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Found 14 results

  1. Divisions within the Silver Lubba Band With our influence starting to stretch out into further reaches than we have ever done, it is seen as beneficial to establish different divisions within The Silver Lubba Band to specialize our men and women to optimize our efficiency. New challenges have proven to us that this step forward and officially establishing our bands divisions are deemed fruitful. The Silver Lubba Band Expeditionary Force The acting portion of the Silver Lubba Band which remains the core of the band. Mercenaries for hire, but also acting as a standing army for the holdings of The Silver Lubba ready to take on a fight when necessary. These individuals are for hire, though only take one contract at a time. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band, making deals and contracts with whoever requests them for a reasonable sum of wealth. Often found to don a grand suit of armour decorated to establish their presence among peers. Eternals Eternals are the highest rank you can achieve within the band, often found to be excellently trained and often assigned to special missions that could earn them a good wage. These members are often seen stepping in for The Silver Lubba as commanders or representatives of the band to complete a deal. The Eternals are often found wearing a set of full plate armour with the respective decorations they have earned through their service to the band. Titans Titans are the experienced members of the band, easily distinguished with a full set of plate and a more heavy-duty weapon to finish their missions successfully. These members are granted some major bonuses such as access to storage and more restricted areas in the location the band is garrisoned. Bondsmen Bondsmen are the lifeblood of the band, having sworn the oath and finding themselves to wield their weapon of choice proficient enough to matter in battle they stride forth to fulfill their duties within the band. They are often given a variety of tasks, ranging from protecting roads to staying garrisoned within a city to protect the citizens inside or even fight in a grand war if the contract calls for such. Novices Novices are new members of the band, often seen to do the smaller tasks or walk along with the bondsmen to learn the ropes of how it all goes down. These members usually require training with their weapon and the mindset of being a bondsman, though they are still given jobs and light armour to fit in with their peers. Novices are allowed to be assigned to higher-ranking members of the band to lead them through daily life, making sure they earn their experience that way before they are recommended for promotion to Bondsman and to cite their oath. Eternal We Stand. (A Novice being accepted into the bondsmen of the Silver Lubba Band by an Eternal) (Illustration by Mohawk Games) The Lubba Keep Lawyers Lawyers of The Silver Lubba Band, often seen as experts on their field, are a recently added division within the Silver Lubba Band out of necessity to aid our own members in trial with an added course to go beyond a lawyer to become a Lubba Judge. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band and all of its holdings and divisions. making deals and contracts with whoever requests them for a reasonable sum of wealth, though considering this legal work is often deemed easier than mercenary work, the pricing of contracts will be cheaper. Lubba Judge Lubba Judges are the pinnacle of legalism, having the most experience among this division of the band with ease. These individuals have the right to pass sentences if called for in an official trial in The Silver Lubba’s holdings. Though this does not mean that they can also act as lawyers if called upon, making them one of the more versatile members of this division. Senior Lawyer A Senior Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers is often promoted from a regular lawyer for having more experience and deserving recognition of such, though it might also be possible that these individuals have been promoted for their brutal legal efficiency in the courtroom. These Senior Lawyers are seen plenty in charge of cases with fellow lawyers pitching in. Lawyer Lawyers of Lubba Keep Lawyers are those deemed efficient with their legal prowess, having helped solve plenty of cases as a paralegal and understanding the flow of work that needs to be maintained during a trial. These individuals are often hired in large batches to solve a single case and represent the accused or sometimes even represent the accuser. Paralegal The helping hand of The Lubba Keep Lawyers seen running around with a bag filled with documents, though beyond that also pitch in on cases making sure everything is laid out crystal clear and ensuring no piece of information is left unturned. The backbone of Lubba Keep Lawyers are these individuals who work tirelessly to aid further up in the chain of command. Justice Stands Eternal. (A Lubba Keep Lawyer with a group of paralegal behind them pleading justice within a courthouse) The Silver Centurions The Silver Centurions act as a guardforce within the holdings of The silver Lubba, offering protection and safety to those within or swiftly dealing with threats that are below the capabilities of The Expeditionary Force. This division offers a steady job, though not too much adventure. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band and all of its holdings and divisions. This division is no different from that with The Silver Lubba hiring new recruits and enabling The Silver Centurions to uphold peace and law wherever they are garrisoned. Captain Captains of The Silver Centurions are tasked with managing the lower ranks and upholding the order within the holdings, often finding themselves more on the management side of the division though not to be fooled as they do still keep their years of experience that they have from reaching this point. These individuals are often seen recruiting new members into the band in general, making sure the entire band is well equipped and supplied with new recruits, novices and other beginning members of the band. Large scaled defensive projects often start with a captain before the workforce is notified of such a project and the feasibility of achieving it. Officer Officers of The Silver Centurions are on the way to true leadership, always present to make sure everything runs smoothly among the watchmen and recruits, often seen conducting training in combat, law and equipment maintenance for new recruits and making sure they are up for the task before them. These individuals are extremely versatile and often have the option to switch or add to a different division at this stage, though at the cost of losing progress within the structure of the band to further build up their repertoire and experience. Officers are however also capable of recruiting and managing smaller projects acting for these tasks instead of a captain. Watchman Watchmen are the bulk of The Silver Centurions, finding themselves virtually anywhere The Silver Lubba Band is present. Having passed their training allowed them to become a Watchman ready to uphold the order of The Silver Lubba’s holdings and campsites around the realm. These individuals are allowed to detain those who are in violation of the public order established and either deal with them on the spot or send them further to trial with a Lubba Judge. Recruit Recruits of The Silver Centurions are new to the majority of how everything is supposed to be operated, still needing to go through training for combat, law and equipment maintenance. Often seen staying near a watchman or officer to aid them in tasks or guarding a door or outpost without much conflict happening around them for this period of their career. Eshtael Keeps Balance. (Two officers of the Silver Lubba Band’s Centurion division patrolling the mountains of the main continent) (The mountain pass by Sina Hayati) The Lubba Medical Force Medics are necessary in every group ensuring that no casualties will stay permanent and lives that can be saved will be saved. Nobody will be left behind to rot on the field as long as there is a medic present, making this division essential to the band’s survival. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band and is not much of a medic themselves, though is in charge of overseeing this division like every other to make sure everything looks smooth and to appoint Supreme Healers to their position if they appear to be vacant. Supreme Healer The Supreme Healer is nothing short of a miracle worker, leading fellow physicians and medics to aid those who have endured injuries within battle, though is not limited to such. A Supreme Healer is often found experimenting to find new cures to wounds or ailments they have encountered, working tirelessly to help every single affected member of the band. Physician Physicians are an unmissable component of this division, aiding The Supreme Healers directly and teaching lower ranks on how to use certain herbs and medical equipment. Often physicians are found working in their rooms working to create salves and remedies for the sick and wounded and assessing ailments if one were to approach them with one. Medic Medics are the trained core of The Lubba Medical Force ensuring everyone gets treated and cared for if deemed they need such. Medics are seen everywhere the band goes, always on standby in case of sudden conflict where wounds would be needed to tend to afterwards. Some of these medics take an oath not to harm, though the majority of them will fight if deemed necessary to prevent further injury. Trainee Trainees have been gathered from around the realm to study medicine, herblore and other subjects that prove to be useful for their career as medic. These trainees are often seen carrying large amounts of bags, vials and jars to supply the medics at hand, learning through what the medics or physicians teach them on their way to becoming one themselves. May Your Eternal Scars Heal (A medic tending to the wounds of a struck soldier) The Silver Siege Team Siege engine operation and construction is a wonderful trade to practice, giving our band the ability to lend out skilled siege operators and contractors while constructing our own siege engines to either sell, use offensively or use defensively. This division ensures we will be prepared for anything that comes our way. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of the Silver Lubba Band and prides themselves with these capable contractors and operators to aid in his bidding. Often seen to have a look at the operational siege engine workshops and aid them in construction when deemed necessary. Siege lords are personally chosen by The Silver Lubba and will often stand besides them during a siege to ensure proper entry is guaranteed. Siege Lord Siege Lords are few in numbers, though they manage all below them to make sure every siege engine is built properly and operators hit their targets like intended. Once a Siege Lord is called forth to battle, there is often little hope for the defenses of the opposing side as engines align to give little room for the other side to work with. Contractor Contractors are those who efficiently construct and use the siege engines produced within the workshops of The Silver Lubba Band, often left in charge in absence of a Siege Lord with the duty to maintain workflow and hit the intended targets with great accuracy. These individuals are often hired on a by person basis as it is rare to have a skilled siege contractor at your side. Operator Operators are those who operate the siege engines constructed by contractors, building up experience with how these engines work and how to maintain them in an excellent condition. No siege engine would be too hard for these individuals to understand and on their way to start constructing siege engines of their own as they start to aid in construction during this period. Apprentice Apprentices are often seen running around with supplies and tools and rarely called in to operate a siege engine if there appears to be a lack of manpower to operate them. These individuals are being trained on how to operate and maintain these siege engines to eventually become an Operator of the band. Strike True Eternally (Operators hard at work preparing to fire the built siege engines) The Lubba Band Workforce The backbone of the band, working tirelessly to equip and supply the band with their jobs ranging from a simple farmer to a blacksmith to mighty masons building defenses for The Silver Lubba’s holdings. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is in this chain of command as an overseer and highest in command, assigning High Contractors their new tasks to delegate further down the chain. If The Silver Lubba manages to find spare time from their other obligations, they are often on site to help oversee projects to work out the specifics on the field. High Contractor High contractors are those assigned by The silver Lubba to lead this division to greatness, often seen laying our routes for material acquisition and ensuring the whole band stays supplied. From the siege engines to the armour and blades of the band, it all starts here by the high contractor who supplies these to the other divisions. Masters at their craft they design new forms of weaponry, armour and are often seen working together directly with siege lords to aid in their operations. Project Manager Project Managers are those who make sure every project is executed correctly as one small flaw could mean the end of a building or snaps steel in the midst of battle. as experts on their own crafts they are seen inspecting the works put out by the workforce and evaluated. For a simple worker to pass onto tradesman they must pass the three most recent inspections by a Project Manager in a row. Project managers as experts of their crafts are also seen as teachers within the workforce, lending the secrets of their trade to Tradesmen below. Tradesman Tradesmen are those who have proven to be proficient in their craft, producing consistent quality works that are often used in times of battle and collecting the finest materials for their works. Excelling Tradesmen are often given their own workplace along with the recognition of The Silver Lubba to have the capability to become a project manager. Worker Workers are the backbone of the band, though still in the start of their career of their trade, they are more often seen gathering materials or aiding as extra manpower during projects put out by the people higher up in the chain. If shown interest in a certain trade, they could end up as apprentices for the trade they wish to follow. With Diligence For The Eternal Goal (A blacksmith from the workforce and his daughter working together) (Blacksmith by Dashinvaine The Order Of The Lubba The Lubba Knights are a division within the band that acts as a personal guard to The Silver Lubba and are often hand picked as one of the most efficient warriors in the other divisions for the opportunity at becoming one of the most esteemed members within the band. Chain of command: The Silver Lubba The Silver Lubba is the leader of this division on a personal level, ensuring everyone is treated right and sometimes even personally sparring with these knights to keep his combative prowess in check. The Silver Lubba is the only one who can grant one to progress through the chain of command of The Lubba Knights and is seen wandering with at least one Lubba Knight at his side when leaving his holdings. Silver Lubba Knight Silver Lubba Knights are The Silver Lubba’s closest line of protection, the final line between those who wish harm upon the wellbeing of the band and The Silver Lubba themself. These members are devoted to their cause to be the greatest warriors the realm has seen and will go through great lengths to prove such. These individuals are often granted titles beyond their occupation and are given a chance to rule a charter of land or outpost within The Silver Lubba’s territory with the blessing of virtuous work to get to that point. These members of The Order Of The Lubba are the voice and acting body of The Silver Lubba. Lubba Knight The Lubba Knights have gone through vigorous training and have proven themselves to be knighted by The Silver Lubba themself from their Man-At-Arms stage where they had proven themselves to be most capable of combat, teamwork and upholding honor. Lubba Knights are granted the same level of authority as an eternal and captain in their respective divisions during times of conflict. Granted upon reaching knighthood is the choice of wishing to continue further to a Silver Lubba Knight or to stay as Lubba Knight and claiming your title as Eternal Defender of the band with a chance at being granted a small plot of land for them and their family to thrive. Man-At-Arms Men-At-Arms are those who have exceeded their Squire stage and with The Silver Lubba’s Blessing made it as a renowned warrior in the chivalric endeavor to climb the chains of command to become a Lubba Knight. Not many pass the trials that are posed as a Man-At-Arms, acting as both Warrior and guard for The Silver Lubba with quests handed out by the upper chains which ultimately need to be completed by these members to prove their worth and devotion to the cause. At this stage, the Men-At-Arms no longer are up for hire as mercenaries and are only sent out to allies of the band to solve dire situations. Squire Freshly picked out of the other divisions, these individuals have been granted a chance to join The Order Of The Lubba and take their opportunity as Squire after being sworn to the Silver Lubba. Squires within The Order Of The Lubba are often seen a bit differently as they have already had experience in the other divisions of the band beforehand, they aid a chosen Man-At-Arms or Lubba Knight who will teach them the ways of upholding honor and chivalry among descendants. Squires will be sufficiently equipped with excellent armour from the workforce and their prefered weapon and supplied to aid their superior as well as they can. These Squires are trained endlessly and taught all the necessary knowledge to prove useful in any situation. Once their superior has established the Squire sufficient for promotion after years of tirelessly working, The Silver Lubba will personally evaluate the Squire to give judgement. Stand Eternal With Honor And Glory (A Lubba Knight charging into their opponent) General Ideals of The Silver Lubba Band: The foundations of the Silver Lubba band are depicted here, violation of these rather basic but essential ideals could mean the removal of a band member. Trust Trust is valued above any coin, Trust is what makes one reliable and ready to take on the world before them. This essential aspect of the Silver Lubba Band is presented as something that needs to be built up again with every new novice entering, ensuring their dedication and the building of friendships within the band to keep ourselves entertained. Trust is the foundation we all must acknowledge as everything is built on it. Profit The band is here to turn a profit for everyone in it, depending on individual contribution to the band they shall be rewarded accordingly upon finishing a job or taking care of a group of bandits on the road. While minas are relatively useless in today’s realms and the resources have become a bit more scarce than previous realms, profit is always put back into the band, its equipment, and its garrison site. Honor Honor is prevalent in many cultures, but often found lacking among peers, which is why honor is valued highly among bondsmen and higher-ranking officials to ensure a fair system among themselves and their potential contractors. This means that the Silver Lubba Band will not aid in raids and surprise attacks on citizenry unless provoked or at least make an attempt at excluding citizenry from touching their weapons of choice. Tolerance Tolerance is a necessary aspect of the band as tolerance, in this case, is the acceptance of other cultures and faiths to unite under one banner as a band to allow for diversity in tactics and methods. Tolerance is also practiced as self-restraint, making sure words won’t reach us as well as minor actions, acting righteous rather than tyrannical among peers. The clear exception to this is violence exerted upon you or actions with malicious intent. Discipline A band of mercenaries can not exist if the band is merely affiliated with each other loosely, making communication and general efficiency a priority in the band. Those who are trained properly have allowed themselves to be trained properly with the discipline they hold and build experience from there to develop their own style. Failure to uphold discipline often puts you at odds with the world which you can not win and results in the judgement of the higher officials of the Silver Lubba Band. Eternal We Stand, Eshtael Keeps Balance signed,
  2. THE WAR OF THE BEYOND The void has plagued us all throughout existence, offering corrupted power in exchange for altering your very soul and physical prowess. No more will the members of Lubba’s Keep and their allies stand and watch our realm corrupt any further for we declare war upon the void. Lubba’s Keep will truly remain as a bastion without any trace of magic and hopes to spread this sentiment throughout all of Almaris with little resistance as our capable scientists have made a device capable of pushing the veil further back into the void and sending in forces to the realm to conquer it. Other realms of deities, spirits and afterlives might be hit on the way for our thorough cleansing, though that is a sacrifice the elves are willing to make to remove the night sky from existence. (Depiction of Scientist’s Device to the void) All Aenguls and Daemons will be within our realm by force, no longer hiding behind the cosmos of the void within the prisons they themselves have created. Free from the tyranny of the void and realms who hold power over our very lives we will build a new realm with the spark of divinity the deities will offer so they may not be consumed by the void and the many creatures within. All descendants will feel this war to their very soul as we fight for a better future without the void where all realms can be reached through science within this age of exploration. It is time we shift the balance once more where we, the descendants of our respective races, claim the realms to our own so the endless meddling of the divine will cease and we have control over our own futures and lives. Join us in this conflict so we may band together on this eternal quest to claim our realms. Let the Third Age begin. Eshtael Keeps Balance, Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba The Lubba Keep Council Mika Anarion, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Jon Snowell, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Hogo Bojo, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Pringle, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Dremnud Oakforge, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Durin Hammerforge, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Dave, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Scrisa, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Elyse, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers The Embodiment of the Concept of Sutican Nationalism Giovachina, Paralegal of Lubba Keep Lawyers WARCLAIM Wargoal: Conquest of the void Attackers: Lubba’s Keep The Independent Tower Kingdom of Actrus The Lordship of Bojo Dunborough (Forced Vassal) Barony of Trabezon (Forced Vassal) Vaokses Village (Forced Vassal) The de Castro Family (Forced Vassal) The Under-State of Rattunnelia (Forced Vassal) Undisclosed Druid Mercenaries Defenders: The Legions of the void Every single deity Deranged Mages Warclaim date: Today. War Path: in case of image break:
  3. The Blades of Lubba Keep Return 11th of the Sun’s Smile, Year 69 of the Second Age While our men and women of The Silver Lubba Band are out completing their contract to defend Haelun’or against the republicans, it should be noted that we are still prepared to defend our homes within this war. We will greet anyone with kindness unless they are the first to show aggression and will swiftly be dealt with. The Keep Grounds of Lubba’s Keep will remain a neutral zone until violated, offering a drink for either side. However, outside of these grounds, our members will not remain neutral. We will fight for our homes to stay unharmed and for the Ireheart king to be successful in their defense of the kingdom. Eshtael Keeps Balance, Eternal We Stand. signed,
  4. Lubba Keep Lawyers A Law Firm for any nation! 7th of The Deep Cold, Year 64 of the Second Age. As of today, we would like to announce our services are available to anyone in any nation with enough time available. We will defend you against any claims or accusations for the right payment discussed beforehand privately. CONTRACT US! If one were to contract The Silver Lubba Band or the Lawyer division specifically, we will defend you in your case and often offer a personal detail of guards to ensure the safety of our clients and our most esteemed lawyers of Lubba Keep Lawyers. Prices for hiring are negotiable and usable for any nation or notable settlement with a law system in place. Eshtael Keeps Balance, Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba Mika Anarion, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Jon Snowell, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Hogo Bojo, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers Pringle, Lawyer of Lubba Keep Lawyers
  5. Anchors lower 5th of The Amber’s Cold, Year 60 of the Second Age Respect for our fellow mercenary companies must be upheld, thus The Silver Lubba Band is needed to uphold an old treaty. To hold the balance which has been established The Silver Lubba Band pulls out of the conflict between Oren and Urguan and establishes the neutral zone of Lubba’s Keep. Further The Silver Lubba Band wishes to keep focus on what they are hired for: A war upon The Silver State of Haelun’or and fighting two fronts is simply not feasible. The Ferrymen Agreements With the new Ferrymen Agreements in place with The Holy Orenian Empire, it is seen fit to honor our old agreements and The Silver Lubba Band stands not in the way of the Ferrymen’s greater plans for betterment of the realm and temporarily remove our feet from their cobbled roads. The following terms have been agreed upon: Truce The Silver Lubba Band and Ferrymen enter a truce for the duration of the conflict, not engaging with them and they not with us. Safe Regions All lands owned by The Ferryman and The Silver Lubba are established as safe spaces for the duration of this conflict between both parties. Trade Agreement While not fighting each other, both The Ferrymen and The Silver Lubba Band are allowed to freely trade between each other. The Anchor Placed Down If The Grand Kingdom of Urguan were to try remove Lubba’s Keep from their region, The Ferrymen Support Lubba’s Keep in a further contract. signed, Applicable Contracts
  6. When the Paper Doesn’t Hold 13th of The Amber Cold, Year 59 of the Second Age. The Silver Lubba Band out of patriotism for their old lands prepared, putting on Sutican guard armours and grabbed the old weaponry of Sutican origin such as halberds and simple bastard swords. 90 men and women donning the shields of the band headed out from the meetup point shouting the name of Sutica at the top of their lungs. They did not stop their shouting all the way from the long trek towards the beach to rowing across the sea to the very shores of Haelun’or. Bold and patriotic they did not care anymore for being sneaky and opted for effectiveness, cutting off one of the Sillumir soldiers in front of their gate, which too was quickly dealt with. After this quick manner of getting rid of a nuisance, men of stone were called forth, though the band quickly mobilized and used the exact same trick as they had done before, simply going through the citizen doors with their vast amount of lockpicks with relative ease. Once the door was heard to be picked from the inside of the square, it was apparent that the Haelun’orian forces retreated out of cowardice for the steel which their paper could not hold. Quickly a route was made to reach the forces hidden within the military hold of the Sillumir, though some of us had trouble as they had patched up our previous ways in. A solution was found rather quickly, sending out a small detachment of half the men forth which the rest slowly trickled in to prepare for battle. The Silver Lubba Band donning their Sutican armour found themselves on the rather sturdy rooves of the city as they shot down into the military base, catching them by surprise. A battle occurred, finally. Incompetence of their forces soon followed. The Silver Lubba Band simply opened and closed doors as they went for a more fun approach, blocking in those who went out and allowing our men and women to get in with relative ease for a charge. The elves within gave a fair battle, though clearly outmatched as they dropped like flies over time with our men and women all still standing at the end to slaughter the remainder of their livestock just in case. Unable to deal with simple mercenaries of old-Sutican origin and fearing them as we stand in front of their gates ready for another round. No casualties. No survivors. No hostages. ETERNAL WE STAND signed, The Silver Lubba
  7. The Band’s Offensive 12th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 59 of the Second Age. Today for the first time in history, The Silver Lubba Band and some people recruited from the roads to our way there have taken a hostile approach towards The Silver State of Haelun’or. landing on their shores with our rowboats the band and local support for a total of 90 men and women alike moved up to the Silver City without any resistance, opting for a more stealthy approach; we had blocked off the citizen doors and picked the first one open. This alerted the guards within the city so we went to reveal two of our bondsmen in front of the gate before promptly a charge was ordered by the folk inside, a mistake. The gates opened with a charge from the sillumir, quickly flanked by our remaining hidden forces, killing off one of their men in the process to make them close and hide behind their gates once again, thinking they were safe. A mistake once more as we opened the door and they simply opened the other one for us without question in an attempt to get the surprise, though we flew out with force and took more lives in the process with relative ease, barely any of the sillumir escaping from our steel to hide as their paper did not hold up against the might of the Silver Lubba. None of our men died and the city was left emptier than before as those who took up arms fled or were removed by force. No hostages were taken. Till we meet again. ETERNAL WE STAND signed, The Silver Lubba ((Screenshots because they are fun))
  8. The Silver Contract Princess Ivarielle Arilathen-Ibarellan has contracted The Silver Lubba Band today, 18th of Malin’s Welcome Year 57 of the Second Age to do the following within the lines of a premade contract which makes the following contract: WAR CONTRACT A war contract is the most expensive, though also the one contract which requires the Silver Lubba Band’s full attention to aid in war as a faction of its own. Contracts like these are often structured on what the band rallies and what needs to be done in the war to see it to its completion and get paid per battle aside from the initial fee that pulls the band into this war. Explanation of the contract’s contents to the contractor, what will be done. This Contract stricken lasts for the duration of the High Elven Schism between the Silver State and the Silver Princedom before it either needs to be renewed or ends by way of victory or either party disbanding or surrendering. Princess Ivarielle Arilathen-Ibarellan agrees to pay two thousand mina per one hundred heads for this service for the duration of a war-time conflict if it comes to arise. signed, The Silver Lubba Princess Ivarielle I
  9. Announcement from Lubba’s Keep 3rd of Sun’s Smile, Year 55 of the second age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqFFjoRnltg During these times of war, progress cannot be stopped, therefore Lubba’s Keep has decided to officially make an announcement that we are here and offering jobs, places to stay and growth to those who come visit our Keep. Filled with mercenaries, guilds, merchants, tavern folk and any descendant’s race it is found to be a hotspot on the coast of Urguan, ready to house and entertain more people around the realm, Even Though its location is out of the general public’s sight, it always a joy to see new people around this corner of the realm. We hope to see you soon! Guilds of Lubba’s Keep The backbone of every city are its people, but if those people are not at work then that is a waste. Here at Lubba’s Keep we have a variety of jobs offered by our guilds that are housed within the keep or its grounds. With our guilds hard at work, we ensure that our keep’s prosperity thrives with trade and craftsmanship to feed our families as Lubba’s Keep does not tax these guilds out of goodwill for their services to be provided to our people and those in need of it. Brevis Bibliotheca Brewery The Local supplier of most drinks, supplied from the fields nearby they are found to have good business with all the other guilds around the keep. stationed on the docks, plumes of smoke from the brewing process can be seen coming out of the rather large chimneys, hosting multiple brewers to practice their craft under the lead of Scribe. The brewery has been prone to test out new flavors and drinks throughout its career, maybe one could find the next big drink? Lare Daram https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208075-the-opening-of-the-lare-daram-smithy/ Led by Ulfar Starbreaker alongside Grimdal Irongut, this forge produces high quality weaponry, armour and tools for those willing to pay the right price. Accepting custom requests for any caliber smith, Lare Daram is a right place to search for your next life long extension of yourself. The Silver Lubba Band https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202530-the-silver-lubba-band/ The Silver Lubba Band as main force of Lubba’s Keep led by The Silver Lubba himself keeps order within the keep grounds of Lubba’s Keep. Mercenaries equipped and trained with their favorite weapons rally in times of conflict to try to obtain the best deal, however, in times of war Urguan is allowed to call upon them as a levy force as is by vassalisation contract. Always hiring and ready to head out into conflict, being equipped by the Keeper of Lubba’s Keep himself. Room Filled With Cacti A strange guild within the keep, often found working day and night producing powders with medicinal purposes to keep the men and women of Lubba’s Keep standing and ready to work at all times. Often found in the back alleys of major cities or simply auctioned off at events. The Lubba Medics The Medics of Lubba’s Keep are often found to be great for medics, though these medics many times aren’t doctors doing major surgery sticking to their base purpose of being very effective medics able to defend themselves in the heat of battle just in case. Residing within Lubba’s Keep, there is a clinic behind the tavern to accommodate most needs of medical attention and offers prosthetic limbs to those who pay right. Le Savoyarde Salope The Tavern of Lubba’s Keep, stocked to the brim with a variety of drinks supplied by Brevis Bibliotheca Brewery and Room Filled With Cacti along with some of the more local unnamed breweries. Plenty of seats to house the entire keep inside and outside, it is found that the people of the keep congregate around this tavern. If one were to want to have a good time at the keep, then you will most likely find it here. Lubba’s Library The Library of Lubba’s Keep was recently added and stocked, though the books within are from older times and collecting them through the centuries. With the classroom on the first floor of the library section of the keep, we educate our people on any topic we can find from general safety to theory crafting and experimenting with new concepts recently found and learnt. The Scholars of Lubba’s Keep are often found wandering around the realm to find books and valuable knowledge to share here within the Library. Vassals of Lubba’s Keep Lubba’s Keep, while only being a recent find, already has found itself with a couple of vassals who aid in the prosperity of the keep and develop its lands to house their own people. Lords and ladies were granted titles created upon keep grounds or moved over from claims their house had on. Dunborough Settled by Adunian hexers, the village was meant to be a home for those that returned from their Path, restocking, healing and resting themselves before heading out into the world seeking contracts of slaying beasts. Dunborough serves as a place of harmony too as it is positioned in an old stone circle of Druids of a bygone era. Only few would recognize it as the old Northern Faith. Trabezon Trabzeon is a small village inside of the Lubba’s Keep, not a lot of people live there but ones who do enjoy tax free housing. At the back of the village is a keep in which houses the Baron and his family, one might notice a small yet tidy and clean place for medics who support the keep grounds. Within this village, a small chapel can be found for canonists and priests or perhaps a visit to the local blacksmith. underneath in the cellars below wine is being produced from the local vineyards to fuel the local taverns and prosperity. Vaokses A settlement made up primarily from dark elves, seemingly fascinated by nature and its ways. The roadside tavern is often found populated with people of all races for this small town on the border of Lubba’s Keep, always having a good time and a drink ready for those who visit. Though there is often more to be seen for those who visit frequently as the small town does have a unique culture to explore. Houses of Lubba’s Keep The houses of Lubba’s Keep are just as important as its guilds, providing people and company to the denizens of Lubba’s Keep they are essential for our prosperity. Taking up jobs and responsibilities around the keep these houses are the life of the keep, ensuring everything runs smoothly and nobody ever grows bored. The major houses of Lubba’s Keep are often lords or council members of Lubba’s Keep and are often held within a high regard. House Uialben https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205078-uialbens-the-children-of-terrhi/ House Uialben is a primarily elven house, built up from decommissioned military officers, merchants, old lords and ladies and are the main drive for maintaining Lubba’s Keep’s existence through their leadership over it. Often found deep within their studies, leading what they are supposed to lead or simply living life and wandering around the realms to find something entertaining to do. House Snowell A majority elven house, made up from mages and warriors alike, many working as craftspeople, merchants, and researchers in their free time. Members of the family can be found on all corners of the globe, almost never within the limelight but always just at its edge, helping just out of view from the public eyes. Within the keep they can be seen laughing throughout the halls or training within the square or even deep in concentration during a convoluted enchantment process. House Komnenos-Gendik the family of Komnenos-gendik spreads far and wide but are humans mostly made up of warriors and medics, before the war Mika, who is lord of Lubba's keep and also a good friend of the families patriarch, Arthur, and gave the family a small plot of land where a village named Trabezon stands today. House Elmoran Coming from a large line of guardsmen, protectors of realms they reside in and general peacekeepers. Generations long the Elmorans have stood guard for the realms they were in and fighting for what is right as soldiers upon the field. Though fighting is not where it ends, they were often seen as excellent diplomats to maintain the peace in any way possible. House Dolorem A house shared with Elysium, most composed of mages, experienced medical personnel and overall those who wish to help out the community. Often found wandering between Lubba’s Keep and Elysium or travelling elsewhere with a greater purpose. Though a new family within the keep, they have already played a major part in the life of the keep and its inhabitants. Eshtael Keeps Balance and Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba
  10. Lubba’s Keep’s Blades 11th of Malin’s Welcome,Year 53 of the second age Dungrimm’s Will has been found by Urguan, A war is being orchestrated to set the scales back to where they belong. With the recent tensions between The Grand Kingdom Urguan and The Holy Orenian Empire, it has been seen fit to commit to a stance within this conflict. The Denizens, council and vassals of Lubba’s Keep alongside with The Silver Lubba have decided to hold a meeting, one where the following is decided for Lubba’s Keep’s participation in this conflict. Safe Haven Lubba’s Keep offers a safe haven to both sides of this conflict within keep grounds, though it should be noted that outside of keep grounds it is fair game where anyone can do anything during this setting of war. No Dwarf or Vassal of Urguan shall be harmed within these lands and in turn no Man or Woman of Oren shall be harmed. This is bound by honor, honor it and you will receive no harm, dishonor it and your privileges to not be harmed shall be revoked. Economic Lubba Keep shall utilize its full economic capacity during this war to fund itself and enjoy the trade we provide to develop our lands, guilds, vassals and projects. Indiscriminately auctioning off weaponry, tools and armour for the war. First Come, First Serve. Our Blades Our blades of the keep are pledged to Urguan and will need to fight for their battles, such the denizens of the keep will do outside of our own lands. The Silver Lubba Band and willing denizens of Lubba Keep will be available as an Auxiliary force to the Urguani Legion. Eshtael Keeps Balance. The Call To The Silver Lubba Band Tensions have risen, so the band shall receive their pay. I call upon The Silver Lubba Band and its aspiring novices to prepare for a war, deemed inevitable by the recent events. Those of The Silver Lubba Band which reside in Oren and have built a life there shall have no need to fight fellow band members on opposite sides. The blades of The Silver Lubba Band are pledged to Urguan for this war, training shall ensue once again to warm the forge of conflict and our banners shall be risen once more to fight for our pay. Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba, Lord of Lubba's Keep
  11. A Silver Lubba’s Tavern Night 10th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 46 of the Second Age With recent activities in the keep causing the Band and its Allies to prosper within, it has been brought to our attention that with the frequent visitors often seeking to close deals or hire our bondsmen for a job. While certainly this is great for the survival of our group and keep, it is time to use this prosperity and share it through the means of an event. Everyone who can find the keep is invited to a drink and perhaps some food at the tavern for the low cost of no mina at all for up to five drinks per person. The Tavern The Tavern, equipped with seats enough for 18 and a massive chess board outside will accommodate all the needs of those who visit. However, the regular course of business shall not be halted, trade and services shall flow during this event and perhaps our local cooks shall make a traditional dish upon request. Lubba’s Keep can be found through hints of previous announcements or a bird towards one of its members. Perhaps you will find someone from Lubba’s Keep willing to point the way! Happy Drinking! signed, The Silver Lubba OOC:
  12. A Silver Lubba’s Auction With the more recent establishment of Lubba’s Keep and the local economy on the coast this keep is found on, it was seen fit to throw a party of sorts. This party was the tavern night held a good while ago, so it is time to establish ourselves with the wealth we have collected throughout the years and host an auction for those who can find us in the realm. THE AUCTION The Auction is being held at Lubba’s Keep, at this location a makeshift auctioneer’s platform will be constructed within the square. Once the auction starts then the gates will close. At this auction various items will be sold by The Silver Lubba Company, its allies and potential merchants who wish to auction something off. If one were to wish to auction something off at the auction, then reach out to The Silver Lubba in advance. Anything can be sold as long it is not the life of someone else, unless this life agrees and is willing to contract themselves for a period of time. Happy Auctioning! signed, The Silver Lubba
  13. A Silver Lubba’s Bounty Board Due to the more unorganized nature of bounties popping up sporadically, it was seen fit for The Silver Lubba to organize the bounties listed in a more proper manner for his band. This board has some of the more recent bounties placed upon it regardless of its nature to uphold neutrality with some exceptions being made where the Silver Lubba himself won’t get involved, though the bounties will always be up for the taking for his men. The Bounty Board Located where once the dais was, a bounty board has appeared, replacing The Silver Lubba’s small unused throne with something more practical in the long run. The board already finds itself filled with various bounties which go up into the thousands worth for the more experienced men who reside in Lubba’s Keep. This board is not limited to the citizens and allies of Lubba’s Keep as this board is merely a collection of bounty notices placed around the realm, those who have access to it can claim a bounty to their desire. Happy Hunting! signed, The Silver Lubba
  14. Lubba’s Keep, The Expansion 2nd of The Deep Cold, Year 41 of the Second Age As the final bricks were laid, The Silver Lubba of The Silver Lubba Band realized something. He had designed and built this keep with the intention of housing his men and women, though also for him to flourish in a place he could call home. This home, however, is for the band, affiliated companies/groups and those who seek opportunity. This opportunity is simply said to offer a job, having something to do while living life as someone who aids the realm in whichever way it's seen. The Keep The Keep, now functional in its current state seeks to accommodate more like minded individuals such as those from The Silver Lubba Band, the various old librarians, medics, general mercenaries, sailors, tavern workers, smiths, mages and weapons dealers ensure there will always be something to do. Lubba’s Keep had been designed for the single purpose of housing those who wish to explore the realm through different eyes while making a quick sum of mina. Housing Housing, often overlooked when designing a keep with purpose over beauty, though not gone unnoticed by The Silver Lubba as it is said this keep could house 50 individuals with relative ease and offer them such with minimal or no tax. If it were that taxes were necessary to be implemented then tax exemption would be in place for those who actively contribute to the keep’s prosperity. Medics gaining tax exemption when helping a patient, Mercenaries gaining tax exemption when aiding in a battle, Mages gaining tax exemption when summoned for projects, Tavern workers gaining tax exemption for a day’s work, Workers gaining tax exemption for donating their works, The event committee gaining tax exemption for hosting an event, And so on. Though this housing is often limited to members of The Silver Lubba Band, it is not uncommon for those who have found work in the keep to be provided with a room to call their own. Services and Facilities Lubba’s Keep, while not too big nor too small, offers a wide range of services and facilities to those within their keep or even those outside for the right price. Lubba’s Keep currently hosts these facilities: Library The Library, having a plethora of books and a wide collection of history throughout the centuries these librarians have travelled the realm and purchased books, now seen in the library of Lubba’s Keep. From children’s books to guides and theories on magic, it is likely to be found here. Smithy With the high demand for equipment for our workers and mercenaries, Lubba’s Keep hosts a private smithy for band members and the local smiths who work tirelessly to equip our people with the finest works and often sell some of this to the market or auctioning it off once an auction is held at the keep. Bath house Leisure is ofcourse a necessity for high morale, this bath house is to keep oneself clean and ready for the day. warm to the touch, a descendant made waterfall flows upon you and takes with it your troubles temporarily flow away in this room. Market place The market place like any good market should, is surrounding the square and is located in places of activity, having a good amount of small stalls for artisans and merchants to sell their wares at the keep for the right price. These stalls are often bestowed upon those who have the wares Lubba’s Keep would require to function or jewelry and fine clothes. Tavern Much like the bath house, the tavern was implemented with the purpose of leisure, though quickly became a place to share your stories, hold your speeches and seek a duel to take to the square. Offering a limited amount of drinks and foods due to the current state of there not being a dedicated brewery to supply this tavern, though it does offer every necessity for a good tavern such as beer, a non-alcoholic drink, tea, etc. Ballroom While less likely to be used due to the more vigorous nature of the keep, it is not too rare for there to be hosted a masquerade or party at the keep with fine piano music in the background. While the ballroom is not too big, it is said to be big enough to host a good amount of people if they had not already stumbled off to the tavern yet. Clinic The clinic is where those who are wounded or found sick go to, strategically placed next to the tavern to cut travel time from where more accidents happen. Offering a small crew of medics and a doctor, they operate fine and fix you up, sometimes offering limb replacements if necessary or if wanted for the right price. Holding Cells Due to the nature of Lubba’s Keep where it is filled with those who want a quick sum of mina in their hands, it was found a necessity to install holding cells for those stepping too far out of line or for enemies of the keep’s inhabitants, workers and soldiers. Mage Tower The mage tower is where the magic happens, quite literally. Teaching new students, building projects and forging new weapons to auction off once an auction is being held. The collective knowledge of the inhabitants of Lubba’s Keep make them a formidable group to develop and produce new kinds of weaponry unseen before in the realm. Stables Stables, while these are private for The Silver Lubba Band, are used to store and breed horses to provide its mercenaries with the best steeds they can find and make. Housing As explained before, Lubba’s Keep has plenty of housing of a decent size for a decent tax or none at all. The keep split into apartments and sections owned by the Lubba’s Council provide plenty of space for The Silver Lubba Band and its allies. Docks With the coastal positioning of the keep, having access to the sea is essential for trade and the sailors and mercenaries inside who seek adventure and mina. sometimes found to have its ships used to go on adventures out into sea where they find incredible monsters for their trophies and treasures hidden deep into the sea. Offices While the keep sounds pretty well managed already, it would not be possible with the administrative side of the ruling body over the keep. This ruling body is seen working in their offices, though they would rather be out in the field with their fellow bondsmen and workers who make the keep run as it does. Opportunity Opportunity awaits at Lubba’s Keep for those seeking it, fighting to defend their homes and seen outside of it fighting for coin when hired by a nation or if the nation they are under is being attacked. Come seek us, while I shall not give directions as of now, we always enjoy having visitors around to share stories with or perhaps make a deal which benefits the both of us. We shall host a tavern night and give directions and the time it will be hosted to those who wish to come. Our people will be prepared to receive a good amount of guests and only those who ask with good intent shall be served. signed, The Silver Lubba, Holder of Lubba’s Keep OOC:
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