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Found 3 results

  1. Tech Team Update: The Future of Vortex and LotC 1.16 There is an important topic in coding, finance, and even life, and it’s called the sunk cost fallacy. The idea goes that you shouldn’t consider what you’ve already put into something, as it is essentially a sunk cost - there is nothing you can do about it - what we can do is look to the future and see what we can do with the resources we have at our disposal. With that, after much thought, discussion, and community feedback, we’ve come to the decision that we’ll be removing many of the core elements of Vortex
  2. As many of you may know, the new combat update for LOTC has been in the works for a while, a lot of tweaks were made following player feedback, and I don’t doubt that after this we will make many more. Today Surge 1.1 will be moving from Alpha to Beta, what this means is Coal VIP+ will now be able to access the beta server. If you are looking for instructions on how to join the open beta, just scroll past this next bit for now. Though I highly encourage everyone taking the time to read this to read the patch notes section and the content update section following it. Patch Notes
  3. Before I get into the post – this is not to kick up controversy, nor get attention or any such, just some feedback on the surge PVP system after trying it out for a couple days. I also realize it may be way too late into development to make any changes based off of this feedback, and that it might just get disregarded. But then, oh well, I’ve already wasted my time writing it. I like surge this far even though I’m way worse at it than 1.8 pvp. I hope it stays relatively even with equipment differences as to avoid another Axios situation. But there’s a few flaws, and a few suggestions I’d li
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