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  1. RECRUITMENT DRIVE Issued at Year 168 of the Second Age With our Most Serene State constantly under new development, it has been deemed of the highest importance to expand our military capability. This military force will be used to protect our roads, vassals, allies and citizenry. TO JOIN THE CAUSE Those joining the cause will receive various benefits and as they prove themselves capable, payment. Further information can be found in the recently published restructure document. THOSE ENSLITING BEFORE 170 OF THE SECOND AGE WILL BE GRANTED A BONUS UPON THEIR FIRST PROMOTION ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin
  2. A CHANGE IN DEFENSE Issued at Year 168 of the Second Age In these new times since the departure of Mika Anarion from the throne of Lurin to lead their forces instead, it is deemed necessary to restructure the way these forces operate and include our most serene lords and ladies into the commanding structure while simplifying such. This document will also approach what is expected of each rank and what authority they hold within their realm and structure. THE COMMANDING STRUCTURE To ease your eyes from the scribed words, a visual representation was made And with such, the explanation, The structure has been simplified and made more dynamic to avoid the imbalances that the previous structure provided. The addition of implied authority enables the various forces to command each other when a link in the structure above them is missing. All ranks above the rank commanding the other hold higher authority than those below and can command even the lowest ranks in the structure without issue. RANKS OF THE STRUCTURE We shall start from the top of the ranks and gradually make our way down the list, explaining all functions and held authority by these individuals. THE REIGNING LUBBA The Reigning Lubba holds supreme authority over all of Lurin, its ministries, structures, people, vassals, nobles and resources as its natural leader. This gives The Reigning Lubba complete command over the Ministry of Defense on all ranks. THE LUBBA’S HAND The Lubba’s Hand is a direct descendant in structure from The Reigning Lubba and is second in command to lead Lurin with their granted authority. This means that much like our Reigning Lubba, they hold authority over the Ministry of Defense on all ranks. THE MINISTER OF DEFENSE The Minister of Defense is granted the position by The Reigning Lubba through dedication to the defense of the Lurinite Territories and shows unwavering loyalty to them. The Authority of The Minister of Defense granted by The Reigning Lubba only concerns that of defense, fortifications, external diplomacy and the various interests of our most serene state. HIGH COMMAND The various parts of the military split up here into the knights of the realm, the centurion force and the various levies from the lords of the realm. All of these individuals are needed to organize their men and women into battle capable warriors while maintaining their respective institutions. The Supreme Lubba Knight is the leader of the knight branch, capable of extensive missions and campaigns while holding the most authority out of the three in the high command. This individual is usually seen right besides The Reigning Lubba as the entrusted protector of them. They command their Lubba Knights and decide when a Lubba Squire is ready to become knighted and join the order entirely. The Captain is the supreme voice of The Silver Centurions and has a voice in all matters of defense. This individual organizes officers, centurions and recruits alike while maintaining morality and efficiency, giving them more of an organizational role. However, do not be fooled by this role as to become a captain you must climb all ranks below, which makes this individual capable in combat as well. The Lords have little to do with the direct organizing of the military other than providing Levies and Man-At-Arms, however, it may be deemed that a lord is capable of commanding, which grants them a seat in the war room. A Lord must be capable of maintaining a minimum of 5 seasoned Man-At-Arms to be granted further liberties such as tax cuts during wartime. COMMANDERS Each commanding body holds authority over that below and in some cases where a commanding authority is missing then they are also able to command those of other branches. Lubba Knights are not necessarily a commanding force, however, they hold absolute authority over their squire and are to be trained to command to make them the most capable force out of all three branches. Officers command and organize the Silver Centurions into the force that it is. These individuals have authority over the centurions and recruits below, however, they also hold authority over levies during wartime if their lord/lady is deemed incapable of commanding. These individuals are granted the ability to recruit new members into the ranks and are often granted specific duties that compliment their capabilities. Nobles hold their titles through work from various trades, may it be the blade, trade or having a sizable family. This, however, does not exempt them from their duties during wartime with their lord able to call them into battle with ease or make them contribute in other ways such as providing resources or having their own levies or men-at-arms to contribute. MAIN FORCE The main force is defined by trained individuals who are regularly exercised and held up to standard. These individuals should be capable and compliant with the state’s various laws and authority. Lubba Squires are those in service of a Lubba Knight, the lowest rank in the knight branch. However, it should be noted that not anyone can become a squire as they will have to prove themselves to their Lubba Knight and swear fealty directly to The Reigning Lubba. Silver Centurions are the main peacekeepers of Lurin and have proven themselves capable in combat, law and morality. These individuals are granted the ability to request uniform modifications to represent their house while maintaining the armor itself and cerulean blue of Lurin. Men-At-Arms are the soldiers of lords and nobles, often described as house guards who wear the banners and uniforms of the lord or noble that they represent in combat. They are all required to contain cerulean blue however and are often serving the purpose of a local militia for a lord or vassal. THE FRESHLY ENLISTED A force cannot maintain itself without replacing or growing out soldiers. With this in mind this is an active recruitment program to gather new soldiers such as enlisting the willing recruits for the centurions or levying forces from local lords. Recruits are the freshly enlisted folk into the Silver Centurion branch, granted training and having to pass basic academy which will give them the required skills necessary to maintain peace as a Silver Centurion in the main force. These individuals hold no real authority yet and are barred from the majority of privileges a seasoned Silver Centurion may have. Levies are those quickly recruited during wartime efforts and are not held up to the same standards as those who are enlisted permanently into the branch. These individuals are granted basic gambeson, mail, weapons and supplies for combat from their most serene Lord/Lady or guid/institution. PAYMENT Every rank gets paid in one way or the other, however, it must be made clear that every branch gets their pay in other ways. RULING GOVERNMENT The Reigning Lubba - Unpaid The Lubba’s Hand - Tax Exemption on one property The Minister of Defense - Tax Exemption on one property HIGH COMMAND Supreme Lubba Knight - Tax Exemption on one property of 40 mina or less Captain of The Centurions - Tax Exemption on one property of 40 mina or less Lord/Lady - Unpaid COMMANDERS Lubba Knight - Tax Exemption on one property of 20 mina or less Officer of The Centurions - 20 Mina Annually Noble - Unpaid (Maintained by Lord/Lady) MAIN FORCE Lubba Squire - Unpaid Silver Centurion - 10 Mina Annually Men-At-Arms - Unpaid (Maintained by Lord/Lady or Noble) FRESHLY ENLISTED Recruit - Unpaid Levy - Unpaid (Maintained by Lord/Lady or Noble) It should be noted that Tax Exemption of properties only apply to homes within the capital or vassals who agree to have properties within their lands become available for it. This Tax Exemption does not apply to land owned or vassal lands. Uncollected payments will be seen as a donation to the state. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin The Silver Lubba, Lumia Anarion Hand of the Lubba and Prime Minister of Lurin. Baron of Aevum, Edvard Kervallen
  3. TO FIGHT ONCE MORE Issued at Year 159 of the Second Age For too long have I enjoyed peace and statesmanship. Now it is time to establish my old presence once again and it will be done through honor, battle and kindness to those who agree to aid me in this quest. My descent from the Lurinite throne was done willingly so that I may rest and then grow once more as forging a state is easier than maintaining it and I had maintained it for too long to be effective. Now I search for adventure, action and aid in the eternal battle against darkspawn. THE RETURN OF THE SILVER LUBBA BAND The Silver Lubba Band is hereby established once more, taking contracts and hiring new blades in exchange for services I may provide for them in return. As of now this band is not really a band any longer and merely myself and whoever wishes to join. Those joining the band will be provided with the same structure as the marchland levies and are entitled to: -free limb replacement -a home in the marchlands -weaponry -armour -food -drinks -A claim to spoils from battle -A claim to a share of the paid contracts -Access to magical resources once deserving -Training of any kind All contracts involving the extermination of darkspawn will be done for free with the only request that your own forces will aid me in doing such. For further information, you know who I am and where to find me. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Silver Lubba
  4. THE MARCHLAND LEVIES Issued at Year 157 of the Second Age The duty of Cerulia is to protect Lurin and bolster the forces to protect the greater CCC alliance block in case they are needed. Training citizens of Lurin and possibly even Lurinite allies, Cerulia shall march wherever they need to be. PURPOSE OF THE MARCHLAND LEVIES Our Marchland Levies shall protect all in the CCC and their extended allies according to the pacts signed by our most serene ruler of Lurin and their diplomats. By no means are our levies a replacement for our most serene Silver Centurions as these levies are not in direct service of the state, but the lord that holds lands within The Marchlands who are able to maintain their holdings through service to our most serene ruler of Lurin. LEVY STRUCTURE All levies are permitted altering their uniforms to fit their family, house, clan or lordship. OUR MOST SERENE RULER OF LURIN Our most serene ruler of Lurin watches over the lands of Lurin and in turn provides for The Marchlands. They have supreme command in this structure and may call upon all marchland lords if they so desire. MARCHLAND LORDS The Marchland Lords are those who have dedicated themselves to the marchlands and have proven capable to lead levies of their own as a commander. These individuals are capable of rallying their own marchland levies and have a plot of land to call their own where they may grow their influence and provide more levies for The Marchlands. These Marchland Lords are granted a crown made of cloth representing their house to show that they have proven themselves. MARCHLAND LEVY COMMANDERS Having proven capable to follow orders and found their way around a weapon they can defend the lands with. They are chosen by a Marchland Lord to command levies in their stead when necessary, being granted a significant increase in armour to protect these individuals at all costs. MARCHLAND LEVIES Marchland levies are the lifeblood of The Marchlands, often found to be conscripted workers from the various Marchland Lords. Granted a uniform, a weapon of Marchland making and rations the second there is any form of conflict on the borders of Lurin. They shall march, they shall serve and they shall defend The Marchlands. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Silver Lubba
  5. TO THE UNDEAD Issued at Year 151 of the Second Age Cease you Gasha-*****. Lurin is not your vassal, Lurin is not your ally and Lurin is not your friend. Your attempts to sow chaos only reaches those most desperate to gain reasons to end us. If we were to attack the cherry blossom village, we would do so ourselves instead of relaying it to exactly that which we have been exterminating from our lands. If I manage to find where you keep this warlord captive, I will free him. There is no honor between the undead and living, only conflict. May your bones rot and crumble in the light. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba To those who wish to figure out the swear:
  6. TO THE CHERRY BLOSSOM VILLAGE Issued at Year 151 of the Second Age The recent missives brought out have shone light on a few issues I was not made aware of, however, now I know and I will write this missive to make everything as clear as possible for the village of Sakurakagure. ON MY DAUGHTER I was unaware of her actions up until now, not a single diplomat was present from your village to inform me of these actions and your people allowed hatred to fester where reason was possible through communication. Rationality and good will is an uncommon thing these days, it shows me that even from the very start you have sought conflict and have sent raiding parties to my citizens without a message, without a cause to communicate, merely to try to slaughter them. My daughter, Scrisa, will be talked with. A solution will be had for her working with darkspawn and dark mages. Even though my heart wishes for something light, it cannot be ignored in the wake of the inquisition with my efforts undermined and will most likely end up on the more harsh side of punishment regardless of my attachments. ON THE TERMS While I find it most agreeable to find, arrest and execute the two mentioned necromancers, it shall not be ignored that your acts of violence could have been resolved with words as most civilized folk would opt to do. Your people have killed citizens unrelated to this conflict and even visitors during a time of day where most of my citizens are asleep. We were unaware of your location so we could not retaliate, now we know and the other terms you wish for will be ignored. We have a three strikes and you are out policy here in Lurin and your village has exceeded this limit, though we shall give one more chance due to these unorthodox circumstances. If you wish to truly wish for the best then send one diplomat with at most two guards to find a solution for this situation. Do so swiftly within the Esht day or it shall be presumed you only wish for war. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  7. THE FROST WITCHES IN LURIN Issued at Year 149 of the Second Age We found the frost witches, they are gone now. THE LAIR OF ICE Hidden deep underneath the city, there was a lair of ice. We blocked the only entrance with piles of wood and lit them on fire to smoke them out and melt their icy walls. Presumably there are no survivors as afterwards we stripped the lair of any defenses and texts they held. The names on the signs of their abodes within the lair seemingly were targeted towards Lurin itself as they included every single council member’s name including that of my own and notable Lurinites to mock us and use in transcripts written by them. Corpses were burnt, bodies in vats were found and all remaining forms of life were thrown into the hole without a bottom. SURVIVORS Not all frost witches were found or present within these caves, be careful of a return in another realm nearby. They may hide in vassals of surrounding nations as they are masters of disguise and may convert a female leader to be in favor of them. Testing here in Lurin continues to find those who have decided we are not hostile enough to their existence. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  8. TO THE NEVAEHLEN LETTER Issued at Year 149 of the Second Age Cease, you did not want my people near your lands and now you are begging for men without payment. This act of desperation is dishonorable to your own people and for that I refuse this and all following calls. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  9. THE SIMPLE DEAL OF THE INQUISITION Issued at Year 146 of the Second Age Reports from our Silver Centurions have been flooded with false inquisitors and priests who do not understand the process. This document should bring light to the bare minimum requirements. ON THE INQUISITION It has been a success so far, having dealt with a few minor vampyric folks and Xionists who have tried to hide themselves in our borders, however, we have found that there are some who wish to join this inquisition without proper permissions resulting in vigilantism. To join the inquisition is very simple, all members of The Silver Centurions, Office of Stewards and Taxes, members of the Eshtaelite Church and The Brotherhood have the natural rights from the state to enact the inquisition. Joining this inquisition as a foreign entity is allowed once granted permission from the following: The Silver Lubba Lubba’s Council Members A Centurion Officer Cardinal Arnaud The High Pontiff Once granted permission from these entities, you will be needed to bear a letter signed by them, confirming your task in the inquisition. Those unable to actively participate in testing are free to point out and expose darkspawn, Xionists and vampyric folk to a permitted Inquisitor. ON OUR LAW OF UNLAWFUL PREACHING It was made with the purpose to reduce preachers of evil within our borders and those who are insensitive to the Lurinite culture and those deemed a nuisance to the general population, shouting senselessly into a square with barely any canonists present instead of willingly educating on a personal level. Recently we have seen an increase in preachers violating this law while in reality it is quite easy to do so lawfully. To be granted the right to preach for your religion you shall either need to do so within the Eshtaelite church or be granted permission from The Silver Lubba. The latter giving permission to preach wherever one desires as long as discrimination against the Lurinite folk and culture is not present. I personally hereby grant Cardinal Arnaud and Bishop Odo the permission to preach for their mission within reason. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  10. ESHTAEL’S INQUISITION Issued at Year 145 of the Second Age Our most serene balance has been tipped without hesitation of the enemy. Regardless of our more peaceful efforts to cleanse our city of darkspawn, xionists and the vampiric to ward them from the city by laying down aurum lines at every bridge and gate. With our most serene city and requiring testing for both darkspawn and vampirism to acquire a property while being hunted by our constructs for their corruption, it is beyond our council why our very own citizens and vassals invite these pests to reside in our state. Change needs to happen. DETECTION OF THE VILE Every person within our state is subject to a standardized spook test such as those we perform to acquire properties, performed with an aurum dagger and a pouch of salt, this shall cover the majority of darkspawn, However, I will make one addition to this test: exposure to the heat of a torch becomes necessity to detect an entirely new threat, which was made apparent from my visits to The Commonwealth of the Petra. Reactions will be as follows: Aurum shall make darkspawn uneasy and take increased pain from it. Salt upon freshly spilt vampire blood shall boil it. The heat of a torch shall melt the skin of the people made of ice. Xionists, however, are harder to detect as they are folk without a religion and harbor an extreme hate towards Aenguls and the creator. We shall operate based on word of mouth and put all accused to trial and search their property for further evidence that makes us believe beyond a reasonable doubt that they are with this group. Due to the severity of the situation, all who are proven to belong to these groups shall be put down by the blade after receiving their last rites. ON THOSE WHO AID THE VILE Every person affiliated to these groups and those who harbor them shall receive a lesser punishment unless warranted otherwise. Their dominant arm shall be taken and capped off with steel embedded into the bone. The removal of these caps shall be considered criminal and remove the thumbs of the one doing so. All who are found to aid or harbor the vile shall be publicly shamed and exposed for their actions. To encourage those who house the vile to repent for their sins, any person who comes forth and tells us of the one they harbor and what they are shall be spared from punishment. THE VILE THAT TRY TO HIDE To the vile that try to hide, do not. Expose yourself and make it easier for us all or leave the city as soon as you are done reading this. We are determined to cleanse our territories of all Xionists, Vampiric folk, Ice People, Undead and Darkspawn. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  11. THE INQUISITION PREVAILS Issued at Year 145 of the Second Age Tensions rose, Lurin denied by their very own vassal of Vikela to conduct spook tests upon them, though the inquisition did not yield. Eshtael graced us with the balance we sought and plenty of allies to aid us while Vikela fortified themselves. The last men and women from Talar’nor and various surrounding nations arrived to aid in our most holy goal to rid our lands of the dark, a cry was sounded by The Silver Lubba, offering mercy to those who come out the gate and allow themselves to be tested. None came out. The inquisition commenced. The varying groups in a coordinated fashion advanced to their positions, shooting arrows back and forth before a ladder was erected against the Vikelan walls where the forces gained access to their most fortified positions, mercenaries fleeing the site to the floodplains. All was dealt with rather swiftly inside the city itself to knock the defenders out. After this, we missed one important Vikelan by the name of Orn who followed the mercenaries, a prolonged skirmish on the floodplains followed. The mercenaries were not spared due to their questionable affiliation, however, Orn was spared after the spook test came out negative, proving he is not a vampire or darkspawn. After all was done and dusted, all headed back to Lurin and minor repairs were made and wounds treated. Negotiations with the allied forces commenced to strengthen bonds and keep our morale up high. THE INQUISITION IS VICTORIOUS ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  12. ON LURINITE SUCCESSION Issued at Year 145 of the Second Age As I grow older and my body becomes covered with scars and memories, it is found necessary to think about succession within my most serene realm to avoid conflict within succession of vassals, nobility and eventually myself. Lurinite Succession For Vassals Our most serene vassals stand central for the growth of our realm to develop lands which our state does not have an interest in or having been granted a plot of land for their efforts towards our most serene state. I. Vassals by default have their ruling family to choose from for an heir, this may be appointed by the current ruler at any moment during their reign. II. If a ruler of a vassal leaves their position before an eligible heir is chosen, a vote by the council may be had to choose from the ruling family to lead them. III. If found that none are eligible, a new ruler may be appointed from the council through the previous methods. IV. Vassals may discuss their own succession with The Silver Lubba for other methods and must be documented for validity. Lurinite Succession For Nobility Nobility is the breath of the realm, giving life to our roads and streets and represented by a single person of that family in our most serene courts. As such, it is necessary for our nobility to continue the cycle and pass the torch if the previous one cannot hold it anymore. I. Nobility by default have their ruling member appoint a successor to take their mantle of noble during their lifetime. II. If the leading member of a noble family leaves before a successor is found, the family may collectively appoint a new leading member. III. If there are no members of this family left within Lurinite lands, the family loses their status of nobility. IV. Nobility may discuss other methods of succession with The Silver Lubba and must be documented for validity Lurinite Succession For The Silver Lubba Even my own succession is to be handled, regardless of my long reign from Lubba’s Keep to what Lurin is today. Without a successor we cannot stand eternal as I have preached to all for decades. I. The Silver Lubba may appoint their successor from the Eshtaelites of House Anarion, House Edevane, House Bojo, House Snowell or The Lubba’s Council at will. II. If The Silver Lubba decides to leave early, The Lubba’s Council may through any method choose an Esthaelite among them, be it combat, contest or democracy, choose a new Silver Lubba. III. If there are no Eligible successors in the previous methods, an Eshtaelite from the nobility of our realm to take the mantle until a new Silver Lubba rises. IV. If a non-Esthaelite is willed as The Silver Lubba, they are either to convert to the cause or rejected. V. If a Silver Lubba is chosen illegitimately, that Silver Lubba is to be put down or The Realm of Lurin Dissolves if that pretender keeps a hold of our most serene lands. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  13. OUR PLACE ON THE COAST Issued at Year 143 of the Second Age Rapid expansion is naturally a sign of prosperity, with it comes many new challenges and diplomatic routes unexpected to have encountered before. Negotiations with surrounding realms have proven to be fruitful, with this our most serene state has simple claims of land to maintain ourselves and maintain content within our own realm. THE CLAIMS Lurin currently has the majority of the floodplains under direct control with a small foothold in the cherry blossoms area as negotiated with the regional powers, however, expansion is not ceasing and here on a map we will present our desired and most likely final borders. (Thank you lotc wiki map maker) (For the tile nerds) With this I would also like those nations who would wish to contest these claims to reach out to our most serene state to resolve this. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  14. CHURCH OF THE ESHTAELITES Issued at Year 141 of the Second Age With our most balanced clergy, the church of the Eshtaelites within Lurin is officially operational, capable of allowing people from all corners of the realm to gather within these sacred halls. Tended to by our most balanced clergy members, the church will be maintained to our most pure of standards. THE SEARCH FOR COMMUNITY Our worship of the two aenguls Eshtael and Tahariae is not uncommon for those of the older realms, we invite them to our humble church within Lurin to gather as a community as our decentralized reverence for these two aenguls is what drives us all. Clerics of old and curious folk of the realm are all welcome to visit and will be granted hospitality as long as one is well behaved. Our disconnect from the aenguls does not stop us from our reverence. ESHTAEL TENAS EKVILIBRON signed, Philliam Uialben, Eshtaelite of Lurin
  15. TO KRUGMAR AND THEIR CAELIAN BRIGANDS Issued at Year 140 of the Second Age The orcish and human forces that have arrived at our most serene territories have been a nuisance and have laid harm upon our people through dishonorable practices and banditry of the innocent. My daughter, Princess Freya, has had an attempt on her life by these brigands who are called Caelians. My daughter has survived, but not without having harm done to her, consequences are needed to be had. DECLARATION OF FREEDOM Due to the nature of these brigands, there is only one punishment applicable, they shall be granted freedom. This strips them of all rights that our most serene state could offer and are no longer considered a protected entity by law, making them unable to obtain properties in the future and are free to be slaughtered on sight without repercussions for the one that does so. EMBARGO ON KRUGMAR Until aggression is fully ceased, all horde assets in Lurin will be confiscated by the state and all trade offers will be refused. Merchants of our most serene state will be urged to remove their goods from the markets of Krugmar and their affiliated realms, presumed that any and all trade with krugmar as the embargo us in place is an act of undermining authority of our most serene state. PEACEFUL UNTIL DISTURBED Our most serene citizens have been assaulted and kidnapped by the brigands of Krugmar and held hostage within their very capital without prior aggression from our people before they were released by force. Our citizens seek peace, yet are not afraid to defend themselves if deemed necessary as our Lurinite spirit deems so. May you come to your senses and make the right choice before one is made for you by your own people. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  16. UNREGISTERED CITIZENS Issued at Year 139 of the Second Age It has been brought to my attention after some years that my very own citizens are unaware of who they invite into their homes to live with them to the dismay of many others within our most serene state. Thus we shall purge the evil from our homes by force. ADDITIONAL SPOOK TESTS For a person to live with an already established citizen, they are needed to undergo a standardized spook test which can be conducted by any Lurinite steward. Failure to comply will result in a fine and if found that a person is hosting darkspawn in their abode, they shall be charged with the aiding of dark creatures, a class A crime warranting execution after seeing the darkspawn they have hosted executed before them first. REGISTERING CITIZENS All citizens who are living in your abode are now necessary to be registered with a Lurinite steward and otherwise charged with Claiming, a class C crime. Temporary guests are allowed as long they stay within a two year period of time total over the course of a decade. Individuals trying to loophole this system will be subject to be charged with the same law regardless and our Stewards are allowed to enforce this law and observe any unfamiliar faces visiting frequently and question them. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  17. STEEL FOR THE LURINITES Issued at Year 139 of the Second Age With a sudden boom in the Lurinite steel industry spearheaded by our most serene state and The Silver Lubba, it has been decided that we shall distribute a fraction of our production towards supplying our most helpful citizens with this steel for projects and personal equipment. THE DISTRIBUTION With the acquisition of a few new iron mines within our borders, we have achieved an abundance of steel in our market and storage, steel that remains unused as Lurin has achieved its more than comfortable surplus of steel that shall only be touched for the most dire of situations. This steel shall be distributed amongst the population through valid requests to the state. THE ELIGIBILITY The eligibility of our citizens to acquire the steel they desire from our most serene state depends on a few factors which are easily met by the more productive members of our society. The following citizens are eligible with proper reason: Silver Lubba Band Members Tavern Workers Critical Industries High Nobility Low Nobility Direct Vassals Special cases may arise and they shall be discussed personally upon receiving a request. THE REQUESTS The requests should always be fair and reasonable to both the productive citizen and the state, any amount may be requested, though the state may always deny a request if deemed necessary. The following reasons are likely to be accepted by the state: Equipment Maintenance Equipment Replenishment Production of State Goods Production of Critical Goods Fortification of Property Supplying Workers These reasons are most valid to the state and one may suggest another if deemed necessary. Any and all requests are able to be denied even if meeting all criteria. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  18. DENOUNCING THOSE OF FALSE FATES Issued at Year 138 of the Second Age A few reports have come out regarding fortune tellers with dark magics, using the minds of our citizens with good faith left for their own malicious gains. No wounds are found on the victims, yet they are left exhausted and unable to work for our most serene state. BANISHMENT OF THE PRACTICE Fortune telling is against the law now, being declared a class C crime and makes the lawbreaker subject to a mandatory spook test. Further elaboration will be made within the codex as to what constitutes breaking this law under 2.6.3f. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE signed, The Silver Lubba
  19. THE REFORMATION OF SUTICA Issued at Year 42069 of the Second Age With our citizens growing more and more weary of the Sutican title being held in an unlanded state, a call has been made by the Lurinites to reform The Free Trade State of Sutica once more and crown Mika Anarion as its rightful ruler. THE SUTICAN CLAIM With the Anarion family holding a claim and the current Lurinite ruler having ruled twice before, only to be exiled from leadership through unlawful methods, still claims the Sutican throne as his own for he leads the Suticans in his successor state. With the Sutican people backing his claim and the lack of independent land held by the Sutican title, it is hereby claimed and usurped from the incapable in favor of the new Trade Prince of Sutica, Mika Anarion. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba Mika Anarion, Thrice Crowned Trade Prince of Sutica
  20. TO THE MEN IN RED Issued at Year 118 of the Second Age Earlier on this day, men in red and black entered Lurin as our gates are always open during times of peace, however, this trust has been abused by these four men who witnesses to have claimed to taken a woman before sprinting out the gates before reinforcements were called. EYE FOR AN EYE The saying is that an eye for an eye makes the world go blind, however, as Lurin is a forgiving state, they will only be punished for the crimes they have committed according to the Codex of Lurin within our territories, willingly or not. Kidnapping, a class B crime Disturbance of Peace, a class D crime General Battery, a class C crime Aggravated Assault, a class B crime Verbal Harassment of a Higher Official, a class C crime Leading up to a fine of 1250 mina per person present, or the alternatives: -Execution of all -2000 mina worth of labor or goods per person -Two limbs, two digits and a final non-lethal cut per person May this be done peacefully and swiftly without escalation. You have one Esht Week to respond. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  21. THE COURTS OF LURIN Issued at Year 117 of the Second Age While The Most Serene State of Lurin is still young, it is seen fit to reform the courts to benefit the state they belong to in an attempt to create strife among peers to progress further than ever possible. With this sudden expansion of influence of the people over the state, it must be noted that the state will provide a counterweight in the form of simple requirements to be considered an active member of Lurin’s courts. THE NOBILITY OF LURIN While the court of Lurin is filled with nobility of varying degrees and the average citizen it should be noted that nobility only applies to one person and only in special cases a family is considered an integral part of Lurin. High Nobility: High nobility is often seen as the most important sect of people in Lurin, though they only get limited privileges compared to the average citizen. Vassal Leaders of various levels Vassal leaders are those granted a plot of land to develop the lands of The Silver Lubba for them and establish settlements for their people or potentially fortify the borders of the territories of Lurin. Often vassal leaders can be found as a voice upon the council and within reason govern their own lands with a certain amount of autonomy in exchange for their service. Division and Office Leaders With the rather unique structure of Lurin’s governance, the various divisions and offices are all granted their ability through The Silver Lubba and have their leaders assigned much through the same process. Division leaders are in every way above office leaders though fall in the same ranking of high nobility due to their importance in a functional state. Division leaders are often at the forefront of progress and military matters which they will need to execute with success as failure is not an option within the state at this level of leadership. The lack of a division leader to a division is often filled back up by the lower ranking members of the division, however, if it is found that incompetency is rampant, The Silver Lubba will personally lead the lacking division temporarily. Office leaders are maintaining the state and their institutions to keep the citizenry engaged, educated and healthy. When a position in these offices aren’t filled then often The SIlver Lubba steps in to personally ensure it stays functional. Previous High Council and Silver Lubbas Previous members of the High Council and Silver Lubbas are viewed as highly experienced members of Lurinite society, making them extremely valuable as advisors to the state and as a reward for their service they are granted their position as high noble. THE REQUIREMENTS OF HIGH NOBILITY To become a high noble within the territories of Lurin one must dedicate themselves to the state and its people with many paths laid out for even regular citizens to work their way up to this level of nobility. (A noble of Lurin ensuring the presence of their levymen) Minor Nobility: Minor nobility is often made up of people who have helped the state less directly or are not yet influential enough to be considered a high noble. Family Estate Holders With the nobility of Lurin working different from most other forms, only the one who holds the family estate is considered a minor noble to avoid stretching out the system to where everyone could be considered a noble somehow. Within reason the patriarch or matriarch of an influential family is the preferred candidate for holding these family estates. Large Company Holders Large companies within Lurin are considered minor nobility to empower them to more easily convey their desires within the territories for the sake of progress. Large companies need to be granted this title of minor nobility and only one leader per company is able to hold this title. The Silver Lubba’s Family The family of The Silver Lubba is most important to the state, some of these individuals considered princes and princesses if they are a direct descendant by blood to the first degree from The Silver Lubba themself. Though regardless of this, they are still merely minor nobles to limit their power within the state unless they manage to work their way up the ranks like every other citizen of Lurin. Lubba Knights Lubba Knights are an integral part of the Lurinite military, providing prowess of both mind and body to the state as their most elite forces of the realm. Lubba Knights are chosen personally by The Silver Lubba to maintain a force of only the best Lurin can find within their territories. Personal Advisors of The Silver Lubba Personal advisors to The Silver Lubba are often invited over personally to council meetings to bring their unique perspective or expertise to courts. Though not anyone with expertise becomes a personal advisor, often minor nobility is granted to those who repeatedly are requested to show their perspective upon certain issues. THE REQUIREMENTS OF MINOR NOBILITY To become a minor noble within the territories of Lurin one must be proficient at their trade or have value to the state as a whole. Each one of these positions bar the family options are achievable within reasonable time and dedication by any citizen of Lurin. Additionally they are needed to bring forth one person to fill up a position within the divisions of Lurin with families considered as one entity, refusing this requirement will result in remaining a regular citizen rather than minor noble. Upon achieving this first step up into nobility, a mundane weapon of choice may be requested to The Silver Lubba themself who will provide the holder of this title with what they desire to use. This weapon becomes a symbol of service to the state and is of great importance to the holder of it as the loss of this weapon is a great tragedy upon the banner this noble comes from. Furthermore beyond this symbol, the fresh noble will need to provide a banner for the halls of The Silver Lubba, representing them, their family or company in the courts of Lurin and is seen as a gift of great prestige from The Silver Lubba to have their banner present. THE PEOPLE OF LURIN While our courts are filled with nobility of varying levels, it should be noted that citizens are often seen wandering in with issues they have found or ideas they wish to bring to light. Our citizens are encouraged to participate within the courts of Lurin to aid us in our governance as if it were their own duty to do so. Periodically a time for these suggestions and issues is hosted by a member of the high council of The Silver Lubba themself. (Lurinite court being held within the designated room) These moments of public court for the citizenry are a right given by The Silver Lubba and must be held at least once per Esht Month, however, it is preferred to host these bi-weekly for a more effective means of dedicated communication outside of conversations held directly with the various council members. Once a public court is called for with a location provided for it, the citizens may bring forth their word without issue unless in direct violation with the current laws. THE MILITARY OF LURIN With the courts set up within reason in our Most Serene State of Lurin, the military duties of our people may not be forgotten in times of prosperity. Without a necessity to maintain an army in the eyes of our citizens it has been seen fit to take a necessary step towards maintaining a proper standing army made up from people rather than the constructs our state provides us so the constructs may focus upon their primary goals instead of having to act as our military. (A Silver Centurion marching forth into enemy territory) This new system includes full participation from our nobility as they are now required to send forth at least one person from their group to be granted and maintain their position. As easily as the noble status is granted, it may be stripped at the same speed if the bare minimum is not met. This one person put forth must be capable of learning, following orders and be able bodied. These people do not necessarily need to be soldiers of the state, they merely have to participate within the government’s system of divisions. Each person put forth can choose their own division to join willingly to maintain a minimal amount of staff within each division with relative ease and keeping ourselves capable in times of conflict. THE ETIQUETTE OF LURIN The etiquette of our Most Serene State of Lurin is rather simple with the rule of thumb being that humility is praised above all and the lack thereof shunned within the courts. Within Lurin a citizen and The Silver Lubba share the burden of the state in different ways, though never must one raise themselves too high to estrange the people of our state as chaos ensues. Every citizen has their worth provided to the state, the lack of doing so may put them in a less favorable light. Additionally, the laws of Lurin will always be maintained by the citizens of our Most Serene State of Lurin as the lack of discipline will be dealt with accordingly. Furthermore, there are simple phrases within court one could use to show respect to the culture of the Lurinites or used to disrespect a citizen greatly. “May Eshtael Bless you” - A simple phrase to wish good health upon them. “May your scales never tip” - Wishing someone stability and prosperity in life. “The Atronachs Missed You” - Accusing someone of being vile in nature. “May Tahariae take care of you” - A phrase to wish someone dead. Along with these simple phrases, there is a good chance they will be spoken out with the Lurinite language to ensure foreign bodies know little of what is being spoken of. However, even among Lurinites this language is rare to be spoken as many only speak it to express the true meaning of their words. THE FASHION OF LURIN Most other settlements and nations of the realm often have difficulty finding out who is deemed important and who is not within Lurin, partially this is because of the odd fashion found within Lurin and on their citizens. Often they are seen wearing their work uniform or a modified version of it for more formal meetings, however, there is still the presence of informal clothing among the people who lack a position within the state. Often viewed as a shame, however, if they manage to become successful without the state then they might as well have earned their share into becoming a minor noble or perhaps make their own clothing for ease. (A Silver Centurion with modified uniform entering court) THE DIPLOMACY OF LURIN As Lurin grows over time, there have been a couple preferences and noted down expressions during the diplomatic process which could be more efficient or avoided entirely. With this revelation, a small list has been constructed to give some oversight for future diplomatic meetings. -Bringing anyone other than your leader or someone authorized to officiate pacts autonomously to negotiate terms is a waste of time and effort. -Bringing more than two soldiers to a meeting is an act of aggression. Additional diplomats are an exception if they bring something of use to the table. -A pact with another nation might end up being pushed through the council and shareholders to see a general census before accepting, declining or altering the terms. -Every pact must be made with both parties present in the room, drafts must be prepared beforehand to indicate a clear goal of what the other entity wishes to achieve. -The offering or exchanging of gifts is discouraged during meetings unless they have a true cultural value to avoid muddling diplomacy with nepotism and other forms of bastardized politics. (Diplomats on their way to the Lurinite courts) THE CULTURAL STANDARDS OF THE COURTS The start of court within the territories of Lurin are rather simple, once a time and place have been chosen then as soon as the citizens, indentured servants, council members and nobles of Lurin start wandering in then the leading figure within the room may announce the start with a simple phrase: “The Serene Prevail Today, May Your Voices Be Heard” Followed by a gesture to either summon the first person before the leading figure or to perhaps announce something for all of Lurin to know. The courts of Lurin are considered to be in a more basic form as titles matter little within these courts and competency is always preferred over them. This unusual form enables leadership and nobility to be spoken at by their first name without mention of their title regardless if they agree or not to prevent bastardization of the process of court. The court only finishes after a simple phrase has been spoken out by the leading figure of this court, usually the one who summoned court: “Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance” Once this phrase is spoken, no nobility, leadership or citizens are needed to stay within the room where court was held, granting opportunity for less global and more personal matters to be discussed if deemed necessary to do so. Furthermore, as Lurinite court is considered more basic in nature, it should be noted that at all times only those requesting to speak up will be listened to, the lack of this basic thought in repeated fashion will enable the Centurions in removing them from the premises. Naturally, this rule has exceptions if the words spoken out are widely considered to be slanderous or vile in nature. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  22. LURIN WINDOW INSURANCE ACT Issued at Year 116 of the Second Age Due to the increasing amounts of shattered windows and the solidarity of the state to its people, The Most Serene State of Lurin has decided to open up insurance for their citizens. As glass is a resource not many have on hand to quickly repair a window due to the labor intensive process of creating perfect glass panes and the state having the workforce to back them up in such a process, it is seen fit to provide the citizens with repairs. GLASS FOR THE CITIZENRY This deal between state and citizen comes at a bare minimum cost where as long as they pay their taxes their windows shall be patched up with a glass of their choosing. Failure to contact the state for your broken windows for a prolonged duration will fall under our general negligence law found at general safety, 2a. The Payment of tax has to be completed before any repairs may be done on behalf of the state, the one holding the property will be able to avoid this by creating and installing the window themselves. There is a possibility that your window will be repaired without your knowledge initially, however, a note will be placed in the inhabitant's mailbox notifying of a potential break in and offered a potential modification in design to avoid future window smashing for potential invasions of property. DEFENSE OF THE STATE With this alarming amount of mischief and failed robberies, The Most Serene State of Lurin will expand efforts to add new constructs to the brotherhood to more frequently patrol the city and make it clear to any who attempt to do so again will be unpleasantly surprised by increasing the severity of this crime temporarily to a class A crime without the escape of bailing yourself out, leaving only blood payment as an option for the following till the 120th year of the second age. Additionally, The Most Serene State of Lurin wishes to revitalize their efforts on expanding The Silver Centurions to limit reliance on construct production. Those Willing to join the cause of keeping our streets safe can contact John or The Silver Lubba for more information. Eternal we Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed, The Silver Lubba
  23. MISCHIEF MAKERS WANTED Issued at Year 114 of the Second Age There has been an alarming rate of mischief going on within the city of Lurin, making it hard to go through the daily lives of our citizenry without minor inconveniences being bestowed upon them by an unknown source. As normally this is not much of an issue, we have found evidence that it is scaling drastically and makes it a necessity for the state to take action. THE SEARCH FOR MISCHIEF We have collected multiple reports of missing items, such as jewelry, scraps of food, trinkets made from precious metals and the steel tools of varying occupations. While theft is something rarely struggled with due to the security provided, it has caught the state by surprise to have such a spree of crime occur while on the other hand there is an immense increase in mischievous behavior that does not align with the citizenry. Everyone within the city is affected by this spree of mischief from the moving of writing utensils to the other side of the room to having their door jammed with a metal pin stolen from the workforce to having a potato thrown at your feet while having a conversation in the square. The Silver Centurions will be on the case for this strange spree of mischief and we hope to report to our citizens about our findings. ETERNAL WE STAND, ESHTAEL KEEPS BALANCE. signed, The Silver Lubba
  24. ON THE CURED Issued at Year 112 of the Second Age After receiving the missive regarding our citizen, Sarah Artenin, of being a vampire, the Lubba’s Council was in shock. Thankful to the shamans that they cured her of her vile disease, however, there was another part of the missive which did not resonate with the citizens of Lurin as Sarah was made to forcefully live in Nor’asath or be hunted down and executed. The council gathered today to draft up an official response regarding the situation and express their displeasure to this foreign policy. ON THE ABDUCTION OF SARAH ARTENIN As Lurin does not want to waste further ink and blood on this matter, while we agree with your sentiment against darkspawn, the holding of our citizens against their will is a vile act and The Most Serene State of Lurin hereby declares a simple warning: The attempt at a repeated taking of Sarah Artenin will result in conflict of degrees the balance of Eshtael will allow. May the wisdom of the shamans of Nor’Asath and The Iron Horde be everlasting and conflict kept to a minimum so all our lands may experience the prosperity it deserves. signed, The Silver Lubba
  25. LURINITE MINING OPERATION Issued at Year 111 of the Second Age With our soaring levels of wealth it has been decided to invest it back into the people of the state, providing further jobs and making local goods cheaper through the acquisition of a profitable mine near the city. THE OPEN MINE OF LURIN The mine of Lurin will be open to all who have the equipment to properly delve within, however, at the end of your mining trip you will be faced with the question if you will sell your acquired wealth to the local state provided stall at a decent rate or perhaps buy resources from it during a shortage of material. May this newfound acquisition of resources provide further wealth and prosperity to the citizens of Lurin through trade and craft. signed, The Silver Lubba
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