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Found 4 results

  1. Option 1: Enter the trading burrow (shown here as viewed from the farmers' market). Put your Burrow Obligation foodstuffs, animal items, etc. into one of the marked barrels. To ensure that your obligation is counted, you can sign a note on a piece of paper (paper is obtainable from the nearby aviary) with /notes write (message) and /notes sign afterwards to put in the barrel along with your obligation. Option 2: Lock your mailbox with /cdonation and then click on it while running the command /cmodify @AceOfHearths @jumperhand3 @420alien @TakeMeT0TheFae This will keep your mailbox operational as a mailbox while allowing all of the halfling leadership take out any items you put into it. Put your Burrow Obligation into your mailbox and you won't even have to leave your front step! The poor ol' Elders will do the work for you. (note: you may have to change who is added to your mailbox after elections) Here is what's due every week per the Burrow Obligation system (pick one of the following): ~Eight hay bales, bound with twine ~Twenty four baked potatoes ~Ten pumpkins, larger t'a better ~Sixteen sugar cane bundles ~Four leather hides, preferably tanned ~Eight cuts of meat from any animal ~Eight bundles of wool ~Sixteen wood of any style ~OR a dinner party held in your burrow!
  2. WARTIME EDICT OF TAXATION, 1857 The 23rd of Godfrey's Triumph, 1857 ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY HIS SERENE HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF SEDAN, To all citizens of Sedan, The war with the Empire continues to wage on, as it has for many years now. Due to this, it is within the interest of the Crown of Sedan to proclaim the temporary suspension of taxation within the Realm. This suspension is to act as a motivator for new citizens to migrate and for pre-existing families within the land to expand and thrive, despite the ongoing conflict. The Crown also does not wish to burden its citizens with tax during this time of strife, for such funds should remain with the people for any additional costs that this conflict may cause. This edict shall remain in effect until the end of the war, when a peace treaty is signed. His Excellency, the High Steward, Dr. Benedict Green shall ensure that all the necessary paperwork and arrangements are made to see to this temporary transition. May Godan watch over you all and ensure our victory over the Excommunicated Heathens. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Frederick I, By the Grace of God, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, Count of Louisville, Haverlock and Döbern, Viscount of Fauconberg, Baron of Ponce, Avoria and Pyrmont, Protector and Lord of the Valley of Goats and the Haikaprier HIS EXCELLENCY, Doctor Benedict Green, High Steward of Sedan
  3. [!] A large poster would be plastered on the the tax office and notice boards of Krugmar, thick crimson letters scrawled across it's surface. THE NU BLARGYNG ACT OF KRUGMAR -- _____________________________________________________________________________ Wit' da chayngyng uv dah lockz bai Kor'garr uv Lur, Nu Yazgurtahn uv Krugmar, der wihl bi muhltipul chayngiz tu dah blargz uv diz bub'hozh goi, agh dah weyz dat owur bruddahs agh ziztahz wihl bi prohvydid rovvz over der grukkahz. Bohth tu incurige owur brethrin tu liv wit uz en Krugmar, agh tu mayk zure de avvairz uv mayntininz ruhn zmoothliz. Kor'garr uv Lur pledgiz dat noh longur wihl eny Uruk need tu goh witnub ah playze tu kall 'ome, zo may dah zpeeritz guyde uz tu bub'hozher tikz. _____________________________________________________________________________ Pryciz Dah main poynt uv Blargz ar tu keep owur peepulz warhm agh comvurtabul, nub tu drain vazt ahmouwntz uv teef vrum owur owhn bruddahz. Dat beying zed, Dah mozt bub'hozh ov blargz ahr entinded vor vamiliez agh lyve-maytz. Tayk dat az lat wihl. [!] The script changes to a more legible common, instead of the scrawling text from a heavy Uruk hand. Each Class is meant to represent who can own such house and its size: Class C - It is a tiny-sized house, fit for a single person with a small storage space, it can be owned only by the slaves of Krugmar, and has no associated price. Class D - An extremely small but yet comfy dwelling deep in the caves of Krugmar, made to fit one single person. It can be owned not just by any citizen of Krugmar, but any ally or tributary with express permission by the Yazgurtan. Cave Housing can be purchased for Gakh (III) Teef, with a cactus week rent of Azh (I) Teef. [!] The text returns to Kor'garr'Lurs' handwriting for a single paragraph. A notable exception: Kor'garr duz nub beleev dat owur kubz zhuld zleep en dah kuld agh rayn. Eny kubby wuntyng a blarg kan 'av a Klazz D vor VREE uhntyl dey ahr propah adultz uv Krugmar. Wiz peep owt vor owur kubz. Class B - A small-sized house, fit for one or two under modest circumstances with a decent storage space, it can be owned by any citizen of Krugmar, or any ally or tributary with express permission not only from the Yazgurtan, but the Rex them self. Class B housing is available for H'gakh (VIII) Teef, with a cactus week rent of Dub (II) Teef. Class A - The designation for a medium-sized house fit for a small family, with a wealth of storage space and possibly a decent sized extra level, it can be owned by any citizen of Krugmar. While by far a superior upgrade to the earlier classes of housing, Class A blargs can be purchased for Dubty (X) Teef, and have an upkeep of Futh (IV) Teef. Class S - A purely expansive home fit for a large family to live in, this class of housing boasts an extra level and a huge amount of storage space, complete with multiple bedrooms and pre installed furnishings. It can be owned by any citizen of Krugmar, though it is recommended to purchase such a home with multiple residents. This luxury only has 6 total slots, each available for Dubty'agh'H (XV) Teef with a tax of H'dub (VII) Teef. Taxes are due each year or Cactus week by the month of Sun's Smile, or the end of the Cactus Sunday. Kor'garr wihl peep iv lat triez tu zkip latz duez wit Blah, ohr eny vanzi trikz. Iv lat lyvz en dah Blarg, lat payz vor dah blarg, agh doze Teev bilohng tu Krugmar etzelv. Dunnub mayk Kor'garr krump lat. _____________________________________________________________________________ Pryvahcy Upon purchase, each house owner has the duty of maintaining the house’s looks to a minimal standard, not doing so might result in its house being put up for eviction. Turning a house into a complete storage deposit is not allowed, doing so will result in the house owner’s being warned for their first offense. If the situation is not resolved by the following Tax Day, then the House will be up for eviction. Basements may not be made underneath any house, nor any upgrades that would alter the default size, theme, or exterior shape of the house. If you are looking to modify the outside cosmetic appearance of your home, please consult the Yazgurtan before making any changes or risk eviction. Interior remodeling is, of course, acceptable within reason.
  4. Tax Act Proposal of 1809 Written by Otis de Rosius Preamble: This proposal suggests a decrease in tax for all businesses, stalls, and the like within the Imperial City of Providence. This document is subject to change. SECTION I: 1. Taxes for the following will be cut by 50% 1a. Carrington Emporium 1-20 1b. Susa Stalls 1-10 1c. Helvets Avenue 2-9 1d. Basrid Circle 1 2. This Act would be effective immediately after passage. 3. Below will be the current tax (3a.) and the tax if the proposal was passed (3b.) 3a. Tax for properties listed on 1a. - 1d. before passage Carrington Emporium: 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20: 50 mina Carrington Emporium: 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18: 60 mina Susa Stalls: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: 50 mina Helvets Avenue: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: 100 mina Basrid Circle: 1: 200 mina 3b. Tax for properties listed on 1a. - 1c. if passed Carrington Emporium: 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20: 25 mina Carrington Emporium: 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18: 30 mina Susa Stalls: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: 25 mina Helvets Avenue: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: 50 mina Basrid Circle: 1: 100 mina Secure this proposals passage by electing Otis de Rosius for Alderman and tune into his speech at the Novellen, today! (Friday, 6pm EST)
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