fariken Irongut((30326)) Rehki Irongut ((bov61)) Smalltoe Irongut ((Musboris)) Nozagen Irongut ((Bov61)) Lilum Irongut ((KarmaDelta)) Chase Irongut((Dtrik)) Goroth Irongut((30326)) Dun Irongut ((blackhawk77g)) Skippy Irongut (skippy369) Honored Dead: Hiebe Irongut ((Hiebe)) Belin Irongut ((Skinner541)) Darius Irongut ((Blackhawk77g)) Phelrin Irongut ((ChAnKoEr)) Susan Irongut ((ABoyNamedSue)) Algrim Irongut ((Isemburt)) Draco Irongut ((RP)) Dwain Irongut ((RP)) Grungron Irongut(James27049) Missing (Previous list purged): Beardling Yurvo (MonkeyFaceGamer) Thorgrim Irongut (irDusk) Kilgrim Irongut (Kilgrim_) Gauldrim Irongut ((Redbench)) Banished: Mili Irongut ((Leland22)) Grimloth Irongut ((jakesimonson)) Tortek Silverfist ((Axmaynard)) Bofauk Irongut ((lawlmansayshi)) Duregar Irongut ((ww2buff99) Sili Irongut ((Leland22)) Aengoth Irongut ((Aengoth)) Uldar Irongut ((Tirenas)) Clan Tenets In-character 1. Respect your elders. Respect those who are older than you. You represent our clan and your actions, good or bad, affect us all. 2. Loyalty to your clan above all else. 3. Help your clansmen when you can. Don't abandon each other in fights, however hard it might be. Out-of-character 1. Your Irongut character should be your main character. 2. If you're an Irongut and you betray the clan, your character, if killed by an Irongut, is perma-dead. 3. Separate RP from OOC, we’re all friends here. Proving of the Lineage (Application) (Copy the below and paste to use) [ MC Name: ] What is your name? Where do you live? What are your primary skills? Short biography (5+ sentences): How are you related to the Irongut Clan? (See family tree, don't create your own father or mother unless you PM the Clan Father): Do you swear loyalty to the Irongut Clan?: OOC Do you agree to follow all the rules of the Irongut Clan? Discord ID? (optional, you can also send it through PM if required)
  3. D4NNA

    Arcadian Tides

    Naval Storyline Become a confidant of the sea and sail across the Arcadian Ocean with your ship and a faithful crew, life overseas is not easy and requires preparation, navigation and equipment ... not to forget the food on deck is required in large supply, and that's where the delicacies such as sea-fruit are found. Sailors whisper of a taste that comes from the depths of the seas … Explore the depths of the Sea Ruin and discover a world of water and the home of an ancient civilization ... The ocean itself has preserved this place and protected it from the torrents of time, much of the ruin could have survived ... It does not only awaken the treasure hunter instincts but also those of every fisherman, the first who dared to dive beneath the surface... Go under and face the forces of nature ... Descendants have always been made to live on land, but curiosity is like a blade piercing the sea, reaching deeper and diving recklessly. Conquering the deep is a trophy to each and every category, be it by arcane arts, research or even through sheer mind and will! A genius mind will reward their fellowship with the treasure of the deep, and a title to hone their tinkering skill Reveal what lies beneath the depths and ... In a place without light, life is a lantern ... Time is torn, swept between the tides changed the people T̷h̷e̷ ̴H̵y̷d̶r̴a̷ ̴r̶e̶b̸o̶r̴n̵,̶ ̸d̵e̶s̷c̶e̵n̷d̸a̴n̶t̵s̸ ̴c̴r̴e̶a̴t̸i̷n̴g̷ ̴a̵ ̷n̷i̴g̶h̶t̶m̸a̴r̵e̶ ̷o̷f̸ ̸t̶h̷e̴i̶r̴ ̵o̷w̸n̸ ̸…̴ ̴I̴n̷ ̷t̷h̵e̶ ̸p̸a̷s̸t̷,̶ ̶t̷h̶e̸y̴ ̶l̵i̷v̴e̸d̸ ̶i̷n̴ ̶h̷a̵r̶m̷o̴n̶y̸,̴ ̷p̵e̷a̵c̴e̴ ̴a̵n̷d̵ ̵f̶r̷i̷e̷n̸d̷s̶h̸i̷p̶ ̸w̸e̵r̶e̵ ̶o̴f̴f̵e̶r̵e̴d̵ ̵t̵o̴ ̷a̴l̶l̵ ̷w̸h̵o̷ ̵w̶e̴l̸c̷o̸m̸e̷d̷ ̴i̴t̷.̵.̷.̴ ̸b̷u̵t̷ ̴a̵n̵ ̸a̶g̷g̷r̴e̷s̸s̶i̴v̷e̸ ̷f̵o̸r̵c̸e̷ ̸s̷w̵a̸l̶l̶o̴w̸e̵d̵ ̴t̸h̴i̶s̶ ̴a̷g̴e̸ ̶o̴f̴ ̵f̷r̴e̴e̴d̵o̷m̵ ̵…̷s̵e̴a̸l̷e̷d̸ ̶b̸y̴ ̶a̵ ̵g̷u̶a̵r̵d̶i̵a̴n̷ ̵o̴f̷ ̶i̸m̸m̷e̸n̶s̸e̸ ̶p̵o̸w̴e̵r̸.̷.̴.̶ ̶ The great unknown... Discover new life and beings who were born in the deep, pelagic flora and amphibious ocean dwellers alike. The aquatic creatures seem to exist in a miraculous cycle and are in harmony with nature and the Descendants. In the tropical area near the Wildlands many creatures live in different ways and in different planes. Even for those who are not interested in science, the ruin is a beacon of life to ocean dwellers. ...Ultimately, every descendant can just discover for themselves what is behind the horizon for them ... Already have wet feet? Fishing Contest! Planned for the 6th to 8th of September Pirate Warning! Planned for the 13th to 20th of September Ocean Conference! Planned for the 22th of September ((mostly during European Times)) Spoiler! Final Boss of the Storyline! If you’re interested feel free to leave a nice RP post! Thanks!
  4. First ‘proper’ ship seen on the expedition. Circa 1715 “The smallest landlubbers, callin’ themselves the halflins received a bounty that would lead them to the shipwreck, as they ventured out from brandybrook’s decks they would quickly find out the shipwreck was no fluke and that another ship had been shattered to pieces there while trying to retrieve the much acclaimed treasure… Was it the aggression of other ocean-travelling folk or just another casualty of the forceful tides that often brought a wet demise to unsuspecting sailors… ? The warning remained, but with the demise of the other ships a lucky group of landlubbers have taken the opportunity to check out what sweet loot these remains had to offer. They were greeted with relics of long past lives and the unwelcoming otherworldly presence of an apparition that had formed from the many lost souls that drowned or died any other horrible death upon the ocean. Seeing that everything eventually sinks down to the ocean floor to ultimately rot away, the shipwreck preserved itself as a warning to all those who are foolish enough to venture out into the unknown seas unprepared. A storm was coming... Luckily the Pirates were giving the landlubbers who received the bounty missive instructions and cared for their safe travel across the seas. Although with the whole population of ocean-dwellers on the line they had no other way but to cooperate with the main-land centric descandants, who were currently in the turmoils of war. Cap’n Octatre’ was send out with a small but dedicated crew to establish contact with the crews that were able to sail out far into the ocean. Far behind the high tides, where rocky formations would carve the floor beneath the surface, a menace would slowly inch closer. It was a sinister creature that would devour everything in its vicinity. As the creature was a very slow organism, the ocean-dwellers & descendants alike wouldn’t know about it at all until its large unsaturated hunger would mess with the whole eco-system. of the uncharted seas Large amounts of flat, marbly bone substance would wash up from the depths of the sea. It was completely dead material, preserved in form, but devoid of life. Once a living organism was turned to dry bones, the salvaged lifeforce would be absorbed by the creature. With the now established contacts to the mainland the pirates hope to salvage the ancient remains of the precursors of the Arkos seas to put an end to this terrible creature, and hopefully free the ancient civilisation trapped beneath a blanket of bones….” *The old man would sign the book, on the last page was a drawing of the shipwrecks at sea. He went to the library of dragur to publish his observation upon sea.*
  5. (A Depiction of Humble Servants of The Creator gathering amoungst themselves peacefully) Circa, 1725, 9th of Sun’s Smile A man sits in his study, Eyes follow trails far too muddy, Lost is his mind, Forgotten when it is time, Let us look to our predecessors we’ve forgot, For we may continue on to one hundred new Empire’s, Or not, “Do not allow your Monarchs, Bureaucratic Patriarchs, and inept Dukes decide your fate, for they shalt leadeth thee into oblivion, and allow Iblee’s chaos to once again ravage our people’s GOOD hearts.” ”Look unto my eyes for I am a man created by Lord GOD, Lo’ I am the servant to whom is all powerful, I tell thee, and I tell thee.” The man hoists up his White Scepter; made of Lord GOD’s own bounty, “There’s work to be done.”
  6. Finri: The Lost Race Of The Ocean. The History: According to the legends scrawled by walls underwater, when the four brothers ruled every corner of the earth, there was one more sibling that the first man and woman could not bare to tell their children; the helpless case of their last child, Newx. He was an elf-like creature with blue skin, four arms, webbed fingers, three eyes, and an eel-like body. His voice was nothing more than high pitched squeals. His behavior was like an animal. But his intelligence was stunning, able to solve puzzles in a matter of seconds. The first man and woman had to sacrifice their child to the sea, for they quickly learned that Newx could not survive on land. Down into the depths did he thrive, his high pitch squeals allowing him to communicate with dolphins and other forms of submerged life. He would be the one to rule not the earth, but it’s vast oceans. It was then did he have four heirs. Gi who governed the Trenches, Mol who protected the Reefs, Bow who guarded the Emptiness, and Wiklo who reigned the Shores. These were the four realms of the ocean, these were the four daughters of Newx, these were the first Finri tribes. Gi—who thrived between earth, water, and darkness—was the inventor of sea lanterns and the discoverer of prismarine. From chunks of these crystals, grains of sand, and blue lava from submerged volcanoes, did she forge the new light source for her sisters. Mol on the other hand, discovered how to herd yummy cod and plant food. The dolphins her father befriended taught her how to hunt. The tropical fish showed her how to farm kelp, sea grass, and coral. And through their knowledge did Mol learn how to tame pufferfish, breeding them to become later on, guardians. Bow traveled alone through invisible currents that were only touched by venturing fish and migrating turtles. Their corpses lend her scute armor and the materials needed to help Gi forge tridents. Wiklo lurked near the shores, learning from the salmon leaving rivers about magic and how to wield it. She taught these arts to her sisters, who used the ability to gain greater technology, like the conduit. Then came the first sailors, who roamed upon the ocean’s surface with their wooden vessels. Their nets stole their food, their ships lingered above their homes, and their crewmembers stole any belongings they could find. Using every magic at their disposal did the sisters attempt to scare the seamen away, but to no avail. They hired mages to block their spells, and the finri did not wish to be discovered; for they cannot breathe air, bringing them to a swift disadvantage. Hence began the worship of Mother Moon, deity of secrets, darkness, and slumber. As the sisters slept, she visited their resting minds, blessing them with her powers on one condition. They must build an altar of peace and promise to never destroy it. The sisters agreed, mastering the power of transforming into shadow and entering dreams based upon the moon cycle. Together they gaslighted the mages on board these well-guarded boats, whispering in their ear while in shadow, giving them nightmares, and using lullabies to make them sleepwalk off the docks. Once their magical defense was down, the sailors left, marking the areas of the sea they should stay away from. A few centuries later--after the sisters died peacefully--a group of finir heard of the high elves and their philosophy. Believing that now is the time to kill the weak and breed the strong, they used each tribe’s pride against them, a tool of mass destruction. The descendants of the sisters--once loyal to each other--rained hell, redding the ocean with blood. An abysmal war for supremacy broke out, and in the final battle, the tribes decided to set the fight at Mother Moon’s temple in attempts to prove their worth to her. Their answer came when her shrine was destroyed in the process, each finir flesh stripped from bone and transformed into shadow. Now their ruins lie, temples crumbled, technologies unused, and kelp-woven scrolls eaten by fish. As Mother Moon awaits her next prophet, the corpses littering the deep’s floor hope to be discovered once more. OOC Explanation: Basically, there was a hidden race that once lived in the sea but went extinct thanks to an abysmal war. This war is currently unknown in the roleplay lore, the only thing that is known is their extinction. This race called the Finir built ocean monuments, discovered prismarine, breed sea animals, and used lost magics. Their curse was their animal like behaviors and their blessing were their extreme intelligence. Purpose: The purpose of this lore is used to explain the reasoning for the existence of ocean monuments, guardians, wrecked ships, and other sea-based items. If this lore is accepted, it could also be used to explain a new form of magic and deity--as seen above--I am planning on sharing. I hope this contributes to the wonderful RPG community we have! Spoilers: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Ancient_History Moon Worship and Magic influenced by moon phases inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender
  7. Sweet Beat Bread These perfectly made buns of bread are made for commoners and royalty alike. The bread is made out of very smooth flower, sieved to perfection. The flower is so smooth, it rolls off one's fingers without feeling a thing. The yeast inside is so fine that one can see that is has been harvested with much love and care. The honeyed water inside is so special, only one has the knowledge of how to create it. The honeyed water is said to be the best mixture of both honey, ale, and water. Made into a dough with almost godlike hands, grabbing every piece of it as it is done. Sodium chloride as small as one's hair is found within the bread, harvested from the south sea only. Several powders are also used in the baking process, but that knowledge is only for the maker to know. After the dough is finished it goes into a hot and wet chamber where it will be laid to rest. After is done in the chamber, several buns are to be made with such precision and love it is said that the gods made them. Then they will go back into the chamber to rise to twice their size. It is covered in egg yolk and egg white as it goes out of the chamber, such fine sugar is powdered on top that it is to smelt in the mouth. The perfect combination of love, hate, and skill went into making these pieces of bread. The combination of sweet and savory makes most water their mouths if they enter a tavern or ones home. Every bun is so special and precious that it is to be wrapped in paper with care to protect it. Currently, the only one who knows how to make divine pieces of bread is a high elf by the name of Melkor.
  8. The Sleetfells Darkens Sometime during the month of The Deep Cold, the day was cloudy in the Sleetfells, although, infront of a cave just a bit away from the Yatl Wastelands was a ‘ker, the place seemed to be filled with flourishing nature, color flowers along the paths that lead up to the cave, the dark elf seeming to have plenty of supplies out filled with many things, banners, wood, stone. It seemed that he was hoping to get some work done, perhaps hoping to revive the small settlement known as Elmagara’myan. Many of hours later, It would appear that the surface of the cavern was filled with stalls and plenty of red banners above them, although clouds would suddenly roll into the Sleetfells, the sky darkening as a sudden cold fills the area, the sun completely disappearing, the ‘ker looking up at the sky, in an instant it seems that snow would pour down, he’d blink in awe before taking what he can, although wouldn’t be much as he’d rush back into the cave, settling himself as a few more hours would pass, peeking out of the cave only to see mounds of snow, covering all the progress he’s made, everything.. covered with snow, the man thinking in his head “Well.. ****” (OOC info)
  9. Google Doc of the Post (Suggested) LoTC Forum Formatting of the Post (Dumpster Fire)
  10. Vinir Orothell Physical Information Height ⊸ 6’1 Weight ⊸ 150 Skin Tone ⊸ Pale Gray Eye Color ⊸ Blue Hair Type ⊸ Short silver hair Race ⊸ Dark Elf Gender ⊸ Male Personality Information Strength ⊸ Very agile, has a strong goal to survive. Weakness ⊸ Ashamed of his past choices. Silver-Tongue ⊸ Has a very “persuasive” way of talking when he needs to. Ambitious ⊸ Vinir wants to do what is best for him and his companions, he will do whatever it takes to protect their bonds. Adventurous ⊸ Spends time talking and seeing the ways of others. This includes studying cultures, learning the different languages of the world, and even some information on the different religions. Other Traits Job ⊸ Teacher, smithing, military. Closest Kin ⊸ Conall Orothell Story/Biography [1653-1698] Vinir was a young elf that was born into the Orothell family. He was born in Sutica in the year if 1653. When Vinir was a young elf, he would roam the streets and would always spend his younger days making makeshift weapons with his brother, Andeosi. Andeosi and Vinir would spar day after day just to better themselves for anytime that they would have to fight in the future. Vinir always wanted to be the greatest warrior in all of southern Arcas and he did not plan to let anyone stop him. Vinir’s life was going great, he got to spend time with his family, watch the guards march in and out of the city after doing their prosperous work of protecting the people that reside in Sutica. However, one day when Vinir was waiting to see the guards walk by at his usual spot by the bank, he noticed that the sun kept going down and down, and no guards where coming in. Vinir finally got tired of waiting for the guards so he headed to the nearest wall access, and climbed up the wall. Only to see that there was a conflict outside, that started to gather many people that seemed to be all dressed in the same uniforms. As Vinir was watching, he heard a man scream in pain out of the middle of the conflict only to then later, see him fall to the ground motionless. Vinir was young, but he still knew something was wrong. He quickly ran to get help at the nearest guard-post he knew of but found them all empty. Vinir kept wandering the city looking for help, but he was to late. He saw the vicious men from outside start pouring in the city, as almost as to save himself, he ran to the nearest dock and dove into the ocean. [1698-1707] Now, Vinir was not the best swimmer but however, he knew how to keep himself afloat. To the best of his ability he swam one direction, he became very tired and grew exhausted (which he later found out was West) he became very tired and grew exhausted eventually passing out from swimming so long. He lay, floating on his back drifting with the current. The current took him to a desert island that he has never seen, but one that he has only heard of in silly stories. Upon arrival Vinir only knew little of what his older brother told him that involved survival. Vinir ventured deeper into the island and even found a place in which he could harvest the fruit and drink from the water. At the time Vinir was 45, still a young dark elf, was ready to survive whatever the gods would throw at him. Vinir would go on to survive here for 9 years. He would sleep in a cave that held all the resources that he gathered, a bed of leaves to sleep on, and had a spring at the back of it that he had drunk water from since his time there. Now, Vinir did not plan to stay for long, he had a heart for adventure and wanted to cross the ocean and find the next place that he could. So he did just that. Vinir had so much faith that he left all that he had just to swim towards, what he thought was Arcas. [1707-1715] Vinir walked towards the ocean and started swimming, he began heading in a somewhat straight direction. However, this swim took him to a rather, interesting place. Upon arriving he was greeted by a man that towered above him in a dark black armor. “Welcome to the Principality of Vira’ker”. Vinir had happily entered the city upon being greeted, he spent time wandering around and even saw many eviction signs. Upon seeing one recently evicted house, it caught his eye. He then went to the local steward and even slept that night in his new home. Vinir would spend many nights here before seeing the man the greeted him at the gates his first day there. Vinir later became friends with this man and even found out more things about him. The mans name was Daichia, Hortiator of the Div’Cruan, later known as the Vihai’ker. Later on into their friendship Vinir would challenge Daichia to a duel. Being the agile warrior that he is, he was able to move swiftly around the towering man and even defeat him. Vinir would go on to impress many people with his great agility. Daichia saw Vinir’s talent as he was dueling the prince on the beach and he was even placed Vinir into the military, days later even made a Ordinator. [1715-1720] Upon joining the military, Vinir began to travel. He spent many times escorting citizens and royals to their locations. Upon arriving at one location, Vinir saw a rather familiar face, his brother. After being reunited, Vinir and his brother spent a very long time travelling down the road catching up with each others past lives. Vinir even invited Conall to join him at Vira’ker. The two brothers then stay together as much as they could, who knows what the gods have in store for them, but I guarantee, nothing will stop the Orothells. [1720-Present] After leaving the lands of the Mali’ker. Vinir would visit Krugmar to see his friend Noka’Lur from time to time. After that he still continued to go on anger filled sprees of killing people. He did this for some time until one day, he came across a eagle. Upon following it around in the forest, he had arrived at the things nest where it had been living, in a forest near Fenn. Only to discover the broken eggs that lay in it. Perhaps it was just from a prey the eagle had discovered, so Vinir left and would return days later. When he returned though, the eagle had been laying lifeless on the forest floor. Vinir rushed up to it cradling it in his arms, as he sat there with it. While he did this, his bond would grow strong with the eagle, and soon he named it Tathvir.
  11. It all started that night, an Emperial night, a night of loss, death, torture, and hell. That night was her end, that night was the night I started. It had all started that night. The winds were blowing thundering past every house, a march was heard as all the happiness drained. The dogs, were howling, fire. Fire from the hatred of the Emperor, his torches burnt, many fled. The blood was shed. That night was the night mother said her farewells, to me, to sister, to this world. Her sickness had grown, she could no longer walk, so she packed our bags, gave us the locket her mother had given her. She stayed, smiling, yet crying as the people pulled us away. Fire. Blood. Cries. Death. The Emperor had already won. Darkness fell, I fainted. Only to wake up, Urguan being my new setting, the only words coming out my mouth being “S- s- sister?!?!” “Yeh sister beh wi'd 'e Elves Lad, sheh beh safe t'ere.” spoke a man, a small man, he was a dwarf. “Meh name beh Flynn Treebeard, Urguan 'nd 'efrumm Med'ehc. Yeself'ns?” “A-I I'm Adrian DeLaForesteNoir.” he answered, scared, bewildered and lost. That was the first time a dwarf had been across from my eyes, and the first time sister and mother weren't smiling with me. This was the first time my eyes truly became a waterfall of misery and loneliness, a secret place showing himself, I screamed, I cried, the realisation that mother was gone crossed my mind at last. That night, that night was finally over as I fell asleep in the arms of Flynn. That night was over and I knew I'd meet sister again. I had fully turned towards Anbella. Me, a human now called myself a dwarf even without the blood throughout myself. That night had changed my life, whether for the best or the worst, I am still unsure, but that night was my tragedy, and my new joy. That night, I am now thankful for. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi! That was part one of my story! The first story I've ever made! I hope I can make the next one! And thanks for reading!!!!!!!!! ❤️ I hope you all enjoyed this! ❤️❤️❤️
  12. “Hold here ye’ old friend! ‘Ave heard much of the formidable you, and the loyal members of yer’ group!” A somber light would press through the grove, it almost seemed as if the sun itself was lost in the forest, and so it was more astonishing to see the old ranger appearing out of nowhere ... Breathtaking. The old ranger would approach you calmly, his armor shone green as if covered in moss and his weapons held low signaling peace... “I heard ye’ take care of any bounty, and venture out far away to claim a good hunt, as a ranger I appreciate this, ...” The ranger would throw you a scroll, on it some creatures are recorded with defined dimensions, a short description in fine writing would describe the entity in more detail. “’’Ere ya’ have it... tis’ be the bounty, … The scrolls were of a very noble quality, for the paper and the seemingly colored ink must have cost a fortune! While being at it the ranger would throw you the second one... With a lot of respect, the ranger looked at the remaining scroll before handing it over to the bravest of hunters... “I’m no hunter, I’m a ranger and as it is our duty we protect the balance of the forest and all descendants that venture to the forests may request a rangers help... but for this I need yer’ help” When you turned away from the forest, the atmosphere seemed to change behind you ... or was it the curiosity that led you into the depths of the woods? Nevertheless an adventure would wait, and with these bounties at hand even thoughts of glory and praise come to mind! “???” … You’ve found a scroll in the dirt, after you dust it off you can see what remains... ((All group sizes are variable, message me on discord for further info about these bounties and their whereabouts!)) D4NNA#6850 Event Location: [[590X 68Y -1130Z]]
  13. Mactroth! Cresonian Ducal Theatre Mactroth - A man and his wife work together to take over a throne that doesn’t belong to them, but what will be their end all fates in this tragic production? Audition to join the cast now! ((Co-ords to Cresonia: x: -1354, y: 60, z: 529)) Lady Jasmin Nasrid, governess of the Ducal Cresonian Theatre, has currently opened auditions, taking place on [[Saturday, 6th June, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT]] Sign up below Roles to audition for: Mactroth (Human) Lady Mactroth (Human) King Duncard (Human) Banqaul (Human) Fishmongerer (Any) Fleana (Human Child) Three Witches (Any race)
  14. [!] From the Frostbeard clan hall, groups of Dwed would file out, spreading and pinning the missive to wherever! [!] TO THE KIN OF KAZ’ULRAH THE HORN CALLS 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1722 My brothers and sisters, true kin of Kaz’Ulrah. It has not even been a century since the fall of Kal’Tarak, and in turn, our beautiful kingdom. Although it may have only been a simple blink in our lifespan since then, its effects on us would last for a lifetime. I know many of you since the fall, joined your brethren in Agnarum & Holm- and rightfully so. There is no shame in standing with your brethren. But I know many more of you refused to stand alongside those that we had once despised, whose blood we spilled on the snow-topped fields of Jornheim. It was we who stormed Fort Kovakirr. And, it was they, Urguan, who fought alongside the Empire of Man during the Last Atlas Coalition, while we fought to the last man. But now, it is nowhere more apparent than now that the dwarves should no longer stand separated. We dwed should not, and will not, toil under the boot of the umri, elgus, nor uruks. For the survival of our existence, we need unity. The ever-wise Clan Elder and son of Hamnil Frostbeard, Argnos Frostbeard, foresaw this, and, alongside Garrond Frostbeard and myself, brought Clan Frostbeard to the Underrealm of Urguan. Our clan, the core of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, rivals of the Urguanites, would eat and drink alongside our fellow dwed once more. Not all came, however, citing our long and bloodied history. The defense of dwed-kind stands above our grudges. And so, the horn calls, bellowing from the highest mountain peaks, and through the deepest valleys. It calls to the sons of Kaz’Ulrah, to those who survived the tumultuous fall of our Kingdom. The Dwed stand in Urguan! As Ograhad Decrees, Clan Father Vithar Frostbeard, Son of Verthaik II Frostbeard
  15. Finri: The Lost Race Of The Ocean. The History: According to the legends scrawled by walls underwater, when the four brothers ruled every corner of the earth, there was one more sibling that the first man and woman could not bare to tell their children; the helpless case of their last child, Newx. He was an elf-like creature with blue skin, four arms, webbed fingers, three eyes, and an eel-like body. His voice was nothing more than high pitched squeals. His behavior was like an animal. But his intelligence was stunning, able to solve puzzles in a matter of seconds. The first man and woman had to sacrifice their child to the sea, for they quickly learned that Newx could not survive on land. Down into the depths did he thrive, his high pitch squeals allowing him to communicate with dolphins and other forms of submerged life. He would be the one to rule not the earth, but it’s vast oceans. It was then did he have four heirs. Gi who governed the Trenches, Mol who protected the Reefs, Bow who guarded the Emptiness, and Wiklo who reigned the Shores. These were the four realms of the ocean, these were the four daughters of Newx, these were the first Finri tribes. Gi—who thrived between earth, water, and darkness—was the inventor of sea lanterns and the discoverer of prismarine. From chunks of these crystals, grains of sand, and blue lava from submerged volcanoes, did she forge the new light source for her sisters. Mol on the other hand, discovered how to herd yummy cod and plant food. The dolphins her father befriended taught her how to hunt. The tropical fish showed her how to farm kelp, sea grass, and coral. And through their knowledge did Mol learn how to tame pufferfish, breeding them to become later on, guardians. Bow traveled alone through invisible currents that were only touched by venturing fish and migrating turtles. Their corpses lend her scute armor and the materials needed to help Gi forge tridents. Wiklo lurked near the shores, learning from the salmon leaving rivers about magic and how to wield it. She taught these arts to her sisters, who used the ability to gain greater technology, like the conduit. Then came an secret abysmal war. Almost each tribe has invented a new form of magic and had the instinct to claim their territory. Gi invented Umbra Phasing, to manipulate and transform into shadow. Mol made a type of magic known as Siren Callings, allowing her children to enslave sailors and wreak their ships. And Bow discovered Taint Marking, to claim an environment with runes that control the area. After the death of the four daughters, in the final battle, Gi’s descendants casted a spell that transformed all Finir into shadow, stripping themselves into nothing but bone, dead before the world even knew they existed. The only thing that remains of them now are their ruins, their guardians, their technologies, and their corpuses littering the sea. OOC Explanation: Basically, there was a hidden race that once lived in the sea but went extinct thanks to an abysmal war. This war is currently unknown in the roleplay lore, the only thing that is known is their extinction. This race called the Finir built ocean monuments, discovered prismarine, breed sea animals, and used lost magics. Their curse was their animal like behaviors and their blessing were their extreme intelligence. Purpose: The purpose of this lore is used to explain the reasoning for the existence of ocean monuments, guardians, wrecked ships, and other sea-based items. If this lore is accepted, it could also be used to explain new forms of magic--as seen above--I am planning on sharing. I hope this contributes to the wonderful RPG community we have! Spoilers: · https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Ancient_History
  16. All Things Must Pass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNYc-443G6E The old Wizard would stand before a roiling hellish torrent of the Voidal Tear as bodies lay strewn before him. The smell of hellfire and magic filled the air as creatures of the Empyrean had struck his party a decisive and terrible blow. Visions of Aegis would cloud his mind as the smells and hellscape looked all too familiar to a time he had so long forgotten. Ithrendas Regis (Tahmas) and Steven (spodokaiba) already journeying into the heart of the storm in an attempt to close shut the jaws of the infernal opening that wrented a deep wound into the realm. But had not returned and Ceruberr (Captainsheepy) had been captured by a Voidal Horror, one of the neverborn monstrosities of the darkest reaches of the Voidal realms whom only referred to itself as the “Displacer”. The party was weak, the creature seemed impenetrable to the magical spells cast against it, merely absorbing them and sending them flying straight back towards them. All the while the monster would feed upon the mystical energies of Ceruberr to not only fuel itself but to hijack the Elf’s advanced knowledge of the Arcane to turn upon his aggressors. Enveloping himself in an Arcane shield he would move mysteriously from place to place in a blink of an eye, phasing in and out of existence all the while taunting us as “lessers”. The creature was toying with us, and we all knew it. But we continued to fight regardless to its protests. Until the moment when the old man allowed foolhardiness to get the better of him… The Wizard would watch as the creature stood before the cliff top carrying Ceruberr within its hand, a mystical Arcane shield about it the old man saw that there was little that could be done. But he thought he could best the creature still and prepared one last incantation, a bolt of pure Arcane energy, he knew it would be fruitless to target the monster, but if he could not target the beast he would instead target the very ground on which it stood. The cliffside! Summoning all his might he would through the bolt at the cliff, a flash of Octarine brilliance would shimmer across the chasm of which they stood followed by a sudden hissing crack of chimes as the bolt found its target, destroying the cliff face and causing the creature to lose its footing. It was at this moment that the old man realised what he had done, as he watched both the monster and Ceruberr fall into the roiling torrent below. He thought perhaps that Ceruberr had already succumbed to his ordeal but it did not matter. For as such thoughts raced through his mind he suddenly found himself upon the floor, collapsed. He had strained himself heavily and his ancient body could not tolerate such abuse without protest. He lay slumped upon the dead and lifeless void-kissed landscape next to the portal as he could only watch Ceruberr fall to what he assumed was his doom with the creature behind him. His ears were ringing but he could hear the cries of others of his party as he heard another voice disappear down below. To his dismay he could only barely peer over and ask “What is it? What’s happening?” To which the party merely replied “It’s Saeldur! (_princeton_) It’s Saeldur! He has jumped down after his brother Ceruberr!” A great pang of dread and guilt would fill within the old man’s throat as he tried to swallow. Only to find himself incapable. “No…” He thought to himself. “Oh my Aeriel and the Sages above no… What have I done?” The old man would sit by the side of the roiling portal to oblivion as silence would drift over the battlefield for the first time in a long while. The deaths of colleagues, two friends no less of the Celestial order, members of his order. Now hung above his head. “Aeriel… oh Aeriel what have I wrought?” The old man could only grumble and serve a murmur before saying “That fool… that foolish fool!” Saeldur’s fate was certain, his death assured. The old man panged with guilt gritted his teeth as he thought to himself, “What a fool I am! A servant of the realm? I just let two boys I’ve known since their youth die by my hand! What kind of servant am I? To be so reckless? Blundermore the Wise, Blundermore the Sage, Blundermore the Guardian, Blundermore the Wizard. Bah!” He would think sarcastically to himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD9r0q3Cey4 At that moment a thought passed through his mind as he remembered from earlier, when the creatures of the Voidal tear attempted to bargain with the party prior to the horrid business of war. The old wizard’s mind raced as he tried to think of something, anything, to save them. “What can I trade? What do I have to bargain?” He would think, until suddenly it dawned upon him… Letting out a gruffled demand he would call out “Creature? Are you still present?” He would immediately feel the presence of the being, despite being invisible to the naked eye it would be all too clear that at the very least the creature could hear him. “You speak of bargains and trades before… well, I have a bargain for you!”. The old wizard would breath heavily as his chest had been damaged by the prior battle. He would continue heaving as he said “Saeldur and the others… they do not deserve this fate.” Master Sage Elvira (Farryn) would look on with a face of shock as she heard the Ancient Ascended speak before she realised what was going on. Her eyes widening she would say with admission; “….Blundermore… you're not saying…? A life for a life….? We don’t even know if he’s still alive!” The old wizard would struggle to keep himself upright as he would pause for a moment as he contemplated what he was doing before finally replying to Elvira: “I've lived far longer than I have had any right to… and seen things that no man should have ever seen. I'm old… beyond my years and outstayed my welcome. A worn and tattered old thing of several bygone eras. All things must end, but their lives? No… their's cannot end yet. Not this way and certainly not by my hand!”. Remorse would grip the old man as he would let out a choked tear to the loss of Ceruburr and Saeldr. He could feel that the interest of the entity had been peaked immensely at what he was about to propose. He could feel the very air hanging upon his every word as he spoke and he knew that this would be the only way. “Creature… if it is in your power to save them from death, I implore you to do so. And in return... I shall go with you to wherever it is you shall wish to take me.” Elvira Naromis-Iyliar would merely watch on in horror as a mentor and a dear friend would put himself onto the bargaining table. Her usual calm and serene demeanor just simply beginning to break apart. She takes a deep breath and she merely nods in agreement, knowing that the Creed of Aeriel is very clear, she knew all too well as Master Sage of the Ascended order that penance must be paid in order to satisfy this transgression on Blundermore’s honor. The old Wizard would continue: “What say you? The life and service of the last anointed Sage of Aeriel, the Second Wizard of Aegis and Master of the Celestial Order, to do with as you wish?” The silence would be deafening as if the whole world has simply stopped a-gasped at what was said, the mere utterance of those words reeling upon the now quiet of the turmoil below them of the Arcane Voidal fissure. The old wizard could however see that the creature was contemplating his request with quite some glee even if the others could not. Soon the voice would speak against towards Blundermore “That is… something.. I will trade you for.” Soon, there would be almost a ripple in the world, as the air around seems to almost go a weird black. Breathing he would now know that the bargain had been struck. The table had been set and he would have to make good on what he had promised. Summoning all the strength he had left he would attempt to stand. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/569512564627734551/587838817994539039/2019-06-11_14.56.56.png “Help me stand up” He would say as Kazrin Starbreaker (Drhope) would come to his aid, helping him to stand upright. Trying to keep his composure he would straighten himself out, despite the pain in his chest and the screaming coming from all over his body telling him that there was nothing left to give… no… not nothing, there was still something left worth giving. He would think to himself. Sollumnly Kazrin would merely be only able to utter “Yehll beh remembered... Blundermore.” Elvira would stand firm as she looks the Ancient directly in the eyes, attempting to keep what little composure she had left going: “…I will ensure that the future generations of the Ascended never forget you and what you did on this say, Sage Blundermore…. Archaengul guide you, old friend,” she seems to hold back tears as she said such. There would be a ripple, as suddenly a portal would appear. A straight drop that the wizard can simply fall into. “Jump.. And you will come with me.. You will follow around in the void.. Blundermore.. It'll be a great time for everyone involved..” A snicker would almost fill the land. Dark, chaotic energy filling over the area where Saeldur had fallen into. Turning to look to the portal for a moment the old Wizard would be gripped by fear for the first time in an age… fear of the unknown. Fear of the end, it was close now, he thought, “I can feel it, Aeriel give me strength for what is to come.” Looking towards those who remained upon that bloody field he would hazard a smile as he looks wearily towards the group. “It has been… a great journey, and the greatest pleasure to serve this realm. This world filled with such wonderful and brilliant men women and children whom I have had the greatest pleasure of meeting. I’ve seen entire realms destroyed only for them to tenaciously continue on, continue to endure when by rights we all should’ve died in Aegis. But there comes a time when all must meet their fate. If this is to be mine, then I shall go into it gladly knowing I stood amongst such fine people.” The swirling dark chaotic energy would almost rise Saelunor from the ground. The energy within the lands shocking the body. As it would basically rise from the lands.. Though it stays there. Motionless for the time “It is time, ‘Wizard’. Our bargain awaits.” the entity would say with malevolent glee... Looking towards the portal once more he would steel himself for what was to come, slowly he would hand his stave to the party before him and would carefully set his wizard hat upon the ground as he would solemnly say https://youtu.be/zCEAB2lztCM “I suppose I will not be needing these, wherever I am going… “ “Farewell, Narvak oz Blundermore.” Kazrin would say. “We shall meet again within the halls of Haven to take her side in the afterlife” Elvira would say with duty. Honor and duty… honor and duty. Virtues he has strived for for so long, and now it would lead him to whatever bitter end awaited him. Honour shall be satisfied, that is all that matters now. As the wizard would step backwards onto the precipice of the portal he would find himself awashed suddenly with a calmness he had not felt in a long while… perhaps Sage Miaviel his predecessor was with him in spirit. A comforting feeling to know that he would not take this perhaps final journey alone. Standing upon the edge of oblivion he would look towards the group as he clasped his hands together “All things pass” He would say smiling “Let this be not a sad end”. ”Farewell...” Closing his eyes he would allow himself to slip backwards off the precipise and into the jaws of Oblivion below… and with that the Wizard of Aegis disappeared into nothing to realms unknown. Taken by the Displacer. “All things must pass.” -Blundermore Patrick WindRaker, The Wizard of Aegis. ((A big shout out to Mystery and everyone else present at the voidal tear event this evening! Was great fun!))
  17. The southernmost islands of Arcas offer habitat to a wide variety of vile creatures and beasts alike, who have been otherwise relegated from the rest of the realm. The jungles the islands play host to have done well in fostering a large population of swine, specifically feral and ever aggressive boars. There is strength in number -- which works both ways. It is advised that any huntsman or trapper comes with an adequately prepared party should they wish to leave in a condition similar to the one they arrived in, granted they are able to leave at all. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE – BOAR LOCATION – JUNGLE ISLAND THREAT LEVEL – INTERMEDIATE REWARD – 50 MINAS PER BOAR SLAIN (CAP OF 500) PROGRESSION SYSTEM (IF APPLICABLE) – TIME ((Contact me via a forum message, or on Discord – Defy#9532
  18. Wanted: ‘Boney the Twin Sea-Serpents’ Threat level: The threat is not to be underestimated and most likely to be handled only by experienced sailors. Suggested party number: 7+ Description of beast: The full extend of this sea-creature is unknown, altough wherever it appears the ocean water becomes dark & cloudy. Location: South-East Ocean of Arkas Rewards: Coin Reward & Special Items Message D4NNA#6850 to schedule this Bounty!
  19. ((This post contains reference to content that others might find triggering or emotionally upsetting. Read at your own desire.)) Daichia Jusmia, was truly no one. His father, Gusiam Jusmia openly denounced the ancestors. Claiming that older Ker used it has a ploy, to brain wash the young into false beliefs and a fear of death. Daichia was born in 1561, his mother was but a simple servant that happen to get caught upon the roads by a bandit. This bandit would come to be his father. A murderer, thief, and heretic. He had a nasty habit of forcing himself on women. His mother was no different, but she took seed. And soon, was with child. But soon after his birth, his mother met an ill fate. Smothered in her sleep, the bab Daichia stolen away into the night by his father. Gusiam held no desire to stay where he was. And soon boarded ship, heading outward towards Atlas. Taking the growing Mali’ker with him. They would come to make a home deep in the southern part of Atlas, where Daichia knew little of his fathers past. He lived a simple life growing up. Maintaining their home, adding in securing food. Truly it was a simple life. And Daichia was raised, blissfully ignorant to his father’s crimes. There was little talk of religion between them. As it was only when Daichia started to venture forth on his own did he discover that his people had a faith. This sparked many debates between the two, as father and son bickered over the matter. In the end, Daichia would move onward before becoming of age. His father would fall ill soon after. His body was never found, and it was generally agreed that wolves had broken in and dragged the corpse out of the cabin. From here, he spent his days hunting game. And living off of the land, offering his service as a sell sword to those with coin. Truly, he was content with being no one. But, fate never leaves anyone out. And it sunk its claws into Daichia. The Mali’ker would come across a town called Belvitz in which he met a human whom he’d never truly forget. His name was Pandir, a charming lad, spastic. But a good heart. Truly, the elf felt at home, as they humans had welcome him with open arms. This lasted for a few years. The Imperial change in attitude towards elves looked dire to him, and Belvitz’s jolly mayor had stepped down. A Marshall took control of the town. And the ker promptly left. He would come across Fenn next in his journey through life. Taking up the title of banner men once more beneath them. Even cut off the tail of a horrid undead wyvern during his stay. Daichia respected the Mali’fenn, but he was hardly personally close to any. It was when their prince declared that all citizens and snow elves must come to worship their deity, did he leave. He would come to take up arms with a small group called the Wyvern Fang company. Hired blades, but the group lasted for a few years. Before the majority of them had been hunted down by Darius Ault. Daichia survived, by simply leaving at the right time. From here, Daichia had herd word of a group of ‘ker gathering. He would make their way to their encampment, and witness the wedding of Xavis Ashwood, and Wren Ashwood. He did little to get involved with their matters, and spent his last days on Atlas hunting game in the woods. It was upon Arcas, that Daichia would invest himself into Vira’ker. From staying within Aegorthond. To their small fort where he took oath beneath Avurak Syllar, where he would see the coronation of Avurak. Daichia would come to make close personal connections with several that also called Vira’ker their home. And he would watch Vas Vincrute make a choice one hardly ever returns from. But nothing last forever, Vira’ker was raided, and Avurak killed by the hands of Renatus. He would see Vira’ker join Fenn and Aegrothond in an Elven Union. And was starting to gain mantels and titles. Ones which he knew little what to do with. He would live to see the Orcs betray their promise to the elves. Watching Valen Syllar take the throne after Avurak’s death. But in his last years, he would live to see the re-birth of the Oren empire. And rode with Vira’ker and Fenn. to rally with Oren and meet Renatus upon the field of battle. He would live to see the birth of Vaelor Syllar, and he would come to enter a throne room. Forsaken by his royalty, the crown left upon the throne. And for the first time in a long time, Daichia fell to his knees and wept. A document declare himself, Dak’ir Des’Nox, and Necor Illaka upon a regency council. Daichia would come to meet the Oren Emperor, something he’d never expect in his life. After all, he was no one. To secure Vira’ker ties with Oren He would live to see Lucius Daemyr lay claim to the Vira’ker throne, and lived to see Lucius crowned upon the throne of Vira’ker. In this time, he had taken but two lovers. The first, he believed to be dead, a Ker by the name of Sanvi. They would have a daughter. a daughter that would no longer have a father. The second, was Kelia, the daughter of the Shade Lockezi. Who was with child, who also will never know the sight of their father. Daichia would meet his death not far outside Vira’ker. At the hands of Vinir Orothell, where the two engaged in combat. In an emotionally heated fight, words were exchanged, and blows were traded. But Daichia would fall to the younger ker. Dying silently, with no words. Death was silent History would not remember dead men And Daichia would lay lifeless on the ground. In his final moments, he was joyful. For truly, he believed he’d prove his father wrong and end the debate that was never settled.
  20. What the absolute **** is up, it’s me Dingo, the NEW ST Event manager and here to make some bounds and leaps onto the server. I’m going to be personally pursuing some changes in how events are done and removing the former stigma that the team was associated with. This will be a short and sweet announcement, I’m here to simply advertise that the ST Event Sect are looking for more members, specifically two or three depending on the quality of the candidates (you can apply here: click me). If you were denied in the most recent run, please do not apply again. Otherwise, I’m really excited to see those who have wanted to make a true impact on the server come over and help with the plans I have in store. A rough gist of what I’m aiming to have roll out over the next few months are - - Bounty Board Reforms - Ambient Event Chains (It’s obscure for a reason) - The beginning of world/narrative events written and driven by @Xarkly himself. With this in mind, feel free to shame me if I don’t deliver on at least one of these promises. I’m really looking forward to doing some hopefully good **** on this server. Once the team is completely operational, we’ll be expanding into other areas to make the world seem more alive. A big objective for my management. Also welcome the first wave of new ST-Actors. Most are veteran ETs and will do great. @Werew0lf @TheGayGuardian2 @Cracker@Temp @SpodoKaiba @Treshure
  21. After a long time away, with little communication passed from the Under-King, Fimlin returns with his mind set on one thing; It is time for him to pass on the torch. With that, Fimlin emerged in the Kal’Varoth square to give one final speech as Under-King. <=-=> “I ‘ave ruled over this nation fer quite ah long toime, and as ah’ve assured ye all, the day fer me to lay this crown to rest ‘as come. Bu’ before ah do so, ah few last words to speak.” Fimlin coughs and clears his throat before beginning to speak once again. “We ‘ave come a long way since weh first started in Kal’Azgaryum, an’ fer some of ye even Kal’Bogrin. Almost everythin ‘as changed since t’en, but at ‘eart ah believe we are still the same Kingdom, an’ none of wot we’ve accomplished would ‘ave come to pass without it. We should all look back an’ see wot we ‘ave actualleh accomplished since the early days.” We’ve united dwedkind, ah ‘ard task, an’ one that ‘as perhaps changed our nation the most bu’ also the most essential pillar of it. Agnarum, an’ the Under-Realm were founded to provoide unity to ah divided dwedmar, an’ we ‘ave successfully achieved this goal. It is immeasurably important tha’ no matter wot our differences an’ conflicts may be, tha’ the dwedmar stick it out together, because tha’ is w’ere dwedmar belong; together. We’ve built an expansive capitol to be teh center of our nation an’ home fer the dwedmar. Wit’ ah great amount of toime, effort, foine dwarven craftsdwedship an’ labour we built a true dwarven capitol. Kal’Varoth en all its gloreh will beh ah legacy of the dwedmar fer centuries ter come. Weh’ve written an enacted the Articles of Urguan V2 as our guidebook fer running the nation, an’ fer enforcin’ the law o’ ter land. We’ve stayed away from two major world conflicts, bot’ tha’ would ‘ave onleh brought misereh an’ distract our proud nation from itself. We ‘ave also forged friendships an’ mutualleh beneficial neutral relationships wit’ other nations, whoile remaining focused on ourselves. Weh’ve allowed guilds to rise up again, where years before t’ey would falter and flatten before bein’ started. Under our fallen friend, Bjor Cottonwood teh Forest Dwarves became more than an afterthought in the legaceh of Urguan’s sons. Under his leadership the Hefrumm have flourished, an’ fer teh first toime ever the Forest Dwed ‘ave made t’eir own mark on dwedkind’s ‘istory. Weh’ve welcomed new friends an’ said goodbye to others, all teh whoile the Spirit o’ the Dwedmar ‘as been kept broight, an’ fer tha’ ah am proud.” <=-=> Fimlin would give a slight pause before continuing his speech. <=-=> “Now as the reigning King fer nearleh seven stone months, ah will impart ye some wisdom, an’ methods o’ moine own.” Whenever ah’ve faced ah decision, ah’ve understood tha’ it is important to keep the dwedmar enfranchised wit’ t’eir nation. As dwed are loyal an’ stubborn somethin is wrong if all tha’ is said ‘bout how the nation is bein’ ran is negative. Fer tha’ reason ah ‘ave always compromised an’ figured out ah middle ground tha’ teh entoire council could agree to. Ah never pulled technicalities er majoriteh on me decisions, because ah believed it necessary fer me to ‘ave everehone be able to atleas’ respect the decision made. The Dwedmar must stay united, whenever given the chance ah strove to bring dwed back to Urguan, because as long as oi’ve lived togetherness ‘as been the central pillar of the Dwedmar. Ahm proud to ‘ave reigned over all the sons of Urguan, an’ that despoite our differences weh ‘ave come back towards the uniteh weh once ‘ad. If the Dwedmar are nothin’ else, they should be together, our kingdom, our clans, our proide are minor compared to our people as a whole, an’ t’ey should not get in the way of bein’ together. Nae matter wot ‘as been goin’ on up at the surface, durin’ me reign ah’ve stayed focused on our Under-Realm. Our position in past world conflicts ‘as lead us down sad paths, the dwedmar are nae pawns of international conflicts. Weh are a proud nation, an’ the onleh wars we foight amongst the Children of Yemekar should be our own. Against the Undead, an’ aneh Harbingers of evil we however must be willin’ to make sacrifoices to keep t’ese forces at bay, wotever it takes. Ah foinal piece o’ wisdom ah’ll give ye, is one ah’ve onleh learned more recentleh. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is dead, weh carry on Urguan’s legaceh wit’ the Under-Realm, but nae the Grand Kingdom’s. The Under-Realm is ‘ere to provoide freedom of creativiteh an’ choice to the Dwedmar, an’ that must be upheld. Nae longer should we route an’ railroad dwed down our own pre-designated paths bu’ instead keep the nation as boundless as teh world.” <=-=> Fimlin clears his throat for the last leg of his speech. <=-=> Ah am grateful, an proud of everehthin that weh’ve done. Ahm glad to ‘ave served my tenure as King, an’ as quite possibleh the longest reigning King too. Ah’ve put ah great amount o’ commitment an’ effort into t’is nation an’ ah look forward to see’n it continued on. Ah dunnae expect anehone after me to be loike meself, bu’ ah do ‘ope that wot ah’ve done, an’ wot ah’ve got to say is nae forgotten, because ah’ve never forgotten wot others ‘ave done and said, ah kept it in memoreh, an’ used it to guide this nation best ah could. Ah promise ye will all see meh around, less often, but ah will be there when yer need me. Remember me, because ah remember all of ye.” With that, the former Under-King of the Under-Realm of Urguan Fimlin Grandaxe stepped down, and made his way past the crowd. <=-=>
  22. Hello. As some of you are aware I am going to win this months contest for having most modreqs completed this month. Not only am I going to be able to change Fireheart’s forum profile picture to what I want, I will also be able to change his discord profile picture. So this thread is here so that you, the people of LotC, can voice your opinion on what you believe his profile picture should be. The most upvoted ones I will add to a poll post at the end of the month, where i WILL choose the number one voted for option for his forum profile pic. I’m leaving the discord picture to myself. Rules: The picture can’t break server rules or community guidelines so obviously nothing graphic or super crazy. Below I will include a list I have created so far of my own pictures, let me know if you like any of them. 1: Bucket Baby 2: Bath Baby 3: Unpleasant to look at baby 4: Jiggly Trump 5: Melon baby 6: Mike Stoklasa 7: Rich Evans 8: Miniature Bill Clinton 9: Luigi Meme 10: Horse Baby 11: Very high quality Fallout meme 12: Chicken Little 13: Omar Grimmer’Lak’s pocket Admin 14: Tommy Pickles Please post any suggestions you may have!!!!!!
  23. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confined to a wooden box devoid of any means to initially identify him. Eventually, however, upon reaching hold of Lady Grimm, authorities were able to properly identify the bloodied husk as her spouse - a man who had so chivalrously lived past his prime. As the family grieved together and sorted through the late patriarch’s belongings, a piece of parchment was found. On the paper lay dozens of crossed out lines of text, all discarded before the middle of the page. In there, a handful of lines remained, writing comparable to chicken scratch, though legible nonetheless. I remember my arrival upon Atlas hazily, though some memories do not escape me. The overwhelming fear of leaving my parents, and my eldest siblings, on their lonesome in Venerra. Thankfully, I had my sister Alana by my side throughout the voyage. Tempests raged about us as we ventured further into the murky waters, our vessel soon being consumed by a grey mist -- restricting our vision for a good while. In the days following, we could make out a jagged mountain ahead; Overjoyed, Alana and I leaped into the frigid waters and gradually arrived to Haeseni shores. As we made our way into the confines of Markev, we were greeted by our cousins, Emma Ludovar and her younger sibling, Jacob. My sister took the path of Chamberlain; I, on the other hand, pursued the path my father had always desired for me - knighthood. And so life went on for me: I had four beauteous children and a supportive consort. Alas, I write this for I have spent fifty-some years alive - Death encroaches, and rapidly at that. Should you find this and I’m deceased, my sole request is to be returned to my grand-nephew, William I of Venerra, where I am to be laid in our family crypts with my father Elias, my mother Selina, and my siblings. To the mire, I return. Credit to Axelu for writing the entire thing, I’m just here for the rep.
  24. Stargush

    The History of Orc

    (Iblees disguised as a man attempts to fool Krug with riches and luxury) THE HISTORY OF ORC Instances of Orcish history across the major realms of Aegis to Arcas DAWN OF AEGIS (BCW) 1 BCW: The Four Brothers are born into the lands of Aegis: Krug, Horen, Malin, and Urguan 2 BCW: The descendants battle in the fateful war against Iblees and the Undead 3 BCW: Krug becomes scarred and burned by Iblees acid skin and cursed with bloodlust after the Arch-Daemon was defeated. In return, the Aenguls blessed Krug and his kin with Honor and Valor as contribution after the war. 4 BCW: The Four Brothers split into separate ways raising great families and unique civilizations. 5 BCW: Krug and Grahla birth children named Rax, Dom, Gorkil and Lur. 6 BCW: Krug’s children triumph in many battles and obstacles earning great respect to their names. 7 BCW: Krug wages war against the Empire of Horen. While the Orcs sieged the city, Krug is challenged to an honor duel by the Emperor. Horen is swiftly defeated by Krug who planted his axe into his brother’s skull. CLAN WAR (CW) 1 CW: The Orc Clans came about when the Children of Krug began having children and eventually they separated into different families, or Clans. These Clans would have many differences and would respect their Clan Father and die for Him. 2 CW: These Clans would eventually start following Greatfathers, and there were two who possessed the most appeal; The Great Warrior Tythor, slayer of the Kar'ak Scorpion, and The Great Shaman Or'ta, who could call down whole lightning storms. 3 CW: Two major Mega-Clans of the time were the Rax Clan led by Tythor’Rax and Dom Clan led by Or’ta’Dom. 4 CW: The Clan Wars tear through the lands of Krug between the Clan Dom and Clan Lur 5 CW: Warlord Veruk’Gorkil leads a campaign against Warlord Tythor’Rax in the Battle of Nomad Plains leading 500 Gorkils riding their fastest war boars against 1,200 Jabbernacks that Tythor’Rax brought to battle. The Gorkils tore through the Rax cavalry while the Dom’s sent lightning crashing from the sky into the center of the Rax forces. At the end of the battle, Tythor’Rax retreated with 150 Jabbernacks while Veruk’Gorkil only lost 30 War Boars and even fewer Gorkils. 6 CW: Tythus’Rax is pronounced War Lord of the Rax Clan after Tythor’Rax falls in battle. 7 CW: After slaughtering through the numbers of Clan Lur, the clans of Krugmar are revealed the dark shamanism utilized by the Dark Shamans of Clan Dom. This causes Clan Gorkil and Clan Rax to join Lur and face the Doms. 8 CW: Warlord Tythus led many victories over the Dominus Clan and in one fateful battle, the High Shaman Or'ta tried to use Dark Magic to win. Krug, in anger, showed his displeasure for the weak and sent down lightning bolts to aid Tythus. Or'ta was killed and the Dominus Clan was eliminated, many joining Tythus soon after. 9 CW: War Lord Tythus’Rax leads a great victory over the Elves, taking their ruined city and establishing it as the capital of the War Nation, San’Jazel. AEGIS (1305 -1349) 1CW - 1305 - Tythus’Rax unites the Clans after the end of the Clan Wars and establishes the first Rexdom of Krugmar 2 13XX - Bein’Lur suggests the formation of an Orcish Army and Rex Tythus grants Bein the title Dominus. 3 13XX - A Nomad Village was land granted to the Dominus of Krugmar by Rex Tythus 4 13XX – Dominus Bein’Lur scouted a village near San’Jazel that was called Riverside. After some interactions and conflicts the Dominus waged war upon Riverside. The details of the battles are foggy, but the Orcs prevailed and the Dominus reconstructed the ruins forging a new city called San’Har. 5 13XX - An Orc named Petri bought a home in Kel’og but began building an army in a short span of time. It was brought to the attention of Dominus Bein’Lur and as Petri was confronted a skirmish broke out and left Petri’s army scattered and demoralized. 6 13XX - The Orcish Horde was reformed and construction of Fort Krug is completed. 7 13XX - Or’ta the Dark Shaman returns from death with the help of Iblees after being cast to the Nether by Krug for using Dark Magic. Dominus Bein is captured but after numerous attacks upon Orc cities he is defeated and killed by a group of Orcs in the Battle of San’Jazel. 8 13XX - Dominus Thyst challenges Tythus for the title of Rex and was mortally wounded in the battle. He suffered from his wounds and eventually was sent into the afterlife of the Stargush’Stroh. 9 13XX - Many of the Clans despised the leadership of Rex Tythus and united together to overthrow him in a revolt. 10 13XX - Just before the Assault of San’Jazel many of the clans became conflicted amongst themselves. Many laid their support in the Chieftain Mogroka’Gorkil while others supported the Lower Dominus Gorefang’Gorkil. 11 13XX - Mogroka and Gorefang decided it could only be settled through a duel. The duel lasted for three days and nights but neither got the upper hand. On the fourth day, after dehydration and starvation begins to set in the two Orcs land a solid blow upon each-other ending the duel without a winner. 12 13XX - Many feared that bloodshed and civil war would soon break out without a winner and just as each side prepared for battle they were interrupted by The Wandering Wizard who convinced the Clans to re-unite to their cause to prevent the Undead from reaping their lands. 13 13XX -A prophecy is told by Elder Shaman Krink’Gorkil that two brothers would lead the Orcs to victory and it would be the Orc’s Golden Age. 14 13XX - Mogroka and Gorefang together set out for San’Jazel to meet the Rex and challenge him for the Rexdom. Rex Tythus arrogantly accepted both challenges at the same time and was defeated leaving Mogroka and Gorefang to share the Rex title. 15 13XX - Shez’Lur, son of Bein’Lur, destroys San’Har and opens rebellion against Mogroka’Gorkil believing him to be a Usurper since he had never held the title of Dominus. Rex Mogroka acted quickly and had the rebels in full retreat as Shez’Lur was killed in the fighting. 16 13XX - The Great War began with a series of skirmishes between the Orcs and Dwarves outside of San’jazel. 17 1336 - Rex Mogroka’Gorkil of Krugmar and Prince Mylas of the Holy Princedom of Malinor, accompanied by Hochmeister Gaius Marius, marched on the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Kal’Urguan 18 1336 - The Wandering Wizard falls defending against a horde of Undead 19 1339 - Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe of Kal'Urguan and Warlord Mogroka of Krugmar end the Great War with a peace treaty, allowing Kal'Urguan to join the United Aegis Coalition. 20 1343 - The Dwarves begin work on a new coalition made up of Kal'Urguan, Renatus, Malinor, Hanseti and Krugmar. 21 1349 - Aegis falls 1 The Verge - Explored and colonized towards the end of Aegis, the Verge was a collections of islands that the people of Aegis fled through a portal to when Iblees' power became too great to contain. There they built ships to travel to Asulon. ASULON (1351 -1414) 1 1351 - As the orcs ventured to Asulon with the other mortal races, the orcs saw a boost in their population. 2 1351 - An idea spurred that the Rexdom of Krugmar was not working for the orcs, and thus the War Uzg, a nation of violence, was born. 3 13XX - As a result of the new found strength, the War Uzg aids the Hanseti in raids against the Kingdom of Renatus 4 13XX - War eventually breaks out with the orcs and Hansetians on one side and the Kingdom of Renatus on the other side. The war is stalemated after the orcs take over the fort of Das Boot. 5 13XX- After these tensions, the War Uzg set it's eyes on the Silver City of the High Elves. Within time, the orcs had burned down the Silver City after weeks of raiding. After the sacking of the Silver City, the War Uzg sat dormant for a while, until a new political advance in the War Uzg occurred. 6 13XX - The first Rex Klomp of the War Uzg occurs between the standing Rex Mogroka’Gorkil and Warlord Pok of the Ugluk Clan. After a fierce battle, Pok’Ugluk emerges the winner and becomes the Third Rex to ever hold the title. 7 13XX- Rex Pok quickly turns relations with the nation of Salvus for the worst and forms four powerful alliances 8 13XX - The War Uzg declares war on Salvus, backed by the coalition Pok had formed. The coalition consisted of Alras, Renatus, Hanseti, and Malinor as well as some larger guilds and a rebellion lead by a Human noble. 9 1414 - The Descendants depart from Asulon 1 Elysium - A collection of islands that the people stopped on during their sea trip from Asulon to Anthos. 2 Kalos - A big island which the people stopped to restock on supplies between Elysium and Anthos. ANTHOS (1420 -1454) 1 1420 - The Descendants reach Anthos 2 14XX - The Orcs of the War Uzg occupied the capital of San'Orka. 3 14XX - The dwarves push back the orcs, after a victorious battle at Storm's Crossing, ending the war between the two races. 4 1440 - The War Uzg is disbanded and the Orcish desert is called the Orcish Badlands. The Orcish Clans become the center of Orcish political life. 5 1454 - A new land would be discovered by the descendants, known to most as the Fringe, a peculiar land seeming near ancient as Anthos itself, with a sprawling temple of marble with a peculiar obsidian portal, seeming much like the ones once used in Aegis by the Undead around roughly a century ago. 1 The Fringe - Explored and colonized towards the end of Anthos, the Fringe was a land surrounded by very high mountains, with weird natural land formations. The people escaped here through a tunnel when Anthos was flooded. 2 Thales - When a harsh heat passed through the Fringe, the people took a portal to Thales, where they stayed there until finding a more suitable land of Athera. ATHERA (1470 -1513) 1 1470 - Power struggles existed each and every day, orcs had no honor towards each other. This occurred over the span of Athera, until an ancient and experienced orc known as Vrograk'Gorkil took it upon himself to fix things and declared himself Rex. 2 1470 - The Iron Uzg was established 3 14XX - Rex Vrograk'Gorkil orders construction of a capital city, Kodar'Goi. After years of construction, the fearsome city of violence was completed - arguably one of the most defendable places in Athera. 4 14XX - Skirmishes soon broke out naturally between the dwarves and the orcs. Primarily, the dwarves were angered by the shaving of dwarven beards by the Rex, Vrograk'Gorkil. 5 14XX - The Grand Kingdom of Urguan issued what was known as The Treaty of the Red Sands, which angered many orcs. Without second thought, Vrograk'Gorkil used the treaty as toilet paper - his faith in his newly revived orcs higher than ever. Soon after, both nations mobilized their armies in preparation for a bloody war. 6 14XX - A battle is won decisively for the Iron Uzg as they then marched to Kal'Ekknar - the Grandaxe Village. 7 14XX - After a long battle at Kal'Ekknar, the Dwarves utilized a strong flanking route and sent the Iron Uzg in a full retreat back to their original land. 8 1491: After a several year long conflict, peace has been made between the Kingdom of Akovia, Mardonic League, the Dwarves and the orcs. 9 1513: The Orc-Dwarf War comes to an end, and within a few months a giant worm destroys most of Athera. The descendant races then move on to The Isles of Vailor. VAILOR (1513 -1570) 1 1513 - Shortly after the arrival into Vailor, Rex Vrograk'Gorkil fell fatally ill - later dying, but not before naming his son, Vrogrash'Gorkil, to be trained to be the Rex of the Iron Uzg. 2 15XX - After some years it was realized that Rex Vrogrash'Gorkil never truly lived up to his father's legacy, and he later left the Iron Uzg. 3 15XX - In his place, surprisingly, the first non-orcish rex in history - Phaedrus'Yar took over the Iron Uzg as the Rex. At first faced with opposition, Phaedrus quickly proved he was an orc in an elf's body - truly the most vile elf to ever live. 4 15XX - Under Phaedrus's rule, the clans were reunified after a brief period of seclusion, tribute to the rex was expected from all clans, a holy warrior of the Church of Canon was slain in a duel, and most surprisingly - outlawed slavery and declared an era of industry. 5 15XX - Phaedrus'Yar was later defeated in an honorable duel by the orc known as Kahn'Braduk, an orc more ancient than Vrograk'Gorkil himself. 6 15XX - Briefly, the Iron Uzg was a part of the Southern Vailor Coalitio, but Rex Kahn believing the Chancellor of the coalition, Aelthir Tundrak was trying to control him, took his nation out of the alliance and left the heart of the great beast the Fleugal at their feet, challenging them to seek retribution. 7 15XX - The Iron Uzg had brief skirmishes with the combined armies of Urguan and Fenn, but did not react until the Southern Vailor Coalition broke up after the vassalization of Aeroch Nor by the Holy Oren Empire. 8 1527 - The Iron Uzg begins advancing towards the Princedom of Fenn as an act of retribution to prior threats. 9 1528: The Iron Uzg wins against the Ivae'Fenn outside their city, and prepare to siege Tar'sil, the Princedom's capital. 10 1529: The Princedom of Fenn with Dunamis support bests the Iron Uzg in a siege against the Princedom of Fenn's capital. 11 15XX - Regrouping his forces, Rex Kahn'Braduk attempted again and conquered the Snow Elves. He ultimately fell ill, and was challenged by his friend Targoth Ubba'Ugluk who would go on to become Rex and reform the Iron Uzg as the War Uzg 12 1560 - The Iron Uzg collapsed and is reformed into the War Uzg 13 15XX - Rex Ubba’Ugluk falls ill and grants the Rex title to his friend, Snoop’Azog. 14 15XX - After the clans showed dissatisfaction for their newly elected Rex, Snoop’Azog is defeated after entering an honor duel with Kharak’Raguk. 15 15XX - The Shaman Rex Kharak’Raguk leads the War Uzg on the Orgonic campaign. During this time much of the land became blighted or tainted with disease. 16 1570 - The Descendants flee Vailor through a Spirit Portal after the Great Spirit of Disease, Orgon, tainted the land and created an imbalance of nature ultimately destroying it. AXIOS (1571 -1642) 1 1571 - Vailor falls into destruction while the Orcs sail through the Spirit Realm into the lands of Axios eventually splitting from the mass of Vailoric Ships and anchored at the Jungles of Asul in the city of San’Garath. 2 1573 - Rex Kharak’Raguk dies at the hands of a mysterious spirit, and Kulgarok’Lak, a notable shaman, succeeds him. 3 1574 - Kulgarok constructs a new city, San’Kharak, in the swamp not far from San’Garath. San’Garath is promptly abandoned. 4 1576 - Rex Kulgarok’Lak is challenged by Malgunuz’Raguk, who handily defeats Kulgarok and takes the title of Rex. A group of Orcs known as the Sarnites break off from the Uzg and establish their own settlement across from San’Kharak, claiming themselves to be the true Rexdom. A civil war erupts between the Sarnites and the War Uzg. 5 1577 - The Order of the Angathgul is formed and separates from the Uzg, making its home on Ceru, by Sutica. Later that year, The ‘Ivory Mandate’ is signed in Oren, stating that all Orcish tusks brought to the crown will be rewarded with a hefty sum of minas. 6 1579 - John I Owyn, Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, declares war on the War Uzg. As a response, the Sarnites reunite with the War Uzg and their disagreements are put aside in order to stand up against the Orenian menace. The first major engagement, known as ‘The Battle of Atlay’, is a decisive Orenian victory. 7 1580 - Vorgo’Yar claims Rexdom after Malgunuz’Raguk is imprisoned by the Skygods. 8 1581 - San’Kharak is evacuated right before Oren encircles the city and begins to siege it, the only people left to defend it being Vorgo’Yar, Dominus Khargak’Raguk, and the honorary Morka’Vorgor. The city quickly falls, with Khargak being slain at the battle, and Vorgo and Morka being brought to the Johannesburg Courthouse for trial, ending with both of them dying.. And with that, the War Uzg is disbanded and the remaining Orcs hide across Axios to try and recover from the absolutely devastating war they had fought. 9 1582 - The surviving Orcs begin to reunite and sail to the desert of Urguan as provided refuge by the Grand King of Urguan, Torvin Grandaxe, and founded a camp in the wasteland of Azaghol, where the Orcs lived as a loose band with little in the means of government. 10 1589 - Kulgarok returns and briefly claims Rexdom. However, very quickly he is challenged by Drokon’Ugluk, who beats Kulgarok and reforms the Orcish society into the War Nation of Krugmar. 11 1591 - A Warzone erupts between Urguan and Azaghol versus Orenia and the Dominion of Malin after Wood Elf scouts found Orcs in Azaghol also known as ‘The Battle of the Gray Peninsula’, which ends in a loss for the Orcs. 12 1593 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk helps form a Coalition alongside The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The Kingdom of Courland, the Ivae’fenn, and Norland to fight against the warmongering Orenian Empire. 13 1594 - The Orenian Empire attempt to cross through a valley in the desert but are defeated by the Coalition forces in a fight known as ‘The Battle of the Gorge’, marking the first battle the Empire had lost in over a hundred years. 14 1595 - The Coalition battles for the unstable county of Lorraine which is famously known as ‘The Battle of Goldfield’. 15 1596 - Drokon’Ugluk is severely injured after a hunt, only being saved due to both a surgery performed by Murgosh’Raguk and some magic by the dark shaman Kulgarok. Drokon is severely altered by Kulgarok’s magic and the Rex goes a spree of killing many Wargoths and other Orcs who he believes are conspiring against him. Soon after, Kulgarok reforms the Clan of Dom, bringing with him a new era of dark shamanism. 16 1597 - Drokon is returned to his right state of mind, ending his reign of terror. 17 1599 - Rex Drokon’Ugluk, out of shame for what he had done and the countless he had killed, hands the title of Rexdom over to Orgoth’Braduk. With this abdication, the clan Ugluk is decreed to be absorbed into clan Gorkil. 18 1602 - The Clans Braduk and Raguk, in an attempt to shore up their lacking numbers, merge to form the Clan Braguk. 19 1606 - Rex Orgoth’Braduk abdicates Rexdom to Gurak’Yar. 20 1608 - A coup is attempted by the Wargoth Kuntklobbera’Raguk at a feast, leading to a short battle that ended with Kuntklobbera being stripped of his status, yet still in Orcish society. 21 1612 - The Braguk Clan breaks up, reverting to Clans Braduk and Raguk. 22 1614 - Gurak’Yar steps down, leaving a void in the leadership that is filled by Kulgarok’Dom. Immediately, Kulgarok is challenged and defeated by Eath’Lur, and is once again banished from Krugmar. 23 1615 - Rex Eath’Lur steps down and hands the title over to Kuntklobbera’Raguk a bit before the World Cactus Festival. 24 1617 - A Coalition is formed between the War Nation, Urguan, Veris, and Norland to fight against the newly reformed Oren. 25 1619 - Anti-Laureh’lin sentiment rises immensely, with a spree of raids and taunts from the Rex and other Orcs, leading the two nations to the brink of war. The tensions did not result in any major conflicts, but they persist for years afterwards. 26 1620 - The Shamanic Fellowship, a shamanic order like Angathgul (yet nowhere near as separate from the Krugmar), is founded. 27 1621 - Kuntklobbera'Raguk, in order to show his devotion to Leyd, changes his name to Leydluk'Raguk. 28 1642 - The Isles of Axios sunk into a deep thanic winter while the Orcs and other descendants escaped by sea. ATLAS (1643 -1705) 1 1643 - The Descendants reach the shores of Atlas after spending some time sailing upon the sea. 216XX - Orcs enter the first half of the Orc-Elf War and shortly into it Rex U’la’Yar is captured by mercenaries and executed by the Dominion of Malin. 3 16XX - Leydluk’Raguk reclaims the Rexdom and leads the War Nation of Krugmar 416XX - Rex Leydluk’Raguk involves the War Nation in the Courland-Renatus War 5 16XX - Rex Leydluk orders the construction of Fort Stronk bordering the lands of the Dominion of Malin 6 16XX - Several skirmishes and conflicts occur upon the roads outside of Fort Stronk 7 16XX - Rex Leydluk’Raguk relieves himself of the title and raises the Targoth Puknaak’Lak as the next Rex of Krugmar. 8 16XX - Krugmar enters the second half of the Orc-Elf War as Rex Puknaak orders a re-design of Fort Stronk. Many battles continue to happen between the Elves and Orcs. 9 16XX - Puknaak’Lak enters and honor duel with the Prince of the Dominion as suggested by Emperor Aurelius of Renatus-Marna which concluded with Rex Puknaak’s defeat and death. 10 16XX - Morlak’Lak rises as Rex when the clans decide upon him after his brother, Puknaak’s, death. 11 16XX - After Rex Morlak’s death, the clans fumble for the Rexdom and an honor duel is declared between Falum’Lur and Blogus the Black. After a decisive brawl, Rex Falum’Lur reigns over what remained of Krugmar and San’Kala which was shortly stripped away and granted to the Dominion of Malin. 12 16XX - Rex Falum’Lur departed for some time leaving Krugmar after San’Kala was taken and left the Orcs in great unrest. When he returned, Warlord Shakul’Gorkil claimed himself as Rex backed by a newly elected Warlord of Braduk. Shakul challenged Falum and dueled each other in a close match until the Gorkil claimed victory and earned the title as Rex Shakul’Gorkil. 13 16XX - Rex Shakul’Gorkil settles the orcs in the lands of the Frostbeards of Kaz’Ulrah for some time but eventually reclaims San’Kala then facing the conflict of the separate Orc Horde of Thagurz’Grish and resolves the situation by assimilating the Horde into Krugmar and allowing them to continue their ways. 14 16XX - Many Clans become unsatisfied with Rex Shakul’Gorkil as he often referred to making intolerable actions in the view of the Clans of Krugmar. 15 16XX - Glottgut'Raguk and Rognor'Lak lead a revolt of the clans in hopes to overthrow Rex Shakul’Gorkil which then phased into a Clan War. 16 16XX - After several battles, Rex Shakul’Gorkil is defeated and the Warlords choose Rex Gilgamesh’Braduk, son of the late Kahn’Braduk, to reign. 17 16XX - The War Nation of Krugmar is reformed into the Rexdom of Krugmar 18 16XX - Rex Gilgamesh vanishes from the lands of Krug and Warlord Murak’Gorkil rises to the occasion claiming the Rexdom. 19 1700 - Clan Raguk gets banished from Krugmar by Rex Murak’Gorkil ARCAS (1705 - Present) 1 1705 - The Orcs and other Descendants reach the lands of Arcas after escaping Atlas. 2 17XX - Relations with Clan Raguk are repaired by Rex Burbur’Lur, but remain separate entities. 3 1715 - Rex Burbur’Lur gives an order to begin reconstruction of San’Strohk.
  25. Gods and Men ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- ((Link to Roleplay Forum--- Gods and Men Basics In Gods and Men, you take the form of one of the gods, fighting and creating, learning and forgetting, possessing kings and nobles, and the most important, fighting and working together with the other gods. There are two ways of winning: 1: Creating a pantheon Afraid you might not be able to win? Want to play it safe? Well then, my friend, you've chosen the right path! In order to create a pantheon, you and your allies must be the sole remaining gods. If all enemies are defeated, you and your other gods rule the world, and over the races of the world. 2: Becoming the Ultragod Yes, that is what I'm calling it. Not one for alliances? Greedy as can be? Well then, my friend, you've chosen the right path! In order to become the Ultragod, you must destroy the other gods, claiming the throne for you, the one true king! Sadly, there is more to it than fighting the others. The path of the gods is not an easy one. There is much micro-managing involved: You have to take care of your people, nurturing them and helping them as much as possible. The others will obviously try and stop you, but you must prevail! Cities will fall in glorious battles, and new ones shall rise through the hard work and labor. But, be weary, for the only thing keeping you a god is the peoples faith in you. If they do not worship you, you simply fade. If none cares for you, you have none left to help. It's game over. You lose. The others can try and send missionaries and priests to convert your populace, but you may do the same as well. Keep your people happy, and they worship you as the righteous god you are! Torture them, and they shall turn you into a demonic figure. Send prophets to increase faith in your populace, missionaries to destroy your enemies, and inquisitors to remove the plague of heresies! But, you will not take this path alone. On your explorations, you will discover the others, and what route you take depends solely on...well, you! You could introduce this new god to your people, showing him as a great and glorious figure, or cast him into the abyss, slandering his name as the face of chaos. If you do decide on an alliance, there is benefits, and there is consequences. The benefits are increased worship all around. With more people, the more faith you inherit. But the consequence to this is that you must share it. It is dangerous, but necessary for a pantheon. An equally powerful enemy wouldn't prove too powerful, right? Alternatively, you could also destroy this enemy. The benefits are obvious. You gain lands, riches, and get to keep the faith all to yourself. Plus, you could inherit his/her symbols. The rewards are great, but the risk you take is not one to take lightly. Although you could win, there is a possibility you could lose. Losing means you become a taboo figure, losing all your power and your kingdom. You become nothing more than the god of a deranged cult, therefore eliminating you from the game, or fading you. There is also corruption. Corruption in your kingdom grows in the governments you do not pay close attention to. Too much corruption, and the people may go so far to rebel! At first it starts as unhappiness and unrest, but grows and spreads as your people anger. Perhaps you've heard me speak of micromanaging, and you wonder how you, such as yourself, could possibly even begin. This is where possession and creation come in place. You may create a hero, and observe your kingdom from it's political powerhouse. Create a peasant and control your kingdom from its rotten underbelly. Either way, you must be able to observe your kingdom, and you must be able to regulate laws. You may wonder "What's stopping me from making it illegal to not worship me?" and I will tell you. Nothing. But, be warned, if the people feel controlled, they may begin to grow unhappy. And do you remember what happens to unhappy people? Rebellions. Mass suicide to prove points. Uprisings and plunderings. Do you really want that? If you didn't notice by now, I have yet to use the word "Humanity" because there can be more than one race. You may create any race, and show them your ways. The only thing keeping you apart is a slight application. I'm afraid we can't have everyone going around creating new races. The way this works is you can take one of your pre-existing races, and modify them to your hearts content. Then post the application here, and wait for acceptance. Now you might be wondering how I might handle all this by myself. Truth is, I can't. I can't make events for everyone at the same time. That's where the playerbase comes in. You can apply to be a Story Master and help struggling nations, destroy powerful ones, and help with all the minor stuff like judging a nations corruption levels, happiness, riches, food, and advancement rate. I will need at least 3 Story Masters before we start, and a few nations. There are 3 stages during this roleplay: 1: The Growth Age During this age you have just founded a shard, world, etc. and you create your first people. You begin to grow your nation, and help your people prosper from barbarians and savages, to villages and twons. 2: The Discovery Age During this age you begin to explore, and discover the other gods. You find competition and friends. Your people begin to become civilized, developing a culture now. 3: The Peoples Age During this age, your people are now mature and play a major role in your survival. You begin to fend off the others, and join with other factions. This is the longest age, and ends when someone/a group wins. Note: Although I explicitly speak of faith to destroy your enemies, you must realize you may also destroy the others by destroying their kingdoms and nations. With no people, they will not survive. Now that all that is covered, time for the applications: God App Name: Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Race (Default human): Nation Name: Nation Symbol: Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Race App Name: Originating Race: Features (hair colors, etc): Skin Color: Story Master App Do you have a god?: What experience do you have with leadership?: Give me a minor event for a prospering powerful city: Give me an event for a weak, failing city: Why should I pick you?: Do you promise to not cause events to your own nation, if applicable?: Please note that anyone breaking the rules will be warned. If it happens again, they will be blacklisted and are stripped of their characters. 1. No PG/PE/MGing 2. Be nice and respectful 3. Do not or try not to base your religion around IRL religions 4. Keep numbers realistic. If we find you are unable to do so, a Story Master will be assigned to give you the numbers. 5. Have fun! 6. You must follow the age limits. First age, no talking with the other gods. This isolation is so you can develop you're cultures. Second age, minimal meetings are to be held. These are strangers to you. In the third age, we are not restricting any meetings. Talk as you like Feel free to leave any questions in the comments. This is, after all, OOC. All other OOC posts will be posted here. There will be a few more coming, so please make sure to check in or Follow the post. Accepted Gods Re’Moara Kazotar Mhoric Birrh Repaiup Qhul Ark Accepted Races Sentori Naevian Muintiri Arginians Ternesian Arkelon Story Master List Kaun The Elder Stephensj Map (Will be continuously updated) Gods and Men 5 Maps My Information as example: God App Name: Re’Moara Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Rebirth, Rejuvenation Race (Default human): Sentori Nation Name: Reju’Vena Nation Symbol: A flowering plant Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Open plains with plateaus, lakes, and rivers with forested areas at the edges. A singular mountain near the center of the terrain. Race App Name: Sentori Originating Race: Human Features (hair colors, etc): Naturally dyed hair with flowing colors and patterns. Enhanced lifespans and enhance birthrate. Physically weaker, but large numbers. Skin Color: Tan skin, occasionally pale/albino. Seen as a blessing. God App Name: Ark Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): A Mirror Race (Default human): Arkelon Nation Name: The Arks Nation Symbol: A Pillar of Salt Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): A mountain range island surrounded by forest. The terrain is hard and difficult to traverse, and difficult to survive. Race App Name: Arkelon Originating Race: Golem Features (hair colors, etc): Stoney figures with humanoid features. They have no hair or mouths. Their eyes are emerald. They speak telepathically. Skin Color: Pure white quartz.
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